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For all the dank GMM supporters.

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An unofficial, play-by-post version of the game "Scenes From a Hat" from the show "Whose Line is it Anyway?". Not affiliated with the show, ABC, or the CW.

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Here we 'reddit' about the Trailer Park Boys which is a documentary-style comedy about the inhabitants of Sunnyvale Trailer Park, located in the beautiful Maritime province of Nova Scotia, Canada. The show follows the exploits of Sunnyvale's most notorious residents, Ricky, Julian, and Bubbles, as they attempt to make money through various greasy (and mostly illegal) get-rich-quick schemes, hotly pursued by the park's drunken supervisor, Jim Lahey, and his shirtless sidekick, Randy.

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IGS Rep: /IGSRep/comments/rnhny2/cable_hogues_igs_rep_page/
[H] 112 Operator 911 Operator Amnesia: Rebirth Amnesia: The Dark Descent + A Machine for Pigs (Machine free on GOG until June 9) Arcade Paradise - Arcade Paradise EP Battlefield 1 (Origin) Beholder 2 Between the Stars Broken Age Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Corridor Z Cortex Command Dear Esther: Landmark Edition Dex: Enhanced Version Diluvion Draw Slasher Driftland: The Magic Revival Drink More Glurp EarthX Field of Glory II (Free on Steam until June 8) Go Home Dinosaurs! Going Under Hue (Free on Steam until June 8!) Huntsman: The Orphanage Hyper Knights Indivisible Ken Follett's The Pillars of the Earth Kyle Is Famous: Complete Edition Lust for Darkness Lust from Beyond: M Edition Magicka Monaco Moon Hunters Mushroom Wars NecroWorm Neverout Nex Machina Orbital Racer Out of Reach: Treasure Royale Pathway Perfect Pixplode Plunder Panic Radio Commander Rainbow Hero Rescue Party: Live! Roarr! The Adventures of Rampage Rex Rustler Samorost 2 Sifu Deluxe Edition Upgrade Bundle (Epic) Sigma Theory: Global Cold War Slinger VR Songbringer Soul Axiom Rebooted Soulblight Steel Rats Styx: Shards of Darkness Supraland Telefrag VR The Impossible Game The USB Stick Found in the Grass This War of Mine Toejam & Earl: Back in the Groove Tooth and Tail Treasure Hunter Simulator Virgo Versus The Zodiac Wandersong Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide WARSAW White Day: A Labyrinth Named School X-Morph: Defense + European Assault, Survival of the Fittest, and Last Bastion DLC
[W] Grime Remnant: From the Ashes - Complete Edition
Trombone Champ Mago Prey - Digital Deluxe Kaiju Wars Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten King Ashen Weaving Tides
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2023.06.06 22:30 amandaguilty Family drama – The murder of Sarah Scazzi – 2/2

<<< First part of the post
My post got cancelled the first time, so I’m trying again. Wish me luck! :)

