Where is emuaidmax sold

Where 10 year old computers are still worth $500.00

2015.03.23 20:30 gbrl_cooper Where 10 year old computers are still worth $500.00


2015.06.02 03:26 DoobieMcJoints Vintage t-shirts from the '90s and before.

A vintage t-shirt community

2012.01.03 08:33 Delica Book Quotes: When you read a quote so good you just have to share it

When you read a quote so good you just have to share it: /bookquotes!

2023.06.06 14:33 Professional_Walk261 Title: Help with Calculating Days Left for Bill Tracker in Notion

I'm building a bill tracker in Notion and I need assistance with calculating the number of days left until the next due date. I have the following properties set up for each bill entry:
  1. Bill Name: A text property where I enter the name of the bill.
  2. Due Every: A number property where I enter the day of the month when the bill is due.
  3. Days Left: I want to create a formula property that calculates the number of days left until the next due date based on the current date.
For example, let's say the "Due Every" value for a bill is set to 15. If the current date is June 6th, I want the "Days Left" property to display 9 (since there are 9 days remaining until the bill is due on June 15th). However, if the current date is June 20th, the "Days Left" property should display 25 (indicating the number of days left until the next due date in the following month).
I tried using different formulas, but I'm encountering issues with handling the varying number of days in each month and correctly accounting for the current date. I need assistance in creating a formula that accurately calculates the number of days left until the next due date.
Any help with this formula or suggestions for a better approach would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.06 14:33 Dismal-Jellyfish Would you like to know the net aggregate amount of any Payment For Order Flow received, profit-sharing relationship, transaction fees paid, & transaction rebates received for OTC securities? FINRA delayed implementing a proposed rule from 12/6/2022 for this data until at least 8/3/23. How to comment

Would you like to know the net aggregate amount of any Payment For Order Flow received, profit-sharing relationship, transaction fees paid, & transaction rebates received for OTC securities? FINRA delayed implementing a proposed rule from 12/6/2022 for this data until at least 8/3/23. How to comment
  • The proposed rule change was published for notice and comment in the Federal Register on December 6, 2022.7 June 4, 2023 is 180 days from that date, and August 3, 2023 is 240 days from that date.
  • FINRA finds it appropriate to designate a longer period within which to issue an order approving or disapproving the proposed rule change so that it has sufficient time to consider the proposed rule change and its comments.
  • Accordingly, FINRA pursuant to section 19(b)(2) of the Act, designates August 3, 2023 as the date by which the Commission shall either approve or disapprove the proposed rule change (File No. SR-FINRA-2022-031).

What are they delaying?


  • Rule 606(a) of Regulation NMS3 (“SEC Rule 606(a)”) requires broker-dealers to publicly disclose specified information about their order routing practices for NMS Securities, including for non-directed orders in NMS stocks that are submitted on a “held” basis.
  • The SEC has stated that, as a result of these disclosures, “customers—and retail investors in particular—that submit orders to their broker-dealers should be better able to assess the quality of order handling services provided by their broker-dealers and whether their broker-dealers are effectively managing potential conflicts of interest.”
  • "FINRA believes these same goals would be furthered by providing investors with similar order handling information for unlisted stocks, which are not covered by the existing SEC Rule 606(a) disclosure requirements."
    • "Accordingly, FINRA is proposing to adopt new Rule 6470 to require members to publish quarterly order routing disclosures primarily for non-directed held orders in OTC Equity Securities, generally aligned with the SEC Rule 606(a) disclosures for NMS stocks but with modifications to account for differences between the market for NMS Securities and over-the-counter (“OTC”) markets."
    • "In addition, to make both the existing SEC Rule 606(a) disclosures and the new OTC Equity Security disclosures more accessible to investors, FINRA is proposing new Rule 6151 and paragraph (d) of new Rule 6470 to require members to send both disclosures to FINRA for centralized publication on the FINRA website".

