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Difference between "wasting time" while gaming and wasting time in game: a mobile perspective

2023.06.06 14:16 the_one_named_bob Difference between "wasting time" while gaming and wasting time in game: a mobile perspective

Trigger warning: I will discuss video/mobile games so if you feel or think that that can trigger your addiction and cravings, do not read any further.
Summary or TLDR: Mostly, I will discuss how some games actually waste your time and mental energy on other things then game itself or force you to spend more time than you want, which in itself takes you from enjoying a short session of gaming to slugging through a list of chores. A chore which is subtle and hard to notices. Mostly because of use of many different resources/currencies and many different daily tasks to get those resources/currencies in a specific time frame. So if you want to spend some quality time with your games, try to avoid games where you do everything else but the game or where you are forced to play even when you don't want to.
Background: I am from the "moderation" camp, since gaming isn't my biggest vice and I prefer to try to have control over my problematic behavior. Which means that I put emphasis on what I play and when I play it, more than just how much I play because that is very context dependent; simply quality over quantity and not to the point where my and my families lives are negatively effected. Which kinda leads me to want to check what it is that I actually play...
I mostly play Duolingo, Daily Puzzle, Sudoku/Kenken and chess puzzles. Recently added Scullgirls because I loved fighting games but now I mostly play occasionally with friends on our gaming nights. So I thought: what's the harm to try it again on my phone and I can hardly remember why I removed it couple of years ago (oh, do I remember it now). Do feel like I play it slightly more than others but can hardly say it is by a lot... so why not track it by screen time.
Which gave me an average for a whole week of: Sudoku/Kenken/Chess 30 min, Duolingo 1h 40 min, Daily Puzzle 2h 30min and Scullgirls 4h 30 min (and then my comics and novel reader is ~11h so...). That's almost same for one game as every other one combined and yet, I can't say I feel more satisfied by it. Or even that I played that much, I can much easily remember which puzzles I did over the week or which words I trained. So I analyzed what I mostly did in those games and since one can immediately notice difference in amount of currencies, I took a note of them too.
Sudoku, kenken, chess puzzles: Most have either a subscribe to premium or buy new puzzles with money. Some are free. Almost all have some kind of after game short ads. Most chess puzzles can be done in 2 - 5 min, kenken and sudoku in 5 - 20 min depending on difficulty and you can always paus and come back. So you at most you need to "manage" your daily allowed free puzzles and spend all your time on puzzles themselves.
Daily Puzzle: You can go ad free with premium (which also unlocks previous puzzles but I guess you have to pay for them with coins), you have coins to pay for using puzzles and you have streak where 5+ days streak will give you free access to todays puzzles. Which are 7 new every day. Everyone of them can be done in 5 - 30 min depending on difficulty. And you can use coins to get hints, which in my opinion both ruins the fun of a puzzle as well as the point of geting coins from finishing a puzzle. Same here, you do need to manage coins and streak but you get them by playing puzzles without any other musts beside daily doing at least one puzzle.
Duolingo: Now here we can see more and more gamification by resource management, but at least I can forgive it since it is "free" and more of edutainment. We have streak for your flair and some awards (double xp + crystals and 3 days of super) every 50/100? days, we have lives which is amount of misstakes you can make and then we have crystals to refill hearts, buy "boosters" and open up legendary lessons. (Also you have premium version with super which have some more functionality but since I have no plans of paying, I don't even try it when it's free.) And to get more crystals you have to either watch <30 s ads or do daily quests, which are still in line with your goals with the game but can be cumbersome because getting Y xp or spending 10 -15 min in app is reasonable but playing game of chance in finding some character X times or getting speaking or listening exercise can be a trial for your patiens. Each session is short, 1 - 5 min, but can be longer if you try to finish daily quests or get enough xp to higher on the leaderboard. Add to that xp booster which you get by doing exercise before and after specific time and you now have a schedule for the whole day. Which is okay but only because it is gamified language learning and learning a bit every day, every week is a good(-ish since it would be better to spend some of that time with actual book) habit.
Scullgirls: Welcome to resource management galore! Oh, and some fighting I guess. You have coins, crystals, energy/stamina for every fighter but also for different game modes, two different tickets to play specific modes per day, parts of different chest which will give you one whole when enough is collected... oh, and don't forget your characters which can be merged, upgrades etc. I love how obvious it can be when you can't by coins by money but you can buy crystals, which in turn are used to buy coins. Well, you do get coins in most other packs you can buy and I see that they do have subscription to daily coins so the usual obfuscation of what you pay for almost does a full lap and comes back clear and visible! And now you need to spend time in different modes both to fill up daily missions as well as trying to get the weekly rewards in them. Every single fight is max 3 min but since you will have to finish multiple fights to finish some modes or to collect enough points, it is easy to play maybe 5 - 10 fights a day just to get this done and without really feeling like you want to play. And would you look at that, 5 fights/day*3min/fight*7days/week = 115 min or 1h 55min while 10 fights is 3h 50min. Where probably only 1 fight would feel as something you actually want to do. Add to that all the time you spend arranging characters, going through menus, checking you score in different modes and what rewards you want... and I have my 4h 30min. But only ~30min of those I actually enjoy it.
But they all are similarly free and nobody is forcing me to play after all, so what's the harm, right?
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2023.06.06 14:15 Quinlov Unsure if my mother is autistic, or has something else, or is just very incompatible with me?

