Shooting in picacho hills

[S/T] [USA-FL] 2 Nikon Lenses + grab bag of old lenses

2023.06.07 21:05 Bonzographer [S/T] [USA-FL] 2 Nikon Lenses + grab bag of old lenses

Paypal G&S and all prices are shipped.
Sigma DG 28-70 f/2.8 EX lens in Nikon F mount - very good condition inside and out. Constant 2.8 lens with full-frame coverage. AF is perfect but this lens requires that the body have an AF motor. This is the equivalent of a Nikon G series lens. Includes front and rear lens caps + lens hood shown in timestamp. $265 shipped.
Nikon 85mm f/1.8D - Excellent condition aside from some internal dust/debris. I just took photos at min aperture f/16 and none of it is visible in photos against a blue sky. But I'm still pricing to take the internals into account. Aperture indents very solid, AF is smooth and silent. Comes with rear lens cap and since I don't have a front lens cap, I'll throw an old filter on it for protection during shipping. $165 shipped.
Lens grab bag - All of these lenses have varying amounts of internal/external haze, dust, maybe even a fungus or two. If you want to practice disassembling lenses, this bag is for you. Ships in brown canvas bag shown in timestamp. Very much "ugly" rating and as-is/broken/for parts/etc. Will not split. $30 (to cover shipping and PP fees)
Lenses: Haminex OM mount 28-80 f/3.5
Vivitar K/AR mount 28 f/2.8
Sears MD mount 28-70 f/3.5-4.5 & 70-210 f/4-5.6

Trades: Nikon 20mm, 24mm, or 35mm (ais or D)
Nikon AF-I or AF-S 2x teleconverter
Other Nikon D glass, perhaps? Shoot me a PM.
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2023.06.07 21:03 CarleeS7 August Apartment Rental / Possible Roommate

Hi everyone! I (26f) will be moving to Raleigh at the end of July and I'm looking to start a lease on 8/1. I'm moving from PA and kind of looking for a needle in a haystack when it comes to an apartment but I believe I can find it with some help!
I'm looking to move to Downtown Raleigh or the North Hills area and rent from someone local versus a big company but it's been hard to find places when I can't drive around and look for "for rent" signs. I do have a cat as well as an 11-year-old pitbull mix (registered ESA). Because my dog is older he struggles with stairs so I'd like to avoid having them if possible. I'd also love to have laundry in my apartment. Other than that I really don't need a lot of space and I'm pretty low maintenance. I am open to a roommate of any gender if it is a 2b2b apartment and they are okay with the animals but do not have their own.
My goal is to stay around $1,000/mo without utilities included or $1,500/mo with utilities. I know that's below the average rent but I'm sure there are places out there. I can provide rental history, have a good credit score, and do have a co-signer if necessary. Thanks in advance for the help!
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2023.06.07 21:02 QueenCordelia111 I (26F) finally told him (28M) I liked him back, and he never responded. Am I’m overthinking it?

We started flirting after he messaged me saying he always found me attractive for years (he's one of my brothers old friends) and was "shooting his shot". We live in different states at the moment and originally he said if I was closer he would love to take me out. He said he thought we had tons in common after we talked and I thought so too.
A month and a half went by of radio silence (besides the fact he would look at my Instagram stories) and I decided to message him first - and see where his head was at as I started thinking a bit more about him. He seemed rather ecstatic, like "QueenCordelia it's sure an incredibly pleasant surprise to hear from you!" and we chatted a bit and finally in the context of our conversation, he said how he has a big crush on me. Me being flirty back, I wrote "well I maybe have a crush on you too."
Radio silence for hours after that. I figured he was “busy" as he said he was at the end of his late night work shift. Makes sense. When I checked to see if he texted me though for the final time, I see he put his phone on do not disturb, and obviously he had got off work, and went to bed. Now it’s the afternoon, I’m off from work myself soon and he still never texted me. I know his general schedule and he is working right now, too.
I feel like a fool for ever admitting how I felt. Put it this way, I’m not going out of my way to text him again.
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2023.06.07 21:01 tawest2020 What is the wildest part of this Topster? My taste is kind of everywhere.

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2023.06.07 21:01 LuxAeternum_D2 Lux, Aeternum is looking for new and old guardians to jump into Lightfall, season 20 and beyond! [PC][PS][XBOX]

-Who we Are-
Lux Aeternum is a community-oriented and beginner friendly clan based in EU, primarily GMT+0-3. At Lux Aeternum we aim to create an environment that you can call home, and a place where you can shoot the breeze with likeminded guardians about anything and everything; not just Destiny. Obviously, our main focus is around Destiny and we pride ourselves on being some of the most consistent and best players around tackling any and all content. But, if you’re looking for a community that’s light-hearted and happy to show you the ropes then we’d love to have you.
We’re looking to dive into Lightfall and all of it’s new content, including Root of Nightmares and we’re eager to bring along some new faces to experience the game with.
On top of this, we offer:
- Weekly raid sign-ups led by a designated raid leader, in which you can complete end-game content in a dedicated and organised way
- Game nights, where we relax and play other games (mostly party games)
- A friendly and responsive community where there are no wrong answers, meaning both new and returning players are welcome. There are no join requirements for Lux Aeternum, we only ask that you join our Discord, as this is where we have most of our clan-related discussion and general chatter. Your experience with Destiny is also irrelevant, you’re a perfect fit for us no matter your standing with the game.
If you’re interested, you can reply to this post or shoot us a private message with your discord tag, and we can go from there
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2023.06.07 21:01 zoochadookdook How to incorporate my dog into logo/where to hire freelance designer for brand identity logo(s)

How to incorporate my dog into logo/where to hire freelance designer for brand identity logo(s)
Hi all!
I’m running my startup and trying to get a brand identity established/build it better from the ground up. I have a few weeks to work it full time so I figured starting with a new logo/logos for stickers/merch and defining a brand identity would be a good start.
Our website is and is logistically a mess and that will be redone to mimic a popular bbq spot - but first the logo.
Currently we have this which is unreadable/limited/shaded/not a vector.
We are looking to hire a designer that cares about the brand story and can help with capturing that in a logo/content.
I wanted to include our dog (@Supanovanoodles on ig) somehow in the design(s) and would love any input on that as well.
Any tips on where to look for designers? Fivver has been a crap shoot and upwork I’m vetting people now
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2023.06.07 21:01 Trash_Tia Camp Redwood is running out of counselors! These children ARE NOT CHILDREN. Update: So, you're telling me it's NOT 2018?

Welcome to Camp Redwood!
Are you ready to fight to the death with age regressed forty year olds with the faces of adorable little kids?
How about coming to terms with your entire life, or at least five years of it, being one big fucking lie?
We are so excited to announce our 2018 group! Where you will undoubtedly FIND yourself here. Your true self.
The self you did not know existed.
SO, jump in that military bunker, grab that blunt object to fight against our little campers disembowelling our counselors, and get yourself down to CAMP REDWOOD. WHERE WE START EVERY DAY WITH A CAMP REDWOOD SMILE.
Apply now!
Application end date: 05/02/2018.

