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2023.06.05 15:51 Aroula9 Nmom taking me to court for grandparents’ rights with my son

This is going to be a long post. Please bear with me… I really do need to hear your advice, people’s stories who went through it and I just really need to vent as well.
For context, we are located in Canada, where the law is : Personal relations between the child and his grandparents may be maintained or developed to the extent that it is in the child’s interest.
This has been my #1 fear ever since I got pregnant. I’ve seen it coming without being able to do anything to stop it. I have been NC with her officially for 3 years, but grey rocking and limiting contact and information for 5. This means I have been NC long before even getting pregnant. She hasn’t seen me pregnant; she has never met my child. These have been the happiest years of my life. I got married to a wonderful man, I learnt how to build authentic and meaningful relationships in therapy, I got to know myself outside her control, I went back to school to pursue my childhood dream of being a paramedic. A career she refused I pursue when I got out of high school. And… I had a wonderful baby boy who is now 16 months old.
Years ago, I changed my phone number, I moved and did everything to keep my new address a secret. She called, again and again, my husband, my dad, my brothers, our family friends, etc. She hired a private investigator to find me. She sent letters and gifts for my son, she showed up and stalked our house for days. She even spotted us having a family stroll and followed us in her car to try and force us to talk to her. She resumed calling me and leaving messages. She threatened to come back to my house to assert her “right” to see my son. Which is quite scary because I do believe she feels entitled enough to just take him if she has the opportunity.
On a more positive note, we did file a harassment complaint with the police. After a year or so of calling them every single time she tried to contact us, they finally sent the file to the procurer for prosecution on criminal harassment charges. We’ve got that going for us. But we haven't heard from the procurer yet.
None of it deterred her from getting a lawyer and taking us to family court for visitation rights with my son. I think I might actually lose my mind. As a parent, it’s hard to explain the level of rage I feel knowing that someone is coming to hurt/use/manipulate/discard my child. This innocent little man with the greatest laugh on Earth cannot be hurt by this miserable woman. I don’t know how to cope with the fact that the law isn’t on my side and that she might get want she wants. We are also looking at 20k in lawyers’ fees to defend ourselves… She had to nerve to tell us “you should call me to arrange a visit, otherwise I will have to take you to court and it’s going to cost you a lot”. Does she think my son’s wellbeing is for sale?! WTF.
I have to prove that contact isn’t in the best interest of my son, and I know all too well that the court system doesn’t recognize the emotional, verbal, psychological and financial abuse that comes with having any kind of relationship with a narcissist. Especially one that birthed you.
So, the advice part of this post:
- How do you find a lawyer that understands narcissism?
- How do you frame narcissistic abuse for the Court to understand it?
- If you went through this, please I want to hear your story and recommendations.
I will update this post every step of the way. Hopefully, when this is all over, it will be a story of hope.
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2023.06.05 15:51 CoverPrevious3836 You Can secretly access your partner's Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, TikTok, Gmail, Email, Telegram, and Icloud accounts without traces or notifications

You're in luck because there are numerous methods available if you want to learn how to catch a cheating spouse. Catching a cheating partner can be accomplished in a number of methods, including hiring a private investigator to go through their social media accounts, placing a recording device or GSP tracker on their gadget, or paying a private investigator to look through their phone. [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) can give you access to your spouse's phone, record and track their location, and analyze their social media accounts all at once. This saves you money because you can access all the information from a single location using a web-based dashboard rather than spending money on an expensive recording device or GSP tracker. Contact her on [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.06.05 15:50 peachyteabubble A gym app changed its payment settings to somehow add my new debit card and charged it

So as title says, i lost my debit card a while ago and in between getting the new one and activating it, took about 2 weeks. I am in the US and the debit card is a master card.
I have a few apps that included the saved information of my old debit card. Like food apps, library, and the gym. So far I haven’t updated the new payment info on any of my apps. I know this for a fact because I haven’t had the need to use it. I thought obviously since i didn’t input my new debit card numbers/details then the auto payment will just be halted.
Somehow today I was charged by my gym even though I never gave them my new card number. I woke up with an alert on my phone and I’m thinking oh no.. my debit card can’t be compromised again. So i called them and also remembered to check all my apps again.
Surprisingly so my gym info account has my new debit card automatically inputted into it’s system in order to charge me monthly fees. Why and how was this done? I know gyms are a scam sometimes in a sense they won’t let you cancel unless you go in person, put it in writing, talk to the manager, etc… but I didn’t think they’d go to this extent. This feels like a violation and breach of security. How did my gym app know my new debit card number + security code and then automatically charged me?
What can i do.. as my bank says the amount was already taken out. Can i also potentially sue them for this?
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2023.06.05 15:48 Definite_No Prospective FBI Applicant

Newbie here, good morning.
I'm concluding my third year as Investment Banking Analyst at JP Morgan on Wall Street, making $240k in salary, and working cut-throat 85+ hour weeks. I've been considering a pivot to FBI (or CIA) as an exit opportunity, but salary/grade is a serious concern of mine. In the corporate world, 3 years of fully registered & licenced bulge bracket IB experience jumps you ahead to 6 YOE for industry roles. When FBI says, "salary is commensurate to experience and location," will they be factoring this in, or at least my current salary? Thanks!
Additionally, would FBI appreciate audacious determination in my resume blurb, or is this too much?
"In my current role, I regularly employ a number of expert skills I believe will be invaluable for FBI Special Agent duty. Equipped with a single i7 processor, I regularly create Excel workbooks comprising 100+ tabs, each spreadsheet containing sophisticated formulas and immaculate formatting, while avoiding use of computer mouse (only keys), all in less than a workday's time. I also have extensive technical experience manipulating numbers in manners qualified financial examiners continuously fail to penetrate. My writing skills are sublime, I type at 175 Wpm, I'm a PowerPoint monkey, and I've spoken publicly in front of numerous corporate executives and billionaire investors. Like select others on Wall Street, my confidence level is like that of an athlete, and my skill-set like those of a nerd. I also take great care to maintain my figure, and consider myself organized, punctual and very put together.
During my first 5 years in the Bureau, I am projecting my successful launch of a fully developed automation product that streamlines both money laundering and financial fraud investigation flagging systems to a minimum of 70% accuracy, while simultaneously checking all boxes for Agent probation time. Along with newfounded AI technologies, and assistance of government intelligence and software engineering staff, I hope to also create additional proprietary tools for extracting crucial web-based information relating to national security issues that would've otherwise been inconceivable to obtain.
I would greatly appreciate your serious review of my resume, and welcome the opportunity to meet with you in person or over phone call to discuss my qualifications in more detail."
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2023.06.05 15:46 Motor_Somewhere7565 A Twokinds AU: Mike and Evals (Chapter Eight)

