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What do I do??!

2023.06.07 19:57 Legal_Beautiful3542 What do I do??!

Hello all ! So I the last couple months my sons behavior has changed. Before he wasn't an angel at all but since being discharged from his ABA therapy for him having anxiety?! he has become more agressive toward myself. So my question is do I inform his mental health physician of this increased hitting and mood? I know this sounds stupid but I would hate for it to backfire on my child because he can't express his feelings or control his behavior.
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2023.06.07 19:35 Liv_Lavon I hate that my mom is a narcissist, and I am irrationally terrified she will see this. Just need support

Trigger warning: abuse, depression, suicide
In some need of support:
My mom is diagnosed with OCD as well as chronic depression and multiple sclerosis. Without going into too much detail, I have spent my whole life in a codependent relationship with her. It started as a child when I talked her out of suicide several times, witnessed attempts, and was victim to episodes of mostly emotional and verbal abuse. Our relationship is complicated because when she is mentally healthy, she is just a normal loving mom.
Recently I set a hard boundary with her that she was not allowed to stay in our house until she makes peace with my husband. My husband has witnessed her poor behavior enough that he just doesn't like her. Any time she has been around, there has been major tension between them, and it results in me being in the middle. I have a 4.5 old baby now, and the last time my mom was here, my baby was 8 weeks old. She also spent 2 weeks with us when my baby was first born, and was here often before that. Last time it got so bad between her and my husband that I decided I had enough, and told her that I couldn't take them being under the same roof anymore.
This boundary has been absolutely killing me to enforce, as my mom has been fighting it kicking and screaming. She is saying I am keeping her granddaughter from her and that she has a right to be here. I have told her over and over again that she needs to talk to my husband directly about their issues before she can stay with us again. I am pretty sure this is a reasonable expectation, but we have gotten in many fights about it, and I always leave the fights feeling like I have attacked her in some way, like I am the cause for her not to have a relationship with my daughter, and like I am being basically a villain.
This has gotten so bad that now, my fights with her are affecting my job. I am a salesperson, and I am doing very poorly at work, which is now causing money problems.
I am in therapy, and do my best to take care of my mental health, but this is feeling like it is getting the best of me. I am feeling completely unable to cope and like I am a bystander in a life that is just consuming me. Anyways, I am writing here out of desperation. Not sure what I need if it is just solidarity or what...
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2023.06.07 19:22 JayTheCoug Should I Not Come Back Next Year?

This might be long so bear with me:
I started this job as a health service assistant for my local school district back in October 2021, I got put on as a float where I would just go to schools and help out in the nurses office for students (I have a medical background for a career) initially I loved it. And around the end of the school year, I was mainly placed at one school which happened to be one of the more higher needs middle schools in the district. I really started to like this since I knew where I was going everyday, and the co-workers that I got to be with really grew on me. We had a great working relationship and we were on top of our stuff. (I should mention that my job title was a covid Health service assistant since part of my job was not only helping out nurses but also testing students when they were sick to see if they had covid).
Cut to summer of 2022, the job I was doing was opening up as a permanent job at the school I was mainly with for the spring. The nurse there REALLY wanted me to work there since she knew I had really good skills and I had a good relationship with the staff there. I quickly jumped at the opportunity, and they not only gave me the job, but gave me a pay raise and more hours (I was previously working only 6 hours a day for $24 per hour as a float, now I was getting paid around $28 for 8 hours per day, so I considered this a win). The job was going great in the fall, however as the school year has progressed, there have been some bad parts in the job (and school) that have become too much to bear.
first off: the nurse that wanted me ended up resigning early December, I thought it was due to her feeling overwhelmed by her schooling, but later found out she was part of a really bad scandal involving another students and drugs. And second off, our principle followed saying he was going on leave which was announced in mid-January (he hasn’t been back since and announced he won’t be back next year). And because of a combo of this, the admin at our school has been “misusing” my work space to put students in there when they need to cool down (due to behavioral issues or otherwise) and then saying they want to talk to those students, but then a whole hour an a half has passed and they still aren’t there. I’ve been fortunate in that the district has sent help everyday. I have a float nurse here who has been much more helpful, and another HSA that I get along with, but outside of those two people, it’s been a struggle. I don’t get the sense that the staff at the school think I exist, I’m usually the last one to know about things, and I’ve been scrutinized about some of my methods on how I’ve treated kids. It’s just ultimately making me not enjoy the job.
I’ve been told that 1. A new admin staff is coming in next year who is supposedly MUCH more strict on things and actually sounds like they care about their staff and 2. Because I’m classified as a covid HSA, with the pandemic basically being over they’re no longer renewing the job. However the new principle (who btw I’ve never spoken to face to face) wants to keep the HSA position for the school. So I’m hearing a bunch of different things from different people, on top of that the school is having an EOY celebration for next Friday morning, at the SAME time the health department in the district is having there’s (I found out about the school one today, where as the health department notified up a week and a half ago, so I’ll be going to that one). I’m REALLY on the fence about returning to the school/ district if I were to possibly be offered my job back or if I should start looking for something new.
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2023.06.07 19:22 miniaturegirl Is it worth applying for PIP with a lack of evidence?

