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2023.06.06 19:43 3682771 Confusing bloodwork results, suspected autoimmune disorder, looking for advice on possible diagnoses to suggest for testing since my doctors are stumped

This is going to be very long.
I am 22F, 5'2, about 190lbs, south asian. I have diagnosed depression, PTSD and anxiety that I take 100mg of sertraline for daily, currently in remission for the past 9 ish months. I also have asthma that I take Flovent daily to manage as well as seasonal allergies that are currently flared up and being managed with a combo of flonase (AM) and azelastine (PM). Family history of high cholesterol and heart disease as well as diabetes. Previously struggled with high cholesterol but has resolved with diet change, no history of blood sugar problems. I rarely drink, do not smoke cigarettes or vape, sometimes will partake in using cannabis for relaxation or pain management.
My results and symptoms are confusing because they are all very different and I am unsure if they could be connected so I will group these by condition.
My main complaint is joint and muscle pain. I have been experiencing intense joint pain that worsens with activity since I was about 17 years old. It started with my larger joints like my hips and knees and has progressed to include smaller joints like my wrists and fingers. When I wake up in the morning my fingers are stiff and usually a little swollen until they get "warmed up" and I am able to use them normally. Blood work had originally come back with elevated sed rate, wbc, platelets and crp. My doctor referred me to a rheumatologist who told me I had Ankylosing Spondylitis due to me stating that the joint that had the most pain was my hips. I do not trust this doctor's diagnoses though because he never really listened to what I had to say and was dismissive of my concerns a lot of the time. I did have bad joint pain in my hips but it was not the achey sore feeling that I got with most of my other joints, it was pain that occurred due to frequent joint dislocation. Whenever I am walking I sometimes feel my femur slip out of my hip socket which causes an intense and searing pain throughout my hips and legs. This occurs randomly and I am seldom able to predict when it will happen. I also experience randomized muscle stiffness/cramps where I will be doing something and that muscle will just cramp up or go stiff and will cause immense pain until I massage it and it returns to its normal position.
Despite his initial diagnosis of AS, My bloodwork was negative for the HLA-B27 antigen, Rheumatoid factor levels were normal, CCP levels normal, and 14.3.3 ETA protein levels normal. Doctor suspected possible lupus, but ANA was negative. I was given an EBV panel in which I tested negative for EBV but the results suggested a past infection. I had an XRay to assess my sacroiliac joint for damage or inflammation, none was found. All of these tests were given in summer 2019. I was put on methotrexate to try to get my inflammation markers down and stayed on it until about march of 2020 when I switched to using DMARDs since the methotrexate gave me persistent and complex yeast infections which left me unable to walk normally at times due to my entire vulva becoming infected and inflamed.
In March of 2020, symptoms progressed to including my smaller joints which led my rheumatologist to update my diagnosis to seronegative Rheumatoid Arthritis. Started on hydroxycholoquine (super bad timing to be on this because this was when people thought it could cure covid so pharmacies were running out of it all the time) and sulfasalazine. The DMARDs helped a bit but honestly none of the medication really helped me and after a year of being on these medications, my inflammation was the worst it ever was as well as my mental health being super bad so I ended up accidentally weaning myself off of those meds by forgetting to take them every other day and then eventually stopping. From mid 2021 to now I have not used any medication to treat my joint pain and inflammation levels and they ended up going back to a the level they were when i was initially diagnosed. I did have about a year of heavily using cannabis during mid 2021-2022, I have since reduced my usage by a lot but the cannabis did actually help a lot with my joint pain and inflammation levels since I was not taking any other medication for it.
Now, I am back to having lots of joint pain, primarily in larger joints but overall just all of my joints are achey and stiff. I feel like an 80 year old stuck in a 22 year old's body. Its awful because I am generally pretty active, I love hiking and swimming and dancing and these activities have been much harder for me recently due to my joint pain and having to take breaks every 20-30 minutes to rest my joints. I would say my pain is anywhere from a 2-4 on any given day when I wake up and progresses to a 7/8 depending on activity. Naturally because of this decrease in activity due to my depressive episode last year and my pain with physical activity, I have gained quite a bit of weight. I usually hover around 140 lbs but I am currently the heaviest I have ever been. Most recent bloodwork results will be posted at the bottom of this text.
Next up on my list of issues is that I have had irregular menstruation the past few months. I got my period in january and then proceeded to not have it for 3 months followed by a period that lasted 2.5 weeks from the end of april to the beginning of may. I'm still waiting on June's period. Most recent test results show that my testosterone levels are high. I have had a sonogram to look for cysts on my ovaries a few years ago and none were found, of course this could have changed.
I am currently battling a complex ringworm infection. I fostered kittens that had ringworm, they dropped their infection all over my bed and couch and now I have little scaly patches all over my body. I was put on a 2 week regimen of terbinafine which helped a bit but did not completely resolve the issue so I am now on a three week regimen of 200mg fluconazole once a week. I am unsure of if this could contribute to my high inflammation markers and wbc count in the most recent blood results.
I also have battled on and off anemia for years. It gets low, i take iron pills, it gets better and the cycle goes on.
Bloodwork results
Sed Rate- 33mm/hr
WBC- 11.95 _X10^3/uL
Hemoglobin- 10.4 g/dL
MCV- 73.4 fL
MCH- 22.5 pg
MCHC- 30.6 g/dL
Platelet- 445 _X10^3/uL
RDW 16.9%
Testosterone Total - 55.1 nanog/dL
and heres the surprising one
CRP - 0.64 mg/dL
everything not listed is within normal range, TSH is normal, I did a CBC, comprehensive metabolic panel, lipid panel, tsh, testosterone total and free, progesterone and estradiol (will update post when results come in).
I'd like to know if you think these results could be related to the fungal infection, whether you think my previous rheumatologist's diagnosis seems accurate, and any possible tests or diagnoses I should ask my doctor to look into because my PCP is unsure of the RA/AS diagnosis and we are both unsure of what else could be causing my issues.
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2023.06.06 18:40 emozookeeper First Flair Up

