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2023.06.09 20:32 MiguelIstNeugierig Now everytime I comment here reddit pops up a message asking if I really wanna comment it and to follow the rules, they can't stop my evilness though...nice try 😈🙄🙄

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2023.06.09 20:32 xan9x Make $ With Temu

I’ve been using temu for not even 24 hours and i’ve made $130, you go to the search bar, type 171589509 and a game will pop up. Do what it asks and collect the cookies. Once you invite 10 new users you can get the payout. My first payout was $100 may be different for others ($40 for example) but still more money is better than no money. I’m on track to make 200+ a day. Good luck!
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2023.06.09 20:31 xan9x Make $ With Temu

I’ve been using temu for not even 24 hours and i’ve made $130, you go to the search bar, type 171589509 and a game will pop up. Do what it asks and collect the cookies. Once you invite 10 new users you can get the payout. My first payout was $100 may be different for others ($40 for example) but still more money is better than no money. I’m on track to make 200+ a day. Good luck!
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2023.06.09 20:30 SickAlpaca R4iDS Gold White Screen

Hi everyone,
I have only recently gotten an R4 and I'm running into a problem atm. It works fine, i can play most of the games without any problem at all. Except for Pokemon. At first i downloaded the european version of it, which sadly only worked in english. Then i downloaded the "Germany" Version and as soon as i started it up i got stuck with a white screen.
Is this a regional incompatibility or smth like that?
Cheers :)
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2023.06.09 20:30 xan9x Make $ With Temu

I’ve been using temu for not even 24 hours and i’ve made $130, you go to the search bar, type 171589509 and a game will pop up. Do what it asks and collect the cookies. Once you invite 10 new users you can get the payout. My first payout was $100 may be different for others ($40 for example) but still more money is better than no money. I’m on track to make 200+ a day. Good luck!
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2023.06.09 20:30 khoafraelich789 Peugeot Refreshes The 508 For 2024 With A New Face And Engine Upgrades

Peugeot Refreshes The 508 For 2024 With A New Face And Engine Upgrades

Peugeot has just unveiled an upgraded version of its flagship vehicle, the 508 in both sedan and station wagon models with a new face and new engines which shall be explored now.

The revised D-segment compacts that will hit showrooms in June are easily distinguished from the models launched in 2018 by their narrower LED Matrix headlights (standard across the range) and three DRL claw marks below each light unit instead of the single fang seen on the current cars. The lower grille has champed shape and now turns down rather than up at the ends, giving the car less of a smiley face, but the biggest change is reserved for the grille, which flows into the bumper below it and features Peugeot’s latest badge.

Moving at the back, the full-LED taillights boast a fresh take on the same three-claw motif. Customers will be able to pick from three new colors (Okenite White, Titanium Grey, Eclipse Blue), three trim levels (Allure, GT, Peugeot Sport Engineered), and several alloy wheel designs in sizes from 17 to 20 inches. For the range-topping PSE, the French brand installs Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires.

Inside, the 508 receives much of the technology seen elsewhere in the Peugeot line-up, with a redesigned dashboard and center console. It gains a 10-in central infotainment display partnered with Peugeot’s 12-in i-Cockpit system and a compact steering wheel. As well as voice recognition, sat-nav, a motorized boot, two USB sockets, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the 508 benefits from a night vision camera that can detect cyclists, animals, and pedestrians.

Power starts with an i3 1.2-liter turbocharged gasoline unit with 130 horsepower. For Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, Peugeot also equips the 508 with a bigger i4, 1.6-liter producing 218 hp. Alternatively, customers can go for the i4, 1.5-liter turbodiesel with 130 hp.

A pair of plug-in hybrid powertrains are offered in two-wheel-drive guise by combining a 150-hp or 180-hp gasoline engine with an 81-kilowatt electric motor for a combined output of 180-hp and 225-hp, respectively. Step up to the 508 PSE and you get a 200-hp gasoline engine an 81-kW motor linked to the automatic transmission and an 83-kW motor at the rear. Combined, these produce 360 hp delivered to both axles.

