Bloxburg apartment

Norris Nuts Gaming: WHO CAN BUILD SOCKIE'S "REALISTIC" DREAM APARTMENT in Bloxburg Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts

2023.05.19 17:58 Striking-End-3384 Norris Nuts Gaming: WHO CAN BUILD SOCKIE'S "REALISTIC" DREAM APARTMENT in Bloxburg Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts

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2023.04.18 16:11 melsbear Anyone else dislike beggars?

This story didn't happen to me, but I saw someone in the chat begging to be apart of someone's roleplay. It looked like a really fun roleplay. The people were enjoying themselves, and it was fun to watch! Then there were these two kids who were begging to join the roleplay. They asked, kindly at first, "Can you adopt me?" The roleplay mom said "no, sorry" and left it at that. But one kid repeatedly asked, "Why?". The mom said I don't have enough room. So the kid REPORTED her. All because he couldn't join!! The mom finally accepted to adopt him but then their roleplay was ruined and it was sad to see it end :( That's why I don't like beggars in bloxburg.
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2023.04.18 09:46 PixieAmandaa Toxic preppy’s

Story how some bloxburg preppy’s can be annoying
So once I join a server in bloxburg and some preppy girl asked me to build her house. I asked her what style did you like, she wanted a simple apparement home. I’m like ok that’s alright with me. So I build her a lovely simple modern apartment home. She comes back with a “rude toxic attitude ” she was complaining how brown and dark the house texture looked and wasn’t more bright, blush and simple. I told her i went for a simple modern apparement since she was the one who wanted a simple home. she gets and DELETED the build, shouts that I’m an awful builder and leaves the game.
Bruh the most annoying thing to experience. (Sadly I didn’t have any screenshots since my “windows shift s” wasn’t working)
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2023.03.25 20:28 LadyMysteries ♡ LadyMysteries Building Services ♡ OPEN

♡ LadyMysteries Building Services ♡ OPEN
LadyMysteries Building Services
━━ Basic Information ♡ I am in EST. My daily availability does vary as I work irl. ♡ Payment is 50% up front and 50% afterward. For longer projects I expect to be paid after each build session (anything that takes me more than 2 building sessions). This will be calculated by the price and the % I got done. ♡ I do not do speed builds, I am happy to reference parts or take inspiration but I will not make you the same exact thing. ♡ I do ask you have the game passes needed for the build. Advanced placement is a must! ♡ I can build house exteriors and interiors. For exteriors I need a good amount of refs or complete freedom. ♡ I cannot run public servers you will need to join my neighborhood (open to all) during the times I am building for you.
━━ My specialties include: ♡ High detail - Realism ♡ Mountain / hill houses ♡ Landscaping ♡ Nature ♡ Interiors & decorating ♡ Pools ♡ Kitchen - pantry and bathroom ♡ Various kinds of custom items ♡ Modern ♡ Farmhouses
These are what I am best at, you’re not limited to the above. ♡ The larger / more detailed the build the more time it may take my to complete, if you would like it done by a certain date please be sure you make me aware of this before I start or else I won’t be done by then. ♡ ♡ If you are in build mode with me while I build please do not touch, undo, delete or move anything. If you would like changes made please just communicate them to me. ♡
Examples of previous work: Valentines Build (Café, shops, apartment) Gingerbread House Custom Gaming Chairs (Also did the rooms they're in)
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2023.02.12 16:56 Aromatic-Arrival-815 Bloxburg house builder

Hi, I am a bloxburg house builder and I can build anything from family homes, cafes,restaurants,cottages,mini homes, apartments, towns, fast food places! I can build with a budget of: 20k-beyond, depending on what you want to be built. I am available from time to time, and if you ever wanted me to build a house for you just contact me by my Pinterest, or my phone number!
Pinterest: 🧋Simply_ Kk🧋 @123kawaiiroblox123 Phone number: (813) 540-3498
Thanks and have a wonderful day!❤️
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2022.12.26 12:18 Warewe 20 Bloxburg House Ideas

20 Bloxburg House Ideas
So, what are the best Bloxburg house ideas? Roblox, a platform for making video games, has become so popular that its in-game content now has its own communities, guides, and metas. ‘Welcome to Bloxburg,’ a Sims-like experience, is one of these games and the most-played paid access game on Roblox, with an incredible six billion visits.
Players in Roblox’s Bloxburg must take on a variety of odd occupations to earn enough money to own their own customized vehicles and real estate. Builders will have to foot the bill for every wall, stair, and finishing touch in the house. However, they should take great care to avoid wasting their money and later being unhappy with the results.

