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2023.06.06 20:42 jt2501 Anyone successfully cancel subscription?

I canceled many months ago. Just noticed I've been charged monthly still. Tried canceling again and kept getting error messages. Emailed support twice and got these responses. Hello,
This is a follow-up email to the below request reported to the Customer Support Team.
Issue Reported – Cancelation request. Error message has occured Channel Associated – Screambox Reported Date – June 1, 2023
We would request you provide us with the following information so we can further assist you in canceling your subscription.
Home phone number Alternate phone number Reason of cancelation
Thanks, Screambox Support.
Thank you for reaching Screambox support.
We understand that you want to cancel your subscription.
Please provide us with the following information so we can further assist you in canceling your subscription.
Home phone number Alternate phone number Reason of cancelation
Best, Screambox Support
I sent back that I didn't provide my phone number to sign up, to please just cancel my subscription and got this response.
Thank you for getting back to us.
Please be informed I have forwarded your request to the proper team. Someone will get in touch with you directly regarding your cancelation request.
Feel free to let us know if you have any questions.
Screambox Support
All this does not seem right.
Anyone else try to cancel a subscription unsuccessfully?
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2023.06.06 20:42 arielrae42 Break up because of your infidelity? I will make you regret everything.

I (then 22F) was dating (then 22M), lets call him Andrew, for 2 years. Andrew and I met through a roommate finding website. At the time I had gotten into a situation where my father kicked me out and I was left homeless for a while. During the days that I was sleeping in my car, I had received a message from him giving me the opportunity to rent a spare room in his house which his stepfather owned. We had agreed I would pay him the deposit and would pay him the month's rent in 2 weeks after. We lived together for 2 months before he confessed his attraction and I found the financial opportunity. Yes, it does sound horrible but at the time I had a job and he didn't which meant that I could rely on 2 incomes to stay afloat. After about 2 months, his father informed us that we would have to look for a new place as he was selling the house. We immediately found an apartment which he insisted on because several of his friends lived in the complex. For context, the apartment lease was for a total of 13 months. I forgot to mention, during the 2 years my then bf and I were not what one would think as "sexual" he never wanted me physically although I tried to be very vocal of what I wanted and looked for even though he claimed he was tired or busy. Fast forward several petty arguments and disagreements regarding finances he expressed to me that he wanted a "break" from living together for a few months. I disagreed as all of my expenses were going towards the apartment in with both our names. He begged so much I gave him 2 weeks which I would spend with my family in another city. During this time he was radio silence from him and I had a horrible feeling that something was wrong. I had decided to come home a few days earlier early in the morning. He normally worked for restaurants as a server or bartender so he wouldn't be going to be until 4 or 5 am. I arrived at 7:30 am to find him in bed with another woman both with only the blanket to cover their bodies. I will not going into details but I was heartbroken, I knew he had female friends all which had come over, slept over, and even had joined us for trips and dates. I did not wake them up as we had 2 dogs and one which was with him had recognized me and begged for attention. I had let him out while I came back inside quietly pulling out one of his playing knives. I quickly grabbed his phone from the nightstand. I searched his phone for any other evidence to find several other conversations with different women with explicit videos, photos, address, and conversations. I forwarded all evidence to myself and deleted the evidence. I placed his phone back on the night stand let the dog back in and left. I waited outside for her to leave. I went inside when he saw me with the knife in hand all he could ask is "You aren't supposed to be home for another few days..." I answered with a simple who is... He crawled out of bed begging for my forgiveness. He did not admit to anyone else only to the girl I saw in our bed. He began to mumble saying he was unsure of himself and was blaming intoxication. I let it go and pretended that everything was fine. A week went by when I received a call from an unknown number claiming to be his "gf" I could only bring myself to say "That's odd he never mentioned you". She explained everything and was crying since she believed she was pregnant and was not sure what she was going to do. I calmed her and asked her if she was willing to abort, which she quickly replied with yes. This gave me hope to give him a scare. As time passed she confirmed she it was false. With all the evidence I cornered him. I aske him if he was ready for me to leave him and begged and cried like a child who's mother took away their favorite toy. This gave me an option that I blindly accepted thinking he learned his lesson.
After a year of all the cheating, lying, and even manipulation I could only bring myself to go through the motions. He expressed to me he wanted to have the freedom of being single but stay with me, in other words he wanted an open relationship for himself only. He also wanted me to leave and have my own apartment in which I could not agree since again we had another lease that did not allow me to break out of easily. All I mustered up was to call my mother and ask for her help to pay for my ticket home.
This is where things take a turn for the worst for him… during this last argument I received a message from an old fling which I stayed in contact with over the span of 8 years. I confided in him, lets call him Drake , and explained everything. Now this may sounds like a revenge tactic but it wasn’t before I dated Andrew, me and Drake had confessed our feelings and he had always discussed the want to pursue a relationship with me. All the feelings came rushing back and the memories were flooding in. At this time he had a child with his first relationship in which we had decided not to pursue a relationship because of. I only had the eager feeling of being wanted and flattery. The intensity of our passion in the bedroom was like rabbits which I always seek for in my partner. I informed him of my situation and which I would be returning home in only a few weeks. I was eager and giddy like a child when they know they are about to ride their first rollercoaster at Disney. Yes, you read that right... I was excited for someone to want me physically. Because of the depression and anxiety the relationship had brought onto me I had gained almost 75 lbs in only 2 years. With only a few weeks away from seeing the man that gave me butterflies I began to diet and go to the gym as often as possible, I gave myself a massive makeover before leaving for good. As the weeks passed he began to notice my changes in behavior and my physic, he complimented my efforts but made it known that changing my appearance would not make him change his mind. I never told my then boyfriend of my plans and only went on my days like nothing. About 2 days before my flight I brought everything to the table and let him know I was leaving for good and I would not be returning until he fixed his issues. I let him know all of my thoughts and made it clear to him I wanted nothing more than just to fix the issues, leaving out the details of my new adventure awaiting. I had asked he drop me off at the airport the day of my flight and to my surprise he agreed and walked me in. He was visually upset as I had a slight grin on my face. As I was ready to head into security check he pulled me and squeezed crying like a child begging I not go. I could only hold in my laughter as he kneeled in front of the airport crowd staring at us. As I pushed him in the elevator, I could only repeat to him "get better and then we will talk". As the elevator doors closed I ran to the security check and made it on time to my flight. About 2 days after arriving my phone was flooding with messages and calls from him begging I return home. I went on several dates with Drake, met his daughter, his family, and he met my mother. We made our relationship official and finally I had gotten my dog back in my custody where I then dropped the bomb on him. I left him in shock and crying asking how I could lie and treat him that way. He but only had received a quarter of he deserved.
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2023.06.06 20:42 romanholidaysalt Cutting Acme Threads On Lathe Sale

