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Banter/Getting off Topic question

2023.06.06 22:48 Adventurous_Pie_7586 Banter/Getting off Topic question

I just started the Pod and I love the premise however I watch while I’m working and am curious if the extra banter / getting off topic dies down in later episodes??? I don’t want this to come across as hateful but I’m realizing it’s super hard getting into a story and then Em and Christine get off topic A LOT, example in this listener story episode they went on a tangent for literally 6 minutes in the middle of the listener tale which I found just a little rude and it makes it so I’m stopping work to fast forward a lot. Just curious if the banter gets edited out more in later episodes or if I should move this to a non-work listening Pod!
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2023.06.06 22:44 Marigoldsgym Twitch scumbags doing their two steps forward one step back move

They do something over the top and unliked and then pair back to something still objectively worse than now which gives a compromise towards them
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2023.06.06 22:42 WillowCapable I’ve reunited with my father after seventeen years

Hi everyone, I’ve been doing a lot of research on parental alienation ever since I discovered that I (24F) was a victim of it and I found myself wondering here. Firstly I’d like to apologize if I make some spelling mistakes, my English is good but my maternal language is French. When we were around foufive my mother and father divorced and at some point my mom flew us away and ignored all the court decisions obliging her to let us spend time with my dad. She would constantly berate us, beat us and tell us how our father didn’t want us anymore. She also would make the outside world seem so cruel and dangerous, today I understand that it was to make us fear calling out for help and to make her seem like the “good parent”. My childhood was pretty violent and I grew up hating my father and so angry at the world to be left alone with my mother. I was less questioning and curious then my brother because he had it worse than I ever did. We eventually came back to Europe as teens but we were still pretty secluded and my mother would travel most of the time for work so we had the chance of not always being around her. Fast forward to when I started uni a few years ago, my brother had enough of my mother’s abuse and started doing research on our past. Also, the past was never to be mentioned around her because she would get furious, violent and call us weak. My brother reached out to my father and after another violent outburst from my mother he decided to tell me the truth. I felt knocked down, like my whole life had been a lie which it had. I could see all these past instances that never made sense to me all align. I went to go spend some time with my boyfriend in Paris to adjust to it all. Once I came back, I met my father and it was so emotional to see this strong man break down. He told me that after years of fighting he just hoped one day we would réalise and come back to him. At first I didn’t understand, if only he had been in my life so much trauma could have been prevented but today I understand and I’m grateful to have him in my life. I still have so much anger towards my mother for stealing that part of my life. I had been unable to confront her for a year because I was planning a clean cut escape from her with my father. Luckily for me, my mom comes less to europe so the “hypocrisy” was mostly on the phone. I’ve been building a relationship in secret with him and honestly I’m so glad because I think I would of ended it all if it wasn’t for him and my support system. I’m leaving in a few weeks and I’ll keep you updated but I don’t know how I will confront her and luckily she isn’t in Europe right now so for the moment we’re just handling uni applications and the move. I saw a lot of alienated parents post here and I just want to tell you that keep fighting until you can’t and sometimes that means rebuilding yourself. Some children don’t have the means to understand yet and some will stay in denial because honestly it breaks your world but there is always hope. The techniques used by the toxic parents are rough but when I went to my father’s for the first time and saw my pictures and kid drawings on the wall it made me understand that I was loved and that I mattered even though at some point he had to move on in order to heal a little. Sending lots of love to you all
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2023.06.06 22:42 Careless-Ad3129 Trying to grasps Reality

Currently I’m realizing what everyone around me has been trying to have me realize. Being suicidal is mental health. It was hard for me to grasp this because my husband he hid his depression and suicidal thoughts from me very well. So when someone would tell me “there was something wrong mentally” probably not the best choice of words because this is a person I love so I would get upset with everyone and I would be defensive because to me he was fine…so I kept asking myself “what happened, what went wrong?….why didn’t he talk to me or someone, why didn’t he wait for me to get home?….” I was never apart of his plans..this was his plan A even before I met him…that’s hard for me to realize. It hurts seeing it this way…because I had no chance, we had no chance…it’s hard to see myself keep moving forward without him because he was in my plans..he was always in my plans..and now he can’t be.
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2023.06.06 22:42 Additional_Gas_9501 Looking for a house

This is probably a long shot but my family is moving to Asheboro in a few months and we are interested in buying a home. I've been looking on Zillow and have a real estate agent. However, I'd be interested to see if there are any off market homes for sale or any For Sale by Owner homes that I maybe haven't seen online.
We realistically need a 3b2ba and a decent sized yard for our dogs.
Also, if there are any local places we need to check out please drop them in the comments. We love to eat all kinds of food and looking forward to trying all the local restaurants.
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2023.06.06 22:41 mayasfyre DAE suffer from resource hoarding from chronic homelessness and how did you overcome it?

