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2023.06.06 21:15 canis__minor Overwhelmed by fast-talking — How can my inattentive brain cope with hyperactive speed?

Hi everyone! I've recently been diagnosed with ADHD-PI. I have sensory issues (among other things) that lead me to think that I also might be on the autism spectrum.
My supervisor also has ADHD but the hyperactive/impulsive type (as far as I can tell). I appreciate them so much as a manager, colleague, and person. Sometimes though they talk very, very quickly and the density of information is suuuuper overwhelming and mentally taxing for me. At the end of a meeting, I might be ready to crawl in a hole. It makes me an... ineffective worker, among other things (queue feelings of unworthiness).
I have some talking scripts in my back pocket to help revisit/synthesize chats (i.e., "That was a lot of super helpful information! Can I repeat the key points to make sure I've got it?") But how do I cope in the moment? Or shortly after? I want to meet my boss where they're at and also keep myself from shutting down.
Also open to strategies about how I might be able to anticipate and restructure things to meet both our needs/styles. TYSM :)
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2023.06.06 21:15 Squidlips413 The Fundamental Issue with Tunneling

I want to make a post going over why tunneling is so prevalent, the big picture a lot of players seem to be missing, and a few possible solutions.

Eliminating a survivor is by far the most effective play a killer can make.

Before we go any further, we need to establish that as an absolute fact. There are exceptions to every rule, but the exceptions to this rule are exceedingly rare and mostly deal with risky plays to try for additional kills. At 3 survivors the killer can get into a snowball of one on hook, one in chase, and one going for unhook. This leave no one available to work on gens. With 4 survivors, you have a spare survivor who can work on gens or help heal other survivors. At 2 survivors, the game is basically over. Eliminating a survivor always results in a massive shift in the killer's favor since the meta game is completely different for different numbers of remaining survivors. Tunneling is the fastest way to eliminate a survivor.
What is the problem with tunneling? Pretty much survivor's feelings one way or another. Getting tunneled off hook feels bad, especially if you didn't make it to a tile to get a decent chase out of it. Getting eliminated also feels bad if you are playing with a SWF, since you now have to just spectate for a while.
That pretty much covers why people tunnel and why people don't like it. What can we do about it? I have a few general ideas, in vaguely the order I believe would be best for the game.
  1. Give the killer a bonus that goes away when a survivor is killed by any means
  2. Reward the killer for hooking different survivors
  3. Punish the killer for hooking a survivor multiple times in a row
  4. Give the survivors a bonus when a survivor is eliminated to compensate for the missing survivor
  5. Punish the killer for going after a recently unhooked survivor
The first one is by far the best in my opinion. It gives killers a choice between a strong bonus or the naturally strong game state of eliminating a survivor. If the bonus is strong enough, the killer will want to keep all the survivors in the game until multiple are on death hook. An example of this is current Hex: Ruin, although the perk isn't strong enough for many people to run, likely because it can be broken by survivors. Hex: Devour Hope kind of fits this category since you want to hook survivors that can be unhooked so you can get stacks.
Two and three go hand in hand. The issue is how exactly you define hooking the same or different survivors. It seems good on paper but in practice there are plenty of times where you can tunnel someone while hooking someone else in between the tunneled survivor's hook states. It also might just lead to an increase in slugging so that the killer can hook survivors in the order of their choosing. Current Scourge Hook: Pain Resonance is a great example of this working in practice, although there is no anti-tunneling limitation on the perk.
Number 4 is a good contender with one major flaw. The naturally killer sided game state of eliminating a survivor could be compensated for by buffing the survivors in some way. This could be a simple action speed boost or even something more creative like being healthy after an unhook or unlocking the self healing action in some way. The major flaw is that if the bonus is too strong or fun, survivors might just let each other die.
Number 5 is the brute force solution that many players suggest. Simply punish the killer severely for tunneling. This makes about as much sense as punishing survivors for not spreading out gen progress, except gens don't care if they get eliminated from the game. It might be part of a complete solution, but I would much rather reward player for good and fun behavior rather than punish for undesirable behavior. The best solution I have seen that would fit in this category is making unhooked survivors completely invulnerable and no collision with the killer until taking a conspicuous action. This solution also fixes the issue where survivors sometimes body block off hook, which frequently leads to them being tunneled.
In conclusion I believe a lot of players don't acknowledge that eliminating a survivor is pretty much always the strongest play a killer can make. We need to acknowledge that the game plays very differently with different numbers of survivors remaining. By far my preferred solution is to reward the killer for keeping survivors in the game. The issue is that it is currently very disadvantageous to keep all the survivors in the game.
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2023.06.06 21:14 Majestic_Scholar6514 This really shows how harsh Abby’s coaching is compared to others.

