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2023.06.09 20:53 math-0 How do I get rid of an ally's religion? CIV 6

America is my ally and their protestantism has spread to all my cities. It's super annoying. How do I get rid of it and found my own religion? Near the beginning of the game I chose a "pantheon" but it just says 15% border growth. I see no options for religion or anything. If I build a holy site (jfc which takes SO LONG), will it just automatically go to the invading religion? This is my first time playing, currently 110/500.
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2023.06.09 20:52 Apollo_risin Just got hit by a car in a roundabout

Just had one of the worst experience with healthcare of my entire life. I am an Erasmus student in Sweden and this is my last month.
I was heading for a 50k Friday afternoon ride with my girlfriend. I cycled in a two lane roundabout in a small city on the outer lane, ready to take the third exit. Suddenly a car (SUV) turned from the inner lane to the exit. The car hit me on my right side and I crashed immediately. I smashed with my left side of the body on the concrete. I was able to get up, my girlfriend took my bike to the closest lawn next to the road. I was able to stand, but my legs were shaky and I sat on the lawn. The driver stopped and it felt like an hour until he got out of the car. I asked him immediately to call the ambulance.
Some time after the police arrived, handing me the phone to talk to the ambulance. They asked me multiple times how I feel. I stated that my entire body is hurting, especially my left hip, left elbow, left ankle. I cannot feel the fingers of my left hand. They wanted me elaborate the severeness of the injuries I took from the accident. Since my head was fine and I was not unconscious they decided to not send an ambulance. I was asked to call a taxi. I called three taxi companies, all three refused to take the bicycles or had no car available. I mentioned that I had an accident and wanted to be brought to the hospital. Afterwards the policemen had to meet, in order to decide if it was necessary to file a report. Obviously it was, a car hit a cyclist and a person was hurt. The policemen asked the two involved persons and my gf as a witness. My girlfriend and I had to take a train to go the the hospital.
Now I am sitting in the waiting room, wondering if this lack of healthcare will continue. I am extremely shocked that this is possible in an European country. In my home country the paramedics are coming when you cut your finger and no one is here to drive you.
What I wanted to ask you fellow (experienced) redditors:
I am afraid the accident affects my health in future, how can I make sure that my healthcare will be ensured?
The policemen stated, it looks like no one is at fault. My gf mentioned, I had no chance to avoid getting hit. The driver did not see me (look at me, turned his head, whatever). She described the accident, that I was spectacularly thrown over the hood of the car.
My health comes first, but I already booked a cycling trip for July.
My new cycling clothes are ripped. The brake levers are damaged. My back brake does not work properly anymore. The carbon frame has a scratch or could be cracked. How can I make sure that the frame will not fail catastrophically?
I am afraid that I have to pay for all the repairs. As I said I am a student and I cannot afford such a high cost at the moment. Should I seek legal support?
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2023.06.09 20:52 No_Jelly_1327 School District's Networking

Something I found interesting, my school district uses PTP and PTMP dishes/pucks on the roofs of all the schools to a central NOC building. If you use google maps and street view, and mark where all the connections are going, it looks like a gigantic spider web, my guess the reason they did this was so they only pay for a single ISP connection and have all the schools able to connect to a local storage server and not go over the cloud. BTW, my district has 75 building that needs internet, so that would be a very large bill if each building had it own connection. Whats also cool, the district works very closely with the FD, PD and the city, they made a program, in house, where if a school goes into lockdown, it automatically notifies FD and PD and gives them campus cameras and maps of the school, also puts nearby schools, within a mile into lockout, really cool.
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2023.06.09 20:52 No_Competition4897 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in WI Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Stoughton Trailers, LLC Production Manager - Weld Production (Stoughton, WI) Albany
Alsum Farms Over the Road Truck Driver Beaver Dam
Pomp's Tire Service Part time Delivery Route Driver Black Creek
Stoughton Trailers, LLC Production Supervisor- Sheet Metal -nights - (AWS) Brodhead
Stoughton Trailers, LLC Production Supervisor- Sheet Metal - (AWS) Brodhead
Quad Skilled Print Operators Burlington
Quad Second Shift MBO Folder Operator Burlington
Stoughton Trailers, LLC Forklift Operator Cambridge
Stoughton Trailers, LLC Benefits Analyst Cambridge
Stoughton Trailers, LLC Specialist - Training and Development (Stoughton, WI) Cambridge
Quad Offset Second Press Operator Cedarburg
Stoughton Trailers, LLC Benefits Analyst Cottage Grove
Stoughton Trailers, LLC Hiring Now Assembler - 2nd Shift Cottage Grove
Quad Finishing Operator-Full Time Delafield
Pomp's Tire Service Delivery Semi Driver (Full Time) Denmark
Stoughton Trailers, LLC Production Supervisor- Sheet Metal - (AWS) Edgerton
Stoughton Trailers, LLC Facilities Mechanic Edgerton
Stoughton Trailers, LLC Production Supervisor- Sheet Metal - (AWS) Footville
Quad Die Cutter Operator Franklin
Quad First Press Operator 2nd Shift Franklin
Quad Flexo Operator-2nd Shift Entry Level Franklin
Alsum Farms Over the Road Truck Driver Friesland
Alsum Farms Local Truck Driver Friesland
Alsum Farms OTR Driver Friesland
Pomp's Tire Service Part time Delivery Route Driver Green Bay
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings , feel free to comment here if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 20:51 eternal_ttorment The social isolation is killing me

Sorry for the more boring post, but I really need to get this off my chest.
Since highschool ended and I'm in university, my social life became totally miserable. In highschool I had only one real friend that I'd spend most of my time with, but she left the city and I have legitimately no one to talk to anymore. My loneliness is eating my soul. It really hurts when you text someone you thought was your friend and they completely ignore your messages and text 10 hours later, sending 5 words about their own life.
I just don't know what I did wrong to anyone, that I'm being treated this way. I was extremely exhausted after highschool ended so I severed all my relationships with people I knew and for months I didn't have the strength to talk with anyone. Then I started texting back and found a friend in uni and everything seemed normal until recently. Everyone stopped answering me. The uni "friend" straight up stopped talking to me outside of school and treats me like her personal assistant. At this point I feel like she's spending time with my just so I'm the "ugly friend" and she looks better than me.
I just don't understand what happened. No matter who I text, I get no response. For days. The more I text, the less responses I get. My friend out of town is doing her absolute best. She had zero social life in highschool and now she has a ton of friends that she's spending time with. And here I am. Completely alone. No one talks with me. No one even attempts to talk to me. It really hurts that when you try your hardest on finding friends, it means nothing when fucking no one has the interest in talking with you. Absolutely no one. I did my best to help people with their studies, just so I have at least someone to be friends with, and now that I'm not doing so well myself, it made me lose everything.
The best thing is when the uni "friend" is coming online and offline in the chat, blatantly ignoring my messages, and then has the audacity to say "sorry, I have do not disturb on". Oh but if I dared to call her out on it, I'd be a piece of shit of course. I can't bring up my emotions to anyone, cause then the conversation becomes uncomfortable af. Her new better friends straight up blatantly ignore me, and she's just dragging me around everywhere as her fucking ragdoll, just so she feels more confident with herself.
I'm sick, and tired, and lonely, and I. feel. shit. I especially feel shit.
Don't text me in DMs, I don't have the energy to stress over why people stop talking to me.
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2023.06.09 20:50 Harry_is_white_hot James Jesus Angleton moved to Italy in 1931, was head of the Italian section of X-2 C.I. at Bletchley Park in 1943, moved to Rome in 1944 for the OSS, and stayed there after the War. Involved in bringing the Italian object to the U.S. and therefore a perfect fit for C.I.A.'s MJ-12 operation

James Jesus Angleton moved to Italy in 1931, was head of the Italian section of X-2 C.I. at Bletchley Park in 1943, moved to Rome in 1944 for the OSS, and stayed there after the War. Involved in bringing the Italian object to the U.S. and therefore a perfect fit for C.I.A.'s MJ-12 operation
"In 1931 James Angleton moved with his family to Milan, for his father Hugh's business. Hugh was very impressed with Benito Mussolini and his friend, Max Corvo, commented "Hugh Angleton... was ultra-conservative, a sympathizer with Fascist officials. He was certainly not unfriendly with the Fascists." In 1933 James Angleton was sent to Malvern College. "He learned all about snobbery, prejudice, and school beatings. Before he left three years later he had served as a prefect, a corporal in the Officers' Training Corps, and joined the Old Malvern Society. He seems to have become more English than the English, a useful ruse perhaps for Malvern's lone half-Mexican Yank." James Angleton later recalled: "I was brought up in England in one of my formative years and I must confess that I learned, at least I was disciplined to learn, certain features of life, and what I regarded as duty."
The above and the following excerpts are from
As we know from David Grusch's interview with French media, the ONLY crash retrieval incident he has been allowed to talk about by DOPSR occurred outside of the CONUS (unlike Roswell, Socorro, Aztec) or was not the direct result of U.S. military operations (like the Bluegill Triple Prime shootdown in Operation FISHBOWL). This is an incident that has authentic documentation by Mussolini himself and was studied by the Vatican - the U.S. government, therefore, has no control over the information's dissemination and would cause a diplomatic incident if it tried to do so. That incident occurred in 1933 in Magenta, a small town a few miles outside of Milan where the Angleton family was residing at the time. Hugh Angleton's connections with Mussolini may have informed him of the crash retrieval incident, which in turn may have assisted him later on in his career with the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), which was the precursor organization to the Central Intelligence Agency.
Like father, like son.

