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Alaska PD on A&E

2019.11.20 04:08 fpreston Alaska PD on A&E

“Alaska PD” brings viewers to America’s Last Frontier, where the line between civilization and lawlessness can be razor thin. Chronically shorthanded police departments across the state must turn to officers from the Lower 48 to fight a soaring crime rate. For the “newbies” it is a trial by fire as they learn first-hand that policing, like everything else, is different in Alaska.

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Welcome to MTVChallenge! The unofficial home for the world's greatest reality TV competition show, The Challenge, and all its spinoffs. We are spoiler free--please take a look at our rules before posting. Join us for live and post-episode discussions, weekly megathreads, and great original content! Threads with the 💣🌋 emojis are open to spoilers from yet-to-be aired episodes, including season winners. If you are Unspoiled, avoid those threads and the mods will play defense everywhere else.

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The subreddit of CAMP - Chicago Area Motocamping Pros.

2023.06.06 22:51 Deep-Ad4741 LI Grace and carbon copy Ivy

anyone else bothered by how Ivy seems to be a carbon copy of Kat from season 5? they even have physical similarities. i find it annoying, i hope they change her trajectory soon bc it kinda bores me
also WHY would they make grace so hot and queer coded if she wasnt going to be an LI? she never said shes not into girls, did she?
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2023.06.06 22:51 DemonCyborg27 Sameer Lakdawala

Name: Sameer Lakdawala
Grade: 1 (unofficially special grade)
Bio: A decendent of Dhruv Lakdawala, and part of the Lakdawala family, Sameer is one of the youngest Jujutsu Sorcerer in the family. Though a strong and strategic fighter Sameer has a cocky nature which often leads to trouble for him or so it was until he met Yuta, when he was traveling through India. Seeing Yuta and facing him off in 1v1 combat made Sameer realise, how strong Special Grade Sorcerers are in comparison to a Grade 1. This event while made him understand how much he still had to improve also it fascinated him even more about Japan's Sorcerers such as a Gojo and Hakari and Maki and Panda so many great Sorcerers from Yuta. This led him to take a break from his family and travel the world as a Mercenary hunting Cursed Spirits with Yuta and then eventually going solo, and then making a name for himself as the salyer of Special Grade Curse Spirit, Disaster Curse Dongwu.
Talent: Sameer's talent doesn't come from the fact that his cursed technique is extremely strong but the fact that his ability to read his opponents be it Sorcerers or other people, he says this is due to his love for the game of chess. Sameer while the only non shikigami user in his family decided to focus on increasing his combat powers rather than relying on others and as such he has mastered over 50 different hand to hand and weapons based combat styles allowing him to be a deadly close range fighter. While his pool of cursed Energy is pretty average he has extreme control oh his own Cursed Energy allowing him to battle for long hours without wasting Cursed Energy. This makes him jealous of Yuta who could sparingly spend Cursed Energy while he has to make sure not to waste a drop of it.
Cursed Techniques:
1) Tempo Shift
Explanation: This ability allows Sameer to either delayany event that is about to happen for a period of maximum 10 seconds. So if a ball is about to fall on Earth from a height, Sameer can Delay the fall so the ball will start falling after 10 seconds have passed, in this case Sameer is delaying the event of ball's vector of motion changing to move downwards, the ball can be moved by an outside force as well in this time as it only delays one event not multiple events, another example is if an opponent is throwing punch at Sameer, Sameer can delay the action of throwing the punch and such they would not be able to throw a punch for a period of maximum 10 seconds, though they can do any other attack they might even try to punch again but there orginal attack would not happen Until after the set period of time.
Sameer generally doesn't use the technique for full 10 seconds but instead for micro seconds so that every time he can cause extremely small delay to opponents attack which throws them off. This also works with him as he can't use the technique for the amount of time he has delayed an event so like if he delays something for 5 seconds he can't use the technique for 5 seconds so keeping the time delay short this allows him to essentially spam the technique, and also make it unpredictable for opponent to understand how much delay will occur to there attack.
Binding Vow: Must tell the opponent how the technique works.
2) Self Tempo Shift
Explanation: Self Tempo shift can only and only occur on his own body at only the condition of having an injury that would guarantee his death, as per a Binding vow and once used he can't use the technique again for as many hours as he delayed the event of his body loosing consciousness. He can essentially use this technique to contol his body even if his head is thrown away making him immortal for the maximum of 10 seconds.
Binding Vow: Can not use the technique unless in case of getting critically injured and after using the technique he can't use it for as many hours as he delayed his body loosing Consciousness.
Extra Binding Vows:
1) Black Flash Binding Vow: While Black Flash is something that can happen randomly and through practice it can be used subsequently. Sameer limits his potential to use Black Flash by making it so that he can only use his Black Flash after making 50 consecutive hits on an opponent and he can only use it once per opponent.
2) Death Delay: Sameer purposefully delays his cursed energy output by 20% and this output can only be unlocked after he has suffered critical injury and has used Self Tempo Shift. This combined with his Black Flash Binding Vow allows him to generate so much Cursed Energy that he can create an extremely powerful Black Flash and also use the residual amount of Cursed Energy to heal critical injuries.
Combat Technique: He primarily flights close combat to opponents using his martial arts and cursed Technique to confuse them and keep landing blows after blows after blows until they can't fight anymore, if opponent is strong he purposefully leaves an opening in his defence to bait an attack and trigger self tempo shift, obviously that is the last resort but he leaves that open to make sure that he can use that. Once all conditions are met he uses the right time to attack the opponent who has left there guard down after landing the hit to land his strongest Black Flash and use the residual Cursed Energy to heal himself using RCE, this however leaves Sameer with barely enough to stand much less fight the opponent and he can only heal critical injuries not all injuries.
Known Sorcerer techniques:
1) Black Flash
2) Reverse Cursed Technique
3) chakravyuh bhed: An Anti Domain Technique, similar to simple domain.
4) Simple Domain
Cursed Tools:
1) Tez: Slef created Cursed Tool
2) Takat: Self Created Cursed Tool
3) Ring of Energy: Self Created Cursed Tool
(Trivia: I read this after reading Tower Of God who had similar abilities as Sameer, hope you will all like it, I will add more details about the Special Grade Cursed Spirits and his cursed tools on a later post as this post is big enough)
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2023.06.06 22:51 Afraid_Accountant_46 I never get rid of these 3

