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Fine. I admit it.
The Royal Dawn is a really nice hotel.
And the best part is, after my... demonstration to the Administrative offices today, I didn't have to order the Hotel to give us some rooms! They just offered rooms to us the minute we walked in!
I was given 'The Empress Suite.' I giggled at the name. I wonder if this had something to do with the royal retinue back in the day. Between the opulence, the name, and the theme it feels possible.
It is possible. There was always more than the Throne for you and your retinue. Every Starbase competed to offer you the most luxurious accommodations. After all, if you didn't like them, you could just rest on your starship.
My room - my suite of rooms actually - are easily the nicest place I've slept in my entire life. I made sure Omar, Ava, Um'reli and I each had our own rooms and while I'm glad that they have their own space, I'm too used to being around other people in the close quarters of FarReach or Starbases back home. I rattle around the rooms opening cabinets and drawers until I see it in the corner near a window overlooking the promenade.
They have a bath here!
It's made of some kind of golden flecked white stone, and is carved to look like it was weathered by the wind and water over millions of years. I figure out the taps, and set a bath going.
Once it's finished, I take off my outfit - Ugh, I wish I packed, this is my only clothes unless I use the Nanites to make more - and slip into the bath. It's blissfully relaxing.
I'm laying back in the tub, just floating, and I wish Ava was here with me.
Where did that come from?
I think for a split second about calling her in, but decide against it. I'm sure she'd come running if I called, I'm sure she'd be... enthusiastic about it, but I don't think I'm ready yet. I comfort myself with the thought, and soak for nearly an hour.
After, I dry and climb into the bed naked. I'll deal with clothes tomorrow.
More wild dreams.
My ship, operated and led by my most trusted Builder, Aeche, carries us to her prized Starbase. Built on her order for me, it's beautiful. She takes me on a tour, and we visit all of the highlights. She is especially proud of the transit system, the largest off planet in the Empire.
A team of 10 Builders live and work at the Reach operating in shifts to make sure all the needs of the residents and builders that live here are taken care of. It's one of the most complex Starbases yet and one of the most impressive.
That night, she comes to my rooms while I'm in the bath. She asks to join me, and I accept. For her, this is a culmination of months of jockeying and positioning to catch my eye, it's the realization of a goal years in the making.
For me, it's a fun night. She is easy on the eyes though, I see no harm in keeping her around for a while.
The next day, she leads me to the Throne. The only larger one exists back home on Imperia and I get the impression that this one is smaller only out of courtesy.
Sitting upon the Throne, with a full contingent of Builders behind me, I'm able to instantly take stock of my Empire. Things are going well. There are new reports from the frontier, and I set them to my ship, Worldshaker, so I have something to read while en route to the K'laxi.
This is the last stop before I go see the K'laxi, turn their Gate back on and remind them what the price of insubordination is. Worldshaker is getting reprovisioned and refreshed as the trip is longer than normal and I want to make sure we can stay a while if needed. On my way out, I'll touch the Gate, and commit an upload.
That night, Aeche visits me again, and we have more fun. After, we go to bed and I lay awake thinking about next steps. Aeche sighs and rolls over in her sleep next to me. I stroke her hair gently. Yes, things are going quiet well. It's nice to have some quiet.
I wake up in my bed, alone, in the hotel room, fully myself again. Not only was that the most... idyllic dream I've had yet, it's the first that I felt like it was me doing the things, not some other Empress.
Yes, the Nanites are doing well. You can probably integrate with the Throne if you were to try. It's up to you however. But remember you told The Smell of Soil after Rain to bring everyone today. We should head over there.
Hmm Good point. Okay, let's get up, get dressed, grab everyone and head over. I look over at my outfit from yesterday. It's nice, and it's impressive, but if I'm going to be presenting as Empress to everyone, I need something... more.
I concentrate and think about what would be right. I don't think about specifics, I let the Nanites take my whims into consideration and see what I get. The fog cloud of them surrounds me and my outfit from yesterday and I when they finish I turn and look in the mirror near the bath.
I'm still in royal blue - good, I like that color - but the outfit now is a... strapless ball gown? It's rather severely low cut - I wonder if that's from dreaming about Aeche - and the dress clings on the top half and billows and flows on the lower half and ends in sparking stars and nebulae on a train that flows behind me, rippling gently as if a breeze is blowing it. I check and... yes, it's not touching the ground. That's a neat trick. I'm wearing taller heels than yesterday too, but at least they're comfortable - for now. It's not something that Lieutenant Mullen would ever wear, but it seems... right for Empress Melody The First. I'll roll with it. In deference to who I am, there is a way to mount my rifle on my back. I click it in place and feel complete. I wonder how many Empresses were armed?
Many were. We even have records of a few who would carry a battle rifle with them.
That brings me some happiness. Even after how different we are, there are still some things that I share with Empresses across time.
As I open the door to leave, I see Omar, Ava and Um'reli in the hall already dressed and ready. They turn to see me and Ava and Um'reli both gasp and blush. Omar grins wickedly. "Melody, I have to say that this is the first time since you told us you were an Empress that you look the part. That is an amazing outfit."
I curtsy slightly "Thank you Omar. Did you all sleep well? I have a hunch with the Nanites you had... intense dreams?"
Ava snaps her had up to me. "I did! I dreamt that I was running a Starbase. We were preparing for your visit and I had so much to do, but I knew how to do all of it, and I had a really strong team, and you complimented our readiness when you arrived!"
Um'reli looks at me with an odd expression. "I did too, but... I dreamt I was a human. A Builder. I was operating a Starship, the Sunrunner. We were tasked by you directly to tour the frontier worlds and build a report about how they were doing, if they needed anything and if we thought there was any unrest. We were very proud because you had personally asked for us."
"What about you Omar?" Ava turns and looks at him.
"Yeah, I had a vivid dream. I dreamt that I was a planetary administrator. I ruled over more than a billion people on a world with two suns. One was white and the other was larger and redder. I remember clearly the odd shadows it cast, and how everything had an odd coloration. You had requested an increase in the delivery of Magnesium. We were able to meet the new quota this time, but I was worried that if you had requested to keep the quote high, how we would be able to make it without overworking the miners."
"Wow, so not only did you dream about being a Builder, not only did you dream about being a powerful Builder, but you all were in direct contact with the Empress. I wonder if that's because you received your Nanites from me directly."
"Who knows?" Um'reli looks at all of us. "But I for one am starving. Let's get some breakfast and go back to the Throne. Melody has a performance to give."
We head downstairs and sure enough there is a restaurant attached to the Hotel. We sit down and immediately I ask for a carafe of boiling hot water to be brought. While we wait, I take out my hand grinder and scale and make some coffee. By the time the water arrives, everything is ready. The Mariens who brought me the water is watching curiously as I make the coffee. Soon enough, it's finished, and I take the first sip of coffee in nearly three days.
Ahh, now, I can rule.
"Pardon my asking, Empress, but what is that?" The Mariens points to my beverage.
"It's called coffee. It's the roasted seed of a plant that's native to the planet we lived on. I like to drink an extraction of it made with boiling water. It does have a chemical, called caffeine, that offers a stimulant effect to Hu-Builders, but we've found it to be toxic to other Sapients, like our friends the K'laxi here. You can smell it if you'd like though." I hold out the cup.
The Mariens leans in and gently inhales. They lean back sharply and look at me. "That smells amazing." Their body language expresses wonder. "Truly, the Builders do amazing things. Now, what will you be having for breakfast?"
We order and eat and walk towards the Throne. As we're walking this time, people are not ignoring us. Children wave, people follow us with their eyes. They don't seem to be fearful of us, more respectful this time. As we turn a corner, I see Rapid River Roaring and The Smell of the Ocean. They look worse for wear. Both of them have matted feathers, even a few bare spots. Wild eyed they're looking around. River is clutching a bag of some kind.
Uh oh.
They turn and see me. Relief washes over them and they run up to me "Empress! My Empress!" They both approach me and bow low, head touching the ground. "We have completed your task. We have found Vivvix and Zemmlin and brought them to you."
Ava looks around. "But, where are they?"
I know where they are.
River opens the bag they're carrying.
Inside are most of Vivvix and Zemmlin.
"I see..." I try to not look unsettled. Omar's face darkens and he turns away. Ava look in and nods, satisfied. Um'reli doesn't look in, but she isn't unsettled by this development either.
Well. What's done is done. "I would have preferred they be brought to me alive, but my fault for not specifying that. Where were they?"
"The cowards were hiding in the docks. They were attempting to board another ship and catch up to that traitor, Ottarn. We were able to surprise them, and carried out your order, Empress."
"Yes, I can see that. Er, thank you both for your hard work. Go to High Line and find Starlight on a Moonless Evening. After this presentation, I plan on visiting the ship to assess it for refitting.
They both bow again. "Empress."
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2023.06.06 14:02 Vegetable_Wear8016 Short Story - A tale that will give you an adrenaline rush

