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Dividend Investing

2009.01.30 19:41 Dividend Investing

A community by and for dividend growth investors. Let's make money together!

2015.05.15 20:14 jewbacabra Discord - Imagine a Place...

Imagine a Place... where you can belong to a school club, a gaming group, or a worldwide art community. Where just you and handful of friends can spend time together. A place that makes it easy to talk every day and hang out more often.

2009.07.28 21:59 Outside: The free-to-play MMO, on reddit

> A subreddit for *Outside*, a free-to-play MMORPG with 8 billion+ active players. ---- *Currently NOT looking for other moderators* ---- > **Guide to good comments/submissions:** >1. Remember, *it's not a bug, it's a feature*. It's a lot more fun to explain something if it isn't written off as a bug. >2. There are no NPCs. Aside from animals, everybody is a "player". >3. The devs are lazy and rarely do much. The game is mostly balanced as it is according to them, th

2023.06.06 14:05 AutoModerator [Download Course] Hollywood VSLs – Eliminate Competition And Maximize Sales (

[Download Course] Hollywood VSLs – Eliminate Competition And Maximize Sales (
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
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2023.06.06 14:05 tehchives Reddit Blackout: What is it, why it’s important, why this mod team prefers to stay lit, and discussion on alternatives for assembly such as Discord and Lemmy.

Good morning everyone! Thanks for being here.

There has been, and continues to be, a growing amount of discussion on this subreddit about a blackout spreading across many communities on Reddit. Many users will have read a bit about it, but here’s a brief TLDR;
Reddit’s API (used by apps, third party services, users, developers) used to be free. Recently, it was announced that it will start to cost something - more than average for similar access with other platforms. Many subreddits are joining in a symbol of protest and will be shutting down for a few days next week.
Broader community access is an important part of growth and open expression. Developers and web tools enabled people to connect with the site, and with their peers, more than they could otherwise. Open API was Reddit’s policy for 15 years.
I want to start by sharing that the mods here don’t make decisions. The community does.
These API policy adjustments herald the need for change. Reddit has been a good tool and platform, but alternatives need to be explored. The number one priority for this team is to ensure that there is always a place for discussion and that the community always has say in what takes place. While we must temper discussion on this sub for now in order to comply with the expectations of Reddit admin, that won’t necessarily be true on alternative platforms.
This post serves as a place to have discussion about Reddit’s API and the Blackout, and more broadly about freedom of access to improve the platforms you use and about censorship from outside and from inside.
We want to serve the community by ensuring that it can continue to grow and share passion for self custody and direct registration with each other.
Self-censorship is still censorship. We are at a crucial time; for direct registration, for the markets, and for investors everywhere. The mod team prefers for this sub to stay open for these reasons.

Top Alternatives


Discord is an established social network which is privately owned and run, and allows for groups to run servers where people can gather and discuss a variety of topics. We have received multiple requests to set up a public discord for the DRSyourGME community and that is a work in progress, and a public access link can be provided in the future.
Although Discord is a simple alternative to set up and is already used by many, there are some issues. Format is significantly different from Reddit, and it is not a clean transition from the engagement we are used to on this platform. Discord can be great to stay connected with people, but isn’t great at spreading content or bringing new content to the surface quickly. More importantly, Discord is just another centralized platform - and that means it still will impose censorship policies, can change those policies at its whim, and can implement them unevenly. Unfortunately, it may just be a matter of time before another move would be needed. Discord is closer to a supplement than a replacement and solution.
Discord can still serve a helpful function in the interim, and help a community stay active and engaged.


Lemmy is a relatively new open-source federated social network. Federated social networks rely on multiple instances being hosted independently, and in this way enable more autonomy and censorship resistance, as compared to a centralized service. You may have previously heard of federated social networks in the context of Mastodon. Whereas Mastodon is approximately a federated version of Twitter, Lemmy is approximately a federated version of Reddit.
Lemmy is open source, and anyone can add to or fork from the code. It will only improve with time. Anyone can host an ‘instance’ of Lemmy, a fork of the site code, on their own server and customize it how they like. Each instance can then have as many ‘communities’ as needed. There is no governing body which can control content, only instance moderators - and moderation logs are public. Instances aren’t connected to each other, and are more like an email account and less like a social network account. To message or post, you need to know the destination (that’s the user or community name) and the instance name (that’s the domain name).
Lemmy for Apes
A number of us have been looking into the possibility of standing up a Lemmy instance for DRS / GME groups. As discussed, this has become an even bigger focus now that so much attention across Reddit is turned towards dissatisfaction around API changes.
However, one blocker for us is around scalability and maintenance concerns. The default configuration provided for a Lemmy instance has everything running on one server. As you can see at, even the most active existing instance has ~1k users per month. A proper ape migration could render the service unusable.
So, [redacted] from our volunteer team has been leading the charge and trying to set up something a bit more scalable, primarily by separating the database service onto a dedicated server. This would allow for more resiliency if a given server host or provider tried to cut off access, would allow for built in upscaling if the instance grows quickly and outpaces what the platform currently is capable of, and would allow for backups to more easily be saved and distributed so users can archive or splinter off if they choose to.
Unfortunately, the first couple of attempts, using Google Cloud SQL, were unsuccessful due to an incompatibility with a specific feature Lemmy uses. We’d like to present a strong solution, not a half baked one, so we’ll keep working on this.

