Townhomes for sale las cruces nm

For redditors in and around Las Cruces

2011.04.19 04:05 For redditors in and around Las Cruces


2009.10.26 18:58 New Mexico


2009.10.26 20:22 Villa Real de la Santa Fé de San Francisco de Asís


2023.06.09 18:31 djfredgarde The FOX5 Las Vegas

F1 to put final round of tickets on sale Friday for Las Vegas Grand Prix
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2023.06.09 18:13 KevSC721 BVB US Tour - Supporter Sections

We're going to the San Diego and Vegas matches and are very excited.
I saw a couple threads here from BVB fans about individual games asking which sections they should choose to be with fellow Dortmund supporters. This is from an email I received from BVB that has the specific info for anyone interested:
Dear BVB-Fan, Borussia Dortmund is going to play San Diego Loyal SC! It will kick off at Snapdragon Stadium on 27th July at 7:30 pm local time. The general public sale starts today. If you want to have more BVB fans around, get your seats in blocks 116-119!
MANCHESTER UNITED AT ALLEGIANT STADIUM The second stop of Borussia Dortmunds US tour is Las Vegas where BVB is playing Manchester United at Allegiant Stadium! If you want to find other BVB fans around you, choose the sectors: 118-128, 218-232, 318-332.
CHELSEA FC AT SOLDIER FIELD The third match will be a clash with the English Premier League club Chelsea FC in Chicago. It will kick off at Soldier Field on 2 August at 7.30 pm local time. The BVB fans behind the goal are in the sector 148 to 155. Further fans are located in the areas above.
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2023.06.09 16:11 Fox5VegasNews F1 to put final round of tickets on sale Friday for Las Vegas Grand Prix

F1 to put final round of tickets on sale Friday for Las Vegas Grand Prix submitted by Fox5VegasNews to vegas [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:11 Fox5VegasNews F1 to put final round of tickets on sale Friday for Las Vegas Grand Prix

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2023.06.09 10:02 Realistic_Poetry3396 Dethklok/baby metal ticket for sale in Vegas

Dethklok/baby metal ticket for sale in Vegas
First time doing this so I hope this is fine. Just keeping it simple I want to sell this one ticket. Accidentally bought this one instead of the meet and greet package so this is just lying around. Message me offers lol!!
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2023.06.09 09:16 PatrickRedditting Feds Wouldn't Bother with LV Siting if Hoax

TL;DR: There's a major story in the Las Vegas incident because the feds are trying to cover it up. Everyone that can, please come foreward and/or investigate.
My argument:
- Local law enforcement is reaching out because they are seeing a cover-up according to James Fox.
- A person I know is friends with someone in local response. He told me on Monday, June 5th that this happened on May 1st as communicated by his contact, local response was told to stay quiet, and that later in the morining a special team came in and delted the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) 911 reports, which is highly illegal. (I'm not getting into personal details because a reddit post isn't worth potentially exposing local support team members that don't want to be identified.)
- Something happened because there is a cover-up. Human origins begs the question why some black-ops project landed in a fucking back yard in urban Vegas and why the government thinks they can bully local law enforcement over their own gross incompetence. Non-human origins also lends itself to a cover-up and, I would aruge, the same complaint about who the fuck they think they are in light of the whistleblowers.
- Very easy to punch holes in the family's story based on their behavior, very well detailed by George Knapp. I think the family's evasivness could be explained by fear. I can't explain the lack of good videos.
If you're involved:
- Please come forward. Black-ops incompetence to this level needs purging. Aliens needs exposure, for us all.
- You are protected if you come forward. Talk to a lawyer.
- H.R.2988 - Whistleblower Protection Improvement Act of 2021
Running list of sources:
Eye Witness' own account:
- May 1 2023 I had aliens in my backyard part 1
James Fox:
- States coverup exists:
Doug Poppa Podcast (Coverage in May):
8 News Now Las Vegas:
- Las Vegas family claims to see aliens after several report something falling from sky
- '100% they're not human,' Witness details alleged alien encounter in Las Vegas

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2023.06.09 08:54 Archeidos The Las Vegas Case IS NO JOKE - Footage found of an 'alien' found in released video - This seems to be the real deal

