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Fuck Jellybean she has ruined YouTube comments so i made this subreddit to hate on her fuck her she deserves nothing but pain i wish one day she loses 500 dollars then get crushed by a truck then get caught by the scp foundation and make him a d-class and then be sacrificed to contain scp-106 fuck Jellybean

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2023.06.08 05:37 jessann18 Scene Cut

Recently started rewatching SoA on Hulu. On season 4 episode 1, about 13 minutes in, they talk about the meeting at the JellyBean lounge. The original scene is: Tig says “I love the jellybean man” Juice says “of course you do” Happy says “I love it too” Juice says “And the freak circle is complete”
They cut out the part where Happy says his line & Juice’s response. Any idea why? Just curious
First half of video is from Hulu where they cut Happy’s line, second half is clip from YouTube of the full scene
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2023.05.02 21:21 pondicherryyy [Partially Lost] Wednesday (band) "Wednesday" EP (2019)

UPDATE - 5/2/2023 at 4:13pm The EP has been found in full, thanks to mmac on YouTube, who is responsible for uploading the debut album, and their friend. Huge thank you to mmac, this EP will be uploaded on their channel soon. Until then, I'll share the Google Drive link with their non-Spotify discography (again, thanks to mmac & co) so this EP, and other content is available to everybody on a wider scale.
Wednesday is a shoegaze-adjacent band from Asheville, North Carolina. The band has been incredibly prolific#Discography), releasing five albums, an EP, an Audiotree session, and several singles all within six years.
As a big fan of this band I naturally attempted to buy/stream their entire discography, but found that their 2019 EP, “Wednesday”, their debut album “yep, definitely”, and some singles were not available on streaming services or Bandcamp. I was able to track down everything except the "Wednesday" EP in full. Karly Hartzman, lead singesongwriter of the band, has previously said that at least one of the tracks, "Photobooth", is "lost to time."
The EP consists of four tracks
- Photobooth
- Poison Ivy
- Milk
- Bonanza Jellybean
The second song, "Poison Ivy", had an associated music video which is still up. This is the only track I've been able to find in full. I was also able to get a mp3 of this song using spotifydown. The link for the EP on Spotify can be found here, but I was unable to get any other files from it.
I was also able to find 30 second snippets of each song on KKBox, a Southeast Asian streaming service similar to Spotify, but was unable to download the songs, stream them, or get in contact with the third party who uploaded them. Most of the band is not on social media, and all associated accounts have their DMs closed. They do have a P.O. box but I've yet to mail anything out.
If anybody can help in any way, whether it be getting in contact with people, sending archives or forums for me to look through, or (best case scenario) sending the EP over, it'd be much appreciated.
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Welcome to PreVanced. Te prequel of the original YouTube Vanced (Now Discontinued). We want YouTube to be available to ALL Android versions.
We brought back YouTube for Android (Ice Cream Sandwich) 4.0, Android (Jellybean) 4.1 to 4.3 and Android (KitKat) 4.4.
Follow us on Facebook:
Suscribe on YouTube:
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As I was going through Youtube just now, I found this guy who has made 7 soon to be 8 videos competely harrassing Jess and saying it’s one of his favourite things to do and that she’s worse than jellybean. Going as far as lying in one or two videos to shame her more. Can we agree that what he’s doing is a tad overboard? I’m more than happy to give his name.
Edit-a source that wanted to remain anonymous revealed to me in a video still up he bashed Chris’ VA skill and in a video he deleted he supposedly fat shamed Jess
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2023.04.21 05:09 EldritchEggoWaffle WARDEN OF THE WEAVER - PART 67: "FORMULATING A PLAN"

