Yeti coolers found in alaska


2020.06.28 15:23 KountryKris MissinginAlaska

Community to discuss all things related to the Missing in Alaska podcast. A story about two congressmen that vanished on a small plane in Alaska in 1972. They have never been found and the story and plot twists are unimaginable.

2016.10.07 20:29 Nofxious Subreddit for the Blue Yeti USB microphone

All in one resource for the Blue Yeti. Recommend programs, apps, setting, tips, tricks, and help with any problems can be found here

2019.11.20 04:08 fpreston Alaska PD on A&E

“Alaska PD” brings viewers to America’s Last Frontier, where the line between civilization and lawlessness can be razor thin. Chronically shorthanded police departments across the state must turn to officers from the Lower 48 to fight a soaring crime rate. For the “newbies” it is a trial by fire as they learn first-hand that policing, like everything else, is different in Alaska.

2023.06.02 11:34 wanderingquill Are there any non-plastic mice out there right now?

My mouse is slowly dying and I thought about a more sustainable replacement. Scouring the net I found a really cheap, generic, noname and likely bad quality bamboo mouse when searching for wooden mice. It seems that not much of a thing, so I started searching for metallic ones.
On the metallic side I found the StormBreaker (magnesium), but they don't ship yet. An out of stock Inphic PX2 marketed as a race car. Steelseries came up, but they're all plastic. Finalmouse just has a month-long timer on their website for the new mouse that will be out of carbon fibers. And then a few that had a metallic base or some components, but not the actual parts that are in contact with the user.
Do you know any other options? Is there really no market for non-plastic mice?
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2023.06.02 11:34 Ok_Jelly6723 LOOKING FOR A GOOD HACK

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2023.06.02 11:34 JoshAsdvgi The Girl Who Climbed to the Sky

