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Jersey City: We've got bike lanes AND a city councilmember who does hit and runs.

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2023.06.07 20:12 Zambonisaurus What, in your opinion, is the best sandwich shop in the world?

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2023.06.07 20:12 Eshtabel3asal Was he reasonable to ask/expect this?

I (middle eastern 25f) have been dating a white man (28) for 2 months and we live 2 hours away. I’ve been going to see him for the couple of times we met in person, and he’s planning on visiting me this weekend. When I visited I spend the day with him and go back to my best friends house (who lives in the same city) and when I do go to the city, it's usually to see my best friend and go out with him (which is why i spend the night at her place so we can go out the day after). So when he comes to visit me, he asked if he could stay the night since he doesnt have anyone else in my city to spend the night with. I told him that altho i would have loved that, it won't be possible bc I live with my parents (which he knew) and that they’re pretty traditional so in our culture a guy I’m dating staying over is not acceptable at all. He was like I understand but I’m bummed that I’ll only get to see you for a few hours. I feel like he’s upset and it’s making me anxious. Idk if I’m reading too much into it.
But the more important point is was he reasonable to ask to stay over?
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2023.06.07 20:11 autotldr Ukraine dam: Thousands flee as floods submerge Kherson and nearby towns

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Thousands are fleeing parts of southern Ukraine after a major dam burst, triggering huge floods and sparking a humanitarian disaster.
Officials say 29 towns and villages along the river have been flooded and nearly 2,000 homes have been submerged in the main city of Kherson.
Early on Tuesday morning, the dam in Russian-controlled Nova Kakhovka was breached, leading to mass evacuations as water levels downstream rapidly increased.
Rising water levels are expected to peak in Kherson late on Wednesday, but officials fear a catastrophic impact on agriculture as the vast Kakhovka reservoir empties into the Black Sea.
President Volodymyr Zelensky said earlier on Wednesday that hundreds of thousands of people across the Kherson region are without adequate drinking water.
Invading Russian forces were accused by Ukraine of planting the dam with explosives, which the Kremlin denied.
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2023.06.07 20:10 Gist_it A haze is blanketing major swaths of the East Coast because of the Canadian wildfires

Haze from Canadian wildfires blankets major areas of the US East Coast, resulting in poor air quality and health warnings.
Situation overview: Smoke from rampant wildfires in Canada has drifted south, affecting air quality in the Great Lakes region, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Washington, D.C. * Authorities are warning residents, especially those with heart and lung diseases, the elderly, and young children, to be cautious of health issues related to poor air quality. * The Federal Aviation Administration issued a full ground stop at New York's LaGuardia Airport due to low visibility.
Official actions: In response to the situation, some officials urged people to stay indoors, avoid travel, and refrain from strenuous activities. * New York City, the largest public school system in the US, and Washington, D.C., public schools have canceled outdoor activities due to poor air quality.
Wildfire background: Dozens of wildfires are currently burning in the Canadian province of Québec, contributing to the smoke drifting across the US border. * Climate change has led to longer wildfire seasons and more acreage burned due to hotter and drier conditions. * The United Nations warned that a warming climate and land use changes would result in more wildfires globally.
View original article on NPR
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2023.06.07 20:09 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 21 Jobs in Minneapolis Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid Human Resources & Accounting Specialist Full-Time Minneapolis
Delta Airlines Flight Attendant Minneapolis-Saint-Paul
Premier Marine Purchasing Agent Minneapolis
Travel Nurse Across America Pediatric Intensive Care Unit - PICU RN - TravelNurse Minneapolis
Usagov Supply Technician (Motor Vehicle Operator) Minneapolis
Capsule Pharmacy Operations Associate- Packer (Part Time) Minneapolis
Genuine Parts Company Warehouse/Truck Loader Minneapolis
NuAire, Inc. Packer Minneapolis
Frito-Lay North America Sales Warehouse/Material Handler - 9AM Start Minneapolis
Sun Country Airlines MSP Ramp Manager Minneapolis
Genuine Parts Warehouse/Truck Loader Minneapolis
Border States Warehouse Associate - Seasonal Minneapolis
PrideStaff Warehouse Mail Sorter - A Saturday Minneapolis
Fujitsu Oracle Cloud Supply Chain Planning Architect Minneapolis
Pro Staff Brainerd Forklift Operator - 1st Shift Minneapolis
Impact Connects RECEIVING CLERK (Outside Purchases) Minneapolis
Best Buy General Warehouse Worker (2nd shift, starting rate $21.00) Minneapolis
Abercrombie and Fitch Co. abercrombie kids - Stock Associate, Mall of America Minneapolis
Manpower USA Medical Packaging Technician 3rd shift $23.00 - Direct Hire Minneapolis
Sun Country Airlines MSP Seasonal Ramp Agent Minneapolis
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in minneapolis. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 20:07 nellygodance WE advice

I currently work remotely for a startup in an entry level position. By the time I apply next fall I'll have been with them for a year and earned my first promotion (hopefully). Problem is, I hate it. The work isn't interesting and its socially hard to work remotely in a city I just moved to.

I just landed an offer to begin working in person with some really cool people. I know the work would be fun and the people seem great. (It is less law school adjacent work - but would free up some brain space for my legal volunteer work that truly makes me happy)

My question is, would there be a measurable benefit from staying with the slightly more relevant job and earning a promotion? Or is it okay (in terms of admissions) to choose happiness as long as I put my best foot forward with the rest of my application.
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2023.06.07 20:07 grayyy_cee air/smoke conditions worsening as day goes on in jersey city, nj

jersey city, nj - it’s getting darker and freakier out here as the day progresses. the air is thick and it smells awful; even with masking i ended up needing an inhaler and getting a nosebleed. stay safe y’all.
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2023.06.07 20:04 Enzo954 Best method to black out chrome trim?

