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2023.06.05 14:38 suvam0711 Apprenticeship Rules and Procedures — What’s New in 2022?

Apprenticeship Rules and Procedures — What’s New in 2022?

  • The provision for withholding the stipend payment to the industry in the last quarter until a candidate presents for evaluation has also been abolished, allowing for a continuous flow of cash to the industry for apprenticeship training.
  • Establishments with operations in four or more states would no longer be required to register in numerous places, and the industry will also get stipend support throughout the basic training period.
  • The government presently reimburses up to INR 7,500 for each apprentice and a 25% or a maximum of INR 1,500 as a stipend per month under the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS).
  • Apprentices can make up 2.5% to 15% of a company's total employment under the present plan, and companies with 30 or more workers must hire apprentices.
The increasing emphasis on apprenticeship follows the government's failure to meet its aim of teaching five million apprentices across the country through NAPS. Even at 0.5 million, India's apprentice population pales in comparison to 3 million in Germany, 10 million in Japan, and 20 million in China.

Apprentices will directly receive government benefits in their bank account

The Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) has incorporated NAPS in the direct beneficiary transfer (DBT) scheme, which provides all apprentices with direct government benefits.
This would eliminate payment delays while also dramatically reducing system leakages. Previously, employers would pay apprentices the whole sum and then request reimbursement from the government.
The government believes that making apprenticeship a participatory movement is critical for skilling, reskilling, and upskilling young India, increasing per capita economic productivity, and supporting national missions.
It not only exposes candidates to real-time industrial environments but also allows them to contribute to the economy even while in training. It aids the Skill India Mission by developing long-term skill enhancement strategies aligned with government projects, enterprises, and educational systems.

Why is NAPS relevant to the Indian job market?

NAPS aims to promote apprenticeship training and render timely financial support to establishments for initiating smart apprenticeship programs for their domains. The program aims to support establishments to engage a wide number of apprentices in different disciplines under the aegis of the Apprentices Act.
The program also aims to reimburse a maximum of 500 hours per apprentice at the rate of Rs. 15/hour to the Basic Training Provider for the program. The salient features include:
- Both Government and Private organizations have locked in spare seats for BTP aspirants
- The establishment will feature important in-house facilities that are crucial for training purposes
- These BTP centers will be organized and hosted by industry clusters
- Physical verification is a must along with Aadhar linked bank account
Since the program is mandatory for every organization with a headcount of more than 40 employees to hire apprentices, it makes sense for new job seekers to gain real-world knowledge about their disciplines without breaking the bank. Their experience will be instrumental in landing a good job based on their efforts and performance as an apprentice.

Why Choose 2COMS to implement NAPS for your organization?

As the finest in class, we have helped over 150 recruiters and organizations find the greatest apprentices across all industries. For professionals looking to acquire apprentices for specialized sectors or cross-industry needs, 2COMS offers the best HR penetration across all industries.
The company helps several companies to achieve their employment objectives, with apprenticeship training being a fresh avenue to judge candidates and incorporate them into the workforce. 2COMS has engaged 80,000 apprentices till now across 30+ industries.
Check out https://www.2coms.com/solutions/apprenticeship-management to know more about the NAPS program and how 2COMS can fulfill the needs of hiring apprentices in any organization.
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2023.06.05 14:38 Crazy-Inside-2456 FLX Bandit

FLX Bandit
Just picked this bad boy up last week and we’re having a great time so far! I wasn’t able to find much about the brand online, but they are selling them at a local shop here in Chicago so I am hoping I will get the ongoing support I will inevitably need. Does anyone else on here have a bandit?
Feedback so far: - Two people can fit no problem but the acceleration does suffer obviously - Super fun - Paint chips easily
Things I still need to do: -install rear foot pegs. I ordered a couple different ones of Amazon hoping that I will be able to clamp them to the frame. - rear storage solution - anyone on here have a good solve for this? I feel like super 73 racks for the s2 are about the same size. There are also some universal rear racks made for bikes with fat tires that I am going to try. I ordered the aeroe spider fat rack to see if that might work.
Would love to connect with anyone else who has this bike!
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2023.06.05 14:38 VioletMemento Introducing solids

