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2023.06.02 11:45 lemon3ns Surfboard Size?

I'm looking to buy my first surfboard, there's a lot of secondhand options near me for great prices but also a lot of variety. I'm 5'3 and around 105lbs. I have surfed before and can pop up successfully about 50% of the time. I'm not the strongest person around because I'm small and have little muscle, so something easier to paddle while still being carryable would be great. Thanks for any recommendations!
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2023.06.02 11:42 Downtown-Cap210 Give your skin the best hydration

HydraFacial is one of the top decisions and best skin medicines that make your skin look immaculate. Likewise, the symptoms of hydrafacial treatment are insignificant contrasted with other skin medicines, making it a trustworthy skincare choice. Nonetheless, you might discover some hydra facial incidental effects that surface in the event that you don’t deal with the skin appropriately after the treatment.
What Can Be the Results of HydraFacial?
HydraFacial treatment includes the utilization of a motorized wand that gradually invades your skin with redid serums to give wanted results. A harmless strategy generally just requires 30 minutes or less to finish. The strategy can help shed, profoundly clean, and hydrate your skin. Accordingly, you can forestall and deal with skin conditions like dryness, dim spots, barely recognizable differences, kinks, and skin break out. Be that as it may, while settling on a HydraFacial in Bangalore, guarantee you make it happen with an expert.
Despite the fact that it has various advantages, hydrafacial secondary effects are plausible however on a negligible scale. The HydraFacial technique isn’t intended to damage or make your skin red, in contrast to other corrective systems. Be that as it may, as you feel a smidgen of wand tension during the strategy, it can leave impermanent redness on your skin. Generally minor and disappearing all alone, this is one of the sole symptoms of a Hydrating Facial treatment.
Besides, on the off chance that you have a functioning rash, for example, one welcomed on by a rosacea flare, you ought to cease this treatment. The serum or different things utilized during a HydraFacial strategy may, in very uncommon conditions, cause an unfavourably susceptible reaction in a patient. Via looking for a hydrafacial close to me and picking a first-class facility, you can undoubtedly stay away from it as the technique will be finished by an accomplished dermatologist.
Instructions to Keep Away from HydraFacial Aftereffects: Aftercare Steps.
Since hydrafacial aftereffects are nearly non-existent, you can in any case stay away from disturbance or superfluous entanglements that might emerge from ill-advised care. This is how you might deal with your skin after a HydraFacial treatment.
Try not to pick at Your Skin
Try not to pick at your skin since it has recently had a profound cleaning. You shouldn’t pick at your skin on typical days, as well however take exceptional consideration just after the treatment. Keep your hands off assuming that you need an ideal appearance, regardless of whether you may be enticed to pop the little whitehead and zit that are obliterating your composition. Regardless of whether the restorative expert removed a few hairs, disturbing your skin further could bring about distress. This can likewise assist you with staying away from the results of hydrafacial treatment.
Stay away from Water and Exercise
After your treatment, you ought to stick about six hours prior to cleaning up. You ought to likewise cease cleaning up or figuring out enthusiastically to the point of making yourself sweat. Besides, in the event that you are thinking, we should head out to the exercise centre subsequent to getting hydrafacial close to me, it’s anything but really smart. Exercise can cause your shed skin to feel overburdened by unreasonable intensity and sweat. You will protect your skin tightening treatment in Bangalore and get the best advantages assuming you keep your face dry all through this period.
Eliminate the Toner for a Day
In the wake of getting a Hydra derma facial, try not to utilize the toner the following day. This is on the grounds that dryness and disturbance may be brought about by toners with liquor or shedding fixings. This can lead you to consider them hydrafacial incidental effects. Besides, you don’t have to apply toner on the grounds that the aesthetician should have currently profoundly purified your face and changed the pH.
Change Your Skincare Routine
The actual control and the serums utilized in the hydra derma facial could harm the skin hindrance. In this way, you shouldn’t utilize anything brutal on the skin. You can utilize just gentle cleaning agents to abstain from harming your skin’s boundary while purging. Over the accompanying two days, try not to utilize beauty care products that incorporate glycolic corrosive or different substances that peel your skin. Besides, you ought to stand by two weeks prior to getting a microdermabrasion, compound strip, or dermaplaning methodology to forestall any hydrafacial incidental effects.
Use Sunscreen
For basically seven days, you ought to apply solid sunscreen to safeguard the tissues all over. All through the accompanying 14 days, you ought to likewise cease investing a ton of energy in the sun. This can assist you with forestalling undesirable results of hydrating facial treatment. Additionally, try not to tan beds as they can hurt the skin, and recently shaped skin cells that have never been presented to daylight are especially defenceless. As your face will be more delicate than expected after a HydraFacial, at least five days ought to pass without openness to coordinate daylight.
Avoid Having Facial Waxing and Laser Medicines
The skin restores itself in a normal of 28 to 32 days. Consequently, you shouldn’t get a substance strip or a laser methodology inside the principal month subsequent to going through a HydraFacial treatment. Contingent upon the level of peeling, your esthetician will choose if having hair expulsion methods on your face is okay. It’s fitting to hold off for basically seven days. Waxing peels the skin, and getting carried away could cause you to seem dull instead of brilliant. It will likewise assist you with keeping away from inappropriate hydrafacial incidental effects.
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2023.06.02 11:41 ReasonableBear1913 Endo after multiple abortions?

