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2023.06.06 21:13 rihaycol 20 [M4F] Nyc/online - looking for my duo

Honestly idk how to start this off but my names Yahir and I’m a Hispanic male living in Brooklyn and I’m just looking for someone to chat with and see what type of conversation we’ll have. I’m 5’8 and weight 145 and I try to go to the gym when I’m not busy. I’m more of an introverted person when I meet new people but I do start to be more outgoing after chatting for a bit.
In my free time I like to play games mainly on pc and I play just about anything but my main games rn are ff 14 and ow2, I do have a switch that I play on mainly smash and Pokémon, I also like to watch anime and read manga I mainly just read romcom mangas if you have a recommendations do tell me. I also like to play basketball but I’m terrible at it. I have an interest in photography and film but haven’t really done much other than editing a couple short films for school. But recently I’ve been taking care of kids and plan on being either a preschool teacher or something that helps children.
Honestly I don’t really have a preference I’m just looking for someone that I can hang out with whether it’s playing games together or watch shows and talk about the most random shit.I don’t mind doing long distance but I do hope we are able to meet up one day and I don’t mind sharing pics of myself. So if you’re interested tell me a bit about yourself or give me your hottest take about anything and let’s see how it goes.
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2023.06.06 21:13 Chaotic-Sushi What did you think of the Architect? [spoilers all]

I've just finished Awakening for the first time in years, so it felt relatively fresh to me. Something I was struck by, however, was that I remembered the Architect as somehow being more compelling or persuasive than I found him to be now, and I'm almost certain that on my last playthrough of the final encounter with him, I decided to ally with him to allow him to continue his work to end the Blights. This time I found myself only able to remember the Withered gleefully butchering the Vigil's Keep soldiers, or noticing the layers of deceit and entrapment that seem to keep Utha and Seranni complacent. All of his protestations fell flat--how can you believe that a long-term, concerted effort to burrow beneath Vigil's Keep is an accident that was simply misinterpreted by the Wardens? Peaceful emissaries don't come fully armed and in force during the night and slaughter anyone they don't kidnap. Then there's the trouble of the taint: Even if the Architect is telling the full truth, there's no way to reconcile the darkspawn with any other life in Thedas without casualties on an inconceivable scale. I think that The Calling more or less proves that he's not being honest and that he would happily prioritize darkspawn lives over any others, and I don't know whether his stated intention to kill the Old Gods and pre-empt other Blights is sincere.

All of this is to say that I whacked him with a battleaxe without any misgivings, although Nathaniel and Velanna were angry with me. I do have to admit that his proposal is incredibly tempting, and I can understand why some Wardens would take the risk of making a pact with the devil and hoping to put an end to what honestly is a terrible, untenable situation on its own and may come to a cataclysmic end if Thedas starts to run out of Old Gods to discover.
So, did you take the Architect's deal?
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2023.06.06 21:13 Additional_Plant_539 The Underlying Dangers of Dating Apps: A Call for Regulation and Transparency

Hey fellow Redditors,
I recently found myself thinking over the potential risks and inherent problems associated with dating apps, and I feel compelled to share my concerns with the community.
The widespread use of dating apps and the algorithms that power them can have significant societal implications for a large number of men and women - and by proxy, potentially the rest of society.
I highly doubt i am the first person to raise these concerns, but i feel like this is a conversation worth having again and again until momentum towards some kind of action is taken. And in the meantime, by helping young people understand the forces they are being subjected to.
Dating apps have become an integral part of our lives, something that is common knowledge and is the norm for anyone under 25. However, behind the swipes and matches lies hidden danger and a potential for a much darker reality which needs our attention.
The algorithms employed by these apps have massive power and influence on our societal behavior. They shape our preferences and manipulate our emotions. They create an addictive feedback loop which hijacks our deep and primal sex and reward circuitry.
The lack of regulation surrounding these algorithms is deeply troubling. We are placing our trust in black-box systems that are designed to maximize profit rather than prioritize our best interests. What are the unintended consequences of such a system on wider society? What kind of damage are we causing to modern westernised culture and what kind of mess are we leaving for future generations? This is the current reality we are living in.
It's also not difficult to imagine a scenario in which these vulnerabilities can be exploited by a bad actor. One of these vulnerabilities is that if someone was to work towards gaining power within these companies internally then it would not be difficult, through a subtle maniuplation of the algorithms, to further destabilise society in the interests of furtherthing division, choas and as part of the culture war that goes on behind the scenes. Does this sound extreme to you? Because there has always been a culture war between nation states going on behind the scenes. We have all seen the effects of the black pill mentality and men going their own way. These companies only care about money and we accept this naked power.
We must all call for increased regulation and transparency. We need independent oversight, robust data privacy measures, and regulations that hold these platforms accountable for their actions. It's high time we demand transparency about the algorithms that dictate our romantic lives and ensure that they are not manipulated to serve hidden agendas.
And this issue goes beyond just regulation. It's also about empowering ourselves as users. We must exercise critical thinking, question the influence of these algorithms, and be conscious of our own digital well-being. Let's educate ourselves about the potential risks and actively seek platforms that prioritize user privacy and ethical practices.
Together, we must do what we can to create a stronger, more transparent digital landscape that safeguards our rights, privacy, and emotional well-being. Let's engage in discussions, raise awareness, and support initiatives that advocate for responsible practices within the dating app industry.
I encourage you all to share your thoughts, experiences, and any resources you may have regarding this issue. It's time we take control and work towards a future where dating apps prioritize the well-being of their users and our society as a whole.
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2023.06.06 21:13 rihaycol 20 [M4F] Nyc/online - looking for my duo

Honestly idk how to start this off but my names Yahir and I’m a Hispanic male living in Brooklyn and I’m just looking for someone to chat with and see what type of conversation we’ll have. I’m 5’8 and weight 145 and I try to go to the gym when I’m not busy. I’m more of an introverted person when I meet new people but I do start to be more outgoing after chatting for a bit.
In my free time I like to play games mainly on pc and I play just about anything but my main games rn are ff 14 and ow2, I do have a switch that I play on mainly smash and Pokémon, I also like to watch anime and read manga I mainly just read romcom mangas if you have a recommendations do tell me. I also like to play basketball but I’m terrible at it. I have an interest in photography and film but haven’t really done much other than editing a couple short films for school. But recently I’ve been taking care of kids and plan on being either a preschool teacher or something that helps children.
Honestly I don’t really have a preference I’m just looking for someone that I can hang out with whether it’s playing games together or watch shows and talk about the most random shit.I don’t mind doing long distance but I do hope we are able to meet up one day and I don’t mind sharing pics of myself. So if you’re interested tell me a bit about yourself or give me your hottest take about anything and let’s see how it goes.
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2023.06.06 21:12 chris_cr33p April 2024 Honeymoon - Wedding in Key Largo.. Carribean Islands? USVI? BVI? HELP!

