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2023.06.07 22:07 65_289 [US, Minneapolis] Middle-aged drummer dad for heavy music

44 yrs old, 7 months into drums but I have played bass and guitar for a while. Married with a kid and a day job, so no tours in my future.
Looking to jam with others who may be new-ish to their instruments so we are on a similar level, or are patient enough to work with someone who is. Currently I’m playing some STP, AIC, easier Metallica and Megadeth. I’d like to play things along the lines of the bands below, basically anything loud and heavy. Writing originals would be great eventually too. Goal is to improve as a musician and work towards playing out, whether it's Mad Mike's open mic at Route 47 or full gigs locally.
STP, AIC, Nirvana, Soundgarden, RATM, Rollins Band, Helmet, Electric Wizard, Sleep, Monolord, Bongripper, Pantera, Lamb of God, Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Crowbar, Eyehategod, Tool.
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2023.06.07 22:07 Wooden_Escape7987 What's the most ridiculous pickup line you've ever heard (or used)?

What is the best way to handle a difficult situation with a coworker or boss in a current job?
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2023.06.07 22:06 livepokertheory 2023 WSOP Trip Report Day 1-2; $600 PLO and $1500 6-handed

Hey /poker, I’ve recently been posting some well-received posts on analyzing live spots with solvers but taking a break this week to play some bracelet events and I wanted to write about it.
This post will cover my first 2 days in Vegas playing $600 Pot Limit Omaha Deepstack and $1500 6-Handed No-Limit Hold’Em.
I’ve been playing poker since the moneymaker boom and I’ve always wanted to play the WSOP but between the cost when I was younger, then the time when I was older, I’ve never managed to make it out. The few times I had it scheduled it was always jynxed with life getting in the way.
This year I have the time and money so I scheduled on week to do a few bracelet events and then another week to do the main event, with cash games after I’m busto. I’ve always enjoyed reading about other people’s experience, and I was curious about some of the logistics so I thought I’d do a trip report. This is the first half of the bracelet week. I will write later about the 2.5k freezeout, any cash game experiences, and then in a month I will play the main event and write about that.
I decided to go for this first week to play $600 PLO, $1500 6-handed, $2500 freezeout, and small chance $1500 Badugi. I’m primarily a NLHE player but I enjoy mixed games quite a bit. I like the weekday tournaments since I’d rather have a higher chance of reaching a final table in the smaller fields, which are still very big, but not as massive as something like Millionaire Maker.
I flew in Monday morning so that I’d be guarenteed to be setup for $1500 6-handed on Tuesday, and figured I’d play $600 PLO if it made sense. I went straight from the airport to Paris which is the venue. I arrive at Paris but I’m a bit lost. I see Dylan Weisman checking into the hotel who I recognize from PLO high roller tournaments so I figure he knows where the PLO tournament is, and he does.
This experience was the beginning of my biggest realization that I watch way too much poker because I recognize a million people at the WSOP. It was almost an eerie feeling. I see a surprising amount of faces from my local region, then a good mix of new poker celebs like Rampage , Brad Owens, Steven Song, and OGs like Shaun Deeb and Maria Ho. I unfortunately haven’t seen any super OGs like Hellmuth or Negraeau, but either way it’s been fun brushing shoulders with all these people you see on PokerNews.
At Paris I started to get in a long line to register, but then I read online I need a Caesar’s card first so fortunately I ran to get that. It was a few minutes to get that, then about a 25 minute wait to register for the tournament. Then there was a third line to actually get a seat. This third line looked very long but it moved pretty quick, I’d say I waited about 10 minutes. So overall, from the airport it took me about an hour to get seated in the tournament which wasn’t too bad.
No major logistics issues, it was all smooth sailing so I think the advice to arrive 24 hours before the tournament is probably a little overkill unless you’re ultra-cautious. I flew in a day early to be ready for 6-handed but turns out zero problem getting in this PLO tournament straight from the airport. I was playing at the table with my carry-on bag and laptop case but that was fine.
This wasn’t my first live tournament but still, it’s the WORLD SERIES OF POKER. I was excited. PLO is not my strong suit, I’ve played it more than the average poker player but less than a PLO reg, but I enjoy playing different variants so wanted to get at least one tournament that wasn’t NLHE.
I fold for a few orbits then pick up KT66 with the King suited in the BB, folds to the SB who raises. Flop comes down QJ7r, SB continues for pot I call with my open-ender. Turn is a offsuit 2, SB checks. This isn’t a super deep tournament and I was a bit late so I already put a third of my chips into this pot, I put half of what I have left into the middle and he folds!
My first hand won in the WSOP, and it was a bluff that got through! Granted, a semi-bluff and I may have even had the best hand with 66 but - still counts!
Later on I call in the SB and we go 5 ways to the flop, I have Q9xx and flop comes down KJT rainbow, I flopped second nut straight, and it checks through. Checks through to the flop, turn puts a spade draw out there, reg looking guy pots it, I call. River bricks out, I check, he tanks for a while, looking like deciding whether to bluff or not, if he bets I call it off and feel bad if he has the AQ but he checks back and mucks. Lets go!
There’s a new guy to my right and he seems very reggy. He’s also very chatty with the guy next to him, they’re speaking Brazilian Portuguese which I happen to understand bits and pieces of. He raises me in the SB when I have ATxx, flop is AT8, he bets, I raise, he folds. Not sure if that’s a standard raise or just-call, but I figure i probably have the best hand but I hate most turn cards.
