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2023.06.09 20:27 StayAtHomeJedi My Estranged Mother is my Special Trustee

A little backstory.
My mother had sever mental health issues and much of my childhood included emotional abuse from her.
After starting my own family, I made the choice to completely remove her from my life for my own mental health and the safety of my children. I have not spoken to or seen her in over 8 years and I have taken great care to ensure she does not know any of my personal contact information.
My Grandmother passed away last year and in her Will she left each grandchild a sum of money. For mine, there was a seperate clause that my mother had her put into the will which saw my inheritance to be put into a henson trust, which my mother is the special trustee of.
This was made before I was able to understand the level abuse I was experiencing, and before I became estranged from my mother and fits with an overall pattern of abuse I had to go overide her 'medical power of attorney' over my bank accounts when I turned 18 so I could go through the process of getting an apartment, because she never let me have access to them or my bank card, one of many ways she tried to keep me at home.
So I now find myself in my current position.
My mother has asked me to fill out a 'Trust Disclosure Form' because 'the lawyers need it for the bank'
This includes all of my personal contact information which I am not willing to provide her with. She has also sent me an email outlineing some scheme to use my trust (25,000) to shelter 130,000 of her inheritance so she wont get kicked off disability, complete with a 5 person board of directors to dispense funds ( only myself and 1 person of my choice, and herself and 2 people of her choice)
I am a perfectly capable adult with a wife and 3 children, one of whom has special needs and who would benefit greatly from this inheritance.
I genuinely believe due to previous history and previous communications that I will not be able to access this money without speaking or convincing my past abuser to give me small chunks of it at a time. (Her way of forcing me to engage with her again)
What do I do?
Edit: Canadian Citizen, can't afford representation.
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2023.06.09 20:27 Zenvezz Youtuber "Smile 2 jannah" is deleting comments that confront him about his anti somali behavior


So basically, In his newest video i asked him whats his beef with somalis? He responded with "you tell me, assuming that i do, try to prove it good luck" I responded with "Oh i can prove it, in one of your videos called, "Muslim man & Japanese" the guy you mistaken as a Muslim is called John Ramsey, an Ethiopian Yemeni that pretends to be Somali in order to try ruin our reputation, the part where you said "i'm sure you can guess his ethnicity" raised eyebrows as many people in the newest first of the comment section are outraged, The guy is not even a Muslim or Somali, he's an Ethiopian pretending to be Somali Muslim. if you look at his channel and the kind of things he does you could tell straight away, he hearts anti somali comments enjoying the hatred for another ethnicity. I kindly recommend deleting the video or at least put out a statement. Also I'm not sure what you mean "I'm sure we can guess the ethnicity of this individual." Really disappointing. May Allah guide us all."
Instead of owning up to his mistakes, HE DELETES IT and luckily there was a witness in the replies
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2023.06.09 20:27 Quiet_Attitude4053 MS tattoos!

Does anyone have MS-related tattoos? It's something I've been thinking about lately as I am interested in getting a couple of others.
I was considering going with more of a humor approach, and get "insert here" with a small arrow pointing to my "good vein" (or so the nurses say), using the Capri Sun "insert straw here" visual as an example. Just subtly poking fun at how often I'm getting poked! Maybe I'd get a smile or two from the nurses.
Anyone have MS tattoos they'd like to share?
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2023.06.09 20:27 Shortie_Llama I got a longline oversized hoodie, thumb holes, slightly split hem, and stops at mid-thigh before knees. What to wear on the bottom?

I got a longline oversized hoodie, thumb holes, slightly split hem, and stops at mid-thigh before knees. What to wear on the bottom?
I'm short 5ft,2 I love the hoodie it looks and hangs lovely on me for cozy days or days where I can't be arsed. The question...what on earth do I wear on the bottom?
Tights? wear like a dress? too weird?
Leggings? What colour? It's a solid black hoodie with a gold foil design on the back.
Jeans? It feels like it would be too much fabric or distracting from the hoodie.
Pictures to help -

Front - also has thumb holes in sleeves.
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2023.06.09 20:27 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Analytics Mania – Google Tag Manager Course Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download

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  • How to use and benefit from server-side tagging
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2023.06.09 20:27 SamiiKatt Is it possible to use the web ui via tablet?

