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2023.06.02 11:27 Ralfop Automatic Needle Threading Device GIFT Good gift for your mother elderly people and stitching friends AUTOMATIC With a ring, easy and convenient to carry.Mini and fashion size, easy to use. A handy thread guide for all sewers, young and old. Help to solve the frustrating needle threading problem

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2023.06.02 11:26 banco666 What do you think of Von Manstein's recommendations on divisional structures?

Taken from Jim Storr's Battlegroup: The Lessons of the unfought battles of the Cold War (worth a read):
West Germany announced that it would field 12 divisions in the new Bundeswehr before anyone had thought out how they should operate, or how they should be structured. Von Manstein commenting on the first proposals, suggested creating three 'mini divisions' within each one. Those mini-divisions would have 16 companies in four line battalions, two artillery battalions, about 7,500 men, and the internal structure of a division
Elsewhere he notes that Von Manstein said that divisions of 12-13,000 were too large and unwieldy.
The suggested divisions seem closest to French cold war divisions?
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2023.06.02 11:26 Anger-1ssues How to get boxers?

I’m still a kid and my parents aren’t taking me seriously about being trans. They’re in denial and think it’s hormones when it’s clearly not. I’m going through a growth spurt right now and I need new pants and socks. I went with my mum to get some and I told her the female pants aren’t what I want. I asked if I can get men’s boxers and she was disgusted and told me that they have a baggy crotch area, which I said I was find with because it’s what I want. She shut up and didn’t say anything to me, then waited for my dad to some home where they bought female pants online without my permission. Any ideas on how to make them realize they are just making my situation worse?
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2023.06.02 11:24 toe_beans_4_life Terrified of things not working out with a potential partner

I'm a sex repulsed arospec demisexual and dating is extremely difficult for me. Obviously it's very difficult for all aces, but since I can't have sex at all unless I'm attracted to someone - which has only happened once - my options are crazy restricted. I've finally found someone that shows a lot of interest in me, but it's looking like we may not actually match up on what we both want out of a relationship.
To make matters worse, they're the only person I've ever been sexually attracted to. And I've developed romantic feelings for them, which is still rare for me, just not AS rare. So that makes our connection extra special to me.
But if it turns out that we really, truly can't work out our mismatched expectations for a relationship, I'm going to be devastated. Bc this kind of chance for me is so incredibly rare. I'm afraid that I'm so desperate that I'll let myself agree to terms that will just make me miserable in the long run, and it feels like I can't win. I probably wouldn't even be able to stay friends with them bc it would hurt too much, if it didn't work out.
I know it's pride month and I should be happy, but I just hate how my orientation makes it so hard for me to BE happy. And it makes feeling peace so hard even when things might work out, bc I'm always catastrophizing about the worst case scenario.
I wish I could say that I feel pride in being who I am, but right now I really don't. I thought I'd begun to accept myself, but clearly I haven't.
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2023.06.02 11:24 ukulelepopping Does anyone else have a savior complex for woman?

I have a savior complex and am drawn towards woman in abusive or toxic relationships with men and always feel like I have to save them in anyway I can wether that’s emotional support financial support or anything they need often times neglecting myself and my needs or money I feel a great amount of anger and hatred towards the man usually but at the same time I feel for the man and in my head I believe he loves her he just dosent know how to and he’s broken but I also believe the woman deserves better and needs to get out but I also think she’s extremely dumb for staying and should know better and I always try and tell them to leave almost all my close friendships are woman in these situations who come to me for help when some type of problem arises in the relationship or just for support I think it stems from my childhood and always wanting my mother to leave my father who treated her like shit but never feeling like I could say or do anything
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2023.06.02 11:21 The_Box_Company How To Manage Long Hair The Box Company

How To Manage Long Hair The Box Company
Maintaining long hair requires additional care. Men with long hair have an extra natural glow. But you must take extra care of long hair to keep it healthy and shiny. The following advice will help you achieve the ideal long-hair look.
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2023.06.02 11:20 iMusthav How to achieve that classic smokey eye look

How to achieve that classic smokey eye look
A smokey eye is a classic and sultry makeup look that can be perfect for any occasion. This week, iMusthav’s editor would like to share a step-by-step guide on how to achieve this stunning look!
(Optional) Before step 1, if you have unruly or long eyebrows, it’s a good idea to trim them before you start applying your makeup.