Over the years I have had 3 surgical abortions and one medical.
(No judgement please, the first was an unwanted pregnant a long time ago, the three after that were after trying to have a baby but being hospitalised with severe hyperemisis each time. We have stopped trying for good now because the hyperemisis nearly killed me last time)
I’ve never had painful periods, or any pain During my cycle. Other than 2 times in my life I can remember being in excruciating pain on the first day of my period.
My periods aren’t exactly regular. They fluctuate between 25days and 35days. This month for the first time ever was 18 days! But I have been trying to lose weight and have lost 11lbs over 6 weeks so I assumed that was it. (I’m overweight)
After the last medical abortion, I bled/spotted for about 4 months. That’s unusual so I was sent for a ultrasound. By the time that came around the bleeding had stopped. They saw no retained tissue, but saw an endometrioma on my ovary. This has been monitored annually for two years and has grown to 3.5cm. Next scan due soon.
My periods are on the lighter end, never heavy. No pain. No bloating. Is there any chance that the impact of the D&C’s and multiple failed pregnancies has caused endometriosis?
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2023.06.02 11:39 JoshAsdvgi The Girl Who Searched for Her Lover

The Girl Who Searched for Her Lover

The Girl Who Searched for Her Lover
A terrible misfortune befell the people of a very large tribe.
Of all the hunters that left the village, not one came back alive, nor was it known what had happened to them.
In that tribe lived a beautiful young girl, who loved and was beloved by a brave hunter.
She had joyfully consented to be his wife, but her parents objected.
The disappointed hunter had decided to drown his grief by going with the warriors to hunt. Older men cautioned against his hunting, but the young lover departed with the warriors.
A month passed, but he did not return and was given up for lost by his tribe.
Not so the young girl, who could not believe him dead.
She felt she must go and search for him.
Secretly she made preparations, and one night she stole away quietly, taking her father's one-hatch kayak and a waterproof elk skin shirt.
After some distance from her village, she ceased paddling, closed her eyes, and began singing.
After a verse, she opened her eyes. Noticing the kayak drifting with the current, she closed her eyes again and sang some more.
At the end of the second verse, she looked again and found the kayak drifting faster than before.
Then she closed her eyes and sang for a long time.
When she looked again, the kayak was going so fast that she became alarmed but could not change her course.
Her speed increased by the moment, then she heard the mighty roar of waterfalls.
Since life without her lover was not worth living, she closed her eyes to await her fate.
Very swiftly the boat rushed forward. The roaring waters became powerful.
Her heart nearly stopped beating from fright when she felt herself going down, down, down, then come suddenly to a standstill.
She was not hurt, but could neither get out of the kayak nor move it.
The boat was stuck fast. Dawn approached as she lay there, wondering what would become of her and what had happened to her lover.
At sunrise, she saw a kayak coming toward her with one man paddling.
The man exclaimed aloud, "Ha! Ha! I have another victim," as he placed a bow and arrow beside him with a two-edged knife attached to the tip.
But as he drew nearer, he put away his weapons, thinking, "That is a woman."
Then he called out, "If you are a woman, speak up, and I will not kill you, for I never kill women."
She assured him that she was a woman, and he came and helped her out of her boat and seated her in his kayak.
He paddled off with her.
They reached his own barrabara where he lived alone.
She noticed many human heads scattered about.
One she recognized as her lover's.
She said nothing, but to herself she pledged vengeance.
The man asked her to be his wife, and ordered her to cook deer and seal meat for them to eat.
At bedtime, he pointed to a corner for her to sleep, while he slept in an opposite corner. She obeyed without questioning him.
Next morning, he led her to a smaller barrabara and showed her a number of headless bodies.
He said, "These I do not eat; but I have three sisters living some distance from here, who eat human flesh only.
It is for them I have killed these people.
Each day I take one body to a different sister."
He then picked up a corpse and his bow and arrow and walked away.
The young girl followed him to the place where the road forked.
One path led to the right, one led to the left, and one led straight ahead.
She noticed which one he took, then returned to his barrabara, where she busied herself, removing two posts from one of the walls.
She dug out an underground passage for escape.
All of the extra dirt she carried to the sea, then cunningly concealed the passage.
Toward evening, she cooked a good supper for him when he returned, eating in silence, then they retired, each to their own corner.
After breakfast next morning, he carried away another corpse.
She took the bow and arrow, which he left behind, following him secretly.
He took the left fork while she took the middle one.
She hurried on, then cut across to the left fork and managed to reach the home of his sister before he arrived, killing her with the bow and arrow.
From there she ran to the homes of the other two sisters, killing them, before running back to the barrabara.
He found all three sisters dead and was suspicious.
She was sitting on the barrabara when he returned.
"You killed my sisters, now I will kill you," he cried out angrily, rushing for his bow and arrow.
They were not in their usual place and he discovered them in her hands.
He begged her to give them to him, promising to do her no harm.
At first she refused, but he pleaded and promised until she trusted him and gave them to him.
As soon as they were his again, he shouted, "Now you shall die," and shot at her.
She suddenly dropped through the smoke hole, out of sight, before the arrow could reach her.
While he looked for the arrow, she crawled out through the underground passage and perched herself anew on top of the barrabara.
Her disappearance and sudden reappearance was a mystery to him, he shot at her again and again, but she disappeared each time mysteriously.
At least, since he could not kill her, he said, "Take this bow and arrow and kill me."
"I do not want to kill you," she told him.
"But I'm afraid you will kill me someday."
He swore never to hurt her, and she came down from the roof.
Together they ate their supper and retired in the usual manner.
But as he was about to fall asleep, she moved closer to him and began talking to him, keeping him awake the entire night.
For five days and five nights she tormented him in this way, giving him no time to sleep.
On the sixth day, in spite of all she could do, he fell into a deep, deep sleep.
Although she pinched him and pulled at him, she could not arouse him.
She brought a block of wood from outside and placed it under his neck.
Then, with a knife she had stolen from one of his sisters, she beheaded him.
In his kayak, she put his bow, arrow, and knife, then seated herself and paddled homeward by way of the falls.
But there were no falls, as they had existed only through the evil of that man.
When he died, the river flowed smoothly and steadily in its own original channel.
She found her kayak, which had drifted onto the beach, and she tied it to his and paddled to her home.
Her people learned of her adventures and the evil man.
The older men decreed his weapons be burned on the trash pile.
Then the people rejoiced in the young girl's safe return and the safety of their tribe.
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2023.06.02 11:38 Cmillzislife Laurel Vs Ninja

