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2023.06.06 22:08 d1r1tywh1teboy During the playoffs, Taylor swift should he temporarily kicked out of the country.

She ran all over the country singing her crappy music, but she went to every single city where the nba playoffs were happening and caused them to lose their spots.
It's clear she has some type of curse against her, so what I'm recommending is when the playoffs happen in the 5 most important American sports (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, nascar) she should be forced into temporary exile (yes pun intended) at guantanamo bay and in the event that they have a playoff game in Cuba, put her in North Korean camp 15.
And then write an international executive order denying her the ability to deny the request nor sue anyone.
We can't allow some blonde idiot to ruin sports for us.
We already made that mistake with Sarah thomas.
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2023.06.06 22:08 wotybong Any good magnet fishing spots in the Baltimore/ Washington area?

I’ve got a couple good spots near where I live, but I’m looking for any more suggestions if anyone knows the area. I’m thinking of hitting the inner harbor tomorrow, any place else in baltimore I should stop at too? Thanks friends
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2023.06.06 22:07 crazyboatgirl What to do with poop bags on longer walks/runs

Im getting back into running and I take my two 80lb labs with me about 90% of the time. Without fail my male lab will poop at the most inconvenient of spots and I’m left carrying a poop bag for a half mile or more.
He will not poop before, it’s like he holds it especially for our runs. Even in the off chance he does poop at home, he’ll save just a little extra for our run or even poop multiple times a run.
Does anyone have any suggestions or hacks of making sure a poop bag gets home? I looked at dog backpacks but the ones I could find that fit large dogs are the saddle bags which I think might be overkill.
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2023.06.06 22:07 jsnplaysdrums Any idea what might be causing this?

Any idea what might be causing this?
Random spots in the auto bed level, passes the paper test on all 4 corners and at the home position. Ender 3 v2, CRTouch on mrisoc firmware, upgraded springs from stock, Creality magnetic bed (non PEI). I didn’t see any bubbles on the bed after applying the magnetic part to the hot plate, which was the only thing I thought that could be causing the random hot spots, other than that I am very confused. Any help is appreciated!
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2023.06.06 22:07 Bar1201 Going to the hague concert tomorrow! Have a few questions

This is gonna be my first large concert, and i wanted to know how long before doors open i should get to the concert area to be in a decent spot (for me it means at the front, but not near the stage) And how are the vibes in the muse concerts in general from the crowd? Also, should i expect to smell a lot of weed around me? 😅
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2023.06.06 22:07 InitiativeDesperate7 Is it just me or did anyone else feel a strong influence, from the works of Nicholas Winding Refn in the Pilot episode?

Maybe it's just me but i somehow felt The Idol to be influenced strongly by the cinematic style of Nicholas Winding Refn, even though we've seen only one episode.
One thing that really impressed me was the cinematography. It's pure 🔥. The lighting, color grading, the grainy film effect everything seemed to blend really well with the overall aesthetic they seem to be going for. Since it's an HBO show, the production design for sure isn't going to be bad, but in this show, that aspect kinda surprised me. Everything was immaculate, to the set design to the costumes. Was just spot on. Felt like they perfectly captured the overall vibe of the Elite social circle and their weirdness, pretty well.
Some of the cuts, a few frames, the way the background score was used and some minor aspects of the characterization of a few characters felt similar to The Neon Demon, which i think Refn's greatly polarizing piece of work. The fragility of Jocelyn's character and the mysterious vibe of Tedros is something that seemed intriguing for me.
I wouldn't say the pacing, plot progression and overall quality of the content is that remarkable as of now, but it does seem like it has the potential to be something which would be worth experiencing.
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2023.06.06 22:07 stellababy333 what happened here?

what happened here?
i cooked last night (chicken) and forgot to do dishes before falling asleep 🤦🏻‍♀️ i woke up this morning and cleaned it/scrubbed it. there’s some cloudy white spots/stains that won’t come off. im currently re-seasoning in the oven but im wondering if it’s calcium deposits or something else? do y’all think re-seasoning will work? thanks!!
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2023.06.06 22:07 Issac_E234 Azur Waves, Chapter 28 (part 2)