So I'm not looking for a diagnosis here, more just a general indication of if my suspicions are generally aimed in the right direction or not; my knowledge of autism spectrum disorder is pretty poor compared to my knowledge of other mental disorders.
I have borderline personality disorder and am not autistic, although I do have quite a few of the associated traits. But I have discussed this with more than one mental health professional, and all of them have been of the opinion that I essentially display the opposite of criterion A rather than meeting it. I do have the circumscribed interests from criterion B, although I don't think I meet any of the other parts of that criterion.
I suspect my brother is autistic. He has pretty severe misophonia and is much more introverted than I am. I couldn't really say how he performs in social relationships though, we were very distant growing up and haven't got much closer since. His biological daughter has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, however, so have both of her other parents (although ASD being neurodevelopmental should mean that her having 50% of her genes coming from him is still relevant)
Funnily enough, my mother reckons my father is autistic but I don't. I reckon he is somewhat schizoid, he seems to find showing any kind of vulnerability/closeness to be painful/dangerous, and I know that he endured a lot of physical abuse at the hands of his own mother growing up. I reckon his difficulties relating to others are semi-intentional combined with a lack of practice/desire.
So back to my mother: it just kind of hit me just how poor her theory of mind is. She does not understand that I am a separate being, nor that I might be busy doing something else. She tries to monopolise my time even though we are now back to living together, but I don't think this is like how I used to do the same to others (which was fuelled by attachment anxiety) as the way she goes about doing this seems to be suggestive of a more global cognitive deficit. So whereas I would be intrusive with prospective romantic partners because of needing to know I am not about to be abandoned (while being conscious of the fact that them doing something else does not mean abandonment is imminent) she seems to simply be oblivious to my own independence, both in terms of my wants/behaviours and my access to knowledge. She tries to deceive me about stupid shit for no obvious reason but always acts surprised that her "version of reality" does not actually hold true in consensual reality. She always then knuckles down on it, oblivious to the cat being out of the bag.
Hugs are difficult for me - not with most people, only with her, as it feels like I'm being put in a freezer. Yet she often wants a hug very much out of nowhere, ignoring/not understanding the context of the moment (e.g. am I in the mood for a hug at all) or the context of our relationship (i.e. stormy and distant yet also engulfing from my perspective). She seems to think that simply asking for a hug (and I'm not talking about when she might be upset and *needs* one) should result in her getting one. She also seems to not really get how much insistence is too much, even though I make sure to spell it out for her. And again, in the past I have insisted too much in the context of severe fears of abandonment, but she insists that everything be done her way when she says, and really digs her heels in - on issues that are clearly not attachment-related.
I'm the most extraverted of my family by a country mile so I couldn't really judge anything introversion-related - my family members are all several orders of magnitude more introverted than me and it all starts looking the same (like how theoretical physicists can get away with setting pi as equal to 1) but she does seem to genuinely be content doing gardening and housework for many hours a day and simply sitting and enjoying her environment (i.e. the house and the garden). But then again, maybe that's actually neurotypical behaviour and I'm the one that's perpetually understimulated.
Overall, what raises suspicions here for me is the general need to impose her inner world on external others very rigidly, and the apparent absence of theory of mind. These are things I have heard to be associated with autism but not necessarily diagnostic. Going back to that tricky criterion A, while she does not understand relationships, I think she mostly handles each moment quite well in terms of emotional expression and reciprocity? That is, her facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice are more or less congruent with her presumed internal state (although they can be a bit stilted at times) and her verbal communication is fluid, contributing to a natural dialogue between two people - not falling flat or devolving into monologuing (which, funnily enough, I can end up doing, but this is usually related to anxiety, as if I don't get enough of a reaction from the other person I just end up with verbal diarrhoea). Yet she seems oblivious to other people's internal states (whereas in therapy I apparently manage to correctly identify my therapist's emotional reactions to shit I say before even *he* does; yay for anxious-preoccupied attachment)
As you can see by the parallels I draw between my experience of her and other people's presumed experiences of me as someone with BPD, I had chalked a lot of this up to her having borderline traits. But I am now wondering if mine and her experiences are considerably more different than I had be assuming. I suppose what I am most confused about is if she is another case like me where we have traits that are often associated with (and suggestive of) ASD but which do not reflect the core (diagnostic) deficits that someone with ASD would experience.
So yeah, enough rambling...thoughts? Do the traits I describe collectively paint a picture that looks somewhat like how one would expect ASD to present in a woman of her age (retired) with borderline traits (which I perceive to confound things significantly), or am I barking up the wrong tree? I would just like to be able to understand what hand she's working with so I can better manage my expectations for living with her.
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2023.06.06 14:13 dirtyystevee Class adjustments after orientation

I'm transferring to UMD for the fall and my orientation is this Friday. Coming from community college where you're able to switch your classes around however you like before classes start, I'm not sure how similar UMD is.
After registering for classes at orientation, if later on I decide that maybe I would like to drop an elective for another before classes start, would I be able to? Or would I need to make a whole registration appointment?
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2023.06.06 14:13 davidhply My thoughts and ideas for the game so far. (Spoilers on gameplay)