Hello ladies, this week my fictional story will leave you feeling cautious the next time you eat at a Chinese restaurant :)
The Fortune Cookie
Samuel was exhausted, it was nearly 10 p.m. and he was leaving his office. He was starving, he just wanted to eat and hit the bed. ‘What a terrible day!’ he was muttering to himself as he got into his old beat-up Renault Kwid. He had seen a Chinese restaurant nearby that opened recently and he decided trying it now would be the best option.
It was a small inexpensive-looking restaurant for quick meals. It had simple decor with traditional Chinese paintings and some random symbols of dragons splattered here and there. One bored receptionist cum cashier and only 1 waiter. It was not a place you would come to on a date.
He gave his order and started scrolling through his phone. He saw some updates of his friend travelling to Dubai for work, one of them getting married in a fancy resort in Rajasthan and one of them was working at Google and felt the need to constantly put #googleknowsbest in all his posts.
The real estate business in India was hard, there isn’t any strategy or marketing that can make you successful, it was entirely dependent on your network and getting lucky with the right client at the right time. The respect for agents was abysmal since it was not considered an elite profession and the commissions were shared between multiple parties.
You could hire a celebrity for the promotion of a project to bring in the masses but when it came down to the client writing a cheque for that booking amount, it had nothing to do with the celebrity. Those gimmicks were just enough to get them off their laptops and visit the property.
He had to constantly ensure he was at networking events or getting in touch with the businessmen of the city to source the right inventory to sell. His company was working on a budget villa project which was taking time to sell because of the location being close to a graveyard. Not many families wanted to stay close to a burial ground despite the villa’s appeal.
It was such a beautiful villa, the amenities, the location and the price, every aspect was attractive. ‘Maybe someday when I can afford it’ he thought to himself. He finished his meal and waited for the bill. He was served a fortune cookie with the bill, “Oh it’s been a long time since I have gone to a restaurant that still serves these” he said to the waiter. He opened the cookie and the message read ‘Don’t underestimate your ideas’. ‘That’s funny, I just had an argument with my manager about an idea I had which he didn’t like’ Samuel thought, he shrugged it off and paid the bill.
The next day at work, Samuel was in the cab with his Marketing Head going to a meeting regarding a residential project in the city. They were in the middle of random banter when he decided to casually mention his idea that his boss had rejected. “That’s not a bad idea at all, I think we should bring this up at today’s meeting and ask the client for their opinion,” the Marketing Head said to him. By the end of the day, Samuel was a happy man, the marketing guys for the residential project approved it and his Marketing Head gave Samuel all the credit for it in front of his boss.
A month later, it was a late night again for Samuel, he decided to hit the Chinese restaurant for dinner again. This time he was conversing with his old college friend Meera, he had recently reconnected with her over Instagram. He was about to pay the bill when he realised he had never eaten the cookie. He opened it and it read ‘Confess your love, it’s worth it’, ” Maybe I will” Samuel said aloud.
Later that night, he asked Meera out for a movie half expecting her to say that it was too soon to go on a date. The stars were aligned and she said yes. Their date turned into many dates.
One weekend, he told his best friend about the fortune cookies and that they were lucky for him. “Are you trying to say these cookies can predict your future?” “No, I’m just saying the messages have been right twice and I don’t want to lose out”. Just to humour Samuel, his best friend agreed to dine at the restaurant.
The meal was over and they were ready to open the cookies. Samuel read ‘Something dangerous lies in your path, stay cautious’ and his best friend read ‘Avoid the upcoming journey’. “What’s that supposed to mean?!” his best friend asked him looking annoyed. “I don’t know, maybe there’s some journey you are going to go on and you shouldn’t go?” Samuel responded. “I have journeys every weekend so this doesn’t make any sense!” his best friend exclaimed. His best friend’s parents lived 3 hours from the city and he used to visit them every other weekend. His best friend declared that this was a stupid activity and they agreed to disagree ultimately.
Samuel checked his entire house for any loose wiring, fire hazards, toxic chemicals, gas leaks, etc he couldn’t find anything. He even checked his car and his desk at the office, but nothing! Maybe this was a coincidence and he was taking this too seriously. It was a fortune cookie for God’s sake! It’s supposed to be for fun. He let the incident go and forgot all about it in the next few weeks.
A month later, his Goa trip planning was in full swing. Any Indian would know how the Goa plan works. You plan for months with your friends and right before the trip, the dominoes start to fall. Samuel’s manager declined his request for the leaves due to a promo event that was happening at the same time where they had roped in a huge celebrity to pretend like he loved the villa. “It’s Pratap Kapoor we’re talking about Samuel, this is no small guy,” his boss said. “Pratap has a 20,000 sq ft villa with a bonsai garden imported from Japan, he’s not relatable when it comes to endorsing a budget home” Samuel protested. “That may be true but he has a huge social media following and the fact that he may potentially own one of the villas will give customers the message that the graveyard is not an important factor” his boss stated ending the discussion. Samuel had lost the argument and the Goa trip.
He loaned his friends his car to carry on with their trip. They offered to cancel it but he insisted that they go, he didn’t want to ruin it. Besides, it was a good time to take Meera to one of those Korean restaurants she had been obsessing about.
It was when he was in the middle of eating his Bibimbap that he received the call. His friends had been in an accident on the way back home. A drunk driver rammed into them, fortunately they were not seriously injured but the car took most of the damage. “We were really lucky that the drunk guy had an equally beat-up car as yours” his best friend explained to him, Samuel’s thoughts drifted towards the message his cookie had revealed to him. This is what it was warning him from.
Over the next 5 years, it became a ritual for Samuel. He would eat at the restaurant before any big decision he had to make or if there was any big event coming up. Samuel moved to a different real estate agency which offered him a senior position, with time his commissions became better, he bought a better car, married Meera and he bought the villa near the graveyard.
“I already told you, I am not coming on that trip with your parents Meera,” he told his wife. “Just because the cookie said so?!” she asked. “Yes, the message said to exercise caution on your next endeavour and I went there just after we discussed the trip, I’m sorry but I cannot go, this is my process and you know it,” he said firmly. “You are letting these cryptic messages get the better of your logical self, it was fun in the beginning but it’s been 5 years now and you can start making your own decisions,” Meera told him, unable to believe her husband relied on luck from a cookie. “No, I trust the process and I would like to stick to it,” he said. Their fight escalated and it resulted in him staying home alone.
When Meera was away, he received a call from an unlikely source. The secretary to a local politician, politician wanted to sell his massive farmhouse on the outskirts of the city to settle some debts that occurred from his political rally. The politician had a bad reputation for solving everything with cash or brute force. But, this was a big deal, if he said no to the politician then another agent would do it and profit off it since word travelled fast in his circle.
“You can inform his assistant that we cannot take this up”. “He lost the election and his boys got into a fight as well that the media picked up so I think he’s bad news. Our agency has a certain reputation so we cannot be involved with certain types of individuals” Samuel’s CEO told him. Despite Samuel persuading him with the value of the property, the CEO refused and the matter was dropped.
Samuel decided that it was time to start doing things independently. He took on the sale of the property independently and asked the secretary to keep it discreet. He stood to make a huge commission on this, this could mean quitting his job and starting on his own so why give up the opportunity? Destiny had come knocking on his door, he couldn’t just ask her to leave.
He went to the restaurant to get a feel of his decision. While waiting for the food he called his wife to find out if she reached home safe, “So nothing weird happened during the trip?” he asked. “Nope, your fortune cookie was wrong this time. Everything went smoothly, you should have come. My parents didn’t believe you were sick, they think something’s going on with us” she told him. “Yeah, maybe I should have come,” he said relieved that the message didn’t come true. “Don’t forget to get the Kung Pao chicken and no cookie for me please?” she said ending the call. Samuel mulled over what had happened. Was it that the magic was over? For 5 years the messages had been right but not this time. Meera was back and safe.
At home, when he opened the cookie, it read ‘It’s not too late to back out’. Samuel was annoyed, this was a big deal where he stood a chance to grow his network and quit his stressful job. He went to bed and let the thought stir in his mind.
The commission he was offered was the highest he had ever been offered. Several agencies and agents were working on this property but he had the network of people who would need such a massive area, he could crack it. The decision had been made.
Over the next few months, Samuel intentionally lost a few deals so that he could dedicate extra time to the farmhouse. Fortunately, nobody suspected anything at his firm and he getting close. Finally, after 6 months of effort and negotiation, it was sold to a construction company, they were going to build a resort.
Later that year, Samuel was a richer, happier man. He was out in the world trying to be an entrepreneur when he received a call that ruined everything. The construction firm had filed a case against everyone in the land dealing stating that it was a fraudulent deal. They discovered a body in the premises hidden underground and it just happened that the exact spot was being dug up for a swimming pool. This was bad marketing for the resort. Who would bring their families to a place with a reputation for murder? The construction was stopped when the police intervened to do a complete investigation and the legal proceedings began.
Samuel started losing hair and sleep over the drastic change of events in his life. His entrepreneurship journey was falling apart and Meera and his relationship was on a steady decline. He didn’t know how to control it, he was trying to make things work both professionally and personally. Over the next few months, he tried yoga, went to church more often and travelled but, it was not enough to solve his problems. He realised the cookie had been right all along but he had gone against it. That was when he decided it was time to go back to the restaurant to get some advice. He was desperate.
He finished his meal when the waiter told him the news. “Sir, we’re shutting down this week, they sold the place to a McDonald’s franchise,” the waiter said looking ready to move on. “Sold it?! Why do you need a McDonald’s here when there’s a burger place 2 streets away?!” Samuel questioned reeling from the shock. “Sir, I don't know these things, I’m going to apply for a job when it becomes McDonald's. You have been coming here for a long time so I thought you should know that we’re closing” the waiter said clearing the table.
That was it, his final cookie in this place. He was mentally asking for it to give him some good advice on what to do next. The cookie read ‘Darkness awaits’
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2023.06.06 14:00 WentOutForWords Racism or hallucination?

