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How To Keep A Mummy

2018.03.25 08:15 OU7C4ST How To Keep A Mummy

Fan Subreddit of "Miira No Kaikata", or also known as "How To Keep A Mummy!"

2019.04.16 14:05 kimo9953 How to Keep an Idiot Busy

Post GIFs that would keep an idiot busy. For example something that seems to have an end but keeps looping. You can look at our top posts for more examples to know what to post

2014.06.24 10:47 Tomly ArtBuddy - Find someone to motivate you to keep practicing!

Doesn't matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or even a professional. We all have days where we just forget or don't have the motivation to draw even though we know we probably should. Having a buddy system where there is someone else to motivate you and help you make progress together will ensure that you are not alone for any step of the way to getting better at drawing.

2023.06.06 22:54 Mystery-walk1256 I have a crush on a coworker (and I'm confused.)

So, I have a crush on a coworker. Now, that would be fine, except I recently found out he’s engaged and getting married in the next few months. Before I knew this, because clearly things would've been a little different if I'd known, I was starting to assume he kinda liked me back, considering he’s very touchy (sometimes he brushes my hair behind my ears so he can give me little massages while I’m working on the computer, or keeps his hand on my shoulder or back when we talk) and is very playful, making jokes and teasing me about small things. He once jokingly pointed at someone and described how they act with their wife, then reached for my hand and walked with me down the hallway as this supposed couple would've. Again, I was probably reading it wrong, but having someone you have a crush on walk with you while holding your hand? Kept thinking about it for the rest of the day.
He’s also very caring; one day I was having a stressful morning and mentioned it to him and he came to stand by my side and kinda side hugged me, which ended with me resting my head on his stomach (I was sitting down and he was standing). So yeah, it’s a mix of things that also led to this crush, and I’ve never pushed things further (I don’t think so at least), especially not after finding out he’s engaged, but the past few days he’s been avoiding me a little and I feel like I did something wrong. How do I approach the situation? Should I just hope my crush passes and that he starts acting more like he does with our other colleagues? Or should I try to figure out if I did something wrong, somehow, and apologize? I really don't mind the attention, quite the opposite really, but he is starting to be a friend as well as a colleague and I don’t want things to be awkward.
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2023.06.06 22:53 c-digs Welcome to the sub-reddit!

Hi folks!
If you've been using for your travel planning, thank you for for being an early user and keeping Gary, Sandra, and I motivated to continue to build the best travel planning tool!
We're creating this sub-Reddit with a few goals in mind:
  1. Help support our users! If you have any issues, you can post them here.
  2. Get your feedback. Many of the best features in Turas are from then inputs and ideas from Redditors like you! We love to have your feedback on how to make this a better tool for all travelers.
  3. Keep you updated on the latest features.. We ship updates to Turas every day! We'll have a weekly update post with the latest changes.
  4. Share our plans. We have big plans to make Turas the platform for all travelers. Turas Stories and community oriented features we have on the roadmap will help build Turas into a great community to discover, plan, travel, and share!
We look forward to hearing from our users.
If you haven't seen Turas Stories, check out:
We'd love to share more of your travel stories! Please reach out if you'd like to share your stories on Turas.
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2023.06.06 22:53 ThatIsNotAnAsian Shifting careers from Marketing to Graphic Design/ Coding what roles should I apply for?

Hey so like the title says I’ve been in marketing for 5 years. I’ve always worked Graphic Design Adjacent/ had design elements to my job, but never worked under a creative title. I know in my future career that’s where I want to shift but I’m not sure what to apply for.
My first job was as a marketing coordinator at a semi startup where I developed a new brand identity, creating/managed marketing material, and developed the email marketing campaigns including coding emails. I was there for 8 months.
My next job was marketing coordinator for a Property Management company and in there I developed marketing material for our 27 properties, developed new brands for 18 of the 27 properties, managed the corporate social media, created our Internal Database website, and developed our corporate newsletters. I was there for 3 years
My current job is email marketing coordinator where I haven’t developed at new design material, but have worked a lot in coding emails from scratch, and working on landing pages. I’ve been here for a year and a half.
If I wanted to move to a full creative role what kind of jobs should I keep an eye out for using this background?
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2023.06.06 22:53 Puzzled_Report_1139 [NA][ENG] 7th Ranger Regiment

The 7th Rangers is a squad based community but we have branched out to Escape From Tarkov! Is it your first wipe and you have no idea what you are doing? Are you 5 wipes in and an absolute chad? Don't fear not finding a group, we have a wide variety of players from brand-new Timmys to seasoned Tarkov chads, and every skill in between!