We got the go-ahead to start our baby on solids as soon as possible and he just has no interest and has started to actually get distressed by the whole thing. We tried brocoli, sweet potato, carrot, baby porridge and banana. Banana is the only thing he will even vaguely entertain (yes I know, the sweetest thing possible!)
He clamps his mouth shut and refuses the food. He'll play around with the spoon with no food but the moment we try to put it near his mouth or put food on it he clams up. If we do manage to get a tiny spec of food in he just spits it out right away.
Today I tried baby porridge again and I thought it was going ok - he did appear to be swallowing the little bit of food I managed to persuade him to eat but then he gagged and vomited porridge and half digested milk lumps from his breastfeed earlier. We're talking out the nose and everything, a real proper vomit which he has never done before. He screamed hysterically with tears for 20 mins and not even going outside could calm him, which is very unlike him. I eventually calmed him enough to breastfeed and he fell asleep completely exhausted, even though his nap was only an hour before.
I know the first few weeks are supposed to be wee tastes and he's not going to be actually earing much but I thought he would at least be kinda interested! My little sister and my nieces didn't have this much trouble, they were all eating at least a little bit within 10 days.
We started on 21st May when he was 5 months exactly. It's now been 16 days (with a few breaks because I was wary of continuing and ending up in a situation like today, where he was very distressed). Is this normal? When I try to google it I get a lot of info about difficulty going from purees to finger food but nothing about a baby that won't even start!
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2023.06.05 14:38 KpopThoughtsmodteam KpopThoughts Weekly Thread - (June 05)

Hi everyone!
This post is a weekly thread for any thoughts you might have that feel don't need a post of its own but still would like to air to the world. All rules apply, but you can discuss anything you want related to Kpop.
Please be respectful and have fun!
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2023.06.05 14:37 Top-Film1276 Wife did not enjoy sex toys while high

2 Weekends ago my wife and I decided to schedule our sex at least 1/week going up from 1-2/month. This is now our 2nd week and I wanted to make it special and planned an intimate massage night. Massage table, Lavender Scent diffuser, spa music, dim lights and lots of warm coconut oil.
To top it off we a bunch of trusty sex toys & THC gummies to top it off.
Before starting we both got high... by the time we got to the intimate bits of the massage with the toys to my surprise it didn't really turn her on. Even her trusty Monster Pub toy which we rave about a lot only just got her mildly wet. The toys just weren't doing it for her.
The action didn't start until I penetrated her... by this time we were fully lathered in coconut oil. It was so intense she gasped really hard and I could feel her bear down on my dick really hard. 15-20 mins romp on the massage table is how we finished.
Our conclusion... wife doesn't care for sex toys when she is high... only real dick. It was an intense finish to the night!
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2023.06.05 14:37 Mussarelinhagames The last ship of Humanity - chapter 11

