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2023.06.06 13:53 Hairnsenses_1 Hair transplant clinic in Delhi - Hair & Senses.

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2023.06.06 13:52 downwo AITA for leaving my boyfriend’s coach alone without a hotel?

I, (20,F) and my boyfriend Max (20,M) have been together for a month. We both do track and field semi- professionally and his coach supervises some of my track sessions when I’m in town.
Myself, Max and his coach Amy (62F) decided to travel together to compete abroad at an international meet last week since we all live in close proximity.
I booked the flights and my boyfriend organised transfers. Amy was told the information for the trip. However, as the hotels were very expensive, we decided to ‘pull an all nighter ‘ on the last night after the competition as our flight was at 6am the following morning. Therefore, we had to be in the airport for approx 4am. This was Amy’s idea.
Max’s hotel was paid for by the hosts while Amy and I shared a room.
On the first evening, Amy told my boyfriend to go to the sauna as the meet was in two days time. He said he would. Later on, my boyfriend rang me asking if I would like to go out for dinner with him and stay the night in his hotel. I said I would love to, but would ask Amy if it was alright first as she would be by herself for the night. She said it was ‘no problem at all’ and to ‘enjoy myself, but don’t do anything stupid’. That night he told me that he wanted to keep his testosterone levels up and so he would not sleep with me before the competition in two days time. He also said he had not been to the sauna either, and would go in the morning.
The following morning he rang Amy to tell her he was going to the sauna. She was furious. ‘WTF, what is the point of having a coach if you don’t listen to me? Is this a recreational holiday or a serious competition? This is not a couples getaway. I’m very disappointed in you’ The pair of us decided to go to her (and my) hotel to talk and organise our plan for the day. Once we entered the room, she said ‘I’m pissed. You have so much to lose Max and you’re getting distracted. This sport is a life changing opportunity for you and you are throwing it away. I told you to go to the sauna and you didn’t listen. I paid my own money to come out here to help you, and you’re not taking the help. I also told you that ejaculation is not allowed before a competition. It messes with your hormones’. As this conversation was happening, I was packing my things to leave to go to the athletic track. Amy turned to me and told me to leave the room and let them speak in private.
Later that day she came and spoke to me, saying the issue she had was nothing to do with me it was Max and his decisions. She said she doesn’t want him getting distracted as he has too much at stake. Then she said that no matter how hard I try or how much I train that I will never be as good as him in this sport, and that I will never achieve great things in my event. Of course, I was very upset by this and although she was speaking to me in a calm tone, it hurt a lot. Especially since I was competing the next morning. For the rest of the day I was in a bad mood and quiet. Amy asked me what the issue was and I burst out crying saying it really hurt my feelings and I don’t understand why she would say such a thing hours before I race. She apologised and told me she was grateful I told her.
I travelled to the competition with Amy as she had to be there around the same time as myself. Once I arrived, it was freezing and she gave me her jumper to stay warm. I thanked her and left to stay with the other women and men competing in my event.
Once Max began competing, he was not doing as great as Amy had expected him to. I was standing beside her watching to support but she told me to ‘just go away’ before she says the wrong thing to me. She also said once again that ‘this is too much like a couples holiday’ as we had went out for dinner and spent the night together.
I left and gave them both space.
That evening, the three of us went to Max’s hotel to leave our bags there as myself and Amy had no hotel booked. We were all starving and decided to go out for dinner together once we had showered. And so, after putting my bag down I went upstairs to a friend’s hotel room to shower and get dressed into nicer clothes. Amy said she would sit down in the lobby and wait for us, and that she would spend the night down there since we had to be in the airport for 4am and so would leave at 2am. She had also gotten us VIP bands for our wrists to ensure we could get on the transfer for free with Max. (We are not sure how she acquired these)
I said ok.
Minutes later Max rang me saying he had gone down to the lobby and told Amy that we were leaving at 4am as that is the time the hotel had booked his transfer for.
She burst out crying and said how she wished she would have known our flight was not at 4am, as she thought it was, but instead 6. How she feels so stupid and abandoned. She told Max she was not coming out for dinner with us and decided to book her own hotel for the night while we went out around the town celebrating the end of the competition.
I felt terrible again, and thought about sending her a text or ringing her but decided it would be better to leave her be and talk to her in the morning.
The flight back was very quiet and same with the bus back home. She slept for most of it but didn’t say a word to me despite us being seated beside one another.
Once we parted ways, I texted her saying how I appreciated the support over the weekend, and thanked her for coming out. She didn’t respond to it.
I decided it would be better going forward not to train With them anymore and wanted to give them space.
Two days later Any texted me asking to meet up for a chat as she noticed I didn’t show up to training.
She rang me, and asked how I felt the weekend went. I told her it went ok, but not amazing and that is when she started to get angry. She told me that I had been so ungrateful and selfish all weekend, that my behaviour was disgusting and she is shocked that I treated it as a couples holiday and not as a competition. She said that she couldn’t believe I never asked her if she was ok or offered her help. She said if it weren’t for Max coming down to check on her, she would have been all alone all night without knowing the flight time or what to do. She had helped me all weekend but I never once reached out to help her. She was appalled. I was so upset over the phone, but did not argue back as I wanted to keep the peace for the sake of my relationship with Max. I did not understand where this was all coming from, as she had been with me when the plans were being arranged and I had told her and given her all the flight information. She proceeded to shout at me saying I was extremely selfish and only care about things that involve me. She was upset that I had a place to stay regardless of how the night went as Max had a room, (which he had offered to her) and that I never made sure she was sorted herself.
I apologised and said I didn’t realise the situation and should have taken her perspective into account more.
Then she hung up, and hasn’t spoken to me since.
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2023.06.06 13:52 Moji15 Jobs/ financial source