Fortunately, seasoned Bloxburg players have been kind enough to share their stunning mansions and comprehensive guides on building them with the rest of the globe.

We have compiled a list of 20 Roblox Bloxburg house ideas. Don’t worry as these are all the latest Bloxburg house ideas. Let’s go!

How Do You Make Good Houses in Bloxburg?
How Do You Make Good Houses in Bloxburg?
How Do You Make Good Houses in Bloxburg?
To make good houses in Bloxburg, you must be creative and think differently. You’ll be able to build good houses using the right resources and budget.

How Much Does a Good House Cost in Bloxburg?
How Much Does a Good House Cost in Bloxburg?
How Much Does a Good House Cost in Bloxburg?
A good house will cost anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000. It depends on the house’s value proposition and how well-designed it is.

How Do You Plan a Bloxburg House?
How Do You Plan a Bloxburg House?
How Do You Plan a Bloxburg House?
Here are some helpful strategies and some great recommendations that you can put into practice while you are producing high-quality houses in Bloxburg:

The act of blueprinting is the thing that will prove to be of great benefit to you in the long run. Preparing to construct your home in advance is smart because it gives you something to think about. In addition, developing a plan may inspire you to build homes independently. However, if you are new to construction, it is recommended that you review the blueprint. Each blueprint is typically between 2 and 3 feet. In Bloxburg, one cube equals one unit.

When constructing a building with the help of a set of blueprints, it is important to plan ahead and consider how you will utilize each area. When determining the house’s overall value, it is helpful to do a preliminary cost breakdown of all of the furnishings.

The usage of grid paper is another option to consider. For example, suppose you can observe the items you will incorporate, such as the tables and chairs for each living room, dining room, or kitchen. In that case, you can consider pre-calculating the expenses of all the furniture, which will be very beneficial to you.

If you cannot observe the items you will use, you will not be able to pre-calculate the furniture costs.

Modifying Your Placement Grid
Make use of a more compact positioning grid. Doing this enables you to put items in more specific locations, preventing them from hanging on surfaces such as tables, shelves, and bookcases. Attaching counters to corners can also improve their stability.

In addition, gamers can get assistance from YouTube if they want. In particular, if you are starting out, there are many ways you can learn about it and even pick up some tips along the way.

20 Bloxburg House Ideas
Here are 20 Bloxburg house ideas:

Cheap Modern House
Source: Ethrielle(Youtube)
Cheap Modern House
Without spending too much money, you can still create a stylish home with a modern style. With a budget of under 10,000, you’ll have to settle for a ranch-style home without a basement, but this complements a contemporary home’s spare design. There will be plenty of space for the key rooms and even some chic embellishments.

In response to the 10,000 build, no game pass challenge, many creative ideas have surfaced. For example, you might take an alert from Ethrielle’s and iSkY’s homes and utilize them as a starting point for constructing a stylish, low-cost bungalow. This house idea is a clever Bloxburg house idea. This house can even be your dream house.

Luxury Modern House
Source: Frenchrxses(Youtube)
Luxury Modern House
You can do anything you can imagine if you have access to many games and a large budget. For example, you may build a house with as many bedrooms as you desire, an office, a hot tub, and a room devoted to whatever you choose. Just remember that if you’re going for a modern look, you’ll need to keep to straight lines, geometric forms, few ornaments, and muted color palettes.

Frenchrxses has constructed many elaborate, exceptionally well-executed examples of the modern style. Frenchrxses’s light-pink masterpiece is especially well-liked.

Standard Two-Storey Modern House
Source: Justmano(Youtube)
Standard Two-Storey Modern House
Your basic modern home sits comfortably in the middle of the range between shoddy construction and elaborate designs. This concept isn’t the most original, but it’ll do if you want to live like a local in the Bloxburg simulation.

If you’re searching for a two-story home with a dining room, kitchen, bathroom, several bedrooms, and maybe even a balcony to meet your needs in this area, this house is ideal.