Hi Everyone!
My fiance and I (25f & 29m) have an April 2024 honeymoon and there are so many options that our brains are almost fried at this point of information overload. We are getting married mid-April in Key Largo which means leaving from Miami or Key West airport. Since we are already in the area we have been thinking about the islands, but neither of us has been to any of the islands. We have done so much research on St. Johns, St. Lucia, Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, etc. that it all has just turned into mush in my brain.
Any real input from honeymooners, or vacationers, that they would recommend based on their own experiences would be greatly appreciated. I have read about 3,000 reviews on websites about all-inclusive on all the islands.. many reviews seem fake and the renderings on all the websites scare me.
Our overall want, is a place that is great for relaxing by the beach but also has activities/excursions. Most places we have found that seem like the best all-inclusive turn out to be secluded and not much to do other than eat and drink. We are young and I have too much ADHD to sit on a beach for 5+ days and that's it. We really enjoy traveling and exploring new places and finding authentic restaurants and locals so that is also what scares me about an all-inclusive.
Our budget is roughly 12-15k. We can both take about 10 days for the trip too so potentially 5 days all-inclusive and 5 days Airbnb to get a more authentic feel. Maybe multiple islands?
I'd love just any input from this group :)
Happy Honeymooning!
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2023.06.06 21:12 Mysterious-Prize6495 Interested in Joining an Exploratory Study?

Hello from Sounds That Tingle,
We are a group of enthusiastic ASMR fans who also happen to be a team of third-year university students working on a project about ASMR. As future nurses, we would like to learn how this curious art can be used to benefit our clients. We are conducting an exploratory study about the sleep-inducing and anxiety-relieving effects of ASMR content on young adults. We are seeking willing individuals who are between the ages of 18 to 25 and enrolled in post-secondary studies to take part in this study as participants. We would appreciate your considering joining us in this learning opportunity.
The study involves watching various ASMR videos over the course of 6 days. Each night at bedtime, you will watch one video for a duration of 18-28 minutes as you drift asleep. You will be asked to complete a post and pre-survey that includes a journaling component ( a minimum of 3 sentences) before and after the experience each day. To ease your journey, you will be provided with clear instructions on the tasks that you will be expected to complete.
If you are interested and would like to join, please send us a private message or an email so that we can discuss further details. We look forward to possibly working with you and appreciate your time invested to partake in our research study. 😊
Kind Regards,
Research Team of Sounds that Tingle ⭐
Email: [email protected]
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2023.06.06 21:12 nealt68 Superheat III vs making bars

I'm working towards 99 smithing right now and I've been using superheat 3 for a while, and can't shake the feeling that between resource saving, output doubling, and an extra 50 xp a bar I might be taking the slower path. I've had pretty garbage rng on this account, so I don't have raelyx's crown, smithing pet, or Aphoreat's signet to help with doubling. So as far as I know it'd just be the raw bonuses for item mastery and skill mastery.
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2023.06.06 21:12 StompaBompa First romance…. (Does this count as losing my virginity?)

When I was in high school, I was seriously crushing on a girl, and I genuinely thought I had a chance with her as she wasn’t exactly “popular” and neither was I. She was also seen as one of the “weird” people however to me, she was also incredibly attractive, just my type… tall, black hair, skinny and cute… She also played bass while I played guitar, so that helped.
We will call her Amber… So at the start of the new school year we found out our new classes. Throughout the day I went to my classes, and eventually I got to a class that she was in. It was no big deal as she had been in a few classes with me the previous year, but this time she sat right across from me… (don’t worry this isn’t going were you think) She looked amazing… even better than I remembered after not seeing her over the summer. Once the class was over and the bell rung for our lunch break, I went outside to my friends. It seemed like a normal lunch until just by complete coincidence they started taking about Amber, this was someone that they had never spoke of before but I was intrigued…
I listened into their conversation about Amber without really saying anything as I didn’t want to show interest in her as she was seen as “weird”. Of course they weren’t speaking highly of her, talking about how weird she was and stuff as such. I didn’t know much about Amber as I had never spoken to her really and we were never friends (I was quite a nervous teenager). Eventually after a while I spoke up and asked my friends what the problem with Amber was as they weren’t speaking about specifics, just generally slating her in all ways. They told me that she was into serial killers and stuff. I just shrugged this off as I had also watched my fair share of documentaries on true crime. But they quickly followed this up by saying that she was into cannibalism… AND THAT SHE WANTED SOMEONE TO CONSENT FOR HER TO EAT THEM… I was confused and thought they were kidding so I just laughed and went along with their narratives about her. But as a horny teen, I saw this as an opportunity… I wasn’t usually very confident but when I got horny, I could pull anything out the bag…
The next day I had the same class with her and after a nerve wracking class working up the courage to ask her what I was going to ask I did it, once the bell rang… “hey Amber…” I said as I approached her with my heart beating out of my chest she turned around and stared at me in a rather unsettling manner. I told her what I had heard and to my surprise it was true, after a few seconds of silence, in my horny state I blurted out “well… maybe we could try it out…” the thought of this girl nibbling on me was driving me insane and at this point I would do anything to have a chance with girl. She agreed and I nervously smiled at her as a smirk also came across her face. She suggested that we do it outside at lunch, this was something I was hesitant about however as I have mentioned, I wasn’t quite myself whilst I was horny… So I agreed…
Once the bell rang I ran downstairs to the exit and went to the spot we agreed on, it was an area that had lots of coverage from trees and bushes and not many people ever went around there, perfect for our private time… after waiting around for a while she eventually came as I watched her walk towards me as the realization hit me, and the memories of my friends saying that she was into serial killers came to the front of my mind. Was she going to kill me? It didn’t matter as it was far to late now as she approached me and had me up against a tree. I nervously smirked at her say she started unbuttoning the top buttons of my shirt. One part of me was telling me to run, but the other couldn’t believe what was happening. After the top few buttons were undone she pulled my shirt away from my shoulder and started nibbling on it… oh. My. God… is all I could think as my virgin penis stood up straight as I listened to her nibbling. I could feel myself getting more and more “excited” and after only a few seconds of this I couldn’t handle it and exploded in my pants… This was also the day that I found out that post nut clarity did actually exist… after those few seconds of magic, I came to my senses and managed to wriggle out of her grasp and ran to the bathroom to clean myself up…
The next day I promptly decided to change the class that I was in with her… and ever since I avoided her as best I could, and never spoke of that experience again…
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2023.06.06 21:11 JohnnyKlooch Prefect example that proves Destiny's point in response to Cenk's, "Why would you fear for your life", when Rittenhouse was chased by the mob. Destiny NEEDS to bring this up during the debate.