So I'm playing barb and really enjoying it so far - level 66. Story is good, world is good, side quests are great! I actually love the level scaling as it puts more time and thought into items not just power leveling and smashing through the game. I don't mind the gaps in mobs when roaming the world but maybe an increase in some dungeons would be nice, not by adding more small mobs but making larger mobs more spread out an area, so you pull them into each other. in the open world its fine as it makes me look at the world instead of the monsters.
Nightmare dungeons
Gets very boring after awhile but the challenge keeps you going back? Or is it just because its the only real option of its kind. Needs some work.
I think if you beat a tier of a dungeon you should be able to have that unlocked and the affixes available to choose from. Get a key of sorts. So the point of beating higher dungeon tiers remains the same (rewards etc) but you also have a dungeon you like with good affixes to "farm" - higher item drops, gold find etc that you can go back to. You will out scale it but its nice to farm if looking for items to increase your power. Maybe cap this at a certain tier, can cause problems at endgame leaderboards etc.
Maybe add a rouge like option? or game mode? You go down the dungeon and pick buffs and debuffs. Or add elemental type damage to certain skills etc as you progress and go deeper. Keeps changing every run and makes them feel unique.
Have a menu or list to see which nightmare tiers you have completed. good to see rewards I've missed you get when beating a new tier.
Fun! great concept but not rewarding enough, these should have increasing drop chances and increasing difficulty. Eg. going for a specific ring - current cost is 75 as you farm and as you collect more shards you can invest the shards into the chest to change the tier. So 75 is tier 1 with "x" drop rate (sometimes you get garbage from the box)you can choose to increase the tier by "buying" and moving to tier 2 and so on. costs 85 shards now and increased drop chance and more items. Have limited time with the helltides so I think this will be more rewarding for the player and more focused on speed and the time of the event running out. Very much a risk reward here. Get to tier 4 and the time runs out as you just don't have enough shards and can't open the box. :(
World Bosses
More frequency of them - Very fun though
Great! - leave them alone (don't get why people are complaining about traveling between vendors etc)
Bit clunky - need to improve pathing (does feel good when you get it right though and are flying through the world)
Remove cooldown if you dismount on purpose.
Able to level up horse as you ride around to get another boost? Often you need just one more boost.
Reduce the speed at which the horse slows down after a boost ends, make it more gradual.
Happy but I think they should add a few more skills - not a new "branch" but maybe some longer improvements on each or a few more branches off each skill. More variety in choices and different gameplay options. Probably come with time.
Paragon Board
Can't quite put my finger on it but feels like its missing something. I like the concept. Maybe they need to add some unique runes or something that changes up a skill or something. Not just percentage gains and reductions but I'm not sure here tbh.
Good, enjoying so far. Drop rate is very good! When you start to complete your build it feels very rewarding after grinding for hours but need to add more legendary's and tweak some that are terrible. I think the seasons will fix this though and as the game goes on.
Add a gem pocket! for the love of god. Increase the sale price of gems also?
Scale back the gold cost increase on rerolling enchants, should still increase but not so quickly. I think should also increase gold dropping in the world from mobs so you don't have to keep picking up everything to sell. Just tweak the world tiers percentage gain? Seen as you need to improve your gear consistently as the world scales you need to role better gear more often.
Barb class
Increase barb weapon mastery to 20 from 10 but scale back each level and buff 20 a bit more than 10. I finished them very quickly and they are very cool to see improve as you play. Not sure on other classes yet.
Chest or storage box
Search function
A tab you can create that's the layout of your equipment slots for your character - I can put in there for upgrades I'm wanting to do but don't have the right affix maybe - or need more of those shards to put sockets etc currently just make my own in the box. Quite useful.
Allow us to transmog uniques?
Add more colours to choose from?
allow us to change colours of weapons?
Tree of whispers
Good concept but should allow choice of all available gear boxes instead of three but make the legendary type box still random. Eg - there is a ring I'm hunting for, I can keep going for rings. Doing the challenges for the tree doesn't feel rewarding enough but if this was available i would be consistently running them if I need a certain type of gear.
PVP event thing - I haven't done it and probably won't so don't have an opinion on it, yet.
Option to adjust scaling of zoom on minimap. Just a bit too close sometimes. This might help with people complaining about no overlay. I don't care for the overlay - happy how it is - keeps me looking at the world and not a map.
Interactive map - allow us to select and search what we looking for.
8/10 lots of potential
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2023.06.06 14:10 Fluid_Artichoke7100 My friend can't compromise. Kinda. And I want to tell her

*Everyone involved here is 23-25. *Not a native English speaker

Hey I'd like to hear your thoughts.
My friend, her boyfriend, my sister and I have been playing an online game as a clan for half a year now. Before that it has been only my sister and me for over 3 years. When it was still the two of us, the game was more relaxed, no discussions, we never had a hard time choosing which quests to do even if the rewards weren't useful to one of them, we helped anyways bc we knew the other one wanted or needed them.
My friend and her bf were new to the game so my sister and I held back, supported and helped but basically let them decide so they could get what they wanted or needed. But after 6ish weeks it became clear that my friend wasn't interested in doing the same. It was always discussions from that point on and if we didn't do what she wanted, she'd refuse to help, dropped out and/or making passive agressive remarks. Her bf isn't that interested in the game, he helps out occasionally, but basically does whatever she wants. So its 2 vs 2 in deciding what quests to take. Me and my sister are still very much in the "if you really want it I'll help you" mindset so it feels like my friend has completely taken over. It annoys me a lot and I've been thinking about kicking her out of the clan (that belongs to me and my sister anyways) and while we can still play togehter, my friend and her bf can have their own one and do their own quests.
But I think that might be the end of our friendship.
The game is kind of what even triggered the thought in the first place but there have been countless other times where it became apparent that my friend just wasn't willing to compromise. Either what she wants or nothing. Not necessarily in a bad manner, but it makes me feel like I always have to chose between spending time with her and doing what I enjoy.
I'm not sure if she even knows what she's doing so I kinda want to tell her. Give her the chance to realize what she's doing and how that's making me (and my sis when its about the game) feel.
I don't wanna lose her as a friend but I'm also sick of that behaviour because I spend hours or days feeling regret or just bad in general after such a situation. But that could also be a "me-problem" and overreacting so I'd like to hear your thoughts on this.
Do you have advice on how to tell a friend that you're unhappy? Would you even tell them? I think I would want to know in her place but she's not so good with being critisized.