First / previous
Terran year 5201 - 16th of september
Species: human - commander Svetlana - aboard the UNCS Russia.
"Contacting emperor Reith ma'am!" - my communication officer said.
I've received the news about the second battle of the war between humanity, the grogs, and the Cleyk, our fleet won, the Cleyk fleet retreated, not a single casualty on our side, that was good to hear.
Now, I will speak with Reith in order to fill a contract regarding his proposal of trading with us a lot asteroids for our aid in their railgun technology. The screen lit up, and there he was, the emperor of the grogs.
"Hello, ma'am, its a honor to meet the commander of a human carrier, how may I call you?" - He asked.
"Greetings, Reith, you may call me Commander Stevlana, the reason I'm here is to discuss about your proposal of trading our railgun technology for asteroids, and maybe sign a contract." - I responded.
"Very well, in that case, your diplomacy ship has permission to land outside my palace, we will discuss about the contract, both sides will be benefited with it!" - he responded with a smile.
"Alright, the UNCS Russia will remain in orbit, calling out." - I said before turning the screen off.
"Did you finish the gathering of the galactic map David?" - I asked my technology officer.
"I'm at 97% Ma'am, a few more minutes and we will have the complete map of the galaxy and the location of all the planets and the territory of each species." - he responded.
The reason we are 'stealing' that information is to locate the capital of the Cleyk Federation, when we do, commander Harry said we will send the UNSB Yamato, with the escort of UNCS Brazil, UNCS Russia, UNB Moscow, UNB São Paulo, UNB Rio de Janeiro, UNCS Argentina and UNB Buenos Aires, there we will contact them and demand their surrender, under the threat of firing a salvo from the UNSB Yamato at the planet, of course, we will land AI Controlled troops on the planet to evacuate the civilians, as one of the captured Cleyk, Yuok, asked Harry in trade of his help on how the Cleyk Federation vessels work and what they are made of.
UNB Moscow is ready
UNB Buenos Aires is ready
UNSB Yamato construction started.
Species: Cleyk - Tyrant Yutib - Cleyk Federation Capital planet
"So you are telling me, that your fleet retreated?" I asked commander Tyhk, who launched the second attack on the grogs and humans.
"Sir, all of us would have died if we didn't do so, our current weapons struggle to go past the shields of the human ships, we should start to focus on developing a more powerful version of our railguns instead, ones that can fire projectiles at higher speeds, otherwise, we will end up losing." - He said while looking me in the eyes.
"You have sucessfully captured 5 grog systems before this battle, you know our technology better than me, so if that's the case, if our weapons are really failing to go past the human shields, then go foward, redirect a part of our resources on improving the railgun technology, I'm not willing to spend ships on fighting the humans directly when our main weapons are useless, anti matter missiles are expensive and take a long time to be built, so mass producing them is out of question." - I responded.
"Alright your majesty, I need to leave now to start the development." - He bowed before leaving.
I sighted, opening my data pod and replaying the footage of the battle again, gathered from one of the surviving carriers.
Our railgun projectiles hitting their shields, which shrugged them off like they were nothing, even the railguns from one of our battleship only managed to violently jerk one of their ships, their shields are truly powerful.
However, I noticed that one of their ships lost its shielding after being swarmed by our fighters, 2 of its main turrets got destroyed, it appears that their shields can be disabled by firing hundreds of projectiles at them, if we manage to produce more fighters, maybe we could overwhelm them by outnumbering by a factor of 10, hell, 50 would be better...
I need to contact the resources management in order to increase the production of vessels...
Honestly, this war is not going like I expected it to go, maybe it was a mistake to greatly underestimated our foe...
Terran year 5201 - 17th of september
Species: Grogs - Commander Ritcher - heading to one of the human factories.
Commander Harry invited me and some reporters from other species for a tour on one of their factories, this one is much bigger than the others, and I thought nothing of it...
Before entering, we were given small devices to be placed on our ears, they were 'translators', which would be needed for proper communication.
We started the tour by visiting multiple sections,we saw fighters being built, others repaired, missiles and torpedos being built, then some humans discussing something inside a room, drinking a weird brown substance? Looking outside, some other ships were under construction, one of them, labelled as 'UNB New York', was receiving major refurshibments, two of its massive guns were being rebuilt from scratch by dozens of robots.
A giant vessel, named 'UNCS Brazil' was here as well, parked outside the Factory, being loaded with more Missiles and torpedos, as well as receiving a new, beautiful painting in green, yellow, and blue.
Commander Harry was personally accompanying us, answering dozens of questions from the curious reporters on how they could produce such ships in a such small period, but he was taking us to another place deep within the building.
He showed us the history of humanity, the wars fought in the past, the first and second space race, the unification of humanity and the creation of the UN, much like a museum visit.
After a certain point, he told the reporters that they were now dismissed, as what was about to be shown was confidential, and only authorized personel were allowed from that point on. He asked one of the guards to show them the exit...
I was allowed to continue, however.
"Well Ritcher, the reason I asked you to come here is to show you our planet killer, and to ask you for help on producing anti matter ammunition for its main guns." - He started
A planet killer? How could you kill a planet with a ship?
"P-p-planet killer?" - I asked, studdering from shock...
"Yes, you heard it right, a ship capable of killing planets with its main battery, which can fire a variety of things, armor piercing rounds, incendiary rounds, EMP Rounds, Nanite rounds, and anti matter rounds mainly" - he calmly said.
He stopped for a moment, looked at me, and said, with a serious tone:
"What you are about to see is of total secrecy, you should share it with NOBODY, not even with your emperor, do you understand?"
"Y-yes.." - I studdered.
"Good" - he responded.
He nodded to a guard which pressed a button, a thick door opened in front of us, leading to a big room,when we entered it, I gasped at my sighting...
A gigantic ship, bigger than even their carriers, was being built, thousands of robots worked to weld its shielding and to equip it with massive guns, which were being lowered by cranes on its hull, truly astounishing...
It was so big that I could only see a part of it, I would risk saying that it was 1.2 times the length of their carriers...
"This, is the United Nations Super Battleship Yamato, we are building it to put an end to this war by forcing the Cleyk to surrender, under the threat of killing their planets, one by one."
"Each of its 6 main turrets are equipped with 6, 4800 mm railguns, which can accelerate its ammunition to roughly a third of the speed of light, we really didn't want to build it, as its extremely expensive, but given the fact that the Cleyk aren't going to stop, we concluded that, if we want to stop them without driving them extinct, the way is to kill their emperor, which means that we will need to go deep into enemy territory."
"We will try to save the civilians though, as they have nothing to do with this war."
"Besides that, the Yamato is around 900 meters long, it might have a small amount of main guns, but that is because its heavily armored, its barrel walls are very thick due to the energy flowing through them, it carries its own fighters, and has around 800 missile launchers, 1450 AFS Guns, 120, 800 mm secondary guns, and 300, 600 mm tertiary guns. If they don't surrender, we will just throw a nanite bomb at their planet and let the nanomachines do their job in order to speed things up and save ammo."
A nanite bomb, they are really willing to kill a planet to end this war, humans are crazy... - I thought to myself, while looking at Yamato again.
Yutib will likely refuse to surrender, as he is full of pride, I pray for him to surrender, billions will die if he don't...
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2023.06.05 14:37 the_deadperson I am the asswhole that i added my friend to that sutiasion (it has many jussy stuff )

