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2023.06.07 21:53 Kattio_ How do I stop myself from binging?

So basically, today I restricted for the whole day and told myself I'll only eat that and that and nothing else. Guess what I did? I ate everything I could find... But like, it's only when I stop restricting. While im fasting, im hungry but I can control it, but once I even take one bite of food, I cannot stop. Can someone help me or give me advice on how not to binge?
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2023.06.07 21:53 juniper4774 I like how I look, but feel unmarketable

Today is my 38th birthday, and I am happy to say that I am pretty comfortable with where my face and body are at. Yeah, it feels like everything slid downwards in the last few years and I’ve gained weight, but my husband likes what he sees and I have learned to give less of a damn. On top of that, I’m white, healthy and reasonably symmetrical, so I have a lot of societal factors going for me through no merit of my own.
All of that to say, this would be smooth sailing if I didn’t feel like I need to be cultivating a social media presence to promote my small business. I’m an artist specializing in custom fantasy artwork, and I want to take my side hustle to a full-time thing. I see lots of successful men of all ages with large followings in this niche, but frankly the most successful women are young (or young-looking) and often very pretty.
While obviously the work should be able to speak for itself, people like to connect to creators, and folks who post content featuring themselves are more successful. I am concerned that my age will be a turnoff for potential followers/clients, particularly because I am still growing as an artist. It might be different if I was already an established creature designer for Lucasfilm or something but that’s not where I’m at.
I can handle knowing that people in my real life find this pursuit odd or a little cringey, but I can’t seem to get over the hump of engaging with social media because people will realize I’m (gasp! horror!) 40-ish. I hate the idea that people will get secondhand embarrassment - or worse, get turned off of my work - if I’m on camera, but I hate the idea that I didn’t give this pursuit my all even more.
Any advice, tips, or real talk would be much appreciated.
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2023.06.07 21:53 Previous-Tomatillo65 Should I stay or should I go?

I (F45) and my partner (M45) have been together for around 15 years. My partner sleeps in a separate bedroom since more than 5 years ago. He snores and haven’t found a way to fix that. I have light sleep. Sex is absent. He says is normal to give himself pleasure thinking about other women. That broke my heart. Maybe I am naive but I don’t think in other men for pleasure. We haven’t had sex in a long time and before maybe twice a year. I talked about buying a toy for me and he didn’t like it that much. He is a great friend and work hard but I don’t feel a sexual connection anymore, specially knowing what he does to himself - thinking about other women. That breaks me bad.
He doesn’t sneak out or go to parties. However, he works some days by himself and have control over his time. On the other hand, I have never found anything suspicious apart from a little bit of porn maybe.
We work together too much and maybe that’s what have cut all the romantic relationship. On the other hand, he is my best friend and we have plans that have achieved and more to come that are lining up pretty well. We are financially ok. We don’t have kids but have dogs and cats.
Unsure if I should stay like this forever or be by myself - I don’t see the point of having another partner. We are happy in everything else and we make a good work team. He feels we are fine and that he still loves me. I have told him many times how sleeping by myself hurts me. We have helped each other in bad times, even financially. We have worked hard to become what we are now. I know he is a good guy. Does someone has a partner they had everything they wished for but not the sexual part? Should I open this relationship? It will kill me sharing him with someone and I will feel like a slut. I don’t see myself with another person. I am so confused. Never imagined my life will be this sad sexually.
Please don’t come with hard comments or bullying. I won’t be able to take it.
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2023.06.07 21:53 comments247 Stay safe everyone.