The question that would haunt me--the one that returned to my mind, over and over--was one of the few questions no amount of Energies could answer for me.
If my entire perception of reality (from the time of my birth, up to the moment before Beanz first spoke) had all been false, then how was I to know for certain that anything was real? What if the In-Between, the talking animals, the Machine, the grasshopper people... all of it.... were nothing more than mere illusions?
I woke up.
Well, I didn't exactly wake up, but I became aware of my surroundings again. I seemed to be in a state halfway between concious and unconscious. I could see and hear everything unfolding around me, but my physical body remained unmoving on the ground. I wasn't in Water form anymore. I was just lying there in the Courser's armor Lexington had given me. However, my eyes were closed and I couldn't move.
That's when I saw the Basilisk for the first time.
It looked like something straight from Jurassic Park, aside from the fact it was insectoid, rather than reptilian. Still, it looked like a creature that easily could have existed in prehistoric times before mankind. A 20 foot tall praying mantis with steel scythes for arms. Upon closer inspection, there were two pairs of long green tentacles which resembled vines jutting out from the creature's back. Each tentacle ended in what looked like a mutant Venus flytrap. With the 'jaws' closed, each flytrap was as large as a GMO-enhanced pumpkin. Each one sported quill-like teeth that looked like they were composed of solid steel. The Basilisk itself had mandables on either side of its maw which resembled strips of razor wire, like what they use to top the fences around prison yards back on Earth. The metallic portions of the Basilisk stood out against its more orangic-looking parts, making it look all the more unnatural than it already did. Manifester was a fitting title for this creature's master. A monster the likes of the Basilisk could only have been 'manifested' into the mortal world. I didn't think even the In-Between--for all its bizarre, or horrific qualities--could produce such a terrible monster as this. Not by natural means, at least.
I found that I was able to change my vantage point, like in a video game when the player is able to freely move the camera independent of their playable character. With this method, I was able to see behind the monster, look around the clearing, and even zoom in and on out the various figures present here. I was a floating camera, existing separately from my physical form. Pretty weird, but I'd encountered far weirder things at this point.
Everything around me had frozen, as if God had hit the pause button on existence. My field of vision moved around, focusing on various things as it did.
I saw a caterpillar person (a Kite Monk, apparently) in midair, preparing to slam right into the Basilisk. It looked like something straight out of a Kung Fu flick. There were a ton of other Kite Monks, and an entire squad of cricket men. A few of the latter were using giant earwigs as steeds. I was a bit surprised to see only a small handful of Jikk. Among them, I spotted no one I recognized. I willed each of their names to surface in my mind. Instead of names however, I was hit with a harsh truth.
Vekee was dead.
The news broke in my thoughts like a bulletin from the universe. I hadn't know him long, but he'd treated me better than anyone I'd met since arriving in the valley. He'd saved me from Doka back when Doka was still being a huge prick. Now, he was dead. One of the other Jikk (Captain Cricket-Slayer) had killed him in a duel.
Remembering Burlap, I felt a sudden rush of sadness come over me. A deep, depressing feeling down in my gut.
So much death...
I'd never met Prioress Qaya, but I saw that she too had fallen. Self sacrifice. Just like Burlap.
Wenver Wing-Knife--the Grassbrade Knight I'd had the awkward interaction with; the one who took my Skyrim references as facts--had also fallen.
And Elder Doth was dead. Proctor Kessiv, too. I knew these things already, but my thoughts reminded of them anyhow.
And there were still more losses to add to the death count...
The Chief of the Hunter's Lodge. I hadn't met him either, but that only deepened my sadness. I felt like I should have known these dead Jikk. Should have, but never would.
It was crazy to consider, but there was now only a single survivor left from Lo Syy Tett. At least, here in the clearing. If there were others elsewhere, my mind wouldn't reveal them to me. Briv Quiet-Strike. A friend of Vekee's. I didn't know him, but I knew he was the last one left.
I saw Edward, and was glad he was here. I saw...
YES! It was Artie Mouse! He'd returned somehow. Thanks to the Kite Monks. I didn't know all the details, but I knew that much at least. The caterpillar people had brought him. And he'd been on quite the adventure since I last saw him. I'd known he was here, before I arrived. Still, actually seeing him--getting in-the-flesh visual confirmation--was different than simply willing the knowledge into my mind.
I wished I could scoop the plump brown mouse up and give him a squeeze. I hadn't realized how much I'd been missing the little guy, until now.
Seeing familiar faces (especially one from Earth Before) filled me hope, and a degree of happiness. It swept away some of the sadness that had taken hold of me.
Aniyah was here as well. Looking as beautiful as ever. I was super late for meeting up with her, but I had a feeling she'd forgive me. If I could just shake this damned spell--or whatever it was--I was currently under.
I'd expended too much of my Energies. Now, I was paying dearly for it.
I looked around for the Manifester. I could feel his presence nearby. As much as I tried, however, I couldn't get him in my sights.
All at once, time unpaused.
Immediately, the caterpillar Monk was set in motion. He speared the monster with his body, like a fat green torpedo. The Basilisk let out a high-pitched, almost avian sound as the Monk collided with its thorax. The Monk smashed into what served as the beast's chest. It swung out with its bladed arms, slicing wildly at the empty air.
The Monk's many appendages were short and stubby, but they appeared to really pack a punch. I'd seen (ironically enough, considering the name) mantis shrimp in marine videos on YouTube use a similar method of defense. In spite of their small size, mantis shrimp can break the sound barrier with their claws to pierce through prey. Instantly after slamming into the Basilisk, the Monk appeared to almost vanish as he moved at such insane speed, even I couldn't follow his movements; not even with my new abilities. It blipped out for a split second, then winked back into view, standing atop the monster's approximation of a shoulder. Like a buffed up mantis shrimp, the Monk's many limbs spawned low thunderclaps as they punched the monster over and over. They were like stubby green bullets, firing then refiring. The Monk was actually punching faster than any gun could discharge. Small-scale explosions erupted from its body, as it struck out again and again. The Basilisk voiced a hiss like a thousand snakes combined into one long cry of anger.
And yet, for all the Monk's efforts, the Basilisk only seemed agitated by the constant flurry of blows. More Monks were leaping onto the monster now. The Basilisk swatted a few of them out of the air; its terrible blades slicing the unfortunate caterpillars in half. Others were picked off by the tentacles. The flytrap heads swallowed several Monks whole, their trap-jaws opening much wider than seemed possible. In spite of the fact each flytrap was attached to a tendril no thicker than an average vine, it was as if they had bottomless gullets. The moment each one latched onto a caterpillar man, the caterpillar was entirely consumed within only a second or two. These things didn't even chew their food, it seemed. Watching it was like seeing the Monks disappear through a portal to another dimension.
The cricket men began to charge forward, getting in on the action. The earwig riders took the lead, followed by their commander and foot soldiers.
Not to be outdone by the other Insectoids, the dwindled remnants of the Jikk detail marched toward the monster; weapons raised and at the ready. There was a quartet of them clad in matching steel platemail. This was all that remained of their unit. A unit that had been sent here to capture, or kill everyone hiding out at the bunker in this clearing. Their names rose to the surface of my mind like longsubmerged driftwood, freed from the seabed after years at the bottom of the ocean. Metry Moss-Side. Ibran Sun-Hope. Bizfoz Gust-Weed.
And then, there was the fourth. Their leader. Captain Cricket-Slayer. The one who'd slain Vekee Red-Branch.
I was giving something of a mental highlight reel of the events that had played out since Vekee's death. The Captain now realized the grave 'mistake' he'd made. To me, it didn't matter.
A 'mistake' would be going to the grocery store for milk and coming back with everything except milk. A mistake was a typo on an essay. What Cricket-Slayer had done was no 'mistake'. The fact he was 'only following orders' made it no better in my eyes. Of course... I'd never been a soldier. Regardless, I still felt like the Captain had committed an unspeakable act. And I hated him for it. Vekee and I hadn't been longtime friends, but he'd been a hell of a guy. The entire thing made me feel like a pot of water, ready to boil over.
I had to tuck my feelings deep down inside for now. There would come a time to deal with everything that had happened. But in the meantime... there was the Basilisk.
The Jikk soldiers rushed forward. Before the they could go in for a proper assault however, Captain Cricket-Slayer turned back to the other three, halting them with a raised hand.
"Stand down!" the Captain bellowed. "I'll not lose anymore soldiers! No one else is dying in this clearing, unless it's the enemy!"
The trio of soldiers stilled themselves, stopping in place. They shared a single silent glance, then turned back to their Captain. All three straightened their posture to stand at attention. All three wore matching expressions of determination. All three raised their right hand over their head--each soldier folding one finger into his palm, while pointing the other toward the sky in the customary Jikkellian gesture meaning 'Vine Father On High as my witness' (a tidbit of grasshopper lore I'd never have known if not for my Will Energy). Doing all of these things in spite of the fact there was a horrific creature just on the other side of the clearing. If I didn't hate them for what they'd done, I'd have thought they looked like a party of heroes standing there, gearing up to save the day.
Ibran Sun-Hope took one deliberate step forward, then saluted the Captain with his opposite hand; still pointing at the sky with the other. His counterparts followed suit. Ibran said, "Not this time, Captain. With all due respect, sir, we aren't going to stand down."
The Basilisk hissed and screeched, almost as if to punctuate Ibran's words; emphasize his defiance.
"What was that, Sun-Hope? You'd dare disobey a direct order? That's punishable by swift and immediate execution."
"I'm aware, sir," said Ibran. "We all are."
The other two voiced a single cry of "Aye!" It was apparent not a single soldier in the trio was going to relent.
Ibran said, "Our sword-brothers fell at the hands of these beasts. We mean to make their deaths matter." After a beat, he quickly added: "Not that I'm impling they don't matter, already." He maintained his On High gesture and salute, but swept his antennas in a wide semi-circle, indicating the numerous bodies littering the clearing. "However, Captain, We did not enlist in the Watch to stand by while fighting is going on. It's never been our way. Taking this Basilisk down here means it can't reach the city. We cannot let you fight this battle alone, sir. We simply can't. Doing so would go against everything you've taught us, Captain. So, if you must execute us, sir, I'd just like to make one small request: do it after we've felled this abomination."
Cricket-Slayer said nothing a moment. His back was to the monster. Behind him, a mighty battle was playing out between the Basilisk, the cricket men, and the caterpillar people. If I'd been able to speak, in that moment, I likely would have yelled: "Don't you idiots realize this isn't the time to stand around and talk? LOOK AT THAT THING OVER THERE!"
Sadly, I was forced to remain a silent observer.
After eyeing the three soldiers for a long moment, the Captain finally nodded. With much reluctance in his voice, he said: "So be it." He raised his sword. "Moss-Side? Gust-Weed? Flank the enemy on the right. Sun-Hope?" He favored the rebellious soldier with an expression that might have been pride. "You're with me. We flank on the left."
"Aye, Captain!" the three said in unison. Only now did they lowered their arms. Metry Moss-Side looked as if he were fighting to stifle a grin.
Without further delay, the Jikk joined the fight. By now, the Basilisk had already torn through quite a few of the caterpillars and crickets who'd been giving their all while the Captain and his subordinates had their little moment.
The monster hadn't advanced much. It was only a few feet from where it had been when it first entered the clearing. From the looks of things, it didn't need to move. Elder Doth and Proctor Kessiv had said the Basilisk was invincible when the sun was down. It was midday, or late morning, but the Manifester had found himself a work-around. The veil of twilight (or, Cloak of Nightembrace) hanging over the woods. I needed to do something about that. If I could just shake off the damn paralysis that currently had me. None of the attacks the monster took seemed to harm it, even in the slightest.
I drew my attention toward a pair of Jikk who were working on hacking off the monster's tentacles. One of them was Briv, and the other was someone named Fovv. Information about the latter flooded into my mind. The fact he was actually Briv's brother, and that he'd been one of The Jailer's henchmen until he defected. He'd been an ex-Porter of the Jailer's Hand for only a few short hours.
Monks were doing the flurry of blows thing everywhere, all over the monster. There were close to forty of them, and each one was like a plump green machine gun, firing punches instead of rounds. Strike after strike landed, ringing out with a sound like a pack of firecrackers going off all at once. Monks clung to the monster's back, its underside, even its long slender neck. They pummeled the beast's exoskeleton, to no avail.
At the same time, cricket men were hacking and slashing with their swords, or using the monster for target practice with their crossbows. A few of them even had long lances that discharged bolts of electricity. There were constant flashes of blue released from these weapons, brightening the darkened clearing like miniature flashbangs. I could smell burnt ozone and something like a scorched metal pan left too long on the stove. The crackling of each lance discharge played accompaniment to the constant barrage of crossbow bolts, together sounding like hailstones hitting the roof a car, during a thunderstorm. Beneath it all, was the steady swordstrikes, like tuneless percussion played by some demonic drummer in the pits of hell.
And above all these sounds, came the sporadic cries of the Basilisk; like an entire flock of enraged eagles combined with a nest of rattlesnakes. There was also a quality to the sound that reminded me of a wailing child. All in all, it was both unsettling, and haunting in a way I can't even begin to describe.
The dozen or so earwig riders circled the monster, firing crossbows or discharging blue lightning.
The Jikk Captain and his trio of soldiers reached the creature a moment later. They did as Cricket-Slayer had instructed; two of them going right, two of them taking the left. They rushed in with their swords, slashing at any part of the monster that wasn't already being attacked.
It was a constant cacophony of sounds, an unending whirlwind of movement. The whole thing was like watching some grandscale battle at the end of a fantasy movie. Only, there wasn't multiple enemies, or an opposing army. There was only a single monster, against a whole host of Insectoids.
And nothing the caterpillars, crickets, or grasshoppers unleashed on the monster gave it even the slightest pause.
Cricket-Slayer, Fovv, Briv, a Monk named Gupp Ro' Gamm, and the commander of the cricketmen were the only five combatants strong enough to give the Basilisk so much as a tickle. And even their attacks may as well have been exactly that: a tickle.
Two Kite Monk caterpillars had stayed out of the fight. They appeared to be standing guard over Artie, although I couldn't discern exactly why. Even my Will Energy had its limits, and I wasn't exactly in top form in that moment. Edward was cowering behind one of the two Monks, nervously fiddling with his glasses. It looked like he'd broken the frames, and had repaired them with a bit of string. They now sat slightly askew, the two pieces no longer aligning properly. Just a few feet away from the Gnome--inside a protective forcefield of some kind--sat an utterly terrified Artie Mouse. I couldn't even bare to look at him, in his current state. I'd seen him scared before. Plenty of times since we first met, as a matter of fact. This wasn't scared. This was a whole new level of fright. I was almost worried he might have a heart attack, or a stroke.
It hit me then that I no longer saw Aniyah standing near Artie and Edward. She'd been there a few moments ago. Now, I couldn't find her anywhere. I tried looking through the trees around the clearing, but still didn't see her.
My focus was quickly pulled away from the missing Aniyah, when the Basilisk began to lash out again. For the most part, up until now, the monster had sort of just stood there and let itself be attacked, while the four tentacles jutting out from its back picked off caterpillars and crickets one by one. Now, it seemed the beast had had enough. It swung one of its bladed arms through the air. Unlike before, when it had seemed to lapse into a primal frenzy--striking out at whatever was nearby, including the ground--it attacked with calculated precision. One of the giant earwigs was sliced in two, right across its back. The mount's hard outer shell split apart as if it were made of tissue paper. The earwig voiced a low chattering sound, as it collapsed to the dirt. Its rider was thrown off, with great force. The cricketman unfolded his wings, preparing to save himself from a nasty collision with the ground. The Basilisk was already swinging its arm again. Still slick with brackish earwig blood, the scythe blade lobbed the cricketman's head clean off. Head and body went in two seperate directions.