This really shows how harsh Abby’s coaching is compared to others.
Not saying that the other coaches or teachers aren’t toxic but yeah.
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2023.06.06 21:08 stylescentre 4 Tips For Wearing a Beanie With Bangs

4 Tips For Wearing a Beanie With Bangs
Wearing a beanie with bangs can be a bit tricky, but there are several ways to do it. Here are a few tips:
1. Push your bangs back: This is the simplest way to wear a beanie with bangs. Use a comb or your fingers to push your bangs back so they're out of your face and then put on the beanie.
2. Wear your beanie further back: Try wearing your beanie a little further back on your head so that it sits behind your bangs. This will create a gap between your forehead and the beanie, which will allow your bangs to sit naturally.
3. Leave some hair out: If you have longer bangs, you could leave some hair out in front of the beanie. This will not only look cute but also help keep your bangs from getting squished under the beanie.
4. Style your bangs: You could also style your bangs in a way that complements the beanie. For example, you could curl them or pin them to the side.
When wearing a beanie with bangs, the main concern is keeping the bangs from getting squished and flattened under the beanie. If you push your bangs back before putting on the beanie, it will create a gap between your forehead and the beanie, which will allow your bangs to sit naturally.
Another option is to wear the beanie further back on your head so that it sits behind your bangs rather than on top of them. This will also help prevent your bangs from getting flattened.
If you have longer bangs, leaving some hair out in front of the beanie can look cute and add some dimension to your hair. You could even style those pieces by curling them or pinning them to the side for an extra touch.
Ultimately, the key is to experiment and see what works best for you. Some people find that certain styles of beanies work better with their hair type or length, so don't be afraid to try a few different options until you find the one that looks and feels the best.
How do you make bangs look good in a beanie?
To make bangs look good in a beanie, you can try pulling the beanie down lower on your forehead to cover your bangs completely or tucking your bangs under the beanie for a sleeker look. You can also wear your beanie slightly back on your head to show off your bangs or style your bangs to the side and wear your beanie slightly tilted to the opposite side.
Using bobby pins to secure your bangs in place before putting on your beanie can also help keep them looking neatly. Experiment with different styles and angles until you find the look that works best for you.
There are several ways to make bangs look great in a beanie! Here are a few tips:
Choose the right type of beanie: Some beanies are better suited for wearing with bangs than others. Slouchy beanies or those with a looser fit can help prevent your bangs from getting flattened and will allow them to sit naturally.
Style your bangs before putting on the beanie: If you style your bangs before putting on the beanie, it will help them keep their shape and prevent them from getting squished. You could blow-dry them with a round brush or use a flat iron to create a sleek, straight look.
Push your bangs back slightly: Before putting on the beanie, use your fingers to push your bangs back just a little bit.
What hairstyles look good with beanies?
Many different hairstyles look great with beanies! Here are a few ideas:
Messy bun: A messy bun is a classic hairstyle that pairs well with a beanie. Simply pull your hair back into a loose bun and let some strands fall around your face for a relaxed, effortless look.
Side braid: A side braid is another great option for wearing with a beanie. You can create a traditional braid or a fishtail braid and then tuck the end of the braid into the beanie.
Low ponytail: A low ponytail is a simple yet chic hairstyle that looks great with a beanie. You can wear the ponytail straight down your back or to the side for a more asymmetrical look.
Half-up, half-down: If you want to show off your hair but still keep it out of your face, a half-up, half-down style is a perfect choice. Simply pull the top half of your hair back and secure it with a clip or hair tie, leaving the rest of your hair down.
Braided crown: For a more intricate look, try a braided crown. This style involves braiding two sections of hair on either side of your head and then crossing them over at the back to create a crown-like effect.
Remember, the key to finding the best hairstyle to wear with a beanie is to experiment and find what works for you and your people!
What face shape looks good in a beanie?
Beanies are versatile accessories that can flatter many different face shapes. However, people with round or square face shapes may find that a beanie with a slouchy or loose fit can help balance out their features.
Those with longer or oval-shaped faces may prefer a more fitted beanie that sits higher on the forehead to add width and balance to their face shape. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and experimenting with different styles to find what looks best on you.
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2023.06.06 21:07 Huaxxo How common is for you to get ghosted? Why this happens?

Lately i (22M) been dating again, after a couple of years without really going out in a date with women i noticed that somethings have changed. The first thing that i noticed is that nowadays dating apps and/or social media are by far the most common way to meet new people, so i had to give it a try.
After a few dates and numerous chats with women, i find it really difficult to stablish a serious bonding with someone, and i dont know why; from mi perspective it really doesnt make much sense, luckily for me im not bad looking, so its not very hard to start a conversation with someone who i find atractive in social media, usually things go great at first because im pretty much an extrovert too so i dont find it difficult to meet new people and talk to them, but after the first impressions is when things start to go down hill: We have a great conversation the first days, usually i ask them in a date, go out and have a very good time together laughting and talking about life, nevertheless, when im starting to get really interested in knwoing the other person, it seems to me that something happens because they start ghosting me, and its really getting into my head.
In particular there are two experiences that really left me wondering, the first one happened after my first date with a girl (20F), we had a great time and spend the whole day together, so next week i invited her for dinner at my appartment, after a nice dinner she stayed for the night and we had intercourse. The very next day she decided to come and visit me again at my appartment, she stayed with me for the second day in a row too. In the morning she wake me up and told me she needed to leave, so we get dressed and i walked her outside of the building, we kiss and say goodbye. After that i was ghosted.
The second one its less dramatic but i kinda fell the same way about it, i was at a rave with my friends and suddenly i met some old friend that i havent seen in a while, he introduced me to two of her girl friends and i really liked one of them, so i started to talking to her. After a while i noticed that she was interested too, so we started to dance and getting more close, nothing really happened that night but she gave me her instagram, next day i dm her and we started talking, she told me that she had a great time with me and that i was pretty hot, so i decided to ask her out, we arranged a date and i was excited, however the day of the date she cancelled me and told me to met her another day, when the day of the second date came she cancelled me again and did the same thing, but at the third time we made a plan to go out she just ghosted me, and days later after that she reacted to one of my ig stories (?????).
I dont really know why this happens. At first i tought i was the problem, so i started to analyze my behaviour, after being fully honest with myself i think that at least in this particular cases im not the problem, the conversations in chat seemed great to me (we both making compliments about ourselves and laughting about jokes) and when we meet in person i think its even better (because its what i been told by them after the dates). So im really trying to understand why this happens because i feel kinda bad whit myself not knowing the answer and thinking im the problem.
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2023.06.06 21:06 Throwaway071299 How to become numb?

