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2023.06.06 14:14 Lipstickcigarette [26/F] friends, or whatever ig

Ngl I’ve never been on this sub much but I’m curious, it’s early morning hours here and I haven’t slept but I’m chillin, just wondering if anyone would see this/was also a bit bored and wanted to see if we end up becoming best friends, or something haha. I’m an abstract painter, an (unpublished) author of a complete manuscript, an amateur singesong writer and an enthusiastic but novice contemporary dancer. I love movies, music, my friends, my cat, and I don’t believe in coincidences, merely meaningful synchronicity…. So if you’re seeing this and think I sound cool/we would hit it off, it’s no coincidence you came across my post…. Message me (if you want) (NO CREEPS PLS)
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2023.06.06 14:14 ThrowRA102802 My guy best friend (20M) has been completely avoiding me (20F) lately and I'm struggling to find out why

I (20F) have this guy friend (20M) who I've been close friends with for about two years now. For a long time, I've considered him to be somewhat of a baby brother figure to me since he's slightly younger and he used to always give me advice on anything and everything - including very personal advice for some of my problems that I confided in him with.
We'd become so close that - for about a year now - we would talk almost every day in real life and through text for hours on end. He even told me that I'm probably one of his closest female friends and that he'd always be there to support me and listen to me whenever I needed it. I would always tell him the same, and so for a long time, I thought we had a really solid friendship.
Recently (about three weeks ago) however, he has stopped talking to me suddenly. At first I thought he was simply just stressed and needed time to himself because our end-of-semester exams have come up recently and I know he's been studying really hard for them. However, after talking to a few of our mutual friends, they told me that he hasn't been acting this way with anybody else which I found to be incredibly strange.
I confronted him directly about it over text (I've been experiencing some health struggles recently so I haven't been able to see him in person for a while), but when I asked why he's been avoiding me all of a sudden, he didn't respond. I then asked him point-blank if I had done something that had upset him, to which he actually did respond that time and he told me that I hadn't done anything. I don't know what to think, because even though he says I haven't done anything, he still hasn't said a word to me or tried to reach out since. Clearly something has changed that affected our relationship in his eyes but I don't know what, and neither do any of my friends.
He and I used to be so close to each other. We hung out all the time. I just don't understand why he's doing this to me if I haven't done anything. At first I heavily suspected that he had gotten a girlfriend and he just didn't want her to feel uncomfortable with our friendship, which I can completely respect, but I had a few of our mutual friends ask for me and apparently he said he's not even talking to any girls at the moment - so I'm just so confused. I really miss the close bond he and I had with each other, and I wish he would just communicate with me. How can I get answers from him and fix this?
TLDR; My guy best friend (20M) has started to avoid me (20F) out of nowhere recently and I don't know why. I've been trying to openly communicate with him and ask him why he's doing this, but he won't tell me. I miss our friendship and I really want to talk to him again, but what should I do if he's purposely ignoring me?
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2023.06.06 14:14 CauliflowerNo1238 My (f36) boyfriends (m41) excessive gaming and lack of initiative

I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 2 years, and there are a couple of concerns that have been bothering me.
Firstly, he spends a significant amount of time playing video games. After work during the weekdays, he would just play games till going to bed. I feel like it has become excessive and unbalanced. I think there are more important things in life like developing meaningful hobbies or professional skills or buying houses. ( I do think playing games is meaningless and just a waste of time. he plays it every single day for 3-5 hours)
Secondly, he lacks initiative when it comes to planning activities for us. Most of the time, it's either me or our friends who need to invite him to do something together.
Thirdly, he usually play games late and wake up around 10-11am on weekends. We can’t do anything together on weekend mornings because of his laziness.
I've brought up my concerns and discussed these issues with him, hoping for some positive changes. It worked for a while and then he became lazy and not making any effort to address these matters again.
I am the one constantly taking the lead and trying to keep things interesting. I crave a more balanced and active involvement from both sides, where we can plan and enjoy life together. I genuinely care about my boyfriend, but I'm unsure if this is a fundamental difference in our expectations and if he is capable of being a good husband.
Any good advice?
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2023.06.06 14:14 Birds-Are-Drones Left work early due to sickness. Boss wont pay me the 4.5 hours i worked.