Best method to black out chrome trim?
I have a Lexus LC500 and I want to black out the chrome exhaust surround in the picture below, along with the chrome trim around the front grill.
Is this something that any auto body shop can do? Is it best to have them painted or powder coated? What type of shop handles something like this?
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2023.06.07 20:04 FootballSufficient10 Tips for sister to help make more friends/ date

My (F29), sister (F28) is completely visually impaired, since birth. I feel like I want to make up for years of being a shitty sister (lived around the world and never was at home, where she lives with our mum). I want to help her live the life she wants. We recently lost our dad, and she’s been super strong for all of us, taking care of mum emotionally. Over the years she’s dealt with alot- she went to a college for the visually impaired where she was bullied… two years ago had the death of her best friend, and now this. I know she’s lonely and wants a boyfriend / more friends. My mum and I tried helping her online date to no success. I just want tips and ideas for things we can do together that are fun for her but also help her grow in confidence and independence. She had mobility lessons when younger but hates using her cane (she’s terrified of dogs so guide dog is a big no). I know she likes going to bars and swimming, but she is very stubborn about trying new things (understandable). But I really want her to meet people, especially as I don’t live in the same city. Why is it so hard? She goes to one group meeting a month with other visually impaired people her age but from what I hear, they never call her back and want to hang out. I feel she can come across as quite childish but this makes sense to me when she hasn’t had much exposure to socialising and is shy. I just worry about her never having anyone except my mum or our immediate family. I know she wants a boyfriend and friends, like everyone on this planet does.
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2023.06.07 20:03 George1878 Blueberry from strain station

This is proper nice, best I have had in the uk so far. (It was gorilla mandarin). This is very similar to the holy city farms one tha sell to herbal arrangements tha they had few months back.
Looks very good, dense bud but not too dense.
Smell is lovely and when ya break into the bud the smell is even better, like a little explosion of smell in the air coming from it.
Taste is nice and surprising it’s tha sour taste which am not a fan of but it’s nice still.
Effects are very good, had this walking the dogs and wanted to hurry up an get home. Classic indica dominant effects.
This is deffo something I would get agen. This strain has reassured me strain station are no bad vendor.
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2023.06.07 20:03 ForeverWandered Extremely stuck with repeated boundary breaking

