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2023.06.07 21:38 gridflash Commercial Real Estate Bust

The trend of walking away from commercial mortgages is just beginning.
The Wall Street Journal reports Interest-Only Loans Helped Commercial Property Boom.
Now They’re Coming Due.
Interest-only loans as a share of new commercial mortgage-backed securities issuance increased to 88% in 2021, up from 51% in 2013, according to Trepp. Nearly $1.5 trillion in commercial mortgages are coming due over the next three years.
83 Percent on Securitized Office Loans in Trouble
The 1,921 Room Hilton Union Square Hotel in San Francisco Was Just Abandoned
Park Hotels & Resorts also walked away on the nearby 1,024-room Parc 5
Excerpt from a Report by Mish Shedlock
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2023.06.07 21:37 MexicanEd How it went down in the hallway of that hotel…

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2023.06.07 21:36 RunAwayWojo Unfortunately, it looks pretty dry in there

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2023.06.07 21:35 Amusedcory Deciding if I need to move from my Skymiles Gold to a different card

For the past few years I’ve had my delta skymiles gold card. I signed up during a time when I could get 70k bonus for signing up and I’ve enjoyed it as I live in Salt Lake City and live in a predominant delta hub.
More recently however I’ve found the accrual of points not that fast along with the fact that I’m not the biggest frequent flier. I’d say on average I might fly 4-5 times a year.
So I’m looking for some suggestions on what a better card might be for my situation where I travel, but not too often, but still otherwise book cars and hotels when I travel as well. I got some suggestions of the Amex platinum but unsure if I’m the correct market for that card. My wife has the blue cash preferred so we are set for our normal grocery shopping, and we’re more looking for something that can benefit us most in all our travel aspects.
Sorry if this was a bit of a rambling, and let me know if you need any more information
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2023.06.07 21:35 FistingAmy Thank you, Dambuster, for offering a lifeline when we're stuck.

Sometimes we get lost. Sometimes we get turned around. Sometimes we just plain can't find the damn Thing.
In a game where zombies can simply materialize in front of you (I love that this happens), apexes can one-shot you if you don't time a block right, where I've experienced on more than a dozen occasions, 7 Days to Die-esque roving hoards, sometimes I just get lost trying to find the Thing... Sometimes wandering the same area for more than several minutes because I just can't seem to figure out where the stupid Thing is. I begin to wonder if the problem is with the game, or if the problem is with me. Am I just too thick to find the stupid Thing? Am I so dumb, that I can't find a Thing that everyone else has seemed to find. My pride won't let me look it up on YouTube, or reddit, or gamefaqs, or wherever. I have to find this stupid godforsaken Thing on my own. I need to find the Thing on my own.
That's where you glorious bastards came in. You knew that sometimes we'd get lost looking for the Thing while we're eviscerating zombies and hunting for just one more bloated spleen. And it's almost like you knew exactly where the breaking point was, like a drowning man who's saved the instant he thinks, "this is how I die", and takes that first, clear, breath of fresh air, and is grateful.
Right when I think I'm at the end of my rope, right when my best and backup weapons are broken and my backup-to-the-backup is on its way out, right when I'm about to rage-quit and never touch the game again, you give me that lifeline. You give me that glorious little Yellow Arrow, pointing right at the Thing. And what's more, is you even narrow the map down to it, making it even easier to find quickly.
I can finally get the Thing, and I can finally breath that first, clear, breath of fresh air. And I'm grateful.
Look, I know I technically got help finding the Thing, but it came from within the game. So I don't really count it. There's stuff everywhere in this game. There are corners that seem mundane at first glance, but when you come back and look later, you realize it's a perfect hiding spot to take pot-shots at Mutators, or you find a spot that consistently respawns a certain ingredient you use a lot of, or you're like me, and you see something off in the distance you wanna check out so you spend the next 10 minutes looking for a way to get there, instead of just looking up a video. It's easy to get distracted. It's easy to get turned around. And, especially, when we don't have a visual clue of what we're looking for, so we kinda have to guess. Like "go get this bag". I don't know what the bag looks like. I'm in a hotel. There's bags everywhere. At least 30% of which I can interact with. What bag?
The arrow simplifies this. I've even turned it into a little game for myself. "Can I find the Thing before the game shows me where it is." It reminds me of escape rooms; when you get stuck on a problem for too long, the host will give you a hint. Dambuster respects that we are smart enough to figure shit out on our own, and does not do a lot of hand-holding through the game, but when we're just stuck, they offer a helpful hint so you don't get discouraged and can continue poppin heads and choppin off limbs.
Thank you, Dambuster.
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2023.06.07 21:33 jtedekis Is this a Skate or Sting Ray?