I notice a PokerNew journalist is studiously writing down the hands he’s in. He plays a big pot, then I check the PokerNews updates and it’s the hand I just watched. Turns out my blind vs blind opponent is Yuri Dzivielevski, who has tons of SCOOP titles, 5M in live tournament earnings, 2 bracelets, high roller reg, and has won the WSOP PLOssus. Not a soft opponent to draw !
On the other hand, another guy at the table called a triple barrel with Q high and not much going on because “the pot was so big by the end”. I feel I got the authentic WSOP experience having one of the best players in the world and one of the worst players at the world at my table. Yuri is eventually busted by his Brazilian pal.
I did notice Yuri limping in EP, I don’t know PLO tournament strategy and I was surprised that’s a thing. Given his results I’m more inclined to think it’s a reasonable thing to do than not, I’m guessing pot control due to the pot-nature of the game.
I was also surprised all these guys go from playing $25ks to $600 tournaments. I know they have bracelet bets, sell their action in the bigger ones, the small tournaments are fastesofter and still plenty of money up top, so I suppose it makes sense. But it still must be a little jarring to go back and forth from nosebleeds to smallball donkaments.
A few hands later I get AKJJ with a King suit and raise from EP and BTN pots me. If I call it’s about 50% of my chips, this is a 30 minute level tournament so we’re not super deep. I’m really not sure what supposed to do here, so I fold worried he has AA and has me crushed. I feel 3-bets are very AA heavy so I’d rather have a smaller rundown or something but does feel nitty to fold a a super premium. In the PokerNews updates I see Shaun Deeb 3-betting KT99 , I don’t know how standard that is or if he’s just trying to run it up or bust because it’s only $600 and there’s bigger events on the schedule. If any PLO experts want to weigh in on any of these hands, go ahead.
I feel good about the fold because a few hands later I get AKK9 with a King suit. Bad player raises and I just call in the blinds. Flop is AK9 , I check he bets I call. Turn gives me the nut flush draw, I check he puts me all-in, I call, he’s drawing dead with just an Ace and I double! I have about double starting stack now which is about average.
At this point no idea how many of the player entries are even left since they haven’t updated it.
Despite my decent stack, the blinds are still quite high and going up fast so before I know it I’m on the shorter side again. I may be playing a bit too tight, not sure, though I also took a few flops with some rundowns and completely bricked.
Now I’m short stacked and get AT32 with suited Ace in the BB and call a HJ raise. Flop comes down AJ5, I have top pair, a gutshot, and backdoor spades. I check, he pots it which puts me all in. I really feel bad because if he has AJ I’m drawing to just a gutshot, if he has AK I’m in bad shape, he could still have AA and I’m in big trouble. So I tank and actually consider a fold. But I just feel I’m too short stack to fold so I call it off. He has 7743, just a pair of sevens and his own gutshot that I block! Hooray! Turn….SEVEN. NOOO. SO CLOSE TO THE MONEY I GET 5 OUTED, NOOOO. River 6…sigh…good game…wait…that was the 7 of spades and the 6 of spades! I made a flush! Still in it!
Not too much later I get AAxx and raise, get 3-bet, so I jam it in. He also has AA, we end up chopping with our one pair, Aces. I’m still pretty short, I get J943 double suited in the BB, SB min-raises, I defend. Flop JJ4, I check, he pots me all-in, I call , he has AA, I hold and double! Overall I probably have been playing too tight and nursing a short stack but at least I’m getting the chips in ahead when I do get it in.
Even though it’s been a while it always feels that way in tournaments so I have no idea how close to the bubble we are, but now the tournament pauses while they do a count so we know when to go hand-to-hand. We wait quite a bit while they do the count. When they come back it’s a big announcement, we’re already in the money!
I cashed my first bracelet event ever, hell yeah!
Not long after we do dinner break and I’m feeling great since already off to a great start to my WSOP. I run to the hotel to checkin and frantically scramble back, I had plenty of time but didn’t want to risk blinding out my first in-the-money WSOP stack.
After dinner break, I get AKQ4 with suited Ace, raise from BTN and BB calls. Flop is A92ss not my suit. He checks, I bet about half pot, he re-pots me all-in. I’m dead to a set but once again, just started the hand with about 20 BB and feel I might be getting run over so I tank and then call. He has the spade draw, pair of nines, and some backdoor straights. He says to me “that’s all you’re calling with?” when he sees my hand, but he bricks out and I double. Tournament starting stack was 30k and I have now have about 170k which is about 40BB, not bad. I also now have one of those 25k green chips.
A bit later, I’m on the button with A543 suited Ace, I raise and BB is short stack and jams with JJTT. He wins so I lose some chips and blinds keep going up.
A little bit later I get AQJJ with a suited Ace, I raise from UTG, UTG+1 has a big stack and re-pots into many other big stacks. Once again, no idea if I’m supposed to continue with this hand. I make a nitty fold.
There is a new guy at the table who’s been limping almost every hand. He limps HJ and I raise CO with AT97, Ace suited to diamonds. We go heads up to K82dd. He checks, I pot, I have like 2 small chips left which get all in on the turn. He has KTxx, turn is a T giving him two pair and me an open-ender, I still have the Ace, diamond, or straight as outs but river is complete brick and I’m busto for $1200.
There were three lines to start the tournament and now three lines to end it. First I get in line to get my official finishing ticket. I get a little ticket that says my name and place and I’m told I can cash out within the month but I just walk over to do it. This line took quite a bit, I was tired from having played all day so this line tilted me more than the ones to enter. Then at the end of this line, they get my info, ask for a tip, I give them $20, then send me to another line to actually get the money. Finally I get the money and go home and get to sleep.