We have our very own Sherpa program that consists of our own members who are seasoned Tarkov veterans, who will volunteer their time to help players who are hard stuck on certain tasks, as well as helping out new players improve certain aspects of their gameplay entirely. If you need a sherpa's help, make sure that you read our sherpa info before requesting one.

We have dedicated map and ammo channels so that you can use accurate maps to improve gameplay, and make sure you are using the best ammo to date. We also have a price checker channel to make sure you are making as much in-game money as you can. On top of these channels, our very own Peacekeeper makes weekly, sometimes daily posts about any update that Nikita and BSG make to the game. These posts range from simple ammo, armor, flea market, and trader updates to major wipe changes and new maps, etc. Keep an eye out on the Tarkov announcements channel!

Join the discord and head to # Enlistment-office and react to the guest role, then head over to # read-me and react to our Tarkov role! Like squad, the 7th wants to make Escape From Tarkov a realistic gameplay experience, so make sure that you read into our rules, and be ready to Escape!!



We do not tolerate any Cheating or RMT/Carries in our discord and any advertisement or usage of such will result in being banned from our community. Keep it clean and fair!
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2023.06.06 22:53 Zekkuo_ Would this be a problem?

Would this be a problem?
So I have ordered some upgrades for my slash 4x4 like the fans for the motor and ESC, lgc kit and a dust cover. But while converting to the lgc and installing the fan for the motor I realised there is no optimal position for the fan to be mounted while keeping the wires out of the way. The best way I found would be as shown in the image. But I am wondering if having the cables against a hot running motor would be a problem? And would these bends I have made to the cables be okay because I kinda had to squash them in there?
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2023.06.06 22:53 Rusted-1 Stronger together 14