It’s been a tough few days.
So, I think I will be posting this update in two chunks so I can get everything down and clear my head. I am alone right now.
Yes. I am the last survivor of Camp Redwood 2023 (?). I’ve been unsure how to start this and end this because I really just want to get into the meat of what has been going on.
But… I must ask. I have to.
What year is it?
That doesn't matter right now. I'll continue where I left off.
Teddy did leave us alone in the end. But his screams were still haunting me hours after the thing with his voice had left. I don’t even think I could call it his voice.
It sounded like him but there were pieces of him missing. Like someone had reached into the boy’s mind and pulled out the skeleton of his consciousness, the bare bones of his being—and cruelly stuffed him into a metal shell.
That is what Teddy sounded like.
He sounded like a wounded animal, confused why he was alive. Terrified. I now know what he is the product of. Teddy is a victim of horrifying, unethical experiments our campers have been forcing on kidnapped counselors after taking over the camp. Have you ever heard of the sound of crying which isn’t human?
That is Teddy. He is the product of forcing life into the dead, and leaving it to suffer with its consciousness. Which, in my opinion, is a fate far worse than death.
You’re probably wondering where my two companions are.
Well, that is why I am writing this.
I want to tell you what happened so I can wrap my head around it myself, and choose between killing all of us and sending these psychopaths to hell, or coming to terms with our truth and fighting back. Well, it’s their truth. I wouldn’t say it’s mine. It took us three whole days to get the guts to risk leaving Allison’s secret bunker inside her cabin, and attempting to find a way out of this hell-hole. Harry and I were the ones to do it, leaving a still-not-completely-himself Rowan to guard our safehouse. I didn’t want to leave him alone for a multitude of reasons but due to Harry actually having a soul and a semblance of empathy, I was overruled.
Despite being heavily under the influence of age-regressing animal crackers which had mentally turned him into a toddler, Rowan was still himself to a degree. Which meant he was back to being our leader. I was sceptical at first, because no matter how many times he insisted he was in fact okay, I couldn’t seem to shake off the feeling that the childish parts of him, the warped parts of his mind which had turned him into a child, were still there.
Even if they were very subtle. I caught him doodling on his clipboard, and much later on, singing to himself with an odd smile on his face he had successfully gaslit Harry and I into believing it was just a coping mechanism. Say what you want about Rowan Atlas, he is damn good at swaying your opinion. Even when we were 100% sure Rowan was not his original self, the guy we had both met at the start of camp.
It was almost like him having two minds. The mind of a child, and the mind of a teenager.
For example, he still ordered us around and attempted to take back his role of leader— which had at least secured some normality back into our lives. But he also hated loud noises, and freaked out every time one of the littles tried to get in. There was also the incident we had agreed not to talk about, because talking about it meant facing the fact that our friend was no longer himself.
It was a hours after Teddy left us in peace. Harry was sleeping, and I was on the cusp of slumber, slipping through more files. Rowan had been oddly quiet. Which wasn’t a Rowan thing. Whether he was mentally a child or a teenager, he was still being loud and obnoxious. I sat up to find him cross-legged, playing with something.
I thought it was a worm at first, but no. It was exactly like what I found at the start of this, an eye attached to a nerve. But this time it was undoubtedly human, and now Rowan’s plaything. When I questioned him, he said he was “studying” it. Though there was definitely a difference between studying something and playing with it. The scary thing was, he saw no wrong in it, holding it in his hands and stripping off the metallic pieces cruelly attached to it.
In the end, I took it from him and stamped on it. Rowan didn’t have the reaction I was expecting. Because he was still hiding behind the façade that his mind hadn’t been warped by de-aging animal crackers.
If that wasn’t bad enough, Eleanor Summers had given me a 24 hour deadline to hand over the boys, and we were well over the limit so an ambush was likely imminent.
I still had so many questions. Why were Rowan, Harry and Carmel so important while the rest of us were seen as nothing but spare parts?
That is what the little bitch said. Now physically eleven years old with the mind of a deranged forty year old scientist, Eleanor told me I was nothing to them but spare parts. God, it’s so weird calling her what she is after looking after her kid self, her fake self, for weeks.
Little Eleanor with her golden pigtails and obsession with teddy bear picnics was in fact a complete fucking sociopath. That much of one in fact, that her and her equally psychotic colleagues who engaged in these experiments had been regressed into little kids inside a rehabilitation camp (Nicknamed: Project Spearhead) which was supposed to fix them and had failed spectacularly. Because they’ve taken over. And this time? We’re the fucking lab rats.
The counselors here at Redwood.
I had seen her adult self being interviewed by mysterious Agent Lemrac, a face behind Project Spearhead, the girl who was far too young to be an agent, and have that kind of authority. Also, someone with a soul—who had a clear biased opinion against the experiments.
Part of me wondered if Lemrac still existed. Maybe she was behind the odd phone calls we kept receiving on an old fashioned rotary phone. With Eleanor’s deadline in mind, the two of us made our journey quick. It wasn’t hard to leave the camp itself. There were guards in the form of Callen and Olive, brainwashed and turned into the kid’s muscle, but they were easy enough to get past as long as we distracted them with something shiny.
They were mentally six-years-old so literally anything grabbed their attention.
I quickly realized my mistake once we managed to escape the camp—Harry in front of me, with me lagging behind. We moved slowly, ducking behind trees and throwing ourselves into the dirt. Very cloak and dagger. It didn’t take us long to slip into the woods. Just past the lake were the exit gates to Redwood which led to a road.
Not exactly civilisation, but I would take it over having my body taken apart for “parts” in these so-called experiments.
When we got to the gate, however, I realized I had given the adults too much fucking credit.
Whoever was in charge of Spearhead clearly did not care about lingering survivors, as long as they were successfully cutting us out from the outside world. And that’s what the giant wall I found myself staring at was, an impossible foot monster towering over us and cementing my earlier thoughts. We were screwed. The woman on the phone had made it clear we were being abandoned, and yet some of me naively held onto them maybe still rescuing us.
“Fuck.” I didn’t know what to do, but kicking the damn thing felt like the right thing. I did, and then regretted it half a second later.
This thing was impenetrable. Impossible to climb unless we had a fucking death-wish.
Blinking at it through fraying sunlight blinding me, the thing almost resembled a mirage. It stood under the sun, a giant roadblock completely blocking us from any form of help.
The sun wasn’t helping, scorching through my shirt. I swiped at my sweaty forehead, unable to resist a frustrated scream I had to muffle-gag with my hand. I risked a look behind us. Thankfully, we were around ten minutes away from the main camp. The lake was nearby glittering under a late afternoon sun, and all I wanted to right then was to wade into the shallows and let the murky water swallow me up. The little shits couldn’t swim, maybe I’d be safe.
“This is bad.” Harry Carlisle broke the silence after my frustrated cry. With his eyes glued to the wall, he took off his hat and ran a hand through dark brown curls which were catching the light of the sun, setting strands alight across his forehead. None of us were in great shape after spending days hunkered down in a secret bunker. Harry was no exception.
His short sleeved camp Redwood shirt was still covered with vomit, discoloured with days’ worth of sweat stains and lack of showers.
He bent over, grasping hold of his knees. “What do we do?” I could tell by the tone of his voice he was freaking out, and I didn’t blame him. But Harry was still on my mind.
His signature was undoubtedly all over every Project Spearhead file, despite him repeatedly insisting he had nothing to do with it. At that moment, I could almost believe him. The boy looked exhausted and frustrated, pained.
He surprised me by slipping to his knees and burying his head in the dirt and screaming into rough soil. I was struck, then, by the sudden memory of flames. I had been sitting around campfires for weeks at Redwood, but this one didn’t feel like it took place at camp.
Instead, it felt more personal. I could almost see it, flickering orange sparking at the backs of my eyes and the sour taste of beer in my throat. Like the memory was trying to push itself to the surface. This moment felt nostalgic and yet close—as if it had happened yesterday. Like both the past and present had entangled in one.
If I concentrated I swore I could hear the murmur of voices, phantom laughter in my head and a cool night breeze grazing my cheeks.
“Earth to Josie?”
I snapped out of it quickly. “You’re asking me?” I kicked the dirt again. “I thought Rowan was our camp leader.”
Harry lifted his head after a moment, his eyes flicking to me. “You know he can’t make rash decisions right now.”
“Exactly.” I said. “We both know he’s not back to his normal self. He’s both right now. A little kid, and a teenager.” I shuddered. “I’m sorry, did I forget to mention our so-called head counsellor was playing with a human eye like a fucking cat?”
“Well, why aren’t you taking it seriously?”
Harry’s gaze skated the horizon, cotton candy colored clouds blurring into twilight. “Becauuuse the sun is going to your head.”
I could practically hear his eyes rolling. Rowan took three strides towards the wall and pressed his face into rough brick. “So, this is it, right?” He muffled into rough cement. “We are really going to die at fucking summer camp.”
“I’m going to die,” I corrected him. “They want you two and Carmel because apparently you’re special.”
Harry made a scoffing noise into the wall. I was starting to think he was setting up camp there, planning to tell all of his grievances to the cement. “Oh yeah, because that’s a good thing? You’ve seen—no—heard what they’ve done to Teddy and the others, and you think them wanting us for something else is special?” his voice broke a little. “I’d rather have your fate.”
The boy’s words made me realize how little I was compared to the others. While they and Carmel were part of some grand, psychotic scheme, I was just needed for extra bulk. “Why don’t you talk to your friends?” I said, after letting the boy throw several punches into the soil. I wasn’t going to comment on his hits being surprisingly strong enough to shake the ground.
Harry didn’t look at me after calming down, resorting to tracing the earth with the toes of his shoe. “Who?”
"The CIA."
I was surprised by his retort, even if it was equally sarcastic. “Oh, you think I’m in the CIA?” He stepped closer to me, his breath in my face. “In case you haven’t noticed, this is bigger than the CIA. Whoever is in charge of this project is way higher up.”
“So, you’re admitting you’re a sleeper.”
“No, that’s not what I—”
“Then what?” I demanded, cutting him off. “Why are your fingerprints quite literally all over this?”
Harry folded his arms, his expression darkening. "You're still talking about this?" He groaned. “Josie.” He planted his hands on my shoulders. “I am not a spy, okay? Yes, my writing being on those documents was weird, but we’re also dealing with animal crackers which turn us into littles.” His lips curved into the slightest of smirks. “I’m pretty sure it would be easy for a group of scientists to use my writing as some kind of red herring. They’re trying to turn us against each other, obviously. And that’s not going to happen.” He squeezed my shoulders and I felt momentary comfort. I was so tired.
I hadn’t slept properly in days in fear of Eleanor coming to smoke us out—and the urge to just sink into the boy’s chest was suddenly overwhelming. Luckily, I had self-control. I took a step back, and he dropped his arms. “That's sobering, yes,” I said. “But I’m still going to try waking you up with those trigger phrases we found.”