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2023.06.07 21:52 blue_jay26 India has developed a worrying trend of toothless bowling in crucial games

India has developed a worrying trend of toothless bowling in crucial games
Over the last couple of years, we have seen a number of instances where India have looked extremely toothless as a bowling unit. This has resulted in huge partnerships for the opposition, leading to heavy defeats or at the very least, conceding the initiative in crucial games. Here are some high profile instances that come to mind:
Obviously, this pretty much coincides with the change in leadership with the Kohli/Shastri combo being replaced by Rohit/Dravid. More crucially, I would think the loss of the bowling think-tank led by Bharat Arun is even more impactful. While there are some mitigating circumstances, such as Jasprit Bumrah's unavailability, there should be enough firepower in India to ensure this does not happen on such a consistent basis. It seems that whenever two batsmen are set and have a decent partnership, we completely run out of ideas and resort to a defensive mindset without any wicket-taking intent. And once the shoulders drop, there doesn't seem to be any inspiration coming from anywhere on the field to lift spirits.
Of course, it's difficult to pinpoint exact reasons from the outside, but one thing is clear - India must find a way to get the fire back in the bowling attack soon. If not, all the winning mentality that Virat and Shastri instilled in the team will quickly ebb away and we'll return to the pre-2014 ways of being pushovers away from home
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2023.06.07 21:52 jaloru95 [Texas Rangers] Confirmed: We score a lot.

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2023.06.07 21:52 Double-Fun-1526 Fermi's Paradox and Demilitarization: An olive branch to all religions and people

This is my take on the world. It is not meant to be yours. But there are endless reasons for creating peace in the world. The Catholic Church, I believe, has the power to do that. Create a campaign. A simple campaign to fight two things. Call for complete, unambiguous demilitarization of the world. We, as disparate peoples and nations, do not point guns at each other. We find other ways. The second thing is inequality. Remind people that inequality is born by individual decisions, and not by states. Call for this as Christians, sure, but call for it across humanity. I am secular and I will disagree with you tomorrow but today I ask that you renew your call for a better world. The Catholic Church has significant sway across Latin America. And Latin America has few reasons for war. Call on Catholic nations to make pledges of demilitarization. No one has to take the step towards dearming but as long as nations call for it they can push other nations, primarily Europe, towards such a goal as well. With one statement the Church can put us on a path towards global demilitarization.
(If there are religious overtones in the following it is just ways of speaking.)

We Are The Light
There is only one thing that matters. Light. Our light. It is all we know of.
There are stars and planets in the hundreds of billions expanding as far as we can see, proverbially speaking. But the only thing we know is that we are the only light. The only reflective, intelligent species. The only thing that knows that it exists.
We do not know if we are merely young. If we are merely first to awake. It seems unlikely. It is possible that there is other intelligent life in our galaxy or in other galaxies. If there are others in a distant galaxy, we may never touch them or their signals. But if such intelligence was created in our own then we should have seen it by now, assuming they are as expansive and as inquisitive as we are.
But for now, we are the light. We are the only known light in a vast, vast darkness.
There are those who believe they understand who we are. But the rest of us do not. And we are confused, perplexed, scared.
I am sorry, but there is only one thing that matters. Keeping that light shining. Keeping that light robust. We are in our infancy. We have merely just awoken. We have only known much of our world for a hundred years.
It goes without saying, that all war ends and international differences cease to be flash points. We build the world together, cooperatively. We do not spend two percent of our budgets on guns and missiles. I call for demilitarization across the globe.
I am sorry, but the grotesque inequalities that we allow to persist as a species must end. It is not written in our genes, in our characters. We are a reflective species. And our characters are far more malleable than that. There is endless exploration to be done. It is to be done as a species, as humanity.
But, yes, first we must demand that every life be livable. That we are to the person literate and educated about our world. We must solve our selves first, before we solve the cosmos.
We don't have to. We can leave people behind, leave people in the dark, leave people to poverty of wealth and knowledge. But most of us do not accept that. We will not accept that. Until we have made sure every life is livable then individuals do not own excessive resources, own their own islands, own sports teams. You take care of your fellow citizens first.
Sadly, even if we turn on a dime, all of us alive today may hardly take a step in understanding who we are and whether other light exists. But we can be proud that someday we may have a better answer, and that we were part of the inflection point. And despite certain objections, once we leave earth in a robust fashion I do not believe that light shall die until the fading of time. Which is why we must leave it soon, to avoid even the possibility of universal disaster, the fading of such light.
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2023.06.07 21:52 pnaoxt Echo Knight 8/Undead Warlock Flavor

