$20 pedicure near me

Pensacola Florida!

2010.09.17 05:21 ptgx85 Pensacola Florida!


2015.09.07 19:51 MrAnon515 Enough Трамп Spam!

Because the amount of Trump spam is *too damn high!* Enough Трамп Spam

2018.10.17 10:16 dredmorbius Plexodus: Public Liberation Online Exodus

A meeting and information-exchange point for proprietary Internet service users migrating elsewhere. _This_ is not your new home, but we may help you and your community find or decide on where it will be.

2023.06.07 19:59 Live-Sell180 Is it worth for me (M19) to try rekindle things with her? (F20)

2 years ago there was a girl I met from mutual friends, she liked me , she gave a lot of hints , always initated conversations, wanted to meet up a lot,would call me all day and text me all day, I also liked her but I was very stupid and immature back and ended up cutting contact with her due to a small fight, she tired to fix things but again, I was very immature, we never dated , recently I saw her and felt like my feelings are returning.
Recently I sent her a message on Instagram asking her for forgiveness (she hasn’t followed me and neither I have followed her) and at first she told me “remind me who are you?” I was kinda surprised but went with it , idk if she really forget me or was just playing games, after me reminding her she asked “why’d you get reminded of me all the sudden?” I explained I just wanted to apologize , the convo flows for a bit as I ask about her life and what’s up , she was giving replies somewhat quick? Like in 20-30 minutes but I feel from her texts that she’s uninterested , she asked me a few questions about me but nothings personal , the convo went on for a bit more but then ended , I haven’t imitated another convo and now we haven’t spoke in like a month, I can’t stop thinking about her but don’t wanna annoy her , should I just move on? i can tell she doesn’t like me no more and isn’t that interested in talking with me but I like her a lot and it’s been messing with my head.
Sorry if there is any grammar mistakes, English is not my first Launage
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2023.06.07 19:59 Nikittymeow416 Warning: S&D with chat feature may cause high blood pressure, heart attack, or stroke

Warning: S&D with chat feature may cause high blood pressure, heart attack, or stroke
I just got done with a S&D and while normally I try not to let it stress me out if a customer starts rejecting items. This time it friggen got to me.
I had gotten through most of the items, but then I came to the stuff crust digiorno pizza, and they were out of stock xD
I tried to sub with the store brand stuffed crust but it kept getting rejected. I sent her the ol' call 1800WALMART if you don't like it, and you'll get a refund routine. No response lol
This order was purdy good too (Walmart base pay was 20 beans and the customer chipped in 15. That's 35 beans, people... Not bad at all)
Anyways I was stressing out kaus she wasn't responding at all, and thought the 15 beans would go down to 0 beans because of the missing stuffed crust pizza.
I was feeling pretty dejected as I drove to this lady's house...
Looked at the notes as I pulled up... "I'm handicapped, so could you please knock and bring groceries inside."
YES! While some of you don't like when this happens, I do. I knew I could charm the socks off this lady, and keep Dem 15 beans in the process. I gave myself a lil pep talk, grabbed the groceries, and knocked on the door.
A lovely lady... Let's call her "Dee"... Yells at me "come on in!! I can't get up :(.."
so I bring the groceries in
She was the fucking nicest person I've EVER met while on a delivery lol... She said the missing pizza was no big deal. Offered to smoke me up sometime because she has the best pot in town (she deals with debilitating arthritis so she can't get around too well and needs it for pain)
She also told me she was looking for a housekeeper and would pay $20 an hour. I told her... That wasn't exactly my specialty (I'm not super messy by any means but I didn't wanna lie to her and tell her I had mad maid skills lol) and then she said "well I'm also looking for a marketing expert to help me sell my homemade skincare products"
I told her... I'm a high school drop out.. but I'd try to do either as best I could xD we exchanged numbers and parted ways.
Anyways... Long story short. Don't get too stressed out about the S&D chat feature. While all of your endeavors might not end as well as this did, some people might surprise ya.
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2023.06.07 19:59 CollectionNeither555 [USA-CA][H]PC Part out, cash, PayPal, Xbox series s, 1 tb seagate expansion Xbox, 32gb ddr4 white 3200 Corsair RGB, 8 tb barracuda [W] local cash

