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The beautiful sun and moon together

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This community is a place for S.A.M.S. Fans to unite, here you can post memes art, and more! have fun! (LOOKING FOR MODS!) (S.A.M.S. The untold story coming soon, stay tuned!!)

2023.06.06 22:41 andyrichter11 Populating Corresponding Row Data Based on Value of One Cell

Hey crew,
I handle the most basic functions of Excel well, but never got trained on the "second-level" stuff and I feel dead in the water here, but my guess is this is probably easy for someone, so hopefully you can help me.
Picture attached. What I'm trying to have happen is, when I input an item # in column B that matches an item # from column J, that it will automatically populate the corresponding description and UOM. Seems like this should be simple but for some reason I cannot accurately explain to Google what I'm trying to do, and therefore am yielding shit results lol.
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2023.06.06 22:40 AbhiN1289 Proto Dravidian Religion

I have been comparing the Dravidian cultures to reconstruct what the Proto Dravidian religion is. Let us compare:

Tamil Nadu: Mariamman, the goddess of rain and more importantly smallpox. Women like Kannagi were worshiped. Murugan was a spirit that would possess the priest called Velan. Veriyattam (spirit possession of women) and veriyattal was done. Aiyanars were spirits of local heroes that would protect the village. Theyyam is a Keralan rotial centered around a possessed man dancing as a goddess.
Kotas: They have a villager diviner. One source mentions a diarrhea goddess (beydamn. Likely from the Todas, the Nilgiri people in believe in a primordial creator god sometimes identified with Rangasvami(form of Vishnu). Due to their hunting lifestyle, they have a deity presiding over hunting. In a Rain ceremony, the diviners are possessed by these gods.

Toda: They have many "deities" (in an animistic sense). Examples include a Bell God (Hiriadeva) who is worshiped in the form of a bell tied to buffaloes. Hiriadeva is worshiped with milk offerings. According to Shortt, the Todas have a “hunting God” to whom prayer is offered for a good hunt. Interestingly, the Todas worshiped the sun as a deity. Todas believe in Huma Norr, or a theory of transmigration of the souls, but it seems that it was not too well understood. Their religionis centred around buffalos. When a man dies, buffaloes are sacrificed at the funeral so he may have them in the after life. They belive in omens and witchcraft.

Erravar: These people are described as being animists, believing in demons “Boodamn”), worshiping trees, animals, stones, hills etc. However all of the members in the 1991 census claimed themselves to be Hindu.
Mudugar: These people also identify themselves with Hindus. However we have a glimpse of their folk practices that survived from their ancestral days prior to the contact of mainstream Hindusim. The worshiped natural geographic features and material objects like stone , ancestral relics which included animal bones, and “movable deities” who are kept under the care of mannukaran.As a part of their Hindu life they go on an annual pilgrimage to the Peak of Malleswaran on Shivaratri.
Mallasar: They worship a spirit called Mallung in the form of a stone encircled by a wall. Mallung is offered goats and cocks. Even these people mainly identify themselves as Hindus.
Kadar: They believe in Mala Devatam or Makannimar deities which amount to as many as seven. They are worshiped for the provision of a plentiful supply of tuber, roots, and other lesser forest products. The kadar worship male and female tree spirits called muni. They have regional and village deities that they worship in conjunction with the Hindu deities.
Telugu: Amongst several goddesses, Poleramma is the goddess of disease (especially smallpox). She is angry and disease is her expression of anger.Jatara and buffalo or chicken sacrifices are done to appease her to save the sick person. These goddesses serve as village goddesses that preside of ver harvest and children aswell. Some examples are Bucchamma, Lingamma, and Usuramma. Worship of dead married women is called Perantalu. Katama Raju was a 13th century hero who fought the King of Nellore. Katama Raju is worshipped in villages and he grants protection from diseases. Divination an Excorcisms are common in rural village folk.
Gonds: Devi/MAta is their Earth Goddess. She presides over fertility and diseases. The Austroasiatic tribes have a disease mother as well. According to their legend, spirits were created to preside over various parts of nature. GOds and demons reside everywhere in nature. For example, Bhimsen is a spirit that dwells in the fields and in water places. Dulha Deo, god of the hearth, started as a Gond bridegroom who was either killed by a Tiger or struck by lightning. He became a god of households.