August 26, 2010. The reconstruction

For the Court, “decisive and definitive proof of the correctness of [this] reconstruction” of the relationship between Sabrina and Ivano and between the former and the victim, comes from a “datum of extraordinary genuineness” – Sarah’s last diary entry:
According to all the testimonial evidence, on both the morning and afternoon of August 26, Sarah (once she’d returned from San Pancrazio) went to Sabrina’s house; but why would she do so if the relationship had broken down? The Court considers this issue, advanced by the defense, and replies that
once her brother had left, hanging out with Sabrina represented, for young Sarah, hungry for life and leisure, the only opportunity to get out, to escape from a family environment that appeared to her to be rigid and, at that time, with her grandfather dying and her mother busy caring for him, certainly bleak and oppressive.
Anna Pisanò’s testimony sheds light on the underlying conflict between the cousins, although her account of the morning – as well as the other portions of her testimony – has been rejected by the defense, who argued that Pisanò’s role as a “super-witness” (more on this later) was the by-product of her resentment towards Sabrina, of “her willingness to create misunderstandings” and of the shared religious beliefs with Concetta. The Court rejected this argument reporting that Pisanò and Sabrina were quite intimate friends before the disappearance and the religious practices Pisanò participated to still don’t explain why she would have falsely accused Sabrina. In any case, Pisanò was a client of Sabrina; she said she was close with her, although the latter contradicted her in court.
7:55-9:30 am: Pisanò said to the investigators and later to the judges that, on the morning of August 26, she went to Sabrina’s for a session (she worked as a beautician off the books); after like an hour, Sarah arrived. Pisanò noticed that she looked unhappy and that she didn’t greet her as usual. The prosecution used this episode to argue the confrontation of the night before continued on August 26, but the defense replied that either a) Pisanò was disliked by Sarah because two years before she had said to Sarah that her father was a womanizer or b) the story narrated by Pisanò was false since the other witnesses who saw Sarah that morning don’t report anything unusual about her. Make of that what you will.12-12:30 pm: Once she had returned to her own home, coming from the Misseris, Sarah informed her mother that she was “probably” going to the beach with Sabrina and that, in any case, she would have to wait for confirmation by her cousin. Immediately thereafter, Sarah had asked to accompany her father, who was headed for meat and fruit shopping.1:45-2 pm: Sarah left her house and headed for Sabrina’s without having received the confirmation message from Sabrina. This is corroborated by
The Court stated that the reconstruction advanced by the defense – according to which Sarah waited for the 2:25 pm confirmation message in order to go to Sabrina’s – can’t be accepted also because it didn’t make sense for Sarah not to reply to her schoolmate Francesca’s messages if she was really waiting for the confirmation message and wasn’t engaged in any housework. The most plausible reasons why she left before receiving the message are to be identified with the fact that Sarah didn’t want to participate in the house renovations and was anxious to go to the beach.
The defense also attacked the testimony of Pantir indirectly arguing that the “young couple” – that’s the name media used to describe Giuseppina Nardelli and Fedele Giangrande – since a week after the disappearance have always said that they’d seen Sarah walking down the street after 2 pm. The Court countered that Sabrina had tried to influence the memories of the people involved in the case and that’s the distal cause of the young couple’s testimony:
[I]t is well understood how the imprimatur of a certain time indication that placed Sarah’s disappearance around 2:30 pm and, in any case, before 2:42 pm, the time when the search for her began, was provided precisely by Sabrina Misseri in the course of the interviews she gave, with the effect of conditioning not only, as already seen, the memories of Sarah’s family members, but also the information disseminated by the media.
That would explain why the missing person report compiled by Concetta mentioned 2:30 pm as the time of disappearance – Sarah’s mother had simply taken at face value Sabrina’s indication that she’d sent the confirmation message around that time. Moreover, in at least another occasion, Sabrina tried to influence directly a person informed about the facts surrounding the disappearance, namely Mariangela. This is an excerpt from an intercepted conversation between two on September 30, 2010 in the Carabinieri headquarters:
It’s also a fact that the after-2-pm version was initially accredited because everyone thought the last movements of Sarah’s cell phone were genuine and not the result of post-mortem manipulation (more on this later), so it’s not illogical to think that the young couple could have “aligned” their memories with what they deemed to be true. Still, I think the defense raises a good point; ultimately, it’s likely that Giangrande and Nardelli misremembered or made a bad estimation because their original memory (in the later versions they admit it could have been also 2 pm) simply doesn’t fit with all the other evidence, especially Pantir’s testimony, who talked about 2 pm as the time of Sarah leaving the house when everyone else thought the correct time was another.
1:50-2:05 pm: Sarah arrived at Sabrina’s. Testifying to this there are Cosima’s intercepted words: “it would have been better if lightning had fallen on the house, electrocuting us all that day… electrocuting us all before the girl came”. It’s unlikely that she went to the garage as hypothesized by the defense since, even according to Sabrina, she wasn’t used to hang out alone there at all. Moreover,
It is utterly implausible that Sarah Scazzi – if previously molested, as the Defenses assume – could have decided, for no plausible reason, to voluntarily descend into the dark garage, into the clutches of her molesting uncle (as will be said shortly, just as the latter, enraged by the failure to start the tractor, was shouting and “swearing” like a possessed).
Sabrina testified in court that around this time (when, for example, she received her cousin Adamaria’s call and didn’t respond to it) she was resting in the double bed of her parents, though this is contradicted by Michele even when the latter was offering a completely self-accusatory version: he said that he’d talked to Sabrina in the house before Sarah arrived. On the other hand, Cosima – who according to Sabrina was lying next to her in the double bed – never mentioned the numerous calls, messages and rings her daughter had received in those minutes. Why would she lie about this, in any case?
There was, in fact, a need to defer the moment of her exit to the porch, in order to exclude the possibility of a meeting with Sarah at the moment when the latter – according to the defense version, which saw her leaving the house after receiving confirmation text messages from her cousin – was arriving at the Misseri house.
It’s difficult to understand, moreover, why Sabrina would send the message, “I’m trying [to poo] in the bathroom :)”, to Mariangela if, as she testified in court, the “attempt” lasted only a few seconds. But there are lots of contradictions in Sabrina’s accounts of the events. The shower that, according to previous statements, she had taken once she got out of bed, in the trial statements became a “rinse” of her private parts; regarding the message of 2:39:27 pm to Mariangela (“Ready”), Sabrina, in her statements of October 15, said she’d typed it when she was on the porch, but – faced with the contestation that she had stated that, 55 seconds earlier, when she had received the message from Angela Cimino, she was with certainty in the bathroom – she argued at trial that this message had been sent when she “was going out on the porch”. Concerning these details, the defense tried to deflect holding that Sabrina was in a state of “mental confusion” caused by her cousin’s – to whom she was very close – disappearance. The Court replied that
The detectable contradictions cannot be the result of mnemonic deficits, especially since, most of the time, this is not the explanation that was given by the defendant to justify the narrative inconsistencies.
At this point, though, we have to introduce a crucial witness who showed up quite late but was deemed genuine (at least in his first deposition) by the prosecution and then by the Court; his name is Giovanni Buccolieri and he was a florist in Avetrana.