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2023.06.06 20:42 Impossiblegangsta My relationship is positive and negative and I don’t know which side is winning

He’s a good guy most of the time. He’s always home with me and makes me feel wanted. However, the duality of this relationship makes me confused whether to leave or stay. For instance, this weekend I went to Arizona and he stayed at home. While I was gone he would text me he misses me and loves me. He cleaned the house and did the laundry and even took my car for a oil change. He texted me how excited he was to see me. When he picked me up from the airport he didn’t seem happy. I asked for a kiss and he almost didn’t give me one because of “airport germs”. When I asked for a hug he semi hugged me. He kept looking at me and asking what’s wrong. I told him I was just exhausted,which was true. At home he kept badgering me and saying oh I’m taking a vow of silence or something? And in general was kind of implying that this weekend he got to find himself again and our house is peaceful now so I better not mess it up. He said weird stuff like “oh the cats barely noticed you were gone”. I know it’s stupid but It hurt me badly. I thought he would hug me and be happy and cuddle me. But instead he made it seem like it was peaceful without me. When I mentioned this he looked annoyed and said I’m asking “text” questions. I went to bed sad and lonely. I don’t know what to do. I feel kind of heartbroken today but I know if I mention it to him he will start a fight.
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2023.06.06 20:42 Throwaway10000976238 Idk why I’m angry at my mom all the time

