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TXK Today is an online news magazine for the texarkana area. Featuring Pictures, Articles, & Videos. http://TXKtoday.com/

2023.03.31 14:43 XIwatchdeathX Help me make it make sense yall

Help me make it make sense yall
Something does not sit right about all of this. The I dove pretty deep. But something seems off. Just the lack of information. Like. There is only 2 girls. One got busted for bestiality, (she’s smiling). A father and son got busted. And a politician. Idk. I spent a few hours on it. Hit some brick walls. Fuck it. Here’s what I found so far. Have at it https://www.fox4news.com/news/child-pornography-charges-operation-janus.amp
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2022.11.23 05:18 Competitive_Wash_584 TXKtoday.com : Texarkana police kill pit bulldog that attacked child

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2022.08.31 18:49 wtwzdat Woman faked pregnancy.. befriended a prego girl. Murdered and cut out baby. Taylor Parker NE Texas

Woman faked pregnancy.. befriended a prego girl. Murdered and cut out baby. Taylor Parker NE Texas


Do some research on this case. The girl (Taylor Renee Parker also went by Taylor Morton on FB) pretended to be pregnant. Even took maternity pictures.. Befriended another soon-to-be mother (Reagan Hancock), and ended up murdering and cutting the baby out of the girl.. with the victims daughter watching.. then attempted to drive to the hospital to pretend she had the baby in the car.. There is a TON of info out there. Her murder trial is next month.

Taylors BF's Facebook https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=4241978889220858&set=a.107026246049497
You can go here and search for her name under criminal case records


I think this would make a great video!

Fake Maternity Picture
FB Profile Picture
Bowie County Mugshot
initial arrest photo (McCurtain County, OK)
Probable Cause Affidavit
Key points from the document -
- Reagan’s body was discovered by her mother, Jessica.- Jessica screamed that someone had killed her baby.- Reagan was found in the living room and there was blood throughout the house.- When EMS turned Reagan over, they discovered large cuts on her abdomen and that she was no longer pregnant.- Taylor was then driving a vehicle that was pulled over during a traffic stop.- Taylor had the newborn on her lap and an umbilical cord was coming out of her pants, which made it look as if she had just given birth.- Both Taylor and the baby were taken to hospital.- Taylor’s boyfriend Wade told police that he was due to meet her at the hospital on the day of the murder for the ‘birth’ of their own child.- Taylor told police she used a scalpel to remove the baby from Reagan’s womb.- During the autopsy, a scalpel was also found embedded in Reagan’s neck.

Victim and her daughter (who witnessed the whole thing)
Taylor FB Profile Pic

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2021.10.08 20:16 KendallMang The Hideout opening soon!

Sorry, here's the link:
I'm an idiot so please forgive me
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2020.07.04 04:28 1SuperSlueth Texarkana pastor sentenced to five life sentences plus 220 years for sexual abuse of girls

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2020.02.27 06:37 1SuperSlueth BREAKING NEWS: Pastor accused of child sex abuse back behind bars

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2020.02.26 20:21 jw_mentions /r/atheism - "Why the hate?"

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you dont have to read this, no one is forcing you too. Go back to your bible study then if it upsets you so much.
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its upsetting to me to see all these so called men of god abuse children, maybe you should be more upset by that than with us that dont believe (this is just the first 10 results when I googled "pastor child sexual assault")
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2019.04.07 08:18 TheChroniclesOfMe Finally, 2 years after legalization, Arkansas gets its first dispensary.

