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2023.06.06 22:24 tinycinnamonroll chicken with bloody nostril and odd behavior

this afternoon, like half an hour ago, i noticed one of my bielefelders had blood coming out of her left nostril and was making a sound unlike her usual vocalization. i picked her up– and she does not like to be picked up, so i had to get her into the coop and then kind of trap her, which was definitely stressful– and she started pulling her head back into herself, like she was trying to duck away. i was going to wash the blood off of her and see if i could find out why she was bleeding. i set her back down in the coop, and she went into a nesting box and started breathing quickly with her mouth open. she's just sitting now by herself, and she has access to water if she wants any. do chickens get nosebleeds? or is it more likely that she was pecked in/near the nostril? or can chickens get concussions?? i know my duck, a khaki campbell, has been acting aggressive recently, and he definitely chased after her today, so if she was hurt by anyone, it was him. any advice on how to treat her, monitor her, and/or make the duck stop being rude is very welcome :')
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2023.06.06 22:24 Bee-19- really urgent, please help

okay so i have a 12 year old cat but she’s not actually mine, i just keep her as much as i can because the guy she belongs to only ever lets her in for half an hour a day, doesn’t feed her nearly enough etc. anyway, she’s had this one lump on her side the whole time i’ve had her but today i noticed another, tiny one. i could feel it but not see it (you can see the other one visibly) and it felt weirdly a lot softer. i was trying to see if they were the same type of thing because i guess my logic was that if they’re were the same then it could be an issue of something spreading. i was trying to feel this new lump and i was being really gentle with it because i though it might hurt her and whilst my finger was on it with really minimal pressure, i felt a kind of pop and then i couldn’t really feel it anymore. i’m really worried because i don’t know what happened or what it was. i’m thinking that if whatever it was popped so easily then maybe it was just a spot because she does have some of them on her chin but even if it is just a spot, nothing came out and now i’m worried about what happened. i have no access to a vet and i’m about to have a panic attack over this. she seems completely fine, no reaction at all and definitely no irritation. does anybody have any ideas what it could be? any help would be really appreciated. ideally i’d take her to the vet obviously and i would have done before for the first lump if i could but there’s is literally no possible way for me to do that right now. please help if you can
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2023.06.06 22:24 UniverseofLoveliness Grief and No Appetite

I was wondering if anyone knew of support groups/resources for difficulties with eating due to grief? I have a terminally ill family member and did not have any EDs prior to this but for nearly 3 or 4 months now have had extremely disordered eating and most of the time need to force myself to eat. I am also seeming to feel physically uncomfortable a lot when I do eat and it’s making me very irritable and weak/tired.
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2023.06.06 22:23 FoxBeeHen97 What Might Actually be Wrong with Me?

I am a 26yof who is 5'7" and 153lbs. I have no history of using illicit substances (including weed), I drink occasionally - I would say an average total consumption of alcohol would come to about a glass or two of wine per week. I do not smoke. I am a volunteer firefighter and my paid job is software testing, so mainly sedentary with sudden bursts of activity + exposure to the nasty things that make up burning structures.
I take 75mcg levothyroxine and 30mg of Cymbalta.
Currently diagnosed with Hashimoto's and Fibromyalgia. Hypermobile type of Ehler's Danlos was in my chart and my doctor removed it today as it was apparently in there just to justify genetic testing.
My current complaint is fatigue and I generally just want other sets of eyes to look at my info and see if anything stands out as being a possibility.
I have included a list of landmark issues I have had with my health over the past few years.
2011-Heart Palpitations which felt like skipped beats
Age 17: Palpitations treated with beta blockers. Medication induced sickness. Stopped medication.
Age 20: Went back to GP for palpitations. 3 week Heart monitor was employed. PVCs and one run of SVT. Normal CBC & CMP at time. Hashimoto Thyroiditis discovered on thyroid panel for antibodies.
Age 20: Developed knee pain. Bilateral knee x-ray, no significant findings noted. Ortho noted hypermobility in shoulders, Ehler's Danlos was suspected.
Age 20: Single vehicle car accident > CT w/o contrast of head and c-spine. Only SF was arthritis of the neck.
Age 21: Saw genetic counselor and ruled out Ehler's Danlos. Saw physiatrist and she assessed for Ehler's Danlos, Marfan and Loeys-Dietz. She found no evidence to confirm any of those and the Beighton scale was inconclusive. Physiatrist suggested further genetic testing and an echo.
Age 22: Diagnosed with fibromyalgia and prescribed gabapentin. No longer had knee pain as it had moved to bilateral shins. Echocardiogram revealed normal cardiac function and no valvular abnormalities, ruling out Marfan and Loeys Dietz.
Age 23: Elective bilateral salpingectomy.
Age 23: Home sleep study with no significant findings.
Age 25: Genetic testing rules out all forms of Ehler’s Danlos except hypermobile type.
Age 25: Facial numbness, loss of balance, and difficulty forming sentences (difficulty finding words). New extreme fatigue noted to the point of falling asleep during work duties. Cymbalta dosage was elevated to 60mg from 30mg in an attempt to combat fatigue. Was still tired but could not sleep at all. Dose lowered to 30mg.
Age 25: MRI of head to assess for MS. Bloodwork for Myasthenia Gravis. Both were ruled out.
Age 25: Gabapentin discontinued due to excessive sleepiness.
Age 26: Continued facial numbness and extreme fatigue. Often falling asleep at work.
Age 26: Elevated ALT seen on blood draw today, lower TSH than usual for me but within range. No other items in the CBC, lipid panel or metabolic panel were out of range. 6/6/2023.
TL;DR: My body feels like a really old person and I want to know what in tarnation is going wrong and if there is anything I can do about it or testing to find more answers.
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2023.06.06 22:23 ladycrud Haunted chair