During this segment (19:20 - 10:20) of the video where Destiny is reviewing Cenk's Rittenhouse takes, Cenk frames Rittenhouse being chased and firing upon Gaige Grosskreutz as simply "Hitting him with a skateboard" and says Rittenhouse's excuse for firing was essentially "if you look at me wrong, I'm going to murder you". Destiny then responds to this by saying that people underestimate what kind of damage grown adults can do when beating someone. This statement, while obviously true, may not be truly compelling to Cenk or others.
Fortunately (or unfortunately rather) there was a filmed example of the violence that, more or less, the same group of rioters had committed the night previously. It feels like Destiny is not aware of this incident because he fails to bring it up when it would shut down so many of the anti-Rittenhouse arguments Destiny has faced in the past and illustrate his own points perfectly.
Video (Warning, somewhat graphic)
An elderly man, Robert Cobb, was beaten half to death during the first night of riots (the night prior to the shooting) in Kenosha. Rioters and arsonists had set his friend's mom n' pop store ablaze. He also owned the business next door that was structurally connected to it. He attempted to put it out with a fire extinguisher but the flames grew too big so he eventually started just spraying looters with the fire extinguisher on the other side of the store. A rioter comes up from behind him and beats him unconscious while hitting his head against the door and pavement. He sustained a fractured jaw, fractured nose, and a severe concussion . That man showed no lethal intent and the rioter certainly gave him some amount of brain damage and could have easily killed him.
Seeing video of all of this happening is was prompted the Militia (and Rittenhouse) to come defend properties the second night. They have testified as such.
If that's what the mob did to a defenseless elderly man protecting businesses that showed no lethal capability, is pretty understandable to imagine that they would have a much more violent response to someone who they believe had shot/murdered one of their own. In that moment, It was entirely reasonable for Rittenhouse to believe that his life was in danger, especially once the mob had gotten him on the ground and started beating him.
During all of the Rittenhouse coverage over the years, I don't think I've ever seen anyone arguing against Rittenhouse be confronted with this video. IMO, it's important that Destiny does make Cenk directly acknowledge it early on because not only does it apply to the Grosskreutz scuffle but the larger question of why people defending businesses needed to be armed in the first place.
Request: Can someone Link this post to Destiny in DGG chat because my computer won't let me log in for whatever reason.
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2023.06.06 21:11 Koochiru Advice on Acne

Been reading this sub for a while and while many people give good advice it is also so much information that making the right choice is challenging to say the least.
On to the issue: My GF has had terrible acne on her forehead, pus the whole deal, many of you know it.I did quite a bit of research for her as the derm just prescribes random stuff like an antibiotic for months on end, cremes with bleaching effect you name it, none of it has worked so far.
My somewhat informed self thinks that this may be caused because of the hair products she uses, she's naturally fuzzy and uses oil in her hair to temper it a bit as well as a plethora of shampoo's and conditioners.
While stopping with the oil is one thing, i want to give her a present with some skincare to take care of the aftermath as gently as possible.
Currently she uses mostly Cerave products, the Foaming Oil cleaner, the nighttime moisturizer (PM) and the AM variant for protection in the morning.
The foaming oil cleanser is used twice a day most of the time, i saw that Cerave also has an acne cleanser, perhaps this is a better option?
I already bought some standalone SPF (Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence) so perhaps a moisturizer that this can be applied on top of is another option.
Skincare is very personal and it's difficult to make a good decision on her behalf with the knowledge i have, some help would be much appreciated!
Thanks in advance :)
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2023.06.06 21:11 No_Pollution_535 How do you know if you're banned from applying for jobs at a company?

Is there a way to find out? Been applying for a company for last year with new roles that have been opened but keep getting rejected. I interviewed with them last year and got an offer but didn't respond in a timely manner. (it's on me and I fully take responsibility on my part)
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2023.06.06 21:11 spiny___norman Overpayment by employer in Washington state

Hi! Hoping for some guidance but also willing to consult with a real local attorney if anyone things that could be fruitful.
I am located in WA state but work for an employer based out of PA. I've worked remotely for my company for over four years now. I recently finished taking intermittent parental leave funded by my state, during which time I was working at my company for two days each week and taking parental leave for the other three. I was informed this morning that my company has been overpaying me since January as if I were working three days each week instead of two. I initially brought up this concern when my paycheck was higher than expected, but was told it was just due to taxes and withholdings being different when I was being paid less. The total overpayment amount is not a small amount and they said I could pay it all back at once or they gave me the option of having an amount removed from each paycheck this calendar year until it is repaid. I told them I would need to think about it and I have another meeting scheduled in a week. They have not yet notified me of the overpayment in writing, it was all verbal so far.
Upon reading this code (https://app.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=296-126-030#:~:text=The%20employer%20has%20ninety%20days,wages%20to%20recoup%20the%20overpayment.)) it seems that I should be off the hook for overpayment made to me more than 90 days ago. Is my understanding correct? Additionally, would the 90 day window be pushed out further if they haven't yet notified me in writing? I asked when the error was discovered and they said "last week" but once again, that was informal. My husband also noticed that this code mentions "An employer can recover an overpayment from an employee's paycheck provided the overpayment was infrequent and inadvertent. Infrequent means rarely, not occurring regularly, or not showing a pattern." Since this has affected all of my paychecks since the overpayment began, does that change anything for me? I'm also frustrated because on the two days each week I worked, I wasn't working 16 hours and logging off, and I often took meetings on other days, so it's likely that my time off still added up to three days. If I claim this though, I'll have to redo all of my state funded leave which sounds like an even bigger headache.
Thanks for any advice.
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2023.06.06 21:11 Bowl_of_Chinchilly Wild Wild Not so West: creepy DM turns out to be a Felon