Located in Texarkana. https://txktoday.com/news/medical-marijuana-dispensary-approved-for-electric-cowboy/
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2018.04.17 15:45 Laurelais-Hygeine Inmate gets life for throwing human waste on Telford officer Texarkana Today

Inmate gets life for throwing human waste on Telford officer Texarkana Today
Submitted April 17, 2018 at 03:28AM by m_verdant - https://www.reddit.com/news/comments/8cwii1/inmate\_gets\_life\_for\_throwing\_human\_waste\_on/?utm\_source=ifttt
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2018.02.22 02:35 kaunis [Wednesday, February 21 2018] Philippines 'concerned' as U.S. intelligence tags Duterte a threat to democracy; Man who says he was a Russian 'troll' arrested by Russian police after going public; Robert Mueller files new charges against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates



  • supersnaps
    [Title Post] Robert Mueller files new charges against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates
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  • smeggysmeg
    Man arrested for posting picture on Instagram of an AR-15 with the message "I'm thinking about finally going back to school"
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  • statelessfaithless
    5th grader saves choking classmate. He knew what to do by remembering a documentary he watched years ago. At first his parents said they thought he meant he saved a life when playing a video game.
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  • hanburgundy
    New "Discovery Mode" turns video game "Assassin's Creed: Origins" into a fully narrated, interactive guided tour through a detailed recreation of Ptolemaic-period Egypt.
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  • Hotdoggoo
    Redditors who went to jail/prison, what went through your head on the first day?


  • Palana
    TIL a party boat carrying sixty men and women once capsized in Texas after all the passangers rushed to one side as the boat passed a nude beach.
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  • BangieBangie
    Netflix is focusing more and more on TV shows and less on movies
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  • GamingSince95
    Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Complete Series is going to be released on Blu-ray disc in full 1080p HD, coming May 1st, 2018.
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  • LydierBear
    My sister, my father and I in 1989. He was a fireman and still found the time to play with us after work 3 days straight.
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  • Silentowns
    This manatee comes to my seawall nearly every day before sundown since I fed him lettuce 2 years ago
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  • FMStonecarving
    Last year i taught myself how to carve stone -Celtic birds from an 8th century manuscript, handcarved in sandstone in Scotland.
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  • coryoung1
    Got to -40°F today. Dad sent me this from his garage.
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    I took a stab at making my first piece of clothing. A bushcraft shirt from a wool blanket. Turned out alright.
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2018.02.21 04:39 Laurelais-Hygeine Man arrested for posting picture on Instagram of an AR-15 with the message "I'm thinking about finally going back to school"

Man arrested for posting picture on Instagram of an AR-15 with the message "I'm thinking about finally going back to school"
Submitted February 20, 2018 at 04:45PM by smeggysmeg - https://www.reddit.com/news/comments/7z23tm/man\_arrested\_for\_posting\_picture\_on\_instagram\_of/?utm\_source=ifttt
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Burglar Arrested After Returning to Retrieve His Beer
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2017.10.22 12:13 Laurelais-Hygeine Burglar Arrested After Returning to Retrieve His Beer

Burglar Arrested After Returning to Retrieve His Beer
Submitted October 21, 2017 at 11:44PM by atlrabbit - https://www.reddit.com/news/comments/77zcsc/burglar\_arrested\_after\_returning\_to\_retrieve\_his/?utm\_source=ifttt
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2017.10.22 12:04 autotldr Burglar Arrested After Returning to Retrieve His Beer

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 33%. (I'm a bot)
The Texarkana Texas Police Department arrested Jonathan Jackson, 52, of Texarkana Texas, early this morning for two counts of Burglary at the Westgate Car Wash, which is located at 3501 Summerhill Road. Officer Thomas Shaddix was initially dispatched to an alarm call at the business at 9:38 on Wednesday evening.
He reviewed the surveillance video from inside the building with the business' manager where a man, later identified as Jackson, could be seen entering through the window and trying to force open the cash register.
While investigating the burglary, Shaddix found an opened can of beer on the counter near the register that he believed had been left by the suspect and collected it as evidence.
As Shaddix arrived, he saw Jackson walking across the parking lot and immediately recognized him as the suspect in the first burglary.
Jackson told Shaddix that he had returned to the business to retrieve his beer that he had forgotten when he was previously there.
Jackson was charged with two counts of Burglary of a Building and transported to the Bi-State Jail.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Jackson#1 business#2 Burglary#3 Shaddix#4 building#5
Post found in /news.
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2017.10.04 07:40 autotldr Pastor sentenced to 15 years for sexual abuse of teen girls Texarkana Today

