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Snowglobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe

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Snowglobe Music Festival in South Lake Tahoe

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2023.06.06 14:25 AutoModerator [Download Course] Ning Li & Austin Lee – Zero to $6K (

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2023.06.06 14:18 toddlersareevil Backed out of moving to be near my mom

This might be more appropriate for another sub, but there’s less chance of it going viral here, I hope. I’m a mom of 4 (21f, 16f, 10f, 6M). For the sake of the story I’ll refer to kids by ages.
I live 3 hours south of my mom, 21F lives with her because my mom lives in a more progressive area; she’s happy and has friends there after some very sad and lonely teenage years. After my best friend moved out of state, I had nobody left to keep me where I live. I’d follow my bestie in a heartbeat, but we can’t afford to leave the state yet. Covid shutdowns set us back years financially.
It’s a long and complicated story but the summary is that my mom rented a cheap house a few blocks from her father’s house she and her brothers inherited. The brother that occupied the house died 18 months ago and basically let it rot for over a decade. She told me and my husband who are both very handy that we should come live there and we could just pay property tax and do the work. Yay, cheap ass rent! Right?
The biggest benefit for me was that I would have help with my youngest two kiddos. Not babysitting, mind you. Not often, anyway. Just another adult to pick up a little slack here and there. 10F has severe ADHD, 6M is autistic. I homeschool them both because their needs were not being met in public school. Mom is retired and 21F is a fantastic big sister. “We can all support and help each other!” She said.
Well, husband and I got to work. Turns out there is termite damage to the upstairs floor joists, a collapsed septic, and root intrusion on the pipes. New HVAC was needed, all new flooring, painting, and kitchen/bathrooms needed remodeling… and not for aesthetics. Still not deal breakers. We could deal with the floor joists and remodels, and hire out the HVAC and plumbing. We already financed the new HVAC and water heater and a few hundred in building materials.
What my mom failed to mention is that her marriage was over. I’d mostly moved into the house and husband was coming to help in his off time. She abruptly left her husband after a fight one night and moved in with me. What she also failed to mention is that she expected me to take over all her finances and medical scheduling. And be her counselor. And be her legal liaison and take over as executor of both her parents estates, one of which is incredibly complex. I overdosed on my ADHD meds less than a year ago because my mental/emotional load was so high. She knows why I overdosed. I was very open about it. I was incredibly put off that this retired woman was so eager to dump her load onto my plate with that knowledge.
Well, I needed to return to the other house to retrieve some items and prepare for the move. She urged me to leave 6M with her and 21F. When I came back, I learn from 21F that my mom complained the entire time I was gone that I’d left her with such a huge responsibility. (21F works full-time) . There was an early morning HVAC appointment I’d set up. She just needed to be there and let them in…and she texted me non-stop complaining about their presence. She knows my son is a full time job.
I went from laying tile and gutting bathrooms to spending all my time handling her business, and listening to her talk about how the man she was married to my entire childhood was a better husband than the one she’d just left. The man who abused me in every way imaginable…and she knew! That was so incredibly triggering for me.
All our talks in recent years about generational trauma, breaking cycles, and being able to self-reflect and recognize how our actions and words can harm our children were just talk. I’d been very open with her about the ways she’d unintentionally harmed me. She’d acknowledged and apologized for those things and it took years, but I was able to eventually forgive.
I recognize that the end of a relationship can bring out the worst in people so I tried to be understanding and gently set boundaries. But it only resulted in the same toxic reactions I’d grown so intimately familiar with as a child. Walking on eggshells. I felt like a broken, helpless child again.
Turns out she bought a 40 ft travel trailer and intended to live on the property without knowing we’d need to do a full upgrade to the electrical to power it, and remove two gigantic live oak trees to get it parked. In the meantime she moved into the bedroom my son, husband and I already occupied and she bought us an air mattress. She was spending all her money on the trailer payment. We’d now have to take on 100% of the repair expenses. Turns out, my husband couldn’t get a comparable job offer in the area. It would halve our income. That was the nail in the coffin. I knew we couldn’t follow through with the move. And that’s not even half the behaviors I dealt with.
The way she spoke of me, you’d think I’d hung the moon. But when I told her we weren’t coming and why (I stuck to the financial reasons when I broke the news) she hung up on me and blocked me after implying I’d fucked her over financially. Once I was no longer doing what she wanted me to, I was no longer the one who hung the moon. That hurt.
I’m done. I sent her an email telling her how that made me feel. Several days later, I got a card from her in the mail thanking husband and I for all we’ve done to make the house a home in such a short time. It was just like old times. Pretend nothing happened after a conflict. Not this time, mom.
Being a mom with zero support system is so hard. And it was really difficult to have a support system, albeit a small one, dangled over my head like that.
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2023.06.06 14:10 supercali-2021 How should a job candidate respond when asked an illegal ? in an interview?

I am admittedly not an HR professional, although I have experience in the industry and I'm a former hiring manager. I do know what questions can and can't be asked in an interview and assume most HR reps and hiring managers do too. Yet I find that I am frequently asked illegal questions in job interviews. I usually answer the questions honestly but I think that has disqualified me from several jobs for which I was otherwise a very good fit. Going forward how should I respond to obviously inappropriate questions? Thanks
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2023.06.06 14:09 writrox Writing a Project Executive Resume: Tips and Guidelines