Just now watching WOW 2 and am I the only one who felt relieved watching Laurel go home after she pulled that stunt after she THOUGHT she won the challenge against Ninja? I’ve been binging all the seasons and for some reason as much as I love the competitiveness this season I feel like politics kinda already tarnished it. Ninja was nowhere near the weakest link but because she was “annoying” everybody followed suit. Everyone being scared of Johnny and laurel ruins everything for me. Just my personal opinion tho.
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2023.06.02 11:37 Gold_To_Lead LCD screen maybe LOCA (liquid optically clear adhesive) leaking - IS IT TOXIC?

A clear, thick, sticky, viscous liquid has been leaking out of my laptop near the hinge.
I looked this up and it seems really scary; a lot of talk about it being toxic. I don’t know if it’s the Liquid of the Liquid Crystal Display or if it’s the LOCA but either way I haven’t found anything from Dell saying it’s NOT toxic and NOT harmful which you would think they would if it wasn’t, you know?
The screen hasn’t worked for years so I’ve been using an external monitor. The sticker on the bottom is pretty faded and scratched out so when I called Dell Support I couldn’t give them whatever number they wanted and it was a robot not a human so I got stuck and had to hang up. Really annoying!
I also called the poison control center near me but they didn’t know anything specific but told me to wash my hands very well and put the laptop in a trash bag outside, which I did immediately!
Trouble is, this thing has been leaking for a while and it’s really hard to get off my table and books and I really don’t want to throw them away. But more than my possessions I’m worried about myself.
(I can’t remember which laptop it is and I don’t want to get near it again to check but it’s a very fancy high-end one that’s like five years old, black with red highlights.)
I tried researching stuff about this but a lot of it is contradictory - one person in stack exchange says that when they worked at support and someone said their LCD was leaking they were to tell them to call in a hazmat team! And I’m pretty sure LOCAs are toxic but I can’t find anything on which Dell uses - if anyone knows something about this situation please let me know!!!
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2023.06.02 11:36 beaniboy Even considering the change from M rating to T, Halo feels more kiddish under 343

Hold your horse 'fore you bust your britches, I've sunk hundreds of hours into all of 343's games and (even as a self-admitted bungo fanboy) I think they're all great games that had something uniquely fun about them. However, with all the talk about Marathon and the strong change in art direction for the reboot and how different the look, feel, and atmosphere is when looking at the original trilogy, a fella was feeling reflective on the Halo franchise and couldn't help but note the change from the moodier tone of the Bungie-era games. When 343 took over the mood of the franchise shifted the games felt brighter and carried a far less somber tone then previous entries.
Halo 4 may not be the biggest offender, but it's story took on a far more clear-cut science fiction approach. Forerunner aesthetics changed from the more brutalist and ancient look to a far more chromified look. The promethean knights did add a little bit of a spooky flair that was nice but their gameplay was clunky, robotic, and mostly reskinned covenant enemies. It's a dead horse by now, but these change had an impact on the overall feeling of the game that felt more like Star Trek. Halo 5 only took this a few steps further and added so many floating pieces to nearly every forerunner design, corners were removed from the game (for real every 90 degree angle has been sanded down in this game), and the lighting changes left the game feeling plastic like meanwhile the whole game feels like a superhero movie combined with a poorly setup mystery game (the second mission in that games is the only exception to this general shift in tone). Infinite definitely brought things back in line with traditional aesthetic (even though 343 insists on making everything forerunner shiny metal) but ultimately keeps a brighter tone with a few sweet stoic moments thrown in. The mystery of the ring starts to fall apart as the environment was only pine forests and all the chrome corridors looked kinda samey.
Now I've picked apart these other games but I hear you asking, "well what was so grand and special about boongies game nerd?" I got you baby, lemme take you on a little trip back to '01. Second mission of the game has you exploring this ring and nails the atmosphere, the leftover Forerunner facilities feel derelict and ancient showing millennia onto millennia of aging (a trend well-continued in the sequels). Theres so much to learn but you're too busy starving off alien ISIS and then accidentally released a space-borne STD. This continues throughout all three installments and brings me to the first real MAJOR shift.
Forerunners to the forefront- flood gone :(. Halo 4 got my little 12 yo brain in frenzy by announcing the return of the Forerunners. I had been playing catch up to the franchise that was in development before I was conceived (thanks nothing mom and dad) and so to be there to experience what should've been a seismic shift in story was exciting. But the disappointing presentation the Didact and Forerunners isn't what I want to talk about. It's the change from setting to main character. Forerunners were enigmatic, mysterious, and dead. All that was left was what they left behind. This is already a pretty ominous and foreboding setup as your war for survival takes place on a battleground that has existed long before you and long after you only to discover a zombie parasite that seeks to consume all life was locked away there and now shits hit the fan. And something about this carries so much atmosphere. Think maps like Isolation, locked in a box, wind blowing in your ears, groans coming from the abyss meanwhile flood-herpes grow all over. Any idea wtf is going on? Me neither and that's the point.
When the Forerunners were brought to center stage, everything mysterious was lost. This big structures weren't stuck in purgatory but were alive and brimming with energy. The hallways weren't dark and filled with evil shit, but were leftover sets from Tron Legacy. Halo 5 has a human AI take over all this stuff for her maniacal plan (ChatGPT?), and Halo Infinite removed all that business to replace it with a new enemy that look just like a Forerunner anyway. Basically, cats out the bag and nothing is secret anymore. The Forerunners and subsequentially the Flood loomed over everything before. Our war with the Covenant was just another battle in a much older fight, one that only nerds who read the books fully understand. Our A.I. girlfriend slept the night at his house and we had to crawl throw all the grime and slosh just to get her home safely. Our only solution was a big explosion that nearly destroyed one of the last major creation by the Forerunners. There was always something beyond what the player was experience but was always present as well.
This bih long as hell so I'll stop here. Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.02 11:35 Firm-Internal3996 Feeling like an alien