Any source of income/job for someone below 18?17 years old po ako and I need to urgently find a job preferrably computer based kasi nandun mga skills ko (example: UIX design). My mom was diagnosed with cancer and wala akong magawa kundi mag hanap ng work para kahit papaano ay matulungan ko ang aking papa (Singlehandedly nyang babayaran ang mga incoming expenses and we currently don't know how to get that much money.) We are not rich to begin with so I had to do this. Most jobs require a college degree and I'm not even in college let alone graduate in senior high school. Di ko na po alam ang gagawin dahil ang laki po ng mga gastusin at I really feel guilty po without doing anything.
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2023.06.06 13:52 ana2902 Am I not being understanding enough?

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry this is a long one.
I hope someone relates to me or can help me. Me and my partner 21 F and 22M have been dating now for 10 months.
Before I start, i would like to say that I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression before this relationship started. I could not continue therapy during this relationship as it got too expensive for me. My boyfriend has now a month earlier been diagnosed with ADD. So I'm making this post because I am not sure if I should be more understanding with him.
At first it started off great right like all good relationships do. At first we had a lot of time for each other, especially him despite being a full time worker. We met at work, and fell in love after like 5 months of never saying hello. When I started first talking to him, he had just gotten out of a 2+ year relationship with his ex, and i think it had only been 1-2 months of their breakup before we dated.
I was really hesitant to date him even though i really liked him because of this short gap. I thought that he had not taken enough time to fully heal, so i didn't respond to his question of dating until I felt like I was okay enough with his past relationships. Maybe I jumped in too quick despite this, however I really fell for the person he was.
I am a super studious person, I care about my future and especially my career and I have always been like this. He on the other hand was a carefree spirit, he loved to go with the flow. He is the sort of man who likes being happy and will try his best to avoid conflicts. At first we would have these amazing nights almost like 3-4 times a week where it was not even a fancy place or anything. We would simply just sit there, talk about ourselves. Getting to really know each other and connecting, and i truly felt that before I committed I knew exactly who he was. At least I did think that.
So after dating for a few months, of course issues arise. One of the issues I has and one of my needs which i had communicated before dating, and which he agreed too as well, was that we will try our best to call each other. From my last relationships I know that when i get a call from my partner, it makes me feel wanted, loved, and cared for. It is a really simple ask at least in my opinion. We solved this issue and he promised he would call me more. And for a few weeks after that, he did. Then it stopped.
Another issue I had was how i was ignored every time we were around his friends. I understand that I may not be his number 1 priority as he probably values them over me simply due to their shared experiences and the longevity of their relationship. But one thing I also asked him was how he prioritises his partner and how he expresses that. He had assured me that he does, that he loves his friends but in a relationship, the partner matters more. We had both agreed that a partner to us meant that we would essentially choose that person for life till death, marriage, kids the whole spiel. So that person to us meant most.
Anyways I had noticed that ignorance for me during the first month of our relationship. I had then told him straight away because from therapy I have learned how I can tend to internalise other's behaviours to me as my own faults. That day he was so perfect. I walked away from that conversation feeling like we communicated in such a healthy way. I was so happy, because he told me what he felt and I found a good solution so that I am not ignored or feeling ignored and so that he does not have to deal with me annoying him about it.
