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2023.06.05 16:25 Xzenergy Cube [Chapter 5]

Small death-sand rustled all around Gareth, falling in rivers and patterns down the mounded dunes stretching into the distance. The Cube could still be steen, trudging across the horizon as the unstoppable force it was. Orange fire lit the skyline as the system’s star dipped below Kine’s curving breast and tucked itself away for its own sleep.
The ridgeline was closer than before, three hours having ached their way across the dunes beside him. A massive error had been made in calculating the distance, likely due to some core damage. Gareth’s depth perception, along with every other sense, began falling away as quick as he could pull himself along the sand.
There is beauty today, in every way.
It was a line from an old poem Helena loved. She would sing it sometimes, especially when she became stressed at work. He repeated the single line over and over in his mind. It was written as a tragedy and took every ounce of his willpower to push away the rest.
There is beauty today, in every way.
His arm had all but ground off, a single shredded stub shining and stripped as if it had been dipped into a powerful acid. The sand took its pound of flesh from everything, even the Cube had to be maintained in the white wasteland of bone and silence.
Without warning, the sand around Gareth began rushing downward, pulling him along faster and faster into the middle of a widening cone.
A sinkhole was forming.
Gareth tried to gain purchase, but doubted he would be able to escape even if he was uninjured.
Empty is empty, as such is our stay.
He slammed into the bottom of the rushing sand and was met with a deafening crunch and the shearing of ancient pitted steel. An opening spread wide and he plunged through the surface, down into a blackness his optics struggled to adjust to. All around him was falling sand and decayed metal, until he hit a first layer of thick galvanized piping, smashing through them like a boulder through dead timber. An echo spread wide and far but his neural module was unable to report distances. He spun through the void, senseless and for once in a long while, truly full of terror.
A platform, further down, broke his fall. The better preserved steel made the impact so hard, his core module readjusted once again, the optics of his face going dark and rebooting. The platform itself snapped away from the railings it was bolted to and exploded, spraying steel and sand in every direction, also changing his trajectory and pitching him sideways and out further into the darkness. When he finally landed, he met the same kind of steel platform as before, but this time it was solid enough to knock him unconscious for more than ten seconds, all of his core modules self-diagnosing and then rebooting in a safe mode configuration, preserving the neural module and entanglement core.
When he came to, he realized he was blinded. His infrared optic had been critically damaged in the fall and left him unable to see his own wrecked half of an arm as he held it up in front of his face. Most of the gloves he wore didn’t come with the infrared, but now he was swearing that it was gone. It was always like that, the universe has a cruel way of snatching the very thing that would bring you comfort or salvation and scattering it in the wind. He could see, but the absence of light affected even the normal low light vision modes his damaged system was cycling through.
The fall had been at least eighty meters to the first platform, another sixty to the next. His glove had been critically injured and the space echoed now to the sound of trickling core module cooling fluid. It spread out in front of his ruined form in a widening pool of pearlescent corrosive liquid.
He was relieved, this fall was far better than anything the cliff face would have done. At this rate he would desynchronize in a matter of minutes and enter the “cave”, the period of silent darkness awaiting upload to a new glove. Then, he could triangulate this position and figure out what kind of structure he had fallen into. A deep ocean once covered the entire area and this pocket wasn’t covered in the technical blueprints Gareth had examined.
The LIDAR scans might have shown something, but he doubted an entrance would be revealed. Just minutes before, his entrance had been a sealed plate buried under thousands of tons of sand, the LIDAR likely would have shown irregularities in the topology, but it took his weight and random stumbling in the dark to find a door.
Just not the one he expected.
Ministry military installations came with guaranteed secret sectors, usually buried or hidden under deep rock, or in this case under thousands of meters of water. He surveyed his sharpening surroundings, the small shaft of ambient light from above giving him just enough to make out edges. There was piping and ducting which spanned the length of sight in both directions, creating a sort of spiderweb mesh of metal and ancient electrical conduit. Whatever purpose this place was built for, it required an enormous amount of infrastructure. Gareth felt as if he were inside the middle of a mountain hollowed out and made into a machine.
There was sudden movement to his left, a shadow sliding across a pool of oil. He tried to focus his damaged optics, but they fought and squealed against his effort. Then again, movement to the left, this time further down the ruined platform he lay heaped upon. He pushed himself up against a pitted steel pillar, the sanded polish of his metal body struggling to gain purchase. There was a catwalk which extended far out in front, one of the search drones must have spotted him fall into the sinkhole.
He activated his external speakers, “I’m over here. I’ve suffered core damage.”
There was no return, no signal or light or scan from the darkness.
His external speaker volume was getting weaker with the leaking of his glove’s lifeblood. He considered the drone may be scanning to ensure a safe scene before recovery, no sense in damaging oneself trying to recover ruined circuitry.
You act as if our resources are infinite.
Triarch’s words echoed through his mind, his own hypocrisy sour at the back of his throat. He was right, resources weren’t infinite and if they were sending drones to recover every glove, then things were worse for the Ministry than Gareth had realized. So many worlds with so many Cubes, he wondered if they really knew how the war was playing out at all.
From his perspective, it seemed like a losing battle. Even with the reseed engines, it took centuries to rebuild the infrastructure to bolster forces for a war. A planet goes through an apocalypse, the Ministry sends their Cubes, the planet builds and readies itself for another apocalypse. Yok Theron’s forces could be anywhere, at any time. With their consciousness uploaded directly to the cloud, they could jump across distances as a decentralized army, re-emerging on the other side as a fighting force with the intent and organization to bring an entity like the Ministry to its knees.
He could respect that, the willpower it took to bring one’s vision into reality. But Theron took away any willpower Gareth had when he killed his wife and three hundred thousand other souls aboard a reseed engine. That didn’t take willpower, only malice and disregard for life. That, Gareth would never respect.
The clang of pitted friction pulled him out of his thoughts and sent his heart racing. There was no drone down here with him, it was something else. He wasn’t hearing the falling of sand or steel, it was the precise and smooth echo of a footstep.
“Who’s there?” He shouted, but his core module was beginning to flutter, struggling to keep his mechanical body alive.
A clicking noise, like the tapping of a thousand nails, issued from the darkness and was followed by a subtle vibration in the dank stale air. Gareth could feel the pressure change as dust and sand flittered up, sucked into an invisible draft growing stronger. Out of the shadow, a swarm appeared. Gareth couldn’t tell what type of machines they were, or even if they were machines. He only saw the small tinkle and shine off their elongated winged bodies, as they fluttered and inched closer out of the pitch black. Likely some sort of archaic defense mechanism he triggered during the fall.
He tried to think of a command prompt to use when he saw the shine of two round eyes, peering out before the hypnotizing swarm.
Gareth’s heart stopped and he froze with fear.
He thought he had been taken by surprise earlier, but this was nothing he could have imagined. The light wasn’t strong enough to allow sight of the host, but it gave off just enough to glint across the lens of whatever crouched in the darkness before him.
Traces of light began splitting the air, following an intense geometric pattern, sophisticated beyond all imagination. The light faded just as quick as it appeared, but its brightness left an after image in the center of his focus, like staring at the sun when he was a child. He swore there were faces and shapes in the white.
Gareth lifted his ruined arm to shield his optics, triggering sudden movement in the swarming things.
He was covered before he could scream and plunged into the warm darkness of the cave, his curiosity replacing any rage he felt.
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2023.06.05 16:25 Major_Ad_782 I dont mean to be a dragon ball fan, but when do the missions come out?