I never get rid of these 3
Keeping these AJ1 forever. 15 OG Chicago and Bred worn many times but haven’t worn ROTY yet. about to UNDS very soon.
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2023.06.06 22:50 DrDabston The Elite Classic - Silver League games

I have seen plenty of questions in the recent weeks about the silver league part of the Elite Classic and how to watch and keep up to date. Unfortunately due to the awesome tournament structure, there are too many games for the EGC Main channel(s) to cover, so I figured I would step up and try to bring some extra content to y'all. I plan on casting some games each week on my twitch channel (DrDabston) to then post a couple Silver League series each week to my YouTube channel.
I just uploaded the first game of the first series that I am covering which is Anotand vs Baltune.
Next series will be Baltune vs Corvinus (aka Szalami) and will be posted later this week.
If you want to see updated rankings to the silver league, check this link but beware of spoilers
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2023.06.06 22:50 ThrowRA6152 High school sweetheart - Help me plan my breakup - 28m and 27f

I'm seeking advice on how to effectively handle the end of an 11-year relationship. Although we're not married, I need assistance in planning this separation. We currently reside in Louisiana, while our entire family is located in Indiana. The house we live in is solely under my name, and due to my established career, I intend to remain here. Over the past seven years, she hasn't worked and has been financially dependent on me since we moved in together. As part of the separation, I plan to give her the car I purchased and provide some funds for her relocation. Given that she lacks local connections, it's highly probable she will return to Indiana and live with her parents while adjusting to single life.
She has scheduled a trip back home to visit her father for Father's Day from the 16th to the 19th, and her birthday falls on the 22nd. Although the timing isn't ideal, I'm ready to move on and no longer wish to prolong this situation. My question is whether I should inform her of the breakup before her trip, allowing her to grieve with her family and plan her return home, or should I wait until she is back and inform her a day before her birthday?
My assumption is that she will pack all her clothes and take the dog, as she doesn't have many possessions apart from sentimental items, clothes, and beauty products, which would likely fit in her SUV.
Another option I'm considering is covering the cost of an Airbnb or hotel for a month, giving her time to plan her next steps. However, I'm fairly certain she will choose to return home as soon as possible.
My primary goal is to make this transition as smooth as possible for her. Would it be better to inform her sooner, allowing her to plan more effectively? Ideally, I would like to finalize this before July 1st. Considering today is June 6th, which days would you recommend for taking these steps?
Thank you, Reddit!
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2023.06.06 22:50 laordo My (31F) boyfriend (26m) had an ex reach out a few weeks ago. I am skeptical about her intentions but my bf thinks I am being ridiculous.

My (31F) boyfriend (26m) had an ex reach out a few weeks ago. She, pretty quickly, began going down memory lane. According to my boyfriend, he didn't really engage besides saying "yeah, that was a good trip" or something along those lines. I try and tell him that her doing that is a sign that she has ill intentions. He doesn't think so and thinks it is totally acceptable to reminisce with an ex, one that he says he has no want or wish to be with again, and that I am being too skeptical over her doing that.
There are too many things that she has said during their brief texts/one phone call that on their own wouldn't be a big deal, but all combined in the short span they occurred that make it seem like she is reaching out because she is lonely and trying to see if that door is open. For example, making it clear she is single and nothing has worked for her, sending a pic of her graduating with her masters a few weeks after they spoke with no communications between, saying "we should facetime next time so I can see how much you changed! ;D" after they got off the phone, etc.
Do you think it is okay to be skeptical about an ex reaching out and reminiscing about memories they shared in addition to the other details I have included?
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2023.06.06 22:50 Ruvio00 r/MkeBucks will be joining a planned blackout of reddit from 12th to 14th June, to protest the planned API changes that will kill 3rd party apps

What's going on?
A recent Reddit policy change is threatening to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making myriad quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the desktop interface .
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free. It can be a thankless enough task even with 3rd party apps. Without them it would become all but impossible.
What's the plan?
On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use what we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.
What can you do?
Complain. Message the mods of /, who are the admins of the site: message reddit : submit a support request: comment in relevant threads on /reddit, such as this one, leave a negative review on their official iOS or Android app- and sign your username in support to this post.
Spread the word. Let everyone know how you feel about reddit's removal of 3rd party apps. Meme it up, make it spicy. Bitch about it to your cat. Suggest anyone you know who moderates a subreddit join us at /ModCoord- but please don't pester mods you don't know by spamming their modmail.
Boycott Stay off Reddit entirely on June 12th through the 13th- instead, take to your favorite non-Reddit platform of choice and make some noise in support!
If you use a 3rd party app consider buying the premium version of the app if you can afford to. Show 3rd party creators that their work is appreciated by us, even if not by reddit.
As a mod team
We don't take this decision lightly, we know this subreddit is an important part of many of your lives, but we hope you support us, 3rd party creators and the many people of reddit who rely on these apps. (check out blind for examples of why this support is needed).
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2023.06.06 22:50 Glittering-Night2723 Radical Acceptance