However 10 months in, calls stopped after a month of him "calling". I forgave it, because i was like yeah he just doesn't enjoy calling fair enough. So why is he on discord all night calling and playing with his boys? Why is he late for our dates which I always plan because he sleeps in and through his alarms when he does the whole staying up playing games thing. Still forgiven, because in other aspects he has been a great bf.
But one night instead of crying at his behaviour towards me, I just laughed and shook my head in disbelief. I sat there alone until 2am just thinking about everything he has done and what i believe is disrespect. Some of the things are below:
- The most crucial thing for me was that he was invited to go to a long trip with his boys for like 10-11 days. At first he told me that he won't go if i don't want him to, but when he did that i ended up relenting and saying he should go because i don't want to make him miss his experiences. We had also as a couple gone on a 5-day trip so it's only fair. But maybe i made a really big deal out of how much i didn't want him to, or how much i was unhappy with his inconsideration of how I'd feel. I mean when I said I'm only hesitating so much because Id be missing him, he told me "he would be too distracted to miss me". That one was a was a big ouch. Anyways now he's already paid and stuff so it does not matter what I think. He was very sweet about it. He bough the most expensive internet package so that he could text me. But now after thought i also realised i can go trips with my girlfriends and wanted to go on a same distance one, he said it is not fair that he can't make a big deal like I did about it. I just did not know what to reply to that.
- Secondly I dont feel very comfortable when my partner goes to clubs, parties etc heaps especially without me. I'm usually never invited. he makes it very clear that his friends would hate me being there and hate him for bringing me. I have been cheated on previously, and as someone diagnosed with seasonal depression and anxiety I try my very best to not let it impact my relationship but it does. So one day he told me he is going to a party and he will essentially leave before the girls (other random girls) come. He also promised he won't drink. So i agreed to this party, because i dont want to hold him back and lose experiences with his friends because of me. But he drank, and stayed when other girls got there, and proceeded to then speak to a girl who makes me uncomfortable. when i brought this up, he pulled the "she is a friend babe, I was helping her".
- To compromise with him and make it fair, I skipped going clubbing, bars, drinking because it would make him uncomfortable. I even avoided my friends bday and let them know up front that I can't because i want my boyfriend to also see that I respect our agreement. A month later he ended up starting to go bars/clubbing anyways so not like it matters
- The worst part was after telling him this, I was told that I am being unreasonable, that I'm always complaining, "I'm always mad" at him. I don't know if i communicate wrong. However my general approach to telling him something is firstly saying I want to talk about something, discuss how I feel, wait for him to reply/react/respond and then find a solution. But one day i got so sick of finding solutions, and being the only one who spoke out and found solutions like I was legit talking to a brick wall who nods.
There are many more situations, where he tends to support others over me in an argument that I tell him about, where our dates are getting shorter and shorter because "he's too tired", he's "not bothered", etc.
Now I have said before that he has ADD and the psychiatrist has not said depression, but we suspect it. Despite all this, I know we are a young couple, in other regards he has been very loving and been there for me when I was breaking down because of my own issues. But its mainly like how they say, when it's good, its REALLY good. But when it's bad, its REALLY bad. Anyways, he suspects the reason for our recent rift and these feelings is our distance and his workload. he believes that when he drops his hours at work, when he moves closer we will be okay. Do I wait and have more understanding? Do I leave because it is getting really painful when it does? Or do i give it more time?
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2023.06.06 13:52 Vladraconis Probleme dubiosele boxa usa si panou clima Golf V 2008