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2023.06.05 16:23 welcomeOhm Back Problems and Building a Rig to Suspend Guitar in Front of Me While I Play

I played guitar for 20 years before my back problems made me put it down (scoliosis). I tried several different ways to keep playing, but it just wasn't working, and I had to admit that my back hurt all the time.
Flash forward to today, and I'm really wanting to give it a try again. Part of the problem is that I really want to play shred, and so I need to have correct position and technique. That is difficult to do, at least for me, without my back hurting after about 10 minutes. In other words, laying against the couch and strumming some chords is fun, but it isn't what lets me really express myself.
So, inspired by the Youtube guitarist who plays two guitars at once, I'm thinking about building a wooden rig to support the guitar and put the headstock at an angle so that I wouldn't have any stress on my back (even playing seated with a strap and classical guitar foot pedal didn't work for long). The rig would have a padded slot to accommodate the headstock and keep it stable. I guess it would be almost like playing a guitar that was suspended from the wall at Guitar Center, if you could set it up in front of you.
My idea is that I could stand behind it like the Youtube guitarist and play with it suspended in front of me.
I can't seem to find the video, but it was Michael Angelo Batio who inspired me to do this. He had a video at least 15 years ago where he suspended two guitars like this so he could walk around the rig and play them from all sides. So, I know it is possible, at least
If anyone has done this, or has any thoughts on whether that might work, I would be grateful to hear them.
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2023.06.05 16:23 ohpossums Tracking marked delivered via USPS, Etsy sides with buyer?

Literally just want to rant a bit because Etsy policies are wacky. Customer says they never received their order- but USPS tracking shows it was delivered to front porch. Buyer opens up case and gets full refund? And I have to front cost. Literally don’t understand why their policy is like that. Seems a bit too easy to abuse system then? If it was marked as delivered by usps why does seller take fault in case?
I mainly sell on my website- tempted to stop selling on Etsy altogether lol.
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2023.06.05 16:21 AMCG213 VRBO refusing a refund for a bed bug infested house

I recently rented a VRBO house with 8 total people for 2 nights. After the first night, one of the couples noticed a bed bug crawling on their bed. We then lifted up the mattress and found a bunch of squashed bugs underneath. Since the rental was under my name, I immediately called the owner at her provided contact number. No answer, left a voicemail explaining the situation. I also left her a message via VRBO. No response back. I also contacted VRBO who instructed me to take pictures (which I did and sent) and said they would contact the owner, investigate the issue and get back to me within 48 hours. It's worth noting that they did not offer to help us find new accommodations, which I later learned was something they should have done. Since then (approx. 6 weeks), I've been in contact with VRBO on 10+ phone calls and another 10+ emails. They have provided every possible excuse to not provide us with a refund, including: (1) there was only 1 live bed bug and they have a "3 bed bug policy", as if the blood stained mattress isn't sufficient proof of an infestation, (2) they are unable to get in touch with the owner and they are unable to issue a refund without the owner's approval, and (3) because we stayed 1 of 2 nights, we are not eligible for a full refund, it doesn't matter that the house was substantially misrepresented (bed bugs, unclean). This is also after having been told by 2 different customer service agents that "rest assured, I will receive a full refund and that someone will be in contact with me shortly via email to confirm." Rest assured, I never received any confirmation email or refund.
I paid over $1,300 for the rental, which was made up of a $300 nightly rate + miscellaneous fees (cleaning, service fee, fee in lieu of security deposit, etc.). VRBO is "considering" refunding us $300 only, or about 22% of our total cost, representing the 1 night we did not stay. I could potentially understand this justification, even if I strongly disagree; however, then the math should be 50% of the total cost since we stayed 50% of the time. They are refusing to refund 50% of the fees since they were implemented by the owner. I was told that the only way to get any more of a refund is to get the owner's approval, but she has not responded to any outreach by me or VRBO.
There are a number of issues with this situation, most significantly in my opinion, that VRBO is unable or unwilling to provide a refund without the owner's approval. What is stopping an owner from renting out an unclean/unsafe/misrepresented house, taking the money and just not picking up the phone as a way to avoid a refund?
I am currently waiting for VRBO to finish their "investigation" and make a decision on whether or not they are willing to provide the meager 22% refund. If anyone has any suggestions for how I can push for a larger, or preferably full refund, I would greatly appreciate any advice! Thanks.
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2023.06.05 16:21 yournailsupplier POWER REQUIREMENTS FOR UV NAIL LAMPS

The same rules apply whether you're buying for yourself or a salon. Consider the nail lamp as an example. Wherever it is applied, it must be strong how much is the nail tech course enough to cure gel polish. Under-cured polish peels and bubbles, or it seems murky and lifeless. Polish that has been overcured is prone to cracking. So, what wattage does a UV nail light work best at?


Professional UV nail lamps should have a wattage of 36 watts. (Each UV bulb inside is no more than 9 W).
LED nail lamps, however, are exempt from this requirement. The wavelengths that they transmit matter more. Consult the maker of the nail paint you use if you're unsure of the wattage of nail lamp to buy. The brand specifies whether nails art LED UV light or conventional UV is required to cure the product. If you use LED light, they ought to specify which wavelengths work best for curing polish.
We'd like to concentrate on the best LED nail lamps here because UV nail lamps are getting harder and harder to locate.