Ok, small background, I’ve been in a stable housing situation for the last 10 or so years but I’m still having an issue basically ‘moving in’ so I haven’t exactly gotten to a point where, I don’t even know how to word this. Essentially, I haven’t been able to organize myself and I have stuff EVERYWHERE. My roommate has been very understanding but I can’t function like this. There’s just piles and boxes everywhere and I’m stuck in a mindset of “I’m gonna have to pick up and leave at any moment” so I can’t ever get settled, really. I need to do this so I can get a routine and I feel like this has me locked in some weird trauma state but I simply cannot do it. I had a therapist who was gonna help me but she went on sick leave in March and I have no idea if shes even coming back. The one before her, I was seeing him for about 9 years and he straight up ghosted me last June, which I’m still not really over. It felt like a major abandonment for some reason. He also was gonna help me with this, but of course, we never got to it. Either way, I need to get through this because it’s not fair to my friend, or me. Are there people or organizations that can help? I don’t have any family or friends here and I’m too ashamed to just see about a house cleaner because the house isn’t “dirty” in the sense where it would be surface cleaning, it’s just my stuff everywhere and it’s seriously inhibiting me from being able to move forward. I almost feel like I’ve trapped myself in some kind of den of safety? Does, or did anybody else go through anything like this and how did you deal with it? How do I do this I am seriously losing my mind over it…thanks for listening (reading) if anything.
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2023.06.06 22:41 scrimiv Can someone explain why the trains on the Mr. Freeze were moved to face forward?

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2023.06.06 22:38 Hrspwrz You guys are my last hope

