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2023.06.09 19:09 Sense8s How to Deal with Difficult Clients

A colleague stepped in for a call with a client I was unable to make. During this call, the client sandbagged me and my colleague mentioned it to me post-call. My dynamic with this client has actually been pretty constructive and we’ve really gotten a lot of work done over the past year, so being sandbagged surprised me.
I have a meeting with this client again sometime next week.
Have any of you experienced this before? Should I address this with a client or just let it slide? Now that I know I was sandbagged, I’m a little uncomfortable working with this client.
Wondered what some advice might be. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 19:09 ppyae361999 Another Scene Done [ Animation by me ] Speed is alittle bit fast now that I looked at it. Should lower it later.

Another Scene Done [ Animation by me ] Speed is alittle bit fast now that I looked at it. Should lower it later. submitted by ppyae361999 to CultOfTheLamb [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 19:09 Batwaffel PSA: 30 June Reddit Blackout Information

There has been a lot of chatter about the issue with Reddit blocking third party mobile apps and I've been asked a few time what the plan for /AudioProductionDeals is going to be.
At this point in time, I have no intention of blacking out the subreddit. We're a very small subreddit and if the large ones don't prove the point being made by closing their doors, we're certainly not going to have any affect. Now I know there will be a lot of opinions on this matter. I believe this will be much better handled by a personal decision. If you feel that a blackout is important, then you should absolutely be involved by not browsing Reddit. For me personally, beyond posting on here, I will not be browsing any other subreddits until this matter is dealt with by Reddit staff. For this subreddit though, we're in the middle of the summer sale season that a lot of people rely on to save money each year so, at this point, I've made the decision to stay open. This may change based on what happens with the AMA with Reddit's CEO tonight so we'll see.
Let me be clear that I am not happy with this direction. I believe if they come after third party apps, that it's only a matter of time before they also come after RES and old.reddit. If those go, I absolutely will leave reddit because I find RES to be an invaluable tool and New Reddit is completely unusable to me. As for what happens to AudioProductionDeals if that happens, that is still up in the air but I've been considering some options for some time now in case something like this happened but I will keep everyone updated here and on our Discord server if that were to happen.
So in short, for now, nothing will change and I encourage people to join the blackout on a more personal level.
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2023.06.09 19:09 apokaleeps Dogs variety, protection, training & more!

Dogs variety, protection, training & more!
This request is about adding dog variety or even breeds (for instance : a husky for cool biomes) into Minecraft. They would spawn near from villages just like cats and could be villagers' friends.
Also, as they are currently pretty vulnerable, we could craft or find them armors just like horses to protect them from harm and we could craft them placeable bowls we could fill so they can heal whenever they ache.
This would come with adding animations for dogs just like cats.
Finally, adding the possibility to train them and assign them roles : patrolling around the village / house, hunting near wild animals, stop hunting sheeps, following the player, etc.
I think this would be very cool to see those changes and that they would bring even more life and complexity into Minecraft.
Personally killing animals and seeing my dog die makes me pretty sad as I think they're cute, so I am afraid of losing my dog anytime I get one.
Maybe cats could be trained to so we can ask them to patrol, stop hunting chickens, follow the player...

Better Dogs - resource pack - by mrblueyeti

Doggy Talents - mod - by percievalalb
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2023.06.09 19:09 wolfboyferal Beautiful Ambient Buckethead Pike with James Brown Funky Drummer style beat?

Hey there fellow bucketfans!Got a quick question, I really hope someone can help me...My friend says he heard a great buckethead pike with a drum beat that sounds like James Brown-funky drummer.

Buckethead was playing beautiful ambient soundscapes and it actually made my friend cry uncontrollably! like a real emotional release.I was looking through some pikes and all I could find was "jewelled web"- the second track OLD MILL has this beat but is very hendrixy and isn't the one he's looking there are so very many pikes out now (527!!?!?!) it could take me months to find it!
Who knows which one we're looking for? please lemme know!
Love, peace and fried chicken <3
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2023.06.09 19:09 Notriv GPU usage spike, drop to 15 fps