Lately, I don’t even feel human! I have used the plant to numb emotions since I was 12 (34 now)! Massive trauma after massive trauma! I just want a better life! I want to feel human again! 14 days no smoke/vape and things have really become dark! “Darkness warshed over the dude”- Sam Elliot! I have these feelings where I know what I am seeing/ hearing/feeling is real but it just doesn’t feel like it is! I have been to at least 5 therapist and sure they are nice people. I share my story, I cry in front of these paid professionals! Nothing changes! My SO says I need to talk to someone but since every time has been fruitless I don’t see the point! So here I am, not posting for myself but because I love her and she said I need to talk to someone! I grew up with a dad and older brother who smoked! They were/are deeply troubled and have used the plant most of their adult life! My dad is nearly 70 and has smoked for years! I don’t want to follow his shoes as I can see how much misery it brings him (even though he cant see it) and how much it controls his life! The poor guy will drive around for hours just smoking his pipe (because his SO doesn’t agree, peer pressure definitely doesn’t have an age limit) which is not only not safe and makes me worry for him but also just sad! He owns a large house in a nice neighborhood and cant even sit on his back porch and partake. I digress, my point is I am at the point where I am admitting to myself I have been like him, blind to the pain I am self inflicting! Every time I quit I feel like I go mad trying to pinpoint the time/event/trauma that caused things to lead to this. I realized today asking “why” is consuming me and I need to stop but cant seem to. Maybe some of you fine folks have some ideas of how to process and move on (besides more paid therapy). If not its okay and thank you for listening!
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2023.06.02 11:34 Dorian458 Help me see past my glaring issue with Dying Light 2

Dying Light is one of my favourite games, and the second one isn't nearly as offensive to me as it is to others, but there's something stopping me from playing it, that being the way it looks.
On ps5 at least this game is downright ugly most of the time, the post processing is cranked up so high that you're blinded half the time, and the trees on the rooftops look like crayons that have been copy and pasted.
I wanna play this game, does it get better?
If not how can I try and get over it
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2023.06.02 11:34 JoshAsdvgi The Girl Who Climbed to the Sky