Disclosure of Order Routing Information for OTC Equity Securities:

  • Proposed new Rule 6470, entitled “Disclosure of Order Routing Information for OTC Equity Securities,” would require the publication of order routing disclosures for OTC Equity Securities.
  • Specifically, as is already required for broker-dealers with respect to held orders in NMS stocks under SEC Rule 606(a)(1), proposed Rule 6470(a) would require, among other things, every member to make publicly available for each calendar quarter a report on its routing of non-directed orders in OTC Equity Securities that are submitted on a held basis during that quarter, broken down by calendar month, and keep such report posted on an internet website that is free and readily accessible to the public for a period of three years from the initial date of posting on the internet website.
  • Also in line with the required publication timeframe for NMS stock disclosures under SEC Rule 606(a)(2), proposed Rule 6470(c) would require that a member make the new OTC Equity Security report publicly available within one month after the end of the quarter addressed in the report.
  • Under Rule 606(a)(1), the SEC Rule 606(a) reports for NMS Securities are required to be broken out into separate sections for NMS stocks in the S&P 500 Index as of the first day of the quarter, other NMS stocks, and NMS Securities that are options.
    • Since these categories are not relevant to the OTC market, FINRA is proposing to instead require that the new quarterly reports for OTC Equity Securities under Rule 6470(a) be separated into three sections to better reflect the OTC market. Specifically, the new reports would be required to be separated into three sections for:
    • (i) domestic OTC Equity Securities;
    • (ii) American Depository Receipts (“ADRs”) and foreign ordinaries that are OTC Equity Securities; and
    • (iii) Canadian-listed securities trading in the United States as OTC Equity Securities.
  • To provide for consistency across member reports, FINRA will publish a list of the OTC Equity Security symbols that fall under each category, and members would be required to publish reports in a manner consistent with such list.
  • Under Rule 606(a)(1), the SEC Rule 606(a) reports for NMS Securities must be made available using the most recent versions of the XML schema and associated PDF renderer as published on the SEC’s website. Similarly, Rule 6470(a) would specify that the new OTC Equity Security reports must be made available using the most recent versions of the XML schema and associated PDF renderer as published on the FINRA website.

With respect to the content of the new reports, Rule 6470(a) would require that each section of the new OTC Equity Security reports include the information specified in paragraphs (a)(1) through (4) of proposed Rule 6470, specifically:

  • The percentage of total orders14 for the section that were not held orders and held orders, and the percentage of held orders for the section that were non-directed orders
  • The identity of the ten venues to which the largest number of total non-directed held orders for the section were routed for execution and of any venue to which five percent or more of non-directed held orders for the section were routed for execution, and the percentage of total non-directed held orders for the section routed to the venue
  • For each identified venue, the net aggregate amount of any payment for order flow received, payment from any profit-sharing relationship received, transaction fees paid, and transaction rebates received, both as a total dollar amount and per order, for all nondirected held orders for the section.
  • A discussion of the material aspects of the member’s relationship with each identified venue, including, without limitation, a description of any arrangement for payment for order flow and any profit-sharing relationship and a description of any terms of such arrangements, written or oral, that may influence a member’s order routing decision including, among other things: incentives for equaling or exceeding an agreed upon order flow volume threshold, such as additional payments or a higher rate of payment; disincentives for failing to meet an agreed upon minimum order flow threshold, such as lower payments or the requirement to pay a fee; volume-based tiered payment schedules; and agreements regarding the minimum amount of order flow that the member would send to a venue.
  • "FINRA believes that requiring members to provide information about the relative amount of a member’s held and not held orders in the new reports proposed to be published under Rule 6470(a)(1) would provide investors, regulators, academics, and others seeking to review the reports with additional information regarding the business of brokers active in the OTC market."
  • "Studies analyzing the market for NMS stocks indicate that broker-dealers may route orders to maximize order flow payments by sending market orders to venues making payments and sending limit orders to venues paying large liquidity rebates. Such routing may not always be in customers’ best interests."
  • "Make-take fees may lead to agency conflicts and rebate volume pricing tiers may worsen such conflicts further."
  • Theoretical models of the conflict between investors and their broker-dealers, who may be incentivized to route orders based on the take fees charged or rebates paid by exchanges, find that the conflict of interest reduces investor utility
  • Using Rule 606 data, one study examined broker-dealer routing of non-marketable limit orders in NMS stocks to exchanges offering the largest rebate. This analysis combined with proprietary limit order data found that low-fee (i.e., low-rebate) exchanges fill or fill more rapidly when high-fee (i.e., high-rebate) exchanges do not fill, and non-marketable limit orders earn higher average realized spreads on low-fee than high-fee exchanges.
  • "In addition, in the absence of order routing and payment for order flow information, customers may not possess information necessary to assist them in forming a preference concerning their brokers’ routing choicesparticularly where customer commission charges have been reduced or eliminated."
    • "Furthermore, if customers have information on how brokers route orders and are able to negotiate commissions to more closely represent the broker dealer’s average execution cost for a particular customer’s order flow, then customers may be better able to submit the mix of liquidity-supplying and demanding orders to minimize commissions and improve order execution."

