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2023.06.04 00:34 scopesolo Work remotely at CollegeVine as a Senior Software Engineer.

Work remotely at CollegeVine as a Senior Software Engineer.
CollegeVine is hiring Senior Software Engineer.
🌎 Remote - US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil
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2023.05.24 09:54 Double-Bit-9901 Is 10% too little of an admission chance?

I'm so sorry if this just feels like whining, but browsing A2C and chanceme can sometimes feel very overwhelming. It is almost impossible for international students to perform as well as their american counterparts (in some cases for good reasons) and I've seen people with AMAZING ecs and awards aiming at what I would consider safeties.
Currently, collegevine is the main tool I use to understand weather or not my dreams are too surreal and most of my reaches are giving me about 10% admission chance. I am fully aware that this figure is also not completely true and that it's just an estimate, but as an international, are my chances just too slim?
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2023.05.23 04:09 sanristars Chance me!

Demographics: Gender: Female
Race: Hispanic
School: Basic high school lol
Region: Mid-Atlantic
Income ~150k for family of 5
Intended Major: Biology or biochemistry (pre-medical route!)
PSAT: 1040 (taking SAT next year)
UW/W GPA and Decile: 4.00/4.19, decile 4 (wasn’t updated yet from last year—last year I had a 3.95)
Coursework: So far, combining 9th and 10th grade, I have taken 4 honors courses, 3 accelerated courses, and I plan on taking 3 AP classes. **My counselor did not allow me to choose the courses I wanted to take because I was new to the school district which messed up EVERYTHING, so thanks a lot for that
Awards: - Distinguished Honor Roll - Science Student of the Month - President’s Education Awards (8th grade lol)
ECs: - Female Empowerment Club (just a member) - National English Honor Society - School Ambassador program - Running a studygram on Instagram that helps hundreds of students with their school work. I have helped both med students and high school students alike. - Running a skincare blog on Instagram that educates followers about the science behind their favorite skincare products - Planning on making a TikTok and Instagram for a cause I believe in - Volunteering at a Bible camp this summer - Sharing my K-Pop merch on an Instagram account with 200 followers—I found such a great community and friends through K-pop on both Instagram and TikTok! **My school doesn’t offer much EC’s for healthcare fields.
Hooks: I am quite literally the only hispanic kid in all of my classes. Not exactly sure what else to include—tips are appreciated!!
LOR: I plan on asking my English teacher, whom I adore and is my favorite teacher—and also went to UPenn, one of my dream schools! I’m still a sophomore so I will ask a science teacher in the future if I make a good connection with them.
Essays - The main one is going to be about how I met a little girl in the hospital who inspired me to pursue medicine. - For any supplementals that could possibly ask me about someone I look up to, I am considering writing about BTS, who has helped me tremendously!
Schools: Keep in mind, these are my reach schools. Please know I am still being realistic haha!! - ED1 UPenn - 19%, according to CollegeVine - ED2 Northeastern - 30%, according to CollegeVine - Harvard (yea yea I know lol) - Boston University - NYU
Constructive criticism and accurate chancing are welcome and appreciated, berating remarks and arrogance are NOT.
Thank you!! ☺️
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2023.05.16 15:23 Serokell Haskell in Production: CollegeVine

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2023.05.01 07:43 scopesolo Join CollegeVine as a Senior Software Engineer

Join CollegeVine as a Senior Software Engineer
CollegeVine is hiring Senior Software Engineer.
🌎 Remote - US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil
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2023.04.29 22:02 Ramalamma42 How accurate was CollegeVine Chances calculator for you?

Prepping to help my child (current Junior) next year, and I'm curious how accurate the CollegeVine calculator was for you IRL. I thought she was doing very well (Presidents list, 4.3 weighted GPA, summer job in healthcare as she wants to go to med school, Natl Honors Society, varsity sports, leadership ops) but it seems from this calculator she may only have a chance to get into her Safety schools (Loyola Chicago, Marquette, Purdue). Her dream schools are WashU and Notre Dame. Feels like she has no time for much more - any suggestions? TIA!
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2023.04.27 19:45 RemoteRocketship CollegeVine is hiring a Business Development Representative, Higher Education in the United States

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2023.04.27 19:30 RemoteRocketship CollegeVine is hiring a Sales Representative, Higher Education in the United States

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2023.04.26 16:47 JustTheWriter Organizing the Common App Personal Statement/The Hair Essay