I'm honestly even second guessing the use in even posting this. I would love some input, but there's also parts to me that find it stupid and pointless to be open like this. I've never formally been diagnosed with anything but anxiety and depression. I've heard borderline personality disorder, I've heard avoidant personality disorder, I've heard panic disorder. Most recent therapist in the first session (second one is coming up in 3 days yay) said emotional regulation issues and disassociative issues. No firm words.
I've always felt different. I feel like my body is separate from me, that this world doesn't exist ----- but I DONT ALWAYS feel that way. Just feel that way a lot. I've picked out my different moods... And while moods are just moods, they are intense and alter my perspective. As I've come to mindfulness in the aspect of seeing that my emotional regulation sucks but just accepting it and forcing myself to not act out on the outside... It's a fucking disaster on the inside lol. Like I don't even wanna bring it up to my therapist. Probably should, but I don't even trust myself. Probably just my imagination --- that kinda stuff. I've ALWAYS longed to fit in and feel normal. Very abusive childhood, repressed memories, I was groomed as a teenager ---- this is where it all gets hard. This is the shit that hurts me a lot still. I was 15, they were 23. Initially identified as female. They were also married and poly with a child that I started being referred to as mommy by the child starting at age 16. About 2 months of dating, turns out this person had SO many "alters". Their partner was the same way. Their entire family way the same way. All of their alters belonged to a different world and they were on some kind of holy mission of importance and battling supernatural things --- and they all knew what one another looked like in this other world. We were on and off for 4 years. Along the way, they started dating a 14 year old who also had alters that were involved in this other world(s) and dimension(s) with them
Now I've always felt like I had multiple personalities, but once I met them I resisted even looking at myself in that way. Didn't want to feel like I was drinking their Kool-aid Now I pass no judgement and I honestly do not truly know if that other world exists. They said Once you know about it, things are never the same again. You start noticing things Well, I've always been paranoid as long as I can remember. Always seen things with my mind's eye and I've always told myself it's all in my head and that it's okay and ignore it. But they called it out. I practiced witchcraft, etc I might believe in it now, idk But... Maybe mass hysteria? I don't know. And it made me push my shit out of my mind because I was scared. Now I'm left with all of this, needing to delve into the archives in my mind. And I'm finding these intense moods that make themselves present. Things will come out of my mouth before I catch them sometimes. It's a gray area in my head. Vision gets clouded, nothing looks real. The "moods" feed into me, wanting me to side with their perspective because they're all like "well you care about this, fight for this. Don't let them walk all over you" No one's walking all over me. I know that. The body knows that. The intrusive thoughts just won't slow down. I've went thru a couple time trying to identify them, but how can they tell me their name if they're just thought patterns. I'm fully aware that it is in fact all psychological and my problem and no one can save me aside from me, so w.h.a.t. i.s. t.h.e. p.o.i.n.t. Well, the point is that the altered perspectives lead me to doing shit I regret because I give control to the unregulated emotions that have formed a fragmented part of myself that closes itself off to the other parts emotionally (short term memory suffers during "episodes" - hard to put a label on a damn episode because it's so broad of a term BECAUSE God only knows who I'll feel like in that moment due to me being afraid of being true to myself because of the abusive past and people who have thought they can control me --- which after all, they could cause I wouldn't set boundaries... But the point I was getting at before that tangent had to feel heard --- my short term memory hasn't gotten too bad yet, but I'm scared that it will).
Tl/DR I've spent so long questioning who I am and having a million questions and needing the guidance that a child would need because I can be regressive, that my figments of imagination I've had thru all of the years --- the longing to get lost in that imagination --- it has made it to where the personalities in my head I created, so that I could act a certain way in certain situations so I could remain safe --- now they're more or less saying "Hey! Look at me! Now you've noticed me! But I'm you!"
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2023.06.06 22:50 2FatC More Color on SEC's suit against Coinbase

Full Disclosure: I don't own any crypto. Bias Alert: I dislike raccoons (slang for fraudsters.)
So there's a ton being written about the SEC's dance moves these past two days. What does the SEC say?
"We allege that Coinbase, despite being subject to the securities laws, commingled and unlawfully offered exchange, broker-dealer, and clearinghouse functions,” said SEC Chairman Gary Gensler.
"In other parts of our securities markets, these functions are separate. Coinbase’s alleged failures deprive investors of critical protections, including rulebooks that prevent fraud and manipulation, proper disclosure, safeguards against conflicts of interest, and routine inspection by the SEC."
The feud between the SEC and Coinbase revolves around two points: Is a cryptocurrency a security? And what about the staking service? For the SEC they are securities.
A security is, according to the agency, "an investment of money, in a common enterprise, with a reasonable expectation of profit derived from the efforts of others.”
The SEC references a Supreme Court judgment of 1946, the Howey Test, that sets what an "investment contract" is and therefore would be subject to U.S. securities laws. An investment contract exists if money is invested with expectations of profits.
Seen in this light, any coin except bitcoin is a security, according to the SEC. [emphasis mine.]
More color on the 1946 ruling from Quartz:
Currently, the SEC uses the Howey test to determine if something is a security or not. The criteria emerged from the 1946 case SEC v. W.J. Howey Co., in which the Supreme Court ruled that the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 meant that US law defines a security as an investment of money in a common enterprise, with the expectation of profit to be derived from the efforts of others.
The SEC’s lawsuit is a bold gamble on what is and isn’t an investment contract.
The case hinges on whether Coinbase is selling unregistered securities, but it also focuses on how the company allowed users on its platform to participate in decentralized financial exchanges.
Coinbase, according to the SEC, allowed customersto profit from investments in crypto tokens that should have been registered as securities, akin to a traditional stockbroker caught selling its customers assets that haven’t been approved by the financial regulator.
If the courts agree with the SEC’s assessment that these tokens are in fact securities, it could make trading them on US exchanges impossible.
If the Supreme Court decides that the SEC is wrong about what constitutes a security, that ruling could affect many other kinds of assets in addition to crypto, leaving investors less protected in other parts of capital markets, Phillips said.
Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk have taken to their SM platform to opine about the agency's take on bitcoin (of course) and Musk went a step farther to hawk dogecoin. But all the other tokens? Thumbs down. "Now Coinbase can focus on bitcoin."
I suspect Coinbase will likely be focused on their defense and brand recovery thereafter. As of the mkt close today, 52.8M shares traded versus average volume of 15M shares.
That's a lot of opinions on how things will turn out. What's your thoughts?
articles linked for those interested.
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2023.06.06 22:50 ItyBity99 I don't like marriage but I have dreams of marrying my gf

I wouldn't actually want to marry her, the idea of marriage has never really sat well with me and we've had many discussions about what we want from the relationship and we're really happy how we are.
But saying all, that I had a dream recently of getting married to her and I really can't get the image out of my head.
Standing at the altar in my femme tux-dress thing (that's the only part of my dream that wasn't clear, still struggling with my identity/presentation) and just seeing her come walking towards me in her black wedding dress, shoulders bare and hair all perfectly messed up just how she likes it carrying her bouquet of black roses. That nervous gorgeous smile on her face.
That's all I saw and it's just rolling around my mind, she just looked so beautiful and, as much I don't care for actual marriage, declaring our love in front of everyone would just be so pretty, and it's a perfect excuse to give the most mind blowing kiss in public hehe
I love her so much
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2023.06.06 22:50 xJetZerox Super Adventure Guardians [NA/Crossplay] Semi-Casual PvE Community Looking for new Fireteam Members

Super Adventure Guardians [SAGA] is Recruiting for Destiny 2!
Super Adventure Guardians is a North American gaming community looking for relaxed Guardians, both new and experienced!
What We Offer
What We Do
Who We're Looking For
Location / Time Zone:
You can apply to our clan here:
Our Discord info is also located on our clan page. Discord is highly encouraged. You can also DM me on Discord at xJetZerox#1076.
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2023.06.06 22:50 Maukaveli How many days are you spending in New York for Go Fest 2023?