Writing a Project Executive Resume: Tips and Guidelines
Writing a Project Executive Resume: Tips and Guidelines
A strong Project Executive resume is a crucial document for highlighting your abilities, knowledge, and successes in the field of project management. As a project manager, your duties include managing challenging projects, seeing that they are successfully completed, and stimulating corporate expansion. This document should clearly demonstrate your managerial skills, capacity for strategic thought, and proficiency in overseeing various teams and resources. In this manual, we'll provide you with helpful advice and pointers that enable you to write an impressive Project Executive resume that impress hiring managers and establish you as a top contender in the cutthroat job market. The content will provide you the skills you need to enhance your CV whether you are an experienced professional or want to take on a Project Executive position.
Here are Some Tips and Guidelines of Project Executive Resume are given below:
Header and Contact Information:
The initial impression is crucial, and it starts with a well-constructed header and contact information area. Make sure to properly display your entire name in the header so that it sticks out. Give your contact information, including your phone number, email address, and LinkedIn profile (if relevant), underneath your name. Ensure that this part is clear and simple to find so that potential employers may readily contact you.
Craft a Compelling Professional Summary:
Put a professional summary at the top of your resume to catch hiring managers' interest. Customize it to highlight your distinct abilities, background, and accomplishments. Showcase your skills in managing varied teams and resources, directing corporate growth, and managing complicated projects. Pay attention to your leadership skills, strategic thinking, and results-driven attitude. To grab the reader's attention and compel them to read more, use succinct language and compelling words.
What to include in your Project executive resume?
Showcase Relevant Skills and Experience:
Highlight your most important project management-related skills and previous experience. Emphasize your capacity to successfully design, carry out, and manage projects to ensure that they are performed on time, within budget, and to the satisfaction of the customer. Display your knowledge of resource allocation, engagement with stakeholders, risk management, and problem-solving. Give specific instances of the initiatives you have handled that were successful and the difference they made.
Quantify Achievements and Results:
Your successes will become more real if you can measure them. The scope and effect of your effort demonstrated through numbers and analytics. Mention the proportion of costs that were saved, the size of the team you oversaw, or the increase in income that was brought about by your initiatives, for example. Quantified accomplishments give you more credibility and show that you can produce quantifiable results.
Highlight Leadership and Communication Skills:
Your abilities to lead and communicate are essential as a project executive. Showcase your capacity for leading and motivating cross-functional teams, effective stakeholder communication at all levels, and achieving mutually beneficial outcomes through negotiation. Give instances of how you've handled disagreements, inspired your team, and promoted a collaborative work atmosphere.
Tailor Your Resume to Each Job Application:
For every employment application, alter your CV to reflect the particulars of the opening. Examine the job description and add pertinent terms and phrases that demonstrate your suitability for the position. This strategy shows that you pay extra attention to the little things and that you genuinely care about the given chance.
Keep the Format Clean and Professional:
Make sure your resume is organized in a clear, professional manner that is simple to comprehend and use. Keep the document's typeface and size the same throughout. Put your material in order and give each part a distinct heading. Highlight important duties and accomplishments with bullet points to make it simpler for recruiters to scan and identify pertinent information.
A systematic strategy and careful attention to detail are necessary while creating a project executive resume. You design an impressive CV that highlights your leadership skills, project management knowledge, and track record of successful results by using the ideas and recommendations offered. However, using skilled Executive resume writing services is helpful for anyone looking for further help and knowledge.
These services offer specialized assistance in emphasizing your sector knowledge, measuring accomplishments, and successfully exhibiting your leadership skills. Professional resume writers of writrox have the expertise and abilities necessary to produce a polished and aesthetically attractive resume that is in line with the demands of the Project Executive position you are pursuing. By spending money on an executive resume writing service, you can greatly improve your chances of landing the job of your dreams and taking your career to new heights.
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2023.06.06 14:08 rahulsharma2023 Competitively priced Residence Projects in Pune

Pune is an established educational hub in India as a consequence of the presence of several prestigious universities, notably the University in Technology of Pune. The city draws tourists & outdoor enthusiasts due to its stunning surroundings and proximity to highland towns like Khandala and Lonavala. Pune is known as the "Automobile Capital of India" due to the presence of numerous production facilities for renowned automakers. Pune was host to several magnificent buildings. Skyscrapers along with other magnificent buildings may be discovered projects in Pune. Pune, Maharashtra, is home to several exquisite residences and buildings. One of the biggest tourist attractions in India is now Pune. The town's repute for possessing anything magnificent
Properties In Pune
Krishna Lake Town
Contact No: +912071969351
Located in Janardhan Nagar, Lohegaon, Krishna Lake Town is a project developed by Krishna GroupKrishna Lake Town is a wonderful project with well-designed residences that are typical of affordable flats. Krishna Lake Town is the epitome of excellence. It is a dazzling example of what may be accomplished when talent and technology come combined. A lasting impression is created not only by the architecture but also by the address. After a long day at work, coming home to Krishna Lake Town is going to be the ideal retreat since Krishna Lake Town can make you forget you are actually living in the middle of the city.1 & 2 bhk flats in Pune is available at a selling price of INR 20.5 Lacs & 35.21 Lacs respectively.
Shreeram Shivalay East Contact No:+912071969351
Located in Uttareshwar Nagar, Lohegaon, Shreeram Shivalay East is a project developed by Shreeram Group. Shriram Shivalay East The rearmost immaculate domestic apartment by the renowned Shreeram Group was recently revealed in Lohegaon, Pune. Pune is overflowing with of the most remote work environments and amenities that allow its inhabitants to enjoy a drunk life. Because you live in a place called Landmarks Neste, you are the one who was selected.1 & 3 bhk flats in Pune are available at a selling price of INR 48.54 Lacs & 70.56 Lacs respectively.
Shreeram Shivalay West Contact No: +912071969353
Located in Lohegaon Wagholi Road, Wagholi, Shreeram Shivalay West is a project developed by Shreeram Group. Huge land parcels make up Shreeram Shivalay West, which offers flats that have been thoughtfully planned. It is filled with a few of the remotest jobs as well as amenities that enable its citizens to enjoy. With its ideal location in Wagholi, Shreeram Shivalay West offers an unparalleled connection to all the significant landmarks and locations housing that are roomy, light-filled and well-designed. your superior aspirations as well as your superior way of life.1 & 3 bhk flats in Pune are available at a selling price of INR 43.41 Lacs & 63.51 Lacs respectively.
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2023.06.06 14:07 aaconsultancydubai Navigating the Top 5 Challenges of Starting a Business in Dubai

Navigating the Top 5 Challenges of Starting a Business in Dubai
Are you thinking of setting up a business in Dubai but don't know where to start? Look no further because this video is here to help you navigate the top 5 challenges of starting a business in Dubai.
Dubai is known for its thriving business scene and has become a hub for entrepreneurship in the Middle East. However, starting a business in Dubai can come with its fair share of challenges. In this video, we'll explore the top 5 challenges you may face when setting up a business in Dubai and provide tips on how to overcome them.
  1. First on the list is understanding the legal and regulatory framework. Starting a business in Dubai can be challenging due to the varied regulations and licensing requirements that depend on the industry and nature of the business. Therefore, seeking guidance from legal experts and business consultants who specialize in business setup in Dubai free zone is crucial. These experts can help entrepreneurs understand the legal requirements, complete necessary paperwork, and ensure compliance with local laws.
  2. Second is cultural differences and market understanding. Dubai is a multicultural city with a diverse business environment. Therefore, entrepreneurs must familiarize themselves with the local culture, business etiquette, and market dynamics to establish meaningful relationships with clients, suppliers, and employees. Additionally, understanding customer preferences, market trends, and competition is essential for launching a successful business in Dubai. Consequently, conducting thorough market research and networking with local industry professionals can provide valuable insights, allowing you to tailor your products or services to meet the needs of the local market.
  3. The third is the language barrier. Although Dubai is an international business hub, language barriers can still pose challenges to effective communication due to Arabic being the official language of the UAE. However, English is widely spoken especially in business settings. Hiring bilingual staff or engaging translation services before opening a company in Dubai can help overcome these challenges and ensure smooth communication with stakeholders.
  4. Fourth is finding skilled talent. Dubai's economic growth has increased competition for skilled professionals, making it challenging for startups and small businesses to find and retain talent. Consequently, the high cost of living and the need for competitive compensation packages add complexity to the hiring process. Therefore, developing a comprehensive recruitment strategy that includes leveraging online job portals, partnering with local recruitment agencies, and offering attractive employee benefits and growth opportunities is essential.
  5. Last but not least is intense competition across industries. Dubai's business environment is highly competitive due to the presence of entrepreneurs from all over the world. To succeed in this market, new businesses must differentiate themselves by offering unique value propositions and exceptional customer experiences. Developing a strong marketing and branding strategy, utilizing digital platforms, and focusing on innovation is crucial to gaining a competitive edge.
Whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned entrepreneur, this video is a must-watch for anyone looking to set up a successful business in Dubai. So, sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the process of business setup in Dubai.
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2023.06.06 14:07 EdujournalAdds Data Analytics in different industries. Exploring career opportunities for fresher’s :