I recently graduated college at 23. Move back into our public housing home. My mom brings it up all the time that i graduated 5 years instead of 4 as an argument. I explain why it’s not an issue but i get tired of repeating so i just ignore it.
Idk why but recently i just been so angry at my mom. She hasn’t done anything wrong to deserve. It’s only been 3 weeks back home but I’m feeling so much angry.
Maybe I feel angry because my mom is 50 and is still trying to look for a job, maybe it’s because we are still living in cockroaches infested apartment, maybe it’s because it’s some rooted issues in me that are base on child “spanking”
A week ago things got worse. My mom got a job from a god awful company. I don’t trust any company that interviews and hires the same day. And maybe i was slightly angry that she pick a job like this but she said a job is a job. The job require steel toe shoes so we drive to walmart. Beforehand she wanted to drive to the company warehouse to see how long the drive is.
My mom is from a different country and phone illiterate. Sometimes she needs help with gps. This set me off a little. I kept asking her why she hasn’t learn how to do gps on phone. In any case i helped her.
On the drive i gave an attitude while giving directions. She told me to talk more nicely and i said “whatever” So then we drive to walmart. She gave me the chance to go home but i decided not to.
On the drive to walmart there is an exit from the highway. Two cars came down onto our lane. I saw the left lane was open and was thinking she would switch lanes. She didn’t. Instead the cars were getting close and instead of slowing down she actually speeds up and the car in the exit speeds up since their lane is about to close off. The car goes into our lane maybe 5 feet away from our car. My honks that car and that trigger my anger. I yelled at the top of my lungs.
And i think that shock my mom. So then my mom goes on a talk while i remain silent. I just couldn’t speak after that and over the 5 days i stayed in my room and just didn’t want to talk to her.
Then today. My mom wants to apply for tyson food. The application is done online. But the job she wants is not on there. I cooled off over the past days so she asked if i can help her. I still have some frustration but it was nothing. I looked up the job. And for some reason she just couldn’t understand why the job she wants isn’t there.
Firstly she keeps saying there’s a lot of job however none of them are in our state. She for some reason didn’t understand that. I’m getting mad. Then when i filter by state and tell the job she wants is not online she still doesn’t get.
My mom lets in this stray cat inside. The cat is my room, my mom is sitting next to me on small bed with her phone in her hand. The cat climbs onto the bed, and i angrily push the cat hard enough off the bed that my mom phone comes out of her hand.
I yelled to not bring that cat in my room. Then she starts yelling at me and get into an argument. That happen a few minutes ago before this post.
Idk why i’m so angry. It’s been hard but for some reason i’ve become more angry in the past year towards my mom.
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2023.06.06 20:42 romanholidaysalt Acme Stapler Sale

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2023.06.06 20:42 ThrowRA123124125 What advices should I give to my boyfriend (21M) ?

I am not sure if this is the correct subreddit to post, but I am in desperation. My boyfriend and I have been looking for internships this summer for so long, and unfortunately he didn’t land any. He spent most of his college life coding and practice interviews, even took a gap year to focus on personal projects and practicing. Many of his friends and acquaintances (and some bullies) are landing great internships right now, and it’s making him feel unaccomplished. I knew he has a great resume and other professionals told him that as well— he just got extremely unlucky, partly harder this year because we are international students. It is his dream for 4 years to land an internship this summer to help his parents pay for college tuition. He has been in a constant state of depression and I can’t help but worry about him. I tried talking to him about going to therapy and comforting him but he insisted on staying at home continue to practice. This situation has pulled us further apart. He still treats me very well and I am happy that I am with him, but I don’t want to watch him suffer everyday. This is my first commited relationship so I am not familiar with gestures or things to say. Can someone please give me some advice on what I can do to help him? Thank you.
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2023.06.06 20:41 Ambassador-Hairy Terragen Excerptqq awash

