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Midwest hip hop

2016.06.11 17:06 juqjoint Midwest hip hop

New and old hip hop and rap from the Midwest US (Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin).

2023.06.09 18:50 Realistic-Okra7383 Has anyone else used a different brand knife and came back to a Victorinox?

Just wonder how many of you out there started out with a Victorinox and switched to a different pocket knife only to come back? I started with a huntsman when I was a kid it served me with out any problems. Then I seen a Spyderco knife and was like that’s looks nice and got it starting a long journey of looking for the perfect pocket knife. Needed better steels, lighter knifes, and best blade design etc. etc. Only to years later see my lonely huntsman in a drawer while visiting my mom and for some reason I grabbed it. Now almost a full year later I have a drawer full of Victorinox knives and the old huntsman is carried most of the time and switched out with a pioneer x and my keychain has a original style mini champ. I don’t miss the fancy super steels. But do occasionally miss the one hand opening.
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2023.06.09 18:46 doubleevenrobot HLHS Resources

A growing list of resources for HLHS is below. Please comment with other sites you have found useful and I will add them.

Posting this sticky/announcement every six months so it isn't an archived one and so members can add comments with new resources.

HLHS links: - A group of heart moms who reach out and support parents of the newly diagnosed. A major aspect of their mission is to send care packages to new mothers (and fathers) who are at the beginning of their journey. - CDC site - Even more resources here - Mayo Clinic HLHS Newsfeed, Support, Videos, and More - great Charity for single ventricle kids (and parent support) called 'Little hearts matter' they have lots of resources, especially for UK parents (applying for disability benefits etc) as well as good closed FB groups for parents to connect.

Http:// — close to 300 podcasts for the CHD community

Http:// — over 100 pages of CHD information including camps, hospitals, and organizations that help the CHD community — books for the CHD community by a heart mom — the largest clearinghouse of CHD books on the internet including some out-of-print and hard-to-find books - website aimed at Fonton Outcome research - the 4th annual Single Ventricle Patient Day is this November in Chicago and there is a virtual option for those who can’t attend. They also have webinars and chats for patients.
CHD links: - Best Cardiology and Heart Surgery hospitals ranked - Adult Congenital Heart Association - The Children's Heart Foundation - Mended Little Hearts - Saving Little Hearts - Congenital Heart Walks - Register for a CHD Walk - Congenital Heart Information Network -
The website has been created by PD. Dr. med. Daniel Tobler, Kardiologie, Universitätsspital Basel and the New Media Center of the University of Basel. It has been made possible by the support of the LearnTechNet, University of Basel and the DozWahl Prize of the students of medicine 2015.

Facebook groups (these are much more active than this subreddit): - Sisters Linked By Heart - Heart Moms to those affected by HLHS - Brothers Linked By Heart - Heart Dads to those affected by HLHS - A branch of Sisters Linked by Heart which advances the mission of Sisters by Heart - Hope for Children with HLHS - HLHS
Facebook pages: - HLHS Hope

Other subreddits:
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2023.06.09 18:43 Realistic_Bonus9593 I want to share my severe PPD/PPA/pp mania journey

I am 6.5 months post partum and finally emerged from darkness. I can now see how much of a mental health crisis I was in and I want others to be able to feel safe and that they are not alone. I had my second baby via IVF (same as my first) but this was much different. I had a placenta issue in early pregnancy and from that point on I thought my baby was dead or not growing, every OB appt I was surprised that the heart beat was still there.
Fast forward to post planned c-section delivery:
I didn’t feel attached at all. 6 days after delivery I couldn’t stop crying, hated my husband for no reason and drove off in my car and sat in a parking lot hysterically crying. I thought about fleeing and never coming back, how my 4 year old would be better off without me. I thought about driving my car off of a bridge. When we were driving I would imagine jumping out of the car and having a car run me over. These vivid intrusive thoughts continued throughout the next 5 weeks, progressively getting worse and worse. I probably left in my car 10 times, even packed bags thinking I just couldn’t live with my family anymore. It was so overwhelming, a feeling so intense that I felt like if I didn’t leave the house at that moment I would immediately commit suicide or explode from panic and anxiety. My intrusive thoughts were so vivid. I cycled between crippling sadness and overwhelming anxiety, angefrustration and mania. Prior to this, I would have never yelled at my 4 year old. I found myself snapping at her for no real reason. She would want to sit on my lap and the thought of her needing me made me angry. At 4 weeks postpartum I went to a Christmas party, I even threw a New Year’s party at 5 weeks postpartum. To the outside world I was a high functioning do it all mom with a newborn but I was spiraling and only holding it together for brief hours at a time. I thought I could not let a second child stop our life and our fun. I hated my husband, I thought he was being mean and verbally abusive because he would criticize my behavior. At 6 weeks I knew I needed desperate help and went to therapy. I wasn’t honest with the therapist of how severe things were bc I didn’t want to have my kids taken away (an irrational fear). She told me I didn’t need medication even though I told her my anxiety was crippling, I just detail it to her. Therapy helped snap me into a less severe form I think, and then I finally got medicated at 12 weeks and it changed my life.
Even now some days I have rough anxiety, and I love my baby but connections are not as strong with my first (because I missed the first 12 weeks of his life practically) but I am healing.
I feel like I could have slipped into psychosis so easily. I also feel like benzodiazepines should be prescribed postpartum to anyone experiencing PPA/Mania. I took vybriid and lorazepam and now I only need a low dose ssri.
We need more people to talk about their journey, we need it in the open. It happens to too many of us and moms need to know they are not alone in this struggle and fight.
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2023.06.09 18:40 ToKoTheTotem Help with "hypoallergenic" breed search