If you do a pricing comparison, you might discover that a UV light costs less to buy initially than an LED bulb. Nevertheless, a UV lamp will cost more in the long run because The bulbs are expensive and need to be changed every few months. Additionally, they consume more energy than LEDs.
Compared to UV lights, LEDs are up to 50 times more energy-efficient and durable.
Additionally, LED nail lamps cure polish in 30 to 60 seconds compared to up to 3 minutes for UV nail lamps.
Let's use one of the top LED lamps for gel nails to demonstrate the advantages:



Here is a nail lamp that will give you consistently professional results. Most gel polish kinds, if not all of them, can be cured in a matter of seconds. Additionally, it is rechargeable and portable. 42 LEDs with a mirror finish and two different wavelengths—365nm and 405nm—are installed inside. This is significant since the wavelengths dictate how quickly the polish will dry. The polish is designed to chemically react with the appropriate color of light. These wavelengths just so happen to be the ones that manufacturers of gel polish most frequently need.
Additionally, each LED uses little under 2 watts. Individually, they are mynailsart low power, which prevents overheating and skin burning. However, when they all cooperate in addition to the reflective inside, they offer complete coverage, allowing the nails to dry entirely.
There are four timing settings and a motion sensor to turn on the light, which are both significant features. By using the sensor, you can operate without touching any buttons or risk smudging the polish before it has dried.
For all varieties of gel polish, builder gel, and other applications, the settings include 10, 30, 60, and 90 seconds. Keep in mind that each gel polish you buy will come with instructions on how long to cure it.
Applying polish in tiny layers is a good idea. It is simple to add more, and it avoids inappropriate curing.
You'll recall that in the beginning of the post, we said 36 watts. Are 96W nail lamps safe, then? If you follow the directions, it is just like any other manicure equipment!
The next LED nail lamp is something else you might like. It has some excellent features but isn't as strong.


This portable light has 36 watts of electricity and is intended for use at home and for nail technicians on the go. Five fingers or toes can be cured at once.
When it's powered by the battery, it includes an intriguing function called Intelligent Power Assist that prevents fluctuating power levels. Additionally, the display ensures that you are aware of the remaining energy.
Highlights like the eye shield and the Comfort nail tech school cost near me Cure setting for sensitive skin are also mentioned by the brand.
Last but not least, the casing is scratch and acetone resistant, and the integrated handle makes it convenient to carry.
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2023.06.05 16:21 Lolpro-lol [CH] [H] Keyboards: Ori CLS-2//65, SAlvun/Wilba Salvation; Keycaps: GMK Laser, JTK Suited Assassin EPBT Voo Cherry, Kinetic Octopus [W] PayPal, Trades

All prices in USD, everything below my cost and OBO. Not including Shipping unless specified. Keyboard does not include Stabs, Switches or Keycaps. Can add Stabs/Switches if the you prefer the board built.
Comment before PM.
Item Condition Description Price
Ori CLS-2//65 Black Used, perfect condition - Millmaxxed PCB - Alu Plate - Brass Plate - Brass weight and Badge - Red alu weight and badge - Gold Leaf Badge 700
Salvun/Wilba Salvation Copper Slag Barely used, perfect condition - 2 Fr4 plates, one cut to halfplate - Solder PCB (Used) - Hotswap PCB 400
Item Condition Description Price
GMK Laser used shine on WASD and 6.25 spacebar. Used GMK Laser Base 70
EPBT Voo Ceerry unused Unused Voo Cherry base 60
JTK Suited Assassin unused Unused Suited Assasin base 80
Kinetic Octopus Shine on WASD, spacebar and some alphas Used Octopus base 25
All caps come shipped in bags, can ship in PBTFans tray for +25$.
Will ship from Switzerland with Swiss Post or UPS.

I'm interested in the following but also open to other trades:
Monokei Kei Brass Bottom
F1-8x / f1-8k-snow edition
GMK Yuru
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2023.06.05 16:21 ambitionK Why YOU should sign up for Wumpa WarriorZ (Crossplay, NA)