The Girl Who Climbed to the Sky

The Girl Who Climbed to the Sky
One morning several young women went out from their tepee village to gather firewood. Among them was Sapana, the most beautiful girl in the village, and it was she who first saw the porcupine sitting at the foot of a tall cottonwood tree.
She called to the others: "Help me to catch this porcupine, and I will divide its quills among you."
The porcupine started climbing the cottonwood, but the tree's limbs were close to the ground and Sapana easily followed.
"Hurry," she cried. "It is climbing up.
We must have its quills to embroider our moccasins.
" She tried to strike the porcupine with a stick, but the animal climbed just out of her reach.
"I want those quills," Sapana said.
"If necessary I will follow this porcupine to the top of the tree."
But every time that the girl climbed up, the porcupine kept ahead of her.
"Sapana, you are too high up," one of her friends called from the ground.
"You should come back down."
But the girl kept climbing, and it seemed to her that the tree kept extending itself toward the sky.
When she neared the top of the cottonwood, she saw something above her, solid like a wall, but shining.
It was the sky.
Suddenly she found herself in the midst of a camp circle.
The treetop had vanished, and the porcupine had transformed himself into an ugly old man.
Sapana did not like the looks of the porcupine-man, but he spoke kindly to her and led her to a tepee where his father and mother lived.
"I have watched you from afar," he told her.
"You are not only beautiful but industrious.
We must work very hard here, and I want you to become my wife."
The porcupine-man put her to work that very day, scraping and stretching buffalo hides and making robes.
When evening came, the girl went outside the tepee and sat by herself wondering how she was ever to get back home.
Everything in the sky world was brown and grey, and she missed the green trees and green grass of earth.
Each day the porcupine-man went out to hunt, bringing back buffalo hides for Sapana to work on, and in the morning while he was away it was her duty to go and dig for wild turnips.
"When you dig for roots," the porcupine-man warned her,
"take care not to dig too deep."
One morning she found an unusually large turnip.
With great difficulty she managed to pry it loose with her digging stick, and when she pulled it up she was surprised to find that it left a hole through which she could look down upon the green earth.
Far below she saw rivers, mountains, circles of tepees, and people walking about.
Sapana knew now why the porcupine-man had warned her not to dig too deep.
As she did not want him to know that she had found the hole in the sky, she carefully replaced the turnip.
On the way back to the tepee she thought of a plan to get down to the earth again.
Almost every day the porcupine-man brought buffalo hides for her to scrape and soften and make into robes.
In making the robes there were always strips of sinew left over, and she kept these strips concealed beneath her bed.
At last Sapana believed that she had enough sinew strips to make a lariat long enough to reach the earth.
One morning after the porcupine-man went out to hunt, she tied all the strips together and returned to the place where she had found the large turnip.
She lifted it out and dug the hole wider so that her body would go through.
She laid her digging stick across the opening and tied one end of the sinew rope to the middle of it.
Then she tied the other end of the rope about herself under her arms.
Slowly she began lowering herself by uncoiling the lariat.
A long time passed before she was far enough down to be able to see the tops of the trees clearly, and then she came to the end of the lariat.
She had not made it long enough to reach the ground.
She did not know what to do.
She hung there for a long time, swinging back and forth above the trees.
Faintly in the distance she could hear dogs barking and voices calling in her tepee village, but the people were too far away to see her.
After a while she heard sounds from above.
The lariat began to shake violently.
A stone hurtled down from the sky, barely missing her, and then she heard the porcupine-man threatening to kill her if she did not climb back up the lariat.
Another stone whizzed by her ear.
About this time Buzzard began circling around below her.
"Come and help me," she called to Buzzard.
The bird glided under her feet several times, and Sapana told him all that had happened to her.
"Get on my back," Buzzard said, "and I will take you down to earth."
She stepped on to the bird's back.
"Are you ready?" Buzzard asked.
"Yes," she replied.
"Let go of the lariat," Buzzard ordered.
He began descending, but the girl was too heavy for him, and he began gliding earthward too fast.
He saw Hawk flying below him. "Hawk," he called,
"help me take this girl back to her people."
Hawk flew with Sapana on his back until she could see the tepee of her family clearly below. But then Hawk began to tire, and Buzzard had to take the girl on his back again.
Buzzard flew on, dropping quickly through the trees and landing just outside the girl's village.
Before she could thank him, Buzzard flew back into the sky.
Sapana rested for a while and then began walking very slowly to her parents' tepee.
She was weak and exhausted.
On the way she saw a girl coming toward her.
"Sapana!" the girl cried. "We thought you were dead."
The girl helped her walk on to the tepee.
At first her mother did not believe that this was her own daughter returned from the sky. Then she threw her arms about her and wept.
The news of Sapana's return spread quickly through the village, and everyone came to welcome her home.
She told them her story, especially of the kindness shown her by Buzzard and Hawk.
After that, whenever the people of her tribe went on a big hunt they always left one buffalo for Buzzard and Hawk to eat.
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2023.06.02 11:33 FoxyJnr987 Am I going mental???

Listen to Ep. 105 last night as I fell asleep, and remembered a joke this morning that was so absurd it nearly made me wet myself. Bob said something about finding a little crying babybel in his fridge and putting it next to a full edam to calm it down or something. Listen to the whole episode again this morning and I can't find the joke??? The episode is called "Crying Babybel" and I can't bloody find it!

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2023.06.02 11:33 Gold_To_Lead LCD screen maybe LOCA (liquid optically clear adhesive) leaking - IS IT TOXIC?

A clear, thick, sticky, viscous liquid has been leaking out of my laptop near the hinge.
I looked this up and it seems really scary; a lot of talk about it being toxic. I don’t know if it’s the Liquid of the Liquid Crystal Display or if it’s the LOCA but either way I haven’t found anything from Dell saying it’s NOT toxic and NOT harmful which you would think they would if it wasn’t, you know?
The screen hasn’t worked for years so I’ve been using an external monitor. The sticker on the bottom is pretty faded and scratched out so when I called Dell Support I couldn’t give them whatever number they wanted and it was a robot not a human so I got stuck and had to hang up. Really annoying!
I also called the poison control center near me but they didn’t know anything specific but told me to wash my hands very well and put the laptop in a trash bag outside, which I did immediately!
Trouble is, this thing has been leaking for a while and it’s really hard to get off my table and books and I really don’t want to throw them away. But more than my possessions I’m worried about myself.
(I can’t remember which laptop it is and I don’t want to get near it again to check but it’s a very fancy high-end one that’s like five years old, black with red highlights.)
I tried researching stuff about this but a lot of it is contradictory - one person in stack exchange says that when they worked at support and someone said their LCD was leaking they were to tell them to call in a hazmat team! And I’m pretty sure LOCAs are toxic but I can’t find anything on which Dell uses - if anyone knows something about this situation please let me know!!!
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2023.06.02 11:33 Little-Helicopter-69 My personal circumstance and how it should be handled legally

Back in 2020 I fell pregnant, we had been off birth control for a while and happy when it happened. Unfortunately I miscarried at 11 weeks. Even worse the miscarriage nearly killed me, it caused me to haemorrhage and nearly bleed out. I technically required an abortion to end the pregnancy before it killed me.
It was recommended me and husband got back to a physical relationship but used birth control, we were told they needed time to assess any damage and didn't recommend getting pregnant again yet. I also couldn't go on hormonal birth control immediately. It was difficult for us but we did build up our physical relationship again, we used condoms and cycle tracked as birth control.
8 weeks after the miscarriage, I went in for a check up with my doctor, they ran a pregnancy test and it was positive. For 3 days me and my husband discussed our options and decided to keep the pregnancy, knowing the risks. It was a high risk pregnancy that had more than one scare, I managed to get to labour and delivery, during which I haemorrgaed and nearly died again, as did the baby. Thankfully we both made it through and i have a 2 year old daughter I wouldn't change for the world.
When the checked up on me after the pregnancy they told me another pregnancy now would likely kill me, roughly 50% chance of a life threatening miscarriage in the first trimester that unless I happened to be in the hospital at the time they wouldnt be able to stop the bleeding in time to save me, roughly 50% chance of labour killing me if i made I that far. Overall a 75% chance of not making it through another pregnancy. I went on the pill as soon as I was able, it took a long time but me and my husband built up a physical relationship again, we also use condoms and cycle tracking along with the pill, the chances of me getting pregnant again are incredibly small, we ensure we every form of birth control properly.
And yet, I became pregnant again. I have only 25% chance of surviving this and watching my daughter grow up. It could kill me any day if I miscarry, which there is 50% chance of happening.
Some questions: 1. Is 75% chance of death high enough for me to be able to make the choice to get an abortion, right now, even though I am not actively having my life threatened this moment? If yes A) what percentage is a low enough risk of death to be allowed to make that call? And why that number in particular? If no B) if a pregnant person is not capable of making this decision for themselves, can a doctor make the best medical decision for them and force them to accept the treatment they choose, be that medication, monitoring or an abortion against their will?
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2023.06.02 11:32 Soft_Supermarket_482 Gas Cooker Fitter Harrow