Economic Impacts/Anticipated Benefits (AGAIN, this is what they are CHOOSING to DELAY):


WUT mean?

  • The proposed rule change aims to provide customers with increased transparency about financial incentives that could impact their brokers' order routing decisions.
    • These include any payment for order flow received, profit-sharing payments, transaction fees, and rebates.
  • Currently, without order routing reports, customers may not fully understand the indirect costs that can affect their trading quality, especially for retail investors using zero-commission broker-dealers.
    • The proposed rule change allows customers to consider these less observable costs better and assess potential conflicts of interest.
  • The standardized reports would be accessible on both the member's website and FINRA's website, enabling customers to compare order routing practices across firms and observe changes in a firm's behavior over time.
    • This would help customers understand if the received payment for order flow and net transaction fees paid might be influencing some firms' routing decisions more than others.
  • However, FINRA acknowledges that direct benefits might be limited by a customer's ability to interpret the information in the reports... (do they not get we will teach each other if we have to?)
    • The reports would allow us to compare order routing to competing firms and consequently HAVE DATA for calling out how firms can improve their order execution quality.
  • Furthermore, academic or industry researchers can analyze the data in the proposed public reports, making their findings public and describing differences in broker-dealer routing practices.
    • The centralization of the new OTC Equity Security reports and the existing Rule 606(a) reports on FINRA’s website should also reduce FINRA's costs and ease their access to the reported data for regulatory purposes.

How can you comment to get them to consider action on 8/3/2023:

File a regulatory Tip:
FINRA encourages individuals with information about potentially fraudulent, illegal or unethical activity to submit a regulatory tip. If you are aware of unfair practices or specific instances of abusive conduct, FINRA wants to know about it immediately. Often, violations of our rules and the federal securities regulations come to light through the receipt and investigation of regulatory tips from members of the industry and other industry professionals.
FINRA may find it useful to contact you for the purposes of verifying the information provided and soliciting additional information. While anonymous regulatory tips will be accepted and reviewed, their value may be diminished if FINRA is unable to conduct this additional inquiry.
It is requested that you provide a brief summary of the significant types of abusive conduct and/or rule violations that:
You believe to have taken place;
You believe may now be occurring, and/or
You believe may be about to occur.
All regulatory tip information received will be treated in confidence to the fullest extent possible. FINRA, however, cannot guarantee that during the course of a related investigation or possible prosecution of the matter that the identity or documents of the source of a regulatory tip will not become known.

A possible comment template you could use for the basis of a comment:

I am a retail investor writing to express my concern regarding the delay in implementing the proposed changes to the FINRA rule SR-FINRA-2022-031 that aim to increase transparency in the financial industry. These changes promise several anticipated benefits that will enhance investors' ability to make informed decisions and potentially prevent instances of financial misconduct.
I believe that there may have been past and ongoing instances of conflicts of interest affecting order routing decisions that could be mitigated by the proposed rule change. The lack of transparency about brokers' financial incentives and their potential impacts on routing decisions makes it difficult for customers to discern these issues.
In addition, the lack of standardized reporting and easily accessible data on members' websites inhibits investors' ability to compare firms' order routing practices effectively. This lack of comparison and oversight could potentially enable unethical practices to continue unchecked.
I also foresee the possibility of further conflicts of interest or suboptimal execution quality, especially given the increasing prevalence of zero-commission broker-dealers. These firms might be influenced by hidden costs such as payment for order flow or net transaction fees, potentially affecting their order routing decisions and execution quality.
The delayed implementation of this rule change may allow such unethical practices to persist or even proliferate. Therefore, I urge you to expedite the process to implement these changes, providing the transparency necessary to empower investors and ensure fair practices in the industry as soon as possible!
Thank you for your attention to this matter.
Firm and individual details can be selected as 'Unknown'
Then hit submit!


  • FINRA can kicks implementing disclosure rules for OTC
    • because PFOF data is involved?
  • Will consider again on August 3rd...
    • Please consider commenting so that they KNOW retail wants this approved and implemented!
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2023.06.06 14:33 Pebelo Is there a way to make tinder stop showing me people who speak another language than I?