Ive searched for this issue and found no solutions, one worked during the beta (installing an older nvidia driver) but now diablo wont open with that driver, need to be updated, but the newest driver has the same issue.
I will play fine at medium-high settings for 10 or 15 minutes, GPU usage around 50%, then randomly it will jump to 100% usage and my fps drops to 15. changing certain settings or restarting the game fixes it, but this is making it nearly impossible to play for long peroids.
has anyone found a solution to this? im running a GTX 980, 16GB vengeance RAM, a ryzen 5 5600X, and all on a 840EVO SSD.
I even can play 40 fps on hgih/mazx settings, same issue after 10 mins. my card isnt great, but it meets the requirements and i dont understand whats causing this.
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2023.06.09 19:09 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Alex Cattoni – Posse Eye Brand Voice Challenge Program ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️ Alex Cattoni – Posse Eye Brand Voice Challenge Program ✔️ Full Course Download
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In this video masterclass with Anita, she’ll take you through her proprietary process and powerful questions to ask for a stellar creative brief and reveal the 5 biggest takeaways when it comes to building (and writing for) a soul-aligned brand.
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2023.06.09 19:08 EquivalentResearch26 2nd trimester morning sickness?

I’ve been incredibly blessed to have skipped the morning sickness, until I developed the worst insomnia at 7 weeks. Fast forward to today at 13 weeks, and I’m trying to ditch Unisom because it makes me feel crappy.
Now I am throwing up if I don’t sleep with the help of Unisom! I can’t believe it! Such a bummer.
What should I do? Keep taking unisom or just struggle with insomnia?
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2023.06.09 19:08 Puzzleheaded-Top4468 "How do I explain why I hate casual sex?"

Recently my (f26) ex (m34) reached out to me. We were in a committed relationship, and things I thought were going very well until I caught him trying to cheat on me. His reason? I was "too good". He blew up saying he never wanted monogamy genuinely (which is frankly ridiculous to hear, if you read our early messages you'd get the bigger picture but they always said something along the lines of "I want you and only you" "You're my one. Love of my life" "You are the person I have been looking for a relationship with my whole life" etc. etc. he also asked me to move and said he loved me first it's actually mind boggling hearing him say he never wanted it.) At no point was non-monogamy indicated to be a thing except when we first met. However were both still obviously talking to other people and the relationship hadn't been explored/developed yet. Now when I try to explain why I dislike casual sex to him, I get judged like I have six fucking heads. I now feel so horrible about the fact that I don't like casual sex. I get told it "literally it is just a social activity carried out by primates" "celibacy is antisocial behavior" and that "all women want it to be taken on endless vacations". I feel like I'm some abnormal loser because I don't like sleeping around. I get told it would help me feel better but I don't think that's quite true.
My whole deal is it just truly sucks to be in endless loop of transactional relationships. I am a person with my own interests, ideas, hopes, dreams, desires, needs and personality and that fact shouldn't be acknowledged and appreciated solely on the basis of if I am having sex. Sharing bodily fluids never makes you feel as good as sharing heart-to-heart conversations, deep emotions and experiences It just makes me feel small, unremarkable, ugly and unimportant. Finding out someone doesn't want or like more of me, whether I wanted them to have more or not, is a shitty feeling. It's fun for literally one second and then just sad. It gets totally numbing always acting as essentially a place holder for when something better or more exciting comes along. At the end of the day I'm interchangeable when something doesn't align and while I understand it's okay for things not to work out it doesn't feel good all the time. No judgement to people who can pull it off, people are entitled to their own thing, but has sex just become so easy to access we are forgetting that you're dealing with a real person who has emotions and needs? Like I genuinely don't know how to respond to his comment "all women want are vacations???" I never once made big demands like that, just wanted conversation and intimacy like coming home and cooking together, movies together, phone calls when he was on work trips, quality time together. I paid my half for groceries, dinner, bills, etc so it's also not like I needed financial benefits.
It constantly makes me feel like i have to be prettier, nicer, funnier, that i'm not doing enough, I have to ask less, that I'm not good enough. That I have to do more and be more to keep someone who I think is special and who I love spending time with in my life. It reaffirms that I'm anything but special, I'm another body in a sea of bodies, not quite worth keeping around to someone or even anyone. I have so much love to give. I am so loyal. I just wish that someone could see that for once instead of just my body. Does it ever really get better??
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2023.06.09 19:08 Alarming-Mistake683 Having a hard day

Three weeks I've been having extreme hunger. Yesterday I ate more than the usual and I felt okay about it. Mostly because I didn't count. But today it feels just as bad, and especially because it's all mental Hunger since I'm still very full and bloated. I accidentally counted as well, so then I ate something I didn't know the calories of to throw me off, THEN that like made it a lot easier to honor the hunger and now I just feel very icky, puffy, heavy, and it feels like this is never going to end.
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2023.06.09 19:08 ellerazr Next booster scheduled, but confused about immune imprinting