Listen guys, I know we're focused on the Grusch case and we're attempting to build credibility and not endorse anything too 'out there' -- but there IS something to this. It's *serious* and here's why.
I initially wrote this off as a clear stunt/hoax/psy-op. I was completely wrong with my first impression. You guys need to keep digging around on this sub and elsewhere -- because I'm now firmly in the camp that this is real shit, and I'm not the only one.
We know that James Fox has reported that he's been contacted by the Las Vegas PD and that Knapp is reportedly going to interview the family and investigate it. Fox has reported that the Vegas PD is claiming the FBI scrubbed body cam footage -- and this corresponds with exactly what we see in their official YouTube channel. The vast majority of it is black and audioless -- and we've been given an explanation by some media officials that the "police didn't want to expose private property". The family was anything but unwilling to disclose and help. The kid even made a YouTube channel about this just the other day.
What better REASON is there to investigate a CLEAR cover-up, when in the middle of a world-wide investigation of a whistle-blower who's claiming the government has been covering up this kind of stuff for decades. There is something here; and we're just scratching the surface of what's to come, I think.
The landlord of the family's property has reportedly told a local Las Vegas news agency that he has or had possession of legitimate footage from cameras on the property. Put together what James Fox has told us about the FBI involvement, and the other components -- and do the math.
This is shaping up to be one of the clearest cover-ups AT THE EXACT same time of a global claim of governmental conspiracy. Let's keep our eye on the ball -- this is an important case to everything else going on right now (though I'm not saying it should take center stage).
Isolated/enhanced photo's from the original video which this kid posted on is channel. These are from separate users on this sub I was able to find:
This video -- I consider to be quite compelling, given that the kid himself claimed you can see it in the video. It fits his description, minus the height (which is hard to tell, being quite obscured). You can also see from the source video, that this is where they are looking.
It looks like a stereotypical 'Grey'. If it seems like the face is appearing out of nowhere (the two black dots), then you should focus on the streak of light just above them -- which is the forehead. Once you see that, you will realize that it isn't 'appearing' out of nowhere -- it's that its eyes were closed and they just opened. It's blinking, and it's quite unmistakable to my eye. The way the eyelids move so fluidly on its big black eyes -- it's almost frog-like in the movement. It does not look animatronic at all. It looks very 'organic'. If it's a hoax, then it's quite well done.
If you need help being able to identify what you're looking at, reference the images above. Judge for yourself... it's not great quality -- but it very well could be the only thing that survived an alleged scrub, and that makes this BIG (in my estimation).
To help contextualize where you're looking in reference to the source video -- please take a look at this. It suffers from image compression badly -- but it gives an idea of where to look, and how quick and subtle of a find this was.
I'm still digging -- but if this post gains traction, I will clean this up with sources of the users referenced, and all of the receipts -- as much as possible.
EDIT: James Fox has come out saying he thinks the kid is lying. I trust his instinct... though it still doesn't make sense to me entirely -- but this is no where near gold standard enough to be focused on OVER the Grusch stuff.
Yet, to me -- this is no where near explainable by pareidolia. The best thing we can hope for, is the release of the property footage -- which according to the Local News -- the landlord claimed showed a creature. It's highly suspect -- but that is the nature of this phenomena in general, and it's why we need disclosure.
Focus on the whistleblower leaks for now my friends -- and if any interesting developments come from this, we can always re-visit it if we actually manage real/meaningful disclosure.
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2023.06.09 08:43 kalnhobbs [US, US] (H) Binder (W) List, Paypal

Hey All - Happy Midnight Release! Here's what I have for sale or for trade this post! Check out my full want list towards the bottom for a mix of personal collection (NM-M) and damaged card wants.
Originally posted 06/08/23 Pacific Time Zone
X-Posted to Facebook & Discord
Updates (as of 06/08 at 11:30pm PDT): All binder photos up to date

Full Binder - See Breakdown Below:

- all cards unless listed otherwise are pack fresh never played. Inquire about promos as factory packaging is horrible at keeping cards pristine.

$$$ Priced 10% off TCGplayer Low (gold star sellers with >1000 sales $$$

Secrets & Full Arts
Special Illustrations / Art Gallery
ex / VMAX / V
Radiant / Amazing Rare / Celebrations
Unique & Stamped Cards / Promos - for the play promos, if they are sleeved, they are holo
Holos / Rares / Playables - I also have a lot of staple trainers from previous sets; inquire if interested.
Miscuts / Crimps / Errors - Or Best Offer

Want Lists:

Cards I Need. See Breakdown Below:

- Pink = High Priority Wants, M/NM only please, Grey = NM to DAMAGED or HIGHLY PLAYED ok! Everything else, LP is fine.

