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Home of America's most insane protestors, rioters, rally-goers, and looters! ———————————————————— The craziest videos all in one place, recorded for posterity. Violence is NOT the answer! ———————————————————— Dedicated to peaceful protestors and honorable cops. ———————————————————— Read the rules, subscribe, and share! ———————————————————— World Peace 2023 ———————————————————— EVIL FLEES FROM TRUTH AND HONOR

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2023.06.06 21:34 Node815 Send sensor data from Secondary HASSIO to Primary Hassio

Here's what I have going on and hope this can make some sense once I'm finished:
I have my main/primary HASSIO hosted on my NAS and all is good there. I have my secondary HASSIO installed on a Raspberry Pi4 for bluetooth Z-Wave (with a Zooz 700 stick).
I need to place the Rpi in an area closer to the z-wave devices as they are too far from the NAS. I am aware I can use z-wave plugs etc to act as an extender, but my budget is already exhausted so that's not in the near future yet.
Instead, is there a way to send specific sensor data (motion detection, humidity, temperature and light levels) and Tilt/Vibration events to the primary server?
I've read some talk about using MQTT, is this the only solution? I'm not opposed to this, but it is enough to be near real time like it is now with the secondary server displaying events?
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2023.06.06 21:34 TimothyX7 Real Betis are streaming Joaquin's tribute match on YouTube right now. Casillas, Ramos, Ceballos, Guti and Raul are playing.

Real Betis are streaming Joaquin's tribute match on YouTube right now. Casillas, Ramos, Ceballos, Guti and Raul are playing. submitted by TimothyX7 to realmadrid [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 21:33 Party_Class_9108 How is this group so funny? Who are you people?

I'm a 23 year old and I have not seen any work of this wonderful couple. I don't know how I came across this subreddit but this is legit the funniest and even the comments are gold. There is hardly any foul language but the humour is just top notch🔥
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2023.06.06 21:33 BawlSniffa Bought this base set blastoise card

Bought this base set blastoise card
So I bought a base set blastoise card that looks real to me, but it looks like it has holographic scratches on it and I'm not sure how to tell if it's real or not (the scratches shine like a holo and are circled in the last two pictures)
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2023.06.06 21:33 Wise_Yam_2243 The Foundational Difference Between The Modernists & The Traditionalists

One of the major challenges we face today is the difficulty in figuring out who is a modernist and who is a traditionalist.
The rule of thumb regarding this issue is that a traditionalist uses the sources of the Shari'ah as his basis and guide to come to a decision and conclusion. His goal is the pleasure of Allah Ta'ala, guarding his religion, and avoiding the pitfalls of accepting rare, unsubstantiated views, and flawed analogies.
On the other hand, the modernist uses his base and carnal desires as his guide, and demotes the Shar'i sources as secondary - to prove his incorrect decision and lend credence to his deviation. The modernist presents rare and unsubstantiated views to appease his heart and mind, with the goal of acquiring name, fame, wealth, and prestige.
We can understand from the above that modernism and traditionalism are two paths, leading to two totally different ends. Traditionalism leads to felicity, although the path may be rough, whilst modernism leads to tribulation and strife, although the path looks smooth and enjoyable.
The other problem we face is that outwardly a modernist and a traditionalist look the same. So, how do we gauge who is on the path of tradition and who is on the path of modernism?
The principle is to look at the sources of the views that each one has and speaks about. A modernist will quote rare things to impress his audience, whilst the traditionalist will speak using the pristine and pure primary sources of the Shari'ah - as he has learnt from his teachers and elders.
Hold on to the path of traditionalism. It is worth more than gold.
Mufti Abdullah Moolla
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2023.06.06 21:33 anon-Chungus Artisans Consortium / Profession Leveling Confusion

Hey all,
The title is pretty straightforward. I have a lvl 66 warrior toon with lvl 100 mining and lvl 30 blacksmithing, I figured that'd be a good combination, and basically want to start earning Artisans Mettle and level up my professions.
I've wanted to pursue profession leveling and quests from the Artisans Consortium, but they dont appear to be available to me. I have AllTheThings installed so I know I have the following quests done:
Rabul: 0/10
Azley: 2/174 - These two are the "A craft in need" quests.
I've looked up a guide that describes Artisans Consortium rep:
This basically states profession quests and artisan quests should be available to me if I meet profession leveling conditions, which I've met. But these quests are still not available to me. Am I missing something? Looking up guide after guide has made this more confusing, and I'm a returning player after a 5 year break.