When he tried to speak, I shook my head.
“Like it or not, you’re our only way out.”
I had made it clear several times to the two of them that I had no intention to use the trigger phrases we found taped to the back of the door in the bunker, when searching for more intel. But the more I was really thinking about it, if there were sleeper agents capable of taking down a group of forty-year-old tweens, I had no choice but to at least try. Because it was either that, or I gave the littles what they wanted. The boy’s. Whatever they needed, Rowan, Carmel, and Harry were the keys to their plan.
We needed a miracle, and those trigger phrases were our best shot.
Harry, of course, was against this idea.
He did that thing he always did when he scrunched up his nose and curled his lip. It reminded me of a toddler not getting their way. I saw it exclusively when the littles were taking advantage of his piggybacking service. “Josie, I’m not a fucking spy!”
"You could be." I said stiffly. "And until we figure out what is going on with you, I don't trust you. You said it yourself. Your writing was all over the kid's files, so at some point, regardless of you remembering or not, you have been part of this project.”
“So, why did you bring me out here?” He inclined his head. “You don’t trust me and yet you bring me on your little mission to find an exit.”
I shrugged. “I was partly hoping we would be attacked and your natural instincts would kick in.”
“So, I’m your lab-rat?”
Harry did the scrunchy-nose thing again. “What the fuck, dude?!”
He looked like he was going to argue before deciding against it. Instead, he slipped on his raybans and gestured behind me with a sigh.
"We should probably get going before those little freaks come looking for us and realize we’ve left our safehouse.” I didn’t know how to explain and put into words that to survive we had to try everything—and if there was a slither of a chance that Harry really was some kind of sleeper agent, I was going to take advantage of that. I hadn’t forgotten about Carmel, Callan, and Olive. Rowan too, no matter how screwed up he was. I was counting on getting all of us out. I turned on my heel and started to head back to camp. I didn’t look at him because doing that would make me weak.
“Right. Let’s go.”
There was something going at the camp when we got back. I was startled by an intense blue light illuminating from the lunch cabin, and I had half a mind to turn and run. Then the screams started. Just like Teddy, they sounded both human and not, a horrifying mix of man and machine wailing for death. I found myself paralysed, crouched behind Cassie’s cabin, their phantom screams rattling my skull sending my thoughts into overdrive. “Josie.” I felt warm fingers wrap around my elbow and pull me back. Harry was thankfully there, dragging me away before I could expose us. It was enough to snap me out of it. Enough to drive me into fight or flight.
When we made it back to Allison’s cabin, Rowan was sleeping. He had conked out halfway through a pack of gummy worms. I spent the next few hours going through each trigger phrase written on the yellow sticky note we found taped to the door. I figured if we were going to try and wake Harry up, he would have to be restrained in case he was triggered to hurt us or even himself. “Is this really necessary?”
“Yes.” I said, squinting at the third trigger phrase. The two of us were sitting cross-legged in front of each other. Harry, breathing heavily, and me, trying to make myself calm. Harry pulled gingerly at the jump-rope restraints we had managed to loop around his wrists. I was expecting something out of him, but all I got were his wide eyes staring back at me.
The latest phrase was twisting my brain. It sounded like a kid’s book. I took a deep breath.
“Green Tigers Do Not Live Independently.”
Harry didn’t move, making a deal of blinking rapidly back at me. “No, I mean,” he gestured to his arms pinned behind his back. “Why did you have to make them so tight?"
“Because you’re a spy, dude.” Rowan had woken up, intrigued by my attempts to wake up a possible sleeper. He was pretending to go through the Eleanor Summers footage again, but the boy was clearly invested in what we were doing. Sitting slumped in the spinning chair, he leaned his fist on his chin. There were various things about Rowan I wanted to point out, but I was too scared to. The tips of his fingers were still stained red, and I had no idea if it was new or old. Rowan Atlas used to be the one guy at camp I used to think looked older than he was—and acted older than he was.
Instead of taking part in camp activities, he chose to sit on a branch and read pretentious classics. Yeah. He was one of THOSE guys. The slight stubble on his chin would definitely get him served alcohol, and his intelligence and quick-thinking would easily sway you if you were sceptical. Now he was the complete opposite. Maybe I was imagining things, but he had definitely gotten younger in the face, even if it was just a year or two.
I am not talking about his appearance, however. Rowan’s mentality was drastically different from the guy who held crisis meetings and ordered all of us around like we were his own children. This guy had a certain childish twinkle in his eye when I happened to catch it, a twitch in his lips which was constantly a wide smile like he was constantly seeing butterflies. Before being force-fed animal crackers, the guy had maintained his hair and hygiene no matter what happened. Now, he looked like he’d been dragged through a forest. Literally. There was still grass and leaves caught in his sandy hair, his camp Redwood shirt torn in odd places.
He yawned, curling up on the chair, apparently getting comfy. “No hard feelings, but we gotta keep you under investigation. Like Josie said, your name was all over those shady documents.”
Even his voice was different. I couldn’t call it a squeak, but it was close enough to one.
“I’m not a spy,” Harry grumbled, ducking his head. “I think I would know if I was—what, some kind of government agent?”
“That’s the whole point of them,” Rowan, still with lingering childish traits, winked at him. “They don’t know either.” He raised his hand and mimed the finger guns, protruding them into his temples and pretending to pull the trigger. He adapted a storytelling tone, lowing his voice into a whisper. Like he was talking to the kids.
“They can live their whole lives without realizing.” I could tell from his tone he was getting excited with the idea of sleeper agents. Maybe it was a kid thing. Rowan sat up straight with wide eyes. “Cruelly brainwashed by a secret organisation at a young age and turned into super soldiers, these guys have no family. No friends.” His gaze flicked to Harry, his lips twitching into a teasing grin. “Only the insatiable urge to kill and follow orders. They don’t have brains to feel or emotions. And that?”
He did a dramatic spin on the chair. I could tell he was revelling in the look of horror on Harry’s face. “That is the most dangerous thing about them. The inability to have free will. Because what happens when they come face to face with people they used to love? People from their old life?”
With both of us enthralled in his speech, the boy smirked. “They kill them. Family members and friends. With one simple order? BAM.” Harry jumped, and I am ashamed to say I did too. Rowan blew his imaginary finger guns. “With one single and yet perfect headshot, it’s allll over. There’s blood EVERYWHERE. There’s brains!” He giggled. “Brains! And it’s like, sooo gross.”
With the way he kept adding to his story, getting progressively more excited and practically vibrating in the chair, the boy was reminding me more and more of my little sister. Which terrified me. Because if this was him back to himself, was this his new normal?
“Rowan, stop.” It took every ounce of my being not to yell at him. “You’re acting like a fucking child.” I was frowning at a sign on the wall warning us to ‘mind our head’. It wasn’t even a low ceiling, and yet that was the fourth time I had seen that sign.
Harry looked mildly horrified. Usually, he was the one who told the ghost stories. I could tell even he was questioning his own identity at that moment, and I paused interrogating him with phrases. “I’m sorry, but who out of us ate our weight in animal crackers?”
“Against my will.” Rowan yawned again, doing another spin on the chair. I had to turn around and shoot him a glare. “That’s the second time you’ve thrown me being turned into a kid in my face. Which is not fair. Did I ask to be stuffed full of poison?"
“Well, you didn’t exactly fight against Eleanor.”
“I was tied up, asshole—and I’m pretty you were in la-la land at that point.”
“I’m allergic to peanut butter, so no,” Harry rolled his eyes. “I snapped out of it when my body reminded me.”
“That sounds like a you problem, dude.”
Harry groaned, tipping his head back. “Holy shit, Rowan. You used to be cool and now you’re like an annoying little brother.”
“Shut up. Both of you.” I found my voice, grabbing a pen and scribbling out the first line of trigger phrases which were a no-go.
“Rowan, annoyingly, is right.” I said, ignoring the guy’s noise of glee. If he kept spinning around on that chair, I was going to kill him.
The blur of movement at the corner of my eye was driving me mad. Focusing on Harry, I took a break from the trigger phrases for a moment, poking him in the cheek. It was supposed to be light-hearted, but the guy looked offended.
“For the third time, we can’t ignore that at some point you have signed off on all of those files, which means you were part of Spearhead.” I shrugged. “I’m not saying you are, but we have to be smart if we’re going to survive against a group of deranged scientists.”
Rowan chuckled. “What she saiiiiiid.”
"Why aren't we paying attention to the guy who clearly has allegiance to those freaks?” Harry stuck out his tongue at Rowan, which was surprising on multiple levels. Wasn’t he supposed to be the normal one? “Aren't you their favorite counselor?"
"I was literally mind controlled by preservatives, asshole," Rowan shot back. "And I'm not the only one. You and Carmel are on their radar too."
"Yeah, but we’re not the ones playing with eyes.”
"I'm too tired to argue with you." The boy responded in a yawn, cuddling into the chair armrest like a cat. “Also… you’re a noodlehead.”
“Ignore him.” I told Harry. “Just focus on me, alright? You have to look at me.”
“I am!”
“It’s time to make the donuts.” I articulated it perfectly.
Harry surprised me with a laugh. “That one can’t be real.”
“It is. Shush.” I cleared my throat. “The strawberry moon will rise in July.” When nothing happened, I frowned. “Maybe I’m not saying them right.” I peered at the next one, mentally speaking it and then muttering it to myself to get an idea of the tone.
“Or,” Harry shrugged, pulling at his restraints. “I’m just spit-balling here, but maybe I’m NOT a secret government sleeper agent after all?”
“Be mindful of the deep ravine.” This time I practically shouted it in his face, only to get his wide smile in return.
“Josie, this isn’t working.”
“It will.” I was growing increasingly more frustrated. “Just try and listen to them, okay? Don’t push them out.”
I tried one more time, leaning close and scrunching up the sticky note in my hand. Harry’s expression stayed stoic, though from the contortions in his forehead and the twitch in his lips he was trying so hard not to laugh. “It looks like it will rain tonight.”
I was surprised, then, when Rowan jolted in the chair suddenly. He lifted his head, his eyes wide. I was seeing him back to his usual self for the flicker of a second, his expression contorted with fright, lips curling into a scowl. “Do you guys smell that?”
“Smell what?” I sniffed the air, but there was nothing which was out of the ordinary. I had grown used to the combined stink of our body odour.
Rowan wrinkled his nose. He sat up straighter. “That.” He whispered. “It smells like… burning.”
I opened my mouth to ask what he meant before Harry went stiff suddenly. I sensed his entire body seem to brace itself. His eyes hardened. “Untie me.” He said in a croak.
When my shaking hands went to the boy’s restraints, his were balled into fists. I glimpsed muscles bulging through the back of his shirt and forearms. His demeanour reminded me of an animal growing territorial. “Something is… wrong,” he said in a sharp breath. Harry’s frightened eyes found mine. “Wrong.” He said again, blinking rapidly. “Something is...wr–wrong. ” When I pulled the last of the rope from his arms, Rowan shocked me with a piercing cry which sent him tumbling off of the chair, his trembling hands planted over his ears, lips carved into an O.