Thank you for reading, any kind of comment is appreciated
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2023.06.06 14:09 Jhonjournalist Numerous Kidney Sufferers in Gaza Fight for Their Lives

Numerous Kidney Sufferers in Gaza Fight for Their Lives

Due to a lack of medical care and supplies, more than 1,200 Palestinians with renal ailments in the besieged coastal enclave of Gaza are experiencing significant health problems.
These patients run the risk of not being able to attend their scheduled dialysis appointments and are subject to serious health risks, according to the Hamas-controlled health ministry in Gaza.

A Medicinal Scarcity

The Gaza Strip has been without diagnostic tests for more than 18 months as a result of the Israeli occupation’s ban on the delivery of mobile imaging equipment and X-rays. After the Palestinian Islamic Hamas movement seized power in the region in 2007, the blockade was put in place.
As a result, patients like Samia al-Jammaly, a kidney disease sufferer in Gaza, must wait a long time for their routine blood tests at al-Shifa Hospital.
  • Over 1,200 Palestinians face renal issues in Gaza due to inadequate medical care.
  • Gaza Strip faces an 18-month diagnostic test ban due to Israeli occupation.
  • Gaza patient suffers agony; calls for international pressure on Israel.
Without distinguishing between healthy and sick individuals, the Israeli occupation punishes everyone in Gaza, seriously deteriorating their health. Dialysis treatments for kidney patients in Gaza frequently run up to four hours and are administered through a tiny plastic tube.
Another patient from Gaza, Sameh al-Ayoubi, experiences persistent agony and is unable to access any other kind of care. Al-Jammaly and Al-Ayoubi call on the international community to put Israel under pressure to lift its restrictions on medical supplies and equipment so that patients can freely travel between Gaza and the West Bank.
10% of the world’s population is afflicted by chronic renal disease, which is ranked 18th on the list of fatal illnesses.
Learn More:
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2023.06.06 14:08 jeo3b Advice and/or pointer please!!

Good morning!! My son (8) is starting his pump journey today! We have a 3 hour education/supervision appointment in about an hour. He is starting the omnipod 5. The did have us do a 3 day run with saline to get used to the system. We just connected his Dexcom to the dexcom apps last night, he was using the receiver but it's not compatible for automated mode on the omnipod. I have ZERO technology skills so this is going to be a big change and challenge for us! Any omnipod users/parents/loved ones have any advice to help make this transition seamless (well as seamless as possible lol) He is so excited! I am so excited for him but I am scared at the same time. I'm keeping him home from school after his appointment today so I can kinda get a handle on all of this.
So if anyone has any tip, tricks or advice we would greatly appreciate it!
Hope everyone has a beautiful day!!
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2023.06.06 14:07 IAmABritishGuy Map & Minimap quality of life improvements

The map/minimap really need improving for this game. I'll be listing some changes that I want to see.

Legacy Style Overlay Map (Automap)

Diablo 2 had an awesome overlay map that was translucent, allowing you to see what you were doing in the game but better yet allowed you to see where you were in relation to the map boundaries. It would be especially useful in Diablo 4 because of how big the maps are and how hard it is to remember routes/paths.
You can see a version here however for Diablo 2: Resurrected the appearance was improved
Currently loading the map causes you to lose all vision on what is going on around you, the first time you see enemies attacking you is when your screen flashes red where as even in Diablo 3 the full map was translucent allowing you to see and react rather than being caught unaware; it also helps you figure out exactly your route even though you can see yourself on the map.

Filter Improvements

Allow users to filter the map more, for example allowing users to only show dungeons for x class (don't limit it to just their class because they might be trying to help someone else)
Allow users to filter by searching the map, for example searching for Aspect of Disobedience or Increased armor for 4 seconds would highlight "Halls of the Dammed" dungeon in Scouring Sands, Kejistan.
Allow users to turn on filters for the full map view, for example I want to see what Altars of Lilith I've found, but I have to zoom in on the map to see them... even if I uncheck everything else they aren't visible unless I zoom in.
Allow users to filter quests/side quests. I don't care about side quests at the moment so I don't want to see them on my full map view but yet I can't get rid of them.
Allow users to see the unclaimed alters when they are close on the minimap, it's silly keeping them hidden until claimed because 95% of players who want the alters will just go to an external website to find them which is way easier to do for users who have multiple screens

Minimap Improvements

We need the ability to adjust the zoom of the minimap. For me personally I would zoom my minimap out significantly but I know for others this won't all be the same.
We also need the ability to change the size of the minimap, I like many other players have big monitors with high resolution and have tons of real estate to increase the size of the minimap.
Another useful option would be to add the ability for users to press and hold hotkey like ALT and be able to left click and drag the on the minimap to allow them to move the view inside the minimap which would prevent users having to press M to view the entire map.