My wife (40F) and I (34M) have been married for 10 years, have 2 kids under 6. We just had our 10th anniversary, and are just all kinds of struggling with NM right now. Note that she has ADHD that was diagnosed at age 38, and has severe trauma from having two drug- addict parents and having to emancipate herself at 16.
TLDR - my wife has a partner with whom she asked to open our relationship to sleep with and is increasingly breaking boundaries in a way that is putting severe strain on her and my relationship. Mostly around condom usage and lies by ommision, but most recently, she also decided against my objections to leave and have sex with a partner multiple times during our 10th anniversary weekend.
Context: I'll try to keep this as fact based as I can
-In 2020, mid pandemic, she asked seemingly out of the blue hypothetically if I would be ok with her sleeping with other people. I told her yes, I was not jealous, but didn't want to know about it. From my end, it was a dismissive answer (and yes, we had many issues at that point around my dismissive avoidant response to her worsening ADHD/anxiety/childhood trauma journey - I felt they were suffocating me and I turned to work as something in my life I felt I had control over). There was no further conversation about opening
-The next conversation came in summer of 2022, where we more or less formally agreed to be open. Again, no couples therapy, no reading on my end (I didn't even know about ENM or much about poly at that point outside of Ethical Slut). She disclosed that she had been texting with an ex and wanted to start sleeping with him
-In December 2022, I told her about the two women I slept with since summer of 2022. She told me she had slept with aforementioned ex. It felt like a good conversation, and we decided to create accounts on Feeld, start doing reading on ENM. I started seeing a solo therapist (she has been seeing a therapist for over 5 years already). We talk about boundaries - my only one is to use condoms for all penetrative sex and request recent STI test results from all new partners. Hers is for me to shower and get smells off before I come back to her.
-Jan 2023, issues start to creep up around boundaries. My wife loves to sext and send pics/videos of her masturbating, etc to guys. She's also very careless and regularly sends content to the wrong people. She accidentally sends naughty pics to the father of our son's best friend. Caused some strain in their marriage, but we all talked it out and got through it. But instead of recognizing that she triggered some deep lying issues for this guy (his parents split up due to infidelity, and he did not know we were open) alongside fear in his wife (and her close friend) that she was trying to snake her husband with non-consensual sexual images, she is resentful of them for not accepting her for who she is.
-Feb 2023, she goes to meet her ex (he's a comet partner and lives in another city, so they travel to meet up). We had talked extensively about condom usage, she bought condoms. I noticed she did not take them with her. I asked, she told me he brought his own condoms. She's a bad liar, I pressed, she admitted to no condom usage. We agree to start seeing a couples therapist
-March 2023, she meets up again with her ex. Again, we agree to condom usage and she texts him and he agrees to it as well. I sense a bit of distance when she gets back. In the next couples therapy session, she drops that they didn't use condoms because in the moment she just wanted him raw. Before the following therapy session, she asks to separate. I reluctantly agree, although I have a severe trauma reaction due to some childhood abandonment I experienced. She tracks back over the next few sessions citing her ask came from her trauma self as she continues to work through healing from the extensive childhood trauma she experienced. She also reveals the full extent of her relationship with him, including the fact that she had been having an emotional affair+sexting him starting in 2019, that they had never used condoms (she got tested regularly and relied on him being honest with her about seeing other partners), and that they had been having sex since after our conversation about opening in 2020. She had definitely been trickle truthing me before, and the lack of informed consent around her unprotected sex with him feels not great, but my mindset is that I don't control her and as long as we are honest we can keep building together.
April 2023. Our relationship feels stronger than ever, and we are really leaning into each other. She is shocked by the amount of personal growth I have gone through emotionally since I started seeing my solo therapist, and that also played a big role in her realizing she doesn't actually want to separate. She is extremely remorseful about the hurt she caused me, and adamantly agrees to condom usage going forward. I tell her that I feel she is prioritizing his sexual wants over me, that my insistence on condoms comes from generational trauma of my mother losing two siblings to HIV/AIDS contracted from spouses who had been sleeping with women outside of their marriages, and multiple other family members who have HIV. Condoms are my only boundary. No problem with emotional connections, overnights, etc. Just as long as I feel prioritized as a primary partner, I'm ok with whatever.
-May 2023. We have our 10th anniversary. Her ex will be in town that same weekend. She asks me how I feel about her meeting up with him the day after our anniversary. I tell her very clearly that I'm not comfortable with that. She pressures me, I keep telling her how it would make me feel shitty. She relents and asks him to meet a different weekend. It appears they have a blowup because of this, and she comes crying to me about how he doesn't respect her outside of the sexual fantasy, and shows me some really mean texts he sent her. I go on a business trip out of country. While I'm gone, they make plans to meet the day after our anniversary, and she tells me of this a few days before our anniversary. I tell her that I'm not comfortable, and it would make me feel shitty, but that she's free to make her own choice. She goes ahead with the plan even going so far as having a special session with her solo therapist around boundary setting. The day of, her credit card is maxed, so either I pay for her hotel + trip to the sex store or she cancels (and feels resentment towards me). So I paid. Before she heads out to meet with him, she lovebombs me hard and it feels fake and performative. She lovebombs me more when she gets back. I tell her afterwards about how emasculated, cuckholded and humiliated I felt about her disregarding my feelings about leaving space for our relationship around this milestone anniversary and having to pay for the whole thing as well. She acknowledges not using condoms either. She feels guilt and shame hard and says her ex is like an addiction for her - and that a big part of the appeal is that she feels free to let herself go because his emotional unavailability and lifestyle make actually leaving me for him not a sustainable thing (reassuring, right? the only reason she won't leave me for him is that it wouldn't work out), and immediately joins an ACA (adult children of alcoholics) 12 step program, and shares with me the Laundry List.
-June 2023. At our followup couples therapy session, our therapist gently calls her out, particularly around this ex taking up too much space since most of our sessions are dominated about discussions around this guy. She and I have had a few followups since then. I told her that it would make me feel better and more secure in our relationship if she broke things off and went no contact, and she agreed to do that. There was no ultimatum. However, we do have an overseas 10 year celebration trip planned, and I don't think I would be able to enjoy myself if I don't see actual evidence (screenshots, I guess?) of her breaking up, telling him the truth (she lied to him about my level of knowledge and consent about their relationship since back in 2020) and him acknowledging that. I need to feel secure in my relationship to feel happy, otherwise its just this gnawing pit in my stomach just waiting for another bomb to drop.
I'm prepared to act if I don't see tangible steps from her around rebuilding trust. I don't want to hold this over her or for her to feel guilty, I just want to be sure that my wife is willing to show up in our marriage and be there for me the way that I have been for her since I've started therapy and gained greater depth of relationship with my emotions. As I mentioned in the beginning, she has ADHD and in the middle of a transformational inner journey around the massive traumas she experienced as the child of two meth addicts and that has also severely impacted her last few jobs - so it's not just her marriage but her career that's also under stress due to decision-making. So I also recognize that she needs help. I've been through a similar journey through depression/PTSD after witnessing a friend get murdered in my early 20s.
Super long, I know, but I just needed to vent a bit and hear some outside opinions.
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2023.06.07 19:58 catcherinth3ry3 [looking for] Room or roommate in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, The Bronx, Jersey City / Hoboken. Budget of $1500.

Hello, my name is Anoushka and I am an NYU sophomore undergrad student looking for housing and roommate(s) in Greenwich Village, somewhere close on campus. Preferably, I'd like roommate(s) that're also pre-medical like me and/or NYU students. To Learn more about me check out my profile on Diggz:
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2023.06.07 19:56 Marco6D9One What Would Be The Best Faction For Our Sinners?

What I mean to ask is, what faction in the City be them an office, Wing, Syndicate etc... Would be the best fit for our dear Sinners if they hadn't taken the deal from Uncle Monochrome.
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2023.06.07 19:55 AllenVarney Dragongrin - dark 5E fantasy through Wed 14 June