His eyes were wide with terror, with agony I couldn't understand. Childish terror. Which catapulted him back to his real age.
Before I could hesitate, I was crawling over to him, attempting to snap the boy out of it. But he was inconsolable, his eyes almost unseeing, his body contorting with every shriek. It took me a moment to realize Harry was the same. But instead of a piercing shriek of a scream, he was wailing into his knees, as if to escape something.
His body seemed to jolt left and right, like he was being electrocuted. When I saw glimpses of sharp red pooling between his fingers and down the back of his neck, something sickly crept up my throat. Rowan was somehow worse, his whole face contorting like it was it's own separate being, rivulets of intense red dripping from his nose and mouth, and staining his hands desperately pressed over his ears.
It was a synchronised cry, I realized, after concluding that no matter what I did, I couldn't save them.
It was a sound only they could hear, a high-pitched screech like a dog-whistle which was only affecting them. It was the kids, I thought. Surely. If they could disembowel counselors, I was sure they would have no problem engineering a sound which would only affect certain people.
Stumbling back, I had two choices. I could either try and help them, try and block out this phantom noise slowly killing them-- or I could leave them and find a safer place. With that choice in my mind, I barely noticed the phone begin to ring under Allison's desk.
That same old fashioned trilling rang in my head, and I managed to reach under and grab the receiver, my heart in my throat. "Please." I managed to squeak out, trying to ignore Harry, who was trying to rip out his hair, his eyes rolling into the back of his head. I saw the whites, blood vessels popping one by one.
When he crumpled to the ground, I thought he was dead. But his wails continued into the floor, and I wanted them to stop. I wanted him to die because I couldn’t stand hearing him screaming for help which wasn’t coming. I couldn't help them, and it was killing me. The kids were clearly trying to smoke us out, this time targeting the boy’s. Still though, I had my secret weapon. The Spearhead project.
"There are three of us left," I panted down the phone. "You have to help us. I am at Camp Redwood. You need to get us out of here. Do you hear me? You need to get us out–"
“Attempts to fix the current situation have been unsuccessful, Miss Greenfield," the woman with the British accent's voice came through in a rush of static, cutting me off. Her voice was monotone, and I wondered if she was in fact a programmed bot.
"All efforts for manual activation have failed from the disaster zone. The signal appears to have been sabotaged. I repeat. The E.485 frequency has been sabotaged. Designated models 0115, 0116, and 0118 are now officiated as being faulty and are no longer needed for protocol 9AXC5. Please stand by for standard protocol deactivation. Thank you for your service. Agent Salta. Agent Elsilrac. Agent Lemrac.”
My grip loosened on the phone, and I felt my legs started to give-way. "You're the one doing this to them?”
When Rowan dropped to his knees, blood dripping from his nose, my stomach jumped into my throat. There was no way. I figured it was an attack from the kids, but I was wrong. Instead, this sound, this frequency, was coming from the phone.
I thought back to the video footage. Agent Lemrac interviewing Eleanor Summers. Harry's signature on the paperwork. “Can you… say that again?” I heard myself say in a breath. But the dead ringing tone was already clanging in my skull, a robotic countdown laced within the static. I grabbed the pen I had been writing with, scribbling those names down, my hands shaking.
“Preparing emergency shutdown protocol. Thank you for your service, Agent Salta, Elsilrac, Lemrac.” The voice continued, which was just another stab in the gut. I heard Salta before. I heard Lemrac. But writing them down, I realized what they meant.
I was a fucking idiot. No wonder the littles wanted them and Carmel— why they were so important to their plan. Slowly, I could feel myself start to crumble. The phone slipped from my clammy hands, but I could still hear the woman beginning an emergency shut down.
I didn’t feel the impact when my knees hit the ground, but I did start to sense something twisted and sour tickling the back of my nose and throat. By the time I had noticed it, it was already choking the bunker. But somehow, I didn’t care about the stars in my eyes or my own blood being projected onto my hands with every wet sounding cough exploding from my lungs. I could still hear their names, and every time I said each of them, more and more of me shattered.
Laying on my back while my head spun, I was partially aware the boy’s screaming had cut off.
Instead, they were just sitting there, eyes wide and unseeing, the blankest I had ever seen them. There was so much blood running down their faces, and I imagined something rooted inside of them tearing their minds apart from the inside. Letting out another strangled cough, which was definitely biological warfare courtesy of the kids, my gaze flicked across the bunker, taking everything in. The paperwork we had been going through. The chair Rowan had been spinning around on. The ropes Harry’s arms had been entangled in. I was frowning at the walls, and then the ceiling.
“Please mind your head when you step down the stairs.”
Drinking in the words slowly, my cotton candy thoughts imploding into one blurry mess.
But then I was a little more awake, this time turning my gaze to the wall where the same sign had been taped to the wall. Please mind your head when you step down the stairs. And… there it was again, taped to the desk, and underneath the laptop. Hidden in plain sight. It had been there all along, and yet I only realised when I wasn't thinking about it, when my mind was being suffocated. Something seemed to snap inside of me, and I sat up, driven by pure adrenaline. With one hand pressed over my mouth and nose, I forced myself into a sitting position and dragged myself to Harry, whose head was lolled at an unnatural angle, his eyes closed.
Part of me wanted to smash up the phone, knowing what these bastards had done to their sleeper agents now they were no longer usable. The boy almost resembled a doll. Was this the so-called sleeper which had been planted inside Redwood? Empty eyes, empty everything. He was like a shell with a human face. No better than Eleanor's experiments.
When I grabbed hold of his arms, I had to hold him steady, his body cut from these puppet strings which had held him. “Harry.” I could barely speak, my voice more of a croak. I knew he was awake and aware, but a singeing, almost burning smell was coming from directly inside his head as blood ran from his nostrils in shades of red and pink. Now I knew what the burning was when I pressed my face against his and sucked in a lungful of poisoned air. It was him. He was a defect being set alight from the inside. “You need to look at me, okay?”
When he didn’t, instead crumbling in my arms, I struggled to hold him upright. Twisting my head to Rowan, he seemed in a better state—kind of. At least he was still sitting straight.
My last words were barely audible. “Please mind your head when you step down the—” no sooner had the words left my mouth before the sounds of footsteps coming from above, the unmistakable murmur of giggling getting closer and closer. Harry dropped to the ground like he had been severed from his puppet strings.
I wasn’t aware when I slipped to the floor, whatever had filled my lungs finally taking its toll. Through flickering eyes, I could see our barricade being blown through, the ground rumbling beneath me, throwing me into something warm.
His body was curled up against the wall, haemorrhaging from the ears.
It was only when I was truly taking in the stink curling in the back of my nose and throat as Eleanor Summer’s mechanical grin popped out of nowhere, when I realized I had smelled it before. I had choked on it before. The circle of kids looming above me let out a shrill squeak of, “Found you!” while I found the dark, and beyond that, a memory I thought was a dream.
Firelight flickered in the backs of my eyelids. The blur of orange and shadowy smoke was mesmerising. I stared real hard at the fire like I was told to, at smouldering shades of yellow and orange colliding, thick black smoke billowing into the air while our faces illuminated the circle. I tightened my grip on my beer, swallowing another mouthful. It was cheap shit, but had just enough burn to get me tipsy. I felt good at that moment. Relaxed.
My head was starting to spin, but it was the good spinning, like I was going round and around on a carousel. I wasn't sure why I felt apprehension at the moment.
It was just a game, right? So, why did I want to jump up and go home? Why did I want to squeeze my eyes shut? Milo's words rattled in my skull as I squinted into the fire. "Come forth, those who are no longer with us." Ghosts weren't real, I thought dizzily. They couldn't be.
Not when science and logic existed. However, when the flames began to grow increasingly more erratic, I couldn't resist leaning forward, and... there. Something warm crept its way up my throat.
There was a shadow twisted in the smoke, a very human-like thing stepping directly from the trees, from the hollowed darkness I had been too scared to fully take in-- finding solace in flickering and illuminated sparks spitting from the fire. The others started to murmur to each other as the thing took a step out of the trees. Clea shuffled back with a cry, and Milo and JJ turned twin shades of sickly pale. It was a guy.
Older, by maybe a year. Shaggy reddish hair tied into a loose ponytail. His clothes were a simple leather jacket and jeans, but looking at his face, he was bruised, every part of him exhausted and battered. His eyes, when I caught them, were nothing but twin pools of oblivion glaring back at us.
"Holy fuck." Milo hissed out. “I didn't think that would actually work!" Downing his beer, he whooped. "Alright! Name, age, occupation, and..."
His lips quirked into a grin. "How you died, man!”
The guy inclined his head, his mouth curling into the start of an amused smile. "I'm not a ghost, Jackass."
His British accent was jarring.
"And?" Milo leaned back, crossing his legs. "Play along, bro. Or I call the cops and tell 'em a grown ass man is fucking with some minors."
"But he looks our age," Clea hummed. "And he's kinda cute."
"I don't give a fuck," Milo's eyes were hard. "State your truth, or I get my dad on the line."
The guy rolled his eyes, raising both arms like he was surrendering. "Samuel Joseph Wilder," he surprised me by responding. Now that I looked at him, this guy definitely was not dead. Unless dead people carried a gun latched to their belt, and a cheap iPhone sticking from their jeans pocket. "Nineteen years old." He shrugged. "I guess you could say I'm an ex-student."
He paused, and I caught emotion flicker across his face, his hands balling into fists. "I was killed– no, murdered, by my town."
Milo leaned back, cracking open another beer and taking a sip. Clea leaned closer to him, her eyes wide. “Playing along, huh? I like it. State your truth."
The guy nodded, lowering his arms. His dark eyes flicked to each of us, drinking all of us in. “I just escaped from a secret government facility doubling as a summer camp which has converted half of my town’s kids into mindless super soldiers.”
There was a pause, before Clea burst into nervous giggles. Milo cocked his head. “I said state your truth, not plagiarise The Hunger Games.”
Ignoring Milo, the guy turned his eyes to me. "Josie Greenfield?" He took a step forward before seemingly deciding against it. I didn't move or speak, my heart in my throat. I didn't have to reply. This strange boy continued, his lips curling. "You're going to die tonight, Josie."
At that moment, I realized why I had been feeling nauseous all night. Why my mind had been anticipating something all day, and why, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't brush off his words. Maybe part of me was expecting this.
The stranger's tone was too cold to ignore, the state of him too real to brush off as a joke.
Suddenly, it was just me, him, and fate itself glaring down on us, my life as I knew it exploding into nothing in the charred remains of the dying fire.
His voice echoed in my head, collapsing into white noise, when I noticed how truly inhuman he looked. I fully took him in, illuminated in firelight. "If you don't get the fuck out of this town, you are going to have the same fate as me."