Modern Family Home
Source: Look_io_kas(Youtube)
Modern Family Home
A modern family home is like any other modern house but with certain suburban touches added in. Make sure there is enough room for the kids to run around and play and add a few other family-friendly touches on top of the basics. It has a laundry room, a garage, and at least three bedrooms, one of which can serve as a playroom or nursery.

This one will have a more cozy, at-home vibe, but it’s possible to maintain a modern atmosphere with the help of dark colors and big windows. Since they might be well-to-do, amenities like a swimming pool and hot tub are welcome.

Mid-Century Modern
Source: Ayria(Youtube)
Mide-Century Modern
Several buildings from the middle of the century are on this list despite being based on older design styles since they reflect the modern aesthetic. For example, there will be more use of wood and pitched roofs. However, the clean lines and geometric precision will keep this space looking modern.

You can apply the same principle to the garden: you can use geometric shapes and straight lines to arrange rocks and vegetation in a stylish way.

Aesthetic Loft
Source: Cxmilla(Youtube)
Aesthetic Loft
It doesn’t get much more cutting-edge than this chic apartment in the sky. For some, cramming a whole home into what amounts to a giant room could be off-putting, but done well, such a layout can be both modern and cozy. Cxmilla’s design, in particular, nails this aesthetic thanks to its sophisticated black-and-white color scheme.

Look no further than a stylish loft if you’re after a modern design with a penthouse atmosphere, as these spaces can easily pass for the homes of young professionals seen on television.

Hillside Modern Home
Source: GamingwithVYT(Youtube)
Hillside Modern Home
Mansions in Los Angeles are often associated with hillside properties. However, any style of home, including a modern one, can look at this house with the right planning and design. You should somehow include the natural cliff and fauna in the design. A cliff’s edge is quite complementary to a somber, cutting-edge aesthetic.

Include large rectangular windows that look over the cliff, and you have the makings of a contemporary hillside home; stay away from the edges.

Modern Villa
Source: Ikotori(Youtube)
Modern Villa
Although a villa may not immediately bring to mind the term “modern,” it works better when combining the two styles. This will, of course, cost much money. However, combine the design of a Mediterranean villa with the clean geometric lines of a modern home. You’ll have a vacation home that will envy all of Bloxburg.

There’s plenty of room inside for as many bedrooms, baths, and other designated places as you’d like, as well as the inevitable pool with any villa.

Modern Zen Home
Source: u/Look_io_kas (Twitter)
Modern Zen Home
This East-meets-West zen house takes design inspirations from both the East and the West, with sleek modern lines and dark colors paired with soothing Japanese accents. With its focus on plants, pillars, and pleasingly symmetrical designs, this structure is purposefully less flashy than many of its kind, making it ideal for quiet introspection and meditation.

Again, the stark contrast of black and white creates a modern aesthetic, and this one-of-a-kind pool is ideal for daylong passive floats.

Modern Float House
Source: justkely(Youtube)
Source: justkely(Youtube)
Try justkely’s float house if you want something unique and out-of-the-ordinary. This unique home features five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage, and more while floating above its own pond. There’s even a main road here from which you shouldn’t wander.

This home, however, has all the hallmarks of a conventional modern dwelling, including a minimalist aesthetic focused on black and white tones, sharp angles, and chic, up-to-date furnishings. Also, large windows to take in the scenery are a must.

Luxurious Modern Mansion
Source: Ikotori(Youtube)
Luxurious Modern Mansion
Do you long to finally move into that blush modern mansion you’ve always imagined? You should check out Frenchrxses’s Blush ultra-modern home. The kind of luxurious mansion that only exists in movies. The two-story home has numerous rooms that you can customize, including bedrooms, living rooms, study desks, kitchens, and more.

Only those who can afford to spend much money or have access to game pass items should consider this Bloxburg house plan.

Hillside Mansion
Source: Cylito(Youtube)
Hillside Mansion
Suppose you are not a lavish person and do not want all the costly amenities stated in the previous home. In that case, you can consider the Hillside Mansion, another option in the high-budget mansion category. This super-luxurious residence was designed by YouTuber Cylito, who kept things minimalist while maintaining a high level of comfort and style.

This luxurious home features a fireplace, pond, expansive lawn, private waterfall, and many other high-end additions for a total construction cost of 188,000.

