Ryobi cordless lawn mower review

hello quick question about ryobi rotary tool flex shaft

2023.06.02 09:54 Digestingorb47 hello quick question about ryobi rotary tool flex shaft

https://www.homedepot.ca/product/ryobi-18v-one-cordless-rotary-tool-station-tool-only-/1001697001 the flex shaft on this is giving me issues ive exchanged it almost 4 times i like the tool but the flex shaft is still giving me issues and exchanging that whole kit because of that one flaw feels wasteful now to the actual question https://www.homedepot.ca/product/dremel-36-inch-flex-shaft-attachment-rotary-tool-accessory/1000100674 would this work as a replacement? the mounting looks similar but i want to know for sure heres the official ryobi one https://www.homedepot.ca/product/ryobi-rotary-flexible-shaft/1001701373 but its reviews are low vs the dremel one would i be able to use the dremel one it has that square shaft bit and its threads look similar i couldnt find anything about it online
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2023.06.02 09:40 Pelvur Ryobi lawn mower acts weird after some years, how to repair?

I have a 20in 40V brushless battery powered Ryobi mower that I bought in Home Depot back in 2015.
I have a weird issue with the mower where if it turns down while mowing (e.g. grass is too tough), it cannot be restarted with the buttons (the ones on the handle) until I take the battery out and reinsert. It did not have this behavior for the first 6 years or so.
If I stop the mower myself, then it can be restarted with buttons with no issue
I have two batteries and both behave the same so I think it is not a battery issue. I also have a trimmer which works just fine with the same batteries.

Can someone give me a hint what an issue could be and how I might be able to fix it.

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2023.06.02 09:36 Extreme-Tear3083 For all American Korean grass lovers

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2023.06.02 08:52 CatCat2420 Question about "Loss of use coverage"...

Is 'loss of use' coverage 'automatic' or do you have to choose it and pay extra for it? Wondering...because our shed sustained significant fire damage, and our lawn moweequipment were 'totaled' so wondering if I can get lawn maintenance cost covered until I can get a replacement lawn mower. Upon a quick glance at my policy, I don't see anything regarding "loss of use"; upon research it looks like it is also referred to as 'Coverage D' insurance. My home insurance is with by All-state.
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2023.06.02 06:17 TargetBrief6235 Best Cool Season Lawn Type

Best Cool Season Lawn Type
Okay so this is my first season with my lawn and I am looking to overseed come fall time (or if there is a better time let me know)! I have no clue what my grass type is right now but I am looking to overseed with just one type of grass. I am leaning towards Perennial Ryegrass because I use a reel mower and keep my grass relatively short (about 1” or so). If you guys have any suggestions let me know! And P.S. that is not my lawn I just wanted some attention!
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2023.06.02 06:13 Ok_Service4959 Automower Following Me?

I was wondering if anyone thought Automower may have been programmed to interact with objects on the lawn, like kind of an Easter Egg built into software.
It's probably just the zig-zag algorithm but I find if me and the dog or some guests I have over go to the section of the lawn automower is cutting, before you know it the mower is bumping into us over and over. I have a Husq. 315x
Probably just coincidence.
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2023.06.02 05:37 drsrwise Not sure how to begin

Not sure how to begin
Zone 5a eastern Maine
I'm guilty of leaving my lawn unmowed in the spring, which never accomplishes anything good and only aggravates my eventual mower and costs me extra for "spring cleanup." The latest guy wants $250 to clean up and then $60 per week for a service I don't even want.
I want to have a low/no-mow yard, but I have almost an acre of turfgrass around my house, surrounded by very tall pine trees and some oak. I have aggressive wild violets, as well as abundant dandelions and ground ivy, moss, and some winter rye (oops).
I don't really know how to begin. Cover up as much yard surface as I can buying lawn fabric or plastic? Then seed with [micro clover or something?], and just do this progressively year after year? Spray it with Roundup? I guess I just don't know the best inexpensive way to DIY it to such a large area and still make it look good or lawn-adjacent. I get some pretty serious winds so cardboard or plastic just doesn't stay down even with expensive wood chips on top of it. All the solutions seem expensive with buying the fabric or plastic or mulch and then good seeds.
I'd turn it all into wilderness, but people around me (both neighbors and housemates) insist that lawns must be short and green and pointless at all times.
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2023.06.02 04:15 goastnoats Best used midsize SUV for 20k?