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2023.06.06 22:23 JoshAsdvgi THE ORIGIN OF WHITE-FISH


An Indian who lived far in the north was so devoted to the chase that he was never at home for the whole of a day, to the sorrow of his two boys, who liked nothing so much as to sport with him and to be allowed to practise with his weapons.
Their mother told them that on no account were they to speak to him of the young man who visited the lodge while their father was away, and it was not until they were well grown and knew what the duty of wives should be that they resolved to disobey her.
The hunter struck the woman dead when he learned of her perfidy. So greatly did her spirit trouble them, however, that they could no longer abide in their old home in peace and comfort, and they left the country and journeyed southward until they came to the Sault Sainte Marie.
As they stood beside the falls a head came rolling toward them on the earth—the head of the dead woman.
At that moment, too, a crane was seen riding on the surface of the water, whirling about in its strongest eddies, and when one of the boys called to it, “O Grandfather, we are persecuted by a spirit; take us across the falls,” the crane flew to them.
“Cling to my back and do not touch my head,” it said to them, and landed them safely on the farther shore.
But now the head screamed, “Come, grandfather, and carry me over, for I have lost my children and am sorely distressed,” and the bird flew to her likewise.
“Be careful not to touch my head,” it said.
The head promised obedience, but succumbed to curiosity when half-way over and touched the bird's head to see what was the matter with him.
With a lurch the crane flung off his burden and it fell into the rapids.
As it swept down, bumping against the rocks, the brains were pounded out and strewn over the water.
“You were useless in life,” cried the crane.
“You shall not be so in death. Become fish!”
And the bits of brain changed to roe that presently hatched to a delicate white fish, the flesh whereof is esteemed by Indians of the lakes, and white men, likewise.
The family pitched a lodge near the spot and took the crane as their totem or name-mark. Many of their descendants bear it to this day.
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2023.06.06 22:23 KADGE93 Shirt Seeker SOS

Hii all, first time poster here! Soo I recently ruined my fave fave shirt through a totally avoidable washing accident 😔 I was hoping you guys might be able to help me track it down, as I’m a bit clueless tbh. It’s a Zara shirt, and I’ve tried them directly. I was more inquisitive as to whether people knew other leads I can follow to find it in some back catalogue or being sold elsewhere?
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2023.06.06 22:22 darksloth05 Well that escalated quickly…