I am playing in the campaign Tyranny of Dragons, and my fighter came upon Hazirawn, a legendary sentient greatsword that is +2, adds 2d6 necrotic damage, has the wounding property and grants some mild spell casting abilities. I decided to seize the opportunity to make Hazirawn my patron and become an Undead Warlock. I do not need any advice on optimal character building, as my character is already extremely powerful, but the existing lore for Hazirawn doesn't quite work for the story.
"The Sword Hazirawn was forged during the height of the Netherese empire. Once a successful military commander for the Netherese empire, Lord-General Hazirawn led numerous skirmishes and rarely suffered a loss. Over a long military career spanning several centuries (thanks to the spells of the Council), he was responsible for many significant protective actions. He was summarily selected for “the process,” and upon reporting to the "Laboratory" (a Netherese black site) he was pressed into the greatsword; the process for which is detailed in the Principae Antiquus spellbook. The “Findings” section indicated that Hazirawn felt a great sense of betrayal but his value needed to be preserved, and it is only due to the incorporation of the Writhing Battery that he could be an eternal instrument of the Empire. [5]"
Undead Warlock Description: "You've made a pact with a deathless being, a creature that defies the cycle and life and death, forsaking its mortal shell so it might eternally pursue its unfathomable ambitions. For such beings, time and morality are fleeting things, the concerns of those for whom grains of sand still rush through life's hourglass. Having once been mortal themselves, these ancient undead know firsthand the paths of ambition and the routes past the doors of death. They eagerly share this profane knowledge, along with other secrets, with those who work their will among the living."
Hazirawn is indeed a powerful being that defies death, and fits well with the Undead Warlock. As part of my shift, I've changed my alignment from neutral good to true neutral, with the intent to lean into my character's already bloodthirsty nature. What I'm curious about is how to flavor the relationship between me and my patron. Perhaps he was also a powerful spellcaster, who is bitter at some members of the netherese empire (who at this point are trying to bring Tiamat to Faerun). What would he stand to gain from me, when I am going directly against his organization? In terms of Echo Knight abilities, I haven't used the original lore, but I haven't been heavy on the details also, just saying that my echo is a shadowy grey figure of myself. Maybe that image could become more skeletal, or something. The undead Warlock's main subclass ability is form of dread, in which I take on some terrible aspect, that should somehow relate to my patron. I am looking for advice in that regard as well.
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 21:52 FirefoxMirai Twitch isn’t worth it anymore.

Even to small streamers. It’s is extremely difficult to grow on Twitch and even if you grow you benefit more on other platforms.
Here’s my nonsense take on the issue.
I’m a small streamer and my twitch channel is growing at a rapid pace.
My issue with Twitch is a lot.
Discoverability is so bad that I had to post clips and vods to other platforms and even then I rarely see an audience come in. The majority of followers I gained were because I streamed a semi popular game which brings me to my next point.
How restricted you are on what to stream. Yes you can literally stream whatever you want. But what you stream can affect your growth.
If you want to stream a game,
See how restrictive it is? What if the only games I like to play are oversaturated games? You have to find smaller games or you have no chance at making it.
View counter is not transparent at all. There’s restrictions on what counts as a view and what doesn’t. It’s so bad that I have 4 people commenting on what they saw on my stream yet it counted 1 viewer. The fact that it takes a while for the count to register a viewer doesn’t help. By the time I notice someone joining, they are long gone. People will tell me to turn off view count. I shouldn’t have to do that. I can’t check progress this way. If no one is watching my streams I would need to know why so I can make changes.
Being restricted to how you promote your sponsor which is the largest source of revenue for a streamer makes no sense. I have 2 sponsored streams next week and I don’t know how this will affect my revenue.
I have a major issue with the simulcast rules because I can’t branch out my content to my viewers preferred platforms. It may be small but Twitch doesn’t pay enough to put up with these problems.
With the 50/50 sub split, ads that pay out pennies and annoy viewers into leaving, low discoverability, simulcasting restrictions and the difficulty in growing as a streamer, the new TOS changes, its no longer worth it to stay on twitch for the amount of problems it has.
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2023.06.07 21:52 whatismacie crowd rowdiness at tfb detroit?