I guess a side question as well to this, is my profession combo a good gold-making method? I have an alt that I can level as well, which professions would work well with the two I currently have?
Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.06 21:32 TheItalianSnake The story of the next season

So the twitter account dropped the trailer for next season and it seems to be inspired by the Spanish conquista of the Aztecs.
It will likely follow the formula the last two heroes had in terms of story.
Which is a bit boring, however there is some potential here.
I think this Outlander will take revenge a step too far and become a antagonist to Heathmoor, mostly because the last two heroes have been very much good, either siding with Chimera or fighting Horkos directly.
The trailer shows us a image of a golden visage turning to a skull from a wave of serpents, a hawk with a sword flying by. Seeing as the Hero skin seems to be a warmonger, who has brought back many riches for the citizens of Heathmoor to enjoy, judging by the end art.
From this we can deduce that the injustice done upon the Aztecs likely was a massacre or even genocide, resembling the real life conquista.
The Warmonger doing this probably seeking riches and wealth to attract the remaining warriors in Heathmoor that have yet to side with them, possibly being those who left the banquet at the chimera festival.
However the remaining Aztecs who survived this attack now seek revenge, in particular the main named Aztec hero, who will seek to get even with the Warmonger.
And so they travel to Heathmoor, surprising the Horkos Conquistadors and claiming back their treasures, this is not where it ends unfortunately, the named Aztec might actually seek to kill as many people as possible to get even with Horkos, taking away as many lives as the Warmonger had taken from them, in this we might see a split in the Aztecs, some seeing this as wrong, while others agree with the named Aztec.
This way they don't make it so the Aztecs are represented as entirely evil and vengeful, only a few of them that were twisted by the cruel actions done to them.
This might make for a more interesting story, and I hope that it's what Ubi goes with, seeing as it is the year of Injustice, the last two heroes have been good guys and the season is named after revenge. It just fits perfectly and is a good chance to take a twist to this story we have seen two times already.
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2023.06.06 21:32 No_Zookeepergame4318 I (20F) told my boyfriend (23m) something I lied about but now he’s mad.

I (20F) told my boyfriend (23M) about something I had lied to him about. Now he’s upset I wasn’t honest.
I lied to my boyfriend about dating before and told him I never did. This is untrue, I had a previous boyfriend who only lasted about a month because he treated me so horribly. I’ll spare you the details but he was really bad at taking “no” for an answer. He told me he had thoughts and images of fucking killing me “all the time” my boundaries, body, and god damn soul were disrespected in this relationship.
Now here’s where I made a mistake. I met my current boyfriend (we’ll call him John) in October last year. He’s been the light in my life, and has shown me what love really looks like. When he asked if I had been in a previous relationship I wasn’t honest with him. I truly didn’t want to admit that I put myself in such a horrible position. I blamed myself for my treatment. I don’t even want to consider what I had with that other person a “relationship” I’m incredibly ashamed and embarrassed about my experience and was in denial. I didn’t want to tell this new amazing man what I had been through. (Also side note, it is not easy to talk about sexual abuse no matter how much therapy and healing you’ve done. Especially when it’s someone new)
Recently, John and I were having a tougher discussion about our relationship because our communicating hasn’t been the best. This past relationship of mine was brought up and I told him I wasn’t honest. I was brief and told him of my experience (I thought it was necessary because there was missing context and I had a lot of unexplained trust issues) Now here we are today, it’s been a few days since I told him. He called me this morning and asked “is there anything else you lied about” with an irritable tone. I don’t know why but it set me off. I asked what he meant and he said “well you weren’t honest about blank so is there anything else” he sounded irritated. I was blunt and said I never planned on telling him that because I was uncomfortable, and I genuinely hated admitting something like that happened. I’m fucking embarrassed. He stayed quiet for a minute then just said “okay baby.” With his giving up voice.
I don’t know what to think. I mean I apologized for not being honest and I can sympathize. But Jesus Christ am I so wrong for not wanting to talk about that? I don’t want to feel bad about having privacy within my relationship. I don’t want to feel obligated to tell my partner everything. I guess my real question is, is it better to be transparent about personal things right off the bat? Like… is privacy a fricken thing in relationships?
Any advice or input I’d appreciate ☺️
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2023.06.06 21:32 TipsReshape Empowerment - The Key to Developing Effective Leader 1 (Tips Reshape) #s...