Previous, first, next,
Chapter 28 cont;
Working at sea had made me buy a coat specifically designed for the more extreme types of weather, but with its age and my short stint in the Irish sea the efficacy of the wax coating had all but vanished, after only taking a few steps I felt the water beginning to seep through. Putting aside the chill that came with wearing wet clothes I made my way along the deck until I found the cruiser.
She wasn't particularly difficult to find. Her cherry blond hair and pure white cape made it easy to spot her against the greys of the ship and sky. Her head was tilted upward with her eyes closed. She held Montpelier’s cube in her arms letting the rain fall on it. She must have noticed me coming, for she opened her eyes and looked over to me as I approached.
“Hey.” She greeted, her tone completely neutral and with a distinctive lack of the boyish bravado I had heard before. Her hair and all of her clothes were absolutely drenched yet she didn't seem to care.
“Hey. How are you holding up?” I awkwardly replied.
“Fine, I guess.” Cleveland replied, looking down at the cube and affectionately rubbing it with her thumb. “I’ve had this body for half a year now. Yet this is the first time I've ever felt the rain.”
“And how are you finding it?”
“Cold and wet.” She lifted her head up once again, letting the rain splash against her face. “But it is kinda nice. The sound against the deck and sea is rather pleasant.”
“You should try listening to it near a forest or field, especially during spring. I used to listen to it all the time back home.” Memories of countless days back home sitting in the study with the window open reading book after book while it rained outside surfaced.
“Guess that stereotype holds true then, eh?” There was the faintest hint of a smile on her lips. “Monty always enjoyed the quiet time we had together.”
My eyes were drawn to the cube in her hands. “May I?”
There was a moment of reticence before she slowly offered the cube to me. “Please, be careful.”
“I will, I promise.” I carefully took the item from Cleveland, taking it into my hands as delicately as I could. The dull crystal felt cold to my touch, and it wasn’t only due to the rain. I slowly rotated it in my fingers, hoping for something, anything that would show a sign of activity within, yet my mind didn’t become awash with random thoughts or feelings; it felt like nothing more than mundane glass in my hands.
The guilt was piling up again. “I can't begin to express how sorry I am. We should have acted sooner.”
Cleveland looked at her hand while she flexed her fingers, but her eyes never left the cube. “You have nothing to be sorry for. You did all that you could, and even took a great risk for complete strangers. It's me who is to blame for not being there for her. For leaving her behind.”
“But I will not fail her again.” She continued, confidence returning to her voice and posture. “I know within my heart that we will be reunited one day.” She ran a hand along the silver streak in her hair.
“If you don't mind me asking, what happened when you touched your sister's ship? For a moment it looked like you had two riggings.” I asked, my curiosity getting the better of me.
“I don't really know what or how I did it, I just couldn't let her ship fall apart like that. However, now it seems like I can have both my and her rigging.” She waved a hand out to sea where a Cruiser sailed alongside the battleship. And with a flash of light her rigging appeared. “It's uncomfortable having both at the same time to say the least, but like this it's not too bad.”
“Well you can keep her ship safe for her.” I carefully held out the cube for her to take back. “If there's one thing I've learned in the time I've spent around you girls is that anything is possible.”
“Thanks.” She took the cube back. “Not just for saying that, but for everything you and your crew have done. It's heartening to know there's at least one person out there looking out for us.” Cleveland rocked on her heels. “If it's alright with you, may I hang around with you guys for a bit? I don't really have anywhere else to go and being part of a fleet sounds nice.”
“There will always be a place for you in this fleet, Cleveland. For you and any other ship that wishes to join us.” I offered my hand. “No strings attached, if you don't wish to fight or follow orders then you can just wait out any fight onboard a ship”
Cleveland gave a toothy smile. “I won’t be no slacker. I'll earn my keep just as much as any other girl. You can depend on our six inch guns.” I paid attention to her eyes when she took my hand. Now there was the distinct blue glow for less than a second in her right eye, something that had happened before with other girls. Cleveland seemed to relax slightly after the exchange, but I could still see weariness in her.
She tilted her head up to the sky. “Man, it's really coming down now. We should head back inside.” Cleveland took one more pensive look at her ship before walking inside.
The water dripping from our clothes echoed inside the ship as we walked. We came upon a junction where we would go down different paths, and Cleveland paused to speak, rubbing the brooch on her cape once again. “James… About what you did. I know it probably isn't right to say, but thank you. If anyone deserved such a fate, it was him. So you ever need anything from me, no matter what it is I will do it.”
“Uh, thanks.” I replied, unable to think of something meaningful to say. The idea of being thanked for what I did was hard to comprehend, but the gratitude I saw in the cruiser's face helped ease the turmoil within.
That gratitude was also disturbing somehow.