hi! i just bought pit tickets to my first tfb show, i’m seeing them in detroit and i’m hella excited. i’ve been a fan since middle school (in college now.) problem is, i got the pit tickets kinda without thinking of the rowdiness of the crowd. it would be fine, but i’m taking my girlfriend to the concert with me, and i don’t want them to have an unpleasant experience (i.e. expect to enjoy the concert and end up getting caught in a push pit.) i’ve moshed before (don’t love it) and the both of us are like 5’10” and reasonably built for this, but i still don’t think it’s what i want to do. any input on what it’ll be like for a detroit show?
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2023.06.07 21:52 jaxcarey We’re officially past 300 AQI

We’re officially past 300 AQI
318 AQI as of 3:45PM on Wednesday. Big spike in the past hour or two.
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2023.06.07 21:51 Ripplecripple921 Real and naked truth needed!

I took a mock test today and scored a very bad 360. Q (25) and V (16), I’m planning to take the test in October. Please give me an honest reply guys would I be able to achieve the score of 720-740 in this time period. I will start my preparation from 1st July as my final semester exams are ending on 30th June. And a little background about me, I’m a law student and been out of touch with maths from about 5 years. Please help me guys I’m broken and about to cry after I saw the results😭😭.
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2023.06.07 21:51 Crobbers LTR's over 5 years. How long did it take you to truly get over it?

Been together 6 years. She broke up because she simply did not love me anymore. Been a mess eversince. Its been 4 months now. I'm 30 shes 28.
I do everything I can. Literally. I go to the gym, take care of myself and look better than ever before. I spend moderate amount of time with old and new friends. I practice alone time and go into nature or cuddle my dog. I'm currently in the process of enhancing my career.
I even went on a date a couple of days before with a cool, laid back and pretty girl.
Yet there has been no day, NOT A SINGLE DAY, I haven't thought about her ALL DAY. Literally cannot think about anything else. If I could I would cry every day. If it would make sense I would call her everyday and tell her I love her.
I have nobody besides her. Both of my parents aren't alive anymore. My sister lives in another country.
She and her parents were my family. Her and me were my everything. I was about to marry her soon.
I dont know for what I'm living anymore.
I realize and undestand there are other women out there. But she is truly the most amazing, generous, heart-warming person I know. She took me exactly how I am. I never had to be ashamed for who I am or for what I do. There is no chance on earth I'll ever meet another woman like her, ever again. And I'm serious about that.
I don't even WANT to make her my life. It just kind of happened because I have no real family myself.
I don't know how long I'll take this anymore.
How long did it last for you guys? Especially the men?
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2023.06.07 21:51 seochatter Nobody cares about your website