Paypal: $$$ Priced 10% off TCGplayer Low (gold star sellers with >1000 sales $$$

- Everything is negotiable, but I've undercut TCGplayer low or eBay for like condition on all cards.
- Preferring to stay with US only shipping for simplicity. If you are outside the US, feel free to comment and we can discuss.
- If tracking is not part of shipping method, I will only accept Paypal via friends & family.

*please let me know if a link is broken or images are incorrect, TIA
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2023.06.09 05:04 salelouisllc black bcw plastic deck case

This plastic deck box holds 80 card double sleeved cards. Ex-nm condition.

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2023.06.09 04:28 Exciting-Lab5588 Curry 8 flow nm pink

Does anyone have any curry 8 nm hot pink size 12.5 or 13 for sale. I’m trying to find a new pair mine are hurt bad
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2023.06.09 03:48 mebi-Stable821 HOMINIDS

Token Sale Start In
Don't miss this limited window of time! Visit our official platform at to take part in the HOMI token sale. 📷Don't forget, time is running out. In exactly 2 hours, the price will drop from 0.0001 SUI to 0.01 SUI. Make sure you act quickly to take advantage of this exclusive offer. We're delighted to be working with you on this exciting stage of our project, and thank you for your continued support. Let's get the Hominid project off the ground together! 📷 there is a community factor to list a Homi at 1 or 2 usd
discord: mryan Hominids 💧#8863
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2023.06.09 03:26 LiechsWonder 2018 Honda Civic SI - Selling as New?

I started using Copilot app to track some prices of vehicles I am interested in.
I came across this 2018 Honda Civic SI:
I thought maybe it was misclassified by the app, but that webpage shows it is listed as new, with no milage.
So I thought maybe it was a fake dealer, but google and apple map searches show that dealer in Las Cruces, NM.
Anyone here have an idea what this listing might be, or does that dealership actually a “new” 5 year old model of a Honda Civic SI?
Thanks for the help satisfying my curiosity!
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2023.06.09 02:26 FormalSmoke The Bad Bunny x adidas Response CL Black Is Slated To Drop This Month

Check out Amazon Gold Box Daily Deals
Check out the Top Deals on Sneakers for Sale on Amazon!
The Bad Bunny x adidas Response CL Black Is Slated To Drop This Month
After recently releasing in a couple of different colorways, the Bad Bunny x adidas Response CL now surfaces in this new Black colorway.
Recently worn by Bad Bunny himself during CinemaCon in Las Vegas, this new colorway of the Bad Bunny x adidas Response CL comes dressed in a Black makeup slightly contrasted by the hits of color noted on the Three Stripes and medial heel of the midsole. Signature details such as the dripping overlays with Bad Bunny’s third eye logo on the heels continue to remain in play.
The Bad Bunny x adidas Response CL Black has not been confirmed to release yet, but as soon as release info is made official, we will be sure to fill you in. Stay tuned.
In release news, will you be going after theAir Jordan 1 High OG Washed Blackon June 10th.
UPDATE (6/8): Here is another look at the Bad Bunny x adidas Response CL Black. Retailing for $160, the latest report suggests we see these debut later on this month. Stay tuned for an official release date. Images via arab_lincoln.
UPDATE (6/1): Check out new images of the Bad Bunny x adidas Response CL Black via nikopenuela1. A release is expected later this year.
Mofongo Kicks
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2023.06.09 00:51 serafinareinhardt [TRADE] Business / Marketing / Social Media / SEO / Copywriting / E-Commerce / Traffic Generation / Affiliate marketing

I have everything, if I dont have what you want listed, I will get it for you, message me. I add things to my list every single day.
Last Edited 06/01/23
What I have to offer:
Social Media marketing:
Traffic Generation:
Affiliate marketing:
Dan Lok:
THIS IS MY USERNAME THERE: t. me/electronicdimension7 (Remove the space between "t." and "me" for the link to work properly or search directly for my telegram name electronicdimension7)
Over there, I'll share more than +750 comments with positive reviews from telegram users who have gotten assets from me in the past. And when I mean users I mean people you can ACTUALLY verify and message directly and ask... no fake reviews, from random youtube videos or reviews that are impossible to verify if they're actually real people, bots or multi accounts. I'll also send you proof that I have what you're looking for in a way that NO ONE else on reddit will be able to send you.
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2023.06.08 23:43 Morf64 [US, US] [H] High-end Umbreon collection from my vault!! (mostly vintage) [W] Paypal