TLDR: looking for a friendly hypo active dog
will post the survey thing from 2016 at the bottom to help answer everything.
We are looking to get a doggo in the future. I have animal and dog allergies so we're looking to go with one that produces less dander and shedding.
We will be living in an apartment, for now, so we'll base it off that. The caretakers of this pup will be myself (27m) and my SO (24F) we both work full time but I work morning into days and she works late afternoons into late evening. So schedule shouldn't be a problem. But we are looking to get her on a similar schedule to mine. If that happens we are very open to the idea of taking them to a dog daycare where they can play and socialize while we are working.
We are advid hikers, backpackers, campers and mountain hiking folk. So we're looking for a fur best friend that can handle those things. It needs to be able to hike long miles at a time. (With short breaks of course) We also spend a lot of time on the water, paddle boarding and kayaking, so a dog that can do well with weather(with training) would be preferable.
Size wise, we'd like to go medium, if we have to go to something a little bigger than is okay
Grooming standards, I'm open to shaving/trimming the doggo myself as needed and washing as well.
We don't want to have our things chewed or destroyed, and will work to offset this possiblity with plenty of exercise and training but a breed who is known for chewing and destroying is not what we're looking for.
Doggo must be friendly toward strangers and shouldn't bark too much(good training is important here, I know)
Any recommendations are welcomed!
Thank you for reading and for your advice!
Introduction 1) Will this be your first dog? If not, what experience do you have owning/training dogs?
My first dog, fully training and caring for, but not my girlfriends
2) Do you have a preference for rescuing a dog vs. going through a reputable breeder?
Unfortunately probably not, past tramas can be very difficult to overcome
3) Describe your ideal dog.
Hiking, mountain climbing and camping buddy. One that also likes to snuggle, hopefully isn't to to big and is very friendly
4) What breeds or types of dogs are you interested in and why?
Hypoallergenic due to allergies, probably not a "doodle" as the mixes are hard to say on allergies but maybe a regular poodle?
5) What sorts of things would you like to train your dog to do?
Catch, chase a frisbee when commanded but not destroy my discgof discs, hiking, carrying its own (light weight) gear, socializing, maybe paddleboarding
6) Do you want to compete with your dog in a sport (e.g. agility, obedience, rally) or use your dog for a form of work (e.g. hunting, herding, livestock guarding)? If so, how much experience do you have with this work/sport?
Care Commitments
 7) How long do you want to devote to training, playing with, or otherwise interacting with your dog each day? 
several hours and as needed. With opposing schedules we can be with the dog for most of the day
8) How long can you exercise your dog each day, on average? What sorts of exercise are you planning to give your dog regularly and does that include using a dog park?
Hiking, walking ,jogging, catch, ECT Various chunks of time through out the day. But a few hours at minimum, really looking to bring the pup everywhere we go for the most part
9) How much regular brushing are you willing to do? Are you open to trimming hair, cleaning ears, or doing other grooming at home? If not, would you be willing to pay a professional to do it regularly?
As much as needed, I will trim hair, the SO is good with ears. Whatever we can't do we would pay for as kids
Personal Preferences
10) What size dog are you looking for?
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2023.06.09 18:39 happyhappy-sad-sad trying to take it seriously

hello friends,
i just want to open up a bit about my struggles, which are as well your struggles.
ive been watching porn since i was a kid, and i can say it has definitely messed up a lot of ways i see things. ive come a long way from where i was, but im still nowhere near a complete stop from adult content.
this is a desperate try to open up about these issues to someone, as this is the first time i talk about it. i genuinely want to stop, so i thought writing here is a good way to keep me motivated.
i havent done it today yet, so i think this is a good start.
that is all for me, i wish you all a wonderful day!
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2023.06.09 18:37 Scarecrowdown35 I'm afraid of transitioning because of acceptance

I have known I was a woman since I was about 13 years old. I was born male but have always felt wrong in my skin. I have no idea where to start due to living in a house with a very strict mother. Recently my father has been getting over his religious indoctrination and has been more open to things he doesn't understand but I fear telling him that I am trans would break his heart. He's my hero and I would never want to hurt him but staying this way is killing me. I guess I'm just looking for advice on how to break it to him gently. I love my father dearly and he's done so much for his kids after our mother left him. Any advice on this would be super helpful. I have told a few close friends but I'm afraid of doing it publicly. Is it best to do this slowly? (When I'm ready) or should I just rip off the bandaid and let the true me fly?
Thank you all in advance! Brynn-Lee
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2023.06.09 18:36 Complex-Bar-3679 My wife cheated on me but the situation is complex - help?