Detin un Golf V 2008, motor de 1.6 si 100 cai. Acest Golf al meu are doua probleme dubiosele pe care as vrea sa le rezolv singur, si pentru care nu am gasit pana acum solutie. Asa ca incerc si aici.
Problema 1
Boxa din mijlocul usii fata stanga ( nu boxa mica de inalte de langa coltul de sus al usii ) nu mai functioneaza decat dupa ce tabla masinii ( cel putin ) atinge o temperatura ridicata. Daca pornesc masina dupa ce a stat macar 15 min in soare vara, merge. Iarna ajunge greu sa se incinga destul, chiar daca o las in soare. Respectiv, indiferent la ce temperatura pornesc masina, daca rulez macar 20 min intr-o temperatura exterioara ( conform bordului ) de peste 28 grade, va porni in mers. De notat ca nu se va opri apoi chiar daca scade temperatura exterioara, pana la oprirea motorului.
Problema 2
Panoul de control al climei ( Climatronic,2 zone ) face nazuri. Cand vreau sa schimb temperatura si / sau puterea / viteza ventilatoarelor, valorile sar singure la complet altceva decat ce vreau eu.
Exemplu : sunt la 22 grade, vreau sa trec la 21. Dau de rotita in stanga, temperatura afisata sare de la 22 la 25. Mai dau in stanga, scade la 24.5, apoi sare la 28. Mai dau in stanga, sare la 17. Dupa cateva incercari, reusesc totusi sa stabilesc temperatura dorita de mine. De notat ca temperatura afisata va fi cea luata in considerare de catre masina. Daca sare de dement la 27, o sa inceapa sa bage 27.
Se intampla la fel cu puterea ventilatorului, si este irelevant daca vreau sa cresc sau sa scad temperatura / puterea ventilatorului.
Facea asa si cu RCD 300 mp3 si face la fel cu noua unitate RCN 210.
Daca aveti idei, va rog.
Reiterez : vreau sa le rezolv eu, pe cat posibil, nu sa duc masina la service pt ele.
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2023.06.06 13:52 asliuf new hybrid break in Qs

new hybrid break in Qs
hey yall, looking to take care of my new 2023 hybrid as well as possible :). the owner's manual says for the first 621 mi (1000 km) to avoid extremely high speeds, avoid sudden acceleration, and not to drive at a constant speed for extended periods.
this toyota mechanic says to keep it simple, you could consider that to be good advice for the first 1000 miles. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBBUQJKTaiM&t=20s&ab_channel=TheCarCareNut
but i'm curious because with the hybrid, half the time i'm driving, the engine isn't even on. so I wonder if I actually need more miles to fully break in the engine?
my other question is around a road trip i have next week that i can't really avoid taking - i'm thinking if i just stay off highways, i should be able to keep my speed between like 45-60mph most of the time, and there will be more variability than if i was on the highway. But at that speed it might be like a 7 or 8 hour trip. Does that seem safe for the break in period?
2023 toyota corolla hybrid AWD / 1.8L 4 cylinder / ~320 mi so far
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2023.06.06 13:51 Constant-Mood-1601 Is there a word to describe, and/or research regarding never leaving your hometown?

I know a bunch of people I went to highschool with who got stuck in a loop- in the town they were born in, and couldn’t imagine leaving. I’ve heard of people never even traveling outside of their uber-rural town, not because they can’t, but because they don’t care to. Is there a word in psychology or research to describe “there’s nowhere else I can go- this is all I know”? My brother calls it hometown sickness, but there has to be another word.
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2023.06.06 13:51 Occultscience2 Learn Complete Astrology Course From The Experts Occult Science

Astrology aims to discover the connections between human affairs and celestial events. It is based on the idea that the positions and motions of celestial bodies like stars, planets, and other celestial objects are linked to all aspects of human existence and personality traits.
Astrology is frequently used to create horoscopes, which are personalized predictions or interpretations based on a person's birth chart. A diagram of the celestial bodies at a person's precise time and place of birth is known as a birth chart or natal chart. It sheds light on a person's personality traits, capabilities, weaknesses, relationships, career choices, and other aspects of their life.
Astrology encompasses a variety of systems and traditions, including Vedic astrology, Chinese astrology, Western astrology, and others. It utilizes different procedures, for example, looking at planetary positions, angles, travels, and the zodiac signs, to acquire information and make expectations.
Self-reflection, personal growth, and comprehending the energies and influences at work in one's life can all benefit from using astrology as a tool. It is much of the time considered a kind of divination and forecast, albeit this isn't the main way it very well may be utilized. It is essential to keep in mind that astrology is not typically regarded as a science and is frequently open to individual interpretations and belief systems.

What Is Astronomy?

Astronomy is the study of celestial objects like stars, planets, galaxies, asteroids, and comets, as well as other astronomical phenomena. Understanding the physical characteristics, composition, history, and actions of things in the universe is the primary focus of this branch of science.
Astronomy has played a crucial role in human understanding and the study of the cosmos for thousands of years. It has a long and rich history. Observational astronomy is the use of telescopes and other tools to learn about celestial objects and how they interact with one another. The examples, associations, and fundamental rules that support the universe are then found through information examination and translation.