I decided to return to my cabin with my drenched self and next to no desire to eat. I changed out of the wet raincoat and inner clothes and sat down on my bed, contemplating what to do. With how exhausted I felt sleep would probably come easily but I knew without a doubt it would be anything but peaceful.
There was the option of finishing off the bottle under my bed, but while it would help it’d only be pushing the problem aside temporarily, and I didn’t want Warspite or worse, Javelin or Z23 see me in that state. I continued mulling over my options until the daylight disappeared completely. Just as I was about to risk a night's sleep there and there came a gentle knocking at my door.
With a sigh, I got up and opened the door. I was greeted with the warm and dignified visage of Hood standing on the other side, with several books held under her arm and lips curled into a smile when our eyes met.
“Ah good,” her eyes moved to the empty tray still left at the side. “I see you enjoyed your lunch. May I come in?”
Hood had been the one to leave that try outside my door, even after how I had snapped at her, now I just felt even more guilty.
I stepped aside and waved her in. “Please.”
The battlecruiser walked into the small cabin with a familiar scent of lavender trailing behind her. She placed her books down on the small table while inquisitively looking around the room. I soon wished I had cleaned it.
I gulped when her eyes spotted the bottle under my bed. She didn’t say anything about it, but laid dead still, keeping an inscrutable smile. She lingered on it for a moment then returned her attention to me, taking off the glove of her right hand in the process. She gestured to come closer with one of her revealed fingers. “Come here.”
The very instant I closed the distance, I received a slap for the second time today, faster than I could react as well.
“I deserved that.” I sputtered gracelessly, rubbing my swollen cheek. She didn’t hit me as hard as Warspite had, but it had been the same side and reignited the sting from earlier.
“I will not tolerate being spoken to in such a manner, not from you nor anyone else. Not now, not ever.” Hood folded her arm and raised her nose curtly, her face a scowl of indignation. “No matter what you went through, to threaten one of us with an order of that kind goes against everything you stand for, and if you ever begin to stray again a slap will be the least of your problems, James.”
I looked down, misery once more coming afloat.
With her fury vented, Hood's posture relaxed and she looked at me more caringly. She put on her glove again. “James. I–we only desire to be of service to you in any way we can. You need not suffer alone. You don’t have to suffer alone, nothing good will come of it. Which is why I am here now.”
She carefully sat down on the small chair in the room, ensuring her large skirt didn’t get caught or creased.
“I don’t understand?”
She smiled with dignity. “My cabin is directly next to yours. And the walls are naught but a thin sheet of metal. I know you regularly awaken suddenly in the night from being disturbed in your sleep, so I'm here to ensure you get a proper night's rest.” She waved to the pile of books and the bed. “Don’t worry about me, I will keep myself occupied.”
I opened my mouth to protest but she quickly cut me off. “There will be no negotiation, you assisted me when I struggled to sleep and now I shall do the same. Now get yourself ready for bed, I will close my eyes.” She leaned back and shut her eyes.
Knowing there was no point in arguing, I removed both my shirt and trousers and laid myself down in bed. My face felt warm at the idea of Hood sitting by me while I slept, enough to overpower the last bits of lingering pain from the slap, but exhaustion hit me like a train the moment I laid down.
Hood reopened her eyes with the slightest bit of a blush of her own. “Good, now you just relax and I will be here if you need me.” Hood reached down and grabbed the bottle. “Honestly, I don’t understand your reasoning behind seeking comfort in this instead of getting it from a beautiful lady.” She opened the bottle and took a rather large swig.
“Don’t know where I could find the latter.” I mumbled.
“I am not ignorant of how I look, nor am I to your wandering gaze.” She quipped with a coy smile. “Now enough chitchat, it’s time for you to rest. That is unless you want me to read for you?”
“Fine, fine. Have it your way.” I said, resting my head down and shutting my eyes. It took a while to get over the nerves of having Hood sitting beside me, but the occasional flip of a page became a pleasant background noise that helped lull me to sleep.