(Edit: Apologies for a pretty long post)
My wife and I just celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Because of a lot of trauma in my life, I made some very poor decisions in how I treated her after we got married. I won't go in detail but to use her own words - "you destroyed me". I was emotionally and verbally abusive, showed her no value or respect and it took a couple of years of therapy for me to unpack and deal with/process my past trauma. While I know her cheating was her decision and not my fault, I understand the emotional place she was in at the time it happened.
We've been struggling to really work on our marriage and she did not feel safe enough with me to open up about her issues and concerns. Instead, she reached out to an old friend and they developed an emotional relationship, which then became physical after they decided to open up an OF account. She said she hung out with him 8 times and had sex with him 5 of those times over a period of about 2 months before breaking it off (because she wanted to shed anything and anyone that was related to her own past trauma).
All of this started 6 months ago - I found out because I accidentally opened up her browsing history while trying to stop a video she had left playing on her laptop before stepping out. The shock I felt when I saw the OF links in the history ballooned when I saw a link for a profile that was named close enough to her nickname that I knew it had to be her account. So I signed up for OF and subscribed to her account. At first I felt mostly just hurt because she had opened the account without me (we had talked about doing this together) but then my world shattered when I found videos of her having sex with another man. Her face is not shown but I know my wife's body, I know her moans and I would recognize her voice anywhere.
I confronted her the same day and at first she was (obviously) shell-shocked that I had found the videos and then she positioned herself as being present for me as I navigate this and truly seemed to understand and own up to the fact that she fucked up. Last night though, the tone changed. I understand that she was tired and hangry after a long day at work but when I asked her if she had any videos of them on her phone, she said "no". So I asked her if I could see her phone because I needed to make sure there was nothing else for me to find. She started flubbering about for words and eventually landed on "I'm pretty sure I've deleted anything I had on my phone but I don't know for sure because I did it quickly" (she was still doing solo OF content after stopping the affair). I explained to her that this kind of response makes me feel even more like there is something that she is hiding and is incredibly hurtful to me. Her response? "I can understand how you feel but I'm not going to let you see my phone. I don't think it's productive to do so.". I responded by telling her I'm not sure I could ever trust her again if that was her stance and she said "I understand. If that's how you feel, I'll just have to take this L but I'm not going to let you see my phone".
I've struggled this past week with all of this. Part of me feels guilty for wanting to focus on my own pain and suffering when I know that she stood by a man who did not respect her for 3 years and who did not show an attitude of understanding of how she felt and instead showed great pridefulness. I feel like I don't deserve to grieve my marriage and any mention of "respect" that I bring up now is met with frustration because "how dare you talk about respect when you haven't respected our marriage?".
To make matters worse, a quick google search showed me that I'm "suffering" from "hysterical bonding", which is an emotion-focused coping strategy a person uses to deal with the pain and hurt from infidelity. I want to feel close to her, part of me even wants to be intimate with her (her body image issues and the belief that I was not attracted to her is part of the reason she sought that validation elsewhere) to 1) show her that I am attracted to her physically and 2) receive my own validation that I am enough for her and that she is more attracted to me than to the person she cheated on me with. And I bounce between being at peace with my desires and feeling dirty/having low self-respect because of them.
We're planning to start therapy next week but for the life of me, I don't know how to navigate this at the moment. It's unlike any story I've been able to find on the web (I don't think our situation is unique, I'm just not finding other people's situations articulated in the same manner).
My main issues at the moment:
For extra context, I have a child from a previous marriage (and she already struggles with going back and forth from home to home) and my wife and I have a child together as well. At times I don't know if my desire to stay with my wife is truly because I want to be with her (the pain is unbearable at times) or if it's because I'm scared of how this will affect both young kids (under 10).
I don't really know what I'm looking for here but I needed to get this off my chest while I'm figuring out personal and couple's therapy plans. I appreciate any and all comments that may come my way :) Please feel free to ask for clarifications... this was a lot to write.
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2023.06.09 18:36 daniduck32 I have no idea if I am autistic enough for a diagnosis, if I am at all.

I'm posting this as a way to gather my thoughts on this subject and also to share my experience for anyone that is going through the same feelings and to get some outside perspectives.
This will be a rather long post, so please bear with me. I don't want to miss any details about this, because I'm afraid I'm completely wrong about the one thing that contextualizes my life and possibly pretending to act autistic and feeding into a delusion.
Some background on me: I'm 22 years old and for like 18-19 of those I didn't even know what Autism was, thought it was just a mean thing people said to each other, and for the rest of my years until 3 months ago, due to media, I thought it was just some genetic thing and had a negative idea of how people with Autism behaved and looked like, let's just leave it at that.
As a kid I was extremely quiet and shy, not really talking with anyone that wasn't family unless prodded a lot to do so, and even then I didn't really talk much. I got into a lot of problems because people thought I lacked good manners by not greeting people or something. I had friends I'd play with as a kid but to be honest I never understood how they became friends, one day we weren't, the next we were, it just happened, same thing still happens today. Outside of this I was basically that weird quiet kid in class that didn't really speak unless spoken to.
My family didn't have lot of money so I never went to kindergarten or anything like that. My family always commented on how they've never saw a kid so quiet and that I'll just "grow out of it", so I never went through any medical assessment or anything like that. I only had to do speech therapy when I was 6 because I had problems pronouncing words with "r" in it.
Anyway, this whole journey started with a neuropsychological evaluation I did by recommendation of my university therapist. My therapist did float around the idea of ASD, specifically Asperger's, once or twice but for some reason I never really researched the subject, even though I research basically anything she talks about, which she has noticed I do that. Anyways, I went through the evaluation and all that came up was problems in terms of executive functions, working memory and anxiety.
Towards the ending of receiving the report, my evaluator said if I had any questions or there was anything to correct, I could call them. I did that the next day saying I had extra things that might be useful in the evaluation and if we could do a Zoom call. I got the answer that they would call me later. So I waited, and waited, with no call or a reply from my evaluator. The next day I send a message asking when would be a good time to talk and I got left on Seen. This obviously pissed me off, I have no idea if I did anything wrong and if this was a case of the person saying "If you need anything you can call me" but there's some social cue I don't know about and you're not really supposed to take them up on it or something else.
Then some time at the beginning of February I got upset at the what happened at the end of the evaluation yet again and for some reason I ended up searching about ASD. After that I did basically every online test I could find, and I do know they are not the most accurate, and pretty much every single one put me over the threshold for autism, even if only slightly.
For a couple of years now I've researched multiple disorders(Social Anxiety, Depression, Selective Mutism) but while I did fit them somewhat on some symptoms, it never fit completely, so it didn't really click with me. ASD however was completely different, right from the start as I was learning about it, it clicked with me and just like that I was researching everything about it, looking at books, searching for posts online and finding videos from autistic people. Even now, I have had like 60 tabs open on my browser and a couple of books about ASD stuff that I still need to look at.
Now I'm going to list autistic symptoms, some of which I fit, some I don't, and some I fit but I feel not to the degree of other autistic people that I have read about. I don't know if that might be because of my lifestyle that maybe lets me cope better until my daily life gets more stressful, or if I'm imagining things. I suppose I'll be able to test this hypothesis once my college internship starts, which I'm absolutely dreading.
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2023.06.09 18:32 Yeured [Sega Genesis] [90s] Text story horror game with thriller background music