There are several sub-disciplines within the field of astronomy, such as:

Galactic Astronomy - The study of galaxies, including our own Milky Way, with an emphasis on their structure, motion, and evolution is known as galactic astronomy.
Stellar Astronomy - The study of specific stars, their characteristics, life cycles, and classification based on factors like temperature, brightness, and composition is known as stellar astronomy.
Astronomy of the Planets - This field centres around the examination of the air, surfaces, and land cycles of the planets, moons, and different articles in our planetary group.
Exoplanet Astronomy - Exoplanet Astronomy is a relatively new field of study that focuses on the discovery and study of exoplanets, or planets outside our solar system, to gain a deeper understanding of their origin, composition, and potential for habitability.
Cosmology - Cosmology is the investigation of the whole universe, including its arrangement, association, development, and extreme fate. Astronomers investigate a wide range of subjects, such as the Big Bang theory, dark matter, dark energy, and the vast structure of the universe.
Stargazers use advanced telescopes, devices, and observatories to gather data on a scope of light frequencies, from radio waves to gamma beams, both on the ground and in space. Through examination and investigation of this material, stargazers try to comprehend the secrets of the universe and advance our insight into it.

Relationship Between Astrology and Astronomy

It is essential to keep in mind that although astrology and astronomy both involve the study of celestial objects, they are two distinct sciences with distinct goals and approaches. Through careful observation and empirical data, the goal of astronomy is to comprehend the physical properties and behaviour of celestial objects. Contrarily, astrology is a belief system that uses horoscopes and astrological charts to frequently investigate the connection between human affairs and celestial events.
However, there has always been a connection between astrology and astronomy. Astronomy and astrology were closely related in ancient times. The astrological systems that were prevalent in many cultures were influenced by astronomical studies that followed the motions of celestial bodies.
Astronomy, on the other hand, became a science while astrology remained focused on divination and interpretation. As a result, the two disciplines began to diverge.
Recognizing that both modern astrology and astronomy have their roots in human fascination with the night sky, they can be linked. A person's sense of awe and wonder at the vastness and beauty of the universe can be enhanced by studying astronomy. Astronomy and the stars may also captivate some astrologically inclined individuals.
Nevertheless, it is essential to approach astrology with caution and acknowledge that its claims have not been supported by scientific evidence. The scientific community views astrology as a pseudoscience because it lacks a scientific foundation, whereas astronomy is founded on empirical data and rigorous scientific procedures.
Conclusion -
It is essential to comprehend that despite historical ties, astrology and astronomy are distinct fields with distinct methodologies and objectives. Astronomy is a scientific field devoted to comprehending the cosmos, Whereas astrology is a religious System centred on the interpretation of celestial events about human concerns.
For More Information: Click Here
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2023.06.06 13:51 Interesting-Mall2095 i think my loving bf (21m) is lying about his sexuality / cheating on me (20f