da goodz:
Hey all, it's been about a month since my last post! I've really enjoyed collecting these Umbreons over the last four years but with the rising price of this card due to the rising popularity and already existing fandom around Umbreon, I have decided that it is no longer sustainable as a hobby to collect these cards.
Instead, I am now opting to collect Absol, as it is a much cheaper card to collect and Absol is really cool! I would like to offer this sub my very special part of my umbreon collection, being the high end of what I have.
Card prices were taken from TCGplayer active verified listings and ebay sales. The most recent sale I could find for a NM raw 1st edition umbreon from neo discovery was around 470, but mine is in much better shape and I personally believe the one that sold was more LP than NM, hence the price.
I would prefer to sell this as a lot, but will hear offers on individuals if no one bites on the lot within 24 hours. I am ONLY ACCEPTING PAYPAL F/F AT THIS TIME.
Closeups and videos will be taken on request for serious offers only!
TOTAL: 1300
Thanks for looking!
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2023.06.08 23:02 akiestar Poema del día (8.6.2023): "Romance de 'La Solterona'" de Esperanza Lázaro de Baxter

Me llaman la solterona… que nunce tuvo un idilio; ¡a mí, que te amé hasta el margen de mi loco desvarío! Y al oírlo por el pueblo en despiadado estribillo, canturreado entre dientes, me suena como un delito.
¡Ay, amor! ¡Me has hecho loca, de tanto amarte en espíritu!… Fueron las noches siguientes al deshecho compromiso de mi amor puro y constante, y del tuyo, ya en desvío, como manada salvaje de perros dando alaridos lastimeros sobre el cuerpo del amo ya fenecido… Tú me hiciste solterona sólo por puro capricho; por quedar bien ante el pueblo de amigos y empedernidos, que retándote entre burlas, pidiéronte un “sacrificio” para probar que eras “hombre” de bravura y de dominio. ¡Pero amor! ¡Qué cruel agravio, fue el que tú hiciste conmigo!… Y desolada entre angustias del corazón mal herido, me refugié en la penumbra; puse luto a mis vestidos, e igual que monha en su claustro, ¡así me encerré en mi piso!
Y en mis balcones de albahaca, de geráneos y tomillos, ¡planté una cruz de vidrieras… y un sudario de visillos! ¡Qué sedante y qué consuelo a mi amor desfallecido, poder verte a todas horas ir de tu casa a tu oficio! ¡Ay, amor de mis amores… qué confesión hoy te digo! ¡Cuántas auroras y ocasos sorprendiéronme allí mismo, mi cuerpo cual cruz de ámbar clavada tras los visillos… y mis ojos lagrimeantes, igual que cirios votivos, espiándote los pasos, día a día, que eran siglos para mí, que te quería con un amor infinito!
Envejecí como rosa en mi vaso de suplicio deshojándose mis años ¡cuál pétalos de amor místico! Y hoy, después de treinta años… y ya quince de ser viudo… con tu corona de canas… y yo, con rostro marchito… tú, solitario en tu casa… ya con mujer tu hijo… ambos, en la misma plaza, ¡e igual! En el mismo sitio de antaño, estamos hablando con pensamientos distintos. ¡Inmortal amor no muere; es agónico suplicio!…
Aún recuerdo aquella tarde que tu mujer diote un hijo… ¡Ay, dolor de mis amores! ¡Qué de cosas yo te explico!… Tú saliste de tu casa, igual que sale un chiquillo; con la cara iluminada, y en tus pupilas mil brillos; nervioso por el trance, ¡y de gozo enloquecido! Y salvando la distancia entre el doctor y tu piso, cruzaste cual meteoro el portal de mi recinto. Yo me quedé anonada; y aún pensando en mi martirio de quererte ciegamente sin amor correspondido, quise compartir to gozo, alegrándome contigo. ¡Y pareciome en mi entraña concebir algo inaudito… que, madurando de pronto, ¡asistiome el dolor mismo de tu mujer, que en su carne le estaba naciendo el hijo! ¡Ay, vida! ¡qué gozo tuve… compartir algo contigo! ¡Ay, qué felicidad más grande… dentro mismo de mi espíritu sentirme madre una vez, aunque fuese así, ficticio!…
¡Y abrí aquella tarde fausta, de par en par los visillos!… !y me acicalé de rojo!… ¡y hasta en mi prieto corpiño, cual si estallaran de pronto, de tanta ternura henchido, prendí una rosa de fuego; y en mi seno, mis dos lirios! La naturaleza dioles el fugaz gesto de erguirlos, ¡cual si fluyera ya en ellos por milagro, el lácteo líquido!… ¡Ay, amor! ¡Qué tarde aquella más cuajada de suspiros!… Luego, radiante de gozo, cual nueva madre por su hijo, salí al balcón con los brazos acunando en mi delirio ¡al hijo que no me diste! pero que, sin concebirlo, lo sentí nacer en mi alma, ¡cual nace en la for rocío!
Y orgullosa con mi estado, de pie junto a mis tomillos, contemplé las altas cumbres, como si fueran castillos de ilusiones renacidas en mi vida de martirio. ¡Ay, amor! ¡Qué tarde aquella! ¡Nunca más volví a sentirlo!… ¡Hasta el sol, rumbo a su Ocaso, lleno de rayos oblicuos, ruborizando sus ocres sonriose complacido; y al besar mi febril rostro, ¡encendió mis labios lívidos!…
Fuente: Romancero sentimental, pp. 32-35 y Revista Filipina, verano y otoño de 2012
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2023.06.08 22:26 spinfordays [For Sale] Atheist, Black Pumas, Calling All Captains, Counting Crows, Muse, Our Lady Peace, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, Big Country, Billy Idol, Boomtown Rats, Foreigner, Jethro Tull, Mick Jagger, Moody Blues, SRV, Tony Banks, and some Classical LPs: Bach, Beethoven, Haydn, Sibelius, Liszt and more!