The kidnapping: the dream of the florist and Cosima’s motive

The finding of kidnapping, contested in complicity to Cosima Serrano and Sabrina Misseri, in the reconstruction of the criminal facts constitutes the logical and factual antecedent of the murder of Sarah Scazzi: the young girl, shortly after entering the house, hastily left [Sabrina’s house], heading on foot toward her home; however, she was chased and immediately tracked down by Cosima Serrano who, together with Sabrina Misseri, forced her to board the Opel Astra car and, placing herself in the driver’s seat again, drove her back to her home in Via Deledda, where she was strangled.
The path by which the information about the kidnapping reached investigators was tortuous. On April 5, 2011, super-witness Anna Pisanò talked with the investigators to report that, in September 2010, she’d heard by her daughter Vanessa Cerra that “someone” she knew had seen Cosima grab Sarah by the hair, snatch her and throw her in the Misseri car on the afternoon of August 26, 2010. Pisanò had asked many times to Cerra who was this mysterious individual, but she decided to make his name only when she left for a job in Germany (saying that, if questioned, he would have said that it was only a dream). When Pisanò discovered the identity of the witness, she went to the investigators.
April 9, 2011 is the day Buccolieri appeared before prosecutors to offer information about Sarah’s disappearance. Only two days later, however, he requested another interview to retract what he’d already told, justifying himself by saying that he wasn’t sure it was real – it could have been a very vivid dream. The prosecutors immediately charged him with perjury, since either the first or the second interview contained false information. Then, in court, Buccolieri used his right to remain silent, although the content of the first interview was mentioned in the motivation report that sentenced Cosima (and Sabrina) to life in prison.
The florist’s dream is one of the most contested points of the sentence. The Supreme Court observed that Buccolieri retracting his testimony about having seen the kidnapping has to be explained in terms of an “attempt to evade the judicial responsibilities incumbent on him”. On the contrary, Cosima’s and especially Sabrina’s defenses argued that only Anna Pisanò reported the incident by talking about a real fact and not a dream, and that she cannot be trusted for the reasons described above.
Concerning the validity of the testimony, the Court considered firstly the discrepancy between Buccolieri’s preoccupation with the incident and it supposedly being just a vivid dream:
that Buccolieri continued, in the days and months that followed, to talk about the affair, albeit representing it as a “dream”, to relatives, relatives-in-law and friends while showing agitation and disturbance, however, makes it quite clear that he – aware of the seriousness of the episode and its significance as an essential junction in the reconstruction of the murder – could not help but think about it and, therefore, talk about it.
Mention has already been made of Pisanò’s credibility, which again becomes an important point here. The woman reported to investigators that her daughter had told her about the incident in terms of a real fact, while the daughter claimed that Buccolieri had only ever told her about a very vivid dream that made it difficult to understand whether it was real or not. Cerra said in court that, when she had asked again Buccolieri to go talk with the investigators, he replied, “If they call me, I deny everything”.
This is probably the strangest piece of evidence pertaining to this case, the only one directly implicating Cosima and it’s quite difficult to assess its validity. The Court considered the issue and tried to justify its reasoning in more than 100 pages. There are reasons both to believe and not to believe that it was a vivid dream.
Firstly, we know for a fact that Buccolieri did have a flower delivery to do on that day. Interestingly, his description of the abduction temporally preceded the discovery of Sarah’s body; this suggests that he may have been truthful insofar as he would have anticipated other evidence emerging from the trial. Another reasoning in favor of the theory that the kidnapping was real is that Cerra wouldn’t have asked Buccolieri to talk with the Carabinieri if his narrative had been really told in the terms of a dream; at the same time, Cerra wouldn’t have refused to tell her mother the name of the dreamer. It would also have been strange for Pisanò – if she had falsely said that the kidnapping was real – to have been able to predict that Buccolieri would speak in the terms of a real fact in his first interview. Finally, the Court considered that the fact Buccolieri said to Cerra that only she knew how things went proved that what he said to his wife and mother-in-law (namely, that it was all a dream) was false – in other words, only Cerra was able to listen to the “true” account of the events; Pisanò then managed to discover it and told about it to the investigators.
On the other hand, it would be dishonest not to acknowledge that Buccolieri to this day maintains that the prosecutors somehow convinced him that the episode was factual, when in reality, according to him, it was only a dream. Other bits of intercepted conversation suggest either that Buccolieri was truthful when he accredited the dream version or that he was trying to impose it to Cerra: “The two of us, when we talked, we talked about a dream and that’s all… we didn’t talk about anything else”. Others again seem to imply that there was a common preoccupation, between Buccolieri and Cerra, with not being involved in the case: “You have to say that… the right things, Va”, “But I said the right things”. In court, Buccolieri’s wife Giuseppina Scredo testified that her husband seemed worried about the “dream” because at the same time he told her about it circumstantial items against Cosima had emerged – but prosecutors replied that, in reality, Cosima became a suspect only in 2011, so it’d have been exaggerated for Buccolieri to be worried about the dream:
[Buccolieri], however, would have had no reason to feel such dismay if it was merely a dream going back in time or if he was in doubt between dream and reality, and even less so if [the story about the kidnapping] was the result of popular suggestion or a “collective dream” of the Avetranese who disliked Serrano. […] Unless we want to attribute to Buccolieri premonitory powers and divinatory abilities, it is not possible that, immediately after Michele Misseri’s arrest, he could have already had suspicions – based, it should be assumed, solely on the unjustifiable dislike he felt for a fellow citizen with a “strong” character whom he saw appearing on television – about Cosima Serrano, so much so that he became convinced of her guilt and “dreamed” of her involvement in the victim’s kidnapping.
It’s also important to ask what would be Cosima’s motive. The Court considered that
The attention that the entire family paid to the aspect of public consideration is further evidenced by Valentina Misseri’s statement at trial about the reasons underlying the reproaches that she and her sister Sabrina used to address to the young Sarah because of the young girl’s affectionate attitudes – which they considered excessive and out of place – to people of the opposite sex, or the makeup that was too “heavy” for her age, which could have, in the older cousins’ view, aroused the gossip of the Avetranese community (“people who talk and are gossipy”) by having the minor girl ‘labeled’ as a ‘no-good’.
Cosima was therefore greatly concerned about what might be said about her daughter if her failed intercourse and on-and-off relationship with Ivano were discovered and especially held Sarah responsible for the humiliation her daughter suffered. As for why she decided to follow Sarah back to her house like the florist had described, the Court considers that the news of the argument was not supposed to reach the Scazzi home – if it had happened, Sarah’s parents would’ve been outraged at Cosima and Sabrina for everything “improper” for a 15-year-old Sarah had discovered or participated to (especially in a rural, tight-knit community as Avetrana is): from knowing about the intercourse to being photographed in pajamas with Sabrina by a shirtless Ivano late one night in May 2010.
It is also shown that the defendant [Cosima] Serrano paid extreme attention to the profile of family respectability, opposing conduct of her daughter that appeared to her, in terms of mentality, age, and culture, to be excessively uninhibited – so much so that she regularly called Sabrina insulting epithets alluding to her sexual mores (“bitch”, “whore”). […] The affront suffered at the hands of the little girl, her rebellion against the authority of her aunt and the fear that she would reveal facts that would compromise the honorability of the Misseri family, generated a strong emotional reaction in the woman that induced her to commit the kidnapping and, once the little girl was brought back home, to commit the crime of murder.