TLDR; I wanted to do some casual gaming on a Frankenstein PC build, and within 2 weeks my office has become a sim racing dojo.
After trolling Reddit for years, I’ve found something I am interested and “proud” enough to post about. So here it goes -
I've recently gotten into sim racing. While I am a noob and have a lot to learn, I have learned a lot in a short time so far, and am enjoying just being immersed into a hobby, both while doing it and doing "for" it. I have learned to research a lot, spend $$$ where you need to, and DIY where you can. I'm not looking to be competitive or beat the Joneses, rather just have a fun experience where I can turn off the world and feel like I am somewhere else by sight, feel, and sound. Hopefully this post is inspiring to others, educational, reminiscent of your beginnings, or just a fun read. I would also be interested to know your thoughts on my setup. Did I do it right/wrong? What would have been a better decision/route? What can I do for the next big thing?
I built my first and only PC close to 10 years ago and played shooter games/GTA. It’s long since gone and I’ve been wanting to get another “lazy” hobby.
I had an old HP PC lying around I got off eBay about a year ago. Decided to buy a high-end GPU and do some casual gaming on it. Wanted to do 4k so went ahead and got a used rtx 3090 on eBay for $700 shipped. I knew the CPU would be the bottleneck if I really wanted to push things eventually (i7-7700) but decided the build was enough for what I was wanting for now. Well… I have always been interested in cars and within the past 2 years, more interested in Formula 1 (thanks Drive to Survive). I got an old Xbox controller and loaded up steam/F1 22 and was pretty intrigued by how fun it was just using my thumbs lol. I decided I would go ahead and get a wheel/pedal combo to see HOW much more fun it could possibly be… whoops…
I got the Logitech G923 and was delighted with the novel sense of "driving" for the first time. I decided to keep looking at other ways to make the experience more "complete" as I was sitting in a dining chair, had my wheel clamped to a sliding keyboard drawer, and had my 38in ultrawide as close to the wheel as possible. Seeing as I did not want to upgrade my monitor, I figured it would be a great time to try VR for the first time. I had always wanted to wait until VR was a little more mature and I wasn't in a grainy, cartoon world. I read great things about the implementation in sim titles and started doing my research on which headset to go with.
HP Reverb G2 v2 (even despite the WMR situation) seemed to be the way to go in regard to visual fidelity and price point, so again... I found a really great deal on eBay for about $290.
Side note - At this point, I had already saved up birthday, Christmas, and other fun monies, so I felt ok with making some additional purchases (the GPU was planned and saved for aside from subsequent items in this post).
Well... first time ever in VR and my mind was blown. I was instantly hooked. I have played all sorts of racing games in the past, but I have never in my life felt so immersed into a game, even thinking back to my childhood days of Zelda OoT- different genre, but same concept. Back to racing... The spatial awareness and depth perception of racing in a different world made any prior racing game/sim experience obsolete to me. I knew I could not go back to a monitor, at least as my primary way. The only problem was that my Frankenstein PC came back to bite me much sooner than I had wanted. The CPU was choking the GPU. I would get 60-70 FPS but even worse, so much stuttering and inconsistent FPS. So... I decided if I really wanted to go any further, I had to take care of this before anything else.
I ended up building a new PC while salvaging what I could from my current build. I added a Gigabyte z690 MB, i7-12700k, Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler, and Antec FT1 case- all AW deals excluding a new i7 for $250 shipped. Once I got it all together, smooth 90 FPS all the way.
During the same time of the VR experience and PC build, I knew I wanted a cockpit/rig, but could not swallow the price tag in order to do it right. Well, I started woodworking last year, and have built a few furniture items for my house, so I figured I could give the DIY route a try- I just didn't want something that was sketchy or an eye sore. I studied lots of different consumer rigs as well as other DIY builds, and I ended up jotting down some dimensions and forms I thought would work and just started building- making decisions/changes as I went. I found some scrap wood on the side of the road in 2 different instances. Used some black paint left over from painting a few walls in our house, put together what I thought to be a pretty decent rig. During all of this, I still did not have a seat... another pricey purchase I just didn't want to swallow. I also did not want to have a crappy looking junkyard car seat on my rig in hopes of avoiding the aforementioned eye sore. I eventually said to myself, "just go look," so I went to the junkyard one random day. Low and behold, not even a week earlier, a 2009 Audi TT had been delivered to the lot with 2 pristine front seats. What I was sure to be a bust ended up being the best part of my rig. I brought home both seats (bc why not?), cut the seat belts, wires, etc; cleaned them, and got one mounted on my rig- $25 of bliss. I would have hated myself if I had ended up sinking so much $$$ into a seat, let alone a rig. Between the rig and seat, I spent less than $50. Super solid, compact, and fits my needs exactly.
Around this time, I also decide to go ahead and build out a triple monitor setup.. Yes I know... VR is king... never go back... yaddie yah yah. However, I have 2 little babies, friends, family, etc. who I want to share this with and I am sure there will be times I don't want to wear the VR headset. All that in consideration, and the fact I already have 2 matching 27in 1440p monitors, and a triple monitor mount, it was a no-brainer to me. I got a third monitor (thanks eBay) for $100 and picked up 3x 2x4x8's from Lowes. Painted it black and it's now part of the sim corner of my office lol.
So now I have a pretty slick cockpit with triple monitors that I can move forward and backward separate from my rig. As my setup has matured from the start(literally the span of 2 weeks time), the experience has been more and more enjoyable. The only problem I have remaining is the G923. While it was a great first time experience, the "realness" of it quickly went away and it felt like a toy. On top of that, it was a loud wheel- annoyingly loud. Well... I've done everything else... might as well just get a direct drive and have a complete, all around experience.
After much research and deliberation on what to buy, where to buy, when to buy, etc. I decided on a Moza R9, SRP Pedals, and GS v2 wheel. Side note - Thanks to u/neebsd whose post told me exactly what I needed to know for my wheel/base, pedal decision! Being brand new with little experience, I wanted to know what it was like to go from a G923 to Moza r9 and his post sealed it for me.
I went back and forth on getting a Moza r5... also whether to get an ES wheel with a formula mod paired with the R9. At the end of the day, I was worried the r5 would be too little for me (I think I was right and am VERY happy I went with the r9) and that the ES wheel, while cost effective ($500 for a wheel???) would leave me wishing I did a nicer wheel for both form factor and quality of materials/feel.
So here I am today, a little delayed on my post, but not even a month later and I am VERY happy with all of my decisions. I can usually find things I wish I had done differently, either regret or just "meh, if I could do it again" feeling, but I am 100% happy with all of my decisions along the way. Whereas I spent some cash for a wheelbase/wheel, and pedals, new PC components, a VR headset, etc., I am proud of how I saved at least $800 on a good(relative) cockpit/seat combo and instead leveraged recent new found skills and somebody else's trash.
And of course... so much fun actually enjoying this new hobby.
Pics (or it didn't happen) -
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2023.06.06 22:22 YardNew1150 Boyfriend of 2 years ran when I caught bouquet at his friends wedding