So I haven't used my kitchen cabinets in months from an accident where some kind of cleaning wipe are through some kind of varnish like substance (all I know is it's really tacky uncured nasty crap)
I've tried everything I can think of and nothing seems to completely eradicate it however I can get some of it off little by little.
I have no way to move out at the moment and even tried to pay the office to put me in a new apartment unit so I've been using makeshift boxes as cabinets.
The thing is, most people just call me crazy or whatever but when this substance was first brought to my attention as a problem with the cleaning wipes at its worst, just a little bit getting on my lips from scratching my beard was the most bitter taste in my life and I had to go to the ER for a hole burned in my asophogus because of it and I puked blood for a few days.
People blamed my diet for that when I've never had asophogus problems before that. That's what you call an onset. Anyway not even gojo hand soap for mechanics could get the tacky half cured crap off my hands easily. Only after scrubbing my hands a lot for two whole days usually after getting them covered in the tacky substance was it gone.
This must be like such a small amount causing a tacky feeling on my hands it was insane. I tried to get the substance off my hands with solvents too but it was like a really light spray of spray adhesive was dusted on my hands for 2 days every time I got a lot of it on my hands.
Another problem is before I could figure out what to do: my girlfriend came in and tired to clean it with soap and water and pretty much just smeared the half cured substance all over my kitchen cabinets and we were literally screaming at each other because she's so obsessed with being clean and used to clean my apartment or literally start raging at me: she hasn't been over since.
So I've asked forums and Quora and reddit and they have mostly actually gaslit me and literally called me crazy over this when I literally have medical records proving this substance burnt a hole in my asophogus and I know if it is varnish and I carelessly use cabinets I could end up with bone marrow cancer from benzene.
So something in the back of my head thinking about uv lights caught my attention and I remembered people look at paintings with uv light and that paintings have VARNISH
And people ranging from 130iq upwards have gaslit me, dozens of people over this on the internet and not one single person even suggested being able to find varnish with a 365nm wavelength uv flashlight.
Turns out forensic scientists use this wavelength of light to actually figure out which parts of paintings have been retouched, with varnish.
So this is why you guys are my last hope to use my kitchen and feel like I can actually clean the mess because if I can see the varnish I can eradicate it.
I've been spraying lemon essential oil mixed with Murphy soap oil once every couple weeks and then later wiping down with water over every surface cause I'm blind as to where it is by eye.
I have no idea where to apply elbow grease.
I do know with enough effort small areas could improve dramatically from the messy tacky stuff.
I think if this wavelength of light can pick up whatever substance it is, which it will of its an oil as well I think just shine something else probably dark blue instead of a green haze like varnish but even then I should be able to see any oil based mess that my eyes can't see due to refractive index correct?
What I need your help with is I have a budget of like 40 bucks tp get flashlight and on Amazon I've seen some advertised for 365 but they look like a lot of fakes.
I need something that's the real deal for finding varnish touch ups but using to clean this problem with my 90s cabinets that are literally starting to crumble and degrade at this point so I can find most of the actual mess. Going forward after this ordeal I will never use a random clean wipe on stuff again tbh but also I'm only going to cleM the cabinets with mild soap and water when I'm done.
Also I'm going to get a ton of silicone mats and custom cut them to the size of cabinets and countertops to have an actual clean surface I can hot soak in my tub for hours to clean with more caustic chemicals that WILL remove whatever crap this is
For the cabinet walls I'll need to find a thin film weak adhesive plastic that I can easily cover them in that won't damage any finish. I've seen some years back at my step dads tow shop but never knew what it was called.
Also I need help on 365nm and safety concerns. How badly will it hurt my skin and eyes to look for this stuff for a few days maybe a couple hours a day? Is there glasses to protect my self? Would those glasses still allow me to see whatever fluoresces off of the uv light? I saw a uv bandpass 365nm 49mm light filter I think will fit my e mount lens as well, this would theoretically give me a thermal camera so to speak except whatever fluoresces off the uv instead of heat, and even protect my eyes and possibly get around not seeing what fluoresces from glasses protecting my eyes blocking the wavelength?
Anyway I just need help on finding proper equipment 🙏 and if my idea will even work
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2023.06.06 22:37 zoebonscott Court case

If your heart chooses to, please pray for me. My spirit is low. My hope is low. My faith could be higher. I made a lot of self-inflicted mistakes and am paying heavy consequences. Tmrw my lawyer is going in front of a judge to request I regain my freedom. Please pray that I will never forget my lessons learned from bad decisions and that I can atone moving forward. I struggle to see happiness in my future. I don’t even believe I deserve it but I can’t go on like this.
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2023.06.06 22:36 Various-Grass-9766 What’s Next For Otoya?

Do you think Otoya will stay relevant or slowly lose his relevance in the story. Otoya was introduced as a top four player in Blue Lock in 3rd selection and honestly he lived up to it at the time. But after that he hasn’t done so much. In the U-20 game he didn’t do bad but he wasn’t a key player by any means and ended up getting subbed out for Barou was definitely ended up being a key player. In the Nei Egoist league he wasn’t super impressive. He had a nice assist to Bachira to kick off the game but after that he didn’t do anything besides getting passed up by Noa and Kaiser. Despite that he was one of the few blue lock players with a a value after game 1 even though he was second to last at number 8. After game 2 he moved down 7 spots and was behind players that only played 1 game despite him playing 2. As the way things are going Otoya won’t even be a regular however I wouldn’t go as far to say he won’t make the squad (top 23) . However after the U-20 World Cup I don’t think Otoya will be of any importance going forward. The author hasn’t given him any upgrades to abilities and I don’t think he will. I don’t want him to be forgotten especially since he had hype when he was first introduced as a top 6. Even if it was a false top 6 the fact that what he did before that point was more impressive than Nagi is saying something.
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2023.06.06 22:35 GrizzyLizz I dont know where to begin fixing myself

I am far too old to think of myself as promising or talented. I am in my late twenties now, no matter how much I try to skirt around this fact. And I have never done anything in my life which I can be proud of.