So, I've been noticing this for a while. In particular, this concerns Asian (Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.) Restaurants in Germany, and by extension, Europe. For added context, I'm a 24yo Indian male.
Today, I was at a Vietnamese place. I've observed the behavior of the servers here very carefully (just had a bit of extra time today). I was the only brown person here, the other customers were white. I noticed that they'd always bring other people's invoices to their tables and collect the money there. When it was my turn, the same lady who had been going from table to table, asked me to go to the counter and pay. Also, they'd refer to these other people using the formal "you" (Sie, Ihnen, etc) and to me using the informal "you" (dir, dich, du, etc). In addition, I was here with two other friends once, one of them an Indonesian girl - and that time around, they did come to our table for collecting the money (the very same old lady actually).
I know I'll receive some backlash but I really mean no offence to anyone: white people or other Asians. I even tipped the waiter regardless of the way I was treated. I'm only trying to understand: is this more a cultural thing that in other Asian cultures, young people are not treated as formally as older people are? I'm trying hard to convince myself that this is the case but I always experience this, at all Asian places (except Indian, of course and find it rather disrespectful). If I don't at some point, that's the exception and not the norm.
I know Indians are not looked at favourably in other Asian countries. But I'd expect better out of Asian people living in developed countries for decades - the crowd of Indians here, in general, doesn't fit many of the stereotypes that we're associated with. Anyway: ranting was not the first priority in this post. Rather, I'm just curious. I'd appreciate it if others would either confirm or refute my hypothesis. Thank you. :)
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2023.06.06 13:59 Warm_Screen_9115 Trusted Legal Advocacy for Traffic Offenses

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2023.06.06 13:54 Mooxie_does_stuff Maxwell’s confidence arc Book 1: Memories (Entry 2 of 4- Impulses)

OOC (Pre): Before this one gets started, I wanted to apologize for what was originally going to be part two. I didn't give any type of proper warning(s), and I feel horrible. I've decided to change the way the arc is going to go down. Instead of having 16 parts with 4 entries per "book", I'm gonna have 12 parts, only three books. Again, I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I only want to have fun here, and I'm sorry if I prevented that in certain individuals. I like this one more. The only thing you might have to watch out for is the theme of Maxwell's mother (Techne) being mourned as if she's dead. She's not, it's just that Maxwell's dad still hopes she'll come back.
The days are blending together anymore. Maxwell was situated at the docks today. He sat there, his legs dangling over the side as he contemplated a lot of things. Why was he here? What fate was planned for him by the gods? …What was going on? Why did he have that nightmare? He sighed, watching fish swim by under the dock below him. He hated fish. Gross, slimy, smelly… ugh. He did not like fish.
However, his mind wasn’t really on the fish, so to speak. Instead, he was thinking about the memories he had been viewing. The same question attacked his mind over and over again, bludgeoning him. The gods were doing this for a reason. Surely, they had to have one. Surely. He waited for it. That tug of sleep. It never showed up. So, there he sat, confused. He didn’t understand it at the time, but this was exactly how it was supposed to go down. He sat there, contemplating himself. Eventually, he thought to himself about a memory. It wasn’t good, but maybe it would give him more insight into what’s going on with his life. It was worth a shot.
Maxwell was quite the joker. He knew how to laugh at certain things, and he knew when to make a joke. Well… for the most part. There were a few times in his past where he had slipped. Maxwell was also a very impulsive person. He’d do or say things that seemed right to him in the moment. However, the worst time was…
Where was he? Oh, right. A restaurant. If he managed to recall this particular memory correctly, it was April 30. His birthday. He just turned 10. Yep, he remembered this one distinctly. He was going out to dinner with his father and his grandparents. Now that he was thinking about it, why was there another chair, empty, right next to his father? There was nobody else to wait for… right? He chuckled, gestured to the empty chair and spoke.
“Hey, look here! Ah, man, it’s my best friend, the invisible man! Haha…!”
His grandparents didn’t laugh. His dad didn’t smile. He glanced around the table confusedly. What was it that he said? The joke might not have been the best one he’d made, but even his bad jokes usually got an eyeroll from his dad. He chuckled nervously before he spoke again.
“Hahah…? The… invisible man….?” He nudged his father. He would take a pity laugh at that point. He never got it. His father just sighed, a frown tugging at his lips before he solemnly spoke.
“Maxwell… we save a chair every year… for your mother. I don’t know where she is. However… I just hope that she’s alright.”
Maxwell shrunk back down into his chair. His father was mad at him, wasn’t he? He needed to apologize, right?
“...Sorry, dad. I didn’t… I didn’t know… I’ve just never really realized it. I miss her too, dad. I’ve never met her, but… I miss her. I wish I could see her. Just once.”
Moments before the memory ended, he could’ve sworn he heard his father mutter something.
“You’ll meet her sooner than you think.”
At the last moment, something changed. Maybe he wasn’t remembering the dream correctly. A single tear ran down his father’s cheek as he turned towards the empty chair. He placed his arm around the chair like how a lover would place their arm around their beloved.
He was waiting for his mother. A woman who would never come back to him. Maxwell just didn’t realize it. His father knew that day would come. That day where Maxie had to go to camp. The day his life would change forever.
He opened his eyes. He was still at camp. He was in one piece. His journal was intact. He looked down at it. His father’s words echoed through his mind.
“You’ll meet her sooner than you think.”
Most demigods never got to meet their godrent. However, in that moment, Maxwell decided something. He would meet her one day. He would confront his own mother. He would prove himself strong to her.
“Okay, mom. I’ll show you. I’m gonna prove myself to you! I’ll make sure you acknowledge me… no. Us. You’re gonna acknowledge all of your children, more than just claiming them!”
His eyes burning with determination, he watched the waters, the waves crashing by.
He knew what he was supposed to do.
OOC (Post): Just clearing up some potential points of confusion here. Number one, Maxwell’s journal, while never explicitly stated, is presumed to be a gift from Techne. It never runs out of pages, and is highly hydrophobic. Number two, Maxwell is (probably) not going to meet Techne. Thanks for reading this one.
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Recognition and Accreditation: The institute is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools (WDOMS) and is acknowledged by worldwide medical organisations like the World Health Organisation (WHO). This endorsement guarantees that the degree earned from Fergana Medical Institute is recognised around the world.
English-medium instruction: The Fergana Medical Institute's MBBS programme is taught in English, which makes it simpler for Indian students to comprehend and participate in the curriculum. Due to the removal of linguistic obstacles, students can concentrate well on their academics.
excellent Standards of Education: Fergana Medical Institute upholds excellent standards of education and offers a broad curriculum that includes both theoretical and practical instruction. The institute's knowledgeable instructors make sure that students obtain a quality education and are adequately equipped for their future jobs in medicine.
Clinical experience: Practical training and clinical experience are prioritised at Fergana Medical Institute. By taking part in clinical rotations at associated hospitals and healthcare institutions, students get the chance to get practical experience. Their clinical abilities are improved and they are better equipped for actual medical practise thanks to this practical experience.

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health's admissions procedure

The following steps are often involved in the admissions process at the Fergana Medical Institute:
Application submission: Interested candidates should send their application forms and other supporting documentation directly to the institute or through designated agents.
Verification of Documents: According to their standards, the institute validates all of the provided documents, including copies of academic transcripts and passports.
Eligibility Evaluation: The institute evaluates candidates' eligibility based on their academic credentials, linguistic ability, and other predetermined criteria.
Entrance Exam (if Applicable): To assess students' readiness for medical study, some universities may hold entrance exams.
Admission Confirmation: Students receive a letter from the institute confirming their admission when the admissions procedure has been successfully completed.

Documents Needed to Study MBBS in Uzbekistan

The following documents are often needed for MBBS studies in Uzbekistan:
Application form that has been fully filled out and signed by the applicant is required by the university.
Academic Records: Copies of certificates and grade reports from high school or a comparable institution.

A passport that is at least six months old and still valid.

A medical certificate declaring that the candidate is healthy enough physically and mentally to pursue international studies is required.
Passport-sized Photos: Current passport-sized photos that meet the requirements of the university.
Financial Documents: Evidence of your ability to pay your tuition and living costs during the study time, such as bank statements or sponsorship letters.

Life for Indian medical students studying in Uzbekistan's Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health

A dynamic and fulfilling student life is what Indian students doing MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute can anticipate. The university offers a welcoming environment for international students and a range of facilities and services, such as:

Student housing is offered by Fergana Medical Institute and is both cosy and reasonably priced. These hostels provide the essential conveniences and a comfortable setting for studying and socialising.
Activities in the Arts and athletics: The Institute promotes student involvement in the arts, athletics, and extracurricular pursuits. Students can join a variety of clubs and organisations to learn more about their interests and develop their skills.
Support services for students are provided by Fergana Medical Institute to help overseas students succeed in their academic endeavours. These services could include counselling, academic advising, and help with administrative procedures.
The institute places a high priority on the security and safety of its students. Security measures are installed on campus and in the dorms to guarantee a secure setting.

advantages of studying medicine in Fergana

There are various advantages to studying MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute, including:

Affordable Education: In comparison to many other nations, Uzbekistan provides affordable education. For Indian students, Fergana is a desirable alternative because of the relatively low living expenses and low tuition prices.
Fergana Medical Institute is renowned for providing high-quality instruction, and the degrees it grants are accepted all over the world. Graduates are now qualified to continue their education or practise medicine worldwide.
Studying at Fergana Medical Institute offers the chance to meet with individuals from a variety of ethnic backgrounds. This multicultural setting promotes intercultural awareness and enhances the overall educational process.
Wide range of job prospects are available to those who complete their MBBS at Fergana Medical Institute. After passing the necessary licencing exams, graduates can choose to return to India and practise medicine, study further specialisation, or work as medical professionals.

MBBS-related questions from students in Fergana universities

Is the Fergana Medical Institute's degree accepted throughout the world? The degree conferred by the Fergana Medical Institute is accepted around the world, allowing graduates to pursue their medical professions there.
What language is used in the classrooms at Fergana Medical Institute? English is used as the primary language of instruction for the MBBS programme at Fergana Medical Institute.
Are there scholarships available for students from other countries? For qualified international students, Fergana Medical Institute may provide scholarships or financial help programmes. It is wise to inquire with the institute about any available scholarships.
How long is the Fergana Medical Institute's MBBS programme? At Fergana Medical Institute, the MBBS programme normally lasts six years and includes both academic and practical training.
Is learning the native tongue required? Even though the MBBS programme is taught in English, communicating with patients during clinical rotations might be facilitated by learning the local tongue, such as Uzbek or Russian.