Map Routing / Pathing Improvements

The map routing needs a lot of smoothing applied because currently contours and elevation cause the route line to become very messy, for example shows a random diversion for no reason yet if you make a few more steps it suddenly fixes itself but actually goes too far the opposite direction as seen If we path ascross the void in Scouring Sands it does ridiculous pathing like:
Another small improvement, would be to register if the user is on their mount or not. There's plenty of routes all over the map which the game suggests but they're actually a slow and inefficient route compared to other routes because of how many climbing areas there are where you have to jump off your horse, climb the wall, climb down a wall, get on your horse run for 10 seconds, get off your horse, climb up a wall, climb up another wall, climb down a wall and get back on your horse. The time you waste getting on and off your horse, climbing the walls, doing short runs... it's often quicker to choose a climbing free route.
Feel free to critique my suggestions/opinions! Remember these are a personal opinion and won't be what everyone wants.
Thanks all :)
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2023.06.06 14:02 GABESTFY Screw you BLUD!!!, you want me to fight 2 UNSC company FOR 33 GOODWILL!!!??

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2023.06.06 14:02 illanawexler First prenatal appointment

First time mum here. I’m currently 8 weeks today and making the move from Gold Coast to Newcastle. Obviously I have to change doctors and have made an appointment for when I will be 9 weeks for an appointment with a new doctor.
Do I have to explicitly tell them that it’s a prenatal appointment or just a standard appointment? I don’t want to rock up to an appointment, pay the fee and then be told to make another appointment where it’s longer to pay another fee. X
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2023.06.06 14:02 ExplodingPoptarts What can you tell me about these recent Story focused and dungeon mods?

Please don't just tell me whether you recommend them or not, I wanna hear either about your interest in these mods, or your thoughts on your experience with these mods. Let's have a discussion.
College of Winterhold - Quest Expansion
Tired of the College of Winterhold not actually teaching you any magic?Tired of jumping into Saarthal after your very first lesson? This modprovides 7 new starter magic lessons/quests to make your College ofWinterhold feel like an actual school of magic.

Skyrim Extended Cut - Saints and Seducers
Return to the Shivering Isles in a fully-voiced overhaul of Skyrim's Saints and Seducers Creation.

The Whispering Door - Quest Expansion
Experience a longer version of Mephala's Daedric quest, now with moredialogue, more decisions and a general darker approach to the originalquest. Happy spooky month!

Warden of the Coast
Warden of the Coast is a fully-voiced DLC-sized adventure heavilyinspired by the game mechanics of Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Travel toan isolated island, earn the loyalty of your 9 companions, stop adaedric lord from returning to power, and close shut the jaws ofOblivion once more!

New Vominheim - SE
Welcome to New Vominheim, a DLC size land mod larger than Solstheim withquestline for you to enjoy and dozens of locations to discover.

Summerset Isle
Summerset Isle, a Skyrim expansion mod of DLC proportion, continues thestory of the Arch-Mage of Winterhold when they are summoned to the landof the Altmer. Mystery and Heroic Fantasy with quest openness toexplore, make choices, and mistakes. Your actions will haveconsequences..

Legends of Aetherium - New Dungeon - Quest - Armour - Weapons
Explore the lost Dwarven Ruins of Itharzel and hunt down lost custom Aetherium weapons and armours.

Heart of the Reach - New Quest - Dungeon
Delve into the depths of an unground swamp in the aid of a priest inorder to heal the Heart of the Reach. Including a new quest, weapons,ring, spell and more.

Depths of the Reach
10 new spells, a new world event system, and a 2 hours long adventure that takes you to iconic locations from ESO!

The Rift's Rest
From the ashes of ancient lost mods, Fachry's Riften tavern revives in this new iteration.A witcher 3 style inn/tavern with music and girls for travellers and wayfarers.
I probably shouldn't link this, but I am curious if there's some decent story content here.

Fort Knox
A sci-fi / Modern city based on Aether Suite, 7 majors locations, morethan 200 interiors, around 400 scheduled NPC, Followers friendly (fullynavmeshed), more than 100 modern outfits/accesories/armors/modernweapons
I'm curious if there's some decent story content here.

That Night on the Lake
A Simple romance quest involving a working girl in Riften. I shouldn't link this, but I'm curious if there's any interesting story content to this.

More to do in Hammerfell - The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
Head back to the Alik'r Desert of the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal mod andhelp the Ash'abah, fight off necromancers and help the citizens of a newvillage: Salas Kazas.

Anyways, I figured that's plenty.
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2023.06.06 13:58 FunctionPlus8983 Checking out people on Instagram Compulsion

Hi, so where do i start. Ive had ROCD for 2 years now and been with my S/O for 5. Ive always found other people attractive in my relationship, never wanted to pursue anything or really even thought about the fact i find overs attractive till i started having ROCD symptoms. Ive been in and out of therapy and struggling with partner focused issues. Ive finally got an appointment with an ROCD specialist next month but since then my OCD has switched to Cheating OCD. Which id argue im struggling with much more than the normal ROCD which was still debilitating.
Anyway the point of my question. When im having bad ROCD spikes i find myself instagram stalking either my old ex. girls i found attractive or celebrities and checking if i found them more attractive than my current GF. Never messaging or wanting to but always checking.
At the time it i didnt feel guilty for actually searching i felt guilty for how i was feeling and what i was feelings worrying if i found her attractive. However now im struggling with the cheating OCD it makes me think im actually being unfaithful. Even though ive told her i've searched things in the past. Shes asked if its people we know and i said yes but she didn't prod any further. I know it hurts her but sometimes its abit much and i find myself slip. I now feel like i should tell her the people and when ive done it and even though ive not searched them with the intent to cheat i cant tell her why i searched them as the confession would hurt her just as much.
Im just stuck on what to do and feel as if i carry around this huge load of guilt with me that im a cheater and trash. Has anyone else whose been suffering awhile felt like this? Thanks
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2023.06.06 13:57 AnxiousShithead02 I had my autism diagnostic appointment today