Life sucks and my mental health is getting much worse. How do I become numb? How do I turn off my feelings and emotions? I don’t want to feel anymore. I feel too much. I’ve been in therapy weekly for 6 years. Diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, CPTSD, major depressive disorder. I can’t feel like this anymore. How do I turn it off?
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2023.06.06 21:06 StupidInternetFart Tinder Misadventures - Pt2. Bellybutton Boy

Seems like ReddX enjoyed the last story he narrated, and people here seem to want more... Far be it from me to deny you that all-too-enticing hit of cringe, so we'll get after is again today. Before we do though, I'd like to invite you into my head. It might help explain my reaction (or lack of one) to the previous dating nightmare. I was young, I was raised by alcoholic parents, and I was taught that speaking up about anything only brings trouble.
I don't need pity, I've been to therapy and moved past it for the most part, it's simply to shed some light on why I remained so passive through these events. Truth be told, this series of strange and awful dates slowly helped to bring me out of the shell that I'd built for myself, so it was all happening for a reason I guess... but we aren't there quite yet.
Dean was the worst date, but he wasn't the first date that I subjected to myself from Tinder. No, that honor belongs to Ben the Bellybutton Boy. Cast lists are unnecessary, TLDR is at the end. Let's get the cringe-train rolling.
Ben's profile wasn't very intricate. A single line about wanting something meaningful, which doesn't hold much water for me anymore... but I was 18 and naïve. Some might say that I was also fairly shallow. In one picture he was drinking a Natty Ice, in another he had on a backwards hat. I was close to swiping left on yet another bro-dude and carrying on... But then I got one look at Ben with his shirt off and I was hooked.
It might be a catfish, but for a body like that? I was more than willing to take my shot. Suffice to say, that he was a gorgeous human being. I should've been looking more than skin deep though, because Ben had some deep dark secrets. He did match with me though, and I was super flattered. We had a meandering conversation. I learned that he loves his mom, and is absolutely terrified of horror movies. Those things will come into play later. He didn't seem to have much to say that was interesting or clever, but I let it all slide. Ben's abs were blinders, a 3 pack on each side.
He seemed to push for a meetup rather fast, which usually made me go ghost in the few Tinder conversations I'd had before... But I thought to myself that now I was finally ready for an actual date with an internet stranger. Maybe he was way more interesting in person. (He was interesting, but not in the way that I'd hoped.) The fact that his body was chiseled from granite-turned-flesh had nothing to do with my decision. Again, isn't it funny the lies that we tell ourselves?
Ben wanted me to come over to his place and stupidly, I agreed to do so. We'd only been talking for about a week, and now I was going to deliver myself to his front door? Walk right into the wolf-den and hope for the best? God... I swear, I'd love to shake the living shit out of my past-self... but I truly didn't know better at the time. Maybe we would actually watch some Netflix and chill? Could he actually be looking for something meaningful?
Ben's place was in a lower-middle-class section of the LA outskirts. At the time, I thought it looked pretty busted but compared to some of my later encounters? It wasn't the worst house. Sort of non-descript and uninteresting, but well-maintained... much like Ben himself, I suppose. I scoped it out for a few minutes. Surfboards on the porch, a few potted plants, a bench-seat out front. It seemed very normal, so I collected myself, headed up to the front door, and knocked.
Ben answered and he was all smiles. He lifted my arm above my head and I gave him a little twirl. After a wolf-whistle, he commented that he'd like to see something that showed a bit more of my midriff. He gestured for me to show my stomach to him, and I did. I didn't mind. I put work into it. A strong body starts with a strong core. Ben seemed satisfied. Maybe a bit more than that in hindsight. His eyes devoured me, but he was a hunk. So I didn't mind. His predatory nature would soon be revealed to me, but I had no idea what I was in for quite yet. Instead, I let him scoop me up into a hug before he invited me inside.
The house was sort of bohemian. Lots of incense holders and dreamcatchers. Definitely not the sort of thing I'd pick, but he was a stoner-surfer bro-dude. Maybe all of this stuff was just evidence of a more sensitive side to him? I asked about some of the knick-knacks, just trying to initiate idle conversation and maybe dig past the surface level. It worked a bit. He ended up telling me about spending time in India. He seemed to harbor a lot of disdain for the country. Said people were shitting all in the streets and he couldn't find clean water anywhere. "It's like Mexico with way more poop and a few less beheadings."
I laughed. The line wasn't that funny, but the laugh also served to diffuse some of the tense atmosphere that had been created after endless jabs about everything from the caste system to the "dirty" street food and everything in between. He didn't overly-focus on a lack of attention from women, but it was mentioned. I made a mental note. Ben definitely had some entitlement issues, and with that rage simmering below the surface? It could be an explosive combination. I made a note to mind my P's and Q's and shifted the subject, asking what he had planned for Netflix.
He led me to the couch without answering and handed me the remote. "I'll leave that up to you. I've gotta finish preparing the feast." There had been a couple of red-flags so far, but nothing that would make me go screaming into the night. At least, not yet. I hit 'surprise me' on Netflix, and Ben came back into the room with a platter covered in fish. They were sardines. Even before my seafood surprise from part 1, I wasn't a huge fan of fish. Ben saw the look on my face and presumed that he should explain his dining choices. I really wish that he hadn't.
"I try to eat sardines and pineapple almost exclusively because I'm load-maxxing." he said with a nod.
I thought it was a weight-lifting term, and I just sort of nodded... but my face must've still look quizzical because he continued.
"You know how some male porn stars can shoot like the biggest loads of jizz? I think that's super hot, and I wanna be able to do that... But also have it taste good too. Not that I'm gay or anything, I don't eat my own cum like some [redacted] but I just think it's super sexy when a girl is enjoying herself. I'm also taking selenium supplements and it's totally working. I can fill up a whole shot glass now. Before I started load-maxxing it was just like, this sad little poot of semen... But now I'm shooting ropes of the stuff! I might show you later, if you're lucky."
I frowned and shook my head, but I don't think he took much notice of it as he went to work obliterating those smelly, oily little fishies. I didn't speak up, but like any sane person... I knew that I had to make my escape. However, due to the constraints of the social contract that we've all unwillingly signed, I'd need to bide my time and find the proper strategy. I definitely didn't want to have this jizzed up meathead explode in my face, if you'll excuse the pun. You don't just declare war, y'know? You prime the press, you square things with the UN, you make up your reasons.
The 'surprise me' movie that I can't remember rolled on, and he offered me the fish-plate. I politely declined. My brain was occupied with the perfect exit, and hunger is a decent motivator even aside from the unpredictable meatball that I was seated next to. Truth be told? I should've just blitzed the front door and not bothered to explain myself. He might get upset, but I'd be safe in the car... But then I wouldn't have this story to share.
Eventually, the sardines all went to meet poopoo-Jesus and he leaned back on the couch. He snaked his hand onto my shoulder and pulled me backwards. I wasn't in the mood to cuddle so I'd scoot away, then he'd inch closer. I hated every second of this awkward little dance, but the strangeness got turned up to 11 when he started running his oily unwashed fish-fingers around my bellybutton. I squirmed away and stood up. I told him that this was all getting to be a little bit too much, too soon... but Bellybutton Boy wasn't about to let me escape that easily.