This may be a stupid question and possibly have been answered previously but I can't find much on it personally, does anyone know if you can install the web ui and models onto a tablet? I have a decent samsung tab that I use for art and stuff but was wondering if I could somehow get sd a1111 onto it like you would with pc. I was previously using google colab on my pc but since the updated tos sd webuis are no longer available to free users and I don't have enough ram to run it via pc. (always ends up with cuda warnings and never generates)
Any insight would be nice. Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.09 20:26 Spacecow6942 Probably a ridiculous question, but...

So, my sister has recently been diagnosed with some kind of demyelinating disease, probably MS. We're still waiting on labs to come back, but the neurologist was pretty sure it's MS. She was misdiagnosed with a stroke a year earlier and it has progressed pretty aggressively in that year. Her first MRI had 7 'white spots' and the new one has 20. She can't walk without a walker and a physical therapist, she talks very slow and gets words mixed up.
Anyway, my understanding is that her therapy will be largely a matter of making new neural pathways to relearn old skills. Here's the goofy part... I've heard that psychedelics are used in PTSD treatment to do exactly what we need, form new neural pathways. Has there been any research done in this area?
What do you guys think? Bare minimum, I think tripping while you're stuck in a hospital bed would suck. I'm also pretty sure that to form these pathways, she'd have to do her physical therapy under the effects of powerful, mind altering drugs, and that doesn't sound super productive either. I'm probably just grasping at straws, but I figured this would be a good place to check. Google hasn't been super helpful.
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2023.06.09 20:26 GCOLBYB Bass fishing

What rod/reel setups and lures does every prefer for largemouth bass fishing? I like big poppers but my 5wt hates them. What’s your go to
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2023.06.09 20:26 fleetmack Sonance Mariner grills falling off

Yeah, this isn't directly Sonos, but I use these speakers in tandem with Sonos ports and amps, and also these speakers are frequently sold in bundles with Sonos amps.
My outdoor speakers are Sonance Mariner 86. I've had them for probably 4 years. The metal grills fall off nonstop. I don't want to glue/seal them as you need to remove them to disconnect the speakers. Additionally, I don't want to tape them on as that looks like crap. I've read about some people using magnets, might give that a whirl.
Just seeing if others have this same problem and what they've done to fix the problem.
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2023.06.09 20:26 Additional_Pen_3019 I wonder if this is a primarily psychosomatic illness? (LONG THREAD)

