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2023.06.06 14:45 MediocreBlatherskite Post-trip report: 25L for 5 days: Family Reunion (rambly version)

bags: topo designs 25L and bellroy mini sling 4L
- thick white hoodie - thrifted, gave this away to my relative
- jean shorts - thrifted (lee)
- reversible linen shorts - candid clothing brand
- nike pros - overruns
- elephants pants for sleeping (i like to call these my 'gap year in southeast asia' pants) - borrowed mom - white shirt - overruns - 2 black crop tops - thrifted and gifted - 1 graphic design oversized shirts - gifted - 1 sleep shirt - event shirt - 1 sundress - borrowed from sister - bikini - thrifted (eighth mermaid) - nude sports bra - bench - nude bralette - h&m - underwear - i think i brought 9. a mix of thongs and seamless undies - 2 regular socks - hot topic - 1 above-ankle socks - daiso - 1 no-show socks - running store
- white crocs - platform vans (i need the height)
misc: - 3 ziplocks in case my parents or grandparents buy my food i gotta bring home and i repackaged some stuff into those bags and it saved me so much space. - toiletries - i decant my bigger toiletries into the small travel-sized ones i bought from hs or other containers. i haven't bought travel toiletries in years. - emotional support water flask. i have anxiety about getting dehydrated or having a heat stroke in the summer. airports also have expensive ass water bottles. - metal cutlery set. i bought this 5 years ago in university and they've always come in handy.
- extra tote
electronics: - extensions chord
- camera
- kindle
what i didn't need/use: - a bathing suit but would still bring it next time since i can use it as undies if i need to. wouldn't mind looking for more a comfortable pair of bathing suits that genuienly work well as undies or vice versa. - a fourth pair of socks and 3-4 undies. i get nervous to run out of intimates when i travel so i re-wear slightly worn socks and shirts. i can't skimp on underwear. i'm a juicy lady. i always do x amount of days x 2 +1 - yoga/beach/multipurpose towel. would still bring next time in case there are any last-minute beach plans, yoga classes, or if i had time to work out. it packs tiny so it barely takes any room. i like it way more than microfiber towels. im a bit of a germaphobe and get really quickly icked out of using the hotel towels. idk, maybe something to talk about in therapy. - sports bra. didn't workout, would still bring it again though. looking for a cute and comfy low-impact sports bra that i can use for as a bathing suit too. also, what is everyone's travel workouts? - second black crop top. would still bring again since it goes with everything and is super light fabric. since i was able to borrow a shirt from my cousin, that was my designated "breakfast shirt" - another pair of shorts. i haven't really found the unicorn pair of shorts for me. my jorts are versatile and i can fold the hem up for a more feminine outfit but they're less comfortable than my linen shorts. this is probably why i only wore them once the entire trip. but then my linen pair of shorts ride up because of my juicy thighs and the garter isn't tight enough so if i have a phone in my pocket, it sags on one side. i also have that problem with pants. please recommend some in the comments. - my nike pros. would always bring. i can use it for anti-chub rub, under dresses, sleep shorts, working out, etc. - just-in-case toiletries. i don't think i even touched half the stuff i brought. i was just trying out this new toiletry bag i saw in my mom's house. again, borrowed without permission. i realize i overpack in toiletries.
What I wish I brought: - a flowy pair of pants. this goes with my previous paragraph. i hate denim jeans but linen rides up. i ended up borrowing one from my sister. i haven't really found my unicorn pants, but the one i borrowed were pretty close. - a "breakfast shirt" that i can wear for breakfast without a bra on. i dont like wearing outside clothes to bed. sleep clothes stay on the bed and will never leave the hotel room for me. again, im a bit of a germaphobe. it also why i bring sleep pants and not shorts when i sleep somewhere new. - maybe a casual shaket but i didn't really need it for this length of a trip. borrowed my mom's at one point because the mall and parts of the airport were cold. i also borrowed a short sleeve button-up from my sister on the plane. top 5 items: - MVP: extension chord - my has 3 USB outlets and 3 prong versatile outlets. my entire family (5 of us in total) didn't have any charging problems. - i-went-on-a-gap-year sleep pants. wore them 3 nights, then wore them on the plane back. it kept me covered but i didn't overheat. had pockets!! - h&m bralette. kinda gave of that human-type of kind of stink after 4 days but it's so comfy all day. - kindle. visiting people, air travel, hotel recharging --there's a lot of waiting and it helped me stay off my phone. - my backpack! wonderful thing. my family was surprised at how much i was able to pack to make it 10kg on the way back. it still fit under the plane seat. thanks to this community for recommending it for short girls like me.
overall review & insights: - as usual i overpacked with undies and socks, no regrets at all. if i had a washing machine i can use my packing list for a whole week in southeast asia. i really like my regular wardrobe in general so i really didn't mind still lugging any of the items i didn't use. with a couple more pieces i can probably do a month with just my 25L backpack. around 90% of my closet is either thrifted or borrowed without consent from my older sister. 😇 so borrowing clothes with travel buddies is also an option when you eventually get a bit bored of your clothes. shorter trips are a good way to check up on a capsule wardrobe if you do use one. since my front lobe fully developed, i've become extremely discerning with all the new items and clothing i acquire. - since i was traveling with family, i actually ended up with a 10kg backpack and our family had to check a bag, despite being a carry-on only family. ah yes, gotta love gift-giving during family reunions.
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2023.06.06 14:43 Disastrous-Engineer2 New to entire thing. Have some basic questions.

My wife and i are about go to local swinger club for the first time. The reason for this isn't meeting new couples (not in near future at least) but rather to engage in some play while being in "public". We thought that swinger club would be perfect choice for it because it gives us the feeling we are asking for, but on the other hand we wouldn't be doing anything illegal. We have nothing against meeting some couples and talking to them,learning their experiences and maybe some tips about lifestyle,but that's about it.
Do you think swinger club would be the right choice given our preferences?
To my second question, i have read the rules of mentioned swinger club online. They are all common sense but something made me thinking. They say something along the lines that sex is allowed everywhere inside the club except for the balcony. But how do we handle body fluids? Who cleans that up and how? When? And if we are the ones to take care about it (what i would expect) how is it done and where do we get the wipers or whatever?
Also,when i say that we are not interested in other people for sex,it isn't entirely true. My wife does have something she would like to try but it's so specific that i didn't need to read the FAQ here to know that it almost certainly won't happen. Without going into too much details,needing other woman for it has led us thinking that paying for it would be easiest way of doing it,because where we live it's perfectly legal.
What do you guys and girls think?
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2023.06.06 14:43 Ekocare A review of the book "The Broken Buddha"

Carl Stimson, a vipassana meditator who has been in and out of Myanmar for the last ten years, offers this review of Shravasti Dhammika's book The Broken Buddha.

Having been a meditator in a Theravada-associated tradition for many years, an enthusiastic reader of books by Theravada monks and teachers, and an infrequent visitor to Southeast Asia for Dhamma purposes, I have long seen this religion as the most faithful representative of the Buddha’s teachings. ...
The book is the work of Shravasti Dhammika, an Australia-born man who ordained as a Theravada monk in 1976. It was published in 2008, though as he states in the preface, most of it was written several years earlier and he only decided to publish after an “unauthorized draft” appeared online. I am unsure how much the official version differs from this draft, but the text retains a rough feel. At less than 80 pages, it is somewhere between long essay and short book, and is at turns angry, funny, cutting, astounding, and, unfortunately, sometimes poorly researched. For some, Bhante Dhammika’s casual relationship with facts and tendency toward generalization may limit their ability to take the thrust of his arguments seriously. ...
He gives many examples from his long years in robes to illustrate these tendencies. Many of the most absurd and humorous of these involve the Vinaya. For instance, “handling money” (in Pali, ‘gold and silver’) is often the focus of criticism. ...
The author is not critical of monks who handle money, indeed he admits to having done so himself in certain circumstances, his point being that a balanced approach is needed, one that avoids unnecessary anxiety over running afoul of extreme interpretations but is also intellectually honest enough to admit when the spirit of the law is being broken. ...
The first category—the slavish adherence to or disregard for Vinaya— may be the easiest to dismiss as having nothing to do with “true” Theravada. Indeed, there is so much variation among Theravada monks it is difficult to make a unified critique. ...
The second category—wasteful giving— is something I believe many Western Buddhists struggle with when encountering Theravada in its native setting. .. The most nuanced answer, which simultaneously disarms the critic and paints the practice in a positive light, is that lay Theravadins give out of a desire to support the Sangha and perform wholesome deeds, thus making merit that will help them karmically in the current life and lives to come. .. It seemed to cover all the bases—one couldn’t blame the lay people because their desire to give was pure and founded in solid Buddhist logic, and one couldn’t blame the monks because they are simply vessels for the lay public’s generosity—and remaining critical made me feel somewhat culturally insensitive. .. Theravadins are not stupid—when presented with such clear cost-benefit figures, who would want to waste their dana on the poor and needy when there are monks around? .. The generosity of Southeast Asian Buddhists is often described in glowing terms, in many ways rightly so. ...
The third category—self-centeredness— was something I had not thought of before and caused a dramatic shift in my understanding of how well Theravada puts the Buddha’s teachings into practice. The typical explanation of the difference between Theravada and Mahayana goes that the former sticks only to what was taught by Gotama the Buddha, while the latter adds teachings from other “buddhas” and spiritual figures. To the faithful, this lends Theravada an air of purity, which by implication means Mahayana teachings are somehow “polluted.” Leave it to Bhante Dhammika to burst this bubble. His fascinating contention is that Theravada has a pronounced negative and selfish tendency that ignores many things the Buddha taught. ...
But wait, one might ask, weren’t you just criticizing Theravada for an excess of giving? Even if wasteful, isn’t this the opposite of a “negative and selfish tendency”?
The Broken Buddha and its Implications
I don't think any sensible person believe S. Dhammika's opinion against the strictness of the Theravada Vinaya.
Apart from the above observations, we can find another attempt of S. Dhammika to painte the Visuddhimagga as negative which have got refused by many other scholars.