What's Next and How to Help

While we continue to try to set up a Lemmy configuration that we would be comfortable maintaining, our main bottlenecks are time and practice. The volunteer team works on developing these projects in spare evenings and weekends. We would welcome input or help from any apes who would like to contribute and are comfortable setting things up in a cloud provider such as GCP, Azure, DO, or AWS. Please comment here to join the discussion or reach out by DM or modmail if you think you could help with setup.
Although Lemmy has been the focus here and is the choice of the team, there are many other Fediverse platforms which are censorship resilient and could offer a permanent place for the community to gather. This topic would be a great place to share other platforms or ideas for the future if you feel that a different direction would make more sense.
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2023.06.06 14:04 Brontcrab24 Reversed Ghosting With Wavefront Guided Scleral Lenses

I was diagnosed with KC in December 2021. I have had cross-linking in my right eye, with no major progression in the left. I tried Scleral lenses about a year ago, but I did not end up ordering them. When the trial lens were fitted, they were entirely eliminating the ghosting that I would previously have on the bottom of light sources. I would describe my uncorrected ghosting as a 'downwards blur' that can obscure text and objects, especially at night when my pupils are dilated, (this makes sense to me, as more light coming in means more of the irregular cornea is affecting the way the light is entering my visual system). At the time, the trial lenses were reversing the direction of the ghosting, making it so I could see double of objects, and particulary text, across the top, instead of the bottom. The fitter told me that there was no way for him to correct this, but it did not make sense to me, as ghosting along the top is not present at all when I have no lenses in, it is only on the bottom of light sources. Today I got my first set of Wave Front Guided Scleral Lenses, as I did some research, and had read online that this would be my best option for reducing ghosting. When the lenses are inserted, things do look clearer. Objects have more clarity, and there is less of a bright haze obscuring things. The ghosting on the bottom of light sources is entirely eliminated, however, the ghosting along the top of objects, and particulary text, is back, exactly the same as the non-wavefront guided lenses I tried a year ago. This ghosting is much more like 'double vision' and is a much clearer ghost image than my uncorrected bottom ghosting, which is quite transparent and blurred. I have attached an image of what it looks like with the sclerals. Is this due to the fit of the lenses? The fitter told me that the fit is basically perfect, and could not be any better, but it does not make sense to me that this double image along the top is absent when I am not wearing lenses. I am looking for any advice, or if anybody else has experienced this, and how you went about fixing it.
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2023.06.06 14:04 Realistic-Drag-2651 Im scared of never finding the right person.

So first of all I’m 20
My problem is that I very rarely find people interesting enough to date. I dunno if my standards are just high but as an example
I would like someone who does not wear heavy make up and is fit. Ideally attractive aswell. intelligence is also important. No alcohol no smoking. And of course the personality must match with mine.
To me:
My pros/neutrals:
My cons :
Are my standards to high ? Am I delusional ?
What can I do to get over the fear of Never finding the true love of my life. Please help
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2023.06.06 14:04 Tricky-Sport-139 Birthday Party for my 12yo and 9yo

I'm looking for help from other parents. I have 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy. My 2 girls, going to be turning 12 and 9 have birthdays 4 days apart. Normally we go to a venue where there is entertainment. We were planning on having a cookout with some fun outdoor games as this year has been tight financially. Of course it's looking like its going to rain, so now we need to make a plan for inside, in case it does rain. I need some fun and cheap ideas of things we can do so the kids have fun and it's not a boring party. We do have a Nintendo switch that we were thinking of bringing, but only 4 people can play at once, so we figured we'd alternate. Just need some ideas of how to entertain these kids for 4 hours. I'd appreciate any suggestions!
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2023.06.06 14:03 Weak_recovery Job search Oviedo, Orlando(FL)

I completed my CCNA last year as a high school junior and now as a senior I’m moving to Oviedo Orlando for college at UCF. I was hoping to find some work in IT while I’m in college as I do not want to go back to food service and I have a little more free time in my schedule .
However I haven’t had much luck with employers reaching back to me in Orlando does anyone have any advice on how to better search for a position
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2023.06.06 14:03 Batimius Is the Japanese course any good?

Good evening. As you may have guessed from the title, this thread will be based on the Duolingo Japanese course. I will try to make it as short as possible while also providing as much information as possible. This thread is mainly towards targeted to the people who have taken part in this course and have also spoken to / listened to actual native Japanese speakers.

So, first and foremost, it is important to understand that Duolingo is a free application. Even though it is monetized, in the end of the day, it is free, so it is expected for it to not be the most amazing, well-made course there is out there. That said, I wanted to ask for the quality of the course and how well it applies to real-life Japanese.

Duolingo follows (from what I believe) what we call "textbook learning." You will learn what is considered proper grammar and what would be a correct sentence in the specific context. I know this as I also took the Greek Duolingo course for fun (as I was born and raised in Greece), and I did notice that it does follow a textbook approach.
One issue with the textbook approach however, is that it sounds pretty unnatural. From my experience with the Greek course, although the answers were correct, I more often than not answered based on what Duolingo would deem correct rather than what I would actually answer. Still, the majority of the time, the answer that Duolingo expects would be something understandable, just a bit unnatural in common speech.

That said, I have come across a bunch of videos where Japanese people have taken Japanese courses (most of these videos are about a year old though, so I am not sure if they hold true to this day) on Duolingo, and have commented on the fact that a lot of the things said are pretty unnatural and stuff you'd probably never say. Although this isn't a big deal since you are just learning grammar, what is a big deal is pitch accents. I've seen people comment on how the pitch accent of certain words is wrong when the AI says it, and coming from a language that uses accents, I know just how important it is to learn the correct accent, as the wrong accent has a completely different meaning. One exception to this though were Duolingo stories, in which incorrect pitch accents were absent.