Common App Personal Statements (Common App essays) usually have 3 organizational components:
• The narrator describes an event
• The narrator discusses how the event affected them and/or what larger aspect of themselves the event represents
• The narrator concludes by describing who they are now
Here are examples that use the Common App's 5th prompt ("Discuss an accomplishment, event, or realization that sparked a period of personal growth and a new understanding of yourself or others.")
This formula is the personal narrative at its most simple. Sometimes a writer will play with those components, starting with who they are now, returning to the formula, and concluding with a twist that develops their starting point.
I see this style quite frequently in a variant of the Self-Acceptance essay that I call The Hair Essay. The Hair Essay – usually written by young women of color (though I've seen versions written by guys) – is often organized like this:
• Girl struggles with her hair – it's frizzy, "unruly," nothing like the hair she sees in media/cultural representations of beauty
• Girl talks about her historical hair struggles
• Realization or event leading to epiphany about hair
• Reconciliation with hair, embrace of personal appearance: rather than changing her hair, she embraces it – and the struggles that come with it – as a part of herself.
Questions, comments, concerns, additions, omissions?
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2023.04.21 12:28 Tamerlan30999 survey questions on digital sat

I know that complex numbers were removed from dsat, what about survey questions? cause i haven't seen one in bluebook
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2023.04.17 00:11 thisgoescrazy ASIAN MALE IN CS WITH NO CS ECs GETS RESULTS

Intended Major(s): Computer Science 💀
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
  1. Local summer camp founder: held a free evening summer camp for kids in my neighborhood for like two summers (after lockdown). it had 10-20 kids in total over two years. i was the only organizeperson (no employees or help). i basically held activities sports and other stuff for them and kept communication with parents. decent time commitment over the summer
  2. Co-founder and president of sat prep club. We reached like 50+ people and helped provide free assistance to all the students who wanted help. my friends and I offered 1 on 1 meetings and we would create weekly presentations as well. it wasn't too bad of a time commitment. we also started it pretty late in like february of junior year.
  3. Karate and kickboxing student: reached red belt with four stripes, assisted the instructor as well sometimes. i did it for a few years but i quit when covid happened so I never got the black belt 💀. its sad because i was literally only one stage before the black belt. i was nervous bc i thought it'd show lack of commitment to colleges.
  4. Small internship (not computer science related): some college preparation startup held a internship program (think collegevine but smaller and not known at all) . it was pretty easy to get selected but i thought something would be better than nothing. it didn't involve anything coding related, i was just testing the website basically.
  5. Cofounder and president of indian cultural club: the club was pretty popular cuz it reached like 100 students but thats also probably cuz theres a ton of indians at our school. my friends and I literally created the club in like may of our junior year so we had barely done anything with it 💀. we held like one bake sale and we're planning an assembly in may but not much else.
  6. Volunteer tutor at kumon: 💀
  7. Student at some local summer stem program: it wasn't selective at all, pretty much everyone got in. it was held across consecutive summers from middle school to 10th by a community college. i just included it cuz I was running out of options and I finished my final year in the summer before 10th grade so it technically counted.
  8. Summer camp group counselor: i decided to take this job in the summer before senior year cuz I wanted to have a nice teenage experience. it was pretty fun but I probably would have been better off grinding some coding projects.
  9. Self took only python course: this is my only ec related to computer science but I don't really count it because anyone can put it down and it doesn't mean much. i just didn't have anything else to put down at this point but i really wanted to get to 10.
  10. Weightlifting: i had run out of anything I could potentially write and i was so close to 10 so I decided to add this cuz why not. i just wrote about my progress in the gym, my bulk and weight numbers. i honestly thought this would make me seem more interesting.
My awards are so trash but I thankfully was able to get to 5.
  1. Spanish honor society
  2. AP scholar with distinction
  3. National honor society
  4. AP Seminar and research certificate
  5. Letter of Commendation from National Merit Scholarship Program (as you can see, it got pretty desperate)
Letters of Recommendation
(Briefly describe relationships with your recommenders and estimated rating.)
AP world history teacher: (5/10) I have a pretty friendly relationship with him but we weren't close at all. he literally wrote the recc letter in front of me in like 15 minutes so I already know he just restated my extracurriculars and didn't say anything profound about me. i definitely wasn't confident about this one
Algebra 2 teacher: (8/10) I had a bad relationship with my pre calc teacher and I'm taking ap calc senior year so my algebra 2 teacher was my only option cuz I wanted a math teacher recommendation. thankfully we had a pretty good relationship even though we rarely talked. he hosted our sat club and we were always on good terms. I assume he wrote something decent because he was always so kind to me and I feel like he's the type of person to write a good recommendation.
Guidance (5/10): I barely know my guidance and she doesn't know me either. all she knew about me was whatever was written on my resume. she had to write the recommendation for a ton of students so mine definitely wasn't anything special.
(Briefly reflect on interview experiences, if applicable.)
Upenn (9/10) - 1 hour long, pretty standard interview. the interviewer liked the questions I asked and he said he was going to write a few positive details about me. he said id be a good fit for the school. i took off one point cuz I forgot to send a thank you email until 3 days later, and I never got a response.
Princeton (10/10) - 1 hour long again, the interview got me really happy bc he said he was looking forward to seeing my name in the class of 2027 admitted list. he said he was gonna write me an amazing recc and he thought I would be a really great fit for the school. he had me thinking I had a shot at princeton for a second.
Common App Personal Statement (PS): I thought it was decent at first but its pretty average and common looking back on it. i wrote about overcoming my fear of public speaking but I tied it in with my extracurriculars and passion for computer science. i thought i wrote uniquely but oh well. My first draft that I submitted to all my EA colleges was pretty bad according to my ap lit teacher. i revised it and I sent my final and better version to all my rd schools. (sad i didn't get to send it to EA)
Georgia Tech Supp: Georgia tech was basically my dream college. I liked my essay which i thought was really specific and showed exactly why I wanted to go to ga tech.
Michigan supp: Spent most time on this and I actually really liked it. but once i saw the oos cost for michigan I didn't really care too much about it.
Others: I literally completed most of my EA essays on the day before. i revised my personal draft on the day my EA were due. My rd essays were decent imo and I liked them.
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)