Hi all,
I’m looking for some suggestions on getting through my first severe flair up. I work outside and have been hit with severe allergies this spring and last. Previously I only ever had asthma symptoms from exercise and gerd. Now I’ve been to the ER twice and am on a 20 day prednisone taper. I’m taking wixela, Zyrtec, Flonase, and Benadryl and using my albuterol daily. I tried singulair and it made me hallucinate every night. I can’t get in with an allergist until July.
Is there anything I can do to cope until then? I’m minimizing exposure as much as possibly but my quality of life is going downhill.
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2023.06.06 17:36 ghettibistro Is it possible for allergies/asthma to get worse?

Title explains the post pretty well but I was floxed about 6 months ago (or 4 depending on which round of antibiotics did the trick).
Apart from my other floxing symptoms and some trouble swallowing back in late January, around the end of March, my chest started feeling tight and had some trouble breathing. Fast forward to end of April / May and my seasonal allergies were kicking my ass for a few weeks. Shortness of breath didn’t get better either. Ended up being tested for allergies and asthma (I knew I had allergies but got tested for food ones as well and a lot showed up). Was diagnosed with mild-moderate persistent asthma. Tried a steroid inhaler for about 2 weeks but my neck started feeling weird, I started getting a sore throat and a weird taste in my mouth. Still having those weird symptoms a week after stopping it.
Got a second opinion from another allergist and the breathing test was normal despite having chest pressure and a bit of shortness of breath. Also said most of my food allergies were likely not allergies and just my sensitive skin / false positives. Starting to incorporate the foods I tested positive for back into my diet now to test stuff out.
Just wanted to know if it was possible for allergies / asthma to get worse or develop due to the floxing? I figured it might have something to do with my immune system just going crazy and possibly developing MCAS from all of the antibiotics I took but wasn’t sure if this could be a floxing specific thing.
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2023.06.06 16:39 fetal_leaf_fig I (26F) suggested rehoming mine and my husband's (28M) two dogs because of my severe allergies and asthma.

