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2023.06.06 20:41 blushingbags Roses, cream, vanilla and suede: A Possets Review (8 Fragrances)

Hi all! This is my first review as I've dived into this addicting world of indie fragrance. I hope you find it helpful - CCW too! I'll be rating it on a scale of 1-5; 1, I'll destash and 5 is a definite full-size purchase. I literally just received these samples yesterday so I can't quite speak to the longevity yet except for one that I am wearing today. I'll try each one for all-day wear but I was too excited to post my review.
A little bit about me: I'm always on the hunt for the perfect smell-like-a-rose scent. You know how in romance novels the main heroine is described with "a trace of roses follows as she walks by" or something ridiculously romantic like that? That's what I aspire to. But I also want to be the witch in the story - dark and sultry and mysterious and probably a badass. Think of patchouli and incense - I love that stuff. A little sweet, a little spicy. I'm not crazy about too sharp scents or on the flip side, powdery dusty scents. I want to feel transported or transformed when I wear perfume.
Isabella - Notes of rose are combined with a light resin, white tea leaf, and a rare honey/milky-musk. I purchased this sample because I saw a high review of it from u/Zaltara_the_Red in her rose spreadsheet. Do you want to smell like a lovely little cabbage patch doll? Then this perfume is it for you. It's creamy and sweet first, then rosey. It's really delicate and soft. It's the perfume I decided to wear today for longevity. It's faded into something even softer but still there. Like skimming a rose across your nose, setting it down, and taking a sip of tea. It slightly reminds me of Rose Jam by lush but without the sticky sweetness of Rose Jam. It's very feminine, not overpowering with roses (I could probably actually use a little more rose). I love it. 5/5 will full-size this.
Beatrice - Skin musk, 2 white musks, "Crystalline" musk, and grey musk. In the bottle and wet on the skin, it reminds me of a day at the beach. The smell of freshly applied sunscreen with a hint of shea butter. (I'm still learning these notes but I'm guessing it's the white musk.) It faded into something a little more mature. I think this perfume could have used a kick of spice, but it is pleasing to smell. Golden and soft. 3/5 I think if you love beachy smells without the coconut, you'll enjoy this one.
Dance with Me - A superb coumarin-laced lavender combines with fizzy pink grapefruit, and it all rests on a bed of white musk. SO MUCH GRAPEFRUIT. Do you remember that Grapefruit perfume by Bath and Body Works? This is it right off the top. Fun fact, I used to wear that B&BW scent in my early 20s and it was like a man-magnet. I'll try Dance with Me one day to see if it has the same effect in my 30s now ha ha. I did not get any lavender or coumarin, and to be honest, I had to Google coumarin ("freshly mown hay"). I'll be interested to see if any other notes come through more as it lasts on my skin. It seemed to fade quickly. I liked it, not sure if I'd wear it as a signature scent though now. 2/5 mostly because I think I've outgrown it but maybe I'll boost my rating after a full-day wear.
Lavender Corset - Lilac, musk, versatile, feminine, clean, sophisticated, long lasting, cooling, summer scent. Guys, this was pretty close to that romance novel scent I'm chasing. I felt like I smelled like a garden. Side note: I love lilacs. For three years, I have tried planting lilacs in my yard but they die each time so if you have any gardening tips, throw them at me. Back to it - I have tried Just Lilacs scents before, and the lilac is strong in this one (iykyk). Lilac is at the forefront of this perfume and then it is followed by light musk. It is indeed clean and feminine. Con: it is a sharp scent. It faded into something a little softer, but it had me wondering "Do I like this? Is it still too sharp?" so it will require more testing. You would really have to be a fan of floral, feminine scents. It was not powdery, which is a plus in my book. 3.5/5 maybe a 4 depending on all-day wear.
Queen of the Night - A deeply perfumy blend with a deeply foody core. If your goal is to smell like a kitchen witch, try it. It is very perfumy. Toffee syrup, a little nutty. It's like eating pancakes smothered in syrup on a crisp September morning. This is a really nice fall scent IMO. It's really warm and cozy and feels a little bit like I'm being enveloped by a cozy cottage kitchen witch. Unfortunately, this is not the kind of witch I'm vibing to be. 1.5/5.
My Love Like is a Red, Red Rose - A very comforting, sweet, and almost sugared rose--not sharp at all. Floral. As I said before, this is one of my "maybe this is ~the rose~ scent that becomes my signature." Alas, it will not be. It is sweet. The rose note is stronger than Isabella. Although at the cost of it not being sharp, the softness is powder as opposed to cream/sugar. Kinda dusty. Mature. Meh. 1/5.
Amethyst - A sharp amber to start combines with a smoother and more caramel-like amber and a great shot of lavender on top of it all. This was one of the freebies sent to me. As it described, it's a sharp amber. Kind of like a punch in the face at first. Then the caramel comes out to smooth out the sharpness. Unfortunately for me, the lavender seems like a weak shot. It's somewhere hanging in the back but I have to search through the amber. It is very amber-heavy. It gets softer as it lingers on my skin, but I guess I learned I really don't enjoy amber. 1/5
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba - Mysore sandalwood, suede, frankincense, patchouli, 4 vanillas. This was the second freebie. I was honestly so surprised by this one, in a good way. So another fun fact about me is that I ride horses. Western. Barrel-racing. And smelling this perfume, I was the Queen of Sheba arriving in the middle of a Western movie scene. The suede is a twang that is calmed by sandalwood, patchouli, and vanilla. The vanilla is a strong backdrop of the perfume. It fades and the suede comes through. Like the leather of a saddle. Surprisingly, and because I wouldn't say vanilla is my vibe, I liked it. I would try this for a day to see how it lasts. 4/5
And that, my friends, is my first review! I'm still learning so I hope it was helpful. I have a larger sample order of BPAL arriving soon so I'll post my review of those too. I also have one lone order from DeathandFloral (Rose Seltzer) that I'll throw in a review of with the BPAL.
Do you have any of these scents? What do you think?
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2023.06.06 20:40 snowlights New and worsening mottling?