He stood up in that same moment and blocked the walkway to the front door. He asked me to please sit back down while at the same time 'guiding' me by the shoulders. He was far too forceful for my liking. It was a gentle pull into his arm, a gentle push back into the couch... But this was our first date. I've seen things like this before between my own parents. This toolbox is one bad argument away from throwing a cinderblock at the back of my head. I took a deep breath and used my go-to tactic of avoiding conflict at that time: submission.
As I sat back onto the couch, he dropped to his knees. I was expecting the worst to happen, but instead he started to baby-talk me... Which is still pretty fucking bad.
"Does wittle Dawnie want to see baby Ben's tongue? I can wick your wittle bewwybutton. Then maybe we can go pway wiff somefing ewse. My woad is about to expwode..."
I still wonder if he meant for it to rhyme. It was effective, in a way. I still remember those words many years later. The thousand-yard stare I had adopted as my defense started to gaze through time and space. Trying to find any reality that wasn't this one. Just because my body was stuck there, didn't mean that my brain had to be... So I disconnected as much as possible, but even Terri Schiavo would take notice of the horror that would befall me next.
I suppose baby Ben the bellybutton bully boy took my silence and disaffected staring at the ceiling as consent, because he lifted my shirt enough to expose my bellybutton. The first this he did was give it a really deep sniff before letting out a satisfied "ohhhh yeahhhh". Was he looking for a good scent? A bad one? Was he just THAT excited to unveil the mysterious allure of a teenage navel? The debate rages on until this very day. It doesn't matter much, because he didn't stop at smelling it.
His tongue slipped into that umbilical scar and started to explore. I never wanted this. I didn't consent at any point, but I didn't outright say "NO" either. I've unpacked this experience with multiple therapists. I think what I remember most vividly was looking down and seeing his oily fish lips. They were sucking on my stomach like my navel was the last source of oxygen on the planet. I recall seeing his tongue, covered in the desiccated and masticated remains of a sardine meal, fishing around for whatever the hell it was he wanted. He kept muttering to himself between spelunking expeditions, weird shit like "ooo baby wike your bewwy" and "mama make benny's peepee so hawd".
The cringe-meter was redlining, and I finally realized that he wasn't going to stop unless I made him stop. I told him that I had to pee, and that he should PLEASE drink some water. I was hoping it might wash away some of the sardine leftovers, if I really did need to come back. At this point, my plan was to bail out the bathroom window. Until I got to the bathroom and saw that the window was only about 6 inches tall. Just enough to air out sardine-and-selenium-laden ploppers, but not enough to do me any good.
I must've stood in that bathroom for 20 minutes or so. There was no escape. If I wanted out, I'd need to go through. Just as a reminder from the universe, every once in a while I'd hear Ben let out a large belch. At least he was washing his fishy mouth out. I steeled myself and headed back into the living room. I lied that I had a text from my mom and had to leave, but Ben wrapped his arms around me and begged to finish. I could clearly smell beer on his breath. Memories of dear old dad must've kicked in, because I found myself agreeing to sit on the couch again.
He continued rubbing his stale-beer-smelling mouth all over my stomach, except this time there was the added benefits of pauses to burp every so often. "Doesn't dat sound wike a echo mama?" I truly did want to die in that moment. I had to find some way to at least pump the brakes, if not bail out completely. I squirmed away from him, again. I told him this was moving too fast, again. He didn't ignore me this time. So I suggested that we watch a new movie. This time I chose a Chucky movie. Either he would get scared and give me an out, or I'd pretend to be scared and make the exit for myself.
If I knew how he'd actually react, I might not have taken this measure. The moment the movie started Ben was immobilized. He had stopped trying to molest my bellybutton. All he did was apply a nervous death-grip the arm of the sofa. I asked if he was OK, but he insisted he was fine. He was not fine however, and after the first murder I looked over to see tears rolling down his cheeks.
This was my moment. It was either act like a cold-hard bitch, or continue being assaulted. I asked incredulously, "ARE YOU CRYING??" He nodded and started his whining baby-talk, but he didn't follow me as I leapt from the couch, called him a sissy, and flung the front door open. I quickly walked to my car. My brain had second thoughts, but I started the ignition. I legitimately wanted things to work with Ben. I would've been mommy. Whatever. But he didn't ask for consent at any point and was overly-pushy about everything he wanted.
While I felt bad about doing that to Ben, and piling an insult on top of it... I felt much more delight than despair. This situation was headed for a place that I didn't want it to go, and I was able to scratch and claw my way back to freedom. The bellybutton boy had unveiled his Achilles heel as a silly talking point, and I thanked my lucky stars that I was able to use that to my advantage. He could've flown into a rage over it, but he didn't. The guardian angel on my shoulder was working overtime on that day, I have no doubts about that. Looking back, should I have called the cops and reported him? Probably. Instead, I just thanked my lucky stars and tried to move past it in my own way...
You'd think that would be the end of this tale, but there was a follow-up to the bad date. Remember when I mentioned that Ben was close to his mother? Well, she charged into battle in defense of her little bellybutton man... I answered the first time she called. I wouldn't make that mistake again. She accused me of abusing her special boy, she threatened me with everything from death to lawsuits, she slung every curse under the sun at me. After 5 minutes, I realized I was trying to talk sense into a lunatic and blocked her number.
Bellybutton matriarch wasn't done yet though... I would get sporadic VOIP calls for weeks afterwards. She contacted my job to report me. She attempted to harass MY mom and every other contact she could find. I suppose that's the unfortunate part of social media. I explained to everyone what had happened and they all agreed that she was completely unhinged. Luckily, it seemed like her harassment was confined to the internet. I went dark for a month, and I guess she found a new target. Ben wouldn't have trouble getting more dates, even if he was a certified navel-gazer.
It was at this point that I swore off of Tinder for the first time. That wouldn't stop me from meeting up with maniacs though. My therapist says that I demonstrate a concerning amount of thrill-seeking behavior, and that these encounters are a manifestation of that. While I don't disagree 100%, I still think I overanalyze and avoid uncertainty in a lot of other areas of my life. Maybe the comments will let me know how they feel about that diagnosis?
Speaking of therapy... In hindsight, I can absolutely see how that insane woman could've produced a self-absorbed, baby-talking dunderhead. If you look at it through that frame then the tale of Ben the bellybutton boy takes on a much more depressing tone. He's like a modern-day Frankenstein, but he does still bear some responsibility for his actions. At least, that's what I tell myself when I start feeling guilty.
I did manage to stay of Tinder for a while, but in our next installment we are headed to Craigslist. Be afraid. Those are tales for another day though... Thanks to ReddX if he reads this. Please subscribe to him on YouTube if ya haven't. I'll see you again next time my little Tinderlings. -Dawn
TL;DR Lunatic lugnut baby-talks my bellybutton with his fish-lips.
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2023.06.06 21:06 AssistancePure4898 Ps4 online doesn’t work