Me (22f) and my bf (25m) are in a long distance relationship until our finances allow us to close the gap. We’ve had a rough patch due to him not being empathetic/emotionally supportive while Im going through unemployment and moving back in with my abusive parents. This ties in because I had to work very hard to afford the 6 hour drive to support him at his friends wedding. Since he was a groomsmen I expected him to chat it up with his pals but after a while it got to the point where they became his date. This carried on into the after party which had a casual attire (he didn’t make me aware of this so I was the only dressed up person). At the after party me and some of his friends got to talking about the bouquet toss. One of his friends said that if his gf catches the bouquet he’s running. I rolled my eyes in response because this same friend is on the verge of being dumped by his gf (my boyfriend is also aware of this). So imagine my surprise when I end up being the one catching the bouquet and I see my bf running out of the building from the corner of my eye. All of his guy friends were laughing but all the women had this look off mutual distaste. My heart practically shattered into a million pieces. I don’t expect to be married or engaged any time soon because I want to be debt free and in my first home by the time I’m married. The problem is that he did all of this to humiliate me for his friends enjoyment. He apologized after but then got frustrated because I brought up why it was wrong again. What do you guys think I should do? I’m going to talk to him tonight.
Additional information: these are also friends that he’s supposed to be dumping because they’re taking crappy paths in life. He’s also hard working and practices southern manners. He opens doors, pulls out chairs and will go near Broke to make sure he’s paying for half of our meals. He’s also atleast cut off a lot of his friends because he found out they were racist and against him dating a black woman.
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2023.06.06 22:21 Loanadvicethrow Advice on best way to pay off debt

My parent has offered to loan me some money to pay off my end of PCP payment. However I have a few different loans and pieces of debt, and I’m trying to decide what to pay off with this money.
I have a car that needs refinanced (at 10.9%), final payment of £10,780. This is what has triggered the offer, so I can pay this in full and pay it back to my parent without interest.
I have a loan of £5000 outstanding with Updraft which I just took (24.23%).
I have another loan outstanding of £15,000 (11.6%), with £17,390 left to pay.
I have £2,294 on a TSB credit card (12.9%).
In terms of my credit score, what would be the best loans to pay off first? I think splitting between the Updraft loan and the new car finance agreement is probably the best choice.
I’m not great with money as you can tell so let me know if you need any more information to be able to offer advice.
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2023.06.06 22:21 Monnahunter Car selfies are so strange to me.

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2023.06.06 22:21 Robstrap Samsung refusing to fix an issue im having with my phone without repairing the physical back glass at a cost to me also

After updating to the latest One UI my wifi has stopped working. Ive see alot of other posts about peoples fold's doing the same. I contact the live chat about it, and they inform me that I would have to send the phone in for repair. They said if the phone has any physical damage, scratches, cracks or dents they will charge me for the repair.

How can they get away with this? I live in the UK where we have trading laws that should cover this. They are refusing to repair a software issue under warranty because of a physical crack on the back glass that has absolutely nothing to do with the issue, and i've had that crack for almost a year now.

I find this absolutely ridiculous. Its like sending a car in for an oil change, and the mechanics refusing to do it unless you pay for a complete body reconstruction as you have scratches on your paintwork....
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2023.06.06 22:21 Senior-Promise-6624 Emotional affair & How to proceed