"The Broken Buddha by S. Dhammika:
“Even Buddhaghosa did not really believe that Theravada practice could lead to Nirvana. His Visuddhimagga is supposed to be a detailed, step by step guide to enlightenment. And yet in the postscript […] he says he hopes that the merit he has earned by writing the Vishuddhimagga will allow him to be reborn in heaven, abide there until Metteyya (Maitreya) appears, hear his teaching and then attain enlightenment.”

Let's look at what other scholars have said (including an ancient king):

"Visuddhimárga-mahásannaya" by King Parakramabahu (1234 - 1269 CE):
"The postscript of Visuddhimagga wass written by Venerable Buddhamitta who was an student of Venerable Buddhagosa."
[Visuddhimárga-mahásannaya of King Parakramabahu-II of Kingdom of Dambadeniya is a Sinhala glossary (Sannaya) to Visuddhimagga written within 1234 to 1269CE and also called Parákramabáhu-sannaya.]
The scholar monks below have noticed that S. Dhammika's observation is immature though they have seemingly not known about the above precise mention of the King.

Ven. Dhammanado:
Ven. Dhammika is making the common mistake of confusing Buddhaghosa’s colophon with that of the scribal copyist. The former dedicates the the merit of composing the Visuddhimagga to the happiness of all beings. It’s the scribe, not Buddhaghosa, who wants to go to heaven and later meet Metteyya.

Ven. Sujato:
In any case, the passage that expresses a wish to be reborn with Metteyya has multiple indications that it is a later addition, probably a scribal remark by a copyist.
It is only found in Sinhalese manuscripts
It doesn’t identify Buddhaghosa at all, merely saying “through the merit I have gained by this”.
It appears after the rather elaborate praise of Buddhaghosa, which itself appears to be a later addition (it’s not good form to praise oneself in this way).
It is right at the end, exactly where a copyist’s scribal mark would be added
This belief is implicitly rejected in the text itself (Vism 1.135)

Ven. Panditha of Burma:
Those colophons have not come from Acariya Buddhaghosa’s hands.
Acariya Buddhaghosa wanted to have all the credit transferred to the Mahāvihāra community.
Those introductions, epilogues, and colophons still have certain aspects not yet sufficiently examined.
Traditional scholars hardly believe that those colophons are written by Acariya Buddhaghosa.
All the works of Acariya Buddhaghosa were anonymous at the beginning.
This anonymity is the reason for someone in posterity to add such colophons in order to save the author’s name.
The reason for anonymity was to get the works endorsed by the prestige and authority of Mahāvihāra, expecting the longevity of books. If only a less number of people were interested in manually copying his book, it would remain “unpublished".
In this way, Acariya Buddhaghosa could successfully publish his works inland and internationally.
This circumstance of Acariya Buddhaghosa can be compared to presidential speech-writers. Although writer’s name is not a secret, no president would acknowledge the writer in the speech itself.
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2023.06.06 14:42 dreamsrrddit Dream about dirty fishtank

This is gonna be a short one, but last night or well this morning I had a dream about my mom giving me a fish tank with a bunch of fish in it (even a tiny turtle) and then a few moments later the tank began to get dirty. As I tried to clean it I didn't know how to, and I didn't want any of the fish to die. The dream ends with me spraying something along the walls of the tank and thats all I remember.
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2023.06.06 14:42 ThrowRa_et8686 Wife (26f) actions act like we are just friends (m28) I feel like I’m outgrowing this marriage.

We have been together 6 years married 3. In the beginning she was nice, genuine, caring. I talked to her about my future plans of moving out of this town we live in to create better for myself she was all on board with everything. She knew I was an adventurous person I live in the moment and she at the time acted like she enjoyed that.
After we got married everything has changed. I guess there were signs I just didn’t see them then because there was always an excuse. But now when it comes down to moving she’s to “scared” She said she’s afraid of failure. She tells me she is selfish. Which is true, she’s been holding me back and she admits it but she will not change. I asked her if she would actually move and she said “I don’t know what is going to be on my path” and to me it seems like I’m just her crutch until she finds someone else or I leave. I asked her if I save up money to move and we move is she going to go she said she didn’t know. I said so pretty much is I start saving to move then you’ll let me know if you want to go or not. She said yes. To me that was the biggest slap in the face.
This marriage is weird… in my past relationships I don’t expect to text all the time. But example, I left work 2 hours early yesterday and I didn’t tell her because she never tells me what she is doing she got mad. But I found out she went and had lunch with her co worker friends which she ALWAYS does. THey go to nicer places than me and her and she will leave me on read on her lunch.. which I find weird. And then she will text me after acting like she is just responding to my message.
I don’t care if she eats lunch with her friends but what I do care about is she blows and wastes all her money and I only get paid monthly and I always have to bail her out money wise and help her out. What she likes to do is act like she doesn’t have money if she knows I have extra money and I end up paying for things. And I’m at the point were I just want to be like nah even when it comes to eating out, we are separately paying. How can I save up if im always helping her???
When she kisses me sometimes I won’t even kiss her back and she doesn’t even notice. She gave me 3 kisses this morning I didn’t even kiss her back and she didn’t notice. When I brought it up to her before she says things “well your lips are small I can’t tell if you’re kissing me back or not” But you can tell, my lips aren’t that small.
She’s even openly admitted that she feels like she’s already pushed me away so far that I don’t even care anymore and I’ve told her I feel like if things don’t change I’m starting to resent her. I’ve communicated that her actions don’t match her words. And she gets mad. When I communicated how I feel stuck and unhappy with life which I always communicate she told me “sometimes I want to tell you to shut the fuck to because there is no way I can help you and it’s frustrating” and I told her “you could have helped though and you always choose not to” and then she starts this crying crap calling herself selfish and now I’ll just say “I don’t even want to talk about this anymore because it’s a broken record”
I paid for marriage counseling, she said it didn’t do much but she didn’t really participate. When we first got together she would communicate and then there was like a switch, she acts like she has all these communication issues. Idk. I always ask her if she still wants this because honestly it doesn’t feel like she does and she gets annoyed at me…
And to top it off, she has a cat and I’m always stuck cleaning the litter box and I’m just so tired of taking care of everything.
When we go on vacations it’s all about what she wants to do only, and if she’s not happy or enjoying herself it’s constant complaining. Down to it’s to hot, my back hurts, my feet hurt it’s like it ruins every trip. It’s okay to complain, but I do stuff all the time just to make her happy and I try to overlook these issues but it’s starting to get on my nerves. And I feel like after her saying the stuff about moving that I’ve just wasted these years. She likes to tell me I’m just a overthinking. And idk if I am or not. I’m just mentally exhausted, I feel like I should be distant and give what I get. I’ve asked her if she wants to go on a break she says no. Idk what to do and I feel like I’ve lost all confidence and I’m unhappy and I told her that. She tells me “you seem like the same person to me” idk how to even build myself up back again.
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2023.06.06 14:42 doctorgecko Respect Yukari Yakumo (Touhou)

"Would you like to have a near-death experience? By crossing the boundary between life and death."

Yukari Yakumo

Yukari Yakumo is a legendary youkai with the ability to manipulate boundaries. She is one of the sages who created Gensokyo in the first place, and a good contender for its most powerful resident. Despite this she is also exceptionally lazy, spending most of her time sleeping and foisting most of the problems off on Reimu or Ran. Still, her incredible intelligence and completely inhuman nature means one can never tell quite what she's thinking, and making her angry is a very bad idea.