Final thoughts:
As you can see, my application is no where near the level of the other people's applications on this subreddit. My ecs were pretty tame in my opinion and my awards didn't stand out. the entire time, I was nervous that I wouldn't even get into Rutgers, my safety. I really had no confidence going into it. I wasn't aware about the entire college admission process until junior year. I really just focused on grades and always put off thinking about colleges because I didn't realize it was this competitive. my parents are immigrants too so they have no knowledge about the college system.
I was really hoping for Georgia tech throughout the entire process but honestly, I took my other college options forgranted. I do wish I spent more time in highschool working on my ecs because I feel like that would have helped me a lot. However, i definitely don't regret my time in highschool because I had a ton of fun with friends. I think a balance is important and we shouldn't dedicate our entire highschool lives to colleges because its truly such a random process.
Even though I got into cs+education (not pure cs) at uiuc, I've talked to a lot of current students (in the cs+x program) and Ive decided that it is my best option compared to the others. I wish i got more aid but thats another story. if you have any questions, lmk.
Edit: formatting
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2023.04.10 21:19 iAmElmo69 Should I accept?

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2023.04.02 03:54 cornmealmushlover JUNIORS!! Do not make the mistakes I did!

Some advice based on my experience:
WHEN ESTIMATING YOUR CHANCES 1. If a college has an acceptance rate of below 35-40%, do not use the GPA/test score percentiles of admitted students to determine if you will get in. With such acceptance rates, using percentiles could significantly inflate your chances. These college often have more qualified applicants than they can admit, meaning you could be similar to an admitted student and still have a low chance of acceptance. 2. When looking at data for the average stats of an admitted student at a certain school, make sure you are looking at recent data, from the past year if you can find it. Some schools have become substantially more selective in a short period of time. 3. The CollegeVine calculator is a very useful tool. By putting in your GPA, test scores, demographics, and extracurriculars, you can get a decently accurate picture of your chances at a certain school. Use CollegeVine to pick a good amount of safeties, matches, and reaches.
WHEN EVALUATING SCHOOLS 1. Don’t take a school off your list just because it’s biggesmaller than you’d like or the campus is ugly. You may change your mind. Remember what is more non-negotiable (choice of major, a student environment you would fit into beliefs/personality wise- Niche is a good resource for assessing student environment) and what is more negotiable (how much you vibe with the campus/size of a school) for your happiness/success at a college. 2. If you start thinking during the college application process that you may want to major in something different than you originally thought, make sure you have enough colleges with that major on your list before it’s too late! Even if they don’t fit your ideal standards. 3. Financial aid calculators, even ones that require more financial information, can easily be as much as $10k off.
Wishing you all the best with your college search! Feel free to ask questions in the comments.
(Edited point 1 under "when estimating your chances" to improve clarity)
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2023.04.01 12:09 laikasspam24 African intl student hopelessly applies to schools on their deadlines and gets surprising results