My husband has had his two dogs for a few years longer than I have been in his life. I am very allergic to dogs, when we first started dating I had to dose up on benadryl and albuterol because of my chronic allergies and asthma. Within an hour of being around dogs I start really struggling to breathe, I get a mad stuffy nose, and any haidandesaliva that gets on my skin causes me to break out in hives and flares my excema up for days. I felt it was worth it because we had an amazing connection and wanted him in my life no matter what. I never wanted him to rehome them, that wouldn't be fair to my husband or the dogs. Through the years I have gotten the allergen exposure from them and slowly my allergies got less severe, still bad but not taking benadryl 3 times a day bad.
Fast-forward now, we are married and have a 6 month old baby. After getting pregnant my allergies and asthma went back to how they were when I was first around the dogs. And then once i gave birth to our daughter they got immensely worse. I wake up multiple times a night struggling to breathe, I have to use my nebulizer multiple times a day because I cannot breathe. My skin is covered in rashes. My sinuses are constantly swolen and irritated. I am miserable, so miserable. My husband knows how miserable I am, he helps and supports me where he can. He started brushing the dogs off and bathing them more but I am still struggling so much.
I brought up the idea of rehoming the dogs, and I feel so incredibly awful for even suggesting it but I cannot keep going like this. I'm a stay at home mom so all day I'm surrounded by an environment that feels like it's killing me. My husband is reluctant to rehome them, which I completely understand and feel so so guilty for even bringing it up.
I just need some advice on how to best go about this.
TLDR: I have a severe allergic and asthmatic reaction to our dogs. I have suggested to my husband that we rehome them because I cannot live this way, he is reluctant to do so. How do I handle this situation?
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2023.06.06 15:11 tge101 Asthma and allergies at 40?

To the best of my knowledge, I've never had a problem with allergies or asthma. I think i caught the hmpv bug everybody has been talking about and had a bought of on and off again coughing for 2 months.
The ENT I'd been seeing referred me to an allergist/immunologist who gave me some spirometry tests yesterday. I quit smoking at 30 but still fear COPD every day. Anyways, he said my ratios showed mild asthma and said no indication of COPD after asking a number times to be sure. I still can't kick the thought. I also tested positive for nearly every environmental item they test for.
Is any of this normal?
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2023.06.06 12:46 amy440 Why are people with asthma/ezcema more likely to go into anaphylaxis?

It says on google “People with other allergic conditions, such as asthma or the allergic skin condition atopic eczema, are most at risk of developing anaphylaxis. Although the condition is life threatening, deaths are rare.”
Does anyone know why this is? I have atopic ezcema, asthma and just been given an epi pen for my nut allergy. Is your immune system worse than other peoples and causes a bigger inflammatory response or? I’ve never had anaphalxis before but am I more likely to than other people with nut allergies?
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2023.06.06 12:39 and-bouv0397 I feel im neurodivergent but not

People tell me i am capable , i can do it but im lazy , im smart but i dont apply it , then they go off to say i have a learning disability , i am disorganized and i let my anxiety and asthma control my life … lol i have severe asthma for god sake it controls me and it causes me anxiety and fear of being independent cause severe episodes happen out of the blue . i have attachment to stuffed animals cause i was neglected as a newborn !! so it comforts me and brings me peace , i have many allergies too that cause me discomfort so im goin thru tissues all the time and looking crazy then ppl think i have covid and i dont so half the time i just stay home and dont want to go out !! its not i am incapable its just My issues stop me from living a full life !
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2023.06.06 11:51 walroast is it okay to call off work due to not getting any sleep?

I have crazy allergies and asthma, and literally couldn't fall asleep until like 4 am. I just woke up again at 5:30. dreading work :(
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2023.06.06 09:09 caesarrsalad For the asthmatic people

Last night I had an asthma attack. Couldn't sleep kasi it felt like I was breathing through a staw. My doc said it was the environment, stress and allergies ko naka trigger sa asthma.
Please share some things you did/buy that made your life a bit easier. Not things like inhaler kasi meron na ako. I'm planning to buy an an air purifier for my room para di maka trigger ng allergies. What are some other things I should do/buy? 🥹
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2023.06.06 07:55 icecreammoon I am so lost (sad rant about bad doctors)