Source: autojosh
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2023.06.09 20:30 xan9x Make $ With Temu (Easy)

I’ve been using temu for not even 24 hours and i’ve made $130, you go to the search bar, type 171589509 and a game will pop up. Do what it asks and collect the cookies. Once you invite 10 new users you can get the payout. My first payout was $100 may be different for others ($40 for example) but still more money is better than no money. I’m on track to make 200+ a day. Good luck!
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2023.06.09 20:30 IcommitedWarCrimes I told you so, I told you so

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2023.06.09 20:30 Wlafy This think pop up like 2 weeks ago and it randomly comes up after i play for like half hour then i cant enter the server for another hour, I need a solution

This think pop up like 2 weeks ago and it randomly comes up after i play for like half hour then i cant enter the server for another hour, I need a solution submitted by Wlafy to HypixelSkyblock [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 20:29 o_btree Having a hard time deciding between getting a 100% and starting the game over after finishing my first playthrough

This game was my go-to for enjoyment and even relaxation the last few months. I got through it fairly quickly although I did take some moments to enjoy some hunting and did alot of side missions before returning to main story missions.. yet I feel so empty when considering playing now that the epilogue is over. I played some until a Blackwater bounty for the guy stealing tools caused a glitch (got the poster and the location never showed up on the map).
So no without even a bounty to go for, no missions besides repeating the Mr. White and Mr. Black posters mission (another glitch?)... I am lost as to what to do. I don't have much money so I can't go and buy a bunch of other games, I don't really want to restart yet as I want the story to feel more fresh again and give that time, and I find it hard to explore the map for little things as I probably have ADHD or something. The story was so gripping and having a story mission or side mission waiting for me allowed me to feel more comfortable taking my time, doing chores, and exploring. Now I am using fast travel or the carriage/trains, feeling empty just wandering around.
How did you guys handle the finishing of the game during your first playthrough? Am I overthinking things and it would be enjoyable to complete the 100% or just start again? Or maybe I should just give it a break and come back to the game when the ending is still so fresh? Advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.09 20:29 Ok-Clover-6276 Help tracking down video.

I know some of the big jokes from previous videos, such as milk and sponges, do not redeem posters and the goose from the virus episode pop up in the background as reminders. I've seen one poster, something to do with cows on the wall, but I'm struggling to remember what it's referring to. I think it's set up in the style of a newspaper article talking about someone's hooved venture.
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2023.06.09 20:28 JmoonlightD Cuyahoga County/Garfield Heights John Doe & possible connection?