Living expenses in Fergana, Uzbekistan

For international students, Fergana has a rather low cost of living. The cost of living is influenced by personal preferences and lifestyles. Some important things to think about are:
Hostels are available to students at the Fergana Medical Institute at affordable rates. There may also be off-campus housing alternatives, and the price varies according to the location and amenities.
Food: Prices for food in Fergana are typically reasonable. There are many options available to students, including university canteens, nearby restaurants, and grocery stores. It may be more affordable to prepare meals at home.
transit: Fergana's affordable public transit options, including buses and taxis, make it simple for students to get around the city.
Utilities: Fees for hostels often include the cost of utilities like power, water, and internet access. Students may be required to pay separate utility bills if they live off-campus.
Recreation and entertainment: Fergana provides a range of leisure activities and shows. Depending on individual selections and preferences, prices may change.

Students should make a budget and control their spending according to it.

Students from India have a fantastic opportunity to receive a top-notch education, experience a multicultural environment, have professional prospects, and live comfortably by attending Fergana Medical Institute in Uzbekistan.
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2023.06.06 13:32 Worried-Exercise8750 Melbourne / Brisbane / Perth Or Sydney? , 28 year old single male from UK with dog , CPA Accountant - best place to move?

Hi everyone, I am really hoping I can get some advice here, I'm 28 years old and from the UK working in finance and CPA qualified. Had a difficult year this year and looking for a new start which im excited about! But I'm so stuck on where to go. So number one is that I need somewhere that allows pets in rentals for my dog, and then I do like the sun , also want somewhere I can easily find work and there are things to do , I'm not fussed about crazy nightlife as long as there is places I could meet people bars restaurants etc as I am 28 and long term would like to settle down . But this is hopefully a permanent move for me , so I would really like to know which city would be best, or if there are any other city's or towns that might be better for my situation. I love the sound of the coast but not sure how good these places would be for finance jobs and pet rentals. Really appreciate any help everyone, thanks so much!!
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2023.06.06 13:30 Worried-Exercise8750 Melbourne / Brisbane / Perth Or Sydney? , 28 year old single male from UK with dog , CPA Accountant - best place to move?

Hi everyone, I am really hoping I can get some advice here, I'm 28 years old and from the UK working in finance and CPA qualified. Had a difficult year this year and looking for a new start which im excited about! But I'm so stuck on where to go. So number one is that I need somewhere that allows pets in rentals for my dog, and then I do like the sun , also want somewhere I can easily find work and there are things to do , I'm not fussed about crazy nightlife as long as there is places I could meet people bars restaurants etc as I am 28 and long term would like to settle down . But this is hopefully a permanent move for me , so I would really like to know which city would be best, or if there are any other city's or towns that might be better for my situation. I love the sound of the coast but not sure how good these places would be for finance jobs and pet rentals. Really appreciate any help everyone, thanks so much!!
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2023.06.06 13:28 Beneficial-Budget163 Everytime I click on a community.

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2023.06.06 13:22 Green_Oil_1455 Restaurant on water for Brunch

Any good restaurants on the water that serve brunch in palm beach county? Willing to drive a bit. I know “on the water” is usually synonymous with mediocre food but wanted to see if there was any place that has the best of both. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 13:04 ZeRoGr4vity07 Suggestions for Dublin, Galway and Cork?

We will be spending 2 days in Dublin, 2 days in Galway and 1 day in Cork (2 nights each).
Here's what we have planned so far:
Dublin - St. Patricks Cathedral, Guinnes Storehouse, Pub Crawling, (Temple Bar), also where does Allie Sherlock usually perform?
Galway - trip to Conmera National Park
Cork - Prison , English market, maybe Charles Fort
What else can we do in these cities? I appreciate all kinds of suggestions. Places to visit, good restaurants, nice bars, good hotels to stay (what neighbourhood?) etc. Would you recommend spending more or less time in one city? What are the best places for enjoying the nightlife?
Between Galway and Cork we will be driving down the Wild Atlantic Way. We are pretty happy with our scedule there but still looking for advice for our time in the 3 cities I mentioned.
Thank you everyone!
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2023.06.06 12:56 Big-Tip7720 What to Do on Father's Day: Origins, Controversy, and Commercialism

What to Do on Father's Day: Origins, Controversy, and Commercialism

Father's Day is a special occasion that allows us to honor and appreciate the fathers and father figures in our lives. It's a day dedicated to celebrating their love, support, and guidance. While the way we celebrate may differ from person to person, there are various activities you can consider to make Father's Day memorable.
Firstly, spending quality time together is one of the best ways to celebrate Father's Day. Plan a family outing or organize a special meal where you can bond and create lasting memories. You could take your dad to his favorite restaurant, go for a hike, play a round of golf, or even just have a movie night at home. The key is to choose activities that your father enjoys and that allows you to spend meaningful time together.
Another option is to give a thoughtful gift. Think about your dad's interests and hobbies, and consider what he would truly appreciate. It could be a book he's been wanting to read, a gadget he's had his eye on or something handmade that shows your love and effort. The important thing is to choose a gift that reflects his personality and interests.
Now let's delve into the origins of Father's Day
The idea of celebrating fathers can be traced back to the early 20th century. In 1910, Sonora Smart Dodd, inspired by Mother's Day, advocated for a day to honor fathers. Her father, a Civil War veteran, raised her and her siblings single-handedly after their mother's death. Dodd believed that fathers deserved recognition for their sacrifices and hard work.
After years of campaigning, Father's Day was officially recognized as a national holiday in the United States in 1972. Since then, it has gained popularity and is celebrated in various countries around the world. However, the origins of Father's Day can be attributed to different sources and cultures throughout history, highlighting the universal desire to honor fathers and fatherhood.
Despite its noble origins, Father's Day has not been without controversy. Some argue that it perpetuates gender stereotypes by focusing solely on the traditional role of fathers, neglecting the diversity of family structures and the role of other caregivers. Others criticize the commercialization of the holiday, which has led to excessive advertising and pressure to buy expensive gifts.
While it is important to be aware of these concerns, it is also essential to remember the true spirit of Father's Day. It is a day to express gratitude and love for the fathers and father figures who have played significant roles in our lives. Whether you choose to celebrate through simple gestures, heartfelt conversations, or thoughtful gifts, the intention should be to honor and appreciate the love and support they have provided.
Father's Day is an opportunity to celebrate and cherish the fathers and father figures in our lives. By spending quality time together and choosing meaningful gifts, we can make the day special and memorable. Remembering the origins of Father's Day and being mindful of the controversies surrounding the holiday allows us to celebrate with a deeper understanding and appreciation. So, on Father's Day, take the time to show your love and gratitude to the important men who have shaped your life. Get images and videos of Download and share readymade Father's Day with your brand logo from
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2023.06.06 12:54 Suresh_Bala The History and Origins of Biryani: Exploring its Rich Culinary Heritage

The History and Origins of Biryani: Exploring its Rich Culinary Heritage
#FoodCulture #FoodCulturRestaurant #CloudKitchen #CloudKitchennearme #CloudKitchenHyderabad #BestCloudKitchen #FoodCultureMadhapur #FoodCultureHyderabad
Food culture plays a significant role in shaping the history and origins of biryani, a dish that has captured the hearts and palates of people across the globe. Biryani's rich culinary heritage is a reflection of the diverse cultures, traditions, and influences that have contributed to its development over centuries.

The History and Origins of Biryani: Exploring its Rich Culinary Heritage
The roots of biryani can be traced back to the Middle East, specifically to Persia (modern-day Iran), where a rice dish known as "biryan" or "beryan" was prepared. This dish was brought to the Indian subcontinent by traders and travelers, particularly during the Mughal era in the 16th century. The Mughals, known for their love of grand feasts and opulent dishes, played a crucial role in popularizing biryani across the region.
As biryani made its way to India, it assimilated with the local food culture, incorporating a wide range of spices, aromatic ingredients, and cooking techniques. The dish adapted to the diverse regional flavors and culinary traditions, resulting in the emergence of various biryani styles.
One of the most renowned styles is the Hyderabadi Biryani, which flourished under the rule of the Nizams of Hyderabad. The Nizams brought their own distinct flavors and techniques, blending Persian and South Indian influences. The Hyderabadi Biryani is characterized by the use of fragrant basmati rice, tender meat (such as lamb or chicken), and a unique blend of spices, including saffron and mint leaves.
Similarly, the Awadhi Biryani originated in the royal kitchens of Lucknow, in present-day Uttar Pradesh. The Awadhi style is known for its meticulous cooking process known as "dum," where layers of marinated meat and partially cooked rice are sealed in a pot and slow-cooked over a low flame, allowing the flavors to meld together beautifully.
Across India, regional variations of biryani have evolved, each with its own distinct character. From the fragrant Kolkata Biryani, which incorporates aromatic spices and potatoes, to the flavorful Malabar Biryani of Kerala, enriched with coconut and spices, the diversity of biryani showcases the vibrant tapestry of Indian food culture.
Beyond India, biryani has also become an integral part of the food cultures in neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. Each country has its own unique spin on the dish, influenced by their local ingredients, spices, and cooking traditions.
The history and origins of biryani exemplify how food culture is a living, evolving entity, shaped by historical events, migrations, and the fusion of culinary practices. Biryani's enduring popularity and its ability to adapt to different regional palates are a testament to its deliciousness and its ability to bring people together, transcending cultural boundaries and creating a shared culinary experience.
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2023.06.06 12:54 StringfellowHawkes Her Card, A story from an old Lodo, CO vet