  • Source Index
  • Perfect Memento in Strict Sense and Symposium of Post Mysticism is an in universe book written by Hidea no Akyuu. She has a tendency to exaggerate and speculate, so her claims should be taken with a grain of salt.
  • Yukari herself is noted to lie quite a lot, so her own claims should also be taken with a grain of salt.
  • In 15.5 Yukari makes use of the urban legend Teke Teke, but her attacks while using this urban legend are fairly in line with her normal capabilities. As it's unclear what effect the Urban legend is having, these feats will be included in this section but marked with Occult
  • Yukari scales to a large number of characters, so here is every Touhou respect thread for the games

Defining Some Terms

Spell Card System: The Spell Card Rules were put in place by Reimu Hakurei in order to make duels between everyone fair, formalized, and safe. It is also the method nearly all Touhou characters will use in-character. Spell card battles have very clearly defined rules and attacks that are agreed upon before a duel with the purpose being that the most beautiful attacks win. In general Spell Cards are characters going easy on the foe, with ZUN outright stating they're not something the characters would ever use if they were serious.
Danmaku: Danmaku are the "bullets" fired in a bullet hell, take many different forms, and are able to be fired by most Gensokyo citizens. They're an essential part of duels in Gensokyo, being used to control an opponent's movement and overwhelm them. They can either be fired in intricate patterns, or just fired rapidly from a single point.
Youkai: Supernatural beings typically born from humanity's fear of the unknown, and the primary residents of Gensokyo. Youkai can be highly varied, but tend to be highly resistant to physical attacks while far more weak to spiritual attacks, such as names and traditions.
Gensokyo: Genoskyo is the region Touhou takes place in, and is a small landlocked region of Japan. It is fully enclosed by the Great Hakurei Barrier (more information bellow). The clearest picture of it shows it containing a few mountains, with it also being noted Gensokyo is small enough to see almost all of it from the Hakurei shrine
  • The Sages of Genoskyo (of which Yukari is a member) are the beings responsible for the creation and maintenance of Gensokyo
Urban Legend Incident: Due to the occult balls various Urban Legends begin to manifest in Gensokyo, and some characters are capable of controlling an urban legend in battle that matches their tempermant. It's worth noting that the effects are present even after the occult balls are removed from Gensokyo though Reisen notes it will soon settle down.

Boundary Manipulation

General Description: Summarized, Yukari's power allows her to manipulate the boundary between any two things.This can apply both to physical boundaries (such as between Gensokyo and the outside world), or even the boundary of concepts (such as human and youkai or night and day).
Direct Combat Usage
Gaps and Warping
Great Hakurei Barrier
Gensokyo's Boundary of Reality and Illusion

Other Abilities

Note that a number of feats here potentially involve boundary manipulation, but it's less explicit
Energy Projection
Shikigami: Shikigami are spirits that have been turned into tools via a patter, that have software installed to control them
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2023.06.06 14:40 demoprep1 Things You Should Do to Prepare for Floor Removal: A Comprehensive Guide

Things You Should Do to Prepare for Floor Removal: A Comprehensive Guide
When it comes to renovating or upgrading your space, removing an existing floor can be a challenging task. Proper preparation is essential to ensure a smooth and successful floor removal process. In this guide, we will discuss the key steps you should take to prepare for floor removal, helping you save time, effort, and potential headaches along the way.
Clear the Area:
Before initiating any floor removal project, it is crucial to clear the area of all furniture, appliances, and personal belongings. This not only ensures the safety of your belongings but also provides ample space for the contractors to work efficiently. Remove any wall hangings, curtains, or decorations to prevent any damage during the removal process.
Identify and Notify:
Identify the type of flooring you have and notify the professionals or contractors about it. Different types of flooring, such as hardwood, vinyl, laminate, or tile, require different removal techniques. Providing this information to the experts will help them plan the removal process accordingly, ensuring minimal damage to the subfloor.
Protect Adjacent Areas:
During floor removal, it is essential to protect adjacent areas from dust, debris, and potential damage. Cover doorways and vents with plastic sheets or tarps to prevent dust from spreading to other parts of your home or office. Seal off adjacent rooms with plastic barriers to create a containment area and minimize the impact of the removal process on the surrounding areas.
Turn Off Utilities:
Before commencing floor removal, ensure that all utilities, such as water, gas, and electricity, are turned off. This precautionary measure prevents accidents and potential damage to utility lines during the removal process. Consult with professionals or follow the recommended guidelines to safely disconnect these utilities.
Ventilation and Air Filtration:
Floor removal can generate a significant amount of dust and debris, which may pose health risks if inhaled. Improve ventilation in the removal area by opening windows and using fans. Additionally, set up air filtration systems such as air purifiers or industrial fans with HEPA filters to minimize airborne particles and maintain a clean and healthy environment.
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):
Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment is crucial to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the floor removal process. Provide your contractors with PPE, including gloves, safety glasses, dust masks, and disposable coveralls. Encourage anyone present in the area to wear PPE to protect against potential hazards and airborne particles.
Inform Neighbors:
If you live in a shared space or an apartment building, it is considerate to inform your neighbors about the floor removal project in advance. Let them know the approximate duration of the project and any potential disruptions they might experience, such as noise or minor inconveniences. Clear communication can help maintain good relationships with your neighbors.
Preparing for floor removal is a vital step in ensuring a successful and hassle-free renovation project. By following these essential steps, such as clearing the area, protecting adjacent spaces, and taking safety precautions, you can help facilitate the removal process and minimize any potential complications. Proper preparation will not only save you time and effort but also contribute to achieving a smooth and successful floor removal endeavor.

Visit -
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2023.06.06 14:40 propertythne Vastu Shastra Tips for a Prosperous Office


Creating a harmonious and prosperous work environment is essential for the success of any business. Many people believe that following Vastu Shastra principles in their office can bring luck, fortune, and financial prosperity. Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian architectural science, provides guidelines for the design and arrangement of spaces to harness positive energies.
If you're looking to align your office space with Vastu principles, here are some important guidelines and tips to consider.

1. Direction of the Office Building

When constructing an office or commercial building, it is crucial to follow Vastu principles to ensure prosperity and good luck. The direction of the office building can have a significant impact on the business's success. For service-oriented businesses, the east direction is considered suitable. The north direction, associated with the lord of wealth, Kuber, is ideal for profit-making businesses. Depending on the nature of your business, the north, northeast, or northwest directions may also be favorable. Additionally, ensure that the property is surrounded by running roads when selecting a location for your office.

2. Seating Arrangement

Proper seating arrangement plays a vital role in maximizing productivity and promoting positive energy flow in the office. Here are some seating arrangement tips according to Vastu Shastra:
Employees should also consider facing the north or east while working, as it improves productivity. Sitting directly under a light beam should be avoided. If unavoidable, it can be covered with a wooden board to minimize its impact.

3. Office Entrance

The entrance of your office plays a crucial role in attracting positive energies. Ideally, the entrance should be in the north, northeast, or northwest direction. These directions are considered auspicious and bring positivity and financial profits. The north direction, associated with the lord of wealth, is particularly beneficial for accelerating financial gains. Ensure that the entrance is clean, clutter-free, and well-lit to create a positive first impression.

4. Creating Positive Energy

To foster a positive and conducive work environment, keep the office space clean, organized, and clutter-free. Store documents, stationery, and other items in locked cabinets when not in use. Avoid sleeping at the desk, as it can attract negative energies. When sitting in a cabin, make sure your back does not face the door to avoid feelings of distrust. Hang a mountain scenery picture behind your seat and place a turquoise pyramid on your desk to promote support and communication among colleagues.

5. Office Décor and Interiors

The colors and décor in your office can greatly impact the energy flow and overall ambiance. According to Vastu Shastra guidelines for office:

6. Office Lighting

Proper lighting is essential for creating a vibrant and energetic workspace. Natural light is considered auspicious, so try to maximize the use of natural light in your office. If possible, place workstations near windows to allow employees to benefit from natural light. Use full-spectrum light bulbs that mimic natural light for artificial lighting. Avoid dim or flickering lights, as they can create a dull and stagnant atmosphere.

Office Furniture and Placement

The choice and placement of office furniture can have a significant impact on the energy flow in your office. Here are some tips:

Meeting Room Placement

If your office has a meeting room or conference room, its placement is crucial for productive and successful meetings. Ideally, the meeting room should be located in the northwest or northeast direction of the office. This promotes clear communication, effective decision-making, and successful outcomes. Ensure that the meeting room is well-lit, properly ventilated, and free from any distractions or negative energy.