I feel I would meet the criteria/points for the daily living part of PIP after watching quite a few videos on it. However I know it can be hard to get, especially if you don’t have much to back it up with.
I have experienced anxiety my entire adult life (17 years ish) and up until recently hadn’t taken medication for it or sort nhs help for it. So while I did the questionnaire that scored enough to say I have GA with my GP (6/7 months ago) plus taking anti-anxiety medication, there isn’t an extensive back history of my mental health issues. I have had private therapy however once I stopped going I don’t have the name/contact details to support this.
My boyfriend would be able to provide written statements to state/support how he helps me for each section that’s applicable - for example I can’t use public transport so he drives me everywhere and will come to all appointments with me.
But with a lack of ‘proof’ I’m really worried it will be a lot of anxiety to do the phone assessment only to be rejected.
Does anyone have any similar stories or knowledge about the process?
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2023.06.07 19:17 loademan Considerations for child travelling w/o parents

My MIL is wanting to take my daughter (12) on a trip and I don't know if I'm being unreasonable uncomfortable or not. First stop would be to her home which is an 8 hr drive away in tx. Then a flight to Chicago, and train to Milwaukee where they visit my sister in law for a few days.
Here are my concerns... MIL isn't in the best of health and really doesn't like flying to start. This would be daughters first flight.
There are 2 siblings that are left out of these plans, not a big deal, we can handle that.
MIL is very opinionated and can border on bully behavior a lot. Daughter is strong minded but tends to emulate behaviors easiy and I'm frankly worried about unfettered access to MIL for so long. Better said, there's no buffer to provide relief or an alternate view on things.
Am I off base? If we green light this, what precautions should we take beyond providing insurance cards and medical poa documents?
Worth mentioning that my wife is ok with it, but understands my reservations.
Thanks in advance Dad hive
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2023.06.07 19:08 gigglyjellyfish my girlfriend told me she was against drinking and then got drunk

So me (17m) and my girlfriend (18f) have been dating for almost a year now. Recently, she moved to Montana for the summer to live with her sister and be closer to her dad and brother, which has been a little weird but nothing too detrimental. Anyways, last week she got drunk with her sister, and she recently told me about it, and we joked about it a little bit, and she said that she texted one of our mutual friends about me, but she was glad that she didn't text me, and I was like "awww man why not". A couple of days after that, though, we talked about drinking at weddings, and I told her how I felt about alcohol. Now, I personally don't want to drink at all, everything I've ever tried tastes terrible, and I don't see the appeal of drinking something I despise just to get absolutely hammered and then have a horrible morning, I'd rather just... Not do that, and on top of that, I have a health condition that causes my liver to work poorly, to begin with, so I'd rather just avoid the whole thing, not to mention alcohol dependence is the fourth leading preventable cause of death in She agreed with me that she doesn't think getting drunk is fun, doesn't see the appeal of it, and hates the taste of everything she's had. We even both agreed that going somewhere just to get drunk was weird and not something either of us would want to do. This brings me to last night. She texted me and told me her sister wanted her to go make s'mores and get drunk and asked me if I wanted her to text me while she was drunk, and I was a little confused because, in my mind, we both agreed literally earlier that day that doing something like that wasn't something we'd want to do. The conversation went like this
Me: I'd rather you just not get drunk at all tbh
Her: hm good point
Me:You kinda agreed with me earlier and nowwww it seems like you don't reallyyyy agree with me
Her: well it isn't fun, it kinda makes me wanna throw up but I already kinda feel like that and I would have to be outside (she doesn't like being outside)
Me:Then why are you doing it? Kinda the whole actions speak louder than words thing
Her: because my sister wants me to and there's s'mores
Me:mhm, you can have fun with that, I'm going to go to bed goodnight <3
She then texted me once she got home: "goodnight!! i just got back from s’mores n i’m very tired :/ n not drunk"
I then texted her in the morning; I'm sorry for last night, I wasn't upset with you for drinking I don't mind if you drink I was upset you told me you didn't want to and thought it was dumb and then did the opposite thing. it felt like you were just agreeing with me to agree with me and didn't actually feel that way about it which is fine but I'd wish you would have just told me how you felt about it
Her: occasionally i have to do stuff that i think is dumb even if i don’t want to !! also i didn’t take it as you like. decreeing that i shouldn’t drink so never fret. going outside was kind of an L though plus everyone else was drunk and trying to ufc fight each other in the dirt while i made s’mores so it wasn’t realllllly that great anyway
Me: okay but that's not something you had to do, that's a choice you made
Me:........ That's it?
Her: yeah??? I don't know what else to say, I can apologize
And that's where we're at right now, I don't want her to apologize I'm not mad at her but it feels like she dodged responsibility for her actions by saying she HAD to do it and she know's i'm right that she didn't which is why i assume she didn't even try to argue but it makes me feel like I've been lied to and ignored and I don't really know how to put that into words This is the first actual "argument" we've ever had, and I don't know where to go from here when she clearly doesn't think she's done anything wrong, which I mean she hasn't; she didn't even get drunk as far as I know, but I still feel like she lied to me. I’ve talked to her before about similar things and I know in her mind the worst possible thing she could do is make someone else think that she’s lame or weird and would rather make herself uncomfortable than correct someone else’s behavior, for example, one of her friends will randomly grab her boob and make a honking noise and she said it makes her really uncomfortable and I told her that she should tell her friend that and just establish some boundaries and we argued for like an hour about how if she feels uncomfortable she shouldn’t just let them do it cuz if she says something they would just tell her she “can’t take a joke” or that “she’s lame” and it seems to me that she just absolutely folded to minimal amounts of peer pressure from her sister but I'm still upset about it and I'm not sure what to say to her or do, so i guess i'm asking how i should say those things to her
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2023.06.07 19:07 D4RKpenumbra 31M Looking for authenticity

Looking for someone that can be genuine and honest (probably for his own good), someone that is open minded and non judgemental? Someone that really values communication and actually puts in the same effort you do? Then it seems we are looking for the same. Lets develop a deeper connection, talk about everything and anything and enjoy the company of each other? As long as it's reciprocate, count me in! Even though character and values are what makes it break or make... In a simple manner I will throw out there a list of some stuff I like: - Psychology, human behavior and mental health - Nature and animals - Sports - Listening to music and watching movies/series - Traveling If you feel we could get along together, I kindly ask you to put a bit of effort once you reach out. Have a wonderful day and week. Stay safe!
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2023.06.07 19:06 D4RKpenumbra 31 [M4F] Europe/Anywhere - Looking for authenticity