"You understand the point of this trial?"
Grand Hierodule of the Theningan Commonality and his species representative in the Confederate Senate, Seven Sacred Rivers, stood on three legs above the representing the Terragen Sphere had brought. Surrounding him on raised desks, perches, water tanks and other containment units were representatives of the hundred different races of the entire Confederacy, all in varying states of disapproval or outright anger.
A Corvian and Par stood on the same perch, while a human and chim sat at a desk appropriate for their sizes. However, above them stood the largest sophont in the room. A Spermatisape, its exoskeletal-harness a thing of industrial strength in holding its multi-ton weight on four large mechanical legs directly beneath it. Around it a field of water flowed over its skin, while its many manipulator arms were all curled beneath its prodigious jaws.
The human spoke first, his graying reddish facial fur neatly cropped to give him fur on his cheek and upper lip that connected, but none underneath his chin. A bald head with small spots of brown contrasted oddly to Seven Sacred Rivers senses, graying fur with balding Spotty skin was associated with disease to his people, reminiscent to livestock brights they had faced in the ages before modernized medicine. "Yes. We understand that this is a farce. We are not subject to Confederate law, nor are you subject to ours." The human spoke calmly, reaching for a complimentary glass of water and draining it before setting it back down, a drone quickly detaching from a containment blister on the ceiling to refill the glass, and await on stand by.
"Moreover, while under Confederate law the Grykl Agglomeration may have performed a legal operation against illegal settlers, we had no knowledge that they even had a settlement claim on that planet. And that is STILL a poor excuse for orbital bombardment of a civilian colony." The Grykl Agglomeration's empty seat in the chambers spoke of the true reasoning for this trial aside from the matter of illegal settlements.
"That is only a portion of it Admiral Wallace. You proceeded to bombard that same planet until it was nothing but a molten husk with anti-matter bombs." A floating holoscreen appeared and portrayed footage of the aforementioned planets destruction, the once blue seas and varying colors of plant life gone. Antimatter bombs reducing the surface to a molten hell with the ignition of volcanism all over the planet.
"We did attempt diplomacy after this Senator Rivers, it can be shown on record that after this the Agglomeration officially declared war without your knowledge." The chim representative spoke up, a furred hand raised and pointed at the
The holoscreen once again changed, this time to varied video captures and pictures showing troops of multiple speeches fighting across planetary surfaces, stellar naval contingents fighting over planets or in barren space. A particularly noteworthy image that stayed up was the image of Grykl Hive Soldiers running from large sonic weapon equipped quadrupedal mechanical apparatuses being operated by Orcans. One of the Hive Soldiers were caught forever mid-still being blown apart by the offensive weaponry.
"This… was unconscionable. There are standards, regulations, RULES to warfare! The Terragen Sphere committed directly twenty two different types of warcrime repeatedly over the course of your war with the Agglomeration. A war we only discovered because of a sudden influx of refugees fleeing the "Hellworlders"."
Finally the views creepy changes to an image of deep purple and green homeworld of the Grykl, Tykrliki.
"This… this has never happened in the history of the Confederacy."
The Par representing gave a raucous caw before speaking clearly, in the Hierodules native language, instead of using a gifted translator as the others did. It was unnerving, hearing the squeaks, clicks and whines the avian performed nearly perfectly. Seven Sacred Rivers greatly wished the alien had chosen to use a translator rather than this unsettling form of communication.
"They had slaughtered an innocent colony from our own kinds homeworld Senator. Children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. Families, those seeking a new life. What they received was firey damnation."
The Par jumped down to the desk and took a drink from the cup that human had, before flying back up to her perch.
"The ancestors do not forget. They do not forgive unless justice is wrought. We did what you are about to see, despite pressure from others within the Sphere that it was enough to simply win the war."
The video played, and a world was broken in an instant so fast as to be nearly instant, reduced to three broken cinders.
"An… FTL bomb. You took, a ship's reactor core, and fired it at a planet directly from the edge of the solar system." The Hierodule grit his grinding oral plates, a singular twelve fingered manipulator reaching and gripping onto his desks edge, looking at them intently with four brilliant emerald eyes.
"You destroyed two habitable worlds, one of which was the homeworld of a member race that has been a Confederacy state for over [eight hundred years]!"
The Spermatisape spoke finally, a deep voice that echoed and vibrated the chamber with its native tongue, but translated into something almost musical in its tone. "Yes. However, even your laws state that while the destruction of a habitable world is punishable by reparations to member states for associated biological resource destruction, we are just that. We are a separate entity from you. Yes the Grykls treaties with you prevents internecine conflict, they chose the conflict with us, and because we were not members, did not have any sort of legality to drag others into a war over a settlement claim."
The colossal alien unfurled and raised a multi-tooled arm forwards.
"That occurred because of the debt incurred. They both attacked us, and declared war for no other reason than we were nearby and they did not want us as neighbors, the legitimacy of that may be recognized by your governments," the aliens multitool formed into a rough holo-projector that showed an alien world of green lands and blue oceans, with four moons around it, "but we are NOT a Confederacy member, nor are we a protectorate or associate state."
The projector broadcast the images of raining fleets of Grykl Hive Ships attacking colonies and resource transportation fleets. Several Grykl fleets may have been destroyed in the initial conflict that started it all, but even so, they had an Expanse of nearly a hundred stars and ancient resource stockpiles that had made this war an extremely tough nut for even the Hellworlders.