Office Plants

Introducing plants into your office space can bring freshness, vitality, and positive energy. Plants are known to purify the air, improve concentration, and reduce stress. Here are some recommendations for using plants in your office according to Vastu:

Balanced Elements

According to Vastu Shastra, the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) should be balanced in the office to create a harmonious environment. Here are some tips for balancing these elements:


Use earthy colors like brown and yellow in the office decor. You can also place a crystal or gemstone on your desk to connect with the earth element.


Install an aquarium or a water feature in the northeast direction to attract positive energy and prosperity. Ensure that the water is clean and the aquarium is well-maintained.


Use proper lighting and incorporate the fire element through the use of candles or decorative lamps. Avoid using harsh or excessive lighting that can create a stressful environment.


Maintain good air circulation and quality in the office by opening windows, using air purifiers, and incorporating indoor plants that improve air quality.


Keep the office well-organized and clutter-free to allow for the free flow of energy. Avoid overcrowding the space with unnecessary furniture or equipment.
Remember, while Vastu Shastra principles can provide guidance for creating a harmonious and prosperous office environment, it is also important to consider practical aspects and individual preferences. Adapting Vastu guidelines to suit your specific office layout and requirements can help create a positive and conducive workspace for success.

Get To Know About: 40 Vastu Shastra Tips for Home: Better Life, Prosperity & Harmony
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2023.06.06 14:40 girl_from_the_crypt Stuck on earth and looking for a job: We're burning down a dollhouse

When somebody suggests you commit arson together, your reaction is most likely to differ based on the identity of that person. If anyone else had asked me to come along to burn down a building, I would have assumed it was a joke. However, being aware of Frankie Preston’s barely suppressed murderous tendencies made me take his request quite seriously. Of course, three main questions presented themselves upon first consideration.
“What building?”
“A small developmental factory owned by FunFlair.”
“Do you plan on burning it while there are still people inside?”
“Only one, and that one deserves to burn alive.”
Shelving my thoughts on that answer for the moment, I inquired as to when he was hoping to go about this endeavor.
“The sooner the better. My sister—you haven’t met her—found out that they’re going to move sites in the near future, so if I want to take revenge on my old boss easily, I need to do it now. It won’t be too difficult. I know the layout of the place really well, they can’t have changed much these last three years. It’s small, hidden but unprotected. A bunch of containers in some woods a couple hours from here. The human I hate most in the entire world is there, every night, working all alone.” His shoulders twitched. “I drove by the place a couple times, and I kept thinking about doing it, but I was too scared. Having you there would make all the difference.”
“It would?” I echoed.
“Yes! Sunshine, you’re strong. Amazingly so. I don’t want you to feel like I’m using you, but the thing is, I can’t do this on my own. If you tell me to go away and never mention this again, I will. That I swear to God. Or whatever sadistic omnipotent being has put me on this world to suffer.” He briefly glanced heavenward, or rather at the ceiling, then back at me. “I can’t hurt anybody, remember?”
I nodded along slowly. “This person, your old boss… what did they do to you?”
“Simply put, she’s why I hate everything.” He spoke with an uncanny intensity, staring past me like he was miles away.
“Who is she?”
“Her name is Philomena Wallis. She’s the one who keeps sending people after me. She wants me back to do fuck knows what to me because she's still pissed I screwed her over." He paused. "She did—does horrible things. You'd want her dead, too."
"Why isn't she in prison?"
"Nobody gets taken to prison if they're rich enough. Either way, what she does isn't technically illegal… and no one knows about it either. It's a tricky situation."
I took a deep breath. “Do you have a plan?”
“I do. We’ll go there at night, I’ll slip in and make sure the door to Phil’s workspace is locked, and then we’ll douse the whole thing in gasoline.”
“Are you sure you’ll need me for that? It doesn’t sound like you’d be inflicting hurt directly. I mean, you wouldn’t have to actually raise a hand to your boss, not physically. Or can you not do that either?”
“The risk lies rather within what could happen if she finds me.” He rubbed his arm, a look of uncertainty crossing his features. “I’m different when I’m around her. I can’t help it, she… she can just walk all over me. She made me be this way. There’s nothing to be done about it, except to get rid of her once and for all.”
“I’m not following. She made you be this way? What do you mean?”
“Exactly what I said!” he snapped, only to shrink back and raise his hands. “Sorry! I’m so sorry!”
I stared at him in silence for a beat. “You’re terrified,” I said.
He glanced at his chucks, then back at me, looking like he wanted to say something but didn’t know what.
“Sad, too,” I added. “Sometimes, I can’t tell what you think, so I apologize if I’m reading this wrong…”
“You shouldn’t have to guess what’s going on inside my head anyways,” he muttered. “I can’t believe what I’m trying to rope you into again. It’s like I didn’t hear myself talk for a minute there.”
“I’ll help you.”
He raised a skeptical brow. “I don’t want to force you. I swear I don’t. I will do this, and I’d feel so much better if you came with, but if this is something you’re gonna resent me for in the long run…”
“The long run?”
“I mean—” He started playing with his gum again. “Are we not doing this? You really like me, I think?”
I think we shouldn’t be talking about this in the same breath as committing lethal arson.” I rubbed my nose before letting go of a long breath. “If I can’t stop you from doing this, I’ll at least make sure you come back out in one piece.” I wonder if this is how Nettie Peterson usually feels.
Frankie beamed. “You will? You’re absolutely sure?”
“Yes. Here’s the plan, I drop off what I bought for my savior human and then we can prepare; do what’s needed. I don’t want to put this off. The sooner it’s over, the better.”
“Definitely,” he agreed with an eager nod. “I’ll drive you right over.”
“Good. And Frankie… you know precisely how I feel about you.”
We got on our way the following morning. The car ride lasted several hours, most of which I spent fast asleep stretched out on the backseat. It was a wonderful nap; I hardly felt any of the vehicle’s movements, admittedly a credit to the server’s abilities as a driver. Eventually, the road was getting too bumpy to ignore, and I drowsily lifted my head to find us pulling onto heavily wooded terrain. Upon noticing I was awake, Fran gave me a fleeting, quite obviously forced smile. After a few more minutes, we came to a halt on a clearing. I got out and produced a canister of gasoline from the trunk, handing it to Fran after opening the door for him. He looked strangely absent, gazing off into the distance with a vacant look in his eyes. He grabbed the offered canister and clutched it to his chest, almost like he was hugging it.
“We’ll be going the rest of the way on foot, then?” I inquired.
He nodded wordlessly.
I couldn’t hide my frown. The air around us was warm and fragrant, the moonlight shining through between the branches that seemed to reach out for us as we began walking. There was not even a hint of a breeze, and yet, a chill ran down my spine. My companion’s demeanor was nothing short of uncomfortable; he seemed to suck the warmth out of the atmosphere around us, together with my initial confidence and the sweet scent of pine needles. His silence instilled in me a clammy sense of dread, and I couldn’t shake it no matter how hard I tried. Normally, I would have probably appreciated the perfect calm and serenity of the lush forest around us, but seeing him in such obvious, unspoken distress drove away all my idyllic thoughts.
“This seems like an odd place to hide a factory,” I remarked, trying to open a conversation once more.
“That’s the point. You wouldn’t go looking for a doll manufacturer in bum-fuck nowhere,” he replied.
“It’s strange to think about. What kind of shady stuff can a toy manufacturer even get up to? Don’t get me wrong, I trust you when you say they’re bad people, I just wish you’d give me a little more information. I feel like I’m not getting something here.”
He let out a low hum. “You… are really innocent.”
“No, I’m not,” I argued, affronted.
“Not in a bad way. I said innocent, not naive. I’ve been cagey again, I know that, but the thing is, you’ll see exactly what I was talking about when we get there. You’ll understand everything, and to be honest, I’m very afraid of what you’ll think once you do.”
We finally reached the building Fran had told me about. If it could indeed be called a building. It looked more like something that had been thrown together by a larva using Lego bricks. It was, as predicted, a bunch of containers lined up and stacked atop one another, small corridors and open metal staircases connecting them. It seemed to be almost entirely empty—all the lights were out, except for a single one. From behind a window on the upper floor, filtered through gray blinds, a cool, bright glow shone down upon us. It bathed Frankie in its surreal luminescence that seemed completely out of place given our raw, natural surroundings.
“You were right,” I stated, tearing him from his rigor. “Seems like there’s only one person in there.”
“That’s Phil,” he mumbled. “I’m certain.”
“Then let’s do this.”
Frankie detached himself from the canister, peeling it off his body like a piece of clothing. I took it from his hands while he walked over to the nearest door, reaching into his pocket to produce a set of shiny, slim tools. Despite the darkness, he set his fingers to work on the lock. It didn’t take long at all for him to let out a satisfied sound, straightening up as he held the now open door for me. “I’m very skilled at lockpicking,” he said lightly, by way of conversation.
I couldn’t hide the admiration in my gaze, and I gave him a proud smile that briefly caused his features to soften. I had not yet crossed the threshold when he grabbed me by the wrist, holding me back. “One more thing,” he whispered, his voice suddenly ringing desperate again, “you won’t like what we might see in there.”
“I know,” I answered. “It was implied.”
Stepping forth into the dark room, the smell of plastic and coffee instantly hit my nose. Fran fumbled for a lightswitch before thinking better of it and turning on the flashlight he’d brought. We were clearly in a breakroom; there was a table in the middle surrounded by chairs, an espresso machine in the corner and several calendars and posters taped to the walls. Unsuspecting. Frankie didn’t comment, immediately moving across the cube and towards the door on the other side. It led out into a small corridor, improvised using more corrugated iron elements, and into another larger container. There was a desk with a computer in one corner and an empty operating table in the center.
A large shelving unit occupied the entire left side of the room. A closer inspection revealed that it held all sorts of small parts, though what they were parts of was beyond me. Opening the plastic drawers at random, I glimpsed all sorts of metallic and silicone pieces, forming strange little… thingies.
“What is all this?” I asked Frankie.
He had been standing by the operating table, staring at it with unblinking eyes. His expression was once more perfectly vacant. Not even his jaw was moving around his bubble gum. He didn’t look up, and for a minute, I wondered if he’d heard me at all. “Doll parts,” he suddenly answered, his voice lacking any inflection.
I frowned, picking up one of the tiny metallic objects and inspecting it closely. I could see what he meant now—it appeared to be a very small joint, perhaps for a finger. “When you said FunFlair made dolls, I thought you meant these stiff little baby dolls. I didn’t know they made them this detailed.”
“Oh, they can be detailed alright.”
“Is this, like, a robotics thing? Can they move on their own, too?”
Frankie let out a sharp, mirthless laugh that was much too short. He fell completely silent again, and it felt as though the room had gotten colder. I bit my lip, placing the finger joint back in its box. I tentatively reached out to Fran and rested a hand on his upper arm, only for him to flinch, drawing away as if burned. “D-don’t touch me right now,” he pleaded.
“I’m sorry,” I breathed.
“No, I am. Don’t mind me, okay? Let’s—let’s just go on.”
So we did. Another makeshift corridor led us over into the next container. The beam of our flashlight cut through the darkness, revealing a sight that made me stop in my tracks. There were several bodies propped up in the corners of the room, bodies that I only realized on second glance were artificial. They were of roughly the same size as the average person, with fully formed arms, legs and everything. Their faces however were different. Most of them weren’t even fully complete, the skin-like material not fully covering their heads and leaving the mechanical structures underneath uncovered. Their eyeballs—sitting in hard plastic sockets and unframed by lids—stared out at us blankly, utterly void and expressionless.
Cold dread began to seep into my bones, paralyzing me for a second before I managed to break from my stillness. Taking a step towards one of the lifeless figures, I bent down to get a closer look. Keeping my distance, I reached out a single finger to trace along one of the countless delicate wires peeking out from the soft patches of facial material. It was cool to the touch, making my skin crawl. I pulled back, turning to Frankie in bewilderment. “Wh-what is all this?” I asked hesitantly.
“That’s them. That’s the dolls.”
“Well, yes, I can see that but this… this is really, really unnerving.”
He let out a strangled, mournful sound. “I guess it is,” he said eventually, his voice low and flat. He knelt down beside me, a little closer to the doll, and started fumbling around with the back of its neck, clearly looking for something. Finally, I heard a little click, followed by a whirring noise as the doll jerked up its arm. I squeaked, scrambling back on my hands and rear, only to find my back suddenly pressed up against the chest of another mannequin. I hadn’t done a thing, but it instantly sprang to life; robotic fingers clamping down around both sides of my nape. The painfully fierce touch wiped away every last bit of my composure, and I let out a shriek that seemed to tear apart the relative silence. Frankie spun around to fix me with the beam of his flashlight, causing me to squeeze my eyes shut. My heart was hammering against my ribcage, seemingly exploding when the hands started pulling me closer against the lifeless, yet animate body.
The next thing I knew was that Fran had leapt forward and removed me from the doll’s clutches with one swift, powerful yank. My chest was heaving and I couldn’t suppress a low whimper when I pressed myself to his side, frantically glancing about my surroundings. My fangs were bared, but my racing pulse was admittedly overtaxing me. I couldn’t seem to form any coherent thoughts. My flight-instinct was kicking in, further setting off my panicked response when I realized I might end up involuntarily jumping dimensions again.
Suddenly, I felt Frankie’s hand on my cheek, the gentle pressure tilting my head up to make me meet his gaze. “It’s alright,” he said, his voice equal parts firm and understanding. The fog in my head lifted just a little.
“They’re not going to hurt you,” he went on, his thumb stroking the curve of my outer ear. However he managed to convey such certainty when he himself had been so uneasy mere moments ago was beyond me, and yet, I found myself believing him. My breathing slowed and I hazarded a second glance at the doll I had bumped into.
It had stopped moving, its body having locked into an unnatural, almost feral-looking position. It was cowering on all fours, its torso lowered and its head up. Its neck was bent at such an extreme angle that it was approaching the comical.
“What the fuck was that?” I whispered, the curse word escaping me before I could stop myself.
“Some of them have to be activated manually, others can be turned on just by touch. I remember that,” Frankie replied. “There’s no need to be afraid of them, though. Even if it’s hard to believe considering… well.” He gestured at the oddly crouching doll at our feet.
“Something’s very wrong here,” I muttered, unable to tear my eyes off the lifeless, incomplete face. “I didn’t even know they made toys like that.”
“They’re not for children,” Frankie said, his eyes glazing over once more.
“Are they, like, robots? Do they know what they’re doing?”
“Not if they’re lucky, they don’t.” He paused. “They’re not made to think. Any awareness they might have would be unplanned for.”
“And you really used to work here? Did you help build them?”
“We can talk about that once we’re out of here.”
I swallowed. “Look, I’m freaking out. This can’t be a normal production site.”
“It’s not. I wish you didn’t have to see this. It… it only gets worse. And your instincts aren’t failing you, none of this is right. If you want to back out, I don’t blame you. This place shouldn’t exist.”
I took a deep breath. I wished I had insisted on knowing the full truth before coming here, but it couldn’t be helped now. Instead of prying further, I pointed at the canister of gasoline. “Then let’s remedy that.”
Despite himself, Frankie smiled.
Instead of mirroring the expression, I felt my own features suddenly derail. “Oh crap.”
“What is it?”
“Do you think she heard me scream?”
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17: government work
18: something in the caves
19: shopping cart
20: olms and Jewels
21: long hair
22: recruitment
23: waitresses
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2023.06.06 14:40 Subject-Cheesecake-7 Our grumpy rescue ❤️ And (another) a cautionary tale