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 75%. (I'm a bot)
Farren pleaded guilty to seven counts of first-degree sexual assault, one count of second-degree sexual abuse and a misdemeanor count of violating mandatory reporting requirements.
Farren pleaded no-contest to one count of second-degree sexual assault as well.
As part of a plea bargain, Jones sentenced Farren to 15 years for each of the nine felony counts of sexual abuse, to run concurrently, and to four days in the county jail with credit for four days served on the misdemeanor.
At the time of his arrest, Farren was serving as lead pastor of Anchor Church in Texarkana.
Members of the clergy, teachers and medical personnel are required by law to report allegations of child physical or sexual abuse to a national child abuse hotline, but Farren did not.
The girl said Farren's sexual conversation with her led her to "Realize how he had control over her."
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2017.10.04 05:50 Laurelais-Hygeine Pastor sentenced to 15 years for sexual abuse of teen girls Texarkana Today

Pastor sentenced to 15 years for sexual abuse of teen girls Texarkana Today
Submitted October 03, 2017 at 05:08PM by Nightowljrm - https://www.reddit.com/news/comments/745htm/pastor\_sentenced\_to\_15\_years\_for\_sexual\_abuse\_of/?utm\_source=ifttt
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2016.07.01 21:58 deez_nuts_730 For /u/gdengine who asked for a list of females receiving light sentences for sex crimes. This is not every case this site has published, but it has *quite a bit* or links. Feel free to copy and paste any time you hear someone complaining about Brock Turner on Facebook or wherever.

There has been a lot of talk recently on Brock Turner's sentencing being too lenient. Whether you agree or not with this sentiment, there is an undeniable fact that there is clear precedence for this sentence, but it is in favor of women. Women receive lower sentencing for crimes than men, along with not being charged as often as men. This is true for sex crimes more so than nearly any other crime, and here is a list to show you how much so.
Quick summary of female teacher sentencing, which is indicative of female sentencing on the whole
The board in charge of training judges has ORDERED judges to give females lower sentences
The time a boy had to pay child support to his rapist
Heartwrenching video of a boy fighting against the "It's every boy's fantasy" bullshit
Woman rapes 15 yr old FIFTY TIMES and receives NO jail time
28 counts of sexual abuse and no jail time
120 days in jail for raping two separate boys
Teacher rapes student; no jail time (suspended sentence)
Another raped man having to pay child support, he was unconscious while he was raped
Probably the closest you will get to the Brock Turner case; woman rapes unconscious man in public and is only charged with public intoxication
Woman rapes then stabs man; no jail time (suspended sentence) because she was on medication. Has medication or alcohol EVER been an excuse for a male? Ask Brock Turner
Woman rapes 15 yr old: receives 48 weekends in jail (104 days spokesman states) or roughly 3 months
Woman medicates and rapes four boys: no sex offender registry and plea drops max sentence from possible life down to five years max
Woman intoxicates and rapes a 14 yr old boy and rapes another boy. She serves no jail time
Woman provides marijuana to two minors and rapes them. No jail time AND will retain custody of her children
For a (sorta) break from all this "male privilege" here is one where nobody went to jail. But it shows the double standards between sexes where underage boys can be prosecuted for underage sex, but females can't
Woman rapes an 11 yr old and receives (you guessed it) no jail time
Woman films herself sexually assaulting HER OWN ONE YEAR OLD and sells the tape. Jail time? Of course not!
Two teenagers willingly exchange explicit pictures of themselves. Female receives only probation while male still faces years in prison.
Woman rapes a minor and only gets probation. Not even required to register as a sex offender
Any of this starting to sound similar? Like the fact that these are all women who receive either no jail time or a very short jail term for sexual assault and rape? Some of these are only sexual assaults because in some countries women legally cannot be charged with rape. That's right, even after thousands of people requested the government to change the law to allow women to be charge with rape, the government stated that they would not consider a change. So to continue...
A woman rapes a 14 yr old boy, no jail time. It get's even better though. She violated her probationary terms in THREE different ways and STILL isn't given a prison sentence
Woman sexually abuses three minors and receives probation
Woman sexually abuses a special needs student. No jail for her though
Woman receives probation and is allowed full contact with her two children after molesting a 13 yr old autistic boy
All of this male privilege is stifling. It's incredible how harsh this world is to women. (Sarcasm for those of you playing the home game.)
Female rapist of three boys aged 12-14 received probation
Woman sexually abuses 2 boys for FOUR YEARS starting when they were only 6 and 8 and only gets probation. She has a child that she may be allowed to parent again if she complies with the Dept. of Human Services.
Librarian receives probation for sexting a minor. No jail. No sex offender registry
Another teacher, another sexual assault on a minor, another sentence of just probation.
Woman rapes a boy when he is 10 and again when he is 15. She will not be going to jail
All of these were found in just the short span of 2 hours. And they all provide mounting evidence to one point: there is a very real rape culture, but it's not the one the media wants you to think. Rape culture is alive and well in the fact that women are seen only as victims of sex assault and rape, even though I have just shown that they are perpetrators as well quite often. It is alive and well in the fact that women have been and in all likelihood will continue to receive incredibly lower sentences for sex crimes than a male would. This is true for many other crimes such as domestic violence and murder; that is a discussion for a separate time though. It is alive and well in the fact that men are no longer considered innocent until proven guilty when charged with sex crimes. It is alive and well in the fact that even though false rape reports are very real and just as damaging as rape itself, they are still treated as misdemeanors, if they are even prosecuted at all. Rape culture exists and is rampant and it needs to stop.
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2016.05.15 05:02 frenchsfence Customized Wrought Iron Gates from French's Quality Welding & Fencing.