My in-laws just lost their 2020 Honda Pilot to a collision and need help finding a replacement. Market sucks right now but I’m still going to attempt to help em out. How do we feel about the Highlander Hybrid? Car will be used to drive my kids (grandkids) around, transport a lawn mower and some tools/toolboxes, and other random odds and ends. The Pilot was a really good fit for them. But I prefer Toyota (have owned a Solara, 97 4Runner, 99 Land Cruiser, and now a 2022 Sienna Hybrid). The 2010-2012 Highlander Hybrid looks promising. Any thoughts or recommendations?
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2023.06.02 03:49 VText1 Any one w/ real world experience w/ a 42" 3x snowblower attachment for XT tractors?

Thinking of getting one, read tons of reviews and its a mixed bag....not sure if I'd want to drop the cash. Anyone have real time experience and feedback? I'd be using it on a GX54 w/ the diff lock, 26hp Kohler. My driveway is 440 feet long in VT w/ multiple areas and barns to clean out. I have a plow truck but it just tears all the lawn and shrubs etc up when we get 2-3 feet at a time and no where to plow it. Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.02 03:39 Joshcuban Gate for robot mower ( need help coding Raspberry pi4)

Hello: I'm trying to build a gate that opens for my Luba robot lawnmower and closes right after. I have a Raspberry pi 4, and I would need to program the PIR sensor but the sensor can not always be on or my dog will activate the door and go trough the door. the sensor would need be set to specific time so it can activate (5v relay that controls motor for door) only when the mower is about to pass through the gate to mow the front lawn, so the RIP would need to allowed movement from 12:00pm to 12:02pm as an example. does anyone knows how to code this, please advice
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2023.06.02 03:33 Joshcuban Gate for robot mower ( need help coding )

Hello: I'm trying to build a gate that opens for my Luba robot lawnmower and closes right after. I have a Raspberry pi 4, and I would need to program the PIR sensor but the sensor can not always be on or my dog will activate the door and go trough the door. the sensor would need be set to specific time so it can activate (5v relay that controls motor for door) only when the mower is about to pass through the gate to mow the front lawn, so the RIP would need to allowed movement from 12:00pm to 12:02pm as an example. does anyone knows how to code this, please advice
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2023.06.02 02:40 Werd2jaH Input needed on reoccurring issues with clients/customers

Client #1: insists on me cutting their grass at “their neighbors height” (wants their lawn to look like theirs). Thinks lawn should be cut at 2” or lower. This makes a lot of clippings. Lawn thins out and weeds take hold. Customer sprays weeds and bare spots appear. Bare spots cannot be swept up with lawn sweeper and clippings compresses from the mowesweeper wheels (as the grass is usually cut in the morning wet with dew). Customer now blames me for bare spots, says clippings is “smothering the lawn”.
Client #2: lawn is a field of broad basal leaf weeds/dandelions. Most of the singular weed stalks won’t cut with sharpen/new blades on 1 pass. Meaning multiple passes (more time/gas in yard). Customer goes out of town repeatedly for weeks. Doesn’t want mowing done when they’re gone. When they come back in town, they want lawn mowed to lowest possible setting (below 2”). Yard is overgrown from weeks of no mowing. Customer doesn’t understand why I would charge more. I suggested they apply some sort of weed & feed to kill weeds and promote lawn growth, still waiting to hear back if they want to pay for weed&feed service.
Business is still new so I’m not in a position to drop/let go of clients at the moment. Any feedback/input on some good responses/solutions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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2023.06.02 00:00 AutoModerator Monthly Show Your Lawn & Landroid

One of the main goals of worxlandroid is to help current and prospective owners of Landroid when it comes to owning a Landroid robotic lawn mower.
With that goal in mind, we will have a monthly sticky allowing current users of Landroid to show what their lawns look like when Landroid is the one maintaining it.
A couple of house keeping things, please specify what type of Landroid you have and where you are in the world.
Feel free to add any additional information that you think will help other community members.
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2023.06.01 23:38 CoraBear17 Weird 3 Week Post Op Appointment...