I've never officially been diagnosed with dysautonomia itself, to be up front, but have always had numerous symptoms that align. I have been diagnosed with CFS/ME, fibromyalgia, and chronic migraines (though the migraines are under better control lately so I can likely lose the "chronic" part). I suspect I have undiagnosed POTS and possibly MCAS, but haven't been able to seek specific testing for those.
This past year I've been feeling significantly worse than my version of normal. I was first diagnosed with CFS/ME two decades ago when I was in highschool, and not long after was forced to temporarily drop out because I was physically unable to go. I'm no stranger to feeling like shit and have long been very aware of what my body is doing, just not the "why." I have essentially all of the CFS/ME and fibromyalgia symptoms, plus others my doctor couldn't figure out, like permanent spots in my vision after a bad flu in 2017 and phantom smells (wet cardboard anyone?). There are probably countless times when I should have seen a doctor or gone to the ER, but I'm very used to being dismissed as a hypochondriac, and I often can't tell when something is serious enough to go because I literally always feel like shit anyway.
My doctor retired in early 2022, and there is bit of a medical crisis where I live, so I no longer have a doctor and can't find one. I'm lucky if I can get 5 minutes over the phone with a walk in clinic to renew my prescriptions. I'm going to try the walk in soon, but I feel like I need some preparation to make use of the 5 minutes they give me, and am hoping I can get some additional insight from this subreddit. What do I need to say to get my point across, that something is wrong and I need to be taken seriously?
What has changed this last year or so:
What's new:
I don't think I have caught covid, I've always been careful about wearing snug N95 masks in public and have no social life. It's possible I was sick with covid at some point and just didn't notice because I already have so many flu-like symptoms day to day. Also, I broke out in serious hives on my arm and chest from my Pfizer vaccines (first two doses) and the rashes lasted a week or two. The third one was Moderna and I had no reaction that time. I've never reacted to other vaccines in the past so I can't guess as to why these were problematic aside from my immune system not reacting normally?
My (retired) doctor would send me for bloodtests once a year just to make sure everything was looking okay, so I have no real reason to believe I'm deficient in anything like iron or B12, my diet hasn't changed much since the last tests and I still take supplements (multi, B, D, C, K2, magnesium). My A1C has also always been very good so diabetes was never a concern. Thyroid results have always been normal. My doctor usually included testing immunoglobulins which were always within normal ranges, but I'm not sure if me having to take allergy meds daily would influence some of those results. My only results that were of consistently of concern was the CRP, which is a bit non specific, but it was normal in 2021, from my last set of bloodtests.
Any suggestions on what I can try to request when I manage to see a doctor? How do I word things so they understand I'm not just whining about being a little uncomfortable? I'm just so fucking tired. I'm tired and sick of feeling like I constantly have the flu and not being heard. Appreciate any help you guys can offer.
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2023.06.06 20:40 musicifin Help Needed Identifying Large Vintage Guitar Lot (Gibsons, Fenders, etc.)

Just had an uncle pass away who has left behind a large lot of rare vintage guitars and amplifiers. I have played and collected myself for 20 years, but cannot for the life of me get an accurate production year for some of the serial #'s I'm finding, mainly the Gibsons.
I've looked up and found accurate info for some of these already but thought they would be cool to add anyways. For the record, none of these are for sale. I'm just looking for some help in identifying them!
They live out of state, and only sent me a list with make/model/serial #'s, so this is all the info I have:

Gibson Les Paul Plaintop: 8 5007
Gibson Les Paul Burst (RI): 95111
Fender Stratocaster (Modded): V2096197
Gibson Les Paul Goldtop: 850370
Guild Acoustic Guitar: 107505
"Johnson": 2005072388
"Gibson": 927748
"Gibson": 330880
Fender Telecaster: CN504965
Gibson Les Paul Junior: 82589
McKenney Lapsteel: 87086
Fender Esquire: 172196
Fender Stratocaster: 103566
Guild Acoustic Guitar: 04
Fender Esquire: 8224
"Gibson": 1332
Airline Lapsteel: 1-10547
Unknown lapsteel: 20108
Fender Stratocaster: 56772
Gibson Les Paul Goldtop: 539420
Gibson ES345, no serial number but it's listed as a 1963 model. This is potentially an extremely rare guitar if it's not a reissue... Any insight on this one in particular would be very help.
Fender Telecaster: 38555

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2023.06.06 20:40 OutrageousOil2480 Was messing around with the onboard camera and suddenly started getting this error? Any fix?