I can't get in to see a neurologist (which I desperately need) without a referral from my GP who is the most unhelpful unwilling person- I just don't know what to do. I moved to Utah from NY to get to a healthier home environment (which has helped my allergies & asthma improve slightly) but not enough to be able to live decently. I really need help, my quality of life is so low I can hardly do anything each day- maybe one task a day if I'm lucky.
***I have diagnosed narcolepsy (was diagnosed when I was around 17, I'm 30 now. 17 is the age ALL my health got worse.
I also have diagnosed chronic allergic asthma which is extremely unpredictable and is my main problem aside from Narcolepsy, I cannot breathe well on a good day and on a bad day I'm in the hospital. I went to National Jewish Hospital in Denver to try and get help with my crazy asthma and allergies and they were not only useless but they were dismissive of all of my issues and they made it clear that did not have any desire to help me. This is the second time I've tried to get help at "the best hospital in the world for asthma" and that just isn't the case. They really are garbage, they do not set up a team for you like they say they will, they do not give you any help with resources or staff or anything. You're supposed to have a manager person who helps you with the process- I never saw mine (even though I looked for her and called her several times).
I should add that I am also pretty disabled due to my bad breathing. It's not easy for me to run around looking for somebody and the lack of care and urgency from the doctors (and staff in general) of my situation really was upsetting and the fact that then my main two doctors I saw there were giving me drastically CONFLICTING information( they both said the other dr. was wrong) They're supposed to have a team for you that communicates with you and with each of your doctors so that these things DON'T happen. We'll they don't do any of that. I was left pretty much alone to figure out everything myself. If you were planning on going there for help- I wouldn't recommend it. I wasted months of time waiting to get in for an appointment for 2 weeks I stayed there (they do not offer inpatient so this was out of my own pocket money) and then after we received no help and I went home with the promise from my dr that he would at least get the dupixent going for me without any question. (He in fact got irritated when I asked if ther4e was something I could do to speed up that process or make it easier) he wanted me to do nothing specifically he told me to wait for him. I did that, and got mega screwed. I spent months waiting for my dr. there (Dr. Alum) to get my new medication approved.
Months later with no contact after trying to reach them, I called again and much to my own dismay this time I got his secretary who said that they had lost all the paperwork I filled out that makes it possible for them to go ahead and START getting approval for the Dupixent through (through insurance). I explained that not only did I fill out everything right there in his office, but if they had lost it why didn't they immediately call me when they had realized there was no paperwork. (They didn't give me any answer). Finally she put him on and he was very upset (not sure why) and demanded we refill out the paperwork (we being my partner and I) which we did refill it and send it over. I just asked that he be sure he received it this time, and he supposedly did. He never once apologized or even acknowledged that he or his staff made a mistake, that they lost my paperwork, or made me wait an insane a mount of time. Doing nothing.
He then confused me even more and flipped to instead saying that I had never filled anything out, which by then I was so tired I just asked him to please hurry and to start ASAP now that he does have the paperwork and I apologized. ON top of that he said he never told me he could prescribe me any of my regular asthma meds out of state (which he did said he would be able to do this, I made sure he would be able to do this even before going to the hospital over the phone I made sure otherwise there would be no point in going there. I was told there should be no issue.)
Well there was an issue because without the prednisone I end up hospitalized so this isn't something I take lightly. I MADE SURE. AND He said it would be no issue. Well months later he's decided it is an issue and he clearly no longer wants to help me at all. He just decided to no longer be of any help. I don't understand. I've never had such a confusing upsetting time.
Currently I'm VERY lost as to what to do from here. I'm thinking I need to shift care over to my gp (who is not very good either *sighs*...she really doesn't understand anything about the asthma AND sleeping disorder combo and how its important to look at BOTH as well as my allergies. It's not one thing I have it's important I find a set of drs that can help me with asthma AND narcolepsy. SO far no doctors even BELIEVE ME that it's an issue. What am I supposed to do? I also need a referral to even get in to see a neurologist. IF my GP doesn't believe I need one- how am I supposed to bypass that? Get a new GP? (I'm willing to do this)

but I need in nutshell
  1. somebody to be able to give me and dupixent (ITS BEEN APPROVED by my insurance but now I have no place to give it to me. After the first injection I should be able to have it mailed to me through CVS Caremark- I did this when I was taking NUCALA))

  1. to find somebody who can regularly prescribe me prednisone when I run out (I hesitate to begin with a new dr because lots of drs don't understand why I'm on pred. so much- and its because that's how bad things are and over years of different meds I figured out that to keep me out of the hospital the only thing that works right now (especially in spring/summer) is low dose prednisone. (like 20mg a day unless it gets worse then I'd need to take more) but I am very aware this is not idea. That's why I'm trying to ge5t more help. This isn't livable and on top of everything I am completely miserable and have almost no quality of life for my age. I cant do anything without needing an inhaler. I cant see friends, I have no social life, I cant go out anywhere- I have no immune system I get sick very easily, every little task even a shower winds me so I have to sleep after (that's also the narcolepsy mixing w the asthma)
NO doctors are willing to take me seriously or to help me. What am I doing wrong.
I think maybe its an issue that when I go to appointments I can seem visually put together? But that's just what I've learned to do to cope over years. I often do tear up in appointments because of how much all of this hurts. My life is disappearing and I have not had a chance to live yet. I am scared of dying because of this. And what's torturing me most is that I know I could be getting better care. I could have somewhat of a life if I could get the right doctors to help me.
I'm so lost and sad.