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2023.06.06 13:56 daniellacallinggirl Wonderful Mussoorie Escort Service Experiences

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2023.06.06 13:55 AnraoWi Lost potential: Form Change in Pokemon Go

I was thinking about form change in Pokemon Go again and again, when I find different inconveniences, for example find a sunny Cherrim or find a good Castform (Normal, Fire, Water, Ice) for PvP.
And everytime I think Niantic wasted some potential in that regard. Let me start with a short summary of form Change in Pokemon Go:
  1. Many form changes could be used with the current mechanic for convenience (Burmy, Castform, Cherrim) by just rerolling the attacks if necessary.
  2. Other form change can be used with the current mechanic for huge convenience by reducing the grind (Deoxys, Dialga/Palika/Giratina, Genesct, Arceus and Sylvalli and their origin forms). And similar where the Pokemon are fused (Kyurem, Necrozma)
  3. And some would not fit with the current mechanic (Palafin, Wishiwashi, Eiscue, Mimikyu, Aegislash)
For 1 I can really see that it would make sense and is introduced (if Niantic remembers and finds the resources)
For 2 it would make as much sense as for 1, but I don't think it will be introduced since Niantic wants us to grind raids
For 3 it could be introduced, but with a new mechanic and we know how well Niantic does for that (Kecleon introduction says hello)

Form change history

For history see here:


The mechanic is reather simple, spend the corresponding Pokemon candy (10-50) and stardust (2000-10.000) to change the form.
In Main Series Games (MSG):
So far this feature has only been released to those three Pokemon. I would now like to list candidates that could use the same mechanic and logic to form change and whether possible pros and cons for the Pokemon:

In Main Series Games (MSG) Castform changes forms in battle due to weather.
This is different from the current form changes, since it does not require a key item but a certain weather condition. Since we already have weather conditions in in Pokemon Go we could also adept a form change here.
Depending on the weather you can spend candies and stardust to change Castform to a form fitting the current weather
What happens with its Moves?
As long as it has no legacy moves, just reroll the moves. Except weahter ball, this changes it's type corresponding to the Castform.

In MSG it changes it's form according to the type of metorite it was exposed to. This is similar to changing with a key item. So make form changes similar to Shaymin and Hoopy
Reroll the movesets (except Psycho boost) and we are fine.
You have an XL Defense Deoxys, then you can change its form and have some spice in the regular Master League.

Burmy and Wormadam
Burmy can change its form freely depending on the environment, but once evolved the form is fixed. In Pokemon Go it could change its form depending on the Terrain you are in. Near water, you can form change to Sandy Cload, in forest or grass you can formchange to Plant Cloak and in City or Roads to Trash Cloak. And once evolved Wormadam stays fixed.
It may be hard to determine the Terrain in the Code and might be UX hard to tell on which terrain the player is standing.
Find a Burmy for PvP or shiny Burmy and change form so you have it as you like it and then evolve it.

Pretty similar to Castform, so I will skip this.

Similar to Deoxys and again I would say introduce form change and reroll moves it can not learn in the other form

Creation Trio (Palkia, Dialga and Giratina)

Now it gets interesting:
Keep in mind there are forms even stronger than Dialga and Palkia and to compete in Master League, you might have to grind a Dialga to LvL 50 AGAIN. So form change could be a real life saver.
Similar to Shaymin and Hoopa if a key item is used of them they transform between their origin or altered form.
The mechanic could be the same as with Shaymin and Hoopa, but we have a big BUT
Move sets:
While all three can have legacy moves, they probably are obtainable (or will be) on all three Pokemon.
But do we really want to have a Dragon Breath Griatina Origin in Master League or a Shadow Ball Giratina altered in Ultra League?
I think it could be ok, I like this thougt more than grinding the needed XL Candy to also XL Dialga/Palkia Origina or to grind two Griatinas to LvL 50
But it would also be fine to do the same thing as with the other form changes and reroll these moves that you don't want on them.
I think the main problem is, that Niantic will not allow us to have a convenient way to get Lvl 50 Dialga/Palkia origin. They want us to grind those Raids.

Arceu, Genesect and Silvally
It changes it forms according to the item it holds. Niantic could just introduce these plates as items and then you can form change and adept its move Judgment or Techno Blast

Interesting one, since it changes it form mid battle if its HP drop below 50%.
They could work like regular form change on demand or they could introduce form changes mid battle/raid. Would be interesting that when half the raid/battle time is over they change their form. Makes them to powerful raid or PvP finisher.

Deerling and Sawsbuck
Different forms corresponding to ingame season, game location or in game location. Rather boring could be form changed according to current season in Pokemon Go

Forces of Nature
Similar to the creation trio they could form change and reroll the moves if necessary. It would save a huge grind for the second mon to be Lvl 50

Kyurem, Necrozma and Calyrex
In the MSG it changes it form when a key item is used and then it is fused with Reshiram (Kyurem white) or Zekrom (Kyurem black). This is interesting since it involves a second Pokemon.
So they could either use standard procedure (form change Kyurem only and reroll mvoes). Or they get fancy and they really fuse two Pokemon and take the average of the stats and this allows to carry over signature moves from both Pokemon.
Necrozma and Cylrex could be handled similarly

Keldeo and Meoletta
Similar to Creation Trio and Forces of Nature

Changes it forms based on the attack used.
In PvP it could change to its shield form, when a protect shield is used and it stays in this form until it uses a charged attack and vice versa.

nice interactive form change. It consists of a core and cells. You collect cells and if you have 10%, 50% or 100% of the cells you can create a Zygarde 10% or 50% or 100%.
This could be a really nice interactive task, where in a research we get the core and then by doing quests, raids, spinning stops beating grunts we collect the cells and then we can form change.

