In his own words xxxtentacion documentary

Ȧ̵̛ͅb̵̛̫͐o̸͍̅l̸̰̯̊i̸͇̍̾s̴̤̍̃h̸̝̿̓ ̷̣͌̚D̵̺̓o̴̠͇̔g̵͖͙̀̒s̴͇̊p̶̰̠͝ê̴̛ͅa̸̹̋k̵̡̩͒̀

2011.04.26 03:20 happybadger Ȧ̵̛ͅb̵̛̫͐o̸͍̅l̸̰̯̊i̸͇̍̾s̴̤̍̃h̸̝̿̓ ̷̣͌̚D̵̺̓o̴̠͇̔g̵͖͙̀̒s̴͇̊p̶̰̠͝ê̴̛ͅa̸̹̋k̵̡̩͒̀


2018.12.26 17:49 Elemode Gaming

A documentary of the words of our god, u/whatthefiqh. Owner: u/Elemode

2010.04.20 07:39 jirachiex William Shakespeare

Welcome to reddit's premier Shakespearean subreddit! Here we can discuss the Bard, his greatness, his works and his life! A community for Shakespeare enthusiasts the world over, no matter your age, language, or experience level. From academic takes on iambic pentameter to picking out the dirty jokes, there's always space for you here.

2023.06.06 13:55 Raiden-Super-Shogun Taiwanese Christian Professor for Genocide.
This is the university involved in this story, it is in Taiwan, and yes it recieves students directly from China. They are also epically shady. They tried to recruit my American friend for a scholarship she KNEW she wasn't qualified for in another entire situation that deserves an entire other story.

I talked to an ex professor, who is named Tony. Won't give out more details, I don't want people to go after him or anything like that, I just wanna put people on his guard. When I bought up his reasoning for calling the university China University (current situation in the world), he proudly stated he is the only university to be named that.. not.. too much of an alarm bell.. till I bought up the fact that he's Christian and that Christianity is not allowed... next thing I know I bring up the Uighurs. "Like you're Christian, I'm Christian, we both don't agree with that right?"
His argument: And I kid you not:
"There is a dark and a light. When i look at you, I see the light. But there is a dark side to China, and we just have to accept it."
And I was like: "First.. that makes absolutely NO fucking sense, don't try to be Yoda, you're bad at it.. and secondly.. You're telling me to LIVE with Genocide cause we should just accept its a part of life, whoopdeefucking doo.. never try for a better world, the Grimm Reaper comes for us all! HURAAAH.. "
(not in those precise words, but you get the gist)
Its safe to say he ended the conversation with me promptly.. But the creepiest part was when he tried to ask where I specifically work, and where I specifically live. .. After CMilk's vid about Operation Fox Hunt which Ironically watched earlier today, No WAY was I doing that.
I was so angry though, I told him "Tell Xijinping I said goodnight" on my way out. Have to apologize to CMilk and Winston since they usually advise us not to directly go after these people.. but.. I was so mad.
submitted by Raiden-Super-Shogun to ADVChina [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 13:55 Laughing-Unicorn Today, I reminded my Edad that he has a daughter, and his response has freed me

I cut off the N last fall and it went about as well as expected - I've pretty much lost my entire family, but I don't mind, they were never there for me to begin with, and you can't miss what you never had.
Throughout this time though, I've always maintained that I held no ill will towards my dad. He was welcome to call or text anytime, or even visit if he gave me plenty of notice. I did make it clear though that our conversations would most likely solely be about him, and that I would only be offering limited information about my life or how I am, as he immediately repeats everything back to the N.
Our last conversation was in early March, when he told me that the N won't allow him to visit me, and that she interrogates him after every phone call or text exchange we have, or goes through his phone if his answers don't satisfy her. He can't identify that this is abuse, he won't. He blames me for the strain, if only I would make amends!
On that day, I told him that he is an adult, he does not need permission from his wife to have a relationship with their daughter, but if not talking to me will keep him safe, then so be it. I told the only semi-loving parent I had that I would be fine if we never saw each other or spoke again. I realised a long time ago that the parents I needed never existed, I raised myself, there is no connection there for me, nothing to hold onto or miss.
That was in March and, despite his insistence that he wanted me in his life, we haven't spoken since. Until today.
Today is his birthday.
I sent him a basic, obligatory birthday message, to test the waters, and got a thumbs up back. That's it. And I think now that's all it will ever be. Birthdays, Christmas, New Year.
I wish I wasn't so surprised. He has never fought for me, never protected me, has always put his manipulative, abusive wife first. I'm surprised and disappointed, but not hurt; nothing they do can hurt me anymore. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder, but I do believe it makes the mind grow wiser. With no one trying to poison my thoughts or twist my words, I see clearly now that he is just as bad as her, he watched on while she abused their children, he defended her, he is complicit, and now that I am rid of both of them, I am finally and truly free.
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2023.06.06 13:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] Duston McGroarty – 24 Hour Salesman & Clients Tonight (

[Download Course] Duston McGroarty – 24 Hour Salesman & Clients Tonight (
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If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
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2023.06.06 13:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] Tony Robbins – Become Unshakeable Challenge 2023 (

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When you know these patterns, you can USE them, too.
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During the free Become Unshakeable Challenge, Tony is going to condense decades of expertise into 5 days so that you can fast-track your path to utilizing these patterns in your own life.


If you're wondering why our courses are priced lower than the original prices and are feeling a bit suspicious (which is understandable), we can provide proof of the course's contents. We can provide a screenshot of the course's contents or send you a freebie, such as an introduction video or another video from the course, to prove that we do have the course. Should you wish to request proof, we kindly ask you to reach out to us.
Please be aware that our courses do not include community access. This is due to the fact that we do not have the authority to manage this feature. Despite our desire to incorporate this aspect, it is, unfortunately, unfeasible.
Explore affordable learning at 🎓! Dive into a world of quality courses handpicked just for you. Download, watch, and achieve more without breaking your budget.
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2023.06.06 13:54 Mooxie_does_stuff Maxwell’s confidence arc Book 1: Memories (Entry 2 of 4- Impulses)