The murder and the weapon

According to the Court that convicted the defendants, Sarah entered the Misseri’s house and stayed there for only a few minutes before leaving abruptly. The fight that broke out that afternoon had to be different from the typical altercations between the two girls, having required the intervention of Cosima.
Sarah, who was attacked and reprimanded, did not suffer supinely this time: she must have experienced those reprimands, those accusations as so undeserved, disproportionate and unjust that she reacted harshly toward her aunt in harsh tones, and with accusations, certainly serious and unexpected, that affected not only her cousin, but also her aunt because of the seriousness of them. […] The questioning of the authority of the two women, Serrano’s outrage at what must have seemed to her to be intolerable accusations made by Sarah and an inadmissible act of rebellion, as well as a show of ingratitude on the part of the little girl who had been welcomed and raised “like a daughter” in that home, the realization that Sarah had grown up and was no longer the shy and submissive child who could be “managed”, but a person capable of reacting, responding in kind, questioning the authority of the two “parental” figures, even rivaling her older cousin and revealing her habits and secrets, shaming her before her mother’s eyes, all these things triggered the reaction of Sabrina Misseri and Cosima Serrano.
After they had returned to the Misseri’s house on the Opel Astra, Sabrina and Cosima strangled Sarah with a belt, one holding her down and the other tightening her grip around the neck. This is also corroborated by the forensic-pathological evidence: according to prof. Strada’s autopsy, “a flat, ribbon-like furrow in the front of the neck is clearly visible [on Sarah’s neck], even to the layman”, while “excluding the mode of strangulation hypothesized by the defense [i.e. a kind of complete hanging] is the absence of signs of fracture of the hyoid bone and cricothyroid cartilages”. Strada concluded therefore that the murder weapon was a belt, the seams of which produced the furrow present on Sarah’s neck.
Against the objections of Sabrina's and Cosima’s defense – which argued that the indication of the murder weapon was intended to shift the blame towards the two defendants – there is the fact that the autopsy was filed on November 11, 2010, when Michele was still the only suspect: Strada could not have known that Sabrina and Cosima would be investigated shortly thereafter.
It is therefore clear that the indication of a belt, not a rope, as the murder weapon preceded the reconstruction that, only later, by virtue of an unambiguous circumstantial framework, came to identify the Misseri family home as the scene of the murder.
The Court noted that “the defense counsel ultimately failed to provide a plausible alternative explanation for the presence of the whitish furrow ‘averaging 2.6 cm wide’ found on the front of the victim’s neck, nor did he effectively explain the origin and nature of the repetitive segmented, in-line impressions present at the edges of said furrow”. In response to the argument that the weapon may have been a rope (such as the one indicated by Michele), the Court underlined that Strada argued extensively that the furrow couldn’t have been produced by such a constraining means.
In addition to that, the Court holds that – since on Sarah’s neck “a sharp, smudge-free pattern was detected” and “the victim did not put up any resistance, especially since it was found that there was no further injury to the ‘structures’ of the neck” – the perpetrators of the vicious attack must have been two, namely Sabrina and Cosima. It was also argued that, if Cosima should be held responsible for kidnapping Sarah and make her go back to the Misseri house, then it becomes quite hard to explain how she didn’t also participate to the actual murder. If the florist’s story is not a dream, Cosima is responsible for killing her niece.


Italy high court upholds life sentences in Scazzi case
L’omicidio di Sarah Scazzi: quando il male è in famiglia
Mother told live on Italian TV of daughter's murder
The Murder of Sarah Scazzi Apple TV (UK)
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2023.06.06 22:30 piinkrain I don’t know how to be lonely anymore.