Now, since I do not know Japanese myself, I cannot compare the quality of Duolingo and other applications. I do not know what is wrong and what is right, so I just follow what the course says. That means that whatever accent I hear, that is the one that I'll follow and learn. If said accents are incorrect, it will in turn teach me bad practices that would end up having a negative effect on me when it comes to communication, and that is what worries me. Regardless, I am doing this course for fun, so although it won't be the end of the world, it would be a shame if I was learning the wrong things to begin with.

Reaching my final question, I wanted to ask you (and majorly the people who took this course and have talked with native Japanese people or native speakers who spent a good amount of time taking this course) what your opinion is on this course. Is it good that I use this course to learn Japanese or not? Would you recommend I use this course to an extend and move somewhere else, or do you discourage the use of this course altogether? I've seen a lot of criticism regarding Duolingo and learning Japanese from it, but a lot of this is over a year ago, and I do think that Duolingo has changed a bit since then. If someone could answer these questions, maybe tell me the pros and the cons of using Duolingo as a way to learn Japanese, and / or provide me with resources that you would think are helpful for learning Japanese alongside Duolingo (or without Duolingo altogether), that would be amazing. The major point of this post is to assess the quality of the course rather than discuss alternatives, but I'd love to hear other people's opinions and views. Thank you for your time and help, they are truly appreciated.
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2023.06.06 14:03 AutoModerator [Download Course] Bill Walsh – The Objection Box Family (

[Download Course] Bill Walsh – The Objection Box Family (
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.06 14:02 universalseosmm22 Buy Google Voice Accounts

Buy Google Voice Accounts
Buy Google Voice Accounts
Google Voice is a telephone service that provides call forwarding and voicemail services, voice and text messaging, as well as U.S. and international call termination for Google Account customers in the United States. The service was launched on March 11, 2009, after the acquisition of the Grand Central service. Google Voice is a telephone service that provides call forwarding and voicemail services. It was launched in 2009, and is currently available in the United States and Canada. The service allows users to have a single phone number that can be used to route calls to their personal or business phones. Google Voice also offers features such as call blocking, caller ID, voicemail transcripts, and VoIP calling. There are many benefits of using Google Voice for businesses and individuals. For businesses, Google Voice can help reduce costs by eliminating the need for multiple phone lines. It can also help improve customer service by providing a single point of contact for customers. For individuals, Google Voice can provide a convenient way to manage multiple phone numbers. It can also help keep your personal and professional life separate by routing calls to different phones. If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable telephone service, Google Voice is definitely worth considering. You can learn more about the service by visiting the Google Voice website or contacting a customer support representative.

Where Can I Buy Google Voice Accounts?

There is no one-stop shop when it comes to purchasing Google Voice accounts. However, there are a few ways that you can go about obtaining one. The most common method is to simply create a new Google account and then sign up for Voice using that account. You can also port your existing phone number over to Google Voice, though this requires a bit more work on your part. Finally, if you have an Android device, you may be able to use the Google Voice app to create a new account without having to go through the process of creating a new Google account first.

Can You Purchase a Google Voice Number?

If you are in the United States or Canada, you can purchase a Google Voice number. You can also port your existing mobile number to Google Voice.

How Can I Get Google Voice in Bulk?

There is no official way to get Google Voice in bulk. However, there are a few methods that people have used to get around this. One common method is to create multiple Google Accounts and then use each account to sign up for a separate Google Voice number. This can be time-consuming, but it is the most reliable method. Another method is to find someone who already has a Google Voice number and ask them to transfer it to you. This can be difficult, as many people are reluctant to give up their Google Voice number. Finally, you can try using a third-party service such as Grasshopper or Burner, which offer virtual phone numbers that you can use with Google Voice.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Google Voice Number?

If you’re looking to acquire a Google Voice number, the good news is that the service is free. The bad news, however, is that you can only port over an existing landline or mobile number. So if you don’t have a phone number that you can bring to Google Voice, you’re out of luck. As for the process of porting over a number, Google does charge a one-time $3 fee. Once that’s paid, it generally takes anywhere from 24 to 48 hours for the transfer to go through. After that, your old phone number will be permanently attached to your Google account and can be used just like any other Voice number.

Buy Google Voice Number With Bitcoin

Google Voice is a telephone service that provides call forwarding and voicemail services. It was launched by Google in 2009. The service gives users a single phone number that can be used for all of their phone calls. Buy Google Voice numbers can be used to make and receive calls from any phone, as well as to send and receive text messages. Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency, without a central bank or single administrator, that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.

Buy Google Voice Accounts Reddit

Buy Google Voice is a telephone service that provides call forwarding and voicemail services. It was launched in 2009, and is currently available in the United States and Canada. Google Voice allows users to receive calls on their personal telephone numbers, and to make and receive calls from any phone number with a Google Voice account. Users can also use Google Voice to send text messages, place calls over the internet, and access their voicemails online. The service is free to use, but there are fees for calls made to phones outside of the United States or Canada. Google Voice accounts can be used with any phone number, including landlines and mobile phones.

Buy Google Voice Number With Debit Card

There are a few different ways that you can buy Google Voice number, but one of the most convenient methods is to use a debit card. This option allows you to pay for your number using funds that are already in your bank account, and it also means that you won’t have to enter any credit card information into the Google Voice system. Here’s how to buy Google Voice number with a debit card: 1. Go to the Google Voice website and sign in with your Google account. 2. Click on the “Numbers” tab, and then click on the “Get a new number” link. 3. Select the country where you want your new number to be based, and then choose whether you want a local or toll-free number. 4. Enter your payment information into the appropriate fields – when prompted, select “Debit Card” as your payment method. 5. Enter the necessary card details and billing address information, and then click on the “Submit” button to complete your purchase. Once your payment has been processed, you’ll be able to start using your new Google Voice number right away!