Through Wednesday, June 14 we present the Dragongrin Quick Deal featuring A Dead Man's Guide to Dragongrin, the dark-fantasy 5E campaign setting from Absolute Tabletop. Evil reigns in the realm of Dragongrin, where once-free lands kneel to the Dismembered Lord and his tyrannical Lords of Ash. Only a few embattled heroes still oppose his dominion. With A Dead Man's Guide to Dragongrin, a comprehensive campaign setting guide and worldbuilding toolkit, you can forge your legend.
Eons ago before the Godswar, the Titans used the word grin for "graveyard." The continent once known as Arthunvale, the final rest of the ancient dragons annihilated in the First War, is commonly called Dragongrin. Long-buried dragon carcasses make the land's northern region toxic and unlivable.
Evil has won the realm, and good is in retreat. Twenty years ago the Dismembered Lord crushed the forces of good in a catastrophic series of events called Lightfall. From his fortress, the Spire of Knowing, he rules over the Dominions of Ash – but not unopposed. The Copper Sun, a city that floats high above the desolate land, is being rebuilt in secret to become a beacon of hope. Though heroes aren't welcome in Dragongrin, some – the Copper Jackals, the Peacemakers, the Undying Light – imagine the impossible. Against all odds, they take arms against the Dismembered Lord.
A one-of-a-kind Fifth Edition campaign guide jam-packed with usable content, as useful on-the-fly as it is in planning and prep, the 471-page A Dead Man's Guide to Dragongrin is a hybrid campaign setting guide and worldbuilding toolkit. Along with the history and lore of the setting, the Dead Man's Guide includes extensive descriptions of regions and cultures, villains, monsters, darkly beautiful landscapes, and inspirational tools and creative techniques. Use modular add-ons and dozens of tables to create your unique version of this twisted, troubled world. Build characters with seven new heritages (Darrow, Festir, Halfkin, Tomeheart), a dozen flavorful cultures, and 29 backgrounds (Barber Surgeon, Erstwhile Noble, Mapwright, Prydagger, Shatterfarer, Bleakscarred). Challenge your players with new rules for brutal combat, treacherous travel, and heroic infamy, and with monsters like C'War and Xur Kith Waster of Cities. Ultimately your heroes may confront the "Dead Man" of the title: the realm's ruler, a chronolich who steals the days and memories of his foes to reshape time and keep himself alive.
This all-new Dragongrin Quick Deal gives you the entire Dragongrin line for an unbeatable bargain price. Pay just US$14.95 to get all seven titles in our Dragongrin Collection (retail value $76) as DRM-free .PDF ebooks, including the complete 471-page A Dead Man's Guide to Dragongrin campaign sourcebook (plus the pay-what-you-want Character Creation Kit); four Dragongrin supplements – The Copper Jackals: Soldiers Without Compromise, Deepvault: Machinations of the Ancients, and The Trapsmiths and Tieflings of Dragongrin; and two other Absolute Tabletop 5E Adventure Kits: Shadows Over Driftchapel and Oath of the Frozen King.
Get this Dragongrin offer before it enters the blasted sandsteel wastes of Jahar and vanishes into the Rictus beneath the Onyx Ziggurat of Revak Zistra, the Scoured Sultan, Wednesday, June 14.
By the way, check out Absolute Tabletop's Kickstarter in progress, Aether Nexus: Fantasy Mecha TTRPG.
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2023.06.07 19:54 JV_info Where should Leo Messi go? Al Hilal SC or FC Barcelona or Inter Miami CF? What is the best thing for him and not us?

Lionel Messi's future is one of the hottest topics in the football world right now. Everyone is talking about it... I saw a YouTube community like a poll where people were choosing and voting for what they think...
Idk about them all but as a Barca fan, I wanted to share my opinion.
First of all, let me say that I love Messi and I will always be grateful for what he has done for Barcelona. He is a legend and a genius, and he deserves to be happy wherever he plays. However, as much as I would love to see him back at Camp Nou, I have to admit that it might not be the best option for him or for the club.
Barcelona is in a financial crisis and has a lot of debt. They also have a lot of young players who need to develop and grow. Bringing back Messi would mean spending a lot of money on his salary and possibly sacrificing some of the future prospects. It would also put a lot of pressure on Messi to carry the team and win trophies, something that he might not want to do at this stage of his career.
Another option for Messi is to join Al-Hilal, the Saudi club that has reportedly offered him a huge contract. This would be a lucrative move for him and his family, but it would also mean playing in a less competitive league and losing some of his global influence and relevance. Messi is still one of the best players in the world and he deserves to play at the highest level possible. Going to Saudi Arabia would be a waste of his talent and legacy.
The third option for Messi is to join Inter Miami, the MLS club owned by David Beckham. This might seem like an unlikely choice, but I think it could actually be a good one for him and for the league. Inter Miami is a new and ambitious project that wants to become a force in US soccer. They have a lot of resources and potential, and they could offer Messi a challenge and an opportunity to grow the sport in America.
Messi would also enjoy living in Miami, a city that has a lot of culture and diversity. He would be closer to his home country of Argentina and he would have more freedom and privacy than in Europe. He would also be able to own an MLS team when he retires, something that MLS has reportedly offered him as part of the deal.
In conclusion, as much as it pains me to say this, I think Messi should go to Inter Miami. It would be a win-win situation for him and for MLS. He would still play at a high level but with less pressure and more fun. He would also help grow the game in the US and create a legacy that transcends borders and continents.
Of course, this is just my opinion and I respect whatever decision Messi makes. He is a legend and he deserves our respect and admiration. Wherever he goes, I will always support him and wish him the best. He is more than just a player, he is an inspiration.
btw, here is the poll...
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2023.06.07 19:53 majortool Job undercuts the salary, I leave, my buddy gets the same job, ...