I say this as I drink, alone in my dark room on reddit of all places. For the longest time I spoke to a group of friends everyday. The issue was I was continuously the butt of the joke. Whether it be about my appearance, intelligence, relationship history, etc. However, for months straight I spoke to people everyday. I cried often, but I still had communication. Now, I have a long distance boyfriend who I love, but we hardly have any time to spend. We merely just have brief calls. I work now (I’m a caregiver, so the hours are inconsistent), and he doesn’t but is with family/friends a good portion of the time.
I don’t really speak to the previously mentioned group of friends, and for the past couple weeks, I hardly speak to my boyfriend; when I am at work, he is home. When I am home, he is out. I no longer know how to be alone. I just feel so incredibly isolated. A year and a half ago, I loved to be alone and was for the majority of my free time. I could read, play games, and watch shows by myself no problem. Now, I don’t know how to cope with the feelings of loneliness that creep up on me ever so quickly.
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2023.06.06 22:30 Ok-World-9532 I (23F) am naturally promiscuous and I don’t know how to get better. I didn’t even think it was an issue, how do I change my thoughts and make my partner feel better?

I (23F) am in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost a year now (29M). I went through a lot of sexual abuse throughout my childhood and started having sex around the age of 12/13. I prostituted throughout my adolescence years 15-17 while running away from home and often had relationships with much older men anywhere from 10-20 years older than me. I exclusively dated older men for a very long time because I never felt understood by people my age. I find myself very happy in this relationship but often times feeling really insecure and bad about myself. We’ve had our issues and I always feel like I’m kind of a piece of shit and don’t know how to be in a relationship. I treat him very well, and take care of his child sometimes, I always cook, clean the house, and I am very nice to my boyfriend. We do have a good relationship but no matter what I feel bad. He has to deal with his ex wife alot and I find myself feeling very inadequate. She says things to him like I’m a young stupid gf and that I’m not respectable. I also don’t make much money and I’m in the process of becoming a tattoo artist and studying computer science in college. I have a hard time in my relationship because a part of me feels like I’ll always be a whore and I should just give up romantically and like sometimes I do want to act out like a whore. I have a hard time staying in relationships in general, and find myself trying to convince my boyfriend to do things with me with other people to feel wanted. I feel like all I have to offer is my body and it’s not enough. Not sure how to even process this or how to be calm without thinking bad about myself or being a whore.
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2023.06.06 22:30 defensivegate 29 [M4M] Florida/online don't you want someone who won't ghost you and will give you attention, compliments, and support? Any military guys? Gotta be at least one who is interested.

I'm looking for someone who likes attention and would like constant attention. Who is willing to chat about their day, their interests and etc. I won't ghost you, I want to be there for you and support you, emotionally. Be someone you can talk to about anything no matter what and just be your best bro. I give very good detailed compliments that you'll love since you like attention.
About me is that I'm pretty chill and relaxed, I like gaming, horror movies, spooky stuff, and socializing. If you're interested then message me about yourself and a photo. Won't respond otherwise.
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2023.06.06 22:29 JoeHunt82 Watching away games at Ball Arena

Have tickets for game 5 and am coming to Denver on Thursday and saw that for game 4 Friday they’re having a watch party type event at the arena and was considering going, can anyone comment on if this is a good experience, not sure if they did this for the western conference finals so maybe there is no prior experience for anyone with this but just thought I’d ask or if it’d be better to find a watch party at a barestaurant?
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2023.06.06 22:29 BMONCHMAP242C My mom has been letting my sister's bad ways go on for 15-17 years

(OK so here we go. So all these things happend at diffrent times so I'll add the ages me and my sister were when these happend so here we go)
-So my Mom has let my older sister be a brat for as long as I lived. Keep in mind my Mom said "she cares about me" which is a lie becuase when I was born my Mom told her I was now part of the family but my sister thought it was a good idea to ask my Mom "when is [year name]'s Mom picking her up?" and of cores when my Mother told her she was mad as hell
1)So the first bad thing my mom allowed was using me as her slave....YES I said it she did. When I was a little 3 year old my sister was 5. She found out I wanted to hang out so she made me do things like getting her milk, Givivng her and her friends the so called 'puppy eyes' That I could do when I was little and even made me wash her and her friends feet so that ment holding a hevy bowl of hot water. She did this for around 1-2 years. And of corse when I told her she told me I was being a good little sister by 'helping' her...I was not helping.
2) My sister used me starting fights with her to get me grounded for no reson...So this one gonna hit me hard becuase me and my Mom got in a fight about this a few weeks ago but this story is why I felt like talking about this. So me at the time was 5 so my sister would be 7 or 8, me and her were yelling when she hits me hard on my back! You may think I'm being a brat keep in mind I don't have alot of skin on my back so she hit my back bones HARD! and of course it hurt! so we start fighting and of coures my family ask whats going on and she blames it on me! so of course I get grounded for no reson left crying and getting yelled at by my father becuase I was trying to go to the bath room.
3)K so this one makes me really angry if you know me well you would know I was plaing on surprising my family that I was dating someone I even told my sister my plan and what dose she do SHE TELLS MY MOM! I told her a week later at my Dad's what she did and she said in the most brat like voice "oh oppps" and then gose back on her phone texting her bf who at the time was at work! I was really mad and I started crying after having a fight with my mom! I heard someone knocking on my door and when I told them to go away in anger I heared A VERY LOUD sigh coming from you guessed it MY SISTER! When my mom got home my Mother told me "She (my sister) tried putting in en effert." (So she never tried before!) I told my Mom what she ment by that when I told her somthing from the past she "I can't fix it becuase it was a long time ago" and when she tells me I call her name's which was from years ago it some how now matters???? I don't know what to say so after a figth AGAIN I texted my Mom that I was hurt after what she did and that I'm planing on moving out when I'm done high school or when I turn 18 or older. I don't know what to do now but I don't really care if me and my sisters got into fights now becuase shes a 17 year old brat who leaves there under wear and bras in the bathroom, takes all the toilet paper and steals my hair brush and makes fun of me for being a furry, being meowed at 24/7 at school, and that my bf was almost rapped. Worst sister ever.
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2023.06.06 22:28 Veriatee Gaming pc crashing issue