Alright im a 16 year old genderfluid who loves a specific show since i was little and i wanted to make friends that they liked the same show as me one of my ex friends (whos 22 years old lets call the T_person ) kepp that T_person in mind (youre going to see later to that story ) so this T_person added me to a dicord server that server seem good to me until i sarted seing many red flags like when a person whos britsih used a japanise name to call themsleves they called it cultural aprosiasion (while the T_person used a freaking american mane while theyre vietnanise ). One day theyre was a question whitch power did you wanted the T_person anwered i want the teleport power so i can visit many countries, i told to the T_person come to greece and the T_person said no, then i said T_person you loose(not losser !!!!) and sended a photo of nauplio, the T_person took it personaly and whanever i said hi that t person said personal space do not talk to me , i got socked and i told my friend lets call her M so m saw everything and some other messages and then M told me this is reduculous and after a week i desaied to blook that T_person BUTTTTTT BUTTTT the T_person started venting me to my friend the M person whyyy i blocked her and mpla mpla (another red flag ) when my friend told me this it reminded me that the T_person did the same to me for another person (another red flag ) then i desied to unblock her (before that i had a convo with my friend M and i gave M the idea to make a gc on dicord !!ONLY FOR THAT DAY ONLY FOR ONE DAY!! So we can talk about what issues she has woth me but she must add another one person in the voice call so if one side did something wrong the other person with me or the T_person whold have proof) when we made the gc the T_person said that she couldnt add anybody bc their friends were "busy " so yea we did the voice call but bc i was anxious i started speaking non spot and then my 11 year old cousin came and stated anoyin me and cursing all of us (i think this is the reason whu the T_person ssaid that we harrased her ) after the video call ended my friend (the M person ) told me that i should go and say sorry to her bc i didnr let her speak i did it !!!! And the T_person said everything is fine the next day i find out that she went to tell another friend (lets call them K_person) that Me and M harassed her amd cuberbullied her . That same day me and M decied to leave the server and M left, M left a bad meesage (our falut ) and them another friend of T_person (lets call them D_person) the D_person speak to us soooo kindly and i was being an fucking ass whole to that D_person ( still fell bad for how unkindly i was being to that D_person ) and i acidently missgender two time whithout even notising anothe friend of them (lets call them C_person ) bc C_person said that they do not rust european bc the only thing they do is drinking under age and i complainded about it, the C_person after startdd spreading roumors about me that im transphobic ( i said sorry about the missprononsiasion and i still fell bad about it ). The next day the K_person (who is the owner of that server ) started cursing to me and the M person and the M person tried to have a normal convo with the K_person and the K_person thretend me and the M person and this is where it ends. This is what i have to say i dont victimize my slef or cacwlling any of them or expozing (i do not like to do these stuff when it comes to sutiasions like this ) thats all i just wanted to say all that stuff
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2023.06.05 14:37 its_vf WAFL 2023: Sebit Kuek putting hand up to cover for injured star Sean Darcy