Looking for someone that can be genuine and honest (probably for his own good), someone that is open minded and non judgemental? Someone that really values communication and actually puts in the same effort you do? Then it seems we are looking for the same. Lets develop a deeper connection, talk about everything and anything and enjoy the company of each other? As long as it's reciprocate, count me in! Even though character and values are what makes it break or make... In a simple manner I will throw out there a list of some stuff I like: - Psychology, human behavior and mental health - Nature and animals - Sports - Listening to music and watching movies/series - Traveling If you feel we could get along together, I kindly ask you to put a bit of effort once you reach out. Have a wonderful day and week. Stay safe!
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2023.06.07 19:05 D4RKpenumbra 31 [M4F] #eu #anywhere looking for authenticity

Looking for someone that can be genuine and honest (probably for his own good), someone that is open minded and non judgemental? Someone that really values communication and actually puts in the same effort you do? Then it seems we are looking for the same. Lets develop a deeper connection, talk about everything and anything and enjoy the company of each other? As long as it's reciprocate, count me in! Even though character and values are what makes it break or make... In a simple manner I will throw out there a list of some stuff I like: - Psychology, human behavior and mental health - Nature and animals - Sports - Listening to music and watching movies/series - Traveling If you feel we could get along together, I kindly ask you to put a bit of effort once you reach out. Have a wonderful day and week. Stay safe!
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2023.06.07 19:03 D4RKpenumbra [31/M] looking fr authenticity

Looking for someone that can be genuine and honest (probably for his own good), someone that is open minded and non judgemental? Someone that really values communication and actually puts in the same effort you do? Then it seems we are looking for the same. Lets develop a deeper connection, talk about everything and anything and enjoy the company of each other? As long as it's reciprocate, count me in! Even though character and values are what makes it break or make... In a simple manner I will throw out there a list of some stuff I like: - Psychology, human behavior and mental health - Nature and animals - Sports - Listening to music and watching movies/series - Traveling If you feel we could get along together, I kindly ask you to put a bit of effort once you reach out. Have a wonderful day and week. Stay safe!
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2023.06.07 18:59 D4RKpenumbra 31[M4F] looking for authenticity [friendship] [relationship]

Looking for someone that can be genuine and honest (probably for his own good), someone that is open minded and non judgemental? Someone that really values communication and actually puts in the same effort you do? Then it seems we are looking for the same. Lets develop a deeper connection, talk about everything and anything and enjoy the company of each other? As long as it's reciprocate, count me in! Even though character and values are what makes it break or make... In a simple manner I will throw out there a list of some stuff I like: - Psychology, human behavior and mental health - Nature and animals - Sports - Listening to music and watching movies/series - Traveling If you feel we could get along together, I kindly ask you to put a bit of effort once you reach out. Have a wonderful day and week. Stay safe!
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2023.06.07 18:58 D4RKpenumbra 31M - looking for authenticity

Looking for someone that can be genuine and honest (probably for his own good), someone that is open minded and non judgemental? Someone that really values communication and actually puts in the same effort you do? Then it seems we are looking for the same. Lets develop a deeper connection, talk about everything and anything and enjoy the company of each other? As long as it's reciprocate, count me in! Even though character and values are what makes it break or make... In a simple manner I will throw out there a list of some stuff I like: - Psychology, human behavior and mental health - Nature and animals - Sports - Listening to music and watching movies/series - Traveling If you feel we could get along together, I kindly ask you to put a bit of effort once you reach out. Have a wonderful day and week. Stay safe!
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2023.06.07 18:52 Praveenducationblog Description of the components and barriers to effective learning

Concept of effective learning:

Learning is the basis of all aspects in psychology. In fact, psychology has been considered as the science of behavior, but behavior has to be learned. We behave Behavior means action, reaction and interaction. The overall form of these three is called behaviour.
Learning is a continuous process. This shows the relation between cause and effect. But this relation of work and cause is called effective only to achieve the desired goal quickly and completely. The meaning of effective in the Oxford dictionary has been described as - "Achieving the desired result, producing the desired result, producing a pleasant experience."
Similarly, it has been said about learning - "Acquiring knowledge and skills through study, experience or teaching. "
C.B. In the words of Good (CV Good), learning is a change in response or behavior ( renovation, separation, modification ). This is done through part or all of experiences. These experiences are sometimes embedded in consciousness and sometimes pervade the unconscious.
Learning is the basic foundation of teaching. The whole process of education depends on this. Psychologists have explained learning only in terms of its being effective. All the definitions were divided into nine groups and each group effectively explained learning both classically and practically.
Read this also-
The Unfoldment group has spoken of learning in the context of the environment. The Mental Discipline group considers Knowing, Feeling and Willing as the basis of learning . It believes in psychic powers. The Apperception group self-perceives new ideas. Behaviourism considers transformation or change in group behavior to be important . In this, learning takes place through sensory activities. Holistic ( Gestalt ) groups learn through perception. The cognitive group views learning as a change in cognitive structure. Tolman _) Group learning follows signs and signals. Humanistic group stresses on self concept . Information processing group emphasizes on information gathering.
These groups have considered one or several aspects of learning. In order to make learning effective, Uday Pareek has said- "Learning is the process of assimilation and transfer of learned or behavioral inputs to their effect when required and for various uses and leads to greater capacity of automatic learning."
For effective learning it is necessary-
  1. It is accepted by most psychologists.
  2. It is a relative process of perception.
  3. It uses suffixes.
  4. It is psycho-social behaviour.
Learning has been considered synonymous with human life. Through this action, man gets new experiences everyday and tries to make the future happy by using those experiences. Learning involves changes in behaviour, these changes persist over a period of time and are based on past experiences. These changes are external and internal, they are experienced as well as visible, overall learning is active in knowledge, feeling and dynamic area.
According to Bowne and Extand- "Learning is closely related to the basic practical characteristics of knowledge, skill and desire."
Maturation is also an important factor in learning According to Bolling, Longfield and Veald- "Maturity refers to the growth and development that enable a person to engage in a particular type of behavior."