The monster swung its other arm at more of the crickets. Two of them took the great blade through the thorax. The cricketmen were all clad in full suits of ebony armor, sans helm. The Basilisk's blade still cut through them as if they'd been completely unprotected. The first soldier fell to the ground, splitting apart at the abdomen as he did, dying almost instantly. The unlucky second remained on his feet for a moment. He looked down at the rivers of blood spilling from his waist, and tried to place his hands over the wound. He glanced around at his fellow warriors, looking bewildered. Then, his top half slowly began to slide off his bottom half, in the place where he'd been sliced through which was now so slick with blood, his two halves were like a couple of ice cubes slipping off one another. Before his body could fully slide apart, his legs buckled and he went to the dirt. The cricketman began to scream. He started to pull himself across the ground with him arms, dragging his thorax away from his abdomen and legs. Before he could get more than a few feet however, one of the other crickets hurried over and thrust a sword through the soldier's head, in an act of mercy.
This was horrific...
The lucky caterpillars and crickets who were struck with the scythes died instantly. Those who were unlucky, were similarly sliced into two, or brutally cut open like a hospital patient undergoing surgery. I saw enough Insectoid blood to fill a small swimming pool. I saw cricketmen with their intestines spilling out onto the ground, or dangling down by their legs. I saw caterpillars have their innards exposed, only for them to perform some bizarre method of suicide by somehow snapping their own necks (or what served as a neck on the plump round creatures).
And when the monster wasn't using its scythe blades, it was whipping its tentacles about, snatching up hapless warriors and devouring them. Occasionally, it wouldn't even eat the entire Insectoid. The flytrap things would simply bite off the head of a cricket or caterpillar, and leave the body to collapse to the clearing floor.
I felt sick watching it all. And I was powerless to stop it.
I laid there unmoving, still technically unconscious. It was as if my consciousness couldn't exist inside my actual body, strange as that probably sounds.
I did everything I could think of to try and get up. Nothing worked.
Then, I saw the jellyfish for the first time. I hadn't detected any trace of it before that moment. It was as if it had winked into existence, only an instant before. It was floating directly over my body. That's right... it was a flying jellyfish. It reminded me of the ones from SpongeBob. Aside from the fact it had no color. And the fact it was basically swimming through air, instead of water. It was as clear as a pane of glass, and just slightly smaller than my head. It had a curtain of thin tentacles hanging beneath its mushroom-cap-shaped body. I attempted to learn what I could about the creature, but came up almost blank. I was granted brief, fleeting glimpses of Artie, but nothing more. This made no sense to me, so I assumed it was some kind of false reading.
The jellyfish lowered itself, creeping closer to me. I had no idea if it were friend, or foe, but I recognized immediately that this was no mere animal. It radiated a bizarre, alien kind of intelligence. Almost like the Reverse Tower, though perhaps somewhat less unknowable. Its tentacles began to dance, wiggling like a bowl of loose spaghetti noodles. If this were one of the Manifester's monsters, he had me dead to rights with this one. And how ironic was the fact the creature that was about to take me out wasn't the Basilisk, or some other colossal abomination, but rather, a mere jellyfish? Not that this seemed like any standard variety of jellyfish (far from it, actually). But compared to the giant mutated mantis just across the clearing, it may as well have been a harmless kitten. Going by appearances, at least.
I'd later learn how incorrect my assumptions were in regards to this floating marine animal sinking toward me--how deceiving appearances truly were, in this situation. In that moment however, all I could think was how dumb it would sound if I were ended by this creature, and not The Jailer, or even one of the Manifester's pets.
It felt like the jellyfish was slowly coming toward me for an eternity. In reality, the entire thing likely lasted only a few seconds. The waiting--the anticipation, the uncertainty--was agonizing. This was amplified tenfold by the fact I still couldn't move. Seeing an alien creature about to land on my body, but being unable to do a damn thing about it was one of the least pleasant experiences I've had.
It stopped just inches from my face. Then, it reached out with its ribbon-like tendrils. Two of them made contact with my ears, turning my head slightly. It did this in an almost caring manner. The way a mother might turn the head of an infant. It placed the two tentacles on my forehead; one above each of my eyes. I realized I was unable to feel the creature's touch. This brought about the realization that I couldn't feel anything. Not the ground beneath me, the air on my face, nothing.
I suddenly felt very dizzy. This soon subsided however, as the "body" of the jellyfish began to pulsate. It did a kind of rhythmless dance for a second or two. My dizzy spell was replaced by pure euphoria. It was like a rush of adrenaline mixed with serene bliss. Whatever nirvana is, it had nothing on the sensation I felt in that moment. No amount of drugs could have replicated such a feeling.
It was restoring my Energies.
I don't know how I knew this, but somehow, I just knew. This creature was no monster. It was an ally. And currently, it was bringing me out of the coma I'd slipped into.
"Good to see you again, David," said a female voice.
I recognized the voice at once. It was Aniyah. I didn't see her anywhere in the clearing, yet she sounded like she was standing right beside me.
"Don't worry," she said. "You're not hearing things. Jellybean made me invisible."
I tried to ask what she meant by 'Jellybean' but still couldn't speak.
Aniyah seemed to read my mind, however. She said, "Jellybean is what I call this jellyfish thing. You and me are gonna fuck this Basilisk up. You with me?"
"Y... ye-yeaah," I whispered in a voice that was little more than a dry croak.
Across the clearing, the monster was continuing its brutal savagery. More and more bodies (not to mention plenty of body parts) were being added to the heap of corpses. There were a dozen of the giant earwig riders when the fight first began. Now, there were only four.
There was so much screaming, so much blood, so much death.
After a few more moments, the creature Aniyah referred to as 'Jellybean' withdrew its tentacles. Then, it was gone. Poof! There, then not there. I assumed it had turned itself invisible, just as it had done with Aniyah.
Finally, I was able to move, at long last.
I practically leapt to my feet, my body now full of newfound vigor and zeal. As cliché as it sounds, I had a real spring in my step, thanks to the jellyfish dude.
"It's about time you woke up," said another familiar voice.
I looked down to find Stargloom hanging from a leather belt I didn't recognize. I had no idea where the belt had come from, and had to just assume it was some feature of the Courser's armor, or something.
I unfastened Stargloom from the belt loop and smiled as I held the mace up to eyelevel. "Ready to go to work, bud?"
"Always," Stargloom said at once.
Aniyah sounded surprised. "Your weapon can talk? I'm jealous. Mine don't say nothin'. Mine looks a lot prettier though."
This took me aback for a second. She'd only said weapon. She could have picked up any sword, or dagger, basically anywhere on the battlefield. But I had a strong hunch she hadn't. Some deep part of my mind whispered there was a lot more to it than that. "Wait... you got a weapon? What kind of weapon?"
I could hear the smile in her voice. "It's called Windchime. It's known as the Scimitar of the Paragon. That's me. I'm the Paragon of the Weaver now. Fancy, huh? I see you got some kinda superpowers now. I don't have anything like that, but yeah."
Paragon? The White Clock. The carvings in the Reverse Tower. But that meant... Aniyah was going to be joining our group, even after we left the Wilden Green Valley.
The thought of this was rather appealing to me, if I'm being honest. To have a beautiful woman tagging along was already an awesome prospect. To have another human from at least some version of Earth was what really pushed the idea over the edge for me.
"That's incredible," I said. "I guess you're one of us now. I'm the Steward of the Weaver, and Beanz is the Warden of the Weaver. We--"
It was Artie. He'd finally noticed I was up and on my feet, several yards away from where he sat. He had his mousey nose pressed against the transparent barrier that protected him. His eyes were huge. He looked thrilled to see me, in spite of the fact there was still a heavy layer of sheer terror in his features.
"Come on," I whispered to the invisible Aniyah. To Artie, I called back: "Hey there buddy! I sure am glad to you!"
"Me too! Me too! Soooooo glad, David!" Artie squealed.
I rushed over to him, keeping an eye on the battle still raging across the clearing.
"I wasn't sure it I'd see you again," said Edward, when I reached the place where he and the mouse were. "I'm glad you're here. You didn't happen to see Wolfgang anywhere, did you?"
I thought back to the duel with Doka. The fire. I knew Wolfgang Frog had made it out of the village alive, but his current whereabouts escaped me. I shook my head. "Sorry, bud. Haven't seen him."
Artie could hardly contain himself. "How did you do that cool stuff you did? That was sooooo coooool!"
I laughed. "Yeah, well, I kinda overdid it. Let's just say I picked up some new tricks since the last time I saw you."
Just then, a cricketman (what remained of a cricketman, at least) was launched through the air, across the clearing. The lifeless corpse flew over our heads, before crashing into the nearby trees. This was immediately followed by a blood curdling screech from the monster.
"Ah, crud!" Artie exclaimed.
Edward shuddered. "Please, help us. Can you do what you did before, when you defeated the other monsters? That creature is terrifying."
"Yeah!" agreed Artie.
I said, "This one is a lot different than the others were." I paused for a brief moment. "Which is why I need you both to listen up for a sec. All three of you, actually."
"Three?" Artie asked, blinking.
"Yep," Aniyah said. "I'm here too. You just can't see me."
"A-Aniyah?" Edward stammered. He looked around frantically. "Invisible? When did this happen? Weren't you just beside me?"
Before she could answer, I spoke up. "No time. I need you all to listen to the plan."
"Uh, alright," said Edward. "I'm listening."
"Me too," said Artie. "I'm listening too, David."
Suddenly, it dawned on me that Artie had just broken the Prometheus Pact. He'd spoken in front of Aniyah. If the Basilisk blood really could be used as a way to circumvent the effects of breaking the Pact, then all would be well as soon as we took the monster down. If we couldn't, we were all screwed anyway. So, I didn't think mentioning it would do anyone any good.
Fortunately, Aniyah was invisible. Artie had likely forgotten, or didn't realize what he had done because of this. It was also fortunate that Aniyah seemed to be just accepting the fact there was a talking mouse in her presence. She'd been in the In-Between longer than I had, so she'd likely encountered far stranger things than a talking rodent.
I dismissed these thoughts, and turned to Artie. "The Warden wanted me to bring you a message."
Artie's eyes grew wide again. "He did? You talked to him? But... but... where is he?"
"He'll be with us again soon. Don't worry, buddy. He wanted me to tell you something." I leaned closer to the protective bubble, much to the dismay of the two caterpillars guarding him. I eyed them with a stern expression. "Relax, fellas. I'm an old friend." Neither of them relaxed. I ignored them.
I continued, lowering my voice to a whisper. "He said he gives his permission for you to use Breath, on this monster."
Artie blinked. "He... he said that? He said I could?"
I nodded, smiling gently down at him. "Uh huh. He sure did. But not until I tell you the time is right, okay?"
Artie considered this a moment. Then, he nodded vigorously. "Okay, David. If Warden said so."
"He did," I lied. "But just remember... not until I say, alright?"
In an excited voice, he said: "Alright, David. I won't use it until you say so." I could sense how thrilled he was that he'd be able to help me. I could also sense his reluctance to unleash his ability. I bitterly wished I didn't need him to use it, but I wasn't sure I'd be able to take down this monster without him.
I turned to Edward next. "Alright. You and Aniyah are gonna have a part in this two. I'm gonna go over this fast, so make sure you pay attention."
"Alright," Edward said.
"I'm all ears," said Aniyah.
I told them my plan.
When I was done, Aniyah said, "I think I can do that. If you set me up for it."
"I can," I said. "I'll give you the signal."
Edward was less eager. "How did you even know I carry those things?"
"Call it a hunch," I said. In reality, my Will Energy had shown me.
The Gnome asked, "Are you certain there isn't some other task I could perform, to assist you?"
I shook my head. "Sorry, bud. I know it's scary, but I promise, I won't let anything happen to you."
"Well... alright then," the Gnome said, gulping down a lump in the back of his throat. "Just let me know when it's time."
I glanced over at the monster. "It's time. And we don't have a single second to delay."
Edward readjusted his glasses. "Right now? As in... this very moment?"
I smiled, placing a hand on his small shoulder. "Afraid so, bud. Alright, everyone! Let's do this. On my mark."
Edward reached into a hidden compartment of his blouse and retrieved the items I'd mentioned: a length of rope, with a metal cylinder attached to each end. His cheeks had grown several shades paler than they'd been before. He was all nerves and anxiety.
"You can do this, Edward," I said.
"That's right, Eddie Money," Aniyah encouraged. "We couldn't do this without ya."
Edward smiled wearily. "A-alright. I'm ready."
"Okay," I said. "Just stay put until I give the signal."
Before another second could pass, I marched forward, straight toward the Basilisk. As I drew closer, some of Edward's nervousness began to rub off on me. This thing was HUGE. The closer I got, the bigger it seemed. And the bigger it seemed, the more deadly it appeared.
I stopped halfway to the creature. "Everyone!" I shouted.
None of the Insectoids paid me any attention. They were still engaged in their death match with this mutant bug.
I put some real force (and maybe a bit of Energy) behind my words this time. "Everyone! Get out of the way!"
Now, heads began to turn in my direction. Most of the cricketmen glanced over at me, but turned back to the monster and continued fighting without a second thought. All except their leader. He was the only one who seemed interested in me.
The Monks peered down at me, but didn't stop their assault. The Jikk (mostly Briv and Cricket-Slayer) alternated between striking the beast, and looking over at me.
*"What do you mean?" called the cricketman commander. "Do you not see we're preoccupied?" He spoke as someone might speak to a foolish child.
I used a technique I'd learned in the Sands, then. Feeling a bit like a Jedi Knight, I raised one hand and expended a heaping helping of Wave Energy at the Basilisk. It was going for another attack. I stopped it mid-swing. It's scythe blade arm hung suspended in the air before it, only a few short feet from an earwig rider.
This got the warriors' attention.
Every single one of them was now staring at me. Many did doubletakes, looking from me, to the monster's restrained arm, then back to me again. Others exchanged glances of fascination, or curiosity.
The cricketman named Commander Yebble leapt down from the monster's back. "Why would we get out of the way? This thing has killed more of my soldiers than I can count."
When I first arrived to the In-Between, I would have clammed up in that moment. I'd have backed down from the intimidating cricket commander wielding the strange-looking black sword. But after the Reverse Tower, and everything I'd gone through in the Sands, I wasn't the same David Ward. I stood my ground.
"Because if you don't get out of the way, you'll be caught in the crossfire when I kill this fuckin' thing," I said. "And clearly your attacks aren't doing any damage. Mine will. Now, please... step aside. I can't hold it still for much longer. It's about to break free from my Wave Energy at any moment."
The Jikk named Fovv leapt down beside Yebble. He turned to the Monks and other cricketmen. "I say let us see what this outsider can do. What do we have to lose?"
The others exchanged more glances, many of them shooting harsh looks in my direction. Some, once more studying me with mild fascination.
Finally, the head Monk (Gupp Ro' Gamm) called out to the other caterpillar people. "Let's do as he says."
None of them argued. One by one, they all dismounted the monster, doing insane aerial acrobatics as they did this. I wouldn't have thought they were capable of such agility, but these guys were like Kung fu masters from a movie.
Then, there was only the Jikk. Briv decided to fly down to the floor of the clearing without comment. He stepped over by the treeline, and folded his arms as he looked on.
Captain Cricket-Slayer said, "You better know what you're doing."
"Yeah?" I said. I could feel my temper getting away from me, but was unable to reel it back in. "And you just better stay far away when I release this attack. After what you've done, if you were caught in the blast, I wouldn't be the least bit sorry for it."
"Oh?" he said, jumping down with the others. He waved a hand at his trio of soldiers. They wordlessly followed him to the ground. Turning back to me, the Captain asked, "What exactly have I done?"
"Shut the fuck up," I growled. The words were out of my mouth before I could stop myself from saying them.
I heard Fovv voice a single burst of amused laughter.
The Captain glared at me a moment. However, he either saw something in my eyes that told him to stand down, or he simply thought this wasn't the time to argue, because he responded only by shaking his head and walking off.
When all the Insectoids were well away from the Basilisk, I released my hold on it. I don't think I could have kept it up much longer, anyhow. I'd really been struggling those last few seconds.
The monster's arm swung at the vacant space in front of it, striking the ground hard enough to send leaves and clods of dirt into the air. It looked around wildly, screetching and making a sound that was close to a snarl.
"Come on, Big Boy," I whispered. "Let's do this shit."
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2023.04.20 20:00 DTG_Bot This Week At Bungie - 4/20/2023