Platform(s): Sega Genesis/Mega Drive
Genre: Horror, thriller
Estimated year of release: 90s
Graphics/art style: 2D, dark pixelated scenes, scenes with text
Notable characters: Not sure if there was a main playable character
Notable gameplay mechanics: unknown
Playtime: unknown
Hey. For those of you who read the above information and realized that there is almost no information above haha that's because I was a kid when I played it and it was extremely scary for my young mind.
So I have very few memories of it.I don't even know if I can call it a game, because it wasn't a playable character, but since it was included in the Sega Genesis, I'm calling it a game.I remember that the game consisted of cutscenes with text underneath them, took a while to apparently read the story, and then moved on to the next.
One of the scenes was in a child's room, dark, showing the child's bed empty. I remember thinking, from the context, that the story involved a child who has been kidnapped or is being persecuted, which didn't help me feel any better. But I'm not sure if I just misunderstood.
As I was a kid and didn't speak English I can't help with the story itself but it was definitely horror, the scenes were dark and the background music was very dark. I still remember today the fear I felt just opening it. It was almost a forbidden area, a dark web of that video game for us. Out of curiosity we tried to watch it again a few times but it didn't last long and soon we stopped playing.
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2023.06.09 18:30 Negative_Branch_6520 How did you got hooked on Afk?

As a musician myself and i used to watch tons of music stuffs on youtube. . And I believe it was around early 2020 , whenever i click something 8/10 there was this cheesy pop up ads on the screen before i can play the video which was so annoying trust me😅If i remember correctly most of these ads always featured Isabella 😄 looked nothing like the game which (in a good way) i wish i knew before. I constantly ignored/skipped these ads for almost year and finally thought okay, maybe if i download game in my device hopefully these ads will stop popping. So i got the game on my phone all ready to be played. I start the game out of curiosity. I see this beautiful artworks in the opening story i was really surprised. Well made script with a nice narrative i would say. Since i was very new to this sort of game i was completely unaware about its mechanics and playstyle . All the kids my my block was crazy about clash of clan at the time(which no offense i never found interesting at all) . So, there was noone i could share the topics but Slowly i got the hang of it and i really wanted to make my characters stronger and even more. The fact that you get something without even actually playing the game was more than enough to convince me haha. I am not a game person but still this game I don’t think i will let go of anytime soon.
So tell me your story. How you got into Afk. I am so exited to hear it 😁
Note: english is not my first language so don’t judge me. This took me sometime to make it understandable at least. Thankyou
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2023.06.09 18:30 stacyplaysacnh I need advice i'm (44 f) And my husband (45 m). Keep accusing me of cheating.

I want to lay out everything here and see if anybody could give me some advice or maybe just want to do now. So about 3 weeks ago I lost my job. I have been working full time during the day all day long and then picking my husband up for work and when you come home together.
Well before that let's go back we've been married for 12 years. We've raised 2 kids together. One His and one is mine. they moved out and gone on with their lives. Never had these kind of arguments for fights we've always gotten along just great. About 6 months ago I confided in him that was feeling suicidal and I was unhappy and that I needed to be closer with him and I. Needed things to be better. I was on zoloft It's the highest dose for twenty years and it kind of made me not care about anything kind of made me unemotional and kind of dead. I didn't care about sex or anything like that and I had a lot of issues from my ex and the way you used to treat me and talk to. Me about my body and my personality and everything else. He was very open to. It and became really close I haven't stopped taking zoloft and i'm off of it now.
We moved into a new place a beautiful penthouse apartment something we both wanted so badly. We were here for about three weeks and I lost my job. Super upset about it really upset kind of puppy back down to depression. So it was the first time the next day that I was home alone in the apartment that we just moved into. And then the next day came and I really did not feel good so I kind of laid around and felt bad that I wasn't looking for a job. But I did not feel good. I had really Bad stomach cramps and I pretty much remember laying in bed and falling asleep and watching videos and just really being in pain. I remember I was kind of nervous because I didn't want him to find out sleeping all day not looking for a job I feel bad. Well he called and I picked him up from work and we came home and everything was fine.
Until he comes up to me and called me a name and said that I was a cheating b**** and all the other stuff and how could I do this... That was like what. Then he tells me that he put two phones in the house and he Put one on video. And one on audio. And he recorded me home for the day. Does he knew something was going on he had a Gut feeling. .Well I'm p***** but I'm also got an attitude. I'm like yeah f*** y** you got a recording f*** y. I didn't do anything let's listen to it. Let's put it in the car let's blow it up. We can't listen to this s* right?
OK we'll too much surprise in f****** embarrassment. I mean why not share with the whole world now. Apparently I was moaning while I was saying you're the bad stomach ache. I had a really bad stomach ache. I remember laying in the fetal position kind of rocking back and forth in the bed lake almost kinda crying because it was so bad. So apparently the video i'm moaning and like oh my god oh my god oh my god and moaning okay. I'm watching YouTube videos and I'm also watching TV or whatever it's on and a couple of times. I fall asleep and I guess one of iam sleep beyond moaning louder. So this audio has been listened to f****** a million times now. I'm over it I hate it. I don't know why I was moaning my sleep. Or why I was moaning when I was home alone. I'm pretty sure we all do things when we're home alone. And we think we're safe that we don't worry better even notice. So I've had to micro analyze every single noise. I made or every single move I made or everything on noise. Background noise tv noise outside noise everything. I've asked you to hear that guy's voice. No I don't hear a guy's voice. Yes you do. No I don't. Here's a guy saying let's do this. Here's me saying something that i'm coming. I haven't heard these things or maybe I haven't heard the tape all the way through but I know d*** well I didn't say any of that. Because I was laying in bed by myself in my apartment by myself with my cats. With a stomach ache.
So this has been going on for twenty days now. During the day it's sorry sorry sorry I don't know what's wrong with me. I don't know why i'm doing this to you he told to me. Then there's always sex and getting along. Then somewhere in the night thinks switch hand is back. To just tell me you cheated on me why did you just me why did you do this? Did you hear the audio why were you moaning. I just don't know what to do I don't. As my husband I love him to death but he's gonna love me to death if he keeps us up. Every day says he believes me and he's going to stop it he's going to lead the audio. Everyday the audio comes back he doesn't believe me and we startled over again. Now he calls me today from work and tells me. It's not fair to him this is not fair to him.
I mean you broke my trust you recorded me which is f***** u. And now i'm supposed to feel bad because I moaned and didn't noises or something at my own house when I shouldn't have been recorded. So now I don't know what to do what do I do. Any advice. I don't have a job right now and i'm finding it very hard to find one because this emotional s** every f****** day. So i'm so far behind on bills and rent that it's something doesn't have any real suit where to be a homeless. We just got this wonderful apartment a couple weeks ago. And I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.09 18:25 Dilemaradio BJ The Chicago Kid - Liquor Store In The Sky ft. Freddie Gibbs (2023)