Yeah these last few chapters have been kinda insane and sad. Don’t worry this is the last of that for a bit! After this chapter things SHOULD calm down, this one is a bit shorter then the last few. This fanfic is based off the fanfic The isolationists, by Seeyouon_otherside. Constructive criticism is appreciated.
Memory Transcript Subject: Sergeant first class Anax, Zeyzel of the wanderer fleet.
I…could hardly think. We knew the federation was bad, but this…this was pure evil. An evil so potent, so powerful that it sees itself as good in a horrible twisted way…I could hardly process what I just heard I didn’t want too but, here I was going through all the information. Disposing of living people in such a way, treating them as disposable waste, they had no regard for life they deemed as tainted.
Even the Arxur had a degree of respect for life even if it came from a place of wondering what the next meal was. I sat further back in my chair. Watching Lemon and Alvaro try and comfort Hazard. This so-called madman had the heart, the care, the ability to make a book, a book for all those children lost. To take the time to name every single one.
I took the book and began to flip through it. I looked at all the faces, some were looking happy with their arms, paws, legs, and even tentacles, reaching up towards the camera. Others looked beten, bruised, lifeless with tears in their eyes. Those eyes…they were filled with not understanding what or why this was happening. Those last photos looked like they were taken as an afterthought.
Then I realized something. These photos were the only marker of their existence…at all…some were captured with joy and wonder on their faces, others…not so lucky. I then made a silent vow to myself. This book would be protected by me, and passed down from generation to generation. To give everyone the harsh reminder of what the federation did. I then read off some of the names. “Turmoil, Lucis, Rendalla, Mellow, Brosive, Handy, Trime…”
“Trime…I remember Trime.” I looked up and saw Hazard lean over to me as Lemon and Alvaro backed up.. “He was taken here because both of his parents had predator disease, when in reality they both had PTSD from seeing their cousins get eaten alive by the Arxur. So they assumed he had it too. No matter how hard the parents pleaded to those bastards they just laughed and said, you can’t fool us predators. They then…threw him into my cell. It was pure luck that I caught him at all.”
Alvaro asked the question I was scared to say. “They just threw the children in with the others?”
Hazard shook his head no. “Normally they had a special cell they would be dumped into with all the other children. They just threw him in there with me to piss off the parents. I…never saw them again…he was so little and scared. I comforted him as best I could, and gave the little Yotul my extra food as I didn’t need much. Told him to hide whenever the exterminators came for me. Then I made him this.” Hazard pulled out a small stuffed toy from a hidden compartment on his suit, the toy was made from a variety of clothes and other items. It represented a teddy bear from earth.
“I would sing him to sleep every night. Holding him as I did. Then one day I came back and…he was gone. This toy was all that was left of him. I found out later they tried to pump him full of some sort of experimental drug…it killed him by causing most of internal organs to collapse… he died slowly as the scientists wanted to study the effects of it. Then he was...disposed of.”
I swished my tail in acknowledgment. Then I thought of something. “Um, Hazard. You seem to be very focused on protecting children. I think it’s very noble, but I have to ask…why?”
He looked at me. “Because they are the next generation, and we, the old generation, have a duty to protect, teach, and defend this next generation. So that they may live to see a sunrise that we the old generation, will know we will never see. Yet can rest easy knowing that they did.
It went silent again. We all absorbed this information. Then Hazard jumped up. “All right THEN! Enough with these sad emotions! Can’t do too much about what happen in the past! HAHAHAHAH! Now then. What do you guys need? You have quite the large fleet out there? I assume you need supplies?”
“You are correct in that.” Lemon replied, still stunned by how deep Hazard went. “Anything from batteries to ammunition. Food and water too.”
Hazard leaned back as if thinking about something then snapped up with his plates shifting to symbolize an idea. “I have just the thing! There’s an onboard foundry on this thing! It makes everything! Let’s go there!”
Getting up I gently placed the book on the table and we all followed him back through the hallway. Each of us taking more Neutrolen from Alvaro. Following Hazard we arrived at a large transport elevator. Stepping into it we went down, and down, and down. “As you can see this station is MASSIVE! MY HOME IS A FORTRESS AS IS MY MIND!” Hazard then laughed like a nutter again for about a minute then returned to reality. “We will now be entering the foundry area and-” he was cut off when half a body of a Venlil fell out of an open elevator door. Nearly hitting me on the head. “Huh. Though I cleared this elevator already.” He shrugged. “Guess not.” When the elevator opened we were looking at a massive foundry.
“Here it is my guys! All the equipment we could need to build a fleet of…anything! Weapons, armor, gear, ship parts, smaller ships! This place has EVERYTHING AHAHAHAHHAHA!”
The three of us all looked at each other and nodded. This place would be perfect. “This place is amazing!” I exclaimed. “What is the food production capacity here?”
He turned around to address us. “Hehehheheh! It’s quite nice! Plenty of space for growing crops, mainly for me but I always have WWWWAAYYYYYY to much food. So if we swap that out with meat cloning from the human ship that they pulled here. We could feed you the entire fleet with room to spare! IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!! AHAHAHHAAH! Oh yeah the station can move, it’s also a ship.”
We all stopped what we were doing to look at him. “It’s a…what?” He smiled like a nutter at that. “It’s a station designed to be a mobile fortress, home, restocking place, dry dock! IT'S EVERYTHING!” Lemon spoke up. “Uh, how do we get it to work?” We looked back at Hazard only to see him chanting something while looking at some molten metal. He swayed back and forth for a bit before coming too. “Oh! Right! Most of the systems can be operated by basic AI but a large crew is still needed. Not to mention raw supplies. Heheheh! The good news is that I know EXACTLY we’re to get raw supplies!”