This week at Bungie, we are taking a short breath from beefy TWABs. But don´t you worry, we have a lot more to come in the next weeks. Personally, I’m celebrating writing my first TWAB ever! So, as we say in northern Germany, “moin moin!” (“Hello” in English.) Let´s get into it.
In case you missed last week's TWAB here are the main topics we talked about:
  • Specific third-party peripheral usage.
  • Dresstiny would like to Commend you.
  • Reminder about Trials Labs.
  • Bungie Foundation is getting kilt happy.
And here is what we're diving into this week:
  • Highlights of the midseason patch.
  • Highlights of our recent Accessibility Options article.
  • Community Exotic weapon ornament is coming to Destiny.
  • The next community ornament vote.
  • Last week of Iron Banner in Season 20.
  • Weekly #Destiny2MOTW and #Destiny2AOTW picks.
It’s unbelievable but the first season of Lightfall is halfway over, therefore we had some cool stuff to share with you in this week's patch notes. So, let´s take a look at some changes that were introduced in Update!


  • Removing Clash from Quickplay, and splitting rotators into two nodes: Clash/Zone Control/Rift in one; Mayhem, Scorched, Momentum Control in the other.
  • Core 6v6 Rotator (Clash/Zone Control/Rift) rebranded as Relentless.
  • Increasing the Respawn Overshield protection in PvP.
  • Introducing a Seasonal Ascendant emblem and a stat tracker to display your current Competitive Division.
  • Crucible and Gambit titles and gilding are being fixed and reset.
  • Trials of Osiris Commendations will be blocked if you do not get other Trials rewards.

    Vanguard Ops

  • Tuned difficulty in Heist Battlegrounds present in Vanguard and Nightfall playlists.
  • Defeating Tormentors now provides revive tokens like Champions and Hive Guardians in some activities.

    PVE Primary Weapon Balance

  • Increased the damage of the following weapon types against red- and orange-bar enemies in PvE.
    • Auto Rifles: 25%
    • Pulse Rifles, Hand Cannons, and Sidearms: 20%
    • Scout Rifles: 10% ####Other important changes
  • Added the capability to upgrade Root of Nightmares Adept weapons with enhanced traits.
  • You can once again collect Exotic Glaive patterns from the Evidence Board.
  • Adding a Commendation and stat tracker for Best Dressed.

    What’s New in Accessibility? Colorblind Changes, Full Auto Mayhem, and More

In case you missed it, we shared a blog earlier this week diving into recent changes that we believe players with accessibility accommodations regarding colorblindness will particularly enjoy. From reticle changes to special effects tweaks, here’s a TL;DR list of what we went over:
  • Reticle changes.
  • Full auto melee changes.
  • Toggle settings additions.
  • Subtitle color choice.
  • A peek at what’s new with Commendations if you have any variation of colorblindness.
Read the full update with additional info from the teams responsible for these changes right here.

The First Community-Voted Weapon Ornament is Coming to Destiny!

With the launch of Season 21, we are releasing your Arbalest ornament! Doesn´t the ornament look fire and well-suited for Lightfall! Another big shout out to StellarStateLogic.
Image Linkimgur
You can acquire the new ornament in the Eververse store.

Next Exotic Weapon Ornament Vote

Fashion in Destiny is a vital part of the game, and some of us can be pretty invested in using the right ornaments to make our Guardians shine. But armor isn’t the only thing that’s important! That is why we’re announcing the next community weapon ornament voting. And we have a selection of awesome weapons you can choose from. The design behind the chosen ornament will be created by an artist from our Destiny community who are amazing when it comes to bringing the game into the real world through art.
We have picked an artist out, so please don’t feel the need to start any campaigns on whom we should pick. We also aren’t asking them to do this work for free and will be paying them just like when we work with other external concept artists.
So, here are the chosen weapons:
Izanagi´s Burden. Witherhoard. Thunderlord.
Image Linkimgur
Once one of the above Exotics has been selected, we will work with the chosen community artist to create three different weapon ornament concepts and then we will have another vote so that you can pick your favorite. The winning design will be made into a weapon ornament in the game.
Here is a quick look at the full process:
  • Starting on April 20, the community votes through email on which Exotic to pick.
  • The community artist creates three ornament concepts for the winning Exotic weapon.
  • The community votes on their favorite concept.
  • The winning weapon ornament goes into production and is released in-game.
We want to make sure we give our artist plenty of time to work, so it will take some time until we reveal them and the concepts.
Once the community has picked the concept and it’s ready to go into production, it’s going to take a bit of time to go through our content pipeline, so we want to set the expectation up front that you shouldn't expect to see the ornament in Destiny 2 until The Final Shape. We know... that might seem like a long way out, but we’re glad you get to be along for the ride on this one and an important part of that process.
We can´t wait for the results! Choose wisely, Guardians.

Last Week of Iron Banner Ahead

For everybody who hasn´t gilded their Iron Banner Seal, next week is you last chance in Season 20! So, get your gear together and tackle that rank reset!


This one goes to 11.
Image Linkimgur
Known Issues List Help Forum Bungie Help Twitter


When you select a weapon to reshape, we copy the weapon that is in your inventory, and we place this copy in the reshaping slot. If you make changes to the weapon in your inventory after you have selected the weapon to reshape, these changes will not get automatically updated to the item in the reshape slot. This creates the opportunity to lose those changes once reshaping has completed.
Until we’re able to release a fix, players should avoid increasing a weapon’s enhancement tier while actively modifying that weapon at the Relic on Mars. If a player increases the tier and commits reshape, the new tier will be lost. To avoid this, players can enhance and re-select the weapon for modification to maintain the enhancement tier.


We’re currently investigating an issue where those using 3D audio are experiencing less-than-ideal sounds and speech. Until this issue can be resolved, it’s recommended that players disable 3D audio, such as native 3D audio on PS5 or Atmos/Windows Sonic on PC/Xbox.


With the launch of Update, we have resolved the following issues:
  • Fixed an issue where the Terminal Overload chest could be looted multiple times for rewards and crafted weapon progress.
    • Crafting progress now comes from the key chest and not the base chest.
  • When the mods Ashes to Ashes and Hands On are equipped at the same time, players will only receive Super energy from one of the mods when killing an enemy with a grapple melee. When these mods are equipped individually, each will work with the grapple melee.
  • Grenade Kickstart will no longer activate when using a grapple point.
  • When the mods Firepower and Heavy Handed are equipped at the same time, only one Orb of Power will spawn when killing an enemy with a grapple melee. When these mods are equipped individually, each will work with the grapple melee.
  • Reduced Super gains from Ashes to Assets by 50% when getting a grapple melee kill after using a grapple point.
  • Players no longer need to have the Strand subclass equipped to gain Unraveling Rounds for their Strand weapons from the Allied Unraveling perk.
  • Heavy weapons will more consistently gain increased ammo capacity from multiple Reserves mods. This does not apply to Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Heavy Glaives, Leviathan’s Breath, and One Thousand Voices, since their maximum ammo capacity is reached by equipping fewer mods.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fighting Lion Grenade Launcher was incorrectly benefitting from the Void Holster mod.
  • Fixed an issue where the Harsh Language Shotgun now correctly activates Void artifact perks.
  • Fall damage is now nonlethal to players. Previously, only collision damage was nonlethal.
For a list of other resolved issues, please view our patch notes.


While we continue investigating various known issues, here is a list of the latest issues that were reported to us in our #Help forum:
  • Players who previously acquired the Brazen Spark ship are blocked from completing the Last Will and Testament quest.
  • Shaw Han quest dialogue is cut off if a public event is triggered, preventing players from hearing any remaining lines.
  • Volatile Flow does not activate consistently.
  • The Cheerful Destruction Triumph does not grant bonus progression for Guardian kills.
  • The Insight Terminus strike can produce BIRD errors when fighting the boss and capturing plates.
  • Audio may appear distorted in certain activities. Check the Audio Issue Workaround section above for guidance.
  • The Guardian Games statue has the incorrect class displayed as winner for the 2022 event.
  • Some Guardian Games Triumphs are activating earlier than intended. As a result, the Titles tab now flashes as though something is unlocked. These Triumphs will be able to be claimed when Guardian Games launches in two weeks.
  • The Zone Control playlist doesn’t display an Increased Crucible Rank modifier.
  • Dying in the HyperNet Current strike’s boss room can sometimes get a player’s Ghost stuck in the floor.
  • Quitter penalties were erroneously enabled with launch for completing matches. This has since been corrected.
  • Rewards are delayed upon completing certain raid encounters, with some rewards going to the Postmaster.
  • Some players report that Radiant no longer stuns Barrier Champions.
  • Firesprites may no longer be generated from Grenade kills.
For a full list of emergent issues in Destiny 2, players can review our Known Issues article . Players who observe other issues should report them to our #Help forum.

Getting Bounties While Loading!

Image Linkimgur
Ivan: This movie has it all: gorgeous locations, love for Strand, deadly Glaive, compilation of finishers, and a perfect feeling of rhythm. Keep your #Destiny2MOTW and #Destiny2AOTW submissions coming, Guardians and don’t forget to add profile links in your entries.
Movie of the Week: Into the Hive
Video Link
Bruno: Please, be careful when choosing destinations in orbit, don't eat too much spicy ramen, and don't use your phone while flying.
Movie of the Week: Maybe use the Companion app next time?
Video Link

The Darkness is Among Us!

