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Find a Grave is the best place on the internet to look for burial and other final disposition information for your family, friends and famous people. The site provides tools that let people from all over the world work together, share information and build an online, virtual cemetery experience. Find a Grave's mission is to help people from all over the world work together to find, record and present final disposition information as a virtual cemetery experience.

2009.10.14 00:48 Attunement /r/GuildWars2: Farewell EoD

Welcome to /GuildWars2 where we strive to be a place where you can share your Guild Wars 2 experiences and partake in discussions with players from around the world.

2018.02.08 18:12 EccentricBai Bollywood Gossip Hub

Welcome to world of Bollywood Gossip This is a Community to discuss Gossip around Bollywood and its stars. We also crack Bollywood Blind items published on popular portals. We don't post original Blinds. We simply discuss and dissect them. Discuss Rumors, Chinese whispers and everything else related to Bollywood celebs and movies. This Sub is not a Fanclub. It is not for people who want to hear only good things about their favourite BW stars. Beware, no one is spared on this Sub

2023.06.06 15:32 RementoMori 35 [M4F] New York - Seeking Genuine Connection

Hello everyone and thanks for visiting my post! My name is John and I am a litigation attorney from the great state of New York. Don't assume that I mean New York City either. There is a whole wide world of New York out there that doesn't revolve around the five boroughs!
I have my life together and am at a point where I want to share it with someone special!
I have a wide variety of hobbies and I am always trying to learn new things and hear about the passions that other people have. I enjoy reading, writing, bike riding, hiking, visiting new places and road trips to name a few!
I am also caring, a great listener, a hopeless romantic and can reach things on high shelves for you.
I am not immune or ignorant to the fact that physical attraction is an important facet of any potential relationship. For me, I am 6'5, blonde hair, blue eyes and on the huskier [though height/weight proportionate] side of things. I am happy to exchange verification pictures so we can both prove we aren't Nigerian princes and princesses.
I have heard all the height comments before. So, before you ask, the air is better up here, I did play basketball and you have most definitely nearly decapitated me with your umbrella during a heavy rain storm.
I am aware this is Reddit and so my expectations are low, but I am still optimistic! Ideally, I am looking for a long-term relationship. If it ends up that I make some new friends? Great! But, my focus is on establishing something for the long haul. I would ask that you at least be in the EST time zone or be willing or heading to New York in the near future!
So, you've read this far [I hope]. You want to message me, but you don't know what to say? Tell me about yourself! Tell me the last book you read, movie you watched. Tell me your favorite hobby. Tell me something funny that happened to you this week. Tell me how you're even feeling at the moment. I'm sure we will find some common ground and potentially the start of something truly special.
It also wouldn't hurt to send a picture of yourself in the opening message and I will do the same. At the very least, a physical description of yourself would be great!
I would be remiss if I didn't mention my patent pending anti-ghosting policy. Look, I understand real life can get in the way of fun Reddit messaging. I know the anonymity of the keyboard can make it feel like you're not even talking to another person. But, we are both people. If, for whatever reason, you're just not feeling it, just say so! We can part ways amicably and wish each other well.
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Sincerely, John
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2023.06.06 15:32 oui-oui-mon-ami Subset size error?

Subset size error?
Hi all! This is my first time working with real data for a thesis and even though I thought I could manage with my basic R knowledge, I've stumbled upon a very annoying error that I just can't get out of the way.
I'm looking into data about smokers who have and have not relapsed. I've been trying to look at the data for just the not-relapsed population, using indexing the "simple" way it was taught to me, but I keep getting this frustrating error:
My dataset has 30 variables with 76 observations.
It does the same thing for other variables that I've tried to index or if I don't put it into an object (notrelapsed), but it doesn't when I use it in longer syntax:
summary ($column .... )[data$Relapse_FU2_Clean == "0"]))
works just fine.
I've tried to look up an answer online but I can't find anything that makes it clear to me. I also ran slang::last_trace() but it didn't elucidate anything for me. Is there anyone that could help me out? Thanks so much in advance!
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2023.06.06 15:31 karlyip Question about IME Exemption for Inland PR Application

