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How do I ask my roommate (26F) to be a better pet owner?

2023.06.06 11:45 AnonUserThrowaway101 How do I ask my roommate (26F) to be a better pet owner?

My best friend and I decided to move in together a year and a half ago. At the time, I had a dog and not looking after moving in, she got a cat. Because we have an extra room, we decided to give our pets their own room to share, this room is where they sleep and where we keep all their toys and food bowls. Since then, I've noticed that my roommate barely does the bare minimum for her cat. Not long after she got her cat, she was failing to clean the cat's litterbox regularly causing the room to smell she bought an automatic litter robot. In the time since she has bought her cat an automatic feeder as well as an automatic water fountain. At the beginning when we first moved in together, I would fill up his food but after a while I realized if I wasn't doing it, she wasn't so I told her that her cat was not my responsibility and she needed to start doing so herself, hence why she bought an automatic feeder. However, she constantly forgets to refill the food dispenser, the fountain, and even forgets to empty out the litter. This has caused more problems because if the litter robot is full then it gets jammed and the car can't use it and then her cat starts pooping and peeing in random spots of their room, and starts eating my dog's food if the food dispenser is empty. My roommate also doesn't seem to believe in giving her cat a proper bath and so her cat has never had a real bath. It truly feels like my roommate forgets she has a cat to begin with considering that, if it wasnt for me letting the cat out of the pet room when I come home from work, the cat would spend days on end without ever leaving their room. I work second shift and will typically sleep until an hour before my shift so I can take my dog out for a walk before I go to work. When I come home, I let both of them out while I have dinner and decompress from work. My roommate works overnight and only works a few 3 days a week and even then, she rarely lets her cat out of the pet room when she's home. I know this because the pet camera we have in the pet room rarely indicates that she has done so. It makes me really sad to see her cat be so neglected and I feel horrible for not "picking up her slack" because it's not the cat's fault but I get car shouldn't be my responsibility. In recent months, I've started bringing it to my roommate's attention when the litter robot is full or when the fountain and food dispenser are empty. However, she never takes well to these things and retaliates when I call her out on something by completely making up something to complain about like claiming she's the only one taking care of certain tasks like taking out the trash or vacuuming the pet room (all things I take care of regularly). I feel bad for the cat when I have to remind my roommate to do her job as a pet owner but these are things she would notice if she bothered to check on her cat from time to time instead of just keeping the car locked in a room all day long. Idk how to approach my roommate about this issue because she behaves like a pathological liar at times and will make things up to give herself an excuse as to why she isn't or hasn't done omething involving her cat. She once told she forgot to fill up the food dispenser for her cat because she got so caught up vacuuming the pet fur and taking out the kitchen trash. I told her that wasn't possible because I took the trash out the night before and had just vacuumed a couple days prior and emptied out dust container from the vacuum and it was still empty, she instead doubled down on her lie. How do I get my roommate to be a better pet owner and improve the situation for both me and her cat?
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2023.06.06 11:23 zoeyyyk aggression bursts

Hi all! I have a male cat, he's about 9 months old and he got neutered last month. I've had some problems with bursts of aggression from time to time and I feel like nothing has helped.
During the day he will sometimes start being aggressive seemingly out of the blue. He might be calm or playing with his toys and suddenly he will pounce on me and bite me. His body language also changes, with airplane ears, defensive movements and and "angry" expression. He never hisses though. At this point he doesn't leave me alone and keeps attacking me using claws and teeth.
What I usually try is first redirect his attention (which rarely works) and then I cry out to make him understand he's hurting me and I speak to him calmly. The problem is that these methods never work consistently so if everything fails I pick him up and place him in another room for a few minutes to calm down.
I'm afraid I'm doing something wrong. I try not to shout or become aggressive too and scare him but sometimes when I'm in pain I act out of anger. Is there something else I can do? Is this behaviour normal or should I be worried?
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2023.06.06 10:19 faishal8807 bore me

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2023.06.06 10:12 Henry_Bean-1 bed now

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2023.06.06 09:43 Yellowdoves Can you help me out with my cats’ room?

Can you help me out with my cats’ room?
I’d love to have a loft so that they (my cats) could have more space but dk how to go about it.
I’d also like to add a cat parkour wall and perhaps another cat tree.
Also thinking of storage, Im currently keeping all my cats’ possessions from food to grooming supplies to toys in the seat storage thing but would love a more organised storage space.
I’ve been using that corner between the bathroom ‘outer’ wall and the chair and storage as a feeding station but don’t mind changing that up.
The window is a south facing window if that means anything.
** My cats free roam, this is just to make use of an otherwise empty room + to spoil them
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2023.06.06 09:23 No-Specialist-1432 It's Criminal... Behavior in the Suburbs Washington County Oregon. Need new place to live soon.