Hi, so I live in Belgium, fairly close to the French border. more than 50% of the people that show up on tinder for me are French. Only problem is I don't speak French at all, so it's happened a couple times where when I get a match they just unmatch right away after they realise i'm not French.
I just looked through my top picks for today and almost all of them were from France. Please tell me there is a way to stop these people from showing up. It's making the app almost unusable for me.
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2023.06.06 14:32 Oscar_Geare Gunpowder Fantasy book 10+ years old, features a nobleman who has funded his own regiment

The main character is a nobleman who has funded his own regiment for his country, and they're fighting in a war (might be a civil war). I distinctly remember a scene where he has a disagreement with a logistics chief who was not a noble but just a wealthy merchant and challenges him to a duel. The merchant brushes it off because he's not a noble but the MC counters that because the merchant is now and officer he is technically a gentleman or something like that.
Just a weird scene from a book I read many years ago that I would like to read again. Very vague but I'm hoping some other reader might have an idea what I'm talking about.
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2023.06.06 14:32 Kibassi A friend is struggling with depression and it's exhausting me, even though I know it shouldn't

So about two years ago I met this guy. He already struggled with depression back then, but I only found out after I got to know him better after a few months. It might be relevant to note that our friendship is completely platonic, but I am one of his closest friends I suppose. I got to know him as this chaotic, but funny and very lovely guy, who always tries to do his best. It feels like he is the exact opposite now.
Everything was quite fine while we were just superficial friends, but the more time we spend the more care he needs and the more it exhausts me, even though he claims that his depression has gotten a lot better. I feel like I have to act like his mother (way more than I usually have to for my other guy friends haha).
He forgets a lot in his day to day life so he often needs help with very basic tasks. He never takes initiative or helps other people. I'm in quite a large friend group and we organise many parties, holiday trips, etc. together where usually everyone helps out a little, some more than others of course, and that's generally fine. But even though he always appears at those events he never takes part in any of the organising. And that's a reoccuring pattern in most activities he takes part in. Another example is this large group project that we need to do for university and that will accompany us over the entire semester. He doesn't help at all until someone actively tells him to do something, which he'll then do, but always last minute and quite poorly. He arrives late for every meeting and is always the first to leave again, just to go to the canteen. Even when there is nothing responsible to do, when it is completely fine to just relax and enjoy the time, the only topic you can talk to him about is how terrible life is and he seems eager to tear everyone down with him whereever he goes. The last few parties, or even when we just casually met as a friends group, all ended in him drinking way to much alcohol and becoming very sad / angry so instead of enjoying our time we had to calm him down and bring him home.
I really want to help and support him, I don't want him to feel like a burden. I know it is his depression acting and talking. I always try to help, to complete his tasks or join him in doing so, to remind him of all the things he needs to remember, to always be kind and understanding and supportive. But I am exhausted. I just want to enjoy my free time again without constantly having to worry about his emotional state, or wether or not he fulfills that task he was given, or what other important thing he has forgotten now. I catch myself getting angry at him for his unreliability from time to time now. As someone who has never struggled with depression I really don't know what is appropriate. I do not want things to get worse for him, I don't want to hurt him or be rude and writing all thos bad things about him makes me feel like a monster. But I think I can't continue taking all that responsibility from him, it's driving me insane.
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2023.06.06 14:32 r__m__r Locations and other points of interest

I'm gonna try keep this in order of appearance and not in order of time Locations : Morthamshire-self explanatory the Location for this story.
Rosewell Estate- the location of the missing children the "rosewell 9" in 99 (key location)
West Castlegate- the town where the rosewell estate is located also suggests an East Castle gate but unconfirmed.
Thailand phetchabun province- aside from being a real location in terms of the story in the ceefax page where we find out 2 villages have been quarantined due to "mystery illness" this was the start of the ocs virus (key location)
Halesford- the town of the large plane crash this is the second major story we see and a key moment for theory's (key location)
North Mortham- we see a poster on the side of a wall an ocs psa not much importance location wise but my theory is mortham is the "main town" and possible location of the council hq in morthamshire if that makes sense so we may see more
Henbrook cross station- this is the first we see of transport in morthamshire and how the trains have been haunted due to ocs
I thought it would be good to make a not of Locations and help keep track of them due what you will with this info and let me know if I missed anything
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2023.06.06 14:32 ch0ding I'm confused..