OOC (Pre): Before this one gets started, I wanted to apologize for what was originally going to be part two. I didn't give any type of proper warning(s), and I feel horrible. I've decided to change the way the arc is going to go down. Instead of having 16 parts with 4 entries per "book", I'm gonna have 12 parts, only three books. Again, I'm sorry if I offended anyone. I only want to have fun here, and I'm sorry if I prevented that in certain individuals. I like this one more. The only thing you might have to watch out for is the theme of Maxwell's mother (Techne) being mourned as if she's dead. She's not, it's just that Maxwell's dad still hopes she'll come back.
The days are blending together anymore. Maxwell was situated at the docks today. He sat there, his legs dangling over the side as he contemplated a lot of things. Why was he here? What fate was planned for him by the gods? …What was going on? Why did he have that nightmare? He sighed, watching fish swim by under the dock below him. He hated fish. Gross, slimy, smelly… ugh. He did not like fish.
However, his mind wasn’t really on the fish, so to speak. Instead, he was thinking about the memories he had been viewing. The same question attacked his mind over and over again, bludgeoning him. The gods were doing this for a reason. Surely, they had to have one. Surely. He waited for it. That tug of sleep. It never showed up. So, there he sat, confused. He didn’t understand it at the time, but this was exactly how it was supposed to go down. He sat there, contemplating himself. Eventually, he thought to himself about a memory. It wasn’t good, but maybe it would give him more insight into what’s going on with his life. It was worth a shot.
Maxwell was quite the joker. He knew how to laugh at certain things, and he knew when to make a joke. Well… for the most part. There were a few times in his past where he had slipped. Maxwell was also a very impulsive person. He’d do or say things that seemed right to him in the moment. However, the worst time was…
Where was he? Oh, right. A restaurant. If he managed to recall this particular memory correctly, it was April 30. His birthday. He just turned 10. Yep, he remembered this one distinctly. He was going out to dinner with his father and his grandparents. Now that he was thinking about it, why was there another chair, empty, right next to his father? There was nobody else to wait for… right? He chuckled, gestured to the empty chair and spoke.
“Hey, look here! Ah, man, it’s my best friend, the invisible man! Haha…!”
His grandparents didn’t laugh. His dad didn’t smile. He glanced around the table confusedly. What was it that he said? The joke might not have been the best one he’d made, but even his bad jokes usually got an eyeroll from his dad. He chuckled nervously before he spoke again.
“Hahah…? The… invisible man….?” He nudged his father. He would take a pity laugh at that point. He never got it. His father just sighed, a frown tugging at his lips before he solemnly spoke.
“Maxwell… we save a chair every year… for your mother. I don’t know where she is. However… I just hope that she’s alright.”
Maxwell shrunk back down into his chair. His father was mad at him, wasn’t he? He needed to apologize, right?
“...Sorry, dad. I didn’t… I didn’t know… I’ve just never really realized it. I miss her too, dad. I’ve never met her, but… I miss her. I wish I could see her. Just once.”
Moments before the memory ended, he could’ve sworn he heard his father mutter something.
“You’ll meet her sooner than you think.”
At the last moment, something changed. Maybe he wasn’t remembering the dream correctly. A single tear ran down his father’s cheek as he turned towards the empty chair. He placed his arm around the chair like how a lover would place their arm around their beloved.
He was waiting for his mother. A woman who would never come back to him. Maxwell just didn’t realize it. His father knew that day would come. That day where Maxie had to go to camp. The day his life would change forever.
He opened his eyes. He was still at camp. He was in one piece. His journal was intact. He looked down at it. His father’s words echoed through his mind.
“You’ll meet her sooner than you think.”
Most demigods never got to meet their godrent. However, in that moment, Maxwell decided something. He would meet her one day. He would confront his own mother. He would prove himself strong to her.
“Okay, mom. I’ll show you. I’m gonna prove myself to you! I’ll make sure you acknowledge me… no. Us. You’re gonna acknowledge all of your children, more than just claiming them!”
His eyes burning with determination, he watched the waters, the waves crashing by.
He knew what he was supposed to do.
OOC (Post): Just clearing up some potential points of confusion here. Number one, Maxwell’s journal, while never explicitly stated, is presumed to be a gift from Techne. It never runs out of pages, and is highly hydrophoboic. Number two, Maxwell is (probably) not going to meet Techne. Thanks for reading this one.
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2023.06.06 13:54 Relative-Ad8347 Yourverse arrives on The Sandbox! A new concept of multipropriety

Yourverse arrives on The Sandbox! A new concept of multipropriety
Friends, creators, and explorers — welcome to YourVerse!
We are thrilled to share this exciting project with you!
In this article, we will guide you through the steps that will give you the best shot at being part of YourVerse!
“What is YourVerse, and what is meant by the concept of real estate in the metaverse?”
Allow us to explain!
The phenomenon of owned purchases in the Metaverse
The purchase or rental of a property is the first step in being able to carry out any activity in the new digital dimension. Buying a house (and land) in the metaverse is becoming one of the main activities in the new digital dimension, given the possibility of carrying out practically any activity, from simple ones like having a place to be at the start of commercial activities such as shops, sales, and advertising spaces.
In 2021, at the peak of real estate transactions in the metaverse, staggering numbers were reached. The prices of land on existing platforms rose by 500%, and the transactions exceeded a total value of 500 million dollars. After an important correction in terms of economic value, which occurred last year, many believe that this is the best time to invest in the real estate sector. Thanks to the large growth rate, the phenomenon will become increasingly well-known. The increase in demand, especially in the most prestigious metaverses, will likely drive prices up.
“Investing in the Metaverse today can be likened to buying a house in the countryside before it develops into a big city.”
The metaverse of The Sandbox
The metaverse of The Sandbox can be understood as a three-dimensional virtual universe that can be explored through the use of avatars representing real users. Just like in the “analog” world, even in the metaverse, it is possible to interact with other characters, travel, buy objects, build, customize, sell, or rent properties in which to live or start commercial activities.
Buy a property in the Metaverse
Metafutura Srl, an Italian company made up of expert builders, has launched the “YourVerse” project, which will be a place with real estate properties, events, and exhibition spaces that will facilitate the purchase and sale of owned properties in the metaverse via NFTs. The acquisitions will be signed through Smart Contracts, intelligent contracts that leverage the blockchain to define unmodified and extremely sophisticated transactions, with the deposit of the purchased NFTs in the buyer’s wallet. It is essential to emphasize that in the metaverse, purchases do not take place with traditional currencies. The system is, in fact, linked to the blockchain, and cryptocurrencies are used for buying and selling.
The Metaverse Real Estate Market has entered a vortex of strong growth, and given the potential for the future, therefore it seems to be the propitious moment to invest in the sector. It is important to underline the twofold implication, on the one hand for the user who buys the property, which is realizing an investment that also entails the acquisition of a sort of “showcase” in the metaverse of The Sandbox, as well as to participate in activities of socialization and a series of events that will lead to the expected and unexpected beneficial owners (participation in exclusive events, gifts, airdrops, treasure hunt etc …) On the other, for those who develop an economic activity, they can find a way to generate a profit directly or indirectly, creating events, sales, marketing activities etc…
YourVerse, a unique proposal
1000 exclusive properties managed with NFT
Zoom of the map of The Sandbox
The project is carried out on a 2x2 Land on which a thousand properties managed through NFT arise, divided as follows:
· Deluxe apartments
· VIP apartments
· Robot-apartments
· Shops
· Megastore
· Billboards of different sizes
1000 properties accessible to all. What will be your % of possession in the City? Entry into ownership with NFT. Exclusivity for each owner. Possible customizations for each owner and for large partners. We create specially assets for your brand. Continuous maintenance by Metafutura srl.
The sale of collection is available from May 10, 2023.
The potential return of the investment
By investing in YourVerse, you are investing in the future. To each property beyond the enjoyment of the experience, the return of image, and what you decide to buy (e.g. shop that leads to the completion of purchases from the city visitors), there will be frequent airdrops and events that will allow to increase the value of your property. The experience will be open to all and the Grand Central Palace which will be made in the center of the Land, will be able to host concerts, events, fashion shows, professional meetings, streaming, gaming, as well as NFT exhibitions and this will create a large flow of visits and growing interest in possessing a part of the City. In addition, the great engine will be the public characters, who, having believed in the project, will be able to give growing visibility to YourVerse! Welcome to the first multipropriety project in the metaverse of The Sandbox!
What is YourVerse? YourVerse is a set of real estate property developed on a Land 2x2 that offers the first concept of Real Estate in the metaverse of The Sandbox, to be precise 1000 real estate units converted to NFT.
What properties are present in YourVerse? Deluxe Apartments, Vip Apartments, Robot Apartments, Shops, Megastore, Billboard of different sizes, each with its own privileged position.
What is the utility in holding a YourVerse NFT? Owning an NFT is equivalent to the exclusive possession of one of the thousand properties developed on the land. Holder side, hold an apartment, gives you the opportunity to create private events, such as holidays for example, with exclusive access, to which to invite your friends. In addition, like Holder, you will participate in all the events on the land, with Airdrops, Mystery Egg Hunts, seasoned with NFT of international collections, prizes and incentives by the Land partners. Company side, owning an NFT, such as a shop, gives the possibility to create its events in an always open land, possibility to customize your exhibition space and create public events. In addition, the possibility of renting part of the Grand Central Palace is reserved for companies, all this will be able to give a great return of image. Customization packages will be revealed to make their real estate unit unique and increase their value.
Is it possible to rent a real estate unit? It will be possible to do it for companies immediately, which will make a rental contract through Metafutura srl. Subsequently there will be implementations to make the Rent expandable on all properties.
Do the properties all have the same value? Absolutely not, the value is very different from one property to another. The possibility of now mining one of the 1000 NFT randomly, converges with on the one hand the thanks to being an Early Adopter as well as a supporter of the project, on the other the luck of being able to receive an asset with a much more important value of the cost of Mining.
When will it be possible to access the land? Entrance to YourVerse will be possible by the end of the year 2023.
Are NFT transferable? Absolutely yes, everyone can prepare as best he believes in his property, holding him or by selling it in the marketplace.
Where can I buy a piece of YourVerse?
You can make the MINT until the stocks are exhausted here:
Metafutura Srl is a digital agency specialized in the production of assets and multimedia content based on 2D and 3D viewing in The Sandbox’s metaverse. We use metaverse as a communication tool aimed at enhancing knowledge through the visual and experiential impact.
We are able to bring virtuality to product communication and development processes, recreating digital works from scratch or by models respecting significant features with full loyalty.
Our technical sector also deals with the creation of images, 3D videos, virtual reality and graphics in general.
Follow us on:
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2023.06.06 13:53 Sinobear How a Favorite Person is Sourced - My Experience