Im from England Hi so ive checked ACAS, and citizens advice bureau but nothings given me a straight answer. Can my boss withold the pay for the 4.5 hours ive worked? I was meant to do an 11 hour shift but i felt sick so i left early but my boss told me i wasnt going to be paid for the work i had done today.
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2023.06.06 14:14 TonyChanYT Why doesn't God reveal himself unequivocally to the entire world?

u/sk-old. u/UnsaneMusings, u/Auknight33
In the beginning, Adam and Eve could see God personally. They knew God existed but that's not the point. The point was this: Did they obey God? God created the world to test people. As people increased, sin increased and the physical presence of God became more remote.
What about the time of Jesus?
Jesus spoke the words of God and performed miracles. Yet, people would not believe. In the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus, Abraham said to the rich man who was being tormented in Hades in Luke 16:
31b ‘If they (the rich man's brothers) do not hear Moses and the Prophets, neither will they be convinced if someone should rise from the dead.’
After Jesus' resurrection, Thomas doubted his resurrection and said to the disciples who had seen Jesus in John 20:
25b “Unless I see the nail marks in his hands and put my finger where the nails were, and put my hand into his side, I will not believe.”
Then Jesus showed up and said to him:
29b “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”
Will you have faith and believe in Jesus and obey his teaching? That's the point.
Why doesn't God reveal himself unequivocally to the entire world?
Because that's not the point. You are here in this world as a testing ground for your behavior. Will you choose God based on faith and do good?
What about the future?
Well, one of these days, Jesus will return and reveal himself unequivocally to the entire world. By then, it will be too late.
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2023.06.06 14:13 HansWorst7 [Program review] Tactical Barbell II - Base Building - Strength first ... on a cut

Hi guys. Please bear with me for a minute. I'm not an active redditor nor am I a good writer at all. Still, I wanted to give feedback about my run of Base Building with the strength first template, while I was undergoing a cut.

About me

I've been lifting for a long time now. Last winter, I ran a 6 months bulking routine about which you can read here. I had great success. After that, I ran Candito's 6 weeks program and tested out my 1RM. Numbers:
Starting date 04/04/23
Height 174cm/5"8
Weight About 78kg/172lbs
Squat Max 165kg(363lbs) x1 / 155kg(341lbs) x4
Bench Press Max 105kg(231lbs) x1 / 95kg(209lbs) x4
Deadlifts Max 180kg(396lbs) x1
Total SBD 450kg/990lbs
After that, I decided to give Tactical Barbells Base Building a shot. I had terrible conditioning and actually never ran LSS style.

How I ran TB - Base Building

I sticked to Base Building with the strength first template. The reason for that is simply that I didn't want to miss lifting weights. I enjoy it too much to skip it for 5 weeks. No other reason in particular. As for the Maximum Strength template, I used Firefighter. My circuit consisted of Squats, Bench press, BTN Press and Chins.
In the first 3-4 weeks, I cycled through different LSS exercises. Usually I ran, rode by bike or swam. Sometimes I had an extended table tennis session, at another point I rode an AirDyne at the gym. At about week 5, I basically only ran. I noticed that I had the hardest time simply running so I sticked to it.
Starting in week 6, I added the recommended HIC sessions. I sticked to HIC#1, #2, #3 and #10.
Lastly, I went against the recommendation in the book and ran Base Building while in a caloric deficit. I was in desperate need to lose some fat and I thought this is a great fit.

How everything went for me

Considering I have no running history at all, it's no wonder I was dying on my first LSS run in week 1. I finished the 30 minutes without a break but my heart rate peaked at 194bpm towards the end with a pace of about 8'02"/km. Biking and swimming went better to some degree but I still felt it. Towards the end, my LSS sessions got WAY easier. I ran 60min with a constant heart rate of about 150bpm and hit 7'07"/km. When riding the bike, I rarely got above 130bpm heart rate. My legs would give in before that happened so I sticked to a constant pace of about 22-25km/h. That's also the reason I ditched biking for Base Building and sticked to running. The only exception were Saturday where I did LSS up to 120min. I will definitely get back to cycling though because it's fun for me.
Lifting was very straight forward. I used the recommended 90% TM, ran the 3 week cycles and added 5kg for squats, 2.5kg for bench press and BTN press and 1kg for my chins per cycle. I also took the ~3min break between each working set as recommended. I never had any problems with my lifting sessions. The lifting sessions took about 1 hour each. Honestly though, they felt like I did a bit too little. I missed stuff like supplemental sets or AMRAP sets. But I understand that recovering is easier this way so I sticked to it.
As for my HIC sessions - they basically meant death. I did my fastest 5k with a 5'46"/km pace. I also had to stick to the basic version of 600m resets. My heart rate went through the roof, taking 5min breaks between each rep was barely enough to go down to 130bpm heart rate - after my first 600m. I did enjoy the short hills though and I can't wait to do HIC#16-19. They felt extremely effective as well. Even though I ran Base Building on a diet, I managed to recover very well. I was never too exhausted and felt fresh before each workout day. I did not count calories. Instead, I reduced the amount of meals I ate. The only extra calories besides breakfast, lunch and dinner were protein shakes and protein bars.