Chapter Eight
“Chaos.” A storm raged as lightning flashed and thunder clashed. It was an endless barrage of havoc from nature unbridled. Through the storm, the form of a mask took shape, cackling while lightning struck the voids of its sockets and gave it otherworldly eyes. Its sheer size wasn’t an exaggeration either, and it took the form of a bright light with only the faintest appearance of a humanoid form with long arms. It also had horns sticking out of its head with long, silver hair. If that weren’t enough, wings spread out behind it, creating fire and devastation with every flap.
“In the time before time, there was no order in the universe. Mayhem reigned over an ageless blight.”
The gigantic figure waved its hands around gracefully as a conductor. Great flashes of destruction erupted when it threw its hands up and down. As if it was making music, the mask slowly raised its hands while twiddling its fingers, gradually drawing upon rolling thunder. After a pause, the mask threw its arms down, causing all the clouds and fire around it to drop.
Everything went dark after that.
“This would continue until a miracle happened.”
From out of the darkness formed a planet. The mask’s hands appeared, giving the earth a glow that acted like the sun. The mask appeared in full again and raised the world to get a better look.
“From out of thin air came the world you know as Mekkan. Ananke, the Eternal Strife, had intended an eternity of destruction in her image, but her calamity created life, leaving her baffled and furious.”
Ananke, as she was called, held Mekkan in her hand. The pupils in her eyes turned red as she raised her other hand into a fist. Her hand trembled with fury as she threatened to smash the planet to pieces. Bringing her fist down, she stopped at the very last moment.
“It was as if another miracle had happened. Having accidentally created life, she realized for the first time that she had a heart. The great destroyer shed a single tear of regret over what she had almost done.”
A tear slid down her mask until it dropped onto Mekkan. Spreading across the planet, it became a water world. Next, her wings pulled themselves off and broke into pieces. Each piece took the form of a dragon. They fluttered around like butterflies except for one. A white dragon, bigger than the others, landed on Ananke’s finger. Ananke stroked the dragon’s chin before the dragon took off.
“From Ananke came the dragons, an extension of her will, and they flew into the world where they brought down fire and devastation. Nobody was perfect, but in her fleeting regret, she was curious whether she could create more miracles.”
Mekkan, under dragon fire, saw entire continents of volcanic hellscapes emerge from the boiling oceans. The dragons used their wings to calm the flames until they were only embers. Circling the skies, they used magic to form clouds, spreading them worldwide and bringing about rain. The last of the fires were put out. Soon, there was grass, and then there were trees.
“Ananke did it again. It became an experiment in creation, a foreign concept to a destroyer god. Perhaps she only wished to satisfy her cosmic ego, so she took it further and had three children. She tasked them with creating sentient life, sending them to Mekkan on their mission.”
Three masks fell into the world like shooting stars. Crash landing into different parts of the earth, they emerged as beings of great and intimidating appearances, as tall as they were mighty. One was a humanoid, the second was a basitin, and the third was a keidran who resembled a dog. All three had masks for faces. They created the respective races using their magic and were worshipped as gods.
“This was as far as Ananke was willing to let her experiment go. Her patience was spent when creation did not lead to more destruction. On the contrary, the masks and their races nearly came together in peace and harmony, which was the final straw. There is nothing chaos despises more than peace. So, she ordered the dragons to destroy them. A great war was started that saw countless deaths, including the dragons. The masks proved resilient enough that when Ananke threatened to obliterate them all, they took it upon themselves to fight her alone. The resulting melee nearly split the universe and almost destroyed the world the masks had come to see as their own.”
The masks fought Ananke in a terrifying display of skill and magic. When they gained the upper hand, the keidran mask fell back, unwilling to fight their mother anymore. Ananke overpowered the other two until the humanoid mask pleaded with the keidran mask to help. When it finally relented, the three masks combined their powers into one last attack. It proved to be enough to conquer Ananke.
“Although she had been defeated, Ananke swore she would one day return to finish what she started. To accomplish this, she unmasked herself.”
Before losing her godly form, Ananke pulled her mask off, and it fell to earth like a meteor. Whatever face was behind the mask faded, along with the rest of her body, until nothing was left but a sun.
“This was not a warning the three victorious siblings could take lightly. Although they had destroyed their mother, her powers exceeded their own, ensuring her will continued contaminating the world. One dragon, who called herself Nora, remained and lived outside the laws and boundaries imposed on the mortal world. She remains loyal to her creator as an extension of her and has sired new dragons throughout the ages. When Ananke rises again, they will fight for her in greater numbers to devastate the world again.”
As a bleak future haunted them, the three masks came together and regarded the world from their higher plane of existence. Looking at each other, they each nodded in agreement over something.
“It was decided that they would split themselves in half. One half would remain in limbo while the other half would be born to the earth, live, die, and reincarnate in a cycle that would repeat itself until the time came for them to become whole again.”
They pulled their masks off in a brilliant flash of light that ended the story.
“This was called the Great Unmasking,” Dolos told Evals, who remained suspended in the higher plane. “For countless generations, our avatars, the mortal halves, have lived in Mekkan, but not without hints of their true godly selves. You see, they have all gone on to become great leaders, revolutionaries, and wizards revered in the annals of history.”
Evals was in awe of everything he had witnessed. It wasn’t a boring history lesson, after all. There wasn’t a storm anymore, either. The clouds around him cleared up as if it were turning into a sunny day.
“I’m not going to pretend I understand everything that just happened,” he said, scratching his head. “No offense, but masks make things complicated.”
Dolos chuckled and responded, “We work in mysterious ways.”
“Yeah, but what has happened since then? Mike has gone on about this book he likes to read called On Masks and the Creation of the World. It’s kind of like everything you explained but a lot less dense. How he describes it doesn’t involve all those big, showy words you like to use.”
Dolos replied flatly, “We’re masks, wise guy. You shouldn’t expect gods to level with you in common language.”
“Maybe I can teach you,” Evals said while his tongue stuck out. “Fair is fair. You teach me magic; I’ll teach you to speak more like dogs do!”
“…No, thank you. Anyway, what else do you want to know?”
“Mike talked about how the masks have gone to war with each other. Why are the three of you fighting each other now?”
Dolos sighed and answered, “As time passed, Ananke didn’t appear, and we grew impatient. Restlessness got us more involved in the affairs of our races. The kind of influence we wielded over the mortals, particularly through our avatars, went to our heads. We lost our way.”
The higher plane faded around Evals until he found himself on the bench again. He looked around until he noticed Dolos still sitting next to him. It didn’t look happy, however.
“We’ve made mistakes,” Dolos admitted. “I regret my part now in agreeing to the game we created for ourselves and all the damage it has caused.”
“What game?”
Dolos shook its head and answered, “Eons of one-upmanship. Our dueling goals, no, our obsession, were to turn our respective races against each other in endless wars for supremacy using our avatars. Aside from one archaic rule we agreed to, nothing else was off-limits as we tried beating each other. This led to segregation, genocide, and slavery.”
Evals looked down when he heard that. “This place you see here? It resulted from one of our games going awry and resulted in me seeing the error of my ways. It might have been too late to save the lives lost here, but I vowed to right so many wrongs when the opportunity presented itself. So, you came along.”
Evals believed it, but he wasn’t sure if he should be happy Dolos had turned over a new leaf. Because of the masks, countless keidran were enslaved. He might have never been torn away from his family. Evals felt angry momentarily, and a red aura glowed faintly around him as he clenched his fist. At first, his changing appearance didn’t faze him. Dolos didn’t seem too bothered when it noticed, taking particular interest in how he reacted. It was intoxicating the more he felt enraged. However, he took a deep breath and let it all subside until the aura was gone, and he was calm again. Anger was never his style, and he didn’t want to hold it against Dolos, who had helped him already.
“You mentioned one rule,” he said. “If everything else was fair game, then what line wouldn’t you cross?”
“We agreed that while we could influence our mortal bodies and the races they led when asked, we could not completely control our avatars. We were forbidden from becoming whole again.”
Evals raised his brow and responded, “That’s it?”
“We considered returning to full power to be cheating, especially when we vowed only to do so in the worst-case scenario. That time has come, I’m afraid.”
“What changed your minds?”
Dolos looked at him and answered, “Ananke has returned.”
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2023.06.05 15:46 kiwi38rd 1st time US passport application due to urgent travel