Dimensions of Effective Learning:

There are many aspects of effective learning which have been considered by RM Gagne .
(1) Signal Learning - Reactions and responses learned by conventional adaptation process come under this.
(2) Stimulus Response Learning – By providing stimuli, the desired responses to be obtained are related to the stimulus response. Thorndike and B. F. According to Skinner this type of learning comes from
(3) Chain learning - Learning involving response to two or more stimuli comes under this.
(4) Verbal Association - Learning in this the response is recognized by words.
(5) Multi Discrimination learning - Different types of responses are recognized in this.
(6) Concept learning - A response is obtained from two stimuli.
(7) Rule learning - Two or more concepts are chained.
(8) Problem Solving Learning- Problem solving is done in reflective learning.

Components of Effective Learning:

Effective learning refers to permanent useful responses. These reactions take a person to the pinnacle of success in life. These factors make learning effective.

(1) Multi Dimensional

Components This component consists of several dimensions that represent effective learning. These are as follows-
  1. Perceptual,
  2. Conceptual,
  3. Attitudinal,
  4. Emotional,
  5. Verbal,
  6. Village (Motor),
  7. Visual,
  8. Skill Acquisition,
  9. Other Situational Factors.

(2) Self Experience

An important component of effective learning is to gain one's own experience and draw on it in the future. Learning depends on the quality of experience, its quantity. A person does not learn for someone else; In learning through experience, thinking, imagination, emotion, memory and physical activities get success in working in a new direction and context.

(3) Process

Learning is a process. It is neither a production nor a creation. Both production and creation are the results of the learning process.

Barriers to effective learning:

The basic component of effective learning is motivation . Learning will not be effective if there is no motivation. The main hindrances in effective learning are as follows-
  1. Lack of Motivation,
  2. Learning Situation.
  3. Aimlessness,
  4. Nonvimalization of Teacher.
  5. Introducing the result (Absconding Result),
  6. Not Relating to Life,
  7. Relating Language to Learning.

Measures of Effective Learning:

The basic objective of the teaching-learning process is to make the learning process effective.
These measures should be adopted for effective learning-
  1. Will to Leam,
  2. Powerful Motivation,
  3. Effective use of Principles of Learning.
  4. Sublimation of Instincts,
  5. Best Environment of School.
  6. Best Habit Formation,
  7. Formation of Sentiments,
  8. Learning through Part and Whole Method,
  9. Physical and Mental Health (Physical and Mental Health),
  10. Development of Interest and Aptitude,
  11. Shaping the Learning Material,
  12. Methods of Learning,
  13. Practice,
  14. Knowledge of result or success.
The responsibility of teachers and parents increases even more to make learning effective. They should provide a satisfactory experience to the children during the learning process.
It is the responsibility of the teacher to make learning effective and easy. The knowledge of education psychology is not only for the sake of knowledge, it is the application of behavior. Behavior is to create favorable conditions for desired learning through technology.
It is the responsibility of the teacher to generate desire to learn in the students and motivate them for effective learning. Use psychological and scientific teaching methods of learning and provide the desired form to the teaching material. Keep on informing the students about the result and keep practicing continuously for success.
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2023.06.07 18:50 ALoveLetterFromMe 🩷 Wanting More Friends to Chat with On LINE 💬 21+ ENGLISH + SFW 📱☺️👍🏻

Hi there, friends. I used to run and own a group chat on LINE called Midnight Café but unfortunately, due to my busy schedule I no longer had the time to dedicate to running the group and have since turned over ownership privileges to someone else, nowadays I am more interested in chatting privately or being a part of other people’s groups! If you have any group codes, leave them below.
About me
• 23 Years Old • Female • North American • English • I am interested in gaming, anime and manga, fine and applied arts, behavioral and mental health science, collecting, as well as fashion and aesthetics • I love LINE for it’s cute stickers and themes • I play multiple LINE games, including LINE Chef, LINE Rangers, and Brown Farm
I’m hoping to chat with someone who is similar in age to me, shares my hobbies and interests, and can have full discussions that are SFW and platonic in nature. If you message me, please introduce yourself and let me know that you added me from Reddit!
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2023.06.07 18:31 DoloGhosti The outside looking in feeling

Just looking for insight...
Someone explained it to me like this: "It's as if I have a God complex, but I don't believe I'm God. I'm just observing the world alongside God." I don't know, it's hard to put into words.
I haven't accomplished much besides acquiring a range of skills—drawing, music production, video/photography, animation, 3D rendering, and more. I've dedicated countless solitary hours to maintain my sanity, stemming from the feeling of being disconnected from others. I've been fortunate enough to have the time to develop these skills.
Late in life, I began to uncover a lot of underlying trauma. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing; it resurfaced when I was ready to face it. Four years ago, I shared my experience those close to me and expressed her believe that I'm becoming my authentic self, shedding the identity of a child who suppressed their trauma for two decades.
However, remnants of that child still linger within me. The ingrained patterns and involuntary behaviors persist—feelings of low self-worth, fear of intimacy, self-destruction, self-deprecation, unhealthy eating habits, and addictive tendencies, be it substances or harmless activities. I need that part of me to understand that I am in control now.
To better myself, I engage in various activities. I exercise, learn and study daily, read books, regularly assess my mental health, keep a journal, explore spirituality, and I'm even considering a career in physical therapy or nutrition. Perhaps that's why I'm seeking connections with others who are willing to put in the effort, similar to where I used to be.
My intention is not to inflict harm on others, whether they have hurt me in the past or to avoid hurting myself. I don't want to let anyone down.
I feel like I missed out on the learning experiences that come with social media interactions. As a creative individual, I aspire to collaborate with like-minded people and create together. However, my attempts to reach out online, whether through Twitter or Discord, or join communities, have often fallen short. It feels like I'm out of sync or that I've arrived too late. I spend my days alone, establishing routines and fighting to reverse detrimental habits. As a creative soul, I can become my own inspiration and guide myself away from paths that only lead to stagnation.
I can't say that I can't form connections in real life. When people truly get to know me, they appreciate the energy I bring. I think I've isolated myself in my own world for so long to protect my creative and mental well-being. But now, I'm looking at the world through a skylight. I want to dive back in and collaborate with other creative minds. I want to build something meaningful together.
Remember to love yourself always and don’t drag yourself through mud because you think you deserve it, perception is everything and self worth is the first step to knowing what you need.
On a side note, I recently ended a one-year relationship because I realized that I still have more to accomplish in my own life. I've learned to trust my instincts, even if it means letting go. So kinda in my feelings too
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2023.06.07 18:30 ___buttrdish Nursing shortage [again]