I posted in a separate sub 13days ago, below is a copy/paste. At the end, I'll add what I've learned since then. Just looking for further perspective, primarily women. It's long, so if you read and offer advice, thank you.
Ive been with my wife 9 years, married for 5. We have 2 children, 4 & 2 years old. We've been happy for all of them except the last 9 months. For starters my wife suffered from depression from several family losses when I met her. That coupled with a family that never made her feel like enough always made her feel a bit broken, but I was always able to make her feel worthy and help her keep her head up. In the past 5 years of marriage we came from nothing to now having our dream house, dream car, and a seemingly perfect family. It finally felt like we could relax and enjoy the fruits of our labor, we did it.
9 months ago was when things went downhill, my wife started her first job at a school as a special needs assistant (something near and dear to her). It started terrible. Her boss was terrible, would just say hurtful things, and given her past depressive state, she's a people pleaser so this would effect her mentally. The kids will moan constantly. They will climb on you as they don't understand personal space. This resulted in her coming home being "touched out". She had less to do with our kids, she was short tempered. She was depressed because it was always something said to put her down and she just wanted her help to be appreciated. Midway through the year they got extra help, a guy (23yrs old, engaged with a 1yr old). And he was able to help control the class, and he could relate to her struggles as far as dealing with the other coworkers. They bonded over this which led to an emotional affair. Texting behind my back, most of which was work related and innocent, but he eventually confessed his feelings. My wife hasn't said anything out of line, but she admitted she really cares because he was there and could understand and relate. And after 9 months of working in a living hell, which spilled over into every minute of her home life, she's mentally checked out. She's been a zombie, but having him who could truly relate helped her.
So where I'm at now, is we're separating this coming weekend. She's adamant that all she wants is me, and to be happy with me, she just doesn't know how to do it anymore. She wants me to be there for her. And all things considered, I understand how we got here. I understand how she got so broken. We both understand that it was out of my control. I checked in, I did the things I could do, I tried to make her happy she just wasn't mentally there (before he was even in the picture). She said she just needs space to feel human again. I'm just scared I'm going to help her heal, just for her to leave and me be left to heal alone. I'm scared to have a broken family. And honestly, I feel cheated out of a life I wanted. I told myself and her daily, once we make it to the end of the year we will be so much happier. She will not go back to work there. Now as it comes to an end, here we are. And I just feel so robbed because it doesn't even feel like it's coming to an end because of us. It feels like it's coming to an end because of the situation she lived through for 9 months and she can't see it. She's too depressed, too broken, and has no fight left. I just don't know if I wait and hope she'll come to that conclusion, or grow a fucking spine and tell her I deserve to be wanted too. All I want is her and my family, but fighting for her just emotionally crumbles her. I'm just so torn on where to go from here.
I found out about the affair on 5/18. But this had been going on about 3 weeks prior.
I know they have not had sex, it is still in a state of emotional affair. I've read the texts. Her car notifies me of every trip, and she's never in a spot where she would be alone. So I'm confident in this.
She has asked me not to file yet. This matters less as it's my decision, but it led me to believe she was coming to terms with the mistakes she was making. I was apparently wrong as nothing has been resolved. She's not mentally strong enough to even have the conversation.
Her friends and family are a mixture of furious and completely baffled. They truly do not know her as the person to do something like this. I think they're on the brink of going from good supportive friends, to really just sitting here down and asking wtf she's doing.
In the 2 weeks since she's moved out, I've had the kids all but one night. They don't feel connected to her, and it shows. And honestly breaks my heart too.
I've grown distant. I've spent the time bettering myself, and getting back to myself and making myself happy.
I feel like I'm healing, and while she has a window to make things right, once I'm fully healed idk if I'll be able to turn back.
Part of me tells me if she authentically fought for this, we could make it work. And call me stupid, but if we did, I do trust she wouldn't have another affair. What I don't trust is that with another issue she wouldn't shut down and completely betray our family again. This is my current biggest hold up.
So in summary. I've been a damn good husband. And damn good father. I've provided. I've loved. I've cared for her. I've reassured her she never had to go through a problem alone. She was just more comfortable confiding in somebody who was going through it with her and could relate, and things for out of hand. I think she's falling victim to a situationship and can't see it. And it hurts to feel so discarded because I've truly done so much. Not like an internet brag, but genuinely a lot. And we've always been happy up until this situation. It just leaves me baffled.
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2023.06.06 22:21 MikeOxlong3493 Driving sucks in Toronto because

Stupid, dangerous, inefficient stroads, too many unnecessary stops signs, speed limits set the wrong way and too many road hog retarded dickhead G class morons!
One swears at me for being told hang up. Motherfucker dickless asshole, either drive or use a phone. Why do cunts think they can multitask like a multi core cpu? You cannot, asshole. Even holding for a call takes a hand way, not in full control. Even hands free, the conversation can lead to distraction, collision and careless driving charge.
Stop speeding just to slow down or block buses and slow down right infront. Transit and cycling reduces traffic congestion because they use space more efficiently. You do not save any time, and wear service brakes faster from extra stops and from higher speed
Of course bicycle drivers may be pissed off sometimes because they are being murdered by G class cunts simply for existing. They also help the few necessary drivers by not wasting space like cagers. So give some respect for that.
Also, admit to being in the wrong, but waving sorry for passing school bus when red signals on, sorry does not cut it when you murder child or parent! Go fuck yourselfs assholes!
By the way, less cars, higher quality of live - Less congestion, necessary drivers can save time - Less air and noise pollution - Cycling is cheap, more accessible, relaxing and great fot health. However, Toronto is a Shity not a city
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2023.06.06 22:21 CameronTheCannibal Nba 2k23 is actually so unbelievably bad.