Data Analytics in different industries. Exploring career opportunities for fresher’s :
Careers in Data Analytics
Wondering how to kick start your career in Data Analytics ! You will need to upskill your technical (Processing Raw Data , Data Wrangling, SQL, Data Visualization with PowerBI or Tableau, SAS (Statistical Analytical Software for Statistical Analysis and Computing), Mathematics and Statistics etc ) and soft skills (critical thinking, persuasive communications, great listener and problem solver).
Data analytics also keeps the organization updated on changing trends and customer preferences, which gives them the means to update their business decisions accordingly. Companies in Retail Sector using data analytics gain a competitive edge in an industry that is competitive and continuously evolving. For a successful data science career, you would require to be a jack of all trades viz., programmer, analyst, engineer, mathematician, statistician, and strategist. They are always focused on huge volumes of data; they formulate patterns, identify trends, analyze data, and solve business challenges. Today, Data has always been an integral part of every business organizations and almost all sectors and industries are using data analytics to boost performance.
Data analytics refers to the process of collection, storage, examination, and application of data to derive insight and provide forecasts and trends that guide businesses towards success. Data Analysts use advanced tools and software to collect, preprocess, examine and analyze raw data. They are responsible for deriving valuable insights and metrics from data, developing competitive strategies, and guiding the management to take efficient business decisions.
Often employers prefer skilled people with exposure to data before and analytics before taking a role as a data analyst. If you’re switching to data analysis from another field, start to develop your experience by working with data. Try to gain experience collecting, cleaning, analyzing, and visualizing real data.
You can find data analytics jobs in every industry, and there are more than one path toward securing your first job in this field. Whether you’re a fresher or a professional pivoting to a new career, there are opportunities for everyone. Getting a job as a data analyst is an entry-point, that can lead you to a variety of exciting career paths ahead. As you gain experience as a data analyst, you may encounter opportunities to advance your career as a data scientist, management, consulting ie data analyst consultant, or a more specialized data role such as Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Operations Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Systems Analyst or a Health care Analyst..
If you’re exploring a career in data analyst, here's are a few tips:
  1. Get a foundational education : develop foundational knowledge in mathematics, statistics or computer science, and enhance your portfolio and resume
  2. Update your technical skills: These are essential skills you’ll require to get hired.
Statistical skills
Computer skills
R or Python programming knowledge
SQL (Structured Query Language)
Data visualization like PowerBI and Tableau
Data cleaning and preparation
In addition to these hard skills, hiring managers will also look for workplace skills, like good communication skills (you may be asked to present your findings to those without as much technical knowledge), problem solving skills, and industry domain knowledge etc.
  1. Work on real-time projects: Include hands-on projects using real data sets .
  2. Develop a portfolio of your work:
Be sure to save your best work for your portfolio. A portfolio demonstrates your skills to hiring managers. A strong portfolio can go a long way toward getting the job.
  1. Presenting your findings:
A significant element of working as a data analyst is presenting your findings to decision makers and other stakeholders in the company..
6. Get an entry-level data analyst job: Start applying for entry-level data analysts jobs.
  1. Consider certification and additional qualifications to advance your career: Advanced degrees are not always required, but having one can open up more opportunities.

In a world that is driven by data, almost all industries are using Data Analytics to beat the competition in the market. Below we share 5 domains where data analytics is used to reshape their fields.
1. RETAIL : In Ecommerce, data plays a crucial role in providing valuable information that can help boost their sales as well as improve customer satisfaction. Predictive data analysis can be critical in examining consumer patterns and buying preferences to devise marketing strategies and personalized campaigns for a better customer experience. Data analytics also allows organizations to keep tabs on changing trends and customer preferences, which gives them the means to update their business decisions accordingly. Retail organizations using data analytics gain a competitive edge in an industry over their competitors.
2. TRANSPORTATION AND TRAVEL: A vast amount of data is collected daily in the transportation sector while commuting from one place to another. Using data analytics, the organizations are able to detect the most optimized routes, provide better fares to customers, improved service etc., Airways and railways use data analytics for ticket booking, system maintenance, and overall operations that help them in cost-cutting as well as providing improved services to their users.
3. HEALTHCARE AND MEDICINE: Data analytics in healthcare and medicine aims to deliver efficient services to patients. A large quantity of data is collected from patient who visits a healthcare facility on a daily basis. Data is collected, stored, and analysed by healthcare organisations and professionals, thus effectively reducing cost and providing better service to patients. It enables doctors the possibility of identifying risks before it may get complications.
4. BANKING : Data analysts by collecting and monitoring customers' data through online transactions and banking, are able to customize their approach to be more personalized, and present them with offers and proposals that are more interesting to the customers. Furthermore, data analytics also helps banks identify risk factor and prevent default payment, by analyzing the financial history and health of their customers.
5. GOVERNMENT AND PUBLIC SECTOR: One sector that has a wide array of data at its disposal is the public sector. The government has been collecting data on people and continues to do so for various purposes. This data is vital in making decisions . Data analytics allows government organisations to store and manage this data effectively and gain valuable insight The government utilizes data analytics for security, transparency, minimizing fraud, reducing costs, better decision making, and much more. Data Analytics in the public sector has enormous applications that benefit the government as well as the public.
As technology advances more and more data is accumulated, data analytics continues to grow. Data analytics has massive potential, and almost all fields and industries are leveraging it to reduce costs, streamline processes, and improve their services. Organizations across sectors are keen to include data scientists and analysts in their teams to give their companies an advantage over their competitors and stay ahead of the curve. Hope you liked the post. For any details please contact eduJournal.