Hi folks, I thought I'd share my experience scheduling an appointment with NPIC. Travel date is 6/18 and called just now. Managed to snag an appointment for me and my wife for Fri, 6/16.
At 7:58 I dialed in and pressed 1 (English) then 1 (urgent travel). And the idiot in me then pressed another 1 (travel more than 2 weeks) instead of 2 (travel within 2 weeks). It was too late when I realized I went into the wrong part of the menu. After hanging up, I could not get in again - it was either busy tone straight away or system saying we are busy. Interestingly, the 'we're busy' message could come up even after successfully pressing 1-1-2, which is annoying. So, after calling the 877 number literally 65 times in rapid succession for the next 30 min (at one point with two phones also though that was probably unnecessary LOL), I finally got put on the wait list at about 8:30. The wait turned out to be only about 30 min long - and it was largely accurate.
A few things I learned:
- Call center agent can book the same appointment for multiple people in the same traveling party instead of just yourself
- They will ask for your zip code, but if you don't say you are willing to travel out of state (which I forgot to say), they will look only at the closest agency for appointment availability
- When I was in the wrong menu the first time, the automated message says expedited application is now down to 5-7 weeks - so there's some improvement for those that applied through post offices
- Credit cards can be used for payments at in-person appointments
- Keep calling until you get through as everyone said!
Does anyone know if the NYC passport agency will print (hopefully the big book version) same day? Think we are a bit down to the wire at this point, but hopefully fine.
In terms of supporting documents: 1) citizenship proof + photocopy, 2) driver's license + photocopy, 3) 1 photo. Anything else I'm missing?
Good luck to everyone!
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2023.06.05 15:40 ukiyo3k My hacks are failing.

Approved for a new credit card. They won't accept my virtual address. I even used USPS form 1583 and did it legit, but they know it's registered as a post office annex. I can't verify my phone through Skype or Numberbarn. It doesn't work either. I have a domicile in US, but I hate to bother my old man, and it's not his business anyway. I should be able to go through the mail agent, but verifications are becoming hack proof if you're going solo. I need a US phone number with SIM that works from China.
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2023.06.05 15:39 LoosedOfLimits Number for disconnecting service

Does anyone have a phone number for ending my Xfinity service? Thanks!
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2023.06.05 15:38 DaydreamingofLove Why risk everything?