His chest opened and a screen popped out. That displayed the debris field around us! “That’s genius!” I exclaimed. Alvaro nodded. “We can break down the wrecks into basic materials! Scrap what we can’t use and take what we can! We can reprogram the repair drones we have for disassembly work!” Alvaro finished. “Then,” Lemon continued. “We can upload the blueprints for official disassembly drones to the foundry here and then make more out of the extra supplies that we gather! Making the process faster!”
Hazard was practically vibrating with excitement. “Then! We can retro fit the disassembly drones we don’t need any more into repair and combat drones! Keeping some disassembly drones for any more wrecks we find on the way! As I’m coming with you and you can’t fight me on that! On top of that I have marked several shipwrecks that can be repaired to full working order! Expanding our fleet even larger! I estimate an additional one hundred and ninety ships! And that’s just the ones I know about! I also estimated that this will take about five weeks to complete! If we make A LOT of drones to help us! WE SHALL WANDER THE STARS UNDER THE GUIDANCE OF THE CHAOS LORD AHAHHAHAHA!”
I could tell everyone was feeling the energy in the room. Then Alvaro put his hand out. Then so did Hazard. Me and Lemon looked at one another, shrugged, and did the same. “READY!? THREE, TWO, AHAHAHHAHA ONE! GO TEAM! With that we all threw our hands in the air. Then Choking hazard ran one way and Alvaro the other. Leaving us just standing there. “Guys this way!” Alvaro yelled. We took off after him, trying not to trip over the dead bodies, and made our way to the ship. “If we want to station people here we have to clean this place.” Lemon told Alvaro. He nodded in agreement.
Alvaro then pulled something out of his pocket and attached it to his arm. He then activated it. “Hey, testing one, two, three! Does this work?”
“AHAHAHAH! MY MIND IS ONLY THE BARREN WASTE WHEN I CHOSE IT TO BE! Yep, I can hear you loud and clear!” Wait, Choking Hazard? Must be a communication device of some kind.
“Hey buddy can you, uh, clean up the bodies that are…everywhere?”
Alvaro turned off the radio. “Yeah he’s got it!”
We got back to our ship and took off. When we landed and disembarked, a frantic looking Crew member came running to us. When we got off he ran to Alvaro and nearly ran into him. “Sir! Natare fell into the water carrier and the lid closed and we can’t get him-”
Alvaro tore past him with me and Lemon in hot pursuit. We ran through the ship toward the water hold. When we got there we saw Aurora, Leiejaa, and four others trying to get the hatch open. One was even trying to cut it open using a plasma beam. Alvaro leapt onto the top we’re the hatch was with me and lemon in close pursuit. He tore it open and we looked inside and saw Natare just floating there on the bottom of the large tank.
“NATARE!” Alvaro screamed. Natare then looked up at him and smiled. He shot out of the water and into his dads face squeaking the entire time. They fell off the top of the tank and onto the ground, Alvaro held Natare close to him, then Aurora joined the two in a tight hug. Me and everyone present let out a massive sigh of relief. Alvaro then turned to a crew member. “Why didn’t you call me?!”
“We tried sir! There was something blocking the signal!”
Alvaro nodded his head. “How long was he in there for?”
“Uh, forty of your minutes.”
Alvaro’s eyes went wide. “Forty…how did you not drown?” He looked at the giggling Natare.
Then I noticed something on Natare's neck. “Hey, did Natare get scratched on the neck?” Alvaro turned Natares head to look at the scratch, that’s when we noticed there were three of them in perfect spacing of each other. Me and Lemon leaned in closer. “Those look like…gills?” Then Natare yawned, the three marks on the side of his neck opened. They were gills. By the balancer. Alvaro turned Natares head the other way and it was the same as the other side. That’s when I noticed his tail is flatter and longer like a…fish. We’re the mutations…growing, evolving?
Alvaro held the absolutely soaked kit close to him, getting himself wet as well. Then with loving eyes he gently told the little one, “you're my little merman.”
This caused Natare to squeak in delight, although I’m certain he had no idea what his dad just said to him. He played with Natare’s little hands for a bit and then handed him off to Aurora, then they both started to dry him off.
The couple began to dry off the little one who seemed to really enjoy it. He made a satisfied purring noise the entire time.
As I was looking at the two dry him off, I realized I knew a lot about Alvaro’s past, but not much about Aurora's. A thought occurred to me. “Hey Aurora, what DID you do before you met Alvaro?”
She stopped drying off Natare, who squeak in protest as he seemed to like the rubbing motion of the towel, she then continued to dry him off but slowly. “Uhh…”
Alvaro stepped in. “You don’t have to tell us if you don’t want to. It’s fine. We all have our secrets we keep for a reason.”
I looked at Alvaro. “Wait, you don’t know either?”
He shook his head no. Then Aurora turned to us. “No, no it’s time you all knew. Especially you, my hunk of love.” The two lovingly kissed each other. “We will be traveling together for a while now so...okay here it goes.” She breathed in and out. “I was an assassin who was trained by the government to take out high priority targets. I received some of the best training and I have over eighty seven completed missions and a body count over two hundred. I was…very top secret to put it lightly.”
I dropped the towel I was holding. Lemon’s jaw dropped open, Leiejaa just stood there completely surprised. The only sound was the half gurgling, half purring noise coming from Natare. Then Alvaro laughed. “That explains why you're so flexible, and how you're able to get the kits out of tight places, like the vents, and how I never roll on top of you when I sleep! Don’t worry my sweet, you're still the same fluffiest best girl that I know, come here.” He picked her and Natare up and hugged them both. Aurora laid her head onto his shoulder and closed her eyes while Natare just yawned and fell asleep in between his parents.
I’m…still ashamed of all the lives I took…once I figured out why they had me do it…” Alvaro shushed her. “My sweet pea, don't think about that now. You helped to create life, six little beautiful lives. One of them is between us right now.” They looked down at the now sleeping Natare, and smiled with loving eyes only parents could have.
“Alright little guy, let’s get you to bed.” Aurora softly spoke. The three got up and left for their room.
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2023.06.06 22:53 labarrski If you haven't stopped yet but you're here reading:

I'm on my third week which is the longest I've gone without booze in at least ten years. I lurked here for a WHILE while I was still drinking but knew it was coming to a head and that I had to quit.
First of all, keep coming back, this place is full of REALLY supportive people.
Second, when I was drinking, I couldn't wait for the end of my work day so I could have a drink or 6. I wasn't drinking on the clock, but I wasn't wasting any time getting to my first drink after work. It made me feel better immediately. Then I'd keep drinking and wasting my life. Rinse and repeat. I felt like I needed to drink to feel better. But now I'm not drinking and I feel better than I have in a LONG time. I'm rested and motivated. Do I want a drink several times a day? Fuck yeah I do. I just keep reminding myself that my brain is lying to me. The drink is NOT HELPING. It's fucked up to want something to make you feel better but it's making you worse and you feel worse after you feel better.
Trust yourself. You can do this.
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2023.06.06 22:53 shaunpendy How far will the US go to keep this under wraps?

If it’s true that the US has gone to extreme measures to silence and cover up the knowledge of extraterrestrial life on earth for decades, do you think they are willing to let it all burn to protect themselves?
Could they destroy the technology to prevent it from getting into the hands of foreign adversaries? Ross Coulthart believes people will go to jail.
I’m curious.
That being said, if UAP WERE here…they are STILL here, and I can’t imagine the US giving up a technological advantage over Russia and China.
Stuck between a rock and hard place eh?
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2023.06.06 22:53 Secret_You8480 Husband’s Ex Girlfriend

My husband has a child (7) with an ex from college. I’ve tried so hard with this woman and she is just smug as can be at every drop off. She’s very manipulative and wants control even tho she is married too. Anyway, my husband and I are expecting and she randomly texts him and says “would you like to have (sons name) car seat for your child?” She held their child from him for two years before he took her to court so he didn’t see his child once before then, keep in mind. I told my husband that she’s playing a game and trying to act like she’s such a well meaning person. Why the hell would I want that car seat? This is my first child and I would love to pick out my own stuff with my husband. Not to mention their child is 7 and they have moved over 3 times, I highly doubt she has that car seat. So she went and told my father and law that my husband told her we don’t want it and is acting like I’m stuck up. I feel like she’s ruining my excitement. Not to mention, my husband and I are very well off for our age we don’t need her hand me downs. Am I wrong?
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2023.06.06 22:52 yasmine-turki Lost island

A month ago, someone stole my bag on the streets with my Nintendo Switch inside it.
And we couldn't find it.
So i wanted to share with you the island that i worked hard on building for 3 years which is now forever gone.
So i would love to see you guys visiting it to keep it's memory alive, i luckly kept a dream code from one of the latest updates of the island. If you do, please do not hesitate to send me some pictures, i would love to see it again.
Thank you very much.
DA-3846-8073-4985 (Sugawara)
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2023.06.06 22:52 mmj0299 Theorycrafting with uniques and legendary aspects for storm/lightning based build

Diablo newbie here! I am looking at the uniques and legendaries I got from World Tier 3 nightmare dungeons, and so far it looks like a decent werewolf + lightning + wolves build to me. Any recommendations on what I should keep in mind while brainstorming and creating a build like this?
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2023.06.06 22:52 Mediocre_Skill4899 How about this: “Looking for a ride from Nashville International Airport (BNA) to the festival on Saturday at any time, and a ride back on Sunday morning.