Read this post earlier, , and I thought I'd go through how my wife (uBPD) selects her "favorite person." I've watched the same pattern emerge time-and-time again, and I think she's got it done to an almost HR science.
Step 1 - The declaration. We've been married for 15 years (which is another theme that seems to be very common in this subreddit). I work. I pay the bills. I do the laundry, the bulk of the housekeeping and household purchases. We've got two kids and a dog. I get tired. I've been tired. There's not much time or energy for partying like the teenager she still believes herself to be - and hopes to be again if it weren't for those darn kids that she wanted so much. I digress.
The declaration is made, "I am bored." This signals the beginning of a search online for the next kink, fetish, or any other interest that gets her piqued (her fancy will be tickled later, but that's another adventure on the riverbank). Once she's chosen her newest theme, on to step 2.
Step 2 - The on-stage entrance. She will join every forum, site, chat group, etc., that pertains to her new theme. She will make it known in her profile, that she's female and available. The trawling net is cast. The thirsty boys quickly start commenting on her posts, and, of course, make their availability known. She will go through their profiles and conduct an almost FBI-like profile of each of them to narrow down her list of potentials (by region, by attraction, etc.). Once her target acquisition radar has locked on to one future-ex-lover, she will move on to step 3.
Step 3 - The mirroring process. She will then seek out all characteristics of the target - preferences in music, food, art, spiritual beliefs, literature, movies, fashion, makeup, interests, hobbies...anything that she can glean from her investigation. She will then adapt herself in kind. Listen to the same music, study the same art or literature, purchase new clothes, change her hair style or color, eat the same foods, watch the same movies. Now she's ready for step 4.
Step 4 - The Initial Hook-Up. This is, apparently, the most exciting time for her as she holds both the role of the interviewer and interviewee. She got the above cultural aspects mirrored as best she can, she's managed to avoid mentioning or giving any signs away that she's married with kids, and now there's going to be fireworks! She will either go to them, or they will come to her. All she needs is...
The EnableFamiliar - a little aside. My wife has always had enablers, including her own mother - who was opposed to our marriage from the outset - and her best friend, or a familiar who I never know personally enough to contact, but is, well, familiar enough, to make her excuse for going out/away plausible enough.
The initial hook-up will involve a dinner, walk in the park, even something as banal as meeting at a salon where she's getting her hair or nails done. If all goes well, it's sex in a hotel, in the park, what have you. That's hook #1 implanted in the favorite person. On to step 5.
Step 5 - The Admission. Now comes the tricky part, admitting that she's married with kids. This is done by, of course, explaining that, as all married cheaters say, "I got married too young and for the wrong reasons. I was trapped into having kids." Instead of running away immediately, the sex has insured that the favorite person will now don the silver armor and become a white knight. The gauntlet has been thrown down and the fair maiden must be rescued from the evil dragon (plus, the sex). Step 6 is not of her design, but mine.
Step 6 - The Cock-Block. By the time I'm aware enough of everything, happens when your own radar is running 24-7, I will start to reinforce boundaries. That, of course, makes the already evil dragon controlling and abusive. Her actions are challenged, her tone commented upon, her attempts at going out challenged. This always leads to a crying session, usually post-midnight, followed up with selfies of her blubbering. This, of course, results in further white-knighting and the pay-off! Promises to take her away from all her suffering.
Step 7 - The Attempt to Solidify...and the Downfall. Here's where the whole thing falls apart. The guy wants so badly to "rescue" her but that means taking on not just her, but the kids and the dog. This means taking responsibility for a family that is not his. Where I am, his parents would never accept their son marrying a divorced woman with two kids, especially whose relationship was founded upon, and based upon, cheating. Furthermore, other than unbridled sex, she brings absolutely nothing to the table.
Step 8 - Rinse and repeat.
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2023.06.06 13:52 downwo AITA for leaving my boyfriend’s coach alone without a hotel?