School was too easy for most of the time. For so long, I didnt even have to try. Until it got hard and I my ADHD riddled brain just couldnt cope with things being hard. Try a little once in a while, have a couple of days of intense effort and go back to drifting. I got lucky to get into a decent college (which was already below what my delusional self image thought I was worth). When entering college, I thought what had happened the last two years had just somehow happened - things didnt turn out right for me for some reason. I used to look at Facebook and Linkedin profiles of my college seniors and easily convinced myself that I would be following their footsteps by doing well academically, working at top jobs and doing cool stuff.
Except I didnt. Somwehere along the day(basically every day) I screwed up. I couldnt motivate myself to do assignments I thought were 'lame'. Anytime I faced work which was challenging, I usually couldnt complete it on time. I made excuses for why I couldnt get it done while others could. Other people were doing and excelling at a hundred things. I started a hundred things and didnt complete one of them. I probably have the world record for number of MOOC courses started and left unfinished. I dont think I have finished even one of them. I have a thousand chrome bookmarks on interesting things I wanted to peruse later.

On the surface, things are not so bad now. I have a decent job but I feel no motivation to do it. I am not entrusted with challenging work and I cant really blame my manager for it. I have never shown the initiative for it. All around me, my friends and classmates are moving forwards, getting promoted and doing masters but I am stuck in 2019 while we are in June 2023.

I was not always like this. I used to read a ton, I used to love learning stuff. The start of a new chapter in math class felt so great. I finished reading the Harry Potter novels when I was 10, these books were how I basically learnt English (my third language). My first week of university, I spent half my time at the library excited by the possibilites of all that was there to learn. I wanted to learn CS, electronics, economics and everything under the sun. I dont know where it all went so wrong for me. I no longer feel the spark to learn anything new. I dont know the last time I felt that spark.

How do I go about fixing myself? If anyone from India is reading this, do mental health professionals take ADHD seriously? I want to stop living in so much mediocrity. I still want to go and do a masters, learn stuff everyday and feel excited by ideas and thoughts and be the person I want to be. I keep trying to be mindful and everything but I keep falling in old patterns. I dont know if having an "addictve" personality is related to ADHD symptomps but its not helping me.
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2023.06.06 22:35 ShinyStripes Animals as Props

Hello all! I live very close to a stage production company in SC that uses animals as props in their shows. There are animals (camel, donkeys, pigs, goats) kept in a very small enclosure with majority concrete and inadequate shelter for all of them. I have reported the org to the Humane Society, but would love feedback about how to move forward. The production company touts using animals in their shows, and I’ve seen these animals left in a small enclosure on concrete for THREE years now, with no change. This is a Christian theatre, full of patrons for 4 nights a week. It’s not ok, and I’m horrified. I would love feedback for justification of my feelings, because it’s no better than a circus.
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2023.06.06 22:35 MoistShamwow 2012 Yamaha R1 erratic idle

So, I recently purchased a 2012 Yamaha R1. Things I know to be done are exhaust, quick shifteauto blip (disconnected), for sure a tune though I’m not sure if it’s a dyno tune or mail on type. Servo delete, and as far as I can tell the rest of the bike is stock aside from fairings. Right before I got it they replaced the killswitch. Fast forward to the 300 mile ride home and so far no issues. 2 days later, randomly, either while idling (normally it sits about 1-1200) or riding it wants to idle at 3k, 5k, I’ve seen it even shoot to about 7k. Turning it off and on will fix it. Sometimes blipping the throttle will fix it. I’m thinking it’s a tps but honestly I’m not sure where to begin. Throttle tube moves freely, snaps right back to closed each time. Clutch fully disengages. Cables are nice and lubed, protective covers all look good. Any advice would be appreciated. I’m doing some other service this weekend and while having it apart I’d like to check anything I could. Thank you all!!
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2023.06.06 22:35 Ok-Definition-1352 Thoughts on Shiro

What are your thoughts on Shiro
•what do you you like about their character
• do you like their personality?
•what is your favorite moment from them in the story or the events?
•what is your overall opinion of them and how do you feel about them moving forward and what do you expect in the future
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2023.06.06 22:32 StaySteezy123 collision issue