1500 6-Handed

Next day I wake up, tournament starts at 10AM but I personally am in the “first few tourney levels are overrated” so I register around noon. However, I go to the same cage in Paris, and then get told I have to go to Horseshoe which is a 5 minute walk to the other side of the casino and was confusing to find.
The good news is that the lines were even shorter for this one so once I found the place to register it was very quick to get seated.
My table looks reggy (to the extent you can judge books by its cover) and I thought it was a bad table draw as everyone seemed solid. First hand I get 99 in CO, SB 3-bets me, flop KQ4, he bets I fold. Not as good a start.
But a few hands later I get AA in the BB, one soft spot at the tabe limped early, BTN raised, I squeeze big, they both come along and fold flop so I get some chips. I end up giving those chips back not long after, I get 98ss on the BTN, starts to look like a family pot after an early raise gets 2 flatters plus me, then the small blind squeezes and everyone folds, but huge amount of dead money so I take a flop. Flop is A92 not my suit, opponent small bets which I call, turn is an A, he small bets again and I fold.
This next hand was kind of stupid of me, I raise red 77 from LJ and HJ calls. Flop Q86ccc. I lead flop small he calls. Turn offsuit 5. I lead again with my open ended closer to half pot and he calls. River is a J, I give up, he checks back KQ with no club. I probably wasted chips here against his range and getting too aggro on a monotone board but picking up the open-ender on turn felt like I had to keep going.
I get blinded down a bit more and from my 25k starting I have like 8k which is pretty bad.
I get a table move. New table seems a little better. Lots of dudes are getting massages which is fine, but the guy next to me is wearing gym shorts and has the masseuse rubbing his upper thighs bare which seemed too much to me. The masseuse seemed weirdly into it as well. I don’t have a problem with massages at the table, I never get them myself because I just don’t want it to be a distraction, but I think it should stick to neck, shoulders, and back. The full body rubs are too much. But my annoyance is short-lived as I get AQ in the BB, BTN raises then calls my jam, he has KJs. He flops the flush draw but misses everything and I double.
I recognize Fara Galfond and Brad Owen at the tables next to me which is funny. Brad is chatting up a really pretty girl who happens to be seated next to him and seems more interested in her than the game he’s in.
Somehow I never get anything going in this tournament, mostly card dead, and I’m perpetually short-stacked but fortunately the few hands I do get I double up. I double up with JJ vs KJ not long after the first double up. But I get blinded down yet again. I have about 15BB in the BB and get A9o, SB 3xes, I jam, he has JJ. Flop has two nines though so I suck out! Saves me $1500 need to rebuy.
Not long after I raise Q9o in the SB, flop JT9ccc. I bet he calls. Turn brick. I check, he bets half pot, I call. River 8c, I check, he says “that’s a bad card to bluff” little does he know it’s a super tough spot for me if he jams but he mucks to my straight. Now I have some chips and can play this thing.
I get moved tables yet again. This one was a bunch of guys with European accents. Seemingly every hand was one Euro triple barreling with nothing and another Euro hero calling with very little. Ironically the serious players seemed to have more crazy action then the drunk guys at some of my other tables.
I’m only at this table a tiny bit before I’m moved from Horseshoe to Paris. We had to bag up and follow a guy holding up a big sign like we were 5th graders on a city field trip. My new table has a drunken troll and a guy who’s talking strategy and coaching others quite frequently. The troll did a good job toeing that fine line between being funny and being obnoxious, and even though he needled me a bit it was still more fun then the serious tables.
The other guy who I will call coach was explaining ranges and confidently saying exactly what hands people could and couldn’t have. The funny thing is he ended up in a massive pot where he put 80% of his stack in on an A8442 board then folded river to the all-in showing AQ saying the other guy had to have AK and can’t be bluffing. The other guy bashfully shows AJ. So the guy who had the most coaching to share to the table ended up making arguably the worst play of the night which the troll did plenty of needling for.
The troll was also drinking a lot and saying he was bored and didn’t want to play, but he wasn’t playing that badly, seems like the opposite of the coach in that he was trying to pretend to be worse than he was. That is a funny dynamic of poker where some people want you to think they’re the best player and some people want you to think they’re the worst player.
I’m short stack as usual with 25BB but get AKs clubs, troll 3-bets me , I jam he snaps with ATdd. Flop is KQ7dd. Big sweat hand and even if he hadn’t 3bet me we would be all-in on this flop. But I double up to about 100k chips which is 4x starting for the dinner break.
Dinner break I’m excited because there’s about 420 left and 380 cash so I have excellent shot at going 2/2 ITM at my first 2 bracelet events. I’m elated. However, my luck would soon turn after I got back from dinner. I go mostly card-dead for a bit, then I get A3o in the BTN. I have about 80k chips with a 4k BB so I have 20BB, but both the coach in the SB and the troll in the BB have about 40k for 10BB so I open jam. Unfortunately coach wakes up with 99 and troll even considers calling with A6s which is pretty bad for me that an Ace is dead and the 99 holds.
Now I only have about 10BB. Another orbit and I get K6s in the SB with coach in the BB. I jam, he tanks so for a moment, I think I’m good since any A-high or pair should be snap-calling, until he very seriously announces “all-in”. Everyone laughs because nobody else was even in the hand, he had mistakenly thought the antes were someone’s chips. He has A4s and board bricks out and he wins with Ace high and he says GG.
I bust around 400 with 380 pay, not the stone cold bubble but a little annoying. Like many poker players I feel I run worse than average, have limited run-good, so I feel like I “wasted” the bunch of all-ins I did win in this tournament and now I my run-good meter is low going into the freezeout. Obviously this is totally irrational but just how I feel. Also, the min cash was 2.4k which wouldn’t be a huge swing in the big scheme of my poker year but 2.4k is still 2.4k, but oh well.
I go home and go to sleep, wake up and write this post. Onwards and upwards to the 2.5k freezeout!
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2023.06.07 22:06 OomParoomPa Is job hopping allowed to do in fed gov?