Graduated from a three-year advanced programming diploma. Programming was all I ever wanted to do since I was eight years old. I think the quality of work reflects my passion.
Right out of school, got a sweet job at Google Maps. But it wasn't good for me mentally. Every Friday when I got off work, I'd take the bus with the worst schedule down to Finch Station in Toronto, down to Dundas, wait in the Greyhound for up to two hours, and take the bus for another two hours back to London just to be with my girlfriend and tight group of friends. So I was quickly looking for work in London. Applied to a job at a local ISP (yes that one), packed up all my things, moved back to London.
First day of work they hand me my contract and it's for $10k less then we had agreed. I said, "Didn't we agree on ...?" "Oh, well we'll reevaluate after three months." I was pissed. Livid. I had moved my entire life back to London on a salary that wasn't commensurate with my work. But, I actually did cut my teeth on that job. Sitting in that chair 8 hours a day brought me up to speed really quickly.
I even asked them, "Why did you hire me?" "You did the best on the programming test." ... k, so you hired me with what you thought was little experience so you could pay me less even though I do a better job. Okay.
I was the lead programmer for their best client's site. I can't tell you what site, but the work I did was impeccable, and I'm sure it's made him heaps of money over the years.
Welp. Three months came and I started looking for a new job. I applied to a random post looking for a programmer who had experience with nmap. Interviewed three times for that position. I was the one they wanted. I even made this config editor for IP tables rules that you could drag and drop the lines in different orders. They loved it. They called me and asked me if I could meet with their CEO at a cafe downtown less than a five minute walk from my work just before the end of the work day. I typed up my resignation letter that night, signed, sealed, burning a hole in my backpack. Took my last break the next day, walked down to the coffee shop, the CEO handed me an offer letter for $10k more than I was asking. Went back upstairs, went into my bag, walked into the CEO's office, plopped down the envelope and said, "This is my two-week notice."
Stunned. Stunned. It was so delicious to see that look on his face and I'll never forget it. It took him a good ten seconds to get the gears in his head turning again. He was so pissed he said, "Can you just leave today?"
I needed the money, but he didn't know that. I said to him: My project is almost done. Let's get on my project and finish it before I leave. He told me to go back to my seat, visibly upset. Calls me into his office right at the end of the day. "Here's what we're going to do: will finish up what he's doing over the next two days and join you and finish up.
That new job, I was there for three days when my boss comes over to me, says, "Come with me." Takes me into this ultra-secure room, and one of my co-workers had just hacked into a business and was playing around as Domain Admin. I'm like ... "WE'RE HACKERS?" lol. I had no idea. Spent seven years programming exploits and doing pen tests. Three years in I went to my boss and said, "I'd like to go back to school and get my degree." "Good. We'll put you on part time. You can work whenever you want. We'll change you to hourly at the same rate. Submit time sheets." Such a great place to work. I'll never forget it.
So I'm doing my new job for like 6 months when I get a message from my buddy from college: "Guess where I am." "Where?" Sends me a picture of my old chair at that work.
"Omg. Seriously? I quit there because they didn't pay me enough in a nefarious way."
Four months after that he sends me another message: Just quit. Pays too little.
Sometimes I lie in bed at night with a smug look on my face just imagining the steam coming from the CEO's ears when my buddy dropped that news.
I now make 4 times as much as I did with that ISP.
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2023.06.07 19:53 Trojanwf Traumatizing horror books

I want something which will make me uncomfortable if I sit alone or in dark place.
I have tasted -
Pet sematary Zombie chronicles by Chrissy pebbles
Tried reading salem's lot and Dracula, literally gave my best but the story is too dam fungus slow So I gave up.
Pet sematary tbh was a disappointment for me , I felt spooky for hardly 10 pages at best if I am being generous.
I really like story where danger is omnipresent and there is always flags in darkness. Like a sudden zombie/vampire/something in between them attacks a remote city (something like 30 days of night, world war z (movie))
Not much in ghost or stuff like dat but recommend me dat 2 anyway cuz u never u what u like until u taste it.
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2023.06.07 19:53 Necrolancer96 Summoning Kobolds At Midnight: A Tale of Suburbia & Sorcery. 87


Somewhere, West Virginia, USA.

"Well, there goes the neighborhood." Agent Smith stated as him, Agent Doe, and everyone else in town, watched the migration of people stream into the small town as the sun hit the horizon.

They looked like a bunch of extras to Lord of the Rings. People with pointed ears and flowing robes. People short and stout and with thick beards with bands of gold and silver woven into them. Shorter people that spoke in high-pitched nasally voices and large glasses. There were even people dressed in what looked like giant turtle suits.

Of course that's what the townsfolk would think. To the two Agents it was a very real possibility that these people came from another world like the lizard people, greenskins, and the halflings.

"So much for my report being up-to-date." Agent Smith sighed as he went inside and burned the report he had spent so much time typing out. As he cleaned up the ashes the hotel phone rang.

Johnathan looked between the phone and Agent Smith with a look of curiosity as the Agent seemed greatly hesitant to answer. Agent Smith looked at Johnathan as the phone continued to ring. He walked over and disconnected the line to the phone and it went silent. For a second.

"Damn." Smith cursed as the disconnected phone rang once more despite there being no connection.

He picked up the phone and placed it to his ear. He bit back another curse as the voice of the Director came through.
"Agent Smith."


"How is the investigation coming along?" She asked.

"Well, until about a few minutes ago it was going pretty smoothly and quietly."

"Oh? And what, pray tell, changed?"

"I'd tell you but if you're calling then that means you already know."

"Of course I already know. I'm just disappointed it came from our sources in the State Government and not my two field agents."

"What is the State going to do?"

"They're going to send the 111th Engineer Brigade, and the 77th Brigade Troop Command."

"All of them?!"

"What did you expect? The population of some small town in the middle of nowhere just became the largest in the State in a single day. They're even sending the 35th."

Smith tapped his foot in thought.
"Can we stop them? Or at the very least make it so they don't send damn near the entire National Guard of West Virginia?"

"No can do Agent. Even if we had caught this before the Governor's office did, we still would've sent troops in. This became top priority the second a large number of people came over."

"Well what about leaks? We can't keep the lid on this with so many showing up."

"We'll be sending our own task force. Officially they are there as "Federal Oversight". In actuality they are there to aid you in your investigation as well as limit leaks from the National Guard."

"So there isn't anything we can do to stop them from showing up en masse?"