I'm new to pygame so they probably aren't very good. the issue is when I try to do the action to two different blocks in gravity function in the tilemap class it works fine example:
 def gravity(self, playerObj, colObj): rectangle = 0 for row in range(len(colObj.array)): for col in range(len(colObj.array[0])): if colObj.array[row][col] == 1: if playerObj.rect.clipline(colObj.rectangles[rectangle].left + 10, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].top, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].right - 10, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].top): self.velY = 0 self.Jump = 0 self.jumpMax = False else: self.accY = 0.2 rectangle += 1 if colObj.array[row][col] == 2: if playerObj.rect.clipline(colObj.rectangles[rectangle].left, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].top + 5, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].left, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].bottom - 5): if not self.stopped: self.velX = 0 self.stopped = True self.leftwall = True else: self.leftwall = False self.stopped = False # Perform other actions with the same rectangle here rectangle += 1 
if i do this it no longer works
 def gravity(self, playerObj, colObj): rectangle = 0 for row in range(len(colObj.array)): for col in range(len(colObj.array[0])): if colObj.array[row][col] == 1: if playerObj.rect.clipline(colObj.rectangles[rectangle].left + 10, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].top, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].right - 10, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].top): self.velY = 0 self.Jump = 0 self.jumpMax = False else: self.accY = 0.2 if playerObj.rect.clipline(colObj.rectangles[rectangle].left, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].top + 5, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].left, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].bottom - 5): if not self.stopped: self.velX = 0 self.stopped = True self.leftwall = True else: self.leftwall = False self.stopped = False # Perform other actions with the same rectangle here rectangle += 1 
the code is supposed to stop the player when they hit a wall and not allow them to move forward but allow them to move back.
the first example works fine. the second stops the player and no longer lets them move at all.
here's all the classes
class TileMap(): def __init__(self, tilesize): pygame.init() = pygame.Surface ((36,36)) self.tilesize = tilesize self.images = [] self.rectangles = [] self.images.append(pygame.transform.scale(pygame.image.load("C:/Users/sarqu_bq0/Pictures/tile.png"), (self.tilesize, self.tilesize))) self.array = [[0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0], [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0], [0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,1,1,1,1,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0], 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[1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1]] def drawMap(self, screen): rectangle = 0 for row in range (len(self.array)): for col in range (len(self.array[0])): #top pieces if self.array[row][col] == 1: screen.blit(self.images[0],self.rectangles[rectangle]) rectangle += 1 if self.array[row][col] == 2: screen.blit(,self.rectangles[rectangle]) rectangle += 1 def createRect(self,location): for i,row in enumerate(self.array): for j,tile in enumerate(row): if tile >= 1: self.rectangles.append(pygame.Rect(location[0] + j * self.tilesize,(location[1] + i * self.tilesize), self.tilesize, self.tilesize)) def scroll(self,plyrObj,leftBound,rightBound,rect): if plyrObj.rect2.x >= rightBound: if plyrObj.moveRIGHT == True: self.rectangles[rect].move_ip(-5,0) if plyrObj.rect2.x <= leftBound: if plyrObj.moveLEFT == True: self.rectangles[rect].move_ip(5,0) class Player(pygame.sprite.Sprite): def __init__(self,centX,centY,color): super().__init__() = pygame.Surface((30,50)) self.surf2 = pygame.Surface((20,45)) self.surf2.fill((255, 0, 0)) self.rect = = (centX,centY)) self.rect2 = self.surf2.get_rect(center = (centX,centY)) self.velX = 0 self.velY = 0 self.accX = 0 self.accY = 0 self.FRIC = 0.97 self.GRAV = 0.99 self.Jump = 0 self.jumpTimeMax = 10 self.moveLEFT = False self.moveRIGHT = False self.leftwall = False self.jumping = False self.jumpMax = False self.Gravity = True self.stopped = False def draw(self, screen): screen.blit(,self.rect) self.rect2.centerx = self.rect.centerx self.rect2.centery = self.rect.centery #screen.blit(self.surf2,self.rect2) def move(self,rightBound,leftBound): self.accX = 0 if self.rect.x >= rightBound: if self.moveLEFT == True: self.accX = -0.2 if self.rect.x <= leftBound: if self.leftwall == False: if self.moveRIGHT == True: self.accX = 0.2 self.velX += self.accX self.velX *= self.FRIC self.velY += self.accY self.velY *= self.GRAV self.rect.move_ip(self.velX,self.velY) def jump(self,playerObj,colObj): if self.jumpMax == False: if self.jumping == True: if self.Jump <= self.jumpTimeMax: self.rect.move_ip(0,-1) self.accY = -0.6 self.Jump += 1 elif self.Jump == self.jumpTimeMax: self.jumpMax = True def gravity(self, playerObj, colObj): rectangle = 0 for row in range(len(colObj.array)): for col in range(len(colObj.array[0])): if colObj.array[row][col] == 1: if playerObj.rect.clipline(colObj.rectangles[rectangle].left + 10, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].top, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].right - 10, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].top): self.velY = 0 self.Jump = 0 self.jumpMax = False else: self.accY = 0.2 if playerObj.rect.clipline(colObj.rectangles[rectangle].left, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].top + 5, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].left, colObj.rectangles[rectangle].bottom - 5): if not self.stopped: self.velX = 0 self.stopped = True self.leftwall = True else: self.leftwall = False self.stopped = False # Perform other actions with the same rectangle here rectangle += 1 
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2023.06.06 22:29 SteadyLooking 32 [M4F] Tall white and handsome, seeking cute, Asian/Latina bubbly shortie!