Note, I am not trying to invalidate anyone's experiences , I am just trying to share my thoughts and provide perspective. You are free to agree or disagree with any of the points I raise here.
That being said - I cannot help but feel but this 'POIS' disorder is largely a psychosomatic one. The specific mechanism is called "somatisation", where a mental illness manifests itself with physical symptoms due to subconscious processes within the brain.
To give an example from pop culture, there is a character called Chuck McGill from the TV series "Better Call Saul" who appears to have an allergy to electricity (spoilers ahead!). He experiences genuine physical pain when exposed to electromagnetic currents, and even faints at one point due to overstimulation (which is later understood to be a panic attack).
However, it soon becomes clear that Chuck's illness is psychological in nature. He likely has some form of OCD, as well as a deep seated inferiority complex regarding his younger brother, who is better able to connect with people than he is, and was preferred by both their parents when growing up. Nonetheless, Chuck is very, very able to explain and rationalise the fact that he is suffering from an apparent physical ailment, including statements such as "no one knew about peanut allergies 20 years ago, so just because medical knowledge hasn't advanced yet doesnt mean electricity allergy isnt real." However, it is obvious he is trying to mask a mental condition, but feels extremely ashamed at the prospect of being 'exposed' as being 'crazy', and lashes out publically after someone compares him to a schizophrenic.
Out of necessity, Chuck eventually moves away from this mindset and, after receiving counselling and SSRIs/antidepressants, attempts to reintegrate himself back into normal life. He rids himself of his tinfoil blankets and allows himself to start using electrical appliances. He recovers greatly, and is absolutely fine, in spite of exposing himself to something he is supposedly "allergic" to. (until his brother shows up and triggers his mental illness once more... but I won't go into that!)
You see, I cannot help but notice certain similarities in POIS discussions. There are tons of posts going into complex scientific matters discussing possible 'medical' causes of this illness. Things like issues with the neuroendocrine system, autoimmune reactions, and the like. People taking combinations of supplements, herbs and pharmaceuticals and reporting a reduction in symptoms. I also note that, the research points to a very high comorbidity of mental health disorders like depression and anxiety, and anecdotally I notice a high frequency of ASD, ADHD and OCD.
Thus, I do wonder whether this is some kind of rationalisation, or a somatization of deeper issues. In my opinion, there are likely to be complex emotional and psychological factors at play in POIS sufferers, which lead to the apparent symptoms. Intelligent, rational people are very able to find convincing explanations for their symptoms and struggles - even if they're not actually accurate - and, combined with the mechanism of somatization, it may be very convincing to others, including medical professionals, that the person is suffering from a rare physical ailment as opposed to trying to deal with some kind of inner turmoil.
And yes, I know that the disorder is classified and recognised by many health professionals and is being thoroughly researched - but I posit that this is due to the highly troubling and disturbing nature of the supposed illness (i.e. the idea of not being able to have sex without essentially being crippled by one's own body - that's pretty fucked up) and the fact that many smart people, who suffer with the symptoms, are able to quite lucidly and convincingly explain what might be at play.
This is my personal story, which leads me to the conclusion that I have made...:
I went through a brief phase of thinking I might have POIS. I had extreme lethargy and demotivation whenever I watched porn and masturbated. I would regularly binge and this would leave me feeling flat, exhausted, and just basically awful. The "symptoms" would last for multiple days.
Additionally, for much of my teenage years, I believed I might have some kind of hypersensitivity or allergy to sugary foods. I had to completely avoid them for a very long period as I lacked self control, so would end up binge eating them and genuinely feel awful afterwards.
Eventually, because of my self-control problems, I started convincing myself that every single time I masturbated, or ate a sugary snack - regardless of whether it was just one time or a geninely unhealthy binge - I convinced myself I was doing something wrong and was going to feel terrible afterwards,. And that, by some weird mechanism which I still don't really understand, this actually led to me feeling bad, foggy, and wiped out after I indulged in those things - even in moderation!
Turns out, in fact, that I was actually just very depressed and had been so for a long time, and in addition to that had severe ADHD. I was extremely ashamed at my lack of ability to control myself, and had essentially been traumatised into hating myself for this. Additionally, I noticed that "semen retention" did actually come with many psychological benefits, and could (I presume, by spiking levels of dopamine in the brain) actually relieve many of my ADHD and depressive symptoms. Thus, I came to associate sexual activity with 'bad things happening', because I would immediately lose these benefits. Doubtless, there was likely some actual neurological basis for my apparent symptoms (the dopamine crash after orgasm and after eating sugar, which happens to everyone, but may affect people differently, based on their sensitivity).
So essentially, my POIS symptoms were actually the product of a complex psychosomatic reaction, combined with my tendency to overindulge and ACTUALLY exhaust myself, as well as my depression and ADHD, which made me more vulnerable to fluctuations in dopamine and other neuroendocrines. Note, that feeling demotivated and tired after orgasm is a universal human experience - but again, some are more likely to be sensitive to this effect than others.
Once I got my depression and ADHD sorted and under control, I found that - except if I binged and went overboard with masturbation - the POIS symptoms completely vanished. I now experience a normal level of tiredness after orgasm, but nothing like extreme brain fog or dysarthria or anything like that.
Additionally - and this is perhaps going a bit deeper - I struggled with severe social anxiety and chronic depression growing up and as a result, when I was exposed to "NoFap" and "Semen Retention" during my formative years, I ended up kind of obsessing over it. It fucked up my sexuality and I got sucked into the philosophy. This was because, not only was I impulsive and lacked self-control, but also, the "benefits" like increased confidence were really appealing to me, and I could see that there was SOME TRUTH to the claims being made. So I developed an early aversion to masturbation, which likely led to the development of a psychosomatic illness.
So yeah - my point is that POIS likely does have some roots in actual physical causes, namely spikes in things like dopamine, prolactin, testosterone etc. If you have issues with your brain/body that may affect these (e.g., ADHD (low dopamine), low testosterone levels, prolactemia, depression (low serotonin/dopamine), OCD (low serotonin), anxiety (low serotonin and possibly dopamine)), then you are perhaps more likely to be sensitive to these changes than the average person, and may present with increased "POIS-like symptoms" related to cognition. It is likely that past experiences and shame around sexuality also contribute. Porn or sex addiction may also be a genuine cause of the symptoms because you stimulate your body to an unnatural and unsustainable level.
Also, having OCD-like obsessions may be a contributing factor to POIS' development. You are likely to be very anxious and worried about yourself, and will excessively check your own mental state and/or physical state after having an orgasm. If you feel that you are tired or demotivated (which is normal), your OCD brain may overblow how bad these things feel - similar to the mechanisms seen in anorexia and body dysmorphia - and convince yourself that you have a problem, when you actually, in fact, do not.
As for the allergy hypothesis - it is hard to see why orgasming would lead to an allergic reaction. Some theories state its an autoimmune reaction to one's own semen, but a study showed that non-POIS individuals have the same reactions to skin-prick tests as those who stated that they had POIS. I would also add that allergies are more common than usual among people with depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism etc, so the apparently elevated presence of general allergies among the POIS population may be a product of this fact, rather than pointing towards an increased likelihood of being allergic to orgasms as well as peanuts, shellfish, pollen etc. Essentially, no one really knows why people with mental health conditions are more susceptible to allergies but that's just the way it is. Allergies are also way more common than you think, a substantial proportion of the general population has hay fever for example.
Final point: something similar has been observed in Indian psychiatry. There's a condition called "Dhat Syndrome" which is understood to be purely psychosomatic in nature. It is treated with CBT and antidepressants. Basically, in Hindu scriptures, sexuality is treated as something that is "vital" and "spilling one's seed" is seen as bad. Thus, people in India are more likely to develop complexes and shame around sex/masturbation because of cultural messaging, which affects the subconscious, and may be a contributing factor to the development of this psychosomatic disease.
TD;LR - POIS is almost certainly a psychosomatic disorder, not a physical one (imo). It is likely a manifestation of deeper psychological issues. There is some truth in saying that orgasm leads to changes in neurochemicals and hormones and may thus produce certain psychological, or even physical, effects in people. However, these alone are unlikely to cause the degree of symptoms experienced by sufferers of "POIS", because they are a normal part of human biology. Nonetheless, certain individuals may be more sensitive to alterations in dopamine/testosterone/prolactin due to certain neurological conditions, hormone deficiencies, or mental health issues like depression/OCD.
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2023.06.09 20:26 dvddesign Suggestions for non-Reddit resources...