"Unfortunately no. Aerial recon is being deployed to "substantiate" the claim. But seventy-thousand people showing up out of nowhere isn't something to take lightly. When they see that there are indeed an entire city's worth of people, then they will send the rest. But that will be a few days, a week at most. Once they verify, they'll be getting crash courses in crisis response and begin mobilization."

"What about the rest of the Federal Government?"

"As far as the State is aware WE are the Federal response. And we are going to keep it that way."

Smith didn't like this, not one bit. It was hard enough doing their job quietly in even a small town like this. Now they had to worry about not only a population the size of medieval Venice, but now the National Guard.
"What if we-"

"No, Agent Smith."

"We could do it you know?"

"Not in the time we have nor the volume. You should know that disappearing an entire town is hard enough, doing it to a city's worth of people is harder to not only pull off but harder to sell to the public."

Smith huffed in frustration.
"So what's the new mission?"

"The same as it was before. Only this time, you'll be getting a team to back you up. Set up and monitor everything that happens. Keep the NG from getting too close to the less explainable creatures and people. ESPECIALLY keep them away from Entity APL-1."

"You mean-"

"I will not use that ludicrous name! It is a dangerous entity! Not a pet!"

Smith chuckled a bit.
"Since we're talking, would you like my report up till today?"

The Director sighed.
"Very well. Only because this is a secure way of communicating."

So Smith gave the Director his report. Jeb and the kobolds. Morty and the greenskins. The halflings. All of it. There was a pause as the Director processed the information. No doubt already sending various people about to adjust to the new information.
"Is that all you have to report Agent Smith?"

"Yes Ma'am."

"Good, continue as planned until our team arrives then procced from there."

"Yes Ma'am."

"And don't call me Ma'am. Makes me sound old."

"You are old."

Smith heard the Director guffaw.
"And you aren't?! Quit being insubordinate and get back to work Agent Smith."

"Yes Ma-"


"Rude old bitty." Smith quipped playfully as he set the dead phone back on its base.

Johnathan just stared at Smith.

"Trade secret Agent Doe. You'll find out when you're older. In the mean time. Its business as usual until reinforcements arrive. So go pull up a chair and observe." Smith stated as he dragged one of the worn hotel chairs out and sat on it while he watched the sheer number of people walking about along the main street of the town.
Time must be different here than back home, because that was NOT "20 minutes", thought the Duchess as she entered the town the deputy had pointed out to her. She and her people were drained. Mentally, physically, and emotionally.

This worlds sun was past its peak when they came to this world. Now it was just nearing the horizon to the west as they reached the town. The chill air didn't help, especially the turtle people from the isles. The moderately sized enclave that live- HAD lived in Daele grumbled and groaned the whole walk. Both the temperature difference and the long journey didn't agree with them.

Everyone had dressed for a spring that, just a few hours ago, they were sure they weren't going to see. Now it felt like they had missed it entirely! But the sight was still something to behold.

Sure it wasn't a grand city like Daele... was. But it was still shelter, and it was still a wonder to see. Buildings made of faded red brick or what looked like solid stone and glass. A road made from a faded black stone. Lights that didn't look like they needed fire. Not to mention the multitude of metal carriages about! She couldn't see any horses in sight and she wondered how they were pulled.

A sentiment shared by many, but especially of Dylan. He was looking around the new town with wide eyes. Scribbling on his notepad furiously as his eyes darted back and forth over everything new they saw. He wasn't the only one shocked and awed. Though some looked less than impressed by the simple, even rough, conditions of the town.

They weren't sure where to go, but seeing a slightly taller white colored building decided to head there. Perhaps that was where they could inquire with whoever the ruler was, the Duchess thought.

As they neared City Hall, the Duchess glanced about and observed the people of the town. Everyone she saw was human, many were old and tired looking. But even the younger people she saw had a tired and worn look on their face. These looks barely changed as they watched and stared at the migration.

There were no offers of support or aid from the townsfolk. Judging from the condition of the town, they probably didn't have much for themselves let alone her people, she thought sadly. Her honor guard stayed close to her as they made their way through the street.

As she reached the steps of City Hall a commotion was heard and a portly man, a gangly nervous looking man, and several other, equally rounded, men shuffled out and greeted her. Or what might pass for a greeting around here.
"Who are you and what is going on here?!"

The nervous looking man stuttered a response.
"T-t-t-the Sh-sh-sheriff l-l-l-l-"

"Cease your infernal stuttering Greg and get to the point!" The Mayor snapped.

"The point is Gerald is that these people arrived looking for shelter." The Sheriff stated as he climbed the stairs, his two deputies flanking him.

The Mayor cast a suspicious eye on the sea of people that filled out one of the few roads Somewhere had. They were starting to coalesce around City Hall as they tried to get close enough to hear what was happening. Though many were still amassed at the edge of town where the town ended and the landscape changed to that of fields and hills.

"Oh are they now? Pray tell how we are supposed to shelter them Sheriff? How are we supposed to feed them? Hmm? Did you think of that before inviting these people to our town?"

"You're right Mayor. Our town is under enough stress without adding more people we can't take care of." The Sheriff answered plainly.

"There we have it! You all will just have to-"

"That's why I called the Governor and he's sending the National Guard to aid both the town and these poor people."

"YOU WHAT!?" The Mayor rounded on the Sheriff so fast his jowls still shook from the motion.

The Sheriff stepped up to the Mayor.
"We needed help before these people showed up. Now we DESPERATLY need help!"

"So you call the Governor!?! Are you mad!?"

"No! I care about this town and I'm not going to see it die because you're too scared of the past!"

"There's a damn good reason we are and you know it!" The Mayor hissed.

