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2021.08.07 02:05 NorthernRiverWolf BridgewaterPodcast

What really happened to Officer Thomas Bradshaw 40 years ago in Freetown State Park? Will his son Jeremy discover the truth? What mysteries does the forest hide? Bridgewater is a new series from Grim and Mild, written by Lauren Shippen, and starts Misha Collins, Melissa Ponzio, Nathan Fillion, Karan Soni, Hilarie Burton, Jonathan Joss, Kristin Bauer, and Wil Wheaton.

2011.01.16 19:32 RipperM Horror Book Club

The Book Club will be back April 2023. Voting for Aprils book and the temporary home of the Horror Book Club will be at MonthlyHorrorBookClub

2017.01.15 05:10 The7thOne PortlandMC - Portland, Oregon in Minecraft

PortlandMC is an effort to make Portland, Oregon in Minecraft at 1:1 scale. Discord: https://discord.gg/XBw5RgE

2023.06.05 15:33 lafontduloup I think my phone addiction is triggering my episodes

I am just about to go out of what it is to be my 5th hospitalisation since 2017. My manic episode was somehow, as I remember, lighter than the last ones. The pure fact that I am able to remember when the cops arrived and the ride to the ER, says I was not completely out. I can remember mostly everything from the moment I went out off my house to right now, going back to it. With slight exceptions of course.
So what happened this time was somewhat different than before. My past episodes had been triggered by alcohol abuse and overtasking. All started by lack of sleep. This time was a bit different.
I was doing everything right. I quit drinking 1 year ago after my past hospitalisation. I was leading a healthy lifestyle, sport daily, healthy eating, sleeping hours no less then 8 by day, taking my meds, not going out at night as much. I was a responsable and exeptionnal mentally ill person.
It all started by the mysterious waking up at 3 a.m. No alarm no nothing, my body just jumpstarted and was ready for the day. I left a couple days like that pass by until I started to feel out of touch with reality.
Symbols and signs began to be repetitive. I had this very easy going manner of relating to other people. I was feeling light like a bird. I think the moment I lose control was when I started augmenting my phone usage.
I was in social media a lot, where the signs and symbols obviously reproduced. I began this mental battle with my phone, where I thought it was trying to control me.
I did some very weird shit. Like witchcraft things but this time, as my mania augmented, I wanted to stay home. I started imaginating bombs being dropped and all happening at the same time like a card tower ready to fall.
I think the way that there are two realities right now is what blew my brains out: the real world and the reality within the internet.
I believe this augmented usage (my screentime is around 6 hours a day) is what unbalanced me. As long as I had my headphones and my phone I could do whatever I wanted, no need for anything nor anyone. I began to isolate myself. I started to loose touch with relality and others, beggining to think that what was on my screen was the real world, when actually it isn’t.
I loved my life so much, I was so high on it that I forgot to be part of the world and that’s when things went bananas.
We are forgetting how to be in community. Prefering to ask an AI how to make a dish rather than asking our grandmothers. Forgetting to talk to each other since we can just give a like in social media.
We are becoming little almighty gods with the help of our phones. Let’s not forget we are not. And let us not loose touch with reality and others.
If you read all through here, I would love to read how your relationship with your phone is and if it’s affecting you in any way or has affected you in the past.
Great monday people, and cheers!
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2023.06.05 15:33 alien_survivor What happened to my cucumber plant?

What happened to my cucumber plant?
I just planted these two days ago and this morning I came out and all of the leaves on one of my cucumber spacemaster plants were destroyed. What happened? I am new to cucumbers. I have only planted tomatoes in buckets before.
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2023.06.05 15:32 Reacher74 Do I have unrealistic expectations surrounding sex? M27 F26