This is Cookie a one year old hedgie. He was bought as a pet for young child. While we were at the pet store getting my new hedgehog this little guy was sitting on the floor in a small cage. He didn't have a wheel or toys. The previous owners didn't play with him so of course he became fearful. And being on the floor of the pet store with people walking around all day... My heart broke. he became so anti-social with people which happens when you leave your pet in a cage all day with no interaction. I have never seen or heard a hedgehog shake growlin huff the way he did every time someone came near. One of the pet store workers was cleaning his cage and he bit her so bad he wouldn't let go. Two other employees trying to get him off and finally she had to run him under cold water to let him release her. We said if you still there in a week we will come back and think about adopting him.
Less than 48 hours later my husband and I went back and they were so happy to be rid of him They gave him to us and everything he had for free. I've been putting on soft music and rainforest noises to simulate the sounds of the pet store so he's not too frightened of my three kids running about. Early this morning when the kids got up for school he was on his wheel and they were softly cheering him on. A few days ago he ran back into his cuddle house but today he stopped for a moment, sniffed the air and kept running. Every day my husband has been picking him up and petting him and when Cookie has bit him my husband got him to let go without further trauma (my husband has some nice deep tooth marks but he's a tough dude!). It's been less than a week and he is showing us he's feeling safer with us.
Isn't he a cutie? Look at that grumpy face! I love their grumpy faces ❤️
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2023.06.06 14:39 EdogawaConan2 Pain at the sides/gums/while biting of a root-canal'd teeth (months ago) and

Hello, I have a question.