I've lived in my current apartment for just under a year. In this short time frame I have had countless break-ins with people using keys toy apartment that I believe the manager gave to them. Sometimes they return the things they steal and other times they just take my better quality stuff and leave their cheap crap behind for me. I am scared to be here but scared to leave.
What makes it worse is I think they stole my car as well. Someone came in and took my keys while I was sleeping in a locked apartment. I have full coverage insurance on my vehicle though so I called and asked for a tow and for it to be re-keyed as well. The tow truck driver I am sure had to damage my car somewhat getting it out of my parking space and towed it to a repair shop in the neighborhood.
I later found out that the repair shop no longer had my car and they were taking it farther away. Now it is in a third repaired shop for some reason for a collision that I did not have. The insurance company isn't telling me much at this point but I am so fed up with this place.
As if my car, the break-ins and the harassment that me and my friends endure wasn't enough I was sexually assaulted again with some sort of weapon while I was sleeping by my front door because my landlord refused to give me new locks and keys after the theft if my keys causing my car to be towed away. It feels like someone stuck a knife inside of me and cut me. I am in fear for my life at this point as these crimistic asshole torment me. I did nothing to them other than move in. I've not stolen anything, I've not retailed in any way and all they have gotten from me is fear, shacking and tears that seem never ending at times. What gives them the right to come into my home that I pay rent for and assault me with a weapon inside of me? Who in the hell do these people think they are?
I am on housing and even have a housing navigator that is helping me right now. She made a few that's today and now I have fresh locks on my door so I can sleep soundly for now right? How long until someone is given or steals that key from the office and assaults me again? I want fines and scantions placed upon this property in Washington County Oregon at the Rock Creek 185 apartment complex for all their illegal actions. Do not move here is it not safe. I have 30 days to pack up the items that I have left and move to a new apartment complex where hopefully the people there will be more kind.
To make matters worse this slim of a complex (in my humble opinion) needs to be condemned because of their behavior wasn't enough for that with their three duck ponds and amenities that sound nice there are wolves, not Coyote's, in the neighborhood every night because these dumb fucks of people thought they could tame them and feed them. The wolves come into the buildings and break door ways and people just disappear. I am afraid that I am going to be one of those people here soon because all the have to do is wait for me to go to sleep and then open my door ever so slightly for them to come into my home and kill me and my beloved cat. I think they did this in another building but I am unsure.
People here just seems to disappear every so often. No moving trucks or pickups with loads to move just gone as they pile trash and furniture by the dumpsters. DO NOT MOVE TO ROCK CREEK 185 in Portland Oregon off of 185th and Rock Creek Blvd unless you like to be terrorized. It seems beautiful here but it is not worth the risk. Almost all of my clothing is gone. I have almost nothing left to wear. My smart television destroyed to where I can ot ever get a single television station any more due to illegal hacking and pure asshole behaviors. My cat needs to see a vet and have her fur shaved off because they put something in her fur and knotted it up. My mental health is deteriorating as well. It seems like it's impossible for this to be real but it is and it is happening in the United States of America Portland Oregon area.
The doctor said that the damage to my vagina and cervix might be permanent from the sexual assault that I had and I cannot help but wonder that if so eone would not have stolen my keys or if the manager Alicia would have rekeyed my locks maybe this heinous act and sexual assault would not have happened in the first place. I am distraught. I don't know what to do. I have police reports filed with the Washington County Sheriff's office that my police report numbers have been stolen from me. They even had the nerve to reach into my purse while I was sleeping in a fully locked apartment and take over 100.00 of my social security money that was to pay my car insurance. I can not believe these people. They even steal my food and yet I see packages that are delivered outside of their doors. Clearly they are not so desperate that they have to steal from me, a person in poverty, so they can eat when they order temu and Amazon items regularly.
I am disabled with mental health conditions. I am schizoaffective which is schizophrenia without paranoia and a mood disorder as bipolar type 1 among other things and I had a psychotic episode a few months back that was non violent. Really just me talking to myself with the angles demons and aliens and the treatment that I have received since then is so outrageous that I dare say it is a hate crime against people with my disability. I cannot even check my mail right now because they stole my key to the mail box as well.
I have one complex in mind for where I may be able to move but if they do not have an opening I still have to move. I ask is there anyone in Washington county Oregon area that knows if a nice complex where this sort of shit won't occur that has a one bedroom with washer and dryer in it that is in a safe area? I cannot live in Beaverton, to much trauma there so looking at the Washington County Portland area to the better part of Hillsboro and Tansbourne. If you have suggestions for little gems of complexes in the area please let me know so I can look into it.
Thankyou for your time and allowinge to rant about this Injustice in this what seems to be a lawless state in desperation. Any feedback would be appreciated immensely.
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2023.06.06 08:45 CalyxCopax Small business that sell toys?