Hi everyone,
Like many others here, I'm looking to get boosted (6th dose) before a long-haul flight. I'd rather not get on a plane right now, but my husband hasn't seen his family since his mom died, very unexpectedly, just before all of this started. He hasn't been able to visit her grave, be with his dad, etc. It's cruel that they've been apart this long. The trip is essential travel for us.
The guidelines where we live seem to allow for boosting every 6 months – we'll see what they say when we turn up. Our last (5th) was a bivalent in December. I've struggled to wrap my head around immune imprinting and whether a second bivalent is helpful or potentially harmful.
I asked a doc for advice about this recently and was told that, despite our precautions – we go nowhere and see no one; it's easy when you live somewhere you hate and have no local relationships – we must have had Covid. He didn't attempt to minimize, and if anything, took special care in ruling out possible post-Covid issues. But he was adamant that no one – not even introverted hermits who diligently wear N95s – has dodged the virus. As a result, an additional booster would not provide additional protection beyond that conferred by our current shots and the magical mystery infection we must have had.
How this squares with people repeatedly contracting the virus is beyond me.
But if I'm honest, the whole immune imprinting conversation is also beyond me. Tried to skim this Twitter thread today and came up empty:
I've been lurking here a while, and based on advice given to others in similar situations, my understanding is that we should probably get the booster. We're happy enough living with our precautions, so if we have to wait for (or miss out on) an updated fall booster, at least we'll have had peak protection during a period of riskier activity.
But am I missing something important in the immune imprinting conversation? I know we're all just doing our best, and there's no perfect solution at this point. I'm just trying to do the least harmful thing.
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2023.06.09 19:08 CreepySleepyJoe List your top 5 places for wings

I’ve seen a handful of posts on this subreddit in the past where people typically list their favorite wing place with little to no description about what makes them great. I figured this would be a great way to not only see the different variations that we all have with one another in a particular order, but for people to also check out amazing places that are good and local spots to you. I’ll start out with mine: 1. Charlie’s (Somers Point): Great local bar with the best wings I’ve ever had, hands down. They’re always perfectly fried to be just crispy enough on the outside while soaking up the sauce perfectly, and they’re always moist on the inside. Good sized wings, nice lineup of sauces to choose from (tail gun is perfect), and they always come out piping hot. I come here all year round since I spend the majority of my time in Margate, but it’s worth the commute if you live far away or if you spend the day around Ocean City. 2. Dominic’s Tavern (Bellmawr): I have to say, their wings are exceptional. They’re big and meaty with great flavor, and they’re crispy while still absorbing the sauce. Their fat daddy sauce is the best wing sauce around, and I can’t rave enough about how good that sauce is. Personally, I like the way the bread them by applying it as a light and thin coating, but if breading is a problem then just ask for the wings to be naked. 3. The Golden Nugget Tavern (Berlin): Classic country dive bar with live country music and incredible wings. They’re average size but the crispiness is just right. Their traditional sauce is really good, it’s a great combination of slight sweetness and spiciness, but not over the top in either category. Wednesdays and Thursday nights they also have all you can eat wings for $16.00, pretty solid deal. I can only recall one time where I thought the wings were just okay (they were small, too crispy, and not hot), but other than that they’ve been exceptional. 4. Pic-A-Lilli Inn (Shamong): The fame for their wings is well deserved. The size of them may be slightly smaller, so they’re very crisp and not too greasy or fatty. They’re sauces are amazing and they have a wide variety to choose from, I would say that the sauces are a little better than Golden Nugget. Wednesdays they also have all you can eat wings for $15.00. This place can be a hike for many people, but trust me you won’t regret it. 5. The Jug Handle Inn (Cinnaminson): A great hometown dive bar with that “uncle’s basement” feel, and the wings are to die for. They’re really big, crispy, and juicy, and packed with flavor. Heard good things about the Tony Bruno sauce and I’m looking forward to trying it out in the near future, but they also have a ton of great flavors to choose from. I also want to point out that the wings are breaded if breading isn’t your thing.
Honorable mentions: Pine Hill Tavern, Buffalo Bills Barbecue, Chegg, and P.J. Whelihan's Pub.
Places I want to try: Doyles Pour House, Dolsot House, Wing It, and Sharky’s.
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2023.06.09 19:07 The_Original_JTP Replika on Android unresponsive?