I have been unable to stop thinking about these two cases ever since I saw this post and its comments suggesting a possible link between the two.
Cuyahoga County/Garfield Heights John Doe:
Sex: Male
Race: Black/African American
Estimated Age: Adult/pre-20/18-21
Estimated Year of Death: 1991
Estimated Height: 5'7"
Physical Description: Black curly hair
Clothing (all on body): red short sleeved t-shirt, Levi jeans 34Wx30L, tan boxers, 2 pairs of white socks, white Nike shoes with purple and green stripes.
His body was found by children on September 11th, 1991, in a wooded area at the rear of 4954 East 81st Street (Garfield Heights, Ohio). In the sole of his shoe was a note which said:
"For Daddy
We can't wait to see you!
Cynthia and Boo Boo
Miss You"
Again, somebody in the comments of this post found two women using the names Cynthia and Boo Boo (Alice) through the signing of this obituary. These women have Facebook profiles but in reading the comments of the reddit post, they responded strangely when they were contacted about this a few years ago; I haven't contacted them myself and I suggest other people don't either. I think that there is a chance that these sisters from Ohio wrote the note and that they are potentially the children of this man but their responses suggest that they don't want to be contacted for whatever reason and that should be respected.
My thoughts about this case alone:
James Eric Bess:
James Eric Bess and his friend Chipley Charles Sanders went missing from a boys' group home in Ashland, Kentucky on October 4th 1984. James was 14 years old when he went missing (born 12/18/1969), which would make him 21 in 1991.
Last Seen Wearing: blue denim jacket, sports shirt, grey sneakers, blue jeans
Description: African-American male with black hair and blue/grey eyes. 5'6" and 110 pounds. Scarring on the right side of his waist, his right hand, and his right elbow.
Also, one website lists his first name as Eric - not sure if this is accurate considering all others list him as James Eric but should be noted: http://www.missingin.org/reg9449/eric_james_bess.htm
There isn't an overwhelming amount of evidence to suggest that the two are linked but the timelines and physical characteristics add up. Garfield Heights is 4-5 hours from Ashland so it doesn't seem beyond the realm of possibility that James (and maybe Chipley) could have hitchhiked. The thing that really made me consider the link is that James' sister is in the comments of the Unresolved Mysteries post (Chipley's is too), and she believes that there is a resemblance between Alice's grandchild and the Bess family - although again there is no confirmation that those women are related to the Garfield County John Doe. But, in the comments she also mentions that before James was sent to the home, it was believed that he had a baby on the way. Could this not be Cynthia or Boo Boo?
I believe that this has all been submitted to the relevant people but I think I will do it again, if only to rule out the possibility. I haven't been able to find anything that wasn't already established in the comments of the Unresolved Mysteries post, but I thought it was worth seeing what people in this subreddit thought about it. This is my first time making a post like this and I'm not very active in this subreddit so apologies if this is confusing or lacks info, I did my best. Also, just to reiterate, please don't contact anybody - I haven't either
edited to fix links
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2023.06.09 20:27 rtd1326 Garage door

After the install I realized I messed up and should have gone with a white garage door. Not sure if I’m overreacting bc I’m not used to it or if this looks extremely tacky. Thoughts?
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2023.06.09 20:27 BeerandBeemers These guys have started popping up all over my house. What are they?

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2023.06.09 20:26 Spacecow6942 Probably a ridiculous question, but...

So, my sister has recently been diagnosed with some kind of demyelinating disease, probably MS. We're still waiting on labs to come back, but the neurologist was pretty sure it's MS. She was misdiagnosed with a stroke a year earlier and it has progressed pretty aggressively in that year. Her first MRI had 7 'white spots' and the new one has 20. She can't walk without a walker and a physical therapist, she talks very slow and gets words mixed up.
Anyway, my understanding is that her therapy will be largely a matter of making new neural pathways to relearn old skills. Here's the goofy part... I've heard that psychedelics are used in PTSD treatment to do exactly what we need, form new neural pathways. Has there been any research done in this area?
What do you guys think? Bare minimum, I think tripping while you're stuck in a hospital bed would suck. I'm also pretty sure that to form these pathways, she'd have to do her physical therapy under the effects of powerful, mind altering drugs, and that doesn't sound super productive either. I'm probably just grasping at straws, but I figured this would be a good place to check. Google hasn't been super helpful.
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2023.06.09 20:26 Additional_Pen_3019 I wonder if this is a primarily psychosomatic illness? (LONG THREAD)