*disclaimer*In efforts to not ‘out’ anyone in the group I will try to be as objective as possible.
This is a story of how our creepy Felon DM destroyed his own group.
On a D&D Facebook group our DM posted that he was looking to start a campaign the group would meet every other week and will take place in the Wild West, and must be 21+ years old there will be drinking and smoking, we live in a state where recreational marijuana is legal. After the group was formed he sent us some history/ lore of his setting. This setting was to mirror the events/cultures and technologies of the Wild West in America, with 5e races being used to represent real life/ historical cultures. For example: elves and goliaths were native americans, minotaurs and orcs were slaves forced to work on railroads, etc you get the picture, a very ‘racial’ setting. This could be seen as problematic and there were POC in the group. This could be seen as offensive, but all this knowledge was known before our first session so we all joined the group willingly.
Session 0 we met at a local game store to create characters and go over backgrounds. After everyone introduced themselves, the DM mentioned he is a veteran DM as well as a fluent German speaker, a professional photographer and a general contractor, also he runs a buisness, what can’t this guy do? Additionally he runs multiple groups every other week, he said he has tons of material and was contracted by Games Workshop to produce a rpg setting in the wild west and that we were fortunate enough to be his test subjects. The session 0 group consisted of: Fighter (male), Monk(male), Cleric(female), Paladin(male), Bloodhunter (male), Druid(female). With Fighter and Druid being new players. The whole group got along well and a majority are still friends to this day.
Before the next session Monk dropped from the group saying he was going through a divorce and couldn't commit to the group. Then the DM found 2 new players, enter Necromancer(male) and Rogue(male).
Session 1 the group was tasked with gathering information on disappearing citizens in a large city. It was believed that a crime lord was kidnapping people for experiments. Lets call the crime lord JB. The group visited an underground fighting ring where JB was rumored to be. Cleric paid JB’s personal champion a visit to try and uncover additional information on the kidnappings. The champion was aggressively hitting on cleric and after cleric failed a couple charisma saving throws DM said “you have sex with him…and by the way he rocks your world”. A major red flag, a dm should never take away player agency and even worse make them sleep with an npc. Then the party escaped the fighting ring, knocking out a couple guards on the way and even stuffing one into a bag of holding.
Next session the DM brought in a new player, Enter Barbarian (female) 18 years old. I bring this up because the DM's original post said you must be 21+. Barbarian is a new player and was looking to join a party on the facebook group. The DM reached out to her and they met over coffee to go over her character. The DM is almost 50 years old and this seemed a little weird. Don’t get me wrong Barbarian was a great addition to the group and an excellent Roleplayer. It's just weird to me that the DM went against his own rules to seek out a minor to join the group. Also in this session the DM had the party visit a Brothel to acquire an elixir that could wipe the memory of the guard we had stuffed in the bag of holding. The DM role played some rather sexual experiences with the group, Barbarian included. He also had NPC’s hit on barbarian, for example: a gnome shopkeeper who was obsessed with her goliath size and boobs, he gave her a discount on goods if she would cradle him like a baby close to her breasts. This was her first session ever….
Also important to mention again that we had 3 brand new players to D&D, they often needed help with their characters or reiteration of the rules when it came down to combat. Almost every time we tried helping a player, the DM would lecture “Guys quit Metagaming” and we’d argue that we are just helping the newbies, Dm would still insist “Yeah but it's still meta gaming”. Oftentimes we were found helping our players either when the DM was away or busy with another player.
A few sessions pass and the group finds the kidnapped individuals in a warehouse, they escape with them through the sewers while being pursued by JB and his men. The group was tasked with bringing these kidnapped npc’s to a refugee camp outside of the city. Paladin had to miss a few sessions for personal reasons. Not to worry, the DM still used Paladin's character in the next session without Paladin’s consent of course.
Next session JB sent a group of trained mercenaries after the group. The DM had Paladin (player is not present) stay back and keep a look out for the npc group following them. He had a sending stone to alert the party if he saw anything suspicious. Eventually the mercenary group captured Paladin. With a gun to Paladin's head the mercenaries confronted the group of PC’s and offered Paladins life in exchange for the kidnapped npc’s. The party initiated the combat in an attempt to save Paladin. As a reaction the Mercenary leader put an eldritch blast powered bullet in the back of Paladin's head. Paladin was dead.
A note about Paladin. Paladin was a beloved character of the group. He was your typical lawful innocent good boy that did everything by the book, he was roleplayed very well with a hilarious character voice. Paladin will be missed.
The pc’s barely survived this encounter. They made it to camp and tried to revive Paladin but Necromancer took Paladin's soul while everyone was asleep (a story for another time, Necromancer deserves his own story). Once Paladins Player returned to the sessions he was made aware of his character's death and rerolled a ranger. Also Blood Hunter's wife joined the party, enter Bard.
The group then wanted to take the paladin's body to his father who was a leader of the church. On the way the party encounters a carnival. A majority of our campaign was spent at this damn carnival. The party checks out the carnival and physically can't escape because of demon magic? The carnival was run by demons and did not let people leave, they used captured people for sacrifices or turned them into carnies/attractions if they were deemed worthy. Most of the party became charmed by the demons and had to do what the DM said. Funny thing is that Rogue made a comment about taking away player agency when failing charisma saves in a prior session, now the party is being magically charmed left and right. Druid escapes to tell Paladin's Dad about what happened and to get help. Blood hunter murders a ton of demons escaping from captivity, which was a really cool scene. This leads us to the end of this campaign.
Throughout the campaign, Necromancer has been collecting bodies and souls to raise an army of the undead. Necromancer makes a deal with the demons and the demons give him powers. All of this is happening on the side between dm and necromancer away from the table so no one besides dm and necromancer knows what's going on. Barbarian failed to make some important saving throws and was under the demon's control. Then Necromancer raises an undead army and takes the brain washed barbarian to fight the rest of the party PVP. At this point a majority of the group just wanted everything to end and additionally Rogue was arguing with the DM more often over very simple rules that the DM was obviously wrong about. For Example DM argued “you can’t move and attack on your turn you have to pick one or the other” to which Rogue argued. “You can, it's in the 5e rules it's a part of the action economy”.
Final session Rogue goes down in some PVP and is making death saves and asks barbarian to “just fucking kill me”. To which DM shouts “THIS IS MY FUCKING GAME AND I SAY WHO LIVES AND WHO DIES”. You could cut the tension in the room with a knife, everything just seemed awkward and out of place. Necromancer died for like the 4th time and was still probably not dead. Paladin's dad showed up to fight demons and then the cleric saved everyone with holy light and teleported them out of the demon carnival.
At one point Cleric backs out of the group due to personal reasons. And to be fair the DM ignored her constantly, she commuted a long way to play in this group and rarely got to play.The session before she left was a 5 hour combat session, she only got 5 minutes of actual game pla.Then more people started leaving the group,some had valid excuses, others just left without saying anything. Apart from the incidents that I mentioned there were other issues with the DM, many of which were just blatant lies. Examples include:
After leaving the wild west d&d group some of the players started a new group and are still playing to this day and a lot of close friendships were made.
A tip to players and DMs everywhere: establish boundaries at session 0, don’t take away the players freedom, don’t kill your PC’s players when they’re away, also if something seems weird, google search your player or dm if their mug shot immediately pops up that might not be a good sign.
TLDR; Controlling DM lies about himself to his players, turns out to be a creep and a felon.
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2023.06.06 21:11 Mysterious-Prize6495 Interested in Joining and Exploratory Study? [Discussion]