33F trying to come to Bonnaroo for Saturday, then departing Sunday. I am having a hard time finding a ride back to the airport. I am happy to chip in for rental car, gas, parking pass, whatever is needed. I am flexible on the departure Time on Saturday, but I have to make a 2pm flight on Sunday morning.
I am trying HARD to attend Roo, but I keep hitting road blocks with the transport situation. I am an experienced raver, won’t keep you waiting and I am very reliable.
Thank you!!
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2023.06.06 22:52 Caliburn5992 I have some ideas for Warden. LMK what you think

I have some ideas for Warden. LMK what you think
I want him to be more sword and less shoulder (like everyone else), maybe more useful in 4s, and change an animation or two.

  • Most heretical change: Altering the double tap light animation. Basically, the follow up is changed to a half-sword stab that LOOKS like it comes from the other direction. I don't particularly like the current follow up because it doesn't flow well into heavy finisher animations since the game considers it to be a second light from the left or right leading to unnecessary spins or other janky anims. That could be fixed easily (I assume) but it fits in with my other ideas.
  • Add HLH chain. More options, more gooder.
  • All opener lights and heavies gain the new double tap, including top, damage adjusted accordingly. Top stance double tap anim comes from the bottom, like an upwards stab to the face. I think it sounds cool, and again, it fits into the next change.
  • GB input after any double tap is a new bash. It's a backhanded mordhau from the left or right, whatever side fits the animation. Same functionality as SB, but with a little twist for 4s. The bash sweeps a large area in front of him like BP's zone and the follow up attack is guaranteed on any one target that was hit by it. The follow up is a unique top light (which is a quick downwards mordhau) or heavy attack (which is a slow-ish half-sword stab with hyper-armor on start up, like Warmonger has) that ends the current chain, that way you can't spam the sweep over and over, but it still can chain into good ol' Shoulder Bash (which, by the way, is still accessible after any non-double tap or dodge) or something else mentioned later on.
  • All chain lights can Crushing Counter. No guaranteed follow ups like the top opener does.
  • Chain side light animations changed. Instead of another cut identical to the openers, it looks kinda like this gif, but instead of starting from the top it would be brought back down and start around the back foot in an arc for catching attacks on the sides.
  • Top heavy finisher is changed to a rushing downward half-swording slash. Basically a pseudo forward dodge attack for keeping people from trying to back roll.
  • Side heavy finisher animations are changed so that instead of bringing the sword back over the shoulder for the strike, leave it low and follow with more of an uppercut for better hitboxes. Like this gif
  • New in-chain zone attack (hyper-armor?) so as to remove the need to follow up every chain finisher with SB. More sword, less shoulder. Could take an anim from his old minion clear. I'm particular to the finisher in this clip.
I think that's about it. I don't think it's too crazy, but I thought it could be interesting. Again, tell me what you all think if you want.
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2023.06.06 22:52 EthanTi Took me too long to realise this...

I'm nearly 25 years old and I've always had trouble with Condoms. Just couldn't keep hard with them on. Decided to buy some XL ones and they fit so so much better. I'm not even that big down there. Any gaybros out there, if you have the same issue perhaps try that out. Life changing. My boyfriend should be alot happier now too. (I tried it on solo to check)
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2023.06.06 22:52 walkerb79 Birthday Dinner or Cocktail Spots

Looking to plan something for my wife upcoming birthday. Any solid birthday dinner or cocktails spots in downtown area?
We're early 30's looking to celebrate at a unique or cool dinner or drink spot. She loves spots like "In Between Days" but I would love to be able to make a reservation for a few people.
Also she loves rooftops but will be in July so keep that in mind with Weather*
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2023.06.06 22:52 Repulsive_Drama_6404 Hearing protection?