So I was playing a game (Rocket League) and then all of a sudden, my computer crashed and even went to the diagnosing the problem screen. It isn’t just this game that crashes, this happened to many other games, such as Valorant and Minecraft. The graphics drivers are all up to date if you are wondering, the GPU I’m using is the RTX 1440.
I really hope someone can comment on this on what the issue is and how to fix it.
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2023.06.06 22:28 Filipino2ndThoughts The laziest workers really do like running their mouths

If I hear one more time that
"All you guys really do in Electronics is stand around and wait for customers huh"
I'm going to go crazy. The same two new hire GM associates keep saying that to me even though all I see them doing wandering the store half the time. It's not even just me, the older GMs complain about them too.
"So like what do you even do here? It seems so easy just standing here waiting haha"
Let me see we do freight, security, wait on customers, cashier, zone, pinpoint, vizpick, price changes, mods, get go backs, audit, photos, clean, become a one man army because god forbid there are two people working electronics at the same time send one over to food to zone... the list goes on.
But all I ever see these guys do is get their go backs and stock those and zone. I'm busting my ass here and I got two bozos throwing stuff that isn't even ours on our counter because it's not theirs either. They don't even have numbers to run registers either so code sparks are a non-issue for them. I'm tired of these guys, I need a drink.
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2023.06.06 22:28 ecanem63 Which game do you see yourself playing even when you're 80?

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2023.06.06 22:27 vionne_r 24F from Alabama 😊 Click please!

Hey, so I thought I’d put all of this first… so whew… let’s see how it goes. I’m 24 years old, and I struggle with anxiety/depression. I don’t have a car (driving anxiety that I’m working on getting through).
If you haven’t clicked off so far, yay. I’ll keep going 😂 I’m a huge sweetheart, and very caring. I’m a very quiet girl, and currently in college. I love science, sporadic activities, makeup, fashion, and video games. I do also want to mention that while I’m very friendly, I’m still not much of a people person. This is due to the amount of people I’ve met in the world who have been rude/assholes for no reason. I’m working on that though, because it’s not good to shut down and change the bubbly person I once was, forever because of crappy people. I believe now my tolerance has just lowered for people 🤷🏽‍♀️😅.
Age doesn’t matter. Race doesn’t matter. Gender doesn’t matter. Politically, I’m moderate, leaning apolitical though. So I’d prefer like minded people in that area.
If you’re heavily conservative, don’t message me. If you’re heavily democrat, don’t message me. :) I don’t want to bother with that kind of drama/annoyance. I genuinely find I don’t get along well with most overly political people.
Anyhow, if none of this has deterred you so far, send a message please ☺️. Promise I won’t bite. Just please, don’t be weird, and don’t ask why I’m not replying to you quickly. 🤨
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2023.06.06 22:27 redwastepanda I want to dump a bunch of secrets to my parents

My parents and I have a very loving relationship, but I've never been fully communicative with them or honest. They know I hide a good amount of stuff about my personal life, and it's caused conflicts between us.
I'm in my mid-twenties now and it's harder to keep different parts of my life separate from each other. For example, I never told my parents I joined a frat in college, and now that my girlfriend has met those friends I'm afraid of it coming up when my girlfriends meets my parents. I want to be more honest in my life and connect more with my parents, and ESPECIALLY not have to debrief everyone around me what they can and can't say around my family.
These secrets have stressed me out so much. It's been years since some of these secrets were relevant, but I was thinking about sitting down with my parents and just opening up and going through a list of everything I've hid from them.
It would be a weight off my shoulders, but I'm afraid my parents will feel even more hurt that I kept these things from them and drive us further apart.
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2023.06.06 22:27 MAD_Shogo How to play online?

Hello! I just joined this game thanks to the reccommendation of one of my friend.
The only downside is that i can't play with him online, whenever I try as soon the game starts i lag really hard even with my voice on discord, and avfet 2 minutes it disconnect me. I do not have a terrible connection, wouldnt say it's the best ever, but I can play any other game with no issue and 50/60ms
Is there a way to fix? I really can't do nothing except unistall at this point
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2023.06.06 22:27 RedditTanel I sincerely hope they will add Diablo III like matchmaking back

Right now im having an insane blast playing alone doing 100% of everything the game has.. but after that I wanna group up... I havent seen any good way to do this.
Diablo III had the best matchmaking imo.. select if you want to do RIFTS, GRIFTS, BOUNTIES.. and then what Torment and thats it.. you get put into a 4 group party that fills up if someone leaves. I dont get why they removed this feature.
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2023.06.06 22:27 613_Cam 23/EST looking for some homies to play with