Yet another article stating what we already know to be true: Nursing shortage to continue and worsen. Aside from pitiful pay, workplace violence, and poor work-life balance, may I also add that people are highly negligent towards their own health, making recovery longer, harder or impossible. We are getting people 'healthy' enough to discharge, but we aren't making any meaningful strides. We aren't changing unhealthy behaviors and people return sicker until death. The old adage, "A cured patient is lost customer"
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2023.06.07 18:22 SelfAwareMachine Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Here

Do astrocytes respond to light, sound, or electrical stimulation? - To activate maximum contrarianism I'd argue the answer to this question is no, they "respond" to changes in metabolic processes within the cells. But yes, you can manipulate those metabolic processes by changing the energetic environment around the cells.
Astrocyte dysfunction and neuronal network hyperactivity in a CRISPR engineered pluripotent stem cell model of frontotemporal dementia - Mostly including this one because of two interesting bits, first that "high" activation states in nervous systems are "cognitively" "bad", and second the greater the synchronicity in electrical readings, the "worse" a nervous system performs over time.
Heterogeneous growth of the insula shapes the human brain - This one is funny to me because the insula is all the rage when attempting to assert things about behavior over the last decade and it's one of the few remaining brain areas in mammals that we can still maybe make arguments similar to phrenological regionalism and "mental health". The reality is that it's not actually a "functional" "brain region" at all, it's one of the many crossing points for brainstem/cortical activity. "Heterogeneity" is a hint that a pattern does not exist, no matter how much we want it to.
Intracellular Cholesterol Trafficking - Cholesterol and amyloids are the same picture. Leaky memory slime.
RAGE Against the Glycation Machine in Synucleinopathies: Time to Explore New Questions - Despite all my RAGE it's still just a synucleinopathy CAAAAAGGEEEEE.
Astrocytic engagement of the corticostriatal synaptic cleft is disrupted in a mouse model of Huntington’s disease - More dementia and "hyper" states.
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2023.06.07 18:16 SearchForLove [M4F] - psychological conditioning to enhance natural traits ( D/s )

I'd prefer to start off with casual conversation or as roleplay buddies but I'm eventually looking for a serious long term bonding with the person , where you become what your character is permanently. Because you feel more comfortable being that and ultimately, it becomes your identity. I prefer voice calls.
Everyone has a part of themselves. Something they're not but they want to be. Someone who's not beautiful may crave to be a pretty character. Someone who doesn't have power or influence In society may want to pick a strong / powerful / affluential character.
But i dont want to live life in fantasies. Let's be what it's possible for us to become so it pushes ourselves to perform better in our lives.
Now, I'm only 6 feet tall, and let's say I want to be 6'7" tall, it's not like playing as such a gigantic character would suddenly grow my height like a lizzard.
But if i play as this extremely fit athletic guy, who has a chiseled body that women are mad for, and you treat me like that, it's possible my mind pushes me in that direction to work on my physique.
Although, I do already have a fit enough body and good stamina / health. So, that's not my objective.
My main aim is to enhance my masculine energies and dominating traits. They feel suppressed a little because I don't get enough chance to take leadership positions and control in real life. And your character's purpose would be to help make my character turn into an even more dominating controlling and confident man.
So, I'm searching for a girl who can eventually become a fully obedient slave for me. It doesnt matter how you are in your initial interactions. You can behave like a normal vanilla girl or like a brat, or like a trained submissive right from your first message. But eventually, i want you to become a subservient woman for whom my wish is her command.
(I'm a switch but mostly prefer the master / dom role. But we can swap the dynamic later if you get too saturated)
I also have a softer affectionate / romantic side that craves for love. . And I want to care for my sub like a best friend, listen to her life issues.
I have a kinder more polite temperament in phases when I feel sexually fulfilled . But I am very dominating during the sessions when the hormonal urges cause hunger in me.
It's not easy for a person like me to dom all the time. I need a break too, where I can just be myself.
But as I get more conditioned into embracing my dominating manly side, we can try to make it a TPE dynamic too, where we stay in our roles for longer.
*Main female character (you) * - just be yourself. Either you are naturally submissive. Or you want to be trained into becoming that way. (do tell me your objectives too that why you want to be trained into an obedient slave). You can be single or married. You can be sub or switch. You can be straight or bisexual. ( FFM dynamics are acceptable too ). But I am not into the idea of a person being someone totally different than their real self in a roleplay because then it feels artificial.
Main male character - I will play as myself, with a slight deviation. I will not let out my vulnerabilities. Things I'm not confident about. I won't share my shortcomings or flaws unless asked. And if at all, it will be on a subtle manner. I want to put my best parts out so it gives me more reasons to become confident.
My char name can be Dev (because I'm a developer. And I am a dom in alpha stage of development. And I like to develop girls into trained submissives too)
The other name can be Dominique because it goes well with the dom role too.
Other possible name is Alpha. It highlights how I'm the hybrid amongst men and have traits that causes women to get down on their feet and worship my cock.
Kinks: BDSM, Total power exchange, psychological training, behavior conditioning, Impact play, spanking, paddling, caning, clothed sex, DDLG, Pet play, Hair pulling, Degradation, Fingering,Rules/rewards/punishments, power dynamics, some clothing control
Limits: Scat, Vore, gore, vomit, impregnation, snuff, underage, lactation, blood, severe pain / bruises.
Kink chart link :
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2023.06.07 18:15 boinabbc 19 New NYC Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs

Job Title Company Location Country Skills
Data Analyst, Global Finance Operations International Rescue Committee New York Remote SQL, Power BI
Jr. Data Analyst / Full-Time (Remote) Better Agency New York United States Modeling
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Data Analyst Columbia University Irving Medical Center New York United States Data Visualization, Bayesian, SPSS
Data Engineer Breadboard New York City Metropolitan Area United States SQL, Machine Learning
Entry level Data Analyst - Full time (Remote) Better Agency New York United States Modeling, Data Visualization, Business Intelligence
Founding Data Engineer Parker New York United States Machine Learning, Modeling
Data Analyst NYU Langone Health New York United States
Sr Data Engineer - Freelance [Remote] Braintrust New York Remote SQL
Data Analyst NYU Langone Health New York United States SQL, Tableau, Data Visualization
Data Scientist (Entry Level) Patterned Learning AI New York United States Machine Learning
Data Analyst Dice New York United States SQL, Tableau
Data Scientist Shiftsmart New York City Metropolitan Area United States Python, SQL, R
Data Engineer Shaped New York United States
Big Data Engineer Paces New York United States ETL, Modeling, AWS
Machine Learning Engineer Shaped New York United States Machine Learning
Jr. Data Analyst / Full-Time (Remote) StemHires Staffing & Recruiting New York United States Modeling
Data Engineer Volta Charging New York United States SQL, Scala, ETL
Principal Machine Learning Engineer, New Initiativ... Dropbox New York Remote Machine Learning, Deep Learning
Hey, here are 19 New NYC Data Science, Data Engineering and Machine Learning jobs.
For more, check our Google sheet with more opportunities in Data Science and Machine Learning (updated each week) here
If you want to take some Data and ML courses, click here
Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers!
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2023.06.07 18:10 Xzenergy Cube [Chapter 6]