I have a Class 3 e-bike and regularly cruise at 28 mph / 45 km/h. When there is anything other than a tailwind the wind noise is extremely loud, and I get Apple Watch warnings that noise levels exceed 90dB.
What do people do for hearing protection while riding e-bikes? Ear covers? Ear plugs? Noise cancelling headphones?
Ideally I would like to maintain situational awareness of the important sounds around me and keep the noise at my ears at a safe sound level. Secondarily, it would be better if the solution was also technically legal.
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2023.06.06 22:51 SimplyInept About to go back to Skyrim and try finish it for once: What mods are a must? (PC)

I'd like to keep it vanilla as possible, community patch, mesh fix, sky UI, better camera etc are all what I like. Not so much Thomas the tank engine dragons or mods that add more creatures and items to the game (but things like cloaks and pouches etc are fine).
What do you recommend/couldn't you live without once you played with it?
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2023.06.06 22:51 gaurav0792 One Step at a time - Fun account Gains

One Step at a time - Fun account Gains
Most profitable positions
AMZN :125C AAPL :170C SHOP : 100 shares @ $44.55 RCL : 75C
Most unprofitable Trades NVDA puts - too many to list CVNA puts - This company needs to fucking die. XLE $90 Calls - theta won.
Boomers told me to keep my shit in 5% treasuries. Nerds.
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2023.06.06 22:51 Negative-Poetry-5549 My (18M) girlfriend (18F) has went to boot camp for af and I can’t stop thinking she gonna wanna cheat or break up with me

Me and my gf have been together for 2 years she left a week ago, we just got out of high school and this is my first relationship and she got cheated on before and it was only for 2 months with her ex. This week has been the worst without her my happiness is just gone, I have people telling me “oh you think she ain’t gonna cheat just wait until she sees and meets them air force guys” I know it’s a big deal with trust but I have always had trust issues and people telling me stuff ain’t helping. I keep getting worried if she still thinks about me and loves me, Ive sent her a letter everyday, she’s always told me she would never leave me because i’m not like any other guy and I treat her the best. I plan on marrying her when she goes to School after basics if everything goes well. We are both 18 too so it makes me worry what if she ends up thinking i’m not the one she wants to be with? Is there anyone with experience of the situation i’m in boy or girl?
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2023.06.06 22:51 ShamoneJackson Just beat the game 100% - my thoughts...

So I've just now completed the game 100% - that's all missions, all collections and everything in between.
It has taken me 60hr at a leisurely place, and these are my thoughts, if anyone is interested in knowing. Would love to hear your point of views.
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2023.06.06 22:51 Fuen96a Why does my ex (25F) still text me (27F) when she claims she's over me?

*27M Long story short I lived with my now ex for 4.5 years. I broke up with her 1.5 years ago. She was extremely toxic, lazy, arrogant, controlling to say the least.
Anyways over the past 8 months she became even more toxic. She started going out to clubs, getting drunk, partying, etc... She didn't do that before. Which is fine. But then she slept with another man and told me all about it. She was like "he f me in the @ss and, I swallowed all his kids. We even recorded a video." Honestly that really hurt because I still loved her and she wasn't like that before. He left her within a month.
Even after all that it was really hard to avoid her because I felt lonely and didn't have any friends. So I would still hang out with her occasionally.
But over the past 2 months I sucked it up and stopped giving her any attention. I feel really lonely but f it. I rarely reply to her and if I do it's usually one word, such yes, no, ok... Then I won't reply for days.
Tldr: She messages me almost daily and on the weekends she ask me to join her and her friends. I did once, but she just kind of ignored me the whole time, but I connected with one of her guy friends.
My question is why does she still text me daily, and ask me to hang out when she claims she doesn't care about me anymore? Like a few days ago she texts me "Are you home? I'm worried about you. Please go home." And she called like 3 times until I told her "Im going home soon. Don't call me" Honestly I'm starting to give zero craps about her too. I just don't get why she keeps texting.
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2023.06.06 22:51 runaroberts Floating Points & Four Tet

Floating Points & Four Tet
Love this summery b2b set from Love International 2018.
But finding this track is taking ages!
Tried to lyric cross reference but closest I can make out is 'Come on’ // 'Keep it Coming' // 'Cause I like it'
And not sure what the backing vocals are saying - so no luck there!
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