The Girl Who Climbed to the Sky

The Girl Who Climbed to the Sky
One morning several young women went out from their tepee village to gather firewood. Among them was Sapana, the most beautiful girl in the village, and it was she who first saw the porcupine sitting at the foot of a tall cottonwood tree.
She called to the others: "Help me to catch this porcupine, and I will divide its quills among you."
The porcupine started climbing the cottonwood, but the tree's limbs were close to the ground and Sapana easily followed.
"Hurry," she cried. "It is climbing up.
We must have its quills to embroider our moccasins.
" She tried to strike the porcupine with a stick, but the animal climbed just out of her reach.
"I want those quills," Sapana said.
"If necessary I will follow this porcupine to the top of the tree."
But every time that the girl climbed up, the porcupine kept ahead of her.
"Sapana, you are too high up," one of her friends called from the ground.
"You should come back down."
But the girl kept climbing, and it seemed to her that the tree kept extending itself toward the sky.
When she neared the top of the cottonwood, she saw something above her, solid like a wall, but shining.
It was the sky.
Suddenly she found herself in the midst of a camp circle.
The treetop had vanished, and the porcupine had transformed himself into an ugly old man.
Sapana did not like the looks of the porcupine-man, but he spoke kindly to her and led her to a tepee where his father and mother lived.
"I have watched you from afar," he told her.
"You are not only beautiful but industrious.
We must work very hard here, and I want you to become my wife."
The porcupine-man put her to work that very day, scraping and stretching buffalo hides and making robes.
When evening came, the girl went outside the tepee and sat by herself wondering how she was ever to get back home.
Everything in the sky world was brown and grey, and she missed the green trees and green grass of earth.
Each day the porcupine-man went out to hunt, bringing back buffalo hides for Sapana to work on, and in the morning while he was away it was her duty to go and dig for wild turnips.
"When you dig for roots," the porcupine-man warned her,
"take care not to dig too deep."
One morning she found an unusually large turnip.
With great difficulty she managed to pry it loose with her digging stick, and when she pulled it up she was surprised to find that it left a hole through which she could look down upon the green earth.
Far below she saw rivers, mountains, circles of tepees, and people walking about.
Sapana knew now why the porcupine-man had warned her not to dig too deep.
As she did not want him to know that she had found the hole in the sky, she carefully replaced the turnip.
On the way back to the tepee she thought of a plan to get down to the earth again.
Almost every day the porcupine-man brought buffalo hides for her to scrape and soften and make into robes.
In making the robes there were always strips of sinew left over, and she kept these strips concealed beneath her bed.
At last Sapana believed that she had enough sinew strips to make a lariat long enough to reach the earth.
One morning after the porcupine-man went out to hunt, she tied all the strips together and returned to the place where she had found the large turnip.
She lifted it out and dug the hole wider so that her body would go through.
She laid her digging stick across the opening and tied one end of the sinew rope to the middle of it.
Then she tied the other end of the rope about herself under her arms.
Slowly she began lowering herself by uncoiling the lariat.
A long time passed before she was far enough down to be able to see the tops of the trees clearly, and then she came to the end of the lariat.
She had not made it long enough to reach the ground.
She did not know what to do.
She hung there for a long time, swinging back and forth above the trees.
Faintly in the distance she could hear dogs barking and voices calling in her tepee village, but the people were too far away to see her.
After a while she heard sounds from above.
The lariat began to shake violently.
A stone hurtled down from the sky, barely missing her, and then she heard the porcupine-man threatening to kill her if she did not climb back up the lariat.
Another stone whizzed by her ear.
About this time Buzzard began circling around below her.
"Come and help me," she called to Buzzard.
The bird glided under her feet several times, and Sapana told him all that had happened to her.
"Get on my back," Buzzard said, "and I will take you down to earth."
She stepped on to the bird's back.
"Are you ready?" Buzzard asked.
"Yes," she replied.
"Let go of the lariat," Buzzard ordered.
He began descending, but the girl was too heavy for him, and he began gliding earthward too fast.
He saw Hawk flying below him. "Hawk," he called,
"help me take this girl back to her people."
Hawk flew with Sapana on his back until she could see the tepee of her family clearly below. But then Hawk began to tire, and Buzzard had to take the girl on his back again.
Buzzard flew on, dropping quickly through the trees and landing just outside the girl's village.
Before she could thank him, Buzzard flew back into the sky.
Sapana rested for a while and then began walking very slowly to her parents' tepee.
She was weak and exhausted.
On the way she saw a girl coming toward her.
"Sapana!" the girl cried. "We thought you were dead."
The girl helped her walk on to the tepee.
At first her mother did not believe that this was her own daughter returned from the sky. Then she threw her arms about her and wept.
The news of Sapana's return spread quickly through the village, and everyone came to welcome her home.
She told them her story, especially of the kindness shown her by Buzzard and Hawk.
After that, whenever the people of her tribe went on a big hunt they always left one buffalo for Buzzard and Hawk to eat.
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2023.06.02 11:33 Biscuit409 What tools do you guys use for screeners, analysis and news?

I have been getting into investing for the last couple of months and am interested in know which sites do you guys use, free or paid. I will start with mine
Tikr - I think this is the best site that I use, it has transcripts, financial historical data, balance sheets, estimates and a whole lot of other stuff.
Yahoo finance - I use this mainly for news and getting ideas about stocks to look into.
Simply Wall Street - This site presents the data in a really easy to digest way, but I found the screener to not be so good.
QuickFS - A pretty basic site that shows a lot of financial data, cash flow statements and the like for the past 10 years.
Zacks - At first I looked at this one a lot because of the Zacks rank, which is supposed to help give a quick overview about the company, but in my opinion it doesnt make sense a lot of the time.
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2023.06.02 11:33 Gold_To_Lead LCD screen maybe LOCA (liquid optically clear adhesive) leaking - IS IT TOXIC?