My sister in law was walking at night in ocean city Maryland and found this guy. They ended up flipping him over with a flip flop and he returned to the water.
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2023.06.07 21:32 Hellataz Early Thoughts on Update 5 (spoilers)

I’ve been playing for about 6 hours, here are my thoughts. Would love to hear yours and what cool things you’ve discovered.
Pros: Adding new homes gives you 4 more new rooms to decorate. They aren’t just portals to your original home.
No more forgotten fires! Upgrade to your watering can. Don’t know if they’ll return like bones, thorns, mushrooms and stumps, but they seem to yield glass if anyone needs more of that resource.
Forgetting storyline is interesting and a nice change of pace. It’s very empathetic and plays off the forgotten’s “evil deeds” as more of an emo overreaction to puberty. Also makes you dislike the villains that much more lol for their part in manipulating this poor kid.
Pathways now have borders although you have to craft all new ones.
The customize your own furniture is a nice creative feature just haven’t used it yet. You customize by crafting the item.
Star path rewards are creative despite me not caring much for Pixar, but I like the extra hair styles and makeup options.
The random weird objects appearing around villagers homes (Minnie’s arcade cabinet, Moana fire pit/box of rock, Goofys bear chair (all I’ve seen so far) is an interesting quest, upgrade your camera to use it on those items later tonight.
Cons: * Having to spend 4000 moonstones on WALL·E’s new quests. The only thing I’m hoping for that might not make it a huge waste of moonstones is if Eva appears at the end. The storylines seem to point in that direction. WALL•E missing his love, wanting to make romance for others, the boot and flower storytime, fingers crossed it wasn’t 4000 moonstones got a couple of old timey outfits and some resources.
Other things noticed: A couple of bottles floating in the ocean by skull island/pillar island. Can’t pick them up…yet.
As impatient as I am I do appreciate that they time lock some quests so you don’t just race through everything in the first day.
Overall great update. I hope to discover some hidden quests (more on the potato??) and I like that after I’m done I’ll still have lots to do with the new customizable furniture options and decorating new house rooms till the September update.
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2023.06.07 21:28 ModernWarMexicn [H] Ghost wire Tokyo and Pixel pride plus more [W] offers

New games:
Quantum Break
Later alligator
Bad end theater
Get in the car, loser
Ghost wire Tokyo
A blind legend
Superhot: mind control delete
Crying suns
Bendy and the dark revival
Mega man legacy Volume 1
The surge 2
Colt canyon
Song of horror: complete edition
Is Simon there?
Post void
Out of the box
Serial cleaner
Slain: back from hell
Kingdom rush
Borderlands 3 directors cut
Metro exodus
Spec ops the line
Life is Strange 2: Complete Season
The invisible hand
Metro redux bundle
Double kick Heros
Between the stars
Rebel Galaxy Outlaw
The ambassador: fractured timelines
Evans remains
The town of light
Death Stranding Directors Cut
The life and suffering of sir Brante
The long dark: survival edition
Kerbal space program
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2023.06.07 21:28 pitbul13 Travelling with babies

Hello! We are thinking of travelling to the Azores in May 2024. If we want to spend 10 days in the Azores, but only sleeping at 2 different locations, which islands should i chose for the hotels?
From those islands, we would ideally do day trips to other islands using the ferries.
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 21:28 jefferydiamonds Rosa Festival is back in the Peak District