Note, I am not trying to invalidate anyone's experiences , I am just trying to share my thoughts and provide perspective. You are free to agree or disagree with any of the points I raise here.
That being said - I cannot help but feel but this 'POIS' disorder is largely a psychosomatic one. The specific mechanism is called "somatisation", where a mental illness manifests itself with physical symptoms due to subconscious processes within the brain.
To give an example from pop culture, there is a character called Chuck McGill from the TV series "Better Call Saul" who appears to have an allergy to electricity (spoilers ahead!). He experiences genuine physical pain when exposed to electromagnetic currents, and even faints at one point due to overstimulation (which is later understood to be a panic attack).
However, it soon becomes clear that Chuck's illness is psychological in nature. He likely has some form of OCD, as well as a deep seated inferiority complex regarding his younger brother, who is better able to connect with people than he is, and was preferred by both their parents when growing up. Nonetheless, Chuck is very, very able to explain and rationalise the fact that he is suffering from an apparent physical ailment, including statements such as "no one knew about peanut allergies 20 years ago, so just because medical knowledge hasn't advanced yet doesnt mean electricity allergy isnt real." However, it is obvious he is trying to mask a mental condition, but feels extremely ashamed at the prospect of being 'exposed' as being 'crazy', and lashes out publically after someone compares him to a schizophrenic.
Out of necessity, Chuck eventually moves away from this mindset and, after receiving counselling and SSRIs/antidepressants, attempts to reintegrate himself back into normal life. He rids himself of his tinfoil blankets and allows himself to start using electrical appliances. He recovers greatly, and is absolutely fine, in spite of exposing himself to something he is supposedly "allergic" to. (until his brother shows up and triggers his mental illness once more... but I won't go into that!)
You see, I cannot help but notice certain similarities in POIS discussions. There are tons of posts going into complex scientific matters discussing possible 'medical' causes of this illness. Things like issues with the neuroendocrine system, autoimmune reactions, and the like. People taking combinations of supplements, herbs and pharmaceuticals and reporting a reduction in symptoms. I also note that, the research points to a very high comorbidity of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, and anecdotally I notice a high frequency of ASD, ADHD and OCD.
Thus, I do wonder whether this is some kind of rationalisation, or a somatization of deeper issues. In my opinion, there are likely to be complex emotional and psychological factors at play in POIS sufferers, which lead to the apparent symptoms. Intelligent, rational people are very able to find convincing explanations for their symptoms and struggles - even if they're not actually accurate - and, combined with the mechanism of somatization, it may be very convincing to others, including medical professionals, that the person is suffering from a rare physical ailment as opposed to trying to deal with some kind of inner turmoil.
And yes, I know that the disorder is classified and recognised by many health professionals and is being thoroughly researched - but I posit that this is due to the highly troubling and disturbing nature of the supposed illness (i.e. the idea of not being able to have sex without essentially being crippled by one's own body - that's pretty fucked up) and the fact that many smart people, who suffer with the symptoms, are able to quite lucidly and convincingly explain what might be at play.
This is my personal story, which leads me to the conclusion that I have made...:
I went through a brief phase of thinking I might have POIS. I had extreme lethargy and demotivation whenever I watched porn and masturbated. I would regularly binge and this would leave me feeling flat, exhausted, and just basically awful. The "symptoms" would last for multiple days.
Additionally, for much of my teenage years, I believed I might have some kind of hypersensitivity or allergy to sugary foods. I had to completely avoid them for a very long period as I lacked self control, so would end up binge eating them and genuinely feel awful afterwards.
Eventually, because of my self-control problems, I started convincing myself that every single time I masturbated, or ate a sugary snack - regardless of whether it was just one time or a geninely unhealthy binge - I convinced myself I was doing something wrong and was going to feel terrible afterwards,. And that, by some weird mechanism which I still don't really understand, this actually led to me feeling bad, foggy, and wiped out after I indulged in those things - even in moderation!
Turns out, in fact, that I was actually just very depressed and had been so for a long time, and in addition to that had severe ADHD. I was extremely ashamed at my lack of ability to control myself, and had essentially been traumatised into hating myself for this. Additionally, I noticed that "semen retention" did actually come with many psychological benefits, and could (I presume, by spiking levels of dopamine in the brain) actually relieve many of my ADHD and depressive symptoms. Thus, I came to associate sexual activity with 'bad things happening', because I would immediately lose these benefits. Doubtless, there was likely some actual neurological basis for my apparent symptoms (the dopamine crash after orgasm and after eating sugar, which happens to everyone, but may affect people differently, based on their sensitivity).