Shipping should work out to around 6$ for most USA locations, flat rate to Canada (around 8$)
Condition is Record/ Jacket, EX=excellent (a touch under near mint, maybe a few light creases/hairlines, plays flawlessly) Happy to answer any inquiries or send pictures, just send me a message.
New & Sealed
Atheist – Unquestionable Presence (2019 France, Limited Edition /350 Red Transparent Vinyl, Season Of Mist SOM 278LP) Comes with regular outer sleeve with Hype Sticker, never played: 80$
Black Pumas ‎– Black Pumas (2021 USA, Limited Edition Clear with Red Smoke) Sealed: 30$
Calling All Captains – Slowly Getting Better (2021, Limited Edition /400, Clea Green Translucent Split, New Damage Records NDRV075) Sealed: 25$
Counting Crows ‎– Butter Miracle Suite One (2021, 12” EP, BMG 538670411) Sealed: 12$
Muse ‎– Black Holes And Revelations (Europe Reissue, Warner Records 0825646350919) Sealed: 28$
Our Lady Peace ‎– Happiness... Is Not A Fish That You Can Catch (2020 Limited Edition Smoke Vinyl, Columbia 88985445601) Sealed: 35$
Pink Floyd – Atom Heart Mother (2016 USA, 180g Remastered, Pink Floyd Records PFRLP5) Sealed: 30$
Soundgarden – Badmotorfinger (2016 USA, A&M Records B0025674-01) Sealed: 30$