Colonial House
Source: Anix(Youtube)
Source: Anix(Youtube)
The Colonial House, created by popular YouTuber Anix, is a model of class and sophistication. The greatest feature of this mansion is that you can create it without needing a game pass. It boasts a beautiful interior and various amenities, such as a swimming pool and a garden.

It’s undeniable that the house has a well-planned layout. Moreover, the interior features a sizable kitchen, living area, four bedrooms, and a dedicated playroom for the kids.

You will find everything you could want in a mansion in this one-story estate.

Cheap Modern House
Source: Ethrielle(Youtube)
Cheap Modern House
Building a stunning mansion with only 10 million in Bloxburg currency is possible with this plan, making it one of the top Bloxburg house ideas. It’s a luxurious residence that won’t break the bank. YouTuber Ethrielle created this one-story mansion, and it doesn’t require a premium subscription to the game to construct. This Bloxburg home has everything you might want in a modern dwelling, from a comfortable bedroom to a stylish bathroom.

Mini Mansion
Source: Anix(Youtube)
Mini Mansion
Another luxurious residence that won’t break the bank, this one was designed by YouTuber Anix and can be built for under 30,000. This lovely mansion is complete with a garage and a large yard. In addition to its sleek exterior, the home’s interior features a dedicated study space, a well-appointed kitchen, and a handsome wooden dining table. This house is perfect for a couple or a small family with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Lakeside Cheery Blossom Mansion
Source: Eishova(Youtube)
Lakeside Cheery Blossom Mansion
You’ve found the perfect place in Bloxburg’s stunning castle, which has all you need. Many of the rooms in this estate are enormous and decorated with marble. In this castle, players have access to three spacious bedrooms and two full baths. Waterfalls and lush vegetation surround the castle.

You can’t ask for much more than this fairytale castle and its royal guards.

Blush Pink House
Source: Cylito(Youtube)
Blush Pink House
This mansion is the mansion you’ve been searching for if pink is your favorite color. The Pink Mansion has the most luxurious decor you can imagine. Living in this mansion will do wonders for your ego because everything seems to have been built just for you.

The most attractive feature of this palace is that you can build it for about 30,000. The Mansion is fully adaptable to your needs and the styles you want.

Lapis Lakehouse
Source: BridgeyBloxburg(Youtube)
Lapis Lakehouse
Many of us have always pictured ourselves living in a home directly adjacent to a body of water. If you’re looking to unwind and live out your wildest fantasies, Lapis Lakehouse is the place for you. It’s ideal if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Anybody can construct this mansion because it’s so simple.

The mansion’s interior is entirely white, built on a southern realism motif. The house comes outfitted with large east-facing windows throughout.

Aesthetics Loft
Source: Cxmilla(Youtube)
Aesthetics Loft
An ideal home would have both modern conveniences and classic furnishings. And this house has it all. In addition, it has an elegant monochrome design scheme. The ascent to the upper floors is like a rite of passage into another dimension.

You’ll love how this home’s black-and-white details complement each other. We can’t think of anything wrong with this property because everything is so well situated. This house is an amazing house.

Simple Townhouse
Source: Jetsicard(Youtube)
Simple Town House
Finally, there’s a solution for those who desire a modest family house but don’t want to sacrifice space. The enormous estate has been thoughtfully designed to provide each family member with their own sense of space and seclusion. The entire house is amazing.

The construction of this spacious home only set the owners back 29,000. Also, if you’re a creative person, you can always make adjustments to your home to satisfy your creative urges.

Final Words
So, those were the best Bloxburg house ideas for 2022. Please choose your favorite from this list and then start constructing it. This website will provide the most recent information regarding Bloxburg home designs.