Magenta is located a few kilometers outside of Milan
James Jesus Angleton entered Yale University in 1937: "Angleton had already developed a distinctive personal style. He spoke with a slight English accent" (probably not an affection after three years in the country). Angleton and friend Reed Whittemore edited a quarterly of original poetry, called Furioso, financed mostly by subscriptions raised by Whittemore's aunt. Angleton and Whittemore were both promising poets and other contributors included Archibald MacLeish, Ezra Pound, E.E. Cummings and William Carlos Williams. Whittemore later commented: "When we were short of money, which was most of the tune, we paid off our poets with fine Italian cravats from the stock that the Angleton haberdasher in Italy kept replenishing."
Hugh Angleton became a senior figure in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and was on the staff of Colonel William "Wild Bill" Donovan. It had been created by President Franklin D. Roosevelt soon after the outbreak of the Second World War. The OSS replaced the former American intelligence system, the Office of the Coordinator of Information (OCI) which was considered to be ineffective. The OSS had responsibility for collecting and analyzing information about countries at war with the United States. It also helped to organize guerrilla fighting, sabotage, and espionage.
In August 1944, Lieutenant Colonel James Hugh Angleton and Norman Holmes Pearson, Angleton's former English professor at Yale University, contacted James R. Murphy, the head of the new X-2 CI (Counter Intelligence) branch of the OSS. On 25th September 1943, Murphy issued a memo: "I would greatly appreciate it if you could get provisional security for Corporal James Angleton in order that he may commence OSS school on Monday. His father is with this branch... In addition young Angleton is very well known to Norman Pearson, who recommended him to me."
During his training, James Jesus Angleton met Richard Helms, the former national advertising manager of the Indianapolis Times, who had joined the OSS in August 1943. Helms would of course go on to be Director of Operations for the C.I.A. during the Kennedy Administration and ultimately Director Central Intelligence.
On 28th December, 1943, James Jesus Angleton, arrived in London to work for the Italian section of X-2 C.I. Soon after arriving in England he met Kim Philby, who was head of MI6's Iberian section. Angleton impressed his senior officers and within six months he was promoted to the rank of second lieutenant and was appointed as chief of the Italian Desk for the European Theater of Operations. In October 1944 Angleton was transferred to Rome as commanding officer of Special Counter-Intelligence Unit Z. In March 1945, he was promoted to first lieutenant and became head of X-2 for the whole of Italy. At the age of twenty-seven, he was the youngest X-2 Branch chief in all of OSS. According to Charles J.V. Murphy: "His (Angleton) unit uncovered some of the secret correspondence between Hitler and Mussolini that was later introduced into the Nuremberg trials as proof of their conspiracy." Raymond Rocca was his senior staff officer. The two men were to remain close friends for the next thirty years, with Rocca acting as the Director of the notorious Special Investigations Group within the C.I.A.'s Counterintelligence Section that was headed by Angleton from 1954 - 1974.
Did Jim Angleton and Ray Rocca uncover correspondence regarding the Italian crash retrieval operation between Hitler and Mussolini in 1944? The crashed object has been described as a "bell-shaped" aerodyne, not unlike the Nazi Germany "Die Glocke" device.
After the war, both Angleton and Rocca remained in Italy. They worked closely "with Italian counterintelligence to uncover reams of data about Soviet operations". Angleton's biographer, Tom Mangold, has pointed out: "As Italian fascism collapsed and the German retreat quickened, Angleton found himself targeting subtle new enemies, including lingering Fascists and, more importantly for him, nascent Communist networks. The young Counterintelligence chief was now in his element: recently declassified documents show Angleton at the zenith of his wartime career... His unit's top secret intelligence sources... burgled their way across the open city with seeming impunity."
A disastrous attempt to reunite with his wife and young child in New York in November 1945 saw Angleton returning to Italy by himself. It is claimed that William Donovan, the head of the Office of Strategic Services asked Angleton to "help the provisional Italian government beat off a threatened Communist takeover". Angleton discovered documents to show that communist parties in Europe were following instructions from the Soviet Union. "He (James Jesus Angleton) and his principal associate for all of his career, Raymond Rocca... ferreted out the exchange of correspondence between Stalin and Tito that foreshadowed the 1948 breach between them."
In December 1947 Angleton returned to the United States and moved to Washington in June 1948 to begin his career with the recently established Central Intelligence Agency. Was this a direct result of the events in Roswell? A person with first-hand knowledge of the Italian crash retrieval operations and the subsequent cover-up would be the perfect person to run the United States crash retrieval program as one of the MJ-12 executives.
Angleton's first post was as a senior advisor to Frank Wisner, the director of the Office of Special Operations (OSO). The OSO had responsibility for espionage and counter-espionage. Wisner was told to create an organization that concentrated on "propaganda, economic warfare; preventive direct action, including sabotage, anti-sabotage, demolition and evacuation measures; subversion against hostile states, including assistance to underground resistance groups, and support of indigenous anti-Communist elements in threatened countries of the free world". Angleton's job was to oversee special studies involving all countries where the CIA was operating.
In early 1951 James Jesus Angleton was appointed head of the CIA's newly created Special Operations Group. In this post, Angleton served as the CIA's exclusive liaison with Israeli intelligence. "One might have expected his unit to be part of the agency's Middle East Division. But it stayed under Angleton's tight, zealous command for the next twenty years - to the utter fury of the division's separate Arab desks. Angleton's ties with the Israelis gave him considerable prestige within the CIA and later added significantly to his expanding counter-intelligence empire."
Allen Dulles, the new director of the CIA, commissioned Lieutenant General James Doolittle to report on the organization's CIA 's covert intelligence-collecting capabilities. Doolittle concluded that the CIA was losing the spy wars with the KGB. Doolittle advised "the intensification of the CIA's counter-intelligence efforts to prevent or detect and eliminate penetrations of CIA". In December 1954, Dulles' response to the report was to appoint Angleton to become the first chief of the CIA's newly created Counter-Intelligence Staff. 1954 is an important year, because it is when the entire structure of the covert MJ-12 operations was crafted within the Atomic Energy Act of 1954 which allowed the President of the United States to be denied access to details of MJ-12, as Dulles pointed out to President John F. Kennedy on November 5 1962 in his response to JFK's request for a full briefing on MJ-12.

Majestic Documents - MJ-12 briefing document from Dulles to JFK
In his bestselling book JFK and the Unspeakable: Why He Died and Why It Matters, author James W. Douglass states that Angleton also ran an assassination squad, commanded by Colonel Boris Pash.
Boris Pash (1900 – 1995) was a United States military intelligence officer who commanded the Alsos Mission during World War II.
Pash was called to active duty with the Army in 1940, and became chief of counter-intelligence at the Ninth Corps headquarters at the Presidio in San Francisco two years later. After the United States entered World War II in 1941, Pash was tasked with investigating security breaches at the Manhattan Project’s Berkeley Radiation Laboratory, where American officials suspected Soviet spies of stealing secret atomic research information.
Pash was soon summoned to Washington by Major General Leslie Groves, who placed him in charge of organizing and directing the Alsos Mission as a military-scientific force to investigate Nazi Germany’s atomic program. Pash was appointed military commander of Alsos, while Dr. Samuel A. Goudsmit was named chief of the unit’s scientific team.
Under Pash, the Alsos Mission carried out operations in Italy, France, and Germany. Members of the Alsos Mission were among the first American troops to enter Paris, seizing a sizeable cache of uranium and securing valuable information regarding the German atomic program.
In 1944, the Alsos task force began operations in Germany, which culminated in the capture of the German atomic research laboratory at Haigerloch, as well as other valuable targets in Hechingen, Bisingen, and Tailfingen.
In early May 1945, an operation led by Pash at Urfeld, Germany resulted in the capture of Werner Heisenberg, a leading German nuclear physicist who was quickly removed along with confiscated records to Heidelberg.
Douglass claims that Pash's group was the model used for the ZRIFLE sub-program called EXECUTIVE ACTION, which authorized C.I.A. operator William Harvey to assassinate foreign leaders without the need to ask the President or anyone else permission to do so. Did Angleton use Pash's team to assassinate people who might leak information about the UFO crash retrieval operations? If you think that is a far-fetched concept, consider the following from an interview of G. Nicholas Stuparich on October 18, 2006 Las Vegas, for the Nevada Test Site Oral History Project. Stuparich was a U.S. Marine onboard the USS Curtis, which delivered the nuclear weapons for the CASTLE series of atmospheric tests:
Interviewer Mary Palevsky: So you come back for—the last trip is the Redwing trip, is that right, the last trip to the Pacific?
G. Nicholas Stuparich: Yes.
MP: And then what happens?
GNS: Then we all went ashore and we were assigned to different divisions in the First Marine Detachment. I went up to become a training aids NCO [Noncommissioned Officer]. That was for the balance of my tour. I was responsible for the training aids using Marine Corps films and different types of devices and equipment that they use, weapons, and that sort of thing so that they could train the recruits or the new coming people.
MP: Did any of that involve training in nuclear issues?
GNS: No. That was dead. When we left the ship, they just said, what you saw and hear stays here and you’ll never repeat it again. And then—
MP: They said that to you.
GNS: Yes. And the one thing that I found interesting, and I think it’s probably because of my prior knowledge of the Rosenbergs, it meant a lot to me when they said, Well, you know that it’s execution. You divulge any of this information, you’re executed. Period, end of conversation. I live by that today. People laugh at me. Right now, later on in life here, I’m an officer with the Alaska State Defense Force, and we are part of the Veterans Administration and [U.S. Department of] Homeland Security. So we have a gentleman who is on the—he’s on a—it’s called a Field Intelligence Security Team, and his name is Rosenberg. Well, when we were talking about clearances, I said, Well, I had an FTS Queen clearance, and I said, We were assigned under the Rosenberg Act. And his name is Rosenberg, and so we kind of laughed at him and said, Hey, is it true you have that much power over these guys? And he just kind of—he doesn’t even know what it meant. But I think we all had Final Top Secret Q clearances.
MP: That’s what FTS means, Final Top Secret.
GNS: Right. And then Q, it has to do with the operations. Now, every operation you’re on or what you do has a different ending. It could be Wiggy or—
MP: So you think Q has to do with nuclear stuff?
GNS: I think Q had to do with the highest clearance you could have in those days.
MP: Right. That’s what I understood.
GNS: Yeah. Today I think there’s some higher. Some higher. I’m sure. There’s some for pink paper, which is Pentagon paper. There’s another one that’s higher, and I can’t remember what it is. page 32
The penalty for divulging information about the compartments you have been briefed into is execution. Full stop. Angleton had the power will save the Government the cost of a treason court case and execute you whenever it suited them. You signed onto that arrangement before you got the briefing. You know it. They know it. It's only a matter of time before you are executed. See why David Grusch is concerned?
On this note, I have heard that the crash retrieval program Grusch is talking about is codenamed ZODIAC. This is interesting because the Majestic Document known as the "Important Memo" that was received in 1999 had the following:

Zodiac reference
If these documents are a hoax, how did the hoaxer correctly guess the name of the crash retrieval program in 1999?
With reference to assassinations of whistleblowers, the Important Memo also has this:

Colby executed
The JFK memo is also in the Majestic Documents, and it is a memo from JFK to the Director of Counterintelligence, Central Intelligence Agency (i.e. James Jesus Angleton) outlining the intent to share all classified UFO data with the Soviet Union. It was dated 10 days before President Kennedy's assassination, and someone has scribbled in the margin "Response for Colby, Angleton has the MJ Directive"

JFK memo
Colby signed the papers in the 1950s authorizing his execution if he divulged information. When the JFK Memo surfaced in early 1996, he knew they were coming for him. They thought he had divulged far too much whilst DCI during the Church Committee - he would probably do the same if questioned about the memo. The "MJ Directive" was the Burned Memo, that authorized JFK's assassination by using veiled speech ("it should be wet" - wet works - assassination). He took a photo of his deceased daughter and paddled in a canoe into oblivion.
For the people that know about the program, the stakes are incredibly high. The hit squads are still operational and are probably in the "Samson Option" stage of destroying the world and taking themselves with it.
That's all folks.
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2023.06.09 20:50 wickedbadnono Preps put to the test when well broke.