Hello from Sounds That Tingle,
We are a group of enthusiastic ASMR fans who also happen to be a team of third-year university students working on a project about ASMR. As future nurses, we would like to learn how this curious art can be used to benefit our clients. We are conducting an exploratory study about the sleep-inducing and anxiety-relieving effects of ASMR content on young adults. We are seeking willing individuals who are between the ages of 18 to 25 and enrolled in post-secondary studies to take part in this study as participants. We would appreciate your considering joining us in this learning opportunity.
The study involves watching various ASMR videos over the course of 6 days. Each night at bedtime, you will watch one video for a duration of 18-28 minutes as you drift asleep. You will be asked to complete a post and pre-survey that includes a journaling component ( a minimum of 3 sentences) before and after the experience each day. To ease your journey, you will be provided with clear instructions on the tasks that you will be expected to complete.
If you are interested and would like to join, please send us a private message or an email so that we can discuss further details. We look forward to possibly working with you and appreciate your time invested to partake in our research study. 😊
Kind Regards,
Research Team of Sounds that Tingle ⭐
Email: [email protected]
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2023.06.06 21:11 zryjmydlo503 My recent problem with matchmaking.

Riot, what is going on? I know you guys already hate me for the title but listen. Recently I haven't been able to get ANY normal ranked game. There's at least one mentally unstable player who just ruins everything. They are toxic, they feed, they just give me a headache and theres nothing I can do. But that's not the point. I just got into a game with 2 bots on my team. One of them was Mundo on top, and Ashe on bot lane with me (I got autofilled support). Both of them had shield and heal as summoner spells, I kindly reminded them to take flash instead but they didn't listen or say anything. Once the match started, Mundo said something like "You're toxic, I'm disabling the chat!" and went mid together with Ashe to give the enemy 2 free kills. After they respawned, Mundo went after and Ashe once again went mid. Once we were able to FF because of an afk teammate, both Ashe and Mundo started spamming "REMAKE REMAKE REMAKE REMAKE" on chat. I don't remember when was the last time I saw the victory screen. I went from silver 1 to bronze 1. Look, this isn’t a cry or rant, I just want to know if someone else has the same problem as me.
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2023.06.06 21:11 poolboywax Help with in law arguments. I'm worried about bias so I plan on writing everything I can think of.