He not only "forgot" to start getting the Dupixent approved but he then continued on to LIE and say that he never said he would help me with that and that he would never be willing to prescribe anything out of state. (When I made it clear I was out of state at the beginning of all of this, otherwise why would I bother going there if I knew they wouldn't treat anyone out of state. SO this means now my entire situation has been made WORSE by going to National Jewish hospital for evaluation.
Now I cannot get my regular inhalers or prednisone prescribed by Dr Alum even though he swore he would be able to prescribe the prednisone (which is the only thing keeping me out of the hospital)
I have been having to get new prescriptions from old drs who say this is a one time only thing- or from urgent care.
I cannot live this way. I need help and no doctors are taking me seriously.
I have been told hundreds of times I am a very difficult case and that I am somebody who cannot have a life without meds. I need doctors who know about asthma and doctors who know about sleeping disorders. I can't live with this pain anymore.
I also do not have a good family support system- my family watched me get sicker for years and did nothing when I was little so- help from them is kinda not possible. :/
Thank you so much for reading, anyone who has. If anyone has any words or advice or anything please let me know. I am so desperate for ideas. I feel like the medical world doesn't care about me. I have almost died several times- and have been on ECMO life support before (all for asthma) the recovery process from those attacks is brutal- it takes months and is very disheartening. I had asthma all my life but the life threating attacks didn't begin until around age 16 when we lived in a house infested with black mold (and other bad allergens) I lived with that mold for several years since I couldn't get out/had no resources to move out and I'm sure that did damage to my lungs. (My parents were in denial and still are)
I don't want to die from this. I know it's preventable. I'm not a bad patient either(at least I really don't think that's the issue), I'm polite, I'm kind even if they are not towards me, I try and be as nice as I can even when I'm suffering (though maybe that's the issue? Maybe I need to say that even if I look put together it's just a mask I've learned over time to cope?
I just have not gotten anywhere good with this in years and my life is slipping away. Please help if you know anyone or if you yourself has chronic asthma or narcolepsy or anything similar what have you found works for you? How did you find doctors? I never imagined it would be like this. I'm sobbing I'm so afraid things won't get better and I'll die.
It at least feels a little better to vent but I know people don't like to read vents much :/
I know this seems like more asthma related but Narcolepsy also affects all of this. It just exacerbates any struggles you have. I experience lots of sleep paralysis and I am largely unmedicated for Narcolepsy. I really need help with that I need to start finding meds that work for me and I know it will take a while so I need to get in with a Neurologist ASAP.
Maybe worst case I could get a neurologist referral from urgent care?
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2023.06.06 06:12 imaaaaaagination Exercise induced asthma

Does anyone else get exercise induced asthma? Mine lasts for several hours after even small runs outside. It’s now been 5 hours since I got back from a .75 mile run with my dog.. it was the second run of the day.. same length. I’m now getting ready for bed and I’m still so wheezy and my chest is so tight. I take allergy medicine everyday and well before I go on any runs. Anyone experience this and know how to manage it?
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2023.06.06 05:29 Accomplished_Slice36 How can I find when I was diagnosed with a medical condition?

19M, 5' 10'', 200lb, about 20% fat to lean muscle mass, white, allergy to cats and dogs and used to have asthma, duration unknown, occasional drinking, no drugs
Hi! I'm trying to enter the armed forces but in order to do so I have to complete a medical examination. In order to have this examination done, I have to complete a questionnaire that asks when I was diagnosed with my medical conditions. These conditions are that I have an allergy to cats, dogs, and a couple other animals. I also used to have asthma when I was younger, but I was told it was allergy-induced. I'm running out of time to have the examination done and still enter the forces when I want to, but I nor my parents know when I was diagnosed or how to even find this information. Any recommendations on how I can proceed? Any help appreciated!
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2023.06.06 02:57 just_breathe18 Pulmonologist or Allergist

I’ve ever been officially diagnosed with asthma but always been prone to asthmatic bronchitis and had an asthmatic cough that lasted weeks after surgery last year. About a month ago I felt like allergies were bothering me and felt short of breath at times and wheezy. For the most part the allergy symptoms are now minimal but every afternoon I have the feeling of shortness of breath. Albuterol l helps for a few hours but I get worse in the evening.
I haven’t seen an allergist in years but the last time I was tested I was allergic to a specific dust mite only. My symptoms don’t get worse when I’m outside out with my dogs so I’m totally perplexed by this. I’ve taken Xanax a few times when it’s bad assuming I’d breath better if it’s stress related but it didn’t help. I’d appreciate suggestions on which specialist I’d be better off seeing.
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2023.06.06 02:50 SippinHaiderade How do you keep going?