"That… is secondary to the true point of this assembly, delegates of the Terragen Sphere."
The speaker had been the member of the oldest species within the Confederacy, not the ancient Founders, but instead one of their associate states from that period, the last of those ancient empires. The Yol. They were seated on a small perch, not an avian race, but instead a small bipedal brachiator. They were covered in short fuzzy fur, with two tails that possessed small numerous tendrils that functioned as fingers. The lack of arms were noticeable, but complimented a small bulbous four eyed head on a long serpent like neck.
The Yol's delegate was their head of state, The Taehua Emperor, and the highest ranking member in the entirety of the Confederacy, having been the last of the Founding races from nearly seventy million standard Terran years. "The Terragen Sphere went to war. This is acceptable, even admirable that you would go and seek retribution for such a blatant slight." The entire assembly gave murmurs of surprise and even outrage, how could he agree?
"The usage of biological weaponry, your "uplifts", in war is punishable to nearly the fullest extent of our law, regardless of your association status." The Emperor's high pitched and crackling voice sounded over their collective earbuds across the assembly rotunda, bringing silence from the delegates. The Terragens stiffened.
"The last time this article was broken was nearly seventy million cycles ago, not long after the Great Assembly. The war with the Destroyers that slaughtered half the Founders and a dozen other species across the galaxy." Images of great ships that seemed to be formed of bone and metal, arranged into articulate shapes similar to that of great aquatic beasts. There were great carrier ships that seemed to resemble snakes strung through turtles, with powerful technological armaments all along their necks and backs, while their mechanical maws fired balls of superheated plasma.
More and more ship types, literal avian fighter craft, massive reptilian tanks, more and more that flashed across the screen until finally both the Par and the Corvian delegates started screeching at a specific image that came. Admiral Wallace's mouth was agape, his eyes wide in recognition of something.
The Senate many delegates were confused, the image they had stopped on was a graphic thay showed the geography of that races home planet, as well as the race themselves.
An upright ave-reptilian species, though they were horizontal in their gait, with a long tail thay held balance. They possessed blue and grey feather coloration, with yellow scales in the few places their dermis was exposed. In fact, looking at it, the creature somewhat resembled the Par and Corvian delegates, as if it were convergent evolution.
However, the attention of the council was drawn to the fervent ramblings of both as they suddenly flew up to and began examining the image intently, raucous screeching and caws coming from them, translated into the many races ears, "THE ANCESTORS! THEY CRY FOR JUSTICE NOW! THE ANCIENT ONES, THE DYNASTY WAS ENDED BY THEM!"
Admiral Wallace went pale as he looked at his associates, both the Chim and Spermatisape were agog just as he was as the realization he had come to. The Par and Corvians had come to develop an ancestor worship culture, based on the existence of their most ancient ancestors and relatives. The dinosaurs. And any slight to the ancestors and the "Dynasty of Kings", was met with retribution.
It was one of the many societal differences between Humanity and their children, most seemed to be diverging farther and farther from any human route and were becoming their own separate minds and people. And in this case, the mind was alien to a human.
Wallace was broken from his trance by the Grand Hierodule, "Exactly what are they speaking of Admiral?"
Wallace sighed, and pulled a holo-projector from his waist coat and put it on the desk, a representation of the planet Earth popped up into the assembled faces.
Silence came over them all. It is different now, obviously plate tectonics shift over time. There was no doubt however. This… this was the same planet as the Destroyers.
The Taehua Emperor looked in shock at what he saw, they had bombarded that world with asteroids and ended the last remnant populations of the Destroyers. It was known that the world fell in the Terragen Sphere, but it would never have supported enough life after to produce another sapient species!
The humans had never revealed the location of their homeworld, something that was odd at the time of their discovery, but now it took on an almost sinister meaning.
"We come to an impasse. The Confederacy now has legal claim to declare open war-"
"SILENT MURDERING WHELP!" The Corvian delegate shrieked and flew up to the stand of the Taehua Emperor, the bird nearly twice the diminutive sophonts own size.
It looked down at him, on its arms were two clawed fingers.
"This! This is our pride, our great link to the ones you call Destroyers!" The assembly was now in open outrage, yelling, braying, homing, oscillating and more, the Terragen Delegates yelling for him to get back here.
The Emperor was terrified, it was like looking at a beaked nightmare from the sky, one thay could rip him to shreds with ease.
"WE DO NOT STAND FOR YOUR BLUSTER, WE OF THE FLOCK RENOUNCE THIS ASSEMBLY, YOU ARE NO LONGER WORTH EVEN TRADE! YOU ARE MURDERERS, THE ENDERS OF THE DYNASTY OF KINGS!" The Corvian jumped and flapped its wings once, the wind nearly causing the Emperor to fall from his own perch and suddenly flew upwards as fast as possible out of the assembly hall, the Par delegate screeching similar phrases. The Emperor pressed a small button on his desk shakily, hearts pounding in his chest.
Drones began dropping from the ceiling and surrounded the Terragens, all of them suddenly forming bristling weapons out of imported hardlight. "Under Section 8789-7656 B of the Confederacy Great Assembly Charter Accords, you are under arrest for biotechnological warfare and attempted violence on a head of state, remain seated until authorities arrive."
Admiral Wallace sat there with an almost blank look on his face, his fellow delegates the same. He looked up and asked one last question.
"Do you understand what this means for both our civilizations?" The Emperor did not answer, nor did any other delegate. They only waited for security.
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It's not just about investment. It's about being part of a movement. So, are you ready to seize the bull by the horns?
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2023.06.06 20:41 Unlikely_Extreme_387 Living room needs design help