I have a brother in law (32) who is married (wife 32) with two kids (6 and 1). He and his wife are arguing a lot and I kind of want to hear some takes from people outside of the family that can maybe help me get a clear view on solutions for them. i feel like i'm biased against the wife. not at first but over time after talking with him both after the bid incident. but i want outside opinion to help me wrestle with what's happening.
They've been married for about 7 years and have known each other since high school. Most of their time dating had been long distance then they got married and started living to together and i think that's kind of when they started arguing all the time.
Recently they got into an argument about reading books to their oldest child before bed time. the husband was working from home at the moment and said he'll read to their child once he's done. but the wife was upset that it's starting to get late and he's not doing it yet. he then goes to put the child to bed, carrying the child in his arms. and in doing so also walk away from the argument when the wife tries to take the daughter away, wanting to put the child to sleep herself.
the husband pushes the wife back because she's grabbing at the kid without him wanting to pass the kid off. then he continues to the bedroom. the wife chases after him and he turns his body around, using his shoulder to keep the wife from grabbing at the child. the husband and daughter go to bed. the wife then calls the husband's parents who they live with but were out of town at the moment. she tells them that he pushed her and that she wants to call the police. they advise her not to because doing so would have irreparable consequences. also, she's not injured or anything.
after the husband is in bed for like 30 minutes, the wife calls the cops anyways and says her husband pushed her. they come and arrest him. he spent time in jail waiting trial. he couldn't get out on bail because of some BS about being arrested late at night and the system automatically skipping over the time period where he could pay bail. but he was eventually released and there wasn't a trial because the state decided not to do anything about it.
now he has ptsd in his own home and gets flashbacks of cop lights and sirens when he sees the front door of his house. and he also has an arrest but not a prosecution on his record.
Key points in the background of their lives:
  1. the husband is highly capable and pushes people to be highly capable as well.
  2. it can be a lot of pressure for people and he's kinda of controlling and forceful in it. he has a bit of a temper. like when his cousin sent him a resume to look over and he corrected some stuff and asked her to send it back to him so he can use his connections to get her a good paying job. but she procrastinated months later applied and took a job at a low paying company. also was waiting for a response from a company she would rather go to but the low paying company said their job needs to be responded to ASAP so she called the other company she wanted and told them to take her out of the running. he yelled at her on the phone until she was in tears for not going through him and also for turning down a better job she could have gotten.
  3. as harsh as that is, it seems that he shows love through trying to get people in his life to find financial success and has helped many people this way. a lot of his time is spent with work, planning for new ways to make more money and working with people some sort of side hustle, and resting with watching soccer or watching tv with his parents as they've done since his childhood.
  4. the wife had a lot of help from him to have her current career. with her resumes to her application tests to helping her lean her skills. They both work in a technical field.
  5. the husband always sends money to the wife's family. getting her father out of getting arrested by paying off her father's debt and also just to support them all the time. This started from when the couple was struggling financially and is still ongoing now that they're making more money.
  6. the couple lives together with the husband's parents.
  7. the husband's parents help clean the house and care of the kids
  8. now that they are making more money, the husband wants the wife to start to contribute to her family as well instead of it being just him.
  9. she doesn't want that. and argues about it. she wants instead to be in charge of both their incomes and decides what her family gets from a join account instead of separate accounts like they currently have.
  10. the husband mostly does the bigger house duties like cleaning their pool and roof stuff and repairs. his parents do the cleaning in the house and cooks. and the wife cleans the dishes and raises the kids along with doing her job.
  11. the wife is upset that the husband doesn't help her clean the dishes but instead watches tv with his parents after dinner. he think's it's ok because his parents are doing a lot of the house work. she also doesn't want the parents there but at the same time needs their help because she and him won't be able to care for the children, do their work, and clean the house. he offers to get a maid but she's very much against the idea because of the price and rather that he puts more effort at home.
  12. wife is also upset that they don't spend enough time together romantically. like vacations and stuff. he tends to plan them to bring his parents along. he says he doesn't want to make his parents babysit while the couple goes out because it's unfair to the parents who don't even want to be in their country and want to return to their home country.
  13. the parents stayed with them at first to help with caring for the children. they planned on staying for about 2 years. but they extended their stay because the couple argues so much and they feel like they need to be there to talk them down and help resolve the arguments. they actually didn't want to go on their vacation during the arrest as long as they did with fear of the couple fighting. but husband said it needed to be done as a test run for their relationship.
  14. the husband has tried to compromise by helping with house work but the wife is still upset because she wants more help from him.
  15. this is an ongoing thing in that he compromises but she stays angry and doesn't address the efforts he makes. she doesn't seem to recognize that this was a problem until i pointed it out.
  16. also it's an ongoing thing that she would be upset about things like not going on vacation or dates but not tell him until she is so upset she yells.
  17. she doesn't like how much money he spends on things. like if there's ice cream he likes at costco but she thinks it's too expensive, she would scold him and be mad for a few days. he says it's his money he's spending. but it's part of why she wants control of their accounts. also she gets mad enough to insult him on this. like he went to coldstone and him and the kids were offered free ice cream. so he gave them a large tip. it's about half the cost of the ice cream. and she was mad at him for that and claims he likes to show off his wealth. which i think she doesn't actually believe but wanted to say to hurt him.
  18. also they repeated made rules to not argue or yell or insult one another in front of their children but the wife instigates arguments anyways. she says it's because she gets so mad even though she knows she shouldn't. and it's not argument only but i believe she insults him in front of their kids. i believe so because told her that doing that was bad for the kids and she accepted it as something she is wrong for doing without verbally admitting to it.
  19. talking with the husband made me feel like he neglects his own happiness and emotional health for his duty to his family, both immediate and extended. i felt a lack of love in his life. he was overly touched that me and my wife flew down to help with the wife with the kids and the house while he was in jail.
i talked with them both and find that the husband tends to try to defend his wife and her family. i find it fishy that her family won't tell him how much money they need. but he says he doesn't want to be suspicious of them, preferring to see them in a possible good light. they stay vague about it and keep asking him for more. the amount he wants her to contribute to them is less than what he paid them when he had her current salary and he's still paying more now.
i also find that when talking with her, she tries to get me to side with her against him by telling me a different story than she would tell my wife which is different from what she tells her parents which is different from what she tells his parents. they're aren't lies but more lies by omission. and letting us come to incorrect conclusions that support her even if she knows we're basing it on incomplete information due to how she tells it. like she never mentioned the child being involved in their argument or being in his arms when she was pushed to my wife, instead telling my wife that the husband pushed her over and over again. this made it sound like she thinks the husband went violently nuts. which is extremely out of character but we thought that maybe the wife was still upset and wasn't thinking clearly and just felt like that. slowly we got a clearer and clearer picture from him and confirmed them with her to know the truth. be i think she wouldn't tell us the full truth unless we knew all of it to ask.
originally i thought she just wanted more one on one time with him and calling the cops was a cry for help because she doesn't feel like she could talk with him because of his temper. but as i got to speak with her more, now it seems like she's just emotionally immature, gets mad when things don't go her way, and doesn't say what she wants ever. nothing she gets mad about gets solidified in words. they stay ethereal. she doesn't seem to know how to negotiate and leans toward passive aggressive strategies to get what she wants. and she tends to hold resentment towards him so she stays upset at his efforts to compromise instead of talking about exactly what she wants and how they can try to get acceptable results where they both can be happy. these are things he tries to do. he asks her things and tries to talk but she gets mad and walks away. then after he doesn't go after her she runs to him to yell.
i guess that's everything i can think of. what's everyone's take on this? i'm trying my best to list out all the facts but it all seems to heavily skew against the wife. was she right to call the cops? was he right to be arrested? he seems to think what he did was wrong and that she shouldn't have pushed her and she was right to call the cops. but i feel like he was protecting the child from being ripped from his arms. it was brought that up to her and she treated it as if she was being accused of intending to harm her child which she said she would never do. also she wasn't in immediate danger nor did she feel like he was a threat to her in any way. she told my wife that she had to call the cops because if she doesn't do it now, what if he does it again in the future. but she didn't want him arrested. she expected them to scold him like they would have done in their home country. also, what about their marriage? can the wife understand how to communicate her wants? can it be fixed?
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2023.06.06 21:10 ranger_dood Keuka Lake Gravel Classic - Ride Report