URL : Visit Edujournal Site
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2023.06.06 14:03 Thorns_Aplenty I think I hate my new job

I started a new job in May as a consulting manager. The pay is much better than my old job and I get a sign-on bonus on top of the possibility of a performance bonus.
I was hired as a manager because of my technical experience as an engineer in a pretty niche, growing field, and without assigning me such a title they couldn't pay me what I asked for.
The first 3 weeks of onboarding and training were pretty boring, but now that I've actually been placed into a project I feel like I'm eating myself from the inside out with stress.
Working as a manager in a consultancy is totally different from working as an engineer. My day to day is only barely related to my field of expertise, so pretty much none of my work experience is of any value in my work. I'm not as comfortable with all the aspects of consulting and project management someone in my position would normally be at this company, so I suck at pretty much everything. It doesn't help that I'm working in a country where English isn't the first language and most of the documents and communications are not done in English. There's a whole ocean of background information on the customer's systems in a language I can speak no problem but still have trouble reading quickly.
To be fair, my colleagues and managers are all incredibly kind. Everyone has been welcoming and understanding but as time goes on the kindness is starting to feel like pity for my inability to keep up, yet I'm being paid so much despite being a total deadweight. I finish every day feeling exhausted despite doing very little and feel like vomiting pretty much all the time.
I know that I'd tell someone else in my situation that it's just impostor syndrome and that everything is hard in the beginning, but it just makes me feel awful.
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2023.06.06 14:02 Vegetable_Wear8016 Short Story - A tale that will give you an adrenaline rush

Hello ladies, this week my fictional story will leave you feeling cautious the next time you eat at a Chinese restaurant :)
The Fortune Cookie
Samuel was exhausted, it was nearly 10 p.m. and he was leaving his office. He was starving, he just wanted to eat and hit the bed. ‘What a terrible day!’ he was muttering to himself as he got into his old beat-up Renault Kwid. He had seen a Chinese restaurant nearby that opened recently and he decided trying it now would be the best option.
It was a small inexpensive-looking restaurant for quick meals. It had simple decor with traditional Chinese paintings and some random symbols of dragons splattered here and there. One bored receptionist cum cashier and only 1 waiter. It was not a place you would come to on a date.
He gave his order and started scrolling through his phone. He saw some updates of his friend travelling to Dubai for work, one of them getting married in a fancy resort in Rajasthan and one of them was working at Google and felt the need to constantly put #googleknowsbest in all his posts.
The real estate business in India was hard, there isn’t any strategy or marketing that can make you successful, it was entirely dependent on your network and getting lucky with the right client at the right time. The respect for agents was abysmal since it was not considered an elite profession and the commissions were shared between multiple parties.
You could hire a celebrity for the promotion of a project to bring in the masses but when it came down to the client writing a cheque for that booking amount, it had nothing to do with the celebrity. Those gimmicks were just enough to get them off their laptops and visit the property.
He had to constantly ensure he was at networking events or getting in touch with the businessmen of the city to source the right inventory to sell. His company was working on a budget villa project which was taking time to sell because of the location being close to a graveyard. Not many families wanted to stay close to a burial ground despite the villa’s appeal.
It was such a beautiful villa, the amenities, the location and the price, every aspect was attractive. ‘Maybe someday when I can afford it’ he thought to himself. He finished his meal and waited for the bill. He was served a fortune cookie with the bill, “Oh it’s been a long time since I have gone to a restaurant that still serves these” he said to the waiter. He opened the cookie and the message read ‘Don’t underestimate your ideas’. ‘That’s funny, I just had an argument with my manager about an idea I had which he didn’t like’ Samuel thought, he shrugged it off and paid the bill.
The next day at work, Samuel was in the cab with his Marketing Head going to a meeting regarding a residential project in the city. They were in the middle of random banter when he decided to casually mention his idea that his boss had rejected. “That’s not a bad idea at all, I think we should bring this up at today’s meeting and ask the client for their opinion,” the Marketing Head said to him. By the end of the day, Samuel was a happy man, the marketing guys for the residential project approved it and his Marketing Head gave Samuel all the credit for it in front of his boss.
A month later, it was a late night again for Samuel, he decided to hit the Chinese restaurant for dinner again. This time he was conversing with his old college friend Meera, he had recently reconnected with her over Instagram. He was about to pay the bill when he realised he had never eaten the cookie. He opened it and it read ‘Confess your love, it’s worth it’, ” Maybe I will” Samuel said aloud.
Later that night, he asked Meera out for a movie half expecting her to say that it was too soon to go on a date. The stars were aligned and she said yes. Their date turned into many dates.
One weekend, he told his best friend about the fortune cookies and that they were lucky for him. “Are you trying to say these cookies can predict your future?” “No, I’m just saying the messages have been right twice and I don’t want to lose out”. Just to humour Samuel, his best friend agreed to dine at the restaurant.
The meal was over and they were ready to open the cookies. Samuel read ‘Something dangerous lies in your path, stay cautious’ and his best friend read ‘Avoid the upcoming journey’. “What’s that supposed to mean?!” his best friend asked him looking annoyed. “I don’t know, maybe there’s some journey you are going to go on and you shouldn’t go?” Samuel responded. “I have journeys every weekend so this doesn’t make any sense!” his best friend exclaimed. His best friend’s parents lived 3 hours from the city and he used to visit them every other weekend. His best friend declared that this was a stupid activity and they agreed to disagree ultimately.
Samuel checked his entire house for any loose wiring, fire hazards, toxic chemicals, gas leaks, etc he couldn’t find anything. He even checked his car and his desk at the office, but nothing! Maybe this was a coincidence and he was taking this too seriously. It was a fortune cookie for God’s sake! It’s supposed to be for fun. He let the incident go and forgot all about it in the next few weeks.