Back in November 2022, something interesting happened.
My wife set up a family photo shoot for us to use the picture on our annual Christmas card.
And the whole time leading up to that event, my wife was showing me (almost daily) how great this photographer’s pictures were, the number of glowing reviews she had received, and how amazing she was at working with stubborn kids who won’t smile on command, can’t stay still, and have arm flailing tantrums, which are the exact qualities my kids were blessed with.
We show up to the location and out hops the photographer from her van, yelling, “Stephen? Is that you?!”
And standing right in front of me was an old friend from high school.
Which was a surprise because I had moved away from my hometown and hadn’t seen a soul from my old stomping grounds in the past 20 years.
But out of nowhere that friend appeared, who now had 5 kids of her own and a thriving portrait photography business in the next town over.
After the photoshoot, we did some catching up.
She asked me what I was up to these days and I told her all about my SEO Chatter business and how I enjoy teaching people how to rank their websites higher on Google, refine their digital marketing strategies, and ultimately, rake in more money to support themselves.
That’s when my friend interrupted me.
She started bursting with details about how she had recently been dabbling in SEO and it paid off immensely after a single blog post.
Recently, she learned a lead capture method using SEO where you write about topics that have local interest and posted them on her photography blog.
In this case, she wrote a blog post about the pros and cons of prenatal clinics in the area for expecting mothers. She had 5 kids of her own and clearly had some keen insights on these places over the years.
The result?
That single blog post ranked locally for its target keywords and brought her several new clients for newborn portraits.
But sadly, nobody cared about it.
She had no one to talk to about her accomplishment. And no one cheering her on asking her to tell them about her new SEO blogging strategy.
No one in her circle of friends, not even her husband, understood how awesome it was that she used this thing called SEO and a simple blog post to drive paying clients to her photography business.
In a weird way, that chance event of seeing an old friend was one of the seeds that were planted in my mind to create the new SEO Chatter Mentorship program.
It’s built around the fact that although there are more than 30 million of us bloggers, niche site creators, and affiliate marketers, most of us don’t have a group of friends to brag to, tell stories to, or just hear us out. There’s nobody to talk to about our passion or goals.
I’m sure you can relate.
That’s exactly why I created a Member Hangout in the SEO Chatter Mentorship.
It’s a place for us all to get together, hear what’s going on with our websites, share our wins, give each other tips and ideas to grow our businesses, etc.
At the end of the day?
It’s all about you.
And all of us connecting about our passions we spend so much time thinking about and trying to master.
If you want to become part of a community like this, then I invite you to go here:
SEO Chatter Mentorship Program
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2023.06.07 21:51 Interesting_Shift788 AITAH for fighting?

I’m the asshole for fighting with my husband to get insurance benefits. A little background me , and my husband had a son he 5 months now. My husband has been out of work for a few months now. And I’m going back to college this fall we decided it will be best for us to for me to go to school and take care of the baby. And he will go to work but, he wants to work at his friends family farm for full time but will no benefit. I ask him to find a job that will give us benefits. But he got defensive telling me i was bad mouthing his friends job and that he doesn’t need health insurance at all. Am I the asshole for fighting with him ?
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2023.06.07 21:51 xcoop3 $500 > $300 > $800 w AMD

$500 > $300 > $800 w AMD
Not too exciting but hey it’s honest work, averaged down on AMD and luckily it tanked 5% today. Cheers 🥂
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2023.06.07 21:51 TipsReshape How Meal Planning Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals 1 (Tips Reshape...

How Meal Planning Can Help You Achieve Your Health Goals (Tips Reshape)

In this video, we explore how meal planning can help you achieve your health goals. Meal planning can help you make healthier food choices, control portion sizes, save time and money, reduce stress, and stay on track with your goals. Watch to learn more about how meal planning can be a powerful tool to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

"If you're looking to improve your overall health and achieve your fitness goals, meal planning can be an essential tool to help you succeed. Meal planning involves creating a plan for what you will eat and when, often in advance. While it may seem time-consuming, meal planning can actually save you time, money, and stress in the long run. In this article, we'll explore how meal planning can help you achieve your health goals."
1 - Meal Planning Can Help You Make Healthier Food Choices
2 - Meal Planning Can Help You Control Portion Sizes
3 - Meal Planning Can Help You Save Time and Money
4 - Meal Planning Can Help You Reduce Stress
5 - Meal Planning Can Help You Stay on Track with Your Goals
6 - Meal Planning Can Help You Avoid Impulse Eating
7 - Meal Planning Can Help You Improve Your Cooking Skills

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2023.06.07 21:51 americanbaguetteoui The artist who called "plagiarism"...