This was a complete guide on Bloxburg modern house ideas
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2022.12.05 15:30 D4FF0D1L Toca Boca Doll Scam

So in my dream, my little sister downloaded a Toca Boca game on my phone without my consent, and I was shocked because I couldn't delete it.
It was a house construction game, similar to Bloxburg, but with different characters living inside of the houses you built. The look of the houses reminded me of Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse and the dolls looks like those Rainbow dolls you see in stores.
Turns out you need to buy one of their specifc line of dolls which give you 1 free Uninstall?! So I am stuck between a rock and a hard place because the game used up so much of my storage and was making my phone hard to use and super laggy, but I didn't want to pay them and fall for their scam!
The dolls worked as a sort of timed minigame, in which you had to press all the hidden buttons on their iconic character attributes, in order to "deactivate" them and lose pieces of themselves (ex: there was a hidden button in a dolls purse, and another in a doll's heart to symbolize her kindness).
After that you had to quickly put the doll's letter code into your game and the game would start to lose pieces of itself as well, letting you delete it!
As soon as you press even 1 of the buttons, the game starts. And it is hard because these stupid dolls are packaged with letters like "Press this button!" So most of the dolls at the stores had run out of time and were useless because most kids didn't know there was a timer and pressed out of curiosity.
The game was pretty creepy in my phone, because instead of the normal gameplay I saw my sister play with, there was only foreboding music with a screen showing a house crumbling apart in slow motion.
This was a dream that continued twice in one night. Maybe my subconsciousness just hates it when my sister downloads random games into my phone idk what this dream means
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2022.09.10 11:07 Yesimfunnylol SELLING ROBLOX ACCOUNT FOR ROBUX GC!

The account is made in 2018

I would really appreciate one of you telling me how much my account is worth in robux gift cards. For more info, dm me.
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2022.09.05 15:51 Vanillalord17 conflicting views

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2022.08.09 17:49 Life_Ad_4339 Roblox Bloxburg - Apartment ( Interior ) - Minami Oroi

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2022.08.08 16:22 Life_Ad_4339 Roblox Bloxburg - Apartment ( Exterior ) - Minami Oroi

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2022.07.25 03:06 Novel-Carpenter5497 what are you guys worst experience in bloxburg?

I'll go first...
I've only been playing bloxburg since December 2021 so i haven't had too many bad experiences but im curious to hear yours.
my worst experience so far happened a while ago when i first started playing again. i was roleplaying with these two girls and this one girl couldn't roleplay with me because i only had two bedrooms. she was friends with the other girl i was roleplaying with was her friend so she accused me of showing favoritism, said i was being unfair and literally camped outside of my house and if my youngest girl got hurt she would act like she was still apart of the roleplay and would say "aw __ are you okay?" and it was so irritating. then one of the girls i was roleplaying with felt bad and wanted to to change my house around to make room for her.
i don't roleplay all the time because majority of my time spent on bloxburg is me building but that was one of the most annoying experiences.
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2022.07.20 01:46 Lonely_egg_McMuffin Large bloxburg rp server

Bloxburg Aspire City The biggest city on bloxburg! With a great community with a bunch of roleplayers! Roleplay in a city for over 8.5M bloxburg cash!
-tons of robux and bbc giveaways! -start a business! -earn millions! -advanced sports system -multple houses, apartments and more buildings!
Join today!
(I am not the owner of this server!)
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2022.06.25 16:47 St4yin [PC/Mobile?][2016~2018] Roblox game where you have multiple options for Jobs (work as a Bartender, serve Burgers, Hair stylist, etc)

okay I'm getting a huge flashbang of memories of this game, and I apologize in advance because I can't explain shit properly
I Guarantee you I'm not looking for Bloxburg,
Played this ROBLOX game around 2016~2018(?), it's a really old game. The game mechanics provides multiple occupations, Jobs like: working as a Bartender, Hair Stylist, Office worker, Waiter(? you'll need to serve Waffles, Chicken, or Fries), Janitor, and a cook (in a Burger Restaurant). The game a pretty strict about Time management too, because if you don't get out of your Job at a specific time It'll lock you in the building lmao, and you'll need to wait till dawn once it opens back up again. I think I can re-call a few places, there's a Hotel named 'The Motel', Casino, and Apartments? You can use the money you've saved up for Food, Furniture and Vehicles, there's a Hunger and Energy System too. There's houses nearby the beachside(I think?), but they're expensive as hell. oh and, the last thing I could remember is, there's a mine, like a cave system. You'll need to hop in the elevator heading straight to the mines (it takes a really long time to go down there), find loot and chests.
thank you in advance! I'm new to reddit, and my English isn't really the best. I really wanna revisit it again, because it brings me back so much nostalgia.
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2022.04.30 14:23 HisPubbi Mobile Games for Agere!! ♡︎