A month later, his Goa trip planning was in full swing. Any Indian would know how the Goa plan works. You plan for months with your friends and right before the trip, the dominoes start to fall. Samuel’s manager declined his request for the leaves due to a promo event that was happening at the same time where they had roped in a huge celebrity to pretend like he loved the villa. “It’s Pratap Kapoor we’re talking about Samuel, this is no small guy,” his boss said. “Pratap has a 20,000 sq ft villa with a bonsai garden imported from Japan, he’s not relatable when it comes to endorsing a budget home” Samuel protested. “That may be true but he has a huge social media following and the fact that he may potentially own one of the villas will give customers the message that the graveyard is not an important factor” his boss stated ending the discussion. Samuel had lost the argument and the Goa trip.
He loaned his friends his car to carry on with their trip. They offered to cancel it but he insisted that they go, he didn’t want to ruin it. Besides, it was a good time to take Meera to one of those Korean restaurants she had been obsessing about.
It was when he was in the middle of eating his Bibimbap that he received the call. His friends had been in an accident on the way back home. A drunk driver rammed into them, fortunately they were not seriously injured but the car took most of the damage. “We were really lucky that the drunk guy had an equally beat-up car as yours” his best friend explained to him, Samuel’s thoughts drifted towards the message his cookie had revealed to him. This is what it was warning him from.
Over the next 5 years, it became a ritual for Samuel. He would eat at the restaurant before any big decision he had to make or if there was any big event coming up. Samuel moved to a different real estate agency which offered him a senior position, with time his commissions became better, he bought a better car, married Meera and he bought the villa near the graveyard.
“I already told you, I am not coming on that trip with your parents Meera,” he told his wife. “Just because the cookie said so?!” she asked. “Yes, the message said to exercise caution on your next endeavour and I went there just after we discussed the trip, I’m sorry but I cannot go, this is my process and you know it,” he said firmly. “You are letting these cryptic messages get the better of your logical self, it was fun in the beginning but it’s been 5 years now and you can start making your own decisions,” Meera told him, unable to believe her husband relied on luck from a cookie. “No, I trust the process and I would like to stick to it,” he said. Their fight escalated and it resulted in him staying home alone.
When Meera was away, he received a call from an unlikely source. The secretary to a local politician, politician wanted to sell his massive farmhouse on the outskirts of the city to settle some debts that occurred from his political rally. The politician had a bad reputation for solving everything with cash or brute force. But, this was a big deal, if he said no to the politician then another agent would do it and profit off it since word travelled fast in his circle.
“You can inform his assistant that we cannot take this up”. “He lost the election and his boys got into a fight as well that the media picked up so I think he’s bad news. Our agency has a certain reputation so we cannot be involved with certain types of individuals” Samuel’s CEO told him. Despite Samuel persuading him with the value of the property, the CEO refused and the matter was dropped.
Samuel decided that it was time to start doing things independently. He took on the sale of the property independently and asked the secretary to keep it discreet. He stood to make a huge commission on this, this could mean quitting his job and starting on his own so why give up the opportunity? Destiny had come knocking on his door, he couldn’t just ask her to leave.
He went to the restaurant to get a feel of his decision. While waiting for the food he called his wife to find out if she reached home safe, “So nothing weird happened during the trip?” he asked. “Nope, your fortune cookie was wrong this time. Everything went smoothly, you should have come. My parents didn’t believe you were sick, they think something’s going on with us” she told him. “Yeah, maybe I should have come,” he said relieved that the message didn’t come true. “Don’t forget to get the Kung Pao chicken and no cookie for me please?” she said ending the call. Samuel mulled over what had happened. Was it that the magic was over? For 5 years the messages had been right but not this time. Meera was back and safe.
At home, when he opened the cookie, it read ‘It’s not too late to back out’. Samuel was annoyed, this was a big deal where he stood a chance to grow his network and quit his stressful job. He went to bed and let the thought stir in his mind.
The commission he was offered was the highest he had ever been offered. Several agencies and agents were working on this property but he had the network of people who would need such a massive area, he could crack it. The decision had been made.
Over the next few months, Samuel intentionally lost a few deals so that he could dedicate extra time to the farmhouse. Fortunately, nobody suspected anything at his firm and he getting close. Finally, after 6 months of effort and negotiation, it was sold to a construction company, they were going to build a resort.
Later that year, Samuel was a richer, happier man. He was out in the world trying to be an entrepreneur when he received a call that ruined everything. The construction firm had filed a case against everyone in the land dealing stating that it was a fraudulent deal. They discovered a body in the premises hidden underground and it just happened that the exact spot was being dug up for a swimming pool. This was bad marketing for the resort. Who would bring their families to a place with a reputation for murder? The construction was stopped when the police intervened to do a complete investigation and the legal proceedings began.
Samuel started losing hair and sleep over the drastic change of events in his life. His entrepreneurship journey was falling apart and Meera and his relationship was on a steady decline. He didn’t know how to control it, he was trying to make things work both professionally and personally. Over the next few months, he tried yoga, went to church more often and travelled but, it was not enough to solve his problems. He realised the cookie had been right all along but he had gone against it. That was when he decided it was time to go back to the restaurant to get some advice. He was desperate.
He finished his meal when the waiter told him the news. “Sir, we’re shutting down this week, they sold the place to a McDonald’s franchise,” the waiter said looking ready to move on. “Sold it?! Why do you need a McDonald’s here when there’s a burger place 2 streets away?!” Samuel questioned reeling from the shock. “Sir, I don't know these things, I’m going to apply for a job when it becomes McDonald's. You have been coming here for a long time so I thought you should know that we’re closing” the waiter said clearing the table.
That was it, his final cookie in this place. He was mentally asking for it to give him some good advice on what to do next. The cookie read ‘Darkness awaits’
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2023.06.06 14:01 infosec-jobs [HIRING] [Job- 10577]Midlevel Developer DEVSECOPS, Brasil in Campinas, SP