My asthma has only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older. So have any allergies I have as they exacerbate the asthma. Now I’m stuck taking singular, Flonase, Flovent, and have an inhaler I have to use all the time. I have an upcoming appt with an allergist to figure out more. What are y’all taking? What helps? How do I get rid of the constant wheeze and mucus feeling? I was given some prednisone for the first time and it was a game changer and I felt like I could breathe for the first time in years. I can’t take prednisone long term according to my doctor. What’s left? What do we do?
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2023.06.06 00:21 amacatokay Is my son losing his teeth too quickly?

Is my son losing his teeth too quickly?
I’m a nurse but teeth are sooo not my thing (I’d rather have another c-section than have dental work done, I am a freak I know.) It may be my own trauma talking, but the speed at which my son is losing and growing teeth is stressing me out. (To add, my kids don’t know about my terrible fear of the dentist. I fake it so they don’t develop the same fear.)
My son, 6.5yrs old, has always been an… advanced toother? Lol. He had 8 teeth by 8 months old, and all of them including two year molars by 18 months. His pmhx is unremarkable, he has the atopic triad: asthma, allergies, and eczema. He takes Flonase BID, fluticasone BID, albuterol PRN, zyrtec PRN.
He has never had a cavity, brushes twice a day, and we see the dentist every 6-12mos. His only trauma occurred when he knocked the front two teeth loose after a fall when he was 3 - they turned gray and the dentist said they’d fall out right away. They turned white again and hung around another year or two.
So far, he has lost six of his baby teeth. His adult teeth are growing in so fast that he ended up with “shark teeth” up top as the top front tooth plowed its way in at warp speed before the baby tooth was even loose. I had an appt to get him in asap because it was shifting his other teeth, but he ended up knocking out the trapped baby tooth at school. We have a routine appt at the end of the month but I’m curious if y’all have any insight.
He now has four adult teeth fully grown in (top and bottom fronts) after losing the six baby teeth. One just fell out today, after being lose for like… two days? It’s just blowing my mind when half the kids in his class have only just lost their first or second tooth or have gaps while they wait for the adult tooth to grow in. Is his experience abnormal? Anything I should worry about? Why are his teeth so impatient?! Lol. Thanks!
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2023.06.05 22:24 anklerainbow Woke up with both arms a little purple? Is this an emergency?

F25, 5”3 130lbs, Caucasian. I have asthma, dysautonomia, and interstitial cystitis. I take ventolin as needed and Claritin for allergies.
It’s hard to see in the photos (photos in comments) but I have this purple/grey discolouration on both my inner forearms. It doesn’t hurt or anything and I tried to wash it off in case it was tinged from the black sweater I wore to bed but it didn’t come off so I guess it’s just my skin.
I’ve had a cold for the past few days and have definitely felt short of breath so I was worried about lack of oxygen. But my at home pulse oximeter keeps reading 95-99 but I’m not sure how reliable it is.
Is this something to worry about? Is my O2 maybe dropping during my sleep? Should I go to the ER?
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2023.06.05 22:05 OnTheRocks11 Cat Chronic Sinus Infection - Options?