If you are looking to buy Google Voice accounts, there are a few things you should know. Google Voice is a VoIP service that allows users to make and receive calls, as well as send and receive text messages, using their own personal phone number. The service is free to use with a valid US or Canadian phone number. However, if you want to use Google Voice with a non-US or Canadian phone number, you will need to purchase a Google Voice account. There are a few benefits of using Google Voice over traditional telephone services. First, Google Voice offers cheaper rates for international calls. Second, it provides users with a single phone number that can be used for both personal and business purposes. Finally, it offers features such as voicemail transcription and call forwarding that can be very useful for business users.
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2023.06.06 14:02 MGK_2 Trust Your Instincts

This is getting to be an important time in many of our lives.
Most are heavily invested. It is becoming more and more serious.
Lets see if we can determine by what Cyrus has said and also, by what he did not say. As you know, I've taken in a lot of what Cyrus has said. I have come to believe that he says/does things in such a way that it allows people to know ahead of time that he is getting ready to do something. This is like reading between the lines. I think it is vitally important to understand what he is saying when he can not open his mouth.
I have said many times that we will know without even being told. The time will be made manifest for those who are watching without a word spoken. This still holds. There won't be any pre-announcement. We will be able to tell by the events taking place around us that the announcement is around the next bend. There won't be any need for a pre-announcement as we will just simply know.
Frequently, in the past, I've mentioned Peace and Safety. Safety must be verified and when it is, Peace is established. I've also said, that around this time when safety is being validated for the sake of peace, that there would be opposition. Cyrus has set up the offensive attack, but now has developed illness and hopefully, he is recovering. He has bolstered his team and they remain stalwart performing appropriate defensive as well as offensive tactics and measures. Arman is saying, that CytoDyn shall get this done on their own. They are not sinking in cowardice requesting assist from any, or looking for a buy out. They shall achieve this alone. There is none whom he may count on. Name one.
Cyrus now sits away from the action, separated, on MLOA, with Migliarese technically as acting President. Yes, Antonio can sign on the dotted line if/when necessary. Is AM making the decisions or calling the shots? Here Antonio describes his sentiment in hiring Cyrus, "14:01 Antonio Migliarese: Brief Update on legal and financial issues. I had the opportunity to spend a quite a bit of time with Cyrus over the past couple of months. Cyrus was by far, the most impressive candidate, not just by intellect, and character perspective. After personally sitting in the Interim President role for the past 5 months, and experiencing 1st hand what skills the company will most benefit from, I'm confident that Cyrus has the perfect skill set and track record which CytoDyn needs today, to advance the organization to the next level. He is a person of high moral integrity making him a strong leader, in addition, the company will greatly and immediately benefit from Cyrus' strategic ability in maximizing value regarding ranking various opportunities, indications, determining the clinical development path forward to advance the indication and identifying partners to fund and advance the program. He is also a great fit as he has the experience in working in Big Pharma, but is very entrepreneurial, and has thrived at growing organizations, which is the key to being successful at a pre-revenue biotech startup organization such as CytoDyn. I am quite excited that Cyrus will be leading CytoDyn into the future."
I can assure you, Cyrus knows how to use a phone. Remember, Cyrus is skilled in simulation tactics.
Here, in 6/30/22 Conference Call , Tanya Urbach, Board Chair, introduced Cyrus as such, "One candidate immediately separated himself from the competition. Particularly, with respect to thorough to the level of due diligence he brought to bear on the opportunity. He personally spent countless hours meeting with management in reviewing and assessing the data in an effort to understand Leronlimab's potential, the business and the existing management core capability. Further, as he proceeded through his interview process, it became clear, that he is the embodiment of each of the attributes the committee sought and that's exactly what we believe this company needs to take it to its next level.
Antonio Migliarese, who has served as Interim President as well as CFO since late January, will continue to serve as Chief Financial Officer. Dr. Arman employment with CytoDyn will begin July 9, 2022. Dr. Arman is reputed to be an exceptional 1st principle thinker, able to work both scientific and commercial considerations to evaluate probabilities of success in sizing the market to develop different criteria's for forced ranking opportunities. Throughout his career, he has repeatedly led wargame events, where clients had to role play as their own competitors in an effort to understand how their decisions fit in the larger context of their market. He is known to be a quick learner, to be analytical and methodical in thought processes, a tireless worker and to have an incomparable sense of duty. The board could not be more excited about Dr. Arman's incoming leadership and he has our unanimous full support."
In 9/28/22 Conference Call , Scott Kelly said, "21:19 Scott Kelly: Thank you Cyrus. Before I begin introducing the new Scientific Advisory Board Members, I want to address a current question I received from investors regarding our new leadership. You know, when we first began our search for our new CEO, the BODs at CytoDyn was focused on finding a unique individual with experience in corporate strategy in development of capital markets, licensing agreements, corporate governance with a firm scientific background and the ability to be a strategic thinker. We needed someone who not only would understand the potential of leronlimab, but would execute on those opportunities. We believe we have found that person in Dr. Arman. I work with Dr. Arman on a daily basis. He is an analytical and methodical thinker. He is focused and he works tirelessly. He has a unique ability to understand the science, but can switch on a moments notice to evaluate the business principles to support further advancement of an idea into a clear clinical path forward. He has chosen leronlimab after much due diligence. We believe leronlimab is now in the best of hands. One of the things that Dr. Arman and I agree on wholeheartedly, is to focus and surround ourselves with people that we believe will make leronlimab a success with our current focus and initiatives. Under the leadership of Dr. Arman, I can tell you, we believe our team has never been stronger, and the work we are currently doing is placing CytoDyn and leronlimab on the best potential path for success."
The work Cyrus Arman put into getting this hold lifted has consumed the majority of his first year with the company. I shouldn't have to get into everything that was done, but it was a Major, Major effort. Cyrus brought in the big guns. He brought in (4) External Auditors versed in FDA rules and regulations. In fact, they were comprised of prior FDA regulators. The Raw data was aggregated, validated and verified. The Investigational Brochure was updated and submitted in September of 2022. The Development Safety Update Report was submitted in October of 2022. The Safety Management and PharmacoVigilance Plan was submitted in November of 2022. The Aggregate Safety Analysis Plan and the Benefits / Risk Analysis Assessment were submitted around Valentine's Day of 2023. Remember, these documents are massive. This was an "All hands on deck effort" taking place.
Cyrus completely revised his Board of Directors to that of an Independent Board of Directors. His Strategic Advisory Board of Experts are also Independent. He set him self up with all the appropriate persons he needs to operate however he needs to operate to get this task accomplished. Everyone remains except him. Everyone continues in the way they were, but he is officially out of the picture right now, you know, on paper.
As this was an all hands on deck effort, the majority of his team's work remains defensive and continuing to answer questions and provide more clarity. Some though, do work with Cyrus on the offensive. Possibly then, shareholders can assimilate the take home message, that with his illness, his offensive attack is complete, in stands and waits only for the hold to lift. If we read between the lines, Cyrus, recovering from his illness, we can be assured that his offensive work in collaborations and with his Scientific Board of Expert Advisors is locked and loaded, ready for AM to sign into action even while he recovers. He can rest easy, and get healthy again, knowing assuredly, that his offensive work for Phase 1 is done, such that once the hold lifts, CytoDyn will be ready to move forward on all fronts.
It appears as if our President is sick, that all his efforts took a toll on him, and I wish him the very best. Yes, that is possible. Get well Cyrus, but don't let me influence you in any way. Continue in the way which you know gets your goals accomplished. Discuss your plans with SAB, instruct your team, and keep them on the right path, aligned with your goals. Trust your instincts. As we have seen, CytoDyn does this alone and regardless of what obstacle is thrown before it, in the end, it emerges exultant.
I can be wrong. Yes, I can be wrong. Hospital beds. Good place to plan though. Good place to strategize. Just saying. Scenarios playing out. Practicing and pre-determining outcomes. Warring machine in the bunker, in the command center, the scenario he seeks takes place because he practiced it out already. He has seen it unfold already, just as he planned it would happen and if it didn't work out precisely, he worked in his back up plans. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.
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2023.06.06 14:02 QuiscoverFontaine It is a Sin to Tell Falsehoods