So in around Feb/March-ish, I actually had a big tootache (tooth 36), which required me to go under root canal treatment. I had a huge sensivity to hot/cold, very (VERY) painful. Thankfully this got fixed with the root canal, I still have some pains from time to time but they're pretty rare and quickly fade out (no sensitivity to cold/hot). However, I went to the dentist last thursday, she did a checkup, I had bitewing xrays for all 4 sides of my cavity. Apparently, everything's fine except maybe my root canal filling had a slight issue (I forgot what) but the dentist told me it wasn't worrying right now. I also had a decay which apparently gets closer to the other side of the teeth (46), but I'll have to ask an appointment and come back in a few weeks to try cleaning it first and see how it goes.
I have to indicate that I brush my teeth between 1 to 3 times a day (depending on the day)
It's been fine since that thursday, however, since yesterday I've noticed that on the gums of my tooth 36, it's been pretty painful when I touch the gum around there, pressing on the teeth does hurt but I feel like the pain comes from the gum part. I don't think it's the tooth itself since it's been root-canal'd. I kinda feel like it when biting too, I couldn't eat easily this morning because of the pain, it's not unbearable but it kinda stays and is not comfortable. It was worse today than yesterday too. My gums aren't bleeding so I'm not sure if it's a gingivitis and I don't see any inflammation so far at the side of my teeth, I'm actually scared about it being an abcess or parodontis considering that I'm far from where my dentist is for a few weeks :/ and I'm not sure but I kinda FEEL (really not sure about this) that my teeth is SLIGHTLY higher than usual (but don't take this for a proof of abcess, I'm not really sure if it really is higher or just placebo)
What if this could just be irritation from the thing you bite for bitewing xrays? I'm not sure but if I remember correctly this one slid off a little when I had to bite, maybe it still irritated the gum..?

Any idea? Thanks!
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2023.06.06 14:39 rohitsinghyng Cocktail Glasses Online: Enhancing Your Drinking Experience

Cocktail Glasses Online: Enhancing Your Drinking Experience
In recent years, cocktails have become extremely popular, and serving them in the appropriate glass can enhance the drinking experience. It doesn't matter if you're a professional mixologist or just like to make your own drinks at home; you need the right cocktail glasses. This article discusses the significance of cocktail glasses, the various types that are available, the best ways to select them, well-known online retailers, and things to keep in mind when making a purchase online.
The visual appeal of a cocktail has a significant impact on how it is perceived. This is why cocktail glasses are so important. Cocktail glasses online with unusual shapes and designs can make the drink look better and make it more appealing. The right glass can grandstand the varieties, enhancements, and layers of the mixed drink, making a paramount encounter for the consumer.
Taste The size and shape of a cocktail glass can have an effect on the flavor, despite popular belief. Glasses with more extensive openings take into account better fragrance dissemination, while others with smaller edges concentrate the flavors. The right glass can assist with safeguarding the beverage's fragrance, improve its taste, and give a balanced tangible encounter.
Adding a Touch of Elegance The use of specialized cocktail glasses online elevates any occasion. Serving cocktails in chic glasses elevates the atmosphere, no matter how big or small the gathering is. It gives the impression that you have given careful consideration to creating a memorable experience for your guests.
Cocktail glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the classic martini glass has a long stem and is shaped like a V. Because of their shape, they are ideal for classic martinis because they keep the drink chilled and prevent the ingredients from separating. These glasses are also great for margaritas and other cocktails like cosmopolitans.
Highball Glasses Highball glasses are tall and slim, and they are made for serving drinks with more mixer and ice. They are regularly utilized for highball mixed drinks like a gin and tonic, mojito, or a bourbon ginger. These glasses' height makes room for more ice and carbonation, keeping the drink cool.
Collins Glasses The Collins glasses are similar to highball glasses, but they are taller and slightly narrower. They are frequently used in Collins drinks like the Tom Collins and the John Collins. The drink's effervescence is shown off by its long shape, which makes it possible to add garnishes like lemon slices or mint sprigs.
Margarita Glasses The shape of a margarita glass is distinctive, with a stem and a wide, open rim. They can be rimmed with salt or sugar because they are made for margaritas. Additionally, the wide rim assists in capturing the beverage's aromas, enhancing the overall experience.
Champagne Flutes Champagne flutes are long, opulent glasses that have a stem and a narrow bowl. They are essentially utilized for serving shimmering wine and champagne. The flute's shape keeps the bubbles in place and directs the aroma toward the drinker's nose.
Rocks Glasses: Also known as old-fashioned glasses, rocks glasses are short and durable. They're great for old-fashioned cocktails and whiskey on the rocks served over ice. The drinker is able to appreciate the flavors and aroma thanks to the large opening, which also keeps the beverage chilled.
Choosing the Right Cocktail Glass When selecting a cocktail glass, think about the following:
Take into Account the Drink Various cocktails necessitate specific glasses to enhance their characteristics. Choose glasses that go well with the kinds of cocktails you like to drink or that you plan to serve. Choosing the right glass for the drink demonstrates your care and ensures the best drinking experience possible.
Take into Account the Appearance Select glasses that complement both your personal style and the overall theme of your home or business. Select plans that resound with your taste, whether it's a smooth and present day look or a one of a kind propelled stylish. The visual allure of the china can upgrade the general pleasure in the mixed drinks.
Take into Account the Durability Purchase cocktail glasses that are durable and made of high-quality materials. Glasses made of tempered glass or crystal are long-lasting and elegant at the same time. Glasses that are durable can withstand frequent use and cleaning, ensuring that they will last for many enjoyable cocktails.
Popular Online Stores for Cocktail Glasses Smokey cocktails A caters to both professional and home bartenders with an extensive selection of cocktail glasses online. They offer a wide range of designs and styles, so you can be sure to find the right glassware for your tastes.
smokey cocktail focuses on handcrafted cocktail glasses made by skilled craftsmen. Your cocktail experience will be enhanced by the exclusivity of their one-of-a-kind and limited-edition designs. They also offer options for personalization for those who want a more individualized touch.
Smokey cocktail focuses on selling high-quality cocktail glasses at a reasonable price. They have a wide range of options, so you can be sure to find glassware that fits your budget without sacrificing style or durability.
Things to Think About When Buying Online Reputation and Reviews from Customers Before making a purchase from an online retailer, investigate their reputation and read reviews from previous customers. Examine customer feedback regarding the shipping experience, the quality of the glassware, and customer service. To ensure a pleasant shopping experience, select retailers with good reviews and a solid reputation.
Valuing and Limits
Contrast costs across various internet based retailers with track down the best arrangements. You can save money by looking for discounts, promotions, and bundle deals. However, if you want to make an investment in cocktail glasses that are both long-lasting and appealing to the eye, quality should always come first.
Shipping and Returns Policies Before making a purchase, review the shipping and return policies of the retailer. Make sure they have dependable shipping options, reasonable delivery times, and safe packaging to keep things from getting damaged in the mail. Moreover, find out about their merchandise exchange in the event that the item shows up harmed or doesn't measure up to your assumptions.
Conclusion By enhancing presentation, influencing taste, and adding a touch of elegance, investing in the appropriate cocktail glasses improves the overall drinking experience. Take into consideration the various kinds of cocktail glasses that are available and select ones that go well with the drinks you like. Consider discounts and prices, as well as shipping and return policies, when making an online purchase. You can improve your mixology skills and create memorable occasions with friends and family by selecting the ideal cocktail glasses.
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2023.06.06 14:36 xXx_myspace_emo_xXx Immigrant SAHM. No village, no breathing room. Am I just weak?

I'm an immigrant living in Japan with my husband and our son (7.5mo). I lost my job at the start of the pandemic and became a housewife. I was totally on top of cleaning, cooking, and household management and it felt like a breeze.
It was a struggle to get into a survivable rhythm, but once my son was sleeping better, I was starting to enjoy being a SAHM. Then, 2 weeks ago, I got really sick. I almost passed out while feeding our son, but my husband couldn't take time off so I had to power through til the weekend. I got a "break" from baby duties on the weekend, but I still wasn't recovered by Monday so also lost out on decompressing time. It wasn't the best week, but we all made it.
Last weekend, my husband needed to finish up a research paper for his PhD and was on a time crunch. Even though I was drowning, I tried to give him the weekend to focus on research. I lasted til Sunday afternoon solo parenting before breaking down. Then, this week started and I just can't do any more. I sobbed off and on all day because I'm so exhausted and overwhelmed. I fantasized about falling asleep and never waking up again.
My husband's workday is 10-12+ hours. He also is working on a PhD. Despite this, he does bath/bed routine and insists on handling overnight wakes. When he isn't swamped with research, he will do more than his share of baby care so that I can focus on non-baby tasks. He is an amazing partner and is stretched so thin. I feel terribly guilty about how much he does, and I really miss quality time with him. He knows this and has filed to transfer to a different section in his company with fewer overtime hours, but it will take time to go through.
My family is in my home country. My in-laws are neither interested in nor capable of helping. My friends do not have children, and their availability rarely aligns with ours. Because I'm unemployed, it's impossible to get our son into a daycare unless we pay a huge sum of money (which we don't have) for an international or private one. Nannies are rare and in high demand. Gyms in our area don't offer childcare. There are storytimes at the local library, but my baby is in a screeching phase that is not socially acceptable here.
I'm alone with my baby from 6am-6pm. He is very vocal, which is adorable but sets off my anxiety, since Japanese culture is very strict about not disturbing others. This means we have to close all the windows in our apartment when he is crying or getting off the train/bus if he won't stop screeching. I try my best to balance both of our needs, but it feels like no matter how much I try, he always needs more than what I can give.
I desperately want to be a good SAHM. I want to be cheerful and fun for my son, but I am struggling so hard. When he scream cries, I soothe him, but inside I just feel dead. I have been losing my patience and end up sobbing with him. The jealousy I feel of other parents with more support is embarrassing and ugly. I don't know how to get past this besides just waiting it out, and I'm worried that my stress and mood will impact my son negatively, even though he seems happy nearly all of the time.
Advice I have adopted from this sub:
This advice has helped me go from daily drowning to drowning only after a series of bad days. Maybe there are other things I could do more efficiently? Or maybe I am not cut out to be a SAHM...
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2023.06.06 14:36 whateverhereandthere Health issues F25