The result and how I'll go on

Well, I almost told you everything there is to know. I improved my LSS time from "never ran" to 7'07"/km in an 1 hour run. I lifted consistently and never failed. I did a 5k in roughly 28min.
What happened to my weight? Well, I lost 4kg/9lbs in 8 weeks and ended Base Building at 74kg.
Before at 78kg
After at 74kg
Obviously, I still have wayyy to go but there's progress! And my belly is just that stubborn.
I will follow up Base Building with Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 - Bodybuilding the UppeAthlete the Lower from the book 531 Forever. I will change the runs and prowler workouts with some LSS and HIC stuff instead - I love TB conditioning!
I would definitely recommend everyone to run Base Building at least once in their life! If you didn't do it yet and you have no idea what you want to do next - do this!
Thank you for reading this. I hope I didn't waste too much of your time.
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2023.06.06 14:13 Eskuire I did the 100% kill run so you don't have to (Or now you want to...)

So, to preface, I was off from work today, and really didn't have anything I need to do today, so I woke up at 6am, put on coffee and booted up. To add to this, it honestly didn't occur to me to inventory raw numbers of my drops until about midway through, so I really only started paying attention to the drops about midway through Belabog, but here's what I did;
Had a team of Seele, Fire MC, Serval, and a Level 1 Sampo [Wanted to see if the XP is worth it], I'm F2P cause my cards dont work internationally, and started in the Space Station. TB Level 57.
Overall, the run took around 2 hours as a first timer, you can minus around 15 minutes from the 2 hours because my dog woke up and demanded he could sniff every blade of grass within a 3 block radius. So really it took around 1:45'ish to fully complete.
At the end, I was left with enough green drops to consider not even bothering doing assignments anymore for them. As throughout the run it dropped on average around 30-60 sprinkled throughout the different kinds. (Which equates to about 2-3 days of 20H assignment deployments)
Each major zone, dropped around 5-15 Purple items (some fights dropped multiple, and some dropped different kinds, as in x1 of one kind, and x2 of another), and Sampo ended at level 14.
Overall, it's not something I feel you should do EVERY day, as the game would feel more like a job than a game, and I can see a casual player being burnt out by this VERY quickly. But, that being said, if you're into resource management, and getting the most bang for your buck, it 100% is a completely viable solution to min-max what you're doing with assignments and trailblazer power. So I suggest if you're planning on doing it, join their discord and see what's up.
The run really didn't seem too complex, maybe some team changes were needed in Xianzhou (Someone offensive in Ice, like Pela would work) but I just put on 2x speed, and left it on auto-battle. If you're going in with a max level team, as a casual runner of it, you could probably bang it out in about an hour and a half if you don't get turned around / lose your spot in Xianzhou.
So's worth it, I'd recommend doing it every once in a while. For those who missed the thread earlier, here's the article on it;
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2023.06.06 14:13 saidfgn Update 2: Help me find my lost cat

Here is the original post.
Day 5, almost 120 hours ago I saw him last time. Haven't found my poor baby yet :'(
Flyers on the walls were successful. Almost everyone that I talked to yesterday and today said that they know because they saw flyers on the wall.
Yesterday one of the neighbors allowed me to search his yard. I looked at the trees and possible hidden places. He also had semi open barn with lots of old stuff. I searched carefully there, still no traces of him.
Also searched for him today with my cousin in the morning between 4:30 and 6 a.m. I tried to call him and played his brother's voice on a speaker. The weather was windy and there were stray dogs barking. Which made search way worse.
Later today made one more search. Two more neighbors allowed me to search their yard. Still no result.
One of the neighbors approached me and said that I should probably search close to the place where I lost him. Just ask neighbors and search for him in their yard.
Do you think it is a good idea? Is he close to the place I lost him? I just assume he is close somewhere hiding in some secret place, not answering my calls or not hearing them. He was very passive and sleepy when I brought him to vet's office
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2023.06.06 14:13 castielislife How long did it take for you to hear back after an interview?