Was messing around with the onboard camera and suddenly started getting this error? Any fix?

Error might have something to do with:

AC\cameraforwardyebis.cpp (1166): CameraForwardYebis::render
AC\sim.cpp (2564): Sim::renderScene
AC\game.cpp (275): Game::render
AC\game.cpp (275): Game::render
AC\game.cpp (275): Game::render
AC\game.cpp (126): Game::onIdle
AC\game.cpp (210): Game::run
AC\acs.cpp (477): wWinMain
f:\dd\vctools\crt\crtw32\dllstuff\crtexe.c (618): __tmainCRTStartup
00007FF8E7FE7614 (KERNEL32): (filename not available): BaseThreadInitThunk
00007FF8E93826A1 (ntdll): (filename not available): RtlUserThreadStart
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2023.06.06 20:40 Muted-Entrepreneur66 City taken over by monsters!

I have my PC’s growing through a city of experimental monsters (kids turned into rats, monsters with chain hooks and arm blades, etc.). I’m giving them multiple ways of entering the city which is quarantined by the mad scientist who created the monsters, who is using this city as testing grounds for their efficiency. The quarantine constitutes mercenaries he hired patrolling the walls and such. The ways of entry are scaling the walls, attacking the main gate (which I will discourage), stealing a prisoner wagon which drops off test subject, or entry through the sewers! I am designing the city in dungeondraft for them to be able to duck into houses or shops to escape patrolling monsters!
I am just new to DND so I’m not sure how I should create functionality with the monsters as the players go about completing their objectives in the city. I’m allowing them to use the roof tops as well with bridges and such being built across, on top of navigating the city itself.
So my questions are: -Any ideas on how I should run this from a game balancing perspective? Not from a role playing one that’s figured out, purely from a game perspective -Any cool buildings you think would be in this small city! (I’ll name it after you) -any alternative ways of navigating the city I could’ve forgotten? (Time period is 1800’s technology but knights n stuff still exist, think sortve Arcanum!) - A cool objective you can think of (I’ll add you as an npc) - and lastly the final boss of the city is a heavily armored ogre with a cannon for an arm, as well as a drill (think a big daddy) named Peaches! Once I get his stat sheet figured out message me if you’d be interested having any of my monster ideas in your campaign!
Thank you fellow DM homies!
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2023.06.06 20:40 Impressive_Returns Have you taken your Rivain in the sand/sand dunes? Do you let the air out of your tires?

Haven’t been off roading for decades. But I was just in the Middle East where they go Dune Bashing. They are crazy. Anyway on the main “highways” is just sand. So when the pavement ends, people stop, and let the air out of their tires. Sort of like putting chains on all four tires if you are in the snow. Then you continue on. Now this is not just one or two cars, we are talking thousands. Then you just drive over the sand for miles. When you return, and are about to get on the pavement they have “air stations”. Think gas stations but they don’t sell gas, they sell air for your tires. And get this…. The lines are as long as the gas lines at Costco before a major holiday weekend. (Let me know if you want to see pics). Anyway I’m wondering if people do this is the US? And with a Rivian? Maybe in the Mojave desert? Do you let the air out of your tires? How do you fill them? How does the Rivian perform in the sand? Seems like it would be a blast.
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2023.06.06 20:40 SN3AKY_BADG3R [WTS] Grey Ghost Gear GRIFF Pack

This Griff has only seen very light usage, been sitting in a tote in storage and has virtually no wear. I know these are discontinued so hopefully somebody out there is looking for a grey one.
19” tall, 12 “Wide, 8” Deep. Volume: approx. 1824 cu. in. CCW access ports on both sides of main compartment. Tons of Velcro inside for pouches, IFAKS, holsters, etc
Asking $50 + shipping to lower 48.
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2023.06.06 20:40 pandacompany001 Server Mergers and What to expect