I’m going to go out on a whim and say it’s… not 2018 and I’ve been at Camp Redwood for way longer than I realized?
More tomorrow, I hope. I’ve got nothing else to do. I still need to tell you how I ended up here.
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2023.06.07 21:00 LuxAeternum_D2 Lux, Aeternum is recruiting new and old guardians to jump into Lightfall, season 21 and beyond!

-Who we Are-
Lux Aeternum is a community-oriented and beginner friendly clan based in EU, primarily GMT+0-3. At Lux Aeternum we aim to create an environment that you can call home, and a place where you can shoot the breeze with likeminded guardians about anything and everything; not just Destiny. Obviously, our main focus is around Destiny and we pride ourselves on being some of the most consistent and best players around tackling any and all content. But, if you’re looking for a community that’s light-hearted and happy to show you the ropes then we’d love to have you.
We’re looking to dive into Lightfall and all of it’s new content, including Root of Nightmares and we’re eager to bring along some new faces to experience the game with.
On top of this, we offer:
- Weekly raid sign-ups led by a designated raid leader, in which you can complete end-game content in a dedicated and organised way
- Game nights, where we relax and play other games (mostly party games)
- A friendly and responsive community where there are no wrong answers, meaning both new and returning players are welcome. There are no join requirements for Lux Aeternum, we only ask that you join our Discord, as this is where we have most of our clan-related discussion and general chatter. Your experience with Destiny is also irrelevant, you’re a perfect fit for us no matter your standing with the game.
If you’re interested, you can reply to this post or shoot us a private message with your discord tag, and we can go from there
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2023.06.07 21:00 cryptidhunter1 What if you based a Domain off of Sonic the Hedgehog (Redux)