Similar to Castform

Wishiwashi and Minior
It is not really that well tied to the form change mechanic of Pokemon Go
If it has more than 25% of its HP in battle it stays in its more powerful form. Falling below it gets really weak.
In raids and PvP it could also be tied to the HP, but with the wacky servers, I think this might be dangerous. But with more than 25% time of the raid, battle remaining it stays in its strong form.
Minior works almos the same but with 50% of its HP

Mimikyu and Eiscue
Both change their form when hit in battle and the damage is reduced. Could be introduced in raids in PvP but I don't think that makes sense to introduce those forms.

Zacian and Zamazenta
Yeah the strong and versatile Zacian also has an even stronger form. Could be similar to creation Trio though

Could be similar to Minior or Wishiwashi, but it is not really that well tied to the form change mechanic of Pokemon Go
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2023.06.06 13:55 Intelligent-Bed8756 Yo

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2023.06.06 13:54 Impossible-Mention28 Fetal Echo Test: Ensuring a Healthy Start for Your Little One

Fetal Echo Test: Ensuring a Healthy Start for Your Little One
The journey of pregnancy is a miraculous experience, filled with anticipation and joy. Throughout this incredible process, ensuring the health and well-being of both the expectant mother and the developing baby is of utmost importance. Prenatal care plays a crucial role in monitoring the baby’s growth and detecting any potential issues early on. One such essential diagnostic tool is the Fetal Echo Test, which focuses specifically on assessing the fetal heart’s health.
The Fetal Echo Test, also known as a fetal echocardiogram, is a specialized ultrasound procedure that provides detailed images and information about the developing heart of a fetus. This non-invasive test is conducted to examine the structure and function of the fetal heart, identifying any potential cardiac abnormalities. It is typically performed between the 18th and 24th week of pregnancy, allowing sufficient time for intervention if necessary.
During the Fetal Echo Test, a trained healthcare professional, such as a perinatologist or a fetal cardiologist, uses a handheld ultrasound device to visualize the baby’s heart. This device emits sound waves that bounce off the heart structures, creating detailed images that can be analyzed for abnormalities. The procedure is painless and safe, with no known risks to the mother or the baby.
The Fetal Echo Test serves various purposes, primarily aiming to detect congenital heart defects (CHDs) and other cardiac abnormalities early in pregnancy. CHDs are the most common type of birth defect, affecting nearly 1 in every 100 newborns. Identifying these conditions before birth allows healthcare providers to develop appropriate management plans, prepare for potential interventions, and provide comprehensive postnatal care.
This diagnostic test can help detect a wide range of cardiac abnormalities, such as structural defects, valve problems, or irregular heart rhythms. By assessing the heart’s structure and function, healthcare professionals can determine the severity of any identified issues and plan accordingly for the baby’s well-being post-birth. In some cases, the Fetal Echo Test can also aid in identifying syndromes or genetic conditions associated with heart problems.
The benefits of the Fetal Echo Test are numerous. Early detection of cardiac abnormalities allows parents and healthcare providers to make informed decisions regarding the pregnancy and plan for the appropriate medical care needed after the baby is born. It provides peace of mind for expectant parents and ensures that medical interventions, if required, can be promptly arranged for the baby’s best possible outcome.
Moreover, the Fetal Echo Test can guide healthcare providers in determining the timing and location of the delivery. If a complex cardiac abnormality is detected, delivery in a specialized center equipped to handle neonatal cardiac care may be recommended. This ensures that the baby receives the most comprehensive and immediate care possible, increasing their chances of a positive outcome.
In conclusion, the Fetal Echo Test is an invaluable tool in prenatal care that enables healthcare professionals to assess the developing heart of a fetus safely. By detecting potential cardiac abnormalities early, parents and medical teams can take proactive steps to ensure the baby’s well-being and plan for appropriate interventions if necessary. This non-invasive procedure provides vital information, offering peace of mind and helping to ensure healthier hearts before birth.
#FetalEchoTest #PrenatalCare #FetalHealth #Dehardun #Uttarakhand
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2023.06.06 13:49 Qnnor What’s the best combat setup I can use?

What’s the best combat setup I can use?
I’m an Iron-man and have about 700k cash stack. I want to just grind through quests and have the best setup when it comes to combat to make fighting enemies during quests as easy as possible. I have a rough idea but I thought I’d see if I was missing anything. I’m currently rocking Rune armour and a Rune long sword. Thanks :)
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2023.06.06 13:45 AnxiousShithead02 I had my autism diagnostic appointment today

So it was a really good and enriching conversation, the doctor was super nice. According to her, I could make an additional appointment, but based on the conversation, she doesn't see any autism.
On the one hand I'm happy, on the other hand confused. How do I explain behaviors in myself that come across as completely neuro-atypical?
I also asked her if I should take an ADHD diagnosis, but she said it wasn't necessary.
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2023.06.06 13:41 MautDota3 On a Cruise Ship and Vomiting yellow bile.