•Kawaii Daycare RP (Roblox)
•Bloxburg (Roblox) they have baby stuff!
•Toca Life World
•Miga Town Apartment
•Minion Rush
•Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
•Rec Room
•My Talking (Angela, Tom, Ben, Ginger and More!)
•World of Peppa Pig
•Barbie Dreamhouse Adventure
•My Cat
•Cooking Mama
•Rakko Ukabe
•Hamster Town
•Cat Spa
•Pingo Park
•Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump
•My Little Pony: Magic Princess
•Hello Kitty Friends
•Where’s My Water? 2
•Disney Heroes: Battle Mode
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2022.01.18 21:09 k3ishach33rs What should I build

What idea should I build on bloxburg:
*Coffee shop
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2022.01.15 19:45 Victoraaa_ Bloxburg should add apartments to the game. We get to decorate our own apartment like the kitchen and everything.

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2021.12.21 13:45 Select_Revolution_10 Trading an account.

Royale high: Mid lucky, og lucky, mer21, and most sets etc Gamepasses: All apart from crystal ball and x4.
Bloxburg: All gamepasses apart from stereo, 200k bbc.
Robux: 1650 in pend.
Adopt me: Not much, just a lot of ultras and stuff.
TOH: Not much.
Avatar inv: Inv is open I think.
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2021.12.06 22:43 Life_Ad_4339 Roblox Bloxburg - Budget Mini Bakery with Small Apartment - Minami Oroi

Roblox Bloxburg - Budget Mini Bakery with Small Apartment - Minami Oroi submitted by Life_Ad_4339 to Bloxburg [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 22:05 Life_Ad_4339 Roblox Bloxburg - Budget Mini Bakery with Small Apartment - Minami Oroi

Roblox Bloxburg - Budget Mini Bakery with Small Apartment - Minami Oroi submitted by Life_Ad_4339 to Bloxburg [link] [comments]

2021.12.06 06:18 The_Tea_Party Royale high would improve a lot if they focused more on roleplaying aspects of the game

Don't get me wrong, making the game more inclusive, adding more items, changing prices, and making time slots for limited items longer is amazing, but one thing I've always wanted royale high to cover when it comes to updates is roleplaying.
I don't know about anyone else, but the main reason I started playing RH in the first place was that the idea of some princess fantasy roleplay seemed like so much fun. Roleplaying in the schools and hosting parties in my apartment were some of the best times I had in royale high. But as the game added things like trading, and the game got more focused on collecting items, money, and XP, like some type of repetitive simulator you can never win, the game I used to love eventually drained me, and I decided to semi-quit/go on hiatus. (this is not supposed to be some "trading bad, roleplaying good" take. trust me, I don't care if you like or hate trading or roleplaying.)
I feel like I and a lot of other players would've continued playing if the game focused both on the trading/item collecting aspects of the game and the roleplaying aspects. There's enough to have a decent roleplay in the game, with the most recent roleplaying updates being the island house realm, made over a year ago, and the anticipated new school update, which in all honesty is likely never going to come. But I feel like roleplaying realms (like the resort, enchantix, moonlight square, etc) should be reworked. They are really old, and reworking them may make roleplaying more fun and bring more attention to them. I also think the apartments should have other options for furniture like they do in one of the schools I believe. If there was even some gamepass where you could move furniture in your apartments like in bloxburg or adopt me, I would buy it in a HEARTBEAT. Along with all I've just said, one thing I've always wanted in-game was for things on earth to be more interactive, like cars and shops.
I don't expect any of what I just said to be added let alone considered by devs, and even if they were to be added to the game it would take a LONG time to even finish one of the suggestions. But my point is that Royale high should add more roleplaying updates.
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2021.11.09 05:07 chikenchile looking for someone that can build my bloxburg home

link to video - i would like someone to build my bloxburg home! - my timezone is gmt+8/ sgt, hence i need the person that will build my hse to have a similanot far apart timezone. - i have the right amt rn, and i will give the person co-owner - we will do this by me being in game while you build - you can pick either rh items or amp for your reward once the house is done! we can negotiate ^ - please do NOT delete any parts of the house as a troll etc. bc i just went through that today. - i would like the house to be EXACTLY the same, and i will pay after the house is done :) - if you’re interested and have all requirements and is happy w the stuff i’m giving ( you can pick either rh items or amp or both but be fair ) then dm me or comment! have a nice day!
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