I pulled her card from my lockbox today. I couldn’t bring myself to remove it from its wrapping though. I’ll explain the card in a little while. Even in just that briefest of moments though, the tears became too thick. I so wanted to see her name. Instead I decided to only go back to the memories. They bring enough tears. So I put the card back but need to tell my story of that memory. So thank you for your time in letting me indulge dear Reader. I know your time is precious and I am loquacious of a sort.
The place I used to work at a long, long time ago, Croc’s, was an odd duck. It was a Transformer of sorts. During the day and early evening it was a damn good Mexican restaurant. One of the best in town. Lunch was insane. Dinner was a respite. But on Friday, Saturdays, some Thursdays, and almost every holiday eve, it was… I don’t even have words. Nothing like what went on in those walls had been seen in Denver at the time. We had lines around blocks. The plural is not a mistake. On those nights, Croc’s was THE place to be in Denver. The owners got there before everyone else and had hit a jackpot with the place. The Rockies were starting over at Mile High and moving to LoDo soon. LoDo was booming and we were in the middle of it partying like no tomorrow every night.
But this isn’t about that amazing place, that’s for another day. Nope. This is about her, her son and I. Or rather, about loss and memories. But it all started at Croc’s and you needed to know what a breath of a moment in time we shared there. Not on one of those crazy nights but one lazy Sunday when we were pretty slow.
I mentioned the restaurant was an odd duck. See, it was designed so that from breakfast through dinner and into very early evening, it was a purposeful, full-fledged, extremely popular, and well reviewed dining establishment. But after that, it was designed so we could remove every table, chair, stool and booth. We essentially turned the whole restaurant into a giant dance floor with a bar that spanned half the distance of the long wall topped with massive tequila and booze pyramids. The wells were at either end with a plant potter behind them for storage. It was split level(ish) with a few VIP areas squirreled away. State of the art DJ booth on the south end of the bar. Oh and did I mention we had a 28 foot replica of a Nile croc suspended from the roof named “Hal”.
The owners were a group of friends who had grown up in the business. One of them was from the family that started Senior Frogs and the like down in Mexico. They had all met and worked at some of the hottest places in the state and been to some of the craziest places around the Americas. So when I say no one had seen anything like it, they hadn’t. We had a person that would blow tequila from a custom bong into a partier's mouth from 30 feet away. Our DJ’s were the best in town. We poached the absolute best in talent from every bar in a 4000 mile radius. That movie “Cocktail”? Yeah, that was this place on steroids. Hell, beside myself and 1 or 2 other guys, our security eventually turned into off duty SWAT cops. All these places around Denver and, hell, around the country you see now? Yeah these guys started it right there in LoDo.
It was the paper and crayons we would put on every table though where my memory begins.
There had been other places that had done what we did with the butcher block paper. It went on every table with crayons. It wasn’t the most innovative thing there but it was fun and the patrons enjoyed it. Many great artists out there! And of course the kids loved it. A lot of the folks who lived around there would bring their kids with them for lunch or dinner. I worked a lot of Sunday day shifts because a) everyone was hung over and never wanted to work and b) it was usually a nice bit of quiet after two nights that would make Caligula jealous. Plus the people who did come in were usually pretty cool and just out for a good meal. It was pretty chill after all that joyous chaos.
My section was usually the front lifted area just in front of the potters and a few tables in the middle. I was splitting with the other server that day since it was more dead than usual. A beautiful Colorado day back then. Blue sky with puffy clouds. Perfect temperature with no wind so the front doors to the small little patio were open. You could smell the flowers from across the street. The other server let me know she had sat a couple of people at one of my four tops. Sounded good so I headed out to say hello.
It was customary for us to write our name on the paper when we showed up. It was hokie but everyone loved it. It was our way of saying welcome and have fun! Some servers could do it upside down but I could never get the hang of that.
I headed down the bar toward the front, preoccupied with getting my marker out for the intro. I remember coming around the corner of the potter and just kind of coming to a juddering stop at the top step, tripping and almost falling on my face. Luckily she was a little preoccupied with her son and getting him situated so she missed seeing me make a gobsmacked fool out of myself.
I luckily regained what little balance I could alongside some composure quick enough to walk up and say hi. She said hi and then kind of waited. “Oh yeah dumbass” I said to myself as I told her, or rather flubbed, my name as I wrote it in the corner so they could read it right side up. She giggled a little bit as most people did with my nickname at the time. I hadn’t noticed but her son had been waiting the whole time for that moment. He grabbed his crayon and wrote his name and her name in front of them. “That’s a good name isn’t it?” I asked him. I told him it was the same as mine but the longer version. He was a little surprised by this as I went by “Scooter” back then. It took a second but he quickly realized it was a nickname. He had signed the long version of our name and said that’s what he liked. Right on man, you got it. Damn smart kid. You can tell, ya know?
After that briefest of moments, I shook myself a little and introduced myself for, I think the fourth time now. She tells me her name but it is instantly gone. Not only because of the effect this moment is having on me, but just because I am bad with names on the first go around. I don’t think we heard what either was saying anyway. Our eyes were locked and in that moment, it was all that mattered somehow. I can remember how deeply they shined. Her hair was a little damp and unkempt like someone in a hurry but has that respect for herself. Dark like her eyes but shining from the light outside. A simple blue/light purple and white striped shirt. Slightly damp around the shoulders. Worn jeans. Not the designer type but jeans aged with a good strong life. Blue canvas deck shoes with the white souls if I remember that part right. Maybe black canvas. I saw all this without ever breaking her gaze.
It was as if in the same moment we both realized we were in the same place together but not there alone. A moment later we both found ourselves apologizing for talking over the other. Sheepishly, like teens on their first date. Giggling a bit. Not knowing what was happening but knowing that something most definitely was. I apologized for the awkwardness and I think I cracked a joke or something but neither of us knew what to do. There was a calm panic and, I dare to say, a longing that was unknown?
It was her son who brought us both back to reality. He had asked if we had Coke or Pepsi. I shook myself internally again and told him we had Coke but could find some Pepsi if he really wanted it. Luckily he was not a Pepsi kid. I also told him that, yes, I would be happy to add a cherry to it. This time though when I met his eyes, I looked at myself when I was that age, as I answered that question. I hadn’t noticed it. Like a mirror as they say. Dark brown hair full of cowlicks. Round face with a big smile. Getting that cherry meant the world to him. I remembered that same feeling again through him. It was like looking at a version of myself I only saw in pictures.
At this very second in time I remember being terrified. Not “scared” terrified. It was more like, holy shite is this happening? What is going on? I wanted to turn and run and hide but somehow regained what little composure was left in that split second. I turned back to her and saw that she had just seen what I had seen. I could see wonder, joy, confusion, happiness, peace, thrill, fear and hope that I am sure were being reflected in my own eyes. We both needed a few minutes. We each could see it. It was overwhelming. Again, not a bad overwhelming but one of those moments where you need to put your hands on your knees and take some big, deep breaths.
The whole 3 or 4 minutes were surreal. And I will never forget them. I will fight as hard as I can to hold onto the others I have of both of them.
Somehow I managed to Charlie Chaplin myself away to get their drink order. I believe hers was a Sprite with a lemon. Normally I would go right around the corner of the plant potter and get the sodas from the guns there. Instead I went all the way to the back station. I needed to breathe. It seemed like an hour but I headed back. By this time the son was going to town. He had talent and it showed. It seemed like we had regained ourselves somewhat but the whole meal was kind of like an episode out of a teen comedy. We giggled, laughed, blushed, and did all the other things you would expect to see from two teenagers who discover they like each other. It wasn’t like I was trying to stay with them, or they tried to keep me there. It just kind of happened. I’d start to go away and she would ask me back for something simple. I would bring something I had forgotten in case they needed it. The whole meal went that way.
When they were done and ready to go, I was dreading it. Should I ask her out? She had mentioned she was single. It felt like I should ask her out. Like I said, the whole visit was surreal. There was no ring or even a suntan line of one (Don’t judge me, it was a different time). I wasn’t seeing anyone either. We seemed to get along amazingly, both her and her son. Even my fellow server noticed and was egging me on. It was obvious. Doing something like that with a client back then happened. Not usually in the first 30 seconds but you never know. I made up my mind to walk them out as I had no other tables and see what happened. I took the check to the table. She was packing her bag. I had gotten a refill for his togo cup and handed it to him. He said thank you and said he drew something for me. They had carefully torn it from the paper and he handed it to me. It was the three of us holding hands. How I held the tears then I do not know. I was a different person there at that precise point in time. At this moment those tears are here though.
I bent down to his level and thanked him sincerely. He said he was glad I liked it and he hugged me. I heard her try to stifle her gasp. Thank any or no gods or whoever for him. He let go, grabbed his Mom’s hand and said he was ready to go. As I stood up I could see tears welling in her eyes. He hadn’t done that to another man in, what she said, was a very long time she would tell me in a quiet voice as we started to walk toward the door. That was it. I didn’t know what to do. I hadn’t even noticed that when we got to the big double doors, he had grabbed my hand. It just was there.
By this time I do not think either of us really knew what to do or what was going on. I mean, this was an impromptu outing to a place her son had liked because of the paper. It was a cheap and good lunch and then off to wherever for them and another table for me while I rolled silverware in the back or stocked the empty quicks from the previous night. But it seemed like it had been years together but only moments, if that makes sense? I certainly did not know what to do at this point. I think I mumbled what a delight it was to be able to spend time with them and I hoped they had enjoyed themselves or something like that. I honestly could not tell you. By this time she had regained herself somewhat. That girlishness turned into an elegance, beauty and strength that I had not seen before. But those same feelings exchanged in that momentary glance were still there. As was still a bit of moisture along the bottom of her eyes. We made a bit of small talk till he got a bit antsy and wanted to head off.
As we said our goodbyes that day, almost at the same time, we asked our questions. I asked if she would like to come by again soon with her son. His birthday was coming up I think and I could get the guys in back to make him something special. At least I think that was it. Her’s was if it would be ok if they came back soon. You know because the little guy liked drawing and the food. More childish giggling and laughing. And before she left she gave me her card and said to call if I was going to be working again on a Sunday or just whenever. As they walked together, hand in hand down and around the corner, I just stared at them and then the card over and over.
That very card I put back in a safe place tonight.
She was a designer as it turned out. I didn’t pry into her past as it sounded like it wasn’t all that great at times. She came by the restaurant a few more times after that. I then called once or twice to say hi and how they were doing and to let her know to come by. Eventually she asked me out. We spent some time together and it started to get a little more serious. She was a few years older but not by much. She was driven and forthright. Quick witted and compassionate. And such a good Mom with a massive heart. I was young then, somewhat good looking, fairly well paid and worked at the hottest spot in the state. And I had this woman I couldn’t get out of my head. Even my coworkers knew and could see what was going on whenever we were together. Either just the two of us or all three of us. Walking on clouds was an apt statement. At this point I want to point out that while I am no saint whatsoever, I do consider myself a decent person. At least I was back then and for the most part today. Things have changed as they always do but I digress.
Eventually the moment came. The serious date. She had a small but fantastic apartment downtown and wanted to make me dinner for once. I don’t think she was done asking before I said yes. We set a date for later that week. I remember it was a Saturday because me taking a night off from that place, with all its amazing moments each night to the amount of money you walked out with each night to leaving one of the other bouncers with one of the other guys he wasn’t used to, was a pretty big deal. Had to call in favors but everyone just said go. No one there batted an eye. They all seemed to know what a big deal this was somehow.
We set it for a little later in the evening so I could get things in proper working fashion up front of the house and then head over. Any of you who have worked in a restaurant know that smell you get. Kind of need to have worked in that environment to know I guess. So that night, I didn’t have time to head home then come back. So I had a change of clothes and a vanity bag so I could clean up in the back. Wouldn’t be the first time I got sprayed down by the dishwasher but probably a first for this reason. Cleaned up pretty well, freshly shaved and quaffed, walking so far above Cloud 9 I lost track of which one I was on. Headed out to put the work kit and bag in the truck. On the way out a few who knew what had been going on smiled or waved.
And off I went. I was a little late but she said she had expected it given the night of the week. Back then, downtown Denver was different. Colorado was different. I guess everywhere was different back then. But in this instance, I mean in an architectural way. You didn’t have the towers all around LoDo as you do now. From some rooftops you could still watch a sunset over the mountains. Say what you will, even I have to admit that a purple and orange sunset over the mountains is quite possibly the most beautiful natural thing I have seen. It is immense but oh so fleeting. Just like our lives I guess. You could still hear birds and bugs over cars at times. I wouldn’t say it was peaceful but it was at least calm?
She was lucky as her apartment, though smallish, came with a hidden bonus. Her window allowed her to access the roof on the next building. A part of it anyway. But this little slice of hidden wonder allowed a view down Market Street, across Spear, over Auraria and then the mountain view. It was stunning. Like the apartment, the space was just cozy enough for two to enjoy a little rooftop barbeque and dining. She gave me the quick tour and we poured some wine. She was going through the menu as we “headed outside”. The door was a small little window. I remember scratching my head and thinking I may not fit out there. She handled it with the grace of a ballerina and said I could do it. It took a minute or two but I contorted my clumsy self outside. And she was right. It was spectacular.
Not just the view but what she had done with her little corner of peace. She had talked with the building owner who agreed that she could use this space as he didn't even know about it. It was like something out of a commercial today. A nice little seating couch type niche. Well built trellis with some small Christmas lights for effect. A little brick grilling area with a hibachi going. I can still smell it. The table with candles and dinnerware. Decking. I was taken aback. The way it was situated insulated her from the sounds down below. You could hear them but it was almost like distant white noise. It was just peaceful. I remember remarking about this. She said she discovered it by accident when her son thought it might be a good play area.
Dinner was wonderful. The night went on. There wasn’t a sense of time. Just us there in that little part of the universe that was only hers. To this day I do not think I felt that safe before anywhere nor since. Someone was letting me into one of their most sacred spots. Literally and figuratively. I felt privileged. Almost as though I was treading somewhere I shouldn’t be. I think that thought was my downfall however. Don’t worry dear Reader, you will understand all that very soon. We watched that sunset. It was perfect. The right contrast of colors. Just the right amount of clouds to change those colors ever so slightly. A reminder of how something can change for the simplest of reasons.
As night grew darker it started to get cold. The goosebumps we were feeling on each other's skin holding hands and looking at the stars weren’t just from feelings. It was getting cool so we moved inside. After safely dousing the grill and making sure the coals were in their proper place, we cleaned up. Since it was easier, I stayed outside and handed them into the house to her. We figured it would be safer for the dishes. Giggled some more as we came to realize more and more things about each other at the same time. Finally the outside was clear. I stood outside for another minute to take in what was happening. I think that is then that little bit of fear weeded its way in without my realizing it. This was as close to perfect as I could ever dream I thought.
After squeezing back inside, assisted again but ok with that, we cleaned up the dishes and opened another bottle of wine. The inside was just as cozy. At some point she had lit some more candles and had some soft music going. Light jazz if I remember. Not loud at all. Again, there, just outside the periphery. Sitting on the couch I can feel her sitting next to me. We are close. Two people holding each other wanting to believe but not sure if this is real. There was almost a vibration. The constant goosebumps were not because of the cold anymore. Once we were both comfortable and we just talked. For hours and hours. There were the intimate moments but nothing scandalous. A tenuous kiss from one to the other.
We talked about what two people talk about who truly want to know the other. I believe we asked as many honest questions of ourselves as we did of the other. We really, truly, wholly wanted to know each other. And that is what we did. The more we talked the more comfortable we felt. Each of us had our scars that were not easily revealed. Nor did we reveal all of them that night and guarded them well. But we each wanted to know if the other was someone we could trust with those deepest places that we all hide in the darkest parts of our soul.
We talked a little about her son’s father but not in depth. It was easy to see that was one of the scars. We talked about her son. Why she was so astonished that first day. My heart wrenches this very moment dear Reader upon remembering that. Her hopes for him. His likes and his dislikes. Some of the stories parents tell others to embarrass their children later in life. We talked about what futures there could be not for us but for him and his world. He really was an amazing kid and I am sure has grown up to be someone she can be proud of. Time did not exist that night. Feelings and thoughts were exchanged that did not need to be said. We just knew each other that night.
We never did finish the second bottle if memory serves, we talked, laughed and sat together in peaceful comfort and gave no care about anything else. But tomorrow was coming as it always does and we had to leave each other. I remember the closeness as we held each other. The pressure of two bodies at that singular moment in time. That one instant that feels as though it could last through infinity. When two become one and feel the safety, love, compassion, trust and sameness that is rarely, if ever experienced.
Pardon me dear Reader but must ask a moment to compose myself. We are getting close to the end of my tale so also ask for just a bit more of your time. I know how so very precious it is. Thank you for allowing me to continue.
I do not know how long we held each other. To this day I wish it had been so much longer however. I do remember leaving. Working where I did, I was sadly but actively very familiar with many different levels and types of inebriation. That feeling that morning however was something that surpassed all that I had experienced in my life. I had never felt like this. I knew that the sun was starting to come up as I parked my car. I knew that I got through the door, downstairs and then fell asleep. I wasn’t drunk. It was pure. A pure love, happiness, joy and trust I had never felt from someone else. This feeling was so powerful it had knocked me for a loop that I just was not ready for.
I awoke later that day, thankful I didn’t have to work. It was late in the afternoon and I felt like I had been hit by a bus but didn’t care. I believe that the night before we both had excised many things that we had held inside for so long. I could (and can) still remember the whole night if not the words. I felt like one does after you give everything physically possible to something and have nothing left to give. But it felt right. Regardless of the ending, I do believe that, even though brief, that night, two people who had needed to find each other did. I think they needed to know that there was at least one person who understood, even if they hadn’t needed to actually say anything.
Now dear Reader I must ask you to remember that part about fear. Given my early life and life up to that point and to this day, I do find it very hard to trust. So this was something I had to confront. And so I started to. Instead of seeing what she saw in me, I saw the things I thought were ugly. I got scared that those scars would be peeled away and she would be repulsed. And these thoughts and fears grew. We still saw each other and talked for a while after that night. But my fear took over quickly. Before I knew it I had driven her away. There was no maliciousness about it. The thoughts that had ruled my life for so long before her and then after her, to this day, always got to the same thing. If you let her in, she will leave because of who you are. It was idiotic but it was ingrained at this point. I eventually told her I didn’t think it was going to work out. The truth was that I was scared. Scared to let her in. I hated myself for not being honest with her. She would have understood. Probably more than any other.
After that, I went on with my life as a young person does in that atmosphere. I saw her one time after that final talk. She waved as she and her son sat in a section away from mine. I waved back and remembered going out back and beating the hell out of our cooler there. I was so mad at myself then. While the anger passed as life threw one thing at me after another as it does until I find myself here today writing this, the pain of losing her has never healed. Nor do I want it to. That pain also brings memories that I so rarely experience anymore. I buried it for a long, long, long time but recently I find myself thinking about her and her son more and more. What would have been?
For you see dear Reader, that moment was my perfect chance. Not long ago in my life I was diagnosed with cancer. I eventually beat it but it has long since ruined my life. But that is not why I tell this tale. I ask for no sympathy. My life is where I am supposed to be. I have come to peace with that. To an extent I guess anyway. The reason it was my perfect chance is this. I was also diagnosed with a genetic defect which essentially makes me a cancer producer with no natural way to fight it. My mothers father died of colon and pancreatic cancer. My Mother has beaten 5 different bouts of cancer. I have been tested and confirmed. So if I had had a child, I would more than likely have passed that to them. After listening to what my mother watched her father go through. After watching my own Mother fight this monster 5 times and win each time. After all that I was horrified to learn that I could have passed this monster to someone I would have loved with all my heart.
I never married and never had a child. For most of my life I regretted that most of all to the point of shame. I am the last person in my familial lineage that will ever carry my name. My line dies with me. For the longest time that has been a great burden. However, after the geneticist confirmed me and a great deal of internal contemplation, with the aid of hindsight, part of me is glad that I never had a wife and child who would have to go through the horrors I have heard about, watched and gone through first hand and personally. That at least brings me a modicum of inner peace. Do not be fooled ever though. This monster is evil. It takes everything from all but the luckiest.
And I had my moment of perfect chance. Even though I did not know it at the time, I had an opportunity to spend the rest of my life with two someones who I truly believe to this day, loved me. Even if for so very briefly. I gave up the chance to be able to be a husband and care for someone I believe I loved and loved me. I had a chance to be the father I wanted to be without passing on my monster. To see a child grow into their best self. I get angry at times that I did this. Not necessarily my own selfish needs. I am also mad that this person trusted me and I couldn’t do the same in the end. That I let a child down who for his own reasons let me in when he shut others out. That we could have been the family we could have been. And I ran because I was scared. I can never forgive myself for doing that to them. This may sound selfish and perhaps it is but it is my history.
And now dear Reader we come to the end of my tale. Where it all began.
Her card.
I think you will understand why I put it away instead of taking it out after this. I mentioned that she was a designer. Her card is exquisite. I don’t need to see it to describe it. There is a silver cord ribbon wrapped around a waxed paper tied in a bow. It sparkles silver but is brittle after all the years. I can slide the card out carefully but don’t want to take a chance of damaging it. My hands aren’t the best anymore. The writing on the card is done with a most excellent penmanship in purple over white with black. The backing is white with the black used as border highlighting with purple as the border and main color. There is a bit of sparkle in one of the purples but not a garish amount. Just enough to catch the eye. The back is similar with details of her work at the time as well as some contact information. I don’t know if she did this on all of them, but there was a scent of her perfume that accompanied it for a while. It, like much else, has faded.
We all have a place to keep our most precious items. This one rarely leaves that place for me.
So in the really bad times dear Reader, I try to look at that card. I say try because it is very painful to try to do so. Today was one of those days and I wanted to share it. In the end I couldn’t get past the tears to look at it so returned it to its safety. Not really because of the pain. Believe me, the pain is there in vast amounts. But because of that first moment. I needed to remember what that feeling was like. I needed to remember what it is to look in another's eyes and see the whole universe and all its infinite possibilities. Some regrets, regardless of time, will always follow you. Be honest about that with yourself dear Reader. Today I needed to remember her and him. I needed that acceptance. That peace. That joy, That trust. That love.
This time however I needed to commit this to our history so that perhaps at least one other will read it and maybe it will impact somehow. This is not meant to be a moralistic tale. It is just a tale of love lost. A life that could have been different. I hope, dear Reader, that your life is filled with wonder and love. Do not miss a single chance in your life because of fear. Be cautious but be open. Your world is massive but also miniscule. The chances don’t happen often anymore so grab them and hold onto them when you can. Try to think of all possibilities and look through others' eyes. But most importantly. If you do find your perfect moment, do not let it go dear Reader. It may never come again.
That is the end of my tale. I thank you so much dear Reader. As I have said many times, your time is precious and I have taken enough. Safe journeys to you my friend.
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2023.06.06 12:48 Jeffrey_1988 My Favorite Episodes of Kitchen Nightmares Season 5,6,7 - US Version