I had my 3 week post op appointment today. She was over an hour late and it started getting really uncomfortable sitting and bending on that stupid table. But she seemed to rush things and quickly explained my pictures and whatnot.
I had to see a nurse last week because I ended up with a UTI and was still dealing with a decent amount of pain. She told me I really needed to take it easy and that I was doing too much. However, my surgeon told me to today to "just go back to normal and start living life." I was asking when I could exercise and she said I could now as long as I don't lift over 40 pounds. She told me to just go back to normal. I had to clarify that sex isn't until 8 weeks and she said yes. So I am completely confused. My post-op said I couldn't even take baths, swim or exercise until 6 weeks. She also said I could start doing my riding lawn mower next week. She seemed surprised that I am still in pain, especially when I push too hard. Is this just typical surgeon stuff? Like, cut and go? She just seemed so, "eh, not sure why you hurt still. But just go back to your normal routine." I don't go back until 3 months and that is with a nurse, not her. She is really nice but just seemed like nothing was a big deal and didn't know why I still hurt. Is this normal?
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2023.06.01 22:46 Big-Apricot-2651 Greenworks Pro 80V Self-Propelled Lawn Mower with Battery - -26% off

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2023.06.01 21:47 Bicycle6844 Help ID’ing a landscape lighting item

Help ID’ing a landscape lighting item
Hi, I’ve been trying to purchase some of these for a customer but can’t seem to find them anywhere. Any ideas? Basically they protect the light from lawn mowers, etc. thanks
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2023.06.01 21:37 ammtar Need to replace my batteries - is it worth the hustle?

Need to replace my batteries - is it worth the hustle?
I bought about 3-4 years ago Greenworks Lawn Mower, Model: MO40L01...
... and 2 batteries 40V 2.5Ah model: 2901319


Now I can't finish the front yard with these two batteries 🤬
  1. I would like to replace the batteries with the bigger one, 4Ah or 5Ah but can't figure out the number.
  2. I was also thinking to buy string trimmer with the same big battery, to have two - do they sell the trimmer with big batteries?
  3. There are Chinese knock-offs half the price - any experience whit these?
  4. Is the GreenWorks the brand I can trust that even 10-15 years down the road I'll be able to buy new battery for my old lawn mower? If I have to buy new mower every couple years because I can't find the right batteries - I'm gong back to gas mowers 😡
  5. Maybe I killed the batteries: I couldn't find the info if I can keep the batteries charging over the night? I know some gadgets, once full, will "disconnect" themselves and no harm done. But I also remember older laptops that the manufacturers STRONGLY not suggested to keep it plugged in after the battery is fully charged.
Thanks for any help, ammtar
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2023.06.01 21:18 aplaceformyh3ad I'm starting to resent my husband because he doesn't do anything

Long rant ahead.
Ever since we've been together I've done all of the housework. I get the kids ready for school, take care of the animals, cook most of the meals, do the grocery shopping, buy presents, coordinate lessons, the list goes on and on.
9 months ago my husband got laid off from his job and he has been on unemployment ever since. At first I liked this idea cause I could pull the kids from daycare (which I pay for mostly) and save some money. But that's literally all he is good for - to watch the kids. And it's bare minimum effort aka staying in his game room all day or fucking around with his four wheeler. Doesn't take the kids outside or do much with them except take them to the store a minute down the road for a treat once in a while.
I work 40+hrs a week and am also pregnant. I'm hormonal and exhausted. I still have to cook supper 90% of the time when I get home because husband is on this special diet for his gut health and for some reason thinks that's an excuse not to cook for the kids. He doesn't do dishes. If he cooks a big lunch while I'm gone I'm left with the dishes when I get home. He half ass does laundry. Will wash and throw it in a basket and make me fold and put away then say "well at least I did that much I could have done none". He'd walk through inches of dirt and grime on the floor and not clean it. He barely helps with the cat litter and since I'm pregnant I can't change it. I've had to ask my friend to do it 3 times now cause it gets so disgusting then he gets mad at me for having a cat and making him clean it. Valid point but it's not for forever and he should want a clean area too.
I bring this up to him and you know what his excuse is? That when we got together 7 years ago I said I didn't mind doing the housework so therefore its my job forever apparently and he shouldn't have to do it. If I have ever regret something in my life it would be telling him that. I didn't know he would take it so literal. And I didn't have 2 kids then either so the workload was significantly less.
I went home on my lunch break today and he was throwing a fit cause the house was messy and he didn't want to leave his room cause the mess bothered him. Why is it messy? Well he let the kids ramsack the living room with toys and didn't make them pick up cause "whats the point they'll just mess it up again", cooked a large lunch and left dishes and shit all over the counter. Won't clean the litter. Won't put a load of laundry in. Won't sweep and mop the floor. Didn't take the garbage out for garbage day yesterday so now the bin is overflowing.
I'm so tired of it. I feel like I have 3 kids and him being the worst of them all. The entitlement is unreal. What does he do? Nothing. The grass in our lawn is probably a fucking foot high cause our mower is broke but he won't fix it or find somebody else to mow it. Our front deck needs repaired but he won't fix it til it's literally falling apart.
I'm going to snap eventually. I just cannot wait until he goes back to work and I'm home on maternity. At least then I have all day to do shit instead of coming home wiped from work and still having to do it all. Plus I'll be taking care of a newborn on top of that.
Everyone should do their part, not just one person in the relationship.
And before anyone judges me on being pregnant again with this man...shit happens.
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2023.06.01 21:14 Plague_King_ (lawn mower)ule