I have spoken to the Abbess on several occasions about Sister Caterina but nothing has been done. The last time I raised my objections, the Abbess told me that envy was a grievous sin and that I should pray on it. Such accusations! Oh, indeed I shall pray, but for the sanctity of this convent and Sister Caterina’s soul, if she is even in possession of one.
I will concede that she does make the finest lace of all of us and the delicacy of her stitching is not betrayed by the swiftness of her needle. Before her arrival, there had, perhaps, been some who had said my lace was the envy of all of Venice, but such praise mattered little to me.
Would that I were able to speak more on the better qualities of Sister Caterina, but alas. It is a sin to tell falsehoods.
I have never known her to rouse herself for Lauds and I have seen her face at Prime less and less of late. It seems she values her rest even more than another opportunity to regale us all with her reedy singing.
She has been seen drunk about the convent on diverse occasions. Sister Diodata told me that Sister Caterina keeps good Tuscan wine in her cell and offers a nipperkin or three of it to any of the sisters who might return the kindness.
She is never to be seen wearing our holy vestments. Instead, she keeps her hair uncovered and wears the latest fashions; gowns adorned with golden embroidery and sleeves dripping in lace as though she were a guest at the palace. This behaviour has caught the attention of the younger initiates, and it shall not be long before a revolution is upon us.
This turn of events should come as no great surprise to any of us.
Indeed, not the other day when I was tending to the gardens, Sister Caterina came over only to cast disdain upon my labours. ‘Walnuts and pears you plant for your heirs,’ she said to me in most arrogant tones before sailing away again. I initially thought it a most ignorant comment, for I was merely turning the soil (which is why you will find the ground behind the dormitories so unsettled at present). On later reflection, it seems to me this was a judgement on a life of sincere and holy servitude and that she expects to make no such contributions to our community.
At dinner one evening I could not help but notice that our allowance of bread was much less than usual. Sister Ippolita informed me that Sister Caterina had used up a great deal of the convent’s store of flour baking a great number of cakes as gifts for her family. The converse sisters in the kitchens—I do not know their names—confirmed this but also confided in me that Sister Caterina had baked small slips of paper into every cake.
Then, when yet again she was holding up her lacework and proclaiming it so fine as to be the work of angels upon this earth, I could not help but notice the faint web of letters worked into the stitching. I could not catch their meaning, but it is evident that she intended it as yet another devious means of communication with those outside of these walls.
When I brought up these digressions with the Abbess, she told me that His Serenity Domenico II would like rather more than humility and prayer in return for his favour, and so some concessions must be made regarding the daughters of patrician families. I told her not to forget that the Doge’s influence was certainly not greater than that of the Lord above. She told me that doubt is the origin of wisdom. I told her that went against the very nature of faith. She told me I would do well to better attend to my own piety and allow her to handle the politics.
So, truly, it came as no great surprise that she escaped. I was the only one who saw her leave. I was returning to my cell after collecting a new candle to prolong my nightly studies of the scared scriptures when I spied strangers helping her to climb up and over the convent walls and away.
Indeed, my cell is not close to any part of the outer wall, but I heard scuffling and raised voices and endeavoured to investigate.
Alas, no, I do not believe I could identify them. Their faces were lost to the darkness.
And I concede I should not have waited until morning before bringing it to the Abbess’s attention, but she had made her position quite clear.
It is all quite true, I promise you. It is a sin to tell falsehoods.
Original here.
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2023.06.06 14:02 albaniaaaaaaaaaaa How do you find purpose and fulfillment in life?