What is Wumpa WarriorZ?
A weekly ladder tournament run by yours truly. I'm a very experienced tournament organizer that works on some of the biggest fighting game events (EVO, CEO, Combo Breaker, Frosty Faustings). Yes, the tournament series is named after the fruit from Crash Bandicoot
How is it different from every other online tournament?
Wumpa WarriorZ is a Ladder tournament. Ladder is a format that allows for players to play as many or few sets as they'd like as well as for people to join in and drop out at will. This leads to maximum flexibility as well as giving as much opportunity to play as possible. No pressure of going 0-2 and being done, you play as much as you want in the 2 hour time period.
We also have an amazing community that welcomes players of all levels, so don't be intimidated if aren't the most experienced!
When is Wumpa WarriorZ?
Every Thursday at 7PM EST. The ladder runs for 2 hours and then the top 4 on the leaderboard play in the final bracket. You can choose to play as much or as little as you want during those 2 hours
How much does it cost?
Wumpa WarriorZ is completely FREE to all attendees. There is a prize pool through matcherino each week which you can contribute to for free by claiming codes and/or doing sponsor quests
Is there a stream/Are sets uploaded?
Yes! I stream these tournaments on my Twitch & upload sets to my Youtube
Sounds Great! Where can I sign up?
Right Here See you there!
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2023.06.05 16:20 Then_Marionberry_259 JUN 05, 2023 MAG.TO JUANICIPIO ACHIEVES COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 05, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MAG Silver Corp. (TSX / NYSE American: MAG) (“MAG” or “MAG Silver”) is pleased to announce that commercial production has been achieved at the Juanicipio Project (56% / 44% Fresnillo plc (“Fresnillo”) and MAG, respectively) effective June 1, 2023.
Following a successful commissioning period, the Juanicipio mine, processing facility and other vital systems are operating in line with, or rapidly approaching design capacity. The Juanicipio mill is operating at approximately 85% of its design capacity of 4,000 tonnes per day (“tpd”) with silver recovery consistently above 88%. On a 100% basis, approximately 3.2 million ounces of silver have been produced from the Juanicipio processing facility from March 2023 to the end of May 2023, and production is expected to continue to increase steadily through Q3 where it is envisioned the plant will be running at design capacity. All major construction activities have now been completed and Juanicipio is demonstrating its ability to sustain ongoing production levels. The operations team is continually seeking opportunities to improve and optimize the mine, plant and other critical systems to achieve and potentially exceed design capacities.
“Reaching this important milestone of commercial production at Juanicipio completes our transformation from developer to producer,” said George Paspalas, President and CEO of MAG Silver. “Today marks the beginning of a very exciting and dynamic growth phase for MAG as we combine stable, high-margin silver production with the ongoing high-grade exploration potential that has made and continues to make MAG so unique.”
About MAG Silver Corp. ( )
MAG Silver Corp. is a growth-oriented Canadian development and exploration company focused on becoming a top-tier primary silver mining company by exploring and advancing high-grade, district scale, precious metals projects in the Americas. Its principal focus and asset is the 4,000 tonnes per day Juanicipio Project (44%), operated by Fresnillo Plc (56%). The project is located in the Fresnillo Silver Trend in Mexico, the world's premier silver mining camp, where in addition to underground mine production and processing of mineralized material, an expanded exploration program is in place targeting multiple highly prospective targets. MAG is also executing multi-phase exploration programs at the Deer Trail 100% earn-in Project in Utah and the Larder Lake Project, located in the historically prolific Abitibi region of Canada.
Neither the Toronto Stock Exchange nor the NYSE American has reviewed or accepted responsibility for the accuracy or adequacy of this press release, which has been prepared by management.
This release includes certain statements that may be deemed to be “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the US Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All statements in this release, other than statements of historical facts are forward looking statements, including statements that address our expectations with respect to the timing and success of commissioning activities and the full-scale ramp up of milling activities, processing rates of development materials, future mineral production, and events or developments. Forward-looking statements are often, but not always, identified by the use of words such as "seek", "anticipate", "plan", "continue", "estimate", "expect", "may", "will", "project", "predict", "potential", "targeting", "intend", "could", "might", "should", "believe" and similar expressions. These statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause actual results or events to differ materially from those anticipated in such forward-looking statements. Although MAG believes the expectations expressed in such forward-looking statements are based on reasonable assumptions, such statements are not guarantees of future performance and actual results or developments may differ materially from those in the forward-looking statements. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in forward-looking statements include, but are not limited to, impacts (both direct and indirect) of COVID-19, timing of receipt of required permits, changes in applicable laws, changes in commodities prices, changes in mineral production performance, exploitation and exploration successes, continued availability of capital and financing, and general economic, market or business conditions, political risk, currency risk and capital cost inflation. In addition, forward-looking statements are subject to various risks, including that data is incomplete and considerable additional work will be required to complete further evaluation, including but not limited to drilling, engineering and socio-economic studies and investment. The reader is referred to the MAG Silver’s filings with the SEC and Canadian securities regulators for disclosure regarding these and other risk factors. There is no certainty that any forward-looking statement will come to pass, and investors should not place undue reliance upon forward-looking statements.
Please Note: Investors are urged to consider closely the disclosures in MAG's annual and quarterly reports and other public filings, accessible through the Internet at and
LEI: 254900LGL904N7F3EL14

For further information on behalf of MAG Silver Corp. Contact Michael J. Curlook, Vice President, Investor Relations and Communications Phone: (604) 630-1399 Toll Free: (866) 630-1399 Website: Email: [email protected]
Universal Site Links
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2023.06.05 16:20 robis87 T-bills After Debt Ceiling Lifted

So after the debt ceiling is lifted, there's literally no risk to T-bills left whatsoever? Once the banks resume going tits up, the demand will only rise. There are opportunity costs ofc
Also a noob question - what's the actual difference between money market funds and Treasuries. Afaik the former are mostly comprised of the latter, no?
I'm really bearish on this BS gap between macro and markets atm, thus looking for the safest possible parking for my capital.
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2023.06.05 16:19 bobblerski Advice Needed: Ulnar nerve compression/ cubical tunnel syndrome

I have bitten off more than I can chew, and it feels like my body is paying the price.
I am 21F and just got diagnosed with Ulnar Compression Syndrome.
I have an internship in corporate with a large manufacturing company. The job keeps me busy with excel or other types of desk duties. I do not feel like I’m gaining much relevant job experience as my “Project Management” position is really just Marketing as opposed to Supply Chain. Additionally, the work culture lacks a healthy work-life balance, with managers frequently working long hours and weekends. The culture of the job, combined with the predominantly male environment, has added to the strain.
The anxiety surrounding my commute exacerbates my worries. The thought of spending 40 to 55 minutes each way on busy highways, with the added strain it puts on my arms, heightens my apprehension about the toll it takes on my well-being.
In addition to this, I will begin my 7 credits worth of summer classes in two weeks. One class I expect to be difficult and the other not so much. I am hoping to graduate a year early in the spring of 2024 to save on tuition costs.
Those 8 hours typing at the desk and additional hours studying away will be painful, and as someone who is only 21, I’m worried about how it might impact my future health.
And finally, I am passionate about writing. Currently, working to complete my first novel. This is my dream and in a perfect world would be my top priority. I am terrified that writing could now always be painful because of choices I made during this period of my life.
Right now, I am leaning towards resigning from my internship. I am worried as to how this might impact possible employment in the future. However, the prevailing fear is that I am afraid that if I try to do everything, my arms will give up on me. I am at a loss. I could use any and all advice from you a
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2023.06.05 16:17 tokenslol MR. JAWSUM wouldn't want us to give up... so we shall make HERO our new BOSSMAN! Win this elimination contest at all costs! Revenge shall be had...

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2023.06.05 16:14 akovia Lowes has blacklisted my entire city

Through Lowes' use of automation, they have alienated an entire city from both shipping and deliveries.
My closest store is nearly 90 minutes away, so I prefer to have my items shipped. After going to my cart to check out, it asks for both my mailing and shipping address. After filling it out, it actually changes my city and zip code to a neighboring city. Huh!?
After wasting time trying to trick it into working, I called customer service for help. After explaining everything, I was assured it could be handled. 30 minutes later, I was told she was experiencing the exact issue I was having and couldn't get around it. I was then informed to call the store directly, and of course, they would be able to handle the issue.
Next up is the pro desk. "Yes, we've seen this issue with your town", but since we can't ship there, we would be happy to deliver it to you instead. It would normally cost you $79, but we will do it for $35 for your troubles. After adding the first item to the order, he discovered he wasn't able to mark it for delivery. "Sorry, you should should try calling Home Depot" <<-- (paraphrasing)
So, they deliver to the cities on both sides of us, and have to go through our city to reach the other, but we are, for lack of a better analogy, invisible to Lowes because of some address database it uses
You would hope you could complain to someone to actually have this remedied, but the red tape to get this issue to the right department is a mountain that no one wants to climb. So, Lowes has effectively blacklisted out city.
Isn't technology wonderful? What a joke!
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2023.06.05 16:14 franklytanked Is it normal to cry at the thought of moving to a different city for a job?