As the Mayor and the Sheriff bickered, the Duchess, flanked by two of the Delta Guard, walked up the steps and bowed to the two men. The heavily armed and armored men made the councilmen and deputies nervous, causing the latter to put their hands on their holsters.
"I am sorry if our presence puts too much strain on your town. If need be we will leave at first light."

"Good! You can-"

"STAY! We are good and honest folk and we won't turn away those in need!"

"If it helps alleviate your burden. We do have some wealth that we still retain. We can donate some as thanks for your hospitality."

The Mayor, and councilmen, perked up at that.
"Wealth you say?"

The Duchess touched a hand to a ornate necklace she had. Silver and aquamarine. She unclasped it and held it out.
"I could not ask my people to do what I would not. So accept this as my thanks."

The Mayor's eyes went wide and he licked his lips as he reached a fat hand out to snatch up the exquisite jewelry. But he was stopped by the Sheriff who stood between the necklace and his meaty hands. The Delta Guard tensed at the movement put did no more once it was apparent it wasn't a threatening motion.

"That isn't necessary. If you wish to show thanks then please. Enjoy what the town has to offer. Food, a few hotels and apartments you and yours can stay in and any other services and amenities you find. Please. If you wish to offer thanks, then offer it to the people of the town itself."

The Duchess smiled and withdrew the necklace before bowing.
"Thank you for your hospitality. Me and my people will do our utmost to repay it and do our best to be civil guests in your town!"

"Of course! If need be there are other places that might be able to shelter your people. We have some space at the station. The railyard probably wouldn't say no to housing some of your people. As I said, we have room and board in several parts of town that wouldn't say no to any new business!"

The Sheriff and the Mayor bickered quietly while the Duchess turned to address her people.
"Good people of Daele! We have come far from our home by the sea and have faced many hardships in these past weeks! But now the people here have been generous enough to offer us shelter! Offer us Sanctuary! They only ask that we reward that kindness at the many shops and vendors around the town! So go and find a place to rest and fill your bellies and get warm!"

With that, the great flood of people murmured curiously and excitedly as they formed various groups and began to explore the town as the message was carried through the mass of bodies. As the Duchess watched, many group heads came to her.

The scions of the dwarven banking clans and the remnants of the nobility, elvish and human, walked up to join her. As did the heads of the various merchant houses, smithy and artisan guilds. Even Alban pulled Dylan away from running off to fulfill his duty as the leader, and half, of the Artificers Guild. The Great Sage of the tortle enclave grunted as she walked over with the rest of the leaders before sitting down on the cool grass nearby with a relieved sigh.

"What're we ta do now yer Ladyship?" One of the dwarves asked as he ran a bejeweled hand over his golden beard that was woven with emerald imbedded silver bands.

"We do as I stated. We find places to rest and recover from our journey. Tomorrow we will meet again with the leaders of the town and work out the rest."

One of the elves sniffed his hawkish nose as he gazed at the town.
"Are we really to stay in such a place so... pedestrian?"

"We aren't really in a position to argue my Lord. If it is not to your liking then you are free to keep walking in hopes of finding someplace more suited to your tastes."

The elf sniffed indignantly but remained where he was. One of the merchants spoke next.
"What should we do then? We have no place to work our trades."

The other merchants and various guild leaders nodded in affirmation.
"For tonight, just find food and shelter. I'm sure that these people will have need of, and greatly appreciate, your work. As I have stated already. Food and shelter first. Everything else will be settled tomorrow."

The leaders all grumbled and murmured but did little else as they split off to find their own places of rest. The Great Sage groaning and grumbling as she forced herself to stand and return to her people. Though the dwarves and Dylan walked over to the Sheriff and Mayor.
"Excuse me lad? What were tha' 'bout a railyard?"

The Sheriff broke the mutual glaring between him and the Mayor and turned to the stout man.
"The railyard. Its on the north of town. Follow the main road here and take a left at the library. Can't miss it."

"Well thank ye lad. But uhm? What is a railyard?"

"Well, its a place where trains are stored and maintained, its also where freight from our town is, or was, shipped out of and to the rest of the country."

The dwarves hummed in understanding.
"One last question lad. What is a train?"

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2023.06.07 19:53 Useful-Turn-7679 Book recommendations?

Does anyone have recommendations for:
1) the best overall guide to woodturning 2) a book going beyond the basics for the intermediate turner 3) a book on the history of woodturning
I'm shopping for Father's Day. My dad is already an intermediate turner. There's so many how-to books out there that I'm not sure which one to choose, and I can't seem to find anything about the history of the form which he mentioned wanting.
Thanks in advance!!!
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2023.06.07 19:50 ihate2cuddle My (almost) year journey.