Rosa Festival is back in the Peak District
Based in the depths of the Peak District, Rosa Festival is an intimate Music and Arts Festival that aims to bring together DJ’s, Bands and immersive artists from all over the UK to create a friendly yet exciting atmosphere.
One of the main selling points of the festival is its open air policy. Which encourages festival goers to explore the picturesque surroundings and not feel trapped within the walls of the festival. With camping tickets currently priced cheaper than a 3-night hotel stay, it's a no-brainer for nature enthusiasts and explorers looking for a lively base camp in the Peaks.
Following the huge success of the first year sell-out of 499 people in 2022, the organisers have worked with Derbyshire Dales County Council to increase the capacity of the festival this year and have secured a picturesque venue near Middleton-by-Youlgeave.
The lineup this year is stacked with a number of award winning drum and bass artists, DJs from all corners of underground music, and a variety of up-and-coming live bands, speakers and performers.
Consisting of 4 stages that each hold their own unique character, The Stags Head, the Vibes Marquee, The Sweaty Arms and the brand new “Naturalia”.
The festival's main stage, The Stags Head, is made up of recycled car metals, which breathes fire and dazzles laser beams when the dust settles at night. Sat on top of a shipping container which has been redesigned to feature a DJ booth overlooking the audience and with a top quality sound system.
In The Vibes Marquee, DJ’s perform from a Shetland boat inside a colourful Marquee tent that boasts legendary house party vibes.
2023 will see the introduction of a brand new stage named “Naturalia” for live bands to showcase their talents. A selection of independent groove and rock-focused bands such as funk six-piece We Hate the Sharkman, Funk’d Up Collective, and Heritage alongside many others will be performing.
Rosa’s future is bright, challenging festival norms with a passion for creativity and a sustainable ethos. It’s a festival that allows you to get amongst the crowd and not feel left out with its easy-going and laid-back character amongst the friendly festival goers. With second release tickets all sold out, there's no time to sleep on purchasing tickets.
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2023.06.07 21:27 Mr_AK_drewdy Bad air quality in NJ.

Bad air quality in NJ.
I work in NJ. I went to the SSD warehouse today. After checking in, I asked for mask. Warehouse manager said they didn’t have it. I called the support, told them they didn’t have mask available for me, and I felt unsafe working. Customer support said they will pay for my block.
The app clearly states N95 masks are available for driver’s safety.
Take advantage of it. Woodland Park warehouse. Almost all drivers are doing it.
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2023.06.07 21:26 FateOfFeiluar Nations of Feiluar as of 5e