i think my loving bf (21m) is lying about his sexuality / cheating on me (20f) and i don’t know what to do
gonna try to make this short and to the point, me and my bf have ben dating for a year now, i am nonbinary but afab and mostly identify as a woman / dress feminine and have long hair, he is my very first bf and when we started getting intimate i quickly realized i was more kinky than he is, i asked him his kinks, things he’s into, things he wanted to try out of excitement bc of finally having a partner to do these things with (im not big on hookups, i need a connection to be fully aroused with someone irl) he would tell me just normal vanilla sex, and that he was straight, we even did that meme bdsm quiz together and he scored vanilla, and i simply accepted that.
he has a lower sex drive than me and can go weeks without anything while i can go everyday, but i’m fine with this bc he’s extremely affectionate everyday and we are constantly together laughing doing activities and gaming ect and he never makes me feel unloved (constant compliments kissing and surprising) i’ve never once felt worried about how he feels about me, until a few days ago.
because of me frequently staying over at his place i’m often in his room when he goes to work, the other day i got on his computer to watch one of my friends on twitch when i noticed the reddit tab open, id like to preface and say i am not a snooper and don’t believe at looking through a romantic partners devices, however i noticed a chat box open that said “are you still gooning?” that message was sent by my bf about 20 days ago, immediately my heart started rushing, he shouldn’t even know the concept of “gooning” he didn’t even know (or atleast pretended not to know) what bondage was when we met and started discussing sexual taste, so how the hell did he send this???? i feel guilty for snooping but i clicked the profile and it was a gay / sissy hypno account, and i couldn’t stop looking at this point
i’m bisexual and nonbinary, i wouldn’t care if he was also nonbinary or gay but finding out your partner is into way more things and dming people related to those kinks after u tried multiple times to please them sexual and fulfill fantasies is just..i don’t know what to think, i kept looking through his account and found a post from 6 months ago made by him iso m4a hookups, while we have been dating for a year we didn’t make it “official” until maybe four months ago, we went unlabeled but spent all of our time together, if he had hooked up with someone when we were unlabeled i wouldn’t care bc we weren’t technically together but i can’t process how or why he’s hiding this from me.
he had a gmail tab open and i searched the word gay and dozens of gay hookup websites that he used to use prior to officially dating me popped up and at this point i had a sinking feeling in my chest and i quickly deleted the history of my searches and got back in bed, flash forward to yesterday night, i had a long shift and came back to his place around 1 am, i crawled into bed with him and went to sleep, but woke up maybe an hour or two later, i was facing him but barely awake, he was masturbating and looking at something on his phone, i quickly shut my eyes again and just forced myself to go back to sleep
did i mention he has a very low sex drive and barely even masturbated around me? everything has pretty much been the same, same affection and sweetness and laughter and cuddling, and he doesn’t know that i know but i don’t know what to do, i don’t care if he’s gay or bi but it’d break me if he wasn’t happy in this relationship and would rather be dating a cis guy. he keeps saying he’s straight and that he gets enough pleasure when we have sex but i can’t get the “gooning” message out of my mind, i don’t want to snoop again i don’t know what the hell i’ll find i just feel disappointed
in the first few months of officially dating i wanted to try so many sexual things with him i wanted to try kinks and let him use me and whatever else but he only wanted vanilla which i accepted, but after finding this out i feel really idk..unattractive? eventually i stopped trying to request me doing sexual favors for him bc he didn’t seem interested, but now that i know that it could be that he’s not very attracted to me idk what to do
(side note i asked him his thoughts on poly relationships when we first started talking but he said he didn’t like them, i am open to poly but prefer monogamy, and his reddit acc had tons of cucking and cheating / having sex outside of relationships) any thoughts? i could rlly use some outsider opinions i don’t know if or how i’d bring this up to him, i care about and love him deeply, i don’t want him in a relationship he isn’t satisfied with, i don’t know what to do :(
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2023.06.06 13:50 OldFerret5279 Why does Gray use “woke” as a derogatory term?

Why does Gray use “woke” as a derogatory term?
I guess #3,4,5,6,7,8. That pretty much defines much of what Gray hates. Sad.
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2023.06.06 13:50 Strict-Violinist-682 My Sweet Hubby

In one week we will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. What an amazing and wild ride it has been so far!
I am so very thankful that you are my partner in this life. Your kindness and compassion are unmatched. As is your handsome smile. Where would I be without you? It’s a question that immediately triggers waves of anxiety within me. The thought of losing you, my heart could not bear it.
Thank you for taking care of me when I’m sick. Thank you for having my back when I need someone. Thank you for spending time with me. Thank you for loving me.
I love you and I thank our Creator for you, every day. ❤️
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2023.06.06 13:49 ArtistAllieCat92 Difficulty swallowing with throat pain.

Hi, I’m 30F, 265lbs, currently taking hydroxyzine for anxiety and recently stopped qelbree because of this pain. I do have Asthma and ADHD.
So, for two weeks now I’ve been having trouble swallowing with this throat pain. It moves from the top of my throat, to the bottom and sometimes in the middle too. It started after I started choking on a piece of fry and while I was able to clear it out, I could feel something slowly moving down my throat. It did have a sharp piece and I’m worried it cut my throat.
I’ve been to the ER, Urgent Care and my own doctor. All told me that I’m fine but have swelling in my throat. I tested for Strep Throat but that came back negative. I do have an appointment with a GI specialist on Thursday but I’m just freaking out and wish I could have some kind of answer. I haven’t been able to eat anything that isn’t Cream of Wheat, Mashed Potatoes, Yogurt and just a variety of drinks. But even just those foods are difficult at times because of the pain.
When the throat pain started to go away I tried eating a chicken nugget but I could feel the food going down and felt like it got stuck. I ended up getting a really bad panic attack because of that. I’m just so exhausted.
I do have neck and upper shoulder pain as well. But I feel it’s just because I’m holding all that tightness and stress there. I feel just so tired and weak all the time. I sleep a lot to try and keep me going but it’s been getting harder. My doctor said I may have Acid Reflux which could be playing a part but I’ve had it before and it was never this bad ever.
Any advice or suggestions would help so much. Hopefully this GI has some answers..
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2023.06.06 13:49 Haleodo Servers on S16 Restaurant Wars