Anyone know any small businesses that sell dog, cat, or even ferret toys that I can buy from? Like the normal small plushies for them to stash
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2023.06.06 08:37 Shoop-dee-doop Should I get my girl a buddy?

Should I get my girl a buddy?
Hi, I have a 1yr 3mth old ragdoll, and I was wondering if I should get her a friend. Sorry for the long post! I wanted to make sure I had all the details that might be relevant.
Mila's mostly an indoor cat but gets access to outside when I'm home as I live in a very safe area. But while I'm at work she remains indoors, with access to the house minus the lounge area.
It's not the largest space, but she sleeps for most of the time I'm gone, which leads her to being suuper active when I get home (I'm out sun-thurs, 8:50-4:10)
I rent out the lower floor of a house, they have a cat as well but he's not very playful and she only sees him if she's outside and he doesn't run away (they get along well, he just doesn't like to play lots and she always does).
Mila gets on with every cat she meets, and on the occasions I have booked her into a cattery I've been told she was lovely and super friendly, so she will almost certainly get on with another cat.
I feel horrible for not being able to play with her enough during the week to keep her energy in check, but I'm often worn out after getting home as I'm ASD/ADHD. I absolutely adore her and she is so well behaved when she is getting the stimulation she needs, but when she's not she can get destructive and frustrated. I also think she gets lonely, cause even when she can play outside or has toys around the house, she needs to be playing with me.
When I've had siblings come visit and stay with me, they play with her while I'm at work and she is soo much more settled and happy. More cuddly and less frustrated.
I've calculated costs and would be able to afford a second kitty I think, though I am aware it's a big investment. The biggest holdback is the smaller space while I'm at work and the worry that she won't be my cat anymore when she gets a friend (selfish I know)
So should I get her a friend, or wait untill she is fully matured in a year or two to make that kind of decision? Plus any tips to help?
Thanks heaps
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2023.06.06 08:09 thepinkpigs Unique Gifts for Cat Lovers

Discover a perfect selection of gifts for Cat Lovers the feline aficionados in your life. From charming cat-themed jewelry to cozy blankets adorned with adorable kitty prints, our collection will make any cat lover's heart melt. Delight them with witty cat-themed mugs, playful cat toys, or stylish cat-inspired home decor.
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2023.06.06 07:58 iamsorando Trauma that never heals

I am in my thirties this year, and both my parents have passed. My father when I was 14 and mother when I was 29.
My parents were separated since I was born. My father presence was minimal though he tried to be a good father as much as possible by checking in on me regularly.
My mother, who I lived with, often reminds me of what a bastard my father was because he cheated on her. She barely bought me anything despite us being financially stable when I was younger. Rarely, she rewards me with gifts. As such, I occasionally took some money without permission to buy toys. She gets alimony from my father regularly, though it was minimal.
When my father passed, the alimony came from my parents siblings. At that point, my mother was sued to bankruptcy and started hoarding cats. I often only have a meal a day, sometimes starving the entire morning and afternoon. I was 14 then.
At that moment, I took on a job, getting paid only 3 bucks an hour. Often after school. That resulted in me almost failing on multiple occasions and worsening autoimmune diseases. I couldn’t afford for any school events and have to skip on them regularly. With what I earned, I bought a PS2 for myself, which I spent a lot of time on. And that angered my mother for wasting money.
As the cat hoarding situation worsened, it got more tensed in the house. An argument ensued where my relatives caught wind that I was starving regularly. That resulted in them withdrawing any help. She blamed me for it. Along with accusing me for being an ungrateful child. Because of my medical condition, I ended up in hospital many times. Right before I turned 16, she tried to send me the juvie for being uncontrollable. It was thrown out as the court date happened after I turned 16.
I barely interacted with her afterwards as she was busy taking care of all the cats she hoarded and survived on my own for many years. At 19, a counsellor intervened and told her off for not being a good mother.
I got into trouble some time later and she did attempt to help me. One of the biggest sacrifice was to sell her house to finance my studies overseas. I admitted, I was selfish at that point and resentful of how she treated me. Though that did not go very far as my sister decided to waste a decent portion of the money so that my mother couldn’t help me.
She passed after getting hit by car after feeding stray cats a couple of years back. I eventually got a scholarship and finished my studies last year in my thirties. Unfortunately, while I’m in a better place right now, and she did try to make amendments, I still struggle to trust others, to love myself, to love others.
Apologies for the long rant, I just wish to have an outlet to tell my story.
Tl:dr years of neglect from my mother that resulted in some form of mental trauma
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2023.06.06 07:54 getaway_car13 Cat meowing/crying throughout the night waking me up multiple times. Not sure what’s wrong.