I’m just looking for some chill people to game with. I’m 420 friendly, and have a super relaxed approach to enjoying the games I play. I could also use some help to get better at smash.
I tend to play evenings/at night with my current schedule so if you do too that would be ideal. (Attached a pic of my current game library)
Don’t be shy, say hi and let’s play together!
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2023.06.06 22:27 Main_Consideration94 Sebastian and Player Spell Combos

Not really a question, or really too much of a discussion, but I did want to post about it somewhere. I bought the game super late because I don't really support JKR anymore based on the fact that she's a terf, but I got jealous of watching everyone else play, so I got it. Anyway, I quickly fell in love with the game, and the characters you get to interact and run quests with. I just wanted to make a Sebastian appreciation post. With all his faults and flaws in judgement, he was still doing everything for a good cause. That's not even what I'm making the post about, though. What I'm MOST impressed with, is that he favors the Confringo spell, and since I got the explosive upgrade for the transfiguration charm, we've been melting animagus wizards and other strong enemies. I've only had it happen perfectly a few times, but I've set off the transfiguration charm, turning them into an exploding barrel, and he'd cast Confringo a split second after, making the barrel explode and killing the enemy. Not much more here, but it just tickles every correct part of my brain.
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2023.06.06 22:27 Daanx- 22M Netherlands- Looking for friends, possible more! [Friendship] [Relationship]

Hi all,
My name is Daan, am from the Netherlands and i just turned 22, i turned to reddit since am quite shy when it comes to meeting new people in real life.
Am honestly just looking for people who genuinely want to build a friendship together and possible more down the line!
Small list of my hobbies and interest:
I also love watching murder mysteries and dissapearings on channels such "explore with us" "scary interesting" and "jcs" am also open to learning new things. Am really someone who u can talk about anything with and i find it interesting lmao
About me:
I'd describe myself as very supportive and caring person. Always tend to help people as good as possible. Am also very laid back, am not really the party type, but i do mind going once in awhile. Besides that am also impulsive and i like to have a good laugh! But i can be serious when needed.
This is me in person:
About you:
And some other things that i've seen a lot of people mention here on reddit so might just throw them out right away:
I think that's allllll
For platforms i mostly use discord/snap/whatsapp. With preference to discord/snap! Simply just ask!
Thank you for reading my post! if u have any futher questions dms is the place to do so! Something about yourself is always appreciated and we'll take it from there!
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2023.06.06 22:26 Mod-Mak A couple of things about Racer

We've had a couple of public Racer events now and I wanted to say a few things, and clear a few things up.
If you have any more questions about Racer, feel free to ask them below. Respectfully. If I don't know the answer right away, I'll get it to you. Cheers, stay frosty.
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2023.06.06 22:26 Glydes This is ridiculous.

Happened this morning for the 2nd time months apart. I've been playing in the comp scene off/on since around AW but coming back from a long hiatus to this is truly frustrating. This is the 2nd time they've done this; the first time NO SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY WAS FOUND. And they won't find anything again because I don't cheat, hack, or even boost. For fucks sake I was a mod on Gamebattles at one point. We all want to play ranked on a fair level without cheaters, but can these developers give us this without catching innocent players in the crossfire? Now I'm stuck in shadow banned lobbies with ACTUAL cheaters, if I even manage to find a game after 5-10mins of wait time.
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2023.06.06 22:26 Yawaworht5121 Issues with my spouse, have drafted a letter, would love an unbiased read through to see if this is worth sending, editing, or deleting.