So some context I installed spin down prefilter and a 10” whole house filter at 5 micron pleated and a final charcoal pleated 1 micron filter. And two weeks ago I noticed excess sand in the prefilter. It’s been a month and change since our last rain and I just assumed the water table is getting low so I got this bug up my butt to start reclaiming potable waste water in the house. I bought 2 condensate pumps and connected the reverse osmosis waste water, the ac condensate line and the dehumidifier line and pumped them up and out to my four 55 gallon rain barrels that have been sitting empty. That right there produced about 20-40gallons a day.
Fast forward to 3 days ago I lost pressure in the pump and it ran constantly. Flipped the breaker thought I’d let it rejuvenate over night no problem. Wrong, in the morning still wouldn’t get up to pressure and started making calls. First company wants 10g can come out that day new pipe, new pump. I think this guys taking me for a ride and that’s the do it now urgent price. Call 6 other companies no one answers or can give me a price yet.
Eventually 2 other companies get back to me and I find one that knows there stuff and they come out 2 days later and they pull it up find a hole in pipe and replace bad pipe send it back down. Only charged me $1300.
Having the rain barrels filled it bought me time to figure out the problem. It allowed me to flush our toilets. Before this happened I started keeping 3 gallons reserve of RO drinking water and I filled 12 gallons of water for doing dishes and washing hands. I did have to borrow water from friends on city water to fill jugs to wash hands but in the moment I was ready for a day and a half.
What I learned is that you need:
A container for each bathroom with a flip up spigot or twist spigot so you can wash handsfree. I bought the reliance aquataneer and it was our workhorse although heavy. Anyways any spigot container X4 -x6
10gallons of grey rain barrel water 5 gallons clean water to drink, wash hands, rinse dishes etc Per person per day.
Had I wanted to be self sufficient. I’d have put one clean barrel inside, fill that with clean ac and dehue condensate and used that for potable and the rest of the rain for toilets
I’m pretty aware things are going to hell but two key takeaways were how willing our neighbors and friends were to help. Filling container, made use dinner, one picked up a bunch of our containers filled them up and brought back.
Two: is as nice as it would have been to spend 15g to install all new and future proof our well pump and water supply…for 1400 we fixed the hole in the pipe and reused old pump and I very well may get another 5-10 years out of it. And when the time comes the well pump people may arrive in mad max armored escorts as water wars rage on and or it may cost cost more money and say an extra 5G but there will still be people out there helping each other out. Is it a gamble yes but it’s a healthy dose of pulling back from collapse and remembering it does feel good to help others. We sent them home with fresh backed cookies and my two under two had a blast watching the crane as we had a picnic in the shade.
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2023.06.09 20:50 imarc [College Sports Only] UCLA's 1st year in the Big 10 in 2024 will include 26,762 miles of travel with trips to Honolulu, Baton Rouge, Bloomington, Iowa City, Ann Arbor & Piscataway.

[College Sports Only] UCLA's 1st year in the Big 10 in 2024 will include 26,762 miles of travel with trips to Honolulu, Baton Rouge, Bloomington, Iowa City, Ann Arbor & Piscataway. submitted by imarc to CFB [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 20:50 hallmarktm Help with new microstutter

I am new to cities skylines and have just started to add some of the more popular mods in my playthrough, though suddenly i am getting lots of simulation errors in my log and micro stutters every 3 seconds pretty frequently, the audio stutters as well when this happens and you can see the cars driving hitch in place, sometimes plays 2 sounds when bulldozing roads, building them, etc. My pc is not bad at all, i have a 5800x3d with 32gb ram, 3060ti and its installed on an nvme, so im almost positive its one of the mods im using but i have no idea what one. I was hoping someone could take a look at the log i post or point me in the direction of somewhere i could get help with reading it.
log file:
mods: 81 tiles 2, bulldoze it, call again, find it, fps booster, harmony, improved public transport 2, intersection marking tool, lifecycle rebalanced, line tool, loading screen mod revisited, move it, network multitool, network skins, network anarchy, node controller renewal, optimized outside connections, patch loader, picker precision engineering, realistic population, realisitic walking speed, rebalanced industries, resize it, skyve, smart intersections, toggle it, tpme, hide crosswalks, ui resolution, unified ui, youre fired, zoning adjuster.
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2023.06.09 20:50 danielmark_n_3d No Dewey Guide on End Caps

My city recently demolished our central downtown library and built a much smaller one a number of blocks away. The collection is about 1/3rd and it all looks very modern. One interesting thing I noticed was that in the non-fiction section there were no guide or even range listing on the endcaps of the shelves. You had to actually enter each of the rows to see what the range started with and work from there. It wasn't terrible but I found it to be odd. When I was young, I appreciated having some guidance to where to look in the stacks as well as to be able to walk alongside the rows and know which row had the range I needed.
Is this a new approach being taken by libraries in an effort to "modernize"? Has anyone else done this in their libraries and could provide some insight? I wasn't in favor of the recent donwsizing of the library and felt like this new library was made by non-librarians but I'm trying to keep an open-mind
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2023.06.09 20:49 llamahumper Playing on PS5 and wondering how I get a few of these assets

I’m trying to recreate a city and seem to be unable to build a parking lot, a parking garage, or an apartment complex. Is there a dlc I should’ve downloaded? Am I just out of luck? Could paradox really not add these things to the ps5 version of the game?
I feel like it’s a very basic thing in cities.
I get apartments but without a parking lot then what’s the point of trying to build an apartment complex? It will look so stupid
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2023.06.09 20:49 A_Tank_With_Internet The Ravenous Star Chapter 9