Hello fellow redditors,
I’m hoping to find some guidance regarding my immigration medical examination (IME).
A bit of background: I completed my IME in Hong Kong in April 2021. In November 2022, I submitted my Inland PR application but forgot to include my IME details. Recently, I’ve received a request for my IME.
Given the current temporary policies, I believe I may be eligible for an IME exemption and wonder if I can submit my previous IME information in place of a new examination via WebForm.
Has anyone faced a similar situation or could shed some light on this matter?
I’d appreciate any insights or experiences you could share.
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.06 15:31 RiskyBiscuits150 I'm so confused - pregnancy of unknown location

I am hoping to find someone who might have experienced something similar to me but it feels like a long shot.
I tested positive on 15th May. It was the month after an egg retrieval, but before we had done a transfer. It felt like a miracle. I've had two previous losses so got my hCG checked and initially it was going up, but only doubling every 60-68 hours and overall was quite low. I had a scan at what should have been 5w3d by my ovulation date (which I am sure of) and they couldn't see anything at all, not even a gestational sac. They kept checking my hCG and it was doubling at 60 hours, then 99 hours then 270 hours and finally 171 hours.
I was scanned again on Friday (6w) and there was still nothing visible in the womb and only a very small collection of fluid near my right ovary that suggested possible ectopic. They carried on taking hCG over the weekend and scanned me again yesterday morning (Monday). This time they said there was a definite ectopic pregnancy at the top of my right tube. They showed me it on screen and measured it, saying it was 2cm. By this time my hCG was 3249 (far too low for 6w3d but still rising).
I was given the option methotrexate or surgery and chose surgery as they said the tube was almost definitely damaged and it would be a definitive resolution. They got in there, and to my surprise found absolutely nothing. No ectopic, both tubes looked fine externally, there was a tiny bit of endometriosis but that was all. My uterus is enlarged consistent with a pregnancy of 6-8 weeks (they've written this in my notes).
They now want me to come back in on Friday for a further scan. The diagnosis right now is missed miscarriage. Can hCG keep on going up with a missed miscarriage? I have had no bleeding at all, and still have sore boobs which have been my only symptom so far, but I know all that can be normal for a MMC.
I know this pregnancy is almost certainly not viable. I am concerned though that they have stopped me taking heparin, aspirin and progesterone that I would need to support a pregnancy as I have antiphospholipid syndrome. In the absence of a definitive diagnosis I wonder if I should keep taking them.
Has anyone else been in this situation? I'm not looking for success stories as I don't think this possibly can be one, but right now I feel like a medical mystery.
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2023.06.06 15:31 ModsRVirgins Why are my coworkers so annoying? How should I deal with them?

At my job, I sit between two guys that annoy me. The rest of my coworkers are great, but I just happen to sit between two of my least favorite ones. The one on my right is nosy and always seems to want my attention. I notice him staring at me in my peripheral vision. It WEIRD. He always acts like I want to talk to him when I don’t. I’m not the only person he does this too though. When I come into work, I don’t want to speak to them about anything unless it’s strictly work related. He insists on showing me stupid memes that I don’t ever find funny. I just pretend it’s funny to not offend him.
The one on my left is some kind of compulsive liar. He has a weird sense of humor. He’s a little less annoying than the guy on my right but both of them are best friends and have gone over coworkers heads to complain about them to the supervisor to make people look bad. They’re both the newest workers at my job site. The one on the right got the other one the job here so they are like butt buddies.
I’m sick of sitting between these dumbasses. I’m going to come up with a way to change where I sit but when we go out in the field, i can’t avoid them. Has anyone else had to deal with grown up children like these guys? Did you find a way to cope with them? I get to work and every single morning just gets ruined by how little self awareness these dumbasses seem to have.
I’m really just posting this to vent but any feedback is appreciated.
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2023.06.06 15:31 chainek Student loans and child support