Hi all, longtime lurker but I (34M) created a throwaway as my wife (30F) is a redditor and knows my handle. I've been having some issues with her not contributing to the relationship for the entirety of our relationship. When we met she was in grad school and I picked up a lot of the slack, but now I decided to go back for my MS and things have been hard. But in my mind, they've always been hard. Anyways, I wrote this last night while laying next to her when I couldn't sleep. Any advice, comments, or stern words will be appreciated. I would like to send some draft of this to her, but if the entire message is rotten, I'll start from scratch with any readers' comments in mind. Thank you.
You told me that when your mom asked you if you were happy, that you couldn't be happier. I am not on the same page. I don't want this to be an airing of grievances but more a cry for help. I am not doing well, I am struggling, I am not happy. I also feel…lost, alone, isolated. Anytime we almost talk about something serious, you put up your guard and sigh deeply and establish that you don't want to talk about it. That hurts and it stops us from solving problems and it makes me feel unheard and unappreciated.
I've been feeling like this for a very long time but I'm too afraid to say anything because I feel like the bad guy whenever any issue is brought up. Even when you agree, you become so self-deprecating that our energy is spent on making you feel better rather than solving the issue at hand. There is never a good time because there is always something on the horizon, or if it is a good time, any change comes at the cost of us having a fight and me feeling like the villain. I can't keep living like this.
You are now older than I was when we met, and yet it feels like you are struggling with things that I struggled with at an even earlier age. I know we talk about having kids soon, but do you think you're ready? Again, I don't want this to just be a list of complaints so I want to focus on healthcare to make my point, but please understand I am trying to hold back so my message isn't lost. This extends beyond Healthcare to other topics as well that maybe we can get into at a later date.
Your health: I'm happy that you made your first Dr appt but I'm so upset it took a huge scary wakeup call for it to happen. And even then I had to step in and get a sooner appointment because you were sitting on an appt 3 months out with no plans to look further. For someone in your field to treat yourself the way you do, I have to ask, why is it so hard to take care of yourself? What is the underlying issue behind not wanting to schedule any appointments? And look, we have lived together for nearly 3 years now, and in that tjme you would not make appointments unless I forced it through a lot of stress and fighting. I have been asking you to make appointments for months and not just for you, for me too, so you could help the household. And nothing. Sure, you had excuses every now and then like exams or trips, but you don't now, and even when you did, making appointments is so low-intensity that it frustrated me to watch you revise someone's homework, make a travel list for a friend of a friend, or do anything else instead of this. How are they more important than your health? Than my health? When we have kids we will need to handle so much more than what we have now, but it feels like you're at your limit of stress on a regular basis with just a 40hwk job.
I cannot sleep next to you for the rest of my life with your sleep apnea. We've identified possible causes but it feels like solving any of them is just not a priority to you. We have been together for 6 years so at this point, more aggressive choices need to be made. It isn't fair to me that I have to sleep on the couch or just have a bad night's sleep and be tired all the time. You don't want to get cpap, fine. No doctor's appointments scheduled, oh well. We've talked about weight loss, dieting, exercise, but because it's such a touchy subject I can't say or do much other than encourage you for fear of being a jerk husband. So I will continue to sleep on the couch until something changes.
2020 was a very rough year for you, I know. But it wasn't easy for me either. I had to work and support both of us, while dealing with everything else. We know how it was for you so I won't get into it here but if you remember, you and I agreed that once you were able you would step up and handle more responsibilities, because I did that for us then and when I would start school, I would need to rely on you more. I am more stressed out and sad and tired and weary now than I was then, and I could really use your help. I am drowning and I feel like... you feel like you are helpless. But all I need you to do is just knock out things that we have listed before, time and time again. Sometimes, I feel like I don't know what kind of relationship you want - do you want a traditional husband/wife team with division of labor or do you want it to be a more equal partnership where we do everything together? In either case, I will be honest with you, I do not feel that I am being treated right.
You always tell me that I'm taking on too much work, and I'm making myself stressed over so many things, but have you considered that you aren't? And that I would be less stressed if you tackled some big items for me? I don't care that we have home cooked food like, 3 days a week - that is not important. We haven't been to a dentist or had a pcp checkup in like 2 years. I have school and work and family stuff hanging over my head all the time - you are right that it's too much and it's self-inflicted. But rather than tell me that, can you help me by handling something without my help?
I would like couples counseling, but I also want you to see someone separately. I will too, I know I could use help with anxiety/depression. We have a lot of dysfunction which is likely caused by our own personal mental health issues so if we need medicine or therapy, we should work on that asap because this is not sustainable. Every day I can't discuss something that upsets me with you or every thing that I feel like I can't bring up out of fear of being perceived as an abuser just drives me into a deeper hole. All I can do is stew and catalog all the issues I am having and it just makes me sad and angry and helpless and crazy and lonely and stuck.
I love you but I'm drowning.
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2023.06.06 22:26 am-i-i-wa Mistaken for BH Boosting

Falsely banned for BH Boosting: It is a permanent ban. Not appealable. My IGN is Spooky Twist.
I have nothing to lose by at least posting my defense here. If nothing is granted, at least I can de-stress by posting what I would have sent if I were given a chance:
I became much more active when BH came out. None of the PvP activities beforehand enticed me to play through them as much as this one. Because I wasn't immersed into PvP as much (despite intending the account as a pure), I had little experience scrapping with other players aside from killing bots at Green Dragons just north of the Ferox Enclave, some F2P PKing, a little LMS, and GE PKing. I was an avid YouTube watcher, and loved watching PKing content.
It took me some time in BH, but I got through significant hurdles trying to get my kills, learning how to use RCB with Dragonstone Bolts (e) to DDS spec properly. I didn't have much GP on me, so risking was more detrimental than you usual veteran, and usually bought bonds so I wouldn't mind risking more if it meant I could learn PvP better. As people, know, PvP has a high skill gap, and was met with players that knew beyond what I could do in the game with the equipment I had, and had more experience. And I'd lose 120k a lot, and these supplies don't come cheap, especially with the recent demand.
So, being newer to PvP, as well as BH as a game mode overall, I went through a lot of penalties skipping players who I thought might have an upperhand by looking up how many kills they've had, or just had my arse handed to me and skipped. My goal was to get the DBow imbue. But how was I going to do that if I kept running into penalties and having my points nerfed?
Soon I realized, I didn't have to face the penalty or risk as much as I've been risking, so long as I banked my equipment and just gave the win to my opponents, to be humble about just giving a game and risking only my coffer, which would be just 10k instead of my gear + 10K.
My IGN is Spooky Twist. Maybe some of you guys in the 74-84 combat bracket may have noticed I went out with no equipment, or maybe even gave you a win because I wanted to avoid the penalty through skipping. I always wore a Halloween event item for my head as well. My ban is false. If I can't appeal it any other way, I have nothing to lose by at least fighting for an account I worked so hard for.
Sadly, I have no way of getting this point to any Jagex Support, so the only thing I can do, is just...vent here.
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2023.06.06 22:26 Glittering_Pitch9704 Issue

I’ve been diagnosed with AVM in a complicated area (ballsacks and half of rectum) i never had a serious issues down there everything works fine, but now that am 18 on my way to develop my sex life i found so much difficulties like how am i even supposed to tell my future partner that…how my sex life will be even tho it doesn’t effects at all but the view is not quite good..
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