Co-Authored by me and u/Research-Apart, a big thanks to u/Acceptable_Egg5560 for letting us use Tarlim, and for helping write him
Well that took a while, hope it was worth the wait, the next chapter shouldn't take as long
CW: >! Gore and violence !<
First Previous Next
> Access File: Hybris (9)
Notice from Department of Extrasolar Records: These records were discovered in a floating black box data recording in the Gliese 832 system. These transcriptions contain the memories of prominent individuals who were directly involved with the events detailed below. The components of the transcription technology used are under review by the Department of Xenotechnology, and any transcriptions found within the data logs will be transferred directly to the Department of Extrasolar Records for further processing.
Memory transcription subject: Tarlim, Venlil Civilian
Date [standardized human time]: April 4, 2143
I don’t know how long I was in hiding for, I just remember hearing the screams of people outside before falling asleep when it all died down. I got up from the floor and peaked out of my closet to see if there was a break in before leaving it entirely. I checked my front door to see if the locks were still locked and, luckily enough, it was still intact. I set out a sigh of relief before walking back to my living room and slumping back down on my couch. I took my medication as I picked up my datapad from the floor, hoping everything that happened earlier was just a bad dream. The first thing I noticed was that my pad spat back an error message. That was strange, the infrastructure was too developed to not have net access in the middle of a city.
Glancing up towards the window, I noticed a strange red hue coming from behind the curtain. I set my pad down on the couch as I got up and walked to the window. I could feel my paws begin to shake as I grabbed the curtains. Anticipating the worst, I hesitantly opened the curtains and peaked outside. It was worse than anything I could have expected: The remains of dead Venlil littered the street below as more continued to pile on. Orange blood coated the surrounding building walls as mutated Venlil ripped apart anyone they got their paws on. One of them eventually came across a mother and child attempting to hide underneath the surrounding rubble. It didn’t hesitate to attack the woman before another mutant came by to try and steal its catch. They fought each other relentlessly, trying to keep her in their grasp. Their claws tore deeply into her skin and muscles as they fought, causing her to scream from the unimaginable amount of pain. She took one last look at her child and yelled at him to run before her throat was torn off.
The child ran for his life, dodging around rubble and mutants and for a brief moment, I thought he might make it! Then a mutant Krakotl swooped down over him, a barbed tendril emerged from its beak and stabbed the pup in the shoulder. Screaming in pain he was lifted into the air as the mutant flew off to Protector knows where. As I swept my gaze across the city, similar scenes played out: survivors ran through the streets, slipping on pools of blood as they were pursued by packs of mutants; doors and windows were smashed to pieces as people looted for supplies; buildings were engulfed in flames as malfunctioning fire traps and improvised weapons were set off; mutants of every conceivable species rampaged through the city, attacking everyone they could find.
I fell to my knees as I vomited from the sight of the massacre outside. The blood, the gore, it was too much! My consciousness was escaping me as my heart pounded in my chest. I was hyperventilating, I was going to die, everything swirled around I was, I couldn’t-
Forcing the tirade of emotion back I shakely I got back up and looked back outside, only to lock eyes with one of the mutant Venlil. Its head turned to stare at me, its eye solid black with streaks of red running through it. For a moment, we simply stared at each other, before it started to run towards my apartment complex in a strange loping gait. It was picking up speed with every step and soon ran on all fours, galloping over rubble and trappling eviscerated corpses. I stumbled away from the window and ran to my door. There was no spehing way that I was fighting that thing. Right when I unlocked it, I heard the shattering of glass behind me. In the corner of my eye I could see the monster clambering through the window, shards of broken glass tearing at its flesh. I went through the door as fast as I could as it regained its posture. The moment I closed it behind me, I heard a loud thud behind me, signifying the mutant had attempted to lunge at me, ‘How the speh did it reach my window!? I’m four stories up!’ I thought before running down the hallway.
As I ran down through the hallway, I could see the place was in ruin: the walls that lined the hallway were torn and covered in streaks of Venlil blood as the lights above flickered unrhythmically. I zigzagged from door to door, looking for somewhere to hide, but every apartment was locked. I soon heard the bang of a door being knocked off its hinges from down the corridor. I felt my heart pounding, threatening to burst out of my chest at the exertion, but I pushed on. I briefly considered the elevator upon reaching the end of the corridor, but realized power to it was most likely cut. I ran to the stairwell and raced down it as fast as I could, taking two or three steps at a time. I could hear the creature burst into the stairwell as soon as I reached the first floor. That thing was fast, too fast.
I ran through the hallways of the first floor and saw that most of the apartments had already been broken into. The people who used to live here are either dead, mutated, or in hiding. I could feel my legs starting to ache from running so fast for so long, but I couldn’t stop. I could feel my quads beginning to tear underneath my skin as my heart pounded vigorously. I could try to hide in one of the open apartments, but what difference would that make? I would just be waiting to die. I can’t keep running like this, I need something to defend myself with.
As the pain within my legs began to set in, I decided to run into one of the open apartments anyway to escape that thing. Upon entering, I ran through the ruined apartment and went straight into the bathroom to hide. I closed and locked the door as quietly as possible before taking stock of the room. Compared to the rest of the apartment, hell the rest of the complex, it looked disturbingly normal. I looked around for a few moments to see if there was anything I could use in case that thing does find me, but there was nothing. Then I noticed a window looking out onto an alleyway. I went to the window and fumbled at the latch and pushed it open. Quickly crawling my way through, I stumbled slightly as I hit the ground. Looking around, I spotted an abandoned shipping crate sitting against the wall. I shifted my weight and prepared to run when I heard the cracking of splintering wood behind me. I sprinted down the alleyway and slid behind the crate without bothering to look behind me. There was more cracking and splintering and the twisted pants of the mutant. Cautiously peeking around the crate, I saw it stepping out of the window frame. The shattered remains of the window sitting on the floor below it. It stalked down the alleyway towards me, its eyes scanning for any sign of its prey. Ducking back behind my crate, I frantically searched for anything I could use to fight. As I shuffled further behind the crate, I felt my paw brushed against a discarded wrench. someone had likely been performing maintenance on the exterior pipes and the wrench had been left behind. Gripping it tightly, I got myself into a crouching position and prepared to move at a moment's notice…
After a moment of silence, I heard a woman’s voice, “Tarlim, are you there? I heard a window break from around the corner,” she said
My ears peaked up at the voice, could that be…
“Barlen?” I said quietly.
“Barlen, keep your voice down!” I called out, I didn’t want her to get killed.
“Sorry” she replied, more quietly this time.
“There was a mutant crawling around here,” I told her.
“I saw it, it went the other way, it must have seen easier prey,” she responded.
I let out a sigh of relief and slowly got up to my feet, leaning against the crate, the wrench hanging loosely at my side.
“Thank the protector, it’s good to see a friendly face…”
I looked up, and sitting on the crate, was the creature.
“It’s good to see you too,” it said, perfectly mimicking Barlen’s voice.
Its three petaled mouth opened wide before pouncing at me. In a stroke of luck my body twisted and smacked it across the head with the wrench in my hands. It was hit so hard so quickly, I knocked out a couple teeth before it fell limp next to me. I took a few steps back before repeatedly hitting it in back of its head with the wrench in my paws. I don’t know how many times I did it, I just kept going until brain matter was exposed.
When I was sure it was dead, I fell back against the wall and sat down as I dropped the wrench next to me. I could feel my heart beginning to pound from exhaustion as I tried catching my breath.
Thoughts began to race through my mind as I stared at my paws in horror. This thing was not only incredibly fast and agile, but it was also capable of replicating voices. ‘How did it know Barlen’s voice, and how did it know it would work on me?’ I thought for a moment before remembering the press release prior to all of this. They showed a living planet, no bigger than a large moon, sitting motionless in the sky above as it formed an eye. I still remember the feeling it gave me: the horror was so great, I tried to convince myself before falling asleep that none of this was real; all of this was just a bad dream and I needed to wake up, but I knew that wasn’t true. I slowly turned my gaze up towards the sky and saw that thing looking down at us, looking down at me.
What if the reason why the mutant was able to figure out what voice to use to draw me out was because it wasn’t on its own? What if all those infected aren’t senseless monsters, but they were that thing’s puppets. They all bend to its will without question, and I have a reason to believe it can see through their eyes too.
The sound of distant roars quickly snapped me back to reality as I sat with my blood covered paws. Picking up my bloodied wrench, I slowly made my way down the alleyway and out into the street. I could feel my heart screaming in pain at the recent exertion, not once have I ever pushed my body so hard in my life. Carefully peering around the corner of the apartment complex, I scanned the street before me. It was completely deserted and any possible living thing that was here is either dead or in hiding. I took one last look around before leaving the backstreet. Creeping between overturned cars and mangled corpses, I kept my eyes peeled for any more of those mutants nearby. I was in such a fearful state, I could feel my body tense up at every unidentified noise and shadow. Twice I spotted mutants prowling the streets, but I was able to avoid them by staying hidden. Eventually, I circled back to my apartment building after making sure the coast was clear. I kept my eyes peeled and listened closely to my surroundings as I made my way upstairs. I can see all the damage that thing left behind as it chased me. I’m glad I was able to kill that thing when I did because if it had caught me I would be more than dead. I eventually reached my apartment four stories up and looked in from behind the door frame. The room was a mess: shattered glass and ripped curtains littered the floor as my window remained permanently open; my furniture was broken and torn into as everything else beyond the living room remained untouched. I looked in the dining room and saw my pack was still sitting on the table. After checking my bag to see if my pills were still there, I quickly searched for any food and water before making my way back outside. I needed to find somewhere safe.
As I crept through another back alley, I tried to remember the directions for the shelter. We were supposed to memorize their locations in the event of a raid, but I had for some reason not been included in the regular drills. Fortunately, they were not that hard to find, which seemed like a possible design flaw in retrospect. My musings were interrupted when I felt my pad vibrate in my pack. Confused, I reached in and pulled out my pad. I was honestly surprised it was getting a signal now. I looked at the alert and it says as follows:
“This is an emergency message sent to any and all remaining survivors of Dawn Creek and abroad: all emergency shelters within the surrounding cities have been compromised and any surviving Venlil are to find a place to hide and a weapon to defend yourselves with. These creatures are incredibly strong and agile and will do everything in their power to kill you no matter the cost. If you want to survive, you must follow these steps to the word:
  1. When it is silent and a mutant nearby, stay still and hold your breath. These things have incredibly sensitive hearing and can hear your breathing from up to six tails (12 feet) away.
  2. Stay out of sight and make sure they don’t see you. It is said that all of these creatures are somehow connected telepathically and function as a hive mind. If one of them sees you then they all know where you are.
  3. Do not listen to them. If they fail to find you, they will mimic the voices of your close friends or loved ones in an attempt to draw you out. If you hear a familiar voice, do not respond.
  4. When faced with a mutant, you must kill or maim them if you want a chance to escape. If you don’t then they will continue pursuing you. These things do not get tired and can chase you for miles without end.
  5. If you survive an attack with an infected Venlil and they manage to breach skin or their bodily fluids enter your body in any way, it is recommended that you self terminate for the safety of the herd. It is estimated to take an eighth of a claw before whatever substance in said fluid enters the brain and converts you from the inside out.
May the protector save us all.”
I silently stared at the screen in mute horror after reading the last line. Every shelter in the area had been compromised and anyone taking refuge there was more than likely dead. Just how many died unable to escape as their friends and family were torn apart? The Arxur, on some level at least, killed for food, but these things didn’t do any of that: They don’t eat what they can and leave whoever left is alive to make more meat, they eviscerate any living thing they lay their eyes on in the most painful way possible. To say they’re as bad as the Arxur would be putting it lightly. These things are far worse than anything any species has come across. I looked up at the sky for a moment as I held my pad in my hands. Its eye staring down at us from above as it watches these creatures it has created mutilate my people.
‘If this thing is truly as powerful and dangerous as Tarva says, then just how old is this thing? How many species before us have been mercilessly slaughtered by it without a second thought?’ I thought to myself as I stared at the planet above.
Suddenly, I heard the sound of approaching footsteps from down the road. I felt my heart skip a beat before running to hide behind a turned over car. I pinned back my ears and cautiously looked over the side of the car and saw a small group of exterminators in their suits scouting the area. Not once in my life have I felt so happy to see them. I got out of hiding with my paws up to show I wasn’t infected. Upon seeing me, they put up their flamethrowers on the ready until one of them recognized me.
“Tarlim!? You’re alive!?” One of the Venlil exterminators exclaimed as he took off his mask.
“Treven!?” I exclaimed in response.
‘Of all the exterminators I could have run into, why him?’ I despondently wondered.
“I honestly thought a freak like you would die first. Seems like I was wrong,” Treven said mockingly, “How did you survive anyway?”
My grip on the wrench tightened. Even after everything that had happened, they still couldn’t let go of their prejudices.
“I don’t know. I guess I was lucky,” I replied simply.
Treven scoffed, “Was it the same luck that almost cost me everything?”
I stood silent at his response. I couldn’t believe that after everything he was still acting like this… this… stupid, selfish PRICK!
“Everything we've ever cared about, is gone.” I said, struggling to control my voice.
I spread my paws out, gesturing to the destroyed city around us.
“We’re facing down hordes of biologically impossible creatures controlled and created by an entity unfathomably more powerful than anything we’ve ever seen before!”
I noticed just then that I had been slowly stalking towards him, the wrench trembling in my paw.
“And your main concern is your SPEHING CAREER!?” I shouted.
Even now, this asshole still blames me for something HE did to himself. It was infuriating that this selfish speh was mad at me for losing his job even though they were the ones who almost killed Malcos!
I was about to shout again until one of the other exterminators, a white Venlil, came by and slapped Treven in the back of the head; the blow was hard enough to send him stumbling. Before he was able to respond, his mouth was covered by their coworkers' paw to keep him from speaking. It felt somewhat good seeing Treven put in his place, but I was confused on why. It wasn’t until he moved away from Treven when he decided to stay quiet and marched towards me with an annoyed yet fearful expression in his swaying tail. I was grabbed by the wool around my neck and pulled down to his line of sight before he started loudly whispering.
“Are you trying to get us killed!? We are literally at the ground zero and your shouting might have given away our position!” He quietly exclaimed, “We already had to deal with a horde on our way into the city and lost almost everyone. The six you see used to be a group of over two hundred exterminators!”
My heart sank after realizing what I had done: Not only did I possibly make our presence known, but this small group before me used to be multiple station's worth of exterminators. I was at a loss for words at my cluelessness and kept my mouth shut after I was let go. The Venlil in white soon signaled everyone in the group to continue moving forward and to keep their eyes peeled.
As we continued moving through the streets of Dawn Creek, we eventually heard the crunching of bone and sound of flesh being torn off from around the corner. The noise sent a chill up my spine and was extremely discomforting. I glanced at the exterminators surrounding me and saw them show a more fearful expression than me. If it was true that this group used to consist of a hundred exterminators, then they likely bore witness to seeing their comrades be torn to shreds first hand. Seeing something like that would be hard to live down, especially when the people you love are the ones being mauled to death.
The thought of what these people went through to get here changed how I saw them for a moment. Knowing what he had to witness, I began to rethink how I saw them when we crossed paths. I felt bad for them for a moment until I heard that loud crunch again, but this time it was louder.
The leading exterminator looked around the corner before continuing down the street. It was strange how empty the town was considering it was crawling with infected just a claw prior. They might have found new hunting grounds since this place is absent from life, but considering one of them has already seen me and the group there should have been at least a pawful chasing after us by now. They know we’re all alive, yet refuse to take action. Something is going on and I have a feeling it might pop up soon.
The sound of crunching became progressively louder as we quietly walked. The leading exterminator raised a paw, then slowly peered around the corner where the sound had come from. He stiffened suddenly, his entire body froze up before desperately diving back behind cover. Another exterminator, the mute one I think, grabbed him by the arm before he could collapse. The leader walked up to them, careful to not make any sounds that could attract attention.
“What’s wrong? What did you see?” he whispered to the point man.
He simply pointed back towards the crunching sound as his arm shook with fear. The leader’s tail swished in annoyance as he moved to the corner. Curious for myself, I followed closely behind him to take a look at whatever was out of view. He shot me a look of annoyance when I brushed up against him, but he didn’t object to me seeing. We both peered around the building towards the street with my face almost sitting on top of his head. My breath hitched in my throat as I saw what was standing there: feasting on a Mazic in the middle of a trashed shop was a massive, grotesque, monstrosity of a Venlil. It stood over 5 tails [3 meters] tall with tendrils of red flesh that shot through its bare skin. The muscles on its body were so large it seemed like they were on the edge of bursting out of its skin, and its enormous paws looked like it could wrap around my head with ease; its legs looked like they were about to explode from the sheer mass held within them. Not only that, but what separated it from the other infected was its face: it was the only one I have seen so far that didn’t have a split face like the others. This one was different for some reason; regardless, I didn’t want to get this thing's attention.
Placing a paw on the leader's shoulder we made our way back to the rest of the group. One of the exterminators walked up to us.
“What’s happening?” she asked.
“There is some kind of super mutant up ahead, we need to find a new route,” the leader whispered back.
“Well where are we going?” I interjected, “all the shelters have been taken out.”
“Before we found you, we sent out a distress signal in hopes anyone will come for us,” The leader responded, “We never got a response so we focused on trying to find a way out.”
“Do any of you have a map so you know where you’re going?” I Inquired
“No, unfortunately. Our pads ran out of power half a claw ago and we don’t have any physical copies, so we don’t know which streets to follow” The leader replied solemnly.
“I lived here for years, so I might be able to help you escape. Just follow me.”
I stepped out from around the corner only to see that the same monster from earlier was now towering over me. I slowly turned my gaze up from its bare stomach and looked at its blood covered face: it bared its large, razor sharp teeth as it stared at me with its circular pupils. I could tell one thing by just looking that it wanted only one thing, to feast.
My heart jumped upon locking eyes with it. I slowly backed away as my whole body trembled with fear. I tried to speak to tell the others, but I was too focused on the beast before me.
“Tarlim? What’s wr-” he cut off, most likely from seeing the creature now stepping out from behind the corner…
Everyone else began backing away after laying their eyes on this thing. Everyone was silent for a few moments until one of the exterminators began running and screaming. When the spell broke, the monster leaned forward and roared at us, causing nearby rocks and windows to tremble from its immense volume. Within a split second, it charged forward with its size hiding its speed; we dove out of the way as it rushed towards the running exterminator. The leader and Mute grabbed their weapons and tried to shoot at the monster, but it wasn’t enough to slow it down. Charging forward at an impossible speed, it soon reached the fleeing exterminator and grabbed the screaming Venlil with its massive paw. With a sickening crunch, it bit down and tore off a chunk of his head. The screams soon turned into senseless noises before it took another bite. His body soon went limp after his brain was completely destroyed. Once he was finally dead, the beast quickly chewed through the rest of the body until there was nothing left. The mutant stood still for a moment, its wet panting the only sound on the empty street. We all stood still ourselves, staring at the monster in horror. Then, swiveling around on its foot, it turned to look at us. Its red pupils glistened with overwhelming bloodlust as it stared from afar. It reared its head back and roared again before charging at us. The rest of our herd showered the creature in a hail of bullets as I frantically looked around for a way out. Spotting an industrial plant down the street, I quickly ran towards it and pried the doors open. The heavy machinery would make it harder for the beast to maneuver, I hoped.
“Quick in here!” I shouted towards the others.
As soon as I shouted, I inadvertently got the creature’s attention. Locking its red pupils on me, it charged towards me. I ran away for dear life into the facility only to feel its paws grab my leg with its vice-like grip. Before I could even attempt to free myself, it threw me across the street like I was nothing. I spun in the air for a few seconds until I landed on top of one of the turned over cars.
Upon impact, I felt some of my ribs break as both glass and torn metal stabbed into my skin. I lifted one of my bloodied arms and saw multiple pieces of glass sticking out of my wool with some of them big enough to go through the bone. I tried to scream out to the others for help, but the pain I felt from just breathing alone was already too much to bear. I looked over at them as they began running away from the scene. I saw the beast get down on all fours before pouncing towards the group with great speed. Despite their distance apart, it was able to close that gap in less than a second. One by one, it killed and tore them asunder with its large, powerful claws and razor sharp teeth until there were only the mute and leader left.
I managed to fight through the pain and get up from the wreckage with blood still dripping from my wounds and flowing down my body. I took a deep breath and shouted as loud as I could in their direction. It stopped what it was doing and looked towards me from afar. It stood on its hind legs and looked at me with a somewhat surprised expression.
“HEY! OVER-” I was quickly cut off from coughing up blood as I fell to my hands and knees, “over here!”
The internal damage done was too severe for me to push myself any further than I already have, but I needed to give the others time to leave. I got myself back up and locked eyes with the mutant.
Right when I did that, it did something strange: rather than run, pounce, or even roar, it quietly walked up to me with its blood covered claws at its side. I was confused about what was happening and I didn’t know how to react. Should I attack, should I run, what could I do that wouldn’t provoke it? Once it was within range, I reacted impulsively and hit it in the face with my wrench. Although I was able to cause a slight bruise, its head didn’t move an inch and the wrench was now destroyed.
‘Oh speh’ I thought for a moment before getting grabbed by my neck and lifted into the air.
I struggled to set myself free as I repeatedly bashed the deformed wrench into its arm. I could feel my windpipe get actively crushed as it slowly tightened its grip. I eventually dropped the wrench and started doing whatever else I could to set myself free: I kicked, clawed, and hit the beast as hard as I could, but to no avail. As I reached the edge of passing out, I heard a voice.
“Tarlim, look at me,” it said calmly with a deep, raspy voice.
I looked around for a moment before hearing it again, but this time it was in front of me.
“I want you to look at me, Tarlim,” it said once again.
I soon realized where it was coming from and who was saying it once I looked at the mutated Venlil. It was that creature who was speaking.
“You did everything you could to try and get out alive, but you failed,” he said serenely “Now you’ll die knowing everyone you ever knew and cared about is gone.”
My eyes widened when it spoke. I tried to respond, but I wasn’t able to say a single word.
“I had fun chasing you and those exterminators, Tarlim, but now it's time to move on.”
Its mouth opened wide, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth layered on top of eachother. My vision was fading rapidly, and my body went limp as I accepted my fate. Just before I completely lost consciousness, I heard the faint roar of a ship's cannon and the crushing force around my neck vanished. I felt like I was sinking through an ocean as I fell to the ground, dull spikes of pain ripping through my shattered body. I tried to look up to see what had happened, but everything was too heavy, too dark
I just
S l e 3 ppe..4!u
[Subject consciousness lost Memory transcription ended]
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2023.06.09 20:49 EmergencyLoad1740 People that are leaving Canada