BJ The Chicago Kid - Liquor Store In The Sky ft. Freddie Gibbs (2023) submitted by Dilemaradio to hiphoptoday [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 18:25 Dilemaradio BJ The Chicago Kid - Liquor Store In The Sky ft. Freddie Gibbs (2023)

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2023.06.09 18:24 Dilemaradio BJ The Chicago Kid - Liquor Store In The Sky ft. Freddie Gibbs (2023)

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2023.06.09 18:24 lizo89 I could use some help on my kids Mew deck list and maybe any tips on how best to play it. DTE or fusion or some other list?

I’ve been scouring limitless and YouTube to find various decklists and now I can’t settle on which to use. The kid is 10 yrs old and is fairly good with strategy and tournament rules thanks to 5yrs of competitive chess play. He’s done two small card shop tournaments with a gardevoir v Union deck and his experience with mew has just been with the battle league deck version so far. I’m seeing lots of talk about the fusion build doing well in the most recent tournaments whereas just a while ago it seemed the DTE build was favored.
The decks I’ve seen the kid go up against at the card shop so far: Umbreon ArcDura, Miriadon Regeliki, Darkrai Vstar Galarian Moltres and a Lugia archeops.
 mew deck option 1 
Fusion mew Hartford regional 1st place by Rowan stavenow: 4 genesect v FST. 3 mew v. 3 mew vmax FST. 1 meleotta FST. 1 deoxys FST. 2 Elisa’s sparkle 2 boss’s order. 1 Roxanne. 1 penny. 4 ultra ball. 4 power tablet 4 battle vip. 4 cram o matic 4 trekking shoes. 2 lost vacuum 2 nest ball. 2 escape rope. 1 pal pad. 1 switch. 1 hisuian heavy ball. 3 forest seal stone (still need a 3rd!). 1 choice belt. 1 path to the peak. 1 crystal cave. 4 fusion strike energy. 3 double turbo energy.
 Option 2 DTE: 
4 mew v. 3 mew vmax. 4 genesect. 1 pidgeot v. 1 dreepy. 2 switch 3 judge. 4 cramomatic. 4 ultra ball. 4 power tablet. 4 battle vip. 2 forest seal stone. 1 feather ball. 1 Roxanne. 1 pal pad. 1 escape rope. 2 lost vacuum. 3 path to peak. 1 lost city. 2 nest ball. 2 choice belt. 3 boss’s orders. 1 hisuian heavy ball 1 penny. 4 double turbo energy
 Option 3 DTE with oricorio: 
4 mew. 3 mew vmax. 4 genesect. 1 oricorio. 3 judge. 3 lost vac. 3 path peak. 2 boss order. 1 Roxanne. 1 arven. 4 battle vip pass. 4 ultra bal. 4 power tablet. 4 cram o matic. 4 cross switcher. 2 best ball. 1 feather bal. 1 echoing horn. 2 choice belt. 2 switch. 2 forest seal stone. 1 collapsed stadium. 4 double turbo energy.
I’m also open to any other deck list suggestions altogether. If there’s an easier to learn and execute version or deck. Maybe one that’s better suited in the matchups he’s expecting.
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2023.06.09 18:23 Pentax-MX 160 Days Free. My Testimony.