Last Friday I was offered a role that's professionally a level up - in terms of job description, pay, and brand name of the company. They'd cover relocation, and benefits aren't stunning but they're decent.
But it involves moving away from where I've lived my whole life (30 years) – including my parents and my sister, whom I adore to bits. I see them everyday and the possibility of losing that has made me really emotional – I've cried everyday thinking about it! There's the added cost of being a $400 plane ticket away from them if there's any medical scare or urgent need to meet my parents, who aren't getting younger.
And I'd be starting from scratch – it's a new company, compared to a company I've worked up in and where I know I'm respected and liked. I don't know anyone there socially. It's a new city, and because I have two days to accept the offer, I'd be accepting it sight unseen, without knowing if I'd like or be able to live there happily.
Cost of living would be about the same, though rent would be a bit higher. Main gains for me would be professional, plus I do think it's time to grow a spine and get more independent. I think I'm being illogical about it, but if the choice is making me cry this much, is it even worth it? Are the professional benefits even worth it?
Am I being silly? I know I'm intensely lucky to love my life and family so much that this is even a problem. Has anyone else ever faced a similar situation?
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2023.06.05 16:14 zigzaghaj Very useful for my grandma character 👵

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2023.06.05 16:13 Oh-That-Ginger TIFU by saying "fuck it, just get it over with" when the anesthetic didn't work when putting back a torn out fingernail

I had just started lifting an being the rookie bodybuilder I was took every suggestion that came my way. (This was about a year ago). I'm a morning person and in the gym there were always the same four people in the morning, so we got to know each other over a couple months.
This elderly man showed me this "new" excercise with dumbbells where you basically bend over and do flies for your back. I copied him and he told me to change my grip. Alright, change my grip. Fine. I grew a little too enthusiastic and the dumbbells clashed together on their way down, somehow catching the middle finger of my left hand between them. First I was just dumbfounded. Oh fuck. Just as If it had come between a door. Then the pain intensified and blood started gushing out.
I went to the toilets and held it under running water. The entire sink was red and I was on the verge of passing out. Vision blurry, lightheaded, the whole shebang. The janitor bandaged it and after that I went home where I took some painkillers. The pain kept getting worse however and I felt like something was wrong. I had seen that the nail wasn't in the right spot. 80% of the nail under the nailbelt horizontally had been torn out so that I could see the part of my nail usually under my skin. I decided to go to the hospital and because it was a Sunday couldn't get in touch with my GP first, meaning it'd all be on my own costs (Netherlands care system).
In the hospital a doctor checked it out and after discussing with other doctors decided it was best to put the nail back in to protect the nailbed or something. Ge game me some anesthetic and then we had to wait for it to work. It did nothing, but he then had to leave for an emergency when an ambulance came in. Another two hours go by before he comes back. He pumps in some more anesthetic and we wait. Then some more because it didn't work. Eventually I just said, "fuck it. Just get it over with." He asked whether I was sure and I told him yes. Big mistake
He tried pushing it back in place and I was grunting in pain. He asked if I was okay and I told him to finish it regardless. He had it in place and was ready to put in stitches. Then it flopped back out. He got another Docter to help. Now this woman was rough. Not the soft lady's touch I was hoping for. She doubled up the force she put on it and kept it there. At this point the people in the next room over and probably the one after that, heard the grunting. Meanwhile I was swearing under my breath "ah motherfucker" then apologized. She said it was okay and that she knew how much it must hurt.
Then the stitches came. One went through the top of my finger, the other above my nail to form a sort of X over my nail. Now keep in mind your fingertips are very sensitive. This hurt nearly as much as the initial pushing back of the nail.
"The worst is over now, right?"
"Erm, almost." Then the man proceeded to tighten the stitches. More swearing ensued.
Worst pain I've ever experienced.
One week later I had to come back for a check up and the whole thing was brown/green as if it was dead. Turned out alright though and now my finger looks normal again.
TL;DR nail was toen out while weightlifting and was out back in without anesthetic. Worst pain of my life.
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2023.06.05 16:12 Centumviri Making Treasure Matter! Part 1 aka The Ale Standard (Updated for 2023)