Domain name: Conflictus
Society Level: Renaissance (level 9)
Landscape: temperate forests, hills and mountains
Flora and Fauna: Flicky (bird), Ricky (chipmunk), Rocky (walrus), frog, pocky (rabbit), clucky (chicken) Krudzu (sentient mechanical plant that incorporates machinery)
Border: The Mists fill with electricity whenever you try to escape.

Dark Lord:
Name- DR. Ivo Robotnik aka "The Eggman"
Description- the obese mad scientist and ruler of the Eggman Empire, his narcissism is evident in how his own image is used extensively throughout his Empire from statues to the designs of buildings to some of his robots and even the insignia of his Empire. His Rotund physique however is a reuse as he has an inhuman strength and is surprisingly athletic. He has no regard to the various lives he's ruined in his attempted conquest.

Torment: whenever he is on the cusp of victory Eggman's pride becomes his downfall.
Mobians- an anthropomorphic race of varying sub-species with some displaying traits of animals, some have traits of fantasy creatures such as dragons and others have traits of unrecognizable origin. While most simply refer to themselves using epithets (Such as Sonic the Hedgehog or Bean the Dynamite Duck) they will sometimes use family names (such as Antoine D'coulette or Elias Acorn).
Overlanders- a race of mutant humans with four fingers instead of the usual five (with some exceptions) and they tend to be xenophobic towards the Mobians. Mobians unfortunately often can't tell the difference between Overlanders and ordinary humans which sometimes results in hostility.