I, (20F) and my boyfriend Max (20M) have been together for a month. We both do track and field semi- professionally and his coach supervises some of my track sessions when I’m in town.
Myself, Max and his coach Amy (62F) decided to travel together to compete abroad at an international meet last week since we all live in close proximity.
I booked the flights and my boyfriend organised transfers. Amy was told the information for the trip. However, as the hotels were very expensive, we decided to ‘pull an all nighter ‘ on the last night after the competition as our flight was at 6am the following morning. Therefore, we had to be in the airport for approx 4am. This was Amy’s idea.
Max’s hotel was paid for by the hosts while Amy and I shared a room.
On the first evening, Amy told my boyfriend to go to the sauna as the meet was in two days time. He said he would. Later on, my boyfriend rang me asking if I would like to go out for dinner with him and stay the night in his hotel. I said I would love to, but would ask Amy if it was alright first as she would be by herself for the night. She said it was ‘no problem at all’ and to ‘enjoy myself, but don’t do anything stupid’. That night he told me that he wanted to keep his testosterone levels up and so he would not sleep with me before the competition. He also said he had not been to the sauna either, and would go in the morning.
The following morning he rang Amy to tell her he was going to the sauna. She was furious. ‘WTF, what is the point of having a coach if you don’t listen to me? Is this a recreational holiday or a serious competition? This is not a couples getaway. I’m very disappointed in you’ The pair of us decided to go to her (and my) hotel to talk and organise our plan for the day. Once we entered the room, she said ‘I’m pissed. You have so much to lose Max and you’re getting distracted. This sport is a life changing opportunity for you and you are throwing it away. I told you to go to the sauna and you didn’t listen. I paid my own money to come out here to help you, and you’re not taking the help. I also told you that ejaculation is not allowed before a competition. It messes with your hormones’. As this conversation was happening, I was packing my things to leave to go to the athletic track. Amy turned to me and told me to leave the room and let them speak in private.
Later that day she came and spoke to me, saying the issue she had was nothing to do with me it was Max and his decisions. She said she doesn’t want him getting distracted as he has too much at stake. Then she said that no matter how hard I try or how much I train that I will never be as good as him in this sport, and that I will never achieve great things in my event. Of course, I was very upset by this and although she was speaking to me in a calm tone, it hurt a lot. Especially since I was competing the next morning. For the rest of the day I was in a bad mood and quiet. Amy asked me what the issue was and I burst out crying saying it really hurt my feelings and I don’t understand why she would say such a thing hours before I race. She apologised and told me she was grateful I told her.
I travelled to the competition with Amy as she had to be there around the same time as myself. Once I arrived, it was freezing and she gave me her jumper to stay warm. I thanked her and left to stay with the other women and men competing in my event.
Once Max began competing, he was not doing as great as Amy had expected him to. I was standing beside her watching to support but she told me to ‘just go away’ before she says the wrong thing to me. She also said once again that ‘this is too much like a couples holiday’ as we had went out for dinner and spent the night together.
I left and gave them both space.
That evening, the three of us went to Max’s hotel to leave our bags there as myself and Amy had no hotel booked. We were all starving and decided to go out for dinner together once we had showered. And so, after putting my bag down I went upstairs to a friend’s hotel room to shower and get dressed into nicer clothes. Amy said she would sit down in the lobby and wait for us, and that she would spend the night down there since we had to be in the airport for 4am and so would leave at 2am. She had also gotten us VIP bands for our wrists to ensure we could get on the transfer for free with Max. (We are not sure how she acquired these)
I said ok.
Minutes later Max rang me saying he had gone down to the lobby and told Amy that we were leaving at 4am as that is the time the hotel had booked his transfer for.
She burst out crying and said how she wished she would have known our flight was not at 4am, as she thought it was, but instead 6. How she feels so stupid and abandoned. She told Max she was not coming out for dinner with us and decided to book her own hotel for the night while we went out around the town celebrating the end of the competition.
I felt terrible again, and thought about sending her a text or ringing her but decided it would be better to leave her be and talk to her in the morning.
The flight back was very quiet and same with the bus back home. She slept for most of it but didn’t say a word to me despite us being seated beside one another.
Once we parted ways, I texted her saying how I appreciated the support over the weekend, and thanked her for coming out. She didn’t respond to it.
I decided it would be better going forward not to train With them anymore and wanted to give them space.
Two days later Any texted me asking to meet up for a chat as she noticed I didn’t show up to training.
She rang me, and asked how I felt the weekend went. I told her it went ok, but not amazing and that is when she started to get angry. She told me that I had been so ungrateful and selfish all weekend, that my behaviour was disgusting and she is shocked that I treated it as a couples holiday and not as a competition. She said that she couldn’t believe I never asked her if she was ok or offered her help. She said if it weren’t for Max coming down to check on her, she would have been all alone all night without knowing the flight time or what to do. She had helped me all weekend but I never once reached out to help her. She was appalled. I was so upset over the phone, but did not argue back as I wanted to keep the peace for the sake of my relationship with Max. I did not understand where this was all coming from, as she had been with me when the plans were being arranged and I had told her and given her all the flight information. She proceeded to shout at me saying I was extremely selfish and only care about things that involve me. She was upset that I had a place to stay regardless of how the night went as Max had a room, (which he had offered to her) and that I never made sure she was sorted herself.
I apologised and said I didn’t realise the situation and should have taken her perspective into account more.
Then she hung up, and hasn’t spoken to me since.
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2023.06.06 13:52 EhBITDA Seeking advice. Continue on wealth management path? Or try for MBA IB associate?

26 years old - Toronto.
CFA charterholder as of this spring. 4 YOE as an associate in wealth management with increasing responsibility as I've moved firms. Still not an asset gatherer yet; but responsible for everything else (financial planning, portfolio building, trading, research, and admin). Making ~$95k CAD all in.
Currently working for an advisor in his mid 60's as the sole associate on a book that generates ~$1.25M in revenue; but is dying quickly. My hunch is that I would be able to buy this book in ~5 years when he retires. Not guaranteed, and the revenue at that point if we don't turn the ship around is probably closer to $700k on $90M of AUM.
I don't really enjoy the work at all. I'm far too young to have any sort of credibility for bringing in assets on my own and don't have much of a network in Toronto as I just moved here 8 months ago. Chasing retirees down for signatures to essentially plonk them into the firm's models is boring. That being said, I feel like I'd be throwing away a rare opportunity to buy a book at a relatively young age if I went elsewhere.
I've always wanted to move to work in the US as the compensation up in Canada is terrible. It seems that an MBA is the only chance I would have of doing that. Issue is I don't have that competitive of an admissions profile, and would be paying ~$400k USD as an international student with no guarantee of IB placement and the real possibility of being forced to move back to Canada with far weaker earnings potential to pay off that debt. I think the CFA would help with IB placement from a reputable MBA program; but both routes seem like very risky options.
Thank you in advance for any advice you can share. Happy to answer any questions.
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2023.06.06 13:52 ana2902 Am I not being understanding enough?