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2023.06.01 21:11 EveningFly1444 Lawn mower repair handiman?

Hey everyone my grandma owns a cub cadet x1 42 inch, i recently replaced the mower deck belt and when i got it all back together the mower was running extremely rough. Looking for help with this wether i have to hire a lawn mower repair guy or something, im at the end of the road right now, not sure what else to do.
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2023.06.01 21:07 LucidLucretia This has been growing all over our yard (Southern California)

This has been growing all over our yard (Southern California)
Not sure if I'm just an idiot but this stuff is significantly harder for us to cut with our lawn mower so we've been removing it by hand. Any help is appreciated!
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2023.06.01 21:02 paperwings420 Robot vacs for short haired dogs, and dog life in general. ECOVAC's X1 Omni (vac+mop)

I had a video but this sub doesn't allow them I see now.
So we go outside numerous times a day.. and I was going insane with the constant swiffering and mopping. Like seriously so over it.
This has been a game changer. Absolutely worth the money.
I will say some cons :
This thing takes forever to do my 1800sq² home.... mainly because of battery life.
1 pass does not mop the floors THAT great if you have alot of dirt. After 1 pass of vacuum+mop I always do 2+ more passes with just mopping mode.... soo it takes a while.
For example we recently did lawn prep for sodding and the dirt on the floors lasted for days. It took probably 3 or 4 days of the robot mop constantly going for hours daily downstairs (until battery runs out..) until the floors looked fairly clean and the dirty water was closer to clear than brown. I ended up doing my upstairs myself just to get the job done.
Dried mud prints can & often need more than 1 pass. Hot water mixed with a tiny drop of Blue Dawn Dishsoap works well (I don't put cleaning solution on my floors.. except vinegar+water every now and then).
The battery life is super annoying to me.
For example, today I started at 100%, it is 2/3s of the way complete downstairs... and already on 58%. I will need to let it charge a bit before doing the 2nd pass downstairs with Mop only.
Charging back to 100% takes 6 hours... soo yeah. This thing takes a while.
However.. you can let this thing go daily and then you yourself just have to mop by hand once a week or biweekly to do a deep clean (this helps to ensure dirty water runs clear).
You can set it to specific spots of the house too (like the high traffic areas) which I often do.
Maintenance. After 1 month if having this thing though, I use it so much that I have a warning to replace the little rotating debris brush within 60some more uses bc theyre worn. I also have a warning to replace the mop pads soon. I had to change out the dirt bag within 4 weeks of use which is normal (and the lawn prep work realllllyyy had a crazy amount of dirt through my home) Other maintenance like wiping dust off sensors or cleaning the dust bin parts happened 2 or 3 times in 4 weeks which wasn't a big deal bc takes a few minutes.
Is it worth it ? For me yes. I can not stand dirty floors and like to have my dirty water run clear. I am constantly outside with my dog and so dirt gets tracked inside daily (despite wiping his paw pads or even hosing them off).
It is so nice waking up and not having the dread of having to do your floors again from the mess the day before.
Also, before the robot, keeping up with the disgusting amount of dog hair under your socks was impossible. Hopeless. Our socks have way less dog hair on them now.
It saves you ALOT of time and energy and stress from having to do your floors constantly.
Newer models should improve -- This usually lands within Top 3 on the market (on Youtube reviews). I got this on sale for $1000.00cad from Costco.
Hope this helps.
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