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2016.05.13 05:21 frenchsfence #frenchsfence

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2014.05.13 17:29 Atroxide [META] /r/Texarkana Discussion Topic

Hello fellow Texarkanians.
I decided to make this topic to have a discussion with the readers of /texarkana and get some feedback on the subreddit itself.
A while back I had the idea of setting up a bot to automatically post the local news from the Texarkana Gazette onto the /texarkana subreddit. The idea was to automatically create points of discussion so that we would actually have things to talk about instead of the usual "why does this city/subreddit suck so much?", "what is there to do in texarkana", "I'm moving to Texarkana, advice please" topics that seem to be the only ones to be popular. I ended up not doing this because the Texarkana Gazette service isn't free and so I would either be linking to articles which can't be read or would be required to scrape the articles and basically steal them and paste them as self-text. Obviously I choose to not follow with the idea.
You probably also noticed (if you looked at the front page of /texarkana) that there has been quite a lot of links to txktoday.com, specifically in the last 24 hours by the user "txktoday". This is an account that is actually under my control and is simply a bot I wrote to post new content from txktoday. I have gotten a couple spam reports on these links since the bot went live and I fully understand why and actually agree that it s quite spammy so this discussion topic is simply to see what you guys thought and to find a solution that will end up approving the /texarkana subreddit in the long-run.
I think there are 3 possible solutions (and please post more if you have have any).
Option 1: Disable the bot completely, require user submission on all topics.
Option 2: Keep the bot as is, which means there will be quite a lot of links on a daily basis.
Option 3: Find a way to reduce the topics posted by the bot to only the most interesting things. This would mean maybe only posting topics under the "popular" tab on the website (which doesn't change often). Or maybe to only post one topic a day that contains a summary with all links from that day. Or maybe even to have it just post topics once they hit a certain number of comments on the website (which means its a good topic of discussion).
Overall I think either option 1 and 3 is our best bet. I agree that the bot is quite spammy which is why I don't think we should keep it that way. So what do you guys think?
I would also like to mention that I have no affiliation with txktoday.com, I just decided to make the bot for the site instead of the gazette due to the gazette being behind a paywall (I also find the gazette to be politically biased compared to txktoday which hasn't had any political news)
Until we come to a decision, I have disabled the bot from posting to the subreddit.
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