There was a tiktok and a post on this subreddit today that accused a social media famous fiber artist of copying a smaller account. Tbh, this is really obnoxious to me, given the dramatic number of differences crafters can identify between the pieces. I'd Knit That, the accused artist, does original text and illustrations on sweaters and vests. The other artist (Ester) accusing her of plagiarism did a series of raglan sweaters with song lyrics on them. There are only so many ways to knit things like text -- to me, these artists create different work. What's sad to me is that we can't say "wow look at both of these artists doing creative work" and that the accusations have sent so much hate on instagram and tiktok (i am guessing from non-fiber artists who cannot see the differences in construction!)
Another post on this was up that was really accusatory and pointed. If anyone disagrees with my take, go off. Frankly, the issue of plagiarism in fiber arts is an interesting topic, and i wish we could neutrally discuss it without being fucking nasty to anyone.
The accusing tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@rgamt/video/7241865870660701466?_r=1&_t=8cyaWVvge4D I'd Knit That instagram: https://www.instagram.com/id.knit.that/ Estergramsu instagram: instagram.com/estergramsu/
personally, i have followed both artists and am interested to see both of their work!
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2023.06.07 21:51 M_to_the_b_123 Update

This is what it looks like today, I got a ppm meter and it is at 1,300 my pH was 5.8 and water temperature was 19c
The roots have a hint of brown but still look white ish, the water didn’t smell as bad as it was, I gave it the correct amount of nutrients and turned the light down.
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2023.06.07 21:50 GrudenCarr2020 Laid off from my part-time tech job and only looking for part-time work now. Am I still eligible for UI?

I was only working a part-time (20 hours/week) job and was laid off, and I would only accept a similar part-time situation moving forward due to family circumstances. Am I eligible for unemployment or is it only for individuals who were previously working full-time jobs who are willing and able to take future full-time jobs?
I tried searching for this answer in the search bar but I mostly get results around people who were partially laid off (in other words, went from full-time to part-time involuntarily)
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2023.06.07 21:50 BLuvLuv I am angry at someone going through something terrible