Planning on heading to New York for Go Fest 2023, but I wasn't really sure how many days apart I should schedule my flight since I'm mainly just there for the event.
If you're going, how many days are you there for and why?
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2023.06.06 22:49 IWillBaconSlapYou Husband keeps changing jobs, and now he has a start date on my birthday, which he had already decided to be on vacation for.

There's kind of mixed reasoning behind all the job changes, and it IS important to me that he enjoys what he does all day. He's been a data engineer since 2014, but the job he had from then to 2021 wasn't "cutting edge" enough and didn't pay competitively, so he got a contract job at Facebook. In 2022, he decided he wanted to jump ahead in the contract-to-hire process, but they didn't want to do that, so he got nervous about his full time prospects and switched a phone game company. He loved it there, but by the end of the year they were acquired by a company that already had its own engineering department, so he was laid off. Then he started 2023 at a healthcare startup and he completely hates it, so he immediately started looking again. You can imagine how obnoxious this all is with health insurance and stuff. The kids have changed doctors so many times that I don't even remember who to call for their upcoming checkups.
Now he has a new-new-new-new job offer that he's not even that excited about, but he has okay reasons for thinking it's an improvement. But the start date is July 10th, my birthday (note: he didn't forget and apologized first thing). He had vacation scheduled for that whole week since our middle child's birthday is the 11th.
Here's where he's a REAL pain the ass... His anxiety causes him to obsessively sequester himself and grind himself to dust when he starts a new job. These are all WFH positions, but for his first two weeks at any job, we basically barely see him, and when he finally emerges from his psycho work cave, he's so preoccupied with the new job that he literally can't carry on a conversation, struggles to sleep, and makes a ton of absent-minded childcare mistakes that make me feel uncomfortable with asking him for help. Mind you, NONE of these jobs have actually asked him to be that kind of employee, and he eventually reverts back to the delightful, ever-present slacker I married.
So anyway, I get to be completely dropped like a hot potato on my birthday and spend the entire day solo juggling three kids six and under. And I get to change health insurance again. And he's probably not going to fall desperately in love with this job enough to stick with it, either.
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2023.06.06 22:49 noshaveseptember How many positions did you apply for before getting your first job out of college?

I’m graduating spring 2024 and am starting to look for a job. I’ll have my bachelors in accounting. Seems like some people are able to get a job with just a few dozen applications, while others it takes hundreds. What was your experience looking for work after college?
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2023.06.06 22:49 JeeperDarren Simple Metal Conversion to SKR

The USB broke off on my printrboard a while back and the replacement boards I got did not work. I had finally gotten the thing to make decent prints when it went down.
I have several other printers, so this one sat for a couple of years. I am finally getting the motivation to get her back up and running.

After my Printrbot, got the:
Geeetech I3 Pro B, which never printed well and the frame has cracked (it's been partially repaired, just need to wire it all back together).
Then I got a Prusa Mk3, which is still running great. The third time was a charm.
After that, a Folgertech FT-5, I knew it had issues when I got it from a friend, still haven't gotten around to fixing it. Wiring issue as well.
Finally, I got the Bambu Lab Carbon X1. It is a great printer. I also got the AMS with the kickstarted. It has a minor repair I need to get done, but at least it is not the wiring!
I am sentimental towards my printrbot. I want it back up and running before I get to the other two.

There are a lot of different posts about the SKR conversion but there are many blank spots too.
I am sitting aside the probe issue for now (I have a pnp inductive sensor to replace the old one, but also have a BL Touch). I just need to figure out what direction I want to go with it.

My question, for now, is about the wiring. I have a 12-volt Meanwell power supply, but I am not sure what gauge of wire I should be using, and how I should wire up the on/off switch. The massive number of wires that need to be crimped is terrible.

My goal is to get the motors running under Klipper, and from there finally make a decision for the probe. I have a heated bed, which may be replaced with a newer silicone heater.

For those that made the SKR conversion, how did you handle the power supply? The board can fit where the printrboard was located. I saw a housing that could fit everything but I have no desire to re-crimp the wires to make them longer.
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2023.06.06 22:48 AbeLincolnTowncar Discussion on /r/WestVirginia's place in planned Reddit protests

You may be aware of recent decisions by Reddit to change how they charge 3rd party app developers for API access to the Reddit platform. This has been seen by many as a targeted move by Reddit to kill 3rd party access in preparation for an IPO (i.e., increase their share price). Even if you don't directly use a 3rd party application this change has the potential to affect many quality-of-life bots and workflows (for moderators and regular users alike) that independent developers have created over the years.

This infographic provides a summary of the impact of the changes.

There is a large movement across many subreddits to protest this decision. Many subs are electing to set themselves to private between June 12 and June 14. This effectively will make any subreddit participating in the protest unavailable to view or post. The basic idea is to starve Reddit of traffic (and ad revenue) to express the collective community's disapproval with their choices and treatment of 3rd party apps/developers.

This post provides more detail about the planned protests.

The /WestVirginia Mod Team has decided this is not a decision that we should unilaterally make on behalf of the sub, so we're asking all of you to weigh in.
Please let us know your thoughts whether you think /WestVirginia should participate in the protest.
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2023.06.06 22:48 throwawaylurker012 CNBC: Financial Terrorists, Idiots, False Oracles of Delphi, All of the Above? How These Clowns Use Their Bullhorn to Burn the Market and Mom-and-Pop Investors (and Not Just Ryan Cohen Documentaries & GME Stockholders)


1. Pulitzer Prize-Worthy CNBC (Just Kidding)
2. "Fast Money", Even Faster Losses
3. Wen Price Discovery?
4. CEOs on Air
5. Speed is King for CNBC Stans
6. You Have to Be Mad to Listen to Mad Money
7. Jimmy Cokerat and Short Sellers
8. Here’s Your Media Studies Degree: “CNBC and the Space and Time of the Market”
9. Segmentation without Closure (& "Naked Shorts Yeah")
10. The False Oracles of Delphi

1. Pulitzer-Prize Worthy CNBC (Just Kidding)

As far as I know, CNBC is incredibly light on winning a Pulitzer or Emmy for any of its financial reporting in the modern age. You have had individuals win certain awards in semi-recent years–Steve Liesman comes to mind for winning an Emmy reporting on the financial crisis in the early 2000s and a Pulitzer for reporting on the Russian financial crisis in 1999.