Empowerment - The Key to Developing Effective Leader (Tips Reshape)

In this video, we explore the concept of empowerment and how it plays a crucial role in developing effective leaders. Through real-world examples and expert insights, we examine the benefits of empowering employees, including improved decision-making, enhanced communication skills, and increased accountability. We also discuss strategies for fostering a culture of empowerment in the workplace, such as providing formal training, mentoring, coaching, and on-the-job learning opportunities. Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out in your career, this video provides valuable insights into the power of empowerment and how it can help you become a more effective and successful leader.

"Empowerment is the act of giving employees the authority, resources, and support necessary to make decisions and take action on their own. It is a crucial factor in enhancing leadership skills in individuals. Empowered leaders are more likely to be effective, efficient, and successful in their roles. This essay explores how empowerment enhances leadership skills in individuals."

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2023.06.06 21:32 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper Courses (Complete Editions)

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2023.06.06 21:31 RedKittieKat Nucoa Oleo Margarine - by Best Foods, the makers of Hellman's [1938]

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2023.06.06 21:30 ImpossiblePlay9 I don't think Pikmin 4 is canon... (Spoilers...?)

Pikmin 4 is one of the most anticipated Nintendo games, other than Tears of the Kingdom, or a new 3D Mario, or Metroid Prime 4. I hate to say it though... With so many hints... So many tiny details... So many signs... I think Pikmin 4 is not canon.
Don't get me wrong, but I think Pikmin 4 will have some significance in future games. I just don't know if it will be canon or not. Here's why:
Olimar has his S.S. Dolpin in promo art, and an S.S. Dolphin like object is seen. The artwork shows a lack of the Omega Stabilizer, Main Engine, and many other parts that so happened to go missing in Pikmin 1.

In the Top-Right corner, you can see what looks to be another ship. But not just any ship, the familiar white/orange colors, he specific location of the cockpit? Why, it's the S.S. Dolphin! (Credit: Nintendo)
See, look at the similar missing parts.
Also, The planets topography doesn't look much like Pikmin 3's. But it does look more like Modern Earth, which was what Pikmin 1 and 2's PNF-404 looks like.
You can see similar landmarks and continents. (Image made by: u/Joepiez_)

Also, the new character creator implies that some of the game isn't canon anyways, so might as well make a few chunks of it not canon.

Plus, people have made lots of fan-made Pikmin 1 endings, where Olimar doesn't escape. Nintendo isn't known to copy fan ideas, but they are known to be aware of them, hence the hundreds of fangames they take down each year.

Not to mention the fact that Olimar literally sends a distress beacon through his Interstellar Radio. It must have gotten picked up by the Hocotate Freight, who then hired the Rescue Corps. to get them.
"I've found my Interstellar Radio!
Not only does it emit a constant S.O.S. signal, it also broadcasts voices from space that will brighten up my moments of boredom. The Dolphin, while comfortable, becomes quite a lonely place in the depths of the night..." - Captain Olimar, Pikmin.
He also says;
"This part will send out a daily S.O.S. signal. I have so little time remaining, though, that I have no option but to continue my search rather than waiting for a rescue party. Having to collect every part is a bit overwhelming...but I get the impression not all parts are needed to fly the ship." - Captain Olimar, Pikmin
Waiting for a rescue party. Wait aren't there the Rescue Corps., which have Rescue in the name?