I'm going to go ahead and flair this a "ride" rather than a race. I took part in the "25" mile short course (actually 30 miles), which was timed but non-competitive with no awards.
If anyone's been following along with my various posts and comments, this was my first organized cycling event, and as such I don't have any points of comparison. This is more about putting my personal experiences of the day down in writing and sharing with others who might be new to the "scene" as well.
To be honest, I was very unprepared for this race. I signed up for it shortly after buying my Trek Marlin 5 as motivation to get out riding. In that regard it worked, but I was short on time to get much training in. I rode a total of 127 miles in 10 rides prior to the day of the KLGC, with my longest ride being 20 miles the week before. I had a little bit of a running base, so I wasn't completely green, but we all know different muscles are used for each.
I was definitely concerned about the length as well as the elevation this ride presented.
Morning of
Up at 6:30 AM to get on the road by 7:15. Stopped at a sheetz and got a breakfast croissant, iced tea (my morning caffeine), water, and some peanut M&Ms for ride fuel. I had a 2 1/2 hour drive to make, and was trying to hydrate as much as I could, so I ended up having to stop a total of 3 times on the way up. This put me behind schedule and I ended up not arriving until 10:30am. I was one of the last ones in the parking lot.
On the plus side, there was no line to get my bib. I grabbed it and went back to the car to get combobulated. I had just enough time to get the bike ready, get sunscreen on, get my bib situated on my jersey, and hit the bathroom for one more pee (again, no line as they had already announced several times that we were supposed to be at the start line).
In retrospect, I definitely should've gotten there 15-30 minutes earlier to be a little less rushed. However, it did mean that I didn't have enough time to get a bunch of nerves built up (granted, I'd already been doing that in the car ride up).
The Ride
So, the important part. Having watched the long course riders take off, I lined up at the very back of the short course field. I was hoping that being at the back would keep me from taking off too fast. It worked for about 1/2 mile until I couldn't take being behind someone any more and started riding at a comfortable pace. Unfortunately, a comfortable pace at the beginning of the ride proved to be too fast (duh).
The first 5 miles ticked by quickly. We rode some pavement and made a lovely climb through a vineyard. The top of the climb had the nicest view of the lake, and I wish I would've taken 30 seconds to stop and grab a picture. I felt it was too early for a break, though, and kept plugging along.
After the vineyard, we zipped down a short paved section and then made a right turn onto The Hilltm .
It was everything I hoped it wouldn't be. The gravel surface was fine, no issues there, but the grade was impressive. It was at this point that I was very happy to be on a 29'er with low gearing. Lots of people were walking their bikes, and even some of those had to stop for a breather partway. I honestly think this was where I made up most of my positions on the board.
I stayed clipped in and just plugged along. There were a few points where I thought about stopping and walking, but I was afraid I couldn't get unclipped and put my feet down in time if I tried to stop. By the top, my lungs were screaming, but I made it. The decision to ride it out may have been a poor one, as this is about the point where my right knee started to hurt.
What goes up does indeed have to come down (at least when you're riding a circuit), and the course was no exception. At this point, I was actually happy that I'd caught up to 2 riders who were being slightly cautious on the downhill. There's a good chance I might've stretched it out a little too much and lost control on an unfamiliar surface if I'd had the road wide open in front of me.
The rest of the ride had some long stretches of pavement, but decidedly tamer terrain. I periodically popped a few M&Ms and kept hydrating, but I wasn't really sure how often I should be eating as I was now in uncharted territory as far as ride length. My knee really started to bother me, and that was taking most of my attention.
For a while I could get around the knee pain by getting up on the pedals, but by the final 2 hills the stabilizing muscles were done for as well. Speaking of, as we turned onto the final road that was going to take us back to the brewery, my watch showed 2.5 miles to the finish. Just as we were approaching Pulteney, we were suddenly directed off-course by a road closure.
This may have been announced at the starting line when I was rushing around getting ready, but it was a surprise to me. The official course arrows were set up to direct us on a short detour, though, and we soon rejoined the main road.
As we finished up the last 2 miles, I was just done. The saddle that I'd chosen to replace the factory one on my Marlin was not doing me any favors. My knee was hurting and I couldn't get up on the pedals to relieve my seat pain anymore. As I got within sight of the finish line, I had nothing left to cross at any sort of an impressive pace. The 25+ mile course ended a hair over 30 miles.
Post Race
I took my time getting discombobulated post-race. First order of business was getting out of my sweaty riding stuff and back into street clothes. I don't know how people were still walking around with their kit on hours later when there were bathrooms available for changing. I was happy to have remembered baby wipes for cleaning off the dust/sunscreen mix that was all over my arms and legs.
I wandered back towards the brewery to scope out the food situation. There were 2 options - Tacos or pizza. The tacos smelled great, but I wasn't 100% confident in my digestive system's status at that moment, and opted for a BBQ chicken pizza instead.
As I sat in the grass waiting for my pizza, there was a long line of new orders being taken. At one point I heard the guy say it would be 45 minutes to someone who had placed their order probably 15 minutes after me. As the time ticked on, I observed several people come up to inquire about the status of their pizza. The responses were a bit exasperated indicating that they would be out when they were done. The staff were obviously working as fast as possible, and honestly it was impressive how many pies they were turning out of one oven.
Not wanting to add to their stress, I sat and waited, growing hungrier with each passing pie. Finally after an hour and a half, most everyone around me was done and gone... the podiums and awards were complete, and I wasn't certain I could muster the energy to flag down the delivery guy. But I did, and although he didn't admit it, after going and looking for my order he somewhat sheepishly came back and asked what I had ordered, so I'm almost certain that my slip had gotten lost. Perhaps whisked away by the unrelenting wind.
After another 10 minutes, I had my pizza and downed it with (perhaps a bit too much) gusto. It was good, but I definitely shouldn't have waited that long to ask about it.
Would I do it again? Yeah, probably. I do feel that there was a lot of pavement for a "gravel" ride. Maybe the long course ends up with a higher % of gravel, but the short definitely had a lot of pavement. The gravel itself was good, though. Course conditions were great, although obviously dry with the lack of rain we've had. The weather was ALMOST perfect, but the wind knocked that down a few points.
The ride was very well supported. I had the course loaded in my Garmin watch in case I zoned out, but the turns were also well-marked and major intersections had traffic control courtesy of local fire and police departments. I saw the support truck several times and never felt like I was far from help if I needed it.
Post race was a little bit disappointing. I'm not sure if I missed something, but after crossing the line I just rode back to my car, and then had to go to the brewery to buy something to drink to supplant my now-empty water bottles. I know a lot of people were going for the post-ride beer anyway, but I don't drink so it would've been nice to see some complementary water or something.
Now that I've got one down, I'm looking forward to seeking out other local rides and continuing to build my abilities!
Pictures from the day (none of the course, sorry... I was concentrating on finishing) - https://imgur.com/a/TPtQUmk
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2023.06.06 21:10 Randomsky19546 EGT way too hot. Need answer immediately

So I’ve been looking into this,and once again I find the EGT on my 5.9L 2006 Cummins is too hot. The only mods are a 2nd gen swap,cold air intake,ATS stage 2 trans,and a larger turbo. It also has an edge juice with attitude (on stock fueling) and a smoke stack. 35’s tires. The EGT will climb rapidly and could blow past 1200 if I’m not watching and basically babying the throttle with my little toe. What the hell is going on? Nobody will take it seriously. It also has a Banks ram air and charge pipe. The MAX EGT I should hit is 1200 and I’m blowing past it if I try at all (which I don’t)
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2023.06.06 21:10 Sea_Feedback7676 Cosleeping Noob questions