A clear, thick, sticky, viscous liquid has been leaking out of my laptop near the hinge.
I looked this up and it seems really scary; a lot of talk about it being toxic. I don’t know if it’s the Liquid of the Liquid Crystal Display or if it’s the LOCA but either way I haven’t found anything from Dell saying it’s NOT toxic and NOT harmful which you would think they would if it wasn’t, you know?
The screen hasn’t worked for years so I’ve been using an external monitor. The sticker on the bottom is pretty faded and scratched out so when I called Dell Support I couldn’t give them whatever number they wanted and it was a robot not a human so I got stuck and had to hang up. Really annoying!
I also called the poison control center near me but they didn’t know anything specific but told me to wash my hands very well and put the laptop in a trash bag outside, which I did immediately!
Trouble is, this thing has been leaking for a while and it’s really hard to get off my table and books and I really don’t want to throw them away. But more than my possessions I’m worried about myself.
(I can’t remember which laptop it is and I don’t want to get near it again to check but it’s a very fancy high-end one that’s like five years old, black with red highlights.)
I tried researching stuff about this but a lot of it is contradictory - one person in stack exchange says that when they worked at support and someone said their LCD was leaking they were to tell them to call in a hazmat team! And I’m pretty sure LOCAs are toxic but I can’t find anything on which Dell uses - if anyone knows something about this situation please let me know!!!
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2023.06.02 11:33 seljacina_iz_bmw-a Alledged implants

I yesterday watched the Netflix show about the UFO's and they told that some people who claim abduction found some implants in their bodies. If so, were these ever taken out, examined, stored somewhere? If these implants exist, they should be collected somewhere, like in museum. It is like the material source to back the claim.
What do you guys think?
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2023.06.02 11:32 dannbucc Fender options for hyperscrambler 2?

With no sign of when they will be back in stock on the juiced website, has anyone found an alternative that works well with this bike?
It's become my daily commuter, and I'd love to now worry so much about dirt and puddles.
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2023.06.02 11:32 Saph_thefluff Not sure what to do

So I’ve been in an online relationship, it’s kinda complicated but that’s not really the part I’m focusing on, I’ve been dating this person for about a year now and I’ve found my sexual interest in this partner has gone lower than ever before, mind that I’ve always been aceflux so I often don’t feel it strongly but sometimes it’s like I’m uncomfortable to do things with her and I think it’s because she’s trans mtf and I just can’t get the image of her looking masculine out of my head and I feel horrible about it and ik she’d be really hurt if I brought up how I’ve been feeling because even if I say I’m not sure she’ll still take it as worst case scenario….
Any personal experiences or gentle advice are welcome but please be nice…
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2023.06.02 11:32 indyman_123 Is it just me, or is 'Among Thieves' by Douglas Hulick underrated?

I've read it pretty much recently, and tbh, enjoyed it quite a bit. And although I'm not a veteran in the SFF genre/community, and also haven't read a ton of fantasy so far, I found the book pretty interesting and well executed.
The plot was really good imo. The characters were well written. The setting/world was well defined and the lore was equally good too. The pacing was great, as I just couldn't stop reading, eventually finishing it in 2 days. The action was very well depicted as well, especially some of the scenes were really well written.
Brent Weeks definitely liked it, and has recommended it. I couldn't agree more.
So why the kinda negative/more critical views and opinions on the same? Some people got hooked off in the opening scene itself, which was imo not at all that bad.
Just want to know the views/opinions of the fantasy community.
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2023.06.02 11:31 JoshAsdvgi Lakota (Sioux): Kids Story (( BedTime Story ))

Lakota (Sioux): Kids Story (( BedTime Story ))