This is probably a really stupid question because I'm so late to the game, but are biomes set up differently for everyone or am I missing something? I was watching a yt video because I couldn't find the last dark crystal (mine wasn't even where it was supposed to be..) and I noticed this. Is this the mine? Because if it is.. that's not where mine is.
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2023.06.06 14:32 _AlexX_- Needing help finding the right faux leather

Hi, I am trying to build a dog face mask from faux leather But I have never worked with this material before
I feel very lost in finding the right imitation leather It should have a thickness of around 2,4mm But all I can find is 1mm, which is way too thin and won't work
Where or how do I find something like that?
I am from germany, so if someone knows a good website or shop where I could look, I would be very grateful
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2023.06.06 14:32 FraterISE Esoteric Discord Server

It is my pleasure to inform anyone it may interest that we, Esoterica, an occult server on Discord, are now recruiting new members.
Here at Esoterica we welcome many people with a wide array of practices and experiences and have a large community from a wide range of paths and traditions that include Qabballah, Witchcraft, Thelema, Alchemy and Eastern Spirituality among others.
If you are looking for an Authentic Occult-Spiritual community to join, then you should come and stay awhile ~^
We have sections for dream analysis where members can share insights into each others experiences and learn the underlying symbology found within, various channels where you can easily organize your discussions to your hearts content, and we have a large resource library with various texts, techniques and videos and are always adding to our collections.
If our community interests you and you would like to join, please follow the link listed below:
I hope that we can welcome you into our community!
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2023.06.06 14:32 TheMannonCannon 1/2 bedroom apartments in county area?

My lease is up August 1st and I’ve been struggling to find anything within my budget. I pay $700 now for where I rent and can go up to $850 at max. Anyone know of any places looking for tenants?
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2023.06.06 14:32 delhidarshan A Majestic Sanctuary of Spiritual Serenity : Khair ul Manazil Masjid

Khair ul Manazil Masjid stands as a true testament to the architectural splendor and spiritual richness of India. Located in the heart of Delhi, this magnificent mosque has captured the hearts of visitors and devotees alike with its grandeur, serenity, and historical significance. Known for its architectural brilliance and cultural importance, Khair ul Manazil Masjid is a place where faith and art come together, creating an ambiance of tranquility and devotion.
  1. Architectural Marvel: The mosque showcases a captivating blend of architectural styles, combining elements of Persian and Indian design. The elegant domes, intricate calligraphy, and ornate carvings on the walls and pillars are a visual treat for visitors. The mosque's symmetrical layout and harmonious proportions create a sense of balance and aesthetic appeal, leaving a lasting impression on all who enter.
  2. Historical Significance: Khair ul Manazil Masjid holds a significant place in the history of Delhi. Built during the reign of Mughal Emperor Akbar Shah II in the early 19th century, the mosque served as a center for spiritual gatherings and Islamic teachings. Its construction was commissioned by Akbar Shah II's prime minister, Khawaja Abdul Samad, with the aim of providing a place of worship and solace for the local Muslim community.
  3. Peace and Serenity: Stepping into Khair ul Manazil Masjid instantly transports visitors into a realm of peace and serenity. The mosque's tranquil courtyard, adorned with meticulously maintained gardens, offers a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The gentle sound of flowing water from the fountains adds to the soothing atmosphere, creating an ideal setting for reflection and spiritual introspection.
  4. Architectural Elements: The architectural elements of Khair ul Manazil Masjid are awe-inspiring. The central prayer hall, with its high ceilings and rows of beautifully carved pillars, creates a sense of spaciousness and grandeur. Intricate floral patterns and calligraphy adorn the walls, showcasing the mastery of artisans from bygone eras. The intricate details of the mihrab (prayer niche) and minbar (pulpit) add to the mosque's visual allure.
  5. Spiritual Gathering and Devotion: Khair ul Manazil Masjid continues to serve as a place of worship and congregation for the local Muslim community. The mosque's spacious prayer hall accommodates a large number of worshippers during congregational prayers, particularly on Fridays and during religious festivals. The devout come together to engage in communal prayers, listen to sermons, and seek solace in their faith.
  6. Cultural and Community Hub: Beyond its spiritual significance, Khair ul Manazil Masjid also plays a vital role in promoting cultural and community harmony. The mosque serves as a meeting point for individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering a sense of unity and understanding among people of different cultures and faiths. It stands as a symbol of religious tolerance and mutual respect, contributing to the cultural fabric of Delhi.
  7. Preservation and Restoration: Efforts have been made to preserve and restore the historical and architectural integrity of Khair ul Manazil Masjid. The mosque has undergone restoration projects to ensure its longevity and to maintain its original beauty. These conservation efforts aim to safeguard the mosque's rich heritage and allow future generations to appreciate its cultural and architectural significance.
Conclusion: Khair ul Manazil Masjid stands tall as a beacon of spiritual devotion, architectural brilliance, and cultural heritage. With its awe-inspiring architecture, serene ambiance, and historical importance, it invites visitors to experience the profound beauty of faith and art. Whether you seek solace, architectural marvels
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2023.06.06 14:32 AutoModerator Share your project and find others who can help -- Team up Tuesday