Fremantle forward Sebit Kuek believes he can help the Dockers cover for the absence of injured ruckman Sean Darcy.
Forwards Jye Amiss, Josh Treacy, and Luke Jackson have all found form during the club’s four-game winning streak, but a spot in front of goals may become available with Jackson set to spend more time in the ruck due to Darcy’s “moderate” hamstring injury.
The high-leaping Kuek, who was taken out of East Perth in last year’s mid-season draft, said he was ready for the step up to AFL level.
“I can see myself breaking into the team,” he said.
“It’s just opportunity. The boys are going well right now. When it’s my turn, I’ll be up and ready to go.
“I’ve got really good coaching. (Development coach) Adam Read and the boys, they’ve got me to the point where I really know the game plan.”
Kuek has kicked 13 goals in eight WAFL games for Peel this year, including a bag of four against Perth in round two and hauls of three against West Coast and West Perth in rounds six and seven respectively.
The 22-year-old said he had improved greatly over his 12 months with the Dockers.
“Bringing consistency each and every week is something I’ve been working on,” Kuek said.
“It’s just about bringing effort each week and grinding away.
“Sometimes things don’t play out the way I want but there’s always next week, that’s footy.”
Kuek is one of several key position options to come in for the hamstrung Darcy, with recruit Josh Corbett and big-bodied ruckman Liam Reidy also performing strongly at the lower level.
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2023.06.05 14:37 Werallgointomakeit What is your advice for dating someone you like but are not super attracted too?

So I could use some advice. met a girl (25F) about a month ago and we hung out maybe 6 times and I did not have feelings to become serious with her but enjoyed her company a lot and we started sleeping together. She said that she no longer wants to see me if I am sleeping with other people, and I like her so decided to give it a shot. About a three weeks have past and It's pretty similar, but the other day we we were standing in line at somewhere and made a remark about how I am not romantic at all, but in truth I was extremely romantic in my previous long term relationship. It hit me hard that she just thinks it's how I am but I actually just don't have those strong romantic feeling with her. With my ex it was completely different, I was head over heals and felt like she was the most attractive human on the planet.
The thing is I feel like I am at a place where If I like the person, think they're somewhat attractive and can have good conversation with them, is that not enough? I felt kind of bad because if it was someone I felt an extreme attraction too I would probably behave differently, and do many more things for her. I decided I am going to talk to her about it next time we meet and tell her exactly how I feel. If she wants to be really romantic with someone, I cannot force those feels, but I do like her, she's funny, creative, a good listener and is always petting my head and making me feel good. She has so many good traits. I am loyal to her but I feel guilty because I treated my ex with so much passion and she may desire that. Right now my plan was just to tell her this.
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2023.06.05 14:36 knight_call1986 Beach Day Date (recap)