Lakota (Sioux): Kids Story (( BedTime Story ))
The Gift Of Corn
Corn entered widely into the legends and religious practices of North American Indian nations of the Southwest, Southeast, Plains, and Eastern woodlands.
Corn gods in different regions are personified as Corn Mother, Corn Maidens, and even Corn Grandfathers as in this story of the hermit.
Various parts of the corn plant are used ritually such as husks, pollen, kernels, and whole ears.
Major tribal ceremonies are held prior to corn planting and after the harvest.
Alone in a deep forest, far from the village of his people, lived a hermit.
His tent was made of buffalo skins, and his robe was made of deerskin.
Far from the haunts of any human being, this old hermit was content to spend his many years.
All day long, he wandered through the forest, studying the different plants and collecting roots.
The roots he used as food and as medicine.
At long intervals some warrior would arrive at his tent and get medicinal roots from him for the tribe.
The old hermit's medicine was considered far superior to all others.
One day, after a long ramble in the woods, the hermit came home so tired that, immediately after eating, he lay down on his bed.
Just as he was dozing off to sleep, he felt something rub against his feet.
Awakening with a start, he noticed a dark object.
It extended an arm toward him.
In its hand was a flint-pointed arrow.
"This must be a spirit," thought the hermit, "for there is no human being here but me."
A voice then said, "Hermit, I have come to invite you to my home."
"I will come," the old hermit replied.
So he arose, wrapped his robe around him, and started toward the voice.
Outside his door, he looked around, but he could see no sign of the dark object.
"Whatever you are, or wherever you be," said the hermit, "wait for me.
I do not know where to go to find your house."
He received no answer, nor did he hear any sound of someone walking through the brush. Reentering his tent, he lay down and was soon fast asleep.
The next night he again heard the voice say, "Hermit, I have come to invite you to my home."
The hermit walked out of his tent to find the person with that voice, but again he found no one.
This time he was angry, because he thought that someone was making sport of him.
He determined to find out who was disturbing his night's rest.
The next evening he cut a hole in the tent large enough to stick an arrow through.
Then he stood by the door, watching.
Soon the dark object came, stopped outside the door, and said, "Grandfather, I came to--" But he never finished his sentence.
The old hermit had shot his arrow.
He heard it strike something that produced a sound as though he had shot into a sack of pebbles.
Early the next morning the hermit went out and looked at the spot near where he thought his arrow had struck some object.
There on the ground lay a little heap of corn, and from this little heap a small line of corn lay scattered along a path.
The old hermit followed this path into the woods.
When he reached a small mound, the trail ended.
At its end was a large circle from which the grass had been scraped off clean.
"The corn trail stops at the edge of this circle," the old man said to himself.
"So this must be the home of whatever invited me."
He took his big bone axe and knife and proceeded to dig down into the centre of the circle. When he got as far down as he could reach, he came to a sack of dried meat.
Next, he found a sack of turnips, then a sack of dried cherries, and then a sack of corn.
Last of all was another sack, empty except for one cup of corn.
In the other corner was a hole where the hermit's arrow had pierced the sack.
From this hole the corn had been scattered along the trail, which had guided the old man to the hiding place.
From this experience the hermit taught his people how to keep their provisions while they were travelling.
"Dig a pit," he explained to them, "put your provisions into it, and cover them with earth."
By this method, the Sioux used to keep provisions all summer.
When fall came, they would return to their hiding place.
When they opened it, they would find all their provisions as fresh as they were the day they had been placed there.
The people thanked the old hermit for his discovery of this method of preserving their food. And they thanked him for his discovery of corn, the first they had seen.
It became one of the most important foods the Indians knew.
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2023.06.02 11:30 AutoModerator [Get] ZenFX – Advanced Price Action Course Download

[Get] ZenFX – Advanced Price Action Course Download
Download :
Our Advanced Price Action Course covers everything from the foundations of technical analysis, to some of the most advanced price action concepts and strategies. This course is designed specifically to turn you into a consistent, and profitable trader!
The Advanced Price Action Course is the most comprehensive Forex training that can be found on the internet!
The course is all done online through self-paced video modules that can be accessed here through the Zen FX website. It includes live weekly mentorship webinars hosted directly with Ryan that allow you to see the concepts applied in real-time.
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2023.06.02 11:30 Jeff_himself Insane foot sweat