I used to love these games, playing between 2k12-2k17 when I started to get sick of the slow progress and aggressive microtransactions.
I recently downloaded 2k23 on a whim as it was on playstation plus, and holy fuck I can't believe how bad this franchise has become.
This is borderline unplayable. Starting off, the myplayer is so unbelievably bad, and even after a couple of games, your player is just nowhere near nba ready (let alone a first round pick). The only way to get through this is to play loads of frustrating games where your player is by far the worst player on the court or to spend real money on virtual currency.
Not to mention the city. My god, the city. Everything about this is terrible. Why do I run so slow? Oh, right, so you spend real money on virtual currency to buy a go-kart. Why is everything so far away when it could have been a menu? Same reason. Why are the gym tasks so tedious? Right, to keep me staring at a gatorade logo. All of this is designed to shove ads down your throat or to frustrate you into spending real money.
These games used to be so much fun and were a staple of my childhood. It was a pure basketball career with none of the distractions and a full focus on the playing experience. Now, everything is locked behind, enduring extremely frustrating experiences or by spending real money. Greed has ruined this franchise. The worst part is 2k hogging the licence and preventing another studio from making a playable game.
As if the struggle to improve your player wasn't bad enough, the bad acting and nonsense story ensures that I don't feel as if I am missing much by putting this microtransaction-filled slogfest down.
Even though i got this with the PlayStation subscription, i feel cheated. Even if it was free to play, I wouldn't bother with this title. 150 gigabytes wasted.
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2023.06.06 22:21 Sandalwise Looking for a EV Conversion shop

Hi I live in SoCal near Los Angeles and I'm looking for resources to point me in the direction of an EV Conversion company or shop that I can get an estimate from. My trusty Rav4 recently blew a gasket and while I'm getting quotes on repairs I'm really interested in getting a quote on an EV Conversion. please comment, upvote or just post a link with something that you think would help. Thank you for your time in reading
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2023.06.06 22:20 playdoh2323 Look out for stolen Buffalo Bandettes costumes downtown

As seen on Facebook. Posted originally by the coach. I am not directly affiliated with the Bandettes.
“While we were celebrating the Bandits victory, one of the Bandettes' cars was broken into and her uniforms were stolen, as well as her stuff for her hair and makeup. If you happen to see any uniforms posted online, laying around on the street, hanging up in stores, please let me/us know! The police are aware as well. Her uniforms were in a black suitcase * Her car itself was just broken into. It was not stolen. Just her personal items were stolen.”
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2023.06.06 22:20 Carburetors_Are_Fun recruiter L

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2023.06.06 22:20 bartolomeogregoryii What's the deal with waving at pedestrians here?

I've read somewhere here that people in cars expect pedestrians to wave at them when they're letting them go through the street? (or maybe it's the other way around and the drivers are expected to wave, idk) Anyways I'm for Poland and this seems so weird to me. I mean it's nice and all but like interacting with strangers in any way is not a thing in my cultural circle I guess.
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2023.06.06 22:20 RoCanStealYaMam Just a little appreciation post for these two babies because I love them so much!!! ♡

Just a little appreciation post for these two babies because I love them so much!!! ♡
Yesterday I had my GCSE English language paper 1. English always seems to just set off my anxiety and yesterday was no exception to this. I had a severe panic attack, right before I was supposed to sit my exam, that lasted about 2 hour. I ended up with a late entry, and special considerations being submitted as I did eventually sit the exam, but I didn't manage to complete the paper.
I don't think I would have managed what I did without these two with me. Especially as I hadn't had a panic attack that bad for a few year, making it even more distressing.
Extra notes:
The thing that managed to get me out of the car and into the exam room was the fact my mam had brought by bab delivery with her and I was allowed to open it before my exam started and have them sit with me.
So I ended up sitting my exam with my axolotl (bubbles), my ornament frog (pebbles) and my bear (mocha) alongside the bear-lian family, toadstool and small rainbow frog.
I have my paper 2 next Monday and there's a high likelihood it'll be a repeat of the last but I'm allowed to bring as many babs as I want into the exam to help reduce the stress.
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2023.06.06 22:20 KyleKKent Out of Cruel Space, Part 705