Hey all!
I had two interviews last week Tuesday (so it’s been exactly 1 week) for night audit and they both seemingly went very well. One was scheduled for 30 mins but we ended up going to an hour and a half and asked me when I could start. But i haven’t heard anything back yet. They did ask me to put down references on the day of the interview, so not sure if it’s that. Not sure if I should take this as a rejection, but I wish they would send me an email letting me know or something. :/
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2023.06.06 14:13 davidhply My thoughts and ideas for the game so far. (Spoilers on gameplay)

So I'm playing barb and really enjoying it so far - level 66. Story is good, world is good, side quests are great! I actually love the level scaling as it puts more time and thought into items not just power leveling and smashing through the game. I don't mind the gaps in mobs when roaming the world but maybe an increase in some dungeons would be nice, not by adding more small mobs but making larger mobs more spread out an area, so you pull them into each other. in the open world its fine as it makes me look at the world instead of the monsters.
Nightmare dungeons
Gets very boring after awhile but the challenge keeps you going back? Or is it just because its the only real option of its kind. Needs some work.
I think if you beat a tier of a dungeon you should be able to have that unlocked and the affixes available to choose from. Get a key of sorts. So the point of beating higher dungeon tiers remains the same (rewards etc) but you also have a dungeon you like with good affixes to "farm" - higher item drops, gold find etc that you can go back to. You will out scale it but its nice to farm if looking for items to increase your power. Maybe cap this at a certain tier, can cause problems at endgame leaderboards etc.
Maybe add a rouge like option? or game mode? You go down the dungeon and pick buffs and debuffs. Or add elemental type damage to certain skills etc as you progress and go deeper. Keeps changing every run and makes them feel unique.
Have a menu or list to see which nightmare tiers you have completed. good to see rewards I've missed you get when beating a new tier.
Fun! great concept but not rewarding enough, these should have increasing drop chances and increasing difficulty. Eg. going for a specific ring - current cost is 75 as you farm and as you collect more shards you can invest the shards into the chest to change the tier. So 75 is tier 1 with "x" drop rate (sometimes you get garbage from the box)you can choose to increase the tier by "buying" and moving to tier 2 and so on. costs 85 shards now and increased drop chance and more items. Have limited time with the helltides so I think this will be more rewarding for the player and more focused on speed and the time of the event running out. Very much a risk reward here. Get to tier 4 and the time runs out as you just don't have enough shards and can't open the box. :(
World Bosses
More frequency of them - Very fun though
Great! - leave them alone (don't get why people are complaining about traveling between vendors etc)
Bit clunky - need to improve pathing (does feel good when you get it right though and are flying through the world)
Remove cooldown if you dismount on purpose.
Able to level up horse as you ride around to get another boost? Often you need just one more boost.
Reduce the speed at which the horse slows down after a boost ends, make it more gradual.
Happy but I think they should add a few more skills - not a new "branch" but maybe some longer improvements on each or a few more branches off each skill. More variety in choices and different gameplay options. Probably come with time.
Paragon Board
Can't quite put my finger on it but feels like its missing something. I like the concept. Maybe they need to add some unique runes or something that changes up a skill or something. Not just percentage gains and reductions but I'm not sure here tbh.
Good, enjoying so far. Drop rate is very good! When you start to complete your build it feels very rewarding after grinding for hours but need to add more legendary's and tweak some that are terrible. I think the seasons will fix this though and as the game goes on.
Add a gem pocket! for the love of god. Increase the sale price of gems also?
Scale back the gold cost increase on rerolling enchants, should still increase but not so quickly. I think should also increase gold dropping in the world from mobs so you don't have to keep picking up everything to sell. Just tweak the world tiers percentage gain? Seen as you need to improve your gear consistently as the world scales you need to role better gear more often.
Barb class
Increase barb weapon mastery to 20 from 10 but scale back each level and buff 20 a bit more than 10. I finished them very quickly and they are very cool to see improve as you play. Not sure on other classes yet.
Chest or storage box
Search function
A tab you can create that's the layout of your equipment slots for your character - I can put in there for upgrades I'm wanting to do but don't have the right affix maybe - or need more of those shards to put sockets etc currently just make my own in the box. Quite useful.
Allow us to transmog uniques?
Add more colours to choose from?
allow us to change colours of weapons?
Tree of whispers
Good concept but should allow choice of all available gear boxes instead of three but make the legendary type box still random. Eg - there is a ring I'm hunting for, I can keep going for rings. Doing the challenges for the tree doesn't feel rewarding enough but if this was available i would be consistently running them if I need a certain type of gear.
PVP event thing - I haven't done it and probably won't so don't have an opinion on it, yet.
Option to adjust scaling of zoom on minimap. Just a bit too close sometimes. This might help with people complaining about no overlay. I don't care for the overlay - happy how it is - keeps me looking at the world and not a map.
Interactive map - allow us to select and search what we looking for.
8/10 lots of potential
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2023.06.06 14:13 uSer_gnomes Any success in appealing a battle-net refund denial?