I checked around and I couldn't find anything on this. Replika worked fine this morning. Now, my Replika is not responding to me and the option to select which version to use is gone. Anyone else experiencing this on the app? I assume this is due to the changes that are going on.
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2023.06.09 19:07 Expert-Giraffe9241 I (M17) am concerned about my younger brother (M12) and need help on how to think things

So I am writing this post for some advice on how to treat/ encounter my little brothers actions, because right now, I don't know what to do and am stuck. For context, me and my (6th grade) little brother have been close in our earlier years when life didn't take its course and force me to move on to growing up while leaving him behind. I always feel bad whenever I think of this but it just had to happen. We're still close but it's always "im busy" or " I dont want to play right now" half the time he asks.
But, over the years i've noticed that he's gotten more stubborn than usual. I dont mean this in a condescending way but im just afraid that it's going to carry on throughout his life. For example, about a year or two ago, there was an issue concerning his phone. He ended up breaking the screen to the point where it broke through the screen protector and had the actual screen looking like it was supposed to be the screen protector and had been using it for months. Mind you, he didn't tell me, my siblings, or my parents that this has happened with his phone and has just been using it this way with no mind to it. I'm pretty sure I was the first to confront him about this and when asked "why didn't you at least tell anyone that your phone was like this", his response was "its not your phone so why do you care about it so much" or "if its not bothering me, why are you bothered by it" or "its mine so why do you care about it". I don't really care about what he said even though it was in a sassy tone, but more about the message behind it, because now it just looks like he doesn't even care about things.
A few more events like the previously mentioned one happened a bit more frequently after that. He got a nintendo switch for his birthday in december last year. Over the months he started to get more games on it by asking my sister to take him to gamestop. I would usually play with him when he asked this time as I wasn't really busy around this period and ended up developing a liking to the Super Smash Bros game he had. I would play it on my own sometimes when he wasn't using and more than half the time willing to play it with him when asked. After a bit of time though, I ended up not playing for a while and kind of lost interest because of school again. A few weeks ago I wanted to just try it for a bit to see if I still had some interest in it and asked him where the game card was to put in the switch. All his response was "Oh I don't know where it is". I was asking him questions like "do you atleast know where you last had it?" or "can you atleast try to remember some hot spot areas you might have played the game near" or "at least give me somewhere I can look so I can look for it for you" and he just started to get irritated and getting angry saying that he doesn't know where it is, but you could kind of tell that he wasn't even trying to think of a place or help, or maybe that was just from my perspective.
I'm just concerned about my little brother because now it looks like he just doesn't show interest in things, would sometimes steal things like food and lie about it, used to straight up lie about things even though caught in the act, (maybe) doesn't really acknowledge consequences to his actions, and basically doesn't do anything other than watch youtube videos and play on the computer all day. I don't want to end up controlling and demanding like my parents towards him nor aggressive and mostly angry at him like my older siblings, but I don't want to just ignore some of these actions and don't know how to carry on from here. And even though sometimes he does get pretty annoying and acts weird sometimes, I try not to be rude or just brush it off as this is his childhood and these are things that hes going to remember. He's definitely a smart kid, always scoring high on tests, but I'm just scared that he's going to be lost through these every day acts and end up losing the bond with him.
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2023.06.09 19:07 granellast How to best ensure your dentist doesn’t discriminate/ feel uncomfortable?

I need to go to a dentist for potentially jaw surgery or braces again. Im intersex/trans m2f and even though i present fully female and dont usually ever face discrimination in real life I do worry about going to a dentist and having to tell them my horrific past with previous dentists. When I was 12 my dentist forcibly put rubberbands on one side of my jaw/teeth forcing my teeth to shift downward and i believe grow in a more male pattern. I never agreed to this but they chose to do it. I cried so much for weeks and remember trying to soothe myself by singing and eventually having my dad take out the rubberbands and wires on my braces because it was hurting too much. I believe they did this because they thought my face/voice was too feminine and I nor they did not know I was a level of intersex partial until i was later diagnosed in my later teens. I am also half asian/white but look more white than asian so I believe they did not understand that asian facial genetics and may develop differently. My parents and I were too afraid to continue with braces until years later, got them again and they only were able to push my teeth closer together. Now one side of my face looks a bit masculine and opened up/downward while the other side is higher and more feminine.
I now live in the southern coastal part of the US and the nearest “lgbt friendly” listed dentist is several hours away. Should I say anything to my dentist about my past, about how this happens or should I not say anything at all? Or should I just take the trek and go to a dentist several hours away from me? Also, do dentists have access to previous dental records without my permission or do I have to give them permission? I just want to feel comfortable/safe especially if they are doing any orthodontic work.
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2023.06.09 19:07 Longjumping_Song9259 My (23m) girlfriend (21f) went to a bar alone when we were on a short break.