I plan on leaving the site soon. I moderate a number of subreddits and I can't condone what they're planning for a number of personal and ethical reasons.
Does anyone have a list of forums where one could go seeking help or assistance? I feel like I won't be the only one looking for something like this in the future.
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2023.06.09 20:26 aviationfrowaway Question for uk mechs

I’m an apprentice who is towards the end of there course and is going to get A license at the end of it however I have a choice of going on rotor craft doing interesting work or going to a fixed wing location but doing mind numbing work. I have been at both the locations already and they are both military.
So what I want to ask is does it dramatically effect my chances of going into commercial aviation in a couple of years time depending on which one I choose as id like to sit possibly my B license exams anyway which ever site I go to?
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2023.06.09 20:26 LearningMyWalk How to get into PSYOP as an officer?

Hello everybody, I am currently an LT interested in going into PSYOP unit. I am currently a transportation officer in the Reserve on the west coast. I have a few questions about the PSYOP branch; Is it competitive? How does the process look like? I know you have to be a Captain but can I start the process as an 0-2 promotable? Do I already need command time under my belt before going into PSYOP? Do PSYOP officers go to Airborne school? (I really want to do this) What opportunities will I encounter in PSYOP? What are some realities of it? Good or Bad.
I would appreciate any advice!
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2023.06.09 20:26 golangprojects [Hiring] Machine learning job: Sr Software Engineer - Large Language Models at Databricks (San Francisco, California, United States)