So essentially, my POIS symptoms were actually the product of a complex psychosomatic reaction, combined with my tendency to overindulge and ACTUALLY exhaust myself, as well as my depression and ADHD, which made me more vulnerable to fluctuations in dopamine and other neuroendocrines. Note, that feeling demotivated and tired after orgasm is a universal human experience - but again, some are more likely to be sensitive to this effect than others.
Once I got my depression and ADHD sorted and under control, I found that - except if I binged and went overboard with masturbation - the POIS symptoms completely vanished. I now experience a normal level of tiredness after orgasm, but nothing like extreme brain fog or dysarthria or anything like that.
Additionally - and this is perhaps going a bit deeper - I struggled with severe social anxiety and chronic depression growing up and as a result, when I was exposed to "NoFap" and "Semen Retention" during my formative years, I ended up kind of obsessing over it. It fucked up my sexuality and I got sucked into the philosophy. This was because, not only was I impulsive and lacked self-control, but also, the "benefits" like increased confidence were really appealing to me, and I could see that there was SOME TRUTH to the claims being made. So I developed an early aversion to masturbation, which likely led to the development of a psychosomatic illness.
So yeah - my point is that POIS likely does have some roots in actual physical causes, namely spikes in things like dopamine, prolactin, testosterone etc. If you have issues with your brain/body that may affect these (e.g., ADHD (low dopamine), low testosterone levels, prolactemia, depression (low serotonin/dopamine), OCD (low serotonin), anxiety (low serotonin and possibly dopamine)), then you are perhaps more likely to be sensitive to these changes than the average person, and may present with increased "POIS-like symptoms" related to cognition. It is likely that past experiences and shame around sexuality also contribute. Porn or sex addiction may also be a genuine cause of the symptoms because you stimulate your body to an unnatural and unsustainable level.
Also, having OCD-like obsessions may be a contributing factor to POIS' development. You are likely to be very anxious and worried about yourself, and will excessively check your own mental state and/or physical state after having an orgasm. If you feel that you are tired or demotivated (which is normal), your OCD brain may overblow how bad these things feel - similar to the mechanisms seen in anorexia and body dysmorphia - and convince yourself that you have a problem, when you actually, in fact, do not.
As for the allergy hypothesis - it is hard to see why orgasming would lead to an allergic reaction. Some theories state its an autoimmune reaction to one's own semen, but a study showed that non-POIS individuals have the same reactions to skin-prick tests as those who stated that they had POIS. I would also add that allergies are more common than usual among people with depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism etc, so the apparently elevated presence of general allergies among the POIS population may be a product of this fact, rather than pointing towards an increased likelihood of being allergic to orgasms as well as peanuts, shellfish, pollen etc. Essentially, no one really knows why people with mental health conditions are more susceptible to allergies but that's just the way it is. Allergies are also way more common than you think, a substantial proportion of the general population has hay fever for example.
Final point: something similar has been observed in Indian psychiatry. There's a condition called "Dhat Syndrome" which is understood to be purely psychosomatic in nature. It is treated with CBT and antidepressants. Basically, in Hindu scriptures, sexuality is treated as something that is "vital" and "spilling one's seed" is seen as bad. Thus, people in India are more likely to develop complexes and shame around sex/masturbation because of cultural messaging, which affects the subconscious, and may be a contributing factor to the development of this psychosomatic disease.
TD;LR - POIS is almost certainly a psychosomatic disorder, not a physical one (imo). It is likely a manifestation of deeper psychological issues. There is some truth in saying that orgasm leads to changes in neurochemicals and hormones and may thus produce certain psychological, or even physical, effects in people. However, these alone are unlikely to cause the degree of symptoms experienced by sufferers of "POIS", because they are a normal part of human biology. Nonetheless, certain individuals may be more sensitive to alterations in dopamine/testosterone/prolactin due to certain neurological conditions, hormone deficiencies, or mental health issues like depression/OCD.
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2023.06.09 20:26 Sunnnshineallthetime The pain of loss.