My WS had a PA with someone who they have no actual interest in. Not your typical affair where emotions get involved or even being months long.
Both AP and WS claim that it meant nothing to them and it just happened in the heat of the moment. After they finished they carried on as if nothing happened at all. Never any outside texting or calls. They didn’t even have each others phone numbers.
WS even spoke badly about AP and how they were having sexual relationships with multiple other coworkers at the same time. AP isn’t conventionally attractive and didn’t hold WS attention outside of sex. The sex itself was bad, and dry and rushed. So my question is why?
Just for easy sex? Is that really all it could be? How can someone throw away their entire life just because someone was willing to have sef with them? Even if there was no actual interest at all?
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2023.06.05 15:37 Javvik Proper method for K-12 public school to install network cable?

Proper method for K-12 public school to install network cable?
What is the proper method for a K-12 public school district to install network cable in a commercial concrete block building?
I've worked for small school districts for a number of years as the IT admin. I'm self-taught, no certificates or degree aside from my high school diploma, but I've worked with AWS, active directory, Microsoft Azure AD, Novell eDir, currently setting up a new phone system to be installed this summer.
Over time I've come to the conclusion that the head custodians have been cutting corners every which way for years, before I ever started this work.
And the district administrators just go along with it. Apparently the word "grandfather" is a magic word that is used to excuse just about anything illegal that a school district wants to do without involving a building or electrical permit and inspectors.
I had no idea what was the right way so I followed their lead. I have installed network cable in the past myself, and.. you just throw it up there, drape it on whatever and just do it. Though I tried to at least thread my network cables through the ceiling trusses where possible, to get it off the tiles.
Recently I have discovered this is all totally wrong, it's actually supposed to follow the NEC, districts should be filing work permits, and work should be inspected for NEC compliance, etc.
Meanwhile I currently have a district administrator gaslighting me on this, claiming to me in April that the "100 additional CAT6 cables we are installing this summer can be grandfathered as maintenance of the existing network wiring" and yelling at me "you don't know what the rules are, it's just your opinion how we should be doing this work".
This was all off the record in his office with the door closed, so I have no documented evidence alas.
The use of "grandfathered" crossed with new cabling is a bizarre twist that the district admin seems to think is absolutely certain is correct, and don't I dare challenge him on it or else.
At this point I know all the existing network cabling was never done correctly in the first place, with bundles of network cable suspended from electrical conduit in one part of a building, wired about 30 years ago.
Also this must be that new plenum-rated NM cable for commercial buildings that the head custodian had installed two years ago, apparently by some hack without a permit.
I know what commercial building air plenum spaces are, I've read up on it. I know this is all totally illegal. And the NEC does not allow NM in commercial buildings unless it's inside metal conduit to protect it from damage.
And this is dumb illegal as the cost of using proper flexible spiral armored 12-2 would probably have been only $1000 more than doing it wrong like this.
This will have to eventually be ripped out and redone because it's a fire hazard that no inspector would have ever approved. But I'm the only one who knows about it at this point aside from the head custodian and his hack installer... sigh.
So what is the actual proper way to install new, additional network cables?
This is in Wisconsin, and I've confirmed that for this one district in question, the state-level DSPS is the AHJ, it's not in a municipality.
Does the school district need to create full architectural drawings of the network drop locations to potentially be submitted to the AHJ?
Or can the district just file for a work permit and wing the installation unless a plan review is requested?
Does an electrical plan to add one new network drop in a classroom have to be submitted as part of an overall building plan, including irrelevant details like an exterior site grade elevation page, or is it separate from a building plan review?
Is an architect required to be involved to create the electrical plan on full size Arch-E drawings, showing each J-hook or cable tray location?
Or can I just whip up some diagrams in Microsoft Publisher, dropping dots on a simplified floorplan showing where drops will be located in each classroom, and that's good enough for an electrical plan review?
Wisconsin is also weird in that wiring "under 100 volts" doesn't need an electricians license to install WI Stat 101.862(4)(d), which covers all networking, security system, cable TV, and audio/intercom cabling.
Yet apparently any new work still needs to comply with the NEC, even if it's installed by someone who is not trained in building or electric codes? It's a very strange exception in the law.
I am exceptionally frustrated by all this. Even if I want to do things correctly, I feel powerless to actually change anything.
I do not want to publicly harm this school district's relationship with the local community over the actions of a few bad apples, but I also worry at some point this continued illegality is going to lead to a building fire and we may potentially all lose our jobs over this ongoing corner-cutting bullshit.
But I absolutely expect retaliation and reasons will be found for why I need to be fired, even if I try to just quietly push the district administrator and head custodian to stop doing things illegally as has been done for years now.
I'll be lucky to ever work in a K-12 IT job again, if I stir up shit with this district admin and head custodian.
At this point it appears the main thing to do is to just keep quiet, document document document, as shown here, with photo, video, and email kept in offsite backups at home, in case I do get fired.
And work on my IT job certifications and resume in case I need to find a job somewhere else, for eventually trying to get them to change their ways.
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2023.06.05 15:37 Sad_Ad_2615 1-Year experience with Malibu, Things to know if looking to purchase a new Malibu/Axis boat