I’ve had this cat for almost a year now and he’s never done this. We got a new cat almost 2 weeks ago and this is when it started. We thought at first it was because the new cat was in a separate room with the door shut. But then when they became acclimated, we’ve left all the doors open/accessible to both cats. Our old cat will sit in the living room doing the meow/yowling that sounds like crying almost. It’s only during the night. I get up to check on him and there’s food, water, toys, and both litter boxes are accessible. The new cat tends to hang out in the guest room, I think he feels safe in there since that’s where we first put him when he came home. That’s where the new cat is right now and the older cat was by the door meowing. But other nights they’re both in the living room or one is with us in bed and the other isn’t. During the day they get along fine, they play a little bit but mostly just coexist and sniff at each other. Any idea why the older cat is crying each night? I’m exhausted.
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2023.06.06 07:53 Opening_Wishbone4250 I've named her mango but she might have another name my naybor has semi adopted her apparently

I've named her mango but she might have another name my naybor has semi adopted her apparently
The lil orange one on the right I had planned to adopt once I convinced my BF he's super friendly and actually follow my bf into the apartment a few times. That lil bean was besotted with him. He vanished a few weeks ago and I was starting to get worried. When I saw my naybor releasing a hoard of the stray cats from her apartment I asked her bout him. She told me he was bleeding from his anus so she took him to the vet to see what was wrong. He had an infection and was treated for it. Once he was better they set him up for adoption. 2 days later he was adopted. I'm disappointed I didn't get to be his forever home but I'm glad he's somewhere safe now. I'm starting to fall for lil mango too and I was toying with the idea of taking these both in sence they seemed to be semi bonded. The only problem is that I got a rambunctious puppy she they seemed weary of her. But she seemed to really like the 2 cats. Everytime we go on a walk she's on the lookout for them and when she spots em sje no longer tries to pull on the lead or lunge at em. So fingers crossed🤞
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2023.06.06 07:08 Ulipet Amazing toy for my cat

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2023.06.06 06:48 emmiealright advice? my resident cat won’t stop playing with my new kitten

basically what the title says, but more info:
my resident cat (1 year old, m, neutered) has always had an intense personality and i could tell he needed a friend. he was feral as a baby and still isn’t super friendly but is extremely energetic. i adopted a kitten (8 weeks old, m, not yet neutered) and after keeping the kitten isolated for a few days with no signs of aggression from my older cat, i let them meet through a baby gate and soon took it down. they’ve been playing for supervised time several hours a day, nonstop.
they’ve done nothing but play. no signs of aggression at all from my older cat, a few signs of distress from the kitten that i separated them after.
my concern though: THEY WONT STOP PLAYING. it’s been seven straight hours today. i’ve tried feeding them, distracting them, playing with them myself, but my older cat WONT leave the baby alone. all he wants to do is play.
do you think he sees the kitten as a toy? I’m genuinely worried that he won’t let the baby sleep or rest and it could cause him stress, but i want to let them play and be friends.
help 😭😭😭
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2023.06.06 06:47 ManateeMermaid_ Will kitten high energy go down?