[HIRING] [Job- 10577]Midlevel Developer DEVSECOPS, Brasil in Campinas, SP submitted by infosec-jobs to infosec_jobs [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:54 Lilmoneyshawty Where is the money?

When I first started telling everyone in my life I wanted to be a welder, the overwhelming response I got was “welders make great money!” But… where tf is it? I went through welding school and have been working a job as a fabricator for about a year now and don’t get paid shit. Company I work for doesn’t do raises unless you quit and come back at a higher rate. Looking around at all the companies hiring around me and the only jobs paying more than $20/hr are traveling pipe welding jobs (which I don’t want to do) and night shift (also f that.) Is it even worth staying in this trade?
I specialize in stainless and aluminum tig but can weld any process. And I live in the Atlanta area.
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2023.06.06 13:51 zauraz David Grusch - Why?

I am not going to lie, having watched need-to-know and it being the introduction towards this thing, alongside my general trust for Ross did make me postively aligned towards David. However that is not to say that he offered conclusive proof. Its more a continuation of pre-existing information that we have heard multiple times.
The main difference here is his credentials. Having been working high up in the intelligence community, and outright interacting with the president. The Debrief and Ross provided much better investigations into these credentials than I ever could. But I have little reason to doubt even there.
Now reactions to this has been mixed, fully understandable. NewsNation barely aired any of the interview which Ross has stated approached 7 hours and will be out later in the week.
I get the frustration. Especially after Corbell and other UAP people this last few months hyping up nothingburgers. Even James Fox. To me however I have never put much faith in them but I know Ross by now. I know he has made mistakes in his career but he tends to be a very calm individual advocating caution.
This still illicits the same feelings of anger however that all of this is another grift. I will freely agree with you, IF the interview is not published before the end of the week. But I trust Ross and I know it will be out there. And if it isn't we'll go from there.
Why then did NewsNation show so little? And why isn't the interview out? What I have read implies that its some deal where they get to break the story first or some other stupid thing. I don't get how stories work like that but it seems reasonable albeit infuriatinf.
At least reading Bryce analysis of the piece did give me some more optimisim, because News Nation treated it seriously. They didnt downplay it even if they confirmed it was just talk. They presented it as actual news. Doesnt change that I wanted more of the interview but eh.
Then we come to another crux. He might be a grifter, a liar for fame. Its all over this sub by now and I get the feeling. We'll know more moving forward. But I still want to pose this question.
What is he actually gaining from coming out like this? He has no book that we know of. Fame? No most people ridicule the notion of UAP still. Even here we see people dismiss him as ridiculous. I imagine he will get quite a lot of abusive texts and mail. And if he is lying and is found out it would ruin any credibility he has towards everyone. If what I read is correct and he quit his job over this, why would he if he didnt think it had value? He was hired as one of the highest in intel, its a valuable job salary wise I imagine. I doubt the "UAP fame" would ever pay in the same ballpark.
Prestige wise the intel job would be much stronger famewise than any UAP nutcase thing.
And mental health reasons? Sure we can't dismiss it but he was vetted by multiple highly trusted journos who have worked in this field for long.
Do you think they would have gone this far if they thought him fake? Not to mention that Leslie Kean who dropped the first of all this in 2017 was part of it.
I get the skepticism. I get the desire for clear, unquestionable proof. I am with you. this might turn out a nothing burger. But I did want to just offer some of my thoughts on his credentials.
He is another in a long line of people vouching for this. As someone else mentioned, if this is a psyop, then that would still be a huge weird one historically significant. Everything points towards David being trustworthy. Only time can tell if he is and I will accept if this is false.
But this is the first time in forever I have actually felt confident in something relating to this topic.
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2023.06.06 13:40 Tesseract_Jay Being Black and Gay in South Korea

I want to preface this conversation by stating that my personal experiences and observations are my own and this post is me sharing those experiences and observations. I don't like the idea of labels, and, in an ideal world, we would all just be seen as humans first, and treat each other with kindness and dignity by default.
For context about myself, I have a few friends here, both Korean and Korean American currently living here. We've known each other for years after college. They all know I'm gay. None of them are gay, but they don't care. My Korean reading, writing, typing, and speaking are all at an elementary level so this helps me in some social settings with native Koreans, especially at work. I am an English teacher. My job is exhausting but I have a good relationship with almost all my students and get occasional acknowledgement for my efforts from some of my Korean and foreign co workers.
All that said, I want to discuss some harsh truths about reality as a foreigner who is also black and gay living in South Korea. (I share this with the intention of telling my experience.)
Korea is xenophobic. Foreigners, especially foreigners with darker skin tones or foreigners from South Asian, Latin, and African countries face a pervasive discrimination that lowers the quality of life. Some examples include housing discrimination, denial of entry to various spaces for select foreigners based on appearance, intolerance from coworkers, less opportunities to assimilate and contribute to society, blatant verbal abuse on the streets under the assumption foreigners can not understand, and borderline hostile interactions upon first or extended meetings (usually in work settings).
I understand that, until 1953, Korea did not have much exposure to much of the world and the xenophobia demonstrated today is a direct result of that isolation. My family fought in that war, and it was interesting to learn about that part of my family. Anyway, hopefully, Korea can overcome this xenophobia as long as it continues to accept foreigners.
As it relates to me, everyday is an experience. While I do get stares, this does not bother me too much. And compared to my first time living in Korea, the stares seem less. What does bother me is the adopted racism Koreans have towards black people. The ignorance surrounding black people is vast. People saying whatever they want in front of you because they assume you can't understand like
야 흑인 남자 있어 ... (wow it's a black guy)
then start laughing as they proceed to talk about me as I continue walk or stand there.
Being denied entries into some restaurants or other public areas is another example (coming from friends).
People greeting me in the most bizarre and stereotypical ways like saying "Yo! Yo! Yo!" and making hand signs at me while expecting me do the same.
Certain coworkers acting borderline hostile and constantly trying to make life miserable (either through gossip, borderline physical aggression, or giving immense amounts of work).
Students asking me and the other black teachers (even if the other teacher is not American) if we have guns, but not asking any other teachers this question. Although this example is more harmless, it does demonstrate that kids have a vastly different perception of black people and this can partially be attributed to the parents.
By themselves, none of these examples are terribly bad, but when every few minutes of your day is filled with these never ending moments, it starts to erode your soul. I don't even look forward to going outside anymore. Work, buying groceries, and exercise are my only excuses for going outside. Yes, I have my friends, but they are so incredibly busy with PhD and other life endeavors that regular meetings are very difficult to maintain and puts a strain on everyone. We try, but it doesn't work.
For more context, most of the issues I discussed, aside from the language issue, I experienced in the US, where I'm from, as well, but worse. The one major benefit of Korea compared to the US is the safety, mostly.
I am just one person, and I always try to be optimistic and do what I can to have a positive impact on people, but the lack of community makes everything much more exhausting.
And I have not talked about the issues related to my sexuality.
Whether it's Korea, or any other country in the world, being both black and gay is an issue.
I knew before coming that being gay was not openly accepted in Korea. But I wasn't expecting to be lectured by my older male Korean coworkers (in both English and Korean) about not having a girlfriend. They made it sound like I'm wasting my life. I thought somehow I would be exempt from this kind of scrutiny and pressure, but no, it's still here.
Dating as a (black) gay foreigner is essentially nonexistent or if it is existent, it's a dumpster fire. Again, the ignorance and lack of knowledge around black people is vast so that doesn't help.
I am confident in my appearances and have a good body as I exercise regularly, get plenty of rest, and eat very healthy. I'm slightly above the average height here in Korea, thin, take care of my hair, and clean shaven. Financially, I have more money than most people my age from previous jobs and I have other hobbies and ambitions outside my job.
But I am black, so... to Korea (and by extension most of the world) I am not seen as their type, which is incredibly backwards thinking.
I tried Jack'd and the experience was what I expected. At first I didn't show my face in my profile pictures and only my body (fully clothed). Each guy I talked to wanted to meet me and said I had a great body and said very flattering things. Then the moment I said I was black, they said really bizarre things like "You're black? You can't be black. You're lying. Please say it's a joke. Black people are not this smart. I do not believe you. Black people are not my type." Every guy stopped talking to me after they found out I was black (I never showed my face to them or anywhere on the app. I only told them I was black).
I am just a guy who wants to enjoy life. I like to exercise, play video games, learn and explore new opportunities, and push myself to be better. I try to make the most of life but it feels like I hit a ceiling every time I try to go a little further in my pursuit to find a fulfilling life.
It would be nice to just live peacefully where people treat me like a regular person, and I don't have to hide my sexual orientation. I have my friends here and I really wish we could spend more time together but their lives are too intertwined with their own endeavors.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.06 13:37 marinaisbitch How to deal with anxiety about not getting a job after graduation