I was in conversation with another member today. We were sharing nofap experiences and I didn't even realise when I got carried away and just wrote up an entire testimony. Thought it might be good encouragement for the sub. Feel free to read if you want, here's what I wrote:
Wow, you know, it's so strange hearing other people's testimonies in this matter. Everybody's journey through this issue is similar but different in key areas and fuelled by different insecurities and shortcomings. For example, what you said about you conflating your penis size with true masculinity is something I can never relate to but that's because my journey through this addiction was different to yours. Hippie christians like to say that there are many ways to God but I only find the opposite to be true. Many ways to Satan and the destruction that lays in wait for the unwary. Many ways but one destination.
My journey with PMO was different. When I was about 8 my family emigrated to the UK and I started attending primary school in London. Looking back, this was a stressful time in my life. I was barely fitting in my school back in my home country because of the restrictive bringing up that I received from my dad. Relating to peers was always difficult for me because I didn't watch/play the same movies/games as everybody else, we had no TV at home, I had no interest in sport, etc... Transferring schools to a foreign country had it's toll. I was faced with a whole new culture. Kids interacted differently here, they were louder, bolder, more disrespectful towards teachers, wasted food, etc... I was struggling to process all these differences. Around this time I had first come into contact with the concept of masturbation via seeing peers that would fondle their privates in class. I didn't really understand what they were doing at the time but I was also experiencing first pangs of sexual curiosity. I was always really easily infatuated with girls since I was little but I felt a stronger drive towards older girls and the teachers. My fantasies would usually explore the impossible, somehow it never occurred to me at the time that this may be dangerous, I always had a rich imagination.
Later I experienced another cultural shock when my family moved city and I went to high school without my friends from primary. This city had a very different demographic and as a result so did the schools. While all schools in greater London are ethnically mixed, this area of London was very Somali Muslim dominated. The school culture was far more aggressive but perhaps that's just down to it being high school. There were fights, smokers, phones (blackberries were the hot thing at the time), gangster rap, swearing, etc... Some kids get exposed to these things earlier on but my primary school left me very sheltered. This time I was really lost at sea with no compass. Finding common ground was really difficult and I wasn't one for seclusion because I was always really social and outgoing. In school, most kids arrange themselves into groups according to their interests and qualities. The footballers form one group, the fly boys and rebels form another, there are also the half cool half nerdy types that ace all the tests without studying. Lastly, if you don't make it into any of these three, you usually wind up with the cast outs. The emo kids, the gay/trans wierdo types. At least in the 2010's this last group was really fringe and didn't have much of a voice, now it's all different...
I was lucky to land into the 3rd group. Finally making some friends and not feeling so alone, I was making myself a place in school. We usually hung out in the library, playing yugioh cards and looking through manga and comic books to find dirty pictures... I must have been 12 around this time. YouTube was still new and it was a wild west. My first exposure to soft porn was though YouTube during my first years of having my own room and PC. Looking back, this was a mistake but I was the oldest child and my parents didn't know any better. The internet opened my world to new things that I never heard of, and new grounds for relating to my peers. I was getting into rap music (behind my dad's back of course) and sharing albums with my cool nerd buddies. Next was anime and all the perversion that goes along with that. I was really lost. This pattern of masturbating to fantasies about teachers had really amplified by this time. I never really stopped to question why that was until today. I suspect that I was acting out a subconscious contempt for my mother. During my childhood, my mother and father were always at odds with each other as to how I should be brought up. My dad was always on the side of growth and discipline, my mother was always pulling the other way. She was always my enabler, the one who covered up my misdeeds keeping me from responsibility, the one who would listen and find understanding for any choice that I made. She meant well and I was always very open with her growing up but I think deep down inside, I resented her for it. Because I knew I was walking the easy way and she was making it possible. I was missing out on a healthy relationship with my father because it put expectations on me.
Finally, I went to college. Another move, this time to a completely different part of the country. By this time, rap and hip hop culture was deeply ingrained in my mind. I had a juvenile record for vandalism and cannabis smoking behind my belt. Moving out of the city had me feeling lost and looking for a way out. I was being sucked in by evil forces into further drug experimentation, my curiosity was fixed on the psychedelic mushrooms that grow in abundance in the region to which we moved. I fell for the lie that there is freedom and enlightenment at the end of that road. My mind was constantly revolving around drugs, rap, anime and other worthless things. College had me depressed. I was failing my courses even though I was an A predicted student. I was being bombarded by rad fem, neo-marxist dogma in my humanities class and I was sick of it. I couldn't articulate my disgust at the time but I just knew I had enough of this place. At this time my porn addiction was spinning out of control. I was compulsively consuming anal porn involving middle aged actresses. I was venturing into extreme hentai and even bestiality at the worst of times.
Something was brewing. I was conflicted because at the same time I was becoming exposed to the conservative revolution that seemed to be taking place in 2017-2018. There was a wave of change going through the internet. Everybody felt it. People like Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro and others were becoming prominent voices and they were telling me something compelling. That the thing I'm lacking in my life is responsibility and that I need to get my act together. I was also learning to articulate my distaste for the education system that I felt but didn't understand at the time. They gave me the words that I needed.
To cut the story short, I failed college and went to work. Got my first job in the fall of 2018 in a food factory via agency, going back and forth on random shifts with a Greek guy that they paired me up with for transport. Over the next 4 years I got to work many different kinds of blue collar jobs ranging from food to a car panel welding plant and a forklift/warehouse/deliveries in out/phone job. I learned that the world outside isn't as dull a place as they make you believe in school. I met many interesting people, middle aged guys with their heads screwed on as opposed to being surrounded by a bunch of angsty teenagers who don't know jack shit about life. Don't get me wrong, my life was still a mess. I got into smoking, my porn use was degenerating and I was still childishly ungrateful for my lot in life but I was learning to take responsibility for my actions. I was getting pay checks every month, contributing my bit to the house budget, saving the rest on the side. I finally felt like I was hauling my ass. I finally felt like some vague fog of a life plan was emerging out of the chaos.
In the last 2 years I decided to give my life to Christ. I was always brought up in the spirit of Christian values but I only ever rejected it up until now. I realised that God has a life for me if I trust in him. That I'm conflicted and that the time has come to stop teetering on the fence. I dedicated 2022 to self improvement, reading books, developing a relationship with my dad and brother, repairing the damaged one with my mother, swimming, playing an instrument, programming and also nofap. My first year of was a mixed success, it was a good learning experience a good foundation for 2023 when I finally managed to take off for good. I am currently 160 days into my streak (monkmode) and not looking back at all. Jesus Christ saved my life, literally from the despair and chaos that defined it up until this point. I finally realised that I have a purpose, that my life actually matters and that I can dedicate it to service and living a Godly life aimed at the good.
This has gotten awfully long hasn't it? It was meant to be a brief outline of my nofap journey but I guess it just wasn't that simple, turned into a full blown testimony. Anyway, this was more or less how I went through the motions.
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2023.06.09 18:21 Patient-Direction-28 Worth using payroll service for LLC?