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2023.06.02 11:31 JoshAsdvgi Lakota (Sioux): Kids Story (( BedTime Story ))

Lakota (Sioux): Kids Story (( BedTime Story ))

Lakota (Sioux): Kids Story (( BedTime Story ))
The Gift Of Corn
Corn entered widely into the legends and religious practices of North American Indian nations of the Southwest, Southeast, Plains, and Eastern woodlands.
Corn gods in different regions are personified as Corn Mother, Corn Maidens, and even Corn Grandfathers as in this story of the hermit.
Various parts of the corn plant are used ritually such as husks, pollen, kernels, and whole ears.
Major tribal ceremonies are held prior to corn planting and after the harvest.
Alone in a deep forest, far from the village of his people, lived a hermit.
His tent was made of buffalo skins, and his robe was made of deerskin.
Far from the haunts of any human being, this old hermit was content to spend his many years.
All day long, he wandered through the forest, studying the different plants and collecting roots.
The roots he used as food and as medicine.
At long intervals some warrior would arrive at his tent and get medicinal roots from him for the tribe.
The old hermit's medicine was considered far superior to all others.
One day, after a long ramble in the woods, the hermit came home so tired that, immediately after eating, he lay down on his bed.
Just as he was dozing off to sleep, he felt something rub against his feet.
Awakening with a start, he noticed a dark object.
It extended an arm toward him.
In its hand was a flint-pointed arrow.
"This must be a spirit," thought the hermit, "for there is no human being here but me."
A voice then said, "Hermit, I have come to invite you to my home."
"I will come," the old hermit replied.
So he arose, wrapped his robe around him, and started toward the voice.
Outside his door, he looked around, but he could see no sign of the dark object.
"Whatever you are, or wherever you be," said the hermit, "wait for me.
I do not know where to go to find your house."
He received no answer, nor did he hear any sound of someone walking through the brush. Reentering his tent, he lay down and was soon fast asleep.
The next night he again heard the voice say, "Hermit, I have come to invite you to my home."
The hermit walked out of his tent to find the person with that voice, but again he found no one.
This time he was angry, because he thought that someone was making sport of him.
He determined to find out who was disturbing his night's rest.
The next evening he cut a hole in the tent large enough to stick an arrow through.
Then he stood by the door, watching.
Soon the dark object came, stopped outside the door, and said, "Grandfather, I came to--" But he never finished his sentence.
The old hermit had shot his arrow.
He heard it strike something that produced a sound as though he had shot into a sack of pebbles.
Early the next morning the hermit went out and looked at the spot near where he thought his arrow had struck some object.
There on the ground lay a little heap of corn, and from this little heap a small line of corn lay scattered along a path.
The old hermit followed this path into the woods.
When he reached a small mound, the trail ended.
At its end was a large circle from which the grass had been scraped off clean.
"The corn trail stops at the edge of this circle," the old man said to himself.
"So this must be the home of whatever invited me."
He took his big bone axe and knife and proceeded to dig down into the centre of the circle. When he got as far down as he could reach, he came to a sack of dried meat.
Next, he found a sack of turnips, then a sack of dried cherries, and then a sack of corn.
Last of all was another sack, empty except for one cup of corn.
In the other corner was a hole where the hermit's arrow had pierced the sack.
From this hole the corn had been scattered along the trail, which had guided the old man to the hiding place.
From this experience the hermit taught his people how to keep their provisions while they were travelling.
"Dig a pit," he explained to them, "put your provisions into it, and cover them with earth."
By this method, the Sioux used to keep provisions all summer.
When fall came, they would return to their hiding place.
When they opened it, they would find all their provisions as fresh as they were the day they had been placed there.
The people thanked the old hermit for his discovery of this method of preserving their food. And they thanked him for his discovery of corn, the first they had seen.
It became one of the most important foods the Indians knew.
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2023.06.02 11:29 SingleMom24-1 What did I do