Image Linkimgur
Hippy: Earlier this year, we dropped details about how the world of Guardians is crashing the Among Us universe and the results have been nothing short of hilarious. All of the art, cosplay, and in-game shots have been a treat, and we couldn’t help sharing the Witness entering its impostor era with all of its disciples getting their alien jellybean on.
Art of the Week: The Darkness seems a little suspish.
The Darkness seems a little sus... #Destiny2 #AOTW #Destiny2Art #GuardianCosmiCube #amongusfanart
— stocktoaster (@DiskWrite) April 13, 2023
Sam: This one specifically might be two Warlocks (because Warlock) but the story of two (or three, or six) Guardians joining together to go flawless, defeat a raid boss, or complete a patrol together is pretty amazing regardless of which class you play. Just remember, you are flawless Guardians.
Art of the Week: (you are) flawless
(you are) flawless. #Destiny2AOTW #Destiny2 #Destiny2Art #DestinyTheGame
— Frosty ❄️ (@Frosted_Clouds) April 13, 2023
That’s a wrap for my first TWAB! I am super happy that we started another vote on a community Exotic ornament, and not just because Izanagi´s Burden is my favorite weapon. Not that I want to sway you or anything [wink].
Before you head out, we just want to say that we hope you have fun with the last week of Iron Banner and get your rank reset!
Now, we wait for the next TWAB. Until then: haut rein! (Which means “let´s go!” in German.)
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2023.04.14 07:04 Wacomattman We tried some jellybeans on my YouTube show

Eat N Things - What's in Your Mouth? - Jellybeans
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2023.04.14 00:46 PracticalWhole7847 The Kaka v420 full series!

The Kaka v420 full series! submitted by PracticalWhole7847 to kakav420 [link] [comments]

2023.04.12 09:11 Hidorajira98 The Ass-perger Clown vs. The Deciting Catfish: Lies From Both Fronts! Who is the Top Jerk?

So before I begin, there are a couple of things I'd like to lay out:
  1. I'm a 24-year-old male, at the time of writing this, and was diagnosed with Asperger's and autism (despite being high functioning), so my mindset might be a little warped
  2. The Catfish of the story, who will be referred to as Avery
  3. My wording of this might look like it's straight from a goofball Saturday morning revenge story, but I like to try and keep it somewhat light and add a little funny.
  4. And the final thing is that I've always been incredibly patient, almost too much as you'll see in this story (I literally played a Pokémon battle on Showdown that lasted for 1000 turns).

Alright, lets-a-go!

So the year is 2013, and the Ad-pocalypse hit YouTube as badly as pirates raiding a cruise ship. This was when you needed a Google+ account to post a comment. And because I, the Clown in the title, had a channel that liked commenting as much as uploading, I had to create a G+ account.

Never did I imagine myself being part of a social media platform as big as Twitter at the time, but that's how it was with me for Google+. I joined a lot of communities (this was the same as servers) and made quite a number of friends. Now because this was online and I had joined many roleplaying groups, my brain was like that of an elementary school kid, and didn't think too much of this next part.

A new mechanic has been unlocked - Google Hangouts! Hangouts is like Skype and Messenger, so you can kinda get the gist of how this application works.

Around mid-2014, I "dated" two people that claimed to be female (I'm confident that they were my age at the time), though at the time I thought it was roleplay (yes I know, the clown make-up was already applied at this point). We did this through Hangouts since it was agreed to be easier. Until I met the second titular person - Avery, a little before I broke things off with the second person. I and Avery started off as friends, roleplayed for a month-ish, then Avery made quite the bold move of asking if I wanted to be their boyfriend for real. I used the parentheses to ask if they just forgot to say it in roleplay, but they insisted it was for real. Like the gullible jellybean I was, I said yes and that's when the spiral started (and appointed the crown/afro to be the Clown, full outfit complete!).

The first few months were nice as far as I remember. We had nice talks about things we liked, got into a couple of squabbles but resolved them, we talked about how our days were, comforting the other when one was feeling sad. It was probably the only time I got to feel a semblance of a relationship like this.

Although on Spring Break of 2015, I admittedly messed up when I was going camping with family and didn't let them know in advance. If you know about camping, you'd know service is non-existent there. The day we were leaving the campsite, my phone at the time was blowing up with Hangouts notifications and they were all of Avery saying "Babe" and one saying "Where are you?". I felt so awful and apologized so much that I probably sounded like a broken record. They told me how worried they were, but forgave me anyway and just left it at that.

Now April of 2015 was when things started looking questionable. It was one of my final days in Latin class and Avery asked if we wanted to share our faces with each other. Of course, not wanting to reject it, I said yes and they asked to see me first. After I put a picture of me, they reciprocated, however, something was off. For the moment, I gave the usual compliment you'd give your significant other, but a couple of days later confirmed my suspicion. The "search by image" option was new at the time (iirc), and when I put in their picture, it showed me to a site where there were more pictures of women and the exact picture Avery used was there. I wasn't sure how to react to this at the time. My positive thinking made me believe they were just camera shy, but this would later be proven false.

It seemed the moment I was sent that picture, Avery thought I was as dopey as Ed from Ed, Edd n Eddy, because all the stories they told me were so disconnected, it'd make a slow Wi-Fi router overheat from blushing. One of their tangents was how their parents died and they (TW warning) hung themselves on the ceiling fan and as a result, had to be sent to an insane asylum by their uncle and aunt (keep in mind they were probably around my age or slightly older). However, a little while down the line, they'd complain how their parents, supposedly dead, were always nagging and making their little brother be the golden child of the family (he was in the military according to the venting Pisces). Their attitude took a turn for the worst as well since they became a little more aggressive whenever I simply disagreed with them, so I felt like kinda had to be taboo with my words now. Later on, when I started my junior year, Avery sent me their phone number on Hangouts and told me to start texting them by phone, because they were getting too fed up with Google+.

Here's where it gets pretty interesting and why I'm unsure if this person was a Catfish or not (hence the reason I keep saying they), so hold on to yo butts.

Ever since leaving Google+, Avery seemed to have been acting slightly better with me and they even started sharing pictures of what was going on with them IRL (pictures of their car, Pokémon cards, their front yard), but never again did they show their face and we never shared a call.

Last bit on Google+, a group of friends that were close with Avery private messaged me in a group post (you had the ability to decide who you'd like to share your post with on there by adding/removing people, circles, what have you), told me that Avery was a fake due to hearing their "Arnold Schwarzenegger" voice and that I needed to be careful. While I didn't outright defend Avery, I didn't wave them off either and sorta implied I was going to be cautious regardless, but the group probably didn't get the hint (then again, these guys were probably a little over two to four years younger considering how bratty they were prior to this conversation).

With everything that's been presented to me, the supposed face reveal, the stories lining up (not), and people claiming they heard a guy's voice from the one I was dating, this should've been my initiative to come up front, present all this, and ask Avery "wHy wOuLd yOu dO tHiS tO mE!!!????? I LoVeD YOu!!!!!1111 wE'rE oVeR!!!111!!!!11!!1" or something like that right? Well... That thought crossed my mind, but my mind came up with something either incredibly stupid or just plain mean - making them believe we were still a couple (thus the circus began).

To summarize everything that happened from late 2015 to 2022, Avery was on Twitter for a while before picking fights and then leaving, all the while we just made idle chat and sometimes we'd get into a full-blown conversation. They'd send pictures of them on a trip, their car, the usual stuff. Around the 2021 mark (when the winter storm happened here in Texas), we'd occasionally forget (intentional or not) to text each other and that's when I think Avery started to get annoyed. Our conversations at that point were only the usual "Hi" and "How are you?" followed with the response from both parties.
This went on until I myself wanted to just come forward and to tell them I knew they catfished me, but I simply just didn't feel like giving them the satisfaction. Until this very moment...

Fast forward to September of 2022 and my dad asked me if I wanted a new phone and I gladly said yes. I traded the phone I had since 2017 and now have my current one. I went on an adding spree with the contacts of everyone I knew - except one. If you couldn't guess, it was Avery's. They hadn't spoken to me ever since I had sent them a little drawing for their birthday, so I thought, should I keep going or stop here? After some inner debate, I chose not to add them and I've long since forgotten them. I do not care if they were worried about my whereabouts, if they didn't care, if they wanted some type of closure, or if they're no longer on this Earth, the line's been cut from the fishing line.

Since then, I've gotten nothing from that number and to be honest, thank God. I finally freed myself from my own game, got my act together (for the most part) and I've been living it great with a new job I'm happy with, and some people there I consider friends.

Now for the question we've been waiting to ask - Am I ze Jerk?

And two bonus questions:
1) Do you think Avery is a Catfish?
2) If Avery wasn't a Catfish, how much of a jerk am I?

Tl:Dr: I was a user of Google+ and got into a relationship. Evidence began popping up and they were likely catfishing me, so in return, I still talked to them to make them think I was their one and only, until I ghosted them by getting a new phone. Am I the Jerk?
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2023.03.31 19:16 zmugzmug Jokes.