Title says it all. Downloaded the game and played through opening areas and had fun, then just walked away to have dinner.
I’ve never played a Diablo game before, definitely got caught in The hype and didn’t do my research. After playing more I’ve found the game just really isn’t for me.
As such I now have 3 hours in game and my initial refund request isn’t allowed. I’ve sent an appeal but I guess we will see.
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2023.06.06 14:12 Bubblybathwithbeer Another work story

Three months ago, I started working in a surgical intensive care unit. I have been working as an anaesthesiologist for four years now, this is just one station in my medical education. Our shifts start at 7 with reports from the previous shift which is 12 hours long. The surgeons take their rounds in our unit between 7 and 7:30, so at the same time as our reports. This is not optimal, so I discussed it with one of our attending docs who suggested we start at 6:30. So I asked my colleagues in a chat group what they thought. The usual discussion ensued: Getting up that early sucks, the 30mins won't make a difference, our public transport schedules suck. One person said that this would be awesome because she could see an awake kid after her shift.
And one person said: nope, won't be possible for those with kids, without any further explanation. So I asked what she meant: well, she and her kids would all get up at the same time and they would have to adapt their schedules a lot. In a private chat, she then told me that I am not experienced enough and that I should not expect everyone to adapt to my own wishes, when she is the one expecting me to adapt to her family routine. She basically told me I was being inflexible and entitled.
She doesn't need her second ICU rotation. She could still work in the OR where shifts start at 7:30. And when do they adapt to my family? Only because I am my sibling's sister and my parent's child doesn't mean I have no family. And furthermore, I have my chosen family of close friends. I miss out on family meetings because I have to work. I miss an important sports event of one of my partners because WORK. I have to beg for a free weekend for another event I want to attend with my friends. But if I said "my child xyz", they would fall over backwards to accomodate me.
Sorry for the long rant and for the terrible grammar. Just had to convince myself that there are people who understand.
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2023.06.06 14:12 Captain_Seasick [PC][MANY games]Bored, basically friendless, and... bored. Let's play some games!

Yo dudes.
So a recent shift in my social circle has left me pretty much friendless (in terms of gaming buddies, I mean) and now I'm looking to rebuild my online social life. And the best way to do that I reckon is by getting a new friend. Or better yet, several! So yeah.
S'for the games I wanna play, jeez... there're all kinds of them that I like, from Mordhau and Hell Let Loose, to Anno 1800 and Stardew Valley, to Grounded and Deep Rock Galactic.
...basically, my tastes are extremely eclectic. Hell, the only things I DON'T wanna play are any types of "live service" games (e.g. Fortnite, Destiny 2, MMOs in general, etc.), sports/racing, or horror stuff. Also: no porn freakin' games, 'cause yuck.
Anyway. I'm an avid Discord user, and very much prefer to use a mic+headset when gaming. It's so much easier to just talk while playing instead-a having to stop, type shit into the chat/Discord, and so on.
I'm usually online most of the day, being out-of-work and with virtually no reason(s) to go outside other than for some spotty excercise and grocery shopping. I also tend to prefer "binging" games, as in playing for several hours on end. Preferably a good 3 hours per session, depending on the game.
If I forgot to list anything useful/important/otherwise pertinent here, just lemme know in a comment, k?
(Also: I won't state any personal info here or elsewhere, such as name, race, age, etc. All I'll say is that I'm a dude from Europe, but aside from ping issues, I can "adapt" and play with basically whoever.)
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2023.06.06 14:11 Pleasant_Fill_7366 Best Friend Putting No Effort