Warspite sat in her captain’s chair, resting her head in her arm as she wracked her brain. She rocked her head back with a groan once more. “Why did you have to go and hit him, Warspite? You bloody stupid ship.”
She didn’t know why she had such a rush of emotions when he spoke and acted without thinking before bawling like an infant. Why is it now that just his presence is enough to throw her whits into a loop, yet she couldn’t wait until he was sitting in this chair with her at his side again?
“Things were easier when I wanted naught but to throw him overboard.” She sighed.
Another issue came to her mind, something she had brought back from the facility, not the notebook; that could remain safely locked away until she was sure her opinion of humans wouldn’t worsen even more. This was something else, something she wished she had never even touched and just left it where it lay, for what it meant made her sick.
Someone approached her bridge, Warspite quickly brushed aside her thoughts and tried to figure out who it was. She was unsuccessful at figuring out who it was but when the door had opened she quickly dropped to her knee.
“Good evening, your Majesty.”
Elizabeth smiled and walked onto the bridge. “There will never be a day where thou need to kneel upon thy own bridge. Stand, my dear Warspite.”
“Yes, your Majesty.” The battleship stood back up. “How was your rest? I hope the rain was not too distracting.” Warspite offered the captain's chair to Elizabeth for her to sit. But the tiny Queen remained standing.
After surveying the surrounding sea Elizabeth turned to her sister. “T’was most pleasant. How did things fare while I rested? Did you speak to our Commander about the book?”
“Ah, well.” Warspite scratched her head. “He gave me the same answer as you, your Majesty. I will wait until Cleveland is in a better condition and ask her permission to read it.”
Elizabeth brought a hand to her chin, noticing the small movements and fidgeting her sister was still doing. “Yet something troubles you still. Is it anything I could be of assistance with?”
Warspite sighed and dropped her shoulders. “May I ask for your assistance in something, not as my queen but as my sister?”
The Queen nodded with a soft smile. “I will always be your big sister before I am your Queen, Warspite. What is it you wish to confide in me with?”
“One second.” She replied before walking off into a small secondary inner communications room connected to the bridge, its purpose made redundant by her being able to control the ship completely no matter where she was. But inside a small cabinet was an inconspicuous rag that hid the source of her problems. She returned to the bridge with the item in hand.
“The notepad wasn't the only thing I grabbed before leaving.” She spoke as she walked over. “When James…” Warspite paused as she relived the memory. “When he shot that wretched man he dropped his gun.”
Peeling back the rag she showed Elizabeth the firearm. “There had been something about the sound it made when it fell that made me curious. I could tell you, but I think it's better for you to see for yourself.”
She offered the gun to her sister cautiously. Elizabeth took the firearm into her hand, instantly finding herself being able to handle it like she had trained with it for decades. Her brow furrowed as she noticed something was off about it.
“It can't be.” She pressed down on the magazine release to confirm her suspicion. “It's… empty?” Elizabeth was dumbfounded at the empty magazine. “Did you unload it?”
Warspite sighed and shook her head. “Unfortunately no. This is how it was, so technically…”
“James was never in any real danger.” Elizabeth finished, remembering what Warspite had told her of the exchange when they had returned.
“And that's the problem, I know James would want me to be honest to him. But what he did is tearing him apart inside, this would only make things worse.” She looked in the general direction of where his cabin would be. “I’m perplexed, Elizabeth. I’m sorry for dropping this on you, but what should I do?”
The Queen was silent for a while. Her gaze was distant as she thought over the problem until her smile returned and she returned the gun to her sister. “You should throw this in the ocean and forget about it. He put a gun against our James’ head. Loaded or not, James acted accordingly.”
Warspite looked at the gun and nodded. “I should have clocked it.”
An arm rested against her shoulder. “The past is filled with should haves and would haves, Warspite. If we were able to go back and change things then a lot of disasters could have been avoided.” Elizabeth felt the echoes of a memory come to mind, of a beach too steep to climb and an ocean filled with blood. “But we can't change them, so we must learn, grow stronger and soldier onward.”
The two sisters embraced one another in a hug for a long time until eventually breaking and retiring for the night. But not before the old warship went and threw the gun overboard, cursing the name of its deceased owner as she did, hoping the seas would swallow one more secret, never to resurface again.
(A/N) once again I ended up seeing this chapter getting longer and longer, I hope you enjoyed the chapter and look forward to the next, it should be coming soon as at the time of posting this the next chapter is already about halfway done.
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2023.06.06 22:05 uselesslersonhere Nexplanon and combined pill for stop prolonged bleeding/spotting