Another example is Daniel Yergin, considered CNBC’s Global Energy expert and Pulitzer Prize winner…but just like Liesman, they all have won their awards BEFORE coming to CNBC. No one is coming TO CNBC and creating amazing financial reporting worthy of awards.
But of course, the network has won awards right? Sure, why not. Ironically, one of the biggest times that they won the award was for two Emmy Awards for Business & Financial Reporting, which recognize outstanding achievement in business and financial reporting.
Ok, I ate my words! Let me just check the year…

Classic. They won an award for excellence in business & financial reporting in 2007, right as the entire economic collapse of the housing market happened and they did absolutely fuck all to warn investors. Cue the Cokerat:

No, there is no mind-blowing expose featured here at the level of “Dark Waters” (shown in a Mark Ruffalo film showing how DuPont caused deaths in their area due to pollution) or one of my personal favorites, smaller town publications like Alabama’s Yellowhammer News, which found that the CEO of Retirement Systems of Alabama, who not only OWNS the building in which the DTCC is located but has been using taxpayer funds to build golf courses and himself a private jet for wOrK uSe.

No dear apes, CNBC never gets REMOTELY near that level.

2. “Fast Money”, Even Faster Losses

Beyond the fact that CNBC never wins any awards, we can look to see what their shows even begin to offer retail investors willing to watch.

3 years ago, Washington State U’s George Jiang & SEC’s Cuyler Strong found that CNBC’s “Fast Money”--which tries to shill uNuSuaL OpTiOn AcTiVity as must buys for retail investors. They thought of a sample plan–look up a list of proper “unusual option activity”, both featured on CNBC and not featured on CNBC–and see what happens. (Fun fact: the study mentions options activity on GME being mentioned in 2020).

What happens? There’s an immediate spike as coverage comes in marked by a “significant reversal”, one where the authors advise “media coverage has a destabilizing effect on underlying stock prices and investors cannot profit by following “smart money”:

Based on the CNBC sample, we find that there is an immediate spike in total stock trading volume at the minute of UOAs coverage on “Fast Money: Halftime Report”...While stocks with UOAs coverage tend to have a significant increase on the day of the coverage and positive cumulative abnormal returns over days following the coverage, these same stocks have negative long-run cumulative abnormal returns over the two-month period following news coverage….These results suggest that despite the informativeness of UOAs, news coverage induces investors to overreact and destabilize stock price discovery process.”

3. Wen Price Discovery?

Perhaps the biggest importance is that final line: that retail investors stepping in to the unintentional or intentional box trap that is set up by ppl at CNBC “destabilizes” the stock price discovery process.

I'm not sure what they meant here specifically, whether that mean more internalization in terms of delta hedging of stock or other things (options are not my strong suit clearly), it points to the grander fact that it becomes near impossible or useful to gauge it. Some of the more interesting findings as well:

  1. >75% UOA as reported by the show are "covered" by commentators
  2. Most UOA that "Fast Money" reports on are deep OTM, but when you restrict to near term options ending 10 trading days away, only 1.6% fit criteria
  3. Abnormal volume occurs around the time of coverage affecting stock price

Interestingly we also observe that while Abnormal Stock Volume in Panel A does not spike until the minute of coverage, Abnormal Stock Returns begin to move a few minutes prior to the coverage. (WTF why before?)


  1. Relevant to GME perhaps (!), they track delta hedging to see if gamma squeezes can happen

Moreover, due to the fact that a gamma squeeze can take place when option traders purchase a large amount of OTM option, our results beg the question of whether UOA could induce a gamma squeeze. ....To test if delta hedging is occurring we look at the intraday volume of stocks with CNBC coverage of UOA of call options from the open to close of the stock market and after-hours....We do not observe U-shaped trading volume on the day before CNBC coverage of UOA suggesting that large hedging activities are not occurring on the day before UOA occurs.

These results show that delta hedging activity does occur as a result of UOA. This gives way to the possibility that UOA could be used as a tool to create a gamma squeeze.
5. Confirms other studies that CNBC watches don't really short

In contrast, Figure 4 plots the results for put trades that are covered on CNBC on the day of coverage from minute t=-150 to t=150, where t=0 at the time of coverage, though it is hard to find meaningful results for put trades...Again, these results for put options make economic sense as viewers of CNBC tend to by retail investors with little means to take a short position.
6. Compare UOA shown on "Fast Money" to Options Metrics...and seems most investors don't earn abnormal returns from CNBC's suggestions
So not only does some of the movement happen even BEFORE the segments air, but some of the shorting is something that retail investors can't do or don't know how, but thankfully market makers and hedge funds do! How wonderful of them to help retail investors in true price discovery via the options market!

4. CEOs on Air

Beyond shilling options, unfortunately, due to their placeholder as a major network a lot of their coverage can be a good or bad thing for stocks.

Remember, coverage can be intense. Richard Bernstein, author of “Navigating the Noise: Investing in the New Age of Media and Hype” reported that Jim Cramer’s–then working for still–wrote 3 articles on the day of Cisco’s “Big Bad” earnings call back in the summer of 2001, and 17 updates in his columnist letter all while reporting that the CEO was more upbeat on CNBC than on the conference call.

Larger populations watching CNBC ( “On average, returns come in at about 162 basis points (1.68%) over 3 days for those companies after showing up on CNBC, and the report found an extra 100K viewers (Nielsen?) translates to additional return reversals of 45 to 64 basis points in the company's stock.”) often mean bigger boosts due to the higher coverage just by virtue of more eyes. And it also meant other things as well:

Finally our analysis of the language tone of surrounding news articles and of the CNBC journalist in the interview shows significant information cascade coming from the dominant financial news network. In addition, we find the information cascade is more pronounced for negative tone than positive tone, which suggests a concern that the media be a catalyst of market crash rather than a bubble.