I met my best friend when I was 16. I met him online WEVE never met in person. From 16 till nearly 25 we never argued we never fought nothing. About 2 months before I turned 25 my best friend sent me a video of a moose charging a family on their property. The family threw a bucket at the moose and I said ‘but why he said ‘if you lived somewhere like that you wouldn’t be asking’
I said full quote ‘I wouldn’t CHOOSE to live in an area like that. If I CHOSE to live where it was dangerous then that’s my fault’ and he spent two hours maybe more trying to tell me that I said people who are forced to live in dangerous areas choose it because that’s their only choice. We didn’t talk for a week.
On April 22, two days before my birthday me and him were talking. I asked him how work was he told me. He asked how my day was I told him. I asked how his night was before that day and he told me he went to bed at 10pm to which I responded with a joke I’ve said wince I was around 8 years old. I said ‘lmao what are you a mom?’ And for around 3 hours he was text yelling about how annoying I am and how being a mom isn’t hard and how there’s harder jobs then being a single mom and nobody cares about my kid and all I do is talk about myself.
Almost 9 years. I’be asked him multiple times how he felt about me, I’ve told him to please be honest and that if he doesn’t want to be friends to tell me. He always responded with such good things it made me cry. And then that.
He works in a hospital, he tried to use his schedule as an cause for how he was talking to me. He told me quote ‘I work 84 hours a week sorry if I’m a little pissy’ ?? I work 168 hours a week since July 2021 but I don’t take anything out on him.
The reason we ‘only talk about’ me is because I ask him how he is and what he’s doing and what his plans are and he gives me maybe 10 words back then asks about me. I don’t know how to hold back. If someone asks about me I tell them the truth. And if they ask for more detail I give it. I don’t understand how he’s trying to make HIM asking about me, me being a selfish bitch.
I ONLY talked to him so much about my toddler because he seemed to care and want to know how she was. And then 3 months before she turned 2 he told be he didn’t care about her and to stop telling him about things she’s learning. Not even just that he said NOBODY cares about her.
All I did was say on wouldnt choose to live somewhere dangerous and he tried to tell me I said it’s his fault his mom gave birth in a dangerous area so he got stabbed and robbed.
I said a joke I’ve been saying my whole life about ‘what are you a mom?’ And he assumed I was telling him he couldn’t be tired by 10pm because I have a toddler and I go to bed at 1am. Hell my mother has memory issues caused by a car accident and she knows I’ve been saying that joke my whole life but he tried to spin it as me turning to conversation back on myself. 62% of the time we’ve spoken about me since we met was because HE ASKED and now he’s mad that’s all we spoke about?? I TRIED to talk to him about anything and averything. The only thing he’s really talked to me about that’s his is his interest in Lego, Star Wars, and crocs.
Almost ten years. And I haven’t spoken to him in over a month.
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2023.06.02 11:28 Number5Sephor-aioth Big Think

I'm having trouble deciding my jumping off point for building a new rig. I have some reservations about investing in any of the current 30 series longterm, and the 40 series seems too new and underdeveloped, and I am the least qualified person to discuss market speculation on GPUs.
I kind of don't mind the specs on the 4070 ti, since it at least supercedes the 3090 & 3090 ti for the money involved, but even the 3090 series has 24 gb options of Vram. I'm getting a strong feeling that in the next 5 years of PC gaming 16GB of Vram will be the new standard, with 12 gb being the minimum requirement on mid range GPUs.
I want a balance of consistent performance, with stronger graphics. Right now the 4070ti 12gb seems to be my ideal pick, but I just don't think it's a good long term investment if I can't get at least 16gb vram for 5-10 years of gaming. Are there any market indicators Nvidia might release a 16gb version of the 4070 ti in the near future, say 6 months or less? Would you guys suggest any alternatives? Please break it down for me, any input would be helpful.
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2023.06.02 11:27 JoshAsdvgi The Ghost Country

The Ghost Country

The Ghost Country
The ghosts live in four houses, each one deeper than the preceeding one.
A Koskimo woman was crying on account of her dead father.
They buried him and she was crying under the grave for four days.
The people called her but she refused to leave.
On the fourth day she heard somebody come who called her.
"I call you downward, Crying Woman."
Then she jumped up and the ghost said,
"Follow me."
He went downward and she followed him.
They came to a a house called Hemlock-Leaves-on-Back.
They entered the house and an old woman was sitting near the fire.
She said, "Ah, ah, ah, ah.
Sit down near the fire." They took poles to take down dry salmon and prepared to roast it. They placed it on a small food mat and broke it up and gave it to Crying Woman.
Just when she was about to take it, a person came in and invited her to another house called Maggots-on-Bark-on-Ground.
Then the woman who lived in the first house said, "Ah, ah, ah, ah.
Go with ther.
They are higher in rank than we are.
" She followed the person who had invited her and entered the next house.
She saw an old woman sitting by the fire and seemed to be the same one whom she had seen first.
She prepared food in the same way, giving her something to eat.
Just when she was about to eat, another woman came to her and invited her into her house, which was called Place-of-Mouth-Showing-on-Ground.
The woman in the second house said, "Go with her.
They are higher in rank than we are.
" When she entered, the same old woman seemed to be sitting by the fire. Again they prepared something for her to eat.
When she was just about to begin, she was called by another person into the fourth house, called PLace-of-Never-Return.
Again the woman said,
"They are higher in rank that we. Go."
When she entered she saw her father sitting at the end of the house.
And when he saw her he became angry and said,
"Why do you come here?
This is the place which nobody ever returns.
Whoever enters the first three houses may return.
But if you come here, you must stay.
Do not eat what is offered to you and go back."
Then he called the ghosts to take her back.
She was lying under the grave tree like one dead.
The ghosts came back singing the following song:
hama yahahaha
She was like one dead when she came back.
When her father spoke to her he said,
"When we take you back we will sing so that the Koskimo may here our song."
They brought her up alive on a board.
The people heard the song, but they did not see anyone.
Then they took the board into the winter-dance house.
This songs belongs originally to the Koskimo and was carried from there to the Newettee and to the Nåkwado.
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2023.06.02 11:27 kahluacream There isn’t one thing in this new community post that she hasn’t said a gajillion times before …. especially “Love that for you.”