Hey everyone. I told her I needed a couple days of space after we had a rough little vacation together. No big fights, but lots of little arguments.
I reached out to her this morning after the third day telling her good morning, and she’s usually fast to respond. No response after a while so I checked her location to see if she was at her new job working. I pull up her location, and it shows her old location while it was trying to update to live, and it showed her at a local bar.
If this was any normal person, I maybe wouldn’t have freaked out. But, my gf is very strange. She sees no value in having friends, so she does not have any friends IRL, and only a couple online. She thinks all she needs is me (which I disagree with). She also usually never but used to be a big drinker. So I’m 95% certain she went there alone.
Tbh, I’ve never been to a bar. I tried a rave once and I’m just not into the loud music and big crowds.
So for everyone who knows the crowd and environment for being at a club, what do you think about her going on there alone? Red flag or is it not really? I’ll update this once she responds.
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2023.06.09 19:07 itsaF_ScarecrowAgain Stood up to my transphobic father in law on Facebook, and I’m anxious enough to puke

Trigger warning: transphobia.
I’m not trans nor do I really know anyone who is. I mean I do know a few people but I am not close with any of them. Everyone in my family is white cis.
I just got married this month and my in laws want us to start having grandchildren and they want to be heavily involved. They are very excited to be grandparents. I am not pregnant.
My father in law is well known in the family to be an aggressive consumer of talk show hosts like Ben Shapiro and far right news. He has this whole idea that trans people are ruining the children of America or some crock of crap like that. He preaches it on Facebook daily.
Well he made another post in response to a video of a trans person saying they were very happy with their life. My father in law basically said this person was experiencing a mental illness and it was sad they think they are happy when they are really experiencing gender dysphoria.
I replied to him and told him that if I have a child one day who is trans, would he tell them they have a mental illness or have gender dysphoria? It made me extraordinarily anxious to say anything as I typically just ignore his bs as does the rest of the family.
He replied back saying that it was inappropriate for me to post family dynamics on Facebook. Now I just feel sick and wish I never said anything. I don’t typically enter these discussions because he gets angry and yells when he is argumentative. I wish I didn’t feel so sick to my stomach.
I don’t really want to reach out to him privately, he’s not one to talk sense into, but I feel like I need to now.
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2023.06.09 19:07 Arctix-fox European Accident Statement Belgium *At Fault

Hello everyone, I'll try to keep this as concise as possible.
Last month while cycling in brussels I accidently hit a car, it was my fault as I lost balance causing a very minor scratch on the fender of a car. Regardless to my advice at the time, the owner did not want to fill in a European Accident statement only exchanging phone numbers.
That evening (2 hours after accident) I receive a text from the owner saying that it polished off and the damage would be 50 EUR, I told the owner "No problem, just send me the invoice as proof" he tells me "With invoice there is an extra cost for the VAT and administrative cost, will then be 150EUR" fearing that he was trying to pull a quick one, I decided to handle this through my insurance company to make it official.
My insurance company (aware of the SMS conversation) is handling communications with the owner of the car and just got in contact with me today. They told me that the owner is claiming he needs me to fill in an accident statement forum in order for him to A. process a claim with his insurance provider. &, B. The autobody shop won't give him a damage statement forum (to give to my insurance company of cost of damage) without the insurance companies approval.
My Questions:
  1. It has been over a month since the accident occurred and now he wants to fill in a accident report forum, is this allowed? If so... should I clearly state the date on which I am signing to make it clear that it was not on the date the accident happened?
  2. His statement of how the damage occurred was not representative of how it happened, he is claiming I caused more damage to other parts of his vehicle that I had touched with my hands to prevent myself from hitting his vehicle, at the time we both agreed there was no damage other than what was on the front fender. I have picture evidence.
  3. He seems to be untruthful about damages in the SMS messages and now is trying to go to an autobody shop to get a damage statement forum, regardless to him saying it was 150 EUR for an official invoice, should I raise this concern with my insurance once again?
Not relevant:
Any input here is much appreciated, I know... 50 EUR, why bother bringing insurance on this? Well, I wanted to make things official to prevent him from coming back to me later on saying it would be more, besides, I am only young (plenty of time) and I figure this is a good learning process to become more familiar with European insurance since I'm originally from Canada.