My Favorite Episodes from Season 5
Burger Kitchen - Ep. 6 - A good episode, a father that steals money from his son to open up his own restaurant is a very low thing to do. This family just seemed ill suited to run a restaurant, having it closed down was the best option.
Honorable Mentions
Blackberry's - Ep.1 and Luigi's D'Italia - Ep. 4
My Favorite Episodes from Season 6
La Galleria 33 Ep. 1 and 2 - A fun episode to watch, I like when the owners put their foot down on the staff and get their lazy asses to work.
Mill Street Bistro - Ep. 10 - I enjoyed watching Gordon put Joe in his place, wow what a self centered deluded narcissistic restaurant owner.
Amy's Baking Company - Ep. 15 - The delusion from these two owners was insane, Sammy stealing staff tips, cussing customers out and Amy freaking out at criticism that she's giving. They both need some serious therapy for sure.
Honorable Mentions
Olde Hitching Post - Ep. 7 and Nino's Italian Restaurant - Ep. 9
My Favorite Episodes from Season 7
Zayna's Flaming Grill - Ep. 7 and 8 - I enjoyed both these episodes and it was nice to see someone like Brenda (Fay's niece) step up and tell her control freak aunt, Fay that she can help manage the restaurant.
Honorable Mentions
Mangia Mangia - Ep. 5 and 6
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2023.06.06 12:40 aayafit For sale: Marina Towers Herzliya - Mini Penthouse with Sea View * Location: Herzliya Marina, Israel * Size: 160 sqm + 40 sqm balcony * Price: 13,500,000 NIS (around $4.1 million USD) * Amenities: Swimming pool, gym, parking, 24-hour security This stunning 2 bedroom mini penthouse is located in Her