While candidates in the listed locations are encouraged for this role, candidates in other locations will be considered.
At Databricks, we are passionate about enabling data teams to solve the world's toughest problems — from making the next mode of transportation a reality to accelerating the development of medical breakthroughs. We do this by building and running the world's best data and AI infrastructure platform so our customers can use deep data insights to improve their business. Founded by engineers — and customer-obsessed — we leap at every opportunity to solve technical challenges, from designing next-gen UI/UX for interfacing with data to scaling our services and infrastructure across millions of virtual machines. And we're only getting started.
As an engineer working on large language models (LLM) at Databricks, you’ll work closely with the teams behind Databricks’ Dolly LLM to build intelligent systems to democratize AI across a wide range of industries, from healthcare to energy, finance to government. Our teams work on some of the hardest, most interesting problems facing the business, ranging from designing large-scale distributed AI/ML systems, to optimizing distributed GPU model serving or developing novel modeling methodologies that scale to production use cases. Our work is necessarily cross-functional, and successful individuals on our team embody an unusually high degree of empathy and ownership, demonstrating an intuitive ability to understand how individual technical decisions shape Databricks’ business strategy.
Databricks has a long-standing commitment to research and open source, and though our teams are focused first and foremost on business impact, we work hard to foster a creative, intellectually stimulating environment featuring visiting speakers, academic partnerships, and industrial collaborations.
The impact you'll have: Engineers working on LLMs may specialize in different areas. Below are examples of the kinds of activities that different members of our teams perform on a daily basis.
Drive the development and deployment of state-of-the-art AI models and systems that directly impact the capabilities and performance of Databricks' products and services. Architect and implement robust, scalable ML infrastructure, including data storage, processing, and model serving components, to support seamless integration of AI/ML models into production environments. Develop novel data collection, fine-tuning, and pre-training strategies that achieve optimal performance on specific tasks and domains. Design and implement automated ML pipelines for data preprocessing, feature engineering, model training, hyperparameter tuning, and model evaluation, enabling rapid experimentation and iteration. Implement advanced model compression and optimization techniques to reduce the resource footprint of language models while preserving their performance. Collaborate with product managers and cross-functional teams to drive technology-first initiatives that enable novel business strategies and product roadmaps. Contribute to the broader AI community by publishing research, presenting at conferences, and actively participating in open-source projects, enhancing Databricks' reputation as an industry leader. 
What we look for: BS+ (M.S. or PhD preferred) in Computer Science, or a related field. 2+ years experience developing AI/ML systems at scale in production or in high-impact research environments. Strong track record of working with language modeling technologies. This could include either: Developing generative and embedding techniques, modern model architectures, fine tuning / pre-training datasets, and evaluation benchmarks. Experience deploying and scaling language models in production; deep understanding of the unique infrastructure challenges posed by training and serving LLMs. Strong understanding of computer science fundamentals. Contributions to well-used open-source projects.
Benefits Comprehensive health coverage including medical, dental, and vision 401(k) Plan Equity awards Flexible time off Paid parental leave Family Planning Gym reimbursement Annual personal development fund Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
About Databricks Databricks is the data and AI company. More than 9,000 organizations worldwide — including Comcast, Condé Nast, and over 50% of the Fortune 500 — rely on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform to unify their data, analytics and AI. Databricks is headquartered in San Francisco, with offices around the globe. Founded by the original creators of Apache Spark™, Delta Lake and MLflow, Databricks is on a mission to help data teams solve the world’s toughest problems.
Read more / apply: https://Jobhunt.ai/machinelearning-ml-ai-job-bdy-Sr-Software-Engineer-Large-Language-Models-San-Francisco-Databricks.html
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2023.06.09 20:26 SomeRandomWannabe Spider-Man PS5 Upgrade

So my disc game for Spider-Man PS4 has somehow messed up which I found out while trying to download it on the PS5. While the game was downloading I noticed there was PS5 upgrade for $10. If I buy the PS5 Upgrade does it give me the PS5 Digital copy of the game or would I still need to use and install the disc game?
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2023.06.09 20:26 gnrdmjfan247 Is now the best time to buy a car or should I wait for a bit?

What does the market look like? Are interest rates about to fall? Should I hold out? Or is inventory still tight and we’re in a cycle of, “if you see it you should buy it”.
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2023.06.09 20:26 Yes_Not_creative Prep for Riagnero

Meanwhile in the Multiversal Helix Spiral
We cut back to the Chosen and [Normal] on their expedition to find Blu with the Chosen of Psychics, Esper, leading the charge. Eventually, Esper stops at a specific floating fissure of rock. The way it's molded makes it very clear that there used to be an opening for a universe that was attached to it. Various bright markings of chalk and DIY signs were also attached to the rock, now with nothing to point to.
Esper looks back at the rest of a group, nodding as confirmation to get to work.
[Normal] walks off to the side while holding a briefcase. She opens it and starts placing down various rectangular metal devices around the area. The devices start glowing green, and Volt stands outside of the area onto a different floating rock to stand watch. The green glow starts creating an energy barrier that defends the backside of the girls as they do their thing.
Inside the barrier, [Normal] keeps the briefcase open and pulls out a radar and a white custom firearm for herself, then shuts it closed.
Normal: "Everything seems good to go, you two ready?"
Esper and Luna nod in unison
Esper: "You sure we don't need the book for this?"
Luna: "Yeah, I'm sure! I've read the Necronomicon a hundred times, and I know how to handle it."
Esper: "Alright, if you say so..."
Luna: "I know so. Come on out, Maverick!"
Luna summons a muscular devil looking demon with no legs, walks up to it, and starts to give the instructions for how the spell works
Luna: "... And that's how it's done. Just like I told you, got it?"
Maverick: Nods in acknowledgment
Maverick moves to the middle of the floating rock they're standing on and gets in position. Luna sprouts her wings and flies above the three and gets ready for the spell
Esper: "Luna, just make sure to aim for where the universe used to - "
Luna: "I got it!"
Maverick starts mumbling the words to cast Riagnero in his native language as bright dark energy starts to ball up into his hands and fires it at Luna's back. Luna absorbed the energy, as she does, she starts to see visions of other multiverses, like she was looking into a Kaleidoscope.
[Normal] stares up at Luna in awe of the spell that is Riagnero. Just then, she starts to hear a noise coming from her hand. The radar she's holding starts getting signs of another life form heading this way, or a cluster of organisms darting around as one.
A glitch entity.
Normal: "Oh no. Esper! Volt! Glitch Entity incoming! 5 o' clock!"
Volt: "Huh? Oh damn, I see it! Esper, come on!"
Esper: "O-OH, okay! I'm right behind you!"
[Normal] holds onto their gun tighter and looks back at Maverick and Luna. She doesn't say anything but knows one thing. This HAS to work.
(To be continued...)
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2023.06.09 20:26 anothalazyass just read the text