This tracks with what we see elsewhere in some other research, that CNBC’s negative pushes linger longer than their positive ones. This might matter even more so in just a few hours once CNBC releases their documentary.

5. Speed is King for CNBC Stans

Of course, not all research has been done on a show by show basis; most of it is sparing and spread out. But back even 84 years ago, in 2001 Emory University researchers found that the then-”Morning Call” and “Midday Call” segments that prices responded with seconds of being mentioned, with positive reports being fully priced in within a mere minute of being mentioned. The biggest profits were reserved for investors who would make trades within a quick positive mention on their “Midday Call” segment. But you needed to be fast!

How fast? Fucking FIFTEEN SECONDS. They found ppl were able to make off like a bandit provided they could pull up their laptop, type in the stock mentioned, click buy/sell, and have it filled all within 15 seconds. Remember again, this was back 22 years ago. Algos have only gotten fucking FASTER. This was back when you might have had to physically watch or use computers checking transcriptions.
However, there is a juicy note in their write-up:

Summarizing the results, we analyze 322 stocks featured on the Morning Call and Midday Call segments. We find that stocks discussed positively experience a statistically and economically significant price impact beginning seconds after the stock is first mentioned and lasting approximately one minute. The response to negative reports is more gradual, lasting 15 minutes, perhaps due to the higher costs of short selling.

So even back then, that time frame only fit that mold due to the short selling going on tracking these CNBC recommendations.

And even THIS study was a follow-up that touched on a 1977 study, where the initial spike from any coverage took 5-15 min, before it dissipated, meaning as time was going on, banking on coverage by outlets by CNBC only fucking mattered if you were trading in smaller and smaller increments of time.

This will only get tougher and tougher as more and more advanced AI models get thrown into the mix, using the language learning models (LLM) to be able to gauge how just to convert coverage by CNBC talking heads (or people they invite on) into stock movements. Many ppl have already shown how ppl can order at the Wendy’s drive thru that no longer have ppl there but instead AI-based chatbots that take your order, fetch APIs to figure what you’re saying, and respond back to you in real time.

There’s no reason to argue that these level of AI bots aren’t ALREADY up and running to CNBC live streams seeing how their high frequency algos can front run us all even faster.

6. You Have to Be Mad to Listen to Mad Money

Cramer’s favorite show has been perhaps one of the most unintentionally studied shows in academic literature (the squeaky coke wheel gets the grease?), especially as it has been lauded as the most watched on the network often getting nearly 400K eyes on it a night.

In 2008, Northeastern U.’s Financial Services Review released “Investing in Mad Money: Price and Style Effects”. Much like CNBC’s Fast Money, they noticed that mean reversion was often the name of the game: huge spike, that then later reversed after his coverage. Even more interestingly, they found that his “Cramer effect” persisted LONGER when he told someone to “sell” than “buy”.

One of the most interesting takes that is the simplest but the most damning of Cramer was the fact that HE NEVER SHOWS DATA: “Cramer's recommendations have been shown to influence market prices although he does not support his analysis with new news or quantitative data”. Literally, it’s just gut feelings and V I B E S.

In fact, most academic research yells otherwise. The word for today is “mean reversion”, and CNBC’s coverage elicits a significant pendulum swing towards one end–enticing retail investors all the while–before slamming the door shut and swinging back. And his show is one of the biggest found to deal with mean reversion of prices swinging this sharply after a recommendation.

7. Jimmy Cokerat and Short Sellers

Even furthermore, I wrote in an old post about researchers tracking short sellers tracking Jimmy Chill’s show:

Three OG's at Appalachian State University in NC (Jeffrey Hobbs, Terrill R. Keasler, and Chris R. McNeil) So TL;DR...what were their major findings? Well dear apes, the ones that immediately stuck out are summarized above. These findings include that they saw statistically significant boosts in stock prices that Cramer mentioned once he hit his red button and tells people at home to buy buy buy. However, this effect then reverses course over the next few days. A lot of this matches some of the historical data a lot of other apes have found both on this sub and W Ess Bee in studying the performance of Cramer's stock suggestions over time…
Just like before in other studies, mean reversion came up. But more importantly, short selling did, or rather that “a marked increase in short selling...even after controlling for factors shown in the literature to influence shorting” followed his recommendations:

We examine short selling following the airing of Jim Cramer’s stock recommen- dations on Mad Money, a CNBC television show—an event that is widely held to give rise to overoptimism for a subset of investors. Several factors make Mad Money a favorable setting in which to examine short selling when there is overpricing.
First, Cramer provides a copious number of buy recommendations in a typical month (over 100 made independently of viewer input). Second, Mad Money airs after the U.S. stock markets close, providing a clear event date, making it easier to measure a price reaction compared with other events that might cause overoptimism, such as recom- mendations by high profile analysts in the printed press or on the Internet. Finally, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)’s Regulation SHO, which is in effect during our sampling period, enables the use of daily short selling data.

Among the biggest things that these wrinkled apes found is that there were sizeable boosts, mainly in micro- & small- cap stocks:

"Engelberg, Sasseville and Williams (2011) report an overnight return follow- ing Cramer’s recommendations of 3% overall and nearly 7% for small-cap stocks. The authors also noted that as early as the day after a recommendation, shorting volume increases. Neumann and Kenny (2007) find that most of the first-day reaction to Cramer’s recommendations actually takes place the night before, and suggest that investment professionals might be able to exploit such recommendations by short selling."

**Additionally, we observe a spike in short selling activity around the time of the buy recommendation, most prominently on Day +1...**The level of shorting tends to remain high, relative to shorting in the days leading up to the buy recommendation, for several days afterward. To summarize, the reversal following these high initial returns is strongly indicative of overpricing, while the jump in shorting on Day +1 suggests that short sellers react to it.
So wut mean? It seems that in the first day after a "Mad Money" buy recommendation, there's a big bump (Cramer's favorite!) in short selling.

They wrapped up with this note:

Thus a Mad Money buy recommendation leads to an increase in dollar shorting volume of 7–12.5%, while a 1% increase in the day’s return leads to an additional increase of roughly 5.8% above its normal effect, and a 1% increase in overnight return leads to an increase of about 8.1% above its normal effect.”