Since the dawn of D&D players have chased treasure. Coins, Trinkets, Gems, Jewelry, and Items of Power. Rarely do we do so with any form of realism. Metals are extremely heavy, and any realistic thought of carrying around tens of thousands of valuable metal coins is not only absurd but functionally impossible. Ever try and pick up a large change jar, like the kind you granny kept? Full Plate Armor weighs almost nothing compared to that sucker. But here is the thing… we don’t care. And we don’t care because it is fun to have 10k in gold coins jingling around in our pockets! I don’t know if we will ever do away with the nuttyness of carrying all those coins, but I do think we can do something about their value.
If you’re of the persuasion that the original D&D brand of cp, sp, ep, gp, and pp is the way you wanna go, and tracking all that is fun for you and your party then by all means keep on keeping on. Nothing wrong with that! But I am about to suggest a little something I call the Ale Standard. A method of tracking and using a modified standard currency, because I got a suspicion that a lot of us out there just don’t like dealing with the minutia of all those coins and conversions. We would also really like wealth to continue to matter, and in most cases matter more. I’ve noticed a trend toward “items” and a lot more hand waving when it comes to money. Which is just fine, but I, and maybe you, want to run games where every coin matters!
So let’s start with values. Assuming a metal rarity in your D&D world that is similar to our own… How much is a gold coin actually worth? Most of us in our minds picture a pirate movie-esq doubloon sized gold coin. Which is pretty huge if you think about it. And for the most part fictional. Actual gold coins were much much smaller. I’m going to warn you, parts of this train are pretty mathy. Hopefully you’ll ride it out, as after 40 years of D&D I think it is well worth it.
A U.S. dime. A coin worth 10% of a dollar weighs 2.268 grams. As of 2023 Gold sells for a little over $60 a gram depending on purity (US dollars). We will stick to $60 for simplicity. Gold has retained a pretty consistent value throughout human history. $60 can buy you some jeans and a shirt today and generally speaking that same amount could buy an equal value outfit when Jesus was kicking it in the middle east 2000 years ago. That’s why Gold was used as an economic standard for a long time.
(Well… we used to. Not saying the Gold Standard was perfect, but now we just make up numbers based on what we guess something might possibly be worth if it were to be a tangible item we could actually sell, all while just adding more numbers to our imaginary digitally created values… … … anyway… It’s sad, but D&D’s economy might actually make more sense, and I don’t think it makes any sense at all. But that's just an aside, and one some folks will probably disagree with.)
ANYWAY, no economic system is perfect, but we can tr and get a little closer in our Fantasy Games. A gold coin the weight of a dime would be worth about $150 dollars. An actual Spanish Doubloon weighed about 7 grams and was a little less than an inch wide (Varied depending on the time period). Making a standard gold coin worth $420. The price of a cheap, but not bottom of the barrel, flatscreen TV in 2023. How many times in our games do we as DM’s simply say for some drinks at the tavern or for an apple from a street vendor “1 Gold” to cover the costs. The ratio realistically doesn’t work. You could hand wave and say that Gold isn’t as rare in your world, well sure, but if a Gp covers an apple what the hell are people making Copper Coins for? And how then is anything made of Gold valuable at all? It just doesn’t track! And I really want treasure to matter in my world, and if an Apple is worth a Gp, or, you know, $420, gold doesn’t matter at all.
Player: Would you like an apple?
Player: Why Yes I would!
Merchant: That will be one TV.
Player: No Problem! I happen to have 750 TVs right here!
See how lame that is?!
Which brings me to the point of all this. Once the cost of items drifts into Gp territory in D&D, the economy completely falls apart. The PHB says Modest living is worth 1gp a day, you know $420 for a day’s expenses… over $50 an hour! That’s more than many people make in a week. Comfortable living (middle class) is twice that! So let’s put this back on track, and I suggest you do so by switching to a basic currency type. Call it whatever you want! It can be Crowns, Dollars, Coins, Gil, Rupees, Pinches of Salt, or whatever you wanna call it because the name becomes part of the flavor of your world.
The next thing you want to do is take one unit of that currency and equal it to a commonly bought item that costs 1 Unit of your currency. In my world that is the Ale Standard. The average Ale at any given tavern across the world costs 1 Coin. So when pricing things I ask myself how many Ales is this worth? And then I build off of that, creating other value benchmarks I can reference along the way, and very often using real world pricing to reflect the Coin cost.
Best of all it is not hard to track! Most people understand and are skilled enough with basic currency values, and so operating this way just makes sense to them. That aforementioned apple now costs a Quarter Coin… you know $0.25. Your player, who is about to begin tracking their wealth the way we track modern money, knows exactly how to take a quarter off their total. No more dealing with conversion tables for different coinages.
Say you go out to eat at an average restaurant. You get a drink (Ale). That drink typically costs about 205% of a single mid-priced meal. So an Ale is one Coin and a meal is 4 Coins. Total package 5 Coins. That is $4 for a drink and $16 for a meal so $20. A mid-level hotel stay is about $120 (30 Coins). A day’s wages for a poor lifestyle is 2sp according to the PHB. Which 20% of a gp, which according to our math above is about $120 a day or… $15 an hour… or 30 Coins. Which tracks for a poor but not squalid lifestyle. Stuff like that! And now that we’ve figured out a day’s wages we can easily calculate almost any value in our world simply by multiplying it by 30 Coins.
“But Mike” you cry “This does not sound simpler.”
Not up front. No. No, it does not. But after just a few conversions it will start to feel natural and just hang on… Imabout to blow your mind.
Once your “Coin” value is set and you have a good working knowledge of your base currency you can begin to quickly set reward values and costs in the D&D World that are often nebulous to us. As I said before, the pricing in the PHB doesn’t track well once they move into the Gp territory. A longsword in D&D would cost a ridiculous amount if Gp is translated accurately on the gold scale. But now we’re able to fix that, quickly. We’ve already determined a poor day’s wages above was 2sp (30 Coins), that means a D&D Gp should be worth 150 Coins. But according to the PHB a longsword is 15gp. Or 75 days worth of labor. Or you know… $9000. Which is BONKERS! And don’t even get me started on the cost of Full Plate Armor! A standard Iron Longsword, nothing fancy, probably took a couple days to make. So paying a laborer 30 Coins a day for two days is 60 Coins, plus say another 15 Coins for materials putting it at $350, Which, according to the internet, is completely in the ballpark for a “middling quality” hand forged weapon even by today’s standards.
This quickly translates to everything that happens in the world around you. You can begin to take a day’s wages and real world pricing and reduce it down to coins VERY quickly. Need a cart ride to the next town? 30 coins for the day’s work. Want a few hours worth of errands run? 15 Coins! Want a fence built over the next two days? 60 Coins. Sure it was easy to just say a Gp. But imagine paying someone $450 just to water your horse. That is insane, but we do it in our games all the time!
Looking for a skilled or expert laborer, double up the cost of the day’s wage! For example, building a simple one room house (Think Log Shed)? 5 skilled laborers at 60 Coins a day for 5 days would be 1500 Coins ($6000 for those not doing the math. Guess how much a 20x20 Aamish built shed costs?) Add land and furnishing costs and the total comes in at about, oh lets say, 10,000 coins or $40,000! Which feels about right for a tiny piece of land with a small furnished building on it. I mean compare that to a Basic Guildhall which has a listed cost in the DMG of 5000gp or you know almost $3,000,000… A cost that could be used to realistically build 65 20x20 buildings. You could build a good sized village for that cost if we’re talking sensible pricing.
Shifting gears back to selling stuff off, it is also now very easy for the players to reasonably counter-offer if they go after a deal… which we all know they love to do. And to have stuff ordered and crafted for them! Now when they do these things, you can make up prices that feel real and connective on the fly without needing to consult the PHB or DMG. How much does a healing potion cost? (PHB says $21,000) Pfffft…. You just quickly guess at and add some things like 10 Days of work, Highly Skilled Labor (say 100 Coins a day), and Expensive Materials (500 Coins). Voilà, your potion costs 1500 Coins. Or realistically, just over 3gp. Still pricy to early level adventurers but also still within reach!
I use the Ale Standard because it is close to realistic pricing, but still simple enough to multiply quickly. But if that is still a little too mathy for you, just jump a day’s wages being 25 or 50 coins. Multiplication by quarters and halves is a lot faster for those of us who don’t like math. It isn’t quite as on the money as realistic pricing as 30 coins, but it is still way better than $900,000 Full Plate Armor… or you know 2143 TVs.
I know this is a huge departure from the PHB economy, and that can be a little hard to get your head around. But I encourage you to do it! I think you’ll be surprised at how easy it is once you get going and best of all, you now just turned your “How much does that cost?” “One Gold” “How much does that cost?” “One Gold” “How much does that cost?” “One Gold” shopping sprees into something that actually reflects costs and makes money matter again. It becomes easy to charge them for things like tailoring and blacksmithing in a way that feels real and most importantly fun. Because let’s face it, when everything costs a gold, it becomes a lot less fun to spend a gold.
“But so what? We’ve done these extra hurdles, and for what? I could still do all this and use the coins listed in the Rule Books!”
Well, hang with me till next week when I show you the most wonderful effect doing this causes. How switching to Coins makes treasure matter more than it has since it was tied to Experience Points!