It seems reasonable to believe that the Proto Dravidians were very animistic. They believed that their world is full of spirits. Some of these spirits caused diseases and other malevolent phenomena and needed to be appeased, often with a bloody sacrifice. They may also have believed in an Earth-Mother or related goddesses connected to fertility but also disease. The dead sometimes were worshipped as "gods" if they have a distinguishing quality. Divination and "Shamanism" naturally may have been a part of the Proto Dravidian religion, including the idea of spirit possession. The idea of a village deity suggests that each individual Proto Dravidian community had a patron spirit that may have been their guardian spirit. The spirits of the dead went to some sort of afterlife but may have played a noticble role in the realm of the living.


From my analysis, it seems like the Proto Dravidians
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2023.06.06 22:40 AdiLovesYou Give me to courage to swipe right on dating apps.

It's been 6 months, I've recieved few matches. I've learnt it's extremely common for guys to get less to sometimes no matches at all.
It takes soooo much of right swiping- days and days to get one match.
It's difficult. But I got to have faith, faith, faith...
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2023.06.06 22:39 Proof-Temporary-6928 Embrace of Dawn: Defying the Nights Veil

In the twilight's descent, a shadow grows, A heavy presence, as the darkness flows, it weaves its tendrils, whispers in the night, Depression awakens, in absence of light.
When the sun goes down, its warmth recedes, Leaving behind a void, where sorrow breeds, A melancholic veil, descends like a shroud, As the world sleeps, in silence, profound.
In the depths of night, when stars softly gleam, The mind wanders, lost in a haunting dream, The weight of sadness, an unyielding weight, As thoughts spiral, caught in an endless state.
But fear not, for beyond the midnight hour, A glimmer of hope, a gentle power, As dawn breaks, with hues of golden fire, Depression retreats, as the sun rises higher.
With each new dawn, a chance to heal, The darkness fades, as daylight reveals, The vibrant colors of life's tapestry, A respite from the grips of melancholy.
For the sun, a symbol of hope and grace, Dispels the shadows, with its warm embrace, And in its radiance, a promise it holds, That with each sunrise, depression unfolds.
So remember, when the night is long and deep, And despair lingers, where sadness seeps, Hold onto the knowledge, that the sun will rise, And with its light, darkness slowly dies.
Depression may set in when the sun goes down, But with each new day, hope can be found, For as the r y awakens, and daylight beams, The soul finds solac the sun's redeeming gleam.
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2023.06.06 22:39 410bore [Thank You] May Mailbag... sorry some of this is so late, but I do appreciate ALL of you!