Hello! I've made this post to shed some light on what server mergers was like during the 1st batch, specifically the NA servers Silver Bridge, Polar, Oumuamua, Ozera, Nirvana, Sol-III or unofficially SPOONS we like to call it. I've only been a Nirvana Server player which in this batch, Nirvana server was a mid populated and active server among the all servers.
  1. Who is being merged into who or who is losing their server? No one will be losing their server, we are just sharing the same space with more players. We often say we all arrive to the same location but use different doors. Meaning we all share the same server space but when we log-in it will still show the server in which that character was originally from before the mergers.
  2. Same Wanderer Name? The first person to sign in into the game will keep their name, the next person with the same name will have #a and then the next person with the same name will have #b and so on and so on. Wanderers who end up with these suffixes will be gifted a free rename card in the mail. So if you really like your name and want to stay the original sign in first or this might be your chance to become the new holder of that popular name, who knows.
  3. Leaderboards? They will change and reflect the correct rankings of each player. Not much to talk about for this one as not much changed within the leaderboard rankings other then having more people to compete with. Same ranking placement will prob follow the same system with the wanderer name, meaning first person to sign in will be placed higher up on tied rankings.
  4. Same Crew Names? The crew with the highest level will retain their name, if they are the same then it will into highest activity. If both are the same, then crew creation time will be the last determining factor. If all instances are similar then you are obligated to call customer support unless you forgoe your stake on the crew name.
  5. Server Mergers Day 1? The server mergers for NA SPOONS was delayed for a few more hours then intended and so when we were able to sign into the game everyone was ready to welcome each other. Be prepared to see new names, crews, and different types of people. Much like launch day ToF. First few hours of of the server mergers were people chatting in world chat before world bosses started to be called out.
  6. Will server mergers make our server active? Yes, since server mergers channels have been increased, except for Artificial Island, and world boss callouts were always frequent in world chat as is free chest callouts. Number one tip is that Devourer and Robarg are the most popular world bosses in our server and are always dead and their respawn timers tracked. It took some time for people to warm up to each other before players from different crews started helping each other with VA, FCH, VR, OoW, etc. The only thing missing are World Boss Trains, so many bosses were being killed in each channel throughout the day that to do a proper World Boss Train without switching channels you are left doing them either early mornings or late nights. Our server luckily have some dedicated players who would still run a proper World Boss Trains on those times before the mid-day players start sniping specific bosses for those cosmetics.
  7. Server Wars? There wasn't much server negativity but careful when boasting about one's own original server against the others. The main reason why we like to call ourselves SPOONS is to include everyone and prevent server wars. We still reminisce about our old servers in world chat without having discussion about server wars but once someone says server xyz was better or more active then the smaller servers they were pair up with then things can escalate and can ruin a server environment. Thankfully our server mates are very understandable and everyone caught on in SPOONS. I will say there will be always be those players that boast their original server so its a test on how the community reacts.
  8. More Players = More Negativity? With a bigger server community, there will always be more doomposters and unpleasant players in world chat. It is up to the community how they react to this. Since SPOONS Community really work well together and mostly wholesome we usually ignore these episodes or drown out the negative person with Shiro Wag stickers.
  9. Community Discord Servers? We found out that some servers had their own community discords for their own servers, so to not conflict with each other we all agreed we'd stay our own community discord servers and not proclaim to be the main discord server of SPOONS. For the NA Nirvana Community Discord, we agreed to open our doors to non Nirvana natives and not change our server name. We do not claim to be the main community discord server but just a chill place for people in our server to interact with each other espicially small crews and crews with private discords. We plan to hold many Community Server events with our new friends. We've already had a small Fiona and Rubilia summoning party.
I believe that covers most of the stuff in my mind about server mergers. Hopefully you all found this helpful in organizing your communities and have some kind of expectations when mergers happen. If I think of something to add, I'll probably add more onto the list or answer any questions in the comment section. I will also put more about myself in the comment section so you all know who I am and why I'm somewhat qualified to talke about the SPOONS merger :) .
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2023.06.06 20:39 DankMEMeDream My incredibly long post defending bell from this subreddit.