Hey SF reddit, looking for something casual
I'd like to meet someone to be able to have conversation with, as well as get to know likes/dislikes and find common interests. I am attracted to all types of women, I hope to find one out there who are attracted to white men around my age.
I’m looking for: a female, preferably between 21-45. That is located close to or willing to meet close to the Peninsula. Free some weekdays/Sat. Cool with physical/nsfw stuff when our friendship evolves. Discreet.
About me: White, athletic build, blue eyes, short hair, slim/athletic, beard, tall. Interests: Music, festivals, concerts, sports, movies, fashion photography, travel. Weakness for Latinas and Abg’s.
Please say more than “hello”, “hi”, or “hey.” Obviously a mutual attraction is important so we can feel each other out then move forward with meeting/sharing photos.
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2023.06.06 22:27 Cute_Tumbleweed3752 Can medi-cal pay the remaining balance of my ER visit after they billed my work sponsored insurance?

So just a little detail, I had leukemia back in 2016. Fast forward, I moved to US a few months ago so I don't have a primary care doctor and sprcialist here yet but I have medi-cal and a work sponsored insurance last June 1. My left side suddenly hurt and I got paranoid as splenomegaly (enlargement of spleen) was one of my symptom of leukemia back then.
I went to the ER to get it checked.
Now I was checking my insurance plan and i realized aside from the $150 co pay for ER, I have to meet the deductible first. Plus the labworks and all.
I realized I made a mistake. 😭 I realized I have to pay hundreds or thousands for this.
Do you think I can use my Medi-cal once they bill me?
Also, the hospital that I went to is in network and accepts both Blue Anthem and Medi-Cal.
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2023.06.06 22:27 summitsnacking Should I go back to my old job?

I left my job (I loved the work I was doing) due to lack of competitive compensation and lack of support, after advocating for both consistently. I started my new job 3 weeks ago, and none of the responsibilities are what they said they would be - it feels more like an internship (and I am not loving the work I am doing). I have asked my new boss for more work, to go over the scope of my responsibilities again, how those are different than what was presented to me, etc. Nothing has changed. The VP of the company I used to work for texted me today to remind me that I am always welcome to return. Anyone been in a similar situation? Any advice or suggestions on how to move forward with my current position, or how to respond to the VP of my old position?
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2023.06.06 22:22 darksloth05 Well that escalated quickly…