This is nothing but just a little rant about how I am currently in love with Jake Gyllenhaal!! I am not into movies but I recentky started watching some.
My last 3 movies were of Jake Gyllenhaal, he is literally so amazing at what he does!!
I watched brokeback mountain and I loved it and I loved his acting in it, so I looked for other movies starring him to watch, I watched demolition and the guilty, and I must say, he is just fantastic.
Okay bye.
(also what should I watch next)
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2023.06.09 20:26 Humble-Addition4978 what does it mean when your girlfriend is begging you to stop while you’re fucking her? Description for context.

My girlfriend (21) and I (21) have a great sex life, almost to the point that we’re addicted to it. She has a greater sex drive than I do, and she initiates it almost every time. But something weird happened last night. We were having sex, and she came like 2 times already, and I was still pounding harder and harder. She started shivering at some point. But soon after that, she was begging me to stop because she couldn’t take it anymore. And I stopped right after. I asked her about it, and she told me that it was too intense for her to take it anymore. I don’t know what to make of this experience because she’s never asked me to stop during sex. In fact, she usually hates when I get tired. Ladies, what does this mean, haha? 😂
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2023.06.09 20:26 C0ffeeface P2P computation in MMO's - has it been done?

I'm but a dreamer, but I like to think about these things and truth be told, I know little about server / server-client architecture in general and less in the context of MMO's. So, please bear with me. The goal is to avoid hacking and outsource computation in order to simulate lots of objects.
Imagine a slow-tick (0.5), slow-paced RTS-like MMO. Apart from players, every single NPC is simulated and does server requests as if it were a client (albeit with much fewer requests).
When client-A makes a move, a request is send to 3 random neighboring clients (making sure. If they all agree on game state following the computation, the state of the game world changes accordingly and client-A is updated. If one client receives conflicting data, foul-play is detected and it results in a non-action for client-A. It also receives an infraction point, preventing it from hacking by controlling several clients in a tight cluster of IPs.
Has this/can it be done, and if so, what is it called?
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2023.06.09 20:25 argonauts18 Neutered my puppy, other dog at home won't stop barking at him?

Hi all. I recently neutered my 5 month old yorkie. We have another dog (1yr old beagle) at home and ever since I brought the pup back from the vet our other dog will not stop barking at him and has once or twice growled at him. We're keeping them separated of course since the pup is still in his post-op rest days, but they still see each other on occasion (e.g. when the pup's in his playpen and we're taking the other dog to another part of the house or outside, etc.) Does anyone know where this strange behaviour might come from? And if so, how do I make it better? They were both used to living and playing with each other every day, so not sure what's going on. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 20:25 nivaas_sudhan How to connect my older Dell (non USB-C) laptop to a monitor that only supports DP or VGA through the Lenovo Thinkpad USB-C Dock Gen 2?

Long story short, my office gave me a Lenovo Thinkvision monitor that only supports DP and VGA inputs along with the Lenovo Thinkpad USB-C Gen 2 Docking Station for use with the office laptop (HP Elitebook with USB-C).
I am wondering if I can connect my personal laptop (Dell Inspiron i7559) to the same monitor through the same docking station and if so, what converters/adapters/cables would I need? My Dell has a HDMI port and 3 USB-A ports (USB 3.0). The laptop is pretty old, so it lacks USB-C.
Please help me out with this.
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