I'm almost reaching to my 1 year mark in fed gov as GS7.
I recently got a job offer from city gov for a position which pays double of what I get as GS7.
Is it okay to move to local gov and then come back to fed?
Or will I be blacklisted for leaving fed after 1 year?
Thanks for any comment.
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2023.06.07 22:06 Steelbeast101 [GM4F] The Twilight War

Heaven and Hell, light and darkness, order and chaos. However you view these two opposing forces one thing is certain, they have always been at war and now that war has spilled over into the realm of mortals. Innumerable warriors from both sides have flooded the mortal plane in an attempt to gain a foothold and harvest resources. Rumor has it both sides are looking for something, a portal that's on the mortal plane that can take someone to either heaven or hell without any restrictions. The arrival of these supernatural forces have had irreparable effects on the mortal plane as it is forcefully terraformed by the essence of the new arrivals. Floating islands and beautiful but deadly landscapes fill much of the land the heavens capture while the hell lands feature burning wastelands and bogs full of mutated creatures. Anything yet untouched by them is left to the surviving mortals for now, ruins of once great cities and fertile farm land turned to husks of their former selves. Then came the Collapse, the event that left the world in a constant state of twilight as the sun is nowhere to be seen.

The world has fallen to war and all the survivors can do is hope to see tomorrow.

Thanks for reading my plot! My name is Matt and I'm a 26 year old male, looking for a longteem 18+ partner to do one of three ideas I have for this rp that I'll have listed down below. I will be playing both a GM role as well as the role of your companion in whatever plot you pick!! I'm not terribly picky on writing style as i can do 1st person and 3rd person and don't really enjoy one over another. Similarly post length isn't a huge issue, just please no one liners but I'm also not expecting novella length responses for everything, a paragraph or two is a good amount to shoot for generally. In the end just use your best judgment for post length. I'm more than happy to have smut if that's what you're looking for, I enjoy it as much as the next person, but I want plot progression too!
The world that was destroyed could have been a modern setting or a fantasy setting, the only real difference being what ruins of the mortals look like and what our characters may have knowledge of. As with irl age all characters must be 18+. Characters can be any species/race you would like! Human, demi-human, furry or anything else that strikes your fancy, only two of my plots actually require character aspects. Speaking of plots:
• We are a pair of mortals who just recently snuck into an angel or demon outpost with a friend of ours having heard their might be an informant there that has information on the location of the portal! Our friend finds the informant and gets the information but in our mad dash to escape he is mortally wounded. With his final breaths he tells us what he found out. It's all just based on rumors but we have a destination so we set out on our journey. (This plot will basically be our characters evading the forces that are now tracking us while also dealing with the environment and other threats on our way to the location we were given. Lots of survival elements! )
• We play as angels. We are both in joint command of a squad of lesser angels, 25 in total. Our job is to establish a new base in one of our newly conquered regions. The generals expect the position to be up and running quickly and for any mortals to be dealt with. There's word that a Hell base is being constructed nearby as well. (This one focuses around the two of us being in charge of upkeep and development of a new base. Choices will have consequences and plenty of moral quandaries will be brought up. Will you enslave mortals like the rest of your kin or will you protect them?)
• We will play devils in this plot, specifically you'll play one of the head Demons of one of the seven circles of hell. Each circle is based on one of the seven deadly sins so your character would be an embodiment of your choice. My character would be your second in command helping to lay issues out in front of you. The big issue at the moment being the ruler of all seven circles is trying to choose one of the seven head Demons to lead the newest assault on the angels and the land of mortals. You must make deals, undermine your enemies and pitch Fantastic plans in order to weed out your competitors and come out as the leader of this assault. (Obviously this is a very political themed roleplay, making deals with other lords and ladies of hell to come out on top!)
•The only character requirements I have for the two supernatural plots are a feature that gives away what you are. Be it a halo for angels, horns for Demons, wings, strange scales whatever you want as long as it's a dead giveaway to what you are. No godmodding over overpowered characters either. You can have powers but have a weakness or limit, op characters ruin the risk and fun of the plots.
If you're interested please feel free to dm me! My kink list is on my profile if you want to take a look before hand. Sorry for any slow replies to your dms, I'm at work for the next couple hours but I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks again for reading and have a fantastic day!
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2023.06.07 22:06 Standard-Tale-3725 Me [25F] with mom [57F], advice appreciated