u/jane-8 Thank you so much for the darling birthday card. Your heartfelt note and suggestions about my birthday ambivalence warmed my heart. Also, fellow fountain-pen user, be patient with your writing improvement. It takes time and lots of practice to get really consistent with it. Honestly I thought your writing was GREAT as-is, so any improvements you make are just refinements at this point, right? If you haven't checked out the fountainpens subreddit, you should. Lots of good FP info and help over there and the peeps are all super-nice. Thanks for the stickers as well!
u/omggallout x2! The two Disney postcards were lovely. Fantasia is an all-time favorite of mine; the classic-est of the classic Disney movies! It has an awesome soundtrack as well. And I needed those nice-weather vibes; we had the snowiest spring that I can remember... 14" on the ground one day early April and continued to snow for a couple weeks after that. It's nice to have warm weather again.
u/chip-girl I ADORED this card. A handmade constellation and space card no less! I like the clever way you put shine on the stars on front and the space kitty inside was just the cat's meow! I don't have a Circuit; I have a Silhouette, but pretty much the same thing. I love it, although it's an older model and I probably should upgrade sometime soon. I also do other crafty things... sewing, pysanky and the like.
u/amabisca The coloring postcards are darling! I love cats, so I'll have fun coloring these and seeing how they turn out. The best thing is that once I'm done, I can send them on to someone else on RAOC!
u/blue-wanderer-quartz Where did you get these tiny yet adorable tarot cards? I love the artwork on it! And the advice given by the card was pretty useful as well as the stickers of the moon phases being right up my alley. I also liked the card you enclosed it all in; origami horses... very cute!
u/feellikebeingajerk well, you're not a jerk, this was a lovely card and as I'm a big Mucha fan, I really enjoyed it. I have seen many of this artist's paintings in person and the guy was brilliant. If you ever have a chance, go to the Mucha museum in Prague... it's wonderful.
u/jane-q This FANTASTIC vintage pulp fiction postcard was marvelous. I love this art style.... it's so kitschy and fun. The astronomy stamps on the back were the perfect touch, thanks for using them on my card and I'm surprised you didn't run into anyone else into astronomy/space before this!
u/natsby it was fun to get a card all the way from England for my birthday! I appreciate you sending me something from so far away. I loved the little enclosures (tiny memo pad and sticker) and the fact it was a moon phases card was just wonderful. I love space and astronomy and it was perfect!
u/hannonerin Muito obrigada pelo cartão postal! Morava no brasil quando eu era jovem, como estudiante intercambio, com uma familia Brasileira. Agora, u sou velha, mais ainda não esqueceu completamente falar em português. Tenho saudades do Brasil e la gente amável. Gostaria visitar um dia de novo.
u/okayflan Thank you for another lovely mailing! It always makes me smile to get one of your cute decorated cards. I love the assortment of fun stickers that you always use!
u/notinmywheelhouse The Marimekko postcard is so pretty. Getting it in the mail reminds me of my Finnish penpal whom I wrote to for nearly 50 years, introduced me to Marimekko, and who is sadly now passed away. All good memories. Thanks for giving me that little throwback to a friendship that meant a lot to me. :)
u/awachob WHAT TO SAY ABOUT THIS CARD????? The X-Files is my absolute, all-time, favorite show and your very crafty, handmade card did it complete and total justice! This one is going up on my desk on a permanent basis because I WANT TO BELIEVE! Thank you so much for picking me to send the card to; I don't think anyone else could appreciate it more than I do. :)
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2023.06.06 22:38 llamassassin Sailor Moon met her end

Sailor Moon met her end
Sailor Moon has defeated some of the most powerful enemies in the galaxy, but was no match for a 10-month-old puppy.
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2023.06.06 22:38 Moldynred The 207 pic of Abby on the Bridge

Snapchat murder cops fast-track DNA evidence found in Libby German and Abigail Williams case as grieving grandfather pays heartbreaking tribute The Scottish Sun
If you scroll down the second pic is the one I am referring to. Linking bc this picture is not mentioned in the PCA. behind Abby you can see most of the bridge, including Platform One. It is clearly empty. I bring this up bc it confirms--imo--what RA said when he claimed he went to the bridge and left. Clearly he is no longer where Adult Female Witness saw a white male on platform one just before 2pm. We are hampered slightly by LE's very poor habit of not including important times in their PCA, but she got to the Mears Lot at 146. Its roughly a five minute walk or so from the Mears Lot to MHB. So if she sees RA/BG at around 151-152 that leaves nearly twenty minutes for RA to exit the scene and another culprit to enter the scene. Twenty minutes is a lifetime. Absolutely anyone could have arrived and murdered those girls in the interim.
This picture could be huge in this case.

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2023.06.06 22:38 space_mamma Should I go to a place with no patient pics

I saw in the FAQs that it's a good idea to ask the shop about patient before and afters. It said the technician is as important as the laser. I asked my shop about it and he wrote a long email about how they've been doing removal for less than a year and haven't been keeping up with progress pics and HIPPA policies are tricky. Should this be a concern? The place is relatively new, and it's only place in my town that offers removals. It's clean and professional, I just have a large tattoo I want gone and don't want to commit if this seems off. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 22:38 joker_penguin Mountain map weird?