“You’re trying to get me reassigned, is that it?” Eris wrung his metal hands together, the plastic and steel giving off soft screeching which added a tensity not uncommon to him.
“I found something, there was something down there.”
Eris leaned back, “a glove wouldn’t have lasted this long without an entanglement array.”
“It wasn’t a glove–it was something else. There were smaller machines with it.” Gareth tried to find the small imperfection on the jet black table where he had his first meeting, but it was no longer there. This was a different table, from another meeting chamber.
“How many different machinations have we encountered in these old places? It’s probably a def-sec droid wandering until its bearings rot out,” Eris replied, “what I do know is that Trigam Hesst and ten other engineers dropped out of entanglement last night and are said to be in the wind.”
Gareth straightened, “Trigam joined Theron…”
“I wouldn’t dwell on that, Gareth. Nobody could stand the guy, eight months was his longest lead underling. It was a matter of time. And for them to attack you like that? They knew their tickets had been punched.” Eris shook his head.
An alarm chimed and the entrance doors whooshed open, revealing the security attache that seemed to never leave the Triarch’s side. They entered the hall and dispersed, one to each corner and two to the doors.
The Triarch approached the table and gestured for the standing Eris to take his seat, “we find ourselves meeting at another crossroad.”
He sat and folded his ivory and gold hands together, optics focusing on both of them. Gareth glanced at the strange marking on the outer left panel of Triarch’s arm. Three small triangles in line, one after the other. Perhaps a tattoo? He couldn’t tell.
“I’ve been told you’re in good health.” He said to Gareth.
Gareth nodded, “I’ve been through worse.”
“Are we talking about the fall? Or the attack?”
Gareth looked up, “the attack was somewhat of an inconvenience. Eris has informed me Trigam and my crew have all disentangled?”
The Triarch nodded, “it’s true. We’re initiating scatter protocols and shutting down the outgoing array. They’re trapped here, for now. We’ll find them, their crimes carry a heavy debt. You’re being absolved of their glove bonds.”
Eris leaned in, “and of that, we are immensely grateful.”
“Hopefully we can put all of this in the past and move on to the moot with better heads,” The Triarch displayed a small blue digital clock, its holographic hands ticking down the hours until the meeting of the Cube units, to gather and make sure all was going to plan.
“What about the underground site?” Gareth asked.
A silence fell between the three, a feigned moment of reflection.
“The area you fell into is non-viable. Far too many hazards to warrant an excursion.” The Triarch replied.
Gareth tensed, “This hidden sector is remarkably well preserved. There could be invaluable information-”.
Triarch folded his hands together, “it’s simply not an option. With the rogue workers unarrested and you being a prime target, separation from the Cube would increase the risk of harm towards yourself. Harm towards the Ministry.”
“Which is totally understandable-,” Eris added.
Gareth shook his head, “with an excavation team and two security gloves, I could sweep through the complex in less than a week. Data I’ve already recovered leads me to suspect something of relevance lay below.”
“You really don’t understand the word no, do you?” The Triarch scoffed.
Gareth leaned back, “If I’m off Cube, then perhaps Trigam will be motivated to find easier work. It would take much more for them to commandeer the necessary things-”.
Triarch shook his head, “the answer is and will be; no. Now, if there isn’t any other matter to discuss, I’ll be leaving you an itinerary. You’re to follow it for the next seventeen days, until we arrive at the moot.”
The glimmering admin stood and moved to the exit, stopping just before the door, “I suggest you take measures to examine your behavior very closely. This meeting will not happen a third time.”
The exit whooshed close and Eris stood, making his way to the opposite door without a word. 
“You’re not going to support me in this?” Gareth asked, standing and following Eris, catching up to his heel with a small skip.
Eris stopped and raised a finger, but remained silent and turned forward keeping his quick pace.
“I’ve found something to keep me occupied and now suddenly it’s off limits?”
“You know that’s not what this is. You were told to go to your lab and instead, you did the same thing you always do. Not listen to a single word.”
Gareth had to walk quickly to keep up, “ I was on my way, I can’t stop and gather supplies?”
“We both know what you were doing, so don’t give me that. This is on you now, I need a fucking sleep cycle.”
“Eris!” Gareth shouted into the cloud.
The admin stopped and turned to face him, “have you considered maybe it’s time to leave restoration? Take up another discipline, or return to a baser one from your storied past.”
Gareth felt the sting of the separation. He understood that Eris couldn’t afford to continue taking the collateral he had been.
“Fine, I’ll return to my lab and hovel if that’s what you really want. But there’s something in that base.”
Eris had turned and started down the narrow walkway once more, “I don’t care if there’s a nude beach and free vodka down there. Please try to stay safe Gareth, that’s all I will say.”
He watched Eris walk away, fidgeting as he went.
The stress he himself was imparting to those around him made him want to vomit. It created a knot in his stomach, guilt and anxiety beginning to creep their way in like a smooth oil which coated the brain and forced all color and feeling away.
“Rube, have we run anything else on the artifact?” Gareth asked, remembering the strange lead box he recovered from the vault incident.
There was no reply.
“Rube? Command access.”
Still, silence on his end of the cloud.
Gareth turned and brought up the junction logic path, calculating the shortest route back to his laboratory.
“Rube, if you can hear me, initiate lockdown on the lab and my quarters.”
The distance to his personal sector, in the upper quarters of the Cube, was ten solid minutes away and Gareth rushed the entire length, heart racing. Rube never went offline, something was wrong. Images of lab contamination flashed through his mind, whatever in the lead box leaking into the space and destroying everything.
He pulled up the command log, which was empty of any directive towards the box. Just because he hadn’t told Rube to do anything didn’t mean there wasn’t another possible sequence of events.
He hadn’t even scanned the box for leaking radiation.
Panicked, he rushed through the pneumatic doors to his lab and found nothing amiss. Besides the fact that Rube had been force restarted and the lead box was missing from its bay. He had been robbed.
“Eris, I have a problem.” He pushed the message to the admin.
Eris groaned, “for god’s sake, what now?”
“They hit my laboratory, Rube has been shut down and I have an artifact missing.” Gareth replied, sweeping over the rest of his lab. Nothing else seemed to be out of place.
“I’ll send forensics.”
Some time later a team of scanning drones arrived and began looking over every surface in the chamber. They were accompanied by a controller supervisor, who stood in the center and interpreted the data coming from the scans.
“How’s it looking?” Gareth asked him, after a while of silence between the two.
The controller, Mek, shook his head, “there’s almost nothing. A single ping on the local module station. There’s a small nick on the surface of the interface. I’m analyzing it for any foreign contact traces.”
Hmm, it’s unlike Trigam to be this clean, Gareth mused.
“More likely a drone, not exactly sure how it passed all the visual and digital checkpoints though.” The operator finished.
They both stood for a moment transfixed by the irregularity.
“I’ll be in my personal quarters, if anything else comes up.” Gareth said, turning away without a reply and striding out of his lab.
He wanted to drop by the printers and grab an urn if he could. The last one was disrespected and he felt the urge to make it right. The door opened and he was met by a massive wall of security glove, amber glow washing through the corridor.
The security glove, whose name Gareth had forgotten, turned and looked down, “you’re not to leave your sector for the next seventy-two hours.”
Gareth cringed but conceded and backed away without a word. He stood in front of the closing door, rage spilling over.
They lock me down, but I’m the victim, he thought.
Of all the things he had done and seen, he felt like the Triarch was chastising him. Like a boy too naive to realize he’s stuck his hand in a running gearbox. Like he hadn’t spent the last three hundred years serving the Ministry, trying to work off his debt in any manner that was asked of him.
“System restore initialized, rechecking cache parameters.” Rube’s ethereal voice came over the cloud.
“Rube,” Gareth sighed, “what the hell happened?”
The AI was silent for a moment, as it began to recompile the data stream right up until he was deactivated.
“My logs do not have sufficient information to form a solid hypothesis.”
Gareth moved to Rube’s access control module in the lab, making sure to give the forensics drones a wide berth.
“Current system status indicates the remote access protocol junction is still active.” Rube confirmed.
Gareth shook his new optics laden head, “how were they able to retrieve the artifact?”
Rube spent another couple of seconds forming his response, “It is possible a small scatter drone was used to physically remove the sample container.”
“I should make it known that I had already removed the datagram, which is now being analyzed and processed.”
Gareth would smirk if he had a mouth.
He moved to the edge of the control module, peering deep into a running window of metadata and streaming code. It was all storage parameters and audit log interfaces.
Gareth shifted forward, “wait…did you see that?”
The lines of shifting data stopped, “there is an internal link command interface, encrypted.” Rube announced.
Gareth backed away from the running module and turned towards his own quarters, “please route and extract to my terminal.”
His personal quarters were immaculate, no clutter or unnecessary disorganization. In the corner, next to his sleep dock, was his personal terminal, which he plugged into using one of the data access cables peeking from the chest of his frame. He let out a sigh as the data came streaming across the flat crystal display.
Authorized User Access Key:
“Shit,” Gareth whispered, “it's encrypted using a hash table algorithm. Rube, can you run this interface through all of the recorded prism tables we have?”
Rube began the process without a word, silently running the access interface key through an enormous group of hash key repositories, used to decrypt datagems found in the field.
“Estimated time to hash decryption: fourteen hours.”
Gareth sighed once more, “that’s not terrible I suppose.”
Gareth sat down on a rough hewn square of metal, covered in a rubber material meant for grip. His mechanical body had no need for physical rest, but he did so anyway, freeing up some space for his mind to think.
He listened to the soft squeaks of metal on compressed rubber and ruminated on the apocalypse that took place on this wasted sphere. He tried to imagine the fall, tried to picture the end of all things below the skies of Kine, but his imagination remained slumbering. He was too upset at the Triarch to ponder.
Too upset at the imposed curfew.
Rube’s voice interrupted his frustrated stream of thought, “incoming communication from Huew Korrin.”
Gareth sat forward, “Huew, how are things?”
A voice like water running over rough gravel came through the channel, “I heard about what happened, those fucking scumbags. They’ll be welcome additions to Yok, he loves assholes.”
“Yeah,” Gareth shook his head, “they’ve got me locked up now.”
“They put you in a cell!?” Huew asked.
“No, no, they stuck me in my quarters. Seventy-two hours.” Gareth replied.
“You’re the one that got attacked!” Huew roared.
Gareth shrugged with his hands, “for my own protection.”
“Heard that one before,” Huew growled, “you’re lucky they didn’t send you off world.”
Gareth chuckled, “at this point, I probably wouldn’t argue with that.”
“Bullshit, you belong in your lab. It’ll be a lot harder to figure out what happened here without you.”
Gareth huffed, “there are twelve other Cubes, I’m sure they’ll come to a conclusion. My professional expertise is currently under scrutiny.”
“If I got spooked everytime someone scrutinized my work, I’d be in an asylum.” Huew laughed. Huew was a mechanical engineer, everyone in the Cube looked at his work on a daily basis.
Gareth shared the laugh, but at the back of his mind he could feel the chords of his thoughts tighten and stretch taught.
“Listen,” Huew continued, “I don’t know what you think you did to deserve this, but you didn’t. Just put your nose down and you’ll get to the other end soon enough, these suits are jumpy, that’s all.”
“The suits are slowly pushing me out of my job.”
“No, they’ve put you on a two day time out. Don’t act like it’s fuckin’ severance.”
Gareth couldn’t argue, Huew was right. If he couldn’t survive two days by himself then he had much bigger water to tread.
He tried to divert, “how’s your end coming along?”
Huew gave a heavy sigh, “well, there’s so much on the ticket system I can’t read the fuckin’ thing. I’ve got jobs coming out of my goddamn ears and not enough people to plug 'em up. But that’s not unusual for me.”
“Maybe I can help? Get my mind off things.” Gareth suggested.
He could hear Huew shaking his heavy metallic head, “you're too good to be a grease monkey, Gareth. Far too much in that head of yours to be turning wrenches and running lathes.”
“I’ve run a lathe before, I actually quite liked it.” Gareth replied.
“Oh I’ve no doubt you’d be able to do the job and do it well. It’s the other monkeys.” Huew said, allowing silence to hang between the two for a moment.
“Right,” Gareth sighed, “the other monkeys.”
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2023.06.07 18:10 TheSnozeBerriesEDP [Lets go on a date][35M4F] Help me figure out what's "wrong" with me