10cc ‎– Look Hear? (1980, Mercury SRM-1-3838) NM/EX: 6$
Balance ‎– Balance (1981, Portrait FR 37357) VG+/VG+: 5$
Big Country ‎– Steeltown (1984, Vertigo VOG 1 3343) EX/VG+: 5$
Billy Idol ‎– Whiplash Smile (1986, Chrysalis CHX 41514) VG+/EX: 10$
The Boomtown Rats ‎– In The Long Grass (1984, Vertigo VOG 1 3346) VG+/VG+: 7$
Brutal Knights ‎– Living By Yourself (2008, 12” 45 RPM, Gatefold, Deranged Records DY115) NM/NM: 5$
Chris de Burgh ‎– Spanish Train And Other Stories (1975, A&M SP-4568) VG/VG: 5$
Foreigner ‎– Reaction To Action (1984, 12” Atlantic 78 68800) VG+/EX: 5$
Ian Anderson ‎– Walk Into Light (1983, Chrysalis CHS 41443) VG+/G+: 5$
Jethro Tull ‎– Living In The Past (1972, Harcover 2x LP, Chrysalis 2CH 1035) VG+/VG+: 10$
Kayak ‎– Phantom Of The Night (1978, GRT 9098-7039) EX/VG+: 8$
Lighthouse ‎– Thoughts Of Movin' On (1971, Gatefold, GRT 9230-1010) VG+/VG+: 5$
Mick Jagger ‎– Primitive Cool (1987, Columbia OC 40919) NM/NM: 5$
The Moody Blues ‎– Seventh Sojourn (Gatefold, Threshold THS 7) VG+/VG+: 5$
The Moody Blues ‎– Long Distance Voyager (1981, Gatefold, Threshold TRL-1-2901) EX/EX: 5$
Network ‎– Network (1977, Epic PE 34979) EX/VG: 5$
The Doobie Brothers ‎– What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits (1974, Warner Bros. Records W 2750) VG/G+: 5$
Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble ‎– Couldn't Stand The Weather (1984, Epic FE 39304) VG+/VG: 25$
Tony Banks – A Curious Feeling (1979, Polydor CA-1-2207) VG+/VG+: 8$
Trillion ‎– Trillion (1978, Epic PE 35460) EX/VG : 5$

Classical (Take 35% off this list if you buy more than one)
Bach ; ‎ I Musici– Concert In A Minor / Concerto In D Minor / Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 (1963, Mono, Philips PHM 500-008) VG+/NM: 2$
Bach, Brahms. Sibelius – Brandenburg Concerto No. 2 In F / Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 In G / Hungarian Dances / Finlandia (Music Treasures Of The World MT 19) NM/Generic: 5$
Beethoven ‎– From The Private Collection Of Don Gabor, The Musical Life Of Ludwig Van Beethoven (Remington Musirama RE-33-1361) VG+/VG: 5$
Beethoven, The Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Vladimir Horowitz – Beethoven’s Greatest Hits Volume 1 (1971, RCA Red Seal LSC-5010) EX/EX: 4$
Beethoven - Wilhelm Kempff ‎– Sonaten - Pathétique · Mondschein - Moonlight · Appassionata (Germany, Deutsche Grammophon 139 300) EX/EX: 5$
Christoph Eschenbach / Béla Bartók ‎– Werke Von Béla Bartók (Germany import, Telefunken SMT 1265) VG+/VG+: 5$
Haydn, Max Goberman, Vienna State Opera Orchestra ‎– The Symphonies Of Haydn Vol. 4: Symphony No. 9 In C, Symphony No. 10 In D, Symphony No. 11 In E-Flat (1967 USA, Odyssey 32-16-0081) VG+/VG+: 2$
Herbert von Karajan, Berlin Philharmonic ‎– Rossini - Smetana - Ravel – Sibelius (1978, Deutsche Grammophon 2545 049) VG/G+: 8$
J. Sibelius - Eesti NSV Riiklik Sümfooniaorkester, Peeter Lilje ‎– Symphony No. 1 (1987 USSR, Мелодия С10 24897 006) EX/G+: 15$
Jean-Christian Michel, Quatuor Avec Orgue – Requiem (France Issue, Riviera 521 029) EX/EX : 8$
Johann Strauss, Jr. - Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra, Øivin Fjeldstad ‎– Waltzes (RCA Camden CAS 623) VG/VG+: 2$
Johann Strauss, Jr. - Ferenc Fricsay, Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra ‎– Emperor Waltz (Deutsche Grammophon Resonance 2535 134) VG+/VG+: 2$
Karajan – Karajan In Rehearsal = Karajan En Répétition (1968 German Issue, Deutsche Grammophon 643 201) EX/EX: 5$
Liszt, Jean Costa – Oeuvres Pour Orgue (France, Musidisc 30 RC 702) VG+/P : 20$
The Manhattan Pops Orchestra – The Pride & Passion – Italy (1965 USA, Time Records S/2185) VG+/VG+: 2$
Marilyn Horne, Henry Lewis – Arias From French Operas (1968, London Records Of Canada Ltd. OS 26064) VG+/VG+: 4$
Mussorgsky, Chicago Symphony ‎– Pictures At An Exhibition = Bilder Einer Ausstellung (1981 German Issue, Deutsche Grammophon 2531 354) NM/VG+: 5$
Peter Frankl ‎– Recital Schumann (1981 Reissue, Accord 30 RC 875) VG/VG: 2$
Ravel - Charles Dutoit / Orchestre Symphonique De Montréal ‎– Bolero - La Valse - Rapsodie Espagnole - Alborada Del Gracioso (1982, London Records LDR 71059) NM/EX : 2$
The Red Army Ensemble, Colonel Boris Alexandrov ‎– The Red Army Ensemble (Vox Productions STPL 515.070) VG+/VG+: 2$
Rimsky-Korsakov ‎– Scheherazade (USA, Music Treasures Of The World MT 18) VG+/Generic: 2$
Tchaikovsky, Kenneth Alwyn, The London Symphony Orchestra ‎– 1812 Overture · Capriccio Italien · Marche Slave (1959 UK for Sales in USA, London Records CS 6038) VG+/EX: 8$
Tchaikovsky, Vienna Symphony Orchestra, Michael Gielen ‎– 1812 Overture “Serenade for Strings” (1976 USA, Everest SDBR 3394) VG+/VG+: 8$
Tchaikovsky - D. Oistrakh, USSR State Symphony Orchestra, K. Kondrashin ‎– Concerto For Violin And Orchestra In D Major, Op. 35 (USSR, Mono, Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga НД 03820(а)) VG+/Generic: 25$
Sir William Walton / Dame Edith Sitwell / Vera Zorina / Jacques Ibert / The Philadelphia Orchestra / Eugene Ormandy – Façade / Divertissement (1963, Columbia Masterworks ML 5849) NM/VG+: 4$
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2023.06.08 21:42 Life1717 Looking to Move help me out.