Apologies for the length. My dad died when I was about 11 or 12 so ever since, I was raised by my mom. From my understanding, we lived off of a combination of his residual savings and social security payments. My mom sent me to private school at a young age where I got scholarships and we still used the savings to live off of. This continued on into funding my college education (once the savings ran out, I took out a student loan). After graduating, I now work in a highly paid field, but I have been miserable/numb for a long time even though I know I should be grateful for all my blessings.
I have always had a stormy relationship with my mom. There have been a lot of long hours of shouting and arguing. When I was younger, she used to hit or kick me either with her hands or a kitchen utensil but as I got older, it graduated more to verbal barbs and shaming. I always felt like I grew up feeling scared and walking on eggshells where my main priority was trying not to make my mom angry. I often have felt conflicted about her behavior where I have been scared of her, but also acknowledging she has done a lot for me by feeding, clothing, and watching out for me as I grew up. I think there have been some issues with boundaries in the past (i.e. she has driven up to my university when I was a student to shout at me for taking a day trip with a friend, she came to my condo without letting me know while I was traveling and got really upset about that), but I think these may be just some growing pains in the relationship as I become an independent adult asserting more boundaries.
My mom hasn’t worked since before I was born, so growing up, I knew it would be important to choose the right field of study. I chose a field of study based on its many highly paid employment opportunities; however, I’ve never been happy doing it. Nevertheless, I got through college and by all appearances, am a successful young professional on a good career trajectory. To be honest though, I’ve never felt more empty. Again, even though I feel like I should be more grateful, I feel like every day I wake up just waiting to die. Everything is pretty gray and flat to me and even though there are things that bring temporary enjoyment, they honestly just feel like minor distractions for me to look away from this gaping void and nothingness that is deeply entrenched in my life.
With my income, I give money to my mom to help out with bills, car insurance, house fixes, taxes, etc. I kept record and in 2022, I gave her about $29,000 USD. So far in 2023, I have given her $6,500 USD. Essentially, with my high income, I am the main financial support for both myself and her. I think some of these numbers are very off given that I live in a very HCOL area and my numbers for rent and utility for 2022 were about $17,500 USD.
I recently got the choice to move to Europe for an educational opportunity on a full scholarship for 3 years. Unfortunately, taking this opportunity would mean I could no longer work at my job and therefore, no longer act as the main financial provider. A part of me (the gut part of me) feels strongly that I should take this offer because of my interest in both changing careers to at least something different and my interest in Europe as a possible home. I’m not sure how to explain it, but saying yes to this choice feels like it would address a part of me that I have long neglected. The other part of me feels guilty because I would be failing in my filial duty and responsibility. There is no option to defer this opportunity for a year. I talked with my mom about this option.
At first, she was supportive of my decision; however, she has said that she’s come up with a new solution that involves me going back to live with her for a year to save money and exploring other options to settle in Europe. She says that she is scared of living alone in the house and having me home would be really helpful to her. She understands that we’ve had our conflicts in the past and that she’d be willing to draw up a roommate agreement.
Ultimately, it seems I have 3 options of either: A) taking the opportunity in Europe to choose myself, B) not taking the opportunity and keeping my job in order to be responsible, or C) going back to live with my mom and trying again for this or other opportunities in Europe after saving/being responsible for a year.
TL;DR I feel conflicted over the relationship I have with my mother (further made complex by her financial dependence on me) and I want to take this opportunity I’ve received to go to Europe, but I am worried and guilty about being selfish and making a financially irresponsible decision since I am the main financial provider. Thanks for any input and advice
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2023.06.07 22:06 Cooked_Cantelope Medic is Weaker but still works

I've found that the 501 grenade rifles doubled healing really let's you still face tank. Add a kaboom stick if you're solo or carrying (hemogoblin if on a team and you want to heal more). You'll be able to kill anything and even in a corner it won't matter since between the gas ticks and a damage buffed kaboomstick you'll be able to kill anything efficiently. Normal grenades do the job for anything beneath husk level damage, but above that you definitely need the 501 nades to outheal the beating you might find yourself taking.
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2023.06.07 22:05 offbrandcheerio Is it okay to reapply to an employer where I previously rejected an offer?

The gist of the situation for me is this: last fall I completed multiple rounds of interviews for a job at a company out of state, including the last round of interviews which involved the company flying me out to their offices for an interview. After weighing several complex factors, I decided to decline the job and stay with my current employer.
A similar job is open at the company again, and I'm now in a better position to take a job out of state. I am interested in applying for this job. I know I really vibed really well with the hiring team during the interviews, and obviously they liked me enough to offer me a job last fall. But I realize their opinions of me may have changed after I declined the offer.
Would it be wise to apply with this company again, or did declining their past offer ruin my chances of ever working with them? Would it be worthwhile to email the HR rep I corresponded with in the past to see what they think before I actually apply?
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2023.06.07 22:05 Etherseven I lost my Job and my Partner Has Made It All About Him