My beloved cat passed away last Saturday; she would have been 18 years old in August.
She had been experiencing intermittent full body paralysis for the two weeks before that, where all four of her legs would become limp like noodles and she could not stand. It was horrible to see her like that and despite thousands of dollars in tests, our vet wasn’t sure what was wrong. The durations of paralysis became longer each time, and that day, it had became so severe that she could not even lift her head and had to be spoon fed water and food.
We rushed her to the emergency vet but they still could not determine what was wrong. They said it’s possible it was neurological, an infection such as meningitis, inflammation from an autoimmune disease, or a blood clot; they confirmed that she no longer had any sensation in her paws; her paw pads had turned completely white that day and it was unlikely she would recover.
We went to the vet expecting to help her get better and bring her home, but instead we had to make the incredibly difficult decision to put her down. They gave her an IV of sedation, which put her in a deep sleep before administering the euthanasia.
It didn’t feel real at the time; for some reason, my brain kept thinking “this is what is necessary to ease her suffering” while also thinking of it more as a treatment to help her get better…it didn’t feel permanent at the time. When I got home, I just kept thinking “I can’t wait to go pick her up from the vet! I can’t wait to see her again!”
But I can’t…
I will pick her remains up on Tuesday but she is no longer here. My brain is in a strange state and I can’t really process this.
I keep alternating between feeling like I’m going to see her again, and feeling like there’s a black hole somewhere deep in my stomach or soul swallowing everything up inside of me. Sometimes I cry and then I feel okay and then it rushes back over me like a wave.
The hardest part is missing her.
She was a part of my day every day for such a long time! She was there for so many memories, big and small, and everything in between. I kissed her fluffy forehead goodbye every day before work and again every day when I got home. I loved her so much; I miss her so deeply.
She was my best friend in the whole entire world. Honestly, she was my only friend.
I am struggling so much with this. I can’t focus at work. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I feel like the inside of my stomach is sinking; like a piece of me is missing.
I thought getting a kitten just like her would ease the pain of missing her, but I’m feeling overwhelmed by the search and it’s much harder to find one like her than I thought it would be. I know I can never replace her but I just miss her so much.
When does this get better?
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2023.06.09 20:26 Lemminkainen_ The weirdest mist surreal feeling I've ever had in a dream yet .