A good tool can help you easier to trim your eyebrows more precisely and evenly. Using iMusthav Mini EyeBrow Remover (MV100) or iMusthav Dual Function Brow and Facial Hair Remover (MV400) is a good idea for new-generation females, because either one of these products offers a unique function that is called Pencil Tip. The concept for the MV100 or MV400 came from a pencil tip, which allows users with precision to cut individual hairs, furthermore, both of the products with 360° LED illumination.

Step 1: Prep your eyelids Before you start applying any makeup, it’s important to prep your eyelids. Apply a primer to your eyelids to ensure that your eyeshadow stays in place all day. This will also help to prevent creasing and smudging.
Step 2: Apply a base color Choose a neutral eyeshadow shade that is close to your skin tone and apply it all over your eyelids. This will create a smooth base for the rest of your eyeshadow.
Step 3: Apply a darker shade Choose a darker eyeshadow shade, such as black, gray, or brown, and apply it to the outer corner of your eyelid. Use a blending brush to blend the color into your crease, making sure to blend out any harsh lines.
Step 4: Add depth To add depth to your smokey eye, apply a darker shade to the outer corner of your eyelid. Use a small brush to apply the color along your lash line, making sure to blend it outwards.
Step 5: Highlight your brow bone Use a light eyeshadow shade to highlight your brow bone. Apply the color just under your eyebrow and blend it downwards.
Step 6: Apply eyeliner Apply a black eyeliner to your upper lash line, making sure to get as close to your lash line as possible. You can also apply eyeliner to your lower lash line if you prefer a more dramatic look.
Step 7: Smudge your eyeliner Use a smudging brush to smudge your eyeliner, creating a smokey effect. This will soften the look and create a more blended effect.
Step 8: Apply mascara Finish off your smokey eye by applying mascara to your lashes. Use a volumizing mascara to create full and dramatic lashes.
And there you have it, darling! A stunning smokey eye that is sure to turn heads. Remember to have fun and experiment with different eyeshadow shades to create a look that is uniquely you.
If you like our beauty tips, why do not you share them with your friends now? Welcome to share this post on your Facebook or retweet it on your Twitter account.
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2023.06.02 11:19 MyIpodStillWorks X-Men #141

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2023.06.02 11:19 Cindy-1024 r/SexNovelties: A community for sharing sex toys and sexual health.

I hope everyone joins SexNovelties and can still participate in giveaway activities now.
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2023.06.02 11:19 Much-Extension-6670 Grey area

I am 30M, a pmo addict and on my first streak(day 18) Going through 100s of posts here. There is a consensus about most things except casual sex, fwb, ons, escorts and massage therapy(without happy ending). I am on a journey from "no PMO" towards a healthy intimate relationship (which may take time) and able to control my urges (for now) by keeping busy and working on myself. "As per your personal experience", would it help me in my journey to indulge in above activities or complete shut off till I get a real girlfriend? I am able to control pmo urges but not sexual urges.
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2023.06.02 11:19 DoNotLikeTheSun I cannot forgive my dad for his promises