Local to 94538 only cash for now if things don’t sell I’ll open to shipping All priced negotiable just let me know what your thinking
Benchmarks and testing available on request it’s all in a pc right now
Better pictures on request
Time stamp
never OC + b450m tuf gaming $300 for both
Corsair gold rm750 $75
2080 super FE $250
Asus rog strix lc240 white with fans $65
2 x 16 ddr4 Corsair RGB white vengeance (64 total) $75
Corsair 280x - missing 2 thumbscrews and mesh $10 with any other thing you buy
Corsair ll120 white (4 total) $15 each
Sn550 1 rb $37
8 TB seagate barracuda $70
Xbox series s $160 or $170 if you want a controller
1 tb expansion ssd $90
Glorious model o white a bit dirty but works fine $10 with any other thing you buy
Arctis 3 been through a lot don’t have the wire Free with any other thing you buy
Logitech g333 gaming buds $20
Xbox controller $20 each
I also have a rtx 3090 fe I’m looking to trade for a white gpu that’s similar in performance and I’ll add money for a better one
All prices negotiable
Local to 94538
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2023.06.07 19:59 jazhong I probably need therapy but can’t afford it.

How does therapy even work? Start from the beginning… maybe i’ll do this as a series, depending on the feed back i get from this post.
It probably all started when i was 12, when my sister was born. My younger brother and i had to watch my parents struggle to afford her birth (no insurance, since he played poker for work) and struggle with their marriage all our lives since then. My dad would be gone on “business trips” (Vegas) for months on end. That is actually where he was when my mom found out about her pregnancy.
At the same time, my mom was dealing with postpartum, she starting working again, part time - mostly afternoons to closing shifts so my brother and i could come home and take over for her. So here i was 12yo, brother 10 and taking care of an new born after school. We did a good job i think. No one got hurt or died. I learned to cook dinners and i was pretty advanced in my child care skills - changing diapers, feeding, getting her to sleep, playing, bathing.
Things started to fall apart once mom started working FT and staying out all night with 20 year olds she worked with. I started waking up all hours of the night to feed my sister and school work was pretty much pushed to the side. Eventually they ended up getting pregnant again with my youngest brother (again, no insurance). My dad started taking courses for his masters degree and he moved to the east coast to find stable work, leaving us behind. It was a shit show for awhile, full survival mode. Now, i can hardly remember all the fine details as i’m now 27 but it was so hard and I had no one, except my brother, to lean on.
My brother and i would take shifts so we could be a kid and play with friends, but it put a lot of strain on our relationship then. We are fine now, thank god! Bonded forever through this experience. Eventually moved across the US, when i was 16.
Fast forward and my parents would gas light my brother and i, saying that it wasn’t that bad - they didn’t make us do anything other parents didn’t do. I would say things like “it would have fallen apart with our me” and my dad would be like “did you provide for this family? oh, did you work to put food on the table?”
Now, i’m married and they want to go on trip without the kids and asked me to come babysit and it’s making me sick to my stomach.
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2023.06.07 19:59 katiecharm 2meirl4meirl

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2023.06.07 19:59 Legal_Weekend9478 AITA for wanting better for myself?

Let me explain. I want to keep specifics and certain other factors out, such as gender, of it for anonymity purposes as well as trying to induce as much unbias as possible. I'm 21 living in a place far from family with my SO. We are HS Sweethearts and moved in together for college and are on our own. I dropped out after realizing college life isnt for me, they have not. We are now fixing to move back near family and I am in line to inherit my parent's business. I, however, need to learn a lot before I do in a short time before they retire. I can't have a SO right now for this reason as well as others that I will get into. I want to spend more time with my parents as they're are getting older and may not be around for much longer and one way I want to do this is by moving back in with them as for one, I could spend time with them, my siblings who still are relatively young, save money on rent and help my parents out with bills among other things. They (my SO) obviously would not like to move into my parents' house with me as there would be less privacy and such so this would cause a large strain. The money I would save would be good to help start some more business ventures I have in mind for the future, which would in turn, help me and my family in their older age. I'm trying to keep my feelings out of it as much as possible and keep this purely logical but this is difficult. I know my SO won't accept these terms. But I feel this is something I have to do. I have been thinking of a break up for a while but things would get messy since we live so far from family and would be both on our own and have an apartment together. I think I'm going to wait till we move back for a fight and use that as an excuse because I know my SO wouldn't accept the previous mentioned dilemma as a reason. Now for the cons. I do really like them and could see us having a future together. They do really like me. However they do have a lot of problems attitude and treatment wise such as occasional disrespect and rudeness etc. That we have talked about for a loooong time but to no avail. They won't fix it. AITA? What should I do?
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2023.06.07 19:58 piercesdesigns Familial Hyperlipidemia and now sitosterolemia...I am a lifelong vegetarian...help