Hey everyone, I tried to search for this question and couldn't find exactly what I was looking for, so I hope it's ok to ask.
My wife and I both have full time W2 jobs, but our careers also allow us to do a lot of independent contractor work on the side (she works with kids with special needs, I'm a physical therapist) and in the past we have just been given 1099 wages and have to pay all the taxes at the end of the year. This year, I expect to make $10-20k from these side jobs, and I want to take advantage of this amount of money coming in. My specific thought is to open a business banking account with a welcome bonus (which nearly always requires direct deposit) and use a service like ADP to pay myself a direct deposit into that account so I can get the welcome bonus. This also would simplify my taxes, since I could have ADP take them out of every paycheck, and I can very easily keep track of everything separately from our main jobs. I started an LLC in December, but so far haven't done anything with it because we haven't made any 1099 money yet, which will start in July.
Does this plan make sense? ADP seems to have an inexpensive service for only 1-2 employees of an LLC and the welcome bonus would more than pay for itself for a long time. I also just like the idea of getting all taxes taken out in advance, so I don't have to pay any quarterly taxes or worry about setting money aside for the tax bill at the end of the year. Any insight here would be greatly appreciate, thank you!
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2023.06.09 18:20 kingsoflove Why didn’t Teuchi just adopt Naruto ?

This is both a silly lil headcanon post / discussion post, so let’s keep this light hearted as much as we can!
So we know Naruto’s backstory right, kid is outcasted by the village since he was a literal baby and was shown hostility by them all his life. The only person who was never really hostile towards him was Teuchi, the famous “ramen guy” who owns the famous Ichiraku Ramen. We see in the anime that Teuchi even welcomed Naruto with open arms to eat at his place when Naruto didn’t have much money to buy food. So all things considered we can at the very least assume Teuchi is aware of Naruto’s status as an orphan + social outcast.
So why didn’t Teuchi just adopt him ? And he has a daughter too, Ayame ! She could’ve been like a cool big sister to Naruto, I feel like.
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2023.06.09 18:19 GrimWonderings Watching history repeat itself.

My business has a big wig contractor visiting with his wife and daughter. He totes his daughter around wherever he goes and doesn't allow her to talk to anyone. I think he finds her annoying and doesn't want her to annoy anyone else. This kid smiles and waves to everyone who walks by. It's pretty clear she's starved for attention. One of my coworkers got to talking to the daughter one day and got her to open up a little. I overheard when she told my coworker that she was being homeschooled and I froze. My coworker told her how lucky she was and praised her parents for being so smart... Blah blah blah. It gave me instant flashbacks. I feel so awful for this kid. It takes everything I have to polite her dad now. I hate that there is nothing I can do or say to help this poor kid. I just feel so helpless watching this lonely kid being actively isolated. On top of that now some my coworkers are talking about how they've been thinking about homeschooling their kids too. No one wants to hear what I have to say on the matter. They think they've got it all figured out and they have all the answers. Trying to talk to these people is emotionally draining...
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2023.06.09 18:19 stizo123 My SA experience at 8.5 weeks (positive!)

I am now 24hrs after my SA and wanted to share my positive experience!
Found out I was pregnant at 4 weeks. I thought I might have been pregnant sooner, but I wanted to wait to see if my period came. I was having some pretty annoying symptoms, the nausea, fatigue, brain fog, and bloating was real. The day I found out I was pregnant I called my local woman’s health clinic (located at the hospital in Canada) and scheduled a MA.
I was scheduled to have an ultrasound on the next business day and have the MA the following week.
I went for my ultrasound and they determined that the fetus was too small for extraction and scheduled another ultrasound for 2 and a half weeks later.
During this time I read a lot of the experiences on this subreddit (THANK YOU!) and changed my mind that I wanted an SA. I called the clinic and they were very open and very understanding to me switching procedures.
My next ultrasound was good, and I had blood work done on the same day, and my SA was scheduled for 2 days later. The day before the procedure I had an appointment with the gynaecologist and she went over the procedure with me and recommended different forms of birth control. She was so nice and non judgemental about it all. I did a lot of research that day and decided to get an hormonal IUD placed at the time of SA.
On the morning of my SA I had to go to the hospital general surgery department where I got my iv catheter placed, received some antibiotics and the misoprostol (dilates the cervix). The procedure was done in an operating room so I had a surgical gown on, and the nurses covered me in warm blankets. The anesthesiologist talked to me before the surgery and told me how things were going to go down once I entered the OR. I was being fully anesthetized with propofol and fentanyl and intubated with medical gas for the procedure and wouldn’t feel a thing. The gynaecologist also came to talk to me before the procedure to check in on me. I was a little nervous but everyone was so nice.
The misoprostol gave me mild cramps, but nothing worse than a normal period. The procedure was super quick, I was sedated and anesthetized and woke up 35 mins later in the recovery room. I woke up covered in warm blankets and given ginger ale. I was crying which they said was normal, but it was definitely happy tears. I thanked everyone 100x and besides mild cramping, I felt pretty good.
I left the hospital 30 minutes after waking up. In the following 24hrs, I have had mild bleeding and plenty of cramping, but nothing intolerable. I have been taking naproxen and Tylenol religiously and using a heating pad which has helped a lot. The nausea, brain fog, and fatigue are totally gone!
I’m not sure if I have any cramping from the IUD placement or if it’s all from the SA, but I highly recommend getting both done at the same time if that’s something you are interested in. I go back to have the iud placement confirmed in 6 weeks.
The only guilt I feel associated with this procedure is using up medical resources, but my gynaecologist affirmed that I had every right to be there, and that my form of birth control (monitoring my cycle) worked for me for over 9years and works well for many women. I still wanted to have the IUD placed to avoid this again, even though I do plan on having kids a few years down the road.
Thanks so much to community for sharing your stories and experiences! They really helped me understand what to expect and made me feel not-so-alone in this whole process.
Reach out if you have any questions, I’m happy to give back!
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2023.06.09 18:17 DirtyMindedTMDY HL husband and wife, mostly masturbate solo