My group decided to give the mountain map a chance, but we are not sure how to approach it. The grid seems messy with some of isolated clearings even after cleaning paths...
And we doubt about the tower being important or not.
Have you had memorable matches with the mountain map? What are the best factions for an interesting game there?
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2023.06.06 22:38 SzarySharik Maztica Temple of Sun and Fire module

Some time ago, I wrote a module for my beloved Maztica setting. It can be run as a one-shot adventure or as the opening to a longer campaign in the True World. The module features puzzles, themed enemies, unique items, and rich lore. The player characters will have the opportunity to befriend (or not) a group of Desert Dwarfs and encounter a priest of the bloodthirsty god Tezca.
I made every effort to ensure the module stays true to the lore of Maztica. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have. Thank you!
Link to module (it costs 2$):
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2023.06.06 22:38 NaBeSa Disconnect in every match of horde

Hey I've been playing horde mode with my bro and he have the problem with disconnection at the start of 2nd wave on every match and it happens on all of the maps available. Does anybody have the same issue with it? I don't have that problem though, I wonder why it happens on 8 matches we played it happened on every one of them We are playing on epic games version
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2023.06.06 22:38 Stars_and_Music A dream of many years back…

I’ve only been a member of this sub for a couple of days now, and have only very recently begun again to pursue a relationship with Hekate. I think, however, that she has possibly been trying to get my attention for years (I’ve been a witch for over a decade now). Today, I was reminded of a dream I once had early on. I was on some sort of palace grounds, there was a wide stone walkway/area with a large bonfire in the middle. Then there appeared this identical pair of dark haired women in matching red dresses. They danced together around the bonfire, and I knew somehow that they were two halves of one being, and that this was some sort of spiritual message for me. Upon waking, I tried in vain to identify them, but never succeeded. Eventually, I just set the dream aside and moved on.
My question is: does any of this imagery line up with Hekate in any way? Either historically or anyone else’s UPG? Because I’ve always felt like it could have been her, but I haven’t been able to determine that.
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2023.06.06 22:37 Complex_beauty717 I wish I could find friends who don’t make make me feel like crap.

Background: I (F16) recently got new “friends”(M16/F15) towards the end of the school year. I thought they were cool and our personalities matched up. This school year was hard for me because I was in a school where nearly everyone was into vulgar or immature content. I always found myself talking to people who didn’t have good intentions. The adults around me think Im too mature for the children my age because of how I act and speak to others.
Issue: Recently, the people who I became friends with randomly started to poke jabs at me by talking about my appearance and asking me questions like, “Are you like… slow? Like no offense!” and “Are you (R slur)?”.
I usually take a longer time to process verbal and visual information because I struggle with hearing and seeing. When people talk, sometimes it sounds muffled or slurred.
Not only that, they also attack my appearance “jokingly” by saying I’m “so dark”, “belong in Africa”, etc. Yesterday I was told by (M16) that I was “built like a box with breasts to support my figure “. I was also called a “raccoon” (the second part of the word) for not saying the n-word.
I would like to specify that my 2 “friends” and I are black, but they have a lighter complexion. I also don’t say the n-word because of its overall history.
I stopped talking to them for 2 weeks and I also mentioned that I didn’t like their “jokes”. Yesterday I felt like I lowered my standards because I went back to talking to them (knowing the type of people they are) because I was bored and got the same feedback. I can’t even hold them accountable for it because I knew I shouldn’t have talked to them in the first place, but I did.
I just hope that someday I’ll find a friend who won’t treat me like this.
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2023.06.06 22:37 blurryturtle 2023 Roland Garros Men's & Women's Quarterfinals Day 2

Ty Alcaraz for letting us watch a bit of extra tennis <3

ATP Singles :

Rune vs Ruud :