My (20f) friend Sam (23M) died. His girlfriend, Hannah (21f) has been taking it out on my friends (her roommates included) for months.
Now look, I've been through some grief, and loosing Sam to some laced cocaine was beyond shocking. It wasn't at some party or anything either, he was using it to stay up for finals. It is beyond tragic. I had seen him not even a week before it happened. Everyone in my friend group (we get together once a week for game nights) was crushed, validly so. Our game nights always took place where Hannah and two of my good friends live.
Hannah and Sam had been together for about 2 years. I had actually known Adam the least amount of time out of everyone, about 6 months. Granted, I still think about Sam very often. After everything went down (4 months ago when he died) Hannah left to her hometown, which everyone thought was a good idea. She needed the rest and to not be reminded of Sam everywhere she looked.
My friend group mourned, and honored Sam. We went to the park and just looked at the sky, it felt like all we could do. There were no more energetic game nights, it became 5 scared kids sticking together as much as they could, unable to even grasp the idea of losing Sam. Everyone else knew Sam for about 2-3 years. It was a really hard time for everyone.
Once Hannah returned, we were very gentle around her. Things were rough, as her two roommates are in relationships, one a very new relationship, and Hannah's boyfriend just died so it was hard for her to see others in happy relationships. There became an unspoken rule that no one could have a boyfriend in a time like this, and she became envious of her roomies. Tension started to rise, regardless her roommates sat with her day and night, being a shoulder to cry on. Everyone was constantly checking up on her. Feelings were set aside, and we did our best to make Hannah happy.
I understood all of this, I get grief is just one of those things that sparks a number of emotions.
Things started picking back up slowly, we are nowhere near where things used to be when Sam was around, but we are together. Game nights started including games again, and it was a slow transition that happened over weeks and weeks. Hannah, though, started to "act out"? We had to walk on eggshells.
At first it was little meaningless things, and she would threaten to move out. If she was left alone for more than a day "no one cared about her" and she was ready to pack up and leave. She took in Sam's leopard gecko and neglected it terribly. Even I was buying food and changing the lights for the gecko. She stopped responding to everyone when she would leave for days at a time. We just needed to know how to split up the care for the gecko. I get it is difficult, but why let the poor thing starve. I expressed I was more than happy to take in the gecko for as long as she needed. Things just got worse though.
Her roommates became frustrated that Hannah wouldn't let them see their boyfriend's and that Hannah was accusing them of not being there for her. It's important to note that I know for a fact she has every single one of us fighting to be there for her. Making her comfortable and including her when she is able. Refusing to leave her out, even if she wasn't in a good mood, because who can be in a good mood when their SO dies unexpectedly?? This friend group is beyond caring and understanding (except one who struggles with empathy, but she interacts with Hannah the least and never said anything out of hand or against her, at most avoided her when times were rocky). Things got muddier and confusing.
Things have gotten much more concerning recently, though. Hannah is causing so much harm towards everyone, now.
She resigned a lease with her roommates, who are a part of this game night group. After signing, she immediately told everyone she's moving out. This really fucked up the other two roommate's plans, and they've been beyond stressed out housing as they can't break their lease now. Honestly, the tension before this was obvious, and I told my friends they were stupid for signing the lease with her (in a nicer way though).
She would do things like hide the TV remote in her room. We used Sam's gaming counsels for our game nights, and Hannah took those, too. Little by little we weren't allowed to speak about Sam or have any type of fun. Most nights we just silently watched a movie and smoked or something. Only Hannah was allowed to mourn. Everything was on her terms, and it was awkward.
She started making out of pocket comments about race and people's appearances in general. How black people are animals. Very shocking stuff, but also delivered in such a nonchalant way. I have no idea if I just hadn't seen this side of her, but it felt very new and odd.
I fear Hannah is very out of touch with the reality of her relationships, though. She has become almost manipulative towards us all. She reached out and sent me a very long paragraph that my friends are all evil and have made despicable actions towards her. I had written a long, heartfelt letter after Sam's passing for this group, and they hung it on their fridge. It was to honor Sam and to stay connected and to never forget that my friends are loved.
Hannah told me my friends destroyed the note. she told me she would love to be friends and be in contact, but that my friends were terrible people.
The thing is, is that this isn't real. The note is fine, and her roommates have not been evil. This feels like it has all been building up, but EVERYONE is confused. I feel that the past 4 months I have been reassuring everyone that grief is weird and complicated, but to do our best, but at this rate we have all been pushing our feelings aside and Hannah is the only one allowed to grieve.
She has unadded us all.
I responded reassuring her the note is okay and that it was just a misunderstanding. I told her I'd love to chat more and I'm happy to talk about Sam's loss too, as I witnessed my stepmom lose her partner, same with my uncle. I told her that everyone is concerned for her. I asked her to explain what evil has been done if she is comfortable. I asked her what was up, and told her I'm lost, everyone is confused.
She never responded.
I want to respond so bad calling her out, but I won't. That's what this is for.
I am so angry and frustrated. She is allowed to be upset and sad and move away and leave, but she has no right to call my friends evil. She is jumping to conclusions and making things hard for her roommates and the group overall. We lost two friends this year.
She's living off Sam's parents' money and moving across the country to live on their property. I feel bad that she is taking advantage of his parents in such a venerable state, but I am now glad we won't have to deal with her, and we can properly grieve.
I suspect she has some mental issues; it is more than grief as of right now. To turn and lie about such great friends. She has victimized herself in such a deep way, I hope she finds help.
I was forgiving for a long time; I was always backing her up when all of my friends started noticing her toxic behavior. I reassured them over and over that grief is intense and confusing, but this time I can't defend her. It's my time to be allowed to be angry. I will let her move on and live her life. I will not forget about Sam.
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2023.06.07 21:50 Fergy328 (2023) 6/7 Monstercat Song Birthdays!

Today is June 7th, 2023. Happy Birthday to...
helloworld - 2hard2letgo which turns 1 year old today!
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Justin OH - She's A Killer which turns 5 years old today!
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Delectatio - The Meaning EP which turns 4 years old today!
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