Just got back to this subreddit and holy shit people are shitting talking about without ais he is worthless, bell is a simp etc. Completely discrediting everything he did that did not involve LF or Ais. Bell isn't worthless without ais and not every action he takes is to please her. In fact his choice to defy her in vol 11 in spite of his dedication to ais proves despite loving her, he would not go against his personal beliefs for her. He went through the whole zenos arc knowing full well that it could ruin his chances with her, not to mention his reputation to everyone he's ever known and yet he still went on with it. Would Bell still love Ais even if Ais didn't change in the novel and went through killing wiene? Probably. But this is due to him understanding people and being empathic of their point of views. He understood that everyone's had their own terrible experiences and as a result are prejudiced against his newfound friends, he acknowledged those feelings and did his best to his abilities, to change the point of view of those who he can reach but he also understood as to why others would refuse to change for him. Despite this he still stand up for what he believed was right. Going back even further, he even understood and sympathized with ouka's decision to pass on the "pass parade" to his familia. The Xenos arc also showed that He can see beyond physical appearances or preconceived prejudice in accepting the Xenos. He's also forgiving to a fault, where he immediately forgave Mord and the other adventurers from trying to murder him out of jealousy and even risked his life to save them. He also forgave Naaza for scamming him and Lili for not only scamming him, but setting him up to be attacked by monsters without his main weapon as well. He's also been shown to be a hard worker even before meeting ais when he worked tirelessly to buy hestia the ribbon she's always wearing. He's also been shown to be brave when Bell, despite his trauma, fought off a minotaur to let lili escape. Sure he decided he wouldn't need help from ais because he wanted to show off. But his decision to put himself on the line to save lili was made without Ais in mind. Without his actions for Ais or for the benefit of getting close to her, Bell has been shown to be Brave, Hardworking, Kindhearted, Understanding, Forgiving to a fault, and selfless. Those aren't the characteristics of a worthless person. Those are the characteristics of a good person BUT It's also not enough to be the characteristics of a hero. To be a hero bell needed strength on top of his good nature. And that's where LF comes in.
Now to adress LF, i'll start with the notion that bell is worthless without it. First of Id like to remind people that Bell Cranel the hero this show is building up and LF IS in fact inseparable. This power is a part of him and of who he is. Without it Bell Cranel the Hero to be isn't the hero to be, just an incredibly nice, selfless guy. He is not worthless, but he's no hero either. In fact the start of his adventure IS about him not being good enough without power. Ais basically rejecting him in the pub when asked by bete spurred on his desire to be strong enough to actually be with her. A desire strong enough to manifest into a skill. So yes, his strength does come from wanting to prove himself to be worthy of her. But what people are now ignoring is that it's not just him acquiring this power that made him special. It's what he did with it, despite not knowing that he has it. Bell does not know he has this skill, but despite this , he chose to fight the silverback to protect Hestia, He chose to rescue lili despite her betrayal, He chose to fight the minotaur to distract it long enough for lili to escape, eventually choosing to fight it to the death . He chose to save Mord and the other adventurers who, minutes ago were trying to kill him. He chose to Stay in orario despite knowing he has next to no chance of winning against just the leader of Apollo, let alone the entire Familia. He chose to run away with Haruhime and mikoto despite knowing full well that it might take him forever to be strong enough to return to orario. He chose to side with the Xenos in their impossible mission to return to the dungeon. He chose to fight agains Ais, both physically and verbally. He chose to Fight Asterios not because he wanted to show off to anyone, but because he wanted to win against his rival. He chose to save the adventurers and his familia from the enhanced species and He chose to fight the Juggernaut despite the overwhelming difference in strength. Yes the continuation of his fight with the Minotaur, his fight with apolo and Ishtar were influenced by LF. But Everything else was done because of His good nature and his growing desire for adventure. Bell IS a Brave, Hardworking, Kindhearted, Understanding, Forgiving to a fault, and selfless person. LF did not make him make those choices, it influenced some of them, because just like his past stories from his grandfather that he draws strength from and his admiration of heroes, LF is also a part of him. But the choice to take action always rested on him. LF only enabled him to succeed in taking those actions. But it didn't make him into a better person, it only enabled him to succeed as one. Without LF bell would still have made all of the non ais based choices I've mentioned above due to his good nature. But he will fail without the strength it provides. Ultimately Bell cranel is a good person who's desire for someone made them stronger, but it is how he's going to use this strength that will allow him to save everyone else.
Another question i have is why are people up in arms when they found out the world will end if bell isn't there? Did people just forget that he's the main character? If the world stays the same without his involvement then he's not the main character of the show. Just an important side character. Hell it's already been shown in the previous Zeus and hera familias who are arguably stronger getting boddieed by OEBD. You have to remember that we're following the story of a Hero, not your average joe who doesn't matter when he's taken out of the picture. People have to accept that this is Bell's story.
Bell being what is needed to save the world does not, in any way make everyone else useless as others here have stated. In fact throughout the show it's been shown time and time again that yes, bell is the hero, but he wont be where he is without everyone who helped him get there. They are just as important a part of bell's story. But they are ultimately parts of Bell's story and not as great or greater. Would you call Naruto's story shit because if you removed him Kaguya or Sasuke would have ruled the world? Or is One piece Shit because without Luffy everyone of his crew's dreams wouldn't be fulfilled ? No, but that also doesn't mean that just because Naurto's the main character, Kakashi's teachings, Itachi's sacrifice, Sasuke's rivalry with naruto, the support he got from his friends were unimportant. They're all part of what helped Naruto achieve his goals. It's the same with bell. Yes he is special, but without everyone else, Bell, just like every Shonen protag ever. Will Fail.
More to come in part 2. Bell and being a hero. coming when I have the time again.
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2023.06.06 20:39 Admirable_Tailor_614 My UFO sighting in 1978 at President Carter's speech.

In June 1978, President Carter visited Fort Clayton, Panama. I was just a small child, and my dad was stationed at Fort Clayton. The day the President was speaking on the base, there was an object in the sky. I remember everyone pointing at it. I don't remember much, except that it did not move like an airplane. Remember, everyone in the crowd is linked to the military, so this object was not like any military aircraft they had seen before.
This part was told to me by my father. A few days after the event, an article was posted in the newspaper asking if anyone had photos of the object. Well, one of my father's soldiers did take photos and respond to the ad. That day, some men from the government showed up at his work and took him to a side office. My dad said the soldier was rattled and advised him not to talk about it. They even confiscated his camera with the film.
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2023.06.06 20:38 thatsinkguy My Experience so Far (Dr. Ramineni, DC)