So this is something I’ve been really struggling with as of late. In a relationship with a wonderful girl for a few years. I want to make her my wife but there is one small challenge with our relationship. That is our sex life.
We started out having mostly awesome drunk sex for 30-60 minutes and we would both orgasm. It was really great and since I have a high libido I was really interested in this. Fast forward, she has gotten off BC and since moving in together sex has dwindled down to like once every 10 days or so sometimes more sometimes less. Of course she’s on her period or ovulating we have to be smart. But condoms hurt her, she says sex hurts her because I’m pretty big down there and she feels burning or like I’m hitting her cervix. Seems like she’s doing me a favor most times and I try to finish asap.
I guess my question is because I love this girl and don’t want to have a life of miserable sex but also need to make sure I don’t have unrealistic expectations.
I have been told I was very attractive my whole life and I am also successful. So not to sound like a prick, but I never had issue sleeping with women in my entire 20s I have had 40 or so sexual partners. She is the opposite and went year+ without sex before me. She has actually told me she doesn’t “need” sex to be happy, she moreso does It for me although she says she enjoys It.
I’m not sure if I have these expectations because of past lovers or porn or masturbating or what. But I honestly think if I broke up with her, there is some girl out there that would want sex everyday and basically would just get on top of me anytime one of us wanted It. A girl that would just love giving oral and would need nothing other than my penis to get off but that we’d do everything. Just an insane sex life, blowjobs while I drive, etc.
This seems ridiculous I know, but do women like this exist?
I also must say, our sex life has become stale enough that I don’t even try to get her in the mood. I just ask. Or she asks. Then we get our lube and meet in the bedroom. Most of the time It lasts 5 min or so because she’s just doing It because she loves me. Sometimes it’s longer and more intense and pretty amazing and we do foreplay. But not the norm.
She is actually amazing and we have had so many conversations about this. She has worked on trying to be better we agreed that a 2 time per week goal is doable and she said handjobs and blowjobs could happen otherwise. Hasn’t exactly happened but life has really gotten in the way too. (More on this below) But I always say I want her to be satisfied too. She says I can go down on her more/. Use vibrator but overall she is fine with just getting me off and hasn’t asked for these things. Is this normal?
We have completely different schedules and we really only have one or two realistic nights for sex anyway. She leaves for work by the time I get home usually. We see eachother in passing. And otherwise we have very active lives.
My question really boils down to: has sex, daily masturbating, and my large history of sex partners, distorted my ideas of what healthy sex in a long term partnership is? Is It realistic that I find an amazing partner who just wants to basically have my penis everyday?
My girlfriend is my person and honestly we have went on week vacations and had sex twice and one blowjob and she didn’t ask for much in return even tho I offered. We agreed that It was amazing.
Should I be trying to set the mood more? Like I don’t start kissing her neck or anything ever I just ask from across the room. This is because last year I got rejected enough that I couldn’t take It anymore. Asking is easier.
Should I really consider finding someone new? Or am I just insane to think someone out there coming off a 24 hour shift just wants to sit on my dick 4x a week.
I would be fine with twice a week but I don’t want to pressure her whatsoever if she truly doesn’t want this.
I don’t know what to do. The thought of breaking up destroys me but the idea of some fantasy girl having sex with me daily has me dreaming about the grass on the other side.
Should I work on setting the mood more? Are we doomed? I already know I need to quit porn. She really has been open to trying to be better although it’s clearly hard for her. Maybe we’re just incompatible but also it’s become such a pressurized topic.
Please help.
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2023.06.05 15:32 brycebreed11 Leaving dog out of Crate for the 1st time

Today i decided to leave my dog out of his crate for the first time while I am at the office. We've been building it up slowly but surely (leaving him out while at the store, at the gym, etc) but this is the first time i'm doing it while at work for 3-4 hours before lunch. He's 14 months old so i figured it was nearing that time and decided to just make the jump and see what happens.
So far, watching him on my ring while i drive away, he isn't enjoying it and is being vocal about it. Hopefully he settles in after a few minutes. Wish me luck y'all!!
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2023.06.05 15:32 BlaBla-Hello 🆘 Please help!

I don’t know if my daughter is going through sleep regression or she has separation anxiety or a mix of both. Lately I’m unable to think straight. I am also unable to understand what’s causing her so much frustration and playfulness right before she is put to bed. She’s 9.5 months old and was sleep trained using the book PLS when she turned 6.5 months old
Currently, I dread her bedtime and it gives me anxiety just to think about it. I also have postpartum rage and I use breath monitoring and calming counts to stay balanced but I am now having super frequent breakdowns while putting her to sleep since the last week and thus looking for help. My question to the parents in this community— If she’s going through regression or is having separation anxiety- What should I do to retrain her or help her sleep? She is sleepy like a limp piece of lettuce in my lap while doing her routine but sits upright, fights sleep, is active when laid in bed. She’s unable to lie back down and go to sleep even though she’s sooo tired. This has been happening since the last week or so. I’m really really REALLY tired, anxious and overwhelmed. Advice on how to handle this, if you too have experienced something similar is very welcome.
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2023.06.05 15:32 hlnklrczu Can you joke about it now?