I am 55F and have had high cholesterol (LDL) since I was 20. I am a vegetarian who eats clean and exercises 5 days a week.
I tried statins in my 40s and could not tolerate them at all. The cardiologist gave me the ok to try plant sterols for the last 4 years. Things just kept getting worse. They finally sent me to a genetic lipid specialist. He did the test and I have :
Genetic mutation that causes Autosomal dominant familial hyperlipidemia
and 4 additional variants including 2 associated with increased risk of heart disease and high ldl and the gene associated with sitosterolemia.
I just started Praluent 150/ 2xmonth
and now they want me on ezetimibe as well.
I feel so defeated. I have no idea what to eat anymore.
last cholesterol test:
Cholesterol 298
triglyceride 85
NHDL 235
LDL 221
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2023.06.07 19:58 of_men_and_mouse The birds in my neighborhood love hearing Bach

Been playing some Anna Magdalena Bach, and the birds near my house get excited and start chirping when they hear it. I've even seen some of them fly down to my front porch while I play. They are really good motivation for me to keep practicing!
Has anyone else had similar experiences?
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2023.06.07 19:58 tattoodaddi WTT Taylormade BRNR 11.5

WTT Taylormade BRNR 11.5
I commented the other day that I had a BRNR and would be interested in letting it go. I bought it brand new from TM for $440 plus tax in 11.5° with a stiff shaft. Used a few times but it really doesn’t have a place in my bag.
I am really interested in potentially trading it for a nicer putter (Milled face, adjustable weights, etc) and or a nice hybrid. Looking for something 17-20°, preferably closer to 17° with a stiff shaft.
Based on recent eBay sales, I would also let it go for $400 (shipping included). Let me know what you have! Will send pictures as requested because I do not use birdied.
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2023.06.07 19:58 MoreSoupss Beware of Aces Acquisition (Smart Circle devilcorp) in Portsmouth NH

latest smart circle "company" tried to hire me as an account manager in NH (but in reality it was a sales position) they told me a tale about how much money I would make how amazing I am etc. they then took me to look at the owner's really nice car and the parking lot and told me with my skill level I could become a director and open my own branch soon! These were all red flags but the biggest and reddest flag was when I asked why there was no information on the website and what company they were from since they were only 3 months old yet they claimed to be working for 6 months. their answer: "its not important" but after 20 minutes of insisting they finally admitted it was Smart Circle (but they do things totally differently no really) and I walked out. I'm making this post so that now when people search for Aces Acquisitions this will immediately come up so they don't waste their time thinking it might be legit.
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2023.06.07 19:58 OldCaramel4442 What are the things you can do on custom game

Looking a way too get back at my friend who jumped me with 50+ pokemon with 20 moves each so what else can i do like adding multiple abilities or something else?
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2023.06.07 19:58 throwaway-413222 Thank you for everything.

I know that the last time we texted, we were talking about so much stupid shit. You kept sending me pictures of a beat-up FIAT 500 you bought in one of the auctions. I sent you pictures of my beater. We both laughed. Haha. It's crazy. You and I both knew that the end was near. We just never said anything. And then you left. You didn't want to call, couldn't' talk. Of course, I respect that. Cancer is a bitch.. Makes people weak and always takes everything away from them. I just wanted you to know. I saw the voicemail. I keep playing it again and again and again. I sent you one too. I will never know if you heard it or not. It's okay though... Your goodbye was unique to say the least. Tell me, please tell me who says "I proud of ya buddy.. you made it. Imma be out of here, soon. live your life, fuck some chicks and never settle. Oh and sent some money to heaven for me, I need to buy smokes.." knowing that they will take a trip outside of this world soon??? I guess maybe we teased each other too much... I don't know. You've done so much for me.. you helped me when I needed it the most.. got me out of trouble, but never told me. You've sent me to school... You've gave me everything you could for me to become an adult. I could never thank you enough.. You were a father to me. You loved me like one, and treated me like I was your son. I love you. I guess I should've told you that more often.
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2023.06.07 19:58 tiagao141 My 7 year old cat died yesterday and I'm really struggling