I have one year left in a public health master's degree with a technical focus (epidemiology, I am learning SAS and teaching myself R on the side). I keep hearing things about my field becoming oversaturated and there's like an million epidemiology grads out there right now.
I am not the most technically minded person but I'm doing ok in school so far - I had an extremely hard time getting a job after my undergrad in a soft-skills field and this is what I thought was my ticket to a stable, consistent income >70k. I was willing to sacrifice my "passion" in order to have good health insurance (I'm in the US and take five prescription medications) and have enough money to buy a house and retire.
Now that I'm leaning more about the oversaturation of epidemiologists in public health I can't help but feel massive anxiety that I'm giving up my passion for nothing. I hear about people who did internships (like myself) and have connections and STILL aren't getting hired unless they are literally the best of the best (I am not. Not trying to be humble. I am average among my peers based on grading of assignments) or have loads of work experience/a terminal degree from before the master's degree.
I guess I'm just looking for strategies here on how to manage the anxiety and stay focused on chugging ahead in school and not worrying about the job market. Ik lots of us deal with this and I was hoping for some advice.
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2023.06.06 13:37 Sweetdaddybiggs Hours cut

New employees hired. Full timers had their hours cut. Makes sense doesn’t it. GM said they’re over payroll. You work hard and get penalized. I’m in an area where few jobs exist. You show up, get good surveys, get reward sign ups, and make large sales. It’s a complete slap in the face to be forced to reduce hours again.
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2023.06.06 13:36 ElectricalActivity What to expect from second interview

Hi all,
I recently applied for a job and got an interview, which I did yesterday over Teams. It's a very small department in a large business. It was informal, only one interviewer and we chatted for around 45 minutes. Less than an hour later I received an email inviting me to another interview tomorrow. This time it's an hour and it says the format is "Competency Based" with two interviewers.
It might sound like a silly question but what can I expect? I haven't really done a proper one for years. My last 3 jobs were all for small businesses and none of them required more than 1 interview.
It's a type of data analyst role and they're looking for someone to help with the programming side of things, which I have some decent transferable skills in. Would be great to hear from people who have gone through this process or involved in hiring in the tech world.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.06.06 13:36 LincolnPilot Decisions along the way: My 3.5 year journey from a student pilot to legacy

Hello everyone!
I thought I'd share a write up of my aviation journey based around the decisions I made throughout my career progression. I think as aviators we tend to share common struggles and questions ranging from how to choose a flight school to which legacy airline to work for.
I do not present this as an exemplary footstep for anyone to follow (please don't do that - looking back, I shudder at some of my decision making), but just as a fun read and compare what you would have done / had done vs how it unfolded for me.

October of 2019: I decided to be a pilot. 30 years old with 0 experience.
Problem: I didn't have money. Options: Work and fly as I go or take out $80,000 loan at 8.99% interest rate. Decision: The loan. Reason: I thought getting into the airlines faster by taking the loan and focusing on flying would pay off more in the end. Hindsight: I probably should have done some intro flights first before signing up for 80k loan. lol
Problem: Which flight school? Option: Local flying club 61 or fancy 141 flight school. Decision: 141 '0 to hero.' Reason: I wanted to get everything done as fast as possible. I drank the kool aid often and in large quantities. Hindsight: I think I would have been just fine at the flying club. For some parts of my training, I paid $575/hr for DA-42. I shouldn't have done that. But at the same time, the 141 school did finish everything in a very timely manner. It was expensive, but it delivered.
November of 2019: things weren't going well.
Problem: Airsickness. I kept throwing up. Heavy doubts about career in flying. Options: Quit now and salvage what I can on that 80k loan or keep flying. Decision: Kept flying. Reason: I asked here on Reddit and you guys told me that it should go away. "Don't quit!" Hindsight: I am VERY glad that I didn't quit. Airsickness was a bitch - but it did indeed go away after about 25 hours.
March of 2020: Finished training. Took me about 5 months to go from 0 to CFII. 3 failed checkrides.
Problem: COVID 19. Industry came to a halt. Not many flying jobs to be had. Option: Live with my father and work another job or move to middle of nowhere Midwest to fly. Decision: Moved to Midwest to flight instruct. Reason: It would have saved a lot of money by living with my father, but I wanted to keep flying. Hindsight: This was a good decision. CFI jobs were very scarce and I decided to go where the opportunity was. I was able to build my hours while a lot of my classmates weren't so fortunate.
February of 2021: Adventure
Problem: I got fired from my flight school. Option: Look for another flight instructing job vs YOLO Alaska Decision: Drove to Alaska with 0 plans and started knocking on doors asking for a job. Reason: I was fired from my flight school over severe disagreement regarding forcing flights on students in bad weather. I didn't want to work at another flight school after that and it was impossible to find an instructor job in the middle of COVID. So I drove to Alaska in hopes of finding a job. Hindsight: What an adventure! I was just about ready to hop on a crabbing/fishing ship because I couldn't find a flying job but it worked out somehow! I became a bush pilot in a small village in Western Alaska. This was the best time of my life. I flew A LOT.
October of 2021: Regionals
Problem: Multiple offers from regionals - which one to go? Option: Envoy, Skywest, Republic, Endeavor (Piedmont rejected me - bastards!) Decision: Endeavor Reason: Earliest class date. Hindsight: Endeavor was a great regional. Training was excellent and I loved the people there. I did hate flying out of LGA/JFK though. Back then Endeavor pay was still $53/hr and I couldn't afford to live in NYC. So I lived in a camper van in Long Island area.
May of 2022: ACMI?
Problem: Job offer from Amerijet and ATI and Atlas Option: Stay at Endeavor or go fly 767 cargo Decision: Amerijet Reason: I thought 767 type rating and international wide body flying will be a better addition to my resume than flying in/out of LGA 3x a day in a CRJ. I chose Amerijet based on their very fast upgrade time and promise of a new contract soon. (lol) Hindsight: This was a very difficult decision. My mentors were absolutely torn on how to advise me on this one. Some thought staying with Endeavor and keeping the Delta flow was the safest path. Others thought that 767 is an upward movement and I shouldn't miss out on a widebody opportunity. I think I would have been fine either way, but Amerijet worked out wonderfully. I truly enjoyed my time flying long-haul cargo over the Pacific. I was able to spend a lot of time with my parents in Korea. At the legacy airline interviews, the interviewers all really liked that I had that experience on my resume.
May of 2023: Legacy - 2350 TT, 512 SIC. 3.5 years from my first flight.
Problem: Which airline to choose as my final career destination? Option: Delta, Hawaiian, Alaska, American, and Southwest. (United never called.... :( cry Decision: Hawaiian
Reason: This was perhaps the toughest decision that I had to make in my aviation journey. I lost a lot of sleep over it. Ultimately it came down to choosing between Delta and Hawaiian.
Delta was everything that I expected. Money, glory, hats, sense of elitism and pride of being part of what is now widely considered the best airline in the world. With little doubt, I was looking at years of fine successful career and accomplished life with Delta.
With that said, I was also looking at being at the bottom of 16,000 pilot group with over 50% of the seniority list being new hires since 2014 and life in one of the mainland Gotham cities. But despite all that, Delta has the best benefits and compensation package in the industry and it is hard to turn away the top legacy carrier - or so I thought.
Hawaiian ambushed me in so many pleasant ways. My interview at Hawaiian was my first time going to Hawaii and I was just blown away. It was wonderful. I felt sincere excitement of possibility of living there that I never felt about any of Delta bases. As a 34 year old single guy moving to live in base, I have no doubt that the quality of life is going to be much more desirable at Hawaiian than Delta.
Looking at seniority progression and % of widebody fleet at each company - I am intrigued by the possibility of being a widebody captain at Hawaiian many years faster than at Delta (excluding the 76 fleet on narrowbody pay at Delta). And I would have such easy access to Korea to see my parents since Hawaiian goes to Asia frequently.
The decision making process here was different from my previous decision points. Up until here, I always jumped on first opportunities that gave me better career outlook and progression. But as I was looking into my final career jump - I prioritized quality of life over everything. Money and glory was with Delta, but the life I wanted was with Hawaiian. And I want to be happy!
Hindsight: I don't know - I'll update later I guess. :)