Hi, I'm panicking.
Situation: I make $23/hour 40 hours per week After child support I make $16,000/year (this is under the federal poverty line right?) I've lost medicaid because they calculate based on gross instead of net I cannot afford health insurance through work Student loans are getting unpaused..
Does student loan income-based repayments calculate before or after they take child support out of me? If they calculate it before, well then they assume I have money that I do not.. I already cannot get healthcare.. I think I ruptured my fucking appendix like 3 weeks ago.. I live in a trailer.. I can't afford a used car because of my credit. a 1 bedroom apartment is too expensive.
If they calculate loan repayments based on my net, then I should be ok (until my appendix kills me.. but this is america, can't expect too much)
I was working for the public schools for three years but they fired me when I told them I can't afford a car anymore. Now I might lose my WFH job because I'm begging HR to find a way to give me health insurance.
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2023.06.06 15:31 Ok_Fudge_9250 Life events brought back unprocessed feelings surrounding my brother's attempted overdose and now I'm feeling extremely suicide again

I (16m) had to talk a friend out of a suicide attempt via medication last week which accidentally brought back feelings to do with my own brother's OD 2 years back. I don't know how to keep functioning generally and the feelings aren't making it any better. I can't support my friends right now which makes me useless even though they've been theough far worse shit than I have, same with my family members who are currently stuck in a war zone and I'm safe but just very weak. Exams are in less than 2 weeks but i can't work at all and am stressed out of my mind. My family has been acting fine lately which is making me feel like everything they've ever done in the past doesn't matter anymore and I should just be fine and it wasn't that bad anyway, why can't I function. I'm half planning on trying to find a way to off myself with some sort of drugs or something if I can find something that works well enough. I don't know what the fuck is happening but i can't cope at all and unsure how to survive theough this.
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2023.06.06 15:31 Aries-Baby-11 Is there a sub to find info of how to pull home videos from a disc to digital form?

Is there a sub to find info of how to pull home videos from a disc to digital form? VHS were already put into disc form previously, now need to go from disc to digital video. Thanks.
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2023.06.06 15:31 the_evness [Request][] Diablo 4

Hi all, this is my first time requesting a game from this subreddit. I don’t typically have much need to ask for anything. I have been lucky through most of my life to be able to provide for myself and my family, however I have recently been evacuated from my house due to a forest fire. We are lucky that our house is still standing, as over 75% of house on our block have been a total loss, and we are the only one standing in our cul du sac. My child’s daycare has also burned to the ground, and our area was already in a childcare crisis. With that being said our house is severely damaged and it will be months before we will be allowed to return to it. We have insurance but we still have many expenses not covered by it, and our bills are mounting. This leave me unable to responsibly purchase this game. While my situation will improve over time, I had been really looking forward to this game, I had even booked time off work to play a new release for the first time ever.
I have been playing the Diablo franchise since it’s inception. I spent many hours playing the demo of Diablo, replaying those first two floors over and over with my brother. In Grade 9 I convinced my parents to buy me Diablo 2 for Easter, and D2 is still probably my most played game ever. My favorite build was a Necromancer running around with as many skeletons as the game would allow(or more frequently what my pc would allow). I was a day 1 player of D3, with it being one of the first games I played with my now wife, with me being a witch doctor main with her sorcerer. I did get back into D2 with the remaster launch, but I will admit I had a harder time getting back into it. While I enjoyed the game and the nostalgia it brought, I also had a newborn and decided to go back to school, so that was more not having. The time to enjoy.
I appreciate you reading this far and will be eternally grateful if gifted this game. We are lucky to still have our house, but it will be a long time before life returns to normal for us. Our neighborhood will be years before it is rebuilt, and we are all trying to find a small slice of normalcy. Adding a satellite image showing what is burned in relation to my neighborhood to show the extent of the damage. An article about the fire as well name
sixDQcoupons #1451
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2023.06.06 15:31 FireGlo72 Misprinted Pokédex