I found him yesterday on the windowsill when I got home from work. He was still so warm, it couldn’t have happened more than a half hour or so before I got home. I even rushed him to the vet just in case there was a chance, even though I knew there wasn’t. He was so young I never would have expected it.
I got him in 2016 when I was really starting my adult life after college and moved out to be on my own for the first time. I was going into social work helping kids with substance abuse issues. It was the most stressful, emotionally taxing, and exhausting 6 years of my life. I wasn’t prepared for that line of work, and it took a really big toll on my mental health. The one source of unconditional affection that got me through most of that was my cat. He always came to greet me at the door, and yesterday was the first time he didn’t.
I still live alone people-wise. I have a dog now, too, but it’s just been us and I’m a little bit of a loner because my friends live hours away. My world is flipped. He had such a distinct personality. Like he was the weirdest little thing, but I don’t even know how to put it into words. I guess I just enjoyed his quirks instead of really thinking about them, but I was so proud that the strangest little thing in the world was mine.
With him gone, my house is really quiet, he was mostly a chirper and not a meower, and I couldn’t sit at my computer for 15 minutes without him pawing at me. Now there’s nothing there. I feel like I’m going crazy. I still expect him to be there and when it hits me that he’s not I can’t control myself and just break down. It’s like I’m going through cycles of somewhat accepting that this actually happened, then seeing one of his spots or noticing his absence and just realizing all over again that he’s gone, and I can’t take it. I feel guilty, I feel like I had to have left something out and he got into it. I feel like I cheated him and myself out of years more time we should have been able to spend together.
I just miss him. It hasn’t even been a full day yet and I can’t get ahold of myself. I’ve never really had to deal with loss before. My dog’s a good comfort, but it scares him when I cry too hard, and I don’t want to freak him out. They played together sometimes but weren’t super close. I don’t even think the dog has noticed he’s gone, but if it keeps him from hurting then that’s probably for the best. And now, behind all the grief, I’m also thinking about when I inevitably come home one day and he’s gone, too, and I’m terrified.
I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m not prepared for this, and I don’t know how long it’ll last. I hate even thinking about anything else, but I have a full-time job, I’m back in school, I have exams coming up that I’m supposed to be cramming for, and I can’t even go 20 minutes without breaking down. I’m going to reach out to a therapist, but it’s early and nobody’s open yet, so I’m typing this up so I don’t just sit and think.
In case it sounds weird that I haven’t used either of their names, it’s because they’re unique and I don’t want to be identified. I’d love to explain the cool meaning behind his name, or even just to tell people his name so they know who he was, but it’s too risky on a public forum.
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2023.06.07 19:57 BillThePsycho r/DevilMayCry will be going Dark on June 12th

Hello Devil hunters, I have come out of my cave to make a quick announcement for you guys.

We the Mods here at DevilMayCry have come to a unanimous decision to join in on the strike happening on June 12th and going dark for 48 Hours in protest of Reddit's recent API changes.

For those of you that do not know, Reddit has made some very unpopular changes to how one can access their API. Now charging developers $12,000 for every 50 Million API pulls. Now, for those of you that don't do app development, that might not mean much. That includes me, when I first saw that I thought, well it can't be that bad right? Well, it is actually an absurd amount of money. For example, for the IOS 3rd Party Reddit app, Apollo, it would cost the Christian, the dev, over $20 Million a year to keep apollo running at its current state.
While this move can be seen as a way for reddit to make some extra money off of Large language Model AI (e.g. ChatGPT) that scrapes reddit to help flesh out the AI, this is also a clear and concerted effort to shut down 3rd party Reddit Applications.
For more detailed information on how bad this is for 3rd party Devs, this post on apolloapp by the Dev gives some pretty good insight onto it and how badly this will affect the reddit ecosystem as a whole.
That is why we are joining in on the protest.
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2023.06.07 19:57 certifieddocumentts Certified Translation Office Near Me: Accurate and Efficient Translation Services

If you’re in need of accurate and cost-efficient certified translation office near me for various types of documents, including apostilles, death certificates, birth certificates, marriage contracts, and more, then look no further. At Certified Document Translation Service, we offer high-quality translations with notarization, delivered on the same day. With our extensive language support, best price guarantee, and commitment to precision and security, we are your trusted partner for all your translation needs.
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2023.06.07 19:57 thinandcurious What to consider when adapting a circuit to SMD?