Yes we’ve had fifth Rune vs Ruud on clay but what about sixth Rune vs Ruud on clay? This is quickly becoming a rivalry despite Casper leading the set count 10-3 and having only lost once. That’s how the conversation goes though when your opponent is younger. Every win they notch feels like a changing of the guard, and even if it isn’t you can be sure Yahoo Sports and the Daily Mail will pump out an article announcing it as such. Complaints about clickbait aside, Rune’s last (and only) win in Rome did feel like he was starting to solve the puzzle. Holger having a better backhand and his service game getting to even made it feel like Ruud would really have to do a lot to win in this matchup. Add in that this season has seen a peculiar lack of form from Ruud at times, and panic mode was somewhat engaged. This is a good chance for Casper to reset the discussion, but it also feels like a must-win.
Ruud beat Jarry in straight sets, which is a tall task for anyone right now. Jarry played great, but Ruud was patient and stubborn from the baseline, and his deep return position made it tough for Jarry to score quick points. The thing that really makes me point to Ruud winning his next match is how reliable he was on the big points. When he needed to, or wasn’t expected to, come up with a big shot, he did. His forehand is getting excellent height when he goes cross-court, and despite his backhand lacking some depth it’s been getting up high on his opponents. If Jarry at 6‘6” had a bit of trouble, it’s probably going to both Rune at 6‘2” (both these listed heights seem fudged in opposite directions). While Ruud was enjoying a return to form and a solid win, Rune was struggling physically in a marathon match against Cerundolo. Their match lasted just a minute under four hours, and despite looking physically fine during points, Rune’s play looked like someone who did not want to run anymore. Late in the fifth the dialogue with his box had started, and I was impressed that he managed to keep his head in the game and make some adjustments, but I was worried at how quick he was to try for return winners and quick infusions of offense. Rune should like himself against Cerundolo in a rally unless he’s struggling, and the recovery here will be an issue if they go deep. To Rune’s credit, he came to net a bunch in the 5th set tiebreak and that was the key to him winning. He applied pressure, and Cerundolo wasn’t able to come up with passes.
With Rune having a long match and physical fatigue, and Ruud having a straight set win, oddsmakers have set this at even odds. I’m inclined to agree. Rune has shown (in his Paris run) the ability to play at a breakneck pace and appear to put out a ton of energy, but still show up to compete the next round, so I don’t think this will be one-sided. I think he’ll be fine in the early-goings, but his willingness to play patient from the baseline will be essential here, and the quick unforced errors he displayed against Cerundolo can’t appear. Ruud plays less aggressive tennis than Cerundolo, and if you force the issue against him he’ll win. He also serves a bit more aggressively than Cerundolo, and is a bit more resilient about not letting changes in the scoreline affect his approach. Since they’ve been scheduled for the night match, and the colder conditions mean the ball really plays a bit slower, so I’m expecting this to be settled with frequent and extended rallies. Rune will win most of the backhand to backhand exchanges, but I think in these slower conditions it’ll be hard to hit through Ruud and physicality will become a factor. Ruud in 4-5.

Zverev vs Etcheverry :

The plot of Oceans 14 will be me getting fooled by Dimitrov one more time. Employing what is clearly the macro plan, Dimitrov has gone ahead and thrown in a few seasons of lackluster results and injury issues. Here, healthy, and playing his best tennis, he finally got me. I believed. Ouch did it hurt to watch this match. I don’t really like to drop negative things in here, but it really was a bad match. Dimitrov started off the match with two double faults, which I don’t even understand. The first few games your range might be off, but you should be firing on all cylinders after a day and a half of prep, and a thorough (these guys are preparing for hours) warm-up. He looked tentative throughout the affair, and it was pretty clear early on that he has a significant mental block against Zverev.
To Zverev’s credit, he did nothing. He hung behind the baseline, and just made it clear that it would take several shots to beat him. Dimitrov had two choices : play hyper aggressive and try to hit clean winners, or temper his offense and constantly hit to the open court because even though Zverev is quick, no one giving up that much space (behind the baseline) should be able to beat a professional tennis player in good form. Dimitrov chose neither. He constantly tried to come up with the next offensive shot, but swung tentatively as if he was assuming Zverev would get them. He had openings, but went safe and retreated back to the middle over and over. It was like watching someone play the role of a hitting partner for Zverev, but unfortunately they were nervous about the occasion and couldn’t keep the ball in the court. It was hard to watch, but I’m ready to get hurt again.
I expect Etcheverry will give Zverev the game that I thought Dimitrov would. Etcheverry and Nishioka was extremely close in the first set, and it felt like Nishioka would have equal chances if he could win the tiebreaker. What ensued was a really high level affair with most rallies being won with winners rather than errors. Etcheverry proved a bit more effective on serve though, and Nishioka appeared to aggravate an injury. He played out the match, which is a really nice gesture to the fans, but Etcheverry is through to his first major quarterfinals and it is well deserved. He has a great service delivery, doesn’t struggle with double faults, doesn’t back off his offense when he has control, and his backhand is very solid. This, I expect, will be Zverev’s to lose, but I think it will take some time to get there. Despite Zverev’s pre-injury passivity, he has shown some signs of life since his return. He’s hitting his forehand significantly better and seems to have (jinx) gotten rid of his deceleration issues. His backhand is still the most reliable shot for him, and he’s taking it down the line more often in this event which is causing extreme problems for his opponent. The double fault issues are there, but it’s a lot easier for me to expect his opponents to create break chances and scoreboard pressure while watching from home than it is to actually put balls in play off his powerful delivery. In short, Zverev is probably the pick to come out of the bottom draw, but this is his hardest test yet.
Etcheverry will not fold, unlike a certain someone whose texts are currently blocked (sorry Grigs but IT’S TOO SOON). His serving won’t falter as Dimitrov’s did, and he’ll be willing to ply his craft and test his offense against Zverev because unlike Dimitrov, he doesn’t have history against this opponent. Where I think he may struggle is returning serve. It can take a while to really read an opponent’s delivery, and since they’re playing in the daytime the ball should be moving a bit. Looking at some of the big servers he’s played, he beat Struff and Hanfmann, but he lost to Tiafoe twice. I am pulling for him, and I think his game will transfer well to grass and hardcourt, but this is probably the end of the road for him. Zverev really does have the next tier of ability in every department here, so only impatience and doubt are likely to send him home. Zverev in 4-5.