My cat, 14 female, has had blood work and her chest x-rayed. Blood work is awesome, chest and throat are clear of polyps or asthma. Vet thinks it's just allergies, but they never seem to go away.
My cat will have a terrible stuffy nose, thick yellow nose goo, and constantly clear her throat any time she eats or drinks. She has lost 4lbs this past year.
I've been struggling with this for almost 3 years now, and my heart is breaking for my cat. She is just miserable.
Have tried steroids, antibiotics, herbal remedies, and daily antihistamines. Nothing clears it up for very long. Seems like even the antihistamines aren't touching it anymore.
She takes daily 10mg Loratadine and 3 times a week 500mg doxy crushed up and hidden in her treats.
Suggestions? Thanks!
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2023.06.05 21:25 Impossible-Change-39 Tips when buying a vacuum

What to keep in mind when buying a vacuum When buying a vacuum, there are several things to keep in mind: 1. Type of vacuum: There are several types of vacuums, including upright, canister, stick, and robotic. Consider which type of vacuum will work best for your needs. 2. Suction power: Look for a vacuum with strong suction power to ensure that it can effectively clean carpets and other surfaces. 3. Filtration: If you or someone in your household has allergies or asthma, look for a vacuum with a HEPA filter, which can capture small particles like dust and pollen. 4. Bag or bagless: Decide whether you want a vacuum with a bag or a bagless vacuum. Bagless vacuums are more convenient but can be messier to empty. 5. Accessories: Consider the accessories that come with the vacuum, such as a crevice tool or upholstery brush.These can make it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas.By considering these factors, you can choose a vacuum that will meet your needs and keep your home clean.
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2023.06.05 21:22 Impossible-Change-39 Tips when buying a vacuum

What to keep in mind when buying a vacuum When buying a vacuum, there are several things to keep in mind: 1. Type of vacuum: There are several types of vacuums, including upright, canister, stick, and robotic. Consider which type of vacuum will work best for your needs. 2. Suction power: Look for a vacuum with strong suction power to ensure that it can effectively clean carpets and other surfaces. 3. Filtration: If you or someone in your household has allergies or asthma, look for a vacuum with a HEPA filter, which can capture small particles like dust and pollen. 4. Bag or bagless: Decide whether you want a vacuum with a bag or a bagless vacuum. Bagless vacuums are more convenient but can be messier to empty. 5. Accessories: Consider the accessories that come with the vacuum, such as a crevice tool or upholstery brush.These can make it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas.By considering these factors, you can choose a vacuum that will meet your needs and keep your home clean.
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2023.06.05 21:14 Impossible-Change-39 Tips When buying a vacuum

What to keep in mind when buying a vacuum When buying a vacuum, there are several things to keep in mind: 1. Type of vacuum: There are several types of vacuums, including upright, canister, stick, and robotic. Consider which type of vacuum will work best for your needs. 2. Suction power: Look for a vacuum with strong suction power to ensure that it can effectively clean carpets and other surfaces. 3. Filtration: If you or someone in your household has allergies or asthma, look for a vacuum with a HEPA filter, which can capture small particles like dust and pollen. 4. Bag or bagless: Decide whether you want a vacuum with a bag or a bagless vacuum. Bagless vacuums are more convenient but can be messier to empty. 5. Accessories: Consider the accessories that come with the vacuum, such as a crevice tool or upholstery brush.These can make it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas.By considering these factors, you can choose a vacuum that will meet your needs and keep your home clean.
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2023.06.05 19:57 RoyalSeaworthiness29 How far can you go towards reducing exposure to cat hair allergens in a house?

My partner’s six-year-old son has an allergy to my two cats. My partner wants us to move to a new house and re-home the cats, while I want to see if we can eliminate his symptoms by isolating the cats before committing to a move or rehoming. Given how complicated the immune system and inflammatory responses are, and that it will be impossible to eliminate the presence of allergens in the house while cats are in it, is it fair to the child to run a test? As background, he frequently experienced a runny nose and cough since they moved in with me 18 months ago. He also had a few earaches that had to be treated with decongestants and a few nights where he lost sleep due to coughing and difficulty breathing. There were 8 or 10 days where we had to keep him away from school or social events due to his coughing and the poor little guy endured at least a dozen at-home COVID tests. We ran a few rounds of blood tests that came up negative, but the cat fur scratch test showed a 6-10mm inflamed area, which I think is the lowest level of inflammation that they interpret to indicate allergies.
My partner feels no level of exposure to a controllable allergen is acceptable for a child who cannot consent to the risks. The consequences to me would be I have to convert my dream house to a rental, move, buy more furniture, re-home my cats, and live without cats ongoing.
Before making this step, I want to run an experiment by isolating the cats in our second master bedroom and deep cleaning the house. If the boy shows symptoms during the experiment, I will re-home the cats and move. If he shows no symptoms, I will want us to stay in the house.
This experiment would include blocking off the air conditioning and heating vents in the cat room, sealing the doors, continually running an exhaust vent, installing HEPA air filters in all bedrooms including the cat room, and increasing the level of fresh air circulating in our house.
I would use the cat room as a home office and man cave and would shower and change at night before coming to bed.
They are going to visit his grandparants for the month of July, so I’d be able to keep the cats isolated for a month before they would return to the house to start the experiment August 1.
I am also allergic to cats (and dogs) as is my sister and her children. When she and I consulted with our allergists years ago they had us take steps to reduce exposure, which worked for us. When my partner and her parents recently consulted their allergists, they were advised the test I described might "reduce symptoms 50%" and that any level of exposure created risks of chronic health issues, including possibly developing asthma.
What do you think? How far can tests like the one I described go to reduce symptoms for someone with a mild allergy?
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2023.06.05 18:22 CoffeeCatsTrueCrime Complex Anterosuperior labral tear potentially misdiagnosed for 10 years plus repeated joint/cartilage injuries. What explains long term joint damage?