I was raped and molested multiple times by an uncle from 5 to 14 and while I know it happened (he even admitted to it) and that I still deal with repercussions in my married life now 30 years later, I still find myself able to laugh at rape jokes. I also was in the military and did 10 deployments so in conjunction with the rape, I feel very callous as a person at times. I know rape isn't funny and I feel rage and anger reading and hearing about it happening, ESPECIALLY to kids, but is this just a weird coping mechanism?
I was raped in a bathroom and to this day, every time I smell Irish Spring soap (because that's what I could smell in the bathroom and see on the counter ) it takes me back there but almost like it's a memory with no emotional attachment to it but more so something that happened. If I intentionally think about it, I can still feel the pain and see blood but it's so compartmentalized that it almost feels surreal.
I've had the emotional breakdowns and spontaneously sobbing uncontrollably with no explanation. I've spent 30 days in an inpatient treatment center and went to counseling for a few years and I feel like I'm in a good spot now.
Is any of this relatable to anyone?
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2023.06.05 15:32 ladyalex777 3.12 miles counted for PR

3.12 miles counted for PR
I'm very excited about this PR I got today, but I went a little over 5k to 3.12 and the PR isn't counted for the 3.1 miles, but the entire 3.12 miles. This happened when I set my last PR at 3.11 miles. While .02 miles isn't a big deal, I am wondering if I kept going. Why doesn't it count the first 5k run instead of the entire run? What if I did 4 miles?
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2023.06.05 15:31 Jimmybongman What happens if you don't collect your Job seekers allowance within the week it's paid to you?

If you get paid on a Tuesday does it stay in your SW account until the Tuesday of the following week?
I think the way it used to be was you could leave it till the following week and collect your two weeks payments but not sure if it's changed.
An post says 20 days for JSA but not sure when that was updated.
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2023.06.05 15:31 GreenCardinal010 This comment under a video about a woman who was sexually assaulted as a child and denied an abortion

This comment under a video about a woman who was sexually assaulted as a child and denied an abortion submitted by GreenCardinal010 to FuckYouKaren [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:31 nemotheginger Unpopular thoughts for items

My question is, what are some uncommon items one might not think to put back in storage?
I recently had a thought as i needed to change out the insoles on my boots. I work in a fabrication shop so im constantly in steel toe boots and the ones i buy are very sturdy. I wear out the insoles 3-4x before i wear out the boots.
Obviously ill be putting back more insoles, but ill probably add undergarments and boot laces into that equation now. But it could be extra filters, gaskets, hoses, etc. Heck it could be extra pots for your glass coffee pot because coffee is life and life happens to break glass sometimes.
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2023.06.05 15:31 abodeuke [HELP] AMD Graphic Broken

Ok so i was using my laptop when i launched a game (WoW) then pressed play, then when the loading screen came, a couple of seconds after it an amd report saying something wrong happened popped up, then my screen froze, i tried couple of graphic refresh command and nothing happened, i decided to force shutdown my laptop, after that i start it up, then i went to device manager and found a triangle with an exclamation mark on the amd graphic, i tried to uninstall it then restart my laptop so it can automatically reinstall but was met with my screen shutdown NOT black but turned off, after tinkering a bit i went to the bios and switched up graphic device from discrete to UMA i was able to start up my laptop and reach desktop, after a bit of searching on the internet i found a program called Driver easy, and was said it can help fix my problem but when i run it the amd dedicated graphic does not show up(i tried also amd auto driver but nothing) so i went back to the bios and turned graphic device from UMA to discrete, and i was able to reach the desktop, i ran Driver easy and the missing amd graphic showed up, i tried to download it, while the program was downloading it, the laptop froze again, i forced shutdown the laptop then started it up again but now it freeze on the login screen, so i went to bios and switched graphic device from discrete to UMA and now i am back on the desktop but with no amd graphic, and i ran out of things to try and i do not know what to do, can someone help me with this please
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2023.06.05 15:31 p00ki_ I've been struggling with Intimacy Issues with partner for 2 years.