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2023.06.02 11:27 Broke_as_a_Bat Unresponsive Boodmo staff

My parents recently bought a 1st gen wagon r for just the transfer cost (seller is a friend of my father). Decided to make me responsible for bringing it to decent condition. I needed several parts and trims, which were not available in any shop near me and within 100 kilometers of me(tried maruti genuine parts too).
I found them available on boodmo and ordered them there. I was buying from 2 sellers for all these parts who are bangalore/avi and Jaipuswa.
Parts from bangalore/avi came on time so I was confident in other parts too. Except the parts from JaipuSWA have not even been dispatched since my order date on 24th last month. The delivery date keeps changing.(it was 31, then 1 then 3 and now it is 7).
I even tried searching for seller but there is no information about them at all.
What can be done?
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2023.06.02 11:25 NIGHTMARECRIPT Does anyone here remember that Insane Clown Posse Goosebumps Inspired Series?

I can't be the only one, or maybe it was a weird fever dream I had, but does anyone here remember that Insane Clown Posse Goosebumps Inspired Series? I remember one of the episodes being about Boogie Woogie Wu, but that's basically it. I can't remember the name of it for the life of me, and I've searched damn near everywhere for this series, but I can't find anything about it online like it was deleted from existence or something. Any and all information is appreciated!
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2023.06.02 11:25 Lynxneo Darkest dungeon 1, thinking about dropping

Look, i have played hard games, i'm experienced with it, the problem is not when a game is hard and makes you spend 300 attemps over different tries, the problem is when the reasons for the difficulty is plain bullshit and with some bad rng you are fucked. I almost killed the fanatic in my first attemp, then after retreating after losing one of my own, i spend some time making them rest while playing with other group, this period was about some hours between two real life days, when my team was relieved and i had the perfect replace for the guy who died, i decided to go for him. And is incredible how a bit of bad luck can fuck you in so many ways in darkest difficulty. First, i entered the dungeon, 3 were with the crimsom curse, and they were craving and wasting status, i forgot to bring the blood and i was like "hell nah i'm going to fight that mother fucker with -4 spd and -10 deathblow resists, the guy has 3 turns almost per player turn, and he instantly kidnapp one until he is about to die or you break the thing. I decided to make it back suffering the stress of defeat, and came again, after all, i had a jester and i thought with him everything would be fine, unti i fight him. And it was, i spamed a lot his stress relief skill, and then after fighting a lot of stress dealers enemies who focused him for some reason and he became irrational i decided to use my camp to use everything at my disposal to relief the stress of the team, i had a vestal, a hellion and an abomination, they were all my favs. After the camp things were looking bad but thanks to the bonuses and they at max health, i knew that the irrational status of the jester wouldn't be enought to beat me. Then more bad luck, it was a veteran dungeon of course, and i had to fight hordes of enemies and even another miniboss of the farmstead dlc (which i easily defeated), when we were about 4 rooms to end the dungeon i saw how my buffs used in camp were already gone and how they were so stressed, so i decided to end the quest and keep going because surely the fanatic wouldn't appear when i already defeated an miniboss and he was nowhere to be found in all the dungeon... I should retreated there, i loss the jester after a crit of a ramdom enemy who depleted his hp and he refused to be healed by the vestal, i even retreated and he died from blood lost XD. Then i decided to keep going with my 3 party and end the quest and after defeating the 4 enemies who just killed my jester... Look who we found in the last hallway, ( the quest was about 100% room battles), Yes, the fanatic himself, he kidnapped my abomination (WHY HIM), literally my fav character in the game and who i spended a lot of money, he was a jewel and the reason i left him at 25 hp last time i fought him (dude did about 70% of his hp bar with crits and bonuses in my first fight with him). I of course said, "this is bullshit i'm out", and after retreating after the first round because the guy surprised the party, my abomination was in the pike, so the message of him dying in the pike if i left pop up, i didn't read shit because i was panicked, and when i retreat, now i only have my vestal and hellion, without words there, especcially because everything felt like a bug, (where the fuck is my abomination) because yeah, the theme of the fanatic battle was still there after retreating, the game was literally shitting on me at that point. I in an impulse decided to go again after the fanatic to see if the "bug" could be resolved fighting with him again and destroying the pike or waiting for my abomination to be at death's door and then retreat but nope. Surprised again, abomination of course was more dead than queen elizabeth, and my vestal and hellion together were not able to escape, two failed retreats. At that point i only wanted to go with the bounty and cry. The quest cost me, all three of my fav's characters, my vestal, very powerfull trinckets to everyone, 40% healing received, 9% crit only jester, -44% stress to party at transformation, crinsom court item to the abomination, 25% healing skill of the vestal, and 40% healing skill of the vestal again, the hellion too had good items, an cape and another thing i forgot, i lost the bounty of the miniboss, his item and 20 shards included, everything i amount until there, about 15k in gold or more, and of course the time and money i spend in the party since the start.
A part of me enjoy how bullshit (bad design) not hard, the game is, and maybe me masochist is gonna keep playing but i need a moment to reflex if it's worth it. And i know the "bad design" is in purpose because is the vision they wanted with the game, that's why in some way i enjoy it, but you have to accept it to play it. They even gave me a warning before losing the abomination but i was so panicked i didn't read it V-V. Anyway. I need a moment, maybe i go and play another thing and decide if the game is for me or not. Or maybe i just need to do some of my things before keep playing. Thanks if you read me venting out this bullshit and bad luck.
PS: i wanted to include the bug flair for the theme of the fanatic playing after retreat but is not the principal thing of the post so meh.
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