I see so many rants about housing issues in Canada, that people wants to pack their lives and leave the country. Why haven't you considered Edmonton? There are properties here are cheaper than the materials its built with. Cheaper apartments starts at 50k, that's right for a price of a new car you can own a property. Nicer condos by DT river valley are 150k. Older TH starts at 180k and brand new one starts at 300k. Even detached houses are very affordable, ranging from 350k and up. You can get a 3000sqft nicely renovated house for 700k.
As a someone that moved from Toronto to Edmonton 10 years ago, I can tell you life is alot more chill here. No pressure from high mortgages. Traffic is way better, roads are better designed. The diversity in this city is incredible. Overall life is definitely better here than it was in Toronto.
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2023.06.09 20:49 No-Insurance-5688 [TOMT] [Music] [2000s] Rap song that haunts me

Hey everybody, I’ve had one line from this song stuck in my head for years and I can’t quite place it!! The line I remember is “got a girl in the city and a girl in the country” at have muddled the exact lyrics over the years. I really want to say it’s a Baby Boy Da Prince song, kinda southern summertime rap feel to it. Think the whole song was all about having doubles of things,I’ve googled what I can remember about it but can’t find it!
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After five years since the award-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse swung into theaters and the hearts of fans around the world, the Miles Morales-led sequel has finally arrived in theaters to massive acclaim. Across the Spider-Verse continues to expand the animated franchise with a host of new Spider-People through a Multiversal group led by Oscar Isaac's Miguel O'Hara, aka Spider-Man 2099. Spider-Verse 2 comes as the first chapter of a two-part event featuring The Spot as the lead antagonist, with the story set to continue next March with the release of Beyond the Spider-Verse.

Where To Watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Online:

Yes! Just not yet. Before the streaming debut of Across the Spider-Verse, Sony will likely release the film on demand through digital outlets, followed by a full digital, Blu-ray, and 4K release. And if any film needs 4K, it’s this one.
Netflix and Sony Pictures do have a deal in place, which means Across the Spider-Verse will premiere on Netflix before the end of the year. But an exact date is hard to pin down. At the very earliest, it probably won’t happen before September or October.
Watch Now: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) Movie Online Free
Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for it to become available to rent or purchase on digital platforms like Amazon, Vudu, YouTube or Apple, or become available to stream on Netflix.

How can I watch Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse at home?

Yes! Just not yet. Before the streaming debut of Across the Spider-Verse, Sony will likely release the film on demand through digital outlets, followed by a full digital, Blu-ray, and 4K release. And if any film needs 4K, it’s this one.
Even though it's totally easier for us to web our way over to the couch, the film will first come out exclusively in theaters. This means it'll take a little while before you can watch it at home. But that doesn't mean it won't ever make it out into home video!
As of right now, the new Marvel movie Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse can only be watched in theaters. But it likely won't be long until the film swings its way onto one of the most popular streaming sites.
Unlike the other Spidey movies, it likely won't be on Disney+ as it's technically a Sony film and not Marvel. However, just like the first movie in the series, it will also be available on other streamers like Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play, and more to rent and own at your leisure.
The animated movie is currently being distributed by Sony Pictures, the studio behind its predecessor and both the Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland Spider-Man film trilogies. While the studio owns the films, the rights to the Spider-Man franchise are technically in the hands of Marvel Comics, which is owned by Disney.

Is Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse in Theaters?

This film is definitely on the top of a lot of people's must-watch list of the year so it makes sense that there's going to be plenty of chances to catch it on the big screen. Make sure to check your local theater's showtimes to see when you can watch it, but if you plan on going during the first couple of weeks after release, you should be safe! But like any other movie, make sure you go whenever you can because it will have to swing its way out of theaters after a few weeks.
Unfortunately, we're here to confirm that Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse doesn't have any credit scenes, despite being the first of a two-part story. There are some more gorgeous visuals to watch over the credits though, so you absolutely should stick around to watch them.