Wife and I have been together for 8 years. As with most relationships, our sex life began incredible and has ebbed and flowed since having children. For the last 3 years we may have sex 2-3 times a month, I would masturbate 1-2 times in between, and she has always been open that she enjoys her clit vibrator occastionally.
Over the last two months, life has stabilized and (M)y libido has drastically increased. Honestly, I had a self fueled epiphany and reinvested more completely into our relationship and family. With this, I have felt a surge of intense desire for both sex and intimacy.
My new focus for helping my wife and kids, doing thoughtful things, etc, was quite well recieved though it did take a few discussions and a week or two of consistency for her to trust. My new libido was strange for her, and resulted in rejection more often than not.
I made the error of noticing she used her vibrator the same night as she had turned me down, creating some insecurity for me. I fell into a week or two of monitoring her vibrator usage and I came to realize she uses her vibratory very frequently(5-10 times a week). I celebrated her sexuality, but felt left out and a little jealous. I had an open discussion about my new desire for both sex AND intimacy, and my desire to be a part of her needs. It felt like a good conversation and sex/intimacy improved some, and I stopped monitoring her vibrator usage without her knowing I had.
She made a suggestion earlier in the week that we should hold out on orgasming(both sex and masturbation) for a few days, since it makes her more horny and for better sex. I was quite excited and agreed. Unfortunately I noted that she did use her vibrator last night anyway and I am quite worried she may lie to me about it if we mention it tonight.
How do I handle this? I dont want to prompt her to lie to protect my feelings and want to avoid it. I also do not want her to feel spied on either. I am disappointed she didn't hold up her side of the agreement.
Any suggestions appreciated.
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2023.06.09 18:17 TreeFiddy_1 The Grand Silver Balls

At a very young age I began experimenting w/ paint and makeup. Tried a variety of things like the US jungle war paint camouflage and what I know now to be black face... but at the time I was trying to look like a raisin.
It wasn’t until I saw my balls hanging their, the bathroom window open wide letting in the blazing summer heat, did I get the idea to dip them in paint. They were truly descended so I got a real good dip. I decided amongst all my various colors that I would chrome these puppies. And so I did. I chromed my balls. And that would be a biweekly practice for a long time. I recall the first hiccup in my day to day when I went for a checkup. The color was part of me, I didn’t think it about really. That is right up until the moment my doctor asked me to drop my drawers. He saw the fear in my eyes. Patted me on the back and said son I've seen everything, every STD there is. Don’t be ashamed. And so we proceeded in this cat and mouse game. And so he uncovered my grand silver balls.
The intense high fluorescent lights made my balls shine. Shine so bright my Doc what temporarily blinded. But as he readjusted his vision I could see his eyes were now seeing them in their true form. My stomach had one thousand retarded butterflies abuzz, my teeth grit. He didn’t say a word which made it worse. He then backed up and proceeded to loosen his belt. What I saw next was extremely affirming and validating. He drew out his balls but they were not chrome but bronze!
"Pretty cool right? Yeah, at your age I was rocking silver but I've been brown maxing ever since my mid life crisis when I got on TRT."
To be frank, I was Jealous. And as i ruminated on that very feeling a nurse busted through the door without knocking, throwing protocol to the wind. She stood mouth agape, frozen in her stance as she was in the presence of two males with shining Jewels. I was extremely embarrassed I women was seeing my balls. The fact she was hot made it all worse. But without a word she whipped out her own balls... fucking Emerald green. Wtf. Getting shown up twice in one day? Does a 13 y/o need this competition, a 13 y/o with chromed out balls is lacking the confidence. I could see the Dr. pissed as hers outshined his Jewish balls by miles.
I stood and took a grab of her sack, I expected it too come off, I thought they were like clip on earrings or something. I was ignorant back then, I didn’t know women could have testicles. I mean the first 10 years of my life I assumed women had balls but my world view was rocked upon learning we got different stuff. So I was extremely confused when she had them when I was told that was 100& not the case. Why did mommy lie? Anyway, my tug on her emeralds didn’t go as planned. She unleashed a low howl of pain like you'd hear from a rhino getting shot with a 10 gauge shotgun.

My hands were frozen there. Up until I felt the doctors hand rap around mine,
"Pull Boy, pull'
And so i did. We did. We began to synchronize by orating "heave' and "ho." A good few heaves and hoes latter they came off.
She laughed about it with us as we looked inside the sack. A bunch of sperms crawled out except they were far from microscopic, each the size of a small dog. And all with 4 feet. We began to play with them. They were feisty and acted like a dog who hadn’t been played with for years. But than a black guy came in and started stomping on all are cool little creatures and I screamed.
"You wanna outbreak or something? Those mofos multiply and they only get bigga my *igga."
I sighed a sigh which sounded like a sigh you would sigh when put at great ease.
Nurse began to scream as shock wore off and pain set in. And than she was pissed as she realized she'd have to get those balls put back again or her girlfriend would bitch. I assumed she could just grow them back. I said that and it was as if a lightbulb went off above her head.
"Ya'know, I've never tried that. I could demand my Ovaries to descend. Her face squinted up as she pushed real hard, she had that focused look one has when trying to shit a really big shit. It didn’t work. She than manually went to work... put her gloved hand elbow deep and grabbed them and brought them right out... they were rainbow colored. The coolest of cool. All 3 of us fell before her presence as she had the grandest balls. She demanded we donate our balls to those young kids in need and so we did. It was only fair. Why do you deserve your balls more than some other kid suffering? Seriously. And you also get plus sides! Less likely to cat call, more likely to do what you are told. This is how society could function flawlessly.
Oh, "we need balls to continue the human race?" Is that so? Wrong bigot. Women can use their bone marrow cells to get themselves pregnant all by themselves (even though a male scientist figured out how to do this, a cis-het white male too boot... but we know his gf was his muse so actually the Nobel Prize went to her. Same prize Obama got before he did what the prize was awarding.
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