Capes and Conundrums
“This is so much fun! I didn’t think that something like this was around here before!” Migalla says and her mother laughs.
“Last time we were here you were so small that chasing the family Purriz was the most excitement you’d get in a day Migalla.”
“Mom!” Migalla protests as Echosong giggles.
“Daughter!” She says back in amusement as they climb in through the window of the building that the clue they had frisked from those very fetching men had on them. If she wasn’t a married woman then she’d be looking to cure that with these men. They were clearly both dedicated and fun loving with all the shame of an exhibitionist but the self control you need from a soldier.
A pity her little Migalla is still a little too young to do more than occasionally have a wandering hand or find herself staring. The sort of thing you chide someone for or at worst give them a swat or two to get them to stop. Although... at this rate... between the sheer amount of CHEST shown by ‘Maxie Zeus’ and how tight the suit on ‘Firefly’ was... she might start developing a little early in the interest category.
“So... what IS your name ma’am? Did that... Mighty Zeus say it right when he called you Nyx?” Echosong asks and The Huntress perks up a little before letting out a bit of a laugh.
“Oh! Oh this must have been awkward! Oh no, my name is Migalla as well. It’s tradition in my family that the tenth daughter is always named Migalla. Little Migalla here is my tenth born and I am tenth born to my own mother, who was ninth born.”
“So Migalla and Migalla? How does that...”
“Call me Patience. It’s the family name after all. Huntsmistress Migalla Patience, and my adorable daughte Huntress in training Migalla Patience.”
“And granddaughter of Huntsmistress Migalla Patience right?”
“Actually mother’s a botanist. When all three of us are in a room she’s Doctor Migalla.”
“Yes.” Patience responds with a very amused tone. “Now if you get my great aunt in the room then Huntsmistress Migalla will get more than one answer. Much like Huntress in training Migalla will get my adorable little girl and at least three cousins.”
“Family reunions must be a lot of fun.” Echosong states as she tries to make sense of the strange acoustics of this place. There’s no echo despite the fact their should be. Furthermore there’s utter darkness and no source of light. But the light should be moving past certain areas. Something’s going on. What though? She’s not sure.
“The Migalla table at the gathering is always full of the funniest and most confusing conversations.” Migalla says and Echosong laughs. Migalla then smiles at a memory. “Mom, was it Migalla or Migalla that was telling Migalla that last time she saw Migalla she was in a fight with Migalla and it was such a relief to see her and Migalla had made up?”
“Yes, yes it was. Now back to the game at hand... we’re looking for a Ra’s Al Ghul. Some kind of immortal mad eco-terrorist that wishes to crash economies, destroy cities and leave the nature of the world pristine.” Patience notes.
“Wrong world for that. If we let that happen then Skathac gets set on fire again and again.” Echosong notes. “Also... hang on... I have the booklet here. Right! The resurrection method he uses has been slowly driving him insane.”
“Insane little creature? How very base and untoward to use such childish insults.” A refined voice with a slight accent states clearly.
“Speakers, he could be anywhere between here and Centris.” Patience warns.
“Indeed I can miss... Patience was it? Hmm... I expected the detective. I am torn between concern and relief that the rest of the sleeping masses upon this wretched and ruined world are beginning to awaken. Tell me, will you use your awareness and strength to save the world, or doom it?”
“Skathac isn’t a world that needs saving, it needs saving from.” Migalla states in an incredulous tone.
“Seriously old man! Haven’t you been outside? It’s a roasty nine hundred and eighty degrees outside the thermal shields! And it’s the cooler part of the year!” Echosong exclaims.
“I am certain that the world will cool when...”
“What craziness are you up to this time Ra’s? Are you sure you don’t need a retirement home?” Patience mocks him and there’s a silence.
“I am certain that...”
“They even have diapers your size now! So you don’t even have to figure out where the bathroom is!”
“Migalla that’s too far! Incontinence is nothing to joke about. Unless it’s funny.” Patience chides her before laughing.
“Mercenary, get in there.” Ra’s states coldly. Suddenly the darkness is pulled away revealing the warehouse they’re in to be a full of machinery and the trick they used to disguise this to be sound absorbing curtains that blended perfectly in the darkness.
They’re surrounded. Dozens of men in black outfits and only their eyes exposed glaring down. But most importantly are two. One an older looking man with a pointed hairstyle, grey streaks in his beard and a high collared green cape on. The other a very large and powerfully built man in black and grey armour with a half orange facemask. He looks like he walked right out of the Teen Titans cartoon.
“Decisions, decisions...” Deathstroke states.
“I am not paying you dither. Attack!” Ra’s Al Ghul orders and Deathstroke MOVES. His open palm slams into Patient’s stomach and sends her skidding backwards even as her footclaws dig into the concrete below. She leaves four foot long trenches and staggers back a step to regain her footing.
She deflects his left jab, blocks the right cross and then takes a brutal kick to the side of the knee and is sent sprawling. However she still has more limbs to play and her knife hand slams into the sides of his stomach in a powerful cross chop. She gets an impression of far more organs in there than most life, and she knows she hit at least one of them painfully.
His answer is a snap kick that takes her in the stomach and sends her staggering.
Meanwhile Migalla and Echosong are set upon by the ninja horde with a single wordless command from Ra’s. Echosong responds by letting out a sonic scream infused with Axiom that batters back at least three of them and send them sprawling in midair to crash into the machinery uselessly.
Migalla on the other hand jumps back at them and with Axiom infused hands coutners their swords and, after a bit of fumbling, grabs them by the shirt and tries to land on a pipe. She slips and begins to slide backwards, but she wraps her tail around it and firms her footing so they turn on the pipe instead and simply fall off. Leaving her hanging upside down with a ninja in each pair of arms.