And remember, Jim Cramer was one of the individuals called out BY NAME by then-Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne on how they were part of the financial terrorism stunning their stocks:

Dear Owner:
The good guys won.
I announced Overstock's lawsuit against Rocker in an August 12, 2005 conference call I titled, "The Miscreants' Ball". In that call (and in subsequent elaboration on I claimed that a network of dirty Wall Street players was engineering modern bear raids, destroying companies and destabilizing the system. I claimed that the network of hedge fund manipulators and compliant reporters intersected in a dirty journalist named Jim Cramer.
What is of vastly greater significance than this $5 million payment, however, is an examination of the cover-up conducted by elements of the New York financial press. Taking the lead was CNBC, which spent a great deal of airtime downplaying the significance of this suit, vilifying me, and smearing Overstock. For example, though less than 1/4 of the Miscreants' Ball conference call had even been about Overstock, and the remaining 3/4 concerned the modern bear raid, CNBC aggressively distorted the former and refused to mention (or allow mention of) the latter.

Not much to expect from financial terrorists at CNBC engaging in financial terrorism, like Jimmy Cramer, better known for photographs like this one:

8. Here’s Your Media Studies Degree: “CNBC and the Space and Time of the Market”

For those unfamiliar with media studies (as I am), it’s a field that deals with studying how the media is used, not always for good:
Media theories are essentially ideas about the media and the topic covers ideas about how institutions work, how media language is used, how and why representations are created and how audiences use and are used by the media.

Aaron Heresco, associate professor at California Lutheran University, had his own compelling take on the “media studies”-angle of CNBC called “CNBC and the Space and Time of the Market.” One of the things he hyperfocused on is that CNBC aims to “foster a frenetic (or chaotic) televisual representation of the market.”

“Such a panoptic disposition places financial participants in a precarious situation; how much can they afford not to know?...Can you afford not to be constantly tuned in to the market?...Taking this a step further, if time is money, then time differentials (for example, live vs tape delay) position some market participants at something akin to an existential disadvantage – they are living in an entirely separate timeworld than others. Perhaps even more problematic, with the possibility of losing vast sums of money in seconds, a constant attunement to the market and one’s position in it is treated as the hallmark of successful market participation...

Although he’s confirming for a more pure academic angle, he makes a lot of interesting little notices, about how they try to posit the “now” of everything:

As a quick aside, he has a great counterpoint here with some shade thrown in:
“A counter-factual question may be fruitful here: why is Sharon Epperson reporting from the floor of the NYMEX? Surely the information she reports would not change if the report was done from inside the CNBC studio. Being live does not necessitate being on-site”

All in all his push is that it comes with urgency urgency urgency, sometimes without much understanding why:

“To put this is less abstract terms, CNBC’s televisual presentation is centered on the concept of following the markets, often leading to a hyperactive style that never pauses to reflect on its own position but instead races off to the next event. The abrupt breaks between segments leads Feuer (1983) to describe flow as ―segmentation without closure– a description of the dialectical relationship between segmentation and flow that fits CNBC programming better than Williams’ rather fluid notion...”

9. Segmentation without Closure (& "Naked Shorts Yeah")

.This points to something else that you may have noticed for CNBC: they often if not EVER correct any mistakes they have made. When was the last time that an anchor went on-screen and said “By the way, what we said last week about [blank] we were totally off the mark. We apologize to our viewers.”
I mean, we can even see this with Melissa Lee’s whole naked short debacle. I first wrote about it in an old post, saying that if CNBC even CHECKED THEIR OWN FUCKING REPORTERS’ REPORTING, they would have noticed that they have talked about “naked shorts” in the past.

Specially, I was talking about how greenshoes options exist (where underwriters can naked short during IPOs…trust me, it’s fucked up I know) and they had talked about it for several companies in the past, such as Uber here:

“Uber’s underwriters, led by Morgan Stanley, were so worried the company’s initial public offering had run into trouble, they deployed a nuclear option ahead of the deal last week, so they could provide extra support for the stock, four people with knowledge of the move said.
This level of support, known as a “naked short,” is a technique that goes above and beyond the traditional help a new offering can get.”

So Leslie Picker (who has actually been on-screen often and even touched upon certain GME topics) herself has mentioned the phrase “naked short”, yet Melissa Lee utters then reacts as if she just recreated the fucking Ozymandias scene from Breaking Bad:

They never ever ever ever fucking say they were wrong. A lot of that I’m sure owes to this little ditty that tries to wipe their Rick taint-smelling filled faces clean of the bullshit they pull day in and day out. Even Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne called them out on it in his famous letter:

Now that Overstock has won, I would expect CNBC to invite me back to discuss these events, about which CNBC was so wrong and vocal. I estimate that the chance this happens, however, are roughly the same as the chance that any mainstream journalist who covers this $5 million settlement will mention DeepCapture . com, despite its having been central to these events.

10. The False Oracles of Delphi

Recently, an ape called [redacted] posted a clip about the Oracle of Delphi, a famous Greek figure in antiquity that people came up to far and wide for advice because they could supposedly predict the future…
…which we all know is bullshit.
The clip brought up an amazing point that, to be honest, I've been able to confirm or not confirm: why should the oracle everyone expects to be right be right for free? They can always lie, and be paid more for being wrong.

"... the structure of CNBC is to keep you on the edge of your seat, depending on them for information on what to do next. For instance:
The jobless numbers were higher than expected – what do you need to know to keep your portfolio safe? - Inflation ticked higher – can your portfolio withstand a higher inflation environment? - How should you get your portfolio positioned before the Fed meeting next week?
They want you to live in fear and react to every little hiccup in the market so that you’re glued to their network in order to receive the investment advice from their guests and anchors..."
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2023.06.06 22:48 stressyasalways On average, how many accounts do you have?