My dad didn't touch any alcohol for the past 20 years due to his health, but he's "drunk" for almost all of his life. When I said drunk, this man is living in his own world built by the ego of a young ambitous new grad. He graduated from top school back then, got accepted into good companies, which already gave him better head start than most people. But his ego was too big he always got into arguments and fights with the managers. None of his job was longer than 12 months. My mom paid for their wedding, their house, and even his motorbike so he had something to travel to work. After multiple job hopping, he asked her for more money to open his own business. The business went on for a few years and went bankrupt. Our family was in debt and my mom, the one who borrowed the money for him, had to worked hard to pay the debt.
He promised a lot but never made a single one happen. I once wished for a cotton doll we saw on the street, and he said he'd buy me one next year if I could stay in top of class. I did it and he never bought me that doll. I wished I could have a big house with my own room so I could decorate the walls purple. Ironically, he promised again and again, but never did it. So on and so on, I could keep the list go on forever. If I want something, I had to get it by myself. Which is weird to think about when you have both mom and dad and a loving family yet you have to do everything by yourself. I started working since I was 12-13, did homework for my classmates in exchange of money. But thing didn't stop here. Dad found out I had money and he asked me to borrow it. He never returned the money in time as he promised. My heart shattered having to beg him to return my money. Eventually he would return them, but I was so tired of keep begging him. The bigger the money, the longer time he'd return.
The longest time I've had begged him was 1 year for $500. $500 was 1-2 months salary back then in my hometown, but it took a kid like me years to save up that much. Dad opened a second business after my mom finished paying all debts and he said he needed money again. He knew I had $500, which was all of my saving at that time. He asked me to borrow it, promised he would return double the money in 3 months. Just like all of his previous promises, not only I didn't receive the profit, I also didn't recieve back my original money. I begged for him again, and it took me 1 year to finally got my money back. Dad gave me $500 as new year's money, saying I should be grateful for receiving such big amount of money as if he gifted me something, while knowing damn well it was my money from the beginning.
This man thought he was destined for something special, and he would become rich soon. He talked about how he'd have been billionare for a long time if he had enough money, as if he didn't borrow tons of money from my mother and put all of us in debts for years. But he still kept talking about a dream he could never reach. The reality was that I, a teenage girl, still had to sleep in the same room with my parents because our house was too small and only had 1 bedroom. I can never forget when I finally had my own room, it was used as a laundry room and altar room as well. Every night I waited until the incense smoke had faded so I could get back to my bed. The candles must be lit all night for the altar so my room was never completely dark. I thought we were poor, but funny thing is we weren't even that poor. Years later I found out my mom had money and secretly bought a bigger house outside. But she was afraid dad would know about it, then asked to sell this house (which she bought 100% with her money) so he had more money for his business. She said dad also borrowed her a lot money like me and she had to act poor to avoid him finding out about her assets. I was devastated. This must be a joke. Learning that you could have access to better thing in your life if your dad wasn't a narcissist who believed he just need "a little bit more money" to become a billionare.
At first I was angry with my mom. The final straw was when I realized dad already knew everything about it. He knew my mother had other assets and another house. But he decided to play dumb and made everyone life's miserable in this house so my mother gave up and just told him the truth so we could all move to the new house after he sold the current house for money. The wife and husband had been putting on an act for years. Years of living in a slump. Years of miserable life couldn't have anything nice. Years of working hard to have good grades and money believing I would "save" my family from this situation and built them a new house. I tried to escape from poverty just to realized my parents, and especially my dad, was the one forced me to stay there.
I moved out after highschool, worked 2-3 jobs while attending college full time at the same time. At that point I was numb anyway. I didn't care anymore and just want to focus on my career. I opened a small business which made good money for a person to live comfortably. I stopped talking to my dad for a long time, but still in contact with my mom. She told me I should forgive my dad because he was a good dad after all for providing me food and clothes, and he had tried his best. I refused, because I had tried multiple times in the past, but in the end he'd always showed his true color: selfish. He seems to be more generous now as he had earn good money in recent years, but his behavior didn't change. I have seen him giving money to other people more than to his own family. He probably thinks family relationship is low-maintainence because we're related by blood so he didn't put much thought and effort into it.
He's turning 51 this year, yet still dreamed the same dream 30 years ago. This man love his family, but he loves his dream of becoming a succesful man more. At some point I think he realized he wouldn't become a great person he'd always want to, but too proud to accept failure. I believe he only starts to care about father - daughter relationship because he's getting old and lonely. Somehow he manages to make the same mistake he'd always made, thinking he's still have a lot of time to figure things out. Maybe I'll forgive him one day, maybe I don't. But I'm tired waiting for him. I don't want to let him borrow my love and takes forever to return it.
Better cried on my own rather than being fed with another meaningless promise again.
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2023.06.02 11:17 bserum Fantastic Tales: a concept for a FF prequel miniseries