For sale: Marina Towers Herzliya - Mini Penthouse with Sea View * Location: Herzliya Marina, Israel * Size: 160 sqm + 40 sqm balcony * Price: 13,500,000 NIS (around $4.1 million USD) * Amenities: Swimming pool, gym, parking, 24-hour security This stunning 2 bedroom mini penthouse is located in Her











For sale: Marina Towers Herzliya - Mini Penthouse with Sea View
  • Location: Herzliya Marina, Israel
  • Size: 160 sqm + 40 sqm balcony
  • Price: 13,500,000 NIS (around $4.1 million USD)
  • Amenities: Swimming pool, gym, parking, 24-hour security
This stunning 2 bedroom mini penthouse is located in Herzliya Marina, Israel. The apartment is beautifully appointed with high-quality finishes, and features a large balcony with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. The apartment is also within walking distance to the beach, restaurants, and shops.
The building offers a wide range of amenities, including a swimming pool, gym, parking, and 24-hour security. This makes it the perfect place to live for those who want to enjoy the best of what Herzliya has to offer.
If you are looking for a luxurious and convenient place to live, then this 2 bedroom mini penthouse in Marina Towers is the perfect choice for you. Contact us today to schedule a viewing!
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • Large balcony with stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea
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2023.06.06 12:40 Character-Repair2194 Should I ditch my old website and create a new one?

Hello everyone!!!
I had developed a travel blogging site last year around June 2022. I wasn’t very actively publishing my write-ups there but a few of my articles receive good traffic. In the last month, I received a total of 28K impressions on that website and about 800 page views.
Now even though the website is decent today, when I had created it initially and chose a domain, I had a different approach towards it and wanted to just focus on generating travel related listicles. But over time, I realize I enjoy sharing my personal anecdotes and have found that my readers also appreciate that as some left comments mentioning that.
My content is recently becoming more about creating personalized and meaningful travel experience rather than just list down, let’s say, 10 best restaurants in a particular city.
Hence, I’m thinking of creating a new website from scratch with a more personalized domain name.
Does it make sense to do that with the amount of traffic (I am not sure if around 700-800 page views is decent) I am receiving?
Any kind of advices or suggestions are appreciated. If interested, I can share the link to my site for a better understanding. Thank you.
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2023.06.06 12:30 atlasett I (29F) need some input on the best ways to support a partner (39M) who is unemployed and has deteriorating mental health

TLDR: My (29F) partner (39M) seems to be falling into a major depression during his latest unemployment stint, I want to help and I can see some obvious ways he could improve his situation but every time I try to bring it up he shut down. What would the best way to approach this be?
I was unemployed for a LONG time earlier in our relationship after a difficult (illegal) redundancy that was followed by legal intervention and everything ended on bad terms. I live in a small town and it seemed like my name had been soured and all the relationship building I had done during the 3 years I spent at that job was all for naught. My partner was incredibly supportive: emotionally, financially and otherwise. He encouraged me to keep dreaming and was a huge part of how I mustered up the courage to go for a role way out of my skills and experience, fed me and reminded me to shower and forced me to sleep in the 2 week lead up I spent studying for the interview and we celebrated together when I landed it - he couldn't have been more invested, and I could hear him screaming down the other line of the phone when I told him the news.
He works as a freelancer in an industry that has been hit hard by the writers strike, and we both anticipated a dry spell for work for him - but I don't think he expected it to be this long. He is usually highly sought after, and I think this has been a shock for him - making him question whether he really wants to stay in this industry. I have been studying part-time in a paper paid for by my work, and I used my student ID to get him access to expensive software that he mentioned he might want to upskill in to help with his employability for now and in the future: he hasn't used it for more than a couple of hours. I suggested he try and follow an online course for accountability and structure, and he shrugged me off. I tried to talk to him about what his plan was after a month of leaving it alone, and he suggested maybe he would open a bbq restaurant (he has been spending the past week binge watching a netflix show about bbq) and use the deposit we had both bookmarked for a house (and have been planning our savings for to buy in the next year) as capital. It was like the windows shut down sound was ringing in my ears. I got incredibly frustrated and had to take myself away.
I am trying to stay patient, and I know he did the same for me. But he seems to have absolutely no strategy or drive to improve himself during this, and while I saw my unemployment as an opportunity to make myself a better candidate and to move into a more stable industry, he seems to be waiting for an opportunity to fall into his lap, alongside ruminating half-baked ideas that feel totally reckless. When I was unemployed I would let him know what I had done every day: exercise, yoga, cooking cleaning, online courses, he would hear everything I had done in my boring day and it kept me on track. I ask him what he's been up to and he becomes defensive, angry and will hide himself away. I've realised his unemployment won't be like mine because we are totally different people, but I really have no idea how to help him in this. I think his preference would be to let him fail and figure it out, but that doesn't feel right to me as an equal share member in a partnership.
Any advice welcome!
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2023.06.06 12:25 StatisticianSad6853 Top 10 Places to Visit in Thailand