WTA Singles :

Haddad Maia vs Jabeur :

At the beginning of this tournament, I really only expected one of these players to be here. Ons Jabeur has had some slight injury issues, and just hasn’t seemed terribly motivated at every event. Her play every round here has improved though, and against Pera she broke out all the tricks. I really love her backhand dropshots down the line because she looks away from them. It mirrors the cross-court slice that some players employ overhand and even in my head I can feel myself starting to step to the left when she does it. Here Ons has her toughest opponent, but it’s one she’s played recently. These two met in Stuttgart, and Jabeur won 3,0. That’s a rough thing to overcome, but it was indoor tennis so Bella may fare better in these slower conditions.
Haddad Maia had a marathon against Sorribes Tormo, and the win meant a lot to her as SST has had her number for years. I think her serving will have to be at the next level here, as Jabeur was able to hold fairly easily in Stuttgart and is pretty fresh for this one. Haddad played for 3 hours and 51 minutes in her last round, and that makes three 3-set marathons in a row after her wins against Shnaider and Alexandrova. Those players had powerful offenses, but they aren’t as consistent or as solid defensively as Jabeur. It’s going to be hard to overcome Jabeur in these conditions, and fatigue is not on her side. Tremendous result for Haddad Maia, but Jabeur in 2.

Swiatek vs Gauff :

-1250 is what they’re suggesting is a fair price for Swiatek, but you will understand if I disagree. Lesia Tsurenko was unfortunately forced to retire in the first against Swiatek, but she was likely not going to put up much of a fight anyway. She’s a tricky player, but Swiatek was seeing the ball big and was applying a lot of pressure to Tsurenko’s serve. Lesia seemed to feel a bit faint, and told the physicians that she was having some trouble breathing. She’s had a fair bit of withdrawals this year (5), but with an illness removing Rybakina, and Tsurenko issuing some harsh sounding coughs during the treatment, she may have been dealing with a cold/flu of some sort which is unfortunate for the fans.
Gauff had a close first set with Schmiedlova, but she never really seemed in big trouble in her match. Gauff has struggled on her forehand wing in the past, but this week she’s been solid in every match and her game has gotten better as the match went on. That’s why I’m not sure how dominant of a performance Swiatek can turn in here. Similar to the Djokovic/Khachanov match, I know which player is better, but I don’t see an easy path for the victor because the deviation in level just isn’t there with Gauff. She’s going to defend well because she’s (I think) the fastest player on tour, and she’s going to hit the ball solid off both wings. Swiatek has shown that she struggles a little bit with errors when you take her time away, and Gauff’s ability to hang on the baseline and keep the ball low might represent a challenge similar to Rybakina’s. I don’t think her serve is anywhere near as reliable as Rybakina’s at creating setups though. Gauff has the potential to serve aces, but it’s more of a momentum thing it seems, or at times she mirrors Sakkari where on a huge point she can summon one, but most of the time she lands around 55% and doesn’t really get many aces.
After hyping up Gauff’s chances, my eyes drifted back over to the bad news. These two have met 6 times, and Gauff has yet to win a set. Swiatek won 3,1 at this event last year, and she’s gotten an entire day off so her arm will be fresher than Gauff’s. I’m expecting some thrilling rallies, but Swiatek’s return of serve in the last few rounds has looked really good. Swiatek in 2, one close and one bakery-esque.
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2023.06.06 22:37 Only_Lime2520 Anything on my chart says scary vivid dreams almost every night recently...? 🫠