Misprinted Pokédex
I’m round my friend’s house and he’s shown me his old Official Kanto Guide and National Pokédex, and the cover is on the wrong way round. The glossy finish is also incorrectly stuck on, and the book is in good condition. We were thinking what the value could be, as we can’t find anything remotely similar online. See pictures
P.S. you can see where the gold borders are that should be on the front in the images as well.
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2023.06.06 15:31 Deathspade187 Fruit in carboy

I'm using a carboy for fermentation and don't own a wide mouth bubbler, every day I've been trying to push down and mix the fruit so it's all incorporated and doesn't rot. Is there a good tool to do this? I can't find anything effective that'll fit the neck of the fermenter
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2023.06.06 15:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Leevi Eerola – Lead Gen 2.0 University (

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2023.06.06 15:30 Caryaati08 Dubai Car Rental Near Me

Dubai Car Rental Near Me
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Dubai Car Rental Near Me
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2023.06.06 15:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] The Federal Code Government by Jason White (

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2023.06.06 15:30 k3y2b what could’ve been wrong with my kitten?

this is a little long but please read if you think u could help me find out.
I’m unaware of her exact age but it was said to be around 6 weeks, she was a female calico and I’m unsure of her body weight but she seemed pretty thin.
so this happened in October but i never really got an answer on what could’ve happened to her.. so I thought I’d ask here. so like I said in October (on Halloween actually) I had plans to pick up a calico kitten. I had gotten pictures of her the night before and she looked completely healthy and normal. when I opened the door a guy handed me a bag with a towel and a kitten in it. found that weird but I went to the car n put the bag on the car floor to take her out, immediately I was scared because one of her eyes was completely red. there was no pupil it looked as if it was completely filled up with blood or just damaged. one of her eyes had a little bit of red in it, very concerning but wasn’t as bad. I put her on my lap n quickly found out she was struggling to breathe, there as mucus coming out of her nose really bad, she would go into sneezing fits and there was just sm mucus stopping her from breathing, and u could hear how stuffed her nose was. I had no idea if she was able to see in her left eye, but it literally looked like a completely red marble. she wasn’t panting or anything, she honestly looked like she had no energy and there were a couple times in the span of 30 min where I thought she stopped breathing because her heart beats were so slow. I kept my hand near her heart to make sure and it didn’t feel like it was a normal pace. she just seemed so weak I felt terrible. me and my mom drove to one of the only vets near us and they looked at her and said they weren’t an emergency vet so they wouldn’t be able to take care of her but basically told us it didn’t look good. she ended up dying so I never got an answer on what could’ve happened. if these symptoms sound familiar to anyone please lmk.
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2023.06.06 15:30 Easy-Discipline-7521 Texting anxiety

I think I have texting anxiety because I either don't want to text at all but if I do then I get really anxious thinking that the other person doesn't want to text me or I just start thinking about it and I can't do anything else until they reply. I usually deal with this problem by not texting 😂 but obviously texting is necessary to start a relationship and continue it especially if that person is not near you. I just feel really awkward about all of these small things you are supposed to do in dating like texting and going on dates and paying for meals and things. I don't know how to behave and I don't know how to talk about it so I just get really anxious and I think my main response is to kind of shut down and shut off the other person which makes the other person feel like I'm rejecting them when actually I'm so scared of being rejected that I just completely loose my shit and don't know how to do the most basic things like how hard is it to ask somebody out on a date or text them to ask them how their day was? I think I'm good at the deep stuff like all the deep emotional and conversational and partner things, I'm good at making deep connections with people that match my energy I just feel like in relationships there are some of these steps that I want to be able to do because they're important in a relationship but I don't know how to do them or like how to not get so worked up about these small things? Why am I good at the complicated things and so bad at anything simple that everybody else finds so easy????
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2023.06.06 15:30 global_cat_wizard Loneliness Society [Episode 2]