So, my doctor suggested I go on the combined pill to help stop the bleeding/spotting. She gave me a 3 months worth, I am on/near the end of the 2nd pack. I have begun light spotting, mostly dark brown. Does anyone know if it is a side effect from just taking the pill, or is it a sign that I’m just going to back to prolonged bleeding/spotting as before the pill?
For reference I’ve had the implant in for almost 8 months.
Any advice is appreciated-thank you!
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2023.06.06 22:04 randopop21 Device for PA function? I want to run an outside speaker to warn off intruders.

For security reasons, I have an external speaker outside of my vehicle. Currently, it's hooked up to a device to generate siren-type noises if I hit a panic button. It works well.
I'd like to be able to broadcast my voice outside too. I think the PA function of a CB radio can do that. (Is that right?)
I was looking to buy an inexpensive used CB radio to do this. And I may still do so and thus get the functionality of a CB radio too.
Or I could look for a device that has a mic and can drive the external speaker too.
Does anyone know of such a device? (I'm also wondering if something like that could end up more expensive than a used CB radio...)
(This is for personal security when traveling in my vehicle. If I see someone skulking around close to my rig, I want to be able to warn him off without leaving my vehicle.)
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2023.06.06 22:04 Curiosity_KitKat Trivial first world problem but….

Hello! So I just upgraded to a new MacBook Pro and it just…feels different than my old one, specifically the way the trackpad works. Like, I have to click in juuuust the right spot or it is doing all kinds of stuff, opening windows when I’m trying to drag something etc. Most annoying is when I have a group of files selected, I have to hold down the shift key to move them all, requiring me to hold my hand in awkward claw pose. I wonder if this is a setting I can change or will it just take some time to get used to? 🎻😔
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2023.06.06 22:03 hannah_rose_banana Where to Wear?

Where do you guys wear your historical costumes? Do you simply wear them around the house and then move on to something else? Do you know of any living historical events/locations that people frequently wear their historical costumes to?
For context, I live in central PA and I want to make some historical costumes for different periods, particularly medieval (for when the Ren Faire comes around), 18th century, and mid-19th century. However, I do not want to simply create these costumes and then not have anywhere to wear them. I know there are reenactments in the summertime but the deadlines are too close for some of them and the dates are very specific and overlap with work and family events.
Any advice/suggestions?
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2023.06.06 22:03 throwawaybss_d My(20f) ex(28m) went out with someone finally and i really can’t seem to get over him or forget him.