My final reason; Most things sold off in real life are scrapped. This would be why in Hey! Pikmin (sorry), Olimar doesn't have the S.S. Dolphin, but a new ship. The S.S. Dolphin is likely, canonically, dead and scrapped. Olimar would have to recreate his beloved vessel from scratch. This is why he has to try so hard to "buy back" his ship. It doesn't exist. Pikmin 4 probably takes place after the 30 days are up for Olimar's life support, so he likely died and was reborn as a Pikmin. This is why the S.S. Dolphin in the trailer looks so well. Because Olimar actually did try to rebuild the Dolphin, tried to escape, and failed. Who knows, maybe the time limit will return, and it is for how long Olimar and the new "Castaways" die from Oxygen poisoning, and the deadly radiation in the air...
In conclusion, I think Pikmin 4 is a alternate "what-if" scenario to Pikmin 1, where Olimar never actually escapes, so Hocotate Freight decides to send a search party to find their "only employee of any merit." When they end up failing, you, the player, needs to save everybody.
Make sure to leave your opinions below!
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2023.06.06 21:29 zabaardust Hello Fellow kpop fans! Please take this survey to help us create a better way for you to buy kpop merch!

Hey everyone, some friends and I living in Korea, we noticed how tough it can be for folks abroad to shop directly here. High fees, confusing proxies, and expensive shipping costs can make it a real challenge.
There are sooo many cool websites to shop for clothes, kpop merch etc that people aboard just cannot access or do not know about because its not marketed aboard. We want to help people overseas get a similar shopping experience as people living here or even just buy your kpop merch.
That's why we've created this super important survey – to hear your thoughts, opinions, and any problems you've encountered. We want to know how we can make your shopping dreams come true! It'll only take 5-10 minutes to complete, and we promise your answers will remain completely anonymous. Your input is like a treasure map that will guide us in building an amazing website/app just for you.
If you're interested in staying in the loop and being the first to know when we launch, let us know in the survey. We'll make sure to keep you updated on all the exciting developments.
Thank you so much for your time and valuable input :) link to the survey:
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2023.06.06 21:29 Mission-Raccoon9432 Charater Study: "THE RIGHT TO DREAM" . Extra Episode . "PART VII"

This is a little extra to the recently finished Gorou Amamiya / Aqua Hoshino character study that explored over the course of 6 parts in great detail the unterlaying psychological structure of Aqua's deeds through exploration of Gorou's childhood, the trauma he passed down to Aqua and the consequences of all of that on basically anything that happened during the plot.
However in PART II, PART III and probably elsewhere too I kept teasing another fundamental layer behind Gorou's and for that mattter also Sarina's original life that is in fact the very personal reason why it had to be exactly Gorou and Sarina that are destined to be reincarnated into the world of entertainment.
In PART III we explored the exterior structure in the abstract dialectic between the Goddess of Entertaimment and the bad spirits that occupy entertainment in Tokyo as a ruthless and art harming business practice. But now we want to invert this and explore the most interior structure - which is psychological - in our two Heroes Gorou and Sarina and find the most concrete dialectic. What this aims at is to go beyond trauma as a bad thing in itself and ask the extended question:

Why is particulary the trauma of our heroes from extraordinary interest for this story about the world of entertainment?

Previously we found the symbolic link between Sarina's life as a handicapped chronically ill patient to Gorou's inner psyche. We found out that Gorou in a sense himself is a handicapped and chronically ill patient. Sarina's exterior situation is a symbolic manifestation of Gorou's interior. At the same time we discussed the structural intentionality for them to meet each other in that rural hospital in the realm of the Goddess of Entertainment. We stipulated that this in itself is a symbol that their fate is linked to the cure of entertainment same as is Ai Hoshino's.
But this was the exterior structure and our Heroe's essentially appear to just be randomly shuffled together at that same place. We still lack a convincing backstory to motivate the selection. But now we in fact will finally explore the meaning of that. Is it a coincidence that Sarina's health situation reflects Gorou's inner life? Is there a meaning that it had to be exactly Gorou and Sarina who need to be reincarnated. Today we will hopefully find an answer.