The 1-year mark of the beginning of my problems with my first new Malibu boat has recently passed to no resolution of my problems. Therefore, I figured it's time to share my experience with anyone who may be considering a Malibu/Axis product.
In April 2022, I purchased a new Axis t250 off the showroom floor at Lake Norman Marina and it was great for the first few weeks, but on Memorial Day weekend of 2022 after a rider had fallen, the boat would no longer start. After about a week of the boat being at the dealership, they decided it wasn't just the starter and for some reason the transmission needed to be changed. About 2 weeks later I got the boat back, went out 3 times, and the transmission actually blew. They changed it again, and on my 3rd time out again the transmission blew. They changed it yet again and on my first day out the engine temp was skyrocketing and fluid spilling out, turned out a hose had not been secured properly and was spilling into the engine bay, but on the 4th time out, the transmission blew once again.
At this point, the entire month of June had passed, I had multiple issues with their maintenance practices and communication and had not received any offer of compensation for tows, no paperwork for warrant work performed, no contact from Malibu, or even an apology from the dealership. The boat had under 40hrs on it, and I had spent probably 15hrs on the water waiting for tows and being towed in. But the dealership and malibu decided to change the entire engine. 3 weeks in and I decide to call Malibu's engine department and ask how long, an engine change takes. (As an aircraft mechanic myself, changing giant turbine engines on Airbus fleets can be done in under 32 hours). The engine tech informed me it was a 5hr job and they also did not know why my transmission was changed in the first place since I had never received a transmission overheat message. However, I received my boat back about a week later and hoped that was the end, I could finally use my boat. About a week in, some wires to the screen came loose and I lost all my gauges on the opposite end of my home lake and at this point I was fed up. I told the dealership to take the boat back and I never wanted to see it again. I had been paying for a boat for 3 months and only had access to it for under 1 month.
This is when Malibu finally decided to get involved and Robert C. contacted me and admitted that the boat was a lemon. I informed him how I was displeased with the company, product, and the dealership and had never received a single piece of warranty paperwork, not even for the engine so that I could have the serial numbers switched on my insurance. He sounded surprised but ultimately didn't do anything regarding that issue but did offer to build me a new 2023 model year boat to replace my lemon if I just road that one out for the season because "Malibu wanted to earn my trust back as a customer". I expressed my concerns with product quality, the fact I'd be paying for a boat I hate for months, and new loan rates but after Robert adamantly assured me over 10 times that I would 100% be able to keep my same loan, and that my new boat would be put through a more in depth inspection process he called their "dock inspection" I decided to take the deal because pursuing the Magnussen Moss Warranty Act in court could have just yielded the same end result after much more time. Also, for 2 months straight I continued to ask Lake Norman Marina for warranty work paperwork in order to document my experience and the only thing I ever received was a screenshot of the hours of manpower assigned to my boat on one day.
In October of 2022 I submitted my new build and was told the new one would be completed in early spring/March. However, just after Christmas I received a call from the dealership that my boat was ready, and I need to submit for a new loan. I raised hell, right after Christmas when my credit cards were near capacity, 3 months early on completion, after a ton of reassurances that there was no way I would need a new loan at these higher rates, and after I have continued to make payments on the existing crap boat, I was told to get a new loan. I reached out to Robert because he was so adamant about the fact I would not have to, and he proceeded to make a bunch of excuses for the dealership and say it's out of his hands. Where I then responded, why would you make promises you can't keep, about something you have no control over? This was the most important stipulation of the deal to me. That is when I first realized Malibu cannot be trusted. They ran my credit and as I expected my 4.5% interest would now be 9-10%, but luckily, I contacted my loan officer and detailed the entire situation to him. There was no way I was going to pay more money for a boat from a company that had shitted me. I told him, you either keep this loan and continue to make the money off of me you already are, or I am getting a boat from another company with another bank, and you make none. He agreed with my position and after a couple days managed to convince his higher ups to do a collateral swap on my current loan. No thanks to the dealership or Malibu.
Here we are in 2023, new year, new me, new boat, lets fucking see. I take delivery of my new 2023 Axis t235, and she looks beautiful. I take her right to the shop to get some tint thrown on. That evening I take the boat to the marina and hop in to see if they put any fuel in. 88% full, ok well they did the 10hr break in so that could be why. The next morning, I have it fueled up by the marina, still 88%. Some, "dock inspection" and more so how did the dealership not notice this during the break in period? But whatever I am ready to surf and will wait until my first service to have it addressed. Granted, I surf 3-4 times a week and fill it before every outing for weight. Then I recieved notice of the recall on the steering cable block and called my dealer but they had not recieved any tooling to complete it yet. But he told me it wasnt like the boat was gonna blow up, just dont go full power and I should be fine, at most I'd need a tow and I was used to that after the previous year. The boats running great, all sorts of squeaks and dry pump noises I had mentioned on the previous boat to the dealer, and told were normal, didn't exist on this one. Amazing. But one saturday after a rider had fell, and 2 jet skis were coming straight at im I start tapping my horn and it gets stuck wide open. We shut the boat off and on several times but as soon as the battery is set to on the horn sounds, so we decided to get under the dash, mid-lake, and disconnect the button. While this is happening I just so happen to get an e-mail from axis to submit a review on my boat and experience. Which I answered honestly; boat runs good, salesman good, not too impressed with company, dealership bad. Within minutes Logan K. sales manager, and son of the dealership owner e-mails me, 6pm on a Saturday, and says, "I cannot believe you bashed us yet again. Actually, I can." and proceeds to tell me they will no longer work on my boat, also that he has CC'd his entire service department to let them know. I respond telling him how all I did was answer the questions honestly based on my experience, and that him unprofessionally e-mailing me with a refusal to work my boat because of that, with the several existing issues is not in line with Malibu's statement of wanting to earn my trust back. He stands by his statement and says that they will not work the boat, and that I need to reach out to one of 2 other dealers farther away to have them correct the problems. The following Wednesday I go to surf and my marina manager tells me Lake Norman Marina was here earlier that day and had pulled my boat out to do some recall. I immediately e-mail Logan, informing him that I would like to know where we stand because if Lake Norman Marina is no longer working my boat, then they should not be touching my property, and regardless I should be informed before they have it pulled out for any work. He claims it was an oversight and will not apologize for the mechanic, even though ya' know, he CC'd his entire service department. From where I am standing, I have no idea if this tech came out to sabotage my boat or God knows what. Now since that initial interaction that previous Saturday, I called Malibu and left voicemails on 3 different phone numbers Mon-Fri of the next week. 15 voicemails and not a single response. So, the next week I go to my local Supra dealership, who is amazing by the way, shout out to Southtown Watersports!
The guys at SW are familiar with my story because every time I have come for boards, jackets, or lead bags etc. I have given them the latest and greatest in my ridiculous experience. They told me dealers have a direct line to the manufacturer and I should go ahead and reach out to the next closest dealer, give them my story and see what happens. Thats what I decided to do, Captain's Choice is 2 hours from me and when I spoke with them, they were just mind blown by my experience. Told me in 20 years he hadn't heard a story like mine. But they were very helpful and said they were going to look up parts and work on my boat and get them ordered so I could get it all fixed without wasting time. Big upgrade there. about an hour later I get an e-mail from Mr. Logan again. "Malibu sent us the parts to fix your horn but I told Robert you said we were not allowed on your property so let me know how you would like to proceed." This ding-dong sends me this, twisting my words, in the same e-mail chain where he is the one refusing to service my boat and I stated that if you are going to refuse service then you shouldn't be on my property. I replied telling him that I had reached out to the other dealer as he forced me to but that I would rather them come fix it, than have to trailer my boat 2 hours each way for something small. The following morning, he replies that he thinks I should just move forward with the other marina, and he would send them the parts. What? After 10 or so days he emailed me about fixing it with absolutely no intention to fix the boat? fuck off. I sent him a strongly worded response signed, "Sincerely, Eat Shit." and forwarded the interaction to Robert, detailing that in the same chain Logan proves he is a liar and twisted my words. I didn't expect a response at this point, but 3 min later Robert finally replied asking to speak on the phone later that day. When I talked to Robert, he once again made a bunch of excuses defending the dealerships behavior while stating he was not taking sides...makes sense. Told me they could do what they wanted and that me trailering by boat 2 hours each way to Captains Choice was a reasonable thing, knowing that the previous boat literally broke every week for 2 months. He informed me that ignoring my 15 voicemails was his call, in order to not escalate the situation, REALLY makes sense. Also, states that he told the mechanic to access my boat for the recall, which is not what ol' ding-dong had said. All trust in the company and especially Robert is lost at this point, so the conversation is useless.
About 2 weeks later I finally have the appointment to get the issues at my boat fixed 2 hours away. A spot in the flooring had bubbled at this point so it was that the horn, the fuel gauge, and possibly the recall. I leave at 530am with my boat to make sure I am at Captains Choice by 8am. Everyone was great there and were just as mind blown as myself that traveling that far for maintenance was considered reasonable by Robert and Malibu as far as "earning my trust as a customer." I was there for about 4 hours, napping in my truck when they took me back to my boat and said they stuck a needle in the bubble and smoothed it flat as directed by malibu, but it could bubble again, and they would then replace the piece. They reconnected the horn and it worked but in case it got stuck again they would send me a new horn unit to my house, seeing as ol ding-dong logan never sent them the parts. I have yet to receive the parts. They said the recall had been completed but was never put into the system which is no suprise seeing as Lake Norman Marina obviously does not believe in paperwork. Then theres the fuel gauge, he showed me that the float will not reach 100% ever, that it was poor design and nothing they could do. I mean, if thats the case I figure the rep for Malibu, Robert should have heard this complaint by every person who purchased a t235 at this point and not sent me 2 hours away for nothing. Anyways, they buttoned her up, and I headed home. Captain's Choice was great and a much better experience than I had previously had at the other dealership but, in total, I spent 9 hours that day and a full tank in my truck to return home with a boat in pretty much the same condition I left with. A needle poke to the floor and recconnected horn that both may fault again, a paperwork update of work performed by someone else, and being told that my 2nd brand new $140,000 boat in a year does not work right straight from the factory.
When I returned home I e-mailed Robert and told him that Malibu can either take this boat back, I keep my experience to myself, and we part ways. Or I will sell it on my own and relay my experience. As expected, no reply, so here we are. During this time I have also made small comments to other Malibu owners posts and been contacted by multiple people sharing their stories with me about the companies poor treatment of customers, and as one 20yr Malibu owner told me, it seems to only have gotten really bad since about 2020. I know some people have had wonderful experiences but this is the honest recollection of my 1yr experience with this company and I think its best for anyone looking to purchase a new boat to know what they may be getting themselves into with this company.
Also, if any other t235 owners read this let me know if your fuel gauge only reads 88% full.
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2023.06.05 15:34 ViProCon Replace CloudKey with CloudKey Gen 2?