Hi everyone I’m 23 years M old currently working remotely in Wisconsin. I desperately need a change of pace and would like to get out of my bubble for at least a year and if I like it stay.
I like anything outdoors related from biking to hiking skiing fishing and Boating and others, but I also need my shopping and basic amenities. Also some causal bars, breweries and nightlife would be a bonus. My budget for housing is probably around 1500 a month, but could be as high as 2000 if my partner comes with me after a year.
I am very much a live and let live type of person. I want somewhere where people will mind their own business and not every conversation with my neighbors will be political. I don’t care if you’re republican or democrat because I don’t base my friendships off of that crap. I just want to live my life in peace. Anyway here is a list of places I’m thinking. Totally open to other suggestions as well.
-Las Vegas
-Albuquerque or Las Cruces
-Fort Myers
-El Paso
-Brownsville TX
-Oklahoma City
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2023.06.08 21:08 boredaussieboy Rolex Las Vegas

I was just visiting Las Vegas and went into a Rolex store. The salesperson told me that they don’t have a SINGLE men’s watch for sale, despite the huge size of the store. They only have 3 women’s watches for sale. Why the heck do they have a huge store with no watches for sale????
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2023.06.08 17:24 ZouDave Common Sense Approach to Rosters for CFB24 and Beyond

With the recent news that a potential consortium of players may boycott their NIL being included due to the $ amount being too low, I propose this as viable options and am curious what the community thinks.
As great as it could/would be to have a roster full of real players on day 1 so we can play as our favorite players and give them virtual glory - real players in a college game is not cental to the overall experience. When we talk about building a dynasty, we do not talk about making sure Jake Plaster, 3-star QB out of Dunedin, FL, who is going to be a true frosh at Florida Atlantic this year, wins a Heisman. We talk about turning FAU into a ACC or SEC powerhouse.
Don't get me wrong, the story we could create with Jake Plaster would be a fun one. But if you're not already a FAU fan, or from Dunedin, FL, would you know if I just made this guy up? Because I did. The actual player is Luke Rucker, 3-star QB out of Sanford, FL.
If we had real rosters with the game, in any given dynasty a maximum of 5 "real" players are going to win the Heisman. Most of us will play for 10, 12, 15, 30 years of a dynasty. Being able to watch the real Luke Rucker do well in college football might be cool if we did something great with him. Or he could be a total flop, transfer to a FCS team after his frosh year, convert to Safety, and end up a sales executive for John B. Stetson hat company in 10 years.