I want to first say that I have been to various kinds of professionals/therapy that has provided little to no help. I am bipolar, but medicated and stable for over 10 years.
Some background about me: I am a 34 year old male living in the United States. I am an engineer with an advanced degree making a great salary and have great job security. I am married and happy in my marriage. Our only debt is a mortgage on a great home. I have a decent relationship with my family and my wife’s family. We do not have children, but are tying currently. My health is in decent shape, I frequent the gym daily and am trying to drop my last 25lbs I gained from a severe injury several years ago that lead to quite a bit of weight gain. My health overall is decent.
Now the problem I am facing: I feel as if my life is empty in general. I feel overwhelmed by the state of the world and feel as if there is a negative information overload that causes me to live in fear of the future. I feel as if I am just going through the motions of my personal life trying to better my life, but I am unhappy in my career and I feel as if I work only to make money to make life less of a struggle and less painful. It seems as if I am trying to make my march towards the end of my life (as in aging and dying naturally) just as painless as possible. I feel like I have lived my whole life without any real purpose and feel unfulfilled and I don’t really understand why. I don’t really have much to complain about in terms of life struggles, but it just feels like I live life cuz I have to without fulfillment. I can’t seem to find hobbies I truly like beyond video games and the gym. I just don’t know how to find purpose that will lead to fulfillment in my life and I feel like something is wrong with me because of it.
Edit 1: I apologize if this seems like just rambling but I just kind of wanted to put out there an off the cuff thought about how I am feeling so it was more real than curated.
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2023.06.06 14:02 Illustrious-Grass102 Hearthstone is in the much better shape now than what it used to be in 2016-2017 “golden age” and here’s why

First part of the post is presenting arguments and in the end I will explain why the popularity has actually declined. Let me begin by saying that I played a LOT during the early era of HS, the most during Old Gods, Gadgeztan, Ungoro, Knights of the Frozen Throne etc. The time that is now considered to be “the golden age”. So everything that I’m about to tell I have experienced and witnessed
1.Randomness, “nowadays the game feels like everything depends on random card generation”. Indeed, in the older times you didn’t have so much card generation effects. Instead specific rng cards were present like knife juggler, mage’s flamewalker and others, which is arguably a worse way of diversifying games. Because you couldn’t impact the specific rng effects whatsoever. Juggler would either hit a target you want or not, old lightning storm would either kill 3 health minions or not. Yogg-Saron is the prime example of such effects. He could literally win you the game straight up or kill you or do absolutely nothing, it’s random! It’s a fun card to recall now but it was just ridiculous from a competitive standpoint. Whereas contemporary card generating effects almost always give you a room to predict your opponent’s pick and make the correct/best move. For example Hipster only gives your opponent spells that are not in your deck, thus giving a limited number of cards to play around. Rogue concoction mechanic only provides a handful effects to choose, so you can and should anticipate your opponent’s future move and play accordingly. Or DH Taste of Chaos only allows them to discover a Fel spell which again you can anticipate and play around. 2.Balance changes and updates. In older HS you had one deck(undertaker hunter, aggro shaman with patches, pirate warrior you name it) that was clearly better than the other ones and was dominating standard for months! Blizzard made changes very rarely and that lead to cards like Patches the Pirate being unnerfed for almost a year! And that year was 2017. Nowadays they change cards more frequent. We have minisets between expansions that keep the game fresh. And they even buff cards that are too weak! Something that was unheard of with previous development teams. 3.Diversity. Over the years we’ve received many new cool game modes. Classic which is fun to try and find out just how powerful Rogue was. Duels that is completely broken but that’s kind of the point. Free adventures with dungeon runs and lore. Battlegrounds that are awesome and live their own life. Man, in earlier HS there were arena, standard(that was more stagnant), paid adventures and wild, that’s it. When it comes to meta. Nowadays it’s quite difficult to pinpoint the universally best deck in the ladder. Due to the frequent updates the game feels fresh and meta is constantly evolving. With 11 classes meta is more balanced and way more diverse than what it used to be. 4.Economy. I’m sure nobody will argue that it has improved. The current battle pass system allows you to play any game mode you want and still earn resources which is great
“Ok then, if Hearthstone is better now why the popularity has declined so much?” If you haven’t noticed the decline in player count has been happening not only in HS but all over the online card game industry. Gwent that was my favourite ccg and that people used to call “the killer of hearthstone” no joke, has f*cking died! Runeterra also a great game had its peak in 2020 then declined. Marvel Snap had a successful release, now it’s sort of stagnated. Why? Maybe ccg is just a doomed genre? No, but it’s a very niche one. When Hearthstone first released it was a phenomenon. The super high quality online card game like no other from Blizzard! Remember, in 2013 Blizzard was one of the most greatest gaming companies in the industry. Their name alone attracted a huge mass of people. The World of Warcraft was more popular than ever and Hearthstone being in the same universe played in advantage. And most importantly Hearthstone was the first online ccg on such a scale. The hype was immense and other studios began creating their own card games. Hearthstone began skyrocketing in players, that in turn attracted streamers and content creators, which allowed to make a big community that created videos, guides, memes etc. all of which spread through the internet and attracted even more new players. A lot of whom weren’t really big fans of the genre. They were just riding the hype train and trying the big new thing. After a couple of years the hype had faded away and the reality came into view. Collectible card games are just inherently not as attractive to people as shooters, mobas, mmos and other more popular video games genres. So naturally there came the decline. It was approximately from 2018 to 2021. Some games have survived some haven’t(RIP Gwent). But in 2022 Hearthstones actually stabilised. And since then it began slowly growing in numbers again. Card games found their player base and are rising again.
“Ok, ok, but why do I FEEL the game was better back then?” - It’s nostalgia
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2023.06.06 14:02 Fantastic-Drop5263 I feel really left out and don’t know what to do