I deleted carx half a year ago becuase it wouldn’t let me play online or start my own drift race by myself I can only play the single player races and stuff. I got it today and I have PlayStation plus and cross platform is on and there’s no error message it just won’t load into a server or let me create my own it just loads and shows me the same screen. Has this happened to anyone else if so how do I ftx it
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2023.06.06 21:06 Kayleetbh Were Ross and Rachel in love throughout the entire show?

This may seem like an odd question and it might be really stupid but I’ve been really curious but no one seems to have talked about it on here.
Okay so obviously, Ross has loved Rachel since high school, a very long time. It’s been said a million times over the course of the show, it’s well know . And even at the start of the show he was in love with her, very obvious. And then when he finds out Rachel loves him back in season two, it’s really good for them. And even when they were fighting when they were dating, you know when Ross was jealous, they still loved each other deeply. And in season 4 when they have a reconciling and Rachel says “I broke up with you because I was mad at you, NOT because I stopped loving you!” Obviously still after being broken up, she still loved him. And he still loved her.
So this is where my question comes in, after they break up after the recollection, are they still in love? I would still think so.
But in the later seasons, I get confused..
Because for example, when Rachel’s sister comes to town, Ross doesn’t peruse anything with her and he says to Rachel something along the lines of, “If I ever got with her then there would be no chance of us again.” And that was odd. Since it’s been so long since they dated, why would he say that?
And then in that one episode where they had to pretend they were together again for the party, Ross told a story about how he “purposed” and Rachel really loved it. There was like a moment between them.
And obviously when they do the devils tango when they were drunk but they didn’t even to think it meant anything and then Emma was born, they share a kiss but nothing ever happens. Again, weird.
And then Ross is insanely jealous when Joey and Rachel are a thing. Which again I found random because he was with the other girl that I forget the name of.
And then randomly at the end, he tells her that he’s in love with her. And I don’t know if it was just me but it was kind of random since there wasn’t very much buildup except the LAST 2 episodes. Season 10 was weird. It was just weird.
But then they date other people and don’t care and seen to have moved on😭😭
So were they in love with the entire show? Even in the later seasons when there seemed to be no jealousy when they were dating other people (Like when Rachel dated Tag) and nothing seemed to be going on between them?
Even if there were moments here and there that would be a little sprinkle of moments that show their feelings for each other. But then it confused me because it goes away the next episode like it never happened.
I don’t know, what do you guys think?
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2023.06.06 21:00 amanda82396 Minnesota restaurant owner is requiring off site alcohol awareness training without pay, and claiming it's a city requirement.