Loneliness Society [Episode 2]
This is the discussion thread for Loneliness Society [Episode 2]
YouTube links:

[ poster ]
When courier Meena (Nune Woranuch) witnesses Athit (Iang Sittha) struck down in the road, she rushes him to a hospital. There, she's put in a position where she has to lie to the staff about her relationship with the patient. When his family arrives to find Meena caring for him and Athit awakes with no memory of his relationship with Meena, his family readily attributes it to amnesia. His younger brother Than (Joss Way-Ar) is less convinced.
MDL page
Previous threads:
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2023.06.06 15:30 froyoyoz 21 [F4A] lf dreamzen bestie ☻

as a mahiyain makipag interact with fellow dreamzens on twt, hopefully i’ll find someone here huhuhu i’m a jaemin main :>
i don’t have a stan twt since i’m more active in the bns community so yeah i collect photocards and other merch. currently nangungulila from tds2 HAHHAHAHA sabay tayo mag-ipon for encore or tds3 hehehe hopefully ur someone who’s around my age din huhu not that comfy if ur much younger than me ><
most of the dreamzens i’m close with are not really active anymore :( in need of someone constant to talk to about nct dream, merch collecting, and maybe become irl friends too! (i’m within metro manila) feel free to leave me a message whenever :>
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2023.06.06 15:30 ASmugDill More clutter, including inks and pens, arrived from Amazon Japan

More clutter, including inks and pens, arrived from Amazon Japan
These Sailor and TACCIA Sunao-iro inks are new to me; not so all the TACCIA Ukiyo-e inks
Amazon has been playing silly buggers with pricing, on the front, of items sold by Amazon Japan since the weekend just past; most of these weren't even available for ordering except directly from (and paying $$ in international shipping charges) until early last week.
The asking prices of some of these have since come back down, and a couple of them have even dropped below what I paid when I ordered as soon as I had the opportunity. Oh well. On the whole, I think I'm still a few dollars ahead than if I'd waited until this week to order this lot.
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2023.06.06 15:30 Dingo-4580 How to automate sending an email FROM multiple addresses

Hi everyone,
I have found many tutorials combining GoogleForms, GoogleSheets and Apps script to send an email triggered by the submit button but I cannot find a tutorial to send an email FROM multiple email addresses to one single recipient.
The reason why I need a full tutorial is because I am not a programmer at all.
We are organizing a public campaign and we want to raise awareness by sending the same email template from multiple addresses to the same recipient (a major stakeholder in that issue).
Can anyone point to any resources out there?
Thanks a lot for your help.
(I am cross posting this on GoogleForms and sheets as well)
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2023.06.06 15:30 ZeldaMod [TotK] Daily Questions and Answers: Get help Megathread! (06/06/2023)

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TIPS AND QUESTIONS could have spoilers in them! BEWARE ALL THOSE WHO ENTER! Minor spoilers will be below about weapons, bosses, locations, etc. But someone might ask a question regarding a moment that has happened you have not experienced. So please know what you are entering.

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2023.06.06 15:30 Turtle-911 Few games locked on Ps plus game sharing PS5

There are two accounts on my PS5 and the main account has Ps plus deluxe. Until last April game sharing was working fine on all games. From april, some games aren't playable on the other account. When I launch them they redirect me to the store to buy it. But the thing is these games used to run fine but suddenly these few games are redirecting me to the store when I launch on them.
I have tried rebuilding database, turned the console sharing off and on both accounts, logged out and in. Sony support is useless. Basically nothing I did worked so I thought waiting for some time would fix this issue by itself but I still face this issue after a month.
Find it weird that only few games have this issue like Miles morales, Ghost of tsushima, FF7 Remake, Sniper Elite 4 ( I've never played this game ever on any account),etc. The games work on main account. Only the other account is facing this issue but newer ps plus games work fine with game sharing.
Anyone facing the same problem? Any tips to make it work?
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