So I'm in the process of creating various drum modules based on TR-808 circuits and want to design SMD pcb's for them. This makes me think about what I need to watch out for when substituting THT components with their SMD counterparts:
Transistors: I'd use the corresponding SMD counterpart for each type of transistor used. For example 2N3904/MMBT3904 or BC548/BC848. The stats in the datasheet seem to be more or less identical. Can I expect their real-world behaviour to be near identical? I also use transistors as white noise sources, would this work with SMD parts?
Capacitors: I usually use electrolythic or film type caps. Can I substitute them with ceramic caps? Or are there cases where I should stick to THT caps?
I'm guessing Resistors, ICs, Diodes aren't a big deal and package type doesn't make a difference as long as it's the same model.
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2023.06.07 19:57 Straight-Swimmer6680 When does MMR even out?

I have a 54% win rating. I have played nearly 100 games at my current rank, and I am still losing more for a loss than I am gaining for a win. A win gets me 20-22LP. I loss loses me 25-28LP. Does this ever even out?
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2023.06.07 19:57 ElocNeb I’m thinking about opening a small indoor skatepark

So, I recently started thinking about opening a very small skatepark in a small local industrial workshop here in the uk, the location isn’t ideal but it is all I would be able to afford with the funding. We don’t have any indoor skateparks locally so I thought it’d be a nice thing for the local skaters. I have absolutely no experience running a business so the whole idea is super scary. Can you guys give me some feedback on the ramps/ rails I am planning on putting in.
I would have a half pipe 6 Quarter pipes lining one section on the area, two that are 2ft tall and 4 that are 3ft tall. I also want a 6ft grind rail and a similarly sized grind box.
Do you think this would interest you if it opened near you ? How much would you pay for a day pass, a monthly pass, or even a yearly pass ?
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2023.06.07 19:57 DeanerTheWiener "Compromising" Dems should not be praised (rant)

There's something that really irks me about liberals who praise Democrats that make efforts to compromise with the right. I understand that there are some rare situations, where, for harm-reduction reasons, compromise is absolutely necessary. However, many democrats will compromise with the right even in in non-essential situations as a matter of principle, and this bothers me.
Nearly every single policy put forth by Republicans since Reagan has made everyone's lives objectively worse. In the last 10 years, Republican ideology has grown nearly indistinguishable from fascism. Marjorie Taylor Greene legitimately believes that all Democrats who support transgender people are pedophiles. This is a mainstream, Republican belief.
So, when people say "I like a Democrat who really examines things from both sides of the aisle; one who knows how to compromise," what they're actually saying is "I like it when Democrats and their undropped, shriveled-up, cashew-sized testicles look for excuses to incorporate fascism into law."
Imagine you're a contestant on Masterchef, and you're doing one of those team challenges with 3 other contestants named Murray, Jane, and David. The challenge is to make a pizza, but it can be whatever type of pizza the team would like. You and Murray want to make a Margherita pizza. This is a delicious, classic pizza that is topped with chunks of mozzarella, slices of tomato, and fresh basil. Jane and David tell you that they would like to make a catshit pizza. This is a type of pizza made entirely out of catshit. You and Murray, being the excellent compromisers that you are, decide to make a half-Margherita, half-catshit pizza. The audience of the show, composed of all liberals, gives you a standing ovation as you present your pizza to the judges. The judges are all enamored with your brilliant, compromise pizza. Your team receives the top rating out of all the teams in the challenge.
NO! The catshit pizza was the worst fucking idea since the lobotomy! Why, in God's name, would anyone ever consider putting catshit in a fucking pizza? Jane and David should have been institutionalized for even suggesting it! Gordon Ramsay tells all of you to kill yourselves and kicks you off the show.
You and Murray should have resisted that idea with the utmost fury. But you didn't--because you think compromising always works out--that it's always the most morally correct thing to do in situations like these. You truly think that your other teammates have the best intentions in their hearts. You have a sort of blind faith towards the judges on Masterchef; somehow, you believe cooperation with these imbeciles will be rewarded.
Fascism is not a coherent ideology--its core principles are hate and fear-mongering. It should not be treated as if it is some logical equal to even moderate leftism--fascists are opposed to logic as a matter of principle.
Fascism should be resisted with the same level of fury that they dish out to the people they hate. It should be resisted like there are innocent lives on the line (because there are). It should be resisted with the fury of a sane cook in a pizza competition.
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2023.06.07 19:57 KC_Shuffle_1986 Just Don’t Do It