Long post, important information.
Hey so I wanted to post here about my top surgery experience so far as I haven’t seen too many people talking about Dr. Praful Ramineni too much here, and felt it would be important to document for any friends pursuing top surgery with him.
First off, he was recommended to me via a friend who got top surgery with him, and another friend went with Dr. Cassie Nghiem (same plastic surgery office and surgical center). Both are excellent surgeons with fantastic results + reputations. Going into my consultation was very easy, but be ready to provide your insurance (if you have any), ID, payment method, and I highly recommend bringing your therapist’s referral on the day of consultation as it will make the process go to much faster.
The office is very nice and they were able to get me in and see me very quickly, a bit before my appointment time. It is important to ask him lots of questions as he will explain the procedure and what you qualify for, but doesn’t go too in depth about scar options, placement options, etc. My advice is to ask about those aesthetic options on the first appointment, even though I didn’t. I asked about common complications, pain management strategies (as I didn’t want to take opioids), and post operative care and treatment options. It is important to note any pre-existing medical conditions/neurological conditions as it may affect the surgery.
After that consult, because I was able to provide documentation from my psychiatrist regarding the surgery, he immediately gave me a date, May 30th.
Important thing to note is that my friend had previously struggled with insurance issues at his office so emailing their insurance team and getting in contact with your insurance to see how much it will be is very important. I will admit I am still in the blind about the true amount I owe. The surgical center bill was around $800 with my insurance (BCBS) and that is not counting the separate bill for Dr. Ramineni or the anesthesiologist, so do keep that in mind.
I got my pre-op instructions two weeks before my appointment and was also called by Glen Echo Surgical Center staff in order to verify the price I would be paying that day as well as my previous medical information that might be pertinent to the surgery. They were super helpful over the phone and the pre-op instructions were very clear. I received my post-op meds around the same time.
Day of, the worst part was the wait. Got there a bit early so it was partially my fault, but they were also running a little behind. I needed my ID, form of payment, insurance card, and proof of vaccination. Paperwork was easy, and eventually I was pulled in to get ready. The woman helping me through pre-op was named Barbara and she was extremely sweet and calmed my nerves a lot. Essentially the process is: pee in a cup, get disrobed and in a gown, take the meds the pre-op nurse gives you, and then get the heart monitor and IV hooked up. Easy peasy.
Like I said, my appointment was late and I was unsure as to why but too excited to really care. The anesthesiologist came in and asked me questions to ensure he would be able to provide correct dosages and explained to me that while I would be under, they would intubate me. After this, Dr. Ramineni came by, asked me a few questions, and at this point he asked “any special requests?” to which I didn’t understand what he meant, and said “no.”
This is the time where I should have showed him pictures of placements or physiques I liked, but due to this misunderstanding, didn’t. I’m not super upset about this, as I know he has great results, it’s just one of those miscommunication things that might impact potential overall satisfaction for the surgery. (please keep in mind I am still wearing the surgical binder and have been unable to see my results yet, though i’ve peaked under a little and am pretty satisfied with nipple placement and whatnot.)
Staff at Glen Echo were more than kind and helpful upon returning from my surgery and offered me drinks to help wake me up from anesthesia. I cracked jokes in my half-awake foggy brain and they all laughed along— spirits were high and it was an excellent experience. I was able to go home within that hour and recovery since has been very smooth.
One thing I am very grateful for is the swiftness at which Ramineni and his staff respond to emails and questions. I once emailed him concerns about my drainage outputs at 9:30pm (felt a bit bad about that) and he was still very quick to answer.
I will make an update post on Thursday most likely as that is when I see my chest for the first time and get the drains removed! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me, this is mainly for my Virginia/Maryland/DC friends seeking out top surgeons in the area!
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2023.06.06 20:38 i_seriously_hatethis My boyfriends grandma is a millionaire and all the money will be lost once she dies

Not my main for obvious reasons.
I got with my boyfriend a little over 2.5 years ago. We have been living in his grandma's shabby little apartment to save money, not that we're poor, we just like to have a good amount of spare money and I didn't earn as much until about a year ago. We're moving out soon, because his grandma is a greedy little thing, that hasn't fixed up the apartment in well over a decade, but I guess that's how you become a millionaire in the first place. She also wanted to increase our rent by 33% with a two day notice.
Note at this point that we are not in the US and with our law, this was not something she could legally do in the slightest, combined with the lack of maintenance this apartment has seen, we could've easily just pulled the Uno Reverse and said we are not paying anything now. We just don't want no trouble with a rich person and just move out peacefully.
On to the real point: none of grandma's five children work. They all live off of government assistance. Meaning anything they inherit will immediately go to the government and will be used as their monthly payout. Grandchildren (all her grandchildren DO have jobs) are not included in this and grandma doesn't want to write a will to have her money not be gifted to the government basically, for a reason none of us gets.
For obvious reasons, only one of her children (none of the grandchildren) speaks to her and that's only because said child lives in the apartment above ours.
Obviously, she is not just rich and greedy. She's also heartless and would rather see her grandson starve than to offer him more than a slice of plain bread. She'd rather tell everyone she has no money herself.
How do we even know she's rich? Well, her husband, an actual kind person, was. This woman is nearing 90 and she lives solely off of the rent she collects. She hasn't touched her retirement payouts in years. They just go onto one of her multiple bank accounts to collect dust, of which my bfs mother has seen one, with about 300k on it.
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2023.06.06 20:37 SpacesteamC6248 Finished my James the red engine moc!

Finished my James the red engine moc!
(Credit to jamostrainos on twitter for reference photos)
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2023.06.06 20:37 Ann450 I'll catfish young boys as one of these young women. Send me the photo of the one I should play and start the chat by pretending to have found it on Insta. [I can't answer everybody] [only on Reddit] [not turning into rp]

I'll catfish young boys as one of these young women. Send me the photo of the one I should play and start the chat by pretending to have found it on Insta. [I can't answer everybody] [only on Reddit] [not turning into rp] submitted by Ann450 to CatfishMePlease2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 20:37 jonahfromcanada Real or reps?