Nations as of the 5th Era
#The Nations of the Iai
Ialre is the nation of the Ialiai, the "Last Bastion of the Old East"; they are golden of skin, the people that still have the magic from before the sun rose, and are incredibly smug and isolationist about it. Until mid-4th Era, the Stormguard Barrier kept anyone that wasn't a Ialiai out of Ialre, unless they had a special magical token that allowed them to pass through. They are ruled by the Ialsaiclafte, basically a turbo-pope, the Saiclafte, the priests, and the nobles. The nation has a caste system, with six true castes and an untouchable caste.
Dunne is the nation of the Duniai, the "Only Nation Worth Saving!"; they are a jet-black 'warrior race' of warrior poets, who worship Codôliś, the goddess of sex and victory. Each citizen is a member of one of the seven Houses of Dunne, each founded by one of the mythical foundresses of Dunne. They are ruled by an elected monarchy, with the houses vying for political power during the lifetime of the king, in order to prepare the throne for a member of their own house. Classic warrior-poets, with some very distinct differences.
Canne is the nation of the Caniai, the "Great Heart of the Wood"; they are the grey-skinned spiritualists of the Grey Wood, who made, at the founding of their nation, a pact between their own Iai gods and the half-dead feral gods of beast and blood of the Beastfolk, giving them a foothold in the Grey Woods. They are ruled by their Dragon King, an avatar of the Preserver, until mid 4e, when he died maintaining the timeline for Canne during the Time Between Time. As of 5e, his second son, Airon, ascended to the throne and rules. His older brother, Sawalle II, became the embodiment of the Grey-Green covenant, the pact between the gods and the Iai.
Côr is the nation of the Cóiè, the "Great Vault"; they are the blue-skinned pirate bankers of the oceans blue, whose Godpact is between them and the Lord of True Lies; they are pirates par excellence, but also the preeminent traders of all of Feiluar. Only their men are seen by other races; they keep their women naked, in their homes, or allow the Windsingers aboard their boats, but never among other races. The men wear veils over their mouths, attached to the many piercings in their ears; if a client can't *see* the lie, it wasn't a lie at all, ne? They are ruled by the Plutocrat, the richest Cóiè of them all; he sets the tariffs and taxes. It's basically ancapistan, with each boat a kingdom of its own, and is more of a federation than a true nation.
#The Nations of Man
Algebedon is the nation of the Dûmâ; The Algessel and the Algejali, and have a significant Déomanif population, as well as a host of triracial isolate groups. They are ruled by the Algessel Godking, who wears the Shackle-Crown. Most of their nation is jungle, with King's Paths between the cities and hamlets; the King's Paths are paths through an afterlife, making navigating the jungle unnecessary. The Algessel rulers look like Masaai, with the Algejali being stouter and squatter. The Déomanif population resembles red-headed east asians.
Iolrim is the northern nation of Iolmin.
Iolle is the eastern nation of Iolmin, and had a Déomanif minority ruling class until mid 4th era.
Ipa-Osachî is a western nation of mixed ethnicity, with various "Tribes" being "Recognized" by the government, and given a spot in their government thereby.

I can edit this stuff, so I will add more on the human nations later on.
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2023.06.07 21:25 Nuerax A slew of religious zealots have entered the Andromeda galaxy after the plot of Mass Effect Andromeda finished. And how would things fare for the Initiative? How would they react to these new threats?