Hello all, I am new to cosleeping and my maternity leave will be ending in 2 months. I am very anxious and I am doubting whether I know how to parent as I think about going back to work.
My little one is 4 months now and she just moved out of her bassinet and sleeps on a side car crib. I am breastfeeding her and I have a lot of questions as a FTM doing this. Could you please help this mamma? For context, my career is very demanding. I work 60-80 hours for weeks at a time. Work hours are also pretty unpredictable. The work day can end any where from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am.
My current schedule for baby looks like this: 1. bedtime for baby is 10:00/10:30 pm in her side car crib and she nurses go sleep. She awakens multiple times in the night to feed or at least nurse for comfort/ I offer her breast to settle her quickly back to sleep. 2. Wake time is usually when the sun is up so 6:30 am to 7:00 am. We usually try to get her back to sleep by contact. Husband does this since he needs to be up for work anyway (he works from home). He puts her on his shoulder and she usually goes right back to sleep till 8:30 am 3. She has about 4 naps a day ranging between 30 mins - 2 hours. Sometimes I let her sleep 3 hours if her naps thus far were short. All naps are contact naps. If she is with me (95% of her naps), she nurses to sleep. 4. We do have a nap routine. Book, sleep sack, sun light, sound machine. Bed time is similar except we add in Jammie’s and lotion. 5. Unfortunately, her last nap is usually less than 2 hours before bedtime. I’m working on this but it’s hard because she gets really sleepy by 10 pm.
My challenges are: 1. She nurses to sleep 95% of the time. With my work schedule, I’m so worried she won’t be able to go down to sleep with my husband or if he makes that happen, whether she can stay asleep since there’s no boob to settle her down.
  1. I am trying to obtain a remote position at work with more predictable hours. Let’s assume that works out for me. I may not be able to breastfeed longer than a few more months due to an underlying medical condition. Wong she be upset when I’m right next to her and she searches for my breast only to come up empty? It’s almost like bedsharing but no longer nursing. How did you all manage that transition?
My husband will start his two month paternity leave two weeks before my leave ends.I absolutely would hate sleep training. But that seems to be what women in my workplace resort to do. Please tell me I can make it work still with my Velcro baby and how. I’m desperate.
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2023.06.06 21:10 ekke-kw So, now you've done it!!! I'll stop, it pisses me off too much. Last day, 6 out of 10 throws land on an empty field, that never happened before and there is now exactly ONE star missing

So, now you've done it!!! I'll stop, it pisses me off too much. Last day, 6 out of 10 throws land on an empty field, that never happened before and there is now exactly ONE star missing submitted by ekke-kw to TapForce [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 21:10 NawtAGoodNinja /r/Baylor will be going dark from June 12 - June 14 to protest Reddit's new API policy.

What's going on?

A recent reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the old.reddit.com desktop interface.
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam free.

What's the plan?

On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.

What can you do?

  1. Complain. Message the mods of /reddit.com, who are the admins of the site; message reddit; submit a support request; comment in relevant threads on /reddit, such as this one, leave a negative review on their official iOS or Android app.
  2. Spread the word. Rabble-rouse on related subreddits. Meme it up, make it spicy. Bitch about it to your cat. Suggest anyone you know who moderates a subreddit join us at /ModCoord - but please don't pester mods you don't know by simply spamming their modmail.
  3. Boycott and spread the word...to Reddit's competition! Stay off reddit entirely on June 12th through the 13th - instead, take to your favorite non-reddit platform of choice and make some noise in support!
  4. Don't be a jerk. As upsetting as this may be, threats, profanity, and vandalism will be worse than useless in getting people on our side. Please make every effort to be as restrained, polite, reasonable and law-abiding as possible.
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2023.06.06 21:10 globisvidya1 MBBS In Bangladesh

In recent years, studying MBBS In Bangladesh has grown in popularity among Indian students. Here are some benefits of enrolling in an MBBS programme in Bangladesh for the academic year 2023–2024:
Education of High Quality: The Medical Council of India (MCI) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) both recognise Bangladesh's medical universities as providing education of the highest calibre. The curriculum is created in accordance with international standards, guaranteeing a solid foundation in medical knowledge and abilities.
Affordable Tuition: Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is comparatively less expensive than in many other nations. For Indian students who desire to pursue medical school without sacrificing quality, this makes it a cost-effective alternative.
The majority of Bangladeshi medical universities provide MBBS programmes in English. Indian students particularly benefit from this because it makes it simple for them to follow lectures and interact with peers and professors.
Similar Medical Syllabus: Bangladesh's medical curriculum is comparable to India's. This implies that themes and disciplines related to the Indian medical system will be covered by Indian students studying in Bangladesh. If students choose to go back to India for more training or study, it makes the transfer easier.
Experienced faculty: The medical universities in Bangladesh are home to a highly skilled and knowledgeable faculty that is committed to giving students a top-notch education and mentoring. They frequently interact with people from other countries and stay current with medical advancements.
Clinical Exposure: Medical schools in Bangladesh give their students plenty of opportunities for clinical experience. They have partnerships with a number of hospitals and healthcare facilities where students can acquire real-world experience while being supervised by qualified medical professionals.

Qualifications for MBBS in Bangladesh:

Indian students often need to fulfil the following requirements in order to be admitted to MBBS programmes in Bangladesh:
Education requirements: Candidates must have finished their 10+2 or equivalent higher secondary education with a minimum cumulative score of 50% in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. English ought to have been a required subject for them as well.
Age Restrictions: As of December 31 of the admission year, the minimum age for entrance is typically 17 years old, and the maximum age is 25 years. The university may have different age relaxations.

Bangladesh's MBBS Admissions Process 2023–2024:

The following steps are commonly included in the admissions procedure for MBBS in Bangladesh:
Application: Students must complete the appropriate medical university in Bangladesh's application form. On the university's official website, the forms are often accessible.
Entrance Exam: Some universities may require applicants to take an entrance exam, while others may base admission decisions on the results of the NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test).
Counselling and Interview: Shortlisted candidates may be contacted for in-person or online counselling and interview rounds. The goal is to determine whether the individual is a good fit for the MBBS programme.
After being chosen, students must provide the necessary documentation for verification, including transcripts, passports, photos, and other pertinent documents.

Documents needed for MBBS in Bangladesh

The following papers are often needed for MBBS admission in Bangladesh:
filled-out application
Mark sheets and diplomas from the tenth and twelfth grades, or an equivalent
birth registration
either a passport or a birth certificate
transfer diploma from the previous college or university
passport-sized images
Scorecard for the NEET, if applicable
Valid visas and other papers connected to travel
Studying for the MBBS in Bangladesh:

Pre-clinical and clinical stages make up the five-year MBBS study schedule that is common in Bangladesh. While the clinical phase incorporates clinical rotations and hands-on training in hospitals, the pre-clinical phase emphasises theoretical understanding and basic medical sciences. To give a thorough medical education, the curriculum combines classroom lectures with laboratory work, tutorials, and practical clinical experience.
It's crucial to be aware that specifics surrounding the application procedure, eligibility requirements, and study schedules may differ between Bangladeshi universities. For reliable and current information, it is therefore advised to consult the official websites of the relevant universities.
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