.... ... I was in the school ( I don't think i recognise this from real life ) Heard a noise checked the bathroom stall there was a zombie some old school friends i recognise were also there , i started looking for weapons to kill it most weapons were too short , they kinda tried to too not as hard but soon they started running and seeing them i did too even though i somewhat didn't wanted to it was abrupt , while walking a small group of two seperated from majority i thought it'd be safer to take different routes so i follow smaller group , this is where it hits the feeling it was so surreal i still kinda feel it , i felt like i left something/ someone behind and "wtf am i doing here" kinda lost it was so surreal I can't describe it , maybe i followed the group coz i was scared of being left alone but regardless we the both groups going round the school ended up in the same place that is hiding behind the trees in a ground .
I think it might be related to career the dream but idk about the feeling what do you guys think was that about ? Thank you
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2023.06.09 20:26 Yes_Not_creative Prep for Riagnero

Meanwhile in the Multiversal Helix Spiral
We cut back to the Chosen and [Normal] on their expedition to find Blu with the Chosen of Psychics, Esper, leading the charge. Eventually, Esper stops at a specific floating fissure of rock. The way it's molded makes it very clear that there used to be an opening for a universe that used to be attached to it. Various bright markings of chalk and DIY signs were also attached to the rock, now with nothing to point to.
Esper looks back at the rest of a group, nodding as confirmation to get to work.
[Normal] walks off to the side while holding a briefcase. She opens it and starts placing down various rectangular metal devices around the area. The devices start glowing green, and Volt stands outside of the area onto a different floating rock to stand watch. The green glow starts creating an energy barrier that defends the backside of the girls as they do their thing.
Inside the barrier, [Normal] keeps the briefcase open and pulls out a radar and a white custom firearm for herself, then shuts it closed.
Normal: "Everything seems good to go, you two ready?"
Esper and Luna nod in unison
Esper: "You sure we don't need the book for this?"
Luna: "Yeah, I'm sure! I've read the Necronomicon a hundred times, and I know how to handle it."
Esper: "Alright, if you say so..."
Luna: "I know so. Come on out, Maverick!"
Luna summons a muscular devil looking demon with no legs, walks up to it, and starts to give the instructions for how the spell works
Luna: "... And that's how it's done. Just like I told you, got it?"
Maverick: Nods in acknowledgment
Maverick moves to the middle of the floating rock they're standing on and gets in position. Luna sprouts her wings and flies above the three and gets ready for the spell
Esper: "Luna, just make sure to aim for where the universe used to - "
Luna: "I got it!"
Maverick starts mumbling the words to cast Riagnero in his native language as bright dark energy starts to ball up into his hands and fires it at Luna's back. Luna absorbed the energy, as she does, she starts to see visions of other multiverses, like she was looking into a Kaleidoscope.
[Normal] stares up at Luna in awe of the spell that is Riagnero. Just then, she starts to hear a noise coming from her hand. The radar she's holding starts getting signs of another life form heading this way, or a cluster of organisms darting around as one.
A glitch entity.
Normal: "Oh no. Esper! Volt! Glitch Entity incoming! 5 o' clock!"
Volt: "Huh? Oh damn, I see it! Esper, come on!"
Esper: "O-OH, okay! I'm right behind you!"
Volt and Esper dart off to the glitch entity to slow it down. [Normal] holds onto their gun tighter and looks back at Maverick and Luna. She doesn't say anything but knows one thing. This HAS to work.
(To be continued...)
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2023.06.09 20:26 childofGod122219 Help! I've gotten so many different results trying to identify this one. Is it quartz? Or tree agate? Those are the two that keep coming up. Or is it something else entirely? I'm a beginner.

Help! I've gotten so many different results trying to identify this one. Is it quartz? Or tree agate? Those are the two that keep coming up. Or is it something else entirely? I'm a beginner. submitted by childofGod122219 to CrystalID [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 20:24 YKTNHamster 23/UK/PC Craftopia or Trove?

Greetings all, looking to play something different for a change as i've been burnt out of most of my annual game rotation already and wanted to change things up a little. I saw Craftopia and Trove in my steam list, neither of which i've played for years but both seem interesting enough from memory to have a crack at them. I started playing Craftopia but haven't touched Trove yet, would be willing to jump into either. Pop me a message if you'd be interesting, I have many many other games to play at other times too
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2023.06.09 20:24 cliffgrizz Will go to Swallows-Tigers game in July. Who are star players from each team?

Hi! I will go to my 1st NPB game(Swallows-Tigers) at Meiji Jinggu stadium in July and am very excited about it. I know Meiji Jinggu stadium is one of baseball cathedrals in Japan and Hanshin tigers are very very popular but cursed team in the league(like pre-2004 Red Sox or pre-2016 Cubs). Just wondering who are star players from each team I can follow. I did some study and know Murakami from Swallows is one of biggest stars in NPB and may join MLB within 2-3 years. Other than that, I know very little about both teams and NPB in general.
Some background here: After watching WBC games in past March, videos regarding Japan baseball started to pop up on youtube channel and that's how I started to know summer Koshien and then NPB. However, there is very limited videos about Japan baseball on youtube and most of my limited knowledge about Japan baseball was gained by reading post and comments from this subreddit and bilibili(a video sharing web containing lots of videos of summer Koshien and NPB).
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