Just curious for those in agencies:
How many accounts do you normally have?
What was the most you’ve ever had and how well did you handle it?
What industries are they in?
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2023.06.06 22:48 beepboopjeep asexual? or depressed? or idk?

hi all. i’ve spent many of times visiting this sub and i just feel all over the place. i’m a gay 25m and i’m starting to question my asexuality. i’m not sex repulsed in fact i’m rather sex positive. when i lose my virginity at 19 i essentially went crazy with sex, having it all the time for years until covid/lockdown really slowed everything down for me. anxiety and depression and ocd really took over. BUT i still masturbate all the time and i do get horny (but like rarely at this point anymore). i get crushes sometimes but idk i feel like my brains all over the place and i’m thinking very black and white. just wondering if there’s anyone out there with advice and how to navigate these feelings?
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2023.06.06 22:47 DirtyThi3f [June 12-14] We will be joining the 3rd party app protest

Hello Jays fans,
After extensive discussions between the moderator team, consulting with other subreddits, and gauging the desire of the users, we have decided to join the Reddit blackout from June 12th to 14th, to protest planned API changes that will kill 3rd party apps
We recognize that our subreddit is a daily destination for many of you and we did not take this decision lightly. We do hope you’ll take the time to read the summary below and see that it justifies our decision.
Recently Reddit Inc has announced changes to their API which, if enacted, will shut down many, if not all, 3rd party apps that a large number of Redditors use to access and enjoy their favourite communities - this one included.
One of the most critical changes to the API is that it is moving from a free to a paid model, resulting in expenses that developers of 3rd party apps simply cannot afford. To put the price change in to context, Apollo, one of the most popular 3rd party apps for Reddit (and an app created by a solitary developer), is looking at a cost of $1.7 million per month to continue operating. That’s a cost of $12,000 per 50 million API requests. In contrast, Apollo pays Imgur $166 for every 50 million API calls they make.
This means popular apps like Apollo, Reddit Is Fun, Narwhal and many more will have to shut down, permanently.
Even if you’re not using a 3rd party app yourself, these changes are likely to impact the communities you enjoy as well, with the vast majority of moderation teams relying on 3rd party or self-made tools, that utilise Reddit’s API.
For us specifically, that means less efficient and accurate moderation, as well as potential closure of bots that do a whole lot of work behind the scenes to help mods manage the sub (as well as deliver the content you’ve come to enjoy including stats/schedules and game threads just to mention a few).
So what are we planning?
On June 12th, we and a growing number of other subs - large and small - will go dark for 48 hours. During that time, you will not be able to view or post any content.
This action isn’t something we take lightly.
We understand that many of you enjoy coming here on a daily basis to keep up with the jays, but we believe that we must take a stand on this topic - and this is how we can do so.
We understand that Reddit is a company that has to make money in order to offer us a place to be the community that we are - but killing beloved 3rd party apps is not they way to do it.
We are not asking Reddit to provide a paid service for free - we are asking for reasonable pricing for apps that people have come to love and depend on to parcitipate in their communities.
We can’t tell you that the blackout will solve the problem, because we simply don’t know. But we have to try.
What you can do to support this?
While subs going dark is one thing, regular users can help as well.
Reach out to Reddit via the channels available to you: Modmail reddit, comment in relevant posts regarding the API changes, submit your comments via the contact forms.
Spread the word about the changes and the consequences where you can. This doesn’t have to be on Reddit. The important thing is getting it attention.
Participate in the communities that highlight this issue: Save3rdPartyApps, apolloapp, redditisfun, getnarwhal/
And finally stay off Reddit completely from June 12th to 14th. The blackout is one thing, but users staying away from the site entirely will send an equally important message.
We will hopefully post some details of how we can all still enjoy the games together off Reddit those days (eg Discord).
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2023.06.06 22:47 AlteredBagel Should I feel like I need trauma to find my passion?

I have to admit I’ve lived a pretty sheltered life, because my parents love me unconditionally and they have enough wealth to support me so far. I didn’t have the happiest grade school experience but I managed to not end up in any permanent trouble and I made a group of friends with caring nontoxic people that freed me from much of the high school drama (even if I didn’t make many other friends really). I recently graduated from a great college where I had a very fun time, and I also managed to avoid any actually malicious or dangerous people. My health has been clean since elementary school and my parents live a healthy lifestyle so I also happened to build good habits early. Now I feel like I have the golden purchase on life but it’s hard to figure out what to do with it.
Almost everyone else I know had family problems, toxic friendship/relationships, huge medical issues plaguing them or their family, financial issues, and so on, and often these motivate them down their path. So many of them write essays about family but they all live across the world from me; aside from my parents I have very little connection at all. Especially when it comes to applications for colleges and programs, without this story of personal struggle it’s difficult for me to individualize myself, and it’s hard to stoke the passion I need to actually make change in the world.
I wonder if any of you have perspective on how I can find a passion that can actually make an impact, on a local or greater scale.
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2023.06.06 22:47 Ordinary-Spite7283 Nightmare Sister in Law

First post so bare with me.. My boyfriend (27) & i (24) have been together 7 years and as long as ive known him, his sister (also 24) has done many questionable & outrageous things. I could write a list of the things shes done but what takes the cake is her setting the family home on fire with all of us sleeping in it and then barricading herself in the bathroom when help arrived. We got a hotel for a few nights and to my surprise can you guess who was rewarded her OWN room? She gave a sob story to the hotel manager about how her family “abandoned” and mistreated her and that got her a FREE room for a week. That was years ago. We all moved on and into our own places, except the sister. This is where it gets sad. They have an uncle who is schizophrenic and has been in treatment for a few months. My boyfriends mom is supposed to come to his place once a week as he is in the hospital and feed the cat but Without his knowledge- she has been allowing her daughter to squat in his home for months. Changing things around, throwing his belongings away and making it her own, all without contributing a single cent. I have never been on board with this arrangement but I finally snapped yesterday. The uncle has had his kitty for 11 years and she took it upon herself to TOSS the cat in the woods because she was throwing up and urinating on her belongings. I am a cat/animal person and I am so disgusted. The cat was sick so you discard her? WTF. She knows she could have brought the cat to my apartment or surrender her at the animal shelter but she has no moral compass. This sister, on many occasions has tried attacking me physically (also because i was throwing up, coincidentally), thrown a tv at me as well as take a knife to the couch her younger sister slept on at the time to “send a message”.. shes made false accusations and gotten people arrested as well as threatening us all with death. The mother has coddled her and made excuses every single step of the way and ive never spoken my mind out of respect for the family until now. I sent her a message how disgusting she is and how she could have the audacity.. Would i be the asshole for calling the police and filing a report on her against the wishes of my boyfriends mom? Is there anything i can do as far as her squatting? Should i just mind my business or continue advocating for the uncle and his cat?
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