Rather than allowing too much self promotion in the sub, we are encouraging those who want to team up to use this sticky thread each week.

The pitch:

If you like me you probably tried virtual world dev alone and seen that it's kind of like trying to climb a huge mountain and feeling like you're at the bottom for literally a decade.
Not only that, even if you make a virtual world, it's really hard to get it marketed.
I have found that working in teams can really relieve this burden as everyone specializes in their special field. You end up making a much more significant virtual world and even having time to market it.

Copy and paste this template to team up!

[Seeking] Mentorship, to mentor, paid work, employee, volunteer team member.
[Type] Hobby, RevShare, Open Source, Commercial etc.
[Offering] Voxel Art, Programming, Mentorship etc.
[Age Range] Use 5 year increments to protect privacy.
[Skills] List single greatest talent.
[Project] Here is where you should drop all the details of your project.
[Progress] Demos/Videos
[Tools] Unity, Unreal, Blender, Magica Voxel etc.
[Contact Method] Direct message, WhatsApp, Discord etc.
Note: You can add or remove bits freely. E.G. If you are just seeking to mentor, use [Offering] Mentorship [Skills] Programming [Contact Method] Direct message.
Avoid using acronyms. Let's keep this accessible.

I will start:

[Seeking] (1) Animation Director
(2) Project OrganizeScrum Master.
(3 MISC hobbyists, .since we run a casual hobby group we welcome anyone who wants to join. We love to mentor and build people up.
[Offering] Marketing, a team of active programmers.
[Age Range] 30-35
[Skills] I built the fourth most engaging Facebook page in the world, 200m impressions monthly. I lead 100,000 people on Reddit. metaverse playmygame Made and published 30 games on Ylands. 2 stand-alone products. Our team has (active) 12 programmers, 3 artists, 3 designers, 1 technical audio member.
[Project] We are making a game to create the primary motivation for social organization in the Metaverse. We believe that a relaxing game will create the context for conversations to help build the friendships needed for community, the community needed for society and the societies needed for civilization.
Our game is a really cute, wholesome game where you gather cute, jelly-like creatures(^ω^)and work with them to craft a sky island paradise.
We are an Open Collective of mature hobbyist game developers and activists working together on a project all about positive, upbuilding media.
We have many capable mentors including the former vice president of Sony music, designers from EA/Ubisoft and more.

Small snippets from our games.
Demo (might not be available later).
[Tools] Unity, Blender, Magica Voxel
[Contact Method] Visit http://p1om.com/tour to get to know what we are up to. Join here.
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2023.06.06 14:32 gavin_gray05 I may have messed up (read caption)

I may have messed up (read caption)
Bought my first shortboard off of my buddy for 100 bucks and the traction pad needed to be replaced and never setting one up before i figured “oh ill just put it exactly where the old one was” and now im looking at it and pics online and it looks like i set it to far up. so am i overthinking and it will work, is it salvageable, or am i out 45 bucks
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2023.06.06 14:32 Such-Print-187 Ai Evolution:

In the realms of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) has always been a fascinating subject. Today, what was once confined to the realm of the imagination is swiftly becoming our reality. AI is no longer a mere buzzword; it's a force to be reckoned with, a game-changing powerhouse that is redefining the landscape of our lives, the nature of work, and the approach to complex problem-solving. We are on the brink of an era where AI doesn't just shape our future, it reimagines the bounds of what's possible.
AI serves as the great catalyst for innovation in the 21st century, breathing life into ideas and pushing the boundaries of possibility. This powerful tool, driven by machine learning algorithms, is capable of analyzing vast datasets, unearthing patterns, and unlocking insights that were once beyond our reach. AI's potential is awe-inspiring, it's like having a master key that could unlock doors to breakthroughs in fields ranging from healthcare and climate science to finance and education.
Imagine a world where personalized treatments in healthcare are the norm, where diseases are diagnosed and treated even before symptoms appear. Envision a world where manufacturing efficiency reaches new heights, where AI-driven automation and predictive maintenance make downtime and waste things of the past. Picture a world where autonomous vehicles rule the roads, making traffic jams and road accidents a thing of history. This is not a distant dream, but a future that AI is steadily and surely bringing closer.
But the AI revolution extends beyond industries. It's transforming the very fabric of our workforce. Routine tasks are becoming automated, freeing up human creativity and strategic thinking. Jobs of the future will require a blend of AI expertise, data analysis skills, and ethical governance. We are on the cusp of a radical transformation in the job market, a shift that necessitates a reimagination of our education systems, equipping individuals with the skills needed for an AI-powered future.
However, like any powerful tool, AI comes with its own set of challenges. Questions of fairness, transparency, and accountability in AI systems are more important than ever. Addressing algorithmic bias, ensuring data privacy, and understanding the ethical implications of AI-driven decisions are critical. The challenge is to strike a delicate balance between technological advancement and ethical guidelines, to ensure that AI serves the greater good.
Furthermore, the societal impact of AI is enormous. It brings to the fore questions about job displacement, social equity, and changes in human interactions. Adapting to an AI-driven future requires comprehensive policies, education reform, and a collective effort to ensure that the benefits are equitably distributed. Addressing these societal implications necessitates an interdisciplinary approach, inclusive decision-making, and a commitment to safeguarding the well-being of all individuals and communities.
Artificial intelligence is at the forefront of a monumental shift. Its transformative potential across industries, its capacity to unlock innovation, and its ability to reshape the workforce are unprecedented.
What are your thoughts???
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2023.06.06 14:32 SpinRed Not everyone can lose their job...

As many panic about huge job losses brought on by AI, we seem to have missed something. If say, half the population were displaced by AI, where does the wealth come from to support the other 50% if 50% of the population isn't making or spending money? I mean, I know the remaining employed are probably doing business with each other...but with that much wealth removed from the system, are the remaining employed in some kind of survival mode?
Forgive my ignorance in matters of economics...I'm just trying to learn here.
Can anyone tell me how to determine the tipping point...where job displacement by technology negatively affects the remaining employed's quality of life? 25% displacement?...35% displacement?
The only example I can think of is when a neighborhood or town experiences high unemployment...many services begin to disappear and residents have to travel further to buy what they need.
Any experts on economics that can chime in?
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2023.06.06 14:31 trampaboline [advice] Where the hell is the contact info on streeteasy?

Sorry if this isn’t totally at home here, wasn’t sure where else to put it, but every other listing reads “email only” or “text only”, yet I see nothing but the in-app tour-setup. Am I crazy?
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2023.06.06 14:31 RedditIndiaGuesser i would rather have a captain cool like Sharma who wins... Guess the Subreddit #677

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2023.06.06 14:31 FraterISE Esoteric Discord Server

It is my pleasure to inform anyone it may interest that we, Esoterica, an occult server on Discord, are now recruiting new members.
Here at Esoterica we welcome many people with a wide array of practices and experiences and have a large community from a wide range of paths and traditions that include Qabballah, Witchcraft, Thelema, Alchemy and Eastern Spirituality among others.
If you are looking for an Authentic Occult-Spiritual community to join, then you should come and stay awhile ~^
We have sections for dream analysis where members can share insights into each others experiences and learn the underlying symbology found within, various channels where you can easily organize your discussions to your hearts content, and we have a large resource library with various texts, techniques and videos and are always adding to our collections.
If our community interests you and you would like to join, please follow the link listed below:
I hope that we can welcome you into our community!
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2023.06.06 14:31 FromAcrosstheStars 54F fainting, heart palpitations, slurred speech and general weakness?