As the Andromeda Initiative starts to expand its operations deeper into the hostile tendrils of the Andromeda galaxy, they soon realise that there is certainly something smack dab in the middle of that spiral that just seems to attract zealots of all sorts and caliber.
Angara, Remnant and Kett aside, fragments of mind bogglingly advanced technology has started to awaken. Pulling in zealous fleets from cornerstones all over the multiverse...
The first fleet to heed the call is an utterly massive Ark Mechanicus Explorator fleet. Seeking refuge from the chaotic storms of the terrifying Grift Rift, the Explorator fleet took a detour from its route to the fringes of the galaxy and through warp shenanigans, ended up in Andromeda.
Featuring legions of rad soaked Skitarii under the harsh hands of the Tech Priests and their Magos of the Adeptus Mechanicus. The fleet seeks to build Mars anew in this isolated galaxy. Oh and quite possibly build their own empire away from the Imperium so no Astartes or Imperial Guard coming.
(Warhammer 40k)
The second fleet would be an entire Covenant battlefleet that had seemingly been pulled through slipstream via a cunning experimental bomb made out of a slipstream drive.
Curious at the new development and furious at underhanded human treachery, the Covie bastards under the command of the few Prophets decided that the best course of revenge was to wipe humanity off Andromeda and claim it for High Charity.
The third fleet are the Firstborn children of the Gods. The grandest beings whom have walked the surface of Aiur. Some of these great and ancient beings had fled Khala for verdant pastures.
Sailing with the blessings of their gods and seeking new territory to grow their numbers away from Terran and Zerg threats, the Protoss have decided to learn from their mistakes and take no chances with humanity even in a new galaxy.
The forth fleet to arrive in Andromeda are a horrifying, advanced yet incorrigibly archaic even in a time of high technology. With swirling worms ritually festering within their bodies and grand Tombships blessed by their dark gods, the Hive have arrived into Andromeda.
Seeking purity and refinement through battle, the Hive almost immediately started picking fights. Soon they would conquer Andromeda by force, and the gods would finally be pleased by the ample slaughter presented to them.
The fifth fleet? Psychic signatures going haywire, proxy species going mad, signs of humanity seemingly reaching apotheosis way ahead of time. Anomalies had triggered many many psychic warning bells in the home of the the Elders.
Perhaps or because of this sudden surge of psychic activity, an entire fleet meant to retake Earth had been accidentally diverted to Andromeda much to the curiosity of Thin Men and their bulbous headed grunts.
By hook or by crook their realms would have to survive, for the Elders have decreed so. Even if the Chosen have to subjugate out every other competitor in Andromeda so as to safeguard their bastion.
(XCOM 2)
The sixth fleet consisted of many significantly smaller yet no less dangerous fleets that arrived into the fold of the Andromeda Galaxy silently. Oddly silent compared to the frothing zealotry of everyone else yet insidious by itself.
With command bridges lit by screens of flashing holocrons, riding on ominously angular hulls that cut against the darkness of space. The refugees of the original Sith empires have decided to gamble their legacies by throwing caution into the wind and riding hyperspace to uncharted lands.
Naive from enlightenment, the new arrivals and even the Angara of Andromeda have shown no aptitude to the Force and the Dark Side. So much potential bared here just waiting to be used by any Sith with the idea of having a dynasty of their own.
So, the main idea of this is to ponder on how the Andromeda Initiative handle the influx of religious fanatic themed empires into their new Galaxy. Would empathy, tolerance, diversity, science and progress be their salvation? Or would the races of the Citadel crumble under the onslaught of those old and cynical enough to be cruel.
Bonus Scenario:
Malfunctioning multi dimensional technology have lead to erroneous severing of trans dimensional holes. The closing of portals are not always cleanly cut, and it have lead to strange energies metastasising all over the Andromeda Galaxy.
Some of these energies have been categorised as very beneficial to Initiative progress by scientists. Introduced to the public as Argent energy, more research is currently underway to harness this potential.
Yet there were things coming out from those portals. Strange, illogical things that made no sense whatsoever. Dark things whom acted with a temperament that was almost...biblical.
Arcane figures clad in white combat forms and golden masks have also been spotted giving counsel to affected worlds. Claiming to be the true Maykrs of the Angara, these beings speak with honeyed promises of salvation. Though curious minds have wondered about how timely their convenient arrival was.
(Doom Eternal)
Yet if those seams were Andromeda's cancer, the alien influx were its sickness then what of its mental illnesses?
The radio waves that bled just under these louder energies have been infected by a haunting memetic that echoed through the dark void as a siren song would through a dark ocean.
Make us whole.
Make us whole.
A new trend was starting to pop up in almost everywhere advanced enough to manufacture machinery. A strange urge by many to unite despite their differences and be made whole. To show that they are united by a singular cause, many believers have begun fabricating strange Markers to show their devotion.
(Dead Space)
Bonus 2:
And who the fuck were these giant rats popping up in green flashes of light whenever a strange deposit of green stones were found?
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2023.06.07 21:24 Prestigious_River909 Place to have sex with a girl friend

Hi, i’m from Japan and there are lots of hotel to have it, called “love hotel” where you can use hourly basis. Is there something similar in the Netherlands or if not where young people have it with your relationship, who their home is not an option because parents are in home?
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2023.06.07 21:24 Snoo-43285 Smoke from Canadian wildfires on beach in NJ

Smoke from Canadian wildfires on beach in NJ
Imagine you work on a fishing boat and didnt take the warnings from weather reports seriously and this thick smoke rolls in, and you cant find your way back to your dock
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2023.06.07 21:24 big_white_fishie Thoughts?

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2023.06.07 21:22 Carloslvl Urgent: 🚨Face masks Inventory available for sell in NJ.