Well Reddit - my chase is over. But my journey begins! I can only hope that I can keep up with my health to keep flying at my final destination for the next 30 years with a smile.
I cannot thank you all enough for the help and guidance you have given me over the years. Special thanks to the guys that messaged me and called me to give insightful advice whenever I posted here. You guys REALLY helped me to make those decisions.
The U.S. has a very unique and supportive aviation community that is unlike anywhere else in the world. Thank you again. I hope I can continue to grow as a pilot and as an individual to be in a position to give good advice to future pilots to keep the culture going.
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2023.06.06 13:35 AutoModerator r/Hamilton Weekly Job Board

Hamilton Weekly Job Board
Are you looking to hire? Know of a job opening at your workplace or heard of a job through word of mouth. Post them here!
We have been getting spam reports on job postings so are testing a weekly job board so they are all in one place. Feel free to use a throwaway account to protect your identity but note that we have to manually approve comments from new posters so they may not appear immediately.
If you are posting a job, please include a general location, if it is transit friendly, pay, hours and any other details known.
If you are looking for a job in Hamilton, try these too:
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2023.06.06 13:34 Aldahomes Buy Washing Machine Parts In Gorakhpur

How to Buy Washing Machine Parts in Gorakhpur

If you’re looking to buy washing machine parts in Gorakhpur, there are a few things you should keep in mind to ensure you get the right parts for your machine. Here are some tips to help you make the right purchase:

Identify the Parts You Need

Before you start shopping for washing machine parts, it’s important to identify the parts you need. This will depend on the type and model of your washing machine, as well as the specific problem you’re trying to fix. Common parts that may need replacement include the motor, pump, belts, hoses, and valves.

Check the Compatibility

Once you’ve identified the parts you need, it’s important to check their compatibility with your washing machine. Make sure you have the correct model number and serial number handy when shopping, as this will help you find the right parts that are compatible with your machine.

Look for Quality Parts

When shopping for washing machine parts, it’s important to look for quality parts that will last. Avoid buying cheap, low-quality parts, as these may not work properly or may break down quickly, leading to more repairs and expenses down the line. Look for reputable brands and suppliers that offer high-quality parts.

Compare Prices

Before making a purchase, it’s always a good idea to compare prices from different suppliers to ensure you’re getting the best deal. Look for suppliers that offer competitive prices and discounts on bulk purchases, as this can help you save money in the long run.

Consider Professional Installation

Finally, if you’re not confident in your ability to install the parts yourself, consider hiring a professional to do the job for you. This can ensure that the parts are installed correctly and can help prevent further damage to your washing machine.

Contact Suppliers for Availability and Delivery Options

Once you’ve identified the parts you need and checked their compatibility, it’s a good idea to contact suppliers directly to confirm availability and delivery options. This can help you ensure that the parts will be delivered on time and can help you avoid any delays or issues with your repair. Many suppliers may also offer additional support or advice on installation or troubleshooting, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you need it.
By following these tips, you can ensure that you buy the right washing machine parts in Gorakhpur and get your machine up and running again in no time.
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2023.06.06 13:31 hypoconsul I cannot apply to UN jobs because I lack relevant experience...but I cannot that experience anywhere

Last year I was a paid intern at the UN in the field of risk analysis/anticipatory action/etc. It was absolutely great and I loved it. I realised it's exactly what I want to do. I have good qualifications and a great relationship with my boss and senior colleagues, who promoted me for a couple positions when my internship ended (with no luck).
I have now been unemployed for several months. I have long forgot the idea of going straight back to the UN - every single job advertised requires many more years of experience than what I currently have, and the few who don't have such an insane level of competition that realistically I have no hope. There were no consultancies available for me in my department at the time either.
So I have been applying to lesser known NGOs, where postings aren't so competitive and they are more inclined to hire juniors. I believed I could start with those and then in the future I could leverage my experience to go back to the UN.
I've also been actively engaging with peers on LinkedIn, including some I personally got to meet during my internship.
But no one ever replies to my applications, despite me doing my best to polish my CV, perfect my cover letters and provide killer references. There's always someone else who's got that slight edge over me.
I've been also applying to the private sector even though I don't really care about it and the only ones that reply are tech support stuff that not only I hate, but would not be considered relevant experience in a future UN application because it has very little to do with what they do in the humanitarian world.
I am at a loss now. I know that if I just had a couple more years of experience I could start applying to so many more positions but I cannot seem to get those first years of experience anywhere. I don't want to give up my goals but I don't know how.
Sorry if this post sounds like a bit of a pointless rant. I am just frustrated because it's been many months and I feel a bit hopeless.
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2023.06.06 13:30 Uniquelypeace Rejected after 4 interviews

I had my first 2 interviews with the hiring managers and peers , all seems well.the third one was last week with a higher management (president level) remote, the recruiter only schedule 20mins for the remote call. The president didnt even ask me much qns - only 1? then he was like rushing to talk about the company culture , the team , the job , etc as it was only 20mins . I wasn't positive about it.
Then the 4th interview was last week Friday with another president but its a face to face meeting. At first , it was scheduled 30mins but we spoke more than an hour. I was quite positive to get the role.
However, immediately on the coming Monday , the recruiter called me that they decided on someone else.
Could they have already got someone in mind already but just asking me to go interviews for sake of the process? I suspected as they came back to me so quickly like next working day ?
I just fed up with the false hope given that I was one of the best candidates and going so much interviews
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