She gives them both a few shacks before bonking them together and then dropping them before shifting and skittering to the top of the pipe instead.
She’s then met by a pair of ninjas to either side. She takes a stance that allows both of them access to her sides and uses Axiom to expand her field of vision. Fighting off two people at once will be tricky. But with her four arms and tail, they’ve got a grand total of one limb on her. Hopefully it won’t make that much difference.
Patience meanwhile is having a blast. Deathstroke... or is he Slade when he’s more Teen Titans style? Anyways, Mister Wilson is all sorts of fun. Sure, she has a few limbs on him. The tail nearly gets him as she sweeps for the legs or stabs with the blade, but he downright slithers out of the way of that, showing that he’s as flexible as he’s physically strong and... and...
“Tell me Mister Wilson... do you offer lessons?” Patience asks.
“Oh?” Slade asks. Nothing grand in his tone as he deflects two attacks and shifts to the side to try and get her with an elbow. Unfortunately there’s a distinct lack of organs in the place he hits her, and he’d have had more impact if he slammed into her thigh instead.
“Oh yes... I’m a married woman, but if I could my husband to MOVE like you do... He’s not much of a fighter your see.”
“A brawl before bed to spice up the marital life?” Slade asks in a scornful tone.
“Something like that. A poet can make a woman melt with words alone, but there’s something to be said if he can scoop her up afterwards to carry her to bed.” Patience says and there’s a scoff from under the mask.
“Okay, that needs to come off.” She insists making a grab for the mask. It’s latched on though and it’s not coming off.
She gets a flurry of body shots as she tries to grab at the helmet and then as she lunges for it again she’s instead grabbed and the flip is turned into a hammer throw that sends her hurtling through the factory. She aborts the flight by twisting in the air and grabbing the underside of a walkway and stopping her flight.
She paces along the underside of the walkway, easily keeping grip as she keeps track of Slade. Who throws down a smoke bomb and she senses movement behind her. Her tail lashes out but something binds it and she decides to go all out.
The metal of the walkway bends and cracks under her sheer strength as she bursts through the underside of it to attack Slade, only to find his solid boot slamming into the top of her head with enough force to break her grip, break the line he tied her with and break the pipe underneath them clean through.
“Oh!... Oh wow! You’re good!”
“Of course I am...” Slade begins even as the walkway he’s standing on creaks and groans. It then snaps under his feet and he falls. He falls in perfect control as he angles himself to avoid the edges of the pipe and he lands in a crouch right in front of Patience. “Deathstroke The Terminator.”
“I think this is a bit much for most contestants.”
“You’re a bit much for mere level four. We have you on record fighting Lava Serpents without protective gear and with only the most basic weapons. You can handle it big girl.” Deathstroke The Terminator states. “Now then. Shall we?”
Her response is a lightning fast charge that phases right through him. She skids to a stop and turns. Red runes are glowing over his armour with a jagged mark over his forehead.
“Really?” Patience asks.
“Really.” Deathstroke says before gesturing and half the equipment in the factory hurls itself at her. The Huntsmistress laughs in glee at the challenge.
While mother was having her fun, Migalla was having some of her own. She had managed to swipe a quartet of swords from the ninja and wasn’t so much as using them as flailing them around in their vague directions as she swung from her tail. On the walkway above a Ninja finally gets up there and dislodges her tail, causing her to start to fall, but Echosong swoops in, grabs her and helps her stick the landing even as she sweeps with her Axiom infused voice.
Between the blades, the fury and the scream the ninja fall back and one of them is dramatically killed by Ra’s Al Ghul.
“Incompetent fool.” The older man says in a dark tone as he bares the ‘bloody’ (sauce covered) falchion. “All of you. Out. I will deal with this myself.”
The ninjas scatter and Ra’s Al Ghul throws away his cloak to reveal that he has an armoured vest, pants and boots underneath. “A pity that one can only depend on a mercenary. I will need to increase my training of them.”
In the background Deathstroke’s and Patience’s fight has escalated into a two person war. Literal magic is being used on both sides as Slade reveals enormous teleportion, pyrokinesis and just kinesis in general as Patience shows that she can easily match the teleportation. Knows her way around throwing lightning and can cause the ground to quake with every move she makes.
“Now then. Let us begin.” Ra’s states before suddenly charging them both. Migalla’s swords are outright shattered against his falchion in a single swipe and the round kick to the side sends her sprawling as Echosong opens up with a sonic scream.
He DODGES the scream and lands some feet away, skidding from the sheer speed of the movement.
“All this effort and you still haven’t fully uncovered the plan. I expected more of someone taking up The Detective’s mantle. Perhaps his faith in you is misplaced?”

First Last
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2023.06.06 22:20 Noodle3njoyer Hayfever or something else?

So i dont have any known allergies but like around this time my nose has been acting up. I always feel the urge to sneeze, but i just cant. And even when im not physically feeling about to sneeze, i still feel tickly and uncomfortable near the back of my nostril. Quite often, both nostrils are almost completely blocked which makes me have to breathe through my mouth sometimes. And my left nostril (which seems to be the worst one) is runny. Sometimes the other one is aswell. I dont remember feeling this bad any other summer time and i have no other symptoms like watery eyes or loss of smell. Could this be hayfever, something stuck up my nostril, other allergies: irritants like dust, or some nose problem itself?
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