The Right to Dream

"Every single person has a right to Dream [...] If little brats can't even dream a little then what hope is there for myone?" - Director Gotanda, C13

Since we established the representation of Gorou's inner life in Sarina's exterior situation, we are going to use exactly this method and analyse their interaction as presented to us. There are not many of them - in fact we only get a handful - but their signifcance is all to greater.
The dream-motif that would take up a little spotlight in the first scenes after Aqua has grown up finds it's first processing during Gorou's recap of his time with Sarina. Structurally it's of course not a coincidence to base their short dialog recap on that topic, it's intentionally, as basically anything in the beginning of the story. We've pointed that out to great lengths in PART III. So lets have a look at Gorou's and Sarina's dialog again:

Now this dialog contains so much to unravel. The first thing we have to point out is the content of Sarina's dream: "... like if you had looks and connections right from the start". This however isn't at all just a surficial exposition of what's going to happen soon plotwise with actual reincarnation but actually has a very ironic but deep meaning to it.
  1. She already got the looks, as pointed out by Gorou and
  2. She also got already the connections since her mother is literally an important figure in the entertainment world.
What Sarina lacks in reality is a lifespawn to actually make use of it. She's 12 years old just like Ai but she simply didn't had a chance to do anything, since her illness handicaps her potential... "Sixtenn, huh? You are a big meanie". After reincarnation we get confirmation from Ruby:
This girl simply never meaningfully thought about a real future, which is understandable. During her chat with Gorou she articulated a vague dream of a future, that should have been her's and where she could actually make use of her looks and connections. But even more importantly we have a direct and first explanation why it makes sense for Sarina to be reincarnated back into the world of entertainment: She already is part of it and perhaps even blessed....
Now lets look how this reflects on Gorou. On the surface he seems quite passive. He's a doctor, so he doesn't believe in childish dreams of supernaturality. Reincarnation? What a nonsense. This is a material world, right? However to open up a path into Gorou's mind during this conversatiom and how it mirrors actually his own handicap and results in a chronically unfullfilled life, we have to look at the content of his dialog with Gotanda.
Since we established in PART I - PART III the premise that Aqua's psyche is entirely predispositioned by Gorou's trauma, we have every methodological right to look at a scene where to motif of dreams and the self-denial to accept them as a part of one's true wish is depicted so profoundly as there.
What I basically want to do is to unveal another fundamental disposition that's inherited through reincarnation. It's not just their trauma from their previous lifes but moreso their dreams... We want to gain a complete picture of the meaning behind soul migration as a full transferration of a soul's content to another body.
In Sarina's case it's so directly in our faces that she wants to be an Idol like Ai there is nothing to object about it. For her it's just the circumstances of her physical health that prevented her from it. But if we develop the observation that her exterior mirrors Gorou's interior, then this would in fact lead to the conclusion that also Gorou's true wish or dream is related to entertainment, perhaps even to acting... thus he was picked by the Goddess of Entertainment not by accident.
We have to look at this under the premise that in fact Aqua can find ultimate fullfillment for "Gorou" as part of his happy end. Just defeating ones trauma because "trauma are bad" - no, this is definetely not the point of Gorou's reincarnation. It's what is behind the trauma, the point is to unleash Gorou's childhood dreams and the potential that he once was blessed with himself so that defeating trauma and unleashing his dreams fall together as two sides of the same coin - the Goddess of Entertainment picked him for the same reason she picked Sarina.


"You want to become an actor, don't you? It's written all over your face"- Director Gotanda, C13

I think, there is nothing to object here. Aqua actually loves acting, he has great emotions and talent for it. Even in our PART IV study we've looked into that very closely. But there is actually a hint that this comes from his previous life's and it's just the fact how naturally he would get involved into the world of entertainment as a child. While Aqua would later reflect that the only reason his performance on his first film set with Kana was good because his mind was so far ahead of his body and this gap by now had been closed, he just - as usual - underplayed his actual talent.
But as we learn during his convo with Gotanda in C13 and also later during the Tokyo Blade Arc when Gotanda and Aqua explained to Akane his PTSD he was still engaged in acting, he even believed he was special like Ai.. His later growing delusions and trauma would however would stop his path. Since he had to cap his emotions in order to avoid his PTSD he became mediocre as a result of his trauma. The important takeaway here is that he wants to enjoy it, it makes him happy and the feeling that he got something special to himself like Ai was the right intuition.
Now lets look at some panels and I will comment them with some underlaying meaning that might very subtle refer to Gorou's background.