The first year of our relationship was literally perfect, we got along great and would spend a lot of time together. During this time, we had sex pretty much every time we saw each other and it was pretty hard to not pounce on each other. She is witty, intelligent and I've felt like she was the one I want to settle down since I met her.
However somewhere along the 1 year and a half mark, she stopped being as affectionate and started declining sex. Slowly, it disappeared from our relationship completely. For a while, I was understanding and was hoping she'd approach me about a possible issue she may be having (our communication was great up till this point), but it never happened.
6 months passed and we had still not had sex, so I approached her. The only reason she could give me was that she just didn't feel like having sex. So I said how about you try initiating sex from here on out.
A few days after we had great sex. But then aside form the occasional drunk sex after a night out with friends, sex had disappeared again. I started to feel not great after having drunk sex with her as it seemed like she needed to be drunk to have sex with me and I started feeling very unattractive and unwanted.
On new years eve, as we are falling asleep. I try to have a conversation about it again (not my best timings but I was drunk and had all the confidence in the world. She got rather frustrated and said we had already had this conversation multiple times and this broke me for the first month of this year. She eventually apologized but regardless I still feel hurt from that.
I spoke to her again a around 5 months ago, I told her EXACTLY how I've been feeling. How unattractive and unwanted I feel. How I feel like she's closed off and entire side of her self from me and how I feel like we have just been acting as close friends rather than intimate partners. She committed to trying to make things better.
We had sex days after and it was great. And then, same as before, sex again disappeared from our relationship.
I do not know what to do anymore. I genuinely love her and want to work on this, but every attempt is met with constant failure.
I've booked in to speak to a councilor one on one as a next step. I guess I just wanted to vent and ask for advice.
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2023.06.05 15:30 yeahtoast757 I can't wait to see how well this dress evens out the Ghost type match-up.

I can't wait to see how well this dress evens out the Ghost type match-up. submitted by yeahtoast757 to PokeMedia [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 15:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Leevi Eerola – Lead Gen 2.0 University (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.05 15:30 myTrueWillSux first trip

so this happened 4 years ago. i loaded 80 milligrams into a dab rig to cold start because i wanted to be sure. i took it all in one hit and burnt my hand a little pulling the stem out after to cycle air. (no carb cap because not cold start rig so wrapped tinfoil over top of banger). i was sitting on my bed and barely got the rig and torch placed down when i saw what looked like billie eilish with silver hair in front of me. this mirrored a cyberpunk story i was writing that had a protagonist where i randomly picked a picture of her off google when writing the character. this ring of fire erupted around her and i was engulfed in impossible transforming symbols that looked like alien occult writing. i was then in a palace of blue and gold with what looked like secret masonic symbols. the entity was now more incredible looking then a human form, she was indescribable, demonic and beautiful. like a combination of nammu, inanna, ishtar, lilith, tiamat, nuit, babalon, kali, lucifera, the shekhinah and the barbelo. she was god and the devil, everything and nothing, creation and destruction. i felt like i was merging with her. it felt like a full body orgasm but i could not breath. i was dead and this was it i made a pact with the devil. i accepted all this and was back sitting up on the edge of my bed. i did not do dmt again for another year…
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2023.06.05 15:30 kmoman1019 Not sure if I should call a lawyer

I bought an explorer from my local Carmax back in Feb. Turns out there was a transmission issue and I took it back to Carmax. They don’t do transmissions so they took my car to Tranco. After more than 3 weeks I got it back not fixed at all. I took it back and they took it to their preferred Ford dealership. After another few weeks, it’s still not repaired. When I called to tell them the problem is STILL happening, I was told that it’s past the 90 day mark so I’m on my own. But it’s a problem that hasn’t been fixed since before so I’m obviously not paying for anything. They told me to just take it back to Ford myself and come get a loaner car if I want to. I have kids in school and I work, so I obviously have to get the loaner MINIVAN 😵‍💫 but being that this is the THIRD time and I’ve been in a loanerental more than I’ve been in my own car…do I just call a lawyer? I’m not sure what to do. Can’t afford to take a hit on just trading it back in either.
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2023.06.05 15:30 ZeldaMod [TotK] Daily Questions and Answers: Get help Megathread! (06/05/2023)

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2023.06.05 15:30 That_one_wierd_thing Help I cant stop getting angry