Well, this is a situation i thought i would take to the grave but here we go. Also, I am currently having an anxiety attack and I’m not from the USA soo that’s my disclaimer for any errors.
Btw I have bpd so if I seem a bit too attached to literally everyone in the story that’s why.
I’m getting told that my (20f) ex (28m) is dating someone and i feel like i’m stuck in a hole. We met some time a year ago and it was all friendly and just normal convo. I used to work with him so we spoke a lot, it wasn’t ever anything specifically romantic. I would tell that man everything, he knew my darkest secrets, goals and dreams. We started actually getting all flirty this year, like the end of February. I honestly felt so different, this was even the first time i got butterflies in years (haven’t gotten them since, rip). It was honestly the most comfortable and happy i felt for a while.
The thing is, we were both in relationships kinda before hand. He was with his baby mom and i was with my now (again) current bf. So it was a bit complicated, though we both broke up before anything emotional happened. I feel like my bf is the type of person to be unaware of how he makes others feel at times. He went through a whole period of treating me like absolute shit, basically like his roommate and nothing else and i got tired of that and left. But i came back a few weeks later cause i wasn’t sure if i was doing the right thing. I’m genuinely so scared of doing anything for myself because i’ve never really have.
Anyways, after my ex’s breakup I helped my ex get an apartment where he felt safe and at home finally, I helped him get his life straight for the most part. The same night he told me to stay over, i sadly didn’t cause I ended up having a panic attack unable to say no to my bf to go to the apartment to talk to him. I genuinely felt so guilty, I still do. Every day I feel like I owe him more and more, and it kills me cause i don’t know if it’s even making me happy anymore. It isn’t normal to constantly have someone in your head all day and night the way he’s in mine.
I honestly just feel like a broken record at this point. I’m always fucking crying and giving myself the worst anxiety cause i keep thinking about how he’s gonna find someone that’s not basically a child that lets other people run their life and he’s gonna be so happy with them and it won’t be me and i won’t end up happy cause i didn’t take the chance. It pains me, and i don’t want it to hurt anymore. I even thought about internalizing myself in the mental hospital for s few days from how bad my state of mind has gotten since we broke up. I’ve done so much dumb shit, quitting jobs on the spot, insulting people and tearing into them. I feel like a terrible person every day, honestly. I don’t know if i’m making the right choices at this point. I feel so trapped in my own house all the time, i cant go out without my bf either knowing exactly were i am so i feel like i’m getting left out on everything being an adult kinda is. I’ve been with him since i was 18, so it’s sucks cause when i felt freedom, i stupidly took it away by myself.
I don’t even care anymore if i went back with my ex at this point, i hurt him and he hurt me by the end of it all cause i couldn’t find a way to get away from my bf. I’m currently trying to fall out of love with my ex and back in love with my bf and try keeping my life as quiet and normal as I can to be safe and not dying from an anxiety attack. I even had a dream about going to my ex last night, i had finally driven to his house and told him my feelings and he hugged me. that’s all i remember, and it’s like getting stabbed. I don’t know what to do anymore, cause wth.
I don’t need anyone telling me that I was dumb or that i fucked it all myself ‘cause I know. i just want advice on how to get over him and maybe even just getting out the toxic situation.
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2023.06.06 22:03 meeren63 Help! Losing insurance just a month after surgery