Hello good people of ReddIt
I’ve got an issue with sweat, I barely sweat nor have any body oder. I can use the same shirt for a week maybe even two without any issue(I don’t, but I could). I shower about twice a day and I don’t really use soap and I haven’t used deodorant since I was about 13-14.
So here is the issue, I’ve always had insane foot sweat, like it’s insane, when I met my now ex I used to hang my work shoes out the window and throw my socks away every time I went over to her place.
I work as a bartender, so I use my shoes for many hours in a single use, and it doesn’t take more than a week until they are ruined to the point of no redemption. But it’s not only my work shoes, my privates gets destroyed within a month during the summer, and I never put my unwashed work feet in my private once..
Is there a solution for this? Because I have to buy new shoes way to frequent, and I haven’t found that new special soles helps. I’ve tried to put random shit in the shoes after a shift. I’ve washed them. I’ve used foot deodorant.
I’ve heard that you can put Botox in the feet to make them not release sweat, not sure if this is true or not.
Lately I’ve even started to become white on some parts of the underside of the feet, not sure if this is necessary information but I want to give as much info as possible to Get the best help.
Any remedies, help or suggestions are much appreciated. Not sure if this is the best sub for it either, if you think I should post somewhere else I’m up for that aswell.
Thanks for any and all help!
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2023.06.02 11:30 JoshAsdvgi The Giant Who Became Mosquitos

The Giant Who Became Mosquitos

The Giant Who Became Mosquitos

I have collected a number of very different versions of this particularly rare legend.
The early 1900's version recorded in Juneau by Livingston F. Jones is perhaps the most
accurate, and thus I rely considerably upon its merit.

A long time ago, longer than anyone can remember, there lived a giant savage who
was very bloodthirsty and killed many young men so that he could drink their blood.
Many men tried to kill the giant but none ever could.
All who went to battle the savage were killed.
Once, three brothers decided to stop it and went to the mountains where it was said to live.
The oldest brother took his weapons and went to seek the creature alone.
After a day he did not return and so the next brother went to kill the savage giant.
He was killed, too.
Then, the youngest brother took his bow and arrow and traveled to the place where his brothers had gone.
The place was high in the mountains and there were large boulders all about.
The young warrior moved from rock to rock, hiding behind each boulder as he hunted the giant.
Suddenly a shadow was cast over him and as he looked up he saw the giant man's terrible club crashing down upon his head.
When he awoke, he was inside a large game bag and was being carried towards a cave in the mountainside where the savage lived.
The young man felt around in the dark and found his cutting stone and with it he sliced through the bag so that he could escape.
His bow and arrows fell out, too.
Instantly the young warrior grabbed them and hid behind a rock.
The giant kept walking to his cave thinking that he still had his dinner in the bag.
The young man followed him, even though it was hard to keep up because the giant took such long steps.
When they arrived at the cave he saw the bodies of his brothers and of many other men from his village.
The giant had killed them all and drank their blood!
The giant dropped the game bag in a corner of the cavern and leaned his large and heavy club, which was as thick as a tree, against the cave wall.
When the savage turned around the young man pulled back hard on his bow and let his best arrow fly through the air at the giant's heart.
The sharp arrow hit him in the chest and he started to bleed.
But before dying the giant said, "Though you killed me, I will still drink your blood."
The young man gathered wood and brush and dragged the giant's dead body to the pile and placed it on top.
Then he rubbed his fire-making sticks together until the sparks made the dry kindling catch fire.
Soon the whole pile was burning brightly.
It burned for a long time until only ashes remained of the bloodthirsty savage.
Then the young man took the ashes and threw them high into the air.
The wind blew the ashes all over the world and each piece of ash turned into a mosquito.
That is why mosquitoes are hungry for blood -
because they were made from the ashes of the bloodthirsty giant.
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2023.06.02 11:30 DemonicTaco3 BDB + DF64 w/ SSP MP Burrs + Light Roast Turbo Shots

Hello coffee people! I'm looking for others that have the same setup as I have, in order to compare recipes, because I'm having great difficulty dialing in my turbo shots.
Also, I've wondered since the day I got them, everyone says that the the MP burrs extract way more, but generally the shots taste underextracted. Also, I've found that using lower temperatures as others have done, have never led to tasty shots for me.
Just looking for tips on how to better dial in a turbo with this setup :)
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2023.06.02 11:30 mkarla Remote scripts and multiple controllers