Real or reps?
My friend is flexing these on IG claiming they’re real. I really don’t think he has the money. Any callouts from these photos? Besides how ugly the Cartier looks?
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2023.06.06 20:37 jugouvea Is it time to finally leave? Pls help

I posted the same yesterday but I am rewriting since I did not get many interactions and I am really needing some advise from this loving support group.
We have been on ups and downs for almost 3 years now. I am not sure what “episodes” mean anymore because even with him being stable now it is always so fragile.. like if I do the wrong thing he gets so mad, yells, we get cold he basically withdraw for a while.
he was never totally delusional or near hospitalization (Well, he did got hospitalized but for drug addiction) Since the diagnosis we were fighting a lot (we did have our good moments of course) and our problems are mainly about my behavior. When he feels I do not cope with his standards of partnership or loving
He got out from the addiction hospitalization as a “totally different” person, as if the miracle we (BPSOs) dream so much about had happened. But 5 months go by and he is in that mode that he loves me so much and I am a goddess until I do wrong and then he despise me, cold treatment and I am not worth the effort to please me and we would be better off.
we were doing really great for a month but he started complaining again and I started complaining a lot also, since my needs are not being met (as in more quality time for us as a couple without his kids or planning a baby that is ours and him being totally broke and we having to give up on our apartment). I “wish” that I could be happy with him without setting him off with my desires of seeing friends or being more appreciated in priorities such as more time to ourselves without kids (since we can not plan our kid because of money). I am having a lot of problems with our future landscape (no money, no time to fun together, no baby) and this made him want to divorce again. (He used to use the divorce card a lot before).
Should I go on for a separation since he is not able to handle my demands without outbursts? Should I leave because of him being bankrupt so not able to settle us well anymore and no baby or fun plans? This is until he manages to sell his businnes (that could take a while, god knows and Im 38y) Im so lost and so sad, please help. I love him when he is being kind to me and doing things to make me importante but unfortunately that depends on his mood (and on my behavior). Am I being bichy on my complains?
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2023.06.06 20:36 raakonfrenzi Petition for the Mods to have a pinned 1st comments directing posters to the FAQ, Wiki and Routine section

I want to start off by saying that I think this sub has some exceptional Mods and that they are also very active, especially compared to a lot of fitness subs. I also want to thank the Mod team, past and present for generating both the old and new RR and fostering great discussion. A special thanks to u/eshlow for consistently taking everyone’s questions seriously and providing detailed and thoughtful responses to them. Then there are all of the other great people who also consistently take the time to explain things to people. I count myself as incredibly lucky that I found this sub in 2019 as a 30 something person who never liked working out and decided to get in shape.
Now, here is my ask. Can we get an auto generated first comment on all posts that directs people to the FAQ, Wiki, Routine Page and Rules. So many of the posts here are by people who just don’t even know how Reddit works. Then a lot of it is people who have never worked out in their lives coming up w routines that are either mainly not calisthenics and or like 1 million sets of push ups 😇😉.
Because of the nature of Reddit, these posts just pop up in whomever’s feed and they get all kinds of crazy answers. Part of it of course is the Dunning Kruger effect, where people who have no idea what they are talking about chime in. Of course at some point people who know what they are talking about will chime in + the mods and posts that are inappropriate or miss placed get deleted.
However, for so many of these posts the real answer is just go to the resource section and if you still have questions either come back or go to the daily BWF discussion thread.
I do not think it would actually make the sub less active and would probably generate even better discussion. Perhaps there is already a reason this isn’t in place and I’m just ignorant of it.
I truly love the “teach a man (person) to fish” nature of this sub and I am again really grateful to everyone that makes it happen. I can say for myself that I found this sub as a clueless beginner who just completed a 100 push up a day challenge. I followed the RR for a year and thanks to those skills + the resources here, I have really had fun playing around and making my own routines. Of course a lot of that is also based off of Dan John and stuff from kettlebell and now I am clearly rambling on so I’ll leave it here.
Thanks and sorry if this whole post is inappropriate.
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2023.06.06 20:36 geokittiess is elo boosting worth it for a stuck support main?

i feel like i don't have any other choice 😭 normally i'm gold stuck with 500 games but the other day my boyfriend gave me his dia 3 account he doesn't used for months and i had some ranked games on it. i thought i would get stomped so hard against diamond players but i reached that account to masters in one week with only milio, sona and yuumi. and i realised i really enjoyed league of legends and the support role so much better than before. in gold elo i get brain damage because of my autofilled stupid adcs and 0/10 laners every game. it's impossible to climb when ur mmr is fcked because i get +17 and lose -30 on my main account. is it worth it to get an elo boost service for a support main or it's just cringey?
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2023.06.06 20:36 averagecelt Help with gray/charcoal accents?

I picked up my ‘16 OR inferno access cab this past winter, and I’m looking to slowly add on and make it my own. I bought it with a Fab Fours Vengeance steel rear bumper already installed. I definitely want a softopper, I plan on picking up the Tacoma letters for the tailgate, and I also planned on replacing the chrome “Tacoma” and “V6” badges with another color. I originally planned on black of course. Also, I’m looking at picking up a bug/rock deflector.
Since it’s an Off Road and has the “black” fender flares, I initially planned on doing black accents to the inferno/red color. But the more I think about it… My flares are a bit worn/faded, and honestly they look more dark gray/charcoal than black. My rear bumper is the same - it’s more of a charcoal color. No paint, but it just naturally looks that way.
So here’s the meat of the question. I like to be different, and it seems like the vaaaaaaaaast majority of folks who go with an accent color do black. Because my flares and rear bumper are more of a dark gray/charcoal, I thought it might be cool to do accents in that sort of color as well. The issue I’m facing is that I can’t seem to find a lot of the accessories I want in a dark gray.
Softopper offers black, tan, and gray, but their gray looks a lot lighter than I’d want. Does anyone know of another reliable brand that offers a similar product in dark gray? OR could anyone confirm that the Softopper in gray actually looks darker than in the manufacturer’s photos? If my only option is light gray, I guess I’d prefer black.
As for bug deflectors, it looks like AVS and Weathertech are the main brands, and they don’t seem to offer a dark gray color - only gloss and matte black, and chrome. Anyone know of a dark gray bug deflector made for Tacos?
Finally, I also can’t seem to find any badging in a dark gray - only black, chrome, red, blue, etc. Anyone know if dark gray badge letters can be found anywhere?
Any insight is appreciated. Thanks fellas!
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2023.06.06 20:36 serpentquidanse (Advice needed) - Bottom leaves of my monstera turning yellow