So I deal with a lot of infections down there and I had yeast infections more than once. I have clean sex but sometimes choose not to use condoms. Recently I had a UTI but nothing painful until I got strong stomach cramps. It ended up being a UTI and a kidney infection. How did a UTI cause a kidney infection? How long did I not know I had a UTI that it led to my kidney?
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2023.06.06 14:35 Choice_Client_5400 Uncovering Potential Under $1 ( $EPAZ, $CLNV, $ENZC, $AMBL)

CapitalGainsReport: Uncovering Potential Under $1 (EPAZ, CLNV, ENZC, AMBL)
In the dynamic realm of stock trading, a captivating segment can often catch the eye of countless investors: stocks trading under $1 on the OTC exchange. These intriguing securities, commonly known as penny stocks, attract those who enjoy ventures that are risky but rewarding.
Are you ready to set out on a journey that explores the thrilling world of these intriguing stocks? Let's set the stage with Epazz, Inc., an up and coming drone company that could hold immense promise
EPAZ is a provider of mission-critical business solutions, revolutionizing the way businesses operate with a diverse portfolio encompassing drone technology, blockchain mobile apps, and cloud-based business software.
In 2023, Epazz showcased its innovative technology through its subsidiary, ZenaDrone Inc. Specializing in intelligent unmanned aerial vehicle technology, ZenaDrone has seamlessly integrated machine learning software and AI to enhance its capabilities. While initially targeting the hemp farming sector, the ZenaDrone has expanded its reach, offering versatile solutions for industrial surveillance, inspection, and monitoring.
At the forefront of Epazz's technology stands the ZendaDrone 1000, an intelligent drone that has garnered significant attention in various demonstrations this year, notably from the US Military. The ZendaDrone 1000 has been recognized for its potential as a valuable tool in hazardous environments for package transport, as well as its capability in transporting critical medical supplies. Its advanced technology and adaptability make it an indispensable asset across various sectors.
In a recent move, Epazz announced the creation of Galaxy Batteries Inc., a subsidiary solely dedicated to housing the company's intellectual property in battery technology. Epazz has been actively engaged in the development of specialized batteries to power high-performance devices and aircraft, including the ZenaDrone 1000.
Dr. Shaun Passley, CEO of Epazz, said, "The journey of our drone project has paved the way for unforeseen opportunities that we couldn't have anticipated back in 2019. We are now actively evaluating how to monetize our diverse range of developed technologies and maximize the value they bring to our company."
With ongoing patent filings for their innovative battery technology, EPAZ envisions Galaxy Batteries emerging as an independent entity in the near future. To streamline and consolidate their battery technology initiatives, the company launched, a dedicated website catering to the subsidiary's offerings.
Epazz's strategic venture into battery technology aligns with the surging demand for high-powered batteries for various devices. EPAZ is positioning itself favorably to capitalize on the expanding market. Investors should keep an eye on Epazz's battery technology subsidiary, which could hold potential and is could make an impact across multiple industries for EPAZ
Epazz's focus on advancing drone technology, combined with its explorations of cutting-edge battery innovations, shows its dedication to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements. With a unique approach in an ever-evolving landscape, EPAZ emerges as a compelling company that deserves close attention.
CLNV is a company operating in the sustainable clean technology and green energy sectors. The company's focus is on acquiring and operating a portfolio of synergistic companies in these sectors.
In a company update from June 5, Clean Vision announced a significant development for its subsidiary, Clean-Seas West Virginia. Clean-Seas, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Clean Vision, is actively working towards providing efficient and cost-effective technology solutions to address the global plastic crisis.
The subsidiary focuses on plastic diversion and conversion, including securing plastic feedstock and off-take agreements. By deploying pyrolysis technology and forming strategic alliances, Clean-Seas aims to create economic opportunities and social benefits worldwide.
According to the company update, Clean-Seas West Virginia has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the West Virginia Department of Economic Development (WVDED). The MoA aims to leverage state incentives amounting to over $12 million to establish a manufacturing facility in West Virginia.
The facility will be dedicated to the conversion of plastic feedstock into precursors for recycled content plastics and clean fuels, including hydrogen. This initiative aligns with Clean Vision's commitment to delivering innovative solutions for a sustainable environment and supporting clean economic growth.
The project has received strong support from West Virginia Governor Jim Justice and WVDED Secretary Mitch Carmichael, who recognize the potential for job creation and industry development. The MoA includes $1.75 million in forgivable loans, with additional support provided through tax and employment incentives.
Once operational, the facility is expected to process 100 tons of plastic per day, starting in 2024, and gradually scale up to 500 tons per day. This project not only contributes to the clean energy sector but also addresses the global plastic crisis by removing harmful plastic from the environment.
Clean Vision's expansion into West Virginia and its commitment to clean energy demonstrate its dedication to sustainable practices and contributing to a cleaner, greener future.
ENZC is a drug development company focused on commercializing its proprietary proteins and monoclonal antibodies to treat infectious diseases. The company's primary compound, ITV-1 (Immune Therapeutic Vaccine-1), has shown promising results in treating HIV/AIDS and modulating the immune system.
In recent updates, Enzolytics provided details regarding the sale of its subsidiaries, Virogentics, Inc., and Biogenysis, Inc., to Sagaliam Acquisition Corp. The negotiations and regulatory filings are currently underway, with both parties working towards completing the transaction efficiently.
Furthermore, the Bulgarian Academy of Science for Korporativ Klinik Drug Research and Development conducted a comprehensive study that highlighted the efficacy and molecular composition of ITV-1. The preparation for phase 3 clinical trials, following the European Medicine Agency (EMA) guidelines, is in progress.
Furthermore, the final protocol for administering ITV-1 under the supervision of Neuro Pharma Ltd. in Rwanda is expected to be completed soon. The impact of the treatment on the HIV/AIDS virus will be reported after the 17-week cycle, with plans to begin the trial in late July or early August 2023.
Enzolytics continues to make significant strides in its projects and looks forward to ongoing success.
AMBL is a company focused on providing low-cost, environmentally friendly, and domestically sourced battery metals. With its three divisions focused on lithium-ion battery recycling, primary battery metal extraction technologies, and primary resource development, AMBL aims to meet the growing demand for battery metals. The company's ESG-principled platform emphasizes ethical and sustainable sourcing of critical materials, contributing to a closed-loop circular economy for battery metals.
Last month, AMBL announced financial results for its third fiscal quarter 2023, highlighting its continued and accelerated progress in bringing new, domestically manufactured battery metal products to market.
During this quarter, AMBL expanded its recycling business by securing a move-in-ready facility for lithium-ion battery recycling operations, with commissioning planned for summer 2023. AMBL also published a resource report for its Tonopah Flats Lithium Project, which is identified as one of the largest known lithium resources in the United States.
In addition, AMBL chose engineering firm Black & Veatch to build a commercial-scale lithium hydroxide refinery with the help of a US Department of Energy grant.
Key financial highlights include $12.6 million in cash as of March 31, 2023, and total operating costs that are 47% lower year over year.
In addition, AMBL is in final contract negotiations with the U.S. DOE for two recently awarded competitive grants to further develop its advanced recycling processes and the commercial refinery for lithium hydroxide production from claystone resources.
AMBL aims to continuously improve battery recycling and manufacturing processes to align with new technologies, conserve resources, reduce environmental impacts, and maintain economic viability. The company's participation in the DOE-funded initiative aims to enhance economic competitiveness and reintegrate more constituent components into the domestic battery manufacturing market.
For interested investors, AMBL's CEO, Ryan Melsert, will be sharing industry insights and perspectives on building a sustainable, domestic supply chain for lithium-ion battery materials at the TD Cowen Sustainability Week.
The virtual conference will feature a fireside chat with Melsert, hosted by David Deckelbaum, TD Cowen's equity research analyst and managing director of sustainability and energy transition. The fireside chat is scheduled for June 6, 2023, from 2:20-2:50 PM EST. The event will be live-streamed on AMBL's website and will be available for viewing for up to a year.
Disclaimers:CapitalGainsReport (CGR) is not operated by a licensed broker, a dealer, or a registered investment adviser. This content is for informational purposes only and is not intended to be investment advice. The Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995 provides investors a safe harbor in regard to forward-looking statements. Any statements that express or involve discussions with respect to predictions, expectations, beliefs, plans, projections, objectives, goals, assumptions, or future events or performance are not statements of historical fact may be forward looking statements. Forward looking statements are based on expectations, estimates, and projections at the time the statements are made that involve a number of risks and uncertainties which could cause actual results or events to differ materially from those presently anticipated. Forward looking statements in this action may be identified through use of words such as projects, foresee, expects, will, anticipates, estimates, believes, understands, or that by statements indicating certain actions & quote; may, could, or might occur. Understand there is no guarantee past performance will be indicative of future results. Investing in micro-cap and growth securities is highly speculative and carries an extremely high degree of risk. It is possible that an investors investment may be lost or impaired due to the speculative nature of the companies profiled. CapitalGainsReport (CGR) is owned by RazorPitch Inc. and has been retained by Epazz Inc. to assist in the production and distribution of content. 'CGR' is responsible for the production and distribution of this content. It should be expressly understood that under no circumstances does any information published herein represent a recommendation to buy or sell a security. This content is for informational purposes only, you should not construe any such information or other material as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing contained in this article constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer by CapitalGainsReport/RazorPitch or any third party service provider to buy or sell any securities or other financial instruments. All content in this article is information of a general nature and does not address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. Nothing in this article constitutes professional and/or financial advice, nor does any information in the article constitute a comprehensive or complete statement of the matters discussed or the law relating thereto. CGRazorPitch is not a fiduciary by virtue of any persons use of or access to this content.
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Mark McKelvie
[email protected]
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2023.06.06 14:34 joinedbcfnaf Any other cat owners that buy Friskies Dry food notice that thier cats suddenly don't like it?