I recently got a second hand Push 2 to once again try an Ableton based live setup (haven't done that in years). I've tried using it together with an old Novation Remote SL Zero mk2 I had lying around which at first did not work at all. I then found this and now they actually both work together:
However, while volume and send on the Remote SL seem to work independently of the Push, Device Control of course follow the focused track on both the Push and the Remote SL. Is it possible to lock the Remote SL device control to a single device on a specific channel?
If not natively, would it possible to solve with any of the following two methods: 1. Rewrite part of the remote script? I realized it's python code which does not seem overly complex but their are several scripts so I don't really now where to start looking. 2. Some clever M4L device?
Another thought while talking about the remote script. The one I found above is apparently written for the keyboard variants of the Remote so everything is not mapping perfectly for the Zero. I managed to switch some functions to make it work better with the Zero, however the crossfader is unmapped and does not send any MIDI data to Ableton with this script. How would I go about to map it? Change something in the script or on the machine itself? Ideally I'd want this to just send a CC value I could map to any parameter.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 11:30 Fit_Log_1Sunshade231 Find the Perfect Car Park Shade Solution in Dubai - Sun Shade Dubai

Discover the ultimate car park sunshade solution for your home in Dubai. Sun Shade Dubai offer a wide range of high-quality and durable sun shades that protect from scorching heat. Create a cooler and safer parking environment.
visit at:
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2023.06.02 11:30 AutoModerator Daily Discussion - Friday, June 02 r/FanFiction Rules, FAQs, Weekly Schedule & Current Event Threads

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2023.06.02 11:29 Kaihanz Fermenting Store-Bought Iced Tea

Greetings fellow homebrewers.
Summer is here and I would like to try a different recipe this time.
I found out that Hard Iced Tea is a thing in the US, brands like Lipton have this product.
My question is this: is it possible to ferment store-bought iced tea? Compared to apple juice, iced tea is way cheaper in my country. Does iced tea contain ingredients like Potassium Sorbate, Sulfite or Benzoate? Has anyone ever tried fermenting iced tea?
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2023.06.02 11:29 ItsBeeeees Juvenile jackdaw advice?

Juvenile jackdaw advice?
This is a juvenile jackdaw, it found its way into our kitchen. When I let it out it seems like it can't fly more than a couple of metres, although not visibly injured. We have dozens of jackdaws in and around our neighbourhood but none have taken interest in this fella. I'm worried that it will be easy prey for a cat. Any advice? It is sat on our lawn in a patch of long grass at the moment.
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2023.06.02 11:29 Ok-Shake9678 AITA for bringing up my mums secret marriage to her?

I’m going to try to be as unbiased as possible, please try to differentiate between my opinion and what may be the reality as I genuinely want to know if I am wrong in this situation.
I’m from a Muslim family and living in the west. My parents were refugees and dad left her and 6 kids when they arrived and married other women.
Sexuality is extremely taboo and women are shamed for absolutely everything. My mum secretly got married about 10 years ago.. she hid her marriage from us as it is taboo and she was ashamed to be with more than one man, but the side effects where her acting different towards us, more aggressively. This caused chaos, and she only admitted it to me once and I found messages on her phone that confirmed it. She would leave and come home late, and play nun when she was around us. I have no issue with this, aside from the fact that she acts like anything sexual is insane and cannot be spoken of, when she has her own “sexuality”.
I bring this up to say a situation that we’re currently in.. my sister and I have been shamed for not being “good muslims”. We’re not promiscuous in any way, it’s mostly for not covering our hair and leaving the house.
My sister (24) is in a relationship and attached to this guy for about 7 years. The relationship has been tumultuous, but I feel that the attachment comes from inhibiting any interaction with men or any form of looking or feeling or looking attractive. We have gone through hell because of this narrative and the need to be conservative.
My sister just got home from being with this guy, and she came home looking beautiful in my eyes. My mum said she doesn’t want to look at her, and started shaming her. My sister began yelling angrily and my mum continued to say things like did he do this and that to you.
I got really angry and yelled at her, saying you got married and went out until 12am while you had 6 kids, what were you doing? She tried to deny it and I told her I saw her messages, she looked scared and I feel horrible. She went to her room, as did my sister. I feel awful. I know she is trying to protect my sister and she grew up with this mentality forced onto her, but I can’t see my sister come home happy and be spoken to in that way and become wide eyed, angry and feel ashamed of herself after just saying hello to my mum.
Am I the asshole for saying that to my mum? Is there a better way I could have gone about it? She must feel awful, as we usually have a good relationship
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2023.06.02 11:29 ApprehesiveBat Which career is the best for a solo player?

