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2011.02.28 17:21 DeadPrez Winchester, VA

Winchester, VA

2023.02.17 06:53 WhatzReddit13 As we all prep for P4A2023, I found this human interest story

Planning to ramp up its spring programming soon, local nonprofit Sustainability Matters is seeking new members and using the grant funding it won through last year’s national Project for Awesome contest to grow its footprint around the region.
“We didn’t think we had a shot,” said Sari Carp, executive director of the Edinburg-based nonprofit. Winning those funds “was kind of a community triumph.”
Recalling how they were up against national and international organizations like UNICEF, World Central Kitchen and National Novel Writing Month, Carp said it was especially exciting for a community-centered organization to be one of the winners.
Here's Sustainability Matters'P4A 2023 link!
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2022.05.08 05:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://www.nvdaily.com/nvdaily/shenandoah-national-park-growing-by-hundreds-of-acres/article_6fe479c7-e018-51d6-9116-eba1a87a82c0.html

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2022.04.17 22:38 Faction_Chief /r/news - https://www.nvdaily.com/associated_press_national/report-majority-of-black-americans-say-race-shapes-identity/article_7c0f7600-36b2-5aea-9b00-d4cafaa339b9.html

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2022.04.12 13:59 EOengineer Recall Shawn Graber from FCPS board of supervisors

While we can all agree that transparency in public school budgets is good for everyone, Graber is NOT interested in transparency for the sake of tracking dollars to produce the strongest education for our community, he’s chasing ghosts trying to make sure no tax payer dollars are teaching Critical Race Theory in FCPS classrooms despite the reality that CRT has never been taught outside colleges..
Graber has been caught harassing voters at polling locations, leveraging false claims against law enforcement that were disproven by officer body camera footage, and using abusive language towards others in FCPS board meetings.
This guy is bad news, let’s get him out of office. Here is a link to a recall petition. There is also a FCPS board meeting coming up where voices should be heard.
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2021.12.01 06:17 Obewyn Blue Ridge Legal Services receives federal technology grant Nvdaily

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2021.10.30 13:38 actuallymulan Letter to the Editor: Youngkin's ties to Trump Nvdaily nvdaily.com - Northern Virginia Daily

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2021.10.01 02:17 Obewyn Cybersecurity expert gives advice on how businesses can reduce risks at MSV luncheon Nvdaily

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2021.08.28 17:56 VVyett I got an idea for water restriction

Ask the golf courses not to use 2 billion gallons a day.
There’s always alternatives

Otherwise, you really can’t say anything to the public. Not with any legitimate concern

(edit: water restriction will probably last until october…..)
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2021.08.07 20:44 instadw Fire at Front Royal building displaces six families Nvdaily #building #displaces #families #Fire #front #frontroyal #NEWS #nvdaily #Royal #Warren

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2021.04.14 03:45 OctoberPumpkin1 Spencer's wife killed-he was driving all kids in the car

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2021.01.26 15:25 inspectoroverthemine Did anyone see this man in the footage?

Hes a politician and was the director of Office of Refugee Resettlement for two years. Now hes on the town council of Front Royal, VA. On the 19th he desperately used his position on the town council to try to get Trumps attention, my wild guess is that he was fishing for a pardon.
It'd be amazing schadenfreude if he was at the capitol.
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2021.01.23 06:00 inspectoroverthemine 88th precinct pins from 1968

Newly elected local politician who has a extremely disturbing history in federal government attended his second council meeting today wearing an '88' pin.
When asked he said that it was his fathers from the 88th precinct in NYC, and that his father was wearing it during the riots after MLK was assassinated.
Picture is below- you can buy those anywhere on the internet these days, but I'm wondering when they came into existence.
I'm not sure its allowed, but since hes a public politician. If I can post names/dates to help confirm the employment I'll do that too.
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2020.09.18 15:04 silv3rbull8 VA News: Citizens displeased with Virginia gun laws have formed the Warren County Militia,

FRONT ROYAL – Citizens displeased with Virginia gun laws have formed the Warren County Militia, which member Sam Haun said has a primary goal of defending the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment.
“It’s more of a defensive organization than it is anything. We’re not gearing up to take out the capital. And that’s what a lot of people misconstrue. They think that we’re anti-government. The reality is that we’re not anti-government, we’re anti-bad government,” Haun, a Marine Corps veteran, said.
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2020.01.13 16:12 that_clever_username Reminder: The town of Mt. Jackson [Virginia] will be having their public hearing 7pm this evening.

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2019.12.12 03:58 TalkyTalk2 Strasburg [Virginia] approves measure in support of gun rights - Josette Keelor of the Northern Virginia Daily

STRASBURG — The Town Council approved a resolution Tuesday in support of the Second Amendment.
The symbolic gesture was approved by all council members present, though two members and the mayor raised concerns about the use of the word “sanctuary,” which was not included in the resolution.
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2019.12.12 03:55 TalkyTalk2 Mount Jackson [Virginia] to hold hearing on sanctuary resolution - Melissa Topey of the Northern Virginia Daily

MOUNT JACKSON — Town Council members Tuesday night approved holding a public hearing to discuss the possibility of becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary city.
The public hearing will be held at 7 p.m. Jan. 13 at the town office.
This meeting was held the night of December 10th (last night)
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2019.12.12 03:39 TalkyTalk2 Warren County [Virginia] becomes a gun sanctuary - Josh Gully of the Northern Virginia Daily w/ video from youtube

FRONT ROYAL [Virginia] – More than 1,000 citizens, many donning orange stickers reading “Guns SAVE Lives,” packed Warren County High School’s auditorium to support a resolution declaring the locality a Second Amendment sanctuary.
Youtube video from "Royal Examiner" of the meeting.
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2019.10.11 21:29 NealJ777 Please help me win a van for my business

Hi. I am a finalist to win a Sprinter van for my business. Tomorrow is the last day to vote. Please vote and share.
Thank you.
My business is: Neal Sharpens, LLC
Voting link: https://contests.inc.com/mbvans
Newspaper article.
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2019.09.13 20:28 g4m3f33d InfoTech launches gaming center Nvdaily nvdaily.com - Northern Virginia Daily

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2019.06.04 06:32 nadonet Community News Nvdaily nvdaily.com - Northern Virginia Daily

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2019.04.13 02:33 PabloBablobar Beware: Nikolay Evdokimov is Scammer! Icobox, Cryptonomics, Decenturion is Scam.

Beware: Nikolay Evdokimov is Scammer! Icobox, Cryptonomics, Decenturion is Scam.
Beware, Guys!
Nick Evdokimov (aka Nickolay Evdokimov, Maria Batura) is Scammer! His projects: Icobox, Cryptonomics, Decenturion, Crypto Jewelry - all is Scam.
Originally from Russia, he scammed large group of people and stolen dozens of millions of dollars, now he came in USA and ready to repeat his success there, in United States. Do not give your money to him, do not ever invest in his projects of any kind!
Proofs (Russian Mass Media): https://lenta.ru/articles/2018/11/09/nick_evdokimov/ https://decenturion.su/discussion/gde-nikolaj-evdokimov https://nvdaily.ru/info/144452.html http://aferist.org/nikolaj-evdokimov-pereplyunul-mmm-decenturion-kidaet-lyudej-na-milliardy/ https://donothing.pro/decenturion-obzo https://www.facebook.com/1836304113311742/posts/2191319851143498?sfns=mo https://margarita-nik.livejournal.com/5833465.html
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2016.08.13 19:15 Laurelais-Hygeine Two Red Pandas Die at Smithsonian Facility in Front Royal

Two Red Pandas Die at Smithsonian Facility in Front Royal
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