What I think we want out of our college football game is that FAU feels like FAU, and Alabama feels like Alabama.
I'm a pretty big college football fan, have been for the better part of 30 years. I'm a Mizzou guy, was at school there in the 90s when Larry Smith was the coach and Corby Jones was our QB and we played in some great games. I was a season ticket holder with my dad for the entire Gary Pinkel era, I earned a reputation among Mizzou online communities for making highlight videos of Mizzou's games from 2006-2010ish, and even contributed a bit to the beginning of with Bill Connelly before Rock M became a part of SB Nation's huge surge and Bill Connelly became the force of nature he is.
I say all of that to say that I don't have a clue who is on Alabama's roster without looking it up. I can name a few players, sure, but I have no idea really. And I'm willing to bet we're all in this boat - we know who some of the big players are, but if you're going to start a new dynasty with Troy you MIGHT know one of their players unless you're already a Troy fan.
What I do know about Alabama is that they should have as much talent on the field as any team in college football. I know Bryant-Denny Stadium is huge, and should be sold out for every game, and have a sea of crimson and cream other than the visiting fan sections in the seats. I know their chants, I know their fight songs, I know they have good looking cheerleaders because it's the south, and I know they expect to win every game they play.
And that's what CFB24 should be aiming at. NIL of the real players isn't icing on the cake. It's not even sprinkles on the icing. It's getting rainbow sprinkles instead of all one color.

CFB24 and beyond, just like its predecessors, will be great in part if the game is good at generating a balance of realistic fictional players for years to come. If we can't get that, then the rest of this is all meaningless.
In the past, and especially those of us old enough to remember the days even before DT Linder, etc., either named the rosters ourselves or just played with WR #81 for a couple of years. And just like one of my above paragraphs pointed out, it didn't matter that we didn't know his real name because we didn't know his real name anyway. He may have been just like the real WR #81 on that team, but honestly we have no idea. And it was fine because the game was fun.
So, making the assumption that the game is capable of creating balanced, realistic, fictional players - lean into it.
The game, at startup, should create fictional rosters for every single team. Every one of us will get a different roster to start. Each player will have a name, height, weight, skin tone, number, hometown, abilities, style, uniform combo, etc. But it's procedurally generated from the start, so any similarities will be purely coincidental and will never repeat.
Each team can be hardcoded for year 1 to have certain parameters their roster should meet, and it will make schools feel authentic from the start.
Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State, etc., should be full of players that were recruited as 4-star and 5-star players out of HS, with 3-star players filling the depth chart. You can easily find data from the past 10+ years showing what a typical class breakdown looks like for schools to break it down to what % of the roster is RS SR, SR, RS JR, JR, RS SO, SO, RS FR, FR. What % of the roster is a certain position to meet their current play style. What % of the roster is from home state, vs neighboring states, vs the rest of the country (which will help make Pipeline States feel accurate for recruiting).
So when you start your game, and you get a QB1 at USC named Michael Moss, wearing #5, that is a RS SO, standing 6'3" weighing 225 lbs, is from Las Vegas, NV, is a 86 OVR and looks like a new version of Cam Newton, how many of you are going to take to the streets because "BUT THAT'S NOT CALEB WILLIAMS!"
Of course it's not Caleb Williams. But he's a stud QB at USC, the band is playing 'Fight On' as he runs out of the tunnel and the Trojan is stabbing his sword into midfield, thousands of USC fans have 2 fingers in the air, and you're about to put a beating on UCLA. You're already trying to recruit his replacement because Michael Moss is leading the Heisman Hopefuls for you this season, and as a RS SO he's sure to go Pro after the year you're having with him. And that 5-star Athlete is going to make a great QB.
And by year 2 the rosters are 25% fiction anyway.
I'd say just lean into it and start them fictional from day 1.
The most important thing we can get is the schools are represented accurately and believably. It's not about the players, and honestly never has been.
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2023.06.08 16:53 L1hu (US,US) [H] Shinings, JPN Misty’s favor, CGC 9 Umbreon [W] Trades/Want list/PayPal G&S for the Umbreon.

for trade/umbreon for sale
Wantlist: Tag team alts (JP and EN), Modern alts (EN), Misty’s favor (JPN). Must be Mint condition with great centering grade 10 potential
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2023.06.08 15:55 TooLumpy [US,WW] [H] 1e wotc holos & rares, other vintage, Shining Legends set [W] Paypal primarily, also short wish list

Greetings, primarily looking for F&F PayPal today. Not in a hurry to sell, but would let these go around 5-10% off tcgp recent sales/available, per +/- condition.
Sold Shining Legends bundle:

$1 pwe (free $10+) or $5 bmwt (free $100+), International buyers cover shipping.

Wish List:
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