I decided to make a completely new character since I got the PS5 version so now I'm stuck in the menu, wondering which career is the easiest to make money with without crew.
(I'm aware that there is a dedicated questions thread but I'm hoping that I don't have to wait hours for an answer which is why I made this post. Also all the posts I found through Google were made over a year ago.)
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2023.06.02 11:29 JoshAsdvgi THE GHOSTS' BUFFALO



A LONG time ago there were four Blackfeet, who went to
war against the Crees.
They travelled a long way, and at last their horses gave out, and they started back toward their homes.
As they were going along they came to the Sand Hills ; and while they were passing through them, they saw in the sand a fresh travois trail, where people had been travelling.
One of the men said : " Let us follow this trail until we come up with some of our people. Then we will camp with them."
They followed the trail for a long way, and at length one of the Blackfeet, named E-kiis'-kini, a very powerful person, said to the others : " Why follow this longer? It is just nothing."
The others said: "Not so.
These are our people. We will go on and camp with them."
They went on, and toward evening, one of them found a stone maul and a dog travois.
He said : " Look at these things.
I know this maul and this travois.
They belonged to my mother, who died.
They were buried with her.
This is strange." He took the things. When night over- took the men, they camped.
Early in the morning, they heard, all about them, sounds as if a camp of people were there. They heard a young man shouting a sort of war cry, as young men do ; women chopping wood ; a man calling for a feast, asking people to come to his lodge and smoke, — all the different sounds of the camp.
They looked about, but could see nothing ; and then they were frightened and covered their heads with their robes.
At last they took courage, and started to look around and see what they could learn about this strange thing.
For a little while they saw nothing, but pretty soon one of them said : " Look over there. See that pis'kun.
Let us go over and look at it."
As they were going toward it, one of them picked up a stone pointed arrow.
He said : " Look at this. It belonged to my father.
This is his place."
They started to go on toward the pis'kun, but suddenly they could see no pis'kun.
It had disappeared all at once.
A little while after this, one of them spoke up, and said : " Look over there.
There is my father running buffalo.
There ! he has killed. Let us go over to him." They all looked where this man pointed, and they could see a person on a white horse, running buffalo.
While they were looking, the person killed the buffalo, and got off his horse to butcher
They started to go over toward him, and saw him at work butchering, and saw him turn the buffalo over on its back ; but before they got to the place where he was, the person got on his horse and rode off, and when they got to where he had been skinning the buffalo, they saw lying on the ground only a dead mouse.
There was no buffalo there.
By the side of the mouse was a buffalo chip, and lying on it was an arrow painted red.
The man said : " That is my father's arrow.
That is the way he painted them."
He took it up in his hands ; and when he held it in his hands, he saw that it was not an arrow but a blade of spear grass.
Then he laid it down, and it was an arrow again.
Another Blackfoot found a buffalo rock, I-nis'-kim.
Some time after this, the men got home to their camp.
The man who had taken the maul and the dog travois, when he got home and smelled the smoke from the fire, died, and so did his horse. It seems that the shadow of the person who
owned the things was angry at him and followed him home.
Two others of these Blackfeet have since died, killed in war ; but E-kus'-kini is alive yet.
He took a stone and an iron arrow point that had belonged to his father, and always carried
them about with him.
That is why he has lived so long.
The man who took the stone arrow point found near the pis'kun, which had belonged to his father, took it home with him.
This was his medicine.
After that he was badly wounded in two fights, but he was not killed ; he got well.
The one who took the buffalo rock, I-nis'-kim, it afterward made strong to call the buffalo into the pis'kun.
He would take the rock and put it in his lodge close to the fire, where he could look at it, and would pray over it and make medicine. Sometimes he would ask for a hundred buffalo to
jump into the pis'kun, and the next day a hundred would jump in.
He was powerful.
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