(Advice needed) - Bottom leaves of my monstera turning yellow
Hello, Monstera community. I’m in dire need of your opinion. Several bottom leaves of my beautiful monstera deliciosa started turning yellow, and I can’t pinpoint the problem. Everywhere I read, it could be anything from underwatering to overwatering and I can’t figure out what to do to diagnose it, or if maybe this is normal, the plant is healthy and I’m just overthinking.
For context, I’ve had it for one year, bought it in this pot which didn’t have drainage holes, so I made sure to water it carefully, and was using a bamboo stick to check whether the soil was still moist (not the most scientific method, but it worked). Then in the past month, it had two bottom leaves turning yellow, which I thought might be too quick compared to before, so I decided to check for root rot and use the occasion to drill drainage holes in the pot (which was long due). Fast forward to now, and three of the bottom leaves on the bigger stem are turning yellow (circled in the photo), one leaf I have already removed last week, and another one is yellowing on the smaller stem (there are two ‘plants’ in the pot). At this point it could also be the ‘transplantation shock’ since I changed the soil; maybe due to lack of drainage holes I was too cautious with watering that I ended up under watering. Idk 🤷‍♀️ It’s my favorite plant in the house, it’s the first time I own a monstera, but I love it so much, especially since it’s such a big and beautiful one. I really hope it’s not dying and I’m just overreacting 😭 Sorry for the long text, tried to include everything. If you have any input I will highly appreciate it 🙏🙏 should I remove the leaves? I checked and there don’t seem to be any signs of infestation. The soil I’ve got has a ph of approx. 6, mixed with a bit of pearlite and orchid bark, for better drainage. Thank you!
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2023.06.06 20:36 INeedSuppHeheXD EUW/EUNE - Searching for somebody to play with

Hey. I am searching for preferably a support main to play with, but else is fine too. I main ADC, mostly Draven, Kaisa and Vayne. I was plat on EUNE last season, and now my account is still gold, but I have another account which is unranked too. On EUW I have 2 accounts aswell. One is gold, other one is unranked. I'd like to play some draft games together, and then if we click then also play ranked in the future. I'm also interested in chatting too, not just purely playing. I can also voice call aswell, but it's not a must. If you'd be interested in playing or chatting with me, message me here or add my discord Armzii#3764 I'd love to hear from you :)
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2023.06.06 20:36 UpsideSepremitie Ouriese vs Deulian

Decide to compare my two conlangs, Ouriese on the left, Deulian on the right!
I have a new car - Eu a un noviel otociare, Io ài un neuvion veturio
Today is a good day - Oigè est un bonna jourana, Uie ere un beue jono
The mountain is high - La mountain est ailta, Le mons ere olto
He is an old man - Ile est un vens homon, C'ere un viu homen
The house is old - La casa est vienna, La casa ere vielle
That’s a great idea - Iso esair uma grande idhia, C'ere una niçe idea
I live in a small country - Eu abito nun petuia paise, Vivio ens una peqina paie
She lives in a big city - Ella abite nunna grande citaie, Ella vivie ens una granda villa
He is young - Ile est joven, Ilo ere joun
The sky is clear - Lo ceulo est claro, Le ciel ere cleir

Cognates and some similasame words in both languages:
Un - The Article "A" from Latin "Unus"
Noviel*, Neuvion - New from Latin "Novellus"
Vens*, Viu - Old from Latin "Veter"
Homon, Homen - Man from Portuguese "Homem"
La - The Feminine Article "The" from Latin "Illa"
Casa - House from Latin "Casa"
Uma, Una - The Feminine Article "A" from Latin "Una"
Idhia, Idea - Idea from Latin "Idea"
Petuia, Peqina - Short from Spanish "Pequeña" and French "Petite"
Paise, Paie - Country from Latin "Patriam"
Ella - She from Latin "Ea" and "Illa"
Grande, Granda - Large from Latin "Grandis"
Ile, Ilo - He from Latin "Illo"
Joven, Joun - Young from Latin "Iuvenis"
Lo, Le - The Article "The" from multiple origins, mainly French "Le" and Portuguese "O"
Ceulo, Ciel - Sky (didn't right the root word, oops)
Claro, Cleir - Clear from Italian "Claro" and French "Clair"

*Heads Up! Words like new and old in Ouriese have irregular spellings, "Vens" is in it's original form, but Noviel's original form is "Noivo."
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