My year of grief
I lost my Dad almost a year ago (next week will be a year) and I just wanted to share my experience. As we all know on here grief is a rough, lonely wild ride. Here are things/phases of sorts that I experienced. I realize it’s more of story telling but maybe it can help someone going through a loss. It’s also very helpful for me to put to paper.
The shock- man, that lasted a long long time and had parts of the shock that I carried with me for a long time. The day I found out, I couldn’t function as a person, I broke down about every 10 minutes. I was just lost. My partner is awesome but through the years have found that we don’t comfort each other well (just different styles, it’s ok). I had my sister and Mom, but you can’t really get much from a Mother who just lost her husband (unexpectedly) of 40 years.
My Sister is awesome, but her way to cope was to just dive into my Dad’s estate, sort out debt, bills, houses, etc. which was great because I wasn’t able to even function as I said. Her grief smacked her about a month later when the dust settled- which was good because I was in a better albeit still not great state - but able to help comfort her.
Added to this sudden loss was my Mom’s desire to move. The house I had spent more time in then any other (military childhood, moving every couple years) was being sold, within 6 weeks of my Dad’s passing I was sorting through his stuff and helping my Mom move to another city (2hr away, closer to my Sister). This was really really hard. Part of me when he died was in a sense looking forward to still visiting my Mom, feeling my Dad’s presence (he loved that house) and slowly going through some of his things. But now, here we were going through 30 years of stuff in this house - while I would escape and just cry endlessly.
One thing to point out here: the house was 100+ years old (that’s old in the US!). And honestly my Mom wasn’t going to be able to keep up with it and now she’s solo, so financially and physically it was just too much, that logic doesn’t escape me.
Here’s what I did, I went and got a storage unit - and I threw so much of his stuff in there, he was in the military for 30 years, so medals, ribbons, pictures, so much stuff. My thought was this: I can’t un-throw it away. So I can go through it later and keep things I want and donate/toss things I don’t. It’s been a year almost now and I haven’t even touched the boxes since I put them in there. And honestly I don’t have a plan anytime soon to do so. Maybe that might help any of you going through this as well. I don’t view it as putting anything off just giving myself time and I’ll know when I’m ready to go through it all.
Grief comes in waves at first, sometimes all at once in the beginning, then calm seas, then out of nowhere- boom hit with another wave. These waves slow down in time, I felt about 4-6 months in more of a grief fog, like I felt it at all times, subtle at most times but others where it would blind me and I’d have to stop and be in that moment.
The other thing that happened and honestly was a reason I am typing this now was I’d have these moments where I’d think “oh gosh, I haven’t spoken to Dad in a bit, I need to call him” and for this brief albeit split second I’d think he’s still here and it would make me so happy, then my brain would remind me he’s gone and I can’t talk to him anymore. This would happen a lot in the first few months, daily at times, then less frequent, with that moment where I would think he’s still around getting less and less until it was a split second or less. Then about a month ago I thought about it and didn’t even get a split second - I just knew that he’s gone and I can’t call him. My brain stopped allowing me this moment of bliss. It made me so sad, I cried and just grieved the loss of this knee jerk thought I had grown to kinda love.
Grief is so lonely- even when you’re around people who lost that same person you feel so alone. Every one of us goes through this differently - and as the subreddit talks about - our society doesn’t like to talk about grief, as such people just don’t know how to act with you. Most of the time I just want to talk about him, I want to cry, I want to tell you a story, I want to talk about the last week of his life and how I think it could have been avoided for the 1000th time. Even my very close friends, all of whom have lost their fathers quickly from cancer, don't always know how to respond to me. My Partner tries and will listen and I find it a blessing, but it’s still a really lonely time.
We feel this loss in our hearts, this love we shared is now this gaping hole. And while I cry and I’m sad, I’m not in despair- I just miss the love I got from my Dad. I am and always will count myself lucky- my Dad and I were so very close. I’m 38 and since I was 18 my Dad and I have been best friends. We would text and call every week. Three years ago my Son was born and I named him after my Dad, oh man did that make him so PROUD. Even that last week in the hospital he would tell the nurses “here’s a pic of my grandson, he’s named after me!”. I count myself lucky that my Dad would tell him he loved me, that he was proud of me. Even that last week, we didn’t think we were going to lose him, but I didn’t need to have a deathbed talk- I didn’t need to make sure he knew I loved him, have him tell me how proud of me he is. I already knew it, it was said so often there was never a question about it.
For all of you going through this journey, I’m so sorry for your loss. I hope you have days of comfort, or at least minutes of peace from time to time. I know they say time helps- and it’s so cliche, but it's true. The best advice I got and I believe it is this: be in the moment, if you’re sad that’s ok, cry if you need, don’t hold it in, let that love out, express it. Being sad and crying about the loss of a loved one is normal and needed. Sit in that moment, I don’t care where you are, take the time to just be in it. You can feel that love of them and from them in those moments.
I will think about my Dad everyday for the rest of my life, and I’m excited about that. That’s the impact he had on my life, the love we shared is still here. If you are a religious person, know you’ve got someone up there who will be so happy to see you again when it’s time. It’s less scary to die for me now, knowing my Dad is up there - getting the lay of the land and excited to show me everything.
Big hugs to all of you.
submitted by ihate2cuddle to GriefSupport [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 19:49 blondefemmexo Hung up on my straight best friend...

I'm sure you guys have probably heard this one a billion times before, but I've got to just get it off my chest.
I'm a 21 y/o femme lesbian and me and one of my best friends, let's call her "Sara", who is also 21 y/o and femme presenting, have been friends since we went to daycare together. Evere since we were little, I've always been VERY attatched to her, we used to always have sleepovers and hang out with each other constantly, as best friends do.
I came out back in 2021, so when I was 19 - but before that, when I was younger, I vividly remember having pretty strong feelings towards "Sara". I didn't register those feelings as love back then, though. I just assumed that was what everybody felt towards their best friend/s.
Looking back at it now, I've realized how much I genuinely adored her, even back then - and I still do!
I recently texted her (since we now live in different cities, we used to live in the same small-town) and told her how I felt, and that I liked her more than a friend and she took it really well - she already knew about my sexuality and has been super supportive. However, she told me that she's straight, but that she appreciated the fact that I opened up to her. So luckily, we still got our friendship.
But I just... can't help but feel disappointed, I genuinley love her - in fact, if I may sound rather dramatic - I love her so much, it hurts. She's wonderful, she's absolutely gorgeous, she's the kindest person I've ever met... I hate to admit this, but I've spent this past week crying because she doesn't love me like that. And she obviously can't help the fact that she's straight, which makes me feel even more pathetic!
I'm so damn hung up on her, what should I do?
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