My apologies if the formatting of this post is wonky, I am on mobile. About 6 weeks ago I fully tore my ACL and tore my medial meniscus in two spots making it a complex tear. I have surgery scheduled for June 30th and I will be out 6 weeks no weight bearing. I have been doing prehab for the last few weeks to try and strengthen my muscles as much as possible before surgery. I know recovery can vary from person to person but my doctor told me to plan to be in PT for at least 3 months following surgery. My problem is about a month after surgery I will be losing my current insurance (happy birthday to me I guess) and I am terrified I am going to be losing it at such a crucial part of recovery. I called the PT office today to set up appointments for after surgery and they said that I need to call my insurance and see if insurance ends on the calendar year or a specific date like I lose it on my birthday. Applying for insurance through work isn’t an option right now because I haven’t been able to work full time since the injury happened (I am a hairstylist and am having issues standing for more than 15 minutes without needing to take a break) and they do not offer it to part timers.
Have any of you ever gone through a similar situation? What did you do?
Is going on state insurance an option? And will it allow me to pick up where I drop off or will I have to start all over?
Any insight is welcomed and TIA.
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2023.06.06 22:03 LateDoctor8546 Looking for a 1b1b housing for the entire next two years(starts in September)

I'm currently looking for a 1b1b apartment in Irvine (not studio) with furniture and a parking spot. I'll be moving in September.
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2023.06.06 22:02 YoYota89 Found in Arizona. What are the bright green and red spots?

Found in Arizona. What are the bright green and red spots? submitted by YoYota89 to whatsthisrock [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 22:02 dingoatemyflamingo Old pimple spots will not fade

Just turned 30 and am noticing spots just don't fade like they used to anymore. I got a few spots around Easter and you can still clearly see where they are.
I am using Cerave hydrating cleanser, cetaphil moisturiser, Garnier Vitamin C Brightening Serum (Composed with [3.5 percent] Vitamin Cg + Niacinamide + Salicylic Acid), and cancer council matte 50spf in the morning and just the cleanser and moisturizer at night.
I also have and was using Tret at night but noticed it was causing my skin to scale near my mouth so I stopped that months ago.
Is there anything else I can add that won't totally dry out my skin to heal theze old spots?
Thank you!
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2023.06.06 22:01 RankTheVoteOhio1 Live Outreach in Columbus - Bexley Farmers Market Thu., 8 Jun. '23 at 4 PM

Live Outreach in Columbus - Bexley Farmers Market Thu., 8 Jun. '23 at 4 PM
Live Outreach in Columbus - Bexley Farmers Market
Join us as we talk with market-goers at the Bexley Farmers Market about Ranked-Choice Voting. We'll meet in front of Street Sotheby's International Realty located at 2372 E. Main Street in Bexley. After we introduce each other and practice canvassing, we'll split into small teams to grow the movement for better elections in Ohio.
You can bring your own pen/clipboard and practice beforehand with our quick-start canvassing kit or a pitch training on Zoom, OR we will provide you with supplies and show you how to give a quick pitch for RCV on the spot! RSVP here.
When: Thursday, 8 June 2023 from 4:00 - 8:00 PM
Where: Meet in front of Street Sotheby's International Realty
Contact: Debbie Schaffner · [email protected]
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2023.06.06 22:01 Own_Following_124 Who else is leaving?

I recently took an Anfield stadium tour and noticed in the dressing room that Milner, Firmino, Ox and Keitas shirts were all the seasons just gone (understandable as they've left) but interestingly I also spotted that Thaigo, Matip and Gomez also had the previous kit. Are they departing too? Thaigo and Matips contract expire next season so them two leaving could make sense.
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2023.06.06 22:01 bigpenisman69420xd Coming in Thursday Afternoon

Me and a friend will be coming in around 2PM on Thursday. What are the chances we could get a good spot in Green or Purple camp?
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2023.06.06 22:00 KlyxY- Wanted to return but my account in a weird spot?