Hi all, i'm having a bit of a dilemma right now. I (35M) have been with my boyfriend(45M) for about 7 years now. We typically get on great and I love him very much, but recent events have called a lot of things into question for me. You see the last few years have been extremely hard. I guess that goes for everyone really all things considered. So a few days ago I lost my shitty job. I had sort of already been on thin ice and a careless mistake sealed the deal. It was very difficult to take in but I ultimately was already actively planning on leaving in the very near future anyway. When I broke the news to my BF, he was not happy. He had recently planned a vacation and right before I get fired which seems to really anger him. Not because my lousy bosses did me dirty after me giving the job my all to the point of several mental breakdowns partially stemming from the job, but more because it meant I might be around more often than he likes. It was honestly really hurtful. I was at one of my lowest points and just really needed someone to be in my corner and was instead met with anger, coldness, and silence and 0 support in any way. The reason it really hurts is because in 2016 he had gotten fired in a very shady way and it devastated him. I worked really hard during that time to be the best support system I could possibly be. I tried to help him in any way and make sure his life was as stress free and full of love and support. My BF was not the best version of himself during that time. He was very depressed, irritable and frankly pretty mean for several months. I took it all because I knew he was dealing with a lot and remained a shoulder to cry on, a sounding board, a venting mechanism, and so much more. To be honest I do still feel proud of myself for being as supportive as I was because he ended up coming out of that nightmare in a much better state than he arrived. Most of that was his own self motivation but I do think I helped him not fall further into depression. I had expected similar when I go through something traumatic like getting fired but instead my current situation is looked at like a burden and he has made what i'm going through all about him. I don't have many friends and my family connections are almost non existent at this point so my biggest support system is my partner and as usual he's not really there when I need him. It has been this way in the past as well. I guess I thought this particular instance would be different because I know he knows how this all feels but yet again I find myself totally alone dealing with my struggles despite have a partner who is supposed to be there for me.

TL;DR - My boyfriend has offered 0 support after getting fired despite me doing so for him when he got fired
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2023.06.07 22:05 gardenshow i’m (24f) starting to not get attracted to my bf (27m) because of his intentional muscle gain, what do i do????

i might get hate for this but idk i really need advice
i’ve known my bf for about 3 years now (not all of which we were dating), he’s very sweet and i love him !!! he’s a great person with a good head on his shoulders.
but in the time that i’ve known him this body has changed greatly. he’s gained a lot of muscle mass and weight and he’s been working out a lot. while his body looks fine, it really has changed the way his face looks.
i used to think he was soooo cute when his body was lean and toned and his face was really slim. now it’s changed and im sadly not as physically attracted to him as i used to be.
some backstory: we used to see each other and then broke it off and in that time period my friends would always tell me “he doesn’t look cute anymore he gained weight” as a way to kinda make me feel better about myself……… so obviously i still have those thoughts in my head of what people think of him.
i have body dysmorphic disorder and i’ve done a pretty good job of not having my mental illness negatively affect the people around me. but recently i’ve been feeling like my partner is a reflection of me and if people/i don’t think my partners attractive then im not attractive.
should i bring it up ??? i’m not sure how/ if it’s even appropriate to bring it up - as someone with BDD i’m super conscious of mentioning peoples appearance to them. but also i really can’t help that i’m starting to not get attracted to him and it’s freaking me out because i love him and i want to love him the most i can!! please help😭
tldr: my bf has been hitting the gym and it’s changing his body and weight and i’m starting to not be attracted to him anymore, what do i do?
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2023.06.07 22:05 Admirable_Eagle_5060 Workday: What does "in progress" mean ?

Hello! This is my first time posting here on reddit for a question in regards to Workday. I applied to a major company around 12 days ago for a job position on their portal. As soon as the application was submitted in, it was placed as "under consideration." However, sometime later it changed the application to "in progress."
The application up until today still shows "in progress."
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2023.06.07 22:05 7barbieringz I'm thinking about quitting my 9-5 office job to go back to part time jobs

So some back story. I'm 27f graduated college 2 yrs ago and still live with my mom.
I recently got a job making $45k and year working 40hrs a week 8:30am to 5:30pm.
This job is not worth it at all. I used to work at Amazon 3days a week 12hr shifts. And that sucked but I think working 5days sucks more. Plus at the new job I'm only making $200 more a month than I was at Amazon. Just 40hrs a week (plus commute and everything) for less than $3k a month isn't worth it at all. With this pay I still can't even afford my own place. So I'm working all the time, I'm miserable, and I'm not even making enough to actually progress in life. Wtf.
With this job I have no freaking time to myself at all. I haven't been eating or sleeping due to the anxiety of never having me time and just the job in general. It's customer service, which the job application title was very misleading. I had no idea I'd be answering phones.
I just literally can't do this.
I just don't want my mom to think I'm a loser for quitting a "good job" to go back to part time.
We have one more year on the lease and my plan was to work part time, and start a YouTube channel or TikTok or something for extra money. Every single person that's started on one of those platforms says it was the best choice the ever made.
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2023.06.07 22:05 Saehlp biggest mistake of my life.