HI all, I inherited a network from a previous IT person. I have access to the Unifi portal, and It's got a CloudKey (Gen 1). Via the portal, it says I am running an outdated version of the Unifi Network app, so remote management is not supported.
I go onsite, run my iPhone's Unifi app, it sees the CloudKey,but immediately prompts that it must be updated to be able to do anything. So I click Update Now...I get a "it'll be a few minutes" note. I click Got It. Then it sits there without any indication of anything happening. I've tried this a number of times, never works.
Being that the CloudKey gen 1 is obsolete, I'm inclined to toss it and buy a CloudKey Gen 2. Can I just attach that and it'll manage the network, assuming I link it to the existing UI portal account? Or am I likely to run into further roadblocks when trying to, at some point, manage the actual network devices like the WAPs etc. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 15:34 Never-On-Reddit This is why many women don't feel safe using rideshare services. After a serious safety incident where my Lyft driver refused to pick me up unless I gave him my personal phone number and email (leaving me alone in a high crime area at night) Lyft ignored me saying I wasn't safe and refused to refund

I prebooked a driver on Lyft, because I was in an unsafe part of the city, staying with a friend who had to dodge stray bullets while walking the dog at 2pm just two weeks ago. I get my suitcases downstairs, driver is nearby, so I go outside, closing the door behind me. (I don't have a key and my friend is asleep) Suddenly the driver starts texting me repeatedly asking for my personal phone number and email, saying he needs it because there is "an update". This is obviously completely wrong, there is no reason for the driver to get this info. A criminal scam at best, a dangerous safety situation at worst since he knows from my picture that I'm a woman.
I refuse. He refuses to come my way and keeps asking. Obviously at this point I have to cancel the ride. $5 charge!!
I contact their safety team to report this. They ask if I'm safe. I say NO, actually I'm not safe. It's night time, I'm standing in a high crime area, alone, and now this creep knows exactly where I am standing, without a ride, having just canceled on him...
They respond with : "Great, I'm glad you're safe!" ????
And then refuse to refund me.... Best they can do is unpair me so I won't get this driver again. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.
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2023.06.05 15:28 llanojen If they lie about small things, they'll lie about big things