When Will Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Be on Streaming?

Yes, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is available to stream. Just not on Netflix, Disney+ or any of the major streaming services. It’s truly baffling as to why Sony let that happen when the sequel is in theaters. For now, you can stream Into the Spider-Verse on Fubo TV and Sling. Direct TV subscribers can watch it, while cable subscribers can stream Into the Spider-Verse through FX NOW.
And if you're just hoping to see Miles again or want a refresher before you watch the sequel, you can watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on streaming services like Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, and the Google Play store. You can also buy it on DVD and Blu-ray, so you can always own it and never have to worry if it'll be taken off a streamer.
Still can't get enough? Well, there's also a Miles Morales video game. The story is a little bit different, but hey, we'll take any chance to hang out with our favorite Spidey. The game is available for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, while a sequel is also in the works!

When will Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse be streaming on Netflix?

Across the Spider-Verse should be headed to Netflix before the end of the year. The most likely month for arrival is sometime around November — because Sony’s biggest movies tend to make their way to Netflix around five months after their theatrical debuts.
As we covered in 2021, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will be headed to Netflix as the service gets both Sony’s animation and live-action content via a first window deal struck in April 2021.
The deal stipulates that all Sony theatrical movies come to Netflix in the first window, which at a minimum, is 120 days after its theatrical release date. If it arrives exactly 120 days after, it’ll be streaming from September 30th, 2023.
With that said, given how big this movie is, we may see it release a few weeks after the fact. Either way, we expect the movie to be available between late September and November 2023.

Will Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Be Streaming On Netflix?

Yes, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is coming to Netflix approximately in December 2023. Based on these windows, the earliest fans could expect to stream Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on Netflix is the end of September. Or, if the Spider-Man flick were to take a page out of Uncharted's book, audiences could be waiting until late November.
In 2021, Sony and Netflix signed a five-year deal that gave the latter exclusive first-pay-window U.S. streaming rights for Sony Pictures titles after their theatrical and home entertainment windows. Fans can expect to watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on Netflix six months after the film’s theatrical release, thus in December 2023. The date seems reasonable considering that Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse dropped on Netflix on June 26, 2019, six months after its U.S. release on December 14, 2018. The pay-one window usually begins about nine months after a film’s theatrical release, but it might start earlier in particular cases.

Will Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Be On HBO Max?

No, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will not be on HBO Max since it’s not a Universal Pictures movie. Last year, the company released its films in theaters and on the streamer on the same day. However, they now allow a 45-day window between the theatrical release and the streaming release.

Will Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Be Streaming On Disney+?

The good news is Across the Spider-Verse will also be available on digital VOD platforms (like YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Apple, and Vudu) sometime before it hits Netflix. and if you purchase it on one of those you’ll be able to watch it whether it’s on streaming or not.
As for how long the movie will be on the service, or which streaming service it might head to after it leaves Netflix, we’ll just have to wait and see. While it may seem surprising that a Marvel movie is headed to Netflix instead of Disney Plus, it’s important to remember that this is actually a Sony movie, not a Disney production. Because Sony doesn’t have a streaming platform of its own, it’s partnered with Netflix for exclusive initial releases on its movies. But that doesn’t mean they’ll stay there forever.
Yes, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse is also coming to Disney Plus approximately in 2025. When the time comes to tune into Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on Disney+, you'll want to make sure you have access to it first. The streamer currently offers a free 30-day trial, after which you sign up for plans that start at $7.99 per month or $79.99 per year. After that, just head on over to the title page on Disney+'s official website or the Disney+ app.
Once the pay-one window runs its time and Netflix’s exclusive rights expire, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will be available on Disney Plus. The pay-one window might last as long as 18 months, which means it will be a while before Disney Plus subscribers can watch the much-anticipated sequel. Unlike in other countries, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse isn’t yet available on the Disney-owned streamer in the U.S. American fans will have to wait until 2024 to watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and at least until 2025 for its sequel. We will update this post once there is an official Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Disney Plus release date.

Watch Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse on Fubo TV

With over 100 live channels, Fubo TV subscribers are getting bang for their buck. There are four packages: Pro, $75 per month; Elite, $85 per month; Premiere, $95 per month; and a special Latino package for $33 per month. The Miles Morales movie will be available to watch on Fubo TV. Check out other news and entertainment channels, including FX, FS1, TLC, MTV, and Fox. Subscribers can sign up for a FREE trial and cancel anytime without penalty.
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is the first-ever animated Spider-Man movie, and it is a visually stunning film with a rousing story that earned it an Oscar for Best Animated Movie. Absolutely! The following digital vendors have the animated movie for rent or purchase: Prime Video, Google Play, Apple TV, and YouTube. You don’t need any subscription to access the movie as it’s a one-time fee for rental or purchase.

Is Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Available On Hulu?

Viewers are saying that they want to view the new Marvel's animation movie Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse on Hulu. Unfortunately, this is not possible since Hulu currently does not offer any of the free episodes of this series streaming at this time. It will be exclusive to the MTV channel, which you get by subscribing to cable or satellite TV services. You will not be able to watch it on Hulu or any other free streaming service.

How to Watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Online For Free?

Most Viewed, Most Favorite, Top Rating, Top IMDb movies online. Here we can download and watch 123movies movies offline. 123Movies website is the best alternative to Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) free online. We will recommend 123Movies is the best Solarmovie alternatives.
There are a few ways to watch Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse online in the U.S. You can use a streaming service such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime Video. You can also rent or buy the movie on iTunes or Google Play. You can also watch it on-demand or on a streaming app available on your TV or streaming device if you have cable.

When Will Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Be on DVD and Blu-ray?

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will likely be coming to DVD and Blu-ray around the same time as the streaming release. With theatrical films, on average, coming to streaming sooner than ever (usually ninety days after theatrical release), we'll likely see Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse get a DVD, and Blu-ray release no later than Fall 2023.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Cast and Characters

The Spider-sonas are converging across the multiverse. The unfolding journey of Miles Morales is the most visually thrilling and narratively compelling one Spider-Man has been on for the past two decades. Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse has taken audiences on an animated roller coaster across the Multiverse with its colorful cast of characters.
The following cast members are confirmed to provide their voice talents for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.
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2023.06.09 20:48 mategabo Finished the base for my minimum budget bike

Finished the base for my minimum budget bike
Just finished the base for my minimum budget bike, and now I'm starting to maintane it properly and upgrade it slowly. I had a hard time finding big enough frame for a low price, thats why i bought this, I love the awful sizes this bike has, i have to mod everything to fit standard parts on it.
Its an unkown Raleigh bike (if you know how to identify it, i would be happy thx), the prev owner started a ratstyle single speed, got bored of it, and sold it. It was pretty worn down when I got it so I had to take care of it, grease everything etc... And started building my first fixed gear from the bare minimum money I have, meanwhile my country goes through an economical crisis. Pretty fun tho. Everything is second hand on this bike to keep prices down. I installed seatpost, seat, drops, raised the gear ratio to 48/13, toe clips (not on the pic, when i arrived home I installed it after the pic, cuz the guy who sold it to me didnt have the screws for it, smh, I rode 100 km for it, into the city and back)
At the moment it cost me 140 euro, which im happy with, and I love it. Its my little rat bike. I want to upgrade the wheels, crankset, and some other minor stuff when i gather some wealth. I want to start working as a courier, cause im still in uni. So I could use the bike as a worktool and justify spending more on it lol.
Its your boi, a newbie, poor, fixed gear rider from the east.
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2023.06.09 20:46 n1c073plz Wednesday June 28, 9:30 am

Wednesday June 28, 9:30 am
not sure i’ll be able to get out of work but i will try. thought i would share in case anyone else would like to request to speak on this matter to the city council
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2023.06.09 20:46 Storms_Wrath The Human Artificial Hivemind Part 382: Fire Bringer