Hey :') I'm so sorry for how long this rant is..
I'm (19 F) undiagnosed and come from an Arab household that doesn't believe in adhd. Right now I'm a sophomore studying abroad, so basically i have so many administrative duties i need to deal with but, as you can imagine, i struggle SO much with that..
Long story short, i think i effed up so bad this time. so much that i think there's no way to fix it, there's no way around it.
Among all the small and big fck ups I've had these years (losing my phone for good, nearly forgetting my luggage at the airport, nearly forgetting my backpack with my laptop and important documents (like my passport...) in a bus, still not having a health insurance card, or a part time job...), I'm scared this one will have irreversible consequences.
Basically, I didn't follow through my request for the APL (Personalized Housing Assistance) until the end... so now, at the end of my school year, there's no way for me to touch the APL I could've had for the whole year. Technically, this sucks big time. But i wouldn't be this scared if that was it.
I'll explain more on later, but I'd like to mention i have a really complicated relationship with my father. Long story short, my parents have been divorced for a decade, he's been emotionally abusing & financially (100%) neglecting me and my brothers since forever, but i have had to fake being oblivious and liking him since a kid because we desperately need his financial support (AND there's more to that).
Anyway, last year, i was having the worst emotional breakdowns every few weeks and such intense depressive episodes because, among other things, i had no financial security and my dad wouldn't pay for my rent. My mom had to take care of it for me, on top of sending me my alimony (which btw he's the one supposed to take care of), but i know she struggles to make ends meet and we're already so I've always felt sickly bad and responsible for adding that burden on her (i still do).
This year, the court finally ruled for him to send us each our alimony (tho i can only keep half of it but i don't mind.) AND, he's been paying my rent nearly every month. (Thanks to my older brother having a talk w him)
But, because of me & the awful ways with which i deal w life because of my untreated ADHD, i might lose his support forever.
Basically... i don't (& certainly won't) touch the APL this year, but I'm supposed to send that money to my dad anyway. This entire year, i tried several times to get that done, but there was always something else in the way, like not having all the requested documents for the APL, such as not receiving my "residence card student" until February (and the delay of 5 months to get that was ENTIRELY their fault).
I'll have to explain why to my dad, no later than next week, and I'm genuinely terrified of his reaction (i know he's gonna be so angry) and the (very?) plausible probability of him financially abandoning me and my lil brother.
If he does, I'm so dead, i will have horribly screwed things up w my mom, my older brother will too lose all respect he has left for me, and I've imagined all the possible outcomes: i see no way to fix this.
i know I'm only 19, it's not the end of the world, maybe things will get better with time, but i see no way out of this. nothing could repair my already complicated bond with my mom, and i will never be able to forgive myself.
so.. honestly, I'm not asking you to try and console me, i know i could've prevented all of this from happening. I just..would like to know, how do you deal with the grief and anger that comes with the f ups you make? how do you forgive yourself? and move on knowing everything would've been better IF ONLY you hadn't or had done such & such?
idk :((
I'm trying to be as concise as possible but i know i suck at that and English isn't my first language so I'm sorry if some things don't add up or if I'm just rambling :') Thank you so much to anyone who has read all of this <3
tldr: I'm 19, study abroad & heavily financially depend on my dad. But i messed up so bad while dealing with administrative tasks, and I'm scared of his reaction and that he might financially abandon me, and i see no way to fix my mistake. I'm so, so scared
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2023.06.07 22:04 31tnary I managed to manifest a job but I need some advice..

Finally after a long time I was able to manifest a job and be accepted by the company in a completely unexpected way but I am a person who is afraid of not being able to do the work I am going to do.
How can I manifest a work environment or the work itself to help me overcome this mental obstacle?
I don't know what else to do do you have any suggestions?
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2023.06.07 22:04 Massive-Pea4946 How do I (f28) end things with him (m28) without reversing the progress he has made to get into therapy and a new job?

We have been together for about 18months and have been through a lot as a couple. We were infatuated in the beginning and he still seems so, but I am not, and I don’t see this as my future. He is convinced we’re going to get married and have a family and be together forever but the more time that passes, the more I see our incompatibilities.
He has had an exceptionally hard upbringing and life, in our time together he lost both parents suddenly and has been embroiled in stressful legal battles with some other stuff. He has been a good partner at times, but other times he has frequently been disrespectful and rude and downright nasty, as well as dragging us both into debt. He takes his anger and insecurities out on me.
It has taken until two months ago for him to finally seek help for his mental health. He also is starting a new job. I am seeing small improvements but the relationship isn’t salvageable to me. How do I handle this with tact?
We live with my family due to money struggles and he doesn’t have family near. I don’t want to do any damage because I do care for him and wish him the best. I don’t want to be responsible for ruining his finally getting help.
Any advice is very much welcomed
TLDR: my relationship isn’t right for me but I dont know how to end things without sending my partner into a mental health crisis
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2023.06.07 22:04 airborne2013 Not the life I expected

After high school I went to college and hated it. I wasn’t social and the classes were boring. I left after one semester. I spent the next 5 years working odd jobs and moving around never making enough to save money. I met someone who did something similar and saw where they were at in life and decided I should go back to college.
Going back to college at 23 was so much fun I met so many great people and got a degree in something I enjoy.
The irony is that I got a degree in economics and now understand that the supply of economics graduates exceeds the demand.
Now that college is over I’m 60k in debt and I can’t find a fulfilling job to save my life. I have gone from one soul sucking job to the next. Where I’m making someone else more money than I’m being paid. Where my every minute is counted. With prices too high and my income too low.
I hate my situation so much that I cannot even find happiness in things that used to make me happy. I see no way of fixing my situation.
I am now 32. No car, no job, no house, no savings, in a relationship I struggle with every day, no motivation and almost no more hope that things will get better.
My only hope that I cling to is another educational opportunity that could change my life. I was accepted into a very limited school to help me become an airline pilot. A major fear is that the program will cost me 100k of money that I do not have. I will be taking out even more loans.
I hate my life and wish I had a do over.
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2023.06.07 22:04 AutoModerator [GET] Adam Enfroy – Blog Growth Engine 4.0