Apparently someone tried to name their female druid “Piggy” and it wasn’t allowed. “Who wants sketty’n butter!” oink oink oink!
The funniest part about the bodypositive+ movement is the fact that the statement is an oxymoron since obese people don't do a whole lot of (unassisted) "movement" whatsoever.
When the druid walks past your TV screen you miss out on all three parts of the Lord of the Rings.
The reason necromancers are so skinny and summon skeletons instead of ghouls or zombies is because the druid ate all the food in sanctuary.
The reason everyone in kyovoshad are starving and poor is because the druid hangs out there.
When the druid gets the aspect that pulls mobs to him/her with any ability, its because the druid ate enough to become a celestial object akin to a black hole.
"Behold my beauty" said the female druid - I would agree that there is some attraction. Most of it gravitational.
The reason hell and heaven are in a battle for domination of sanctuary is because without their intervention a druid might reach max level and cause the universe to perform a big crunch.
The reason druids moves to pylon powerups with (relative) haste is because they mistake the icon hovering above it for candybars
If druids didn’t have access to waypoints they’d become healthy like barb in a single play session.
When a player makes a druid character, the violin used for the ingame music is replaced by a tuba.
When someone tells a druid "Come to the dark side, we have cookies" the druid player actually expects cookies.
The reason druids are so few in number in the lore is because they're too fat to procreate with one another.
The reason most people don't play summoner druid builds is because that means they'd have to compete with their wolves for food.
The spell "Armageddon" symbolizes what happens when nobody tells the druid to chill on the cheeseburgers.
When druids complain that their Hurricane spell only does 17 damage, its because their characters gravitational pull causes too many of the otherwise hazardous objects orbiting their planetsized body to pull too close to the center of gravity.
When the druid leaves act I to travel to act II everyone in Kyovoshad cheers, and the people of the next town over lament and immediately start food rationing policy as a matter of law.
The reason act I is not fully covered in snow is because the druid mistook it for icescream and cleared it out permanently.
When the druid purchases a mount from the stable master, the stable master demands they pay for 2 mounts.
When the druid wakes up in the morning and steps outside to get real high, the sun goes down because it can't compete.
When "The Butcher" invades a druids dungeon he despawns immediately because the druid ate all the meat.
When the druid enters Diablo's lair, the lava levels rise by 20 inches.
The Reason ravens are only temporary companions is because they die of starvation when accompanying the druid.
When the druid jumps when using an ability, the druid doesn't actually jump, the druid simply pushes the world of sanctuary away temporarily.
The reason the druid doesn't wear socks is because the druid can't reach its feet.
The Jewelcrafter has never seen a druid because druids mistake gems for jellybeans.
The reason Sanctuary stopped cultivating cattle is because they got female druids.
IRL food prices increasing and general inflation is solely because the D4 druid exists.
The reason you can only find 1 druid in any forest is because more than that would deprive the forest of wildlife.
The reason druid has no plant-based elemental abilities is because it doesn't like salad, which is also the sole reason the vine companion exists.
The reason manpower is so scarce in Sanctuary is because the druid ate them, and the women and children too.
All druids you see in game are level 20 max, because they die before they reach 25.
The only reason the technology in sanctuary hasn't learned the usefulness of harnessing gas is because they're unaware that druids are the primary source.
The only reason we have living tree mobs in diablo 4 is solely because the forest is rebelling against druid's presence in the world due to their impact on the food chain.
Whenever an NPC or a different class goes into an inn, the druid player automatically declares "duel" against them.
When the game releases and there's queues on the servers, its because the druid players take up 5 player slots.
The reason we only get 6 slots for our action bar is because the druid ate the remaining 12.
Druids chase goats because they mistake their droppings for Maltaesers.
The only reason people of Sanctuary don't do any fishing is because the oceans are empty, thanks to the druids, additionally, nobody in Santuary knows what 'sushi' is.
When Tyrael destroyed the worldstone, the defacto replacement was the fattest druid in Sanctuary, which is why evil persists in the world.
The reason nobody has a health bar over their characters head, is because the druid's health bar would fill out the entire screen, causing unfair balancing issues between the classes.
The druid is so fat that when he gets the vulnerability debuff, its health globe doesn't crack due to its density.
The Necromancer's golem 20 sec respawn timer is a direct result of druid eating all the meat, bones and iron in the world.
The reason Barbarian has access to 4-6 weapons at a time is because he/she is carrying it for the druid, who would otherwise roll over and die due to having to carry more than its own bodyweight.
When the druid goes to Lillith's lair to offer a blood sacrifice to summon her, he doesn't need 2 more willing participants to do it. Druid has enough blood in his body to singlehandedly summon 3 Lillith's.
When a druid steps on a trap it breaks and the druid avoids being stunned.
When the druid steps into Diablo's lair, Diablo hesitates, puts on his reading glasses and takes a better look at the script before saying the line: "Not even death can save you from me".
When the druid gets access to Tal'Rasha's tomb, he enters all 7 of them simultaneously no matter which one he/she chooses.
The only reason fruit vendors in Kyovoshad have any wares to sell is because druid hates healthy food.
Every cauldron in Sanctuary are old and rusty because the people have learned that its a wasted effort to try and produce food using them.
The Oscar-winning film "The Whale" should have starred the d4 druid instead of Brenden Fraser, and it should have been renamed "The Druid".
The only reason we don't have belts in diablo 4 is because the druid ate all materials used to make them.
Statistics show that more than half the poor population of Kyovoshad are Tanners, Skinners, Hunters and Butchers, experts speculate that this might be related to druidism.
The only reason Diablo 4 has no Paladin class included on release is because the Zakarum order abolished itself in a fit of mass depression/suicide over the absolute state of Sanctuary, one particular hammerdin wrote in his manifest that druids are to blame.
The only reason Baal doesn't enter the portal to his lair immediately upon seeing the Nephalim is due to the fact that he feels obligated to at least attempt to lessen the woes of the world by feeding the druid some mobs as he laughs his ass off before he goes to his certain, inevitable death.
The reason Mephisto has no legs and is skinny is because.... you get the idea.
When Izual decided to betray heaven, his main motivation was Imperius's lack of will to deal with the druid menace below.
The reason the Witch Doctor class uses frogs and spiders instead of stronger animals, like bulls or rhinos, is because he had to improvise and make do with what was available.
IF you see bucks, goats, sheep, foxes, rabbits, deer, chicken etc. on your server layer, its a good indicator that no druid is present there.
The only reason Necromancers sometimes have trouble producing corpses mid combat is because there's a druid in his party.
The reason druid doesn't have a spirit (wisp) summon in diablo 4 is because the spirit of nature recognize gluttony when they see it, and thus abandoned the druid as a result.
The reason the druid's companions skill qualities go from Normal>Enhanced>Ferocious>Brutal is because the more time they spend with the druid, the more increasingly feral, desperate and hungry they become.
The meteor that destroyed Tristram Cathedral in diablo 3 was not actually Tyrael, it was merely a speck of a D4 druid's fart residue.
The reason Horazon made his arcane sanctuary was to try and preserve food and keep it out of the maws of the druids. RIP Horazon, you will be remembered and cherished for your efforts. People called you mad, not knowing you were actually trying to save the world.
The only reason the entry/exit gates of Kyovoshad are the size that they currently are, is because they need to accommodate the druid's bodysize.
The word "Candy" is not included in any dictionary found in any library or indeed any part of the world of Sanctuary outside of druid sacred texts, because the people of Sanctuary has never had access to any. Some say this is one of the druid's most guarded secrets.
The only reason you've never seen a toilet, an outhouse or indeed any facilities that deals with getting rid of human excrement is because nobody in Sanctuary gets to eat because (you get the idea)... the sewers in the towns are just for show, but deemed irrelevant in the 4th year of sanctuary's lifespan, just before druidism became a practice.
Does a bear shit in the woods? Yes, a lot. A Whole lot. The annual druid convention in sanctuary (take note of the one in the wheelchair).
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2023.03.20 18:13 Independent_Humor_74 [Found] Love Songs with Mr. Lunt (Fanmade VeggieTales silly sog)

There’s one video that’s somewhat popular with fans of the show VeggieTales, and that is a fanmade silly song or should I say “love song”, if you know the case with “His Cheeseburger” song performed by the character Mr. Lunt, which of course he is the star of the video. Mr. Lunt sings about about a jellybean. I’m not sure when the video was first uploaded, but it seemed to be very popular around the early 2010s, until it disappeared sometime around 2014, since then it has been lost for a few years. Until one day around early 2018, a YouTuber by the name of WELCOME TO THE LAND OF NOTHINGNESS!!! V (W.T.L.N) reuploaded the video. He’s the reason why I know about the video and some of the history behind it. Things seemed fine, until W.T.L.N closed his account at the end of May 2018. Thankfully, there were a few people who reuploaded the video after he closed his account, but again they disappeared because one of the channels reuploading it got terminated. It wasn’t until September 20, 2021, when a YouTuber by the name of Janice Emmons 1990-present reuploaded the video and it’s still up till this day. Love Songs with Mr. Lunt
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2023.03.14 05:39 initials_games What does Mud Stains "Middle Finger" remind you of?

I've been trying to figure out which song Mud Stains Middle Finger song reminds me of. I think the song draws influence from a lot DIY and Riot Grrl sources, but I thought I'd compile my favourite songs in the same vein as my new favourite band The Mud Stains.
So far, I've got a few songs.
Slotface - Magazine
Slotface - Empire Records
Iron Chic - Cutesy Monster Man
Iron Chic - Know What I Mean Jellybean
Bikini Kill - Statement of Vindication
p.s. eliot - Broken Record
little lungs - hoist me up! e.p.
Hop Along, Queen Ansleis - Laments of a Mattress
Diamond Sea - Slow Signal
Brat Mobile - Cherry Bomb
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Date With The Night
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2023.02.10 02:41 PaniXxxxx How to make an epic meme...

So you wanna make an epic meme and be remembered as the funniest person in your generation,
Well you do not know what world of hurt you are about to open upon you, but(t) without further ado...
Step 1: You must assemble a crew of 5 or more pirate, why would you need this specific number of people to bring with you you ask, BC regardless this might be crazy, and this would make a crazy one piece reference.
Step 2: You and your crew must sail across the pacific ocean to the country of Cambodia, it is imperative that you do this by sea and not by sky, BC even though the viciouos kraken may end the lives of your crewmates the sky griffins will take out 2/3 of your crew, BC of their excellent flying skills and their ability to use semi-automatic guns, oh and it's also required that you set sail at basically any pier of America BC this is a free country and none of our local governments don't have to question who you and a bunch of pirates you don't even know need to leave the country on an unauthorized boat without any clearance and/or permission from the government whatsoever.
Step 3: Next up, whenever you and what ever is left of your pirate crew arrives in Cambodia at the docks of Phnom Penh, make sure you have fake proof of citizenship and disguises, or just pray to god that you're real real good at sneakin.
Step 4: You then must enter the nearest Cambodian jungle, basically it has to be one with a really cool temple what will lead you to your objective, but(t) you and your awesome crew may be attack by a hella lot of jungle animals including tigers, elephants, tigers taped to elephants, Poisonous snakes, Poisonous snakes taped to tigers taped and elephants, Cambonious the wizard, And the cute little penguin who provided all those griffins with the guns, and it is guaranteed that the only way for you to defend each other during every encounter is to fight them off, but in battle you may lose at least one crew mate in each attack.
Step 5: By the time you get to the Camunian temples you will realize the you have lost nearly all of your crew mates and if their are none left then you may just be the only survivor, so good luck with that chucklenuts, and you may say that it's very socialpathic to have that be a real part of the processes but they all may be British so you don't have to pay them (assuming that the whole "all British citizens have universal healthcare" thing is true) and if someone is an ex criminal then it just might be their redeeming quality.
Step 6: When you enter the temple you will be hit with 1000000000 arrows at the same time all in a signal moment, you might be thinking that Cambodia might not much variety in their own trap but(t) hear me out though, not all the arrows are the same, their are a whole list of the different types of arrows that are used in these temples, like for example; their are arrows that are flaming, poisonous, very sharp, very dull, revive you after death for no reason at all, arrows that harm you emotionally instead of physically, and ect. so yeah this is definitely effective to prevent people from stealing any and all secret Cambodian treasures by killing you instantly.
Step 7: At the end of the temple you will find an extremely old piece of paper with an eternal joke on it, what eternal jokes basically are in a nutshell is that they are really hilarious jokes that never get old for all of forever hence the name "eternal joke" which you are able to use as a prompt for your epic meme.
Step 8: To get home you must find the nearest Cambodian trebuchet and launch yourself 5000 feet into the air and directly away from any sky griffins, but the catch is that you will have to land at a specific enough point to where your fall will be broken or else I hope your British, cus your gonna meet the queen.
Step 9: Use the paper with the eternal joke on it to make your epic meme into reality.
*REQUIRED STEP; Step 10: If your epic meme is an animation or anything like that, then you are going to be needing an "Adult" voice actress BC if you didn't then well... that would be sexist forcing a femal character in your epic meme to sound like a dude, as a demonstration, I will do a quick RP to show you an example of that.
Pelo Fan #251: *holding a comically sized pair of scissors getting ready to cu+ jellybeans head off* you are going to voice this character in my animation YES?
Jellybean: sigh Yes big daddy.
And finally as a result: Once you have uploaded your epic meme, you will get all of the fame and respect that you deserve for all of your bravery and hard work, just as long as you make sure of 2 things, that
A. It's not racist cuz you can get insta-banned for that
B. And theirs no v0r3 cuz that stuff is degusting and only furries would do that
And the best part is that if your meme becomes altogether irrelevant or if you get greedy or something then you can always redo the process all over again.

So yeah, this essay or what ever you wanna call this was inspired by Doobus Goobus's video "how to be funny"
Link to his channel
Link to the video
And just for you guys I'm gonna be posting a prompt from the temple of the thousand year soul tomorrow, which will be featured on my profile as an epic meme.
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2023.02.02 21:49 Goodgeography JACK LEARN TO READ!

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2023.02.02 15:50 Rainmakerrrrr BM Hunter Streamers which provide their previous streams on twitch?