TLDR; I wanted to do some casual gaming on a Frankenstein PC build, and within 2 weeks my office has become a sim racing dojo.
After trolling Reddit for years, I’ve found something I am interested and “proud” enough to post about. So here it goes -
I've recently gotten into sim racing. While I am a noob and have a lot to learn, I have learned a lot in a short time so far, and am enjoying just being immersed into a hobby, both while doing it and doing "for" it. I have learned to research a lot, spend $$$ where you need to, and DIY where you can. I'm not looking to be competitive or beat the Joneses, rather just have a fun experience where I can turn off the world and feel like I am somewhere else by sight, feel, and sound. Hopefully this post is inspiring to others, educational, reminiscent of your beginnings, or just a fun read. I would also be interested to know your thoughts on my setup. Did I do it right/wrong? What would have been a better decision/route? What can I do for the next big thing?
I built my first and only PC close to 10 years ago and played shooter games/GTA. It’s long since gone and I’ve been wanting to get another “lazy” hobby.
I had an old HP PC lying around I got off eBay about a year ago. Decided to buy a high-end GPU and do some casual gaming on it. Wanted to do 4k so went ahead and got a used rtx 3090 on eBay for $700 shipped. I knew the CPU would be the bottleneck if I really wanted to push things eventually (i7-7700) but decided the build was enough for what I was wanting for now. Well… I have always been interested in cars and within the past 2 years, more interested in Formula 1 (thanks Drive to Survive). I got an old Xbox controller and loaded up steam/F1 22 and was pretty intrigued by how fun it was just using my thumbs lol. I decided I would go ahead and get a wheel/pedal combo to see HOW much more fun it could possibly be… whoops…
I got the Logitech G923 and was delighted with the novel sense of "driving" for the first time. I decided to keep looking at other ways to make the experience more "complete" as I was sitting in a dining chair, had my wheel clamped to a sliding keyboard drawer, and had my 38in ultrawide as close to the wheel as possible. Seeing as I did not want to upgrade my monitor, I figured it would be a great time to try VR for the first time. I had always wanted to wait until VR was a little more mature and I wasn't in a grainy, cartoon world. I read great things about the implementation in sim titles and started doing my research on which headset to go with.
HP Reverb G2 v2 (even despite the WMR situation) seemed to be the way to go in regard to visual fidelity and price point, so again... I found a really great deal on eBay for about $290.
Side note - At this point, I had already saved up birthday, Christmas, and other fun monies, so I felt ok with making some additional purchases (the GPU was planned and saved for aside from subsequent items in this post).
Well... first time ever in VR and my mind was blown. I was instantly hooked. I have played all sorts of racing games in the past, but I have never in my life felt so immersed into a game, even thinking back to my childhood days of Zelda OoT- different genre, but same concept. Back to racing... The spatial awareness and depth perception of racing in a different world made any prior racing game/sim experience obsolete to me. I knew I could not go back to a monitor, at least as my primary way. The only problem was that my Frankenstein PC came back to bite me much sooner than I had wanted. The CPU was choking the GPU. I would get 60-70 FPS but even worse, so much stuttering and inconsistent FPS. So... I decided if I really wanted to go any further, I had to take care of this before anything else.
I ended up building a new PC while salvaging what I could from my current build. I added a Gigabyte z690 MB, i7-12700k, Dark Rock Pro 4 cooler, and Antec FT1 case- all AW deals excluding a new i7 for $250 shipped. Once I got it all together, smooth 90 FPS all the way.
During the same time of the VR experience and PC build, I knew I wanted a cockpit/rig, but could not swallow the price tag in order to do it right. Well, I started woodworking last year, and have built a few furniture items for my house, so I figured I could give the DIY route a try- I just didn't want something that was sketchy or an eye sore. I studied lots of different consumer rigs as well as other DIY builds, and I ended up jotting down some dimensions and forms I thought would work and just started building- making decisions/changes as I went. I found some scrap wood on the side of the road in 2 different instances. Used some black paint left over from painting a few walls in our house, put together what I thought to be a pretty decent rig. During all of this, I still did not have a seat... another pricey purchase I just didn't want to swallow. I also did not want to have a crappy looking junkyard car seat on my rig in hopes of avoiding the aforementioned eye sore. I eventually said to myself, "just go look," so I went to the junkyard one random day. Low and behold, not even a week earlier, a 2009 Audi TT had been delivered to the lot with 2 pristine front seats. What I was sure to be a bust ended up being the best part of my rig. I brought home both seats (bc why not?), cut the seat belts, wires, etc; cleaned them, and got one mounted on my rig- $25 of bliss. I would have hated myself if I had ended up sinking so much $$$ into a seat, let alone a rig. Between the rig and seat, I spent less than $50. Super solid, compact, and fits my needs exactly.
Around this time, I also decide to go ahead and build out a triple monitor setup.. Yes I know... VR is king... never go back... yaddie yah yah. However, I have 2 little babies, friends, family, etc. who I want to share this with and I am sure there will be times I don't want to wear the VR headset. All that in consideration, and the fact I already have 2 matching 27in 1440p monitors, and a triple monitor mount, it was a no-brainer to me. I got a third monitor (thanks eBay) for $100 and picked up 3x 2x4x8's from Lowes. Painted it black and it's now part of the sim corner of my office lol.
So now I have a pretty slick cockpit with triple monitors that I can move forward and backward separate from my rig. As my setup has matured from the start(literally the span of 2 weeks time), the experience has been more and more enjoyable. The only problem I have remaining is the G923. While it was a great first time experience, the "realness" of it quickly went away and it felt like a toy. On top of that, it was a loud wheel- annoyingly loud. Well... I've done everything else... might as well just get a direct drive and have a complete, all around experience.
After much research and deliberation on what to buy, where to buy, when to buy, etc. I decided on a Moza R9, SRP Pedals, and GS v2 wheel. Side note - Thanks to u/neebsd whose post told me exactly what I needed to know for my wheel/base, pedal decision! Being brand new with little experience, I wanted to know what it was like to go from a G923 to Moza r9 and his post sealed it for me.
I went back and forth on getting a Moza r5... also whether to get an ES wheel with a formula mod paired with the R9. At the end of the day, I was worried the r5 would be too little for me (I think I was right and am VERY happy I went with the r9) and that the ES wheel, while cost effective ($500 for a wheel???) would leave me wishing I did a nicer wheel for both form factor and quality of materials/feel.
So here I am today, a little delayed on my post, but not even a month later and I am VERY happy with all of my decisions. I can usually find things I wish I had done differently, either regret or just "meh, if I could do it again" feeling, but I am 100% happy with all of my decisions along the way. Whereas I spent some cash for a wheelbase/wheel, and pedals, new PC components, a VR headset, etc., I am proud of how I saved at least $800 on a good(relative) cockpit/seat combo and instead leveraged recent new found skills and somebody else's trash.
And of course... so much fun actually enjoying this new hobby.
Pics (or it didn't happen) -
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2023.06.06 22:21 Comfortable_Main4871 Adjusting for Yarn Advice