So I've been best friends with her for around 5 years. We were both work buddies and became really close outside of work as well. We worked together for 4 years and in November last year, I moved offices for better opportunity. I am someone who constantly seeks new challenges and opportunities and want to grow in life. But my friend on the other hand has admitted to being stagnant in life and given up on wanting to grow or do better. When I moved offices, we continued to meet every week. I would leave my office during work hours to meet her (this time was convenient for her).. But since past few months I've been really busy at work and can't meet during weekdays so I've been asking her to meet over the weekend. Every week she says she will see but never get back.
Last week I told her to upgrade her resume over the weekend because I had positions at my office where she would fit best and we could work together again (like we had talked). She didn't do it. I reminded her on Tuesday and she said I have a lot of work and can't do. The update she needed to add in her CV was only going to take 5 mins. I felt bad because I was constantly prioritizing our friendship and finding ways to bring her to my workplace yet she couldn't take out 5 minutes to update her resume or meet me on the weekends. She reached out to me and said that I should not be disappointed because she chose to prioritize her work. I'm not mad she prioritized her work.. I'm just sad she doesn't prioritize our friendship. Not sure how to go from here.
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2023.06.06 14:11 Loud_Tumbleweed4376 I lost my closest group of friends for 4 years in one day. I cannot decide if I deserve it or not. TW for suicide

Less than a week ago a girl from my school called me and told me that my closest friend group, along with some other people, threw a huge party. Now this would not bother me in the slightest, and I had already known there was a groupchat without me in it. I figured I did not need to be invited to everything, so I let it go. That was until she called me
She had told me that they said shitty things about us in the group chat when they decided not to invite us. I read some screenshots. Best friend number 2's boyfriend said that I kill the vibe in every function I go to, and multiple people agreed along with best friend number 2, and my ex (who was actively trying to get me back while this was happening.) It was basically just "yeah theres no way shes coming" the same was pretty much said for the other girl. i dont want to get too much details in here because my friends are active on socials like reddit. but my ex in the groupchat also called me a hoe ass mf and a lot of them agreed.
after i learned this information, what hurt me the most was best friend number 1 and 2's disinterest in talking to me or apologizing. i am a really easy person to get things by. if they would have told me about the party, i would accept not being invited a lot easier. in the group chat they decided on the excuse that best friend number 1's boyfriend was not comfortable with me there (me and him have never gotten along, he is disloyal and he texted me to fight with me in the past) so i would have accepted that easily. The thing is when they did say that, i had already read the groupchat when they decided to say that. it was clearly a lie, they just did not want me there. they added me to a facetime, and instead of apologizing, they asked me how i found out. i just played dumb until the other girl texted them and let them know, because i did not know what to do. 3 of them were confronting me at once. after this call, at this point i was very frustrated and upset, so i left all of our groupchats and blocked them on instagram. i did have a brief interaction with best friend 2, she told me to cut them all off and go be friends with the girls i talk shit on. (we were all giving opinions on some stories and situations the day before this happened, and all girls involved know my opinions.) but i was so mad i told her to go get cheated on again. i blocked her after that. i know that was wrong of me. anyway, i forgot to block best friend number 1's main account on insta (she has two.) a day or so later, she had posted on her spam, saying that it is "crazy" that i had blocked one account and not the other. this post was shared to me by the other girl who wasnt invited's best friend. i felt like it spoke volumes that her best friend was invited, and instantly told us. VS my 2 best friends of four years not telling me, talking behind my back and lying to me. i was so angry i sent best friend number 1 a short paragraph on her instagram. i basically said im mad that she hung out with us the entire year and did us like that, and i was mad at her for lying to me, even though the truth would not have made me so mad. i defended the girl who was not invited in this paragraph, but that was not my main point. my main point was that we were friends for 4 years, and she did this to me. i blocked her on instagram after this.
her response was to send a screenshot of best friend number 2 saying "tell her that other girl who wasnt invited told people that OP faked sexual assault." this shook me to my very core. i was angry, i was sad, but over all i was mortified that my 2 best friends would even think to use this information against me. i had so many questions. like, why hold this information until now if you really cared? yes, the girl i am defending in this situation is fake for saying that about me, but i dont even care. she does not dictate whether or not it happened. i was hurt. i replied back with 5 points, basically the questions i had, telling her id never do this to them (i was not the best friend, i am not perfect, i am hot headed sometimes but i would never ever use assault to get under someones skin) and then told her i wanted to break it off maturely. i blocked her after that. its been nearly a week now.
for some background, i have struggled with depression-like symptoms and diagnosed PTSD, as well as diagnosed OCD, self harm, and ED's for a really long time. when i begin to ruminate on situations, i just cant stop and i have noticed that i have been thrown into a really deep depression. i have no motivation to do anything, and without my friends, i feel as if i have nothing. i am extremely lonely, and i am getting really dark thoughts on what to do about it. i saw that they have already replaced me as well, and i am feeling quite worthless. i know its stupid highschool drama (we will be seniors next year) but i think the mention of my assault made it so much worse. i feel like they never really understood me. i know i can be quite literally impulsive, and maybe even annoying, or too excited, and that makes me feel like i deserved everything they said. i am having some really heavy thoughts about suicide, and this hasnt happened in a really long time.
i just dont know what to do with myself. i need some tips on what to do when youre really depressed and having these thoughts. i did not want to relapse on self harm, but i have come to it a few times already. my trichotillomania (i pull my hair out) has gotten a lot worse, but i am not cutting or burning myself. I find it harder to eat, sleep, or do anything I enjoyed. i am currently in the middle of recovering from bulimia, and with this happening, i am having thoughts that i should start again.
i know i can be stronger than this. i just need some help and tips. i am young and i want to live, i want to escape these thoughts.
thank you for reading
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2023.06.06 14:11 26boxhead26 CSU remediated with Xolair and no tomatoes? My urticaria recovery story.