Hello everyone,
Welcome to my hardcore cringe post.
35 year old man here. Turned 35 earlier this year.
My dating experience for the past few years has been okay. I've met women that liked me and I've met women that I've liked. I've had some relationships but they didn't last past a few weeks or months.
I had one long term relationship that lasted 5 years and ended in 2019.

About me:
Deal breakers:

What prompted this post:
I'm a short guy. I stand at a majestic 5'4" but I've been told I'm good looking (comparison I commonly get is Henry Cavill). So maybe some women are in to me, maybe some are not.
Women match with me and I go on dates, so the height thing doesn't seem to be too much of a hindrance. I know it's a turn off for most women and I'm cool with that. I've dated as tall as 5'10" and as short as 5'0". If we click, we click.
I've noticed that for most women that I like, they seem to lose interest:
I'm obviously doing something wrong.
I have been trying to figure out what I am (doing) that is off putting:
  1. Is it the height thing, and once we meet they find they're not into it?
  2. Could it be that the way I am when I'm into someone turns women off (too eager, etc)?
  3. Could it be that my general personality/behavioral traits are a turn off/red flag? Maybe I have the emotional intelligence of a rubik's cube.
  4. Just simply not their type?
At times, I will ask why they're not interested but most women are not comfortable sharing that information.

Why the post:
I'm looking to talk to and meet women (date), with mutual attraction/interest, who are open on giving me honest feedback if it doesn't work out. If it turns in to something and I meet my soul mate: wonderful. If not, maybe you can give me some brutal honesty about why you're not into me.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask. If you think I should update my post with some information, please let me know. If you're interested, send me a message.
Thanks for reading my post if you made it this far. Good luck to everyone, regardless.

tl;dr: it's me, I'm the problem it's me.
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2023.06.07 18:08 zokimmmm Should I talk to my ex best friend and apologize before the end of the school year?

I'm desperate and need an advice. My english isn't the best so I'm sorry if you don't completely understand.
Between march and april my mental health has went downhill because of the family issues and school.
My ex best friend and I instantly clicked at the start and became very close. We had our few arguments, some minor some major, but we always made up. We trusted each other and were always there for each other. I loved her a lot.
My ex best friend and I both have some troubles with our mental health and we unconsciously learned to give each other space once it's visible that it got bad. It's mostly because we don't really know how to help one another, so we kind of just deal with it on our own. However, between march and may i was struggling so bad i couldn't make time for her at all. I didn't want to lash out on her and hurt her, so I kind of just distanced myself. She knew I was struggling and just let me be, that's what we always do. My plan was to be away in hopes things will get better soon (like they usually do), but they just never seemed to end. I don't know how she felt in this period but I really wish I do.
One day I overheard someone asking her if I'm okay and she just snapped and said she'd tired of everyone asking about me and that it's not her thing. Maybe I overheard it wrong, maybe it wasn't even about me, but it hurt me deeply.
Since I hold grudge over everything in my life, I completely stopped talking to her. We now ignore each other everyday and try to avoid each other at every cost.
Now that I'm doing better in terms of mental health, I realize how much I actually miss her. I cry almost everyday and it's painful to watch her hanging out and laughing with a lot of mutual friends. It just makes me remember our good times and it hurts to know things will never be the same. I blame myself for everything. I wish I wasn't so fucking sensitive and stubborn. I should've been honest with her from the start.
I decided to change schools (not just because of this, this school sucks ass and i had beef with professors). There's only few days until the end and I really do not want to leave without even trying to make up with her.
I still love her and she still means so much to me even after everything.
My question is should I talk to her and be honest about everything? Should I apologize for my behavior?
Please help me.
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