Hi everyone, I just listed my home on Airbnb and asked for feedback to improve the listing. One commenter suggested posting my living room on this thread for suggestions on how to make the design bettemore cohesive. Some of the photos are more edited than others but hopefully you can get a sense of the space. Thanks in advance for any ideas!
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2023.06.06 20:41 BlueJay1103 1 GA ticket for sale looking for $200

A friend can't go to roo with us this year and just trying to see if anyone will want this one.
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2023.06.06 20:41 moonfflowerr 34 [M4F] Work is dragging sooo bad today

I can’t believe it’s only tuesday! I can already tell I’m going to need some companionship to make the rest of this week bearable lol, so I’m hoping to find someone to chat it up/shoot the shit with. A little about me:
I think I’ll leave it at that for now. Feel free to shoot me a message and we can go from there! :)
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The price is 15€ per carton, one carton contains 10 packs of cigarettes.
The minimum per shipping is 3 cartons and a maximum of 50 at once, we only accept BTC payments!
For more information on TG: tobaccovendor
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2023.06.06 20:41 romanholidaysalt Acme Gridley Screw Machine Manual Sale

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2023.06.06 20:40 musicifin Help Needed Identifying Large Vintage Guitar Lot (Gibsons, Fenders, etc.)

Just had an uncle pass away who has left behind a large lot of rare vintage guitars and amplifiers. I have played and collected myself for 20 years, but cannot for the life of me get an accurate production year for some of the serial #'s I'm finding, mainly the Gibsons.
I've looked up and found accurate info for some of these already but thought they would be cool to add anyways. For the record, none of these are for sale. I'm just looking for some help in identifying them!
They live out of state, and only sent me a list with make/model/serial #'s, so this is all the info I have:

Gibson Les Paul Plaintop: 8 5007
Gibson Les Paul Burst (RI): 95111
Fender Stratocaster (Modded): V2096197
Gibson Les Paul Goldtop: 850370
Guild Acoustic Guitar: 107505
"Johnson": 2005072388
"Gibson": 927748
"Gibson": 330880
Fender Telecaster: CN504965
Gibson Les Paul Junior: 82589
McKenney Lapsteel: 87086
Fender Esquire: 172196
Fender Stratocaster: 103566
Guild Acoustic Guitar: 04
Fender Esquire: 8224
"Gibson": 1332
Airline Lapsteel: 1-10547
Unknown lapsteel: 20108
Fender Stratocaster: 56772
Gibson Les Paul Goldtop: 539420
Gibson ES345, no serial number but it's listed as a 1963 model. This is potentially an extremely rare guitar if it's not a reissue... Any insight on this one in particular would be very help.
Fender Telecaster: 38555