Intended Major(s): Economics/Business Economics/Management
Standardized Testing
List the highest scores earned and all scores that were reported.
List all extracurricular involvements, including leadership roles, time commitments, major achievements, etc. (A/N: my ECs were nothing extraordinary or recognized nationally or internationally)
#1 Little Mx Social: IG page created to help people suffering from social anxiety after the pandemic, 300+ followers.
#2 Student Govt President: mentioned all the things I implemented as president, zero-tolerance bullying policy, art fairs, cultural events at school
#3 Cooking club: 4 hours per week, a great opportunity for students to showcase their cultures and learn from others’ cultures through cooking. It was really fun and we had over 50 participants.
#4 Open Heart Charity: Charity created by my friends and I (we spent a lot of time working on it), raised over 100k cfa in fundraising and over 300 material donations
#5 Tennis: been playing since I was 4, won best junior player years ago
#6 Yale Young Global Scholars: summer program done by Yale (do not do it thinking it will increase your chances of admissions at Yale. I got rejected.)
#7 Harvard Global Scholar Internship Program: Built business models. Very enriching 5-week experience.
#8 Internship at an IT company of my city: repaired all the POS of supermarkets in my city
#9 Family responsibilities: My parents often travel so I had to look after my siblings most of the time.
#10 Tutoring: tutored igcse students, and ibdp1 students
List all awards and honors submitted on your application.
Letters of Recommendation
My counselor, maths teacher, and economics teacher did my LORs and we all have very good relationships. I never had the opportunity to read them so I don’t know what they turned out to be but I guess they were good so I would say 8+/10
Decisions (indicate ED/EA/REA/SCEA/RD)
Acceptances :
sidenote: my scolarships amounted to a total of $1.1 million and long story short my new name at school is now "Miss Ivy League" haha.
Additional Information:
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2023.03.28 21:41 Decent_Gene7480 Is There a Collegevine Equivalent for Schools Outside of the US

I'm talking about one with a similar chancing calculator.

Edit: Further than the lack of essays, I don't get how you know it's inaccurate. I'm also asking for an international alternative, not whether Collegevine is accurate.
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2023.03.18 04:41 pepperdessert12 Holistic Admissions and "we review each applicant in the context of their school"

I don't know what to say.
I am a broke international student with above-average grades due to undeniable extenuating circumstances. In my country, colleges have made it extremely clear that they ONLY look at your grades. In 12th grade, I got to know about the US college admissions process. I was like wow, I can show my creativity here. Even though I had uncompetitive ecs, I had SOME, which I did on my own, and for myself (as compared to someone who does it for colleges only).
Somehow I convinced my parents to give me some time to apply and wait for the decision. Due to the pandemic, my 12th-grade system was weird, and hence, I applied as someone you consider a gap-year applicant.
My school didn't cooperate, and so did my teachers. Again, somehow I managed to get my school to do as I directed (I did not waive my FERPA rights even though I know some people do waive their rights by doing exactly what I did). I wrote GREAT essays, as this was the only part I could control. I literally gave my 100% in my essays (the only reviewing source was collegevine's free counselor review or smthn). Within the context of my school, I was excelling.
After being rejected everywhere till today ( including 3 need-blind schools), I've lost all hope and I feel bad. Not only for me but for my parents. It's even worse when they don't say anything about it.
I have so much more to write, but as of now I'm preparing for my country's medical school entrance exam, and I don't want to give myself more free time.
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2023.03.12 15:24 rebecca_srpbw rejected from UNH?

I was genuinely not expecting this as it was my safety. according to collegevine i had a 95% chance of getting in , i assumed even with a 10% buffer i should still safely be able to count on it. unfortunately i got rejected and cant understand why?
I take A levels, and i got two Ds and one A. while these grades may seem below average taking A levels into account still makes up for it as A levels is known to be a lot tougher than american high school.
not to mention it says they require a 2.0 gpa. my counselor converted my grades to a gpa scale giving me an unweighted 3.27. its average but im fine with it.
i can't remember if i did test optional or not but either way i got an 1130, and according to google i meet their basic requirements. plus, with its high acceptance rate, my essay and decent extra curriculars i expected i would easily get in, at least be waitlisted or conditional acceptance.
for any students, clearly you did get in, so would love some more insight into the admissions process that im overlooking.
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2023.03.12 15:21 rebecca_srpbw rejected from SeattleU?!