Hi everyone,
I'm sorry this is a long one.
I hope someone relates to me or can help me. Me and my partner 21 F and 22M have been dating now for 10 months.
Before I start, i would like to say that I have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression before this relationship started. I could not continue therapy during this relationship as it got too expensive for me. My boyfriend has now a month earlier been diagnosed with ADD. So I'm making this post because I am not sure if I should be more understanding with him.
At first it started off great right like all good relationships do. At first we had a lot of time for each other, especially him despite being a full time worker. We met at work, and fell in love after like 5 months of never saying hello. When I started first talking to him, he had just gotten out of a 2+ year relationship with his ex, and i think it had only been 1-2 months of their breakup before we dated.
I was really hesitant to date him even though i really liked him because of this short gap. I thought that he had not taken enough time to fully heal, so i didn't respond to his question of dating until I felt like I was okay enough with his past relationships. Maybe I jumped in too quick despite this, however I really fell for the person he was.
I am a super studious person, I care about my future and especially my career and I have always been like this. He on the other hand was a carefree spirit, he loved to go with the flow. He is the sort of man who likes being happy and will try his best to avoid conflicts. At first we would have these amazing nights almost like 3-4 times a week where it was not even a fancy place or anything. We would simply just sit there, talk about ourselves. Getting to really know each other and connecting, and i truly felt that before I committed I knew exactly who he was. At least I did think that.
So after dating for a few months, of course issues arise. One of the issues I has and one of my needs which i had communicated before dating, and which he agreed too as well, was that we will try our best to call each other. From my last relationships I know that when i get a call from my partner, it makes me feel wanted, loved, and cared for. It is a really simple ask at least in my opinion. We solved this issue and he promised he would call me more. And for a few weeks after that, he did. Then it stopped.
Another issue I had was how i was ignored every time we were around his friends. I understand that I may not be his number 1 priority as he probably values them over me simply due to their shared experiences and the longevity of their relationship. But one thing I also asked him was how he prioritises his partner and how he expresses that. He had assured me that he does, that he loves his friends but in a relationship, the partner matters more. We had both agreed that a partner to us meant that we would essentially choose that person for life till death, marriage, kids the whole spiel. So that person to us meant most.
Anyways I had noticed that ignorance for me during the first month of our relationship. I had then told him straight away because from therapy I have learned how I can tend to internalise other's behaviours to me as my own faults. That day he was so perfect. I walked away from that conversation feeling like we communicated in such a healthy way. I was so happy, because he told me what he felt and I found a good solution so that I am not ignored or feeling ignored and so that he does not have to deal with me annoying him about it.
However 10 months in, calls stopped after a month of him "calling". I forgave it, because i was like yeah he just doesn't enjoy calling fair enough. So why is he on discord all night calling and playing with his boys? Why is he late for our dates which I always plan because he sleeps in and through his alarms when he does the whole staying up playing games thing. Still forgiven, because in other aspects he has been a great bf.
But one night instead of crying at his behaviour towards me, I just laughed and shook my head in disbelief. I sat there alone until 2am just thinking about everything he has done and what i believe is disrespect. Some of the things are below:
- The most crucial thing for me was that he was invited to go to a long trip with his boys for like 10-11 days. At first he told me that he won't go if i don't want him to, but when he did that i ended up relenting and saying he should go because i don't want to make him miss his experiences. We had also as a couple gone on a 5-day trip so it's only fair. But maybe i made a really big deal out of how much i didn't want him to, or how much i was unhappy with his inconsideration of how I'd feel. I mean when I said I'm only hesitating so much because Id be missing him, he told me "he would be too distracted to miss me". That one was a was a big ouch. Anyways now he's already paid and stuff so it does not matter what I think. He was very sweet about it. He bough the most expensive internet package so that he could text me. But now after thought i also realised i can go trips with my girlfriends and wanted to go on a same distance one, he said it is not fair that he can't make a big deal like I did about it. I just did not know what to reply to that.
- Secondly I dont feel very comfortable when my partner goes to clubs, parties etc heaps especially without me. I'm usually never invited. he makes it very clear that his friends would hate me being there and hate him for bringing me. I have been cheated on previously, and as someone diagnosed with seasonal depression and anxiety I try my very best to not let it impact my relationship but it does. So one day he told me he is going to a party and he will essentially leave before the girls (other random girls) come. He also promised he won't drink. So i agreed to this party, because i dont want to hold him back and lose experiences with his friends because of me. But he drank, and stayed when other girls got there, and proceeded to then speak to a girl who makes me uncomfortable. when i brought this up, he pulled the "she is a friend babe, I was helping her".
- To compromise with him and make it fair, I skipped going clubbing, bars, drinking because it would make him uncomfortable. I even avoided my friends bday and let them know up front that I can't because i want my boyfriend to also see that I respect our agreement. A month later he ended up starting to go bars/clubbing anyways so not like it matters
- The worst part was after telling him this, I was told that I am being unreasonable, that I'm always complaining, "I'm always mad" at him. I don't know if i communicate wrong. However my general approach to telling him something is firstly saying I want to talk about something, discuss how I feel, wait for him to reply/react/respond and then find a solution. But one day i got so sick of finding solutions, and being the only one who spoke out and found solutions like I was legit talking to a brick wall who nods.
There are many more situations, where he tends to support others over me in an argument that I tell him about, where our dates are getting shorter and shorter because "he's too tired", he's "not bothered", etc.
Now I have said before that he has ADD and the psychiatrist has not said depression, but we suspect it. Despite all this, I know we are a young couple, in other regards he has been very loving and been there for me when I was breaking down because of my own issues. But its mainly like how they say, when it's good, its REALLY good. But when it's bad, its REALLY bad. Anyways, he suspects the reason for our recent rift and these feelings is our distance and his workload. he believes that when he drops his hours at work, when he moves closer we will be okay. Do I wait and have more understanding? Do I leave because it is getting really painful when it does? Or do i give it more time?
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2023.06.06 13:52 Glacial_Shield_W Kids in ski masks (home by eight)

Author's Note: Trigger warning. Depictions of self harm, suicide, violence and neglect towards children depicted throughout.
Kids In Ski Masks (Home By Eight
God damn it Meghan, late by ten, Don't make me fuckin' nag again.
The drugs won't drown out your misery, It's just a prescription conscription consiracy.
Youthful rage, Is the way the cool kids act at your age.
Janie's a freak, Because she fell in love and gave her boyfriend a pre-marital peek.
They got her picture up on the bathroom stall, With a number, saying where to call.
Underage sex and pregnancy, What's next for you is stagnancy.
The hormones and the puberty, But your still just an ignorant squirt to me.
Your vegetables will save you from the rot, Then society intends to ring you , for all you've got.
Learn to be something that you are not, Accept that you must do as you are taught, your future is already bought.
Anorexia or dyslexia, All you brats are just a little bit extra.
Timmy is just a little bit dim, but we haven't given up on him, We might be able to salvage this if we push his anxiety to the brim.
Suzy is a little too obsessed with the mobsters and the uzi, If she isn't cut off, it could lead to another doozy.
It used to be firecrackers in the halls, Now it's opened fire and cracks over 911 calls.
Little Jill, buried beneath the willow on the hill, Her pictures won't age, up on the windowsill.
Who knew that kids can understand suicide, Who knew the pressures of life can leave them nowhere to hide.
Pushed to swing from a rope, Children shouldn't know how it feels to abandon hope.
So, please just be home by eight, We get nervous if you are out to late.
We don't know who is teaching you how to hate, When it comes to teenager's, what is a life's going rate?
Held up outside the grocery store, The clerk cut and screaming on the floor, and you thought they were just going to hold the door.
It's not so easy to act snide, When they rip open your driver side and steal your ride.
After all, we raised the kids of today, And at some point, there is a debt to pay.
Ski masks and a stolen blade, They're in such a rush for their own innocence to fade.
Mommy is piss drunk and passed out on the couch, And somewhere in your developing mind, you've already figured out that she is just a slouch.
The man of the house is out fucking his mistress, Because his spawn was always so easy to dismiss.
But, Daddy forgot to set the lock, which concealed his glock, And Zack will make sure we all learn that truth at the chiming of the clock.
Because, at twelve he believes that he can't forget, And lying in a pool of his own blood is as close as he can get.
Going on thirteen and taught to use an opiod pen, Have we calculated yet, when they will get to be naïve again?
The kids aren't kids anymore, They are just new pawns for your never ending war.
They can't learn how to spell, Before they are taught which opinions will get them sent straight to hell.
A generation raised without peace of mind, Keep up with the latest outrage or be left behind.
We have faith in you, So we will be monitoring every little thing that you do.
And you are doing your part, So long as you aren't falling apart, and working on becoming a sterile little piece of art.
Curtis is just the worst, The adults in the room tried to control him every time that he cursed.
A dollar in the jar, A spanking behind his parent's car.
The lesson was worth the scar, And some day, he will show it off, while drunk at the bar.
They say it's a cycle, Lather, rinse and recycle.
And we turned out just fine, Living in a society where we have to tip toe around every landmine.
Every phrase is a trigger, And the taboos are just getting bigger.
And crushing down on them, Damaging the plant at the stem.
Before they can flower, They are molded, shaped and condemned by those who are in power.
It has always worked before, So leave your doubts at the door.
Make sure to tip the kid working the table, Don't wonder if their home life is stable.
Don't worry yourself about the screams in their head, Just tuck them into bed.
The arrogance and the contempt, To think that we will be exempt.
The worst is yet to come, The monster always comes back to where they are from.
But, society refuses to believe that monsters are created, Their urges just need to be sedated.
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2023.06.06 13:51 mjstokes85 The time taken to analyse the devices seized