\"I'm applying for the general education program\" - this is his inner \"Gorou\" speaking, who is suppressing his actual dream to become an actor when he once choose to become a doctor. The fact that he choose to become a doc was already a consequence of the tragic circumstances of his birth and the guilt-complex. This \"performing arts vs general eduction\" dialectic that is displayed in this convo reenacts an issue he once faced and he is in fact exactly like back then as Gorou actually traumatized. Qurik on the outside, actual psychological motif on the inside, as we have seen so often in this Manga.

This hits hard because this is literally what was Gorou's fate: Mediocrity. But Gotanda corrects him: You are far away from that fate. You are a gifted boy. However this isn't just Gotanda's correctioning advice on the surface of Aqua's path but also a representation of the conflict that once dragged Gorou down.

He even tells him that dreams are so fundamental to our happiness that it wouldn't even be too late to change direction if you'd have chosen a opposing path on University. To Gorou's conflict: Even if you became a student of Tokyos' Medical University it wouldn' have been too late for you at all.

Finally he now reaches out to the actual Gorou in front him: A middle-aged man just like himself. And he essenially tells him: Gorou, it's still not too late. Not as a kid, not as a high schooler, not as a student, and not even in your middle age.

During the course of this conversation Gotanda challenged Aqua's resignation on every age bracked and basically refuted not only Aqua's but Gorou's cope. It's the first time somebody would do this to him. since the actual Gorou was so far from entertainment and trapped as a bored doctor in a rural hospital that such a challaneging existential conversation was literally impossible. Now lets take what we've learned from this dialog and look again at Gorou's reactions towards Sarina.

He lost the hope to go for his dreams a long time ago. Because of his traumatic childhood with his abusing grandfather he essentially thinks he has no right to dream at all. He looks with utter resignation out of the window while saying this. It's his chronical illnes, his handicap. The repulsion against Sarina's dream represents his internalized disbelieve to have a right to happiness as pointed out in full extent during our PART II study of his childhood with his grandfather.
The very idea of reincarnation in this conversation is an illusion anyway. But it has the function for both to explore their right to dream in an inverted relation to each other. While Sarina in fact doesn't have any hope for her dreams to come true because she will soon die, Gorou in fact doesn't have any hope for his dreams to come true because he already died inside. Gorou's trauma and Sarina's physical constition are mirroring each other 1:1.
In a sense the image of the handicapped Sarina living in the hospital is the quintessential metaphorical representation of Gorou himself. She shows upfront what was the psychological state of Gorou's soul. When he realized in C119 that Sarina's life must've been like hell he reflected his own experience too. (PART II)
In contrast to Gorou's more subtle immaterial deciption of his disease, Sarina's situation is basically the exterior as the utmost visible form of it. She is the embodiment of the classic Sanatorium inhabit with the typicel physical characteristics: chronic disease, handicapped existence, very care-dependent. (PART III)
I talked in PART V about a possible future conflict between Aqua and Gotanda over the movie. And in fact it appears that maybe their opposition already began in this dialog: It's Gotanda's "Every single person has the right to dream" vs. Aqua's "I don't deserve happiness, I've decided to descent to hell".

Of course most of what we analysed here are just hints and references but I believe on a structural level there is some probalitiy for then to be true. In fact I'd be suprised if the contrary would be the case and everything that was pointed out here is in reality just arbitrary dialog with only the obvious surface meaning to it.
But since I firmly believe in the importance of the (mirror) symmetrical structure between Aqua and Ruby, Gorou and Sarina which found exemplefication on many other levels, even more so on those that weren't particulary subject to this study here but to other user's ideas (shinto myth etc.), I have to propose the following theses as I feel we might find out something new about Gorou's background soon since he's now in touch with Sarina's mother
So what I believe could happen tomorrow in C120 or the following chapters:

Yesterday I wrote that we'd make a pause and observe the manga progression before adding something new. But I decided to get it out of the system now because I thought it's actually fun to make such bold predictions which in fact could maybe find confirmation very soon (in fact maybe even tomorrow!)!