Im trying to find BM Hunters to watch. They dont have to be 3k or something, but neither on youtube nor on twitch I found a lot of content.
I heard names like jellybean and kasu. Jelly has not played BM more than 1 SS and kasu I cant tell since his streams are behind a paywall. Can someone confirm that he plays mainly BM?
Or can someone recommend other streamers maybe 2,4k+ in SS to watch?
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2023.02.02 15:36 Designer-Cheek5955 Youtube now recommends me creepy videos.

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2023.01.27 10:09 MotionGamingYT This weeks Twitch drop eyewear available for free, from the 27th Jan 10am CET - 3rd Feb 10am CET

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2023.01.18 21:21 Hand-Brothers Jellybean Vs Johnny RaZer (Youtube Shorts) "The Mistake Has Found It's New Masterpiece"

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2023.01.16 18:52 SergejPS Ok seriously, can we please stop with the "waffle house" spam, please?

So, you remember that thing a while ago where the TikToker Jellybean told people to comment "✨it's not a mistake, it's a masterpiece✨"? Well, it's happening again.
Basically, some YouTube guy who makes movie ideas told all his viewers that they are going to "gaslight the entire internet" by spamming the phrase "The waffle house has found its new host" everywhere on the internet. You have probably seen people saying it in the comments of some things.
I would like to ask for the joke to stop, it's been going on for a few days now and I'm just getting tired of seeing that comment everywhere instead of actual conversation about the video/reddit post above it. This is probably not going to reach many people, but to whoever sees this please spread the message.
I'm sure we can all agree that copy paste memes are funny for a while, but just get annoying after some time passes.
And to anyone who responds to this with "the waffle house has found its new host", fair enough, I guess I had it coming. But please make that your last comment with the meme.
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2022.12.23 04:20 aeristdoji Dream Recap 2022 (Rewind)