I came up with a concept for a Fantastic Four series that I wanted to share with the group to see what you think...
Fantastic Tales is a miniseries that portrays the lives of the four characters prior to the Fateful Flight. Ultimately, they would be character studies revealing subconscious self-perceptions that foreshadow the transformations they would ultimately take (which riffs on a premise JMS briefly touched on in FF #528). Therefore…
That is the broad strokes of the content, but there is also an extra gimmick to the presentation…
Since these stories take place before Fantastic Four #1, which was Marvel’s return to superhero books, these stories are presented in an Atlas Comics-style anthology format. The name Fantastic Tales comes from similar titles of this era: Marvel Tales, Strange Tales, Tales of Suspense, and Tales to Astonish. And if Amazing Spider-Man was a continuation of Amazing Fantasy, this title creates the faux precedent that it is the forebear of the Fantastic Four comic.
Moreover, with the right artists, the four characters’ stories could evoke the common comic book genres that were prevalent before superheroics took over:
  • Science Fiction (Reed)
  • Romance (Sue)
  • Kids humor (Johnny)
  • Crime and Suspense (Ben)
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2023.06.02 11:17 Quirky_Constant1593 Nobody wants to date me

The majority of guys I go on dates with never seem to respect or value me. I don’t say this as someone who thinks they’re entitled to the ‘princess treatment’ or any other weirdness, I’d just like a guy who likes my company enough to date me. I’m not into super attractive guys - give me a goofy, nerdy dude over a supermodel any day - and i think I'm decent looking, funny, kind and able to have intelligent conversations. But the guys I go on dates with always give these half-hearted, forced compliments or just start negging, they check out other women on dates, and are always on their phones. Some will give the impression they want to date even if I'm clear about wanting a casual fling, but just ghost after sex. Most seem to see me as a dull and unattractive ‘filler’ woman to satisfy themselves with when they’re desperate for sex. It makes me feel so ugly and unwanted, to the point where every nice thing a guy says becomes a bad thing - “he’s just saying that so he can get me into bed and drop me”. I like sex but deep down want to find someone who truly loves and /wants/ me - so far only one man ever has (and I suspect it was only because he had a dry spell). It’s rare anyone respects me enough to even hold my hand or kiss me, though. Is this a normal thing women experience or am I just really ugly??
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2023.06.02 11:16 Existing-Software-35 My Emotionally abusive Father

I 16 M don't know how to get help my dad is emotionally he hasn't been physically not since I was younger he is old school and such doesn't understand emotions or the effects words can have he is always using his size and voice to intimate me and since he used physical punishment when I was growing up I have a instinctual fear of him that can sometimes get activated with other men. I've tried to talk to him about his actions and how they are effecting me but he seems to always twist it into it being my fault like if I just listened then he wouldn't have to yell and scream. I've tried to talk to countless school counselors and they all won't do nothing since it's not physical abuse and tell me to just wait till I'm 18. My mental health has always been pretty shity due to stress and family and friends using me as a therapist since I'm a good listener, but also struggle with bottling emotions and it was building up for almost 2 years of stress from school, few close friend ships ending and my bf trying to kill him self and then back stabbing me. Recently I broke my dad called me in from work and the stress from it caused me to have a panic attack and I told him this and he still proceeded to yell and scream at me over me not doing the yard even though my brother was supposed to do it and stress from it all broke me almost 2 years of built up emotions started flowing out and if I hadn't been lucky yo having a good mental fortitude and pulling myself together I would have quite possibly ended it all. The most recent incident happened right now my dad wanted me to plug in our big light outside but I couldn't figure out how to since it was a long ass cord and was around 2 am so I just let the dog in so he would stop barking well around 3 am before I went to bed my brother asked if I can put him back outside since the dog seemed to have calmed down by now so I did and around 4 am my dad comes busting into our room yelling at me how I need to start doing what he tells me to as the dog woke him up again and the whole time he had a belt in his hands and kept on making threatening moves and them finally he said if I didn't start doing what he tells me to do he would beat my ass and that I'm not to old for him to and I'm honestly freaked out I've been under alot of stress and he isn't making it better I know he will and I don't know what to do if he does could this be my way out of his grasp or will I still be told to wait by everyone Please any advice would be appreciated
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2023.06.02 11:15 MartinBinderJewelers A Ring as Unique as Him: Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Partner!