They'll say things like:
I didn't tell you because I knew you would get upset
I'm not trying to date anyone else
I'm not trying to cause a fight
I have a right to exercise my own judgement around things I choose to tell you
I'm friends with all my exes (or on good terms)
We used to date, but she's married now
They'll do things like:
Tilt their phone away from you at all times when sitting together
Double down on lock screen security like a PIN and face recognition, together
If they keep a journal, they may openly leave out a mundane every day one, but an email or word doc one that is hidden
Have dinner or visits with exes in cities across the country and not mention it
Do this more than once, even when you have communicated that it's understandable to have contact with exes you're friends with from time to time, but dinner dates in other cities merit at least letting your partner know you are seeing said person (being completely upfront about it)
Go on group outings with friends in other cities when traveling for work, and not mention it
Gamble or go to casinos and not mention it
Have that ONE (or more) super close opposite sex BFF they'd known years before you became a couple, even if that person is also married or in a LTR, yet they communicate about things neither of them tell their respective partners, only each other
They will also:
Gaslight you when you communicate that type of close emotional relationship with an opposite sex friend, PARTICULARLY an ex, makes you uncomfortable. They may say "You just don't like her!"
Lie by omission, frequently and with ease
Not answer phone calls in the evenings when you are together
Keep phone on mute most of the time
If they travel for work, use dating apps in cities they frequent often
Block your phone number on dating apps so you would not be able to find them
Delete/hide apps/incognito mode when they are with you or not traveling
Never post photos or mention you on social media, ever, even if they have done so in previous relationships and may even leave those photos on their profile - but no mention of you, ever
Here's a big one: if they travel for work often, they will use the opportunity to communicate with opposite sex friends and exes they otherwise avoid talking to when you are together
They NEVER talk to exes or female friends in your presence, only same sex
Once you have communicated, hopefully early on in a relationship, that you notice some of these behaviors but you also want to be open minded and not controlling (while perhaps admitting that you may feel insecure to an extent or mildly jealous, which is reasonable and natural for many people)...the last thing they do is:
Get better at hiding it.
Source: ex gf of almost two years to pilot (49M) who travels around the country 2 weeks at a time and could never learn to communicate honestly about female friends, no matter how many conversations we had on the issue. To the very end, refused to acknowledge my feelings around ANY of these things, and I was finally done. I actually believe he never physically cheated, I don't even think he wanted to. He just could not be honest with me about the level of emotional intimacy he shared with other women, especially his exes. Spending time with them in other cities without my knowledge, even in groups - bye.
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2023.06.05 15:25 oceangal2018 Deleting all messages from someone - will they reappear?

I have messages in my phone from someone. I am thinking of deleting the whole conversation and his number. Will the messages reappear if he messages me again?
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2023.06.05 15:25 lottielobotomy Mother had full on narc rage over my boundaries

Last week my partner and I decided to get married on our own, my mother wasn't invited, no one was invited, but yep you guessed it, she's made this whole thing entirely about herself.
She's a massive oversharer on Facebook, even when I've explicitly told her the information was private and not for her to be spreading. I've told her, sharing my news isn't her place and it's crossing boundaries.
She asked for some professional photos from our wedding photographer to show my grandmother....which she then posted all over social media without my permission, I hadn't posted them anywhere as some of them in my opinion were extremely personal and private. So she'd lied to me.
I called her out on this behaviour and she started screaming, crying and cursing at me saying "I guess I'm the worst mother ever!" And "Don't talk to me like a child, I'm your f***ing mother! I can do what I want!" I calmly told her she'd done this to me too many time and I was upset by it.
Of course her reaction is childish and over the top, but am I right in being upset at her over this?
She's now blocked me on all social media, my phone number and email... I know she's icing me out to get a reaction but I literally feel nothing....
other than regretting my own stupidity of sending her those photos...
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2023.06.05 15:24 revujarnc Huge sale on Guaranteed Aged Ticketmaster Accounts

secure the best seats at your favorite shows
without breaking the bank on resale prices and fees? Look no further than our aged Ticketmaster account broker business. We offer a variety of aged accounts ranging from 2004 to 2016, each with a unique phone number and verified fan status. Our accounts have been thoroughly tested and come with guaranteed good queues, and we promise to replace any account with issues at no extra cost.
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2023.06.05 15:23 revujarnc Huge sale on Guaranteed Aged Ticketmaster Accounts

secure the best seats at your favorite shows
without breaking the bank on resale prices and fees? Look no further than our aged Ticketmaster account broker business. We offer a variety of aged accounts ranging from 2004 to 2016, each with a unique phone number and verified fan status. Our accounts have been thoroughly tested and come with guaranteed good queues, and we promise to replace any account with issues at no extra cost.
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Our stock is always up-to-date, and we have accounts on hand. Purchase with confidence from a trustworthy and reliable broker. Don't miss out on your chance to get the best seats in the house, order now and receive your accounts within 72 hours or less. We have special select deals on bulk and we can transfer all accounts to your domain/catchall or you can receive them with the original Gmails and Passwords. All have been tested and have good positioning in all Queues. Don't waste your time and money buying from suppliers that don't care and give you hacked accounts and bad queues...
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2023.06.05 15:22 TooktoomanyZugZugs How am I doing? I don't know if I need a gut check, I just feel like I could be doing more

28 years old - General Contractor - $95k/year + some random bonuses here and there nothing crazy
Monthly Liabilities:
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2023.06.05 15:22 No-Stress-5285 My vent