Summary of all my dream journal posts this year. No date is omitted, if any date is missing it just means I didn't make a dream journal post that day. All of these dreams were posted from my account to /dreams this year:
January 11: Was at a mall that was selling green falafels. Went to a grocery store and heard somebody talking about my recurring dream character named "Pill."
January 13: Was playing the sequel to Super Paper Mario and I found a glitch in the game that surprised Miyamoto.
January 14: Taylor Swift was playing FNAF Security Breach and I was watching old YouTube videos and reading Wikipedia.
January 18: A giant storm was hovering over a big city, I was in some huge school, everybody was walking their dog for some reason.
January 20: I dreamed about some people who were trying to convince me that even bad people aren't bad, and I also dreamed about some things that happened later that same day to me in real-life.
January 21: I had a dream about an empty Walmart building that was flooded with about 200 people who came storming inside.
January 25: I was at the Super Bowl (on the field) and I saw the Cincinnati Bengals playing but I couldn't make out who the other team was. (Note: This dream actually happened before the Cincinatti Bengals had earned their spot in the Superbowl).
January 27: I played Super Mario Odyssey 2, and an angry dog was chasing Mario around New Donk City, the dream became distorted and creepy.
January 29: I had a dream about something that happened to me in real-life a few weeks later. Then I had a dream where I saw my recurring dream friend named "Jennifer" and she seemed upset about something I said so she got up and said "I'm fine" and then walked out the building.
January 30: I had a dream about dogs running around in a hotel, and apparently China's water supply was running low.
February 1: I was at some college library and I saw some kids who were getting punished for something, and then I saw some zombie who was impersonating somebody good, and the zombie fooled all the people and they believed he was good, even though he was actually evil.
February 3: I had a dream about people getting hit by a white sedan and then I had a dream about a female ghost haunting people.
February 8: I was inside a house that had mysteriously vanished one day, that nobody remembered anymore, it was gone and forgotten, but I was somehow inside of it. And I saw my recurring dream character named "Pill", many people were behind her talking about her. They were talking about her and the Omicron variant. Then they asked me if I saw Pill in 2001, and I told them I saw her in June 2001 and on December 16, 2001. Then I saw Jennifer and she told me that reality is just a simulation. And then I saw a doll house with a little "Blue's Clues" figure inside of it.
February 13: I saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (with Johnny Depp) and people were talking about Sweden and a golden key. Then people were playing soccer outdoors and the word "Kiev" was stuck in my head while I was singing.
February 14: I was at an empty game show set all alone, and there was an eerie mood like there was no audience.
February 17: I was at an active construction area where I saw some police officers being aggressive with somebody. Then I dreamed about "the before life" which was an area of many soft carpeted rooms for exploring. Then I had a dream about walking along a beach and there was a dark energy coming from the water, and I started thinking thoughts that when we die we stay dead until the day of resurrection. Then I saw some people mixing Sprite and Fanta together.
February 19: I had a dream about Pill and one of her allies fighting against a common enemy. Then I played a video game which was called "Predictions of 2022", the game was created on December 15, 2020, and the game was about a new virus emerging and a wintery town that had blue houses.
February 23: I was inside of a building and I saw a man and a woman both dressed in white clothes and they were talking about Walmart. I left the building and there was a sign on the building that said "WHEN WE ALL DIE WE ALL GO TO OHKKKKKKKSSSSSS" it looks like the title got corrupted at the end somehow. Then I saw people sitting near a tree stump and a golden sports car.
February 27: I was exploring a military building from the 1980s, I saw Tom Kenny there and he was eventually replaced by a young man with curly hair. Then I saw a chemistry lab and woke up.
March 4: I had a dream that Trump managed to win the 2024 election by a thin margin and then bragged heavily about it.
March 6: I had a dream about a new aircraft being announced or discovered, the craft could move incredibly fast. Then I had a dream about black holes and a spacetime-related event that happened in 471 AD. Then Jennifer spoke to me about the beauty of life and I heard a Taylor Swift song playing and saw a storage crate.
March 7: My closet opened on its own and I saw a pair of black pants inside, the pants were covered with eyes and they swung back and forth three times on the clothes hanger and then jumped on top of me and I woke up. And when I woke up it made me think of the "Sisterhood of the traveling pants."
March 12: I was charging my phone and I read an article about a military helicopter in Utah. Then I looked out the window and saw a huge mushroom cloud from a nuke and everybody in the area lost power immediately and the shockwave was loud. And then I became nervous about all the radiation and the police didn't know how to respond. Then I learned that giant monsters live inside of TVs and I woke up.
March 18: I had a dream that Pokimane was upset about "something."
March 21: Jennifer spoke to me in a hotel elevator about the end of the world and her theory was similar to the "Big Freeze" theory. And she told me that after infinite time the universe finds itself in a similar state to our current state of the universe, somehow. Then I went to a mail room and somebody asked me who sent me and I told them "your God sent me" and then I went to the roof and I fought somebody named "Prometheus."
March 22: I had a dream about "Epic Rap Battles of History."
March 23: I was walking to a big mansion, and I thought that social interactions are a product of evolution. And when I arrived at the mansion it was made of marble inside, and people served rich people on the first floor, and there was a monster in the basement.
March 25: I saw somebody stealing gasoline from his neighbor.
March 27: I had a dream about a lion at McDonald's, then I dreamed about the apple store and a disembodied voice told me all humans just have to die one day it's just part of life.
April 5: I dreamed about Bender from Futurama, and a ghost haunting a woman. Then I dreamed about Google hosting a collaborative project on YouTube, and everybody was discussing whether the universe was "broken". Then I saw a large black triangle flying over the Earth (like a B-2) and there were also flying white rectangles above it. Then I saw a creepy monster with three eyes who apparently had strange power to bend the universe and he helped his host create the craft.
April 11: I dreamed that somebody shot me in a mall and I ran to a theater to go tell people what happened, and I saw somebody get robbed.
April 12: I dreamed about Disneyland or Disneyworld.
April 13: I dreamed about a yellow wasp and a red mosquito, and then I saw a mosquito in real-life in the same place and position as the dream after waking up.
April 14: I dreamed about a woman named Ricca and a wedding and a sentient plant.
April 15: I dreamed about a guy driving me to Walmart then I went to work and there were Christmas lights. Note: Some of this dream happened in real life too.
April 17: I dreamed about a bowling alley with red carpets for floors.
April 20: I was at a train station and I read a magazine about pools.
April 23: I had a dream about a bear with wings that was trying to eat a red electric eel.
April 24: I dreamed about a male voice actor who was about 60-67 years old. I dreamed about Cthullu and Mario Party.
April 25: I had a really long and realistic dream about a helicopter that was hired to take somebody out.
April 27: I overheard a person talking about how he loved the food at Disney, and in real life a few weeks later I heard this same person talking about how he loved the food at Disney.
April 28: Somebody or some company was trying to sue the US military because of something to do with skeletons.
April 29: I was being driven around in a car and I saw a Legend of Zelda game and Home Depot.
April 30: I dreamed about listening to a song from Red Hot Chili Peppers and a song from Sublime.
May 4: I dreamed about a shadow monster with the head of a bull walking arond a school and all the children were hiding from the monster. Then I saw Jennifer standing outside the school waiting for the ghosts of the children to come meet her. And then I dreamed about somebody doing an open house. (The same people from the dream did an open house in real life not long after).
May 11: I dreamed about somebody like Terry A Davis driving me around in their car and then they crashed their car near water and then I went into an elementary school (or Middle School, I couldn't tell). I went to English class but I was late.
May 15: I dreamed about the Queen of England Elizabeth the Second, she looked really frail and strange in the dream and she was eating jellybeans in a horse carriage. I was in the horse buggy with her.
May 16: A gray wolf was walking around in a desert.
May 17: I was at Great Wolf Lodge and I was stuck on a high ledge wondering how to get down. And I saw some girls doing a social experiment.
May 18: I had a dream about a YouTuber getting a job with the WWE.
May 24: I saw Biden eating food at a table, then I was suddenly playing a horror video game, where a realistic robot tried to reach me. The robot was like a child, and it was assembling itself from broken parts. Two metal arms were trying to assemble the robot back together again, it looked like a kid. Then I dreamed about DMing with a woman and I woke up.
May 26: I saw some people who were getting ready for a prom, and I saw Logan Paul and Chuckie from Rugrats.
May 27: I saw some strangers rob their family friends and it upset the kid, and I tried to make him feel better and talked to him about Jennifer then he pulled out a big white paper that had something written about George Bush on it, and the kid called Jennifer by the name "the ghost".
May 28: I saw some strange bug flying around, it looked like a hybrid of several bugs.
May 29: Dreamed about a party, a skeleton, and the US capitol, and Dexter from Dexter's lab.
May 30: I dreamed about people from the Middle East on a bus who were angry at a goose for some reason.
May 31: I saw Jennifer running a marathon and I approached her to talk to her but she looked like she was in a bad mood and she left when I approached her.
June 3: I dreamed about France and some nefarious women lied to the news to get featured on the news.
June 4: I dreamed about several roommates at college who all lived in the same dorm. about 3-5 of them. And they were playing a video game together and one of the characters in the game was Jennifer. I also dreamed about a man going around a school with a sledge hammer.
June 6: I saw Shakira near a pool, dressed in pink, she was sad and comparing herself to somebody else.
June 8: I dreamed about some police officer who was apparently shooting at random people. I dreamed about someone who claimed to be Jennifer's sister as well.
June 10: I saw Legend of Zelda, Super Smash Bros, and a website that collects data on people in a database. Then I saw Jennifer looking at a religious building in Venezuela.
June 11: I was in a boat and a floating elephant head told me that free will does not exist and that "nothing exists" in fact and that there is only on direction in life, forward. Then I had another drea abou GTA 6, I saw leaked footage of GTA 6 and apparently it wsn't as good as GTA 5. Then I saw two blonde men arguing and speaking about Christianity. Then I heard a disembodied voice telling me about the true religion, and he said in order to join his religion you must not do ANYTHING with bad intents and you must feel genuine regret about any bad things you did do.
June 12: I saw Jennifer in a hotel, she said something about "the brand new hotel" and I felt a very euphoric feeling. Then I saw a school in the UK teaching kids about animals.
June 13: I had a dream about the FBI investigating a piece of blue coral. They were in a place called Swan Beach which was either in Florida or California. And then I dreamed about a golf course and woke up.
June 15: I dreamed about Bubble Bass growing in size until he exploded.
June 17: I was at a strange movie theater and I found a classroom in the movie theater, in the classroom there was a guy named Osama.
June 18: I saw a woman who I've never seen before, she was named Amanda and went to college and was talking about chicken and she snorted cocaine and almost threw up.
June 19: I dreamed about Elmo and another muppet, and I looked at the sky and it looked more violet than normal, and it looked beautiful like I was seeing it differently than usual somehow.
June 20: Somebody was telling me that Sweden joined NATO and that Sweden/NATO invaded Russia.
June 21: An old man approached me and somebody else approached me and told me something about Bin Laden.
June 22: I was in Georgia. And I saw three planes flying in the sky.
June 23: I dreamed about Saturn's rings.
June 25: I was talking with somebody about Justin Bieber. I passed by a large green drawbridge.
June 26: I was at a movie theater.
June 27: I was panicking because I saw a paranormal creature but nobody believed me. I saw a woman from the military who was talking to me about Jennifer, and we saw a video of a truck killing many people. I also dreamed about three newly discovered particles which were apparently related to electrons.
June 28: I saw the souls of several animals and then I saw one soul which wasn't attached to any specific animal, it looked like it was made out of mercury. I went to go tell people what I saw and they were distracted by VHS tapes about Sketchers.
June 29: I dreamed about people eating ink and getting sick, then I dreamed about Israel, and the number 10X.
June 30: I asked for a sign, and I saw people praising a religious book that did not exist, it was not any real holy scripture, the book was filled with logical flaws and hypocrisy but they believed in it anyway. Then I dreamed about WWE.
July 3: I dreamed about a hotel and a lightning strike.
July 4: I dreamed about a first-person video game similar to Yume Nikki.
July 7: I dreamed about Trump, and a white church. Then I saw a marathon. Then I went to a restaurant and I saw Jennifer there and woke up.
July 9: I saw a black crane bird with blue eyes. The crane told me it had the power to bend reality but this power was quantifiable. He spent 28 or 2800 units of power and immediately I started to feel unpleasant, because apparently he used his ability on me. Then he said to me, "don't worry, that which you do not understand now will make much more sense to you later."
July 10: I dreamed about an angry Subway customer and some kid stealing things, and a bow and arrow. Then I dreamed about three colorful vultures walking around on the road, and Biden was among the crowd, and I heard somebody say that every human and animal is their own individual universe.
July 11: I saw two Sikhs at a Walmart and a third man who was not a Sikh but he had a blade.
July 12: A woman told me about the latest cancer research.
July 13: I was near a gas station and I saw a huge fire break out and light somebody on fire.
July 14: I saw an alien ship following a few jets near California and somebody came to me and asked me if I'd ever seen anything like that before and I told them I don't know.
July 18: Dreamed about Stanley Kubrick.
July 19: I dreamed about over 100 wasps writhing on pavement and in the middle was a giant wasp mother. Then a voice spoke to me and told me that the wasp mother will attack anybody that tried to hurt the writhing wasps children.
July 20: I dreamed about a golden gnat which flew onto a man's head and bit him, which caused a severe injury. The man ended up being okay but while he was still sick his mother was weeping and when he got better she was happy. Then a disembodied voice spoke to me and said, "love, without the opposite of love how can one recognize love? It is relative."
July 24: I saw a damaged deck, and a dream about Miis.
July 27: I saw a woman with completely blue hair who was wearing clothes made out of snow. And she was chewing blue bubblegum. I saw a bear in the oval office.
July 31: I dreamed about a man who was plotting to do a terrorist attack similar to 9/11 in 2023 but Biden actually prevented him from doing it by taking him out.
August 3: I dreamed about going to CVS.
August 4: I got electrocuted and I went outdoors and people were running so I went into a strange theater with them.
August 5: I saw a prisoner being interviewed at a yoga event in the UK.
August 8: I saw a man on a sinking boat who was praying and asking to see Jennifer and she appeared on the boat to speak to him as it was sinking. I dreamed about TF2. Then Jennifer approached me and told me she was up to "secret business."
August 16: I dreamed about a train station named the Tula station.
August 18: I saw people from the middle east hacking into some US government agency, I think the CIA.
August 19: I saw somebody killing demons, and when the demons died they turned into angels. The "ghost" of the demon was an angel. The angels wore masks because they didn't want anybody to see their faces. Then a disembodied voice told me that some people have a certain task in life that others don't.
August 23: I had a dream that a cat was saying the word for "cat" in its own language. (Cat language).
August 24: I dreamed about a peaceful town called Jeston.
August 25: A stranger approached me and showed me a TikTok video about Elon Musk. Then the same stranger started saying something about Donald Trump to me. Then I dreamed about an A.I. that could communicate with plants.
August 27: I dreamed about exactly four people living together in the same college dorm. Most of them were girls. Then I saw lightning strike a tree.
August 28: I saw a really creepy version of the Wheel of Fortune intro.
September 3: I dreamed that 386 NBA players mysteriously vanished including Lebron James, and they ended-up on an alien planet with flies on it.
September 8: I dreamed about another shadow monster, and once again I saw school children hiding from the monster.
September 10: I dreamed about a red army fighting a green army. The generals had roller skates on.
September 12: I saw Jennifer surrounded by a few girls who were talking about Paris. Jennifer was silent, however, and wearing a golden necklace with a golden triangle attached to it.
September 13: I dreamed about a magic phrase that could calm down an angry dog. I saw Lebron James win a contest.
September 14: I was in Florida, I saw Pill in a forest. I got a bad feeling that something bad was going to happen soon in Florida. The sky looked very clear, which I kept looking at. Pill stayed quiet.
September 19: I was on a train and the back of the train exploded or something.
September 21: I dreamed about a green slime that was used to signal trains to stop. The slime itself was highly radioactive though.
September 22: I dreamed about a large black corgi.
September 24: I went to see a movie about Paris and instead I saw Charli D'Amelio who was meeting with two fans.
September 28: I was in a closed museum and one of the rooms was completely dark and there was a bad feeling like something was hiding in the room. Then I had a dream about Jesus visiting Damascus and warning the people of Damascus. After Jesus left Damascus something bad happened in Damascus.
September 29: I dreamed about an alien with a weapon made out of radioactive metalic slime. I told some police but they didn't believe me.
October 4: I dreamed about a bus tipping over and people in red/blue striped sweatshirts attacking the bus driver.
October 12: I was in a bathroom that was apparently haunted by an evil ghost-like creature or demon. He apparently died because in life he was evil and people threw him into a fire then his ghost haunted the bathroom. Then a guy in a wheelchair approached me and claimed he was a paranormal authority, and I asked him why bad things happen, and he basically told me "it could be worse."
October 15: I was in the congress building, I don't know what it's called but it's that building where democrats are on one side and republicans on the other and they vote on things sometimes. I saw Pill in the building and Joe Biden. Pill was silent but she gave me a bad feeling down inside. I heard news about a battle in the Middle East.
October 17: I was in a large library and I saw a scientist who said "we're trying to figure out the meaning of life too". Then I saw a creature who may have known the meaning of life, but I'm not sure if the creature actually did or not. I asked him for the meaning of life and he refused to tell me and instead he said "I know you really well" then I immediately woke up.
October 22: I had a dream about Super Mario Sunshine or a game similar to it, and a man who shot 5-10 people.
October 26: I dreamed about a guy with a big green gun.
November 4: I dreamed about a female judge at a restaurant.
November 7: I dreamed about a large black orb in a classroom that was emitting purple smoke. And everybody flipped out when they saw the orb and ran out of the building.
November 8: I dreamed about yet another history class for a second day in a row. Then I dreamed about Hornswoggle from WWE.
November 11: I dreamed about Penguinz0 hosting a Halloween party and he messed up somehow.
November 14: I dreamed about a football video game where you have to shoot people. The main character was trying to assassinate somebody on a boat but he was struggling to do so.
November 15: I had a dream that TikTok viewer data was fake, and I dreamed about an elevator at a school.
December 9: I dreamed about a mass shooter in Wisconsin and another guy in an unknown location. I had a dream about trying to buy a strange variety of Oreo cookies which were made in a lab.
December 10: I dreamed about an invisible snake, that only some people could see. It was large and green and it ate a small dragon and then its head transformed into the dragon's head. It was in a beautiful garden. Then I saw a man with three eyes, holding a knife. And I saw the FBI studying somebody's eyes, and I saw a photograph of a girl at a baseball game which was apparently relevant to a mystery.
December 17: I dreamed that I was asking to speak to Jennifer and she approached me and started talking to me and a surreal feeling of euphoria came over me when she was near me. Then I dreamed about a meteorologist talking to a window, and kids drawing with chalk. And a strange equation.
December 19: I dreamed about Jennifer playing Street Fighter as herself. She was apparently a character, she was fighting against Juri. Jennifer's username had the number 189 near the end.
December 20: I dreamed about a yandere girl and a garden hose that expelled a strange foam instead of water.
December 22: I was on a farm that was guarded by a big dog. Apparently the farm was built in the Middle East and it was built upon a location where several significant Abrahamic events happened. Including but not limited to a visit from Moses. Supposedly he came to that area and a farm was since built over it in present day.
I hope you found this interesting. :)
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2022.12.06 09:59 0fTroy Could we get a puppet history theory?

There is so much lore!
If you don’t know of Puppet History, it’s a YouTube series by the watcher channel, where a puppet, the professor, teaches history to recurring contestant Ryan, and a special guest. There is a jellybean based point system for scoring, and(up until this season) Ryan NEVER wins even if he gets more jelly beans. Last season ended with everything going to shit. Well, it was revealed the professor had time travel abilities given to him by a genie. A demon inhabited the professor’s body and used a wish to revoke his abilities and transport him to the cretaceous where he was eaten by a dinosaur. In the holiday special, it was revealed that the professor had a curse so that when he traveled through time, he turned people, animals and objects into puppets(which perform songs at the end of the episodes).
This season, the professor is back! With little to no explanation of how he returned, and a weird metal box with a lightning box and chains on it connected to the stage on with he preforms. additionally, RYAN HAS BEEN WINNING. Repeatedly. But the trophies that are usually prizes are ”on back order“ so he’s being given lotion, lots of lotion instead. In one episode, it was shown that the winning algorithm had the other contestant win, but the professor said Ryan won anyway. There have also been a few scenes of the professor’s time in the Cretaceous period, where the dinosaurs are puppets, and the professor’s a lot larger.
TL;DR: there‘s a lot of confusing lore, and a lot to theorize about, and it’d be pretty fun to see a theory about it, especially as season 5 is currently coming out :)
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