Hi all, I am posting this for my mum who doesn’t have a Reddit account. It’s a repost since nobody replied last time and I’m really worried about her. She’s been dealing with these symptoms since April of 2021 and she has no idea what could be causing it. She’s had several tests but lives in the USA and can’t afford continuing to go to doctors just guessing. If anyone could narrow it down for her I’d greatly appreciate it!
I’m going to copy and paste what she wrote.
“I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, Osteoporosis, Menopausal hormonal imbalance, Hiatal hernia, Gastritis, and Food sensitivity (gluten, egg, soy, corn). I am taking calcium supplements for osteoporosis and taking hormone replacement therapy for hormonal imbalance. I also take multivitamins as well as turmeric supplement and Cod liver oil.
My major symptoms are extreme fatigue, dizziness, brain fog, difficulty concentraing and talking, blurry vision, swollen eyelids, shortness of breath, coughing, heart palpitations, muscle weakness.
These symptoms all occur together at the same time, multiple times a day on and off. These symptoms are triggered by eating, walking, any physical activity or position change, and also when in hot and humid weather.
These symptops started after the second dose of Pfizer which I received in April 2021. On the day after receiving it, my lymph nodes got swollen big at the base of my neck on the same side where I got the shot. Since then these symptoms are persistent and it is an ongoing issue which is interfering with my daily life, with my work (I had to quit my job), with driving, basic household chores, walking, climbing stairs, or any other physical activity.
I have visited a neurologist, rheumatologist, hematologist, gynecologist, cardiologist, ENT doctor, gastroenterologist, and have been tested for a multitude of diseases at these doctors but all the test results are coming back normal.”
I want to clarify that neither of us are anti va** but she felt it was relevant information to include since that’s when the symptoms started. Thanks in advance for the help!
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2023.06.06 14:31 dragonkamui a bit of pain in shoulder and shoulder blades after pneumothorax

I had my first case of pneumothorax 3 months ago where I was treated with a chest tube only. When I got out of the hospital I still felt some pain and after a month is was mostly gone. But now, im having pain on the shoulders again which was the side i had my pneumothorax the first time. I didn’t think much of it at first, because i knew what pneumothorax feels for me as i would have my chest hurting quite a bit as well. And just tonight my left side chest started to ache and almost felt bubbly which was the same indicator i had pneumothorax the first time. However, it only lasted a minute or less and now i feel fine. I can’t tell if my stressing out and creating these feelings myself or if its actually pnemo. Anyone else have experiences like this and can anyone tell if my lung collapsed without going to the ER?
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2023.06.06 14:31 BondSpacesuit0 Question about melee onto small platforms

Heya! I decided to play my first game of one page rules (GFF) with a buddy last night and we had a blast! Many orcs stormed defensive robot legion members in order to claim objectives and that's where my question comes in. If you charge a unit that is standing on a 2x2x2 inch cube and there's enough space for base contact, what happens after melee? Normally if the defender lives, the attacker is pushed back an inch. Does this mean if you charge up a tower to slug a model in melee that if you fail you fall back down? (And use the falling rules / potentially die?) 😅 That's how we decided to play it, but I'm curious how y'all handle this situation! Thank ya ☺️
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2023.06.06 14:31 Voice-Designer Hey Married People! I need your advice!

So I’m 26 years old and at the point in my life where I think about marriage more and need some advice. I’ve been dating this guy for a couple of months he is a good guy, very attractive, we have a lot of the same values and interests BUT he is extremely homophobic to the point where he says if we had kids no gay people would be allowed to come to our house or be around our kids. I understand why he feels this way to a certain extent but I was also brought up to not treat anyone differently or have hate in my heart. I may not agree with being gay but I don’t treat people differently because of it. I also have a best friend that is gay and he honestly would rather me cut him off but I’m not doing that. My friend was here for me when my dad was killed in a car accident and stuck through some of my darkest times in life. He also likes to be in control of almost everything in life and sometimes I worry if he will be really controlling in a marriage because I feel like he feels like things are his way or the Highway type of thing. The reason I think this could be a big issue is because he wants a traditional family where the wife submits to him which is nothing wrong with that but he thinks once his wife becomes a mom that it is her only identity and she shouldn’t be focused on this. For me personally, I believe you should make your kids your main priority and put them first always but I don’t think it is healthy to just lose your whole identity in being a mother. I think it’s important to still have some time to take a breather because I think it helps you from 1. Being burnt out and 2. You are a better mother when you have breaks to do something you enjoy and breath. Thoughts? Am I overreacting? Have you dealt with anything like this before?
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