Top 10 Places to Visit in Thailand

From the glittering temples to white sand beaches and culinary traditions, Thailand has captured the attention of every tourist. Famous as the ‘Land of Smiles,’ this blog will help you prepare the best itinerary for your next vacation by offering a list of the top 10 places to visit in Thailand.
Are you searching for the best tourist destination for a family or honeymoon vacation? Don’t worry. We have the perfect choice for you!
Thailand offers visitors an ideal mix of adventure, peace, romance, and royalty. It is popularly known for its pristine beaches, magnificent temples, rich culture, and flavorful cuisines. The Big Buddha, Golden Triangle, delicious street food, and exotic floating market completely fascinate Northern Thailand and Southern Thailand among visitors.
This country is home to an incredibly rich cultural heritage, breathtaking scenery, and incredible nightlife. Whether going out with your friends and family or planning a romantic getaway with your partner, nothing can be better than making unforgettable memories in Thailand.
Thailand hosts many cities, each with a unique identity and charm. We know it’s challenging to identify the top ones from the platter. So, we have relieved you of this task by listing the top 10 places to visit in Thailand.
Bangkok – The capital city
It is Thailand’s capital city and offers an exhilarating mix of the big-city bustle, modern architecture, and happening lifestyle. It hosts the impressive grand temple of Wat Pho with the giant reclining Buddha, and the shimmering nightlife is a treat to watch. The Chatuchak weekend market, loaded with sumptuous Thai cuisine and shopping sprees, is no less than a pleasing gimmick for travelers. The Khao San Road is the best place to begin your journey and experience the tropical beauty of Bangkok.
Khao Yai National Park – The wildlife haven
If you are a wildlife enthusiast, Khao Yai National Park is the best place to soothe your love for animals. It is the first and the third largest national park in Thailand. This UNESCO world heritage site shelters diverse wildlife like elephants, monkeys, hornbills, wild Thai tigers, gibbons, bats, Asian black bears, freshwater crocodiles, pig-tailed macaques, etc. The dense, dripping flora and beautiful waterfall are a sight to watch the long-standing natural preserve. The park also features more than 50 km long hiking and biking trails passing through the jungle pools of vines and orchids.
Phuket – A family getaway
The palm-fringed beaches, authentic and delicious cuisines, exotic local culture, luxurious spas, and high-lit lifestyle make up the ravishing beauty of Phuket. Adventure the adrenaline rush with kayaking, jungle trekking, white water rafting, scuba diving, and much more. Phuket is the country’s largest island and the perfect family getaway for relaxation and pampering. A visit to Patong Beach, the most popular beach in Phuket, and Phang Nga Bay, a fantastic place that houses aquatic grottoes, limestone islands, and beautiful caves, fill up the fun spaces in the entire journey.
Chiang Mai – The temple city
With more than 300 temples, Chiang Mai is famous for its rich and magnificent ancient temples. It is the second-largest city in Thailand and home to two tribal villages. For tourists wishing to experience the coexistence of historical and modern Thai architecture in the mountainous landscapes, Chiang Mai is the perfect place to be. One of the most famous temples in the area is Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep, situated on a mountainside overlooking the city. Some of the fascinations of Chiang Mai are botanical gardens, handicraft markets, elephant nature parks, etc.
Sukhothai – Rich ancient ruins
Sukhothai beholds the rich ancient historical sites, statues, and temples of Thai culture. It was the first capital of Thailand, then Siam, during the 13th century. The Sukhothai historical park is home to multiple ancient temples, Buddha statues, chedis, and other archaeological sites highlighting Thailand’s rich history with stucco relief. This place depicts the golden period of Thai civilization – The Dawn of Happiness through its architectural beauty. If you reach early, you can also experience the peaceful and rare sight of the sun glinting off the historical sites.
Ko Chang – The Elephant Island
If you are looking for the best of a tropical vacation with your friends, family, or spouse, Ko Chang is the best destination to capture the most beautiful memories. It is the second-largest island in Thailand and has the elephant-shaped headland. Hence, famous as Elephant Island. The area is adorned with vast sandy beaches and tropical jungles. The White Sand Beach is the island’s most popular and longest beach to visit, and Namtok Khlong Phlu is the largest waterfall in Ko Chang that drops into cascading tiers. The route here is underdeveloped, so getting here is more of a trek. This island offers tourists fun, rustic, budgeted bungalows, glittering bars, and restaurants.
Kanchanaburi – City with the iron railway bridge
Although admired for its natural beauty, national parks, waterfalls, and gigantic scenery, Kanchanaburi is primarily known for its iron bridge over the river Kwai that links the Death Railway to Burma. It got its name as “Death Railways” because, between 1942-1943, one hundred thousand Asian laborers and prisoners of World War II died during its 16 months of construction under the Japanese occupation during WWII. Kanchanaburi is also an ideal pursuit for hiking and rafting. You also get to explore the Thailand-Burma Railway Center, an interactive museum that tells the tragic story, and the JEATH war museum, a replica of the ‘prisoners of war camp.’
Krabi Province – Authentic Thai culture
If you are fascinated with the authenticity of Thai culture, Krabi Town, a small city in the Malay peninsula, is the perfect vacation destination to engross more in it. Flourished with jaw-dropping scenery and island-hopping tours, this place is one of the must-visit destinations for a vacation trip to Thailand. Some popular attractions of Krabi town are Koh Phi Phi Viewpoint, Railay Beach, Bamboo Island, PhraNang Cave Beach, etc. Explore the local night markets, have a soothing Thai massage, and spend days wandering around the incredible nearby attractions.
Koh Tao – Learn to dive
This 21 sq. km island remained uninhabited until the late 1900s and was recently developed as a travel destination. If you are a marine water activity enthusiast, Koh Tao is the best place to learn diving and become a certified diver. It also offers open water diving courses. The place is also home to abundant marine life like whale sharks, butterflyfish, bull sharks, batfish, etc. Koh Tao also offers to explore the vibrant scenes of vast sandy beaches, lush forests, and majestic granite rock formations. Travelers can accommodate in luxury resorts while enjoying the scenic paradise.
Pattaya – Pulsating nightlife
Pattaya is the best place to be if you are a party freak and enjoy loud music, running lights, and booze! Formerly a beach resort for American GIs during the Vietnam War, Pattaya is famous for its raucous nightlife, exotic bars and clubs, massage parlors, and adultery. However, the quality of its beaches, multiple water sports, shopping centers, and entertainment zones have cleaned up Pattaya’s reputation as a family vacation destination.
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2023.06.06 12:10 Kishor-chaudhary What are the best resorts in Pushkar?

In Pushkar, there are many top-notch resorts that provide cosy lodging and opulent extras to make your stay memorable. The best resorts in Pushkar, including rawai deluxe tents, are renowned for their exquisite design, roomy accommodations, and first-rate amenities including spa services and restaurants serving delectable regional cuisine.
These resorts in Pushkar have something to offer everyone, whether you want a tranquil retreat or an exciting vacation. They offer the ideal combination of contemporary conveniences and old-fashioned hospitality to make sure that your stay is relaxing and pleasurable.
As a result, the city of Pushkar is well renowned for being a site of worship if you're considering visiting India.
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2023.06.06 12:04 planethollywoodthane Planet Hollywood Thane's Bar Lounge: A Haven for Music Lovers

If you are in Mumbai, a visit to Planet Hollywood Best Bar Lounge in Thane is a must for music lovers. The ambiance of the lounge is inspired by Hollywood and it's designed with neon lights, red carpets, and themed decor. The lounge offers a wide variety of music genres, from Indie rock to Bollywood, which makes it a great place for all kinds of music enthusiasts. The sound system is top-notch, and the DJs are always playing the latest and popular tracks. The comfortable seating arrangement with plush sofas and chairs, the dim lights, and the smoky atmosphere makes this place ideal for a relaxed evening with friends or a romantic date night. Their extensive bar menu offers an array of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, to suit every taste bud. Overall, Planet Hollywood Thane's Bar Lounge is an excellent place to unwind, groove to some good music, and experience a Hollywood themed ambiance.
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2023.06.06 11:56 shimlahotelHoneymoon Indulge in Romance: The Top Honeymoon Hotels in Shimla

Visiting Shimla for a honeymoon is like a dream come true for couples who want to spend quality time together amidst the tranquil beauty of the mountains. Various types of honeymoon packages for Shimla are available according to different budgets and preferences. In this article, we will explore some of the best honeymoon hotels in Shimla.
Honeymooning in Shimla
From luxurious heritage hotels to charming colonial-style properties, Shimla offers the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable honeymoon. The best hotels in Shimla for a honeymoon offer stunning views of the mountains and valleys. The luxurious heritage hotels provide elegant rooms, fine-dining restaurants and spas that provide rejuvenating therapies for couples. Some hotels also offer a private balcony and an outdoor pool.
The honeymoon packages for Shimla include a visit to some of the well-known tourist attractions. The Jakhu Temple, Kufri, Naldehra and Chail are the places that are frequently visited by tourists. Many hotels in Shimla offer honeymoon packages that include accommodation, meals, and other amenities.
Hotels for Honeymooners
There are a variety of 3-star hotels in Shimla that offer comfortable accommodations and great amenities at affordable prices. Most of the hotels are surrounded by pine trees and offer panoramic views of the mountains. The best honeymoon hotels in Shimla also offer a romantic candlelit dinner for couples.
In conclusion, Shimla is a dream destination for honeymooners, offering a perfect blend of natural beauty, tranquility, and luxury. From luxurious heritage hotels to charming colonial-style properties and budget-friendly 3-star hotels in Shimla, the needs of every honeymoon couple are taken into consideration. The exciting honeymoon packages offered by the hotels make the experience even more memorable. So, if you are planning a visit to Shimla, make sure to choose the best hotel in Shimla for a honeymoon that fits your budget and preferences, and indulge in the romance of this beautiful hill station.
Source :
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