My sister (#3) is my 94 year old mother's main caregiver and is paid to do so from my mother's savings and money from the VA. Mom can dress and bathe and feed herself, but her dementia gets worse every time I see her. Sister #3 doesn't like the word dementia and refuses to see mom as person with dementia. We have worked out a schedule where she gets relief from the caregiving most weekends. But the rest of us are not paid for this time. Mom can't afford it even if I wanted to be paid. I drive four hours on Friday to get here and four hours on Monday, once a month, to get home. We have been doing this for about three years.
I have four sisters. About a dozen years ago, sister 4 had an adult temper tantrum and cut everyone in the family out of her life, even our mother who had done nothing to deserve that treatment. My mother even cut her out of the will for awhile. We all told mom that it was her decision, but if she was going to make changes, please don't put sister #4 in charge of anything. Sister #4 apparently had a change of heart several years ago, and made up with sister #3 and through her, got back in mom's good graces. Fine. My mother should have a relationship with all of her children. However, sister #4 has always been the bossy one of the family and for our whole life, has always expected the rest of us to do what she wants us to do. I have many examples of that. She is competent and capable and smart, so her ideas are often good; it is just her bossy attitude that was the problem. She, and sister #3, submitted the VA application without any discussion with the rest of us. And when we found out, they refused to provide us with any information about it. I do believe, and will do so until proven otherwise, that she made a few false statements on the application, but the VA approved it, so either I was wrong or the VA didn't do their due diligence. Sister #4 has made no effort to make up with the other three of us (#1, #2 and #5). This creates a great deal of tension in the family. We are now a broken family.
Sisters #3 and #1 had a big fight a few years ago when sister 1 was with mom, but sister 3 showed up because mom had called her because mom, in her dementia state, didn't recognize sister 1 at that time. This led to sister 1 leaving the house and saying she was not coming back. Sister #5 and I also had various arguments with sister #3, but finally decided that it was detrimental to mom to have those fights. So now, I mostly keep my mouth shut.
Sister #4 now has weak sister #3 in her pocket and now is in control of her which means she is also in control of mom. And sister #4 doesn't care about what the rest of us think.
I have tried to get mom and sister #1 to keep a relationship and so she will visit mom when I am there on my weekend. Sometimes.
I had made plans for mom and me to visit sister #1 on Sunday, yesterday, and told mom about it at multiple times on Saturday. But she woke up Sunday morning in a bad mood and started on her rant about sister #1 which is mostly false, but her dementia takes over and I can never convince her that no, sister #1 does not want your money and no, does not want you dead, and yes, maybe her husband drinks too much maybe he doesn't, but that is not your problem. Then she went looking for her phone list so she could call sister #3 to come over, it seems, to rescue her from me, I guess, or whatever else her demented mind was telling her. I am actually not certain my mother can even make a phone call right now - not sure she would know which buttons to push. But I said to her, if you are going to call sister #3 to come over, then I will go pack my bags and she can take care of you and I will go home. And of course, I started crying which upset her even more. I then gave up on the idea of seeing sister #1 that day and tried to have a good day with her anyway.
Even before her dementia was as bad as it is, my mother will almost never stop talking. She has talking points that she repeats over and over and over. Some are false memories, some have some validity but are not really accurate and I know that the dementia makes this worse than it would be.
I am getting tired of my weekends here. I dread the drive down. When I am here, she doesn't let me help her clean closets or drawers although she complains about having too much stuff. She doesn't have that many hobbies that can occupy her mind. She likes to watch the action on her street when people walk by. Sister #3 is a bit of a hoarder at her own home and has moved some of her overflow into my mom's house which my mother doesn't like. For instance, sister #3 got a good deal on a turkey about five years ago, and it is still in mother's freezer. But even mom will say that she can't stand up to sister #3 since she depends on her.
The five of us have no plan for what to do with mom when she gets worse. I did some looking around at various facilities, but sister #3 just dismissed what I found. Sister #4 probably has plans, but none of the rest of us get to know those plans. And after sister #1 left, mom, with her demented brain, contacted her attorney and changed her power of attorney to include sister #4 as a backup. I am nowhere on any legal documents, probably because I live four hours away.
I often cry on my way home after holding in my emotions. Today, on my way home, I will go by the cemetery and talk to Dad and God. I know the best thing for mom is for me to give sister #3 this respite time, so I will continue, but it is taking a toll on me. I have no doubt that it is taking a toll on sister #3 as well, but I have gotten to the point that I just don't care about her feelings about it. She is a loving daughter and devoted to my mother, so there is not any issue of abuse. But she does not really provide my mother with daily cognitive or physical exercise and I think they spend most of their days watching sister #3s favorite TV shows. She also hates housework and so she bought a robot vac (not sure it was her money or mom's). But doesn't dust furniture. There is a layer on every piece. Yes, I could get out the furniture polish and take care of it and maybe it is petty for me not to do it, but sister #3 is here all the time and is the only one paid for what she provides. It costs me $100 in gas money just to drive back and forth. I also hate cooking at this point in my life, but I often buy food that I want to prepare and I pay for it myself. At this point, it would be difficult for mom to adjust to a facility because of her dementia, but that day is coming and we have no plan for it as a family.
It helps to vent, although I don't think there are any solutions. I am grateful that sister #3 is willing to be mom's caregiver, but am less and less concerned with her own well-being and needs. Our sister problems are not helping mom, but no one wants to try to get along anymore.
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2023.06.05 15:22 Never-On-Reddit After a serious safety incident where my Lyft driver refused to pick me up unless I (F) gave him my personal phone number and email (leaving me standing on the street in a dangerous area at 5am) Lyft is refusing to refund my $5 cancellation.

After a serious safety incident where my Lyft driver refused to pick me up unless I (F) gave him my personal phone number and email (leaving me standing on the street in a dangerous area at 5am) Lyft is refusing to refund my $5 cancellation. submitted by Never-On-Reddit to Lyft [link] [comments]