I was watching a documentary on Sky last night, "Monster in the morgue", about the murderer and necrophile David Fuller. When raiding his house they found multiple hard drives documenting his crimes, the police stated on one hard drive alone there were over 800,000 files that had to be individually looked at which took a whole year. This must give some indication to the amount of images, videos, whatever else was found on these seized devices in this case.
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2023.06.06 13:51 Interesting-Mall2095 i think my loving bf (21m) is lying about his sexuality / cheating on me (20f

i think my loving bf (21m) is lying about his sexuality / cheating on me (20f) and i don’t know what to do
gonna try to make this short and to the point, me and my bf have ben dating for a year now, i am nonbinary but afab and mostly identify as a woman / dress feminine and have long hair, he is my very first bf and when we started getting intimate i quickly realized i was more kinky than he is, i asked him his kinks, things he’s into, things he wanted to try out of excitement bc of finally having a partner to do these things with (im not big on hookups, i need a connection to be fully aroused with someone irl) he would tell me just normal vanilla sex, and that he was straight, we even did that meme bdsm quiz together and he scored vanilla, and i simply accepted that.
he has a lower sex drive than me and can go weeks without anything while i can go everyday, but i’m fine with this bc he’s extremely affectionate everyday and we are constantly together laughing doing activities and gaming ect and he never makes me feel unloved (constant compliments kissing and surprising) i’ve never once felt worried about how he feels about me, until a few days ago.
because of me frequently staying over at his place i’m often in his room when he goes to work, the other day i got on his computer to watch one of my friends on twitch when i noticed the reddit tab open, id like to preface and say i am not a snooper and don’t believe at looking through a romantic partners devices, however i noticed a chat box open that said “are you still gooning?” that message was sent by my bf about 20 days ago, immediately my heart started rushing, he shouldn’t even know the concept of “gooning” he didn’t even know (or atleast pretended not to know) what bondage was when we met and started discussing sexual taste, so how the hell did he send this???? i feel guilty for snooping but i clicked the profile and it was a gay / sissy hypno account, and i couldn’t stop looking at this point
i’m bisexual and nonbinary, i wouldn’t care if he was also nonbinary or gay but finding out your partner is into way more things and dming people related to those kinks after u tried multiple times to please them sexual and fulfill fantasies is just..i don’t know what to think, i kept looking through his account and found a post from 6 months ago made by him iso m4a hookups, while we have been dating for a year we didn’t make it “official” until maybe four months ago, we went unlabeled but spent all of our time together, if he had hooked up with someone when we were unlabeled i wouldn’t care bc we weren’t technically together but i can’t process how or why he’s hiding this from me.
he had a gmail tab open and i searched the word gay and dozens of gay hookup websites that he used to use prior to officially dating me popped up and at this point i had a sinking feeling in my chest and i quickly deleted the history of my searches and got back in bed, flash forward to yesterday night, i had a long shift and came back to his place around 1 am, i crawled into bed with him and went to sleep, but woke up maybe an hour or two later, i was facing him but barely awake, he was masturbating and looking at something on his phone, i quickly shut my eyes again and just forced myself to go back to sleep
did i mention he has a very low sex drive and barely even masturbated around me? everything has pretty much been the same, same affection and sweetness and laughter and cuddling, and he doesn’t know that i know but i don’t know what to do, i don’t care if he’s gay or bi but it’d break me if he wasn’t happy in this relationship and would rather be dating a cis guy. he keeps saying he’s straight and that he gets enough pleasure when we have sex but i can’t get the “gooning” message out of my mind, i don’t want to snoop again i don’t know what the hell i’ll find i just feel disappointed
in the first few months of officially dating i wanted to try so many sexual things with him i wanted to try kinks and let him use me and whatever else but he only wanted vanilla which i accepted, but after finding this out i feel really idk..unattractive? eventually i stopped trying to request me doing sexual favors for him bc he didn’t seem interested, but now that i know that it could be that he’s not very attracted to me idk what to do
(side note i asked him his thoughts on poly relationships when we first started talking but he said he didn’t like them, i am open to poly but prefer monogamy, and his reddit acc had tons of cucking and cheating / having sex outside of relationships) any thoughts? i could rlly use some outsider opinions i don’t know if or how i’d bring this up to him, i care about and love him deeply, i don’t want him in a relationship he isn’t satisfied with, i don’t know what to do :(
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2023.06.06 13:50 I_love_guin I’m so tired of it