For context I [M20] am in a new city for an internship this summer along with about 25 other interns. I struggle a lot with confidence, so going into it I was already very nervous with how I am going to interact with people.
So far it feels like I am someone who is only invited to hangouts sometimes, at work I always hear about how this group is hanging out everyday doing stuff, they made their own group chat. The part that makes me feel isolated is that I work with them, so at my desk I’m always hearing them talk about how much fun they had. They’re all 21 and I’m 20 so they go out to drink a lot and they’re always talking about how fun of a night they had at the bar.
I’d like to be closer friends with them but it feels so difficult to click with anyone, whenever there is a conversation I feel awkward, like I have nothing to contribute. I like to make jokes a lot, but it seems like many of my jokes just are missed or they don’t get it. I get interrupted a lot when I speak. Even when they are talking amongst eachother they rarely look at me when speaking.
I thought that maybe they had formed a group and it was close knit and that’s it, but I did have another friend John [M21] and convinced him to come with me to hang out with the intern group, he got along with them really well and was invited to drink with them the next day. When we got back to work I heard everyone talk about how much fun it was to hang with John and then talked so much about he made everyone’s night. I realize it’s not reasonable, but that reaction made me feel even more left out.
It felt like there was something wrong with me that was causing me to not get along with these people. I know everyone says to just be yourself, but being myself brought me these awkward situations and put me where I am now. I don’t want to spend my summer alone, and I don’t necessarily want to hang out every night, but it is difficult to constantly hear about what people were doing. I’d like to avoid feeling like I’m inviting myself to anything.
I have no idea how to move forward and I’ve been feeling really shitty. Do I just keep being myself and see what happens? Do I keep trying to make contact with everyone? I tend to compare myself to people way too much so I think I’ve idolized a lot of the other interns to the point that I’m nervous and feel that they are better than me.
I’m sorry my words aren’t concise, but I’m typing this out in the midst of a depressive episode right before bed, any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks
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2023.06.06 14:01 jellosquare 31 [M4F] OH - Just beat the new Zelda and… eh

Oof tough world, still worth a shot. Big thing up front is being a Christian and looking for like wise. Almost each time I try this I’m accosted by some sort of phishing account. Please be real? Stuff about me : Pretty hair and prettier eyes. Why do I say it? I've heard it all my life. I have RBF and can come off as monotone. Just my personality. I’m probably just thinking of something. If anything I have goofy thoughts of cartoons and monsters in my head, so I’m never really thinking of anything serious or worth noting. I like to draw and write up little horror story ideas. Board games, video games, arts and crafts stuff. When it's warm I go out and ride my bike a bunch. 420 friendly. Christian guy who often goes on rants about things I find interesting in my theology. Crazy sweet tooth and I love me some candy and ice cream. Addicted to soda and need to stop really. I'm certain there's so much more to me. Other than me having a big tongue. Not looking to be a dad Or stepdad. I have no kids and currently where I am in life, I’m not looking to have any. Also worth noting, I don’t have a career or a great job currently. Life does its thing and I’m hanging on. What I'm looking for : A nice woman who is also a christian, has no kids and thinks I'm pretty cool. I'd like for someone to have similar interests but it's hard to say really. After all, I'm not about to walk into Build a Bitch. Unapologetically I do like larger women. Me: How about you? What’cha do, what ya like? Like horror movies and sweets and bonfires?
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2023.06.06 14:01 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Stirling Cooper Courses – Complete Bundle CHEAP!!! DM me for further information Discord Server with all courses 99% OFF original price Quick Sale Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG Discord: PLIATSIK#0227

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2023.06.06 14:01 AutoModerator [I HAVE] Stirling Cooper Courses – Complete Bundle CHEAP!!! DM me for further information Discord Server with all courses 99% OFF original price Quick Sale Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG Discord: PLIATSIK#0227

The Courses include:

• Sexual Dominance Escalation Course
• Dirty Talk Course
• The Ultimate Guide to Performance Anxiety
• How I Grew My Penis and Other Industry Secrets
• How To Seal The Deal Book
• Preventing Premature Ejaculation
• 5 Subtle Mistakes Men Make In The Bedroom and How To Fix Them

You can find all of them on - Our Discord Server
Discord: PLIATSIK#0227
Telegram: t. me/PliatsikG (Remove the space between "t." and "me" for the link to work properly or search directly for my telegram name: PliatsikG).