My son and I are armchair content creators who donate our work to the hobby at large. We host our material on an absolutely free Patreon which runs like a D&D Magazine, posting mostly Maps and Full Adventures. I dabble into other areas like stories, and thoughts on the game. We use any donations to fund an afterschool TTRPG Club and of course our own hobbies and pizza. If you would like to make some requests or support the work you can check us out at AMPLUS ORDO GAMES
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2023.06.05 16:12 redaktora Cost basis not sent after ACATS transfer

Hello, I've recently completed a full ACATS stocks transfer out of DriveWealth to IBKR. Thankfully it went well, but now 2 weeks past the fact, the cost basis of my positions is still missing. After contacting DriveWealth support, last week, they responded:
"(...) While DriveWealth may be responsible for the clearing, execution, settlement, and/or custodying of your brokerage account with Revolut, DriveWealth does not support the functionalities mentioned in your message at this time. (...)"
Can someone, who was transferred out of DriveWealth via the ACATS, confirm that your cost basis was subsequently automatically updated so I can call their bullchit out and load up the complaint forms? Thanks.
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2023.06.05 16:10 ShinMinase Superhero chapter for LAL2

On this post: I mentioned I'd like to see a Superhero-themed chapter involving a city named Cosmos City being invaded by aliens. It was inspired by the China chapter of LAL.
The plot involves Cosmos City, in the USA, being invaded by aliens (spawns of the alien from Cube's chapter, which in LAL2 alternate history has devoured and assimilated Cube to become the alien queen of this chapter).
The plot starts with Jason David Stark attacking the nest of the alien queen (it's genderless, but I'll call it a queen) alone, and almost defeats it at the cost of getting crippled and having his Green Dragon armor rendered inoperable. Meanwhile. the alien queen has survived, and it's gonna regenerate and learn a new plan to attack Cosmos City through its adaptation ability.
Back in Cosmos City, the aliens seem to have died, for now, but the queen is not actually dead so they're gonna respawn and attack again. Jason, no longer being able to use his armor, decides to train the rest of the Guardian Force to prepare for the new invasion.
Some months pass, and, as Jason predicted, the aliens come back with a vengeance. As such, Jason and the Guardian Force he leads are now ready to stop them. One of the heroes, the one with the highest affinity and level, claims the title of New Green Dragon in honor of the late Jason, and leads the attack on the aliens' nest.
Since the queen has adapted to Jason's powers and is now able to counter them, Jason decides to lead the city defense and send some of his Guardian Force to attack the nest while the rest assist him in city defense. Jason eventually dies while tackling the aliens' main force in a forced loss battle, meanwhile, the player's decisions cause other heroes to take up different tasks and fight some specific boss aliens. They might die or survive, depending on the situation.
The two doing tasks in the nest (but not the two protecting the city) assist the New Green Dragon as a party against the final boss. Then, as the New Green Dragon comes back to the city, the surviving heroes all cheer for them and, for the final chapter, teach them their signature special skill based on summoning them.
Unlike the China chapter, this one punishes favoritism severely, as avoiding favoritisms causes your heroes to be able to survive and give whoever is the New Green Dragon special skills to use in the final chapter.

The heroes' team, called the Guardian Force, is inspired by the "Sense of Right Alliance" bootleg toys (which depicts Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, a Power Ranger, Lightning McQueen and Shrek):
Green Dragon (Jason David Stark) is a tribute to Jason David Frank's Green Ranger and represents the Power Ranger, given he's a user of a cybernetic armor who can summon a dragon. Jason is the hero at the start of the game, and the character you control outside of battle for most of it. As he's gonna sacrifice himself to defend the city, you control him for one last time and have to beat waves and waves of aliens in a battle that carries on until you die: each wave you beat gives you rarer drops and beating the fifth wave gives a special weapon for the final chapter, however, after the fifth wave, a special boss spawns which uses an instakill move before you even get a chance to attack.
Killer Backhoe is a tribute to Lightning McQueen, being a modified backhoe controlled by an AI, with a machine gun turret mounted on it. He has an A rank in Strength and a B in Range, but a D in flight. If he survives, he gives the New Green Dragon the skill Grave Digger (Martial-elemental charge in a straight line with a 2x2 width, with a chance of an instant kill)
Bloodbat (Pat Cullenson) is a tribute to Pattinson's Batman (and Edward Cullen) and represents Batman, being a vampire with blood magic and the ability to turn into a bat. He has a B rank in Flight and an A rank in Range, and a D rank in Strength. If he survives, he'll give the New Green Dragon the skill My Bloody Valentine (health-draining Dark-elemental magic attack which inflicts Poison, Intoxication, atk down and def down in a 3x3 range)
The Oni (Roland Takahara) is a tribute to Shrek, being, you know, an oni. He has an S rank in Strength and a D in both Range and Flight. If he survives, he'll give the New Green Dragon the skill Oni's Rage (Blunt-elemental physical attack which covers a 4x4 area around the user and raises the user's atk but lowers their defense)
Plasma Jet (Henry Hartmann) is a tribute to Superman (especially Henry Cavill's one), as his power to control plasma allows him to fly and shoot heat beams. He has a C rank in Strength, an A rank in Range and an S rank in Flight. If he survives, he'll give the New Green Dragon the skill Plasma Blast (long-ranged Fire-elemental magic attack which hits a 4x4 area)
Monarch Butterfly (Vanessa Del Bruco) is a tribute to Spider-Man, as she controls bugs, shoot silk and split her body into multiple bugs. She has an S rank in Range, a D rank in Strength and a B rank in Flight. If she survives, she'll give the New Green Dragon the skill Hungry Swarm (Projectile-elemental physical attack which hits the whole field dealing 10 hits of light damage and drains health)
Note that in order to survive, each hero has to be a certain level or higher depending on what task you have them attempt. Since every hero has not only a task to accomplish, but also an individual boss to fight associated with said task, you have to win those boss battles cause if you lose it's not just a game over and reset, your hero dies.
In order to perform some tasks and have your heroes survive, you need a hero which has of those talents at a certain rank (those ranks can increase with levels). Some of these tasks involve rescuing civilians from a skyscraper, hitting flying aliens storming the city, removing debris blocking a road, and then destroying the gate to the nest or reaching it by flying or opening a passage by shooting. Each hero needs to have not only a certain skill rank to be able to perform those tasks, but also be at a certain level to be able to survive those tasks.
Jason can have "support conversations" and "training sessions" with various heroes in order to decide which ones go to the nest and which ones stay to defend the city. All surviving heroes who are in the nest are used as the party against the final boss.
After you finish the chapter, the New Green Dragon learns the ability to summon the heroes who have survived the chapter in order to launch one skill (as such being able to use a skill from their skillset in the final chapter). For instance, Killer Backhoe surviving gives you his skill Grave Digger, whose animation involves Killer Backhoe appearing and doing a Martial-elemental charge in a straight line which , or Bloodbat surviving gives whoever the New Green Dragon is his skill My Bloody Valentine, with an animation involving summoning Bloodbat, who uses Dark-elemental blood magic to drain health and inflict Poison, Intoxication and all stats down in a 3x3 range.
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2023.06.05 16:10 bobblerski Advice Needed: Just got diagnosed, and I now feel very uncertain about my future