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2023.06.06 22:37 LOSAccounting QBO, Bookkeeping, Dilemma

Hey! So I FINALLY figured out what was going on with why the amounts weren't matching up on my sales receipt. It is because the owner did not tell me about the amounts that are taken out of the credit card sales such as.
Savings 5%
Loan Repayment 14.5%
So when I tried to make sales receipts nothing matched up and sales summary alone also didn't allow me to check those amounts being withdrawn. Now he has given me permission to see those amounts(thank god) but I have run into another issue...
Where should I start? Should I go to the beginning and fix everything up to that point? Or should I start from the beginning of the year? Or do I start from this month ? I believe beginning of the year makes the most sense. However, I would need to undo EVERYTHING and start from scratch since he didn't tell me what was going on. I am not sure what to do.
I do have sales in there ,but I haven't accounted for any fees or anything else taken out. I am just confused because this clean up will take me eons if I do start from the inception of the business.
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2023.06.06 22:36 DeliciousPiccolo4810 Updated Response to our daughter, We wan to bring the facts and I'm searching for her signed contract as well, someone has to have her comments about all of her research!

Updated Response to our daughter, We wan to bring the facts and I'm searching for her signed contract as well, someone has to have her comments about all of her research! submitted by DeliciousPiccolo4810 to kansasmichalkechats [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 22:36 SnooHamsters2632 The Beauty Within

The splendor of the sun's bright hours, a smile's delightful grace,
With goodwill hanging gently, in each human heart's embrace.
As light upon the tranquil sea, reflects with purest hue,
Your beauty's glow, on souls unmarred, it mirrors and imbues.
Within your smile, the light does dance, dreams pulsate and ignite,
And beams of joy and happiness, pierce through the darkest night.
Thus, souls in bloom, like flowers in spring, awaken and arise,
And hearts converge, in hope's core, with exultation's ties.

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2023.06.06 22:36 goodstuff2020 [WIP] Yhis is going to be the moon at night for my first project. The two flosses I added are the glow in the dark and the gunmetal gray. I think it's coming out really great so far. 😊

I I'm starting a project that has a full moon, a raven and a skull in the mist.
Fingers crossed that it comes out like what I hope it will be because it is a gift for my oldest son.
We both back in the day used to read a lot of Poe.
He's a very difficult one to shop for and I happen to see this so I went for it because I want him to have something that's made by his mom with her love for him. Not to be all sappy, haha
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2023.06.06 22:36 Autective Moon Redesign

Moon Redesign
Reddit keeps glitching and not posting the pictures I add so hopefully this posts with the picture
Anyway, here is my Moon redesign for my FNAF reimagined project I’m doing for fun!
I wanted to give Sun and Moon the vintage drawing vibe as seen in some of the posters from the series along with making them a bit more kid friendly appearance wise in said pictures
Hope you guys like it!
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2023.06.06 22:35 Popular_Possible4286 The Best Website for Car Rental in Dubai: Dubai Soul Car Rental Dubai

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Conclusion: When it comes to car rental services in Dubai, Dubai Soul Car Rental Dubai stands out as a reliable and customer-centric option. Their wide range of vehicles, competitive pricing, convenient booking process, exceptional customer service, and commitment to safety make them one of the best websites to fulfill your car rental needs in Dubai. Whether you're a resident or a visitor, choosing Dubai Soul Car Rental Dubai will provide you with a seamless and enjoyable car rental experience, allowing you to explore the wonders of Dubai at your own pace.
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2023.06.06 22:35 Monstersleeping13 Why does my basil have black spots

Why does my basil have black spots
Novice gardener here. Planted this basil approximately 2 weeks ago and it’s now developed black spots. Am I doing something wrong? It’s being watered daily and pot has good drainage. Garden soil was used in the pot. Temps have been in the 50s at night but we haven’t had any frost. It’s in full sun most of the day. Any help is appreciated!
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