So I know the sub in general doesn’t care for RW. I also know the show appears to care more about talent than drama, versus the first few seasons (with a few dramatic cheftestants sprinkled throughout all seasons, lol.)
I like RW. & I know every season it seems the FoH is always a little more scattered than you hope it to be, but here’s the thing: on S16 (the one with 3 restaurants with 12 cheftestants left,) I feel they (the producers/writers) literally wanted it to go as bad as possible.
My reasoning: I believe it was Brian who asked “who here has served before” & in a group of like, 10 people, one raised her hand & another said “I’ve hosted before.”
As someone who lives in a somewhat small town— but basically everyone here has served at some point— I find it so hard to believe Top Chef couldn’t find 20-30 experienced servers in Kentucky lol. Maybe it’s because I grew up doing caterings/serving from 14 til my early 20’s, so I noticed it more?
But it made me think of y’all not liking RW. I know why the argument could be made before this season, but the Kentucky season really upset me with the producers, in my opinion, setting the chefs up for a terrible service when one out of ten people there have ever served before lol.
Sorry, that’s my rant 😅
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2023.06.06 13:49 nerfcrystalmaiden 1170 usd no warranty vs 1430 usd options with warranty

After careful consideration and researching here in Reddit, I finally decided to get Asus g14 2022 model
However, I am now having a dilemma on my buying options
  1. bestbuy bnew forwarding no warranty - 1,170 usd (white/6900hs/6700s/16ram/1tb)
  2. localshop sealed with shop warranty only - 1,430 usd (white/6900hs/6700s/16ram/1tb)
  3. localshop secondhand with shop warranty only - 1,430 usd (white+animatrix/6900hs/6700s/16ram/1tb)
First option is cheaper but riskier, since I can't return the unit and there will be no asus warranty (as confirmed by their support). Unit will arrive in my country after 3 weeks using 3rd party forwarder. Someone already tried this exact method in my country and they received a good unit, should I risk it? I know some basic troubleshooting and upgrading parts (past few laptops don't have any issues, could it be this time its different 🙃) but my partner is insisting for peace of mind to get the one with warranty
2nd option will be safer since the shop will be giving a 6 months service warranty and 7 days replacement but with additional cost.
However if I'm paying MORE for warranty only, then I have other option, for same price of 1,430 I get the same specs with animatrix; but having a lot of thoughts with second hand as well, as the battery might not be as good as bnew and animatrix is only nice to have, but I prefer longer battery life
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2023.06.06 13:48 TryContent4093 Why are the adults whining about how the 2013’s little mermaid doesn’t look like the 1989’s little mermaid when it’s actually for kids?

I’ve seen so many people hating it because “it’s not the same as the original” when the movie itself doesn’t stray from the original. The story is still the same. It’s about a mermaid who wants to be a human and live on land. Besides the skin color of the Ariel and the dimension (from 2d to 3d) they’re all the same? Also, isn’t the movie marketed towards children? If you were born in the 80s, I don’t think you’d be considered as a child anymore. It doesn’t make sense how many grown adults are saying the 2023 version “ruined their childhood” when they’re actually grown adults. Today’s kids don’t even care about Ariel’s skin color you know?
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2023.06.06 13:48 alessF Just moved to Europe and Im looking for a team

Im in Spain, I can speak english and spanish. My max rank was platinum, now Im starting again and Im in Bonze V but leveling up in soloQ.
If you are interested in making a team send me a message so we can play together, I dont care about the rank.
I also started playing competitive in Chellengermode Moss, but with no team, I just let the platform team me up with others without team.
Im playing right now some rankeds, so if someone from europe wanna play send me a private message and I'll give you my username
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2023.06.06 13:47 newswall-org Man Saves Bird Egg After Accidentally Destroying Nest

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2023.06.06 13:47 PigeonBoiAgrougrou I relate so much to the core of the truscum ideals.