I'm sharing my story on here as a prior requester of assistance in the hope it may help someone else who reads this may be able to work out their own CSU triggers. Mine is a combination of how both diet AND medication work together.
I was suffering with Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria for 4 months from late January (note I had COVID in October 2022) as it spread from being certain limbs or areas to being throughout my body. The usual suspects in terms of terminal illness, allergy blood tests and detergent/bedding/pets/cologne were ruled out Adding OTC antihistamines (Zyrtec) and prescription medication (montelukast & nizatidine) from my dermatologist did help stem the hives but they would then over power it as the days went by. I was recording my UAS7 score in a spreadsheet every day (look this up if you do not know how to do it, it is useful and in Australia a requirement for Xolair approval) and it was constantly between 32-42. I had tried the 'exercise induced gluten' hives elimination test, but there was no change.
So thus I was approved for Xolair and by the start of May I had two injections. It had helped a lot but CSU was still present and I was still stuck working from home and not going out much, and my UAS7 score being still in the 20s. Then on a good day (10 or so weals) I went to a lunch at a pizza place, ate a lot pizza with salami on it, that evening I broke out with 50 weals and felt the itch as it happened. Simultaneously a few days earlier speaking to a workshop owner I go to, he said he had CSU 25 years ago and got rid of it by 'eliminating all red foods'. Granted Xolair and a lot expertise in this area did not exist back then. Then I thought back to a time in early April before my first xolair injection when I ate a souvlaki with tomato in it and felt the same itch 30 minutes later.
My own conclusion based on a couple of events - it made me think it wasn't purely spontaneous, there was a cause - and it was high histamine food. Tomato and salami (well, processed meats) are on the high histamine list to avoid (such as citrus fruits, chocolate, chorizo, pineapple, strawberries, mayonnaise). I've searched the web for high histamine foods and made a list, simplified my diet, and had my UAS7 score drop to 0 - no weals, no itch in 7 days. The other day I had some mayo on a Korean salad and 1 hour later had a small cluster of weals on my wrists that went away in 3 hours. I expanded my UAS7 spreadsheet to start tracking what I eat, and see if any outbreaks occur. If they do, the food eaten is added to the blacklist.
As of today I've had my third Xolair injection and I'm approved for three more. After that I'll go back to my dermatologist and determine if it's still needed, preferably so if there's even a hint of CSU lingering and/or I'm still on antihistamines. I'm removing an antihistamine each time I have a 7 day clean run and will run this basic bitch diet for at least 4 months to let my body lower its histamine hissy fit before even attempting re-introduction. I am also awaiting results from a naturopathic food allergy test, but I suspect this will tell me what I already mostly know through experimentation.
The moral of the story is to compliment the medication you are given by doctors with what you eat, try removing things on your own because GPs and dermatologists will tell you that CSU from food is too rare to even contemplate. However a basic diet doesn't have to be nothing but rice and chicken, look for what is giving you triggers. Finally, Xolair is very effective but does require patience for it to kick in, and this isn't a catch all to allow you sit back and not try things in the interim.
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2023.06.06 14:11 skatooter Percussive Thumb Tapping