I’m tired of Tucutes. I’ve got nothing against them but I really just can’t keep up with it. The world is so confusing as it is and then people come along saying that pronouns don’t equal gender, and throw a fit if you misgender them. And you can’t say anything to them or ask them anything without them calling you transphobic. The Tucutes live in their own little bubble and don’t want anything to do with anyone outside of that bubble. They want everyone to understand them but they don’t bother to try and understand anyone outside of their little bubble. Instead they call us all “transphobic” just for questioning them. When all we try and do is understand them. But I give up trying to understand them because they don’t let me try. It’s hard enough to understand as it is, which brings me to another thing: A lot of them claim they are neurodivergent or disabled. The irony I find here is that I myself am autistic and have a slight learning disability. And having both these conditions makes everything even harder to wrap my head around. So I would’ve thought they could empathise with me, but no. If they are also neurodivergent, I don’t see how their ND brains can handle their complex identities, It’s confusing for any neurotypical person, let alone someone neurodiverse. But I do also find that a lot of tucutes self-diagnose, which is also a problem, because they don’t know if they truly have ASD, so they can’t know for sure what it’s like until they are diagnosed. Then they can judge their behaviours based on that. But some straight up refuse to pursue a diagnosis, probably because they are afraid that they won’t have the condition, therefore, not feeling special.
The biggest problem with people that self diagnose, Is that there are so many of them, all saying things about a certain condition that they might not even have, that it spreads misinformation, and gives off the wrong impression of people who are officially diagnosed with said condition. I, myself am officially diagnosed with ASD, and I can tell you, it’s not all flappy hands and quirkiness. It can also be exhausting, perceiving everything so intensely, not understanding people, and just feeling lonely and isolated your whole life, because no one on earth seems to understand you. I could go on, but that’s a whole other rant lol
Though, now it’s “cool and quirky” to be autistic, I’m fashionable. But I don’t want to be in fashion, I just want to be understood and respected, like anyone else. I don’t want to be just “quirky” I want to be treated like any other human being. How is that so much to ask?? And I’m not being “AbLeiSt” stop throwing that word around when you don’t even know what it means!!! Besides, how can I be ableist when I’m a diagnosed autistic and learning disabled person?I don’t discriminate against anyone due to their disability because I know what it’s like it’s like to have a disability! But when that disability is glamourised, exaggerated, or used for clout, that’s when I lose respect. I think that’s what they think “ableist” means. When they do this, if anything, they are being somewhat ableist towards people like me!! If you told them that, though, they’d probably implode on themselves lol
Thanks for reading my long rant. Did I miss anything??
(I’m glad there’s a community of people here I can vent to who understand me. Again, I’ve got nothing against Tucute, I just feel that they can be quite unreasonable and unnecessarily rude and unpleasant. They certainly don’t do themselves any favours)
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2023.06.06 13:49 Tokyono Would you rather play as a silent protagonist or a protagonist with a pre-defined personality?

Silent protagonists are easy to include in stories. They can just sit around in cutscenes and listen to other characters talk. The challenge is to give them some sort of development or personality, or at the very least, (player) choices that effect the world.
This can work. The Metro Trilogy has some of the best writing I’ve ever seen in a video game. Although the protagonist, Artyom, is silent, apart from narrating the opening and closing of the games, he does get development. Or rather, the player chooses to develop him via the morality system. In the first game this system is rather obtuse. You get points for doing seemingly random and mundane things. I had to play with a guide to get the ending I wanted.
Onto voiced protagonists. These are a mixed bag. Because they heavily rely on the quality of their written dialogue and personality. Some recent voiced video game protagonists have been terribly written. There have been countless articles on how annoying the player characters are in Forspoken and Redfall. They never shut up. Instead of actual development, they try spout as many one liners and sassy jokes as possible. The problem got so bad with Forspoken, that the devs actually implemented a slider in the games settings to reduce the overall amount of dialogue that the player heard.
Well written game protagonists can become fan favourites. Joel from the Last of Us. Aloy from the Horizon Zero Dawn Series. However, as with silent protagonists, games have to employ unique storytelling methods to make their characters stand out. Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2can be subtly shaped by the players actions due to Honour System. Depending on his level of honour, he will prioritise different things:
Arthur Morgan's honor affects dialogue in many of the game's story cutscenes, as well as his ending. A high-honor Arthur is more selfless and considerate of others, putting a greater emphasis on keeping the women safe and helping John's family. Contrarily, with low honor, Arthur is depicted as a more selfish person, prioritizing his own desires over those of others. Low-honor Arthur is also proud and more motivated by money, displaying qualities of greediness and vengefulness while being apathetic to the struggles of others.
SPOILER example
Know any other good examples?
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2023.06.06 13:49 JaceMace96 Pros and Cons to my Wish List:)?

Simulation Horse Race Betting. When you actually go to the track full of spectators on a saturday and watch a horse race.
Bowling, darts, golf, basketball, pinball, gym for muscle mass, arcade games in arcade centres or houses. They dont need to be complex, just press X for power.. but have all options available. Tennis ping pong . You name it.
Every house and building available to open like COD Warzone. Breakins in houses for example. With houses in better arears with better security.. jump through glass..
🌪️ tornadoes in florida every now and then when driving and boats and Flying becomes very very hard.
R Rated Options / strip club/ hookers/ red light/ gentlemen club.
Big Casino with all gaming options / poker vs online.
Large online World with 200+ / 1000+ people or more.
Mountain Bike Trails-
4wdriving trails that only can be done by a 4wd
Abit of Watch Dogs like tech for High Tech Hiests
Fishing with different fish in different areas.
Everything Available in first Person VR 1080P or better.
Music studio where you can make your own tracks and people can vote for them with the best ones getting on a special Radio Station in cars for top 50 user songs.
Bills/ house/ ca tolls
A court process where you can be jailed or get out on parole - Jail to have its own boring experience or be quick skipped at anytime to release.
A warzone like gamemode.
Speeding fines and flashing cameras with demerit points, breath tests.
Extreme custom player creation where you can make yourself. Either from a Photo on an App or from complete customisation with no restrictions to facial features. ( not too silly tho)
Shopping centre/s
A family experience with potential to have a family / mutliple kids. Like the best Sims game ever.
Huge Cruise ship at (keys west) that you can explore That travels to and from (fort lauderdale) each day.
Slower time changes. Or real life Time and Weather to Miami,FL. Lightning in real life = lightning in the game.
Make your Own Clothing brand (at a cost) and shop that people can buy stuff from in your online lobby, you choose the price tag.
Cold and Flu”s requiring a visit to the chemist for some Paracetamol to get better and remove your Dizzy Symptoms and Red Nose. Can get it from mingling with too many people or from wearing warm weather clothes in cold weather.
Food and water Bar to add a survival component. If the bar is full you do better at events compared to being halffull.
A shelter in the CBD for bankrupt/homeless that free food and water is an option for.
An easy/hard way to become bankrupt and lose all possessions.
Stock Market - bitcoins with a high chance of a loss. Base it off the real world but just rename the stocks.
No portal-ing available. Travel only.
Nightclubs opened on certain nights like Thursday to Sunday 10-5am (no guns allowed in certain places with security like nightclubs and perhaps shopping centres)
In first person- others can hear you when your within hearing distance and your characters mouth moves to simulate the words you speak.
Airpods or Headphones to listen to tunes whenever.
A pet store with many options, mostly dogs and cats
Dog parks
Fires and firecrews
Crashes that Involve AI at intersections or random locations that backup traffic with police / firecrews/ ambulance going past.
Nothing too futuristic-unreal like i wouldnt go much further then a jetpack/concept (flying)cars.
Fast food for fast foood:P
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2023.06.06 13:48 tumid Shadow Kingdom - a musical offering?

With all the talk of Shadow Kingdom being Bob's final output, I think it's ridiculous.
It's a great album, magnificent reworking of some of his classics, but nowhere near his best works, as much as I love listening to it on repeat. One thing did strike me. As Watching the River Flow turned into It's All Over Now Baby Blue, I felt an odd long-forgotten sensation. It was only after few moments I realised, I feel like I'm in a church.
I am not religious, but was raised Catholic. And the transition between the two songs did feel like the part of Christian mass that I believe in English is called The Dismissal. It is where the priest gives the congregation the final blessing and imposses them to go and spread the word of god. From my experience, It often has this aura of suspension. You know the service is almost over, but you ought to stay for a couple of moments more. Intentionally, or more likely not, Shadow Kingdom arrangement of It's All Over Now.. has a very similiar feel. And the subject of saying goodbye only adds to it.
Listening to Sierra's Theme I cannot help but to feel as I am leaving a church after a service.
A very odd feeling for a person who has not attended a religious service for decades now.
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2023.06.06 13:48 0gravitea (F4A) I want to write a romance thriller!