I think my boss is either trying to get away with not compensating for what she calls mandatory training required by the city, or is perhaps just ignorant of the law. Or maybe it's me who's ignorant? That's why I am here! Also, sorry for any formatting or grammar mistakes!
I work at a restaurant that sells alcohol and they are enrolled in a city program called the Best Practices Program. I have copied and pasted the city's explanation of the program below, as well as the cited section of the city code. This is all the information I could find from the city's websites. I am currently waiting on an email response from the city after I asked them how it's legal for the them to require this training without fair compensation from neither the restaurant or city.
From my own initial research, this is just plain illegal, but I am no expert in the law! Do small mom and pop restaurants get "special" treatment? Are they truly exempt from paying for this type of training? Or is she just lying about it being required by the city? It very much seems to be a voluntary program she opted her business into.
I know this is pretty vague, but any help is appreciated! I want to be confident in this matter when I confront my boss about it. If anything comes off as unclear, I will do my best to answer any questions!!
Best Practices Program -City Code Title XI: Business Regulations -Chapter 111: Alcoholic Beverages -Section 111.10(C)(2)
Purpose: -The Best Practices Program (BPP) is a City sponsored program aimed at eliminating alcohol sales to youth. This free voluntary program is offered to all liquor license holders in the City. The BPP offers incentives to participating licensees to undertake certain practices with the objective of avoiding alcohol sales to minors.
Benefits of Participation: -Benefits to liquor license holders participating in the BPP include: regularly scheduled, City-provided training at no cost; and a reduction in penalties if a violation should occur. Best Practices training is not offered to non-registered liquor licensees. Additionally, insurance companies may offer a discount or require employees be trained in Best Practices
-If a Best Practices Business has two (2) or more violations within a three (3) year period, the City Council may choose to disregard a business’ participation in the program and apply penalties different than the BPP presumptive penalties. Participation -Licensees are notified of this program at the time of licensure and restated at the time of license renewal. However, enrollment may happen anytime during the license period; July through June. Interested licensees need to provide written intent to participate in the program. Upon successful completion of the BPP’s requirements, the licensee will be categorized as a Best Practices Business. -It is the licensee’s responsibility to ensure continued compliance with the program. Recertification will be required during annual renewal of a liquor license. -Best Practices trainings are typically offered at time of renewal. You will be notified once training dates have been determined. -Liquor licensees with an established employee training program and certification process may apply for a waiver from the City.
111.10 Suspension Or Revocation Of License A. Suspending License. The City Council may suspend any retail license for up to 60 days or revoke any retail license for the sale of alcoholic beverages upon the violation of any provision or condition of this chapter or of any state or federal law regulating the sale of alcoholic beverages. The City Council shall revoke the license for any willful violation, which under the laws of this state, is grounds for mandatory revocation.
B. Notice To Suspend. Before the Council shall suspend or revoke any license issued under this chapter, the licensee shall be given at least 10-days’ notice stating the time and place of the hearing and the charges against the licensee. The notice shall also state that the licensee may have a hearing conducted under M.S. §§ 14.57 through 14.69 of the Minnesota Administrative Procedures Act, as they may be amended from time to time.
C. Presumptive Civil Penalties. The following process and presumptive penalties shall apply only to liquor license violations involving failure of routine alcohol sales, compliance checks or sales of alcohol to underage persons. There shall be no presumptive penalties for liquor license violations of other types and the City Council may impose any penalties allowed by law for those violations after the notice and opportunity for hearing provided in division (B) above.
  • 1. Purpose. The purpose of this section is to establish a standard by which the City Council determines the length of license suspensions and the propriety of revocations, and shall apply to all on-sale and off-sale licensed premises. These penalties are presumed to be appropriate for every case; however, the Council may deviate in an individual case where the Council finds that there exist substantial reasons making it more appropriate to deviate. When deviating from these standards, the Council shall provide written findings that support the penalty imposed.
  • 2. Best Practices Program. The Best Practices Program (BPP) is a program offered by the City with the intent to eliminate sales of alcohol to youth. Participation in the BPP is voluntary, it is offered to both off-sale and on-sale liquor establishments and offers incentives to participating licensees to undertake certain practices with the objective of avoiding sales to minors. The City will assist participating businesses with training and a different set of presumptive penalties will apply to those who choose to participate, should an illegal sale to a minor occur. Licensees may enroll at any time during their license period, and will be offered an opportunity at the time of annual license renewal. Interested licensees will provide written intent to participate, and will be categorized as a Best Practices Business once they have successfully completed the requirements of the program. It is the licensee’s responsibility to ensure continued compliance with the program; the City may conduct random verification checks, and recertification will be required during annual renewal of a liquor license. If a Best Practices Business has two (2) or more violations within a three (3) year period, the City Council may choose to disregard a business’ participation in the program and apply penalties different than the BPP presumptive penalties.