Hi all :) can anyone reassure me, that sib kitten high energy will diminish as they age? I’m incredibly stressed out keeping up with how much play interaction she needs, hours and hours all day, for months (8 months old now).
I was told by the breeder that she was very low maintenance and would be a very laid back, low energy, low attention needs kitten/cat, and am overwhelmed by how opposite that is. I have a 9 year old cat who she’ll play with, plus multiple cat trees and many interactive toys, but my kitten prefers me, is constantly climbing my legs, tearing down window screens, and knocking my work computers down 🫠 can someone give me some hope?? I’m worried by how this constant demand for attention and destruction stress is starting to effect my work and sanity 😭
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2023.06.06 06:40 aigret This is a bizarre question but need suggestions on how to replace an ugly piece of furniture my cat loves. And by love I mean they’re dang near a bonded pair.

My cat loves this mangy, pilled, halfway destroyed ottoman that matches absolutely nothing in my house. It’s her favorite play “setting” - she flops against it, bats toys under it, loses her mind if I wiggle a feather around the corner, uses her claws to drag herself around the perimeter while on her side (this is a hilarious thing to behold), etc. Honestly I’ve held onto this ugly ass thing for way too long because she loves it but I’m getting ready to buy a coffee table and both won’t fit. It’s breaking my heart though. Here’s a picture:
My question is bizarre but what in the world could I potentially replace this with that’s perhaps a little smaller and more portable (this thing is heavy)? Do your cats have a similar thing at home they get all excited about playing against/with? Anything helps because honestly I feel like gonna be stuck with this damn thing the rest of her life. And it’s not a lack of environmental enrichment or stimulation, she has a big cat tree next to a window, a tall scratching post, a cat “stool” onto my bed, a hidey spot with a bed, two other beds, a scratcher, toys, a treat puzzle…. she may be a little spoiled.
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2023.06.06 06:25 Alert_Illustrator484 Clues stitched into the clothes

Clues stitched into the clothes
From Elgin’s shirt with a raven on it when he first arrives, to Julie arriving wearing a shirt with a monster looking creature with a third eye and the word “illusions” written across it…makes you wonder. It seems like the clothes definitely have meaning. I noticed Julie’s shirt in the opening scene of season 1, shortly before her mom tells Ethan that his play toy creature “isn’t really dead” because “monsters aren’t real”…
Then again, Jade’s shirt covered in cats probably doesn’t have a whole lot of significance 😂
Are these just red herrings? Or are they legitimate clues?
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2023.06.06 06:24 GhostOnThe How to protect my home from fleas because kitten too young to treat has them :(

SO and I just unexpectedly rescued this poor sweet baby from a vacant property last night and we have been getting her settled in today. She is 8-10 weeks old and 1.5 lbs per the Petco vet (I know, not the best option but we really wanted to get her a basic evaluation ASAP without a wait). Because of her age and size, per the vets advice and per the heavy Googling I’ve been doing, it seems that most if not all topical medications, flea collars, etc will not be safe to use for another 2-4 weeks.
We have given her two gentle Dawn soap baths so far (having bought a flea comb for the second go) which have been able to get a lot of them out but I don’t think she’s out of the woods yet. I still see her itch and pick at herself like crazy, have found the occasional stray crawler on her, and I know we also have to account for eggs hatching.
She is currently quarantined in our master bathroom. We had her in the guest bathroom originally but moved her because we recently had work done on the master shower and can’t use it right now anyway while a part needs to be replaced, thus less frequent coming and going. However I’m worried about the close bedroom proximity now and am wary of fleas being near my own sleeping area.
I’ve been washing every towel and bath mat she’s come into contact with on the highest setting that can be safely used. I’m trying to keep any clothes that we’ve worn while being heavily in contact with her in a separate pile in the laundry room to be washed, and I decided to invest in a sealable plastic bin to keep my unwashed-but-pre-kitten clothes in until I can get them to the wash (delayed rn while cycling both cat towels and our shower towels - which have of course been in the affected areas). Once those are clean I might store other items in it for protection if it feels needed.
We have no carpet except for in our screened patio area, which she has briefly had partial access to for enrichment, but it is sealed off from the interior of the house. Our interior is mostly wood floors except the bathrooms which have tile. Even so, I vacuumed like mad earlier this evening in the guest bathroom and in areas in close proximity to either bathroom, then dumped the contents outside. I hate littering and wouldn’t do this under almost any circumstance but we have some sheets of cardboard still up that were used to barricade a tight spot in the guest that I may throw out the window and leave until the trash truck comes. I will vacuum daily until the fleas are in the rearview mirror, and will move her somewhere safe to thoroughly clean the master bath when possible.
Is there anything else I should do? I have hella OCD tendencies surrounding bugs/contamination and I’m really concerned about my bedding, my clean clothes, and some collectable stuffed toys I have in my office room (adjacent to guest bath; I keep the door closed but that probably doesn’t help much). I want to do whatever I can to lessen the chances of spreading while we wait this ordeal out.
Thank you for any advice. This is my first time with both taking in a kitten this young and with directly taking a stray animal into my home instead of adopting from a rescue (meaning treating fleas, getting vax/spay appointments, etc all on my own). I love her a ton already but do feel a little overwhelmed in the moment 🥲
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2023.06.06 06:03 OpheliaWolfsbane Women’s chew toy “[product]”