Characters of interest:
Ixis Naugus- the current Ruler of New Mobotropolis and an evil Wizard who took over by gaining the publics favor he seems to have become comatose but is he really?
Geoffrey St. John- a Mobian Skunk and the Apprentice of the evil Sorcerer Ixis Naugus currently acts as temporary ruler of New Mobotropolis but in reality he is possessed by the spirit of his master. Nobody knows this and even the Secret Freedom Fighters only have vague suspicions as to what is actually going on.
Sonic the Hedgehog- the current de-facto Leader of the Freedom Fighters, Sonic tries not to succumb to despair at the loss of Sally and several others as he leads his remaining friends and allies against Eggman. He has become more vicious over time. His only hope of victory would be the Chaos Emeralds but they haven't been seen ever since the Mists appeared.
Harvey Who- the Leader of the Secret Freedom Fighters this Owl Mobian is a master of disguise and espionage who doesn't let anyone outside of the freedom fighters know anything about him except his last name.
Hershey St. John- a Cat Mobian and the Wife of Geoffrey St. John who is a secret reserve member of the Secret Freedom fighters who has hidden her existence so well that even her husband believes her to be dead only Harvey Who is aware of her existence.
Silver the Hedgehog- a telekinetic Time Traveler and member of the Secret Freedom Fighters he is concerned about the fact that the Mists prevent him from returning to the Future.
Nicole the Holo-lynx- a sentient AI that can project a solid hologram from her main body that consists of a PDA. She built New Mobotropolis using nanites. She has become distressed over the loss of her closest friend Sally Acorn.
E-123 Omega- an E-series robot whom rebelled against Eggman and wants to kill him. He tends to go to extremes at times.
Metal Sonic- a robot copy of Sonic the Hedgehog with sharp claws that can cut through flesh, bone, stone and steel with ease. He can move at similar speeds to Sonic using a jet turbine in his back and can create force fields that can be used both defensively and offensively. He acts as Eggmans enforcer along with Mecha Sally.
Mecha Sally- formerly known as Sally Acorn, princess of the former Kingdom of Acorn, she was the lover of Sonic the Hedgehog until in an act of sacrifice to save her people she became roboticized. Eggman then proceeded to weaponize her against Sonic and modifying her giving her similar abilities to Metal Sonic along with the addition of sword-like retractable wrist blades, boot thrusters instead of a jet turbine and a hidden laser inside her head. However this means that she can no longer be de-roboticized by normal means.
Bunny Rabbot- one of Sonic's friends that was lost, soon after she was cured of her partial roboticization she was captured, brainwashed and legionized. Eggman takes great glee in the ironic fate that befell her.
Shard- Formerly a previous model of Metal Sonic, he gained a conscience and became a member of the Secret Freedom fighters after being rebuilt. He has similar abilities to the normal Metal Sonic but with the edition of an arm cannon and the ability to fire energy blasts from the power gem embedded in his chest. His key weak point is the power gem embedded in his chest. He secretly has feelings for his fellow AI Nicole the Holo-lynx.
Fiona Fox- A traitor to the Freedom Fighters. She feels regret after the one whom she betrayed her comrades for left her for dead. She fears that the Freedom Fighters will never welcome her back due to the gruesome extent of her betrayal. So now she aids them from the shadows unable to face them out of shame.
Blaze the Cat- a pyrokinetic Princess of a far away empire. She has been anxious since she cannot tend to her kingdom with the mists preventing her return.

Major Settlements:
New Mobotropolis- A seemingly idealic city and safe haven ruled over by The Republic of Acorn (formerly The Kingdom of Acorn) and where magic and futuristic technology are used in equal measure, however under the surface there lies political corruption, hidden plots and worse. They are ruled by the Tyrant Ixis Naugus who acts by manipulating public opinion in his favor under the guise of a benevolent ruler. However recently Naugus seems to have entered a comatose state with his apprentice Geoffrey St. John taking his place however in reality something far more sinister is at play.
New Megaopolis- a mechanized dystopia patrolled by robots under the leadership of the Eggman and where most buildings are factories filled with the sounds of machinery. Any signs of life seem to have been scoured entirely and any organics spotted are captured and often condemned to a fate worse than death. At night the air is filled with a toxic blinding smog.

The Freedom Fighters- a group led by Sonic the Hedgehog to fight against the Eggman Empire however many of it's original members have been lost over time with Sonic as one of the last founding members as they keep losing more and more members in their skirmishes.
The Secret Freedom Fighters- a secret team built to eliminate Ixis Naugus in secret under the command of Harvey Who. It also serves as a replacement for the Royal Secret Service that belonged to the former Kingdom of Acorn. They operate out of a Secret HQ, a hidden bunker built by the AI Nicole in an undisclosed location within New Mobotropolis. They are currently studying the Krudzu to find a way to return Sally Acorn to normal this plan may or may not backfire however.
The Dark Egg Legion- regional enforcers and soldiers of the Eggman's so-called Eggman Empire, they have all undergone a process known as "legionisation" where they are turned into cyborgs and a bomb is placed within one of the mechanical parts as a failsafe against treason. While many members have joined willingly or out of desperation there are some cases where unwilling captives are brainwashed and "legionised."
The Badnik Horde- the Robot Army of the Eggman Empire, the Badniks range from animal shaped machines (such as moto bugs, cater-killers, buzz bombers and bat brains) to bipedal androids (such as Shadowbots, Egg Pawns and Egg Swat) and even more bizarre forms (like Orbinauts and Gohlas) each Badnik often contains a captured animal within being used as an organic battery. There are far more advanced models as well known as the E-series (like the Egg Keeper, E-1000, E-2000 or E-123 Omega).
Roboticized creatures- a fate that has befallen many of the victims of the Eggman Empire, Roboticization is the process of converting an organic being into a robot. The victim is still conscious after being roboticized but they have no control over their body as they are forced to turn on their own allies and loved ones before dragging them away screaming to a similar fate. Roboticized Mobians are nicknamed Robians. Robiticized humanoids can be de-roboticized with a machine found in new Mobotropolis or their free will can be restored with the help of an engineer. However an individual cannot be de-roboticized if their bodies have been modified after roboticization.
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2023.06.07 21:00 Some_Personality8379 What affects would characters having multiple unrelated powers have in a superhero setting?

For, example in Animes like Dragon Ball and Naruto. The characters can have a variety of different powers. Characters can shoot blasts, fly, control elements, summon creatures, enhanced their physicals, etc. Unlike most superhero settings like My Hero Academia, where the characters powers are random, unique, and usually limited to one ability.
The closet characters that come close to having multiple unrelated powers in superhero fiction, are usually flying, laser shooting bricks like Superman. Or magic users like Dr. Strange. But you can argue that most of the powers Superman has, are just secondary powers or biproducts of the sun. And magic users like Dr. Strange are still hidden in most worlds, because of the masguarade trope.
So It would be interesting to see how this concept would play out in a generic superhero setting. Because I wonder if this type of power system would go against what's considered normal in the superhero genre.
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2023.06.07 20:59 382hp Experience with getting a privacy fence installed?

I'm looking to get a 63 linear ft privacy fence installed with 6' vinyl. So far I've gotten 3 quotes, from Lowe's, Reagle Construction, and Penn Fencing, and all quotes have been nearly identical.
Do any of these 3 seem like a better option than the other? Is there a fencing company that you've had a good experience with that I should reach out too? (in the north hills area)
Any insight is appreciated!
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2023.06.07 20:59 Some_Personality8379 What affects would characters having multiple unrelated powers have in a superhero setting?