Dream vs. Trauma

Ultimately I want to give another perspective on the meaning behind the Starigan. It's not really refuting any other well established interpretation but to insert another layer to it, especially under the light of soul migration.
I believe that Gorou and Sarina didn't inherit the starry eyes from Ai and Hikaru. It actually doesn't make sense to interprete these as physical features because they surely aren't.
Thus the only other explanation is that they inherited those from soul migration. They both have precious and blessed souls by the Goddess of Entertainment that were handicapped by psychological and physical illness. In their new lifes they have the chance to fullfill their actual dream.
Gorou's eyes were unimpressive because he gave up already. Sarina didn't had them anymore because she was without any hope givin that she was well aware about the seriosness of her condition.
Gorou and Sarina mirror each other's hopelessness in their old life with those "dead" eyes and mirror each other's chance to fullfill their dreams in their new lifes with their starry eyes.
And thus we have established - as promised- another fundamental disposition behind soul migration: It's not only the inheritence of trauma since this in itself is kinda meaningless but also the potential that was destroyed by trauma: Dreams.


To answer to the questions from the introdcution: We found strong indication that indeed Gorou and Sarina were infact not shuffled toegether at the same place randomly (especially not as Aqua and Ruby) and we have now a somewhat convincing backstory to motivate the selection for each of them to be reincarnated respectively being chosen by the Goddes of Entertainment on a heroe's journey.
"Why is particulary the trauma of our heroes from extraordinary interest for this story about the world of entertainment? "
-> Because they are both in fact very special souls but were denied to reach their heights due to tragic circumstances. But these souls are so rich and bright that the Goddess of Entertainment had to give them another chance, as this will also help entertainment itself to cure.

Thanks for reading!
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2023.06.06 21:29 theteenydinosaur When the gold just isn’t enough…

When the gold just isn’t enough…
When there’s a merchant with a cart offering you 10 gold to help him transport his goods worth over 100 gold , naturally you have to explore other options … 😏🔥
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2023.06.06 21:29 finding0my0soulmate Any 40+ freinds

Lookong for freinds above 40+ or basically 2ho can be in a real relationship with gay guy still with his v card plz dm me if you are interested
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2023.06.06 21:29 Pure_Comedian724 35M -- Silver Acetate

Disclaimer: This is not a solicitation for medical advice, and everything discussed here is a completely fictional, hypothetical scenario. The author of this post confirms that they are located outside of any US or Commonwealth jurisdiction. The question outlined here is about "John", a fictional character, who lives in a fictional country that has no established healthcare system, and is outside of the jurisdiction of any national or trans-national pharmaceutical authority (real or fictional).
Hello Doctors!
I had a quick question that I was hoping I could get some input on.
Our character, John, is a 35 year old male, who has an unhealthy habit of consuming tobacco products. He came across some old research stating that silver acetate has been used in the past as a key ingredient in sprays, gums, and lozenges for the purpose of smoking cessation. It reacts with tobacco and creates a highly unpleasant taste, achieving something analogous to a disulfiram-like effect but for tobacco.
John got a hold of 25g of high-purity silver acetate powder from a chemical supplier, and wishes to try the method described in the research.
John has no access to any medical personnel, or any other pharmaceutical smoking cessation aid.
What would be the optimal method for John to go about administering the silver acetate orally, and in what quantities, in order to minimize risk and maximize safety, while achieving the desired result? Is there anything that John should keep in mind that may not otherwise be obvious?
Thank you very much in advance!!!
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2023.06.06 21:29 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper Courses (complete edition)

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2023.06.06 21:28 Humanophage Anti-war/pro-Ukraine Russian-language sub banned on spurious grounds for "duplicating a banned sub" - any suggestions on what to do?