Urgent: 🚨Face masks Inventory available for sell in NJ.
TRI STATE AREA RED ALERT, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and other areas. Time to sell
NJ inventory
2 millions BLACK KN95 1.3M black KF94 1.7M KIDS KF94
Contact for sale: 1 809 440 5368
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2023.06.07 21:22 autobuzzfeedbot 36 celebrities who are openly proud about being LGBTQ

  1. Noah Schnapp came out as gay on TikTok.
  2. Bella Ramsey said
  3. Rapper Yung Miami of the City Girls confirmed that she was bisexual during a May podcast appearance.
  4. Comedian Mo'Nique spoke about sexuality in her Netflix comedy special 'I Am Mo'Nique.'
  5. Elliot Page described himself as trans and queer in a letter to fans.
  6. Lil Nas X made waves when he came out at the height of his "Old Town Road" fame.
  7. Halsey actively fights against bisexual erasure.
  8. Rina Sawayama has been hailed as "the future of queer pop."
  9. Fans of Brendon Urie have always seen him as a queer icon.
  10. Janelle Monáe has opened up about her "free" sexuality.
  11. Laverne Cox is arguably the most recognizable trans actor in history.
  12. Ellen DeGeneres has long been a pioneer for the LGBTQ community.
  13. Jim Parsons has taken roles that amplify and explore the experiences of gay men.
  14. Hayley Kiyoko is known by her fans as "Lesbian Jesus."
  15. Kehlani's "Honey" is a celebrated gay love song.
  16. Demi Lovato says they are "very fluid."
  17. Asia Kate Dillon became the first non-binary actor with a starring role on American TV.
  18. Tessa Thompson revealed that she's "attracted to men and also to women" in 2018.
  19. Billy Porter advocates for better roles for gay actors.
  20. Lauren Jauregui has invoked her bisexuality to make a political statement.
  21. Kim Petras has spoken about embracing her trans identity at a young age.
  22. Lucas Hedges says he exists on the LGBTQ spectrum.
  23. Elton John is one of the most iconic openly gay musicians of all time.
  24. Evan Rachel Wood says "labels are tricky," but has historically fought for bisexual visibility.
  25. Miley Cyrus has spoken openly about the roles of gender and sexuality in her career.
  26. Before he found success in the music industry, Troye Sivan came out as a YouTuber in 2013.
  27. Kristen Stewart, who identifies as bisexual, famously joked about being "so gay" on "Saturday Night Live."
  28. Billy Eichner uses his platform to support pro-LGBTQ political candidates and increase representation in Hollywood.
  29. Sia revealed she identifies as queer in 2013.
  30. When Kesha falls in love, she says it's "not about a gender."
  31. Sara Ramirez, who played the longest-running queer series regular in TV history, came out as bisexual in 2018.
  32. Cara Delevingne doesn't hesitate to respond to bigotry about her bisexuality.
  33. Amandla Stenberg identifies as gender non-binary and pansexual.
  34. Frank Ocean's celebrated music often explores his relationships with men.
  35. Neil Patrick Harris came out as gay in 2006.
  36. Sam Smith, who identifies as non-binary and genderqueer, said they "decided to embrace myself for who I am, inside and out."
Link to article
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2023.06.07 21:19 Guaranteed_username Townships in Noida ( near Delhi), India. The view at dusk was quite beautiful with people walking their doggos on proper pedestrian walking area.

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2023.06.07 21:19 Which_Taste_9103 Pet liposuction

I looked it up and saw that pet liposuction was possible. Is there any place in the NJ/NY area that offers this surgery?
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2023.06.07 21:18 Sherui Looking for 1 ocean friend to exchange gifts with daily!