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Imagine building your very own business that pays you every single month, and watching your income grow exponentially over the next year.
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2023.06.07 22:04 unwavering_stillness To those who want (or wanted) to convert for their INC partner:

I've been seeing a lot of these posts, and so I thought I'd post something for you to reflect on.
Here's what it's like if you convert.
You have to attend INC worship service twice a week (1 houWS). If it's a small locale where everyone knows each other, there's a chance you'll be asked to hold an office which would require more hours of your week (1-8 hours, depending on your office). And if you want children with your partner, your kids will also be asked to join the choir, become a Binhi officer etc., and those offices also require a lot of time from them.
Us humans live for about an average of 85 years. Every week, we have 168 hours, and we dedicate 40 of those hours to work/school and 56 hours to sleep. That gives us more or less 72 hours to ourselves for the rest of the week.
Let's also factor in how commuting can be quite stressful. Sometimes, if you're unlucky, it can take about 3 hours to go to your school/workplace. And some jobs demand OT. By the time you get home, you are probably tired and cranky. You need sleep. Instead, you might end up endlessly scrolling on your phone in order to decompress. That's more lost time.
We only get to have less than 43% of our week to do things for ourselves. And we live such short, fragile lives. If you add INC time to all that, you'll practically have no time for the hobbies and skills you've been hoping to improve.
Is this the future you want for yourself and your future kids?
If that's not enough to make you really reconsider converting, let me tell you my story as well.
I grew up in the church. I was an active choir member and eventually, a PNK officer. I was studying in a competitive school that demanded a lot out of me, but I missed out on opportunities to study (and to relax after studying, which is also very important) because I had to attend rehearsals and do visitations.
I wanted to be a scientist -- specifically, a biologist. I wanted to excel and be able to study in Cambridge. Instead, I ended up with depression and a loss of motivation by the time I was in uni, because time was stolen from me. Time is precious and I can't have those years back. Because of all the drama of dealing with and eventually leaving the cult, I've lost the opportunity to fulfil my ambition.
You may think that it'll be alright. Maybe you don't have a lot of ambitions, or maybe you're agnostic so you think INCult won't affect your life at all. But it's not as simple as that. Even if you're not aiming to be the next Einstein or Beethoven, you deserve to enjoy the time you have on this planet. You deserve to make the most out of it.
You deserve to have the time to bake with your partner and/or children. You deserve to have them feel comfortable telling you about their lives and dreams, because they're not constantly under pressure to do free labor for a cult. You deserve to rest.
So please, think about this real hard. Your time, happiness, and freedom must be your first priority. If your partner disagrees, that's alright. You will find someone new, someone whose values will be more aligned with yours. Someone who you may actually get to have a lot of good times with, because when you're not in a cult, your time is yours.
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2023.06.07 22:04 Stayzz “Stolen time”

So … i’ve been with Walmart just barely over a year became a team lead it within six months so I’m currently a team lead.
I was just called into AP office to give a statement on one (& the only) incident where I adjusted my time from 6:56 AM to 6:05 AM day before inventory. I was running late and marked it as a punch. Correction, I already know I should know better, but I had no idea how to call in for being tardy, and I know I didn’t have any PPTO to cover it. I only know how to call in for being sick when I do have PPTO. Regardless, I’m terrified I’m about to be fired. In my statement, I did say I didn’t recall the exact reason that day for the adjustment other than I was not able to figure out how to call in tardy.
Also, my store is notorious for being bullies and favoritism from upper management. I feel like I am unseen, unheard 99% of the time and I actually hate this job but it pays so well that I can’t find anything to replace it.
So do you think I’m gonna be fired or no?
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2023.06.07 22:03 offbrandcheerio Is it okay to reapply to an employer where you previously declined a job offer?

The gist of the situation for me is this: last fall I completed multiple rounds of interviews for a job at a company out of state, including the last round of interviews which involved the company flying me out to their offices for an interview. After weighing several complex factors, I declined the job.
A similar job is open at the company again, and I'm now in a better position to take a job out of state. I am interested in applying for this job. I know I really vibed really well with the hiring team during the interviews, and obviously they liked me enough to offer me a job last fall. But I realize their opinions of me may have changed after I declined the offer.
Would it be wise to apply with this company again, or did declining their past offer ruin my chances of ever working with them? Would it be worthwhile to email the HR rep I corresponded with in the past to see what they think before I actually apply?
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2023.06.07 22:03 LaurenBaldwinsOF GQ predicting Han’s return in 2017

GQ predicting Han’s return in 2017 submitted by LaurenBaldwinsOF to fastandfurious [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 22:03 mythrowaway0852 Lost my job recently, should I sell my newly bought car?

I lost my job recently due to the layoffs in the tech industry, and I took a loan to buy a used German luxury brand SUV for 31k (includes 3rd party warranty ~$3k) a few months ago. The monthly payment is $638 and insurance is about $220. I just graduated college last December so I virtually have no savings and on top of this, I have student loans and about $5k in other debts as well. I can no longer afford the apartment I'm living in so I'm planning to move to the rural midwest (my college town). My question is should I sell the car or just skip the monthly payments until I find a job? The quotes I got from Carvana and Carmax are about $26k, and I can cancel the warranty as well. So that would leave me with around ~$1-2k in negative equity. I'm not hopeful about the job market, will probably end up joining a PhD program (I'm an international student and I will have to leave the country if I don't find a job in 90 days) I guess I have no other option other than to sell the car.
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