For, example in Animes like Dragon Ball and Naruto. The characters can have a variety of different powers. Characters can shoot blasts, fly, control elements, summon creatures, enhanced their physicals, etc. Unlike most superhero settings like My Hero Academia, where the characters powers are random, unique, and usually limited to one ability.
The closet characters that come close to having multiple unrelated powers in superhero fiction, are usually flying, laser shooting bricks like Superman. Or magic users like Dr. Strange. But you can argue that most of the powers Superman has, are just secondary powers or biproducts of the sun. And magic users like Dr. Strange are still hidden in most worlds, because of the masguarade trope.
So It would be interesting to see how this concept would play out in a generic superhero setting. Because I wonder if this type of power system would go against what's considered normal in the superhero genre.
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2023.06.07 20:58 Willing_4345 NBA All-World MOD APK [Unlimited Money]
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A well-known game that allows players to interact with the world

players from all around the world participate in this game, with many users hailing from countries such as spain, greece, australia, china, and many others. You will likely have a great time competing against them in games. The players in this game can be distinguished from one another based on their various positions or levels of gaming competence. You can attempt to score by shooting, cross-dribbling, defending, or rebounding the ball. In this game, you have the option of forming a team with other players or with friends, and then competing against your opponents' opponents in a match. You use your combined abilities to play the game, devise plans, and try to take control of the court. You and your friend play together and build an incredible legacy in your game, which ultimately leads to you being the legend of this game.

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Nba all world mod apk is a game that is both unique and well-known. It is remarkable and wonderful in that it enables you to take pleasure in world-class delights while providing the highest level of gameplay. With this incredible gameplay, in which you get to choose players and organise everything according to your preferences, you will truly have the opportunity to appreciate the world-class tuning. Put in some work and then relax and take pleasure in the imaginative game that's packed full of entertaining aspects and exciting series of adventure via matches and leagues. Improve your ability to work together as a team in order to beat challenging opponents and show off your talent.

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nba all world mod apk is a game that players all around the world play for enjoyment, and they appreciate it so much that they spend their free time participating in it. You may enjoy this game with your pals while taking use of its incredible features, whether it be its graphics or its sound quality. You can shoot, cross-dribble, defend, and rebound, as well as go for a basket, and you can also come up with incredible plans to battle against and beat your opponents. You and your friend play together and build an incredible legacy in your game, which ultimately leads to you being the legend of this game.
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2023.06.07 20:58 helioroid Florida Stand Your Ground Law Back in Spotlight After Fatal Shooting of Black Neighbor

Florida Stand Your Ground Law Back in Spotlight After Fatal Shooting of Black Neighbor submitted by helioroid to helioroid [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 20:58 Bimbsno Slept in my Weezer shirt, woke up in beverly hills

Slept in my Weezer shirt, woke up in beverly hills submitted by Bimbsno to WeezerCircleJerk [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 20:57 imariver332 Need jazz mouthpiece help

I'm a highschool student with 6 years experience on sax, I play jazz but I'm shooting to get much further into jazz, particularly getting a jazzier sound. I normally play a Vandoren Optimum TL5 .081" tip opening. I own an Otto Link Tone Edge 7* .105" tip opening, but I hear these mouthpieces are quite inconsistent in quality. If I'm looking to get a jazz mouthpiece, should I look to get a mouthpiece with a more similar tip opening so I can adjust better? I was considering either a V16 or a Select Jazz.
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2023.06.07 20:57 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in NC Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Ace Handyman Services Handyman Greensboro
Truist Bank Application Architect Cary
Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. Genesys Cloud Product Owner - Customer Services Cary
Truist Bank Lead Data Systems Engineer Cary
Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corporation d/b/a Enact Mortgage Insurance Senior Data Scientist Cary
Triangle Accounting, Inc Accounting Assistant Cary
MetLife Group, Inc Scrum Lead II Cary
Truist Bank Cybersecurity Data Analytics Consultant Cary
IQVIA RDS Inc. Associate Director, Quality Management Chapel Hill
Premier, Inc. Senior Java Architects Charlotte
CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC Salesforce Developer Charlotte
Confidential Insurance Agent Charlotte
Walter B. Davis Company Assistant Project Manager Charlotte
GKN Driveline Newton, LLC Controls Engineer Conover
Nazo Landscaping Landscape laborers Durham
Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, Inc. Software Development Engineer IV Durham
Novogene Corporation Inc. Director of Biotech Support Durham
Vance County Schools High School Math Teacher Henderson
Alcami Carolinas Corporation Scientist, Analytical Development Mooresville
Western Piedmont Community College Assistant Director of Records/Registration Morganton
Western Piedmont Community College Assistant Director of Financial Aid Morganton
Align Technology, Inc. Senior Software Developer Morrisville
Catalent Pharma Solutions Lead Scientist Morrisville
Keysight Technologies Inc. Engineering/technology Morrisville
Lucas Research ProvidePrimary Investigator New Bern
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in nc. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.07 20:56 ttttttttttttt56655 I want to die

I dont know what I’m doing with my life and I have no future for me. Im going into Highschool as a freshmen and I’m extremely dumb and I can’t do simple math and I dont know how to do geography, or science. I DONT know how I will make it when I get older in the real word when I have to pay my bills. I don’t want to live in poverty when I grow up, why am I so stupid. I don’t want to be alive anymore because I constantly think about what will happen in my future and I don’t want to face it at all, so I’m thinking about when I get older I will shoot my self in the head so I won’t have to deal with this anymore.
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2023.06.07 20:56 isaac-is-dead Cherry Grove biome

Does this only spawn in the hills variety would like to see it on a more lower level
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2023.06.07 20:55 RogueTraderDiplomacy Benefit of Cover and HLF

So I just watched a vid by Hellstorm Wargaming about visibility and benefit of cover. It was very enlightening.
Per ruins visibility, you cannot draw LOS through or over a ruin. You can see into in, but must be wholly within to see out.
As he pointed out big vehicles will have a problem. However, this is where Votann will thrive a bit. The HLF pan spectral scanner grants ignore cover. Therefore, as long as you move judiciously and go around ruins / tilt your tires out to the side, you can draw LOS and ignore cover when shooting. We will always be at a 1+ sv with cover (sucks to have AP 0 or 1 against the HLF) and never allow cover back. In 10th, scanner will be absolutely mandatory on every unit in our army that can take it.
This is also going to make beserks much more survivable as it will be really hard to ever isolate that unit in the open 😎
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2023.06.07 20:54 Officalkee We are hiring entry level at $21hourly

I’m located in Jacksonville Florida position is on-site shoot me a message if you are looking to break into IT , it does not matter if you have any certs . I will refer you , just have good customer service experience and be technically inclined you’ll ace the interview .
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2023.06.07 20:53 Sergey_Zaitsev War in Ukraine, help if you can

Sorry for my English...
Hi dear reddit, my name is Sergey Zaitsev i live in Kharkov the city from Ukraine popular 2+millions people and now war come in my city from Russian Federation, they shoot us for artillery and kill the all (citizens, children's ) use hospitals for target for Grad and Iskander and Kalibr. I have Sugar Diabet first type and go for Dialis,my life is very very dengerous i no have chance leave country (i say true I don't have so much money =(......) I call Help for all people reddit, if you can help do it pls, one person can change world or i die....... I want help my Ukranian people but I'm no have money My links to pruve I'm not a fake
My IBAN numbers 5168752013586782 mastercard Usd UA043052990262036400930615134
51687520135886899 mastercard Euro UA083052990262086400930615375
Zajtseva Ljudmila 61085, Ukraine, region Kharkivska, city Kharkiv, street Astronimichna ,building 13, flat 69 Its my. Mom
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