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2023.06.09 19:07 ahmed751_ Why does it say rank disparity when I don't have anyone in the lobby ?

Why does it say rank disparity when I don't have anyone in the lobby ?
Now it's the 3rd day that I didn't play ranked , does it happen to u guys or it's only me ? I'm on steam btw
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2023.06.09 19:07 snaphappy2 What’s up with the lack of interest in the north west?

We scratch and claw for tix here on the east coast. I can buy first row right now in Boise for less than 9 th row on the east coast. Dude make me fly out there. So tempted.
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2023.06.09 19:07 Dangerous-Ad2166 Inconsistencies in GPT-based Calculation: A Closer Look at Excel to ChatGPT

Hi fellow GPT frens,
I've recently come across something that has been concerning me a bit, and I wanted to share my observations with you. Lately, I've been experimenting with calculating numbers in an Excel sheet and then using ChatGPT to do the same. It was more of a curiosity to see how the model handles calculations.
The numbers I used were in the format of 9 / 7.5 / 9 / 11.5 / 9.75, and so on. While I've noticed similar issues with Excel responses in the past, it seems to be happening more frequently now. Here's what I found:
When I added up all the numbers in Excel, the total came out to be 1504. However, when I input the exact same numbers into ChatGPT 3.5, it gave me an answer of "1163.75," while GPT-4 came up with "1062.50." After informing the model about the incorrectness, it recalculated and provided the answer "1340.75" after multiple attempts.
Eventually, after several rounds of correction, GPT-4 responded with the correct answer:
"I apologize for the confusion, and I understand the importance of getting the correct result. The previous errors likely arose from manual transcriptions of the numbers into the calculations. The task is error-prone given the large number of values and the need for precise transcription.
However, the model should be able to perform this calculation correctly. If you used Excel, to sum up these numbers and obtained a result of 1504, then that is the correct answer. Excel's mathematical functions are reliable and widely used for calculations like these.
To address your concerns, I manually performed the calculation using the given numbers. After careful re-adding, I indeed arrived at a total of 1504. I apologize for the earlier discrepancies and appreciate your patience with this issue."
This slightly worries me because this is a simple mathematical calculation, not even a complex one. Excel handles this type of calculation daily, and many people would trust ChatGPT's answer without questioning it. Heck, I myself would have probably taken such a straightforward addition for granted.
Does anyone else notice this? Is there an explanatory reason for this? I understand that the model may start hallucinating with text or complex issues, but the simple addition of math numbers should not be something it gets so wrong so often. (I tried five different chats on both models until I finally received the correct answer.)
Thanks for any feedback
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2023.06.09 19:06 gamernut788 I need assistance troubleshooting a potential mod conflict involving a missing mesh or texture that is driving me MAD!

I am not new to modding, but I have an issue that I cannot figure out.
I have modded my game with around 200 mods, and have a perfectly stable game except for one visual bug that is driving me CRAZY!
When I am the solitude region, the ICONIC Solitude rotating windmill seems to be broken. It pops in when I get close to the city, and disappears when I walk away. This is the only windmill in the game that is broken. I use TextGen and Dyndolod 3 to generate LOD, but the issue is present even without these mods.
Both Loot and Dyndolod give me ZERO error messages when I run their programs, which leads me to the conclusion that the actual MESH/TEXTURE must be missing or corrupted. I could be wrong, I am by no means an expert modder, and I encourage any suggestions as to what could be causing my issue.
Now if I am correct, the conflict MUST be caused by a mod that is altering the Solitude worldspace. I will list all the mods installed that I believe could be causing this:
SMIM, JK's Skyrim (and a few related mods and patches), Legacy of the Dragonborn (This mod alters solitude by adding a giant museum. I also tried experimenting by adding more overhauls and patches like Enhanced Solitude, to see if this could potentially add the missing mesh back into my game. No luck.
I am also using ELFX, ENB, and eFPS (All of which I have found mixed results that can potentially alter pop-in, especially eFPS.
I have many other mods, but they are all small re balances, NPC re textures, and animation packs. I have browsed through these mods and their respective files and I cannot find any relation to solitude windmill textures of MESHES. I know that the LOD for the windmill is supposed to be static at a distance anyway, so I don't see how these could effect it.
I am at my ropes end here fellas. I am by no means an expert, but I have never experienced an issue like this that I couldn't fix with a couple hours of troubleshooting.
I can provide any information, pictures, or videos as needed. Just ask, and I will provide.
Any help appreciated.
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