100+ Vouches from clients
1100+ Members on our Discord Server
20+ TB of rare and known courses
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2023.06.06 14:01 nerdsnuggles Any way to secure bottles while walking around and pumping?

I'm 4 months into EPing and I've had the bottles fall off the flanges a couple of times while pumping and trying to move around. I just got a Baby Buddha and it's now much easier to move around than it was while carrying my Spectra in one hand, but I'm still afraid of losing a bottle. I almost obsessively press them back onto the flanges every time I change position.
I've looked into the in-bra collection cups, but I need to use my Pumpin Pals flanges since they're the only ones that don't hurt. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to secure the bottles better so there's no chance of them falling off? Or are there any in-bra type options that I can still use my Pumpin Pals with?
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2023.06.06 14:01 Azurite87 6750xt or wait for RDNA 3

Ok so heres the situation, i wanted to treat myself for my birthday and im planning on getting a new GPU
After a lot of descision making i decided on the 6750xt as i can get it for around the same price as a 4060ti and has much more ram
Ive seen the info on rdna3 and it looks really promising, i read somewhere that the 7700 could be released on the 18th at festival in china(dont know how accurate this is though), thing is my birthday is on the 20th, just looking for some advice, do i wait to see how much the 7700/xt will cost or do i just go with the 6750xt.
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2023.06.06 14:01 Notnailinpalin Finding the right therapist

I don’t know where to start, but this was something I had tried to look into Previously. I have a good few family members who are really into psychology Both academically and having their own experiences with therapy yet it’s one of those questions they couldn’t answer. At the same time, one relative I spoken to is busy as hell, their schedule makes me look like A junior high school kid after school Back when I was working three jobs. I don’t even recall the extent of the conversation. I think it might have just been a few sentences.
I actually read the guide in the Adulting subreddit and smiled a bit, because part one and part two were completely covered even when I had first moved out. Part three was covered as well, but I did need to change my bedsheets. Just was on the bed for too long in my opinion. I was smiling more the fact when I first had moved out in my early 20s all of that was covered. I did sleep on the mattress while it was on the floor for a day or two. I think it was the best sleep I ever had because of the great feeling of leaving out of a toxic environment and finding my peace.
While there were definitely down moments and stress. I am financially at a very great state in my life. I feel as though I’m not as social as I used to be I haven’t dated in maybe four years. I was lucky enough to have a few one nighters but to be honest, I feel miserable or I can’t fully commit to the one nighter or plans. There are also many things I reflect back on that I just don’t know how to unpack. I also feel I can do better in tackling Goals or moving forward. Plus a bunch of other stuff.
I had to do a medical procedure back in April. Still healing, but able to move around. I’m not sure because a friend had an online session with her therapist, while I was at her place, or just the at home time by myself. It might have even been situation family wise that made me turn off my phone for a few days. I want to revisit finding a therapist. I just see it as an intimate activity. With intimacy you don’t want to share with everyone. Pretty much what I wanted to ask is for anyone that has gone through it are going through it. How do you find the right therapist? Even more important how do you start? Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.06 14:01 MonasMommy I'm being pressured hardcore to invite my grandmother (no contact) to my baby shower.

My (27F) "grandmother" who we will call Jan and I have had some big conflicts in the past, mainly due to me being a "snowflake" in her eyes. She doesn't like the fact that I accept all groups of people. She frequently makes disgusting posts and remarks quite literally demonizing entire groups of people, mainly the LGBTQ+ community. Because of this, I've been NC for almost 4 years (not that there was much communication before, anyway.)
Before I went NC I finally confronted Jan about her bigotry. The conversation evolved into me telling her how I had felt like the black sheep of the family and how obvious it was that I was her least favorite grandkid. Her grandkids are EVERYTHING to her, except me. She hasn't even said anything to be since I found out I am pregnant. Jan tried to blame it on my parents - when I was a baby, she had BAD epilepsy issues but still insisted on driving around me and my half sister, and my parents put a hard stop to that. She said this is the reason we have never been close. I called BS, and that was that.
Well, I'm pregnant now and my mother is going insane with planning the baby shower even though it's SO early and I've had some scary complications. Another issue for another day, but long story short, I feel like 100% of any kind of control has been taken by my mother and not left for me.
She understands my feelings about Jan a little more now, but even more, she wants me to put the conflict to rest for my dad's sake. My dad has left it alone for the most part, but it definitely hurts him that his daughter feels this way about his mother. Honestly, I feel like he should go NC too because he's clearly her least favorite child, but not my business. But to me, this isn't a conflict anymore. I've put a pin in it and decided I did what's best for me by cutting her off.
Bottom line - no shot will I put my kid in a situation where they do not feel important. My mother is pretty adamant that me not allowing Jan at my baby shower will cause the whole family to dislike me (they're definitely on her side bc they're also super conservative, like QANON levels) and cause problems for my dad. She thinks my family will like shun my dad if I don't invite her but in my opinion if they do just for that then fuck em.
I really don't know what to do. I feel like I'm being forced to be unhappy for my whole baby shower. What should I do here?
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2023.06.06 14:00 tigerfart P4S Plex Server USA/EU/Middle East Servers 📷 4K Content 📷 High Quality Media IPTV 10GBit Requests via Discord 1Pb Library Google Drive Shares Local Storage

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