Required Items -A minimum of 75% of alcohol selling employees (at any one time) have attended alcohol training conducted by City's Police Department (or other training pre-approved by the City) -Business has an internal program in place for providing ongoing training of both new and current alcohol selling employees (copy of program and tracking must be provided) -Business has an internal policy requiring identification checks for anyone appearing to be 40 years old or under (copy of program and tracking must be provided)
    1. Underage sales and compliance check failures. The following presumptive penalties apply to liquor license violations involving failure of routine alcohol sales compliance checks or sale of alcoholic beverages to an underage person(s).
  • a. Multiple violations. At a licensee’s first appearance before the City Council, the Council shall act upon all of the violations that have been alleged in the notice sent to the licensee. The Council in that case shall consider the presumptive penalty for each violation under the 1st Violation column in division (3) above. The occurrence of multiple violations shall be a basis for deviation from the presumptive penalties in the Council’s discretion.
  • b. Subsequent violation. Violations occurring after the notice of hearing has been sent to the licensee, but prior to the hearing, shall be treated as a separate violation and treated as a subsequent violation before the City Council, unless the City Administrator and licensee agree in writing to add the violation to the appearance and hearing on the initial violation for which notice was sent. The same procedure shall apply to a second, third or fourth violation considered before the Council.
  • c. Subsequent appearances. Upon a second, third or fourth appearance before the City Council by the same licensee, the Council shall impose the presumptive penalty for the violation or violations giving rise to the subsequent appearance without regard to the particular violation or violations that were the subject of the first or prior appearance. However, the Council may consider the amount of time elapsed between appearances as a basis for deviation from the presumptive penalties imposed by this section.
  • d. Computation of violations. Multiple violations are computed by reviewing the time period of the two (2) years immediately prior to the date of the most current violation.
  • e. Stipulations in lieu of hearing. When a liquor license violation involves a licensee’s failure of a routine alcohol sales compliance check or sale of alcohol to an underage person or persons to which these presumptive penalties apply, documentation of the illegal sale shall be sent to the City Council by either the Chief of Police or the City Administrator, together with notice of the applicable presumptive penalty. If no Council member objects to application of the presumptive penalty or otherwise requests that the matter be brought before the Council within 7 days, the City Administrator or City Attorney may enter into a written stipulation with the licensee which shall include a waiver of further notice and hearing by the licensee, a recitation of stipulated facts describing the alleged violation, and setting forth the applicable presumptive penalty to be imposed, provided that all such stipulations shall be subject to the approval of the City Council and if the approval is not granted, the licensee shall have the right to withdraw its waiver of hearing and to demand a hearing before the Council.
  • f. Other penalties. Nothing in this section shall restrict or limit the authority of the City Council to suspend a liquor license up to 60 days, to revoke the license, to impose a civil fee not to exceed $2,000 to impose conditions, or to take any other action in accordance with law; provided that the license holder has been afforded an opportunity for a hearing in the manner provided by this chapter.
D. Costs. Once a notice of intent to revoke or suspend a license has been mailed to the licensee, the licensee becomes responsible for all reasonable costs of investigation, administration and hearings associated with the action as a condition of reinstatement, termination of suspension or dismissal of the allegations prior to a hearing.
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2023.06.06 21:00 Impressive_Berry2680 Switching steam decks. How do I get my non cloud saves onto my other deck?

I’m going to transfer my games to a new steamdeck. Most games have cloud saves, but a few don’t. How do I transfer those save files? Can I just do it deck to deck? Is that possible?
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2023.06.06 20:58 asdbnmrty AP Mines - How does AOE damage work?

Don't have much experience with mines, thinking of investing in AP mines.
How does the AOE for AP mines work? Is the damage a sphere around when it blows, or is it direction based opposite of how it was placed?
I ask because several instances I know I walked over and tripped enemy AP mines (heard the click, followed by the explosion) and sometimes I die instantly while others I take literally no damage. I was walking (not sprinting) so I doubt I outran the explosion radius (though some soldiers have +10% run speed perk, don't know if I was on these soldiers at these times). Can't tell if bug or something to do with mine mechanics.
Any AP mine placing tips to get the most out of them would be appreciated.
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2023.06.06 20:56 phymathnerd [Texas] I lost my old apartment rental agreement and would like to get a copy for financial aid purposes. How do I get a copy?