Okay, this may be a bit of a lengthy post, but I had to really reflect on this date before I could properly articulate my experience.
For context and history on this saga you can check out my "Perfect first date" reddit to get familiar. Also "Date 2" for a follow up.
Okay, so this past Saturday I went to the beach with my lady and her two daughters. We had planned on a beach day earlier in the week and I was really looking forward to it. The plan was to spend the day together and just enjoy sand and sun. When I arrived at her place to head over to the beach, I noticed that her and her daughter had already formed an inside joke about me always wearing black. It was nice to be a part of an inside joke.
Anyway fast forward to when we arrive at the beach. Mind you this is my first time ever doing anything like this with a significant other. The most I have done is go to the lake with someone. So my mind was going through all types of thoughts and feelings. When we laid out on the beach and I saw my lady in her swimsuit I just felt very blessed to have a great woman who likes me with a great body. She asked me to rub suntan lotion on her back, and I was definitely feelin myself lol. We laid and talked to each other while her girls were goofing around. It was such a pleasant day, and I felt that I definitely get used to doing this regularly with them. We got in the water for a bit and her daughters laughed at me because I had no idea what I was doing on the boogie board, but was having fun regardless. It felt like I had my own family. It felt good.
After the beach we decided to get some dinner and chill out. We go to this cool spot and I realize I am getting a lot of looks from patrons. I figured maybe it was because my beach attire had me looking like I was about to go sailing in the Hamptons, not a beach day in South Carolina. Anyway, it was happy hour so I decided to get some drinks and chill out. We got a nice spread and those drinks hit me pretty quick so I was a jolly dude the rest of the night. One thing my gf mentioned was that the waitress liked me, to which I didn't even notice. She said the waitress gave me Happy hour prices way after happy hour but wouldn't give her the same deal. I had no idea and was totally oblivious to it. It probably comforted my gf a bit because I am ignorant to that stuff, so she doesn't even have to worry about me doing anything dumb. But all in all dinner was great and we had a fun time together.
Sitting there with her, I felt a growing sense of adoration for her. She thanked me for dinner and hanging with them, to which I thanked her for bringing me along. She told me "I am a part of the family now", and proceeded to post some pics of us together on the beach on social media (and tag me as well). So yeah she let the world know that I am hers now. Such a great date.
Thoughts and reflections: - I definitely know I love her and her family. I may not have said it in person yet (I gotta work up the courage for that),, but I know it in my core this is my feelings towards her and the family.
- It was a lot to take in. But I think the biggest thing was being so unused to someone genuinely caring about me who wasn't my mom or sister was a bit overwhelming in a way. Feeling this makes me happy I finally get to experience it, but maybe a bit sad that it took 37 years to find it.
- Her girls and my daughter will get along great. I was veery touched at how quickly they took to me. Her youngest (11) gave me a big hug when I was getting ready to head home. It definitely made me misty eyed. Melted my heart. I look forward to them hanging out and getting along.
- This puts a lot of things into perspective. My future plans may need to be adjusted and reworked a bit, because after this beach date, I think I really need to plan for the future and actively start getting shit done. This is pretty much looking like it is going all the way, so I need to be mindful of how I move going forward.
- I came home to messages from friends and fam about being tagged on socials with her. I know they were surprised because I never post and then poof I am on the beach with a beautiful lady. It felt good being with someone who wants to show you off.
- Remember the waitress that liked me? Well I thought she looked kinda familiar but was foggy. She had asked my gf at one point if she was from a certain state because she looked familiar. Well I spent time racking my brain on why the waitress looked familiar, then it dawned on me. A long time ago I had matched with her on OLD. We talked a bit, but never went out and she just ended up ghosting me. At the time I had no clue who she was, but it makes sense why she "liked me". She remembered we matched a long time ago. But it was nice to be with my gf whom I love. I didn't even notice.
- We get along great, and this trip put a lot of things into perspective for me. I know there is work to be done, and I am laser focused on getting where I want/need to be to take this to the next level. I will continue to stay the course and I will love and adore her throughout the journey. I'm really surprised that FB dating came in so clutch with her. Granted she definitely activated her inner Steph Curry when shooting her shot. She hasn't missed yet. I look forward to learning and growing with her.
Sorry for the super long post, but I figured it would be good to share a success story after being a hot mess over this woman. I appreciate the fellow redditors for giving advice and support. I will continue to keep the updates coming. I seriously think I may have found the person I can face the inevitable with. I am looking forward to many days together.
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2023.06.05 14:36 iceberg2015 Should I have my RCBC cc canceled?