I understand it is somewhat off-topic, but as NCD is a popular pro-Ukraine sub and reddit-savvy, I thought someone might have a useful suggestion on helping another pro-Ukraine sub.
There were three large Russian-language anti-war subs: tjournal_refugees, liberta, and true_tj. Two of them are splinters of TJournal, a popular Russian website that was blocked in Russia for being anti-war and then had to fold, probably because of pressure on its founders. These subs aren't copies of one another any more than multiple Diablo communities are copies.
True_TJ was growing well, but then it was banned for "duplicating a banned sub". This is likely due to mass reporting from pro-Z users. However, it was not duplicating anything, it was just a regular sub that was growing because of its strong anti-war stance and very high activity (being ranked 5th on reddit in comments per subscriber at about 2.5k subscribers and 300 onliners). Predictably, reddit remained deaf to the appeals of the main mod.
Re-registering a new sub would probably not work because it would get banned again for "duplicating a banned sub" (because it would be doing this for real this time, as the original true_TJ is banned).
Can anyone suggest on a course of action for a fellow anti-war sub? I was a regular poster, not a mod or anything. The typical posters were just your regular Russian or Ukrainian liberals (about 70% Russian and 30% Ukrainian, from what I gather).
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2023.06.06 21:27 azzydz Sadly the only playable formation for me.

Sadly the only playable formation for me.
so im new to this game and as much as i dislike this anti football formation without wingers this is the only thing that works for me. People that use wingers in this game where players move like they are overweight are the real mvps. Respect to you !
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2023.06.06 21:27 Dottie15 Waiting to be sad and lonely because we’re not having kids /s.

My husband and I live a very sad life that lonely and not filled with love since we don’t have kids and some be having any /s. What a sad life we live (entirely sarcastic in this post). We’re both nurses and he has his pilot license so we have fractional ownership of some small planes in a flying club (4 seaters, Cessnas). We go on several smaller trips per year and he flies us there usually and we do one or two big trips to resorts. It’s so sad to explore this world by ourselves at our leisure and do whatever we want on our trips without a cranky kid in tow who’s due for a snack or nap. It’s so sad to come home from work and not have a human who’s completely dependent on you and requires you to give energy you don’t necessarily have or you only have a little so you use it to recharge and take care of yourself. I really hate that when we’re both off we can do whatever we want and spend time together just us without the hassle of finding a willing participant to take our child for a few hours so we can be husband and wife again for just a little bit without talk of nap schedules and what foods our kid doesn’t like. I feel so empty that I don’t have someone constantly requiring me 24/7 and that when my job ends for the day I don’t have more work waiting at home for me. I hate when my husband and I can just relax and go to a baseball game, or out for drinks and a snack after dinner, or go get ice cream and catch up from the week… I want to have a tiny human constantly vying for my attention and not let me finish a thought without interruption. I wish we could go for a hike with a tiny human with us to fuss at some point or for the whole duration of it. What a sad life to enjoy your spouse and this beautiful world we live in in utter peace and quiet. How awful to be able to see friends and family at your leisure. How utterly sad and lonely. /s
No but seriously… the more people wait to “show me” we/I would change oumy mind about kids after getting married makes me dig my heels in even more about why we’ve consciously made the choice to not have kids and share that unapologetically. I don’t dislike kids I just chose to enjoy life without them being in my home 24/7. I’m an aunt and I love that role and it’s a role in life i enjoy, but it doesn’t make me want kids. In fact, it really cemented my decision earlier on because kids are hard work. Yet when people pester me about my decision it never fails to annoy me because it’s insulting. Thanks for insinuating that I, a critical care nurse, am incapable of making such a decision and for implying I will never know “real love or joy or what it’s like to care for someone selflessly until you have a baby”. I work 12 hour shifts knee deep in other people’s emotional and traumatic shit on the worst days of their lives sometimes, but yes I don’t know how to be selfless and never will until I have a kid. I’m not empathetic (/s) as I sit and talk with the family of a patient who’s knocking on death’s door on all the drips you could think of, on a ventilator not ventilating well despite max settings, and whose organs are failing and are so sick that they’re my only patient for the night. I’ve comforted and hugged more total strangers and given to them when I’m exhausted after keeping their loved one alive for 12 hours as they actively try to have an existential discharge than most parents I promise you I embody more of all those traits than many parents do and I don’t take kindly to be insulted in such a manner. Anyhow I’m off to enjoy my sad lonely day without kids by doing some errands and tending to my plants in peace.
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