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2023.06.06 20:40 Boring_Quarter_2175 I'm confused should I go back to my friend or not?

long post warning
insight: we last talked 2 yrs ago. it was after covid lockdown, I was in different city and he didnt reciprocate any contact effort and didnt answer my calls back then. after lockdown I went to his home to make him realise how much wrong he did to me (I was sad, he was my only friend, I was depressed, blah blah) but when I went to his home, I found out that it didnt had any effect on him. he wasnt bothered about how we best friends since school havent talked in many months.
because he joined different college and made new friends and eventually a girlfriend, so he got very distant from me. I had joined college one year earlier than him but still I had connected with him despite joining college. but a year later when he did, he got new friends and got distant.this had hurt me so much that I cant stand him. I couldnt stand a thought of him in my mind. If I would see him anywhere by accident, I would've had an heart attack, really (I avoided him). when I would realise that I didnt think of him this whole day, it was a victory for me. you can understand it as some breakup and then how much I started hating him. when it was one year with no contact with him, I was proud my myself. (this is therapist community, so I think you would understand this weird thing)but I was growing miserable because he had hurt me so much that I had given up on socialising with people or making friends. I have changed so much since then. I can weigh my last few years and prior life and say those are equal. so that much I've changed.
I joined a tuition and met new people. and dispite being 'incapable' (because I was so broken due to depression), I decided to socialise with people and have a new 'personality' in front of those people. because I was sick of living sad for soooo long. they know me as a friendly, happy guy, who talk to a lot of people and knows many people. but I was just lying to myself. I havent really talked to anyone in last few years. I have so much inside myself to tell to someone, but I dont have anyone to tell. I thought of making a good friend, but its very hard, and I dont know if I can trust someone to not think of me as a problematic I thought of contacting my old friend.
when I had visited him 2 yrs ago, I had thought of telling him things about 'disputes' between us which he wasnt aware of. but I couldnt. now I want to be friends with him again ( I cant believe myself). I texted him 'can we meet' on 2nd june. he replied after sometime 'yes'. then over few days he is just talking shit in chat. he postponed it to 6th june. I said again to meet, and now he says after 11th june. I know he is not avoiding me or something, but he just have a new life now and he doesnt take me seriously. I'm like just any other guy to him. whereas earlier, before he joined college, we were buddies and we have grown together.
well, now I have infinite patience, and I can wait. because I need someone to talk to and I cant imagine someone else other that him. either its him as my friend or else I'll not have any close friend ever in life. now I thought of meeting in a cafe and talking to him. I'll be telling him very personal things which no one knows, and maybe I will cry while talking those things. there's only two outcomes of the talk- either he gets it, or I made a fool of myself telling things like that about myself. I'm confused should I go back to my friend or not.
TLDR- old friend, no contact since 2 yrs, now I want to friend again, but I will have to do some serious talks before we can be friends again. should I do it or not
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2023.06.06 20:40 Tayl44 Uneven second story floor

Hot market. Way low inventory. We tour a lot of older homes but recently toured one built in the 90’s crawlspace and not a basement (that matters for my question). Overall, it’s probably the best house we’ve toured in terms of quality. Here’s my concern. On the second story, at the end of the hall, from the hall bath to where the hallway meets a bedroom (that was added over a garage), there is a slope to the floor. So a small area. We looked around and there are no visible cracks. The garage has a large support beam running across it. No sagging or uneven floors on the first floor or any other area. No sign of previous water damage that is visible. If we do an inspection, I don’t think they’d be able to identify the specific issue. I did some googling but want to hear your thoughts. I wonder if there was some issue when the floor was installed or a bigger issue in how they finished this room above the garage. It has proper permits.
Owners state it has been that way since they bought in 2010 but passed their inspection. For what it’s worth.
I’m wondering if anyone has experience with this and their thoughts. I see this constantly (and worse) in older homes but anxious about what I deem a newer home. If we pass it up, it will most likely have 10+ bids, so I doubt they’d allow a structural engineer in there. I need to decide if I am comfortable or not pursuing it.
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2023.06.06 20:40 romanholidaysalt Acme Lathe Machine Sale

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