So it's only my first month and a week before my due date I received tons as in andaming calls from different numbers only to find out that they are calling to remind me of the bill. I have multiple cc and this is the only bank that does it. Nakakainis tbh. And another thing is hindi pa real time yung digital app nila. Which is not good an a hassle for me na always anxious with money matters, hindi ko natatrack ng maayos yung spendings ko with this particular cc. I'm thinking of just closing or canceling this card. I really don't like the constant calling. 😖 nakaka walang class 😅
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2023.06.05 14:36 AppleUpset396 Confused on azithromycin dosage - Help needed

Hello, 36 yr old male here - Test came back positive for Ureaplasma and now on day 4 of a 14 day Doxy cycle and seeing improvement of symptoms already. The private clinic I'm using are pretty much useless when it comes to Ureaplasma, they didn't see it as anything to be worried about and treated me with fungal meds for over a month (which made little to no difference) before i did my own research and said could i please try a 2 week cycle of doxy. Because they're pretty useless I feel I will have to tell them exactly how much azithromycin i'll need to take once finishing the doxy but i'm really unclear on this, i'm going from the below
Does this basically mean a weeks course or just one or two tablets? sorry if I'm being simple but i don't really understand how much i will to grab from them and want to make sure I get the right amount and can hopefully get cure. Thanks for all your help!
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2023.06.05 14:36 randomalexc Possible SCH?

I’m currently 6w4d pregnant after our first pregnancy ended due to MC in March. Naturally, I’m terrified. Last week at 5w3d, I had some spotting that lasted only a few hours and went away the next day. While at work overnight tonight (nightshift nurse), I had a gush of bright red blood. No clots or cramps, just flow. This went on for a few hours (maybe 4-5?) but it’s turned into brown spotting. Going to call my OB but wanted to see if anyone had a similar experience that ended in success? I have a scan scheduled 6/21 but hoping they can get me in sooner for some peace of mind😩
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2023.06.05 14:36 thebigwhitefluffball Just need some clarity and perspective after an “I love you” breakup between me (21f) and my bf (22m)

TL;DR: Bf broke up with me to deal with a personal issue by himself. Sent mixed signals during breakup. I’m hurt and lost, and need perspective.
I (21f) broke up with my boyfriend (22m) of 6 months yesterday. A few days ago, he said he needed a break and wanted to break up - but we ended the convo by saying we’d wait a month (a NC break). But yesterday, he suddenly unfollowed me on everything and I felt like he had changed his mind. So I went to him and we had a lengthy talk, and these points are what I got from that talk:
Things that are still confusing to me:
Honestly, I’m still a bit hurt and confused. This really came out of nowhere for me, and I feel like my love for him has nowhere to go now. I think I would’ve preferred it if he didn’t love me, and that I/he did something wrong, that we were toxic/incompatible. But that’s not the case. I’m so confused and still feel like we could get back together when he’s done addressing his issue. Could somebody help me put this into perspective? Thank you.
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2023.06.05 14:35 Prestigious-Sell8046 [Feedback] Scam accounts / spam bots able to game system, ban anyone who points out they are scamming people.

Hey folks, had an account there that was online for over a month, had a decent bit of karma on it. Saw an obvious bot account droplinking those terrible cat brushes, so I warned people that OP was a scammer and they should stay away.
Low and behold a day later I can't use my account at all, and every single comment I've ever made has been removed and silenced. I'm not banned outright, but going to reveddit shows I'm definitely shadowbanned.
I'm familiar with the scammer and know for sure they have multiple accounts, but I didn't think they would be capable of banning literally anyone that points them out.
Why is the site set up so that people who aren't admins can game the system like this, but anyone who wants the admins help for helping clean up the website has to wait a week for "we don't see a problem here" style messages.
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2023.06.05 14:35 Serious_Donut5387 Should I raise my e dose this early?

I am currently on 2 mg e and 50 mg Spiro 2x a day.I started e a week ago and at this point I am 100% sure that hrt is for me and I want to raise my dude to 4 mg e instead of 2. Is it even going to be possible to get my doctor to sign off on that
P.s. I did actually take 1 double dose of e and I felt way better that day just kinda the initial mood boost I got from hrt on double stacked
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2023.06.05 14:35 jewelbunny420 Feeling like a bad friend & Needing Med Recs