Hi there, I'm posting this on behalf of my 30 year old, 5'5" Caucasian female fiancee. She is on the Autism spectrum. We are originally from CO but are currently on a Cruise to Alaska. Recently my fiancee has been running into stomach issues. The last time she had a full meal was the night before we left for the trip this past Friday. We had a long travel day on Saturday before arriving to the boat on Saturday night. During the trip to the boat she exclaimed to me how hungry she was but by the time we boarded she wasn't eating much. Around this time she started taking 20 mg of Vyvanse every other day (roughly) so her appetite has been out of wack.
Prior to us boarding the ship she had her period, despite her being on the pill. She had just finished a previous pack and she is not doing the placebo week and hasn't for several months. Due to the time change and my lack of awareness, we ended up missing a pill a few days ago. I ended up having her take a make up pill before she took the pill for that evening a little bit later.
All the while she has been taking both Pepto, Zofran, Dulcolax, Famtodine, Tums and Scopolamine for stomach problems since boarding the boat.
This evening, about 24 hours after she took an extra birth control and Pepto, she started having severe vomiting to the point she vomited up her lunch from 9 hours ago. She had been drinking a single Margarita. She doesn't drink that often and this was maybe the 2nd drink she has had since last year.
She is terrified because she is in a lot of pain in her upper stomach area. She keeps pressing her upper belly and saying that it's tender and full. However, the last time she vomited she vomited a lot of saliva and some pure yellow liquid which has almost the same color as very yellow urine. She keeps getting up, coughing and heading to the restroom to vomit. Since we are in the middle of nowhere in Alaska, what are my options? I dont want to give her Pepto since she is also constipated but I also don't know what else to do. The Medical Center is by appointment and I'm afraid they'll not understand us since none of the people on the boat speak English as their first language. I'm also afraid they will give her Zofran and just send her on her way. Please help, she is very scared and I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.06 13:40 Dogettt [M4F] Overwatch: A Multitude Of Roleplays!

Hello, all! I've recently become obsessed with the lore of Overwatch and, considering the news about the PvE, have been wanting to explore the world more! So, I've compiled a list of plots that migjt capture a potential roleplay partner's interest! If none of them do and you'd like to do an Overwatch roleplay, we can always work to come up with one together!
The majority of these plots are Canon X OC, with you playing the Canon character, but a few are Canon X Canon! These plots all include action and combat and such, as well as romantic or platonic mother-son/father-daughter relationships. Now, the plots!
After Winston recalls Overwatchs despite the illegality thereof, the first agent to answer is Tracer and, a new agent, Mei. However, a fourth hero joins them on their journey. Having witnessed the fall of Overwatch when he was too young to understand, he's eager to join these heroes and fight beside them. This roleplay would simply explore the journey of this new hero and a romantic interest of your choice, be it the energetic Tracer or the calm and collected Mercy.
Reinhardt Wilhelm is a veteran of the first Omnic Crisis, having fought in Germany's Crusader unit until he joined Overwatch. As a protector, his main goal is to look after and defend innocents and his friends, especially his squire, Brigitte Lindholm, who happens to be the daughter of one of his former colleagues. This roleplay would center around the time the two spent travelling Europe and adventuring. It is up to you, though, to decide: will Brigitte catch feelings for her mentor, or will Reinhardt become like a father to her?
As the leader of the Deadlock Gang, Elizabeth Caledonia 'Calamity' Ashe is a force to be reckoned with. Like her ex-partner-in-crime, Cole Cassidy, though, her run-ins with the law leads to her being captured by Overwatch. An ultimatum is given: rot in jail or fight for the world's freedom. She'd probably choose the latter, but what she won't know until it's too late is that she will be appointed a sort of... well, there's no fancy way to say this: she'll have to adopt a child orphaned by one of her many crimes. Perhaps redemption is possible....
Excuse the pun, please. Sombra - or as her parents called her, Olivia Colomar - has joined forces with Talon. While this might make one assume that she's an unsavoury character, it becomes obvious that she simply uses it as a way to gain information and power. She's protective of those who are innocent, but is she willing to give up her ties with Talon to save a group of people headed to Moira's laboratory for experiments? This roleplay would center around her and one of these prisoners developing a plan to escape Talon's clutches and flee to Overwatch.
Doctor Angela Ziegler is a hero amongst heroes. Caring, compassionate and empathetic, she's been helping anyone and anything she can after Overwatch's banishment. Feeling guilty for the role she played in the passing of the PETRAS act by testifying against the organisation, she jumps at the chance to come back and aid them in their fight against Talon and Null Sector. One of her first missions, though, aftet saving Paris, had her performing field surgery on a police officer who was injured during the fighting. In the many years that passed since the fall of the organisation, many of the agents refuse to return. Seems like this officer could be of some use...
These are just a few ideas!
Characters I would like you to play: Lena Oxton - Tracer Brigitte Lindholm Angela Ziegler - Mercy Amelieé Lacroix - Widowmaker Elizabeth Caledonia 'Calamity' Ashe Hana Song - D.Va Fareeha Amari - Pharah Olivia Colomar - Sombra Kiriko Yamagami
I hope to hear from you!
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2023.06.06 13:39 baileebabe What would put me in an involuntary admission?

I have an appointment with my GP soon about my mental health. So i am curious if there is anything that would make them put me on a 72 he hold. I’m not suicidal or homicidal. just struggling with my mental health and i want to be as honest as i can, but i do not want to be admitted.
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