Around the start of the pandemic I got back into payday 2 with a friend with the idea of doing the alt ending and then 100%.
Long story short we never finished getting through the achievements due poor game performance after . Fast forward 2 years and that itch came back so I update the game and its just crashing after the intro every time. uninstalled mods and the game, fresh install of the game and it feels like my progress got reset a bit? heres some screenshots to maybe better understand
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2023.06.06 22:00 eternamentekhaleesi Worried about upcoming trip with friends going sideways how should I head this off from being a trip from hell ? (41f) (42f) (36f)

I booked a vacation late last yr to an island & recently invited a few of my girlfriends to come along last minute. We're staying at my families rental so no one has to pay for lodging and I paid for the cost of the car rental so most of the trip is free. Some background info I'm a single mom that has always had my kids 365 24/7 & this will be the first time I've gone on vacay without my kids since they were born.
When I initially invited Anna she said she couldn't come so me and my other friend Tara whose also a single mom planned to go together & have a pretty wild Vegas style vacation.
After Anna found out Tara was coming she texted me “surprise I can come & am booking my ticket” I didn't think much of it and was thinking the more the merrier.
Over the weekend we all went out to dinner and that's when I realized there might be some problems. Anna wanted to split the car rental cost so she can scuba a lot of the time and go hiking etc, neither me nor Tara really want to do these things maybe a few hrs here or there but we're both fearful of the deep ocean & don't really want to hike around which we told Anna who started guilt tripping us & acted like well that's what we're doing anyways. Anna then suggested we all rent mopeds on the days we're not on the same page for doing activities I told her she can get one but that I'll be using the car the whole time, also there's no place to park an extra car rental or moped so that’s not even possible which l've told her repeatedly (the condo managers are sticklers when it comes to parking & I respect that) public transportation isn't much of an option either.
Yesterday Anna texted Tara and said she was going to change her flights to extend her stay with us (Anna didn't ask me and apparently wasn't going to even when Tara told her she needed to talk to me as I have other friends coming during that time and there won't be room) instead of Anna asking me if she could stay longer she texted in the group chat asking if she should bring an air mattress (she had told Tara she was going to bring an air mattress so she could have a place to sleep so she could stay longer). She then made it a point to say she was going to need her sleep during this trip due to her health conditions. This is something that needed to be addressed before she ever said she was coming since the condo is really small and there won't be much if any privacy & we won't be doing much sleeping.
I texted Anna and let her know she can't stay longer as I've made other plans, that this is going to be more of a Vegas / the hangover style vacay and we're going to be keeping crazy hrs, going out having people over & there won't be parking for a moped so I'm getting concerned since she's prob not going to be getting much sleep & it's going to be pretty wild so I wanted to be transparent about what kind of trip this is going to be.
She responded saying she can park in front of my car (she can't & I've been clear about this repeatedly) she'll wear ear plugs (still a problem since the pull out couch would take up the entire living rm so we wouldn't be able to have people over plus the lights will be on) & that the bars close early there so she's not worried. She also went on to say more stuff about her medical issues pretty much reiterated that she needs sleep doesn't drink and that we're not on the same page won’t be wanting to do the same things & made it clear she’s still coming regardless.
I'm going to call her today and talk and am now worried about her going with us as I’ve made my intentions about the trip clear multiple times and she just ignores me and cites her health conditions (she didn’t disclose this would be an issue before she booked her ticket or even bring any of this up until now), it’s also not possible for her to do her own thing as she won’t have a vehicle and there’s only one key to the condo.
At this point I'm not sure what to do. I'm not willing to be flexible or negotiate as this has been my plan for this trip since I booked it, i was initially planning it solo and I won't have this opportunity to blow off steam and be irresponsible again for years. It's also the first time I'm being completely selfish which I've been clear about plus it’s costing me about $3,000.
We leave in 2 wks and I’m worried this is going to turn into the vacation from hell & want to head it off. If anyone can give me any advice on how to head this all off and handle this situation I'd greatly appreciate it.
I should probably also disclose I've barely hung out with or talked to Anna in the last few years but she's close with Tara and I'm now feeling like it's possible she's just coming along to be able to go on vacation to her favorite spot and bulldoze us into doing what she wants.
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