If you’re like me, I’m curious how you all deal with being the flake of your friend group.
I’m not anti-social; in fact, I love going out, traveling, just generally being around my friends and loved ones, but RA really makes it hard to follow through on plans.
For instance, I made plans a week ago to go out tonight, and I’m about to text my friend that I’m having a bad pain day and don’t have the energy to go out.
She’s very understanding but I just feel unreliable, which gets disheartening, and while I have no concrete evidence of this, when my depression kicks in from feeling shitty, I physically feel shittier.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
I’m also in the market for a new Med. I have previously tried plaquenil (for a long time until it stopped working), Arava (terrrrrrible fatigue and worsening of pain), sulfasalazine (don’t recall this doing anything).
Hoping to find something that doesn’t have life-interrupting side effects and doesn’t cause weight gain. I can deal with fatigue and headaches, but nausea and dizziness would be a real challenge for me. Probably wishful thinking, but hey, just as someone may dream about their perfect partner, I dream of the perfect dmard 🥹🤷🏻‍♀️
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2023.06.05 14:35 lioncrab Husband gets annoyed with me “sleeping too much”

My husband gets up very early for work every day, around 4am. I used to be a teacher and woke up quite early as well but since 2019 I’ve been a stay at home mom to our two kids (4 and 2) when we realized how expensive our daycare bill would be. Our 4 year old also has some special needs. The transition to being a SAHM was hard on me emotionally, I felt very depressed and isolated, as we live very far from our family (over 500 miles) due to my husband’s job. But I’ve made my own routine and I’ve really got it handled at home. I do 99% of household tasks and taking care of the kids, because my husband truly does work a lot and often doesn’t get home until dinner time, and is sometimes gone on work trips for 2 weeks or so. But like I’ve said, I’ve got it down now!
So anyway, with the background story explained a little, my husband has been at home more so the past two months because of medical reasons. Both my 4 year old and I have been in the hospital recently for different reasons; me because I developed an antibiotic resistant infection and my son because he required immediate surgery on an internal birth defect that was just recently discovered. This has caused my husband to have to step back from work a little (but not too much, my dad actually flew down to stay with me and help me out and take care of the kids while I healed). But while my husband has been at home more, he has come to the conclusion that I “sleep too much.” One of my beloved hobbies is gardening, and I have a great big garden in our yard full of various flowers, but also eggplant, different pepper plants, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli… list goes on. He keeps telling me “if you want a successful garden you need to stop sleeping in and get out here at 6am go tend to them”. This is wild for him to say to me, considering I take care of this garden by myself and there’s no gardening law that says they need to be “tended to” before the sun comes up. I’m not sure where he got that idea. My garden already is successful, so I’m also not sure why he said it in the way. Another thing he has said recently is that “I need to stay up later because adults don’t go to bed as early as I do”. I go to bed around 10pm, at the latest 11pm, and wake up around 7am. He said this is lazy, and I don’t need this much sleep, and that he functions fine on 4-5 hours of sleep. He often doesn’t come to bed until midnight, and like I said he will wake up a little after 4am. I asked him why he thinks it’s weird for me to prioritize sleep when I have full days ahead of me of raising our kids, one whom has special needs, maintaining a clean home, tending to a garden, cooking 3 meals a day (we rarely eat take out). He told me “more could get done if I didn’t sleep so much.” I was like, “what more could get done? What more should I do?” He just scoffed, didn’t have an answer for me.
I cannot figure out why he has a problem with me sleeping through the night. What’s ironic is that he so sleep deprived himself that on his days off, he doesn’t want to do anything with us as a family and just falls asleep on the couch. Me? I never nap. Because I make a point to go to sleep when I’m tired. He always has headaches and stomach issues, and I’m certain it’s because he is so dang tired but won’t prioritize rest. He will complain about being tired but stays up late to play video games.
This morning he woke me up as he was leaving work, I said “have a good day, I love you”. He said I love you back, but was angry I turned back around to go back to sleep. He wanted me to get up. (And do what exactly?) I just don’t get why. Can someone offer any insight? Why does my husband not want me to sleep?
submitted by lioncrab to Marriage [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 14:35 meenateena Corgi eating rabbit poop

Good morning all, our one year old Corgi ( male) is now all of a sudden eating rabbit poop he finds in the yard. We walk the yard looking everywhere for it so we can make sure to get rid of it. He has found it twice in the past two weeks and throws up afterwards. Has anyone else experienced this before and is this dangerous? Don’t know how to handle this one. 😮
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2023.06.05 14:35 Rare_Top_1707 Extra hours?

Did everyone get an extra hours email for this week? I have been, but didn’t get one for this current week. 😕
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