Women’s chew toy “[product]”
To wear down the teeth that continue to grow?
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2023.06.06 06:00 oopanonymus I accidentally crate trained my cat. Is this bad?

Okay so, last fall we found a stray kitten and brought him home. We have two dogs and we put him in one of their crates beside the bed because he was very small and scared and we were worried he’d hide somewhere and not come out. We made it comfortable and he had food/water, a litter box, toys and a bed that he could crawl into. I put him in the bed immediately and he stayed in there a lot for the first few days because he was scared. He grew attached to that bed and still sleeps in it, sometimes on top of it, sometimes inside it. We kept him in the crate overnight for a while because he was so underweight and our dogs weren’t fully adjusted so we were worried they might accidentally hurt him.
Well we noticed how happy he was in the crate at night - he sometimes played with his toys by himself but usually just went to sleep. We just kept putting him in the crate at night because we were worried he might annoy our older dog (because he’s very affectionate with our dogs and our younger dog loves it and our older dog who is 11 is not a fan and has growled and snapped a few times) and we don’t want to leave him unsupervised with him. Now he’s a big cat and he still is happy to go into his crate at night (I put treats in his crate at bedtime and he goes right in) and he sleeps the whole night.
A few weeks ago I noticed he wasn’t using his litter box, he only really uses the bigger one that’s outside of the bedroom, so I removed his litter box. And.. he’s a-ok with it. He sleeps the whole night or sometimes quietly plays with his toys, and he wakes up happy to see us in the morning. No accidents in the two weeks his litter box has been gone. No meowing or trying to get out or anything, but he’s never done that.
So I am wondering.. I know it’s normal to crate train dogs, but I’ve never heard of crate training cats. Is this unfair to him? Or bad cat ownership? I imagine we would probably stop doing this when my older dog passes, but I am wondering if it’s okay to do in the meantime? I’m kind of perplexed by the situation and a little too embarrassed to ask the vet.
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2023.06.06 05:51 throwaway455669 Losing my mind.

I recently adopted two kittens at 4 months who are sisters. They were on the street until 3 weeks old and then went to their foster mom.
To preface this , I love cats and my previous cats have been wonderful. Albeit, most all have been adopted as adults. Now these two, are a nightmare. I know kittens will be kittens but this is kittens on steroids. They are ravenous 24/7. I feed them at least 6 small/ medium meals a day, a mix of wet and dry. But I can’t even walk to the kitchen without them having a complete meltdown with shrieking (they meow pretty much 24/7 for one reason or another) for food. I can’t keep them off the counters or out of the sink to save my life. If I open a drawer or cabinet, they will do anything to get in. If I bring out my food, they will do anything to get to it, evening swatting it from my hand. They steal stuff and run away and hide it. I’ve had to put them away during meal time. This is onto my next issue, I can’t shut them in or out of anywhere. They CRY so much, throw themselves up against the door, and even chew on the door.
Speaking of chewing, they are chewing and biting everything. I got them teething toys but those won’t cut it, along with tons of options for toys in general. They are destroying everything that they can sink their teeth into. I’m hoping this passes with time.
I feel so overwhelmed. I barely get sleep anymore. They have both been sick and back and forth to vet on top of all of this.
Does anyone have experience with this? Is it worse because I got two? ( I thought they would keep each other busy).
I am at a spot where I’m not sure I can carry on or not. I want to truly love them but it’s been hard.
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2023.06.06 05:21 jtzako new J7+ issues

Just got a Roomba J7+ and have a couple issues/questions.
I noticed it is pushing things around rather than avoiding them (cat food bowl, some toys etc). Is there some setting I need to adjust so it doesnt do this? Its nearly dumped out the cat food and pushed one of the large plastic ring toys several feet across the floor.
Also, I noticed it is leaving a ton of fur in little clumps all over the floor. I checked the rotors, and they have nothing on them so that particular issue must not be the case. Anything else to check there?
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