I have diagnosed depression but am steadily on my way to recovery, I'm much better than I was before but ever since I've gotten better I've gotten frequent anger outbursts. I dont know what the hell to do, like usually it's when I'm annoyed or there's nothing wrong at all and then my mum or brother comes in and I get really pissed at what they do or say. They're not doing anything wrong and I end up suddenly snapping at them, I dont want to snap at them. It's like I can't control it, I suddenly just get really annoyed and/or pissed. I wont even relise it until they tell me. Its to a point where they say that I'm mad all the time. Then when they tell me that I end up becoming really self conscious and mad at myself. I cant help it and I don't even know why I get mad. Please help me does anyone know why this is happening? Is there anything I can do to stop it?
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2023.06.05 15:30 ClairetheCreativeFox Introduction to My Subreddit

Hey, folks, I just want to tell you that I've started over as I'm the new mod of my subreddit about writing to success and I will be glad if a lot of users who have an interest in writing fiction joined it; it's not MemorableBooks anymore.
I just need time to post a lot of information to present on my sub until some people would stumble across it and show me how they're gonna prepare themselves for my community. While they do that, I'll work on posting to earn karma for something else so thay everything could grow later on and when that's done, I'll have plenty of time to advertise my sub, get another mod, and decorate my sub where users can easily see it on Reddit. I'll be writing my ideas in my notebook to wait until something happens, but I don't know what to do with updates. I'll just be looking at interesting information on writing to comment on or to reply. Have a nice summer!
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2023.06.05 15:30 timetothrowaway50 21 [M4F] #Toronto, Canada - Younger guy looking for an older woman for FWB/long term connection

Hey there AgeGap, been looking for someone older for a while now and I’ve really liked the idea of it :)
in between on everything really, 5’10, white normal guy, but I’m happy to see what happens honestly. Tried it once, it was a dream come true! Bit of a nerd, but once you get past that I like to think I’m pretty enjoyable ;)
ASL’s when messaging!! Happy to see where things go depending on location/chemistry!
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2023.06.05 15:29 bitch798 Guardianship in will

If one is named as a child’s next legal guardian in the parent’s/parents’ will should they both pass, but it’s done against the person’s will, they cannot be legally forced to take the child, correct? I can’t find a straight answer online. I’d assume they couldn’t be forced to if they told the parents no but the parents did it anyway, but then what happens to the child?
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2023.06.05 15:29 nendere Just want to rant about my appreciation for Naruto

I just wanted to share this sappy feeling I had for some time.
I've been watching Naruto since I was a baby, I was just 2 years old when my parents first turned on this show for me to watch. I remember in my country when I was young, there were two main popular shows on the TV: Naruto and Winx. I loved both of them, but something about Naruto made me happier.
I was bullied in elementary school, not just verbally, also physically. It was a very difficult time. But at the end of the school day, what motivated me was that I'll go home and turn on the TV and watch those ninja kids go on adventures. I remember ripping an old shirt and making the Konoha headband, and my mom scolded me for it, but at the end she made me a proper one with neatly sewn edges. Unfortunately I don't have it anymore. In my country the gender norms were very strictly enforced, and it was kind of a "rule" that Naruto is for boys, and Winx is for girls. So I also got bullied for that, and a bully took that headband and washed it down the toilet. I remember my dad burning CDs with Naruto episodes for me. It was the only highlight of my day.
After elementary school, some things happened, and I had no choice but to mentally grow up earlier than other kids around me. I also changed schools, but the bullying continued. I got into some pretty bad situations, I was manipulated by someone I called "my only friend in the world". Things also changed at home. The bond I had with my parents disappeared, and it's still damaged to this day.
And now, 3 years ago, I finally had time to be me again. I finally started to heal my inner child. And I started doing that with re-watching Naruto. And I cried. It was just the end of the very first episode, but that feeling I had when I was a school kid, sitting in front of our old TV, forgetting all the worries in the world, and only worrying about what will happen to the ninjas of Konoha, it came back. It made me look back at myself and realize how much I've grown as a person, how much I've achieved, and how at peace I am with a huge part of myself. And that's all thanks to one show.
Even though now as an adult I view this anime differently and find more meaning to it, and it's not just a "cartoon with ninja kids running around with their hands like that", I get all giddy and excited, I finally get to be the kid I never was.
There's no one I can share this with. I am still traumatized from all the bullying I went through my life, but I do have friends who love Naruto a lot. I am just too scared to share my passion for this show with them, because I feel like they'll call me childish. So here I am, sharing this with strangers on the internet. Thank you for listening.
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