I was genuinely not expecting this as it was my safety. according to collegevine i had a 90% chance of getting, i assume even with a 10% buffer i should still safely be able to count on it. unfortunately i got rejected and cant understand why?
I take A levels, and i got two Ds and one A. while these grades may seem below average taking A levels into account still makes up for it as A levels is known to be a lot tougher than american high school.
not to mention it says they require a 3.0 gpa. my counselor converted my grades to a gpa scale giving me an unweighted 3.27. its average but im fine with it.
however i did get an 1130 on my sat, and didn't wanna resit it so i went for test optional instead. still, with its high acceptance rate, my essay and decent extra curriculars i expected i would easily get in, at least be waitlisted or conditional acceptance.
for any students, clearly you did get in, so would love some more insight into the admissions process that im overlooking.
PS. the main reason i applied was because i have family in seattle, and don't wanna live alone when i move to the US, and clearly i don't have the grades for uni of washington.
EDIT: do you reckon i would have a shot at SPU with these stats plus the additional info that seattleU rejected me?
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2023.03.11 07:15 rebecca_srpbw rejected from a safety

this isn't a new thing, but i got rejected from TWO safeties so far with 80% acceptance rate. on collegevine i had a 90% above chance of getting in, so i was hopeful. one of them, i genuinely wanted to go to as well.
the thing is, i live in pakistan but i have a US citizenship, so i really wanted to go to college in america as that's my only chance to escape this place. idk what to do so i went for undecided, another major reason to go to america because as far as i know they don't offer undecided anywhere else.
my grades are average if not straight up bad, 2 Ds and an A. but i took A levels which is generally considered highly in american unis, no? and going for undecided it should be more lenient. my counselor converted this to high school GPA, and it's a 3.27. the colleges i applied to had admission requirements in that area, plus my SAT scores were average too.
i don't want to retake and try to fix my grades as i'm already almost 19, and i just want to leave this country. i'll figure out what i wanna do IN college. plus A level exams are very expensive here, and my parents just can't afford to have my retake again.
what do i do? why did i get rejected? im an average student and they are average universities. i have the added advantage of being a good diversity quota, but not being an international student. my essay was checked through online services etc. and i'm pretty sure it's pretty good, my extra curriculars are average too with internships and voluteer work and active participation, but nothing to make me stand out. is that the problem? seemed unlikely with universities with these acceptance rates and criteria.
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2023.03.01 02:35 The_Silent_Hawk Should my Ec be more focused towards helping others such as my community or can they be individualized

Yeah so according to They categorize into 1-4 (1 being outstanding, rare and 4 being common). Should my activities in general be helping my community. I am doing a lot of individualized things albeit an ongoing Sunday School volunteering is the only thing related to my community that I am doing. Will this negatively impact me since my other ECs are more research, competition, business/finance related, and some leadership. I will apply as finance or econ major.
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2023.02.27 15:06 i_like_rocks10 Got rejected from one of my target/safety schools and now I don't know what to do

Yesterday I got my acceptance letter from UConn. It was the first decision I got back so I was happy about it. However, it's my safety so it wasn't that big a deal. I decided not to tell my mom when I found out because I didn't want to deal with her being negative about it. I told my dad and he was pretty happy for me. I pointed out that I probably won't be going there anyway but he said it's still really good that I got in.
However, the same day, I got my rejection letter from WPI which was very disheartening for me, especially considering that I had a 65% chance of getting in (according to Collegevine) and I still didn't.
I immediately had a breakdown because I know that if I don't get into at least a t50 school, my parents aren't going to let me go.
Today, I offhandedly told my mom about my acceptance to UConn and the first thing out of her mouth was "You're not going there". I know that, but it would have been nice to hear something positive. I decided not to tell her about the rejection from WPI, and since she and my dad aren't in contact with each other, there's no way for her to find out unless I tell her.
For context, I'm a US citizen living overseas. My parents are separated and I live with my mom. However, it's a very abusive household and I don't think I can handle living here for another year in case I need to take a gap year.
I'm taking IB, and I have a predicted 36/45. This translates to about 3.6 GPA unweighted (I think). My ECs are really good and I'm applying for engineering (systems or industrial). However, if I don't get into a good enough university based on my predicted, I would have to wait till the next cycle and then apply with my final IB grades which will arrive in August of this year.
Now since I didn't get accepted to WPI, I don't know if I'm doing to get into my target schools; Virginia Tech, Purdue and NC state. I don't know what to do now because all the admissions are closed and even if they were open, my grades are probably not good enough. My parents have made it clear that I will not be going unless I get into one of these 3 universities.
I've been feeling really down about this because my chances for my targets are significantly lower than my chances in WPI (except for Purdue but their acceptance rate has dropped by a lot, so who even knows).
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2023.02.26 03:23 muffinhater69 Which is more accurate- Collegevine or College Raptor?

I'm trying to calculate how much financial aid I could receive from the colleges I plan to apply to. However, despite entering the same financial information, grade-related information, etc. I keep getting drastically different results. So which would you say is more accurate, Collegevine or College Raptor's net price calculator?
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