First, my Vet has no issues with Friskies so please don't tell me how "bad" it is. My senior cat has been eating it his whole 11 year life & is as healthy as a horse.
But, with the Friskies shortage this year I had trouble finding it, and it's the only food my cats like. (The only other food they like is Meow Mix & I REFUSE to buy that crap, that stuff IS bad) Any other food I get them they complain & won't eat as much.
So, I was excited when they finally got Friskies back in stock regularly. But now... they suddenly don't like it. So I'm wondering if due to the shortage they changed thier recipe somehow? My cats have never not cleaned every bit of Friskies out of thier bowl & now they don't even eat half at feeding time before walking away.
It's not because something is wrong, they are both healthy & my senior cat continues to beg for food now after I feed them which he only used to do with brands he didn't like.
I'm wondering if any other Friskies Dry Food buyers have noticed the same thing recently?
Not sure what else I can get them, every other brand (besides Meow mix) I've ever bought they haven't liked. They tolerate 9 Lives but they still don't like it.
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2023.06.06 14:32 FinFree4Ever Spatial Computing - next big thing

This is me talking to myself and not financial advice.
Move aside AI, the next big thing to blow up is Spatial Computing. Apple introduced Vision Pro and sure it is expensive but I’m predicting they will introduce Vision Air and Vision Mini at more palatable prices that will appeal to the masses.
The biggest tech companies in the world; Apple, Google and Meta all see it. Mark Zuckerberg has such high conviction he renamed Facebook into Meta.
The applications are endless - gaming, travel, healthcare, education, planning, productivity and collaborative experiences just to name a few. It is going to transform the we interact with digital information in endless ways unimaginable today.
How do you jump on this hypebeast? Apple literally told you in their introduction of Vision Pro - they “work together with Unity to deeply support their tools”. Unity had a take over offer of $55.85 per share back in 2022, which they rejected. Mark Zuckerberg years mulled about acquiring Unity back in 2019.
$U (Unity) is going to melt up because I have a large position.
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2023.06.06 14:32 Calm-Painting-1697 I hate my parents and my behavior

Coming home from school, lazy and unmotivated with 2 parents that keep making my life boring. My parents never change I swear, my mom drinks every night, my dad is very miserable and never shower, keeps making the house even more miserable with garbage smells, I hate him a lot, my parents say to me to read books and do Something fun, they leave my room and in a few minutes come back to see what I'm doing and they are still not happy what I'm doing, I feel more comfortable when they leave the room so I can read and do anything I want and before they come back in my room they see me glued on the phone playing video games, and then they fuck me again and say go read books and do something, I hate them, they never like the work I put on my developing self. I hate my mom that she drinks every night cuz I can see on her voice ans behavior that she drank again. My dad leaves the Room, I clean the dust and garbage he put and comes back again in the room. I feel like my life is so boring, everyday is the same and when my parents argue loudly I feel the need to kill myself to solve my problems and feel the best. I do nothing every day because I'm lazy and unmotivated, living in my head almost all the time with unnecessary shit thoughts in my head and can't focus, I don't even feel like im living on this world anymore, and I dont know what to do, I feel like my life is so boring while my classmates seem so happy with their own parents while I can't accept how my parents are.
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2023.06.06 14:32 23cmh1 Guitar strap fell off of my guitar and it slammed 5 feet in the air down to the concrete. Any idea how much getting the paint redone would cost? I’ve had this guitar since I was 10 and I’ve been crying for 30 minutes.

Guitar strap fell off of my guitar and it slammed 5 feet in the air down to the concrete. Any idea how much getting the paint redone would cost? I’ve had this guitar since I was 10 and I’ve been crying for 30 minutes. submitted by 23cmh1 to guitarrepair [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 14:31 Alongattach Seeking advice on outside activities to keep children away from excessive TV watching

Hi everyone,
I have two kids, a girl (6) and a boy (4). They're smart and good kids that haven't delivered any problems. But lately, it seems like my children are increasingly drawn to TV, and it's becoming a bit of a struggle to encourage them to engage in other activities. I'm not against TV since they watch lots of educational shows and learn new things, but I want to ensure they also get plenty of fresh air, exercise, and hands-on experiences.
Frankly, I have no idea how to handle this. The toys I bought are abandoned in the backyard, and they haven't even touched them. Both don't seem interested in running around or playing hide and seek. I tried introducing them to sports activities and outdoor games, but they always quickly returned to the TV. They only enjoy the inflatable pool, but I'd prefer something else given the risks.
Their mother (we're recently divorced) says that I should leave the kids alone since they don't make any trouble, but I'm not sure that being stuck inside the whole day is good for them. When I was their age, I loved playing outside and exploring the surroundings.
My friend said I should get them a dog, but my ex is categorically against it, and I can't say I blame her, given that she has a lot on her hands. Someone at work suggested that I buy something like a mud kitchen, saying that his niece spends all her time playing with it. But I'm not sure it would be appealing enough for my kids and compete with the cartoons.
Do you have any ideas for outside activities or toys that could captivate the attention of children their age? I'm open to any suggestions you may have, even if it's a DIY playground or game. I'd greatly appreciate any tips, personal experiences, or recommendations you can provide.
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2023.06.06 14:30 tushgoyal Best AFCAT Coaching Centre In Lucknow

Best AFCAT Coaching Centre In Lucknow
Our knowledgeable instructors and trainers have in-depth knowledge of the AFCAT exam and offer each student individualised attention and guidance. Verbal ability, numerical capacity, logic, and general awareness are all topics covered in our programme.
Students who are dedicated about serving their country and want to join the Indian Air Force as officers should take advantage of the opportunity to enrol in Shield Defence College's AFCAT course. Our curriculum is created to provide students the know-how, abilities, and self-assurance needed to pass the AFCAT exam and land a job in the Air Force.
Our students have a high success rate in passing the AFCAT exam and going on to succeed as officers in the Indian Air Force because to our thorough training and support. The AFCAT course at Shield Defence College is the best AFCAT Coaching Centre in Lucknow for you if you're searching for a demanding and fulfilling career in the armed forces.

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2023.06.06 14:30 AyeeHayche I don’t know guys maybe if someone competent was involved in the planning it wouldn’t have been a bloodbath

I don’t know guys maybe if someone competent was involved in the planning it wouldn’t have been a bloodbath submitted by AyeeHayche to NonCredibleOffense [link] [comments]