Hey all!
So I'm trying to learn the infamous Neon by John Mayer which has a unique percussive technique as i'm sure you all know but I am having an issue.
When I tap my thumb for the first open C note, I can get that percussive sound plus the note ringing out but when I fret a note, I cant get it to ring out when I slap my thumb. The only way I can get it to ring out is to do an almost inverted pluck where I slap my thumb and push inward and upward so that the string rings out as well as achieving the percussion part of the sound.
Although this seems to work, it puts me at a disadvantage for the next stage of the process where my thumb needs to pluck the next string after my index finger.
Would this have anything to do with my actual guitar? like the action for example? Or is it all down to technique? If so, can someone who has mastered it give me some advice on how to achieve that note ringing out please?
Thanks very much!
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2023.06.06 14:10 Adorable_Choice_8528 My Miracle. My Everything. I’m ready to tell our story…

Where do I begin….I have quite the story and this is the time I’m telling our story to anyone other than close family.
So I’ll start from the beginning but also TRY and summarize this as much as possible. I was a single mom with 2 kids and have multiple debilitating autoimmune diseases that led to me having to recently surrender my independence and move in with my mom while I go through treatment. It was really difficult for me to accept everything. Before I got sick, I had my own business and was thriving in life, then a rug got pulled from under me. I can be annoyingly positive sometimes and decided to create a subreddit called Autoimmom. It’s basically a support group for any parents who have any sort of chronic illness. When I first created it, I got a ton of messages from people telling me their story. So I’m going through messages reading and responding to each one, having some small talk then the conversations naturally fade away…except for one.
I had one message from a guy thanking me for creating Autoimmom and telling me about how he helps his mom who has autoimmune issues. Our conversation never faded away, in fact it immediately turned into talking all day every day. We discovered that we both have autistic children who are SO similar so that really bonded us. The Reddit messages turned to phone calls, which turned to FaceTime, which turned into him flying 2,000 miles across the country just to meet me. He drove to my mom’s house and walked up to the door (can you imagine how much our hearts were pounding?) I couldn’t wait and ran out to meet him and literally ran into his arms. The feeling we both got…was indescribable. He spent 4 days here and we had the best time.
Of course we continued building our relationship while trying to figure out how to merge our lives. He then came out to visit again. This time was different. We were prepared to have the same strong feelings but these feelings are almost supernatural. They have greatly affected both of and have left us completely speechless and in awe.
He just left, about an hour ago. Although my heart is already aching for him again, I have this overwhelming feeling of thankfulness, excitement and the need to do some serious research on twin flames. We both have zero doubt…we are twin flames and it’s the most intense, special and miraculous feeling. He is already booking a flight back in a few weeks.
There’s our story. We met on Reddit completely unexpectedly (neither of us were looking to date) and fell madly in love and have now come to the realization that we are twin flames and found each other in the most impossible way.
I will never not be in awe of this whole situation.
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2023.06.06 14:10 Alternative_Yak8489 GB Sir or VG Sir- For mains oriented approach

GB Sir or VG Sir- For mains oriented approach
asking for non redditor friend

proof waaste
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2023.06.06 14:10 kevinowdziej Let's go!!!!!!!!%!!

Let's go!!!!!!!!%!! submitted by kevinowdziej to NonPoliticalTwitter [link] [comments]

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Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.06 14:10 pichubyte White Spotted Gecko

last night someone came in to the store with a white spotted gecko in a PetSmart cup, wanting to return him and get something else because he was aggressive and kept biting her. We don’t sell those at my location but she said she got it from another location. my MOD and I thought that could be possible because my store is smaller and we don’t have all the animals PS sells so we go to the register, she gives us her number so we can find the receipt for the little guy and she tells me which one it is and we do an exchange after calling my SL.
Well after a closer look the UPC was actually for a fancy leopard gecko and we called the specific PetSmart she claimed she got it from and turns out they don’t sell them and never have. We even called other pet stores within an hour of us just to see and none of them have any info for us either. So no we’re stuck with a gecko we know nothing about in ISO and out the 35 for a leopard gecko.
I know a lot of the people in this subreddit have pets, and I’m hoping at least one of you has or had a white spotted gecko, any tips would be appreciated for the guy so that he can get the best care possible while he’s with us and so we can relay that info to whoever gets him next.
submitted by pichubyte to petsmart [link] [comments]