Just venting here:
On January 26, 2023 I was fired for the first time in my nearly 15 year career. To say it came as a shock would be an understatement. I recognized the workplace was toxic. Management was toxic, and the place generally sucked… but I did my job and never had any disciplinary issues. I had been with this very large shoe and apparel company based in the Pacific Northwest for nearly 3 years. I was hired right as COVID started and was based in the NYC office. The first two years were amazing and I truly enjoyed my job. When my manager decided to leave for another role with a different company was the point where things started getting shitty. My manager was amazing and I didn’t understand how much he shielded me and others from the craziness coming out of the corporate HQ.
The first red flag was the time it took to find his replacement. The job market was still hot at the time and I was shocked that they were unable to fill this vacancy. After nearly a year I get introduced to my new boss. She was an interesting character to say the least. It didn’t take me, and my team, long to realize how this new manager operated. Her goal seemed to be to pit the team against each other. She made it a point to tell my team that I was holding them back from meeting their full potential. She told them that I was actively working to ensure they didn’t get promotions. Normally, this would have been concerning, but I had a great relationship with my team. We were always incredibly open and there were no surprises. Naturally they would come to me when she would have those conversations with them. We continued to navigate this new situation in hopes that she would find something to keep her busy aside from creating drama.
So for two months we continued our work and the new boss set the priorities for the whole team. This whole time, I was preparing to go on FMLA in September as my wife and I were expecting our 3rd child. This shoe company was all about “family.” It was the typical corporate family bullshit line, but 12 weeks is 12 weeks. So I got my team prepped and informed them they could reach out to me with any issues as I’m always around to support them. Initially everything was fine. Team was doing well and I was enjoying my time at home. Once issues started popping up at work, my phone started ringing. Not my manager, but other managers across the organization who I typically worked with. They were expressing that this new lady apparently didn’t know what she was doing. So, I tried to reach out to her and help out a bit, and was immediately reprimanded for reaching out while on leave. Okay, I get it… technically she was correct, so I let things be.
When I finally return in November, I have a meeting set up with my manager the morning of my first day back at work. A week earlier, one of my highest performers on the team walked in and quit without any notice. This person reached out to me prior to doing so and expressed that they couldn’t take it anymore. They said that our boss was toxic and, as an Asian American female, a number of things had been said that she felt was inappropriate. For that reason she was resigning without notice.
In this meeting with my manager, I learned that I was apparently to blame for my teammate’s departure. Furthermore, I was told that I had failed to set my boss up for success before I left. That’s correct, I didn’t set my boss up for success before I went out on FMLA.
Per policy, I was required to take my former teammate’s grievances to HR. I did so later in the week and was informed that it would be investigated, and I would be protected from retaliation (lol.) 2 months later I was fired for cause with 3 days left in the month. I received no severance, I lost my employer provider healthcare at the end of the month, and being the only income with 3 small children meant this was a massive hit to the family. The reason for the termination was that I “failed to live up to the expectations of the role.” Apparently there was an incident on Christmas Day that I didn’t respond to. Typically our internal security team would alert me to issues around the country and my team and I would respond accordingly. With it being Christmas Day, they naturally had the day off and I never received a phone call.
I tried to express this to HR and my manager, yet was told this decision is final. I had apparently been a shitty employee the whole time I had worked here. This too came as a shock as I had received more than one spot bonus specifically for my performance.
At the end of the day, I’ve learned that everyone else who had experienced similar situations (shockingly there were quite a few) were given packages on their way out the door and I was not as I was not a protected class of individual.
My attorney is working with their legal dept, but it seems the SOP here is to run out the clock. It’s incredibly frustrating that there’s next to no recourse for employees here in the US. I will say that my old boss did get fired less than a year from when she started because she pulled some of the same shit with employees outside of the US. They literally reported the same issues I had months earlier, but they were actually protected I suppose.
Not sure what other options exist at this point other than continuing to apply for jobs. I landed a better position with a better org about 2 months ago, but the offer was rescinded due to “discrepancies from your former employer.” So they likely torpedoed me there as well. I can confidently say that this organization is the worst company I’ve ever worked for and I hope no one here ever makes the mistake of working for them.
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2023.06.07 19:57 AffectionateIdea1928 Am I being too sensitive?

I recently moved to a new city, and have family here. My cousin who I’m kinda close too hasn’t reached out much or asked to hang out. It seems weird not to check in with me. I think if someone moved near me I would check in or ask them to do things to get familiarized and help them adjust.
We’ve had some arguments in the past that did cause me to distance myself.
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2023.06.07 19:56 Childhood_Willing I would like to thank the mod team For being really nice to me And replying fast as possible🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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