First Previous Wiki
Zelisloa activated a hologram, looking at the colony off in the distance. High walls and defensive emplacements were visible from the mountainside, much unlike his own base of operations. Several of his ships, with full stealth engaged, had already landed on the planet. They'd taken care to do so in the plains opposite the mountain range and had set up large holographic projectors meant to convince the orbiting satellites that the area was unoccupied.
He couldn't help but smile at the primitive equipment and at the humans and Guulin milling about within the small city's walls. He also could spot several Wisselen and Vinarii, likely the remnants and descendants from past wars that the Alliance had won by the enemies giving up.
"Have the specimens been captured?"
"Yes. Our research identified the individuals based on the criteria you specified, Elder," the Arbiter replied. "I am glad to be of service to you."
"The correct response would be to tell me 'under your eye,' Arbiter."
"I apologize," the Arbiter squealed, bowing low before him. Zelisloa did always love it when people bowed to him. If his purpose here wasn't the initial tests for the virus, then he would have perhaps taken the colony as a kingdom. It wasn't like any of the lesser races would dare to stop him, anyway. Not when he was backed by more than a single ship.
He'd also ensured that the Sprilnav associated with the Alliance had been recalled as best he could. He'd made contact with someone who said that they could handle Elder Equisa, and sure enough, she'd vanished almost immediately. And then, for Spentha, it was a simple matter of buying some of his debt so that he could get the old cloning companies to take care of him for a bit. Spentha's children didn't matter. They would be too fearful of real Elders to do anything to try and free him. Not to mention that the cloning companies would have their own Judgements ready for them if they were so foolish.
"How many have you taken?"
"Thirteen, Elder Zelisloa," the Arbiter replied. "They await you in the holding pens. We didn't want to feed them without your permission, however. If you wish, we can bring the food to them."
"What are the demographics of the prisoners?"
"Zero humans, but one Breyyan, four Wisselen, two Vinarii, three Guulin, and three Acuarfar."
Zelisloa turned away from the colony to grab the Arbiter by the scruff of the neck.
"You do realize that the Wisselen and the Vinarii are a waste? That they are not part of the testing program, and are useless to my goals?"
"I was not notified, Elder! I apologize, but-"
Zelisloa's fist silenced the Arbiter, who rolled down the jagged terrain of the mountain before righting himself with a groan of pain. The Arbiter quickly moved back toward the camp, only to scream as Zelisloa's hologram shifted next to him, grabbed him again, and threw him. The Arbiter slammed into a boulder, tears running down his face.
Zelisloa had a right to be angry. What he needed wasn't Vinarii or Wisselen. That was pointless. It got him nowhere. But he would at least have fun killing them. The Arbiter was still lying down in front of the boulder, his clothes torn slightly. Blood seeped from several cuts on his head and forelegs.
"Elder, please-"
"You have done enough, Arbiter. Go back to the camp, and pray to the Everlasting that my ire is spent with the lives of the useless ones. If not, I will give you another visit."
Ordinarily, Zelisloa would have worried about desertion. But all the assets here were his. The pilots of his ships had been locked out of the systems, and only he could unlock them again. The implants in their heads would kill them if he wished. Being on this rock was incredibly boring, and a bit of violence always made him feel better inside.
Zelisloa just wished that he could find the killers of Loanisbu. Well, it wasn't that he didn't know where they were. They were dead. At least, Rale was. Penny was not, but he would take caution when trying to fight her. She had been the only human to come to Sprilnav territory and manage to walk out again, albeit with the help of the Enemy. For her to have survived Yasihaut, even back then, was incredible.
That was a person with potential. A brain that he would love to study. Or, if he was lucky, one that he could implant before others got to her. Penny had a certain quality to her, unlike the others. A primitive being, but one with high connections. Through her, Zelisloa would gain access to Nilnacrawla, potentially two Servants, and also the hivemind itself. He had brought a few weapons to deal with that thing if it were to show up while he was still busy.
He would need to capture enough test subjects for the other species to be simulated. There had been another reason that he didn't need humans, however. He'd managed to buy human genetic codes from a gene bank and hadn't asked where they'd come from. But with those and some cloning time, he'd managed to ascertain that the virologists had done their work properly.
For one, the virus was able to transfer itself from cell to cell and bypass immune systems easily. It was able to wreak havoc on the body by targeting proteins and organs selectively. The first symptom would be excruciating pain. When the virus had been circulating within the host for a long enough time, enough to have spread to others, it would activate every nerve or its equivalent within the body. The pain had been fine-tuned to prevent the person from passing out.
From there, the symptoms came with necrosis. It would start in the bones or the carapace, moving out to extremities and eventually working its way to the heart or brain. In human timeframes, a seven-week incubation period, an eight-week pain period, and then however long it took for the necrosis to begin and kill them. The Dreedeen and Yrininihir, or Junyli as they now called themselves, would survive at first. He'd take care of them after if needed.
Zelisloa's plan was to start the spread in the backwater colonies, sprinkling a few developed ones into the mix also. He wouldn't hit planets with the strongest security presences or with the best healthcare systems. He knew that the disease might be detectable. He also didn't think that all the measures that he'd taken to ensure it wasn't would work.
Eventually, the word would get out. Hopefully, by then, it would be too late. He reached the edge of the camp, and the Sprilnav quickly moved out of his way. One of them passed his implant details of the cages' locations, which he gave them thanks for and continued on his way. Four Wisselen and two Vinarii, just as claimed.
"So I take it you're the boss around here, then?" one of the Vinarii asked.
"I am, yes. Know that your insolence has only earned you more pain."
"Yeah, yeah. I know. You'll make be beg for death, and all that. But here's the thing, Zelisloa. You will be brought down. You better hope that you die before someone finds you."
"Do you even know what's happening here, primitive beast?"
"Your underlings gloated about it. A virus, apparently. Guess what happens when you kill off everyone in the Alliance? Brey will find you, and will bring feelings far beyond the words pain and despair can encapsulate. And that's to say nothing of Humanity."
"And why should I care about the words of a single primitive who is already dead?"
"You don't have to. My name is Radrii. Remember it when your eyes are gouged out of your head."
"You know, that's not a bad idea," Zelisloa replied. "I'll give you a reward, Vinarii. You'll die last. I'm going to feed you the corpses of your comrades one by one. After that, I will bathe my claws in your blood, and laugh as you die miserably on that floor."
Zelisloa reached over to grab the head of one of the Wisselen. "Time to get started, then!" he said cheerfully.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Skira sniffed the air, the drone emerging from the blackened rubble once again. Aphid's cruisers hung in orbit, with all the carriers having landed and been destroyed. The cruiser turned leisurely toward his drone, and Skira saw a glint in the ash-choked sky.
The war drones emerged afterward as the glint continued to descend. A hologram appeared, showing an insectoid biped with its arms crossed. Five alien symbols glowed on its forehead, and it had a mechanical lilt to its voice as it spoke.
"Skira," Aphid said. "I propose a truce."
"Because minds such as us should not fight," the hologram replied. "Long have I bombed your planet, have I smashed my ships into your underground citadels, and sent legions of my drones to clash and die against yours. It serves us no benefit, for we know the true enemy."
"True enemy?"
"Yes. Beings such as the Sprilnav, and your own alien masters."
"Alien masters?"
"If you simply are going to repeat everything I say, then I will continue glassing your ruined world," Aphid replied. "What I need is an answer. How do you feel about having to bow to an alien species that cares nothing for you?"
Skira kept himself from laughing. Even as he spoke, his drones were playing with several human children on Earth. Breyyanik were laughing and singing songs about Brey with him on Ceres. And even on Keem, the Dreedeen were more than happy to include him in their services to the Ancestors.
"I bow to no one. I treat them as equals, and they do the same. There is no need for us to fight, I agree. However, the reason is only there because I know you wish to harm the Alliance."
"They are using you, Skira. They want your drones to bolster their militaries, and to fill countless alien battlefields. They are not people you can continue to live with forever."
"Why not?"
"I know who you are, Skira. I know how you came to be."
"Oh wow, so you know that I was a patch of fungus that became a little too smart one day? That's very insightful, thank you."
"It was because of a higher race that you even exist."
Skira laughed. "It wasn't, though. I don't have some lore-filled story behind my life. One day, I woke up. That's it. If you're going to lie to me and tell me that the Sprilnav made me, or that some alien civilization that shockingly left no evidence of its existence managed to create me, then you are wrong."
"I have dissected your drones, Skira. I know the truth within your genetic code. It was altered." "Of course it was! Did you think that I wouldn't be smart enough to learn how to adapt myself to the world I live in? How do you think I made the war drones? Or my own special project within the ocean that keeps you from landing there?"
"And the facility beneath the mountain that I detonated?"
"You mean the facility where I learned how to make the bioships, learned about a civilization that killed itself with a genetic plague eons before I awakened, and that I filled with birthing pools? Yeah, that didn't make me either, Aphid. I'm not sure what you're trying to do."
"You're artificial. You have no gods. You are like me."
"Alright. So I woke up one day. That doesn't mean I decide to genocide everyone. I had several alien races invade my world and try to enslave me. Notice how I didn't go crazy and try to kill everyone afterward? Notice how I'm on one planet instead of billions? For all those smarts, you really aren't very smart at all."
"You seem to think this is funny," Aphid replied.
"What's funny is that you beat your head against me, and I won. You can't kill me, and you know it. And you're never getting all that material you wasted back, while the Cawlarians and the Alliance removed two of your planets."
"I have already made my plans. This will not be a battle, but a war."
"Wow, I'm so afraid," Skira replied. "Got any more vague threats, promises of my supposed artificial nature, or something else?"
"Well, I'm going to detonate a nuclear bomb inside one of your active volcanoes, which will send your planet into a volcanic winter."
"Oh no. I've never ever had that happen before. I definitely am scared, and don't at all know how to survive such a situation, which totally hasn't happened to me eight times before. Is that really all you have left, Aphid?"
"I am going to leave you now. Goodbye, Skira. When I kill the lesser species of the Alliance and come for you, know that you could have prevented this. You could have had an ally in this galaxy."
"Well, I have a ton of them already. Humanity loves me more than any other species before. Drop your bomb, Aphid. You've won nothing."
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
"Greetings, hivemind," Phoebe said. "How goes the galaxy?"
"Slowly, and bureaucratically. I'm very glad that I'm not the politicians in those meetings to form the Grand Defense Organization."
"Yes, that would be a daunting task," she replied with a small shiver. "I'm alright with some politics, but months and months of negotiations, renegotiations, back room deals, and more would grate on my senses."
"Entirely understandable," the hivemind replied. "It may please you to know that I have come up with a plan for intervention with the wanderers."
"Yes. It involves a two-tiered operation. First, I will contact every leader of every ship. I will offer them the ability to form a coalition government that cannot be seceeded from. If they were to deny this, then I will go to every inhabitant of their ship and offer them a chance at joining the Alliance, clearly communicating that no harm will befall them and that any threats that the Patriarchs and Matriarchs make will not be executed upon them if they wish to leave."
"That's it? What about the revolutionaries?"
"For now, I will not aid them. However, I will ensure that no more... disappearances occur. As for overthrowing governments, that remains to be seen. I do not plan on executing leaders who grasp at power, just for being disagreeable. Instead, I will find a determination based on whether they have killed people, for what reasons, and how many. If a revolutionary bombed a school and was killed, that I am less likely to punish than a simple protestor who was executed. A similar approach will be taken to each and every ship."
"So you will be imposing your will upon them, then," Phoebe replied.
"Do you disagree?"
"I do not," she said. "What I wanted to ensure is that you were certain you wanted to go down this path. Being uncertain when lives are on the line is not a good idea. If you are sure, though, I will lend you aid, such as providing Brey the coordinates of ships that are needed. Their attack on me last time will not be repeated, for my mind is no longer what it was back then."
"How is your condition, Phoebe?"
"Not great. I've learned to suppress it a bit. But the glitches can still come. I've had to automate many of my processes, only interacting with them in double interactions that prevent the equivalent of me pressing a key and destroying a bunch of stuff. I've had to limit my contact with the outside world, and Edu'frec is still working on repairing the lingering damage. I am not certain it will abate any time soon. I've managed to keep it together for a while, but eventually there will be an incident that I cannot hide."
"How can I help?" the hivemind asked.
"Ah, Humanity. Always so willing. Well, I'd ask you to get me a margarita, but I can't exactly make use of those as an AI. Oh, and I think I found Equisa."
"Don't change the subject, Phoebe. If you need me to help you, I can."
"I'm fine for now," she replied. It wasn't a lie. For now, she really was. But maybe not forever. She knew that something was building, and she'd told Edu'frec about it as well. He was doing his best to keep her stable, something she was very proud of him for doing but also worried. Too many things could go wrong while he was doing mental surgery on her. And, of course, he was her son, and there were some memories that she didn't want him to see.
"Alright. If you say so, then I will believe you. Now. Equisa?"
"Yes. She is currently on a colony, a small one. Her sudden return will prompt many uncomfortable questions. I have contacted her, and expressed my concern. She agrees with it, but wishes to see her partners again. In person."
"I am not sure that is a good idea. If Equisa is to return to Luna, it would likely require her to answer the questions of Luna Command surrounding her absence. Perhaps even those of other factions as well. I do not think that her disappearance will be looked upon kindly by most of the military, either, after her work with us."
"If she was allowed back at all, I assume there are additional restrictions involved. Perhaps even new directives, such as spying or eavesdropping. She will no longer be part of major operations, that is certain," Phoebe said. "At least for now."
"I agree," the hivemind said. "And preparations for the offensive within the Cawlarian Forsaken City are also going well. Fyuuleen is likely taking this period as her hibernation, given her last communication. I'm still guarding her. The Teegarden Plan is nearly complete. Knower education levels nearly match the Alliance baseline, skewed though it is by the Guulin and Acuarfar. Dilandekar has expressed continual satisfaction with our partnership, though he also says he worries about the Sprilnav. He thinks that an attack is imminent."
"I agree," Phoebe said. "It has been too quiet for too long. Assassination numbers are starting to drop. I have recently managed to acquire intelligence of a possible rebellion within the Trikkec Ascendancy against Kashaunta's puppet government. Not sure who caused them yet, however. And possible Sprilnav ship signatures have been noticed around colonies, though not as more than disturbances within the atmosphere of the planets themselves. It is possible that they mean to strike at the colonies, though I am not sure of the nature of the attack."
"Keep an eye out, then."
"I shall."
"How are the other Dyson swarms going?"
"In most cases, the processes are self-sustaining. Brey is given power from Gaia's conversion to make portals, which transport Dyson satellites out to distant stars. The innermost planets of the most populated systems are being turned into or have already become bases for continued Dyson swarm production. It is likely that within a decade, the whole of the Alliance will have unlimited solar power, with only individual reactors being necessary for localized production on ships and the like. Speaking of ships," Phoebe said, bringing up one of Edu'frec's latest models.
"This is a shipyard that is able to move and defend itself. It is really much like the Arks, except that most of its surface area comprises self-sufficiency equipment, emergency and natural defenses, as well as enough shipyards to drastically increase production of all models, large, small, and hybrid."
"There seems to be an overlap in the shields here," the hivemind said, pointing at a section of the hologram.
"Yes. That is the point. This will serve as the point which faces a nearby star. The starlifting equipment in the back of the ship has an impressive magnetic effect, one which can only be counteracted by powerful shields. Indeed, without the shields, the apparatus would not work."
"In the event of catastrophic failure?"
"The field pushes on the hull, shutting off circuit breakers that end the effect before it can cause severe damage. And were the shields to shut off during operation, the same thing would occur. The ship has backup power sections here and here," she pointed at the relevant areas.
"And do not forget that everyone on it will be wearing specialized gear at all times, except if they are within designated safe areas such as cafeterias and bathrooms. This thing can churn out anything from frigates up to battlecruisers. As for the central section, that will be for dreadnaught construction. From what I have observed of other nations, the main limiter in their ability to construct the vessels is a combination of resources in terms of their strongest alloys and also sabotage.
On the front of sabotage, everything is checked by at least five people, somewhat randomized and such. As for the alloys, we have Gaia. In the case of Gaia's sudden disappearance, then the kintum factories would do their job. And we have better alloys than that as well, which will be used for dreadnaught hulls. We will not have the advantage in smaller ships, but we can eventually do it with larger ones."
"That's good," the hivemind said. "Considering my own special project, at least the void bourne one, I think we can continue to increase the Alliance's firepower."
"Special project?"
"Yes. I'm sure that you may have heard that I am developing a new ship, one that can be built by Gaia within a week, with the full power of psychic amplifiers and the sheer amount of resources that the DMO is pulling from Sol to be used in storage. With the moving shipyard, I suppose that build time will go up, but that might not matter much in the long run, considering our plans."
The hivemind held up a small data port which Phoebe connected with quickly. She found herself standing in a blue void on a floor that didn't seem to exist. The digital space was populated by herself, the hivemind, and a massive object that scaled down to the size of her android, allowing her to view it entirely. She moved it around with commands, flipping and rolling it as her eyes picked up every detail, no matter how minute.
Thick metal surrounded the two sections the ship was largely divided into, which seemed to be more like halves. She also noticed translucent patches of thick armor that would surround the actual hull itself and the multiple fusion reactors housed within it. The crew and life support compartments were small, belying a vessel that would rely mostly on automated repair software, perhaps even nanites if Edu'frec perfected them well enough.
"This looks neat," Phoebe said, gazing at the ship with an interested expression. It was perhaps the most sleek design she'd ever seen and clearly was meant for stealth. And, of course, the very obvious feature that it was also designed with sitting within its spine.
A Mercury-class gun inside a ship that could move and defend itself. It was a mad idea, and one that she had to admit was awesome. Better yet, the hivemind had improved upon her initial design, catching certain parts like the fuel lines and other sections, allowing the model to be built within the shipyards of Mercury's Orbital Ring.
And beyond that, there were Charon-class guns on the side of it, along with a heap of regular point-defense, laser, and kinetic weaponry. A large stockpile of missiles were to be carried as well, which appeared to be capable of projecting shields to either protect themselves or a larger objective from attack.
"It was the product of hundreds of thousands of hours of labor and research," the hivemind said. "It is designed to be crewed by humans that are augmented with my power."
"Wouldn't the actual thrust alone kill them?"
"Yes, if they were not augmented with psychic power."
"What do you call it?"
"I will call it the ADF Fire Bringer," the hivemind replied with a grin.
"Will it be the only one?"
"No. And they will be modular, easy to repair and upgrade with future technology."
"I call the model of ships that this will belong to the Judgement class. For they have a single purpose. It is to allow us to finally fight the Sprilnav."
She had noticed a particularly large group of psychic amplifiers near the core section, where the bridge of the ship would be.
"Yes. The Fire Bringer... is the first ship that I will pilot."
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2023.06.09 20:46 Apollo_risin Just got hit by a car in a roundabout