Men's diamond wedding bands offer a chance to break away from customary standards and explore extraordinary designs. In this blog, we'll be diving into every one of these points in detail, and you can make better choices while choosing a ring for him. Keep in mind the ring should show his style and personality. So, putting time and exertion into finding the perfect wedding band is well worth it.
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2023.06.02 11:15 Knarisnanchi Is it realistic to hope for just a weekend hookup guy?

I'm 50y female recently out of a 24yr relationship. Is it realistic to hope I can find a 45yr + man who is willing and happy to just hang out, and have sex and intimacy JUST in the weekends? I'm not looking for a serious relationship. I want to remain single, at least for a few years. But I crave for intimacy with a man. I have my daughter with me Mon to Fri so don't want anyone around then to take my focus away from her.
If yes - where would you recommend I find that man? Join clubs? What clubs? Dating apps? Which apps? I'm based in New Zealand.
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2023.06.02 11:15 thea_scarlett ELI5 how hormone dominance works 😭

hi i'm mtf 7.5months, ive read everywhere that you have to have a dominant sex hormone, either estrogen or testosterone, otherwise your body goes weird
now that makes sense to me, but what doesn't is how does it work for people pre-puberty, with no sex hormone, or post-menopausal people also with no e
or am i completely wrong and there is still a dominant hormone but just less of it?
this has been on my mind for days and im so confused by it 😭
thank youuuu 💞
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2023.06.02 11:14 LolaHisakawa i never realized..

i never realized..
how much potential this cute mini dress has for a budget frankie cosplay! it's been there rotting on my closet until i got into mh.
the cosplay is prolly not gonna look accurate but still! i cant wait to see this in action <33
this dress really SCREAMS frankie <33
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2023.06.02 11:14 malotito69 54 [M4F] #Italy/Sardinia - looking for a "special" friend

Very concisely said i'm looking for a girl or a woman in south Sardinia who would like to have a regular... uhm... "booty call friend". I'm a mature married dad past my 50, not looking to twist my life upside down, thus I need someone who can understand and accept the limits of this mutual pleasure agreement if we should click.
If you don't feel like meeting straightaway, i'm also ok with getting to know each other on chat until we both want to move forward.
Aside from sex issues, I am a good chat partner on almost any topic; i'm a cultured man with many interests in arts, music, literature and probably a decent share of nerdy stuff.
This post has been written in English just to make it understandable to mods.
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2023.06.02 11:14 houseofkalra Men’s Sherwani Mississauga

House Of Kalra is a provider of authentic Indian clothing for men, women, and children. They specialize in creating made to measure outfits such as Lehengas, Anarkali dresses, gowns, bridesmaid clothes, Men’s Sherwani and Kurta Pajama in Canada. Their online website shows their wide variety of latest Indian wedding wear as well as party wear dresses available both ready to ship as well as made to measure.
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2023.06.02 11:14 Sea-Act3906 sex for money porn

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2023.06.02 11:14 gggianaxx (F4A) semi- adv lit. Multiple plots