I think I've said it in past comments, but I'm fairly mild when it comes to truscum ideals. I support non-binary identities, can tolerate some neo-pronouns, will not misgender someone even if their pronouns don't match their presentation, and overall don't care what people do with their bodies. I prefer the term transgender over transsexual. I'm probably the mildest truscum user you can find.
However, people calling themselves "trans" and celebrating it when they mostly have a cis experience sits so wrong to me. That's where I start getting uncomfortable, maybe even angry sometimes.
Being trans comes with a baggage. It's not just about wanting a curvy ass and boobs or a deeper voice, it's something you are born with, grow up with, and die with. I don't care if someone transition for whatever reason but if they are non dysphoric, we aren't even remotely the same.
I grew up in an environnement where I could be a tomboy, I played with boys and boys toys, and although I almost don't remember much of my childhood because of heavy dissociation, I was stable. But puberty was hell. Non dysphoric people will never know about the pain of going through this.
The dissociation, the silent agony, the sheer disgust. The confusion, at not understanding why everyone seems so fine with it, and yet you aren't. Searching for answers everywhere. Thinking it's normal teen insecurity, when it's not. Trying to lose or gain weight, to be into fashion, to be different, to find a fucking answer, to no avail. Not being able to find any escape to that beast dysphoria is. The depression, anxiety, missed opportunities and experiences. I was filled with anger and confusion and hate. At myself, at other people, at the sole concept of feminity. And yet, weirdly, it felt all muted because I became apathic to everything. Apathic to life itself. I probably wouldn't be alive if it hadn't be that way, dissociation was my coping mechanism.
Learning about what being trans is was a liberation. There's a solution to my problem ! Modern medicine allows me to look like a man, and I can even get surgery and prosthetics ! I feel hope for my future for the first time in my whole life. All of these are vital to trans people. Not an aesthetic, not an option. It's a need.
I wanna be respectful to everyone. I hate holding grudges, and I'm very non-confrontational. Who even has enough energy to pick fights with everyone anyway ? But seeing people who live as cis, present cis, only change their pronouns but want to appropriate the experience of being trans, celebrate pride as trans, taking ressources when they don't need it ... It feels like spitting at my face, at the face of all our siblings who didn't make it, and all of us who went and are still going through everything.
I can't stand it. I don't care what someone does about their body or how they wanna be called. But if you don't have dysphoria, we just aren't the same, our experience isn't the same, and it's purely disrespectful to say that we are.
Just needed to get that off my chest. I have a lot of repressed feelings I guess lmao.
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2023.06.06 13:47 duallayerit Best Computer Support & Services Provider in Hong Kong

Discover the ultimate computer Support and Services in Hong Kong with Dual Layer IT. Our team of skilled technicians and hassle-free solutions ensure unmatched IT assistance and satisfaction for individuals and businesses. For more information visit us.

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2023.06.06 13:47 ChainOk8915 Female actor voice pack need help turning into mod. *Anomaly/Gamma

For my own personal tastes I’ve hired a voice actress to do a rendition of gammas actor voice for female modded characters.
Some facts involved about it:
-This is done in Russian with a Ukrainian accent.
-No obscene profanity, at most “damn it/god damn it” and only as a mummer to the actor itself, such as weapon jamming.
-Additional lines for actor idling and bleeding included should you be able to write the programming for adding it.
If someone would be interested in building this just message me. I don’t NEED the credit but please credit the voice actress. I only gathered the raw materials you’d be doing the tedious part, so if you build it you own it. This was also posted in moddb forms
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2023.06.06 13:47 dreamboy_uwu Things to know when it comes down to dating and marrying my partner who has bipolar disorder, schizophrenia,and substance

My fiance was recently diagnosed with Bipolar and Schizophrenia and in the past has dealt with substance abuse. He is currently going into a program that will help with all three of those. He is very loving and caring but when he goes through those episodes there is a lot of fear and paranoia. Is it normal for them to think someone is following him. To see shadows and to hallucinate things happening?
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2023.06.06 13:47 ankitaderma Laser Hair Removal Treatment

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The clinic boasts a team of experienced professionals who employ state-of-the-art lasers to target hair follicles, preventing future growth. This safe, precise, and virtually painless procedure ensures the utmost comfort for every client. With customized treatment plans catering to diverse skin types and specific concerns, they deliver optimal outcomes.
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Book your appointment today and unlock the joy of permanently smooth and beautiful skin. Experience the remarkable difference with their exceptional laser hair removal treatment, bringing you closer to the confidence and freedom you deserve. Trust them to be your reliable partner in your journey towards a hair-free future.
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