36 year old white female, 5'3", 140 lbs, joint pain since 1995-ish. I have 0-2 drinks a week, smoke weed daily, and use cocaine or mushrooms ever few months. Sister died of Ewings Sarcoma in 2011.
Daily Medications:
Lamotrigine 200mg [depression]
spironolactone 100mg [hormonal acne]
armodafinil 50mg [hypersomnia]
montelukast 10mg [allergies]
duloxetine 30mg [chronic pain/depression]
PRN medications:
odansetron 4mg [migraine induced nausea]
oxycodone 5mg [acute pain]
Major Medical History:
Approximately 1995--Left hip subluxates and causes severe pain, has continued for entire life. Attributed to menstrual cycle however started several years before puberty.
1997--diagnosed with juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma, tumor removed. Onset of migraine headaches with aura
2003--tonsillectomy and diagnosis for asthma and allergies, evaluations for chronic back pain
2005--spiral fracture left tibia due to sledding accident
2007--fibroadenoma removed from left breast
2010--right knee diagnosed with bursitis due to pain and locking
2011--back and right shoulder pain from fall on icy steps
2013--passenger during vehicular accident with concussion. Severe migraines and pain for approximately 2 years. Diagnosis was fibromyalgia.
2014--right knee locked for approximately 3 weeks. No meniscal tear detected. Hip pain so severe described as joints "rotting" out of my body. Pain attributed to menstrual cycle and fibromyalgia.
2015--pedestrian accident, hit hood of car. Facet capsule ruptures in multiple locations C2-T1. Diagnosed with hypermobile joints.
2020--retinacular cyst on right hand where middle finger meets palm. Removed with surgery.
2021--bent over to lift postcard and experienced pain at sacrum so severe I blacked out
2022--de quervains tendonitis, resolved with 2 steroid injections over 6 months. Broke several bones in right foot from stubbing toe.
2023--diagnosed with left hip complex anterosuperior labral tear including at the chondral labral junction.. Femoracetabular impingement due to slight lack of the normal anterosuperior femoral head neck offset. Cartilage is thin and fraying with mild subchondral bone marrow edema. Mild insertional gluteus medius tendonitis. I have a referral to an orthopedic surgeon.
First question: What does "complex" mean for the labral tear? Are there tears that are not complex?
Second question: What should I know about the arthroscopic surgery to repair my hip?
Third question: Why is my body so broken? I have endured hip pain for nearly 30 years. The hip subluxates and is incredibly painful to "pop" back it. I do not subluxate it on purpose. In the past two years I've started to develop a slight limp that is getting worse. During my period it is worst than usual, at my arthrogram the radiologist suggested ligament laxity due to hormones explained the increased pain. I've done PT, RICE, OMT, NSAIDs and even opiates to manage pain. 10-15mg of oxycodone does not even touch the pain when it is acute. I've had so many bone, cartilage, and tendon related health issues. I have seen a rheumatologist, my last bloodwork for this issue was Sept 2022 from my orthopedic hand surgeon.
Fourth Question: What questions do you have about the fibromyalgia diagnosis? I feel that the fibromyalgia diagnosis is unfounded due to the discovery of mechanical issues. The fact that 30 years of hip pain was due to a labral tear is very affirming. As time has gone on, my chronic pain issues are being related to actual physical issues. I am skeptical that I have fibromyalgia and think my pain was written off. Do you agree with this assessment?
I hope I have given enough information. I will make edits or add comments for anything left out.
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