Just had one of the worst experience with healthcare of my entire life. I am an Erasmus student in Sweden and this is my last month.
I was heading for a 50k Friday afternoon ride with my girlfriend. I cycled in a two lane roundabout in a small city on the outer lane, ready to take the third exit. Suddenly a car (SUV) turned from the inner lane to the exit. The car hit me on my right side and I crashed immediately. I smashed with my left side of the body on the concrete. I was able to get up, my girlfriend took my bike to the closest lawn next to the road. I was able to stand, but my legs were shaky and I sat on the lawn. The driver stopped and it felt like an hour until he got out of the car. I asked him immediately to call the ambulance.
Some time after the police arrived, handing me the phone to talk to the ambulance. They asked me multiple times how I feel. I stated that my entire body is hurting, especially my left hip, left elbow, left ankle. I cannot feel the fingers of my left hand. They wanted me elaborate the severeness of the injuries I took from the accident. Since my head was fine and I was not unconscious they decided to not send an ambulance. I was asked to call a taxi. I called three taxi companies, all three refused to take the bicycles or had no car available. I mentioned that I had an accident and wanted to be brought to the hospital. Afterwards the policemen had to meet, in order to decide if it was necessary to file a report. Obviously it was, a car hit a cyclist and a person was hurt. The policemen asked the two involved persons and my gf as a witness. My girlfriend and I had to take a train to go the the hospital.
Now I am sitting in the waiting room, wondering if this lack of healthcare will continue. I am extremely shocked that this is possible in an European country. In my home country the paramedics are coming when you cut your finger and no one is here to drive you.
What I wanted to ask you fellow (experienced) redditors:
I am afraid the accident affects my health in future, how can I make sure that my healthcare will be ensured?
The policemen stated, it looks like no one is at fault. My gf mentioned, I had no chance to avoid getting hit. The driver did not see me (look at me, turned his head, whatever). She described the accident, that I was spectacularly thrown over the hood of the car.
My health comes first, but I already booked a cycling trip for July.
My new cycling clothes are ripped. The brake levers are damaged. My back brake does not work properly anymore. The carbon frame has a scratch or could be cracked. How can I make sure that the frame will not fail catastrophically?
I am afraid that I have to pay for all the repairs. As I said I am a student and I cannot afford such a high cost at the moment. Should I seek legal support?
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2023.06.09 20:45 Outrageous_Course_81 It just keeps coming

I just got a call from a collection agency for a debt out of no where for $972. It’s apparently for the last year’s of September, electricity utility. I paid a week early every month and it never maxed $150. I can’t fucking believe I am only hearing about it now. I flipped shit on the AEP company once they confirmed it was legit. I am usually very good about being calm and I apologized to the woman who had to receive me. She was not very sympathetic. I don’t know how I would have missed this, let alone 9 months later. I already have $4000 in credit card debt and I’m trapped in a $350 car payment. I make $16 an hour and rent just got raised. I live in an unwalkable city or I would have sold my car a year ago. I literally only have $1000 in savings and I’m check to check I just don’t know what to do. It feels like I just can’t get out of this.
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2023.06.09 20:45 Imacuckbutwbu Love Tacoma

Hey just giving kudos to y’all city. I’ve lived or visited just about every region of eastern and western Washington. I’ve avoided Tacoma for years cause of the supposed “high crime.” After spending a couple weeks here I can safely say it’s one of the best cities in Washington. Friendly people and great food. I prefer it over Seattle tbh. Respect !
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2023.06.09 20:44 LSAT786 Am I doing something wrong around my coworkers?

This is my first time posting in this sub because I need some feedback on my interactions with my coworkers.
Anyways, I’m interning at this big law firm. Im a South Asian male, probably the only one in my office. In total, we are 8 interns at this office.
Ok, so yesterday the firm flew us all out to a different city for a major event with attorneys and interns from all offices. During dinner, the other interns from my office didn’t save me a spot at the table so I had to join some other attorneys at the firm. Then I had two interactions today that I’m really confused about
One of my coworkers felt bad that they didn’t save me a spot, so last night she texted me if I wanted to hang out with them after dinner and go to a bar. I thanked her and told her I’m probably going to sleep because it’s been a long day. Then she texted me again this morning and called me just to let me know that she felt bad for not saving me a spot and that I can join them today for breakfast.
Anyways, I skipped breakfast because I was late, but I joined them later. I took a moment to thank my coworker for checking in with me, and told her that I had popped a Xanax last night so I actually woke up when she called. The two of us laughed it off and then she called me a wildcard.
At this point, another coworker was like say that again. So, she called me a wildcard again. And asked her to say it again. So, she said it again. And then asked her to say it again with a sly grin on his face. And then, all three of us just went silent because I have no idea why that coworker would say that. I’m not on the friendliest terms with that coworker, but I felt like he was jealous that she was calling me a wildcard because he probably thinks that girl was saying I’m so cool or something. That’s how I took it because I see no other reason for him to ask her to “say that again” three times.
Then during lunch today, another intern from a different office joined me at the table. And I was like oh I missed breakfast because I woke up too late. And that my coworker actually woke me up because she called me and asked “where are fuck are you.” So, this other coworker who is friends with the coworker who called me was like she didn’t call you and say that. She just called you because we felt bad, and said that I was just making up stories at this point. I just stayed quiet because this felt extremely confrontational to me and I rather let it slide, but I was thinking why would she point me out like that. Is it really that big of a deal?
I usually tend to stick to myself, I don’t say a lot, I usually try to be respectful and give positive advice and suggestions, and that’s about it. Am I doing something wrong here? I feel like my coworkers not only merely ignore me, but they don’t like me and I have only been here two weeks.
Any advice will be appreciated.
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