Hi Everyone,
Im starting a new project, the Moving Forward Wrap. I have three questions:
1) Pattern calls for a fingering weight yarn 100% wool or wool blend. I have purchased a sport weight yarn that I love. What, if any, adjustments should I make since I’m using a different weight yarn?
2) Pattern recommends wet splicing yarn to join a new skein to the work. My yarn is a 40% Alpaca, 40% cotton, 20% wool. Is there enough wool in this mix to wet splice?
3) I had to purchase two skeins in a different dye lot, as the store didn’t have enough in one dye lot. This is a feather, lightweight wrap. If I alternate dye lots between rows to blend them, would carrying the alternating yarn up the side weigh it down? Should I just use the two skeins of alternate dye lot on the ends of the wrap? It is a noticeable difference between dye lots.
Thanks for answering my questions!
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2023.06.06 22:19 iPotCognac [POSITIVE] for /u/Stonksquatch [seller]

Me and Stonk conversed alot regarding new sellers and being cautious and mitigating risk, especially with shipping first. I understood his hesitancy and we were able to work out a deal. It was shipped promptly and tracking was provided and I promptly sent payment.
Moving forward, I would definitely be opened to future transactions with him, and have no reservations with providing payment upfront.
Until the next one. Stonk is good to go!
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2023.06.06 22:17 oddlittleduck71 Android 3.9.8 - Expanded Release Notes!

Hello Android users!
We just pushed update 3.9.8 out to 100% of beta users this afternoon. This is a big one, so strap in for the expanded release notes!
We'll continue to monitor and roll out to production over the next few days. If you're interested in joining the beta and providing feedback to new updates, you can sign up in the Google Play Store on our app page here.
Legacy Code Deletions:
Dedicated Networking Layer
If you made it through all of that, bravo! Next up we're going to be fixing the Report Bug button and getting that autoplay setting to remember what you set it as before leaving the Settings page. If you have any questions, I'll try to answer what I can here, or you can reach out to our wonderful Support team at
Thanks everyone!
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