Hello!! I’m Mina, 23F, and I’m looking for someone to write dark romance, drama, and thriller stories with me!
What I’m looking for: - Someone 18+ - Semi-lit/lit (2-3 paras average), 3rd POV — Overall, I tend to copy however long my partner writes, but I will not dip below a paragraph. - Writing Male/Masculine characters — (I’ve been craving a little F// lately, but I will only write this with other F writers) - Uses Discord!
My word bank is currently:
Horror, toxicity, unstable romance, power dynamics, stockholm syndrome, eldritch entities, yakuza, gods and goddesses, monsters, one-sided love, love triangles, hanahaki-like themes, yandere, opposites attract, otome games, etc.
Some plots, with my character being A, and yours being B:
Some other things I would love to write are: Good Girl (A) x Bad Guy (B), Fan (A) x Idol/Celebrity/Band Member, Civilian/Innocent (A) x Mafia (B), Priestess (A) x Demon (B), Angel (A) x Demon (B)
If you’ve come this far, please tell me your fav color in your message!
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2023.06.06 13:47 Josiekw Food recommendations

Hi guys! I have a 10 month old German shepherd and I’m looking to change his food. I’m of course doing my own research as well but also wanted to get personal feedback and recommendations.
Right now, he’s on Victor pro plus and I just don’t think it agrees with him very much. He has a sensitive tummy and he’s just always itchy. I’ve tried multiple things to improve his skin condition, as his coat is healthy his skin is just so dry! We brush every few days, and there’s no fleas or anything.
He’s just a sensitive lil guy it seems! I’ve had him on this food since he was 5 months (I got him at 4 1/2). His owner before me switched his food often depending on what the store had. He’s otherwise very healthy, energetic, and a healthy weight.
Again, I am doing my own research! Just thought I’d ask here too. Thank you in advance :)
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2023.06.06 13:46 peikern Stoffenbeck - what might have been? (Age of madness spoilers!!)

(This got deleted due to spoilers in the headline, I guess. Sorry, mods, I didn't think that through. Hope this is ok?)
So its really cool that the battle is so narrowly won by Orso. Abercrombie really captures that historical quote "The outcome of a battle is decided in one moment, the outcome of a campaign in one hour, and the fate of the nation in a single day", with how small details and personal stories has such big effects. Probably my favorite part of the AoM-trilogy
But re-reading it, I've been thinking. What if Leo dan Brock was not a moron, and actually knew how to use cavalry tactically? Instead of charging through his own infantry lines, into the town streets, to try and capture Orso, could he for example have led his cavalry to counter Lord Marshal Rucksted's cavalry when they were routing the Open Council-forces? It doesn't seem that unlikely that some of the less useless and pathetic Council-forces would rally if Leo personally led a cavalry charge to save them either? A combination of Angland cavalry and open council infantry seems likely to be able to deal with Rucksted's cavalry, even if they are of better quality than Leo's Angland-cav, no? Also remember that Orso's army no longer have the cannons on the hilltop at this point in the battle.
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2023.06.06 13:45 bluebelle236 [DISCUSSION] The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green – Chapters 25-27, Auld Lang Syne, Googling strangers and Indianapolis

Welcome to the discussion for the next three chapters of The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green. We are looking at Auld Lang Syne, Googling strangers and Indianapolis. On Thursday the 8th of June, u/wackocommander00 will take us through chapters 28 - Kentucky Bluegrass, 29 - The Indianapolis 500, 30 – Monopoly. Here is a link to the rest of the schedule

Chapter summary:
Auld Lang Syne
Auld Lang Syne translates roughly as ‘for old times sake’. John believes the song is timeless as it is all about old friends reminiscing and could have been written in any age. The song has transcended time and even brokered temporary peace during war times. He tells us of a mentor of his, Amy Krouse Rosenthal, who gave him his break into writing.

Googling strangers
John tells how his intense habit of googling people and needing to know as much as he can about them, whilst is a concern that big corporate companies have all your information, the fact that he was able to google and find out that a child he witnessed almost die whilst working as a student chaplain in a hospital made it through alive, means he is thankful that there is so much information about ourselves online.

John and his wife moved from New York to Indianapolis. At first he didn’t really like it, but came to see that it is a diverse state that he is proud to be building his home in.

Discussion points are below, feel free to add your own comments.
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2023.06.06 13:45 JustLike_OtherGirls WIBTAH if I tell my friend to postpone on having her first kid

My friend(30F) got married 2 years ago to her long-term boyfriend(33M). She told me yesterday that they're planning to get pregnant before the end of this year. I didn't say anything much but I'm very concerned for her and the potential baby.
Her husband has some problems. He's not a bad person but there are things I find to be quite alarming. The guy cannot hold a job. He's not agreeable, stubborn, and the biggest problem is that he has very low tolerance for inconveniences and hardships. At every job, he always has a reason to resign. It's too demanding, or he has to travel too much, or he has to work night time, or his colleagues and managers are dumbasses that don't appreciate him. In the last job, he woke up one day and decided he didn't like it so instead of driving to work, he drove to a coffee place and enjoyed himself there, essentially just quit the job no notice, didn't even care about getting the pay check for the days he worked. It took him 8 years to graduate uni because he dropped out 2 times due to "the major wasn't right". He's so proud of being quick witted, he thought he could be a good salesperson, so he tried to be a real estate agent thinking he would make good money, but well, he wasn't smart or persistent enough to keep up with the customers and the market, hence, he quit after 4 months due to not making enough money. The guy also complains about the pay isn't good enough (he's not expecting above minimum wage, he's expecting senior-level paychecks) but only want to put in minimal effort, so a year ago he got himself into debt trying to invest in some shady stocks that he heard was promising. My friend ended up paying it from her own savings.
After that, he was out of work for months, getting some income doing miscellaneous work for his friends. He tried to apply to a lot of companies in various industries but none invited him to an interview. My friend had to ask me for help since I know a lot of HR people. One of them accepted him for an hr admin position with an above market pay. But not long ago when I was over for dinner, I heard him complained about how "difficult" the hr manager is, and knowing her, I can guarantee that even though she has high expectations for her employees, she treats them very well and very generous to them. He has only been there for 3 months but I'm afraid he may quit again.
That's why I want to tell my friend to postpone her plan of getting pregnant. I think she should wait until he settles in the new job and make sure he can hold it down. She will need a lot of support when she's pregnant and after the baby is born. They are paying mortgage too, it's gonna be too much on her if he ends up jobless again.
However, do you think I'll be an ah saying that to her? I'm worried about her, I don't want my friend regret her decision, but at the same time, it's not my business. I don't think it's my place to have a say.
What do you think?
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