I have bitten off more than I can chew, and it feels like my body is paying the price.
I am 21F and just got diagnosed with Ulnar Compression Syndrome.
I have an internship in corporate with a large manufacturing company. The job keeps me busy with excel or other types of desk duties. I do not feel like I’m gaining much relevant job experience as my “Project Management” position is really just Marketing as opposed to Supply Chain. Additionally, the work culture lacks a healthy work-life balance, with managers frequently working long hours and weekends. The culture of the job, combined with the predominantly male environment, has added to the strain.
The anxiety surrounding my commute exacerbates my worries. The thought of spending 40 to 55 minutes each way on busy highways, with the added strain it puts on my arms, heightens my apprehension about the toll it takes on my well-being.
In addition to this, I will begin my 7 credits worth of summer classes in two weeks. One class I expect to be difficult and the other not so much. I am hoping to graduate a year early in the spring of 2024 to save on tuition costs.
Those 8 hours typing at the desk and additional hours studying away will be painful, and as someone who is only 21, I’m worried about how it might impact my future health.
And finally, I am passionate about writing. Currently, working to complete my first novel. This is my dream and in a perfect world would be my top priority. I am terrified that writing could now always be painful because of choices I made during this period of my life.
Right now, I am leaning towards resigning from my internship. I am worried as to how this might impact possible employment in the future. However, the prevailing fear is that I am afraid that if I try to do everything, my arms will give up on me. I am at a loss. I could use any and all advice from you all.
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2023.06.05 16:10 LocalOreoSeller Is it necessary to join a coaching centre like Aakash, Byju's or PW to score good grades in class 9th?

For context I'm a student (15 M) studying in class 9th who's been quite good in studies so far (never scored below 90%). Most of my peers (who are even better than me in studies) have already enrolled in different coaching centres for additional academic support. This has led to me (and my parents) feeling very insecure about my studies and future. Few months ago some representatives from Vibrant Academy came to my house to persuade my parents to send me to their coaching centre. Now few days ago people from Byju's tuition centre came to persuade my parents for the same.
The only problem I have with going to a coaching centre (or any educational institution other than my school) is my daily schedule. During non-holiday days I wake up at 5 am to get ready for school, reach school by 7 am, spend waste 7-8 hours in school and reach home by 3 pm. Everything is fine up till this point (that is, if we exclude the fact that I feel burnt out after spending so much time in school). But after all of this, is where my main problem comes in. Most, if not every coaching centre start at 4 pm, just an hour after an average student like me reaches home. And to say that I reach home exhausted would be an understatement. But that's not it; coaching classes end by 7 or 7:30pm. So there's no way I'd reach home before 8 pm. What does that mean? That means after about 15 hours after I wake up to get ready for school, after spending so much time studying, I'd finally get some time to take some rest...right? Well, don't I have to complete the homework and notes that I get from school and coaching centre? Don't I have to study for tomorrow's class test? (yes we have class tests everyday in school). Don't I have to do some "self study" at home? And after all of this, how can I expect to have leisure time to do stuff that I like, when I'd barely have enough time to rest. Am I supposed to do nothing except eat, study, sleep, repeat?
This is one of the reasons why my parents are hesitating to send me to any coaching centres even after many people have persuaded them to send me to one. They worry that I'd not have enough time to have some rest. But when tell others with this as the reason for not sending me to a coaching centre, people are like "class 9th is too tough", "nobody teaches anything worthwhile in schools" and "those students who go to coaching centres are students like him too, right? If they all can manage, why can't he?"
And although I have difficulties with joining a coaching centre, I know for a fact that my school teachers are probably not as efficient as coaching class teachers in teaching stuff, and wish my school had better teachers. Therefore, I'm ready to join a coaching centre if not joining it means lacking behind my friends in studies, even if it costs my sanity. (I mean, either way I'd certainly have to join one in class 10)
So what should I do? Is joining a coaching centre really necessary to score good grades in class 9th, or studying stuff myself is enough?
^This is my first reddit post, so forgive me if something is wrong about this post
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2023.06.05 16:09 Routine-Shop8815 choosing a graphics card for upgrading pc

so i have saved a bit of money up and am going to upgrade my pc i have selected the parts i need except for the graphics card and i am having a tough time choosing
GPU: AMD rx 5700 xt
CPU: Ryzen 5 3600x
RAM: 16 GB ddr4
PSU: rm 750x
Motherboard: B450 TOMAHAWK MAX

Parts chosen for upgrade:
CPu cooler: Noctua nh d15
CPU: Amd ryzen 7 7700x
RAM: G.skill ripjaws ddr5
Motherboard: Msi mag x670e
and for Gpu im thinking 4070 ti or rx 7900 xtx
i can get the 4070 ti for US$982.41
rx 7900 xtx for US$1,154.50
and the reason im not considering the 4080 is because in my country it costs US$1,444.93
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