Hey there, a quick run down about me. I’m Khaos 22F, I’m a lit-adv lit writer who’s been writing for around a decade if not more. I only roleplay in 3rd person past tense and I require my partner does the same and can type up a minimum of 2/3 paras per reply (I tend to get carried away and I know some people don’t enjoy long posts so I’d prefer someone on my wavelength.) I love long form story telling, I want to dive into character arcs, fully flesh out the story and reach a satisfying (or unsatisfying I love me some angst and confusion) conclusion.
I ask all partners and characters be 18+, I only roleplay on discord whilst I have a preference for FxF pairings I’m happy to do FxM/NB/other (I only play female characters.) I don’t double but I will pick up a host of NPCs the further we get into the story, I also don’t use realistic fcs nor do I NEED an fc in a story I personally use drawn ones if you’d like to use one as real people feel weird.
Thank you for making it this far, sorry if the requirements seem long but I do hate getting to the end of someone’s post and finding out we’re not compatible so I decided to lay it out there. I’m looking to add to my current roster of rp partners, please be open and communicative! You want to change parts of the story, that’s fine we can talk about it, don’t like the direction, no longer feel interested in the plot or you’re just to busy/stressed or depressed to continue rping just drop me a message I won’t bite, if you’re prone to ghosting I’m not for you and that’s okay !
Plot wise I have a few very basic ideas/ pairings that we can brainstorm together (all of these plots have the potential for romance but we don’t have to go down that route either!):
Arranged marriage: this can honestly go down a million routes it’s so basic, but at the moment I’d love to explore the heirs of two kingdoms who have been at war for centuries being joined together in a marriage contract. Do they actually adore one another? Do they hate each other out of principle? Do their kingdoms merge into one, the political climate and perhaps exploring creating an empire in the long run. (This would be a political drama and could be fantasy or just a fun historical AU in a world of our creation.)
The price of fame: I honestly don’t really mind who plays what, but we’d be exploring the life (or lives) of famous people but in the most dramatic way possible. I’m talking typical sex, drugs and rock and roll, models, bands, singers the lot, perhaps one of characters is famous and the other is a PA or manager, or a normal person/childhood friend suddenly sucked into this world. Maybe a muse and their artist who knows ! (This would be a modern AU, we aren’t playing rl famous people so don’t even suggest it, this is pure dark drama and what people will do to maintain an image.)
The cult of the lamb: yes this is the name of a game, no it’s not based on the game. I have a more than mild morbid fascination with cults, I find them incredibly interesting, the psychology of the leaders and followers, how they become so extreme and soon out of control. Perhaps one of our characters is a cult leader, or we’re exploring the lives of the followers, maybe one character is a journalist or detective investigating the cult. (This would be a psychological drama, perhaps it could lean into supernatural too with them rousing some scientists deity or becoming creatures from our worst nightmares.)
The epic: gods, monsters, heroes, angels. I’d like to create an epic fantasy, someone with some time on their hands and a creative mind to unfold this story and essentially build it from scratch, I love a anti hero or a villain so instead of going the saving the world plot I’d like to go the complete opposite way, with one or both MC s working to actively destroy the world or at least not helping stop it. (Likely a medical fantasy, but it could also be a modern fantasy AU lots of drama and fun power systems.)
Reincarnation or Regression: I love otome isekais and the villainess genre. I have an rp going that is admittedly one of my favourites (likely due to my partner) that exists within this genre. If you’re familiar with this genre hmu I’d be happy to plot something out !
Okay there they are some ideas we can explore together, if you don’t like any of these but I seek up your ally then amazing let’s chat! I’m open to almost anything the only rps I strictly won’t do are as follows: Superhero, regular slice of life, anything where I play a detective or police officer, pure erp/smut fantasies, pirates and zombies ! If you made it to the end well done, drop me a message and tell me your coffee or tea order, do not pop up with a “hey wanna rp” I will scream and ignore you.
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