I’m an avid aprimon collectobreeder trying to shiny hunt ocean vivillon(s) in SV in every apriball, so someone willing to stay friends would be lovely 😊
Discord Sherui#1131 if also interested in aprimon collection!
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2023.06.07 21:18 newmusicrls Beatport Secret Weapons 2023 Organic House
  1. Etna – Samsara (Original Mix) 06:12 116bpm Am
  2. DJ Zombi – Everything Nice This Morning (Volen Sentir Rerubed Dub) 09:14 122bpm Fm
  3. Amir Telem, Nordvolk – Ocean of Infinity (Original Mix) 07:49 121bpm D
  4. Khen – Homeboy (Original Mix) 07:49 123bpm C
  5. Ricardo Angeles – Tidaana (Extended Mix) 07:06 122bpm Am
  6. JARES – Mont Royal (Eduardo McGregor Remix) 06:02 122bpm Dm
  7. Julian Liander, Mauro Masi – Konichiwa (Original Mix) 06:38 121bpm Cm
  8. Michael Simon, CamelVIP – Sisli (Jack Essek Remix) 07:07 116bpm Ebm
  9. Vadim Manko, Barych – Sacred Place (Original Mix) 07:44 121bpm Gb
  10. Uone – Universal Wisdom (Original Mix) 07:52 124bpm C
  11. Paula OS – Rival (Greg Ochman Remix) 08:01 120bpm B
  12. Bedouin, Delaram Kamareh – Hokema (Original Mix) 05:02 119bpm Am
  13. Shai T, Tamir Regev – The Captain (The Neighbors Remix) 07:22 122bpm G
  14. Ilias Katelanos – Sud (Molac Remix) 06:19 122bpm Gbm
  15. Iman Hanzo – Tears of the Sun (Original Mix) 07:10 121bpm Gm
  16. Hosini – Koala (Original Mix) 05:54 120bpm Bbm
  17. Snowedin – In Keeper’s Keep (Beije Remix) 07:22 122bpm Abm
  18. Elias Fassos, RisK (Gr) – Yalos (original mix) 06:28 110bpm Am
  19. Tim Green – It’s Only Lightning (Original Mix) 08:17 120bpm Em
  20. Florian Gasperini – Jardins D’hiver (Original 12″ Mix) 08:23 123bpm Gbm
  21. Santi Efe – No Secret (Original Mix) 08:28 121bpm Am
  22. Kurt Caesar – Mirage (Extended Mix) 07:36 120bpm G
  23. Distic – Enchanted (Dreamteller Remix) 08:48 120bpm A
  24. Hereafter – Seyan (Original Mix) 05:36 121bpm Gbm
  25. Noble Spirits, Aroma (IND) – Ease Your Mind (Limara Remix) 06:12 120bpm Ebm
  26. Ghenwa Nemnom – Love Notes (Original Mix) 07:37 122bpm Gm
  27. Thommie G, Ka:lu – Black Dot (Original Mix) 07:23 105bpm A
  28. Erdi Irmak – What Was Before (Original Mix) 07:02 120bpm Cm
  29. The Cobb, Safety Mode – Lina (Original Mix) 07:20 120bpm F
  30. pumbum – Retreat (PROFF’s Extended Respray) 08:12 122bpm Fm
  31. ID.Jay, ADHM – Night Whispers (Original Mix) 07:40 122bpm Em
  32. Wanduta – Fire Is Just Another Door (Monk Ernie Remix) 05:33 118bpm Am
  33. Nihils – Parallels (Original Mix) 05:30 118bpm Bm
  34. Uone – Project MK Ultra (Original Mix) 08:18 119bpm D
  35. Serious Dancers – Ambitious Mamelop (Original Mix) 08:33 121bpm Bb
  36. N1NJA – Sunrise of Agra (Original Mix) 05:52 126bpm Dm
  37. Modd, Lisandro (AR) – Samocvet (Original Mix) 06:32 120bpm Eb
  38. Matthew Herbert, Stavroz – Paradise Carnival (Herbert’s Friday Dub) (Herbert’s Friday Dub) 06:20 119bpm Cm
  39. Kermesse – Wawanko (Original Mix) 06:41 112bpm Dm
  40. Ghenwa Nemnom – Story of a Battle (Chris Zippel Remix) 05:33 118bpm Dm
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