I lived in Texas in 2017 and was on the apartment lease contract. Unfortunately I moved a lot, so I ended up losing the lease contract. I would like to obtain the document again. I reached out to the leasing office, but they keep on creating bureaucracy to not give me. I need to submit the document for a financial aid at my school (Public school in Texas). How do I go about getting the document? Is there a legal way of doing this?
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2023.06.06 20:53 hhhdjsjsnsbx Help for some

I know a lot of people want to kill themselves because they feel depressed, socially anxious, traumatized, stressed etc. On top of that work just makes everything impossible, but I have a solution. With my way of life, you can live off just 2-3 days of work a week to support yourself so work isn’t that stressful. Also, you can use weed to help manage the stress. I know a lot of people have mixed reaction to weed, but I seriously think anyone can learn to use weed. I used to get stressed out and paranoid from weed, but I knew of its powerful anti-depressive, euphoric, healing properties, so I pushed through it. Eventually I got to the point where I can use weed without the negative side effects. I think with the proper guidance anyone can learn to use weed effectively. Furthermore, weed is legal in most states, and you can grow it so its free. You may be wondering how you can live off 2-3 days of work a week. And wait hear me out, the answer is buying a pickup and living in a trailer with solar power. You get good insulation, privacy, bedding, comfort, and electricity. Now hear me out, you have a giant backyard, a great view, you only have to work 2-3 days a week, you’re safe, comfortable, entertained, you can get portable showers or go to the gym, it’s barely any different from living in a house, and you don’t have to pay rent. So if life is too hard and/or sad this is your solution.
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2023.06.06 20:53 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - Verbal Academy (The Course)

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2023.06.06 20:53 AutoModerator Iman Gadhzi - Agency Navigator (Full and HD)

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The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
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2023.06.06 20:52 Ace-Pokemon-Master Point to learning new language?

Hello everyone, im new to this community and have been slowly trying to learn German. Something that discourages me a lot though is that sometimes i think whats the point to learning a new language with how far technology has come? We are able to translate between so many languages that it seems frutile to take the time and effort to learn when an app or google translate can just do it for us.
Looking for any advice or thoughts/discussion on this point as it has really been hindering my motivation to continue learning :/ thanks!!
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2023.06.06 20:46 GrayStray New GPU games crash after a minute, already tried ddu and lowering power limit on afterburner

Specs I got a 3070 and it's constantly crashing after playing games (boot to desktop). First I tried DDU in safe mode and it didn't do anything, then I tried lowering the power limit to 50% and it still didn't fix it, maybe I don't understand what this power limit does. My psu is a XFX 650W Pro XXX Edition 80+ Bronze. How can I make sure that it is my psu? Anything else I should try, is the PSU enough for my build?
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2023.06.06 20:41 MartyFraser98 How easy is it for a purely English speaker to find work in BE?

Looking to move to Belgium in the near future and wondering what job prospects would be like. Far from picky and will do almost anything.
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2023.06.06 20:39 zjzjzjzz PSA: Being a dick to store employees won’t get you anywhere.

Just need to vent. We had a customer today (and many times before) that came in pissed off and was disrespectful to my coworkers and manager. It was some billing issue he was mad about but started cursing and personally attacking us for messing up his account, claiming that “we (reps) are all the same” and how “we work for Verizon so we should be able to fix the issue.”
Obviously if it’s something we did in our store, we have to remedy it, but don’t come in yelling and cursing about how some rep from a different store or customer service messed something up and how we need to fix it.
We will happily try to assist and fix the issue but if a customer starts cursing or sending personal attacks against a rep or manager trying to help them, we will kick them out.
I know that working with Verizon is extremely frustrating, and believe me, working FOR them is equally so, but don’t expect us to bow down to you and obey your every command. Don’t expect respect from us if you aren’t giving it back. Be assertive, but RESPECTFUL.
I have no problem doing a click to call (calling CS on behalf of a customer) for things that the store can’t do, but if you start yelling, cursing or personally attacking me or one of my coworkers, we will respectfully tell you to F off and call them yourself. And don’t be surprised if you keep being a dick and the customer service reps give you attitude as well.
We get it, you wanna feel tough and cool by berating a lowly retail employee.
But we aren’t your servants.
Treat others how you want to be treated and don’t act surprised when you act like a cunt and get treated like one.
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2023.06.06 20:36 scolbath Jawbox Gin - made in... Ireland?

Jawbox Gin - made in... Ireland?
I was looking for gins from Northern Ireland after I realized I had gins from England, Wales, and Scotland, and thought it would be good to round out my collection. Does anyone have any idea how Jawbox gets away with exporting gin to the US labelled "Made in Ireland" vs "Made in the United Kingdom" if it is distilled in Belfast? You'd think that the ROI, the EU, AND the US would have a problem with that.
So *is* it made in Northern Ireland? Or is it possible the label is correct, and they've been misleading in their press material?
Or, possible third option: is Ireland a loophole in that, because of the free trade area they jointly share, you can label a product as "Made in Ireland" regardless of which side of the UK border the product is made on?
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2023.06.06 20:36 coolpeacock What university is considered a top school?

For background, I am an undergrad student in accounting and finance looking to do a postgrad in Germany. My current course is a scottish 4 years undergrad and I am likely to graduate in 1:1 or a 2:1 at max so I guess my grades aren't bad? How is the industry for this field in Germany and what type of masters would be the best suiting and which university would be the best choice in terms of reputation?
I kind of realized university ranking and reputation is seen differently than the countries I am more familiar with, so I wanted to know what are there standards there.
Thank you in advance!
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